List of Corporate Headquarters in CHARLESTOWN

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Mossaras Corporation Charly Acquisitions Limited Innova Investment Ing Investment Corporation Trademost Enterprises Ltd. Plexar Capital LLC Capital Services Limited FXOpen Markets Limited Apollo Development Group Ltd Lake Directors Limtied Web Free Trade Llc TDC Rental Nevis Ltd Jumar Holdings Limited Plinvest Mutual Trust Leyland Services SA Armstrong Holdings Corporation Ferex Trading SA Tower Trustees Ltd. Daniel, Brantley & Associates North South Consulting Services Ltd BCM International Dixcart Management Nevis Limited INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES Petronaval International Services LLC Saluta Shipping Limited Broadcasting Services International Ltd. Vasco Maritime Handling Ltd Luso International Limited Ghost Investment Ltd Morning Star Holdings Limited Medical University of the Americas Limited Baronshire Crompton Capital Group Inc. Amatus Capital Group Co Ltd Unitrade LLC Currency Trade Group LLC Tradestorm Ltd A Plus Shipping and Tansportation Trading Company Ltd Afrotrade Tektrade Ltd Finecom Ltd Tenera Ltd Heracles Limited Platinvest Limited INTERINVEST CORPORATION LTD Greenwood Investments Felluca Investments Limited Fresco Investments LLC Fermey Investment Limited Fiden SA K Trading S.A. Trade Stone The Bradford Group Assinol Trading Inc J&D Oilfield International Ltd Ying Corporation Touterelle Marketing Ltd Frobisher Marketing Ltd Direct Marketing International Inc. New Market Resources Ltd Proxy Market Enterprises Company Minstrel Marketing Ltd Truffle Marketing Ltd Astoria Marketing Ltd. Marketing Technologies Limited Coronet Marketing Systems Inc. Sandon Marketing Inc Grandson Capital Market Ltd Northern Management Inc Marketing Strategis Limited Media Marketing Holdings Ltd Dover Downs Investments Ltd. Silversdals Investment Ltd Elmor Enterprises Limited Lawyers International Financial Enterprises Warren Enterprises Inc. G.I. Enterprises R.T.R. Enterprises Inc. Richfield Enterprises Ltd Warbler Enterprises Ltd. L & C Worldwide Enterprises Ltd. Silent Enterprises Ltd Banner Enterprises Ltd Wizard Enterprises Ltd Auto World Enterprice Inc. Elettrica Ragusana Holdings Ltd Emerald Investment Holdings Corp Metra Holdings Ltd Nigella Holdings Limited Nilas Holdings Limited Hamilton Pacific Assets Ltd J & H Asset Company LLC Hard Asset Management Ltd. Indivis Global Inc RBTT Bank (SKN) Limited International Bit Supplies Limited Bank of Nevis International Ltd Selecta Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Caribbean) Limited Moltenisa Investments Limited Mannai Investment Co (Holdings) Ltd Model Investment Ltd Midas Investment Ltd Air St Kitts Nevis Limited New Century Consulting Limited Software Licensing Networks Ltd Tamarind Cove Marina Development Ltd Seascape Marine Ltd. Silmar SA Marbird Maritime Inc Winchester Estate Ltd. Incomar Services Limited Worldwide Reincarnational Coaching Organisation LLC Vincente Investments Inc Bilinc LLC Morning Star Holdings (Nevis) Limited Project Consulting Services Limited Global Construction Consulting and Management LLC Milford Consultancy Ltd. Nevis Historical and Conservation Society Aston Consultancy Ltd Laros Consulting Inc Argus Construction Ltd. Trans Trade Consult Ltd World Consultants Limited Pamposh Design & Construction Inc Royal Consulting International Inc. Indigo Consulting International Wonton Investment Consultant LLC Alexander Consulting Inc. Intrust Trustees (Nevis) Limited SEABROOKES, =ALPHONSO= Blevins