List of Corporate Headquarters in BELIZE CITY

Search a company in Belize with your criteria (trade name, adress, Belizean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Belizean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Belizean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
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Genpro Consulting Belize Limited XM Global Limited Claro Ltd Energy Marketing Solutions Limited Prof Invest Ltd Suppliersauce Limited RC Imports Ltd FEB Marine Trading Co., Ltd BELIZE SHIPPING & TRADING CO. LTD. Estateland Limited Welland Incorporated Fairland Estate Ltd Kingsland Limited Payment service MONEYFGE Ltd Aspen Wind Corporation Belize Formation Services Ltd Emanuel Rivera Ltd Silder Enterprises Ltd Gilstar Silver AG Rich Era Co. Ltd Silverstone Properties Ltd Silver Wood International Corp Silverwing Manufacturing Ltd Well Era Co Ltd Brooks Invest Ltd. Barton Ltd World Wide Marine Services Ltd Global Swiss Export Ltd Swiss Investment and Finance SA Diverse Swiss S.A. P.R.O. Management Limited Trawlers Management Ltd Athena Fiduciaries Ltd Effexsys Ltd Landcliff Commerce S.A. Pescatlant Ltd Atlantiscom Incorporated Max CE Europe Inc. Global Max International Co. Ltd Mediterranean Design, Inc. Mediacast International Limited Belize Telemedia Limited Media Clouds Ltd The Media Consultancy Limited Media Max Limited Victory Cash management Ltd. UFFOS Trade Ltd Nosterfield Trading Ltd Trada, Ltd. Graford Trader Ltd Stenverx Trade Ltd UFX Trade Limited San Meng Trading Limited Barnell Trading Limited Vitali Trading Ltd Tropicwind Trading Ltd Ballem Trading Company Limited Commonwealth Trading Corporation Ltd. KMG Trading Corp Lakota Trading Corp Ltd Stox Trade Ltd. Trade Floors Ltd Seabay Trading Ltd Roybell Trading Limited OMW Trading Ltd Energyresources Trade Ltd. Welsteel Trading Ltd Acecorp Trading Limited W C L Limited WCR Management Limited Lance East Corporation Conquest Enterprises Inc. Belize Refrigeration Ltd. Data Center Colocation Ltd BCB Holdings Limited Belize Holdings Ltd Belize Bank Corporation Limited The Belize Bank Limited James Brodie and Co. Ltd. Financial Arsenal Ltd Finad Ltd. Asia Oppa Ltd Inherent Risks, LLC G.A. Roe & Sons (Insurance) Ltd. Martinez, Enrique G. Ayuso & Son Ltd. Emilio Ahmad & Sons Ltd Salvador Habet & Sons Limited Maria Chang & Sons Company Limited F. Johnson and Sons Limited Kensuke And Sons Co Ltd Diaz And Sons Santos Gonzalo Quinto and Sons Ltd. GA Roe & Sons Ltd Star Faith International Co Ltd Win Jet Co., Ltd. Air Wing Limited Clear Window Enterprise Co. Ltd. Strawberry Cake Media Corp. Yhony Rosado Women's Issues Network of Belize Eldy Vasquez Vega Star Ventures Ltd. Merme Ltd Malko Investments SA Ideal Dragon Investment Ltd Kreston Corp. Weton Impex Ltd Stelton Holdings Inc Alton System Ltd Eton International Limited Stella Tech Inc. Stella Maris SA Speednet Communications Limited Social Property Limited Bowen and Bowen Ltd. Belize Marine & San Company Limited San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi Ltd Belize Hotels Limited Huge Profit Co. Ltd Hugo Tosca Invest International Ltd Downey Commercial Ltd DALI DAILY USE CHEMICALS CO. LTD. Capital Reserve Financial Group Incorporated Midland Finance Group Ltd Forexite Ltd Atlantic Insurance Company Limited