List of Corporate Headquarters in TAEGU

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SAMSUNG CORPORATION Incom Co., Ltd. J.K.TRADING CO. Korea Mobile Co.,Ltd. TS Company Co.,Ltd. Daesung Information Telecom Co.,Ltd. Daekyoung Ad CLC Co., Ltd. WELL MADE CREATIVE CO.,LTD. Seung Hyeon Inc. Synergy Korea Co.,Ltd. Neil T&L Chemical Oil Antayo Co., LTD. Jinyoung Corporation Co., Ltd. Ppolroki Meil Korea Kasco Co, Ltd Grand Development Co., Ltd. Seoul Dried Seaweed Rolls Jungni Agency Komelon Saw HAI DONG PRECISION Dream Net Co., Ltd. Mideum Kim In Hyun Law Office GYEONG YEONG TRADING CO., LTD. Wintec korea NARAEM CO. Simin Key Prize Frizen Winner Co., Ltd. Manpyeong Pulverizer Hansol Automation TOTAL SYSTEM CO. Neomeo Taehwa Tex Tile DTI Co.,Ltd. Prip Nature Korea Boo Lim Co., Ltd. Golden Works Investment Sam Yang Co., Ltd. Bosung Meat Mega Sports Dongwon Tex Tex Ilho Strength Management Samik ADM Co., Ltd. Songeun Construction Phillip tech Co.,Ltd. Shilla Myunggua (Yeungjin Branch) Samhong Mold Instrument Co., Ltd. Yongam Korea PC Telecom Co., Ltd. Small and Medium Business Standards Hanguk Dine Tasco Co., Ltd. Textec Co., Ltd. Korea Safety Co DL Trading Co., Ltd. Pobiz Co., Ltd. Sekang Co., Ltd. Wi Wooduk Textile G Daeru Co., Ltd. Global Number One Daegu Animal CS Medical Namheung Heavy Machinery Construction Namheung Co., Ltd. DS SOGYEOL METAL CO.,LTD. Silver Touch Life Science Co., LTD. Kukjae Elevator Co., Ltd. Doctor sign Commerce World Maksan Kiyon Co., Ltd. Kyong In Machine Co., Ltd. Kyong Kwang Co., Ltd. Malkeunmul Co., Ltd. ABADTEC Roksan Environment Dolmajeun Car Glass Ddeumnida Dulliang Lazy Dinner C2 EDU CO.,LTD. HONG SUNG RUBBER Jang Sung Chemi Co., Ltd. MASTER TECH CO., LTD. InTech Information Co., Ltd. VICO KOREA CO.,LTD Han-Ilo Engineering SAE HAN ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Han Shin Engineering 21C TK Leaders Anderson Press Greenhouse Bokyung Enterprise Co., Ltd. Bokyung Textile Acan Co., Ltd. Jio Data System ACS Korea Ssangma Gloves PYOUNG HWA TRADING CO,LTD kyongdong Furniture Seoil Matal Co., Ltd TK Financial Co., Ltd. JNK Co.,Ltd. TPT Co., Ltd. Delian L&U Company Co., Ltd. Valueplus Inc. GEUKDONG GAS TECH CO.,LTD. Sea Kwang Engineering JEONGWOO INDUSTRY CO. KIB Corporation Ki & B Hee Sung International Mk Electronics MK EYEWEAR CO. Kiwi KIWI CO.,LTD. Lisa BO SUNG TEXTILE Bo Sung Textile Co. Kiryong Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Baby Powder Daekyeong Wrap-tech DAEYEONG WIN TECH CO. OHSUNG CO., LTD. RENAULT SAMSUNG EAST DAEGU MOTOR SERVICE CO.,LTD. First Com Co., Ltd. New Generation Tech Intel System Co.,Ltd. My Korea IC Tech IC Tech Co., Ltd. Towel Land Bumil Safe Mfg Union Safe Mfg Co., Ltd. CRUISE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. PNTECH., INC TS Innovation Co., Ltd. Daese Total System NRC Co. Tax Accounting Hyorim Corp. Sung Lim Electric Corp. Changhwa In Fund In Co., Ltd. Pos Ta At Industry Jungsan Corporation WIN WIN COMPANY, INC DEOZON SOFTCOM Co., Ltd. GO HONEYMOON TRAVEL AGENCY CO.,LTD. HONEYMOON MODU TRAVEL AGENCY CO.,LTD. G Tek Industrial Co., Ltd. Yooil Electric Yooil Energy Co., Ltd. Charming Shop Ubiscope DK National Health Insurance Corporation Daegoo East Branch National Health Insurance Gongdan Daegu SMART NETWORKS CO.,LTD. Donga Tech Ryu J Daekyo Industry Shinwoo Industry SHINWOO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD Shinwoo Ind.Co. Yetnat Gopchang A.S.E Jc Ceramic I Book KOREA SECURITIES DEPOSITORY CORP. Ibane One Textile ABC ABC Oriental Medicine ABC Jungja Camping ABC Co., Ltd. Miji Co., Ltd. DAE YOUNG HI-TECH CO. Star S Dermatologic Clinic A Dermatologic Clinic Architectural Firm Keonwoo J & P COMPANY Fust Dasan General Machinery Ike Co, Ltd Protect Co.,Ltd. Protect M Co.,Ltd. E Bon Co., Ltd. K DC Haerim Textile Ditech Donglim Junggong Co., Ltd. Korea Financial Institute Co.,Ltd. Cotton Pickers Company Limited All That Fri For Max Co., Ltd HMC Co.,Ltd. JOONG-ANG INDUSTRIAL CO. Shinsekye Skincare Bestech E.T.I Wells Korea Co., Ltd. Jabez International Jabez Confectionery Maron Micro MRO By USA Mancho World Meridien Management Office Suseong World Meridien Management Office Joyang Kukje Logistics Co., Ltd. JOYANG CO.,LTD. BNI Se Jong Ind. JE JONG Yuil Indus Co., Ltd. GO Korea Co., Ltd. Dabo Construction Co., Ltd. Dabo Construction Meeting Karaoke PC Service Iple 2 Leading I Institute Curlysue Homeplus Namdaegu Branch A & T KOREA CO.,LTD. Jeonjin Tech BANAX CO., LTD. Baek woon Panax LIHAN CO. LTD. Find Asset DUCKYANG OIL CO. Boom M Boom Korea E&S Co., Ltd. DONG KWANG TRADING CO,LTD FINEST TRADE MENTOR SOFT CO.,LTD. Aekyung Construction Co.,Ltd. Youngwoong Pharmary Co., Ltd.. Youngwoong Construction PNL Co., Ltd. HALIM ENVIRONMENT CO.,LTD. Seoh Moolsan ATM CO.,LTD. NICECLUB CLUB Hobby Hill Tech Topia Co., Ltd. ASEA Translation Corporation Co., Ltd. Fusion Valley Co.,Ltd. Jungho Development Baegchunbun Judicial Scrivener Darae Co., Ltd. JOLLY TEXTILE INC. E Land Retail X Kojeom Co., Ltd. Ilshin Industrial B&F SOFT CO.,LTD. Woolim Industrial Co.,Ltd. Woolim Engineering Co., Ltd. Lusid MI SUNG CO. Gs-caltex(kangchon Gas Station) Yunam Kl Tech 4&4 G & G CONTACT LENS CO. SGE Contact Lens Giyeon Contact Lens Gangwon JNJ Contact Lens Dream Contact Lens Italy Contact Lens Glasses DONGNAM ALUMINUM CO. Dongah Belt MN Hosung Trading Co. Tower Pet Five Star Sports Jeongro Co.,Ltd. Ucontec Yegwang Textiles Daewoong tech Co.,Ltd. suzy distribution corp Daeyoung Metal Co., Ltd. Guard For You Co., Ltd. Kored Trading Co., Ltd. YANG YANG EXPRESS CO., LTD. Maison De Seawon Environment Co.,Ltd. DONG YANG SIZE CO.,LTD GE Co., Ltd Daeduck Engineering Co. Mirae Metal Tech Co., Ltd. MMT Automotive Co., Ltd. Donghaesu Co., Ltd. Donghak Nursery Dongaesanggongsa Co., Ltd. Dongasa Donghaesan Ojingeo Dongajeong Restaurant Donghaeok Dongguk Yonsa Dongaygnssai Co., Ltd. Donghaejjim Donghaejjim Restaurant Dongaseu