List of Corporate Headquarters in PRAHA 8 KARLIN

Search a company in Czech Republic with your criteria (trade name, adress, Czech registry number...). provides business and credit information about Czech firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Czech register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Czech Republic, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Czech company.

Quantcom, a.s. EasyPark Czechia s.r.o. Mitchell Investments, s.r.o. Ataccama Software, s.r.o. CONSULTANCY, s.r.o. Amundi Czech Republic, investicni spolecnost, a.s. MADE IN... spol. s r. o. CTS Czech Republic s.r.o. Global Solutions Services CR, s.r.o. Global European Solutions s.r.o. Braiins Shop s.r.o. Braiins Services s.r.o. Braiins Systems s.r.o. DICONT a.s. Retails a.s. Plan B Investments, a. s. GO facility s.r.o. Mine Construction Alliance s.r.o. Expedia Services CZ, s.r.o. Monster Technologies Prague s.r.o. Arubi Estates s.r.o. RACIMA a.s. ISTA CORPORATION, s.r.o. nanosun s.r.o. nanosun service s.r.o. nanosun holding s.r.o. nanosun real estate s.r.o. Nadace nanosun REMA, s.r.o. REMATEL spol.s r.o. EUROPLAKAT spol. s r. o. DIGI s.r.o. v likvidaci CE Industries a.s. EURO-CENTER HOLDING SE TVO Europe Holdings a.s. EURO-HOLDING, s.r.o. AVASTAR EUROPE s.r.o. Port Acquisitions a.s. Smart Hill Consulting, a.s. v likvidaci Balenciaga Czech Republic s.r.o. SKILL s.r.o. SentinelOne CZ s.r.o. ABM Warehouse s.r.o. 3 Lights Technology s.r.o. Antim Plus s.r.o. TRAKIA s.r.o. Venus Europe s.r.o. Venus Media s.r.o. Kaloa International s.r.o. NextGen Distribution Group s.r.o. ADEBA s.r.o. ATACCAMA Group SE APS BETA, a.s. TRAFA s.r.o. Credit Easy Invest SICAV a.s. Photon Energy Corporate Services CZ s.r.o. DWELLWIO s.r.o. Amundi CR Kratkodoby, otevreny podilovy fond Amundi Czech Republic, investicni spolecnost, Gold & Diamonds, s.r.o. Dot to Dot s.r.o. UCED Chomutov s.r.o. UCED Prodej s.r.o. UCED Vitkovice a.s. UCED Distribuce s.r.o. UCED s.r.o. UCED Distribuce III s.r.o. UCED Energy s.r.o. UCED Distribuce II s.r.o. UCED Koprivnice s.r.o. UCED Prerov s.r.o. UCED Hranice s.r.o. UCED Energy II s.r.o. UCED Energy III s.r.o. UCED Bio s.r.o. UCED Solar s.r.o. UCED Commodities s.r.o. 8m, s.r.o. HILLBER CHEMICALS s.r.o. v likvidaci GEFCO CESKA REPUBLIKA s.r.o. Accolade Reality, s.r.o. Accolade CZ VII, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XIV, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade Technologies s.r.o. Accolade CZ XXII, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXI, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XVIII, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XV, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XIX, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade Holding, a.s. Accolade, s.r.o. Accolade CZ XXIX, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXVII, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXXIII, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXXIV, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXX, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXXII, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade Financial Services, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XL, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXXIX, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXXVIII, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade CZ XXXV, s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade Finance CZ s.r.o., clen koncernu Accolade Portfolio I, s.r.o., clen koncernu Ceska podnikatelska pojistovna, a.s., Vienna Insurance Group Mr.Jones s.r.o. PRIMAR Holding s.r.o. STUDENT HOUSE a.s. Revott s.r.o. Gamma Technologies