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CHUNG HWA TEXTILE CO., LTD. Chung Woo Textile Co., Ltd. SUNG HWA TEXTILE Dong Hwa Textile Niss Inc Nissi Corp. Dori Company C & S Silicone M Leaders Computer MR Computer Professional Online Service Soft Leader Soft Company YEONJI TOTAL CONSMETICS CO. Non Sapi Trading SEBU SYNTHESIS TRADING CO.,LTD. Seobo Trading G-HITECH DONGBANG HIGH TECH Baskin Robbins Dunkin' Donuts Yeungnam University Hospital No.2 Branch Yeungnam Ad Tech Yeungnam Textile Yeungnam Middle School Yeungnam High School Yeungnam Merchant Banking Corporation Inje University Sorian SORI CO., LTD. Soriae Compass Co., Ltd. Carzen Wondae Agency Younghwa Co.,Ltd. Samsung Electric CO., LTD. Little Leaders Little Room PICK D & C CO.,LTD. SAMJIN CO. Alpino DONGKUK TILE Usin Store TCN Production TCN General Cable Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Ttangttang Chicken Namsanjeom Tongkeun Cold Noodle TCN Networks Co., Ltd. TCN Production Co. T C.N Production Co., Ltd. Teunteun Foundation Technology Co., Ltd. MARU CORP Korea Gas Corporation Kogeu Co., Ltd. Duck Jin YP Company Co., Ltd. Sindelella Hair Shop Yeongnam Hakmun General Surgery Gilbert Co. Hwaseong ENG Hwaseong Tech Korea Air Tech Co., Ltd. Korea Auto Tech Co., Ltd. DAINMS CO,.LTD. yoons TRANSPORTATION CARD SALES UNION CO.,LTD. HMG Co., Ltd. Daewon Accessory Cool Accessory Co., Ltd. Comport Homesis Easy By Hyundai Motor Co L&K INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. Aderie Ins Leader Co.,Ltd. Deco Win Textile Texfield Manufacturer Export & Import Sewon System Kuk Bo Co., Ltd. Kukbo H&P Hyosung Kumhwa Optical Co. Chungwang IA Co., Ltd. Yang Gyeong Hui OEIL Ihwa Language Institute Samwha Transportation Gushibpalba EE Sagong Seujieomuktangeulchamjalhaneun House EE House Da E A Lab NINE & NINE Co., Ltd DREAMSOFT CO., LTD. Dongyang M City Human Scent Yongyang Protection Training Institute Bumyang Co., Ltd. Line Information Gana Interior Korea Yakult Daedeok Teukpan Dongkuk Hawser SAMJUNG LTD. M-hardware HIS Company The Daily PICO CO., LTD. Lee Jae Gyu International Patent & Law Office Lee Jae Su Oriental Medical Hospital I Jae Seok Law Office Lee Jae Jeong Lee Jae Yong Dental Clinic Geobong General Food Geobong Anodazing Geobong Industry Co., LTD. Geobong Mart Sunwhan E&E Areuganneu Hair Ba EE Seungmin EE Co., Ltd. SD Ha EE NC Co., Ltd. Ihui Beauty Shop Ihwa Textile Ihwa Industrial Co., Ltd.. Hana Wi I-en-ji Co., Ltd. Aeu Co., Ltd. NRT Korea Co., Ltd. N.R Trade Co.,Ltd. HR Leader Co., Ltd. EPEUL DESIGN NAVER LAND CO.,LTD. Hunomix Co.,Ltd. Young Co., Ltd. Lusid Lucia Co., Ltd. Pacific Management Management Hansem Enterprise KTT UNIVAC CO LTD Univic Co., Ltd. Oncom Co.,Ltd. oncons SPMUNION CO., LTD. Vain Company Inc. Summer Travel SUMMER CO.,LTD. Jin Electric Blends CITI HOUSING CO., LTD. CITISEN CO.,LTD. Citizen Company Co., Ltd. HIGH SENSOR CO.,LTD. Leaders Science C & TECH CO.,LTD. Digital Korea Co., Ltd. Kovic Co.,Ltd. KIB Co., Ltd. Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings Co., Ltd. Hyundai Holding Hyundai Heavy Industries Forklift West Branch Hyundai Heavy Industry Jijusanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Secheong Patent Law Firm TRACON INC.,LTD P.N SFC Co., Ltd. Big Book Big Bell Seobu Branch Bright Tech Co., Ltd. BEBIS CO.,LTD. Capito Color Chungdo Chungdo Food SP Bio Co.,Ltd. L&Bio Co., Ltd. DGB Financial Group Wow System Dong-Yang Fittings Co. PS Tech Co., Ltd. TWO SEVEN LIMITED Youngin Company Co., Ltd. AB TECH CO.,LTD. AB TECH CO.,LTD Daesan Material Co., Ltd. Daesan Metal Co., Ltd. Daewoo Machine Tool Uni Corporation Shell Beer Gyeongbuk Technical Education Foundation L&K Global Co., Ltd. Clermont Clarion Sangsa Mr. Cafe SHINDONG CO.,LTD. Shindong-A Air Travel Agency Co., Ltd.. Shindong Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.. Bios Myungshin Landscape Myungshin Industry Co. Jeongil Transportation Daegu 91 2538 Ho AM & G Co.,Ltd. Shindongbang Construction public corporation inc. Chungu Transportation Co.,Ltd. Deltaline Co.,Ltd. Joongang Co., Ltd. Joongsan Co.,Ltd. 2N CORPORATION S.T.C Samyoung Co.,Ltd. CPC KOREA KG System Co., Ltd. KGS Co., Ltd. WIN WIN COMPANY, INC Win&Win Co.,Ltd. Alpha Land BBC corporation B&B Communications Co., Ltd. B S Shop Daehan Trading Sangsa Co., Ltd. Daehan Trading Co., LTD. KIA CO. Ki Art Jo Yeong Ho Internal Medicine Clinic Song Internal Medicine Clinic Monster Company Co., Ltd. Busan Charcoal Fire Conger Eel Silla Charcoal Fire Restruant Paldo Charcoal Fire Restruant Chungmu Anago charcoal China Cultural Center In Korea Neo IT Dongguk Pharm. Sangsa Co., Ltd. Dongkook Precision Co., Ltd. Gabin Co., Ltd. GABIN INDUSTRIAL Winc Suin NEWL Cover Syas Kim, Chang Bong Law Office Kim Chang Eun Kim Chang Hwan Pro Hair Renis Gold Traders Co., Ltd. Rai YK Trading Co.,Ltd. JL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Smart Logistics Co.,Ltd. Nation Company Co., Ltd. MK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. NEXT CO.,LTD. IDDA Co., Ltd. Dae Young Textile DAE DONG TEXTILE DAE POONG TEXTILE LSS Construction G&G International Inc. BRAINS CO.,LTD. Sweet And KAS Co., Ltd. KAS&P Co., Ltd. Shinhwa Company Co., Ltd. Eco-Friendly Energy Daewoo Consulting Co., Ltd. Daerim Compressor Lucky Steel Furniture LUCK SOLAR CO.,LTD. Hankook General Electronics Land Samyang Co., Ltd. D&B co.,Ltd. CS CO CO.,LTD. SHIN SUNG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD Sky and Land Co.,Ltd. Sky Laser Co., Ltd. Fashion Island Paramount Permanent Shop Paramount Sports Polaris Madium Co.,Ltd. All Je TGL Co.,Ltd. TEASUNG PRECISION CO. Goryoe Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. GWANG CO. Kumkang Trading Co.,Ltd. JI EUM ETL Co., Ltd. E Tu Life Monayan JEWEL CO. Green Kimberly Co., LTD. Kim Man Jae Hospital SN DC Company Myung Sung Co., Ltd. Myung Sung Co. MYUNG SUNG Coffee Bean Black Bean Yerim Thor Corporation KIWI CO.,LTD. Line Display E MART CO. Koryo Electric Wire Co., Ltd. Korea Wire I Book Korea Information Co Ltd Pixel B&G City Development Co., Ltd. Wedo Tools Korea Co., Ltd. Da E A Tool Korea Co., Ltd. Good Tool Korea Co., Ltd. Road Co., Ltd. GI Solutions Co., Ltd. Hong E Neyang Gobchang SHINWOO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD GEORIM TECH CO., LTD Mr.park Ara-B Changsin Fiber Astrogen Co.,Ltd. Golden D Ba Shin Dogi Won H&Global Logistics Co., Ltd. The Home Shop Hana Tour Service WOO SIN TRADING CO., Wooshin Trading Co. WOO SHIN Greenbad Co., LTD. Mouse Co., Ltd. Korea Institute For Robot Industry Advancement The Future Co., Ltd. The Lees Co.,Ltd. HYUN JIN CO.,LTD DK ENG Co., Ltd. Maron BION