Story Dongik Co.,Ltd. GB Company Co., Ltd. GB Corporation Co., Ltd. SEOUL INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. Jinsung Texland Co., Ltd. Sedex Transportation Dasa Agency Sedex Parcel Service Yongsan Branch London Bakery Preco Onse Industry Dream Food Lab APL Education Co., Ltd. Eun Construction Design Co., Ltd. Eun Construction Design DONGYANG TEXTILE CO. Dongyang Textile Co SJ Communication SJC CO.,LTD. BOOKING NORAEBANG N Tech Vietnam Women Culture Center Vietnam war Rokmc Resources Industrial Center E Hyundai Yanghaeng Ssotis Ils Institute Hi Information Technology Kundo Co., Ltd.. Taiho Corporation of Korea Kundo Buseong Socks Hyeseong Socks Jeseong Socks Miseong Socks Ashin Co., Ltd. SUZUKI MUSIC KOREA CO.,LTD. MP-Tech Co., Ltd. HE International Co., Ltd. Wolchon Tennis Hi Home Deco Glass An Home Deco K. B Aen Co., Ltd. Unitex Ad A Ssangyong Cement Jikyoungdalseo Gas Station Co., Ltd. Hwangsaem English Insitute FILE CO.,LTD. J Harvard Institute HARVARD ENTRANCE EXAMINATION ACADEMY Ch Tex Link Factoring AILE CO. Ad Company Asia Rent Cat Ami Gui Ian Art Daegu Hana Insurance Agency Handok Hearing Aid Indian Daesin Agency A Tis Daegu Business Jeom Sejong AID Co., Ltd. Hyundai Motors Bluehands Manchon Dongbu Agency Ad DS Co., Ltd. Bas Academy Institute Daeho Industry Co., Ltd. Westdaegu Industrial Complex Association Manchon Animal Hospital Kiturami Seobu Agency Co., Ltd. Daegusi Advertisement Manufacture Industry Jain ENC Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. HAENGBOKBEOPIN INSURANCE AGENCY UNLIMITED PARTNERSHIP The Daegu Architectural Culture Confederatio corp. Sam Won Industrial Co., Ltd. Alpa Pharmacy Micro ENC Co., Ltd. Micro Sun EG Corpo Co., Ltd. Muse Bank Co., Ltd. Muse Jewelry DONGU REAL ESTATE ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Sun Korea Co. Korea Dog Dongil Interational Co., Ltd. BOOKSTAR MIRAE STEPS CO.,LTD. J.A. TRADING CO., LTD. Hanwoomulankye Tukbaki Restaurant Hanwoomul Meat Restaurant New Jen Motel New Jen Biz Nadim Nad Com Hwaseong Central Park Administration center Samsung CNF Co.,Ltd. Daegumibon Medical Consumer Life Cooperative MAEIL AD. Maeil Dairy Industry Bangchon Distributor Maeil Dairy Industry Buk-gu Branch Maeil Dairy Industry Central Namgu Special Branch Maeil Dairy Industry Donggu Retail Store Top Tooling DENTOS Inc. JPH Co., Ltd. Azatek Co., Ltd. Dai GEODO CO., LTD. DAE YOUNG MEDICAL CO.,LTD. 7/10 Blue Qnet Corporation Co., Ltd. Korea Health Care SONG HAK Song & Kim JNC Co., Ltd. Samdo Architecture Adang Co.,Ltd. HANEUN E&C CO.,LTD. M Sa Co., Ltd. BION CO.,LTD. Sanga BioNet Co., Ltd. Dowon It GST KOREA SELF-PROTECTION CO.,LTD. Doctor Prize KYUNG DONG Co., Ltd.. KYUNG DONG HOUSING WORLD FIRST GRADE ORGANIZE FACTORY CO.,LTD. World One Co., Ltd. Echo Life Health Co.,Ltd. Korea MHS Counseling Center Magnolia Consumer Super Soy Venture Co., Ltd. E&i Trade Daeyang E&T Hurkins Zephyrus Platform Technology TMG Co., Ltd. Hana Logistics Center Exim Fila Special Motors Daewang Special Motor Daegwang Special Motor BK Special Co., Ltd. SHINDONG CO.,LTD. Ice Ggeggi Seungjin Machinery Sun Jin Machinery M & CT CO.,LTD. KPC Company Co., Ltd. PSMK Future Power D&C Co., Ltd. Yess Tek DS Network Co.,Ltd. hanshin Textile Iljin FA Hanaro Co., Ltd. First Class Tailor Shop N.R Trade Co.,Ltd. Dae Nam Co., Ltd. Daenam Co., Ltd. DAE NAM INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Dae Nam Tool C TRON CO.,LTD. HT Hyeon Trading Co., Ltd. Worldtrend Hankook Muscle Meridian Pathways GOS Co.,Ltd. KCB Daegu Data Bokgu PC Market Paldo Flower Direct Market JINHYEON CO.,LTD. KOHAP CORPORATION KOHAP CHEMICAL CORPORATION K&Partners co., ltd GIS Co.,Ltd. Making Bright World INTERPAX Interpark CS Co., Ltd. DNS FUTURE CO.,LTD. Deayang Industrial Co., LTD. Deayang Industrial Co. Deayang Industry Co., LTD. S&J Co.,Ltd Emart Logistics C Link Co., Ltd. Ceamil Link Co., Ltd. Hanguk Contents Hub In Co., Ltd. I & P Jia Samryung Food Geumgang Transportation 2837 Mon Tis WOOSOO CORP DID Co., Ltd. D& ID Co.,Ltd. Isu S PC Isu Development Co.,Ltd. Kosper Co., Ltd. Kookshin DESIGN CO.,LTD. IS Design Group Co., Ltd. Design Is Hanseong Filter The Keun Center GO GEUN CO.,LTD. GEUN YOUNG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD ROYAL INDUSTRIAL CO. NICE TRADING CO. MHC Co.,Ltd. Busan Herbs Trading Co. NHDL Co., Ltd. Tae Woong Corporation MS Logistics Distribution Blueweb Tv Reading Town English Institute Privately Owned Taxi (Daegu 3 by 753) EL Bio Co., Ltd. Daewoo EL Co., Ltd. Dream Plus Co., Ltd. KYJ Beauty Institute Baby School Air Power Book Maen JK CORPORATION CO.,LTD. G.F Trading One Science THE EGANG CO.,LTD. GYJ CO.,LTD. Sunho Co., Ltd. KNK International Home School English Lesson P&E Global Co., Ltd. Medi Fix Fix Net Sonix Co., Ltd. Soni Yagi Sangjin Co., Ltd. Arichon Saengdak PARKIN Jongro Education Mocha Digital Korea Co, Ltd Woojoo Universal Busung Capital Co., Ltd. ATE Technology ATE Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Security Haewon Co., Ltd. Haewon D Planet WIDE M CO.,LTD. D&c Park Honors Gold E-Ad Korea Siteck Wide Ocean Co.,ltd. Atom Power Co.,Ltd. Dongjae Dongjae Textile Co., Ltd. Dongjae Books Co., Ltd. Dongjae Trading CHANG DAE Dae Chang DAE CHANG CO. DAE CHANG SA NEO TPC CO.,LTD. Little Music Academy SUHIL CO.,LTD. SUHILL TRADING COPORATION BT Jeu ILL KWANG TEXTILE THE LUXE Yeungnam University Medical Center Mine International Co., Ltd. Mine International Dasan Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Datavision Co., Ltd. Artvision B & L CO.,LTD. Korea Traditional Culture Research Institute Korea Traditional Culture Shimtongwon Seodeoksun Korean Traditional Clothes Ye Korean traditional clothes Korea In The B Hankook Machinery Bonri Creator Church Sun MDE Co.,Ltd. Dongyoung Textile Co., Ltd. Df Soft Nc World Co., Ltd. ACE TRADE CO.,LTD. Nice card Information JMC New Material Co., Ltd. W.B New Material