s.r.o. v likvidaci AMC Networks Central Europe s.r.o. MIDABO CZ s.r.o. Anafora s.r.o. COMPONET s.r.o. v likvidaci Interstarch Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung, odstepny zavod GREENMAN s.r.o. ASAP LABORATORIES, s.r.o. PRIMA - Partner s.r.o. Primerox Company s. r. o. collectora software s.r.o. Winner.Shopping s.r.o. SOLAR 5 s.r.o. Lagos s.r.o. Razor Gora s.r.o. v likvidaci STOCK cistici sluzby s.r.o. ETA a. s. RSM Technology CZ s.r.o. Remote Technology Czech s.r.o. JAVORA spol. s r.o. Crypto Mining and Services, s.r.o. IQVIA Solutions a.s. Doosan Infracore, odstepny zavod Doosan Infracore Europe s.r.o. TRANSDEV EUROLINES CZ, a.s. v likvidaci Agentura pro evropske projekty & management /ve zkracenem zneni EPMA / THE INSIDE s.r.o. Spolecenstvi vlastniku U Sluncove 608, 609, 610 Druzstvo U Sluncove 608, 609, 610 v likvidaci Media Dojo s.r.o. Tumlare Corporation Czech Republic s.r.o. ADERANA s.r.o. Vagner, spol. s r.o. E-Consulting Czech s.r.o. DENYREL s.r.o. BRAVE CZ s.r.o. Net Consult, s.r.o. COMENIA CONSULT Praha s.r.o. Popular CORP s.r.o. v likvidaci PEOPLES COMPANY s.r.o. C.E.E. Group Travelport a.s. WPC Cube Czech s.r.o. PRIMA AUTO, EU s.r.o., v likvidaci ACELab Europe s.r.o. I.D. Marketing CR, s.r.o. PKF APOGEO, s.r.o. AT ELECTRONICS s.r.o. CITADELA FINANCE s.r.o. ABL CORPORATE, s.r.o. VIZE s.r.o. KPMG CEE HOLDING, a.s. LAVENDER s.r.o. EAST - TRADE, s.r.o. HI-TECH INOVACE s.r.o. Driveto s.r.o. Integra Czech Republic, s.r.o. TRANSPORT COMPANY s.r.o. Utopena s.r.o. - v likvidaci ICON Communication Centres s.r.o. CREDITAS s.r.o. Creditinfo CEE a.s. ELI LILLY CR, s.r.o. EuropeCom s.r.o. v likvidaci ELI LILLY /SUISSE/ SA,ORGANIZACNI SLOZKA CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP a.s. BLOMUS STORE s.r.o. WALLABY, a.s. v likvidaci GreenSail s.r.o. Adamed Czech Republic s.r.o. Novartis Ophthalmics Services AG, organizacni slozka ELECTRIC PARK s.r.o. Medical s.r.o. SYS MB MOTORS s.r.o. v likvidaci Casa Italia s.r.o. MUZI s.r.o. GLARE MARKETING agency s.r.o. Mondelez Czech Republic s.r.o. Mondelez Europe Procurement GmbH - odstepny zavod Ceska republika Mondelez CR Biscuit Production s.r.o. Mondelez Europe Services GmbH - odstepny zavod Ceska republika Europe optical s.r.o. Spigraph Czech Republic s.r.o., v likvidaci Canal+ Distribution Czech Republic s.r.o. Thermal Products Czech Republic, s.r.o. v likvidaci PRO CM, s.r.o. CMA VILA s.r.o. Youth, Speak Up! z.u., s.r.o. Nadacni fond Slevomat Rossum Czech Republic s.r.o. Avenrix s.r.o. v likvidaci GALAP ESTATE s.r.o. Techintrade, spol. s r.o. Czech Republic Realty s.r.o. HAT facility s.r.o. IQVIA Technology Solutions s.r.o. Biano s.r.o. Tele - Advertising, s.r.o. v likvidaci Lyte s.r.o. Cuong Dau Ngoc REAL PRAHA spol. s r.o. Partner & Co. s.r.o., s.r.o. Color Redondo s. r. o. Mardi Jewellery s.r.o. Krabi cocktails s.r.o. Garage22, s.r.o. Opavia - LU, s.r.o. Deutsche Borse Services s.r.o. Altersis s.r.o. Altersis Xperts s.r.o. NS plaza s.r.o. Safe Solution s.r.o. CITY DIGITAL MEDIA s.r.o. TELE DIGITAL MEDIA s.r.o. DIGITAL MEDIA GROUP a.s. 1. MesPa, s.r.o. v likvidaci One Minute s.r.o. BR Salon s.r.o. FERMATA Int. s.r.o. FerMark s.r.o. Equity Holding, a.s. ARTPARTNERS, s.r.o. Mazars s.r.o. Mazars Audit s.r.o. POLLYDOR s.r.o. v likvidaci KH Technologie s.r.o. CTI SERVICE Prague s.r.o. MaeG Investment SICAV a.s. J&T ARCH INVESTMENTS SICAV, a.s. Jarel Europe s.r.o. Blockchain Technology Hub s.r.o. The Best western travel agency s.r.o. OMEGA v likvidaci C42 s.r.o. CG63, s.r.o. AGRIPA NL spol. s r.o. v likvidaci YDISTRI, SE Saxon, a.s. K a W a K , s.r.o., v likvidaci The MAMA AI, SE MAMA AI Coolma, s.r.o.

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