List of Corporate Headquarters in UMM AL FAHM

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Mahajna Pdaya I G INTERNATIONAL ELECTRIC LTD. Agbaria Muhammad OFAKIM LTD Omega Plast ALSHAFA PHARMACY LTD East Artists Ltd. Agbaria Anas R-LIGHT LINES COMMUNICATIONS LTD Wow Cosmetics AGBARIA RESTAURANT C.A.F MARKET LTD Albina - Society Protection of Human Rights in Israel Alamana Trade Ltd Finan Ltd Jabarin Heatam A.H.M.G. INVESTMENTS AND COMMERCE LTD. Jabarin Safia TECHNICAL SUPPORT CENTER Abu Katash Adel Alsrag' I.S.R. FOOD LTD. M.S. TALAS LTD EL MEDIAN PHARMACY King General Trade Ltd MAI SOFT LTD CLEARING MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING LTD. PHARMACY ONE LTD DAFLA INTERNET SOLUTIONS LTD TikTak ALGAZAL L.T.D. A.N. AUTO LTD A.S.A.M.R. SHIVUK UMISHAR LTD A.Sh. Distribution Ltd SPEED TOUR LTD Moavia - Agricultural Cooperative Society of drinking water supply in Moavia Ltd GENETIC A.M. WEAR LTD MR Maintenance and repair of machines A.'s Marketing Big Market Import Trade and Marketing Ltd. RUMISHRA MEDICAL SERVICES LTD DE'SIO LTD H.M.A. Capital Ltd. A.M.A. FARM LTD. A. Car Rental Tavor Tours Manasra Everest Engineering Ltd. CHEETAH ALPHA LTD MERAK SOFTWARE LTD T-Digital Engineering and Computing Ltd. Capital A.S.A.M.C. INVESTMENTS AND CONSULTING LTD Forma Architects TALAS FOOD INDUSTRY LTD. OLAM AGRICULTURE LTD Disni IRON ART CENTER LTD Iron Art Center H.g. source of iron Ltd A. M. MARKETING & TRADE Albera Center Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Ltd Alum Gvanim Ltd. ROYAL STOCK LTD Bitco - Investments and Properties Ltd DELTA COMPUTERS MARWAN ATHAMNA-WOOD IMPORT & MARKETING LTD TAM technical equipment and materials Iad Transportations Asil Express Ltd Dia Mahamid HASSAN GVARIN Mahamid Aya MATRIX 16 LTD Agbaria Aisha FERNANDO LTD SHAAM TEXTILE LTD SHA'ADI TEXTILE LTD Abu Jarir Samira HAMSHOLASH BEAUTY IMPORT EXPORT LTD Agbaria Nasrin Birds and Fish Garden Majdal Agbaria Productions Ltd Optics is D cor of peace QISTAS LTD NUR OILS LTD. AMAN - NET LTD SANABL - ULTRA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION PROVIDER LTD Agbaria Shaker Italian Medicine and Diagnostic Ltd Trop Gold Ltd King of flushing EL CARMEL SAMI AND HASSAN ENGINEERING & BUILDING LTD ISRA JET LTD. Flowers Amanda MODEL ALUMINIUM BEIT ALMAQDES COFFEE AND SWEETS Kol Madaf El Khalifa Company Ltd Mahajna Masav TOP HAMSHOLASH PROPERTIES &INVESTMENTS LTD TOP HAMSHOLASH MARKETING (2005) LTD HATAKOT HAMSHOLASH LTD R.M Mehdi Ltd. AL KASAB LTD A.B.L.L.I. LTD Saada Ali SAADA AHMAD, CPA ATID DIALA BUILDING LTD Aloofaa ELNUR PHARMACY DERBY SKY (2011) LTD SUN BOILER CENTER A.R.T. Boutique ALNOR, HEALTH SERVICES LTD. Adam Glass Ltd M.M. TELES ROASTING HOUSE ABU SAYD ROASTING HOUSE ALAHLI ROASTING HOUSE UNIVERSE FURNITURE LTD. MENA-APPS LTD Agbaria Lina Jabarin Camel MEGANA LTD Halimi Minimarket Odi Mahamid

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