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Provo Electric Cherokee Ltd M & S Trust Company Limited Hanover York International (Europe) Limited T.C.I. Skyking Limited Turks & Caicos Utilities Ltd. The Wine Cellar Ltd Caicos Pride Products Ltd AIB HOTEL & RESTAURANT SUPPLY Mansfield Hotels Ltd The Sovereign Group Turks & Caicos Water Company Limited Turks & Caicos Airways Limited Turks & Caicos Glass Ltd KPMG Ltd. Turks & Caicos Banking Company Limited Intercaribbean Airways Ltd. Turks and Caicos Lottery Company Ltd Federal Express (Turks & Caicos) Limited Ecotech Research Limited Capital Resource Marketing Limited Aromatix Research Corp Crystal Bay Development Ltd The Sands at Grace Bay Research Strategy and Development Ltd Dragon Resources Grace Bay Car Rentals and Sales Ltd Research Telematics Limited Grace Bay Club Ltd Caicos Express Airways Ltd Grace Bay Pharmacy PAINT REMOVAL & SERVICE COATING TECHNOLOGY LTD. Financial Technology Inc. Omega Bake Technology Limited Technology 2000 Ltd. Gorda Technology Holdings Limited Caraway Technologies Limited Technology Developments Ltd. Plastic Technologies Limited Steel Coating Technologies Ltd Teoclick Advertising & Information Technologies Ltd Poseidon Technology Limited Romney Technologies Limited Euro Centre (TCI) Ltd. Sebastian Holdings Inc. MAT Corporate Trudtee Ltd. MGI Management Limited Digicel Eagle Trading Ltd Eagle Crest Limited Northpoint Trading Co. Ltd Nissin Trading Limited Power Gen Consulting Grap Limited Solomon Limited WIV Cable TV Ltd Giggles Ice Cream Cable and Wireles (West Indies) Limited Cable and Wireless (TCI) Limited TGH International Limited Petrus International Limited Sirius International, LTD. Polo International Inc Mutual Holdings Ltd Gemini Holdings Limited Bantam Holding Company Limited Venice Holdings Ltd International Toiletry Company Ltd GENERAL TRADING CO. LTD. Genova Trustees Ltd. Interfinance Ltd Eurofinance Ltd K3 Finance Limited Weatstone Investments (TCI) Limited Beaston International Limited Newton International Inc Diamond Tech International Inc Ian Holdings Limited CITY MARKET LTD City Liquor Ltd. City Investments Limited AL SERVICES LIMITED PETROLEUM TECHNICAL SERVICES LTD. SkyBlue Aviation Limited Turks and Caicos Islands Civil Aviation Authority Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services Ltd Business Aviation Limited Aviation Department Catarina Enterprises Limited Cee's Enterprises Limited Bentota Limited Pro-Vidential Limited Kentford Limited Provident Limited Orient Enterprises S.A. Financial and General Holdings Ltd NORTHERN COMMERCIAL FIRE & GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD. Dots Enterprises Company Limited Senator Management Services Limited Pro Sports Images Ltd. SportsHedge Inc Luxor Estates Limited Dartford Forest Ltd. Seven Stars Resort Star Holdings Limited Discount Liquors Ltd N.E.P. Investments Limited Turks & Caicos First Insurance Company Ltd Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd Rubis Turks & Caicos Limited JS Johnson & Company (Turks & Caicos) Ltd British Caribbean Bank Limited Caicos Holdings Limited Caicos Oil Limited Caicos Cafe Ltd. Caicos Wheels Ltd CAICOS INTERNATIONAL AIRWAYS LTD. Turks & Caicos First Secretarial Limited Turks & Caicos Island Bankers Governor of the Turks & Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Real Estate Association INTERNATIONAL MINING INVESTMENT