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Hanmin Co. HANMIN TECH NU PC NU Nu B Co., Ltd. Shin Young Do Gi Do Young Asset Management Co., Ltd. Young Shin Company Limited. HSL Electronics Corporation HS Life Memory A Co., Ltd. Memory Credit G.C Senbio Co, Ltd H.M.C. Co., Ltd. HMC Co.,Ltd. LK Material Co., Ltd. Tivo tec Co.,Ltd. shinsungfa Sunjung Jung Won Corporation. Song Jung ENC Team Bus Seoil Co.,Ltd ASUNG CO., LTD Internet Space INTERNET SPACE CO. GlobalWeb Co., Ltd. Sein Electronics Co., LTD. Sein Electric Co.,Ltd. Sein Electronics Co. Sein Electric Device Co., Ltd. KNT Co., Ltd. KN IT CO.,LTD. LSK Co., Ltd. NTS Co HWAJIN CO. G WORLD CO.,LTD. Emart Logistics E MART CO. The Zone Trading NY National Pension J.Y.P. Apparel Co., Ltd. JYP Housing Co., Ltd. JYP Construction Co.,Ltd. SK Distribution Co Ltd U Ro PC David Co., Ltd. KAI CO.,LTD. Good Holdings Co., Ltd. World Trade Co. Platform Co., Ltd. Aegis Platform Co., Ltd. PND COSCHEM CO., LTD. Brother Company BRO Co., Ltd. Intopia K2 Korea Palgongsan Agency KIWI CO.,LTD. Kiwano Hansol Holdings Paper Hansol Co., Ltd Whan Hyundai Motor Co BUSIDOL Sorian SORIEN Co.,Ltd. SORI CO., LTD. Kkoltong Kkoltong Galbi Koltong Dong daegi Kkoltong Singing Room Kkoltong Fresh Squid Kkuldanji Crown Ribs Kkoltong Snack Kkoltongsammak Kkoltong Unni Stir-fried Rice Cake public corporation inc. Silla Textile Co., Ltd. BRAINS CO.,LTD. One Two Hanwha Corporation AVO Carbon Korea Co., Ltd. GLOBAL MANAGEMENT RESERCH CO.,LTD. Global Tour Co.,Ltd. SE WON TOTAL TEX CO.,LTD Tex Won Corporation Co., Ltd. SEA WANG TEX. SAE WON TEXTILE Co., Ltd. Won Total Interior Phillip Philip The Pants UNICO Co. Inc. ATT Korea System Standard Won Shin & Kim Aimi Aimmento Co., Ltd. Shinbo R&T Co., Ltd. Seodong Co., Ltd. asia optical Moda Co., Ltd. Moda Co., Ltd. Moorim Electric Power KCL Korea Conformity Laboratories Daegu Gyeongbuk Branch Schlemmer Korea Co., Ltd. 7/10 Castelbajac Dongseongro Branch Nesign Samduk NEXIS CO.,LTD. DK CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Up Tera Co., Ltd. Sa Up Gwa Technology Co., Ltd. VATEK CO.,LTD. VA Tech Co., Ltd. ViTech Co., Ltd. CAR WORLD KISUNG TECH Kisung C&S Kisung E&C Kisung C & S Co.,Ltd. CBR CO.,LTD. Li Vision International Ten Karaoke Bar YG Co., Ltd. Cuckooria Samsung Investment Trust & Securities Co., Ltd. P&C Line PCL Cinema Co., Ltd. NeoB Co., Ltd. SK Lubricant Sangsa KT&G Mother Bear Co.,Ltd. Shinpoong Development Co., Ltd. Daegu P&P CS Energy C & energy Co., Ltd. KCW Corporation Boldeu Corporation Co., Ltd. Jeongwon Semyoung Interior Semyoung Union Co., Ltd. YB Company Co., Ltd. DATA SOLUTION CO.,LTD. Shin Hwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. MLT ML Tex AIO GMC TEX SHIN SUNG ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD Cool Shot NAVER LAND CO.,LTD. S&S Fresh Co., Ltd. Woori BNK Hyundai Moving Express I Storm LEADERS IS CO.,LTD. HYUN JIN CO.,LTD Dokdo GREEN MOBILITY CO.,LTD. Esimio KFT Co., Ltd. Eagle Company Co., Ltd. SKH Co., Ltd. HANLIM Corporation DOT Co., Ltd. Baekdong Beauty Shop Samwoo Enterprise Co., Ltd. SOLCO BIOMEDICAL CO., LTD. NAM-A Co., Ltd. Nano PC Nano Second Home Center Home Center Holdings Co., Ltd. Home Center Traders Co., Ltd. HOME CENTER