Co., LTD. Daegu Oil Korea OFFICE CO. B&B Office Furniture CMA Global Co., Ltd. VHS Medical Center Cafeteria Hankook MBEM Co., Ltd. Ttunggabine Eodaepo NS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Young-Shin Components., Ltd. Golden Tower Alt-X Co, Ltd Daedu Paints Company Storyen Networks CO.,LTD. Baekhonggi Patent Law Office Ari Trading Mobil Inc Co., Ltd. Mobil Rab Co., Ltd IL MOBILE Fine Industry Co., Ltd.. Namyang Fine Industry Arttre Clarte CAK Camelot Co., Ltd. Sky Power Co.,Ltd. Buyeo Seobo Co., Ltd. Everec Co., Ltd. Tex Prime Co.,Ltd. Kuksung Jeil Special Tools Jeil Special Industry Haitai MAEIL MUTUAL AID CO.,LTD. Bonhyang Restaurant EDK Co., Ltd. KIS TEXTILE CO. Hankook Oa Service Toolis Dentapia Co., Ltd. Hak Bookstore Daegu MBC Medicom Inc. Daehanmaeil Medicom HL Techwin Shinwoo C&D Park Golf Co., Ltd. Sungil CS I Entec Co., Ltd. Korea General Technology Co., Ltd. Daebo Co.,Ltd. Daebo Communication Aju Tours Co., Ltd. Petro HB ENG Co., Ltd. S&S Korea Bomyeong Bomyeong Enterprise Co., Ltd. U Chang Corporation Sungsan Co., Ltd. Shinyang Co.,Ltd. 50 Million City Mirae General Construction Co., Ltd. Yein C&D Co., Ltd. DAEHAN PVC CO.,LTD. Dyueol Sound Daegwanryung Food Co., Ltd. JDE&C Sungwoo Construction Industry Co.,Ltd. Daegwanryeong Pollack Stew Daegwanryung I Doseuseo G Care Daegwanryeong Milk Dakhanmari Happy House Daegwanryeong Dakdongne Daegwanryeong butcher shop Golden Finance Consulting Co., Ltd. People Smart Leadership Center Mirim Midas Motel Nau Com Co., LTD. FUTURE IND. INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION CO. Hyundae Corporation Co., Ltd. Healing Enzyme Center EUNJIN DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Eunjin Dyeing DONGWON STEEL CO. Dongwon Steel Co., Ltd. Daeyeon City Development Ssangyong Motor Sungseo (Daewoo) Business Office Intus Hyundai Oilbank Plus Daegoo Branch e-korea Korea Semiconductor Equipment Co Ltd COCO MALL CO.,LTD. ORIENT CERAMIC CO. Orient Ceramic Bumseo Co., Ltd. Dae San Stone Co.,Ltd The Bike Kian D&c Co., Ltd. Dongwha Logistics Co., Ltd. daekwang C.M.A TRADING CO. Dongyang Food Co., Ltd. Jin Sung Trading Co. K& PS Co., Ltd. Hongji Enterprise Gyeongsu Eng Gyeongsu Enterprise Co., LTD. Gyeongsu Enterprise Daewon Textile Co., Ltd. Korea Technology Co., Ltd. Sangseungpok Economics Research Institute Yukyung Corporation KYUNG BUK KWANG YU CO LTD Handyshop Ilsung Ind Co.,Ltd. The Grand Daegu Hotel Co., Ltd. Withtech DPL CO.,LTD Dasom Consulting DONG JAE INDUSTRIAL CO LTD DONG JAE DYED INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Joeun Housing J&j Engineering Co., Ltd. Sangsin ENG Co., Ltd. SANGSIN ENERGY CO.,LTD. T Plus Wonyoung Woosin Solar Tech Co., Ltd. Kangnam Solar Tech INSAN CORP. Bookang Engineering co., Ltd Bookang Trading Co., Ltd.. Korea Quality Management Technology Research Inst Korea Institute of Quality Technology Daegu Co.,Ltd. Korea Quality Development SK Hyanggun Shinsegi Dalseo Information Telecom Co., Ltd. Kyungki Co.,Ltd. Pohang Po D Cinema Dongbu Construction Co., Ltd. Sinmi Food Sinmi Food Machinery Have Good Time Jeniseu ZCC Korea Co., Ltd. Zentech Co., Ltd. NC AUCTION CO.,LTD. KABOOL MACHINERY Dongyang Industrial Co., Ltd. DONG MYUNG ANAM INFORMATION YEONGNAM CO.,LTD. Storm PC Room K&P Engineering KR ENG Kukmin Travel Co., Ltd. Seongkwang Textile Co., Ltd. Architectural Engineering Firm Chongwon Telin Inc. Yuho Construction Co.,Ltd. Unsa TPM T.P.M.F Co., Ltd. TPM System KUK MIN SUNG KANG CORPORATION Samin Construction Machinery Myung Sin Construction Co., Ltd. Myungsin Construction Co., Ltd. Korea Fashion Fashion Center Korea LDK Telecom Donga Wedding .com Ciel Inc. Gawoo Co., Ltd. Love Gold Ind.,Co. Gold Industrial Development Seorin Co., Ltd CHUNG JIN INC Chung Eng Yurim Co., Ltd. Yurim Textile Co. YURIM TEXTILE CO., LTD. Graphics Co., Ltd. Seongrim Corporation Co., Ltd. Seoung Won Ind.Co. Sung Won Industry SUNG KWANG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. Kyungwon Construction Sea Friend Modern General Construction Co.,Ltd. KUM BOK INDUSTRY CO LTD Bok In Hwanam Industrial Hwanam Industry Daegu Bukbu Place Of Business HYEONGJI RETAIL Mirae Chemical Co.,Ltd. MUSEO DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Namheung Corporation Namheung Lid Co., Ltd. Kan DAYEONG ART CENTER CO. Yongin Serim Bojeong Co., Ltd. Site I Co., Ltd. E MEMBERS CO.,LTD. JS ING Co., Ltd. By Sister Kukdo Textile Korea Leadership Developing Institute Sungseo Joongang Building Imac Co., Ltd. Jaeil Agriculture Industry Saehan Kitchen Pro M Holdings Co., Ltd. Onnuri Food Co., Ltd. Dongkwang Electric Co., Ltd.. Bosung Enterprise Co., Ltd. Daehan Tourist Co.,Ltd. Dongho Construction Material Co., Ltd. DAEWON STEEL MATERIALS Shindong-A Air Travel Agency Co., Ltd.. Shindong Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.. Choil Machine Co. Union Capital Co., Ltd. Mega Dain Sam Yung Trading Bosung Tech Trading Na Woo Trading Costar Pyeongri Neo Telecom Neo Telecom Doowon Precision Co. Leaders Computer PRO COMPUTER CO. MR Computer G & EARTH DAEJIN TECH CO.,LTD. CLEANPOS Byuck San Engineering Shinyoung Chemical Co., Ltd. Samdong Steel Industry Samhee Industry Development Co., Ltd. Woongbee Co. Woosuk WONJU CITY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. MCC CO.,LTD. Daegu Top Travel Savoey Resturant Stellar Eyewear Stellar Won Pharmacy woobang company Woobang Wood Co., Ltd. Woobang Industry WOO BANG IND CO LTD Woobang FNC Co.,Ltd. Woobang Information Technology Co., LTD. Woobang Oil Co., Ltd. Woobang Meat Nanum I&C J&S Development Co., Ltd. Bell Information Technology Inc. Bell information Dae Ryung Blue Tech Co., Ltd. Creme Olympus Bar Dae Woong Industry Chun Boo . CHUN SA CHANG BO CO.,LTD CHUN BO TECHLUBE CO., LTD. Officeway Kosaka Trade Daeah Electric Construction Kumsuk ENC Co.,Ltd. Ezone tech Idam Construction Design Asia Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Tae