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SAMSUNG CORPORATION Incom Co., Ltd. J.K.TRADING CO. Korea Mobile Co.,Ltd. TS Company Co.,Ltd. Daesung Information Telecom Co.,Ltd. Daekyoung Ad CLC Co., Ltd. WELL MADE CREATIVE CO.,LTD. Seung Hyeon Inc. Synergy Korea Co.,Ltd. Neil T&L Chemical Oil Antayo Co., LTD. Jinyoung Corporation Co., Ltd. Ppolroki Meil Korea Kasco Co, Ltd Grand Development Co., Ltd. Seoul Dried Seaweed Rolls Jungni Agency HAI DONG PRECISION Dream Net Co., Ltd. Mideum Kim In Hyun Law Office GYEONG YEONG TRADING CO., LTD. Wintec korea NARAEM CO. Simin Key Prize Frizen Winner Co., Ltd. Manpyeong Pulverizer Hansol Automation TOTAL SYSTEM CO. Taehwa Tex Tile Boo Lim Co., Ltd. Golden Works Investment Sam Yang Co., Ltd. Bosung Meat Mega Sports Dongwon Tex Tex Songeun Construction Phillip tech Co.,Ltd. Shilla Myunggua (Yeungjin Branch) Samhong Mold Instrument Co., Ltd. Yongam Korea PC Telecom Co., Ltd. Hanguk Dine Tasco Co., Ltd. Textec Co., Ltd. DL Trading Co., Ltd. Pobiz Co., Ltd. Sekang Co., Ltd. Wooduk Textile G Daeru Co., Ltd. Global Number One Daegu Animal CS Medical Namheung Heavy Machinery Construction Namheung Co., Ltd. DS SOGYEOL METAL CO.,LTD. Silver Touch Life Science Co., LTD. Kukjae Elevator Co., Ltd. Commerce World Maksan Kiyon Co., Ltd. Kyong In Machine Co., Ltd. Kyong Kwang Co., Ltd. Malkeunmul Co., Ltd. ABADTEC Roksan Environment Dolmajeun Car Glass Ddeumnida Dulliang Lazy Dinner C2 EDU CO.,LTD. HONG SUNG RUBBER Jang Sung Chemi Co., Ltd. MASTER TECH CO., LTD. InTech Information Co., Ltd. Han-Ilo Engineering SAE HAN ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Han Shin Engineering TK Leaders Anderson Press Greenhouse Bokyung Enterprise Co., Ltd. Bokyung Textile Acan Co., Ltd. Jio Data System ACS Korea Ssangma Gloves PYOUNG HWA TRADING CO,LTD kyongdong Furniture Seoil Matal Co., Ltd TK Financial Co., Ltd. JNK Co.,Ltd. Delian L&U Company Co., Ltd. Valueplus Inc. GEUKDONG GAS TECH CO.,LTD. Sea Kwang Engineering JEONGWOO INDUSTRY CO. KIB Corporation Ki & B Hee Sung International MK EYEWEAR CO. Kiwi BO SUNG TEXTILE Bo Sung Textile Co. Kiryong Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Baby Powder Daekyeong Wrap-tech DAEYEONG WIN TECH CO. RENAULT SAMSUNG EAST DAEGU MOTOR SERVICE CO.,LTD. First Com Co., Ltd. New Generation Tech Intel System Co.,Ltd. My Korea IC Tech IC Tech Co., Ltd. Towel Land Bumil Safe Mfg Union Safe Mfg Co., Ltd. PNTECH., INC Daese Total System Tax Accounting Hyorim Corp. In Fund In Co., Ltd. Pos Ta At Industry Jungsan Corporation DEOZON SOFTCOM Co., Ltd. GO HONEYMOON TRAVEL AGENCY CO.,LTD. G Tek Industrial Co., Ltd. Yooil Electric Yooil Energy Co., Ltd. Charming Shop Ubiscope DK SMART NETWORKS CO.,LTD. Donga Tech Ryu J Daekyo Industry Shinwoo Industry Shinwoo Ind.Co. Yetnat Gopchang A.S.E Jc Ceramic KOREA SECURITIES DEPOSITORY CORP. One Textile ABC ABC Oriental Medicine ABC Jungja Camping ABC Co., Ltd. DAE YOUNG HI-TECH CO. Star S Dermatologic Clinic A Dermatologic Clinic Architectural Firm Keonwoo Fust Dasan General Machinery Ike Co, Ltd Protect Co.,Ltd. Protect M Co.,Ltd. E Bon Co., Ltd. Haerim Textile Ditech Donglim Junggong Co., Ltd. Korea Financial Institute Co.,Ltd. Cotton Pickers Company Limited All That Fri For Max Co., Ltd JOONG-ANG INDUSTRIAL CO. Shinsekye Skincare Bestech E.T.I Wells Korea Co., Ltd. Jabez International Jabez Confectionery Micro MRO By USA Mancho World Meridien Management Office Suseong World Meridien Management Office JOYANG CO.,LTD. Se Jong Ind. JE JONG Yuil Indus Co., Ltd. GO Korea Co., Ltd. Dabo Construction Co., Ltd. Dabo Construction Meeting Karaoke PC Service Iple 2 Leading I Institute Curlysue Homeplus Namdaegu Branch Jeonjin Tech BANAX CO., LTD. Baek woon Panax DUCKYANG OIL CO. Boom M Boom Korea E&S Co., Ltd. DONG KWANG TRADING CO,LTD FINEST TRADE MENTOR SOFT CO.,LTD. Aekyung Construction Co.,Ltd. Youngwoong Pharmary Co., Ltd.. Youngwoong Construction HALIM ENVIRONMENT CO.,LTD. Seoh Moolsan NICECLUB CLUB Hobby Hill Tech Topia