Franks Alpha Ltd Blevins Franks Alpha Ltd Tatiana Investments Ltd Rose Bay Group LLc Rosh Electroptics Roseberry LLC Review Properties Ltd The Bank of Nevis Limited First Corporate Capital, Ltd Sandalwood Capital Cedar Investments Limited Condor Insurance Limited Insol Limited Trade Wins Investments LLC Capricorn Investments S.A. Commodore Insurance Company Limited Millander International Limited Euro-trade International Holding Marshal International Limited MCL International Limited Victory International Inc. Ships International Trading Limited Seatrans Maritime & Int. Trade Co. Ltd Faster International Inc. Mcconnor Meade International LLC Island Fever LLC Seanev Ltd Trevis Company Limited AMM Shipping Limited Blevins Franks Beta Ltd Phoenix International Trust Corporation Webbina Trust Ltd Lombard Trust S.A. Regent Trustees SA Associated Trustees Limited Renaissance Trust Ltd Aran Trust Ltd Earl Trust Company Ltd Channel Trustees Ltd Hanver Trust Co. Limited NTL Trust Limited Rutherford & Holland Trustees Ltd Genesis Trust Company Inc Centurion Trustees, Inc. GMT Trustees Ltd Hambos Trust & Corporat Services LLC Basel Trust Corporation Sentinel Trustees Limited IAP Trustees Limited Centron Enterprises Ltd Nevis Ventures Co Ltd Rock Holdings Limited I Group LLC IG Global Group Inc Siera Associates Ltd The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis Emerald Holding Ltd Emerald Gulf Trust Ltd Panthera Investment Corporation Sky Generation LLC Ceramica Trading Limited Vicount Holdings Limited & Coop Thiersteineralle Enterstudio Bluefin Chartering and Management S.A. Terenzo Services Ltd TCL Services Limited Tenview Services Ltd Paruma Maritime Inc Resolute SA Edelmira Enterprises Limited IGS Enterprises Gallow Enterprises SA Metz Enterprise Co Entertainment Management Services Continental Administration Services Limited Cameo Properties LLC The Art Club Limited Keola International Llc Green Star Marine Limited PRS Communications Ltd Bella Investment Corp Brady Investments Limited Bentley Investments Ltd Byways Investments Ltd Buttonwood Invest Inc SLACK, HELEN E. Black Tulip Data Ltd Black Sea Metals Black Pearl Management Inc. Rodney INC Betteredge Properties Limited Redstar Trading Limited Red Star Investment Limited True Green Capital Ventures Llc Green Tree International Ltd Ghost Investments Ltd Visic Investment Limited Rayna Investments Inc Invest Volver LLC Noble Investments Ltd Milton Invest Limited Second Investment Hodings Inc GLADE INVESTMENTS LTD Unic Investment Corp Atlas Investment Ltd Wolsey Investments Ltd Pacific Investments Limited Sam Investments Inc X-Wing Investment Company Ltd Project Investment Inc Ghost Investments Reyne Investments LLC Capital Invest Sheffield (GIB) Ltd Braemar Falconer PTE Limited Falcon Management LLC Phoenix International Trade Association FA Atmahas Trade A.G. Wesmark F1 Global Futures Fund Limited Burgaz Marine Inc Viscount Finance LLC SOLOMON, R.G. Company Express Ltd Scan Maritime Inc Groupe Alliance S.A. Calico Ltd Tridon Localization Solutions Trigon Localization Solutions Palmali Shipping SA Unipax Alliance Group Ltd Alliance Communications Ltd Praevalida International LLC The Alliance Partnership Limited Capital Alliance Inc. Fralis Int. LLC Natalia Shipping Limited Atlas Limited Company Compass Shipping and Trading Ltd Windriver Capital Partners LLC Desa Industries Ltd Mind Power Corporation Balmoral Industries Ltd. West indies Power Holdings B.V. Induztrial Inc. Linden Group LLC Candatch Industry Corp. Candatch (HK) Industry Corp Atlas Agro