Hwa Industrial TAEHWA INDUSTRY CO. Yousung Optical JIN YANG CO.,LTD YANG JIN JUNG GONG CO., LTD. Yang-Jin Co,.Ltd. K & L Textile Green Power Co., Ltd. Green Power Co.,Ltd. Himo Himo Mart SHIN WOO INDUSTRIAL CREA CO.,LTD. SNS Co., Ltd MS Mutual Savings Bank Co., Ltd. DEBEC MUTUAL SAVINGS BANK Lee Seong Ha Tax Accounting Office Seodaegu Express Bus Terminal Premises Booth Snack Coffee Shop ORIENTRA CO., LTD. SAEWOON FRUITE CO.,LTD. Saewoon Tranportation Co.,Ltd. WOO KYUNG DEVELOPMENT CORP. Kyungwoo Lee Kyung Woo Dental Clinic Duku Tech Pioneer Korea PIOKOREA Co., Ltd. Total Energy Green Chemicals Elex Co., Ltd Dongnam Capital Co., Ltd. DNP Holdings Co., Ltd. Suseong Prime Admission Academy Daewoo Light Metals Co.,Ltd. Hyosung Yukyung Telecom HI NETWORK CO.,LTD. Time & Space Group Co., Ltd.. Space Gardening Energy Point Angel Shopping Mall Co., Ltd. DAESEON M & C CO.,LTD. Hil & Hil G.A TECH CO.,LTD. KABOOL INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD J&C Korea Co.,Ltd Lc Trading HANKYUNG ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Dacom Travel YONGSAN INTERNATIONAL INC. Yongsan Precision Industry SHINHAN PRECISION IND.CO.,LTD Tiejin Sky and Land Co.,Ltd. Sky Land Mart Sky Land Network Hwa Shin SHINHWA PRECISION N.D.I CO., LTD. Daeshin Precision Co.,Ltd. Daeryuk Industry Coporation Co., Ltd. Dong Hyun Steel Donghyun Co.,Ltd. GEORIM Tech CO., LTD. YU RIM TECH CO. Geo & Viro Tech Co.,Ltd. GEO RIM INDUSTRIAL CO. Hyolim Precision Co., Ltd. Neotsys Co.,Ltd. Daegu Olympiad Suseong Campus SEOHAN CORPORATION SEO CHANG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. K &L K &L Co., LTD. L & K Mito En Samnam Kyung Buk Co. Korea Solar Energy Sungil Data System Hyuin data System Bugang Food Machinery Ayang Art Center Mart PASKO CO.,LTD. Young Jin Remicon Co., Ltd. Sun Remicon Co.,Ltd. MIRAECAM CO. Key Tech Co., Ltd. Soo Kwang Steel Kumho Development Industry Co.,Ltd. Jungwoo Construction Co., Ltd. Kwang Shin Co Daegil Real Estate Agency Deagu Logistics Center Co., LTD. Golf Korea Cosis Co., Ltd Cosign Co., Ltd. Cosia COCIS S&T Kyung In Pharm. Co Ltd Yoonju Co., Ltd. Yoonil Selim Call Tech Co.,Ltd. Bei YOUNG KWANG INDUSTRY CO. Buhmwoo Chem Co., Ltd. Buhmwoo Tec Co Taeha ENG Myeongseong IND Sparkle Daegu Agency PE & G SOLAR CO.,LTD. S.A.H Kyungnam Enterprise Co., Ltd. Nonghyup Red Jinseng Daegu Nonghyup Red Ginseng Chilgok branch Nonghyup Red Ginseng Dalseo Branch SCC CO.,LTD. Daerim Asset Management DAHYE ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Hanil Leisure Sports Youchang CMI Co., Ltd. Youchang Dying Co., Ltd. Youchang Roll Co., LTD. Apsan Plaza Hotel Partners I&D Co., Ltd. Partners F & B Beomwoo Hanyong Metal Hanyong Tex Tile AFT Inc. Samwoong Corporation Modis Sysone Technology Co., Ltd. Idoo Construction Kangnam Building SAMJUNG LTD. STS INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO. Taehyeon Industry Co.,Ltd. Myung Sung Co., Ltd. Myung Sung Co. Myung Sung Sa S.V.I. CO.,LTD. Kwangmyung Industrial Co., Ltd. YeongCheon Country Club Co., Ltd. Auto Valley Co., Ltd. Hotel Saboi Sys Net Co.,Ltd. KT Links SUNHWA DEVELOPMENT INC. Kangsan Insurance Insurance Hannam Steel Co., Ltd. Soda Hair HAE SUNG ELECTRONIS CO AT Graphic Wangbo Co., Ltd. HWANG BO MACHINE CO.,LTD Hanjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. Oksan Distribution Co.,Ltd. GL Industry Co., Ltd. Dongin Textile Co Dongin Textile Co., LTD. Dongin Tech Unhwa Textile Hyundai Health Hyundai Health Yoomi Capital Y&B Trading Co., LTD. Sungwoo Housing Co., Ltd. Osung Housing Development Sungwoo Housing Construction Daegu City Gas ENG Daegu City Gas Taebong Industrial Co., Ltd. Taein INC Samwoo Develpment Co., Ltd. Kum Han Won Young Chemical Won Young T & B Co, Ltd WON YOUNG TRADING CO. Geo Sung co.,LTD Segye Tex Segye Sa Cheongu Information Technology Dong Yang Industry Co Dong Yang Ind. Co. DONG YANG Industrial co., Dialog MD Motors Shinsung Ind.Co., New Nice Seojin Sintered Metal Korea Banking Corporation Finance Co., Ltd Korea Appraisal Board Fund KORED ILT CO.,LTD. INTERMAX Trading Co.,Ltd. HANSE CO. Hilti Engineering & Manufacturing Hilti Donga Enterprise J & R Textile KYUNG-IN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD KYUNG DONG INDUSTRY CO KEUMSUNG PRECISION MOLD AND PLASTIC INJECTION IND CO.,LTD Keumsung Precision Industry Co., Ltd. Hwa Kyung Industry Hwakyung HWAKYUNG CO.,LTD. HWA KYUNG TRADING HD Electric Inter-burgo Service Co.,Ltd. Inter-Burgo Retail Co., Ltd. CHEONGNAM INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Hyung San Housing Corp. HND DONG SAN DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd.. Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Dalsung Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Doosan Solar Energy DaeYoung Machine Co. City korea Co.,Ltd. FOUR NINE METAL CO., LTD. DONGIL TRADING COMPANY DONG IL STEEL CO., Dong Jo Co., Ltd. Dae Han Gong Jo Daegok Sporex Golf Club DAEGOK SPOREX Daegok Sports Daegok Record Chungeorahm Preparatory School Woosung C&C Rabib O Co., Ltd. SS CO.,LTD. Coco Co., Ltd. D & I Co., Ltd The Grand Hotel CHANGEUN CO.,LTD. Changeun Co., Ltd. CHANG EUN TEX Bohyun General Construction Bohyun General Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd. Daehak Yonhap News I & P MACHINE CORPORATION A-RYUNG MACHINERY IND. Co.,Ltd. A & P CO.,LTD. A&a Precision Industry Saehan Store Samhwa Tech Co.,Ltd. Dosun Transportation Best Medical Co., Ltd Imhong Saehan Industry Development Co., Ltd. Korea Media Co.,Ltd. Korea 21C Media G & C CO. Kyungsan Construction Kyungsan Electric Co., Ltd. RIAM Inex Technologies Co., Ltd. BOLIM CONSTRUCTION Bolim Yedawon Major Telecom Co., Ltd. Nau Biz Co., Ltd. Millinet Solar co.,Ltd Beauty Center SCM SCM Printing Co., Ltd. Yunjeong Wedding Beauty Shop Seol Wedding Wedding Season Kaesung Kyungdong General Construction Kyungdong General Construction Co., Ltd. Kyungdong Engineering