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Omar Kassem Alesayi & Partners Ltd. Marketing Trading Company Branch Salem Mohammed Mansour Altarad Contracting Est. Ben Mansour Trading and Contracting Est. owned by Ali Mohammed Mansour Alqhtani. Al-Ibdaa Tailor Shop for Men Tailoring and Al-Ebdaa Cars Workshop owned by Sarah Mohammed Modern Saudi Company Ltd. Branch For Cables Industries Ali Saad Mohammed Trading Est Khaled Saad Mohammed Heweiz Alshahrani & Mohammed Meajeb Heweiz Company for Interior Hajj Mohammed Bin Saad Bin Mohammed Bin Oweir & Partner Solidarity Company Trading Company owned by Mohammed Bin Saad Bin Mohammed Bin Owyer and Co. Company owned by Mohammed bin Mohammed bin Saad bin Aouir and corporate partner Trading Stores owned by Trading Dhafer Abdullah Saeed Alshahrani Trading Store owned by Mohammed Ali Mohammed Assiri Alrayan Disassembling & Assembling Furniture Center owned by Rayan Ali Ahmed Al-Mishhin Kaabi for Disassembling & Assembling Furniture owned by Ali Ahmed Salman Kaabi Truck owned by Ali Ahmed Jaber Alami Alfeifi Vegetables & Fruit Shop owned by Ali Ahmed Belgheith Al-Dashash Alsheikhi Rawaea AlShahriqah Trading Est. Branch Branch of modern electronic Company Ltd. Modern Electronic Company Ltd. Branch Dates Shop owned by Jamal Ahmed Mohammed Baghlaf Truck owned by Safar Saad Safar Alshahrani Saleh Rashed Salem Altayar Trading Est. Trading Est. owned by Saleh Rashed Salem Al-Tayaar Mohammed Abdurrahman Abdulhafez Bin Shayhun Trading Est. Salem Saeed Ali Alsarei Stores Mansour Hassan Alsanhani Real Estate Est. Alharbi Establishment for Trading and Contracting owned by Saad al-Ibrahim Said Alsahfi Establishment Saeed Sultan Al-Qahtani Abdul Rahman Trading and Contracting Sarah Company Branch Qawafel Alkheir General Services Est Tariq Farag Mohammed Abied Contracting Est. Ali Fayezal Mohammed Aboshraha Contracting Est. Fahed Saad Mohammed Alshahrani Contracting Est. Moshraf Rashed Mohammed Alamri Contracting Est. Yehya Fayezal Mohammed Aboshrha Contracting Est. Mohammed Omeish Hamad AljAbeer Gas Selling Est. Almaraei Company Ltd. Branch Stores owned by Sheikha Saeed Eisa Alshahrani Al-Jbalain Company owned by Abdul-Wahab Ayed Dejem and brothers Contracting Est. owned by Ayed Abdul-Wahab Saeed Bin Dejem Al-Mitawe' Company for Trading and Contracting Alrahalah Tents & Woolen Houses Tailoring owned by Haitham Saad Mohammed Al-Meshawi Alshah Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali Assiri Sport Est. Ali Mohammed Hassan Alhyani Contracting Est. Aljomaih Automotive Company Ltd. Branch Aljumeih Automotive Company Branch ,Ltd Fatimah Mohammed Muadah Alshahrani Women's Tailoring Shop owned By Suada Mushabab Al-Hussain Al-Amer Alijtihad Shop Trading for Houses & Containers Cleaning & Sterlizing owned by Nasilah Nass Talal Saleh Moazi Alharbi Trading Est. Abduallah Mohammed Barkoot Contracting Est LOundry owned by Mefrah Hadi Bkour Al Hadi Ali Abduallah Alshahrani Contracting Est. Alnasab Contracting Est. owned by Ali Abduallah Ali Alqhtani. Benbeshan Contracting Est . Awad BESHAN Ali Alqhtani Noura Saeed Faleh Al-Jeldah Food Supplies Est. & Furniture Disassembling & Assembling Stor Mohammed Awad Alqadi & Sons Trading Company (Alyamamah Painting Factory) Spare parts for Cars owned by Mona Mohammed Musfer Al-Kahtany Almalki Goods Transportation Office owned by Bardi Hashim Abdulraziq Fayez Abdullah Amer Alshehri Trading Est. Saudi Ceramics (Alkhazaf Alsaudi) Company Branch Saudi Group Company for Construction Materials Branch Mrahel Constructing and Contracting Est. Mohammed Ibrahim Fayee Suni Trading Est. Salem Mohammed Ibrahim Assiri Trading Est. Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Trading Est Branch of electronia Alhadesa Company Limited Saad Ali Nasser Al-Saqr Trading Est. Truck owned by Saeed Ali Saad Al-Sufran Alqahtani Grocery & Barber Shop owned by Saad Ali Awad Alqahtani Almjad Workshop owned by Salehah Saad Mubarak Ali Shop LOundry Almas clothing owned by Ali Saad Ali Rzha Al-Shareg Women's Tailoring Shop owned by Saad Ali Saad Abo Dibail Al-Kahtany Mahmoud Mohammed Ali Matbouli & Partners Trading Company Branch (United Matbouli) Shop and Al-Bait Al-Nadhej Hanaeeth Restuent owned by Saadah Mohammed Hussain Sufraan Romance wedding clothes renting owned by Ali Kamal Mohammed Alkatheri Saeed Qhanem Athras Alshahrani Contracting Est. Kan Tailor Shop for Men Tailoring owned by Hussain Abdullah Mohammed Al-Mohammed Al-Kahtan Saudi Company for Public Transportation Branch Disassembling & Assembling Furniture Shop owned by Reem Nasser Saeed Samaan Abduallah Bargash Abduallah Alshahrani Contracting Est Real Estate Development & Investment Company Ltd Ali Mohammed Alqahtani Contracting Est. Hassan Abduallah Mohammed Alqahtani Contracting Est . Abduallah Saeed Mohammed Alqahtani Contracting Est Abduallah Mohammed Mobarka Alqahtani Contracting Est Awad Mohammed Hadi Alqahtani Contracting Est. Abduallah Hadi Mohammed Alqahtani Contracting Est Abduallah Masoud Mohammed Alqahtani Contracting Est Abdullah Hadi Mohammed Alqahtani Contracting Est. Abdullah Mohammed Yahya Alqahtani Contracting Est. Moeid Abdullah Mohammed Alqahtani Contracting Est. Abduallah Mohammed Yahyea Alqahtani Contracting Est Mohammed Abdullah Saad Alqahtani Contracting Est. Abduallah Ateah Mohammed AlZahrani Contracting Est Bab Alharah Fast Food owned by Fatimah Abdullah Saleh Alshamrani Dakheel Allah Ahmed Alamri Alshamrani Trading Est. Abu Bakr Abdullah Omar Bawazir Trading Est. Bikhit Equipment Company Ltd. Branch Saad Saeed Awdah Alawdah Alghamdi Trading Est. Saad Ali Mohammed Al-Awdah Contracting & Trading Est. Saleh Ahmed Amer Alghereidi Contracting Est. Turki Nasser Mohammed Alamlas Trading and Contracting Est . Farasan for foods and consumer products Company Branch Alrahib Fruit & Vegetables Store owned by Qassim Ahmed Jaber Heiadi Ghazwani Alshalal Café owned by Yahya Ali Saeed alqahtani JAbeer Alfeifi Islamic Recordings Est. owned by JAbeer Ahmed Yahya Alfeifi Alsafaa Food Supplies Grocery owned by Ahmed yahya Ahmed Huban Assiri Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Abd Alqahtani Trading Est. Kafaif Alkaiala buffet and lOundry owned by Zahra Abd Ali Al-Rahim al-Ghamdi Abdulhadi Saleh Mohammed Alamri Trading Est. Coffee Grinding & Roasting Shops owned by Mohammed Nasser Saad Abdullah Veterinary Pharmacy owned by Fahimah Hussein Nasser Al-MuShahrif Arab Company Branch Trading for Oud & Oriental Perfumes Trading Dubai Electronic Repair Shop owned by Salman Mohammed Mushabab Alshahrani Alsalam Disassembling & Assembling Furniture owned by Muadyah Dhafer Awad Alqahtani Alsalam Store owned by Ali Saeed Abu Hasel Alqahtani Aljazirah Pharmacy & Alsalam Clinic owned by Masoud Awad Awdah Al-Qureish Ali Nasser Ali Alshahrani Trading Est. Nasser Ali Mohammed Alqahtani Trading Est. Branch Saeed Ali Nasser Basamir Trading Est. Mamlakat Al-Magasel LOundry Shops owned by Nasser Ali Abdullah Al-Sheybaan Furniture owned by Nasser Ali Nasser Basamir Jani Alkhayrat for Cooked Provision Services Saeed Mohammed MaSaud Al-Khayran Real Estate Services Saeed Morei Ali Alqahtani Trading Est. Ibrahim Yahya Mohammed Alsufyani