GMBC Jupiter Shipping & Trading Ltd Morison Trade and Finance Inc. Orion International Holdings Inc. Orion Holdings Limited Harvest Holdings Ltd Aztec Holding Limited Core Holding Corporation Eton Holding Ltd Kadis Holding Ltd Kepey Holdings Limited A.F.G. Holdings Ltd JF Global Holdings LLC De Vere Holdings Company Ltd Group TME Management Ltd Reynolds Holdings Limited AT Holding LLC Lyon Holdings Corp Centauro Holding, LTD Tim Holdings Limited Hub Holdings Limited Gate Holding Inc Omnipotent Technologies Inc Dixon Softwear Technology Co. Scorpio Technologies Inc Antech Ltd Wexford Investments Ltd Willow Investments SA Infinite Trust Ltd Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group Inc. International Accord Case Limited Lidiard Investments LLC Pontemano Investments Corporation Burcott Properties Ltd. Edgemont Inc Plotin Trading Limited Naba Trading Ltd. SAV Trading S.A. Ossein Trading Inc Brett Trading Company Zoda Trading Ltd Pragma Trade Ltd Megamex Trade Ltd Zuitop Trading Co Ltd. Karsel Trading Limited Gold Seal Trustee Company Limited Golden Point International Limited E-Gold Limited Golden Dragon Sail Llc Westan Group Associates Ltd. Westbury Group Limited New Holdings Ltd International Telephone and Satellite Telton Limited Morven Limited Petrodel Resources (Nevis) Limited M3 Capital Finance Limited Nevis Co-operative Credit Union Limited Phoenix International Ltd Abington Investments Corp. Salthorse Investments Ltd Invin Corp Knysna Investment Ltd. Sussex Investments Limited Mastercope Investments Corporation Dovoda Investments Ltd Georgian Investments Ltd. Strategic Consulting Services Ltd IG Far East, LLC Commerce Merchant Mortimer Royal LLC MerryDown Limited Shickyrys Limited AOI Universe Ltd Aliant Consulting LLC Ram Shipping Inc Gispert Shipping Inc. Hazeldon Shipping SA Conquistador Shipping Corporation Aryana Shipping Ltd Angelina Shipping Inc Gunehr Shipping Limited Bounty Shipping Limited Natehk Shipping Inc Everlasting Shipping Co. Ltd. Anisa Shipping Ltd Seafast Shipping Ltd Baltanas Shipping Ltd Spica Shipping, S.A. Otto Shipping Co. Ltd Trans Trade Shipping Co Ltd Asia Shipping Inc Atlantic Shipping & Trading Ltd Sea Crest Shipping Inc Mideast Shipping & Trading Limited Arslan Shipping and Trade Co. Ltd. Priyanka Shipping Limited Patronus IT LLC Pino Shipping Ltd Cyber State Inc. Sampad Holding LLC Claremont Management Ltd Meadowside Management Limited Real Property Risk Management Ltd Citigate Invest Limited Avanti Services Corp Advanta Corporation Danfiled Management Ltd. Dulcina Management LLC Denman Management Ltd Zerumbet Inc L & L International Ltd Trinity Continental Inc Navigator Asset Management Ltd Callin & Rowley (Nominees) Limited Sofisco Nominees Ltd Toc Nominees Limited Callin & Rowley Nominees Ltd Standard Nominees Limited Guardian Nominess Limited Gustavia Nominees Ltd Tosca Nominees Limited Stardevs Ltd Advance Real Estate Group Ltd ICCS International Call Center Services Ltd Capco International Services Inc Southern Cross Group International Noram International Inc Galgameta Sa Global Risk Management Rolling Games LLC The Alma Development Llc Fortune Pound Ltd Communication Media Group Ltd Vango Concepts Limited United European Trading Centre Limited Amber Limited Waidberg International LLC Coreberg Limited Tallberg Ltd Albion Resources Limited Biomas Energy Limited Lavrex Institutional Partners LLC Five Capital Partners Limited Fulton Partners Limited Aviation Partners Ltd. Bell Link International Inc Barra Lin Investments Centurian International Holdings