CO.,LTD. Log Corp. Leaders Coffee Handsome Fish Co.,Ltd. DH Logis Co., Ltd. DH Logistics Co., Ltd. Modern sa Modern INC Co., Ltd CHAIRMANCO.,LTD. YOUNGONE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Youngone ENG Co., Ltd. R Rumi Co., Ltd. RECYCLE PLACE CO.,LTD. Sesim Recycling Susung Recycling China Airline Co., Ltd. China South North Mart China Southern Airlines Company Limited Co., Ltd. Daegu Branch Effi Inc. SUNG HOON CO.,LTD Gaga Plastic Surgery Hoya Plastic Surgery Line Plastic Surgery Suseong Medical Center Co., Ltd. Daegu Ye Dental Clinic Hanyeong Ophthalmic Clinic Hong Ophthalmic clinic Daegu Ophthalmic clinic Dental Plus Co.,Ltd. Medi Heart Clinic Jang Byeong Jun Obstetrics Dreampia SUN EYEWEAR COMPANY Samsung Ophthalmic Clinic KCB K BT Keimyung Univ. Dongsan Medical Center Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperation Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center The Bio Co.,Ltd. Africa Shop LexusYM Co., Ltd. Seller Line Yeungnam University Medical Center Yeungnam University Daegu Gyeongbuk Women Scientists and Engineers Association DAEGU GYEONGBUK HUNTER ASSOCIATION Hansol DNC Co.,Ltd. Handeul DNC Co.,Ltd. Samsung Knitting Needle Sangsa KUKJE ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. Xinphong Trading Co.,Ltd. Nexgen Co, Ltd Triangle Co.,Ltd. C & C CO.,LTD. Riko Riko M Co., Ltd. Daegu Sarang futures Settlement Co., Ltd. J.Y.P. Apparel Co., Ltd. JYP Housing Co., Ltd. JYP Construction Co.,Ltd. Colorful Co., Ltd. ITUS Co., Ltd. L&P L&P Co.,Ltd. DAE YOUNG MEDICAL CO.,LTD. Body Chef 4u Porsche Porsche Beauty Shop Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology YG Co., Ltd. DAEGU APPLE FARMING ASSOCIATION LEADERS IS CO.,LTD. TASAN CORPORATION CO,LTD Seyoon Co., Ltd. INNOVER KOREA Co., Ltd. Golden Eye Guryongpo Restaurant Guryongpo Raw-fish Guryongpo Fisheries Guryongpo Sushi Guryongpo Sushi Restaurant Guryongpo Law-Fish Market Guryongpo Fisheries Wholesale DONG NAM CHEMICAL CO Aladdin Co., Ltd. DAIB Inc S Com Tech Co.,Ltd. SJTI Co., Ltd. SPT Sportsman G WORLD CO.,LTD. SHIN HAN TRADING CO., LTD SKH Co., Ltd. Eagle Company Co., Ltd. VA Tech Co., Ltd. Hankuk Express Daejoo Machinery Co.,Ltd Daejoo Machinery Co. IAAN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Seogwang Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Gyeongbuknohoeyuji Foundation The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Namsin Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Dongsin Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Pyeongri Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Chungseong Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Pureunchojang Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Nambu Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Daedeok Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Daeseong Church Mirae Global KPC Co., Ltd. K.P.C.CORPORATION KPC Corporation Co., Ltd. H LINE INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. CIRCLE CO.,LTD. Buheung Maritime Geumgang Maritime KI-HYUN PRECISION CO. SANG WON YOUNG GONG CO.,LTD. Sang Won Textile SANG WON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. S&S Korea Seobin System Co., Ltd. SKYWORLD SKF Sealing Solutions Korea Co.,Ltd. Wangsil Beauty Shop Wangsil Sofa Wangsil Itary Pizza LE KOREA CO.,LTD. Inteuro