Contracting, assembling & disassembling furniture Est. Tr Ali Yahya Ali Alshahrani Contracting Est. Rukun Al-Shareg Al-Awsat Trading Company for Electrical Appliances owned by Taybah Hassan Alrifai Café owned by Ahmed Abdullah Ayedh Alrifai Barber Shop owned by Ahmed Abdullah Mohammed Kayat Al-Nour Grinding & Roasting Shops owned by Ahmed Abdullah Mohammed Al-Naem Al-Shehry Ahmed Mohammed Saleh Trading Baashn & Partners Company Branch Contracting Est. owned by Mohammed Saleh Salem Renting Equipment Est. owned by Mohammed Saleh Mubkhout Al-Nuhadey Tareeq Almadinah Trading & Services Company Ltd Branch Mohammed Yousef Naghi Automotive Est. Branch Mohammed Abdullah Abdulaziz Trading Est Mohammed Ali Mousa Alqahtani Trading Est. Al-Rayan Contracting Est. Al-Rayan Tailor Shop for Men Tailoring owned by Ahmed Saeed Othman Al-Kathery Al-Rayan Tailor Shop for Men Tailoring owned by Fatimah Awaad Ali Al-Kathery Majed Mohammed Abdullah Dashnan Contracting and Real Estate Est Alsamahah Alahlyah Real Estate, Contracting & Trading Est. owned by Saeed Saleh Alamri Alsamah Alahlea Trading Est and Real Estate owned by Saeed Saleh Alamri Al-Samaha Al-Ahleyah for Trading and Contracting and Real Estate Establishment owned by Sa Sultan for Natural Stones Installation owned by Sultan Mohammed Hassan Al-Namar Alshahrani Saad Mohammed Saad Alhashim Alshahrani Contracting Est. Abdullah Salem Saeed Seif Trading Est. Al-Jabalain Trading Company owned by Abdul-Wahaab Ayed Deajemm and his Brothers Majid Yahya Mohammed Al-Mubarak Trading Est. Stores owned by Trading Ali Mohammed Yahya Abdulbaqi Mohammed yahya Ayedh Assiri Trading Est. Trading Est. owned by Mohammed Manosur Yahya Al-Kahtany Trading Grocery owned by Ali Abdulaziz Yahya Alamri Saudi Coca Cola Resfreshments Bottling Company Branch SAUDI KIA AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY BRANCH Mohammed Abdualaziz Alshahrani Contracting Est. Mohammed Abdulaziz Abdullah Alsanei Trading Est. Abdulaziz Mohammed Saeed Akram Trading Est. Fatimah Abdulaziz Mohammed Alasmari Trading Est. & Barber shop Ahmed Mohammed Nasser Alqahtani Istikdam Office Safari Company Ltd. Abdullah Saeed Al-Jar Allah Alqahtani Contracting Est. Ridha Hussain Saleh VBin Shehon Trading Establishment Modern Awtan Contracting Est. Tawq Aljazirah Trading Est. owned by Saad Saeed Abdullah Alshahrani Trading Grocery owned by Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Al-Sahab Alshahrani Zaharat Al-Shmis LOundry owned by Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Al-Zaher Lahzah Tailor Shop for Men Tailoring owned by Ahmed Saeed Awaad Al-Shameer Women's Tailoring Shop owned by Fatimah Ali Mohammed Assiri Al-Tholouj LOundry Shops owned by Saeed Shoaib Hadey Al-Adeyah Alriyadh Workshop for Refrigerators & Air Conditioners Repairing owned by Ahmed Hassan Moh Albustan Alawal Factory For Packaging & Wrapping Food Products owned by Kamel Mohammed Ezz Al-Haytham Group Company Ali Yahya Alkaabi Trading Est. Mahdi Awad Mohammed Hussein Trading Est. Alnahria Contracting Est. Ali Saleh Ali Alamri Contracting Est. Mohammed Saad Alamri Contracting Est. Shabaket Alsayad Sea Food Shop owned by Khaled Ali Mohammed Alzamli Assiri Aljanoob Barber Shop owned by Khaled Ali Abdullah Akkah Riyadh Al-Khamis Civil Schools Sumoud Al-Arabiyah Company Somoud Al-Arabeyah Company Sumood Al-Arabeyah Company Shop for Cleaning & Sterilizing Containers owned by Fatimah Ahmed Ibrahim Assiri Al-Sheraa Contracting Est. Abdullah Nasser Abdullah Alahmari Contracting Est. Nasser Abdullah Nasser Aboresha Contracting Est. Nasser Abdullah