List of Corporate Headquarters in DAEGU

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CLINIC LAND CO Duru SPMUNION CO., LTD. KYUNG SHIN IND.Co., Ltd. Hyundai Motor Co Kim, Chang Bong Law Office Kim Chang Eun Kim Chang Won ENT Clinic Kim Chang Hwan Pro Hair Aplo Motorcar 11 Street I S T National Pension ABK Co., Ltd. Ret s Mirae &C Co., Ltd. Sechang Corporation Co.,Ltd. Metropolis Metro Co., Ltd. The Metro Co., Ltd. Metro Inc. K DI Non OJ Co., Ltd. SEOWON CO.,LTD Halla Electric&Construction Co., Ltd. Korea Exhibition Industry Research Institute Compas International Korea Inter Korea Corporation Shinhwa Company Co., Ltd. Hanwha Corp Sungdong Sky Sungdong General Development Co., Ltd. The Wide Co., Ltd. ENM Co.,Ltd. ENM GAT Hudeok Textile Benjamin Havana Express All Comm. Golmok Resturant Tu H Solution Co., Ltd. Kumho Electric Woochang Co.,Ltd. Fides Optical Co CNC Company Seoul Air Conditioning Ses Global Air & Sea Corp. SH Plus Co., Ltd. Ha E Carbon Co., Ltd. LIVELON.CO.,LTD. M Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Insyu korea Travelers Professional Online Service DK Energy Co., Ltd. Ten Co., Ltd. Daltteok Daltom Max Tech Co., Ltd. Cam Tech Korea Co. TAE CHANG Samwoo Enterprise Co., Ltd. Bio Package Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai Holding Joongang Co., Ltd. JCS Co.,Ltd JJCS Toy & Senior SUMAN SUSAN CO. Made Co., Ltd. Neteoseu Co., Ltd. Salin Co., Ltd. Woong Jin Enterprise Ildong Solar Co., Ltd. Space co.,Ltd Raymond Bakery RAY CO.,LTD. Y Korea Co., Ltd. Sitech Switech Co.,Ltd. Subin Doctor Food Co.,Ltd. J&G Co., Ltd. J&G LEADERS IS CO.,LTD. Wonbong Water Pia WONBONG WATER CLEANER BUKGUJEOM CO. Woori BNK National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Woori National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Joonganghoi Gyungbuk Jiyuk Center Color Stack Five System Five Star Five Source Co., Ltd. Yega Interior Co., Ltd. Daewoo Construction Machinery Kyongbuk Agency LG IT Co.,Ltd. Miwon Hoe Resturant Miwon Noodle Proseed Haam Co., Ltd. Barun Telecom Samil Co.,Ltd. Seoil Architects & Planners Hwankyung Architects & Planners Youngsun E Jeong Co., Ltd. ES Technology Co., Ltd. Korea Transportation Corporation Dongin Welbeing Health Fitness Bali Health Fitness Noe Howte Niss Inc JWD&C Co., Ltd. Taekwang Industry Co. Taewang Construction Co., Ltd. A Marketing Co., Ltd. Lp Co., Ltd. Core Tech Trend Leader Co., Ltd. Sale RT Kyungdong Kyungdong Navien Dalseo Branch History Promotion History Studio Duson Art Happyhaje Co., Ltd. SLS Sales Enbio Enbi Co., Ltd. GWANGBOK TECH CO. Gwangbok Precision Co., LTD. Nissi Corp. MK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. ESTER CO.,LTD. IBM KOREA INC. Global Tour Co.,Ltd. Yuhan Enterprise IBS Co., Ltd. Premier International Daegu Social Welfare Foundation Association Social Welfare Foundation Be Nest Social Welfare Foundation Hana Nursery Samsung Electric CO., LTD. Solar Energy Idam H system co., ltd Sina H & C System Pakori Pakson Co., LTD. Pakron Pakoroko Co., Ltd. MC Ian Trading AI Tech Co., Ltd. Grace International Co HAN BAEK TEXTILE CO.,LTD HAN BEE TEXTILE Co., Ltd. Han Textile BAEK SANG TEXTILE CO. Hi Pol Co., Ltd. Usung Electronics Telecom Starmi Hansaeng Electric Academy H.M.C. Co., Ltd. Endo Vision Lab Co., Ltd. Vision Science Daegu Branch Co., Ltd. Silverkyu M first Mold One Co.,Ltd. Media Plus One PNJ Trading Co., Ltd. PyungHwa ENG Co., Ltd. PYUNGHWA OIL SEAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Astec Corporation Astec Co.,Ltd. Compass Co., Ltd. Campus Co.,Ltd. National Pension Service Daegujibu Gunae Restaurant ARIA CO., LTD. Aria Co.,Ltd. Chan P&A Chan System Chain System VAXCO THE REC CO.,LTD. JUNIL CO., LTD. Gangnam Baby Obstetrician public corporation inc. Cosmetics DC C.C.B Life Company Co. Daese M .Care Co., Ltd. Nanotec Instrument Nano Tech DAIM CO.,LTD. RS CO.,LTD. Mirae Global JC Corporation JC Company Co.,Ltd. WONIL CO.,LTD. Mr. Cafe INPO TECH CO.,LTD. Doosan Construction Doosan Housing Construction Co., Ltd. SAE CHANG FIBER CO., LTD. Sae Chang Inc. SAE RON CHEMITEX CO,LTD World Best FABRICS The Fabric Co., Ltd. IGIS Exim Co.,Ltd. Gemini Art Korea Corp. SAMBONG TRADING CO.,LTD. KAI CO.,LTD. ZET Co.,Ltd DH HITECH CO.,LTD. JOONG WON ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD RA JGlobal Co, ,Ltd B.T.C CO.,LTD. BTC Co., Ltd World BTC Korea Co., Ltd. Camp Hu Kyung Co., Ltd. Hokyung Co., Ltd. DAE KYUNG PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. Dong Myung Jeong Gi Co., Ltd. SUNDRIES CO. TC ENG Co., Ltd. Vision International TAE SUNG Youngsan Co., Ltd. Nongshim Ga Mart Gangnam Nongshim Branch Environtech Co., Ltd. Dongkuk Industry K. B Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. KCC KT&G HBS HBS Construction Co., Ltd. Schlemmer Korea Co., Ltd. Chips Line Co., Ltd. Leeso The Lees Co.,Ltd. Poly tech Co.,Ltd. Samyang Co., Ltd. Hoseung Cons Architects & Engineers Doma Co., Ltd. D NJ Entertainment Nation Company Co., Ltd. Kim & Kim HI LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Samyoung Co.,Ltd. Weecan Solution Co.,Ltd. PTG Company Daegu Taejeon Elementary School Haedong Ins Co.,Ltd. HIBIT UIT Holdings Co., Ltd. Blueberry C&T Co., Ltd. COTEX CO.,LTD. Ctex CTTEX CO., LTD. Haha Resturant JUNG-ANG CO. Branded Atlantis Co., Ltd. K Y Co., Ltd. Postech Co., Ltd. L&K Global Co., Ltd. SKH Co., Ltd. S Koteu Holdings Co., Ltd. Se-chang international co., ltd. CUC Co., Ltd BELETA CO. Equipment Management Equipment Construction Co., Ltd. Korea Copier Samchully Dongbu Agency Human Plus Co., Ltd. Able Co., Ltd. LaRia Co.,Ltd. Jason Co., Ltd. Ehwa Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. Sun Trading Co. The Uniform Nice Information Hyundai Heavy Industries Forklift West Branch Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings Co., Ltd. Daegu Buddhist Pavilion Dongje Arts Pavilion KNT Co., Ltd. Samsung Asset Co.,Ltd. Samsung Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Time Rich Balance Nine Co., Ltd. Jinseok E Tech Co.,Ltd. Jinseok Towe Wedding Hall Jinseok Tower Premises Booth SSR Co., Ltd. AZ Co., Ltd. Yong Yeun Textile Co., Ltd. FIBERTECH CO. F-2 Co.,Ltd. F2 MOTORS CO.,LTD. La beauty house LA DISTRIBUTION CO.,LTD. La Foret Co, Ltd LA 24hours Convenience Store LA Park 24 Convenience Store LA Galbi Mart La Reine Hair LA Town Sikyukjeom LA Club La Jenny Daegu LA Dental Clinic LA Namgyeong Dental Clinic La Vida Rocca Gwanun LA Meat Processing Center LA Singing Room La Vie Est Belle D2 The D2 Sejong System IMpartners corp Hanhwa TI Co., Ltd. MX CO.,LTD. KTL CO.,LTD. Woogyeong Co.,Ltd. David Co., Ltd. Ins Leader Co.,Ltd. Kyungpook National University KYUNGPOOK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Kyungpook National University Hospital Bio-Medical Research Institute KYUNGPOOK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY DENTAL HOSPITAL Kyungpook National University Machinery Institute Kyungpook National University's Attached high school Kyungpook National University Hospital Subway Kyungpook National University Branch Hansot Dosirak Kyungpook National University Front Gate Agency Busan Industry Co.,Ltd. Busan Industry Development Co.,Ltd. World Inc World EL Co.,Ltd. The world Leader Co.,Ltd. Partroom Jmtec Co.,Ltd. WOO SHIN CO,LTD CHANGSHIN CORP. Daemyoung Co, Ltd G&H CORPORATION Co., Ltd. Boryung Pharmacy SOLCO BIOMEDICAL CO., LTD. ESTRA Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. erae AMS Co., Ltd. Dong San Pharmacy FUTURE TECHNOLOGY CO. Macro Trade Mouse Co., Ltd. Digen Co.,Ltd. Hana Teuksoo 6576 GET Co., Ltd. TIMESPACE L&P HUMUS CO.,LTD. DK CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Carrefour Korea Co., Ltd. Moby-Dick Co., Ltd. Hankook CMC Co., Ltd. Think I Co., Ltd. Jeong won Trading POONG SAN TRADING CO.LTD PAX INC. Dae Myung ENG Co., Ltd. SAM MYUNG ENG MYUNG WON ENG Daeho Infinity Changsin Auto System POONG SAN CORPORATION S.A CONSTRUCTION CO.LTD Bumin Enterprise MYEONG DONG SALES CO., LTD. Holotel The Pants Koreatech Co., Ltd. Koreatex Co., Ltd. TACHYONICS CORP. KMR Co., Ltd. Doosan Heavy Machinery Motor Service SHILLA STEEL Co., Ltd. Shilla Co., Ltd. GTS Co., Ltd. Shilla Industry Shilla System Co., Ltd. Woohwa Co., Ltd. Woowang Co., Ltd. Digital Nuri DSM Company Co., Ltd. Daan Electronics Co., Ltd. Daan C&P Co., Ltd. KPMS Co., Ltd. M.H Co.,Ltd. Monster Company Co., Ltd. Korea Gas Corporation Oracle Company Co., Ltd. YG TECH Greenbod Co., Ltd. Greenbad Co., LTD. NAMDO CO. Namdo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. E D Communications Co., Ltd. E D Communication DNC Co., Ltd. Leaders DNC GOLDEUN SWINGS PARTNER CO.,LTD. MAGIC CHEF CO.,LTD. Dongbu Co., Ltd. Dongbu Co., LTD. ENTECH CO.,LTD. Dong-A Steel Co.,Ltd. Daegu Technopark Daeheung Stainless Steel Trading Co., Ltd.. Hair Blanc Mont Blanc Bakery Corident Ace Integration Co., Ltd. Taegwang Architecture Integration Institute Seegene Co.,Ltd. Gachang Korean Federation of Community Credit Nonghyup Fruit & Vegetable KoWorld SINOKOR CO.,LTD. PP Golf Co., Ltd. YOUNGONE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Youngone ENG Co., Ltd. Samsung Heavy Machinery Co., LTD. Samsung Heavy Machinery Yuchang Medics Uyung Medics Seyung Medics Wooyeong Medics Co.,Ltd. Seyeong Medics Hyeongyeong Medics K.2 General Leisure K2 Gwangjang Branch K2 Glasses Plaza K2 Golf K-Two Golf Deungju Co., Ltd. Han B Holdings Co., Ltd. Cosmo Enterprise Co. Jjalteu Jae Yong Tec HANCOM.COM.,Inc KS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Chic YK Trading Co.,Ltd. Infra Co., Ltd. GYEONGDONG LOGITECH CO.,LTD. Orion Oa Orion Household Appliances Co., Ltd. Storm Max BESTORA Co., Ltd. ILS SUNHAN CO SERSE CO.,LTD. Daegu Main Customs Ace Engineering Co. C K INTERNATIONAL Ye G In Company Co., Ltd. Mikyung Textile Co., Ltd. Hanok Development Co., Ltd. Yonsei University Yonsei Soybean Milk YONSEI UNIVERSITY MILK CHILGOK Agency CO. GK System Gk Sangsa Yeyoung Co., Ltd. sparko Aseko Limited Co., Ltd. Duritech Co., Ltd. INIsports Vivid Tiger Lex Co., Ltd. Buma