Appledore Investments Ltd Liverpool Residential Holdings Limited PMP Global Network LLC British American Refining Corporation Atlantic American Holding Company Limited First American Trust Ltd. Capital Ventures (S.W.1) Ltd Morrito Maritime Inc Warne Maritime Inc Varuna Limited Intercapital Limited Nevis Financial Services Waterstone's Corporation E-Corp Securities Inc Williams, Eulalae B. Strategic Properties Ltd Star Vox LLC Northern Star Holdings 1 Ltd North Star Maritime Holdings LTD Leftfield Investment Properties Ltd Scientific Foundation Co Ltd Global Internet Corporation Global Internet Corporation Vi Za Star Limited Five Star Shipping Limited East Star Ship Holdings Ltd Liguri Group Inc Tatatu International Ltd Tomkins International Inc. Noble Trust International Texton International Ltd Lee International Limited Vilastine LLC International Directors Limited Danae International Corporation GK Designs International Limited Asean International Ltd International Realtors Inc Exal International Limited Drummond International Inc Venus International Ltd Comac Group International Ltd Inter Ocean Limited Nucor International Limited Smart Global Limited Trax Art Capital Certusia Reinsurance Diamanta Co, Ltd Amalgamated Trust Co. Ltd Amalgamated Trust Co Ltd Amos Ltd Ram's Nevis Limited AMZ Ltd Nobel Oil Ltd Globex Business Inc Buena Ultima Estates Ltd. Nakcrest Management Limited Carbery Estates Limited Everest Management Denwest Corporation Omnest Global Inc. Glamour Estates Ltd Crest International Holdings Ltd Montaltp Estates Llc Charlestown Management Limited Westminister Trust Ltd Belgrave Estates Ltd Dorcester International Inc Lifestyle Corp. Westridge Overseas LLC Starting Off Limited Earlsworth Investments LLC Cublu Media Limited Medfield Group Limited BingoClix Media Inc. Armada Overseas Ltd Baikiri Inc First Investment Holdings Inc California Investments Corporation Cloverleaf Investments LLC Clarke Mobile Mall Idollar Inc. Bluecrest Properties Limited Bobble Properties Inc Avima Iron Ore Ltd Chronicle Services LLC Interscan LLC Baltimplex Capital Limited Universal Capital Incorporated Integra Capital Corporation Divine Capital LLC Capital Trust Holdings N & W Co Ltd Cedarland Holdings Ltd Argento Holdings Wendover Holdings Limited Equity Holdings SA Edinburgh Holdings Tottenham Holdings Limited Niland Holdings Limited Tropical Juice Products Market J-Three International Holding (Nevis) Co. Ltd DODGE PRIVATE EQUITY LIMITED Soza Group LLC Platinum Group Inc Stron Group Ltd Sicaro Group Corp Worldwide Harvest LLC Harvest Reap Limited Allemon Services Ltd Wingate Trading Limited Eurasian Trading Company Eurotrade International Holding Limited Evolve Trading SA Silverwood Trading Company Limited Capital Film Distribution Limited Colby Group Limited Cover Group SA CC Group Limited White Tulip Capital Ltd De Waulf & Hanssen Capital Management LLC Protocol Limited Executive Focus Inc. Cake Labs LLC Financial Business Group, LLC Ultra Finance Group Design Investments Inc Premier Administration Limited Premier Management Limited Nevisian Translation Agency Inc. Newcode Company Nevis Express Plymouth Shipmanagement Ltd Canopy International Limited Charringdon International Ltd Collins International Limited Cable Communications (Nevis) Limited Caribe Coverings Ltd Mayflower Holdings Limited Island Secretaries Ltd Island Directors Limited Global Supply Inc. Tanzanite Foundation Ltd. Courtesy Foundation Limited Jennings Inc. Nina Services Corporation Pecheresse Limited Relmor Investments Inc. S K International