List of Corporate Headquarters in BELIZE CITY

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Hibiscus Investments Limited Valon Enterprises Ltd Heritage International Bank & Trust Limited Incloak Network Ltd. Cidiki Ltd. Starlex Company Limited Moritzclear Research S.A. Falconroyce Capital Ltd Maseta Project SA Benny's Enterprises Ltd. MBGH Holdings Ltd Mirax Management Ltd Worldwide Management Corporation Known Holdings Ltd DDOS Guard Corp Quan Limited Augusto Quan Limited James Brodie and Co. Ltd. Brothers Habet Ltd. Habet & Company Limited, Joseph M. Hofius Limited Nice Grand Trading Limited Bowen and Bowen Ltd. Alliance Bank of Belize Limited Comfort Dynasty Inc Dyna Inernational Holdings Ltd Pescatlant Ltd Armada Holdings Inc Pescamar SA Navigation Key, Inc Elocan Investments Limited Dean Fuller Full Tech Co. Ltd Advanced Properties Limited Moongate United S.A. Orun Music LLC Protectimus Soluctions Ltd Elyse Corporate Ltd XM Global Limited Gonzalo Quinto and Sons Ltd. Servall Management Ltd Arvis Capital Limited Energy Holdings Ltd Winteam International Corporation Bradleys Imports Max CE Europe Inc. Belize Trust Company Limited Financiera Union del Sur SA Project Technology Ltd International Corporate Services Ltd Abasa Corp Desio Group Limited Amstron Holdings Ltd Belize Estate Company Ltd. Laretti Limited BELIZE SHIPPING & TRADING CO. LTD. Coleman Construction Ltd Areal Management Ltd Oro Management Ltd Eldy Vasquez Vega Energy Marketing Solutions Limited ABC Hosting Ltd Prof Invest Ltd Suppliersauce Limited RC Imports Ltd FEB Marine Trading Co., Ltd Estateland Limited Welland Incorporated Fairland Estate Ltd Kingsland Limited Payment service MONEYFGE Ltd Aspen Wind Corporation Belize Formation Services Ltd Silverwing Manufacturing Ltd Silver Wood International Corp Silder Enterprises Ltd Silverstone Properties Ltd Well Era Co Ltd Gilstar Silver AG Rich Era Co. Ltd Emanuel Rivera Ltd Brooks Invest Ltd. Barton Ltd Global Swiss Export Ltd Swiss Investment and Finance SA Diverse Swiss S.A. World Wide Marine Services Ltd Trawlers Management Ltd P.R.O. Management Limited Athena Fiduciaries Ltd Effexsys Ltd Landcliff Commerce S.A. Atlantiscom Incorporated Global Max International Co. Ltd Mediacast International Limited Mediterranean Design, Inc. The Media Consultancy Limited Media Max Limited Belize Telemedia Limited Media Clouds Ltd Victory Cash management Ltd. Stox Trade Ltd. Lakota Trading Corp Ltd Acecorp Trading Limited Tropicwind Trading Ltd UFX Trade Limited KMG Trading Corp OMW Trading Ltd Trade Floors Ltd Vitali Trading Ltd UFFOS Trade Ltd Energyresources Trade Ltd. Seabay Trading Ltd Commonwealth Trading Corporation Ltd. Barnell Trading Limited Ballem Trading Company Limited Nosterfield Trading Ltd San Meng Trading Limited Graford Trader Ltd Welsteel Trading Ltd Stenverx Trade Ltd Roybell Trading Limited Trada, Ltd. WCR Management Limited W C L Limited Lance East Corporation Conquest Enterprises Inc. Belize Refrigeration Ltd. Data Center Colocation Ltd BCB Holdings Limited Belize Holdings Ltd Belize Bank Corporation Limited The Belize Bank Limited Finad Ltd. Financial Arsenal Ltd Asia Oppa Ltd Inherent Risks, LLC Martinez, Enrique G. Ayuso & Son Ltd. Salvador Habet & Sons Limited Emilio Ahmad & Sons Ltd GA Roe & Sons Ltd Maria Chang & Sons Company Limited Diaz And Sons Santos Kensuke And Sons Co Ltd G.A. Roe & Sons (Insurance) Ltd. F. Johnson and Sons Limited Yhony Rosado Air Wing Limited Strawberry Cake Media Corp. Star Ventures Ltd. Star Faith International Co Ltd Women's Issues Network of Belize Clear Window Enterprise Co. Ltd. Win Jet Co., Ltd. Merme Ltd Malko Investments SA Ideal Dragon Investment Ltd Kreston Corp. Eton International Limited Weton Impex Ltd Stelton Holdings Inc Alton System Ltd Stella Tech Inc. Stella Maris SA Speednet Communications Limited Social Property Limited San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi Ltd Belize Marine & San Company Limited Belize Hotels Limited Hugo Tosca Invest International Ltd Huge Profit Co. Ltd Downey Commercial Ltd DALI DAILY USE CHEMICALS CO. LTD. Midland Finance Group Ltd Capital Reserve Financial Group Incorporated Claro Ltd Forexite Ltd Atlantic Insurance Company Limited Atlantic Holdings Corporation Ltd Atlas Internet Concepts Ltd Ventura Capital Ltd. Vento Ltd Millinnium Securities Limited PNM Investments Limited Aspic Finance Inc. Trident Holdings Limited Vernet Enterprises Inc Inter Reserve Enterprises Inc G & G Young Belize Glass Shop, The G & S (Belize) Limited G & G Foods Ltd Fusion Group Agency Ltd AGH International Inc. Unicomer Belize Limited NVB Holding Ltd Consaltis Holdings A.G. LM Holding Co Inc Parma Holdings Ltd. Friday Holdings Ltd Costa Rica Holdings Inc. Maya Holdings Inc. United Holdings Limited Belizean Property Holdings Inc Eastern Holdings Limited Bellflower Holdings Ltd Sun Holding Limited Worldwide Telecom Holdings, Inc Falcon Holdings Limited Dresler Holdings Limited FlopGroup Holding Corporation Humboldt Holdings Ltd Masaco Holdings Ltd Hilvedor Holdings Limited Oren Investment Holdings Limited Temiron Holding LTD. Northlink Holdings LTD Fineshade Energy Limited Hand In Hand Ministries Inc Dianthe Holding SA Balendean Limited Hague Enterprise Inc. Cadogan International Developments Limited Topwell International Development Co., Ltd. Belize Aquaculture Ltd CPT Markets Limited ICM Worldwide Capital Markets Ltd V N Capital Markets Ltd Binary Capital Markets Ltd International Capital Markets Group Inc. Capital Market Solutions Inc. Belmont Industries Inc Fresno Capital Corp. Herculis Partners Limited Viranta Business Ltd. Clean Care Company Ltd Crest Limited Global Research Ltd Ziltag Technology Inc Leader Technology United Ltd Tech Box Ltd. Gem Technologies Ltd Invest Technology Ltd Power Great Technology Corp Halberd Technology Ltd Sky Tower Technology Ltd Naz technology Co Ltd Eman Machines and Technologies Limited Bulls Eye Technologies Ltd.

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