Precision Advance Institute Ami Go Industry Trading Co., Ltd. Hanbit Technology Information National Federation Of Fisheries Cooperatives Seo Hightech Co., Ltd. HIGHTECH Hansung Hightech Haisung Hightech Bella Jewelry SAS Co.,Ltd. S.a.s SAS Co.,Ltd. SAS International Taesung Corporation Pures Pure Company 3.14 Co., Ltd. Louis & Co Onnuri Electronics Jangbu Project Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Project Nonghyup Ginseng Plas Company Deagu Sumsung Real Estate Co., LTD. Kitorang Howon Co., Ltd. Choi's TC Textile Top Class Dongjo Steel Co., Ltd. Dongjo Steel Co., Ltd CND INTIN Inc. KMC CO SEOKWANG INDUSTRIAL CO. TOPTECH Co., Ltd. DAE NAM PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO LTD Dowoo Development Co., Ltd. Sean Co., Ltd. Hankook T&T HANS C&T CO.,LTD. Master Co, Ltd Master Company Master Distribution Body Chef SP Korea Co., Ltd. Yuil Pharmacy NICE WITH company CJ Olive Young Daegu Banwoldangjeom Hyun Jung Minam Optics Co.,Ltd Kukje Electric Co., Ltd. Seoul Electric Produce Boseong Electric Production Korea World Ok B Chwi Co., Ltd. E No Meditech Jinseong Brain Solutions The Blossom Hermes Hotel Woori Investment Management Co.,Ltd. KIP CO.,LTD. Samsung Industry Co TNB Tech Dain C&D Smart Power Solutions Inc. THE LINE CO.,LTD. Happy Cgi CG International Cool Co., Ltd. Horyong Horyong Youngnam Service J Won Co., Ltd. Horyong Special Cargo Co., Ltd. Korea Developer Co., Ltd. Purgo Asung Aluminum Hansung Aluminum Co., Ltd. Hansung Standard Aluminium HANSEONG ALUMINIUM CO.,LTD. Shinsung Aluminium Co., Ltd. HANKOOK TIRE &TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Stan Fast YD Stan Peace Sa Peace One Room Jenny Co., Ltd. Jennis Co., Ltd. JENNYS Ms Lauren Otis OTSE Sa Osung L.E.D Co.,Ltd. Golden Line Co.,Ltd. Golden Global Co.,Ltd. Global Line Co., Ltd. L&F CO.,LTD DOT Co., Ltd. Stay Company Co., Ltd. Korea Car Management Association Co., Ltd. DAWN CO.,LTD. Inha Tech Daegu Seoul System Seoul AV System SA Korea Co., Ltd. GREEN STUMP KOREA CO.,LTD Chamgoeul Gallery Process Hwawon YOON CHANG CO,LTD Golden Fish pictures Inc. Happy Call Daeriunjeon DAEWON PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. SL Korea Co.,Ltd. WOO LIM TRADING Woo Jin Trading Co.LTD Barunson Stationery Center Dabin Store Co., Ltd. Dabin System First Products Co., Ltd ISSC ISCC Co., Ltd. Haksan Development Industry Co., Ltd. D&B co.,Ltd. Dbna Allied Eyewear Allied System Co., Ltd. Kabul Plus Jasu Daedong Jasu PR Plus Autopia Partial Repair Dcm DCM CORP CO.,LTD. BSK BSK-BIO Hankuk Security Net Co., Ltd. Changsung C&L Co. Red Clay Catfish Maeuntang PAT Donga Shoppingjeom Pride Shoes Subway Coffee In Daegu Agency Wolbaenoin Day Care centers Neo Days Contents Co., Ltd. Neo-Days Contents co., ltd Goryeongchon Pork Stew Neung E Maeul (Hyeonpungjeom ) Suhjoo Mir Radiology Clinic Cheonyeon Hair Dyeing Bang Republic of Korea Pork Belly Forcevill Daycare Center Daegu Day Care Wangjinpum Hanwuman Nene Chicken Yulhajeom Hannam General Daewon Sangsa Yebyeong Development Seongrin Development Co., Ltd. DALHAE LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. Seongjin Electric Device Junes Sung Shin Corporation HAN YOUNG MEDICAL CO.LTD sungil Chemistry Co., Ltd. Handsome Fish's Galmaegi Mukjjang KB IT Kb Co., Ltd. NAE CO.,LTD. Kwangshin Heavy Industry SEOUL OIL VINETREESOFT Co.,Ltd. Heung ING JIN HEUNG ENGINEERING Corans Co., Ltd. Yuhan Kimberly Hansongsangsa Posco Sangsa BRAINS CO.,LTD. Keo San Electric Heat Co KEO SUN COMPANY JW CO.,LTD. Nawon Motors Hansae Textile Co.,Ltd. GUMI CO.,LTD. Gumi Resturant Iksung Trading MI SUNG TRADING CO.,LTD SUNG LIM TRADING CO., LTD. Comtecs Co., Ltd. I Solutions Co.,Ltd. GI Solutions Co., Ltd. YJ Care Co., Ltd. DGB Financial Group FUTURE INVEST CO.,LTD. Midas Information Gilan Sangsa Kukdong Energy General Merchant B.M HIK SAM HWA ADC Co.,Ltd ADC CO., LTD. AGAPE CO.,LTD. Woosam Co., Ltd. W 105 KUMHO TIRE MANKYEONG Agency SHOP I-Medi Co, Ltd Hanyung Medi I DAO E & C CO.,LTD. GS Retail Co., Ltd. LAON LAONSYS Co.,Ltd. Laon Construction Co.,Ltd. Samwoo Tech facebooklog corp Hannong Petrochemical Hansung Pharm. Co., Ltd BARS Korea Lumex Co., Ltd. International Aquarium Bsg Co., Ltd. Hye Rim Co., Ltd. HELIX CO.,LTD. Heli ABC Mart I Bex Lab Co., Ltd. I Gen Labs Co., Ltd. SL Robotics Co., Ltd. Pandora Shop Hwaseung Heavy Industrial Co., Ltd. Atlas Copco Namsung Gigae Co., Ltd. Dido Co., Ltd. Gabin Co., Ltd. Gabin Co.,Ltd. HYOSUNG MEDICARE CO., LTD. Medicare Company Co., Ltd. TY Medicare Co., Ltd. Daegyeong Medicare Daeyang Medicare Top Medicare Co., Ltd. Chunghae BS D & C CO.,LTD. Double Win Auto Royal Auto Door Royal Auto Bubun Motor Service ELITE CO. LTD NK International Inc. Cheonggu Speed Line Chunggu Speed Line Gyemyeong Car Speed line GreensTech DAESAN INTERTECH CO.,LTD. Silla ENC Co,.Ltd Silla Textile Co., Ltd. P&C Line PCL Cinema Co., Ltd. CLS, Inc. I One Co., Ltd. Corea 24 Car Life 24 DOUBLE EIGHT Double Eight Co., Ltd. Neosol Co., Ltd. Pigeon Car Center Daeseung Corporation St. Paul ash Dukwon Deco Win Textile Deco Deco Co.,Ltd. Deco Co.,Ltd. Deco Textile WING CO.,LTD Modern sa Modern INC Co., Ltd JYT Co., Ltd. JYT Construction Co., Ltd. HASTE Esop Kid ESPB CO.,LTD. COMPANY M Mr. Com KALTECH CO. Uni Corporation UNI TEXTILE CO., LTD. UNI TEXTILE IP SOCKS CO., LTD. Samik Socks Co., LTD. Sambo Socks Co., Ltd. Sunjin Socks Samjin Socks Songgang Socks Ace Socks Seon B Socks Ajin Socks Sunghan Socks Hana Socks Sejeong Socks Seyoung Socks Ad Pak LSK Co., Ltd. Zenex Ba Code Co., Ltd. Trace Korea VIK's Wonder Asia Co., Ltd. CIRCLE CO.,LTD. Chokwang Co.,Ltd. Korea Alpha System Co., Ltd. Dongwha Art Gongbang Goseong Construction Go Seong Construction Material Go Seongjebun Gates Korea Co., Ltd. Amie International Inc. S&i Inseong Airline Shipping Co., Ltd. LS Asset Co.,Ltd. KB Tech Co., Ltd. KB TECH CO. Wooil Co., Ltd. Wooil Precision Industry I Tek Co., Ltd. Mar's Steel Trading M. J. TRADING CO. Bear Bear Sungjin Electric Co.,Ltd. SUNGJIN ELECTRIC CO Sambo Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. Ga U Textile Co., Ltd. Ga Ya Textile Co., Ltd. Semin SEMIN CORP. CO. Korea Communications DANOTECH CO.,LTD Ever One Co.,Ltd. ENO-ONE SEOJIN LOGIX CO.,LTD. Seojin Logix Nature Republic Chilgokjeom Eosunjang Eosungchon Friendship JS The Home Shop James System Co., Ltd. Platform Co., Ltd. N.S.Platform Company Ltd. M BRICKS CO.,LTD. Bricks Saebuseong Co., Ltd. P Keo SUNJIN CONSTRUCTION CO.LTD Construction Equipment UR Tent Il Ryun Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG STAINLESS STEEL INDUSTRIAL CO. Korea Stainless Steel Co, Ltd JS CORPORATION CO.,LTD. J PRO TRADING Inc. Yoonbo Company CO. E Bay Co., Ltd. CJ Hotel Gisan International Patent Law Office Modern Art Co.,Ltd. Bong Sin Bongshin Bong China Be K Innovation Co., Ltd. KB TEXTILE Yongma ENG Hankuk Express Co.,Ltd. HAN KUK Korea Store Baesung Industrial Systems Baesung Gas Albas Co., Ltd. Seo Bu Tech Co Seo Bu Tech Co. In Nature C&H Co., Ltd. Sunrise FORT Inc. FT Incorporation FT Company TL Corporation Belra Beauty Shop BS TECH CO.,LTD. Biba Junghwa Beauty Shop Baby Hunt Seongseojeom Yeonji Gonji Beauty Shop Bes Tech Co.,Ltd. New-co Tex Sky Book Bun Jin Construction Co., Ltd. BEST OFFICE DAEGU Agency CO. Boksung Bultina Yangpum Branch Art & Bas BUGYEONG CO.,LTD. Daeseong Bit Lubricating Oil Team Bus Sex end the city Sex & The City SALT ANB Co., Ltd. FUTURE SANGI CO. FM Co., Ltd. Hyundai Motor Company Glass HMG Co., Ltd. Mobis Line T & C Corporation Sea C&T Co., Ltd. SAY TECH CO.,LTD. Naver Gym NAVER LAND CO.,LTD. InfoBio CONECO CO.,LTD. PYLON Building Korea Ever Bright Nesign Gom Audio Gangnam Sun TONY MOLY West Bus Stop Branch Sun Technology Co., Ltd. Sam Bon Inc. Medisun Samjong Co., Ltd. Samjong TM Co., Ltd. SAMJONG MOTORS CO.,LTD. Life Insurance Branch Inkel Bukbu Branch A Polo Inkel Jungkwang S&H Corporation TaeguTec Ltd. Zip CHUNG LIM COMPANY CITI HOUSING CO., LTD. Citizen Co., Ltd. CITISEN CO.,LTD. Citizen Company Co., Ltd. KY Tex Co., Ltd. BK ENG Co. Corea Co., Ltd Jigekkun L.S Trading LS Trade Gyungrim Dental Clinic Gwangrim Car Clinic Mas Green F&D Co., Ltd. Woobo Engineering Co.,Ltd. Production T C Production Toms Bubbles Korea Wire LCT Dae Hwa Industry Dae Hwa Co. TK Corporation Co DONG SUH TRADING CO. Kumsung Synthetic Co.,Ltd. LG Interior Co., Ltd. Investor Co.,Ltd. INV Co., Ltd. Invest Co., Ltd. Cheongshim Network Jeil Industry Co.,Ltd. TEX Co.,Ltd. Tex Corp. Co., Ltd. Adtechm Co., Ltd. G In R&D ATLANTIC Beauty J K&J Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Oil Trade Center DONGA ELECTRONICS CORP. Zeeann Co, Ltd Hankook L-tech HANKOOK HI-TECH CO.LTD, Tour Market CIS CO., LTD. France and Baguette SEONGNAM PART CO.,LTD. Gong U Co., Ltd. Kyungpook National University's Attached Middle School Kyungpook National University Dental School Reunion Scholarship foundation School of Medicine, Kyungpook National University School of Medicine Alumni Association Sc Korea Terminal Parts Korea Machinery Parts Cooperative Arms Around Ribon Korea Electric Data Corporation Power Data DATAPROTEC Germany Siemens Hearing Aids (Daegu Nam-gu) SAM JIN MACHINERY CO SAMJIN CO. Jin Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Jin Hi-Tech Hansin Road Safety Industry MDS Safety Co., Ltd. Lee Hyeong Engineering Pacific X Korea Corporation KOREA STANDARD PACIFIC CO.,LTD. UE&T Co.,Ltd. SHIN HAN TRADING CO., LTD Din Beauty Korea Co., Ltd. Polaris Ilshin Insurance Service Co., Ltd. DW Meal Co., LTD. Home Meal Food Jasan General Corporation Youngjin Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. KOCOMA CORPORATION Korea System Certification Rab U&Tel SUNG JIN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Tonymoly Dasa Agency Widus Preparatory School MR Innovation Co., Ltd. Dimension Landscape Co., Ltd. G.C GREEN HOLDINGS INC. Doctor Plasma Co.,Ltd. Belt Warehouse Warehouse First Avenue Institute Young Sung Textile U Il International U Jin International Co., Ltd. DAEBU SANGHOE CO.,LTD. CHANGSIN SANGHOE CO. Gukil