CO. LTD Hapdong Pharmacy Extreme Bike Steel Tech Co., Ltd. Handsome Fish's Galmaegi Mukjjang SHIN SUNG PRECISION CO. SHIN SUNG PRECISION CO., LTD Se Sung Precision Sung Hwa Precision LG Household & Healthcare Ohui Cosmetic LG Household & Healthcare Dream Plus Co., Ltd. LUX & CO CORPORATION THE LUXE Design DIOS Hankook Eni Co., Ltd. Game GameCoaster Young Co., Ltd. Chic Chichitok JUNG-AN TEXTILE CO. N.S.Platform Company Ltd. The 2011 Innovation Management Tech SAM YOUNG MACHINERY & ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. Semyung Electric Lighting Semyung Electric power Widus Preparatory School Genie Communications Global Networks Co., Ltd. GET Co., Ltd. GN ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD. OBJET INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. Dalseong Express 1982 Nation Company Co., Ltd. e-korea The Bridge Seven Payon System Hanmaeum Law Office G.P&G Co., Ltd. Branded AD Astra Co.,Ltd Instech Co.,Ltd. Klaus CUSTOMX Co.,Ltd. Daegu Taejeon Elementary School Dae Shin Tech Co Seo Book Korea Co., Ltd. Cosmetics DC JEWEL CO. KOREA BUYEO JEWEL MINING CO.,LTD. Samyang Co., Ltd. Kyung Jin Industrial Co. Jin Industry Pyunghwa Industries Co., Ltd. Now Games Co., Ltd. S Tex L&S Electronic LS Mechanical & Electrical P & S CO. Daea S&P SEUNG MYOUNG STYROPOL Dae-Sung Pack DAESE CARDBOARD CO. ROCKET BATTERY WEST STORE CO. Lp Co., Ltd. Maron Royal Auto Door KIOT Taekwang Precision Co NAE CO.,LTD. CLEANPOS Astar Korea Co, Ltd Astar Korea Co., Ltd. Kim & Kim Invest Korea Co., Ltd. Wonbong Water Pia The Motion LEADERS CM CO.,LTD. Astec Corporation Astec Co.,Ltd. Kumsang Suchbulgalbi E.O EO Co., Ltd. Ecostart Co., Ltd. Esystem Co.,Ltd. Hyundai Heavy Industries Holdings Co., Ltd. HYUNDAI HEAVY MACHINERY CO. My Aroma Fides Optical Co S Forklift Co., Ltd. airtech Starsports Ssangyong Motors Co., Ltd. Kakao PC Room Painting Kum Young Precision Co., Ltd. Cons Cola Hauzone Co.,Ltd. Lotte INC Co., Ltd. Insyu korea Childo CHIL BO SO CHIL YONG LAW OFFICE Inus Research Wha Indus Co., Ltd. Entel SMAT SOLUTIONS Mimi Entertainment Co., Ltd. Amorepacific Sangju Branch Namdaegu Amorepacific C&J Corporation Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. Life &Science Co.,Ltd. LIFE SCIENCE Co., Ltd. BST Life Science Co., Ltd. Sindo SND DuPont (Korea) Inc Icheon Factory PSMK Speed Co., Ltd. Mr. Speed INTEX CO.,LTD. Shipping Co., Ltd. Green Trading Co., Ltd. SHINS Shin T A NC Company Co.,Ltd. Jeolse Co., Ltd. Potron Co., Ltd. Pures Pure Company Dark Horse Co.,Ltd Gyu Motors Co., Ltd. VIP Network Midas Assert Co.,Ltd KOREA SAFETY CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Korea Safety Co Korea General Safety BEYOND KOREA CO.,LTD. Three I Youngdeok Polymer Soyung Polymer Three S Co., Ltd. MH WISE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Chanel Furniture ASEA Translation Corporation Co., Ltd. Hyundai Engineering Co.,Ltd. A D Sports Seongseo Co., Ltd. E Shia Sports Co., Ltd. E Sak Ad Seokjin Co.,Ltd. SINOKOR CO.,LTD. Sinbaram SINBARAM CO.,LTD. Sinbaram Home Mart Yoolim Machinery Co. E Pay Co., Ltd. Dabo Co., LTD. 21C 21 Construction Co.,Ltd. 21st Century Industry Cnt Punggok Restaurant Y K Company Kukbo Su Seong Co., Ltd. Suseong Company