Ltd. Alternative Investment Group Inc Stemart Ventures Ltd Farley Management Limited The Nevis Cultural Complex Charitable Fund Inc Pro-Selection Fund Limited Quota Fund Management Ltd Memphis International Fund LLC Byblos International Fund LLC Intenrational Synergy Holding Co. Ltd. Vista International Holdings Ltd. Yam International Holdings Ltd Engaging Minerals LLC Northernlight Insurance Company Inc Coral Bay Maritime Inc. Cameron (Europe) Limited Freehold Ventures Ltd Fleure Finance LLC Modulus Maritime Company Ltd Business Global Services LLC Pac Intour Ltd Magiis Investments LLC Mill-Tex Investments Inc. Castle Investment Group International Fountain Limited Creative Digital Technologies Corporation Communications Technology Investment Limited Roscommon Limited Wood Duck Corp Ponte Marco SA Timkin Holdings LLC Millennium Trust Company Limited Urban Export SA London Property Holdings PLC Gibraltar Group Fralis LLC YFP Relitrading Ltd Uniwire Limited Alecipian Holdings MIG 990 Holdings Ltd Serlac Comercio de Lacteos Limited Megafoods Holdings Ltd W M Holdings Ltd Montana Maritime Ltd Moonstone Holdings Limited Mount Directors Limited RLK Management Holdings LLC Europe Services Ltd Fruitcom Inc Alfacom Ltd Steelex Limited Leystar Express Corp Nestor Academic Publishers LLC I G S Holdings Stapleton Holding Limited Super Foods Ltd. Kasfood Ltd Resource Investments International Ltd International Leisure Investments PLC Landbase International Ltd. Millenium Sofware Solution Perfect Solution Ltd Nevis Island Administration Hamilton Systems Limited Livingston Investment Inc. Lewiston Invest Corp Exson International Garrison International Limited Anchor Properties Ltd. Vinpro Ltd Profservice Inc Soller Management Group Ltd A.L. Evelyn Limited Forward Limited FAI Limited Energy Investment Ltd Bettler Holding Starwell International Ltd Castle Investment Group Ltd Nodaway Ltd Nations Away Limited Aspis LLC W M A Ltd. Bromham Investments LLC Derham Investments Limited Dixcart Services Ltd EDMS Services LLC Sunrise Services Limited Dixon Services Ltd Securities Services Ltd Resoil Services Ltd Hanver Corporate Services Ltd Primary Services, Inc. HMSL Services Limited Highland Power Ltd. Highlands Finance Limited CDF Limited Midgard Limited FIRBLOG HOLDINGS LIMITED Grange Holdings Limited Veritex Group Limited Pridwin Investment Management Limited NB Supply UK Ltd World Wide Shipping Limited Silverstone International Ltd Tramblay Ltd Monteros Maritime Inc Genesis Bulk Carrier Ltd Heathwood Investments Ltd Inglewood Inc. Inter Oil-Futures Ltd Ugota LLC Express Logistics Ltd. Grey Crane Ltd Glengarriff Limited Homie Global Ltd Young Genxt Infotech LLC Aethon Marine Ventures Limited Nadella Corporation Navigator Investment Ltd Mecron 1 Incorporated North West - Global Limited Tem Global Ltd. Admiral Global Inc Global Fluids International Alpine Global Investments Limited Thornhill Global Limited Northern Management Group Limited Keno Group Ltd Sipar Group HH Ltd. Kaback Group SA Marton Forest Group Limited Ferromet Group Ltd Panoramic Group Inc Alpine Overseas Limited MVO Worldwide Corporation Third Investment Holdings Inc Worldwide Investment Holdings Dolphin Investments Holding Corp Fourth Investment Holding Inc Fifth Investment Holdings Inc Artemida International Limited S. Hunkins & Sons Ltd Viscount Holding Limited Memesportsmoments Corporation Dolphin Overseas Shipping, S. A. Southpac Trust Nevis Limited May Limited Latitude Ltd Platypus Inc El Cacique Holdings Ltd Sea Lion Shipping & Trading Ltd Maximus