Corporation Wings Foot Korea Co., Ltd. R&A Co., Ltd. E&O Systems Co., Ltd. Eo A Information System Semo Ad Intronet KYOUNG SIN Young Co., Ltd. Golden Developer Co., Ltd. Golden Rich CND Co., Ltd. SHINS Shin T A H&B Co., Ltd. Dalseong Express 1982 E&B Tech Co., Ltd. B & Tech Co.,Ltd. En PI Korea Co., Ltd. H Line International Co., Ltd. H Capital Loan Co., Ltd. H&Funding Loan Co., Ltd. Dream Trading Company Harubang Bedding A GLOBAL CO., LTD. City Development D&C Co., Ltd. KB Wiper Systems CO., Ltd. MEGATEC CO. I-REGEN INC. Leaders Energy Co., Ltd. Baram Planning Level Namdaegu Amorepacific Dongkook Precision Co., Ltd. HANKOOK MACHIN TRADING CO. HANKOOK TRADE CO LTD Sambo Industrial Company Han Jung Co Shin & Kim Grapia NO.1 PC KS Net Management DAON SYSTEM CO.,LTD. Tree A K Korea Holdings Co., Ltd. Yo House Co., Ltd. Woori Finance Loan Brokerage Co., Ltd. Young Shin Industries Co., Ltd. Sun Flower Hill Co., Ltd. GULLIVER CO.,LTD. Arion Motel Hanseo Chemical Daegu Branch Co., Ltd. Hanseo Chemical Co., Ltd. Korea Lube Rainbow Co., Ltd. J&Choi Co., Ltd. Balgeun Eye Glasses Yongho Co., Ltd. Sungwoo Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. Dajeon International Youngnam Corp. Jang Sinhwa Besteel Co.,Ltd. Bumil Electric Lighting Protech Company M Gallery Co., Ltd. OK Cosmetic LG Household & Healthcare Ohui Cosmetic LG Household & Healthcare Life Household Appliances Jehyun Co., Ltd. YJLINK CO.,LTD. Woonam Woonam Co.,Ltd. Daou Corp Danal Co., Ltd. Young G Logistics Dr.cleaner Pro Clean TAEYOUNG Co., Ltd TAEYOUNG STEEL CO. The FNC DONG SAN CO LTD Dongasjip Udongne Bipudeu E Song Co., Ltd. Turega DPIn Co., Ltd. Eagle Company Co., Ltd. Cubics Cubic Company Co., Ltd. Ubiquitous Business Networks Me E Aen Co., Ltd. DBS Co.,Ltd. Cleantex Cleantopia Namsan Agency Daehan Automatic Door CYBER CLICK PC GAME ROOM K. B Inter Koseu HC Daeha Energy Co., Ltd. G Star Station Co., Ltd. TCN Daegu Cable-TV Network Ltd. Entron Co., Ltd. DM Development Co.,Ltd. INADDITION Co.,Ltd. Min Audio Tivo tec Co.,Ltd. Bilieve Co.,Ltd. Hyundai tech Co.,Ltd. Paramount SO HEART CO.,LTD. Incorporated Association Red Heart Services Inc. Bonghwa Store Bonghwa Sangsa Guseong Development Forever Fashion Optical Co., Ltd. CSK CO.,LTD. CSK COMEUP Ticket Park Co.,Ltd. SB BEARING CO.,LTD. Fun & Fun Mart FUN FACTORY CO.,LTD. Funfun Yoga THEONEECO Dae Shin Tech Co Toreu Kumho Co., Ltd. Kum ho Esthetic Su ESTHETIQUE CO.,LTD. H&P Namyang Dairy Products Myeongdong Branch Encar NU PC E Nu Company Co., Ltd. Busan I & G Industry OPUS INC. The Motion Dasan T&S Co., Ltd. K.B TECH Laneige Pyoung-Ri Sale Agent LHDNC CO.,LTD. Link Information Technology BaikSan Baiksan Housing Co., Ltd. MC Glass DANURI CO.,LTD. Danuri Security B.J TRADING CO,LTD DAON INVEST ASSET MANAGEMENT Co., Ltd. K korea L&K Korea IMT Co., Ltd. Aladdin Co., Ltd. Sunghoon Transport Dabo Co., LTD. KJ Promotion Co., Ltd. West K Promotion Co., Ltd. Monster Seu Group Co., Ltd. With Tech Co., Ltd. A-Pro Co., Ltd. Apro Co., Ltd. A Pro Co., LTD. S Two MG 21 EC.Co. Tour Company Co., Ltd. K.P.C.CORPORATION Seokwang Integrated Special Steel Co, Ltd Sun Woo Fishing Tackle & Golf Gangwon Fishing-tackle Store Korea Ensign Shop FINETEX Hankook Electric Co., Ltd. Hankook Daicam Papa Co., Ltd Papa Chef Hotel Inter-burgo Daegu Co., Ltd. Inter-Burgo Inter-Burgo Co., Ltd. Hotel Inter Burgo EXCO Co.,Ltd. Sehyun Technology Co Korea Appraisal Board APIC EVER NETWORKS JL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Neseuteu Daemaek Construction Industry Daemaek Precision Industry Daemaek Best Keonseol Run Teu Co., Ltd. Daemaek C&D Co., Ltd. Daemaek Engineering Co., Ltd. Daemaek Culture Daemaek Publishing H Beam Hyundai Management Research Institute Hyundai Art Research Institute Iljin Techno LK MANAGEMENT RESERCH CO.,LTD. Fill Mart Co.,Ltd. ITOP CO.,LTD. Hana Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Les Mountain Mirae Global Co.,Ltd. One Line HANKOOK TIRE HYEONGJAE Agency INNO CO., LTD. TRAVEL CLUB CO.,LTD. Kyungpo kyungbuk nongup ASPPEC CO., LTD. ASIA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD J K Trading Corporation J. K TRADING CO. Legacy Korea Co., Ltd. New Global City Co., Ltd. TLA Investment Loan Co., Ltd. Farming Association Echo Pam Co., Ltd. PCI INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. CW Co.,Ltd. CW Company Huilt korea Co., Ltd. Kyungil Merchant Banking Corporation D & T Inc Suntech Korea Co.,Ltd. PULSE CO.LTD Plusm Co.,Ltd. Trand21 Ttung 2 Toy 2 T 24 Co., Ltd. Forbes D&C Co.,Ltd. Goodman Goodman Medics Dongguk Co.,Ltd. Intek Korea Yeson Hyosung CRETEC Co., Ltd. CRETEC CO.,LTD. CRETEC CHEGIM CO., LTD. Daenong Co., Ltd. Doup TLT CO.,LTD. DL Tech Yulim Company DAE YEON TEX CO., LTD. HTK T.M.C TMC Tech Co., Ltd. Shinwoo Mart Corporation Trump Branch TAIHAN HI NET KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Dental Tech Co., Ltd. CID CO.,LTD. Hyundai Core hyundai Core Co., LTD. ASTLA Co., Ltd. Sino K Network Korea FM Event Youngshin Towel Co., Ltd. Songwol Youngshin Towel Manyun Company S K Networks Peoplein Co., Ltd. Habitat Korea Co., Ltd. Astar Korea Co, Ltd Astar Korea Co., Ltd. Hasan Hasan Co., Ltd. Kookmin Sangjo Co., Ltd. Kookmin Junhwabunhobu JNS Co.,Ltd. Jy Hydro DSR LMC Co.,Ltd. LMC Co Sam Chang Textile Co., Ltd. Just DC MH WISE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. GS Global TAEWOO CO.,LTD. Fly PC Dil River Co., Ltd. Protopia Co.,Ltd. TMC Korea Co., Ltd. B San Logistics Co., Ltd. TN B Logistics Co., Ltd. Chungwoon PL Co., Ltd. Clean System SELIM ELECTRONICS CO. Ailtos co., Ltd JKB Co., Ltd. FNS Amoreu Asset Management Co., Ltd. Beauty Cosmetics IPS Systec IPM CO.,LTD. Ko B Es Co., Ltd. Daegu Wangseon Elementary School MK GLOBAL CO.,LTD. MK Global Logis Co., Ltd. Sisa Language Center Jeil Language Sangdam Center Kindeul Language Baldal Center Eden Electric Co., Ltd. Solar Light Co.,Ltd. SNOW MAN CO.,LTD. Black Pig Belly Jisan Medical Center Dongsan Medical Center Asan Medical Co., Ltd. Shindaewon Oil KC Co., Ltd. SUNG HA CORP. Lux1 EOTEC CO.,LTD. Kangbuk Service BUSEONG METAL CO. Buseong Wang Jokbal AMC Co., Ltd. A.M.C korea travel Co., LTD. Yongsung MS Co.,Ltd. Yongsung Tech Yongsung KDR Korea Enterprise Service Co., Ltd. Carzen Wondae Agency Chameleon Noraebang Ad. Mac Co.,Ltd. AD M Co., Ltd. NOX Daedong Bank Co.,Ltd. Daedong Bank Ltd. Daedong Bank MIRACLE CO.,LTD. URI MS CO.,LTD. Hanwoo Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Hanwoo Co., Ltd. Joeun Elevator Badak Leaders Tek Co., Ltd. Donghaeng Co., Ltd. IS ELEC CO.,LTD. Korea Post Daegu Suseong Geosang C&I Co., Ltd. P & S CO. Daegu P&P ONE MART CO. Elastomer&Rubber Solution Seungjun Note Eunsung Textile Co.,Ltd. Eun Sung Textile Pro FS Co., Ltd. FS Company Plus In Marble Plaza DENTIS CO., LTD. Daelim Pack Daelim Pipe Co.,Ltd, Mr. Smith GOLDEN STEEL CO.,LTD. Taerim Co., Ltd. Prince Co., Ltd. SA Co., Ltd. SA Company Co., Ltd. YOON SUNG CO.,LTD. Yoon-Sung Co., Ltd. SOO YOUNG INDUSTRY CO. Soo Young Yanghaeng DISYS Co., Ltd. HWACHEON TOTAL MACHINE CO. HWACHEON MACHINE SERVICE CO. HWACHEON MACHINERY GYEONGBUK SOLE AGENCY CO.,LTD. LGS Corporation Log Corp. Edison Science RUBY LIGHTING Stove The Brand BK-Medent Co.,Ltd BK Motor Co., Ltd. Marine International DUWON INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Dawoo Corporation Jin Heung Ind.Co. BLUEN Blue In Co., Ltd. Co.,Ltd. DMS One Kakao PC Room Eodam Duksoo Machinery Ind'l Co. Myeongpum Car Audio BOOKANG COMPOSLTE CONSTRUCTION J Co. JEIL SG CO.,LTD. NANDA CHICKEN CO.,LTD. Nanda Chicken Human Bio Plus Two Co., Ltd. Interpark Pc TAEWOONG SIC CO.,LTD. Taewoong Steel Co., Ltd. Beautyan Tobin Tuppul Camas Co., Ltd SUN BIOTECH CO.,LTD. TF Logis Co., Ltd. Hanyang International HAN YANG CO.LTD HAN YANG IND CO Geographic Ko Co., Ltd. Mo Geographic Samsung Investment Trust & Securities Co., Ltd. Silicone M Kyungsang Transportation Co., Ltd.. kyungsang High School Kyungsang Middle School KYUNGSANG PRECISION CO. Wonye Nonghyup 60 Broker Wonye Nonghyup 51 Broker Wonye Nonghyup 36 Broker HANNET SOFT CO.,LTD. BRI BGF Retail Daegu Branch Tour Inte Bul Go Co., Ltd. Samchully Glove Industry Shangrila Botel Shanggurira Co., Ltd. INSULTEC Korea Co., Ltd. K and D Co., Ltd. KD Hanbada Sasimi Town Sorian SORIEN Co.,Ltd. Germany Market Co., Ltd. DONG WON INDUSTRY CO. Dongwon Industry Co DONGWON INDUSTRIAL CO. Dongwon Industrial DSD&C Co., Ltd. Simon Sports S K Chemical Pro Master Co.,Ltd. Woongjin Coway Seo Daegu Warehouse SED Co., Ltd. Ssenso Co., Ltd. Champion Golf Academy Daegoo Gamgil Golf Academy Siji Golf Academy Gaenari Wallpaper Sangsa BDC CO.,LTD. Koroso 18pizza International Electronics INTERNATIONAL ELECTRIC ENG CO.,LTD. K. B Science K. B Science Co., Ltd. M-hardware New Seojin Car Repair Shop M & G CO. Atlas Battery Kore Go Seu JM INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Maple Bear Co., Ltd. Dalseo Maple Bear Co., Ltd. One Two Inko Co., Ltd. Korea mobile E Dea Cross Korea Co., Ltd. DS Global Inc. Liz Skin Care Skin Beauty TWO SEVEN LIMITED Hanbitt Mg Teseuko Co., Ltd. Chamjoeun Company Pros Co., Ltd. Mobile Doctor Co., Ltd. UNICO Co. Inc. Jae Net Soorim Architect DSNP CO.,LTD. Biz Town Co.,Ltd. Dong Jin International Corporation Ajin P & P Co., Ltd. Seok Chang Ho Co., Ltd. Bangcho(Essential oils) Assi ASIA SCIENCE PARK ASSOCIATION CORP. Daerim Corp. MR.BIG CO. BIG Co., Ltd. Myung Ji Precision MYONG JIN CONST. CO. LTD Myongji Co., Ltd. Non Kong Nong San Kolon C&t Deutsch House Hanyoung A&T Co., Ltd. Hyosung T&S Co., Ltd. Hanyoung E&T Co., Ltd. Hanyoung Co.,Ltd. BARON MK Company Co.,Ltd. M.K Corporation KSS CO.,LTD. English Village Co., Ltd. National Mirae National Media Co., Ltd. Handok Metal Co.,Ltd. Chung, Hae Chul US Made HOKYUNG HI TECH Hokyung Trading Co. Changseok Aluminum Co., Ltd. The Future Co., Ltd. JDI CO.,LTD. Siji Prugio Global Networks Co., Ltd. Seo Hana Shipping SN International Kim Jun Hong ENT Clinic DGB Data System Co., Ltd. DGB Credit Information Co., Ltd. DGB Mogi G Co., Ltd. DGB UPay Co.,Ltd. DGB Ron