KYUNGDONG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Ilwoo Industry KGC Life & Jin Iche Daegu Direct Management Center Kum Ho Precision JOIN INDUSTRY HALIM Landscape, Ltd. Eta Food Co., Ltd ETA NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD. Hwasung Technology and Investment Company SUNG WON METAL CO GOLDEN AG&TEC CO.,LTD. HANIL PIPE CO. Gongpyung Pharmacy Architectural Firm Gongpyung Gongpyung Gongpyoung FRC CO.,LTD. Dongwoo Industrial Co., Ltd. Dongshin Donghyun Electric Co., Ltd. Daemi Polymer Industry Daesung Celtic Daegu Northwest Agency Cheongho GeneralSangsa Co., Ltd. Daeseong Steel Co., Ltd. Daeseong Steel Furniture Safe Mfg TRISEAS KOREA IV CO., LTD. Triseas Korea I Co., Ltd. Precision Machinery Shinil Precision Industry Shinil Precision Ind Hongik Shinil Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd Dinno Co.,Ltd. Dongsin Industrial Co., Ltd.. SE WOON TEXTILE CO LTD Samhan Samhan Mold Cima Corporation Park Engineering Co., Ltd. Beautiful Land of Scenery MYUNG-IL FOAMTEC CO. Myung-Il Foamtec Co., Ltd. MYUNG-IL FOAMTEC 2nd Factory LOTTE ELECTRONICS CORP. Mirae Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Daegu Waters Clean Waters Yungduk Non-ferrous Metal SUNGLIM CORP. Sun&Moon Kovic Co.,Ltd. Daeyang Stainless Industry Samyoung Stainless Industry Co., LTD. Baek San Industrial Co., Ltd. Biz I Co.,Ltd. Blue Home Co., Ltd. Bl-int BL Industry Co.,Ltd. Keukdong Air Gas Samkyo Co., Ltd. Won Paper Co., Ltd. Dae Won Propor Co.,Ltd. Soosung Information Co., Ltd.. The Bob Green Eco Co., Ltd. EDU ALL CO.,LTD. Edu Net Mapo Co. Daebosa DAEBOSA CO. Aram BANDO ELECTRONICS CO. Samu Natural Bio tech Co., LTD. Donam Oriental Medical Clinic Damoim Card International Vocation Center Co., Ltd. Y&K International Co., Ltd. Michelan KG System Co., Ltd. Bilton Co., Ltd. Choi Miga SPECS CORPORATION Gets Co., Ltd. Leaders marketing company Hyundai Heavy Industries Daegu Branch XIAMEN KOREA CO,LTD Artpia Corporation FIVE STARS OPTICAL CO,LTD Five Star Eyewear Co. Woodpecker Smart Communication CS I korea KOREA C & I CO.,LTD. I korea Co., Ltd. Daeyong Ltd. Samgong Plastic SAMWHA PLASTIC CO. SUNGWON PLASTIC INC. MY CO.,LTD. Samchunpo Cham Zone Food Co., Ltd. KYUNGDONG CO. KOTM CO., Ltd. KU IL MACHINERY CO LTD Ku Il Still KU�������� Korea Fashion Institute Barcode CS Energy Ariel Planning JUNG SANG ELEC. Jungsang Silicon IND Kumnam Keonmin Kumnamu Co.,Ltd. Rei World Co., Ltd. Kovea Daegu Agency Auto Korea Co, Ltd poly Machine Cosmotech Co., Ltd. Korye Textile Co., Ltd. U&C Co.,Ltd. JI MOLD TECH DOOSON TEX CO., LTD. K-Aquarium Daegu Aquarium Co., Ltd. Daegu Aquarium Forever Fashion B & G CO.,LTD. B&G Golf Airport Consulting Co., Ltd. New NEW Daewang IN&ON Kolon Sports Seongseo Branch WIN Win Co Co.,Ltd. Stl Kukdo Construction Co., Ltd. DF Co J & P CO.,LTD. Cli Consulting P&L Plaza UNI TECH. CO. Yeonsung General Distribution Co., LTD. Dongyang Ad Co., LTD. Dongyang Ad Daedong Windows Doors Co., Ltd. Cybernet Cf Baek San Co., Ltd. A & A CO.,LTD. Hwasung A&T CO., LTD. CTM CORP. Caf Wiper Co.,Ltd. Korea Maritime University Cafeteria Senbio Co, Ltd Wonsanghoe Ingkkosa MODA CO.,LTD. Moda Co., Ltd. Tea house PHOTO KOREA STUDIO CO. Buls Co., Ltd. SAE-A Polymer CORPORATION Changpa Z-SYSTEM CO.,LTD. Ever Medi Co.,Ltd. Erum De Eruma Co., Ltd. GLCK SAE JIN TRADING Sae Restruant Ildong Development Bio Robinson Co., Ltd. Saramdeul Co., Ltd. Sejong Co.,Ltd. Yumo Co., Ltd. Kyoungnam Industrial BLUE CROSS GYEONGNAM TRADING CO. GYEONGNAM T & D CO.,LTD. Chungsibja Avec Games Co., Ltd. J & J CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. J&j Chemical Sunin SUN WOONG TRADING CO,LTD Joy Jumping YOUNG-WON ENGINEERING LEADERS AG CO.,LTD. UnionSaint Co., Ltd. Sunin Medical Yuseujen CONNECTOR CO. TRYBLUE EDUCATIONAL CENTER CO.,LTD. Kyungbook National University Computer Education Center Ms Cosmetic Lg-caltex King Daehan Metal Co., Ltd. S&D International Co., Ltd. Global-S Co., Ltd. Gunin Fabric GNS Fabric Gm Fabric Gain Fabrics SAMBO SHI CO.,LTD. KA CO.,LTD. TRUMP STAR INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. The Trumpet Seah C&t Co., Ltd. Lg Electron S&S Tech Corporation International D&C J&D INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD DY DNC CO.,LTD. DNC PARK CO.,LTD. D.N.C Co., Ltd. Dongsung Trading Lee Ji Hyeon Beauty Parlor Kim Ji Hyeon Hair Free Park Hyeon Ji Native Korea Beef Jeon Ji Hyeon Hair Jnj Trade Jeil trading Co., Ltd. Jumi Trading Co., Ltd. Ilsin Trading Co., Ltd. Kuil Industry Co.,Ltd. Coscos Co., Ltd. Myungsung Phantom Manchon Agency YOUNG HEUNG DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRIAL CO. Dongu Entech Co., LTD. Trien Nepa Sinam Branch Seolin Enterprise Co., Ltd. Seoulwon New Star Co., Ltd. SANG DONG INDUSTRY LG Corporation Co. Evezary Sangin Agency Geumho Air tech Kim Sang Bok Studio Msc Co., Ltd. MSC Communication Co., Ltd. Kang Nam Optic Kang Nam Hospital(Dae Ku) Seo Ha Ind. Co., Ltd. Ilshin Sangsa 72 MH Company SF CO.,LTD. World Wood Co., Ltd.. Ducksung Engineering & Construction Co. Ducksung Industrial Co. Kumkang Co.,Ltd. Young Jin Textile Company Green Paper Cti Co., Ltd. CHOICE CO. Coffee Co Leaders Coffee Kyungwoo Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. IT Co., Ltd Information Morko Co. SEHAN CORPORATION SEIJIN INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY CO.,LTD Seijin Hitec Co. Yuyu Textile SN CO.,LTD. La Maison De Bisque TMI GE KOREA CO., LTD Galmaegi Call Co., Ltd. Hand Art Magpie Textile Taeyang Industrial Corporation Taeyang Industry Co., Ltd. Ganghwa Inter Burgo Co.,Ltd. Inter-burgo Food Co.,Ltd. Captain Morgan KORYO MOTORS Koryo Electric Wire Co., Ltd. Koryo Co., Ltd. Mir Electric Power Co.,Ltd. Shinan Industry Lotte World Tour Co., Ltd. B& International Co., Ltd. B International Gwangsung Metal Fabricating Mold tech Co.,Ltd. MOLD TECH CO. MT Co., Ltd. Won Tech Co. Daiho Industry SUNG IL SAFES CO.,LTD Korea Web IS