List of Corporate Headquarters in VADUZ

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Villon Aktiengesellschaft PETRONIA ANSTALT Elet Stiftung drk familienstiftung KDC Familienstiftung Marjo Familienstiftung Kosil Stiftung BLOMSTER FAMILIENSTIFTUNG INSAM FAMILIENSTIFTUNG WINGA STIFTUNG ANSAR Familienstiftung Dr. Peter KISLER Familienstiftung Kleinbach Familienstiftung EUROPEAN STORES LIMITED SLM AG in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT SOLITOR in Liquidation Etablissement S I M E X ETABL. SOVESTIM in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT SUITRA in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT SIAFO ETABLISSEMENT SOMEDA Shoal Aktiengesellschaft ETABLISSEMENT SOUTA ETABLISSEMENT SOLANOR ETABLISSEMENT SUNDEKON ETABLISSEMENT SOPABI in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT STARIMMOB ETABLISSEMENT SEMOND in Liquidation Etablissement Poumeyrol ETABLISSEMENT IMEMBOURG FONDAZIONE INSULA FELIX di Milva e Martina Corgnati INTERTEXTAL TRUST REG. Interexpo Trust reg. INTERCOSMO TRUST REG. IAD TRUST REG. InCo Trust reg. INTERLUX Trading Corporation reg. Trust INTERARO TRUST REG. in Liquidation INTERWEPA TRUST REG. in Liquidation INTERART TRUST REG. in Liquidation INTEGRA REG. TRUST INTERFIDUCIA TRUST REG. in Nachtragsliquidation. MASIKINI FOUNDATION PERSONALVORSORGESTIFTUNG DER SWAROVSKI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation SWAROVSKI HOLDING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT INCENTIVE-PARTNER ANSTALT in Liquidation Kaiser Partner Anstalt HIGHLAND PARTNERS ANSTALT in Liquidation WANGER GLOBAL ANSTALT in Liquidation FRISAG Anstalt 1741 Fund Management AG M-TECH Aktiengesellschaft H-STABLES AG in Liquidation Helvetia Global Solutions AG HELVEDIKA AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Terra-A AG TERRA ALLROUND ESTABLISHMENT ALBICO TERRA AG LieAdvice AG STIFTUNG PRO DIGNITATE AETATIS in Liquidation Stiftung Propter Homines Lirium AG LISARA ESTABLISHMENT Lazard Establishment LART ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LARALT ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LATINA ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LASTAR ESTABLISHMENT LORA ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LERTA ESTABLISHMENT LABONIA ESTABLISHMENT LIMUVA Company Establishment LAKUNA ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LASA ESTABLISHMENT Lavandula Establishment in Liquidation LAMPA ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LAMU ESTABLISHMENT Lasam Establishment ALTIS AG ALTIMA STIFTUNG Rohner Computer AG BRAINPOOL AG Bohrain Stiftung WBB-Anstalt WINER ANSTALT WIF Anstalt WANAFIN ANSTALT Wayland Anstalt WALFOR ANSTALT Waldrand Anstalt WAPA ANSTALT Waba Anstalt in Liquidation Walkman - Anstalt WALICS Anstalt WADIWO ANSTALT W.O.T. Anstalt TERRACTA FINANZIERUNGS- UND COMMERZ-AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT PKRück Lebensversicherungsgesellschaft für die betriebliche Vorsorge AG tragweite AG vogt ingenieure BETRIEBSGESELLSCHAFTEN DÜ KOMPLEMENTÄR BETEILIGUNGSSTIFTUNG I Soroptimist International Liechtenstein Wealth-Assurance Beteiligungs-AG Dr. iur. Norbert Seeger FIRST ADVISORY BETEILIGUNGS TRUST REG. AXA Stiftung Betriebliche Vorsorge, Fürstentum Liechtenstein PLASSER & THEURER BETEILIGUNGS- UND FINANZIERUNGS-AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT GRUNDBESITZGESELLSCHAFTEN DÜ KOMPLEMENTÄR BETEILIGUNGSSTIFTUNG I GRUNDBESITZGESELLSCHAFTEN WI KOMPLEMENTÄR BETEILIGUNGSSTIFTUNG I Soroptimist International Club Vaduz Coal-Store Anstalt Roman Norbert Ketterer Stiftung Kaiser Beteiligungen Anstalt CSchauer Beteiligungs AG BIBIANA Anstalt für Beteiligungen BETRIEBSGESELLSCHAFTEN WI KOMPLEMENTÄR BETEILIGUNGSSTIFTUNG I ALPINE PROPERTY FOUNDATION in Liquidation adamas Europäische Genossenschaft SCE mit beschränkter Haftung SHIPCRAFT FOUNDATION in Liquidation Salza