Atlas Internet Concepts Ltd Atlantic Holdings Corporation Ltd Ventura Capital Ltd. Millinnium Securities Limited Vento Ltd PNM Investments Limited Elyse Corporate Ltd Aspic Finance Inc. Trident Holdings Limited Inter Reserve Enterprises Inc Vernet Enterprises Inc Belize Glass Shop, The G & S (Belize) Limited G & G Foods Ltd G & G Young Fusion Group Agency Ltd AGH International Inc. Unicomer Belize Limited Costa Rica Holdings Inc. Maya Holdings Inc. Sun Holding Limited Hilvedor Holdings Limited Oren Investment Holdings Limited NVB Holding Ltd Northlink Holdings LTD FlopGroup Holding Corporation Humboldt Holdings Ltd Masaco Holdings Ltd Parma Holdings Ltd. Temiron Holding LTD. United Holdings Limited Worldwide Telecom Holdings, Inc Bellflower Holdings Ltd LM Holding Co Inc Eastern Holdings Limited Consaltis Holdings A.G. Belizean Property Holdings Inc Falcon Holdings Limited Friday Holdings Ltd Dresler Holdings Limited Energy Holdings Ltd Fineshade Energy Limited Dean Fuller Hand In Hand Ministries Inc Dianthe Holding SA Balendean Limited Hague Enterprise Inc. Topwell International Development Co., Ltd. Cadogan International Developments Limited Belize Aquaculture Ltd Project Technology Ltd Capital Market Solutions Inc. ICM Worldwide Capital Markets Ltd V N Capital Markets Ltd Binary Capital Markets Ltd International Capital Markets Group Inc. CPT Markets Limited Belmont Industries Inc Falconroyce Capital Ltd Fresno Capital Corp. Herculis Partners Limited Viranta Business Ltd. Clean Care Company Ltd Global Research Ltd Moritzclear Research S.A. Crest Limited Bulls Eye Technologies Ltd. AP Technologies Ltd Invest Technology Ltd Leader Technology United Ltd Ziltag Technology Inc Gem Technologies Ltd Full Tech Co. Ltd Flint Technologies Limited Technology Plus Corporation TeVii Technology Limited Naz technology Co Ltd Telman Technology S.A. Halberd Technology Ltd Sky Tower Technology Ltd Power Great Technology Corp Agritech Establishment & Consultancy Ltd Soft Technology Co Ltd Eman Machines and Technologies Limited Mem Tech Inc BB In Technology Co. Ltd. New-High Tech Enterprises Corp Tech Box Ltd. In Shin Technology Inc Amberg Holdings Ltd Amber Trading Limited Ambera Holding Ltd. Network Tech Investments Inc. SWISS TRADE & COMMERCE TRUST LTD. Orun Music LLC South Stream Limited United Tyre Company S.A. Caribbean Tire Wholesale Limited Design Depot Trading Eli-Trading Group Ltd Captain Sharks Marine Center Elias Agency Limited Altalena Holding Ltd. Azure Holdings Inc. Zander Assets Corporation Sea Breeze Ventures Limited Gold Star Industries Ltd Gold Reef Limited Crystal Gold Co Ltd Golden Wise Shipping Co., Ltd Multi Wise Co Ltd Radiant Gold Corp W.I.S. International Limited Talent Wise International Ltd Goldway Shipping Limited ASCS Inc Prudential Capital Limited Hubco Digital Ltd Digital Innovation Ltd Tarco Ltd Arcata & Co., Ltd. Innoparc S.A. Architecture & Desing Solitions Inc Architectural & Engineering Services Ltd Love Foundation One World Corporation One-Tec Ltd Vitzo Limited GBI Corporate Limited Caribbean Shipping Agencies Ltd. Alpari Limited La Isla Carinosa Academy Caribbean Tobacco Co Ltd R Stone Ltd Malaca Shipping Lantana Shipping Co. Limited Laguna Shipping Co. Ltd Vindava Shipping Ltd Sky Shipping Co, Ltd Camellia Shipping Co. Limited Petrov Shipping