Co., Ltd EVERY SEVEN CO.,LTD. Dickies Philiip Network Daegu Technical High School Samsa Co., Ltd. Aldi Electronics Sung Woo Industrial Co. Sunwoo Industrial Co., Ltd. LEL Co.,Ltd. Neo Tpc Monitech Co. WM CO.,LTD. Nexgen Co, Ltd Nexgo Co., Ltd. Yoosung PL Co., Ltd. Sangrok Nursery Myunggok Nursery HONGIK NURSERY Sorok Nursery Huilak Nursery Hyomok Nursery YISAK NURSERY Soknunsseopkongju Sungbuk Nursery Sulsuk Nursery Yongsan KNU Ipsi Institute School of Economics and Trade, KNU Knu Kumoh Dormitory Service C0.,Ltd. Kyoungpook National University Ben International Co., Ltd. Sina MPC Co., Ltd. Soam Seafood Co., Ltd. UNION DREAM HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. PC Guardian Angel Guardian Angel(Karaoke) Daegu Suseong-gu Self-support Guardian institution SinBon Co., Ltd. Sinbal Blue Bio Energy Co.,Ltd. Daewoong Paper Co., Ltd.. Chosunilbo Seongseonam Branch The Chosunilbo Daegok Hwa-won Branch MG Meditech KDB Capital Co., Ltd._Daegu Branch Union Invest Cafe De Amant EA COL DE PARIS REDTECH CO.,LTD. Ato Ato Ato ING Co.,Ltd. Korea Vent Hwasung Co., Ltd. Eland Yongsan Yongsan Trading Yongsan Motorcycle Taeyang Electronics Co., Ltd. WorldLNP Sane OCEAN OPTICAL CO., LTD. One Systems Cloud Line Semyung Drugs Osung Drugs MIDAS INSURANCE CO.,LTD. Jian Six Man Texas Co.,Ltd. Sam Chang Electric Co. Sam Chang Nit Co., Ltd. Sam Chang Sports Sam Chang Construction Co., Ltd. GYEONGDAE SPEARHEAD DISPLAY MANUFACTURING PROCESS HM CORPORATION CO.,LTD. THE HOME CO.,LTD. Cambridge Brentwood Dae Kyung TMS Co., Ltd. Korea Cosmetic Banwol Branch Sunwoo Metal Co.,Ltd. Delta Oil Dae Joo Machinery Co., Ltd. Majia Co., Ltd. Entrada Corp. Leaders International Co., Ltd. Sambo INC Daedong System Co., Ltd. NY International Co.,Ltd Kuma Trading Co., Ltd. Amin CHEONGSONG MACHINERY IND., CO. Cheongsong Co.,Ltd. CTA Plus Co., Ltd. Omega Optical Co. Mcdonalds_Homeplus Chilgok Branch Mcdonalds_Chilsung Branch Frontier DC Co., Ltd. DAERIMTOGONG CO.,LTD. Daerim Daerim MS Co.,Ltd. Daerin Co., Ltd. DAERIMJEONJAE CO.,LTD. Daerimdang Daeryong Sangsa Yeongnam Shipbuilding IS Daegu Branch Susung Fire Protection Co.,Ltd. Sunggwang Fire Protection Co., Ltd. Sam A Precision Co Steel-A Co., Ltd. Korea Motors Co.,Ltd. Koland Construction Kkulmat Fruit Farm YJ Company NOVA TEX CO.,LTD. Nov Tex Leafe Furniture Duck Young Textile Co, Ltd In Young Textile YU, YOUNG TEXTILE Dae Young Textile Doo Young Textile YOUNG IL TEXTILE CO. L Young GAN SONG I TEXTILE Co., Ltd. Konau Daegong Radio Telecom IND Group Eunsung Tech Co., Ltd. Clio Dental Peak Nickle Shilla Sangsa Co., Ltd Shilla T&c KwangWon Optical Co. Dongkwang Steel Culture Shopping Neo Human Tech Co., Ltd. SUNGJIN CO. SUNGJIN CORPORATION The Moss Corp Hankwangsa Hyundai Security Daegu Branch SJTI Co., Ltd. SJ Tec Co, Ltd Doosan Vibrating Machinery GDC Mobile Good Communication Good Communication Co., Ltd. CHILGOK HYUNDAI 1CHA APT Future Korea Co., Ltd. Acroeng Co., Ltd. ACROEM Co., Ltd. 3B System Inc. Dawoo Tech Kolon Gayo Bar Saewon Glass Co. Saewon Ind.,Co. Saewon Textile NCIN Tech Co., Ltd. New Hi Car Co., Ltd. Sunghan C & D TONG YANG OPTICAL CO Tong Yang Magic C.P Plan B DC CF Corporation Youngin Textile Co.,Ltd. PNH Sun Korea Co.,Ltd. Elisa EURO LTD Garlic Village Geumsung Garlic Garlic Noodle Soup POWER ROAD CO.,LTD. Sammyung Tech Sammyung Development Co., Ltd. Sammyung Fl Co., Ltd. J TRADING INC. Youngbo Textile Co., Ltd. YOUNGBO TEXTILE CO. Youngbo Textile Industry C & S CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Kang Kyung Sook Board Co., Ltd. Lotte Shopping Co.,Ltd. Lotte Super Jincheon Agency Lotte Shopping Co.,Ltd. Daegu Young Plaza Plac Jean Lotte Shopping Co.,Ltd. Lotte Mart Daegu Agency LOTTE Shopping Town Daegu.,LTD Candy Moden DNC Eye Link Kwangwoo MeDix Inc. TONG IL TEXTILE CO., LTD. whalesoft Steam Pot NM Tech PL Co.,Ltd. THE N.M.AD CO.,LTD. Web Coordinator JIN CORP CO.,LTD. E Sale Mart E Free Mart Sh Industry JN trade company Jinan Bionics Baro good N.K CORPORATION CO,LTD System Park Sky TesTech Co.,Ltd. TEXTECH CO.,LTD. Tae Hae Young Co HAE YOUNG TEXTILE Enertek TMS Co.,Ltd. Sang Shin Sang Architecture Firm Pearl Store KSP CO. Drill Bit Gadalgun Drill Youngseung Industrial Happyland Sungdam Branch Minseok Co., Ltd. Minseo Cnc Minseo Resturant Nobling Noblelen Keystone Motel Sonyst Co., Ltd. Sung Ah AH SUNG COMPANY Sinmae Agricultural Products Ant Agricultural Products NATUREL CO.,LTD. Mirae C&C Research Institute Co., Ltd. J&V Corporation Co., Ltd. Feary Y 2009 Hantek System Co., Ltd. Nexen Tire Daegu agent KJ Textile Co., LTD. Jinheung Maritime ACIS CO., LTD Top Class Examination Institute Esco Fabric WORLDEYE OPTICAL CO. Paperpia Dookyung Industry Dookyung Tex Tnk Jaya Store ICS CO.,LTD. KEUM JA Co., Ltd. KEUM KOK INDUSTRIAL CO. KUM KANG IND,CO KUM KANG INDUSTRIAL CO EXEM CO.,LTD. Hankook Nst CATCH POINT Hankook Cultural Advertising Center EOJIN CO.,LTD. Distribution AV DAEYA WINDOW & DOOR CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. DAEYA STEEL CO.,LTD. Hanbul Cosmetics I Zone Co., Ltd. I Zone net JISEONG SILKROAD CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Fila Seobu Branch Corporation Yeonwon Corporation DABU HWAN GREEN CO.,LTD. Samhwan Stone Industry SAM HWAN DYEING & WEAVING Co., Ltd. COZYI Co.,Ltd Hyejin Resturant Dae Won Metal Co., Ltd. C&Woobang Construction Co., Ltd. Woobang Information Technology Co., Ltd. Woobang Techs Co., Ltd. Woobang Sangjo Event Co., Ltd. Pari Kangchon Woobang Kyungmaek MR Solution American Highway Line Motor Service R Korea B&H Korea Co., Ltd. C&o AND Company Co.,Ltd. Black Hof NEW MAN INTER TECHS CO.,LTD. New DS Textile Sam A SAM-A COMPANY LIMITED Hwa Seong Textile Co., Ltd. Seong-u Su Seong Co., Ltd. SEONG BU CO LTD H & TE CO.,LTD. Boho Card Industry White Trading Samyung Maritime Sobul Precision Shin Chun Co, Ltd MDI Bank MD Information Tiffany Co., Ltd. MS Lounge URBAN LIGHTING CO.,LTD. Urban Jungles