Geo Mineral Korea Co., Ltd. SE HEUNG TEXTILE CO. LTD Genon Daeshin Boiler Co.,Ltd. APPS Co., Ltd. APIC Apis Co., Ltd. Apis K R Co., Ltd SEOHAN CORPORATION Seohan Co., Ltd. GOLDEN STEEL CO.,LTD. Leaders Capital New Vision Optical Calris Co.,Ltd. Li Rara Works Co., Ltd. koreawide jinan Co., Ltd. IT Networks Info Bus Co., Ltd. Eun Sung Textile Bulru Green Co., Ltd. Uncle House Uncle Beer Ire Corporation Co., Ltd. Eye Topic Optical Co. Hae Wo So Magic Service SK Magic Co., Ltd. MAGIC CHEF C Bay Telecom HYUNDAI GLOBAL FOOD CO.,LTD. Amorepacific Sangju Branch Namdaegu Amorepacific Jisan Technology Co., Ltd. RAY CO.,LTD. Daewoo Trading Co., Ltd. 7/10 DOFA Co., Ltd. LK Industry KBNG Co.,Ltd. KD PUNGGI GORYEO RED GINSENG PUBLIC CORPORATION CO.,LTD. RED GINSENG CO. CNC Company Korea Communications Korea Communications Pro FS Co., Ltd. FS Company Gaon Medifarm Liki I&G Il Co., Ltd. Next AD ATT Hana Real Estate Co., Ltd. Mate Company Co., Ltd. BKT NC Co., Ltd. Youngsan Co., Ltd. Presian Co., Ltd. PRESSMEO CO.,LTD. VATEK CO.,LTD. ViTech Co., Ltd. Life &Science Co.,Ltd. LIFE SCIENCE Co., Ltd. JDK Life Science Co Ltd Dear Furniture Co., Ltd. Okay Flower YOUNG IND.CO. Ju Young Industry U Young Co., Ltd. NUMBER ONE ALL CO.,LTD. Master Korea Corporation Mold Master Korea KD&P Samsung Asset Co.,Ltd. WE CAN DO CO.,LTD. LEADERS CM CO.,LTD. GS Retail Co., Ltd. P&C Line PCL Cinema Co., Ltd. MJ SOFT CO.,LTD. TAEYONG INDUSTRY Taeyong TY Taeyong Construction Co., Ltd. Samma Corp. AEKYUNG CO., LTD. LG IT Co.,Ltd. Non Kong Nong San Exim Co.,Ltd. DS Global Inc. HANHWA CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. KDB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. KDB Tech Co., Ltd. KD&B Co., Ltd. KDB Jeu Co., Ltd. DONG IN TECH CO., LTD. Daedong M Tech Co., Ltd. DONG IN TECH CO. Car In Company Co., Ltd. Digital DO Co., Ltd. SAEWOON FRUITE CO.,LTD. Hwasin FA Hanil Paint Tool House Co.,Ltd. Anije Hair Human Computer & Communication Co.,Ltd. Lucas Optics Coreana Sangsa Kim & Kim YANG JI ARCHITECTURE K. B Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. MTM Ventures Ra Venture Daegu Okjeo Invest Korea Co., Ltd. JIH Co., Ltd. CE CO.,LTD. Junes National Pension Kookmin Junhwabunhobu Cal Tech Sunrise HAN SHIN COMMERCE & COMPANY ST International. Inc JUNG SHIN CO., LTD. Hanhwa TI Co., Ltd. Mcm SE WON TOTAL TEX CO.,LTD Total Textile Won Total Interior Tex Won Corporation Co., Ltd. Tree Won Tex SEA WANG TEX. SAE WON TEXTILE Co., Ltd. S & S COMPANY SNS Co., Ltd HAN SUNG CO.,LTD. HAN SUNG TEXTILE CO. Hansung Textile Han Sung Textile Co., Ltd. Doctor Food Co.,Ltd. SORIEN Co.,Ltd. ATM CO.,LTD. doori KL International IBAGYU K&J Trade K.J Trading Hanmin Co. HANMIN TECH NU PC NU Nu B Co., Ltd. Shin Young Do Gi Do Young Asset Management Co., Ltd. Young Shin Company Limited. HSL Electronics Corporation HS Life Memory A Co., Ltd. Memory Credit G.C Senbio Co, Ltd H.M.C. Co., Ltd. HMC Co.,Ltd. LK Material Co., Ltd. Tivo tec Co.,Ltd. shinsungfa Sunjung Jung Won Corporation. Song Jung ENC Team Bus Seoil Co.,Ltd ASUNG CO., LTD Internet Space INTERNET SPACE CO. GlobalWeb Co., Ltd. Sein Electronics Co., LTD. Sein Electric Co.,Ltd. Sein Electronics Co. Sein Electric Device Co., Ltd. KNT Co., Ltd. KN IT CO.,LTD. LSK Co., Ltd. NTS Co HWAJIN CO. Emart Logistics The Zone Trading NY SK