Foundation SACH FOUNDATION SAE Foundation SARAYA ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation TMA Holding Aktiengesellschaft TAU Holding AG IMO Trading Corporation Limited Early Foundation in Liquidation ITSC FAMILY FOUNDATION MZ Family Foundation CARE FOR FAMILY FOUNDATION The Erber Family Foundation Kylle F. Foundation in Liquidation ASO-CONTRACTOR LIMITED Amtel Contracting Company Limited Stabil Holding AG AFM Advanced Fund Management AG in Liquidation Credit Suisse Funds (Liechtenstein) AG in Liquidation VP Bank Fondsleitung AG LGT Fondsleitung AG SERICA FONDSLEITUNG AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT LLB Fondsleitung Aktiengesellschaft FIRST ADVISORY TRUST REG. FIRST ADVISORY GROUP HOLDING ANSTALT First Family Advisors Trust reg. EURO-MANAGEMENT and TRUST COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT GN Treuhand Anstalt ASSOCIATION FOR INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT ESTABLISHMENT BARCO Establishment TLS Management Establishment World Management Establishment TISA Management Establishment Ulrich Capital Management Establishment in Liquidation EUROPEAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation KLE MANAGEMENT ESTABLISHMENT HMI Hotel Management International Establishment SOEN FOUNDATION Sogeral Foundation GameDAO AG ORAF Holding AG Efor Establishment EVOR AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Own AG Liechtensteinischer Bankenverband eingetragener Verein Liechtensteinisches Landesspital Liechtensteinische Industrie- und Handelskammer (LIHK) Liechtensteinische Landesbank Aktiengesellschaft Liechtensteinische Landesverwaltung Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum Liechtensteinische Landesbibliothek Liechtensteinische Landesverwaltung Tiefbauamt LIECHTENSTEINISCHE MUNDART-STIFTUNG Liechtensteinische Rechtsanwaltskammer Liechtensteinischer Milchverband LAFV (Liechtensteinischer Anlagefondsverband) Liechtensteinischer Krankenkassenverband (LKV) LGT Capital Partners (FL) AG LGT Gruppe Stiftung LGT Bank AG Fiduco Treuhand AG in Liquidation LGT Financial Services AG Fiduco Trust Management AG in Liquidation Northern Lights AG Light47 GmbH Pro Group Aktiengesellschaft LGT Gruppe Holding AG Noam Hashem Foundation Abakanowicz Arts and Culture Charitable Foundation APG Wirtschaftsprüfung AG Thomas Nigg & Hannes Arnold & Martin Attlmayr & Martin Ospelt & Johannes Gasser van Eck Business Advisors GmbH Packaging Promotion Limited in Liquidation JEEVES FAMILIENSTIFTUNG Dr. Jamal Kaddaj Familienstiftung GALC Stiftung ASINARA FAMILIENSTIFTUNG DAMOCLE STIFTUNG MARKA FAMILIENSTIFTUNG in Liquidation ZAVAL ANSTALT in Liquidation JAKOBINE FAMILIENSTIFTUNG Fondation NOUNIKO-BIQUET FONDATION KILOU in Liquidation FONDATION YONI FONDATION BRON in Liquidation FONDATION ENAK FONDATION CONSERVATION in Liquidation Fondation VIDOCQ FONDATION BIGOR FONDATION GLAUCO in Liquidation Fondation Naudl Netunia S.A. FONDATION NORCAT in Liquidation Financial Partners FP Ltd. Alpha Capital Anstalt LION CAPITAL ANSTALT VGT Capital Anstalt Alean (Capital) Aktiengesellschaft ALTA CAPITAL AG Alpen Capital Anstalt in Liquidation Auriga Capital Anstalt in Liquidation N & V Capital AG I.C.A. Company Limited in Liquidation CAPITAL LEBEN ANSTALT in Liquidation PINOCOM CAPITAL Anstalt Elips Life AG C-Collection Trust reg. in Liquidation HNS Group Aktiengesellschaft ACEMEX MANAGEMENT Company Limited AF Asset Management AG FBK Management Aktiengesellschaft JT Management AG ART Management GmbH MSC Management Anstalt WORK MANAGEMENT AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT The Hotel Management Aktiengesellschaft FFE Management GmbH AMX Office Management Aktiengesellschaft FONDAZIONE LAMARMORA FONDATION NORISTA Atenol Fundación Fundacion Senator Inmuebles Fundación Orphanos MILASI FUNDACION Manolita Usatorre Fundacion QUIMAR FUNDACIÓN TORQUIN FUNDACIÓN FUNDACION PROMON