Co., Ltd. Suseong Corporation Co., Ltd. KYUNGDONG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY DK INTERNATIONAL Steel Biz Korea Co., Ltd. Sori J Sori I Co., LTD. BaikSan The View Ttumgeuris Cooperative TOMASRI CO.,LTD. Jin Yang Optical Co. KY Ind.Co. Abako Co., Ltd. Bugwang General Trade Company Co., Ltd. Neuron IT YOUNG POONG STEEL CONSTRUCTURE Ibane Ippeuni Ippeun Hair Iphone Story Ippeun Yeou Ibbeni Cosmetics Ibain Cosmetics Ippeun Closet Ipane Happy Najin Textile O2 I Co., Ltd. TnS, Corporation Good Man Nam Kwang Electric Co., Ltd. Yeon Sung Textile SEONG YEON BT S HK Transportation H.K Trading Co. Porsche Bookang Engineering co., Ltd Bookang Trading Co., Ltd.. E M.C Co., Ltd. Tiffany Inn Ossipi Co., Ltd. HANHWA CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Jewang Glory Idam Kogeu Co., Ltd. Mr. Cafe Youngpoong Heat Treatment Co YOUNGPOONG FILLTEX CO.,LTD. Polaris Manhye Co., Ltd. DEOK SAN ENGINEERING CO LTD Byuck San Engineering Dbna CK Communications Jeil Industry Co.,Ltd. CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. School of Economics and Trade, KNU CHECIM INDUSTRIAL CO. Adriana DAE NAM PRECISION INDUSTRIES CO LTD CITI HOUSING CO., LTD. Citizen Co., Ltd. CITISEN CO.,LTD. Citizen Company Co., Ltd. Samjung Industry Construction Sung Jin Construction Co., Ltd. HANNAM CORPORATION Click International Co., Ltd CST Co.,Ltd. T & C Corporation Delkor Battery Agency Kyeongseo Delkor DELKO T&I Renis Ahyeon Piano Ahyeon Development Co.,Ltd. Samsung Electric CO., LTD. Line Art TriCore Co.,Ltd. Cats Sae Nal Co., Ltd. M Base Taesung Corporation S Jei Serve Line Co.,Ltd. Small and Medium Business Standards Daegu Kyongbuk Regional Small &Medium Business Administration K. B Science Ildong Health Pam Co., Ltd. TWO&ONE CO.,LTD Conair Co.,Ltd. Pro FS Co., Ltd. FS Company Kyungdong The KE Co., Ltd. The Future Co., Ltd. Mirae Elevator Co, Ltd Esse Co., Ltd. Food Box korea Co., Ltd. Susung Rira Susung Branch Susung C&D Susung Land Co., LTD. Susung Resturant Susung Bar Highgain Co.,Ltd. Dong Sung TJ Steel Co.,Ltd. See I ENG See Cam Co., Ltd See Math SCM TAIHAN The Kingdom Co., Ltd. YK Trading Co.,Ltd. Dna Adjones Hanzhong Carrots Breeding Research Center Co.,Ltd. ZHONG HAN JIAOYI N.F.C Co., Ltd. PYUNGHWA FUEL CELL SOLUTION Co.,Ltd. GY Tech GY Company Co., Ltd. KS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Buhmwoo Tec Co Buhmwoo Chem Co., Ltd. DreamFive Inc. dreamfood Ivy Dream Field Co., Ltd. Korea KD Co., Ltd. Sungwoo Trading Co.,Ltd. ST ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Marine Equipment Free Zone Free Zone Travel Co., Ltd. TaeguTec Ltd. NK Tech Chain Investment Development Co., Ltd. SHINWOO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD Blue Das International Co., Ltd. Aritaum Jeongpyeong Branch Hueplace Dongho Daeyung Sangsa Ari Ttaum SISFC Co., Ltd. Sangjin Co., Ltd. Lc Trading LC Trading Co., Ltd. Dentos Inc. Dentopia EL Textile Co.,Ltd. Ellitex Koryeo Textile Korea Appraisal Board Fund AOS Co.,Ltd. Kyocera Tooling Co., Ltd. Chussi Farm COW MAKCHANG CO. JH Global Trading Co., Ltd. Damon Trading First Avenue Grace English Academy Choi Jin Yeol English Academy Wishing Well English Academy Haesung International Corporation