Company Ltd Libava Shipping Ltd Eagle Shipping Co., Ltd Liza Shipping Co Ltd Magnolia Shipping Co. Ltd Sordic Shipping Company Limited Clove Shipping Co. Limited R Trading Ltd Omni Technologies Limited OMNI NETWORKS LIMITED Inteliance Corporation Intellitech Ltd. International Trade & Finance Ltd Touch Management Limited Barents RE International Reinsurance Company Ltd Mirax Management Ltd SmartProgress Inc. Coral Marine Ltd The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center Hop Sing Limited Mega Hope Textile Limited Greenfield Group Limited Galaxy International Trading Company Ltd. Galaxy One Limited Galaxy Funding Foundation Registered Solutions Ltd Red Lemon Ltd Ruby Star Pty Limited Belize Red Cross Society MC Technologies Inc NeonStar Devs Ltd G. Star FX Inc North Star Ltd Spanning Star Group SA Argo Star Ltd BELIZE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Zeta Corporation Ltd Zelkowa International Inc Zafiro International Limited Zeta International Limited ZOLACO INTERNATIONAL CORP. Pegasus Foundation Hilton Capitol Corp. Stenton Coporation Seaton Finance Ltd Eving Limited Coleman Construction Ltd Pivaqua Holdings Ltd RR Management Co., Ltd. AGA Creative Architectural Designs Solutions Baffin Financial Corp. Asic Art Ltd. Chain Bright Int'l Ltd Ama Technology Corporation Ama Investment Ltd Almadi Investment Inc Mega Unit Ltd S P Group Limited Southern Fidelity Services Inc Herfield Holdings Limited Lausanne Group S.A San Martin Corporation Princess International San Ignacio Ltd. Amander Impex Ltd Telemix Ltd Telegraph Inc Tell International Inc Assets Management Ltd. Argos Asset Management S.A. Avik Corporation Sky Orient Ltd Sky Infotech Limited Sky Electronics Limited Sky Billion Corp. Benny's Enterprises Ltd. Talberg Limited Steinberg Limited Huckleberry Limited Albermare Limited Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo Imex Inc Stramex, Ltd DISTRIBUIODRES DE PRODUCTOS MEDICOS DEL CARIBE LTDA. Alma Group International Ltd Lopez Equipment Company Limited Eurocaribe Shipping Services Ltd SVS Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd Transatlantic Shipping Services Ltd Belize Food Products Ltd Caribbean Holidays Ltd Westtrans Lines Ltd Transerver Worldwide Limited Transward International Co Ltd Trans-Service Maritime Agency Ltd Assoc Trading Co., Ltd Jet Long International Inc Kinpower Jet Ltd Euro American Limited Yang-Jet Creative Design Ltd American Power Systems of Belize Ltd. Pan American Health Organization Caribbean & Central American Investments Ltd Dolphin Marine Ltd Alicia Marine Co Ltd Marine & Services Ltd Tubus Marine A.G. Duke Engineering Company Olympus Marine Inc International Merchant Marine Registry of Belize Seaboard Marine Ltd. Marine Farms Belize Limited Specialist Marine Services Ltd Samphire Marine (Belize) Limited Marine Bunker Ltd. Yuix Networks INC Net King Solutions Limited Net Games Inc. Net Return Co., Ltd PPM Internet Inc Elite Network Ltd Human Net Ltd Morgan & Morgan Trust Corporation Belize Ltd J P Morgan Financial Ltd Atlantic International Bank Ltd Atlant Hathaway Ltd Atlantic Fishing & Trading Co. Ltd. Atlantic Fisheries Ltd. Atlantic Bank Limited Dalehill Limited Capprop Limited Hronis Enterprises Ltd Antex Group Ltd. POINTECH LTD. Kastech Consultants Ltd Business Technical