PRIMA Garamendi-Aristegui Fundación "Fomento de la Medicina Preventiva" Fundación Fondazione per l'Arte e la Socialità FONDAZIONE GELIS Fondazione Araldi Guinetti FONDAZIONE HENRY KRENTER Fondazione Teofilo Rossi di Montelera e di Premuda AMS ASSET MANAGEMENT AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT fvAM AG Alvier Asset Management AG APEX ASSET MANAGEMENT AG in Liquidation KM Asset Management AG PRIVATE ASSETS MANAGEMENT AG Aquavino Ltd. INTER DYNAMIC FOUNDATION The S.A.N. International Foundation Advancement International Foundation FOUNDATION MGG INTERNATIONAL IWA International Foundation OREVA FOUNDATION in Liquidation Orbis Consulting Establishment in Liquidation IPM International Industrial Project Management Establishment Orbis Consulting Trust Establishment EtETABLISSEMENT MIRATERRA in Nachtragsliquidation DECAM-Aktiengesellschaft Georgias Aktiengesellschaft LuMa AG MONDO STIFTUNG MONO Establishment Monte Casino Stiftung Montan Telecom Aktiengesellschaft MONILE INVESTMENT AG MONTARINA STIFTUNG Mondonico Stiftung in Liquidation fintalent GmbH FINTOR STIFTUNG FINTER AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation FINTRANS SOCIETE ANONYME in Liquidation FINTAMINA AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation FINTISA AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation Look International - Establishment LOGO STIFTUNG AR Immo AG Milkor AG ALL MILK Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation Lombardo Aktiengesellschaft WEIDEN ANSTALT WEDCO ANSTALT Wifer Anstalt WIRLI ANSTALT WELTREP ANSTALT in Liquidation WELBILD ANSTALT WESTARIA Anstalt in Liquidation WEBA Anstalt in Liquidation Clover Fund SICAV Galaxy Holding Anstalt GALBA ANSTALT GALANT ANSTALT Continental Pharma Aktiengesellschaft Continor Treuhand Anstalt Domar Treuhand- und Verwaltungs-Anstalt Tectum Trust Management Anstalt Tectum AG Tectum-Consulting GmbH BAM Foundation M.L.M. FOUNDATION Supan Foundation in Liquidation The SSD Foundation Seamark Foundation SALMIRA FOUNDATION SAGEM Foundation in Liquidation THE SULMAR FOUNDATION in Liquidation FONDATION CROIX DU SUD AFRIQUE GIACONA MANAGEMENT ESTABLISHMENT HR MANAGEMENT ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation CIARAM MANAGEMENT ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation EST MANAGEMENT ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation HN-Management Establishment Industrial Real Estate AG in Liquidation Ferro Industrial- und Handelsgesellschaft AG Romania Real Estate Investments Aktiengesellschaft REI Real Estate Invest Limited ETABLISSEMENT COMPA Etablissement Octava in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT SEPANA in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT SARELUX ETABLISSEMENT SEVTON Etablissement Südholztrans HILLTOP CORPORATION in Liquidation Honza Foundation HALFORD AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation Fondation de famille STENTOR in Liquidation FONDATION LES AMIS FONDATION ELENI FONDATION DE FAMILLE SACER in Liquidation THT Establishment in Liquidation Celestia Foundation CELESTICA ANSTALT in Liquidation CELESTINA TRUST REG. PRO ECCLESIA FOUNDATION Capita Foundation in Liquidation THRE FOUNDATION TZOHAR FOUNDATION Lightrock Holding AG Lightrock International AG Lightrock Evergreen Fund SICAV Depac Aktiengesellschaft Digital Railway Solutions AG E.R.L. ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation BERLET ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation HERLE Establishment Risch Immobilien Anstalt INTERNATIONALE ANSTALT FÜR IMMOBILIEN UND KUNST BWB IMMOBILIEN ANSTALT Iglas Immobilien Anstalt IMMOBILIEN INVESTITIONS ANSTALT Lie-Immobilien Anstalt MARXER IMMOBILIEN ANSTALT TREND IMMOBILIEN ANSTALT RBO IMMOBILIEN ANSTALT Irka Immobilien Anstalt Immobilien und Industrie Anstalt KAISER IMMOBILIEN ANSTALT QUADER IMMOBILIEN ANSTALT Rheinland Immobilien Anstalt Alamar Trust reg. ALLEGRA TRUST Alpila Trustee Limited THE AMLAZ TRUST Firamar Holding Company Establishment FINNE Holdings Establishment FTF Holding Establishment FLEISCHHACKER HOLDING ESTABLISHMENT Finora Holding Establishment (in Liquidation) Facturus Holding Establishment in Liquidation X-Two Limited VIVAT CHARITALBE FOUNDATION Smart Venture Establishment Oil Ventures Corporation Establishment Menomadin Holdings AG OLAYAN INVESTMENTS COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT ORIT INVESTMENT ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation OCS Invest Establishment in Liquidation Olana Establishment COMPETROL ESTABLISHMENT First Tax AG First Trust Management AG First Trust reg. First Management Trust reg. Nucleus Life AG Nucleus AG ZMB VADUZ - Peter Wyss global invest & finance establishment in Liquidation Gable Insurance AG in Konkurs Pangaea Holding AG in Liquidation Blue Aqua Trust Reg. in Liquidation BELLARA Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation High Quest Anstalt PROCOS AG PROCON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation swisspartners AG SWISSPARTNERS VERSICHERUNG AG ADVIGON VERSICHERUNG AG VIVAT TRADE ESTABLISHMENT VIVAT AG VIVALLA STIFTUNG Vivamera AG Immoworld Establishment Artex Aktiengesellschaft Art-X Aktiengesellschaft Sceti Company Limited in Liquidation ALLSTEEL INTERNATIONAL HANDELS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT FUER EISEN UND STAHL in Liquidation. STANDARD TELECOMMUNICATIONS ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Anolyn Trust reg. Stahl Import & Export Südlogistik Aktiengesellschaft STAHL ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Feuer-Stahl Aktiengesellschaft Stahl- Metall- Maschinen Aktiengesellschaft STAHL- UND WALZEISEN Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation STILEX AG in Liquidation STAHL-ALPINE IMPORT-EXPORT ANSTALT in Liquidation Steloga Trust reg. in Liquidation Steel Coal International Establishment in Liquidation Steelex Anstalt in Liquidation ALLURE ANSTALT MARIEL CORPORATION Catos International Anstalt SILUMAT Handels-Anstalt in Liquidation Eluma Establishment Aluma Anstalt LALUMA ANSTALT Laners GmbH The Lionhearts Trust LUMARA ANSTALT in Liquidation BATILUMAR SOCIETE ANONYME Iluma Trust reg. in Liquidation Eluma Leuchten Aktiengesellschaft für Beleuchtung und Planung TELUM ANSTALT in Liquidation LLENROC STIFTUNG in Liquidation Quantum Leben AG LGT Fund Managers (FL) AG LGT Select Funds II OBO Bettermann Stiftung ELASOL TWO STIFTUNG in Liquidation CARONA TRUST REG. Veralda (FL) AG CONFIANZA TRUST AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation BCB Trust DIE CHARLOTTE BERGSOE SIMONSEN UND FINN HARALD SIMONSEN STIFTUNG Nabur Aktiengesellschaft NABUL AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation Litexco Finance Establishment LITEC AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT CAPRICORN INVEST HOLDING LIMITED BANK ALPINUM AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Novyon Foundation Nativa Foundation KATARO ANSTALT Arocca Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation KES-Invest AG Horizon International 2000 Aktiengesellschaft Horizon International Trading AG Huritga International Trading and Financing Establishment JTE Capital AG Jupiter Connect AG in Liquidation M.R. CAPITAL AG Justice Capital AG Chermon Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation DDF Foundation Foundation Pola Farabi Foundation Freden Foundation BGB Foundation VBJ Foundation IFF Foundation The NED Foundation F&F FOUNDATION MEMORIAL FOUNDATION PSC FOUNDATION FMI Foundation Foundation for Peace Adalus Foundation Albacare Foundation ALOTROT FOUNDATION ILSMUT Foundation in Liquidation Celeste Holding AG RIVADA AG Ess Contractor Aktiengesellschaft STIFTUNG ORELLA PRECISE ENGINEERING & TRADING LIMITED XORELLA AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT BERACHA STIFTUNG SUNPARADISE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Akira Holding Foundation AREA HOLDING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation AAP HOLDING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT AIB Holding Aktiengesellschaft AKS Holding AG APORTA HOLDING AG in Liquidation SENIORES FOUNDATION BOLKO FOUNDATION SEYMOUR OBERMER FOUNDATION Imado Aktiengesellschaft SESAC Digital Licensing AG Asphaltbau Eugen Lampert Aktiengesellschaft LAMPERT DRUCKZENTRUM AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Ernst Müller (-Lampert) Lampert & Partner Rechtsanwälte Aktiengesellschaft LAMPERT GmbH Siegbert Lampert & Rudolf Schächle SCHLOSSGARAGE LAMPERT AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Lampert Charity Foundation Morina Plattenbeläge AG Josef Lampert AG Lampert-Cardtech Security Anstalt in Liquidation R.E.D. Risk Management AG Fondation Les Pâquerettes LGT Capital Partners Advisers AG LGT Capital Partners Group Holding AG Profit Capital Partners AG in Liquidation MOEL Capital Partners AG Artecs Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation ARTEA LIMITED ACACIUS ESTABLISHMENT AGIOS ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation GLCS GmbH MediSeptic AG Mirta AG holoride AG Kronospan Anstalt KRONE ANSTALT in Liquidation KPH Anstalt KORMU Anstalt Krösus Anstalt KROWODERSKA ANSTALT K.M.F. ANSTALT KROKUS-ANSTALT in Liquidation Kraos Anstalt in Liquidation KREST ANSTALT Karpos Anstalt KREKO ANSTALT Krestissa Anstalt in Liquidation KOMARUS ANSTALT FAIR AG in Liquidation PME Plasser Middle East Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation Plaspro Aktiengesellschaft General Company for Paper and Equipment Establishment FÜRST STARHEMBERG'SCHE FAMILIENSTIFTUNG Bay State - Trust reg. Eastern Finance Establishment Scarabaeus Wealth Management AG Phoenix Asset Risk Management AG Somin Anstalt Clothing, Shoes an Textiles Establishment Tilaga Aktiengesellschaft REEF Real Estate Efficiency AG Schlaraffenland Aktiengesellschaft LISAN AG LISTRAD AG Neuropa Aktiengesellschaft LOVA ANSTALT E. Abaroa Foundation Eburo Foundation Etablissement Fico Etablissement PPI ETABLISSEMENT PTEROIS ETABLISSEMENT ROCAL Etablissement LA GRINTOSA ETABLISSEMENT PEVERO Eta. Consulting AG ETABLISSEMENT HARAST ETABLISSEMENT TULOS ETABLISSEMENT ORON ETABLISSEMENT OSMO ETABLISSEMENT ELON ETABLISSEMENT ALMYCO Anstalt EDITIO ETABLISSEMENT PINATA in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT PANEX in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT PANTALEO in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT PISAC INC. in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT PICUS in Liquidation SmartOne Foundation in Liquidation SINTEL Establishment in Liquidation SUNSMILE FOUNDATION HE VLD FOUNDATION in Liquidation VESAL FOUNDATION in Liquidation Aldeva Foundation DMC Holding Establishment HYPERION STIFTUNG Pentere Stiftung Pico Foundation Mevinlop Trust reg. MPL TRUST REG. MZM AG MANO TRUST REG. in Liquidation MEZOS TRUST REG. in Liquidation Merit Trust reg. in Liquidation MRE TRUST REG. in Liquidation Manip Trust reg. in Liquidation HERMAN-DE-STERN STIFTUNG Bantry Bay Establishment SMARTEX Aktiengesellschaft Smart Holding AG SMART VALOR AG smartbird capital AG SMART SOLUTIONS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation SMARTIN Anstalt in Liquidation smartFit Anstalt in Liquidation PREMIG Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation Ronet Anstalt Roxy Anstalt Rovira Anstalt RITACAMA ANSTALT RORERA ANSTALT RSC Anstalt RHVA Anstalt ROLUCOM ANSTALT Rolimpex Anstalt Bittrex Global GmbH HOLDPAM AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT HEH Holding AG Bridge Holding AG in Liquidation LRT TERMINAL LIMITED LUKMANIER ANSTALT in Liquidation Lignum Vitae Anstalt in Liquidation Logmann Aktiengesellschaft Legona Aktiengesellschaft LAGONA