Distribution Co Ltd U Ro PC David Co., Ltd. KAI CO.,LTD. Good Holdings Co., Ltd. World Trade Co. Platform Co., Ltd. Aegis Platform Co., Ltd. PND COSCHEM CO., LTD. Brother Company BRO Co., Ltd. Intopia K2 Korea Palgongsan Agency Kiwano Hansol Holdings Paper Hansol Co., Ltd Whan BUSIDOL Kkoltong Kkoltong Galbi Koltong Dong daegi Kkoltong Singing Room Kkoltong Fresh Squid Kkuldanji Crown Ribs Kkoltong Snack Kkoltongsammak Kkoltong Unni Stir-fried Rice Cake Silla Textile Co., Ltd. One Two AVO Carbon Korea Co., Ltd. GLOBAL MANAGEMENT RESERCH CO.,LTD. Global Tour Co.,Ltd. Phillip Philip The Pants UNICO Co. Inc. Korea System Standard Won Shin & Kim Aimi Aimmento Co., Ltd. Shinbo R&T Co., Ltd. Seodong Co., Ltd. asia optical Moda Co., Ltd. Moda Co., Ltd. Moorim Electric Power KCL Korea Conformity Laboratories Daegu Gyeongbuk Branch Schlemmer Korea Co., Ltd. Castelbajac Dongseongro Branch Nesign Samduk NEXIS CO.,LTD. DK CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Up Tera Co., Ltd. Sa Up Gwa Technology Co., Ltd. CAR WORLD KISUNG TECH Kisung C&S Kisung E&C Kisung C & S Co.,Ltd. CBR CO.,LTD. Vision International Ten Karaoke Bar Cuckooria Samsung Investment Trust & Securities Co., Ltd. NeoB Co., Ltd. SK Lubricant Sangsa KT&G Mother Bear Co.,Ltd. Shinpoong Development Co., Ltd. Daegu P&P CS Energy C & energy Co., Ltd. KCW Corporation Boldeu Corporation Co., Ltd. Jeongwon Semyoung Interior Semyoung Union Co., Ltd. YB Company Co., Ltd. DATA SOLUTION CO.,LTD. Shin Hwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. MLT ML Tex AIO GMC TEX Cool Shot S&S Fresh Co., Ltd. Woori BNK Hyundai Moving Express I Storm Dokdo GREEN MOBILITY CO.,LTD. Esimio KFT Co., Ltd. HANLIM Corporation DOT Co., Ltd. Baekdong Beauty Shop Samwoo Enterprise Co., Ltd. SOLCO BIOMEDICAL CO., LTD. NAM-A Co., Ltd. Nano PC Nano Second Home Center Home Center Holdings Co., Ltd. Home Center Traders Co., Ltd. HOME CENTER CO. LTD Hapdong Pharmacy Extreme Bike Steel Tech Co., Ltd. Handsome Fish's Galmaegi Mukjjang SHIN SUNG PRECISION CO. SHIN SUNG PRECISION CO., LTD Se Sung Precision Sung Hwa Precision LG Household & Healthcare Ohui Cosmetic LG Household & Healthcare Dream Plus Co., Ltd. LUX & CO CORPORATION THE LUXE Design DIOS Hankook Eni Co., Ltd. Game GameCoaster Chic Chichitok JUNG-AN TEXTILE CO. N.S.Platform Company Ltd. The 2011 Innovation Management Tech SAM YOUNG MACHINERY & ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. Semyung Electric Lighting Semyung Electric power Widus Preparatory School Genie Communications Global Networks Co., Ltd. GET Co., Ltd. GN ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. OBJET INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Dalseong Express 1982 e-korea The Bridge Seven Payon System Hanmaeum Law Office G.P&G Co., Ltd. Branded AD Astra Co.,Ltd Instech Co.,Ltd. Klaus CUSTOMX Co.,Ltd. Daegu Taejeon Elementary School Dae Shin Tech Co Seo Book Korea Co., Ltd. Cosmetics DC KOREA BUYEO JEWEL MINING CO.,LTD. Kyung Jin Industrial Co. Jin Industry Pyunghwa Industries Co., Ltd. Now Games Co., Ltd. S Tex L&S Electronic LS Mechanical & Electrical P & S CO. Daea S&P SEUNG MYOUNG STYROPOL Dae-Sung Pack DAESE CARDBOARD CO. ROCKET BATTERY WEST STORE CO. Lp Co., Ltd. KIOT Taekwang Precision Co NAE CO.,LTD. CLEANPOS Astar Korea Co, Ltd Astar Korea Co., Ltd. Wonbong