List of Corporate Headquarters in FORNEBU

Search a company in Norway with your criteria (trade name, adress, Norwegian registry number...). provides business and credit information about Norwegian firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Norwegian register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Norway, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Norwegian company.

Tietoevry Norway AS Tietoevry Financing AS Tekna Tietoevry Norway Negotia Tietoevry Nito Tietoevry Bedriftsgruppe We Fix AS World Wide Wind AS World Wide Wind Onshore AS World Wide Wind Tech AS Eureka Group AS Eureka Group II AS Eureka Pumps AS Neatframe AS Aker Powergas Subsea Private Limited Abaci AS Lope Norge AS Nov Process & Flow Technologies AS Technopolis Uma Norway AS Puma Norway AS Keystone Education Group AS Healthcare Norway AS Procurement Management AS Netclient Services AS Finans Service AS Ekg AS Sverdrup AS LO Klubbene i Akastor Zektor Gruppen AS Partnerco AS Questback Holding AS Micro Parts Express AS Norwegian Crew Services AS Telenor Eiendom Hareløkken AS Telenor ASA Telenor Kb AS Telenor Health AS Telenor Financial Services AS Telenor Jeløy Radio AS Telenor Real Estate AS Telenor Tryvann Radio AS Telenor Festekontrakter AS Telenor Låveveien 55 AS Telenor Viken og Innlandet 2 AS Telenor Vestlandet og Rogaland 2 AS Telenor Agder Vestfold og Telemark 2 AS Telenor Nord 2 AS Telenor Møre og Romsdal og Trøndelag 2 AS Telenor Øvre Strandgate 5 2 AS Arak AS Arek AS Zte Norway AS Db Partner Torkel Ruud Aktiv Kontroll AS Larsen & Toubro Infotech Norge AS Tog Invest AS Neat Holdings AS Nettu AS Telenor Digital AS Norwegian Fashion Center AS Senterforeningen Norwegian Fashion Center Mediumtall AS Mediumtall Invest AS Medium Tall DA Gunnes Strategic Networking Business & Politics Ubconnect AS Triplenet AS Propell Intelligence AS AS Columbus Forlag Morten Aasbø Saga Verify AS Raima AS Ladies Circle 70 Oslo Tricamp AS Telenor Norge AS House Of Brands AS Rm Brands AS Volart AS Telenor Communication II AS Fs Dynamics Norway AS Fs Dynamics Sweden AB Akvi Pharma AS Sixtus AS Terje A. Hellem Exploration And Reservoir Geology Telenor Kapitalforvaltning AS Telenor Pensjonskasse Telenor Pensjonskasse for Supplerende Ytelser Lash Fornebu - Mona Ekeberg Medisinsk Senter Fornebu AS Medisinsk Senter Fornebu DA Flor Invest AS Flor Holding AS Keystone Academic Solutions AS Telenor Mobile Holding AS Telenor Tower Holding AS Streamworks AS Canal Digital Kabel TV AS Canal Digital AS Canal Digital Norge AS Norwegian Finans Holding ASA Ims Cloud AS Infiber AS Terje Hatteland AS Game Shop AS Stype Norway AS Norwegian Trade Con AS Active Space AS Equinor Teater- og Operaforening Oslo Tech Mahindra Norway AS Pegasus Management AS Pegasus Industrier AS Accenture AS Accenture Inc Accenture Services AS Accenture Romania Accenture Communications Infrastructure Solutions Ltd Norsk E-fuel AS Advanced Carbon Capture AS ABB Holding AS ABB AS Air Express Handling AS Telenor Satellite AS Telenor Russia AS Holst Wines AS Atea Norge AS Bliki AS Tekna Telenor Fjords Processing 1 AS Mixmove AS Norwegian Block Exchange AS Enklere Liv og Mercante Holding AS Konkursbo Enklere Liv E-commerce AS Xtractor Technologies AS Parat IT AS L&t Technology Services Limited Zone Security AS Fellesdata AS Evry ASA Evry Consulting AS Evry Mobility AS Evry Card Payments AS Evry Card Issuing AS Evry Nordic Operations AS Core Services AS Telenor Eiendom Fornebu Kvartal 1 AS Telenor Hytter Telenor Global Shared Services AS Telenor Consult AS Telenor Mobile Communications AS Telenor Broadcast Holding AS Telenor Infra AS Telenor Global Services AS Telenor Pensjonskasse Eiendom Sør AS Telenor Software Lab AS Alchemy Fund Management AS Kværner AS Kværner ASA Kværner Holding AS Kværner Resources AS Aker Solutions Contracting AS Aker Solutions Middle East AS Nito Bedriftsgruppe Aker Solutions Østlandet R-venture AS 24sevenoffice Audit AS Hoco AS Tone Juvet Mercante AS Enklere Liv AS Bmw Norge AS Euro Travel Group AS Orion Tours AS Online Services AS Tch Group AS Tch Engineering AS Link Næringsmegling AS Telenor Nord AS Holzweiler Fornebu AS Evry-revyen Snarøyveien 32 AS Snarøyveien 30 AS Snarøyveien 34 AS Airport Invest AS Compello AS Ventelo Networks AS Wattero AS Online Sales Company AS Quality Hotel Expo AS Telenor Bedrift AS Telenor Mobil AS Telenor Privat AS Alpha Research AS Hofmo Jbr Agencies AS Globalconnect Holding AS Ansur Technologies AS Prime Express Limited Eie Nokia B.i.l. Telenor Eiendom Fornebu Fjordpark Nord AS Telenor Eiendom Fornebu Kvartal 4 AS Telenor Eiendom Fornebu Kvartal 2 AS Telenor Eiendom Fornebu Kvartal 3 AS Fornebu Eiendomsmegling AS Telenor Eiendom Fornebu Fjordpark Syd AS Airport Invest AS Konkursbo Neptune Partners AS Equinor Bil Oslo Equinor Seniorklubb Oslo Norwegian Express Cargo AS Norrøna Trading AS Globalconnect Topholding AS Økern Bilauksjon AS Sub-c-safe AS Telenor Networks Holding AS Bank Norwegian AS Ndc Conferences AS Norwegian Developers Conference AS Global Maritime Trade Finance AS Tvangsavviklingsbo Global Maritime Trade Finance AS Telenor Gti AS Frontcore AS Pl Agenturer AS Konkursbo Autotakst AS Allianse Drift AS Auto Tjuvholmen Lease AS Villa France AS Bc Holding AS Vitalife AS Ansur Birdeye AS Ansurance AS Euforum AS Euforum Event AS Euforum Holding AS Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd Huawei Technologies Norway AS Detec AS Dataeyes AS Covidien Norge AS Fjords Processing International AS Markson Offshore AS Compello Software AS Eb NetCom A.s Ecit Business Partner AS Technopolis AS Wilson AS Grensen Sko Fornebu AS Fuel Reklamebyrå AS Essential AS Telenor Inma AS Broadnet Holding AS Broadnet Norge AS Ericsson AS Ericsson Television AS

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