ANSTALT in Liquidation LUGENA ANSTALT in Liquidation FONDATION CLAIRE ET WILLY KATTENBURG ALLIED FINANCE TRUST ANSTALT ANSTALT FÜR ZELLFORSCHUNG Anstalt Palomar Distribution Holding ANSTALT FUER FURNIER UND MOEBELHANDEL Dr. Risch Anstalt AMSUD ANSTALT ANSTALT ARPEDE ANSTALT ASSOCIATE Anstalt DARBOCA AIAT ANSTALT AIA ANSTALT Anstalt Hugo Paterson & Co. ANSTALT BRUNEL JAPSA GmbH PERCURO Treuhandanstalt Stiftung FERNE HORIZONTE CENTRUM BANK STIFTUNG ZUR FÖRDERUNG VON KUNST UND WISSENSCHAFT Mimo Capital AG MARKET INVESTMENT LIMITED ANSTALT MARKETING MANUFACTURING AND AGENCY SERVICES ANSTALT GLOBUS Marketing Anstalt Dairy Marketing Anstalt Alu Invest Aktiengesellschaft CBI Eastern Anstalt Eastern Trade Anstalt EASTERN AGENTS ANSTALT in Liquidation White Helmets Establishment HVD Biotech AG SANTERI TRUST REG. SECUREHOUSE LIMITED in Liquidation Signus Establishment in Liquidation Smia Establishment in Liquidation SEMA ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SIMONDS ESTABLISHMENT Simiola Establishment in Liquidation SISA ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SOUTHERN MINING ESTABLISHMENT SIG ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SAMENUS ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SONSY ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SILVANUS ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SAMSO ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SBI ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Ozze Foundation in Liquidation Dote Foundation JOMORO FOUNDATION JDC Foundation Hope Real Estate Establishment JOHN LOUIS FOUNDATION JMG FOUNDATION JELLING FOUNDATION Jarndyce Foundation in Liquidation T.E.A. COMPUTERS SOCIETE ANONYME NOBLE GROUNDS FOUNDATION Rivière Blanche Anstalt Hoval Holding AG Hoval Aktiengesellschaft SG Invest AG ETABLISSEMENT HEDGE FUND NUMBER FIVE in Liquidation Accuro Fund Solutions AG Tortuga Managed Private Equity Fund AGmvK in Liquidation IFA International Fund Advisors Establishment in Liquidation ILSP MUTUAL FUND AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation RAM Alternative SICAV Arango Fund SICAV AFS Alternative Fund SICAV DIVERSITAS Funds AGmvK CREA Vision Funds SICAV Smirgold Fund SICAV Perikles Fund SICAV Auricor Investment Fund SICAV W&P Selection Funds SICAV Tortuga Currency Fund AGmvK in Liquidation ANOVA Alternative Investments SICAV RAM Asset Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation Kaiser Partner Personalvorsorgestiftung KAISER PARTNER PRIVATBANK AG Kaiser Partner Trust Services Anstalt KAISER PARTNER MANAGEMENT SERVICES ANSTALT Kaiser Partner Reporting Services AG A.S.L. Securities Establishmen Digi-Technik & Partners Company Establishment Perfect Form International AG adRom Digital Media AG DIH Digital Internet Holding Establishment Hill Top Digital Strategies 1 Ltd Elvetic Farm House Aktiengesellschaft SAGMA HOLDINGS ESTABLISHMENT Star Hotel Establishment SHALIMAR HOLDINGS ESTABLISHMENT SAHEL Holding Establishment Strings Establishment SKS Holding Establishment in Liquidation SSN Holding Establishment SANU HOLDINGS ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SICO HOLDING ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SIMOFINA Holding Establishment SELESTA HOLDING ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation SURICH HOLDINGS ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Blueboard International AG Bittrex DLT Technologies GmbH Bittrex E-Payment GmbH in Liquidation CARUSO Aktiengesellschaft CARHUMA STIFTUNG in Liquidation The Finest Token AG vestra ICT AG Ebro Armaturen International Establishment & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Eschen Ebro Armaturen Establishment & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft Ebro Armaturen International Establishment Ebro Armaturen Establishment narAM Limited SOUTHERN BREWERIES AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Bitcoin