Co., Ltd. Shinhwa Tex Co., Ltd. Shinhwa Tex Nuno Collection Shin Tech Bon et beau Korea BBK Co., Ltd. Prime Air Line Co., Ltd. MAD&C Co., Ltd. MAD AND TEXTILE CO.,LTD. Sindo Enertech Co., Ltd. Poin Co.,Ltd. Poinix Medipis Ramiya Harex Corporation HAREX CORPORATION Zamzary KIA CO. Ki Art Chang Industry Co.,Ltd. Lims UNITEK Inc. Woosung Trade November's Glory E MART CO. Autin Life Sangwha Kindergarten Samhee Industry Co.,Ltd. SAMHEE TEXTILE S & S COMPANY Kolon IndustriesCo.,Ltd.F & C Bumun Daegu Young Poong Co., Ltd. Youngpoong Precision Farming Association Youngpung Co., Ltd. SAM IN TRADING CO., LTD. Hansan Company DAEDONG METALS CO.,LTD. Game C&C International Co. Mac Plus Daeryong Raon Deco Rosan Deco Class Co., Ltd. YB Company Co., Ltd. ERS Co., Ltd. Medicalland Star E & G E STAR CO.,LTD. MEGARIA CO.,LTD. Top Clean Grand Sam Pharmacy Jejun Co., Ltd. IDIS IDSC SY Logistic Co., Ltd. YEONGJIN PL CO.,LTD. Golden Target Co., Ltd. Sunmyung Co., Ltd. X Box China Cultural Center In Korea Nexus Tour Co., Ltd. HLP Co., Ltd. SIGNATURE CO.,LTD. Signature Co., Ltd. Korea Halral Industry Association Co., Ltd. Bumchang DNC Co., Ltd. Wiz Pop Ajin IDT Co, Ltd Shalom Arpegio Blanket Shop Wedding Peace Travel Co., Ltd. SWAN THE SWAN CO.,LTD Eco Energy Consulting SKM Co, Ltd Day 5 Haebom Real Estate Academy Co., Ltd. SEOUL BEARING. CO DONG SAN BEARING GB Global Co., Ltd. Neuron IT SK GLOBAL Myunghwa Industry Co., Ltd. Donga Management Consulting Co., Ltd. Dongah O.A Systems Co., Ltd.. Dongah Transport Co.,Ltd. KBI Metal Co., Ltd. KBI DC Co., Ltd. Control Korea PEGASUS D & C CO.,LTD. Eureka Inc. Mirae System Co.,Ltd. SOLARIS Corporation L Loan Capital Co.,Ltd. SH Corporation Co., Ltd. SH Co.,Ltd. S Tex MORE-DO CORP. CO.,LTD MORE-DO CORPORATION MORE CORPORATION WETECH Myungjin Electric Lighting TAEGWANG INT CO.,LTD. TAEGWANG INC CO.,LTD. JNJ COPORATION CO.,LTD Poongmoon Co., Ltd. Mission Tech KR Holdings Co., Ltd. SUMMER CO.,LTD. Samsung Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd Add In DMT Company Co., Ltd. HAEIN TNC CO.,LTD. Daewoo Industry Co. DAEWOO INDUSTRIAL Blue Com F&J Khb Tongsang Handock Inderstrial Co., Ltd. Young Medical Young Won D and C Co., Ltd. Youngwon Medical Co Ltd HEE SUNG GK Silicon 3927 CO.,LTD. Baekryeon Co., Ltd. YEON BAEK Bark Co., LTD. Gaesung Store Gaesung Nongsan Co.,Ltd. Komac Co.,Ltd. Uni Technology Co., Ltd. AIG Life Insurance S.M GLOBAL CO., LTD. myung do Tetra Ko Co., Ltd. Papa Ya Avaco Co., Ltd. Sungjoo D&D Inc Joo Sung Tex Co.,Ltd. Sungjoo Korean Beef Butcher's Shop Mcm GlobalWeb Co., Ltd. K. B Capital Co.,Ltd. J Three Kom J Three J Three Lab Co., Ltd. Street Fit Co., Ltd. Human Space Construction Co., Ltd. ARCHITECT HUMAN BEING AND SPACE CO. Human Leader Prime Rent Car Co.,Ltd. Samsung Knitting Needle Sangsa NAMSEO KNITTING NEEDLE CO. KSF Co., Ltd. K.S.F. Daegu Department Store Hazzys Bean Pole Daegu Department Store Bobeu Daegu Department Store Daegu Department Store Can Kids Daegu Department Store Comodo Square Daegu Department Store D Makesshin Mart Co., Ltd. Daegu Department Store ABFG L Kanto Daegu Department Store Branch Daegu Tire Department Store Co., Ltd. Daegu Flower Department Store Daegu Store Co.,Ltd. Timone ASG Development Co., Ltd. Sein Medical ITSCO Invest Korea Co., Ltd. Youngjin Co., Ltd. daesung engineering & consultants Neosys Co., Ltd. HNH GROUP Co.,Ltd. Shinkwang Inc. Shinkwang Co.,Ltd. KAIST Music Institute Dongdo WE CAN DO CO.,LTD. INB I.N.B Dong Sung YD Textile Co., Ltd. BUGANG INDUSTRIAL CO. Staubli Korea Co.,Ltd. DONG HYUN TRADING CO. SANG HYUN TRADING CO. Binggrae Gangbyeon Agency Binggrae Kyeongsan Agency Binggrae Daemyeong Agency Daegu Emergency Medical Center Medical Eunggeub Emergency Dan Stay 7 Nano PC Donga Chemical Co., Ltd. The Beijing SUNGJU TRADING CO. Sungju Store Jeong Gak Sa JUNG IN TRADING CO.,LTD. Samsung Tranding Co. SHL&D SHL Trading GREENFIL CO., LTD. New International Real Estate Trust Altoran Co., Ltd. So Ot Maeul S GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Fhc Co., Ltd. Line Display JS Fire Co., Ltd. Monsun Komex Komed Haesung JM Global Service Segang Co., Ltd. YM Consulting Co., Ltd. DAMOA HAIR SHOP. RSM Tech Co., Ltd. RSM Seo Port Chook Mi Kwang Textile Co, Ltd Bukwang Textile KWANG LIM TEXTILE CO BU KWANG TEXTILE CO.LTD Beauty 21 Hair Shop SK Lubricant Sangsa HB TH Trading Co., Ltd. Sunyong Co., Ltd. Sunyong Precision shin hyun Dain Technology TCC TCC Company Gyeongju Queen M Tv Gyeongju Transportation Pyunghwa trading NEW WORLD NET Korea Agriculture And Forestry Jung E Trading Co., Ltd. Com Medipharm My Shopping Desk Co., Ltd. Propeller Noori Soft Woori Asset Financial Loan Co., Ltd. Sale Petrochemical Myung Shin Precision MYONG SHIN LTD.PARTNERSHIP MEDI KOREA CO.,LTD. DAEGU BANK ENCOURAGEMENT CULTURE FOUNDATION The Daegu Bank Ltd. Daegu Bank Pos Daegu Bank consumption Association Daegu Bank Finance Compamy, Ltd. Daegu Bank Paldal Branch Co., Ltd. The Daegu Bank Ltd._Samduck Branch The Daegu Bank Ltd._Kyungbook University Branch Daegu Pos Bank Daegu Manpower Bank Co., Ltd. Dabinchi Daegu Bank Chilhogwangjangjeom JeongukgeumyungsanUp Labor Union Daegu Bank G Woori Bank Daegu Branch Mrs. Kang Eun Kang Co., Ltd. Hyeun Industry Co., Ltd. Kochi Ruche English Academy Duwon TEG Co., Ltd. H & T Trend 21 Co., Ltd. PRI Logistic Co., Ltd. Wonil Industry Co. GLOBAL WORLD VISION CO.,LTD. Billy Bernie Play School CIM CO.,LTD. Cika Automotive Parts Co. Indian Restaurant Mirae Battery Build ENG Hyundai Dongbu Parts Dongsu Hydraulic SERVICE LINE CO., LTD. Cosmic Baitech DNI CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. YDS KOREA CO., LTD. YDS Korea YD Service Co., Ltd. NEXON CORPORATION HTS Co.,Ltd. Nam Surgical Clinic Yu Sung Industrial Co.,Ltd` S.A VISION Hanshin Machine Co. Ho Do Pongdang Pongdang Screen Golf Club Boldeu Corporation Co., Ltd. Power Entertainment Ongi Co., Ltd. MJ TRADE CO.,LTD. Haksu Bearing Hosung Bearing Co., Ltd. HANWOO BEARING CO. FM Dental Namu FMD Co., Ltd. Wando Ablone Chongpan Wando Sea Abalone Wando Ablone Gui Eun Hong Tex Co GLED Co.,Ltd. SOA Security System Co., LTD. Kns Co., Ltd. Ro Car Co., Ltd. Ro Car&Company Co., Ltd. French Home KNU Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Lee Jong Hyeon Internal Medicine Clinic Lee Jeong Hun Law Office Nyutaunshincheonjutaek Rebuilding Motor Service Saeob Union Lee Tech Inc. Jwell Bluebird Power Clean The Contents Co., Ltd. Red Cap Co., Ltd Red Cap Co., LTD. Tu MS Co., Ltd. Tu MR Co., Ltd. Oil World Gas Station Daesung Gas Oil Easy Tour Institute Jungangro Campus Language Institute Texmill Co.,Ltd. TEXMUNDO CO.,LTD. EASY TMS CO.,LTD. SOO LIM COMPANY GANG CO. Deukyoung Deukyoung Synthetic DEUKYOUNG CONSTRUCTION SAEYANG MICROTECH CO.,LTD The I.M.C Co., LTD. EST CO., LTD Korea Security Ltd. IP2B Co., Ltd. The Korean Society for Public Personnel Administ. Style Hand knitted Innoue Korea Co.,Ltd. Renault Samsung Motors Dongbu Servicing Co.,Ltd. Daekyung Oil & Transportation Daekyung Oil Co., Ltd. Daekyung Co. Sejong Information Telecom The Fix Fix Co.,Ltd. DK INTERNATIONAL City and Island Clam Restaurant S&T Engineering Co., Ltd. A A CO. Sgd & C Co., Ltd. SGD Co., Ltd. Eunsung Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Valeo Pyeong Hwa Co., Ltd Valeo Kapec Co., Ltd. Valeo Pyeong Hwa Hyunmyung Construction Co., Ltd Woojung CND Hanil Mark Sa MS Pam Co., Ltd. Haenam Industry Global Line Communication Co., Ltd. GL Communication Astro Company Glonetbiz Co. Daegyeong MC Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company Daegyeong MC T&TS Co., Ltd. Withone Co., Ltd. MS Education Hancom Mirae Edu. Wedding Company Wedding Bank Wedding B&B GL Tech21. Inc. HAN DO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO. DAE YOUNG INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. Cliod Co.,Ltd. Hanwha Construction Co.,Ltd. Bosung International FoodM Co., Ltd. KANGDONG MACHINERY CO. Kangdong Textile Co. Steel Tech Co., Ltd. Anseong Environment VETEL Wonder Pul The Wonder Pul Co., Ltd. Halla San Hallasan Sutbul Galbi Restaurant SNT Co., Ltd. Young Do Industrial YOUNG IND.CO. GONG YOUNG Insseomnia Hotel Co., Ltd. GreenTech Kodeko OCUBE.CO.,LTD Okpo Bedding Okpo Plaza ALE Bed Ossipi Co., Ltd. Okpo Hanwoo Specialty Store Okpo Textile Okpo Restaurant Tannoi Fitness RPM Oksso Eagle Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. EAGLE TEXTILE Ajin Powertec Co., Ltd. B&C NEXT CO.,LTD. The Next Co.,Ltd. Next AD Sky View Co.,Ltd. Soodo Trading Co Ice Park PAL BONG CO., LTD Kangaroo Care Outcall Monthly Car Wash Green One Co., Ltd. SEONGHWAN CO.,LTD. Seonghwan Construction Co., Ltd. B.B Bio Co.,Ltd. Doosan Construction Co., Ltd. Yein Architecture Co., Ltd. DAINMS CO,.LTD. Yoonchang Corp. Korea Development Consulting Research Institute CT Capital D C Asia Welfare Foundation Venture korea Co., Ltd. Phillip Philip IC & C Three Seven Co., Ltd. Nam San Motorcycle Munhwa Glass Co.,Ltd. Munhwa Copy Munhwa Bank Co, Ltd JAEWOO Co., Ltd Jinuk Store Ins Ta Solution S&K TRADING Jungwan CELL UP GSA Co.,Ltd. Rases Korea Co., Ltd. Camtec Korea Co. Rbm Korea Co., Ltd. JAS The 1st Co., Ltd. Sys Engineering TRACON INC.,LTD Daegu Munhwa Broadcasting Co. Green Trading Co., Ltd. K.J Trading Biscuit 1st Platform Co., Ltd. C Tu C Platform Co., Ltd. CL Platform FX TRADER CO.,LTD Wibik Co., Ltd. My Comma Co., Ltd. EUGENE OPTICAL CO., LTD. T&c Corporation T&C Metro Planning Event Jun Event Planning S&FNB Co., Ltd. Korea-FN Co., Ltd. Hoya Trading Global Mart NET BLUE CO., LTD. DRC Real Asset Company Co., Ltd. CA Korea Co., Ltd. Hosung Textile ENES CO.,LTD. KYUNG BUK CO LTD Radiant Korea Co.,Ltd Tax Tower Co., Ltd. KYUNG HAN SYSTEMS INC TAECHANG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. TAECHANG INDUSTRIAL CO. Excellent Co.,Ltd. Dori Company WOOJIN CO. Sysilian Meister Co.,Ltd. Watertech Lions Co., Ltd. Cheonan Noobi Pando Co., Ltd. JJ CO.,LTD. SEONGHWA ZIPPER CO. 5 OCEAN FISHERIES CO. Five Oceans Real Estate Agent Office SESHIN BUFFALO.CO.,LTD. Seshin Co., Ltd. BUFFALO CO.,LTD. Seshin