JI EUM Genesis PC Room Korea Developer Co., Ltd. OS Machinery Co., Ltd. BION CO.,LTD. Ado Bar ES Technology Co., Ltd. Jawon AGM Co., Ltd. S&S Korea Snow B Hansung Engineering Co.,Ltd. TNF Corporation Wi Jinjin INC Co., Ltd. Sama Textile Sama Trading Co.,Ltd. Mir International Co.,Ltd. DS E & C CO.,LTD. KMC CO Wonyoung FOREVERING LG IT Co.,Ltd. Jaedo PS Tech Co., Ltd. SAMSUNG CPL CO.,LTD. SAM SUNG Co.LTD Sam Sung Co. Jungoi Printing Publishing Dangyun MR Innovation Co., Ltd. Komac Co.,Ltd. Art Flower Mart DONGHEE CO.,LTD. Hyegwang Trade Frontier DC Co., Ltd. KB Wiper Systems CO., Ltd. Kyoungchang Wiper System Co., Ltd. Botom Portraechi Co.,Ltd. Total Textile Seawon Environment Co.,Ltd. Sea Won STM Co, Ltd THN CORPORATION Air Clean Co., Ltd. Asia Service Ksid KSST Co., Ltd. Kodens Co.,ltd Niss Inc Nissi Corp. Kim, Chang Bong Law Office Kim Chang Eun Kim Chang Won ENT Clinic Kim Chang Hwan Pro Hair Doctor Prai Sungmi Trading CRYSTAL CO.,LTD. Daegun Tech Co., Ltd. Dongyang Industrial Co., Ltd. Dong Yang Industry Co DONG YANG Industrial co., Nano Tech Samyoung Electrics Co Duksan Tech Duksan Tech Co., Ltd. Duksan Textile Segi Co. UPC CO.,LTD. J & J CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. J&j Chemical Chemical J Gas Station HAN CHEM Wonder Pul The Wonder Pul Co., Ltd. Sudo Corporation Sudo SUDO TEXTILE CO,LTD Oki Bar RAM CO.,LTD. KOCOMA CORPORATION Worldtrend CLINIC LAND CO Duru SPMUNION CO., LTD. KYUNG SHIN IND.Co., Ltd. Aplo Motorcar 11 Street I S T ABK Co., Ltd. Ret s Mirae &C Co., Ltd. Sechang Corporation Co.,Ltd. Metropolis Metro Co., Ltd. The Metro Co., Ltd. Metro Inc. K DI Non OJ Co., Ltd. SEOWON CO.,LTD Halla Electric&Construction Co., Ltd. Korea Exhibition Industry Research Institute Compas International Korea Inter Korea Corporation Shinhwa Company Co., Ltd. Sungdong Sky Sungdong General Development Co., Ltd. The Wide Co., Ltd. ENM Co.,Ltd. ENM GAT Hudeok Textile Benjamin Havana Express All Comm. Golmok Resturant Tu H Solution Co., Ltd. Kumho Electric Woochang Co.,Ltd. CNC Company Seoul Air Conditioning Ses Global Air & Sea Corp. SH Plus Co., Ltd. Ha E Carbon Co., Ltd. LIVELON.CO.,LTD. M Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Travelers Professional Online Service DK Energy Co., Ltd. Ten Co., Ltd. Daltteok Daltom Max Tech Co., Ltd. Cam Tech Korea Co. TAE CHANG Bio Package Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai Holding Joongang Co., Ltd. JCS Co.,Ltd JJCS Toy & Senior SUMAN SUSAN CO. Made Co., Ltd. Neteoseu Co., Ltd. Salin Co., Ltd. Woong Jin Enterprise Ildong Solar Co., Ltd. Space co.,Ltd Raymond Bakery RAY CO.,LTD. Y Korea Co., Ltd. Sitech Switech Co.,Ltd. Subin Doctor Food Co.,Ltd. J&G Co., Ltd. J&G WONBONG WATER CLEANER BUKGUJEOM CO. National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Woori National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Joonganghoi Gyungbuk Jiyuk Center Color Stack Five System Five Star Five Source Co., Ltd. Yega Interior Co., Ltd. Daewoo Construction Machinery Kyongbuk Agency Miwon Hoe Resturant Miwon Noodle Proseed Haam Co., Ltd. Barun Telecom Samil Co.,Ltd. Seoil Architects & Planners Hwankyung Architects & Planners Youngsun E Jeong Co., Ltd. Korea Transportation Corporation Dongin