Water Pia The Motion Astec Corporation Astec Co.,Ltd. Kumsang Suchbulgalbi E.O EO Co., Ltd. Ecostart Co., Ltd. Esystem Co.,Ltd. HYUNDAI HEAVY MACHINERY CO. My Aroma Fides Optical Co S Forklift Co., Ltd. airtech Starsports Ssangyong Motors Co., Ltd. Kakao PC Room Painting Kum Young Precision Co., Ltd. Cons Cola Hauzone Co.,Ltd. Lotte INC Co., Ltd. Insyu korea Childo CHIL BO SO CHIL YONG LAW OFFICE Inus Research Wha Indus Co., Ltd. Entel SMAT SOLUTIONS Mimi Entertainment Co., Ltd. C&J Corporation Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. Sindo SND DuPont (Korea) Inc Icheon Factory PSMK Speed Co., Ltd. Mr. Speed INTEX CO.,LTD. Shipping Co., Ltd. Green Trading Co., Ltd. SHINS Shin T A NC Company Co.,Ltd. Jeolse Co., Ltd. Potron Co., Ltd. Pures Pure Company Dark Horse Co.,Ltd Gyu Motors Co., Ltd. VIP Network Midas Assert Co.,Ltd KOREA SAFETY CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Korea Safety Co Korea General Safety BEYOND KOREA CO.,LTD. Three I Youngdeok Polymer Soyung Polymer Three S Co., Ltd. MH WISE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Chanel Furniture ASEA Translation Corporation Co., Ltd. Hyundai Engineering Co.,Ltd. A D Sports Seongseo Co., Ltd. E Shia Sports Co., Ltd. E Sak Ad Seokjin Co.,Ltd. SINOKOR CO.,LTD. Sinbaram SINBARAM CO.,LTD. Sinbaram Home Mart Yoolim Machinery Co. E Pay Co., Ltd. Dabo Co., LTD. 21C 21 Construction Co.,Ltd. 21st Century Industry Cnt Punggok Restaurant Y K Company Su Seong Co., Ltd. Suseong Company Co., Ltd. Suseong Corporation Co., Ltd. KYUNGDONG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY DK INTERNATIONAL Steel Biz Korea Co., Ltd. Sori J Sori I Co., LTD. BaikSan The View Ttumgeuris Cooperative TOMASRI CO.,LTD. Jin Yang Optical Co. KY Ind.Co. Abako Co., Ltd. Bugwang General Trade Company Co., Ltd. Neuron IT YOUNG POONG STEEL CONSTRUCTURE Ibane Ippeuni Ippeun Hair Iphone Story Ippeun Yeou Ibbeni Cosmetics Ibain Cosmetics Ippeun Closet Ipane Happy Najin Textile O2 I Co., Ltd. TnS, Corporation Good Man Nam Kwang Electric Co., Ltd. Yeon Sung Textile SEONG YEON BT S HK Transportation H.K Trading Co. Bookang Engineering co., Ltd Bookang Trading Co., Ltd.. E M.C Co., Ltd. Tiffany Inn Ossipi Co., Ltd. Jewang Glory Idam Youngpoong Heat Treatment Co YOUNGPOONG FILLTEX CO.,LTD. Manhye Co., Ltd. DEOK SAN ENGINEERING CO LTD Byuck San Engineering Dbna CK Communications Jeil Industry Co.,Ltd. CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. School of Economics and Trade, KNU CHECIM INDUSTRIAL CO. Adriana DAE NAM PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO LTD Citizen Co., Ltd. Samjung Industry Construction Sung Jin Construction Co., Ltd. HANNAM CORPORATION Click International Co., Ltd CST Co.,Ltd. T & C Corporation Delkor Battery Agency Kyeongseo Delkor DELKO T&I Ahyeon Piano Ahyeon Development Co.,Ltd. Line Art TriCore Co.,Ltd. Cats Sae Nal Co., Ltd. M Base Taesung Corporation S Jei Serve Line Co.,Ltd. Small and Medium Business Standards Daegu Kyongbuk Regional Small &Medium Business Administration K. B Science Ildong Health Pam Co., Ltd. TWO&ONE CO.,LTD Conair Co.,Ltd. Kyungdong The KE Co., Ltd. Mirae Elevator Co, Ltd Esse Co., Ltd. Food Box korea Co., Ltd. Susung Rira Susung Branch Susung C&D Susung Land Co., LTD.

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