Communications, Inc Scantech International Inc Jumbo Corporation Ltd Marlena Group of Companies Ltd R B Multi Service Amira Trade Ltd Smart Com (Belize) Limited AGM Trading Inc Dokes Technology Co. Ltd FFIN Brokerage Services Inc. Asia Luxe Enterprises Ltd Linx Media Limited Moran Security Group Ltd Full Master Business Ltd Belize Duty Free Agencies Ltd Alliance Media Limited Templeton Investments Ltd Smart Style Corp. Smart Line Ltd Choice Bank Ltd FX Choice Limited Choice Channel Co Ltd. Bernardi Brothers Limited MIS Logic Ltd Barux Limited Delray Enterprises Ltd. Mariex Enterprises Limited Innomax Enterprises Ltd Barsel enterprises Limited Nateby Enterprises Limited Diacon Enterprises Inc Tarovision Enterprises SA KKT Enterprises Co., Ltd. Pilot Enterprises Limited Theos Enterprises Ltd Adobe Enterprises Ltd. Wardens Enterprises Limited Twilight Enterprises Limited Bigfoot Enterprises Ltd Global Dynamic Enterprises Ltd Bristok Enterprises Ltd Redsea Enterprises Limited Treloni Enterprises Inc Mona Enterprise Inc Montgomer Trade Ltd United Belize Advocacy Movement Empower Yourself Belize Movement Euro Prestige Ltd Euro Sale Ltd European Beverage Ltd Euro Distribution Limited Golden Ocean Enterprise Inc. Camden Enterprises Ltd. Collaborative Network for Persons Living with HIV Treemeks Business Ltd. FM Marketing Ltd. Dulcet Business Inc Meconex International Limited Brothers Habet Ltd. Grixx International Ltd. First National Trust Institute Ltd Casa de Agua Limited Gallient Ltd Belize Logistics Services Ltd Belize Water Services Limited A.J.K. Corporate Services (Belize) Limited Fincor Services (Belize) Inc Belize Registration Services Limited Maxi Services (Belize) Ltd Belize Aero Services Ltd Belize Estate Company Ltd. Magnun Medical Inc. Magnegen Systems Inc. Magenta Services Ltd Oxton Company Limited Guh Bor Technology Co. Ltd Defence Industries Supplies Limited GQ Capital Inc. International Corporate Services Ltd CENTRAL MEDICAL STORE Sebus Limited Tecron Investment SA AZ CO., Ltd Primfield Investments Limited Crown Access Corp. NATIONAL PRINTERS LTD. Cappa Consulting S.A. South Capital Limited Universal Source Ltd. Delane Finance Limited Reni Overseas Ltd United Services Ltd. Sharon United S.A. United Oil Limited Lafarge Holdings Limited Eastern Bit Supplies Ltd East Profit Corp St. John's Credit Union Limited Anglican Cathedral College BK Alliance Ltd Berholt Alliance Ltd Bornex Alliance Ltd Kensington Limited Hess & Procter Enterprises S.A. MJDNET LIMITED Auranet S.A. Intranet Limited Scinet Corporation M Technologies Corp. Thomas Energy Oil & Gas Ltd Thomas Donovan Thomas Branson Property Management Ltd RF&G Life Insurance Company Limited CT Parts Ltd Incorporated S360 Global Corp T-Consultant Limited Consulting Group Corp Northwest Industries, Ltd Dragon World Industrial Limited Jade Ocean Industrial Corp. Green Guard Industry Ltd. Preeminence Industry Group Ltd Good Rise Industrial Co Ltd Indigo Industries Limited Vigor Universe Industries Limited Belize Industrial Agencies Ltd Music Industry Association of Belize Vandelay Industries LLC Yuan Shyan Industrial Ltd Kenmare Industries Limited Industrial Solutions Ltd Green Investment House Corp. Mega Green Global Development Ltd Green Globe International Corp Green Fisheries Corp. Sino-Green Technik (Europe) Co