Welbeing Health Fitness Bali Health Fitness Noe Howte JWD&C Co., Ltd. Taekwang Industry Co. Taewang Construction Co., Ltd. A Marketing Co., Ltd. Core Tech Trend Leader Co., Ltd. Sale RT Kyungdong Navien Dalseo Branch History Promotion History Studio Duson Art Happyhaje Co., Ltd. SLS Sales Enbio Enbi Co., Ltd. GWANGBOK TECH CO. Gwangbok Precision Co., LTD. MK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. ESTER CO.,LTD. IBM KOREA INC. Yuhan Enterprise IBS Co., Ltd. Premier International Daegu Social Welfare Foundation Association Social Welfare Foundation Be Nest Social Welfare Foundation Hana Nursery Solar Energy H system co., ltd Sina H & C System Pakori Pakson Co., LTD. Pakron Pakoroko Co., Ltd. MC Ian Trading AI Tech Co., Ltd. Grace International Co HAN BAEK TEXTILE CO.,LTD HAN BEE TEXTILE Co., Ltd. Han Textile BAEK SANG TEXTILE CO. Hi Pol Co., Ltd. Usung Electronics Telecom Starmi Hansaeng Electric Academy Endo Vision Lab Co., Ltd. Vision Science Daegu Branch Co., Ltd. Silverkyu M first Mold One Co.,Ltd. Media Plus One PNJ Trading Co., Ltd. PyungHwa ENG Co., Ltd. PYUNGHWA OIL SEAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Compass Co., Ltd. Campus Co.,Ltd. National Pension Service Daegujibu Gunae Restaurant ARIA CO., LTD. Aria Co.,Ltd. Chan P&A Chan System Chain System VAXCO THE REC CO.,LTD. JUNIL CO., LTD. Gangnam Baby Obstetrician C.C.B Life Company Co. Daese M .Care Co., Ltd. Nanotec Instrument DAIM CO.,LTD. RS CO.,LTD. Mirae Global JC Corporation JC Company Co.,Ltd. WONIL CO.,LTD. INPO TECH CO.,LTD. Doosan Construction Doosan Housing Construction Co., Ltd. SAE CHANG FIBER CO., LTD. Sae Chang Inc. SAE RON CHEMITEX CO,LTD World Best FABRICS The Fabric Co., Ltd. IGIS Exim Co.,Ltd. Gemini Art Korea Corp. SAMBONG TRADING CO.,LTD. ZET Co.,Ltd DH HITECH CO.,LTD. JOONG WON ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD RA JGlobal Co, ,Ltd B.T.C CO.,LTD. BTC Co., Ltd World BTC Korea Co., Ltd. Camp Hu Kyung Co., Ltd. Hokyung Co., Ltd. DAE KYUNG PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. Dong Myung Jeong Gi Co., Ltd. SUNDRIES CO. TC ENG Co., Ltd. TAE SUNG Youngsan Co., Ltd. Nongshim Ga Mart Gangnam Nongshim Branch Environtech Co., Ltd. Dongkuk Industry K. B Asset Management Loan Co., Ltd. KCC HBS HBS Construction Co., Ltd. Chips Line Co., Ltd. Leeso The Lees Co.,Ltd. Poly tech Co.,Ltd. Hoseung Cons Architects & Engineers Doma Co., Ltd. D NJ Entertainment HI LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Samyoung Co.,Ltd. Weecan Solution Co.,Ltd. PTG Company Haedong Ins Co.,Ltd. HIBIT UIT Holdings Co., Ltd. Blueberry C&T Co., Ltd. COTEX CO.,LTD. Ctex CTTEX CO., LTD. Haha Resturant JUNG-ANG CO. Atlantis Co., Ltd. K Y Co., Ltd. Postech Co., Ltd. L&K Global Co., Ltd. S Koteu Holdings Co., Ltd. Se-chang international co., ltd. CUC Co., Ltd BELETA CO. Equipment Management Equipment Construction Co., Ltd. Korea Copier Samchully Dongbu Agency Human Plus Co., Ltd. Able Co., Ltd. LaRia Co.,Ltd. Jason Co., Ltd. Ehwa Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. Sun Trading Co. The Uniform Nice Information Hyundai Heavy Industries Forklift West Branch Daegu Buddhist Pavilion Dongje Arts Pavilion Samsung Asset