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PARSIAN ZARCHIN MEHR COMPANY Pichaz Taban ARAZ RASHAY ABRISHAM COMPANY PAULAD SHEMSH ARYA COMPANY YAZD TILE COMPANY Almas Plastic Company Hojatabad Ice Manufacturing ETEMAD YAZD MULTIPURPOSE MANUFACTURING COOPERATIVE MAHTAB PLASTIC COMPANY Pooyan System Koosha Sanat Yazd NAKH AFTAB SPINNING COMPANY PARTO AFTAB YAZD COMPANY Yazd Processing Company Niloofar Plastic Yazd Golvijeh Plastic Yazd Yazd Fath Plastic Yazd Plasco RAMINA PLASTIC YAZD COMPANY PALESH YAZD KHAYAM TILE COMPANY Daneh Sa Parand Yarn KABIR CARPET COMPANY KABIR NAKH COMPANY KABIR NAKH YAZD KAYHAN ALTON RAH ABRISHAM COMPANY Saghar Sanat Nikoo Electronic Pishro Narin Tile Company Soheil Company Khatereh Kavir KAVIR IRON ORE TOLIDI SIRANG SIRANG MANUFACTURING COOPERATIVE COMPANY PARDIS ENAMEL CO GHADIR YAZD STEEL COMPANY Yekta Javaneh Company RASAN RISS YAZD CO ARDEKAN TEXTILE CO. DARMAN POUYESH TOLOU CO. Pishro Cable & Wire PETROPAK PARS COMPANY Goldis Tile KASRA COMPANY Yazd Trade Point ZARRIN TAB COMPANY PARS PADASHEN CO.LTD. YAZD KHOSH NAKH SPINNING CO AGRICULTURAL EXIR COMPANY KIMIA CERAM TILE CO PISHGAMAN SOLAR SYSTEMS CO Kian Nik Palad Company Kane Ara Mineral Company Sanaye Jooshkab Yazd Granule Morvarid Yazd Mahoor Morvarid (Limited) Industries Complex Moeinkaran Sanat Rahsazy NIKAN PARSIS POOYAN INVESTMENT AND TRADE DEVELOPMENT FARAZ GOSTAR YAZD CO. Faraz Gostar Yazd Company PAYMAN ELECTRIC Keramat Club Suger Sang Hamid FOOLAD GHOSTAR SODA CO ARMAN CELLULOSE YAZD INDUSTRIES PARS YAZD AGRICULTURAL INPUTS IMPROVEMENT & DEVELOPMENT COMPANY PJS Asia Fankar Company MILAD YAZD TILE PARSIAN PLASTIC COMPANY Esfordi Phosphate Industrial & Mining Complex SADR SHIMI GOSTARAN YAZD COMPANY PJS Kolak Gostar Yazd Tolid Pars Dook P J S Pooshesh Gostar Sadid Sazeh Beton Pars Pars Tebe Novin Company KAVOSH GOSTAR POUYA CO PJS RANGIN ALYAF PARS YAZD KAVIR PARS NAKH YAZD SPINNING NEGIN TAMADON PARS COMMERCIAL CO RISANDEGI PARS NAKH YAZD COMPANY ALYAF PARS YAZD MANUFACTURING COMPANY PJS Yazd Filter Haj Khalifeh Ali Rahbar And Partners Confectionery Arokyazd Manufacturing Complex Ard Roshan ADISH YAZD POLYETHYLENE & PVC INDUSTRIES COMPANY PJS Sisam Sahand SHERKAT FARSH NEGIN KASRA YAZD COMPANY Yaragh Tolid Ardakan Aghigh Ardakan Stone Industries ETMINAN ARDAKAN INDUSTRIAL COMAPNY Tooba Kavir Yazd Houman Shoe Shouroky Commercial Store Sadaf Loab Fara Nasooz Refactories Company Simin Patu Yazd Golbiz Mehriz IRAN TAB Volga Motor SIM LAKIE KAVIR YAZD Mellamin Kavir Company Nakh Negar Kavir Neshaste Negin Kavir Profile Alborz Kavir Kashi Aghigh Panah Sazan Kavir YAZD CERAM KAVIR COMPANY NOVIN CERAM YAZD TILE COMPANY Setareh Kavir TAAVONY AZIN BASPAR KAVIR YAZD COMPANY PARTO NEGAH KAVIR CO PJS Yazd Exchange Razi Darou Gach Yazd Company ZOB FELEZAT YAZD COMPANY Iran Kar Yazd Behin Kar Pardaz Company Parvin Printing & Packaging Industries Company Maibod Mosaic Company MEYBOD RABAT TILE Movahedin Produce Co-operative Yazd Poultry Agricultural Coop Sang Yazd Azarin Company Zam Zam Warehouse P J S Atlas Sina Yazd ROSE TAHRIR YAZD CO ROSE BARG COMPANY Pooshanak Yazd Maral Yazd Grean Plant Arman Sazan Pouya ALLI RISS COMPANY Yazd Hydraulic Yasna Karton Yazd Saderat Haghani Nikkhah Foodstuffs Material Distributor Karamaftool Company ZARIN TAB COMPANY ZARIN YAZD CO Yazd Seir Yazd Mangene Company Limited CORK YAZD INDUSTRIES CO PJS YAZD CARPET COMPANY YAZD BASPAR CO. YAZD TEXTILE M K Groups (P T I D Company) Saman Avaran Toseah Fakour Company TOLIDI KAFSH GOLSA POUSH YAZD Sanaye Teflonhadi SANAYE CORK YAZD COMPANY

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