Flower Seshin BP Co., Ltd. FOREVERING STA Co., Ltd. Genie Motors Petrocam Co.,Ltd. K&J Trade Hyosan Hyosan Co., Ltd. First Avenue Meat First Avenue Pareteu The View Trip Korea Hanbando Co., Ltd. Cheong My Sa HYUNDAI HEAVY MACHINERY CO. hankooki Hankookbicheol Co., Ltd. Interior Line KNA Education Co.,Ltd. Ire Corporation Co., Ltd. DAEDEOK PRECISION CO. Daedeok Precision Co., Ltd Hillside Daedeuk DAEDEUK AGRICULTURAL CO.,LTD. Daedeuk Landscape Co.,Ltd. Daedeuk Fiber Co. Gemcom Co, Ltd Evolution Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency National Industry Co., Ltd. IND Agency Co.,Ltd. Hanwon Corporation Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology Hyundaiok(Jongno Agency) Wooyoung Corp. Wooyoung Co.,Ltd. Asea Hanaro CNC Co., Ltd. J & Fabrics LJ Fabric Co., Ltd. Samsung Technology Institute UI Consulting SNFTS Co., Ltd. BM En Energy Co., Ltd. E Intelligence Co., Ltd. Daeryuk Steel Co., Ltd. B&M D.D.I Co.,Ltd. Korea Air Tech Co., Ltd. Air Tech korea Dimension Landscape Design Bio Energy Co.,Ltd. KT Energy Co., Ltd. Wonder Cool Korea Co., Ltd. Mek Industrial DEMco Segong Jewel Store BIOTEC Hyundai R&B Co., Ltd. Singapore Co. Saman Trading Co., Ltd. Elko Tech Co., Ltd. Times English NAKYUNG CO.,LTD Nakyung Textile Nakyung Gifted Person Institute JSE Health korea Innoce Co., Ltd. S.T.C Namdo Tech NAMDO TECH CO., LTD. Dongsung trading Co., Ltd SEIN TECH CO. SSET DH-Trading Profile DA Architecture FUTURE FA CO.,LTD. ROHM KOREA CORP. lexko Industrial Co. 053 Co., Ltd. SMH CORPORATION INC. Green Synthetic Co.,Ltd. KW Inc. KW Hannuri Trading Hyundai Engineering Co.,Ltd. HANA EXPRESS TOUR Daegun Tech Co., Ltd. Daegu N Tech Daegun Corporation West Continental As Dock GOQUAL Inc. M 2 M CO., LTD. 3 D Optics Agreman Nextcoresoft Co., Ltd. DAE HEUNG CO., LTD. Ahlstrom-Munksjo Korea Co., Ltd. Minju Farm Mejjo Sound Mejyang Pangseok East Asia Group Netture Co., Ltd. Theme Corporation Wi E Co., Ltd. Ilchulbong Fishing Goeun Flower Go Eun Flower Wholesale Chois & Co, Patent & Law Office Suhan Metal SJTECH CO.,LTD. Hansol Trading Co Hansol Trading Co., Ltd. Smart Life Co.,Ltd. Wooyang Co. Family 25 Fos 21 Co., Ltd. Faxon Bio Co.,Ltd. Seil Precision Co Koreca Co., Ltd. Koreko Co., Ltd. Dae Lim Co., Ltd hansin Se woon DW Armani Super Aramwon Co., Ltd. Armyduckkorea Co.,Ltd. The Salvation Army Manpyeong Church The Salvation Army Daegu regional Child Center Salvation Army Dongdaegu drop-in centre Armani Ttolre Geo Ninamseong Architectural Firm Yegeon Architectural Firm Yigeon SALVATION ARMY SEODAEGU NURSERY AReumHyeon ArchitectureOffice ArimEnaenkem General Architecture Firm Young Hair Myungga Andong Raw Meat Yukhoe Wallpaper Myungga Interior Wallpaper Myungga Wallpaper Myeongga Bangchon Branch Gyeongbuk Motor Store, My Call Chauffeur Service Moberm Younhap Assotiation DOOWON PRECISION INDUSTRY CO.LTD. Dream Music Book 81 Bokhyeonsi Yeongjae architecture office work association Ubiquitous Science Technology Co.,Ltd. Yesaem Housing Co., Ltd. Saegil Co., Ltd. Dasa General Shoes Cosmetics DSM Medical KPIS Co., Ltd ABOUT SOO Inc. T&I Young-chang Textile Wenet Com Co., Ltd Il Sung Engineering Co Ltd NK Engineering BRS Co.,Ltd. Brother Company RF Co., Ltd. Mediagate young Won Engineering Co.,Ltd. Green Trading & Shipping Co.,Ltd. Carion Co., LTD. Carion Co.,Ltd. ENSIS CO.,LTD. Kyung Il Co., Ltd. Kyung Il Co. Kyung-Il Kyungil Co.,Ltd. BLUE PIS CO.,LTD. Ba O Vision Co., Ltd. Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation Daesung Info K & P CO.,LTD. CELON Nef Insurance Branch Co., Ltd. Mami Mamijeu Co., Ltd. Nano Second DREAM SAVINGS BANK Co., Ltd. Sellopryeo SEOULPOWER ELECTRIC CORPORATION AIO Packing Park Road A-JIN CORPORATION CO,. LTD. Lee, Eun Jin Sabiju IT Line corp Eland World Fashion Miso daegudongseong Titan Co., Ltd. GATEWAY SY Global Co.,Ltd. Ccapone Co., Ltd. K&U Co., Ltd. Deagu Exhibition Convention Center Co., LTD. DEXCO Exhibition & Convention.Ltd CHANGE CO.,LTD. SAMCHANG E & C CO.,LTD. S&B Network O Kyung International.Co., LTD The Ail SAM HYUN TRADING Acrotex Inc. FORMAN CORPORATION Shinbo R&T Co., Ltd. Prosco International Co.,Ltd. KC Home Haku Industry Hakho Industry Co., Ltd. Hakho Industry Pungjin Textile Greenpaek Co., Ltd. Greenpia. Company.Limited Key Store Wycum Co., LTD. Green Energy Korea Co., Ltd. Medekseu Co., Ltd. MedEx Co., Ltd. TK (TK)Metal QM ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Fox And Deer Korea Data Communication Co., Ltd. NEW MAN TEXTILE CO,LTD Insen Co., Ltd. Inseo Company Co., Ltd. Insemyeong Co., Ltd. Q & C Tex Plus Co., Ltd. Tex Plus SAEHWA MACHINE CO Saehwa Ind.Co. Saehwa Machinery Co.,Ltd. MultiCamp Sck S CK Tot Co., Ltd. Samso Co., Ltd. DONG WON MULSAN Co., Ltd. Dream Travel Rent Car Hyundai Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.. Hyundai ENC Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. Shin New World JJ ecommerce Co.,Ltd. Technology Innovation Co. Innovation Management Tech Ajoo Corp. Ajoo Engineering HUE PLACE OTC Technology SHIN SUNG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD MSL Tech Aegis Company Co., Ltd. HANNAM CORPORATION LOGOS TECH CO.,LTD. Good Health Korea Co., Ltd. NP Co.,Ltd. NP Co., Ltd Harmony Co., Ltd. Korea NG Tech Co., Ltd. Bosung Engineering Co MW MW CO.,LTD. Jeongu Automotive Parts Co. Lego Dakta Lego Maeniakseu HIVAC CO.LTD Sedong Tex ONE TREE CO. CBR CO.,LTD. Inoving Co.,Ltd. Inovent Shinwon Trading Co., Ltd. C Won TNS HYUN SEUNG Mach HALLA CO. Prime Global Co., Ltd. TEXTILE SERVICE OF KOREA CO.,LTD Samick THK Co., Ltd. Haetbit Home helper Dispatch center C&K Developer Co., Ltd. Huinq Seoul AV Keimyung University Keimyung Univ. Dongsan Medical Center Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperation Hansot Dosirak Keimyung University Dongmun Agency Kei-myung Corporation Keimyung University Leedaegil Kids Taekwon School Keimyung University Osung Taekwon School CNAKeimyung University KEIMYEONG COLLEGE UNIVERSITY The Faceshop shop Daegu 1st branch The Faceshop shop Suseong branch The Faceshop shop Daegok Branch The Faceshop Hyomok branch Deto Soft Co., Ltd Hanjin Corp. Arisan Co., Ltd. Choi Young Ae Shop airtech KMH Doowon Textile Co.,Ltd. All&all All That H&S Korea KH Korea Co., Ltd. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF KOREA NAMHEUNG The Presbyterian Church of Korea Amen Eunsan Dongnama Enterprise C LINE CO.,LTD. Japan Optical Corp. Young Kwang Trading Co SILLA ENTECH CO.,LTD. Baba Co., Ltd. ACE AUTOMATION CO. SHIN KWANG TRADING CO.LTD SHIN KWANG TRADING CO Sunghae Resef M.A Tech Co., Ltd. Mass TG Co., Ltd. The Cyber Cyber Line JS Korea Company K2 Jeongmoon Restaurant SUNLITE INTERNATIONAL CORP. Dongu TS Co., Ltd. SAMJIN INTERNATIONAL CORPRATION Ionbond Korea Ltd. HAPPIA CO.,LTD. BO SUNG CO., LTD. Seven Golf Co.,Ltd. Shin Kwang Towel Co., Ltd. KL International Il Shin Engineering & Trading Co Pungkok Nongsan Co., Ltd. PUNGKOOK INDUSTRIAL CO. PUNGKOOK INDUSTRIAL CO. CHINYOUNG OPTICAL CO., LTD. EZ Sangsa KJ Ins Co., Ltd. Feltics Sangin Branch OBJET INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. DONG IN TECH CO., LTD. Cheong Do Ri Co., Ltd. Oneo Line Shinsegae Food Daegu Office Hwachang Hwachang Construction Machinery YON WOO CO., LTD Yonwoo Office Equipment Wooseong Sink WOO SIN TRADING CO WOO SIN TRADING CO., Medifarm Yakson Pharmacy Jeil General Household Appliances General Household Appliances Korea Laser Technology Co., Lt E-One System Korea KLT Co., Ltd. RATTI KOREA Co., Ltd. LED In Korea Co.,Ltd. KOREA LED CO.,LTD. Boon Co., Ltd. Atom Mfg Atom Car Siji Yein Hello Company Co., Ltd. JUN City Gas Co., Ltd. Daeho Hightech Co., Ltd. Daerim Hightech UR Hightech Beomyong Hightech SEJIN HIGHTECH CO.,LTD. Jeil Hightech Co., Ltd. SINA HIGHTECH CO. MIR HIGHTECH SAM JIN HIGHTECH CO.,LTD Yuyu Trading Co., Ltd. Yuyu Trading Keumyoung Keumyong Machinery Co., Ltd. Shinseagae Entec Co., Ltd. DA MON CORP CO. Damon Trading Tempuseu DC UA Co., Ltd. Ho han Trading AUDINA KOREA LTD. GUNWOO ENP Bumil Bumil Industry Bumil Housing Beomil Engineering Beomil Daegi Co., Ltd. Jeon Seong Ho Tax Account Office Kim Seong-Ho Tax Accounting Office Lawyer Park Seong Ho Office Hwasung Valve Co., Ltd. Hwasung Co.,Ltd. JAC NC Co., Ltd. Chosun Industry Chosun IDS Co., Ltd. CHEIL INDUSTRIAL CO. Cheil Twisting Co. Do Young Co., Ltd. E Lab Co., Ltd. MULTI AD Multi Net Co., Ltd. CNE English Academy Hyomok English Academy Jo Sang Cheol English Academy Choi Jin Yeol English Academy Top Us English Academy SAM HWAN DYEING CO., LTD. KDB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. KDB Tech Co., Ltd. G Eight Planning Co., Ltd. KPC Corporation Media Information Media Communication Sehwa Engineering Construction Hiromichi Hankuk Industry Shin Hwa Sung Hwa Sung Dalsung Industry Gas Hongwon Co., Ltd. NRT Korea Co., Ltd. Haesung International Corporation Tour Total Co., Ltd. Joeun International Good Friend Co., Ltd. Good Friend The Good Friends Doctor JSK Co., Ltd. Hwaseung Daeil Petrochemical Co., Ltd. daelim chemical co ltd BOKUK ELECTRIC IND.CO.,LTD Bokuk Electronics Co., Ltd. Boguk Elec Co., Ltd. Moorim Electric Power Shinpoong Precision Co., Shinpoong Development Co., Ltd. Shinpoong ENG Co., Ltd. Shinpoong Shopping-Bag Co., Ltd. Kongkong People Love Co., Ltd. NFC SYSTEM Auction Furniture Suhyup Fisheries sin gang to geon company CHUNG HA .co Korea Wood Union feeltec Feeltech Dance & Dance FEELTex Material Hair Dongsu DONG SU INTERNATIONA CO. BESTM BEST-M InBody Daegu Hwanggeum KOG Corporation Koguryeo Pixel Ssa E So Magna ENG Co., Ltd. Gurub Co., Ltd. TCS ONE CO.,LTD. DONGHEE CO.,LTD. Jei Pt Jei Gold Green Resources Co.,Ltd. Pacific Ocean Industry Co. Pacific Industry Co., Ltd. Pacific Ocean Travel Service Co., Ltd.. Cigar Stop Foryou Corporation NEURONWORKS Co.,Ltd. LEADERS CM CO.,LTD. VATEK CO.,LTD. VA Tech Co., Ltd. San Francisco Hangu Co., Ltd. Cheonun Security Co., Ltd. CHUNWOON RAILROAD CHEONUN DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. English Reoning Bay Institute Ranian West Trading