Co.,Ltd. Samsung Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Time Rich Balance Nine Co., Ltd. Jinseok E Tech Co.,Ltd. Jinseok Towe Wedding Hall Jinseok Tower Premises Booth SSR Co., Ltd. AZ Co., Ltd. Yong Yeun Textile Co., Ltd. FIBERTECH CO. F-2 Co.,Ltd. F2 MOTORS CO.,LTD. La beauty house LA DISTRIBUTION CO.,LTD. La Foret Co, Ltd LA 24hours Convenience Store LA Park 24 Convenience Store LA Galbi Mart La Reine Hair LA Town Sikyukjeom LA Club La Jenny Daegu LA Dental Clinic LA Namgyeong Dental Clinic La Vida Rocca Gwanun LA Meat Processing Center LA Singing Room La Vie Est Belle D2 The D2 Sejong System IMpartners corp Hanhwa TI Co., Ltd. MX CO.,LTD. KTL CO.,LTD. Woogyeong Co.,Ltd. Ins Leader Co.,Ltd. Kyungpook National University KYUNGPOOK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Kyungpook National University Hospital Bio-Medical Research Institute KYUNGPOOK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY DENTAL HOSPITAL Kyungpook National University Machinery Institute Kyungpook National University's Attached high school Kyungpook National University Hospital Subway Kyungpook National University Branch Hansot Dosirak Kyungpook National University Front Gate Agency Busan Industry Co.,Ltd. Busan Industry Development Co.,Ltd. World Inc World EL Co.,Ltd. The world Leader Co.,Ltd. Partroom Jmtec Co.,Ltd. WOO SHIN CO,LTD CHANGSHIN CORP. Daemyoung Co, Ltd G&H CORPORATION Co., Ltd. Boryung Pharmacy ESTRA Automotive Systems Co., Ltd. erae AMS Co., Ltd. Dong San Pharmacy FUTURE TECHNOLOGY CO. Macro Trade Mouse Co., Ltd. Digen Co.,Ltd. Hana Teuksoo 6576 TIMESPACE L&P HUMUS CO.,LTD. Carrefour Korea Co., Ltd. Moby-Dick Co., Ltd. Hankook CMC Co., Ltd. Think I Co., Ltd. Jeong won Trading POONG SAN TRADING CO.LTD PAX INC. Dae Myung ENG Co., Ltd. SAM MYUNG ENG MYUNG WON ENG Daeho Infinity Changsin Auto System POONG SAN CORPORATION S.A CONSTRUCTION CO.LTD Bumin Enterprise MYEONG DONG SALES CO., LTD. Holotel Koreatech Co., Ltd. Koreatex Co., Ltd. TACHYONICS CORP. KMR Co., Ltd. Doosan Heavy Machinery Motor Service SHILLA STEEL Co., Ltd. Shilla Co., Ltd. GTS Co., Ltd. Shilla Industry Shilla System Co., Ltd. Woohwa Co., Ltd. Woowang Co., Ltd. Digital Nuri DSM Company Co., Ltd. Daan Electronics Co., Ltd. Daan C&P Co., Ltd. KPMS Co., Ltd. M.H Co.,Ltd. Monster Company Co., Ltd. Korea Gas Corporation Oracle Company Co., Ltd. YG TECH Greenbod Co., Ltd. Greenbad Co., LTD. NAMDO CO. Namdo Machine Tool Co., Ltd. E D Communications Co., Ltd. E D Communication DNC Co., Ltd. Leaders DNC GOLDEUN SWINGS PARTNER CO.,LTD. MAGIC CHEF CO.,LTD. Dongbu Co., Ltd. Dongbu Co., LTD. ENTECH CO.,LTD. Dong-A Steel Co.,Ltd. Daegu Technopark Daeheung Stainless Steel Trading Co., Ltd.. Hair Blanc Mont Blanc Bakery Corident Ace Integration Co., Ltd. Taegwang Architecture Integration Institute Seegene Co.,Ltd. Gachang Korean Federation of Community Credit Nonghyup Fruit & Vegetable KoWorld PP Golf Co., Ltd. YOUNGONE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Youngone ENG Co., Ltd. Samsung Heavy Machinery Co., LTD. Samsung Heavy Machinery Yuchang Medics Uyung Medics Seyung Medics Wooyeong Medics Co.,Ltd. Seyeong Medics Hyeongyeong Medics K.2 General Leisure

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