Urban Jungles Co., Ltd. Jeong An Hi-Tube Co., Ltd. Kyobo Book Store Co.,Ltd. Kyobo Culture Industry Co.,Ltd. KOREA EDUCATION CONTENTS INFORMATION CO.,LTD. Monotech Engineering Atina NEXT ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. World Entertainment Co., Ltd. Kyeong IT Co.,Ltd. Kyeong Won Elec KYEONG DONG ENG Changui Block Ener Dream ENER TECH C & T CO.,LTD. Encle Live Daewoo Enertec Inc. POWER ENERTEC CO.,LTD. Break Chong Ro Won Chong Textile Korea Enterprise Economics Research Institute Qrix Holdings Co., Ltd. Omega Diamond Kyungdong Motors OH SUNG ELECTRICSMACHINARU CO., LTD. CSM Implant Co., Ltd. Sehwa Golf Daegu CS France Co., Ltd Univera Sinbaram Leeeunju IT Onnet Co., Ltd. The Ara Sabina travel Sejong Logistics Booyoung Textile Bike In K Plus Mart SEO WON IND Sammi International Co., Ltd. Sammi International SAM YEONG INTERNATIONAL The Hankook Ilbo Korea Pearl PEARL SCIENCE LABORATORY OF KOREA High Co., Ltd. Hawa Serim Corporation Serin TS ONECHANGMATERIAL CO.,Ltd Segi Co. On The Hill H & L Co., Ltd. D Medicare Daekwang Medicare Shinseung Medicare LEM CO.,LTD. MR.NAM Ace Medicare Hwasong Sewing Four Seasons Motel RECYCLE PLACE CO.,LTD. RECYCLE PIA CO.,LTD. Sesim Recycling Dieseuem Co., Ltd. Paelleot Sehyang Engineering DONGAH Co., Ltd. DongAh Precision Co Ltd Daeduk Co., Ltd. Natural Interior Daedong Metal Samsung C&h Si Motors Petra Tech Yeolchang Karaoke Seil SA Co, Ltd Jese Nano Tech RAON TEC CO.,LTD. Nano Plus Technology Co., Ltd. Nano Motors Co.,Ltd. HI NANO TECH CO.,LTD. Nano Tech Mold Nano Bio-tech GREEN NANO TECH CO.,LTD. Daeil Nano Tech D&G Nano Tech NANO MOTORS CO. Nano Motors YEONHO HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Medon Co., Ltd. Hyundai Car Life Doosung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Kirakuen WANG IN MACHINERY Logics Com Yellow Bean INSURANCE COMPARISON NET CO.,LTD. Solbi NOW Information Dongsan Aluminum Verde Flower Verdi Corporation Heesung CESCE Co., Ltd. HEE SUNG ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD. Heesung Express Travel Co., Ltd. Gadeuk Textile Co., Ltd. Gadeuk Sangsa Angel Gown Gimsunok Gimsaem Co.,Ltd. Gimsegon Image Co., Ltd. Dongduk Textile Inisak High & Long Long Way Internationa Trading Co., Ltd. LONG WAY INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD Rico C&D Co.,Ltd. Winses Winsys Taeyoung Co.,Ltd. AEJEONG SONG BANG Landscape Mart Korea Net Co., Ltd. KOREA NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Gulliver Makchang Gulliver Institute HYUNDAI I&M COMPANY LIMITED Woorim Paint J&k Lace Dong Jin Fiber Co. Alex BB Classy Co.,Ltd. Daewoo Capital Auto 36th Securitization Specialty Daewoo Capital Auto 35th Securitization Specialty Ugyung Textile Ugyung Steel Ugyung Pos Ugyung Bowling Silk Way Co.,Ltd. Ugyung Leisure Cg Line MOS System Co., Ltd. Core Co., Ltd. Coren Co., Ltd. Samick HDS Co., Ltd. SAMICK TRADING LTD. Samick I&d SAMICK TECH CO., LTD. Samick Industrial Co., Ltd. ABS Pro BS FND TK Co.,Ltd. HAN IL CHEMICAL IL YANG CHEMICAL Dagu Smasung Nursery Jaeduk Store KOREA E.N.S. CO., LTD. RED GINSENG CO. San Red Ginseng E & R CO.,LTD. Korea Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. Dragon Mart 24 Woojin High Tec Co., Ltd WOO JIN TEXTILE CO LTD PILL TEXTILE PILL & GREEN CO.,LTD. PILL MART ECO & GREEN CO.,LTD. Daekyung Machinery Co. Poly Park A Limited Partnership Samwoo Industrial DONGHAN OPTRONICS INC. MILIM TRADING Co., Ltd. Dong O ENG MS Communication TLC Tour H & G CO.,LTD. First Optical Co. Soft Leader BN Human Hans ENG Co.,Ltd. T Friends Taebaek Motor Chanel Furniture Oxy Eyewear Ltd. Oxy Nara Pasta Ottimo Otwo Miraean Co., Ltd. Poom POIM CO.,LTD. Yantai Kuk Bo Co., Ltd. Byeon Yong Su Dental Clinic Daechun Branch Buwon International Co., Ltd. Korea Song Bar Dong Heung Seheung Electric Co., Ltd. Any Way Jinhyun Junhun Construction Co., Ltd. Dongjae Metal Dongjae Paints Dongjae Building Dongjae Construction G-HITECH Gyemyung Livestock Pharmacy YOUNG NAM TEXTILE CO. Dai Chung Textile Sewon Education Consulting NATTURU Co., Ltd. Mimi Bela DONG KWANG INDUSTRY DONG KWANG TEXTILE CO., LTD. DONG KWANG UMBRELLA CO Pyung Hwa Industrial Co., Ltd. TELECOM CO. Gold Sea Dawoo SM Co.,Ltd. Jeongwon Jeongwon Co.,Ltd. JS SOLAR CO.,LTD. SI SOLAR CO.,LTD. SOLAR ONE CO.,LTD. Solar Planning Co. Electronics Land Co., Ltd. N-LINE SYSTEM Co., Ltd. Jeongwan Co., Ltd. Jeongsang Co., Ltd. Nanofilm Co, Ltd Kdn Telecom Equipment Bumeo Telecom SK Telecom Namdaegu Branch SK Telecom Daekyung Branch SAMSUNG CPL CO.,LTD. Js Interbiz Jo Yeong Ho Internal Medicine Clinic Kim Je Hyeong Internal Medicine Clinic Co art Korea ENT Clinic Namo Daegyung Electric ENG Medipharm Boryeong Pharmacy Nexy Eye Co., Ltd. T I M Motors Time Motors SNK Development SNK Consulting Co., Ltd. Hongje Precision Hong Sung Precision HONGCHANG PRECISION CO.,LTD. Leaders Brain Co., Ltd. LONG ENERGY KOREA CO.,LTD. Hitto SAMU MACHINERY CO. Sammi Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. World Company Co., Ltd. BIE HUONE. inc PROMI CO.,LTD. Kim Tae Ho Hwatonghan Grill Hwatonghan Leeyeosa Tech Lit Co., Ltd. Tech Load Steel & Chew Pangaea DA International Co., LTD. Synergy Moolsan THN Corporation BNP INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Ace Telecomputer 1001BI.BI Co.,Ltd. Chertto Polo PL DAE JU TEXTILE CO.,LTD Technos Corp Technos Pilkor CST Co., Ltd. Pilkkot Pilko Smart Cool Danlan Korea Security Research Institute Korea Management Research Institute Korea Idea Research Institute Busan Development Co.,Ltd. Busan FSS Ad Bank Co., LTD. PAN TEX CO,LTD I Bank Glass I HUMAN BANK CO.,LTD. Eulji Development Co., Ltd.. Uju Battery Daegu Battery DW INVEST CO.,LTD. BNB INVEST CO.,LTD. General Pet Plaza Sani Sano Woori Coating Daeyoo Co., Ltd.. Daewoo Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. Asia Discount Mart GEUMCHEONJI CO.,LTD. Geumkang Enterprise Medipob Ilsun Pharmacy Medipia MEDI PRAN CO.,LTD. Medipul