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PENDAR TEJARAT SEPAHAN N M Company ISFAHAN SAMAN ENERGY GHASEMI BROTHERS STONER GROUP Kaveh Coke Kaveh Safe Box Kaveh Tile ISFAHAN COPOLYMER COMPANY Steel Technic International Engineering Company FOOLAD TECHNIC INTERNATIONAL ENGINEERING COMPANY SEPID INC CHEHELSOTOON BAHAR SEPAHAN COMPANY Saleh Nia Company Saran Trade Company IRAN REFRACTORIES COMPANY P J S C Machin Afshar BAMA NPI Loole Arshehkar Company Jahan Sang Company Jahan Kar Iran Mn Mines YEKTA NEGIN IRANIAN Taban Chimie Company ARYA PAMCHAL NAGHSHE JAHAN Oraman Print Diba International Isfahan Pegah Company GHATREEI BARAN ETESAL COMPANY PJS MIHAN BAF CO. MIHAN COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS COMPANY Matin Steel Company KAHROBA GOSTAR COMPANY SADAFKOOH STONE COMPANY Saba Company Saba Chap SABA STEEL COMPANY Safa Teb Company Behnam Sang Company AZIN KIA COMMUNICATION DEVELOPMENT COMPANY BORN FOR ENERGY Arvand Trading Company Golrang Bidgol Golkaran Company Esalat Company Esfahan Senobar Esfahan Siklet Eshteal Esfahan Company ESFAHAN STEEL COMPANY Esfahan Pastor Institute MOBARAKEH STEEL COMPANY Pezhvak Company PERSIAN STEEL CO. Almas Sang Company Almas Glass ALMAS NOVIN AVA COMPANY ALMAS PARTO AFKAN CO. Rangineh Publication Company AFRA NIRU TEJARAT COMPANY IRAN AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURING IND CO Farazmand Company MAHTAB ELM SINA TRADING INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY LTD SHERKAT TOLIDI ARDE JOREH COMPANY ISFAHAN ROYAL COMPANY Saman Sane Company Shafigh Industrial Group S G P Company Gitipasand Industrial Group Rayan Sim IRAN PART CO., LTD ASIA SAFEERAN TOSEYE PAYDAR COMPANY PJS P S T Company MAHYA GAS COMPANY ARAN SAKHT NIROU SEPAHAN COMPANY PJS KIMIA JAVID SEPAHAN COMPANY PJS MOHAMMAD HAMRANG MOHAMMAD KHABAZIAN (LASTIC SAZI IRAN) Aftab Granite Industries SEPID FARAB KAVIR STEEL MANUFACTURING COMPANY ARMAGHAN TEJARAT TAVANA PERSIAN ISP Kian Pars Company PARS MOTOR COMPANY Raha Pharmacy Ariya Kiseh Apadana SNOWA HOME APPLIANCES Polar Industrial Group PADIDEH SAZAN POSHTVAR COMPANY ISFAHAN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL Safa Shimi Keyhan Valve Company MEHRGODAZ REFRACTORIES Sabzashian Company SAKHTEHAYE FELEZI ESFAHAN CO (SAFA) ZAGROS YARN PRODUCTION COMPANY SAVIS DELIJAN TEXTILE TARA FOOLAD ASIA IRAN REFRACTORY CEMENTS CO. IGP GLASS Sepahan Battery Industrial Complex Co. Metod Electronic Of Sepahan Olive Sepahan Golkar Sepahan Binesh Sanat Sepahan Behine Rang Sepahan Company Layi Sepahan Engineering Company Limited MAHYAR SEPAHAN COMPANY Nan Gostare Sepahan Kar Abzare Sepahan Ghatran Gas Sepahan Behin Loole Sepahan Company Ertebat Rayan Sepahan Company BANA PARDAZ SEPAHAN Abron Electronic Company Dana Pack Sepahan Rangin Zob-e Sepahan CHELATE AHAN BAHARAN COMPANY RAZI CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Electro Mega Shop BEHTASH SEPAHAN CO Sepahan Method Electronic SEPAHAN KARA COMPANY SEPAHAN LIFTER Teyf Sepahan