Shipping Ltd Platinum Trade International Inc Platinum 3 Limited Taylor Engineering Agencies Limited UNION OIL INC Euro Commodities Group Ltd Internet Action Services Rle Chemicals Ltd Hawk Guarantors LLc Jardine Investments LLC GSI Foods Inc. Dopamine Apps LLC Satinwood Inc. Boost Magic Fame LLC HSEJar Maritime Inc. THM Asset Concierge Ltd SMT Innovations Ltd Patient Activist Holdings Limited Stenton Holdings Limited Uppsala International Inc Evian International LLC Matlock Finance & Holding S.A. Mancole Finance Holdings Limited Matlock Finance & Holdings Super Kingdom LLC Salluire Inc Shannon Holdings Ltd Swallow Shipping Ltd TCL (Nevis) Limited Nevis Electricity Company Limited Koch (Nevis) IV LLC First Arcom Ltd Pangea Maritime Ltd Sprint shipping Limited SWANSTON, UHRAL Gleneagles Trustee, Ltd Transocean Ltd. Charlestown Trust Company Limited Reliance Trust Corporation Glendale Ltd. Republic International Trust Company Ltd Colmena Consultancy LLC Consolidated Holding Plc Corbierre Holdings Limited Amador Ventures Co. Vital Ventures Ltd Devon Ventures Ltd Bedel Ventures Ltd Voorhies Ventures Ltd Havelet Holdings Limited Icon Capital Reserve SA Grange Trust Limited Dubai Trading Agency Ltd Geosearch International Limited Gescrow International Ltd. ICS International Inc Grocery Specials LLC Baobab Trustess Limited Chardonnay Limited Hatchlands Limited MOONSTONE PROPERTIES LIMITED City Drug Store (Nevis) Limited Firat Shipping, S.A. Money Deposit & Management, LLC Quality Systems International Corp First Tradex Investment LLC Outdoor Life-Style Holdings Limited FONTENELLE LIMITED Columbus Inc Leyton Transport Ltd Darshan League Limited Elite Ivf Ag Healthcare International S.A. Nisbet Publishing LLC Opus Associates Nevis Water Department Tipsy Cake PTY Limited Tawaraya Ltd Bramhall Corp. Virgin Protein Corporation Equity First Trustees Ltd Knighton Investments 2 Limited Advanced Binary Technologies Ltd. Amtech Inverinvest Limited Technoindustries Ltd Apollo Octane Limited Engonini Limited Lonaga Limited Eastern Publishing Ltd Metafin International S.A. Select Chemicals Limited Cantal Limited Hilltop Properties Inc European Corporation Utility SA Central European Cooperation And Development Ltd Compra Energy SA Impexworld Corporation Diversified Limited Ampadel Company Cambridge Consultancy Group Inc. Domains International League Limited Staffing Insight Ltd Keystone Financial Ltd Roper Financial C.A. Finex Maritime Corp Gardener Financial Limited Ipaca Ltd Paccon Inc. Project Control Corporation Harlequin Investments Limited Slavonica Advisors LLC Royaltron Limited Universal Oil & Commodity Trading Ltd Bolivar Inc Horses Company Ltd Eastern Securities Holdings Cennex Trading Ltd Pexel International Ltd Burton Rands Associates Ltd. Firlands Limited Mercury Reinsurance Co. Ltd PIA Limited Trimina International Limited IGO Limited Pandora Consulting LC Albany Management LLC Avatele Management Ltd Time Management LLC Afterfect, Inc. Ocean Marshall Inc By The Sea Limited Baketon Ltd Dabak Gas And Petroleum Maritime Inc Rangi Limited African Pharma Investments Limited PKD Insights Limited Cape Propietary Inc. Distribuidora Hispanicade Vinos, Inc. Sameta International Inc Mercury Maritime Advisors LLC Taurus Petroleum Limited Mavis Huggins Consolidated Power Incorporated Trilogy Holding Ltd Toddstacey LLC Chelsea Bridge Limited Big Rewards Ltd Vilotan Company United Development Inc. Lease Hotel Development Corporation SA Ilwaco Developments Ltd Mapilex Company

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