LTD. Turks & Caicos Miniature Golf Club Limited Holmer Gold Mines Inc CoServe Limited Techtrex Inc Projectech Construction Management & Services Ltd St. George University International Genova Capital Limited Cateco Energy Ltd Caribbean Energy Distributors Ltd Midway Oil & Trading Ltd Land Investments Ltd Fraistar Investments Limited Arima Holding Corp Far Eastern Imports Ltd Regency Insurance Co Ltd. Aurora Limited Rolle Block & Concrete Limited Price Waterhouse Coopers FIRST BUSINESS CORP. INC., =THE= Business Finance Ltd Business Solutions Ltd. International Business and Trading Corporation Ariza's Telecommunication E-Business & computer Consultants Limited ROLUBE TECHNICAL CONSULTANTS S.A. Pendragon Management Eight Dragons Ltd DSR Holdings Inc TRI LINERS LTD. Castle Hill Limited Radville Commodities Inc. Ocean Marine Mutual Insurance Association Limited TC Marine and Casualty Insurance Limited S. Walkin & Sons Marine Ltd First Global Insurance Brokers Ltd Stoneriver Limited WESTMINSTER LTD. Graceway Trading Limited PG Management Ltd Inter Island Medical Services Ltd Environmental Arts Arco Art Advisory Inc E.T.I. International Ltd. Boltic Services Inc TIC The Insurance Centre Crown Credit Corp. Inc. Lakewood Holdings Ltd. Carlisle Supplies Limited Caribbean Marine & Diesel Ltd Provo Auto Supply, Ltd. Jackies Footwear Richardson Arthurs Geebung Polo Team Limited THOR Executive Security Teams Inc FirstCaribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Limited RD Wholesale and Trading Merchandisers Ltd Mercantile International Inc. Olabasi, Ltd Princeton Global Management A Limited Lombardia Ltd. New Vid American Enterprises Inc. Markham Enterprises Inc. Flora Pacific Limited Global Property Services Excess Reinsurance Inc ZENITH REINSURANCE CO. LTD. TPG Family Reinsurance Limited Trans City Reinsurance Ltd Manhattan Equities Reinsurance Ltd Entire Car Protection Reinsurance Ltd I-Net Reinsurance Limited CARIBBEAN AMERICAN LIFE & CASUALTY INSURANCE CO. Gerico Ltd SANDAR TRADING CO. INC. Gausan Company Limited Midtan Ltd Standfirm Ltd Set Enterprise Solutions The International Company Services (TCI) Ltd. Turks & Caicos Islands Tourist Board Fortis TCI Limited International Clipping Services SA International Partnership Initiatives (TCI) Ltd TCI Waste Disposal Services Limited International Management Services Limited Carlton Directors Limited Lusitania Management Limited Homeric (TCI) Limited Industrial Investments Ltd Collen Investments Ltd CGL Investments Ltd. Corian Investments Limited Cunningham Investments Limited Cliffside Investments Ltd. Stellar Holdings Limited Cantab Holdings Limited St Holdings Ltd Sage Holdings Ltd Sarek Holdings Ltd S6 Holdings Ltd. Malacca Pipe and Supply Ltd LOGBERG TRUST CORP. LTD. Owl Investments (TCI) Limited Cominvest Ltd OFM Investments Ltd. Oriental Investment Company Ltd. Atoka Investment Inc Midas Investments Ltd Provo Golf Club Excel Insurance Ltd Mastron Holdings Ltd Struan Investments Limited Invest Best Dexter Investments Limited Hallmark Trust Limited British Investment Group Ltd. CARIBBEAN CAPITAL LTD Caribbean Tours International Ltd Caribbean K-Line Ltd. Caribbean Freight Services Ltd Caribbean Cruisin Ltd Caribbean Imports Ltd MPL Enterprises Ltd Blackwell Corporation Charminster Holdings Ltd Queensway Holding Ltd VALOR FINANCIAL GROUP INC Atlas Financial Group Limited Ashbury Trading Limited AMES & CO., LTD, =JULIUS=