List of Corporate Headquarters in LJUBLJANA CRNUCE

Search a company in Slovenia with your criteria (trade name, adress, Slovenian registry number...). provides business and credit information about Slovenian firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
Follow changes in legal forms, executives and legal representatives...

If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Slovenian register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Slovenia, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Slovenian company.

KOLEKTOR ETRA d.o.o. SPORTRADAR d.o.o. SANREX d.o.o. SINERGA PRO d.o.o. ALEKSANDER d.o.o. AC d.o.o. ARTCOMP GORAZD ZAJC S.P. MI MOBIL d.o.o. GM - BAU d.o.o. ADRILOG d.o.o. Ljubljana NATON d.o.o. Dana Lowiova s.p. Dana Popovic s.p. MOSS d.o.o. - v stecaju ME-BRIG d.o.o. ABB d.o.o. Telemach d.o.o. E Q d.o.o. HISNI SERVIS MATIC d.o.o. MAROX, Matic Treven s.p. Beyond Semiconductor IP d.o.o. PLIVA LJUBLJANA d.o.o., Ljubljana MSZ TRANSPORT d.o.o. PISA d.o.o. CDS d.o.o. SPORTNO DRUSTVO NLB LEASING NLB Lease&Go d.o.o. Toyota Tsusho Leasing Slovenija d.o.o. ADEA D.O.O., LJUBLJANA - V STECAJU VELO NEPREMICNINE, d.d. MOBOS d.o.o. BONTA d.o.o. OMIA GLOBAL d.o.o. MOST LJUBLJANA, d. o. o. Gorenje Studio, d.o.o. KOLEKTOR IGIN d.o.o. GROUP A, d.o.o. SOSP d.o.o. - v stecaju ALPANA d.o.o. ALPENG d.o.o. MEDIS, d.o.o. Miran Sraka s.p. FINTEH d.o.o. SMART COM d.o.o. ALTERNO LABS d.o.o. TRIGRAD d.o.o. DRAGOMIR VIRANT S.P. DPD d.o.o. DOBI d.o.o. PND d.o.o. MARCAR d.o.o., Ljubljana HORUS d.o.o. - v stecaju Marko Strukelj s.p. PROVIDAS d.o.o. COMFORT d.o.o. Tiskarna DTP d.o.o. TOJO d.o.o. MESARSTVO FLERIN, d.o.o. Petra Flerin s.p. Jaka Flerin s.p. GeoProM d.o.o. e-Mobile d.o.o. GS Group d.o.o. HR Global d.o.o. SG d.o.o. SG INVEST d.o.o. PIRC INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. DRUSTVO MLADINSKI INTERESNI KLUB PLAST d.o.o. PRIMA d.o.o. KOMPAS TELEKOMUNIKACIJE d.o.o. KOMPAS SENEC d.o.o. Ljubljana ZVASP EVITA PRO d.o.o. - v stecaju SINAPSA d.o.o. ARKADIA FD d.o.o. PREDICTA, Robert Sraka, s.p. PRIBAR d.o.o. NOVA AIG-ISKRA d.o.o. - v stecaju MAKS-PRO d.o.o. S-PRO d.o.o. MOMAR d.o.o. TBS TEODORA BOLHA S.P. FOVEA d.o.o. ARMADA, Uros Zuraj s.p. KUNSTKOLLEKTIV d.o.o. TOPLO d.o.o. TOVEL, d.o.o. Aleja skupina d.o.o. SPEDICIJA PISKUR d.o.o. GEOLET d.o.o. SKUPINA IS d.o.o. NETKO d.o.o. NDK d.o.o. CGS plus d.o.o. AGENS-ENGINEERING d.o.o. Telemach UG d.o.o. KBL, d.o.o. TR LOG d.o.o. 3DVA, d.o.o. RESALTA d.o.o. RESALTA EOL, d.o.o. RES PV, d. o. o. ADVENTURA, d.o.o. MOBILO d.o.o. KEN LAB d.o.o. GULIVER FILM & FOTO d.o.o. NLB LEASING d.o.o. - v likvidaciji NET INFORMATIKA D.O.O. COMPARE TRADE d.o.o. ZDRUZENJE RED SV. BENEDIKTA VIBOR d.o.o. VEN-DOR d.o.o. SI d.o.o. ANTEK PLUS d.o.o. ANTICUS d.o.o. EKOTEK - KD GROUP d.o.o. - v stecaju CONSALTA d.o.o. Beyond Semiconductor d.o.o. TCC - AVTOMARKET, d.o.o. CHEMILAB d.o.o. ECOT d.o.o. KALEIDOSCOPE, Nina Kaiser s.p. ZTZ TRANKO d.o.o. SCHENKER d.d. DIGITAL HOUSE d.o.o. ELEKTROVIN, d.o.o., Ljubljana STUDIO MEDIMA d.o.o. M - ENERGIJA, d.o.o. SKUPINA CLARUS d.o.o. KOLEKTOR SINABIT d.o.o. KOLEKTOR SISTEH d.o.o. e-on d.o.o. ENUI d.o.o. TEAMSO d.o.o. AMICUS SI d.o.o. INOTECH GROUP d.o.o. Mateja Kosec, s. p. IMP PROMONT d.o.o. MET & MET d.o.o. VELOG d.o.o. Ljubljana RAMASTRA Ljubljana d.o.o. - v stecaju VILLA d.o.o.

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