Hassan Althweleh Contracting Est. Ali Marzouq Nawaf Alshahrani Real Estate Services Est. Wazir Abdullah Sultan Alhawashi Trading Est. Saad Saeed Abdullah Alahmari Trading Est. Dar Alnujoom Store owned by Layla Hadi Mahdi Nasser Al-Hadban Women's Tailoring Shop owned By Hadi Abdullah Nasser AL-Kahtany Truck owned by Hadi Saad Salman Alqahtani Truck owned by Hadi Nasser Salem Alqahtani LOundry Shops owned by Hadi Mosleh Muhdy Al-Abaas Furniture Shop owned by Trading Saeed Hadi Hussein Alqahtani Barber Shop owned by Saeed Hadi Yahya Almalki Lamasat Barber Shop owned by Saleh Hadi Hamad Kasher Al-Qarad Al-Taif Tamis Bakery owned byTalal Saeeed Hussain Mohammed Al-Maliky Contracting Est. owned by Hussain Mohammed Al-Qasim Al-Fagehey Al-Asmarey Hussain Mohammed Hussain Al-Husaniyah Rubber Factory Branch owned by Hussain Mohammed Hussain Al-Ahassaneiah Office for Engineering Consultations owned by Hussain Mohammed Saad Al-Shahrany Alkhamis Barber Shop owned by Shaherah Sultan Ayedh Alqahtani Saeed Ahmed Ali AlZahrani Contracting Est. Al-Kawkab Cars Workshop and Makkah Bakeries Tamis Shop owned byMohra Ali Hussain Rawaea Alfares Trading Est. owned by Fatimah Abdullah Said Alamudi Najed Alfares Contracting Est. owned by Saleh Mosleh Ghrban Alyami Est Alfares Alaseel Trading and Contracting Est Factory Al-Tanmeyah Al-Arabieyah Trading and Contracting Est. owned by Abdullah Salem Mohammed Al- Ali Saeed Awdah Al-Ghunei Alahmary Trading Est. Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Omear Assiri Contracting Est. Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Moeid Trading Est Mohammed Abdualrhaman Mohammed Alben Maneah Alqarni Contracting Est. Almawardah Fast Food Supplies café & Furniture Shop owned by Mousa Ali Dahesh Yahya Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah Alqahtani Trading Est. Abdullah Ahmed Mohammed Alqahtani General Contracting, Goods & Supplies Paid Transportatio Dhafer Ahmed Mohammed Alqarni Trading Est. Ali Fayezal Mohammed Alqahtani Trading Est Attiah Ahmed Mohammed Althaqafi Trading Est. Rukn Eram Trading Est. Branch owned by Abdullah Jaber Mansour Alyami Altamwin Alarabi Trading Company Ltd Amer Abu Musmar Trading Est. Tailor Shop for Military Dress Shop owned by Jibreel Nasser Ahmed Wasily Cooling & Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair Shop owned by Asmaa Abdullah Mohammed Alsh Barber Shop owned by Ahlam Hweij Salem Alqahtani Fayez Farhan Masoud Alyami Contracting Est. Branch of Contracting Est. owned by Saleh Ahmed Azeb Al-Zubedidy Ali Mohsen Ali Alashaq Contracting Est. Half Moon Café owned by Salmah Saeed Mohammed Alamri Megan Tailor Shop for Men Tailoring owned by Salemah Zafer Mohammed Al-Anabes Bakeries Tamis Shop owned by Salam Ibrahim Jamul Al-Kulaib Café owned by Salma Muflih Hamad Al-Fayei Suliman Yaslem Aletr Alsayeri Trading Est. Moustafa Hussein Saeed Abdulaziz Bin Mushayt Trading Est. Mohammed Abdualrhaman Alamri Contracting Est. Al-Lan Al-Arabey Contracting Establishment owned by Bader Ali Mohammed Jalaah Women's Tailoring Shop owned by amal Omair Muraih Abo Amer Establishment Al Qurbi Contracting Est. owned by Mohammed Mubarak Salam Al -Qurbi Cell Phones Maintenance Shop owned by Ali Adullah Mohammed Al-Amer Alqahtani Hamed Mohammed Hamed Alabduallah Altoumi Contracting Est . Ali Bin Abdulwahab Bin Dajam Trading Est. Caf‚ owned by Yahya Hassan Yahya Al-Nassar Alqahtani Mohammed Ali Saeed Alqahtani Contracting Est. Abduallah Mohammed Saeed Alomer Contracting Est Ayied Hassan Ali Althawab Contracting Est

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