Co., Ltd. Acme Alloy Accm H2 CM Co., Ltd. Korea TNC Ni O New IRUM COMPANY KYUNGBUK TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL MKT Tech YOU YOUNG ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. korea Market Je Il Food Vacuum Rak Co., Ltd. Yu Vacuum Co., Ltd. Aju Vacuum Yongyeun Textile Yong Textile Co., Ltd. Yong Textile Han Dok Sports Ilho Tile Co., LTD. Ilho Telecom Co., Ltd. SDC Co., Ltd. SDC Co.,Ltd SamJin C&C Co., Ltd. Joong-Ang Tech Co., Ltd. SAN DUCK TEXTILE Co.,Ltd. San Duck Textile MOGA CO.,LTD. Mogan Co., LTD. Mogae Fashion MogamI YOO CHANG CORPORATION Co., Ltd. Dongwha ENC Co., Ltd. Li Youngsin Meriyas S One Industry Lux Auto Motors Co.,Ltd. Samsung Car Dismantling Recycling Industry Co., Ltd. YTECH Co.,Ltd. E Sam Tech Co., Ltd. Do Ba International Co., Ltd. BEAUTY PLUS TRADING CO. Dalsung Sangwoon Daegu 14-6131 Samgwang Total Transport 3047 Chung Woo Textile Co., Ltd. CHUNG WOO F.C. CO., LTD. Chung Woo Co.,Ltd. Goldpia INFOSET Co.Ltd MCNET HAQ KOREA TRADING CO.,LTD. Little Bird Little Boy GE Korea Co., Ltd. M Tech Ip S J, LEE OPTICAL CO. Inpocue A&A CO.,LTD. University Venture Korea Cost Information Korea Information System Co.,Ltd. S&S Development JangHan Medical Center JANGHAN CO.,LTD. KCC Corporation Jungwon C&C Jung Won Corporation. jung won co., ltd. Samil Industries GL Sangsa Greenwich Language School Hankook Eni Co., Ltd. Hankook Isd Hankook Engineering Co.,Ltd. SIC Co., Ltd. U System U System Bank Co., Ltd. Cowon Co., Ltd Project Korea Box Company Oak Land Co., Ltd. Daero Co., Ltd. JIN BO TRADING CO., LTD. Jinbo Transportation Co., Ltd. Taeyung Architectural Firm Hanhwa ICT FAM CO.,LTD. GACHON Co.,Ltd. Korea World Energy Co., Ltd. Sunbong Flower Garden BM Global Co.,Ltd. Lotte INC Co., Ltd. S&S Fresh Co., Ltd. Mate Company Co., Ltd. Jae E Holdings Co., Ltd. United Rich Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Koru .com Co., Ltd. HANKOOK MPL CO.,LTD. Nambuk Medical Co., Ltd. Nambuk Medical Co.,Ltd. Nambuk Yuji Pl Printech Co., Ltd. M Printech NEW SIN DO Newsis Daegu Gyungbuk Co.,Ltd. SMAT SOLUTIONS Nea Co., Ltd. Nea Power Glove Korea Suh Jin Industry Co. G&S Co., Ltd. Geniaccio Inc. GB Star One Global co.,LTD B&J Golf Eye Look Optic Looks Optical store Paldal branch Looks Optical Shop Gyeongdae Hospital Agency Air In Reteuju FUTURE PRECISION CO. SISFC Co., Ltd. Hycon Korea Co., Ltd. HYC Co.,LTD MOM Corporation Co., Ltd. Daejin Sanup Co. GOOD MORNING FOOD FNB CO.,LTD. PSN Construction Co.,Ltd. Hyun Dai Trading Company Bluebird Interior Computer Graphics Center Kkasia Silla Hapkido I Meat Trading KOREA INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX CORPORATION NY NYS CO.,LTD. YOUN KWANG SANG SA Hanggyun Nara Household & Health Care YUJIN INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING CO.,LTD. JL Global Joy Medicom ATT LM Engineering Asahi Food Korea Co., Ltd. Arisu Aris Sangsa ARRIBA Co.,Ltd KOREA DATA BANK CO.,LTD. DOWON TECH CO. Suhhan Industry Co., Ltd.. P.N SFC Best International Patent & Law Firm APPS Co., Ltd. Yeomin Communication Cooperative ICF Co., Ltd. hongduk Moolsan U Seong Cosmetics Ttak Bun Sema Group Co.,Ltd. Hanhwa TNC Co., Ltd. AURI CO.,LTD. Epion Even Screen Golf Happy Recycling Center ATC Co., Ltd. Cheuda BC Co., Ltd. B&C Holding Co., Ltd. Withus Vision With US Daelim International Co.,Ltd. Jungin Co., Ltd. Iwin Trading CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. T & B Corporation DONG-HA M Monitor Co., Ltd. Monitorpia GREEN TONG SANG Keunwoo Co., Ltd. Keunwoo Tech Co, Ltd Keunwoo Tech Global System Co.,Ltd. Atech korea Co.,Ltd. Bum PC Sangu Aluminum Co., Ltd. Daeju Aluminum Co.,Ltd. Haein Aluminum Kangjin Co. Super Chemical Super Real Co.,Ltd. Allways Green Building Core Distribution Co.,Ltd. KOSAN CO.,LTD. T&C Communication Co., Ltd. SB ENG Co.,Ltd. Junyu BARLEY HOPE Shinil Machinery Co., Ltd. Shin Machinery Il Shin Machinery Works Co. IL SIN MACHINE Car Net Co., Ltd. Kodens Co.,ltd Kim, Kyung Eun Kim Eun Jeong Pediatrics DEVEN CO.,LTD. 21st Century Car Plaza Songdo Trading Co Musung Steel Musung Farm Charimsae Iroum Co.,Ltd. Usung Tnc Hanbit Tech Woojung Textile Daegyung Motors Daegyung Meter Daegyung Motor Sangsa Daegyung Material Daegyung Motor Service Instrument Daegyung Material Department Store Daegyung Motor Service Center Godo Art Planning Top Shine Kingdom Co., Ltd The Kingdom Co., Ltd. Blue Entertainment I Miteu Digital DO Co., Ltd. Semyung INC Co., Ltd. Changchun Hello Schultz DECO LIMITED Park Chan Medical Clinic A Top DEK Co., Ltd. SILVER STAR Co.,Ltd. Sil Star Silver Star Daegu Branch Co., Ltd. Karak Mirae Tech Co., Ltd. Glass Gu Do Six Nine AKA PUROK CO., LTD. Padong Hwasung Parkview Management Office OZ Pictures Uri DTS Tex Quest Harrison Coffee Shop SS Tex TV Cloud Co., Ltd. AGRICULTURAL BUKBU CO.,LTD. YOUNG IN TEXTILE CORPORATION Samilsa NEXIS CO.,LTD. Seven Car Bo Kwang Machinery Co. Bo Kwang Construction Co., Ltd. BO KWANG HEAVY ELECTRIC CO LTD YHI CO.,LTD. Hando FA Pollex Co, Ltd RUMANIA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Dongup Industry Hyundai Elevator Installation G&G Corporation LTD LM System Co LMS CO.,LTD. B.B korea Co.,Ltd. Geochang Store Co.,Ltd. Gubong Precision Industry Hongik University Pharmacy DaeHong Kostech Co.,Ltd Jungwoon Co. Jung Woon Seok Tax Office sung woon WOO CHANG INT'L CO., LTD. M Plastic Surgery Clinic Duo Plastic Surgery Clinic The Rose Plastic Surgery Clinic Ain Co., Ltd. Samwoo Trading Co, Ltd DAKYOUNG Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. DAE-A Kong Young Co., Ltd. DAE-A Kong Young Co.,LTD. Extreme Bike Cosmetic Wholesale Apple Music Institute Aki Cheonwoo Co.,Ltd. Cheonwoo Industry Cheonwoo Industry Co., Ltd. Golden Ace Co.,Ltd. Polrin Construction C&I Co., Ltd. Dusung Meat Morgan Korea Co.,LTD Captain Morgan Yeppeuni Bosal Vericom Co, Ltd Hyundai International Co., Ltd. Hyundai International Co. SUNG RIM Sejong Cleaning Center Edu Box Daegu Co., Ltd. SOOSUNG CO. Soosung E&C Co., Ltd. Villa Cleaning Medi Bill Pharmacy Win Deco Sale Electric Dae Ji Steel Co., Ltd. JSP Co.,Ltd. JSPV Industry Co., Ltd. Mando General Machinery Gusung Gusung Global I Medicom Noh Pharmacy Dae Young Precision Co. Dae Young Precision Co SKY LOGICS KING Co.,Ltd. KNG CO. LTD. Samkang Dou Industry Asia Service G.P&G Co., Ltd. EVEIN CO.,LTD. MRDK Co., Ltd. Korea Patent Hand CAN CO. Well Made Housing Co., Ltd. Whamin Industry Bukang Concrete Go&go Korea Fashion Culture Industry Jinheungwon Daemyung Precision Plus Value Value Plus D&C Eblock Kyongbuk University of Foreign Studies YEONGKWANG BAREL INDUSTRIAL CO. Needs Korea Millenium TNC Co., Ltd. Summer Travel Spring Summer Fall Winter Restaurant Wood Bridge Co.,Ltd. JJ INTERNATIONAL CO., ARIAN TECH CO.,LTD. New Tech Arion Co., Ltd. Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. SHIN SUNG MEDICAL CO. Mega Line Co.,Ltd. Jin Air Tour Co., Ltd. Top Trading Co., Ltd. Premier General Logistics Texfield Manufacturer Export & Import Withco Co., Ltd. Sambong Precision Industry SAMBONG PRECISON CO. SAMBONG CO.,LTD. Dream Mart Okpojeom Daemyeongboseongcheongrok Management Office DAE LIM MAIN OFFICE CO. Y.S.K CO.,LTD Career In Daedong Body Building Gym AKK CO., LTD Neon TK Chemical Holdings Co., Ltd. RANDOM CO.,LTD. Kyung Ji Trading Corporation Kyung Jin Trading Co. Alpha D&C Beskin Seongseo Homeplus branch Homeplus Optical Shop Homeplus Daegu Kaka T&c IL PIORE CO.,LTD. 20Century Construction Co., Ltd. Samduk UNION SAVINGS BANK I2S Co., Ltd. Roumor Pang Cafe RNware Co., Ltd. AJU TEXTILE CO. M Plus Textile Co., Ltd. STI Co., Ltd. STI CO. RNR Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. Joongang Ilbo Nam Daegu Center Chungho Co., LTD. Tae Yang Apparel Co., Ltd. Gyeong Jin inc. Gyeongjin Electric Co., Ltd. Jin Electric NCI Co.,Ltd. Jeis With Co.,Ltd. D & B Sound Decos Co., Ltd. Tell Com Co., LTD. Shin Young Do Gi Shin Go Gi Discount Mart Ds Meditech Co., Ltd. Samik AS TM Co., Ltd. TM CO.,LTD. Securix Whain S Co., Ltd. AinA. Co., Ltd. AHSHIN INDUSTRIAL Co., Ltd. Horus Dance Academy GMF Daoom Jin Yong Textile ALLSTON CO.,LTD. K K mobile Sejin Mode Useong Electronics Useong General Electric Co., Ltd. Daegu Ace Medical Co., Ltd. Media tech Co., Ltd Trump Development Co., Ltd. Charis Loan Investment Co., Ltd. Charis Industrial Development Co., Ltd. ST Advisor Co., Ltd. SNM Tech DAE A Dae A SNS Co., Ltd. Kwangnam Industrial Co., Ltd. INCHON CO.,LTD. PYEONG KANG CO DONGHANG. Gachang Lottery Myeongdang Lottery Donghang Transportation Hwasun Co., Ltd. shinsungfa Gwangbit Commerce And Industry Tkt GOONIES Co., Ltd. KOREA TRANSPORTATION NEWSPAPER CO.,LTD. One Com One Communication ONE CLICK CO.,LTD. Byte YOUNG KWANG CO.,LTD Young Kwang TC Youngkwang Co, Ltd Firstnet Co.,Ltd. My Trading Hae Dong Corp. Joongwon Oil Co. Leader&Leader Hangyeol FD Ruby Crown Co.,Ltd. Kiheung Industry Co., Ltd. Naro Industry Development Naro Shop Co., Ltd. Benecos Co., Ltd. Algo Interactive Co., Ltd. Digital Info Serve Parksunbok Veterinary Hospital Mighty Science Coporation Gift Co., Ltd. INNO E & C CO.,LTD. Inno Cent Imedi Dental Clinic PROG CO.,LTD. PROG Zion Trading Co. ZOON TRADING CO., LTD. ACE LATEX CO.,LTD. A Tex A Tex Co., Ltd M Plus Loan Co., Ltd. Hankuk Construction Heavy Machinery FurTech Co., Ltd. Eiyu Between Co., Ltd. Daekyoung Septic Tank Co., Ltd. Daekyoung Employment Information Co., Ltd. Daekyoung Consulting Co., Ltd. Daekyoung Trading Sangsa Co., Ltd. Inheeo Lotte Co., Ltd. Hana Alliance Dental Clinic Buwontek Co., Ltd. Bakery Merci Joill Needle Industry DAE HAN KNITTING NEEDLE IND., CO. Nawoo KNT Co.,Ltd. Thread&Needle Dalseong Knit Int Knit Daeki Knit Esp Knit Daegyung Knit Sesung Co, Ltd Sesung Co., Ltd. Sesun Textile Woodrock Solar Ria KNP Co.,Ltd. Inside System Inside Tech Air Force Logistics Command Eso Coffee EYE SENCER OPTICAL Hyundai Daegu Bean Pole Kids Corea information technology..,LTD B.M International Co., Ltd. DONGLIM MS CO.,LTD. E&D Part Ecowin Beautybang Highnet Co., Ltd. SEO BI TRADING CO., LTD. Han Seo Trading Naviya Let's