Engineering Boresh Kouhe Sepahan Hour Mehr Sepahan Company SEPAHAN BEYOND RESEARCH Miad Beton Sepahan Company SEPAH POLYMER SEPAHAN FACTORY MEHRTASH SEPAHAN Aasad Chimie Sepahan SEPAHAN PAPER CO Foulad Saze Foulad Nima Company SAFA FOULAD SEPAHAN COMPANY FOULAD AFZA SEPAHAN COMPANY Iran Sepehr Company Asayesh Sanat ISFAHAN MOGHADAM CO. TOLIDI ISFAHAN MOGHADAM Tolidade Madani Isfahan ISFAHAN CEMENT COMPANY Shiva Amvaj Electrical Industries Company Daria Rang PARS ZAGROS HEAVY MACHINES COMPANY Parkstone Company PALAR SANAT CO Arvin Sang Arvin Poya Company Apadana Productory Group TABAN APADANA NEW COMMUNICATION COMPANY Arvin Tajhiz Sepahan ARVIN FARAZ ESPADANA COMPANY SARV SABZ APADANA COMPANY PJS BETA FARAYAND CHEMIE CO. Sahab Sepahan Kavian Soole Company SANAYE CHODAN ISFAHAN COMPANY CHODAM SAZAN COMPANY Kesht Abzar Kar Rearch And Produce Sarooye Consulting Engineers & Architectures Company ARDINEH STARCH AND GLUCOSE COMPANY CHODAN SAZAN COMPANY PARS NEGAR CHEMICAL PJS Gama Computer Company Atropat Gheshm Company SALEM SOOZE SEPAHAN Salem Podran Sepaha Golestan Pooyaye Esfahan Negin Sang Kavir NEGIN SANAAT GHAEM COMPANY AZAR REFRACTORIES Machine Afzar Shams Sanat Esfahan Industries Investment Company Sana Model SARAN TEJARAT ESPADANA COMPANY INFOCELL IRAN CO. Darman Kav Ashrafi Gaz Razi Company ARSAM TEJARATE YEGANE Sepahan Shahr Trading Service Yamelectric Company Reza Zoofan BAZARGANI AGHAJAN GOSTAR BEN AZAR TEIF SEPAHAN ENGINEERING CO FARA TAHQEEQ SEPAHAN ARDESTAN CEMENT Arina Company ATLAS CONTROL COMPANY SALAMAT COMPANY Water Pipe ATLAS PUMP SEPAHAN Parsian Risandegi Iran Trans Company TUKA REFRACTORY AND SERVICES COMPANY PJS Takado Public Joint Stock ISFAHAN CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH CENTER Isfahan Micro Control Company Isfahan Chocolate Company SAROOJ ISFAHAN ISFAHAN CASTING INDUSTRIES Exir Soft Company PARS PERAL COMPANY IRAN MANGANESE MINES COMPANY Nirou Company NIROU CHLOR COMPANY Niro Cholor NIROU CHLOR COMPANY P J S C Asia Glass Pich Sanat Azma Pars Azma ENTEKHAB TEJARAT BARTAR COMPANY PEYMAN SANAT ESPADANA COMPANY NEGIN PAYAM SEPAHAN CO PJS Sadro Gostar Company Isfahan Saman Gostar Company Dena Gostar Company Sarouj Company Momtaz Golchin Sepahan Peiman Sanat Mohareke Sepahan Rikhte Gari Kamal Sepahan Hamoon Pipe Sepahan Farman Khodro Sepahan Yas Sepahan Shoe Company Arya Ris Sepahan Atash Pooya Sepahan Sardab Sepahan Company Kimia Nakh Aryana Gostar Spadana Company Persian Flora Shahre Khaneh Company Dara Kar Company Pars Part Company ASIA TILE COMPANY ENTEKHAB INDUSTRIAL GROUP SEPID MOTAHAR ENTEKHAB TUKAFOOLAD INVESTMENT CO. Novin Goosht Jey Novin Posh Jey Bespar Novin Saman Puyesh Novin Novin Kesht Parsian Company Novin Sanjesh Systems Engineering Company Novin 110 Commerce Company PARCHAM DARAN SANAT NOVIN IMEN SANAT NOVIN ALIGHAPOO COMPANY ARKAN SAKHTAR NOVIN IRANIAN Goltash Group Aseman Company SAHAND CYCLET SEPAHAN COMPANY PJS GANDOM DARAN ISFAHAN COMPANY

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