Suisse (Liechtenstein) AG Susana & Ricardo Steinbruch Art Foundation BREHME INTERNATIONAL AG RICORDO Stiftung NCON PTY AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT iomarket Aktiengesellschaft myPOS AG Menomadin Management AG CICM FOUNDATION in Liquidation Etablissement Tropeva in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT TACHONIA i.L. ETABLISSEMENT TAMO ETABLISSEMENT TABARO in Liquidation Etablissement Trican ETABLISSEMENT TROTTA ETABLISSEMENT TOIDAM in Liquidation Etablissement Towa in Liquidation Etablissement TEO in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT TECAVIA ETABLISSEMENT TRELEX in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT TIERS in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT TELAGA in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT TRANSATLANTA in Liquidation THE E.G.E. TRUST ETABLISSEMENT TECMOLDE in Liquidation Historical Medieval Battle International Association e.V. SETE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETE ANONYME in Liquidation SEILERN INTERNATIONAL AG THE ALBA AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT ALBALVA STIFTUNG MED Holdings Limited in Liquidation Universal Engineering Establishment Universal Development Establishment GN Directors Establishment General Finance Company Establishment in Liquidation Zolatin Universal Establishment GN Invest Aktiengesellschaft Protec Trust Management Anstalt Leis International S.A. BETUVA STIFTUNG Partwo Foundation Aralonco Establishment TILIA TRUST REG. FINFI Anstalt FRANMA Anstalt FROJA ANSTALT FINEXIM ANSTALT Finalp AG FONTANELLA ANSTALT FERALL ANSTALT FRISPA ANSTALT FIEDLER ANSTALT Filicia Anstalt Finrest Anstalt Fikalo Anstalt VIROLA ANSTALT FERDIMA Anstalt FILERNO Anstalt GREEN CIRCLE Aktiengesellschaft Adamra Stiftung ADMINTRUST MANAGEMENT reg. JETION SOLAR (EUROPE) LTD. NORTHSOUTH MARITIME COMPANY LIMITED ADMICOM AG MIRANJA AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT GREEN ARROW TRUST REG. Grass Green GmbH Green Finance Capital AG Green Future GmbH Infotech Systems AG in Liquidation 1291Group Europe AG OCEAN VENTURES Aktiengesellschaft LCX AG Humans Token AG Sustainable Products by S&P GmbH Topam Aktiengesellschaft Topato Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation Weeve AG SWISS TEC AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation SWISS SANA AG ALP Swiss Select Metal Trade Company Establishment MVM Trading Establishment ESTAR Trading Establishment in Liquidation GENERAL TRADE ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Ewi Trade Establishment in Liquidation KYV Trading Establishment Asem Trading Company Establishment Easy Trade Establishment in Liquidation METROPOLITAN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT in Nachtragsliquidation ELESAT TRADING ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation HCM TRADING ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Elderton Trading Establishment B.E.T. Equipment Trading Establishment ETCO EUROPEAN TRADING ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation DVS Trading Establishment EAST-WEST MARKETING & TRADING ESTABLISHMENT RAN Wealth Establishment HABUWA STIFTUNG in Liquidation AUBEFA SOCIETE ANONYME SOPARFI SOCIETE ANONYME SOCIETE DE PARTICIPATION ET DE FINANCEMENT DEFINEX AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Global Travel Solutions GTS AG Blu Capital Ltd. Loan & Capital Limited Blue & Brown Capital Partners AG Blue Nautilus Capital SICAV The Classic Car Trust reg. CLASSIC TRUST REG. in Liquidation Classic Sports Cars Trust Reg. Blue Ocean Holding Establishment Epiphany AG STIFTUNG FÜRST LIECHTENSTEIN Stiftung Vaterländische Union STIFTUNG FÜRST LIECHTENSTEIN II Stiftung Triforium Stiftung Rescona Stiftung Merica Stiftung Faverium Stiftung Dorion Stiftung Candura Stiftung Cenadium Stiftung Corantha PURFIN Establishment Perfin Establishment in Liquidation BARFIN ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation PRO. S. INV. LIMITED in Liquidation S-Vier GmbH Korland & Gordner Aktiengesellschaft S. CASTO AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation LIMANIN ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LOM & CO. ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Login Establishment LORASIN LIMITED LYN ESTABLISHMENT LabelsCoin Establishment in Liquidation Loberia Establishment LORIGAN ESTABLISHMENT Lakon Establishment LOMIE Establishment in Liquidation LORELAN ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Linoil Establishment in Liquidation Lorintos Establishment in liquidation Sihl Tower Immo AG Park Tower Holdings Establishment CRYPTO COUNTRY ASSOCIATION (CCA) e.V. FIRST TRADING & FINANCE CORPORATION START Network Liechtenstein e.V. Country Tower Studios Establishment TOWER PROPERTY LTD. STAR EDUCATION FOUNDATION STRATBERG CORPORATION STARTEC ESTABLISHMENT Stratinvest Corporation starjet Establishment for aviation STARDRILL COMPANY LIMITED Interogo Treasury Trust reg. Interogo Corporate Services AG Shild Investment & Holding Establishment AD HOLDINGS AG S3 Gastro Anstalt in Liquidation well be management ag Korpar AG Aurora Investments AG SIGMA KREDITBANK AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT JAMBE ESTABLISHMENT CloudLab AG Capricorn Trading Limited in Liquidation CAPRICORN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation IMC Entertainment Trust reg. DOMARIS ANSTALT DOW INVESTMENTS ANSTALT DINIANA ANSTALT in Liquidation SD Dom Anstalt DOMINIO ANSTALT DOMUM ANSTALT Interdom Anstalt ARCH FOUNDATION Hicham Alaoui Foundation FRIGORIKA FOUNDATION in Liquidation INTEROGO FOUNDATION GAVA Foundation Elvest Foundation ELGIN FOUNDATION THE CAIN FOUNDATION in Liquidation KWOK FOUNDATION in Liquidation Saulire Foundation ROLBAR FOUNDATION TiVi Foundation RJGH Foundation Leonek Foundation BOWMORE FOUNDATION LEENNARD FOUNDATION Pirarucu Foundation ZIJDEAAP Foundation PERBONUM FOUNDATION Kolekcja Foundation FILICANDA FOUNDATION in Liquidation N.F.V. NITRAM FOUNDATION in Liquidation Random Holding Establishment in Liquidation Litas Anstalt LAFORT ESTABLISHMENT LAKATI Establishment LISAK ESTABLISHMENT LITTLEPORT COMPANY Establishment LINARD ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LIRIT Establishment in Liquidation LITARO ESTABLISHMENT Landr Establishment LATRIST ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation LISMAR ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Liechtenstein Global Trust Aktiengesellschaft (in Liquidation) Valvest Advisors AG Liechtenstein Global Trust Aktiengesellschaft INTERTRUST SERVICES (LIECHTENSTEIN) TRUST REG. Liechtenstein Marketing BDO (Liechtenstein) AG Liechtenstein Verlag Aktiengesellschaft Liechtenstein Institute for Strategic Development Aktiengesellschaft SWM AG Kaiser Family Office Trust reg Friedrich Wohlmacher & Burkhard Hirn & Nicole Kaiser & Stefan Becker Fritz Kaiser Trust reg. Kaiser Invest Anstalt OVERSEAS PROPERTY INVESTMENT CORPORATION in Liquidation Fondation Artu Fondation Blanche Pierre FONDATION JETIL Fondation Rackham FONDATION LARDECO FONDATION BOUGAINVILLÉE FONDATION SAINT CHARLES FONDATION ARMENIENNE DE SECOURS AUC ETUDIANTS, Legs époux BAHARIAN FONDATION BLAISON FONDATION SOCINDEC FONDATION PHILIPPE ROTTHIER POUR L'ARCHITECTURE FONDATION ANDROMAC Fondation SAINT ARNOU NOUVELLE CASSIUS Fondation DEUX CENT NONANTESIX Fondation ASTURION FONDATION BERVILLE Fondation FONDATION JASON-X3 Multitalent AG Multitalent II AG Multitalent III AG APMC Beteiligungs-Stiftung K.H.B. Beteiligungs Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung ENZ BETEILIGUNGS AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT MVG Beteiligungs GmbH EWAG Beteiligungs Aktiengesellschaft H & H Beteiligungs AG

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