go to Choengsan View Ttitteu View Rim Hair Care Syalrong Fashion Design Optline Co. LEE JO METAL Shilla Engineering Co.,Ltd. 8Cups Inc. Wookyung Industrial Machinery CashTec Co., LTD. Better Medical Zoo Coffee Daegu Sumokwonjeom firstnet Mr.Dog Dog Hrb Co., Ltd. Samboo A.T.C Exceller DC High Mes GM Fitness SE WON TOTAL TEX CO.,LTD LST H1 ENC CO.,LTD. Seon Up Global Co., Ltd. JS MOTORS CO.,LTD. Sungrim Tech Trading Pilates Pilates In Sindo SND GuYoung Tech Co., Ltd. Daegu Daegu The Daegu DAE GU Baeksul 114 Co., Ltd. YU SHIN CO. Dae U Shin Construction Co., Ltd. Hwasin Shink SPT Sports Wa Company Co., Ltd. IB Co., Ltd Young Electronics Dongguk Industry Joeun Candle Ukseung Textile Dongwoon Industry Co., Ltd. Sundong Textile Sundong Synthetic Sundo Inc SHIN HUNG TRADINGCO,LTD THE ONE KOREA CO.,LTD. Sehan Capital Ansung Resturant MYUNGSUN SHAFT Ansung Store SAEIL Corporation Head&Stone Woo Sung Machinery Co. NC Company Co.,Ltd. Next Generation Inc. Daon Med Instech Co.,Ltd. Korean Traditional Instrument HIT CO. Sunsu Wonbang Boyang Oriental Medicine Clinic Samdeok Welfare for the aged Center AUDITION CO. Shin Hairline 3 Hair Salon Jumeok Bapsang Nihau Juingong Clasico Chicken Chicken POPCORN CO. Oz Option Super Vision Co.,Ltd. Loloopere Ino Hair Fubu Daegu Joongang Print Martini Kyong Heung Industry Co., Ltd. Keosan Development Inc. Korea Delphi Automotive Systems Corporation KFCC IK Idea Co., Ltd. EYEMAX COMPANY Eyemax Optical Co. Corporation aggregate Daegu Gyeongbuk Japan regained Independence movement Monument Build Dream Tour Co., Ltd. PK Korea Co., Ltd. SAMBO ORIENTAL MEDICAL CLINIC Duo Maritime E Join Tech Co., Ltd. Kojubu Bar Saeshin Precision Co., Ltd. Saeshin P&T Co., Ltd. MEGANET CO.,LTD. Megagen Implant Co. Ltd Jean Medical System Co. tech Telecom Bando Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. Evertop. Emotion Event Neukkim Emotion Emotion Event Co., Ltd. Emotion Factory Co., Ltd. JJ Energy Co., Ltd. JJ Motors GM Energy Co.,Ltd. PHD D & C CO.,LTD. Smart Stationery MS Industry Co., Ltd. Jonghap Dongyang Jonghap Q.M.C Co., Ltd. DONG HUN TRADING CO,. LTD. Donghun Tex Plate Hankook Plate Glass QG Co., Ltd. Q Gayobang Allerman Daegu Suseongjeom Allerman Banyawol Branch Woojoo Co., Ltd.. Dong Nam Trading Co.,Ltd Click Plus Living N Innovative handsome Guy Restaurant Handsome Fish's Galmaegi Mukjjang Living Care Co, Ltd New Progressive Party Daegusi party Any Progress MIMI PROGRESS CO., LTD. AR Invest Advisory Co., Ltd. SG Invest Advisory Co., Ltd. Sean Internatioanl Co., Ltd. DUDU CO.,LTD. NTS Co Muan Co., Ltd. MEGA COMMUNICATION CO. MEGA TERAS CO.,LTD. Robotec Blowon BANSEOK CORPORATION SONG-LIM TRADING CO. SONG-IN TRADING CO.,LTD Park 25 Andersen Co Hyeokseong Construction Business In Korea Handok Tech Hyundai Chemical Co., Ltd. JU YEONG STEEL TNF Corporation Seolmong Solar Co., Ltd. Korea Semiconductor Engineering Co., Ltd. Counter Trading Jae Yun Co, Ltd Accent Co., Ltd. Shi Latex Hanyou Dae O DONG WOO CO.,LTD AVITA CO.,LTD. Hyundai Green Capital Baejin Precision Choisun Realty Agency Choisun Hi-tec Choisun Construction Co., Ltd. Choisun Precision Industry DY Books DY Blue Co., Ltd. IT'S K Bid Co., Ltd UFIS MIGA TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION CO.,LTD. Rits I&C Co., Ltd. Ru E Cosmetic ACEFA mirero co ltd Handsome Beauty Whan Daehan Firm. UJEONG CO.,LTD. Ujeong Company DJ Kukje Trading Co., Ltd. Kyung Jung Co.,Ltd. JUNG KYUNG HYDRAULIC Co., Ltd. IGST Co., Ltd. Muneoga Mun 101 Carmen Life Sun Woo Corporation Adventure World Co., Ltd. Apple Adventure Co., Ltd. LS Enter Hanbaek Trading Co., Ltd. Korea Vacuum Co., Ltd. I Health TB Co.,Ltd. Kisan Textile KISAN TRADING CO., LTD Re P ISU Petasys Co., Ltd. ALPHA NETWORK CO. Bios Besmart H COMPANY CO.,LTD. Academy Science Wongwang Electric Power Korea Measurment Instrument Control Work Union National Intec Ilsin Platech Hatbit Co., Ltd. Club Medison Co.,Ltd. Daeu Medison Pharmacy Alpino Sejin Robotics Seonyang Robotics Run Dik C&C Solution Co., Ltd. Telecom Research Institute Daegu Metropolitan City Daegu Metropolitan City Seogu Namgu Daegu Metropolitan City Daegu Metropolitan City Dalseogu Daegu Metropolitan City Dalseongun Office Daegu Metropolitan City Development Waterworks Headquater of Daegu Metropolitan City Daegu metropolitan city facilities management corporation Daegu Metropolitan Sion Consulting Group Co., Ltd. Robot Nara Namjun Textile Uju Express INSU WIN CO.,LTD. LS Industry Co GMB CRESIN Co., Ltd. Kyungshin General Construction Co., Ltd. TRUE&TRUE Co., Ltd. LSCS Hanmea IT Co., Ltd. HAN MEA ADM CO.,LTD KE Co., Ltd. The KE Co., Ltd. SANGSIN BRAKE Sangsin Co. MAGIC CHEF Geonwoo CHUN-WOO GLOBAL CO CHUN WOO TRADING HANSHIN COMPRESSORS CO., LTD. U lux Co.,Ltd. Nurim Tech Dong E Co., Ltd. E Dong Textile Co., Ltd. E Dong TF Co., Ltd. E Dong Korea Co., Ltd. Sehwa Autotech Co., Ltd. Aba TAE HWA TEXTILE CO. ReuKkotteu Golf Daegu Branch Samsung Auto Home System Co., Ltd. Samsung Home Auto System Samsung Auto Home System Samsung I Net Han Shin Frame Co., Ltd. Orion Korea Co., Ltd. ONNURI TRAVEL AGENCY CO.,LTD. CRYSTAL CO.,LTD. Korea Carbon Tech Co.,Ltd. AVO Carbon Korea Co., Ltd. Hanback CND Co., Ltd. SE JONG Wholesale World Wang Wholesale Uratex Co., Ltd. U Rim Textile 511 Flower Sejin Intelligence Co., Ltd. ITT Co., Ltd. 99Industrial Asaem Development Industry Mujin Co.,Ltd. Mokambo Beomeo Agency Doogi Co. SNJ Company Korea Safety Management Co.,Ltd. Unique Corp. Clon Co., Ltd. CJ HITEC CO.,LTD. Y M K Co., Ltd. Youngnam Corporation Exco Blanc Korea Metallurgy Hirosci Co. Ltd. CNF Corporation Daewoo Electric Generator Daegu Sales Cheonha Company Co., Ltd. Hanu Semitech Co.,Ltd. Human Semitech Co.,Ltd. UNIV CO., LTD Universal Metal Industry The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Seogwang Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Gyeongbuknohoeyuji Foundation The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Bokhyeon Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Namsin Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Dongsin Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Dongseong Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Pyeongri Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Chungseong Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Pureunchojang Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Nambu Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Daedeok Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Daeseong Church IB METAL CO.,LTD. I.T.G CO,.LTD General Motor TnS, Corporation Tae Heung optical Daelim ENG PYONGSANG ENGINEERING&CONSULTING Sungju Meat Ki Money SG Industry Co., Ltd. SG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. The Alaska Asean Momo Planet L.K System Marine Company Coffee Hub Valeo Pyeong-Hwa Automotive components Gateway Pyeon Mart ROY CO LTD H Logistics Co.,Ltd. H&Global Logistics Co., Ltd. Seoil Co.,Ltd Jeongeun Co., Ltd. Jeongeun International Jeongeun General Corporation Co., Ltd. Nongong kyungbang express tour L2 Inc. Gaenari mantion Administration center HANLIM Corporation Samik Fuel Woorim Constrution Co., Ltd. Chunwoo Industry Constrution Co., Ltd. Re OD&C Co., Ltd. HANKOOK SENSOR CO.,LTD Hankook Life Sense Agricultural & Fishery Co., Ltd.. Gohyang Agricultural & Fishery Mijo Agricultural & Fishery Green Fire Inc. U Jeong International Co., Ltd. Hwang Jeong Eun English Methematics Academy C.M.S Seogang Sangsa HAESARANG CO. COSMO INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO LTD DAMEUM CO. Damereu HIKARI INNOVISION Hanyang Tex Cam Case Co., Ltd. Case Company Co., Ltd. EDEN INDUSTRIAL CO. Hwa Jin Trading Co. Fly Me to The Moon Fly To You ZENTEX CO.,LTD KYCLOTH CO., LTD. Donbaksa Gopchang JUNG WOO TECH CO., LTD. JUNG DO TECH EO Textile Korea Food Service Jung-Ang Association Onetop Yoon Sung Industry Wooseong Yoon Eop Sa SNU Co TREEBYS. CO., LTD. KIYOUNG PRECISION CO. Ins Net Insurance Branch Human Net Insurance Branch Co., Ltd. Denver GY Tech GY Company Co., Ltd. Hanil Precision Co Dong-A Tol Co., Ltd. BMI Co.,ltd Eco Resources Industry KYOBO CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD YEON-SUNG INDUSTRY Yeon Sung Textile Saemaru Co., Ltd. Horangipyocheongsongsagwa Testco Inc. Dyntex Korea Co., Ltd. BCD Korea E Red Co., Ltd. NewRun Co., Ltd. Inno I Korea Korea21 Korea21 Co., LTD. I.E Trading CO. IE AUTO DONG WON CORPORATION CO Regeuno LEEHYEON Co., Ltd. Hankuk Lab Co.,Ltd. Hi-Tex Trading Co., LTD. PARK BEAUTY SALON CO. Park Seung Gyu Law Office Honest Travel Co., Ltd. Hyundai Security Construction Hyundai Security Construction Seodaegu Branch Hyundai Security Nambu Branch Sanghwan Co., Ltd. DaeYoung Tech Co., Ltd. DELTA ADVERTISING CO. WONTECH CO.,LTD. TCS Company Co., Ltd. Jin Young Co. Yujin Mechatronics Co., Ltd. HYEONJIN MECHATRONICS CO. DUSAN STAINLESS TRADING CO. Hi Cleaning Pump Con Pump Land Uniting Cultures & Communication Hankyung Pori Co.,Ltd. Venturecom SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS SERVICE SEONGSEO CENTER CO.,LT Kukdong Electric Co., Ltd. Hyundai Security HD Hyundai Security System Keumha Socks Flow Meteo DP Road Korea Diaper Co., Ltd. DIGITAL PARK PC ROOM Perfect Co., Ltd. Book Daegu Best Service Jin Won Engineering Co. Heungkuk Ssangyong Fire & Marine Insurance Co, Ltd Daegu Branch Life &Science Co.,Ltd. Seobu Ottogi Ramen Nurico Co., Ltd. Nurico System Co.,Ltd. DAEHEUNG DAECO CO. Sapo HAN SUNG TEXTILE CO. Hansung Textile Corona Co., Ltd CORONA TEXTILE CO,LTD corona Industry Corona Textile Co, Ltd Factory Corona Engeneering General Knit GEM Echo Energy Co.,Ltd. Shilla ENG Co.,Ltd Woongjin Textile Dipi Consulting DNP Corporation Naum Information Technology Co., Ltd. 99 Percent Han-A System Co., Ltd. A And System Co., Ltd. Han A System Inc. Ainae F Co., Ltd. Jinboo Dreampia Arae Development Co., Ltd. Daiwa El Dorado Bar SOVOTEC Sage Co. Donghwa Woonsoo 206464 Any Tech CS CO CO.,LTD. DAERYU CO.,LTD. Jastec Maintenance equipment CMK INTERNATIONAL INC. Y.H TECH Youngrim