Co., Ltd. Fusion Valley Co.,Ltd. Jungho Development Baegchunbun Judicial Scrivener Darae Co., Ltd. JOLLY TEXTILE INC. E Land Retail X Kojeom Co., Ltd. B&F SOFT CO.,LTD. Woolim Industrial Co.,Ltd. MI SUNG CO. Gs-caltex(kangchon Gas Station) Yunam Giyeon Contact Lens Dream Contact Lens Italy Contact Lens Glasses DONGNAM ALUMINUM CO. Dongah Belt MN Hosung Trading Co. Tower Pet Five Star Sports Jeongro Co.,Ltd. Ucontec Yegwang Textiles Daewoong tech Co.,Ltd. suzy distribution corp Daeyoung Metal Co., Ltd. Guard For You Co., Ltd. Kored Trading Co., Ltd. YANG YANG EXPRESS CO., LTD. Maison De DONG YANG SIZE CO.,LTD GE Co., Ltd Daeduck Engineering Co. Mirae Metal Tech Co., Ltd. MMT Automotive Co., Ltd. Donghaesu Co., Ltd. Donghak Nursery Dongaesanggongsa Co., Ltd. Dongasa Donghaesan Ojingeo Dongajeong Restaurant Donghaeok Dongguk Yonsa Dongaygnssai Co., Ltd. Donghaejjim Donghaejjim Restaurant Dongaseu Story GB Company Co., Ltd. SEOUL INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. Jinsung Texland Co., Ltd. Sedex Transportation Dasa Agency Sedex Parcel Service Yongsan Branch London Bakery Onse Industry Dream Food Lab APL Education Co., Ltd. Eun Construction Design Co., Ltd. Eun Construction Design SJ Communication SJC CO.,LTD. BOOKING NORAEBANG Vietnam Women Culture Center Vietnam war Rokmc Resources Industrial Center E Hyundai Yanghaeng Ssotis Ils Institute Hi Information Technology Kundo Co., Ltd.. Taiho Corporation of Korea Kundo Buseong Socks Hyeseong Socks Jeseong Socks Miseong Socks Ashin Co., Ltd. SUZUKI MUSIC KOREA CO.,LTD. MP-Tech Co., Ltd. HE International Co., Ltd. Wolchon Tennis Hi Home Deco Glass An Home Deco K. B Aen Co., Ltd. Unitex Ssangyong Cement Jikyoungdalseo Gas Station Co., Ltd. Hwangsaem English Insitute FILE CO.,LTD. J Harvard Institute HARVARD ENTRANCE EXAMINATION ACADEMY Ch Tex Link Factoring Ad Company Asia Rent Cat Ami Gui Ian Art Daegu Hana Insurance Agency Handok Hearing Aid Indian Daesin Agency A Tis Daegu Business Jeom Sejong AID Co., Ltd. Hyundai Motors Bluehands Manchon Dongbu Agency Ad DS Co., Ltd. Bas Academy Institute Daeho Industry Co., Ltd. Westdaegu Industrial Complex Association Manchon Animal Hospital Kiturami Seobu Agency Co., Ltd. Daegusi Advertisement Manufacture Industry Jain ENC Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. HAENGBOKBEOPIN INSURANCE AGENCY UNLIMITED PARTNERSHIP The Daegu Architectural Culture Confederatio corp. Sam Won Industrial Co., Ltd. Alpa Pharmacy Micro ENC Co., Ltd. EG Corpo Co., Ltd. Muse Bank Co., Ltd. Muse Jewelry DONGU REAL ESTATE ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Sun Korea Co. Korea Dog Dongil Interational Co., Ltd. MIRAE STEPS CO.,LTD. Hanwoomulankye Tukbaki Restaurant Hanwoomul Meat Restaurant New Jen Motel New Jen Biz Nad Com Hwaseong Central Park Administration center Samsung CNF Co.,Ltd. Daegumibon Medical Consumer Life Cooperative MAEIL AD. Maeil Dairy Industry Bangchon Distributor Maeil Dairy Industry Buk-gu Branch Maeil Dairy Industry Central Namgu Special Branch Maeil Dairy Industry Donggu Retail Store Top Tooling JPH Co., Ltd. Azatek Co., Ltd. Blue Qnet Corporation Co., Ltd. Korea Health Care SONG HAK Song & Kim JNC Co., Ltd. Samdo Architecture Adang Co.,Ltd. HANEUN E&C CO.,LTD. M Sa Co., Ltd. Dowon It GST KOREA SELF-PROTECTION CO.,LTD. Doctor Prize KYUNG DONG Co., Ltd.. KYUNG DONG HOUSING WORLD FIRST GRADE ORGANIZE FACTORY CO.,LTD. Echo Life Health Co.,Ltd. Korea MHS Counseling Center Consumer Super Soy Venture Co., Ltd. E&i Trade Daeyang E&T Hurkins Zephyrus Platform Technology Exim Fila Special Motors Daewang Special Motor Daegwang Special Motor Ice Ggeggi Seungjin Machinery Sun Jin Machinery M & CT CO.,LTD. KPC Company Co., Ltd. Future Power D&C Co., Ltd. Yess Tek DS Network Co.,Ltd. hanshin Textile Iljin FA First Class Tailor Shop Dae Nam Co., Ltd. Daenam Co., Ltd. DAE NAM INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Dae Nam Tool C TRON CO.,LTD.

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