Co., Ltd. Media Park Medi Plus Madpia Inc World Medipia Co., Ltd. Medipit Chimsan Agency Medioptics Korea Medical Plus Medipet Animal Hospital Madypia Co., Ltd. Mexicana Co.,Ltd. Women Medipark Female Medipark Hospital Sewon Medical Appliances Nuri Media Planning Ace Motors Co.,Ltd. Hyo Sung Medical Product Dongsubichi Medical appliances Hyun Internal Medicine Department Camen Motors Co.,Ltd. CHEONGSONG CHINESE MEDICINE SOLUTION CO.,LTD. Youngyang ChilBoseok Medical Appliances Geo Mijang Mujigae Stone Madi Pyunhan Orthopedics Midam Guksu Sungjin Maedeup Daeho Industry Security MANPYEONG TRADING Daegu East Circulation Road Co.,Ltd. S Motors Boseong Motor Vehicle Shop Solbat Wie Pig Makchang Daesin General Car Trading Sangsa I Suntec Aju Special Co., Ltd. Changsin Textile Dongyung Motors Dream Apparel Pantex Pana tech Co., Ltd. Songhyun Telecom Hanwha Major Co.,Ltd. Future Private Communication Co., Ltd. KOREA INTERNET TRADE Co.,Ltd. DONGSIN CO. Dongsindang Hanbae Hanbaek Design Dongsan Electric Co., Ltd. Corey Agen Trading Co., Ltd. Kim Cheol Sik Tax Office Kim Cheol Jin Psychiatric Clinic World Company Co.,Ltd. Javed & Lee Trading Co. Ceramic Korea Co., Ltd. Awon, Ltd. Neotech Sangsa TG Ceramic CT TILE CERAMIC CO.,LTD. Clean An Cosmetics Wonwoo FNB Hangeul P&c Probim korea Co., Ltd. Sungyong VISION & FOR CO.,LTD. Pyung Hwa Carbon Master Batch Co., Ltd. Pyung Hwa Holdings Co., Ltd. Gyejung Geojin Corporation GeoJin Geojeong Pyunghwa General Management Co., Ltd. Hyundai Oilbank(Daeshin Gas Station) Fine Medics Co.,Ltd. SUDO CORPORATION CO., LTD Sudo SUDO TEXTILE CO,LTD Sudo Textile Co. Bridge Books Korea Suseong Dongbangsa DONGHAN CORP. Donghak Co., Ltd. Donghaean ZINO CO.,LTD. CHAM CO.,LTD. JEIUN CO. BEAU MONDE CO. Forest and Duck DONG NAM CHEMICAL CO DONG NAM IRON CASTING CO., LTD. Dajin Tech Su Building Metal Center KBK Food Co., Ltd. Poongmiam charcoal barbecue restaurant Sinseong Charcoal Barbecue Mac Charcoal Barbecue World Wine DAYEON CO.,LTD. Coa Industry Mac Jino Trading HANAINNOVATION CO.,LTD. Chonggu Co., Ltd. SAM A CONSTRUCTION Co, Ltd INTERABAENG CO.,LTD. Kolon Met Life Insurance Sunsung Co., Ltd. Sunsumi KOREA CONCRETE CO.,LTD. Hainun Gwaneum Foundation Daeseong Foundation Haera I-sem CL GOLF CLUB CO.,LTD. SPINNING CO.,LTD Usin Spinning HIZ COMPANY CO.,LTD. HIS Company Mir Asset Co., Ltd. School Looks Dalseo Branch School Looks Sangin Branch Ivy Club Siji Branch KKTC Co.,Ltd. Malgeum Co., Ltd. Sunghwa Company High Sun Beomeo Credit Cooperative Seha Corporation Sessi SI Cable Dongshin Lighting Co. Mando Trading NetMan Co., Ltd. Net Mania Pc Net Mania PC Room Cleaner 1001 Glass Yulha Branch kangdukchimjang Keyang SAM TEX CO, LTD Samteo Co., Ltd. Sama Textile Bareun Enterprise JPP ROLL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Munkkang Beomeo 5th Agency Gomone Mung Bean Pancake Seafood Kangjunsa Co.,Ltd. Doosan Sangsa DOOSAN STEEL CO.,LTD. Ananda Yoga Co., Ltd. Anam Development Co., Ltd. Anam Global Co.,Ltd. Alpha Service Co., Ltd. Koreana Express Palmdat Systems Co., Ltd. Snack Korea Deli Snack Bentec Co., Ltd. BENTEJI CO.,LTD. Bentec Science Co., Ltd. Kyung Won Ind. Daekwang Car Glass Wine Business Korea Co., Ltd. National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Guamdong BOGO ELECTRONIC AND CIRCULATION Co.,Ltd. BENTO ENERGY CO.,LTD. KOREA MCT SAMSUNG PIPING TOTAL INDUSTRIAL CO. Minsusa DAE YOUNG CORPORATION LTD Dae Young Packaging Co., Ltd. BIG Co., Ltd Big Esquire Biart Daemang SHIN SHIN TRADE SHIN SHIN MACHINE MFG CO LTD Chun Myung M&T Co., Ltd. Juwon Advertising Je-Ah Engineering Wood Industry Wood Fire Hanro Info EC Co., Ltd. Info .com P&D Co., Ltd. P&D Group Sam-A Tex Co., Ltd. Sam A Ind. SAM-A TEXTILE CO.,LTD Sangae Co., Ltd. Sangadang Say Top Information Telecom Namji Industry Youngdong Co.,Ltd. Well Tech Co.,Ltd. SM Election SANG-A TECH CO., LTD. Han Sang In-tech Leader Golf Inforim Co., Ltd Hyundai Machinery Tech Co., Ltd. Dong Bang S/s Sungsim Co., Ltd. Myoungsan Co., Ltd. Myoungchang Industry Co., Ltd. Daeeun Inc. Daeyun Co., Ltd. Dohwa Vending Sungwoo INC Co., Ltd. EPM KOREA CO.,LTD. Taeyeongsa Dongwondang DORIM TEMPLE Dorim Advertisement SE-YOUNG INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Changhong SUNGSAM CO.,LTD. Sungrim Corporation Dongyong Co., Ltd. Auto Box Fine Comtech Co., Ltd. Fine Cook Co, Ltd Finecro Co., Ltd. Changmyung Co., Ltd. Changheung Co., Ltd. Hanil Industrial Co.,Ltd. Dream Hwain Tech Holdings Dongyang Telecom Equipment Gongsa Dongwon Technology Co. Dongbo Tech Dong Yang Metal DAE YANG MAGNET Daewoo Precision Kia DAE WOON PRECISION Kumah Co., Ltd. Joil Pack Myoungshim Co., Ltd. Segi Building Dae Sung Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. DAE SUNG METAL INDUSTRIAL CO Daekok Dae Kyung Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Dae Jeun Sa Co., Ltd.. Chang Sung Industry CHANG SHIN TRADING CO., LTD. Boo Kwang Electric Power Co., Ltd. Sung Kwang Platec Youngho Precision Co., Ltd YOUNGNAM PRECISION Tae Sung Hitech Co., Ltd. Sungho Metal Industry Sunghun Metal SUNG IL TEXTILE Il Sung Textile Co SR TEX SR International Co.,Ltd. SR Tech Co., Ltd. SR Korea Co.,Ltd. Sinwoo General Metal Co., Ltd. Shinwoo Metal Sinhwa Special Metal Shinhwa Special Matal Co., Ltd. Shinhwa Special Oil Sinhwa Special Lighting SINHWA SPECIAL OIL CO.,LTD. Sin Kwang Seonu Electric Jeyeong JEONGUN CO.,LTD. JeongBang Co., Ltd. Samjin Metal Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. Samhyeong Tech Pyung Hwa C.M.B Pyung Hwa Spine Co. Sure Industry NDK Tech Co., Ltd. Jin Myung Tech MI SUNG TEXTILE CO,LTD High Top Insurance Broker Agency Co., Ltd. KYUNG HEE STEEL CO., LTD. Kwang Il AV Kwang Il Rolling Korea Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Joil Industry Hihg School Joyl Industrial Co., LTD. JEUNG WON IND. Jeil Electric Industry Bori Nongsan Cafe Alice

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