Industry Co., Ltd. Youngrok Corporation Co., Ltd. Inhwa Precision Pinnacle Muhack Co., LTD. Hwang Jong Moon Children's Hospital BROWN SCHOOL CO.,LTD. Pari Yongsan Green Meriyas Pyunghwa Meriyas Sciencepia Co., Ltd. O SUNG OPTICS HAN SUNG OPTICAL CO.,LTD. HOON SUNG OPTICAL CO. So Sung optical Co SAM SUNG OPTICAL Co., Ltd.. ASUNG CO., LTD JK Technologies Co., Ltd. With Asset Management Co., Ltd. Vision Techs Co., Ltd. HYECHANG Co., Ltd. Hanbo Co., Ltd.. HANBO CO.,LTD. HANBO ENGINEERING HANBO ELECT HANBO ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Hanbo CF Hanbo Meat Hanbo Trading HanBo Bio Co., Ltd. HANBO HOUSING Hanbo Construction Co., Ltd. Hanbo Real Estate Agency HANBO SANGSA Hanbo Ind. HANBO INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Tai Young Iron Co. TERRA MODA 7 Motors Co. Hannam Chain Store Acasia Branch SHIN SHIN MACHINERY CO.,LTD PNS Inc. touch co., ltd Leaders Asset Co., Ltd. Pro Asset Co.,Ltd. Surak Co.,Ltd. Papa Food Co., Ltd. Jae Young Korea Co., Ltd. SUNG JAE CO,LTD Seongjin Techwin Co., Ltd. Omi Tech Chun Ji In Co, Ltd LEE CHUN Energy Pas Co., Ltd. Spectra Science Co., Ltd. PAI&T Co., Ltd. MKO CO.,LTD. Doosan 1st Jae Dong Ho Law Office INP CO.,LTD Modern International Wholesale Asia Co., Ltd. Podo Namu Studio Co., Ltd. Hayang Top Tools KGB Company Co., Ltd. Dong Young Corporation DONG-YOUNG CO.,LTD. SUN FLOWER HOTEL CO.,LTD. DAE HONG Co., Ltd. I3 Shop Insurance Branch Co., Ltd. Bio Com Elbiz Co.,Ltd. Mega Mart Co., Ltd. Cheese & Pizza INTERNATIONAL GOLD EXCHANGE Cyber Coating Co., Ltd. DELKO Daeseo Delko Dae Book Delko SAM SUNG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Dongsan Maternity Clinic Dongho Fatima Maternity Clinic Dong San Kun Chul Co.,Ltd. Hong Do Dang Jussasic Land Nursery jugasikpum Hankuk T&E Co.,Ltd. Shark Co.,Ltd. Cafe D An Dong Kwang Food Co Lee Jae Gyu International Patent & Law Office Cavas Cavaria Co., Ltd HNC Engineering Co.,Ltd. Match Co., Ltd. Matchbox KAS Co., Ltd. SNPR Smith Co., Ltd. Smith & Partners Co., Ltd. E.D Furniture Hans Industry Co.,Ltd. Business Sports Mobis Co., Ltd. Mobico Co., Ltd. Yida PREMIUM CO.,LTD. premium TBH Pung Shin Textile Co., Ltd. Han Shin Textile Co. Dong Shin Textile Shin Textile Co., Ltd. SHIN HAN TEXTILE CO.,LTD. SHIN PUNG CO LTD SHIN TEXTILE CO.,LTD Waryong Co., Ltd. PC COMUNICATION Kos Motors DSI Co., Ltd. RB CO.,LTD. GSR Co., Ltd. Kwaegul Miran Gui Miran Tech Yulmisa Butcher Shop Go Classic PDS Company Co., Ltd. Easy By EF Co., Ltd. SN TEXTILE CO.,LTD. Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. JL Communication Welfare Pharm. Welfare Meat Delkor Battery Agency Kyeongseo Delkor ECO ELEC CO.,LTD. Giseong Precision Mold KISRI Young Ill Co. Young Il Trading CO., LTD. YOUNG IL TRADING Daeeun Electric Material Jigu Co.,Ltd. Dada Korea Co.,Ltd. TRUST&TECHNOLOGY SILVER TEXTILE CO.,LTD. Microscitech Co., Ltd Shinwoo INT Co., Ltd. Hye sung WOOJUNG INDUSTRY Woojung G.C Co., Ltd. Nippon Party Yucheong Co., Ltd. Sb Tex Ganggu Crab Shintech Co., Ltd. Election Commission Oil tech Sungchang Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. SUNGCHANG ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Young Nam Oiltech Co. Oiltek Hanmaek Trybeca P&l Construction Co., Ltd. Pl Construction Co., Ltd. Dongil Recycling Hanmaek ENC Co.,Ltd. S-one Corporation ENTIN Comax Co., Ltd. Comas Technology Co., Ltd MOGEN COMPANY LTD. SUNIL MECHATRONICS CO., LTD. Daegu Mechatronics & Materials Institute Fine Mechatronics Co., Ltd. Maison maison de Yul Co.,Ltd. Maison De Joon Volvo Truck Sales Co., Ltd. Moa Truck Bosung Science DONG BO PHARMACEUTICAL Co., Ltd. Mik Company M I K CO,LTD Seongwoo Steel Chungkwang MD Co.,Ltd. ILKWANG CO.,LTD. Seok Corporation Seokhwa Co., Ltd. Lee Seok Hwa Law Office Seok Health SG Construction Design Leo Tech LEO COFFEE CO.,LTD. LEO TOUR CO.,LTD. Leo International Dong Kuk Steel Co., Ltd. M.S. TEXTILE CO.,LTD The advanced medical Technology Cluster for Diagnosis and Prediction NEW ROYAL KOREA LAND CO.,LTD. KOREA LAND SCAPE CO. Aju Bio UN Industry Samsung Heavy Machinery Inter Burgo Rueda Co., Ltd. Nongong Agricultural Cooperative Cheong Mine Page Co., Ltd. Cheong Myeong Cheong Medifarm Saeng Dwaeji Yangnyum Gui MyoungSung Co., Ltd. Myoungsung Company KH Corporation K.H.CO.,LTD. Total Insoo Co.,Ltd. Total Industrial Dongkuk Hawser Dongkuk Case Dae Wang Industry Juno Construction Co.,Ltd. R.C.M Co., Ltd. Korea Overseas Farm Development Co., Ltd. Seoul Woneum Broadcasting SEO-KWANG WS Trading Go Sangoldorumuk Story Bokwang Auto Parts Co., LTD. ID Dental Jongho Co., Ltd. Wooin Bath Tec Co.,Ltd. Hayoung C.G.S CO. J.M.T Daewon Optical Co. Roadsa Dream Energy Co., Ltd. Energy Dream Taerim A&C Co. Cal Tech Yangjae Textile S&T Company Pc Camp Iktus Korea Three eyes Co., Ltd. All Land Industrial Development Co., Ltd. HYUNDAE MOTORS SIJI Agency Hwasung Metal Hwasung Metal Co.,Ltd. Hwa Sung Metal Co Kirim Co., Ltd. Dai Kwang Production Morning Company Samshin Techwin Co., Ltd. Shibaek SE ON CO., LTD. Contents Pro YMSA Co., Ltd. MS Human Tech Co.,Ltd. TOPCOLOR Co., ltd. TOPCODE Bluepine Co, Ltd Catchmi Korea Plastic Co., Ltd. jm Plastics Korea Co.,LTD. Jang Heung Textile Co. S Fabric Y& Fabric D Fabric OCT CO.,LTD. MEMBERS KOREA CO.,LTD. Tour USA SU Industry The B&P Co., Ltd. JIT MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Hyub Woo Construction.CO.,LTD hee won corporation YOUNG KWANG TEXTILE CO Good Morning Mart Good Morning Medical Instrument Ilyang Good Morning Medical Palpal Polymer Compack Co., Ltd. Bravo Co.,Ltd. East Energy Co., Ltd. Geo Me E Co., Ltd. Geo Book E Car Wash Co., Ltd. Ga E Geo DHK CO.,LTD. Magic Service SK Magic Co., Ltd. Star Tour Star Tour Co.,Ltd. BL Construction Inc. Ba BL Cosmetics Pro Yulsoe A&B Bio Medi A Sel Bio Co., Ltd. Manu Precision New Run Caps Co., Ltd. Elicia Wedding (Ui )Haejeong Medical Foundation The Good Hospital Yongha Enterprise Co., Ltd. G&G Drive DAESAN ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. BND Co.,Ltd. JC Inyeonae Co., Ltd. INTERNATIONAL DIAMOND Diamond Steel Co., Ltd. Phillip korea Co.,Ltd. Dongguk Sangsa Internet 2000 IMT 2000 2000 Jidi Six KCM Yeomyeong General Food Sujung Abrasive Suyeon Abrasive Master Planning The Master Planning Top English Training Institute Kyochon Chicken Sangdongpadong MAM Co., Ltd. NEOSTARINC Daega Industry B&B Communications Co., Ltd. Soundpro Wesco Institute Adonis Co.,Ltd. OmNi Hub Co., Ltd. Dae Han Construction Co.,Ltd. JIN SUNG CORPORATION LTD Sinu Sten Willcom Korea Co., Ltd. MIKWANG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Korea Meditec Co., Ltd. T.L Co., LTD. Kwangduk Steel Co., Ltd.. Samwhan Gloves Samwhan TEX Nam-Kwang Food Poly Mate Co., Ltd. O. N. O. CO., LTD. ONO Co., Ltd.. Hanchang Industrial Co., Ltd. B2B Company Antayo Anto Ace Electronics Co.,Ltd. Three B Life Ppalraejul 2 KOREA KASCO LTD. Namdo Seaweed Fulvescens Oyster Rice Soup Chungha Food Co., Ltd. Woo Construction. Co.LTD Onenon Co., Ltd. Mondomio Co.,Ltd. Hi O Studio Co., Ltd. KD&P Songhyeon Funeral Hall Simin Co., Ltd. Agatex Co, Ltd Hana Tour Service HAN SUNG CO.,LTD. Haein Engineering Bolim EL-TEC Co., Ltd. Samyangmetal Co., Ltd. Oksan R&D Co., Ltd. Taehwa Textile Dyeing Co., Ltd. C.S.T. Planning Yongsan Sewha Polytech Co., Ltd. HANGUK POLYTECH Co., Ltd. NATURE KOREA TEX FIBER BANK CO.,LTD. Golden Invest Co., Ltd. SKF Sealing Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. Songhak Co., Ltd. Casamia Dalseo Branch DONGWON TEX TEX Co., Ltd. DONGWON TEX TEX Co., Ltd. Samik Company Co., Ltd. Mpark Chungok Scholarship Foundation DEOK SAN ENGINEERING CO LTD Amorepacific Sangju Branch HANWOO TRADING CO., LTD. Seahwa AD Co. Samwoo E&G Lock & Lock Daegudalseo Agency NeoVision Daegu Kyongbuk Regional Small &Medium Business Administration Teumse Adolescent Study Culture Community Alpha New Material KOREA SAFETY CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Power One Co., Ltd. DAEHAN TEACHER & EDUCATIONAL WORKER MUTUAL AID ASSOCIATION CO.,LTD. Angel Nanum Scholarship Foundation Boseong F&B Co., Ltd. Wooduk Textile Co., Ltd. Smart System Wonil Continental TONG IL INDUSTRIES CO LTD TONG IL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Handok Corporation Po MHR Modern International Co., Ltd. NUMBER ONE ALL CO.,LTD. Namheung Enterprise Co.,Ltd. M&H Co., Ltd. H&Y Co., Ltd. Hyun Wire Hyun Won Inc. Buguk Co., LTD. HONG SUNG CS Group Co.,Ltd. Nam-Il Electric JM Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. CHUN MA DATA SYSTEM Co., Ltd. kyongdong Environment Development Co., Ltd Uniteck Inc. One Back Co., Ltd. JNK Holdings Co., Ltd. PYEONG HWA AUTOMOTIVE CO.,LTD Se A Engineering Co., Ltd. KIB Co., Ltd. Cock Brand Co Moving Ad Bo Gwang Textile Co., Ltd. ELECTREE CO.,LTD. Lemon Powder SHINWON HITEK CO.,LTD. DW TEX CO.,LTD HYUPSUNG ELECTRIC CO., LTD. S-Net Co., Ltd. So Net Co., Ltd. Color First Co., Ltd. International System Co.,LTd. NB Mall Wini Corporation DAE HO AL CO., LTD. Architects & Engineers Transportation Pintech Co., Ltd. Super Allkorea Co.,Ltd. TCI HONGBO NET CO.,LTD. Doorae TS Loden Korea Co.,Ltd. BIF ND Co., Ltd. F-ONE CO.,LTD. G Tek ICS Co., Ltd. Sun Design Planning Shin Sun Design National Health Insurance Gongdan Daegu Jungbu Branch Smart Tech Shinwoo Ind. Co. Yedamtteul Co., Ltd. AM & G Co.,Ltd. ABC Lab ABC Infra Co.,Ltd. ABC Rainbow Ron Loan Co., Ltd. Seok Dermatologic Clinic J&P Co., Ltd. Hana Group Co., Ltd. FR Indus SAT Company SHIN GANG GLOBAL Co., Ltd. NEWS ONE CO.,LTD. Eunos Co., Ltd. Micro NX Co., Ltd. CHUNG AM WATER TREATMENT&ENGINEERING CO.,LTD BNI Co.,Ltd. BNI Textile Co., Ltd. Pc S LINA FOOD LIMITED CO.,LTD Bogo Power Co., Ltd. Ad People Co., Ltd. T&K Beauty J.B.K. Engineering Co., Ltd. H&Funding Co., Ltd. Aten Co., Ltd. Amur Co.,Ltd. ARE CO.,LTD. DEAYOUNG PETROCHEMICAL BF Soft Co., Ltd. Feed Co., Ltd. Hyundai Oil Co. Dueba Contact Lens HO SUNG TRADING Maison De Ppang Dongguk Gas DONGHWAJANG HOTEL CO. Dongshik Dongguk Pharm. Sangsa Co., Ltd. GMC Corporation

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