Ltd Greenhill Holdings Ltd Greenfield Tea Ltd Software Customisation Inc. Software Customisation Ltd Barbarossa Joint Ventures Limited Just-Out Technologies Inc Garson & Shaw Belize Ltd Marland Finance Limited Darlong Corporation Gallon Jug Agroindustry Ltd Xtrade International Ltd. XTB International Limited Incloak Network Ltd. Zota Technology LTD. ABC Hosting Ltd ABC Investments Ltd Eminent Conduct Co. Ltd. Benston Enterprises Limited Levy Goldstein Enterprises Ltd Valon Enterprises Ltd Eminent Energy Holdings Limited New World Enterprise Co., Ltd Alpha Services Limited Cloud Advertisement Limited The Reporter Press Princess Entertainment Ltd RedRock Entertainment Limited Zedarus Entertainment Ltd Obsidian Entertainment Ltd Absolute Entertainment S.A. Beam Ltd. BHI Securities Limited BHI Rights Sub Limited BHI (Tower) Inc. BHI Development Limited Prime73 Inc Prime Properties Limited Prime Energy S.A. GOLDEN BOULEVARD INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Alaska Trading Co., Limited Farmacon Services Inc Nicos Group Ltd Resfit Overseas Inc Megatex Global Corp Sol Belize Limited Modex Ltd Starlex Company Limited Tradomex Corporation Trade Invest System Ltd International Services Ltd Engledow Limited Lelk Investments Limited Luxury Time Limited UFG WM Legal Services Ltd Legal Equity Ltd Legal Directors Limited Regal Silver Version 0.0 Limited Fortune Trading Ltd Cruzetech Limited Technocom Inc. Wintech International Inc. Oberon International Ltd Ferro Ltd Trenton Transport Ltd Trisha Trading Limited Lloydns Trust Company Ltd. Lakestone Transit SA Lansdowne Services Ltd Allied Provincial Export Corporation Allied Provincial Distribution Corporation Sarah Marie Brown TR Reveal Sound Ltd Unicomer (Belize) Ltd Arvis Capital Limited Ak Beverages Company Limited Servall Management Ltd Squarit Limited Benzer International Company Limited Siha International Inc. Springdale International Ltd SAIF (International) Limited Asia Best Int'l Co. Ltd Sude International Ltd Jyun Sei Int'l Co Ltd Stretford International SA Surefoot International Ltd Deepgreen Int'l Co. Ltd International Telecommunications Ltd Seleco International LTD Renka Int'l Ltd Artist Int'l Co Ltd Apex Nominees Ltd Iberian Technical Services S.A. Technical Services Ltd Novation Technology Services Limited In-Time Invest Corp Times Pacific Limited Leslie Overseas Inc Times Squared Capital Limited Kylla Group Inc Old Trafford Number 7 Limited High Moon International Inc Moonshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Pharmatec Inc East to West Pharma Ltd Aqueous Pharma Limited International Holdings Inc International Management Services S.A. Multi-Property Co. Ltd IMMS Limited Polychem Corporation Majestic Seafood Limited Brightstar Overseas, Inc. Infinity Rich Ltd Infinity International Ltd. Asia Pacific Investments Holding Limited Victoriam Ltd Victorius Ltd IBC Kennsea Ltd IBC Trading Corporation Gitapol Group, Ltd Racing IT Ltd Virage Entreprises Ltd Braun`s Feed Mill Quality Feed Mill Maxwell Holdings Ltd Million Super Corp Prosser Fertilizer and Agrotec Company Limited Stover Limited Vesta International Limited Vesta Management Services Limited Division Tempo SA Adrium Invest Limited Varda Holdings Limited Alpha Shipping Co Ltd Alpha International Ltd Alpha Max Inc Interacto Labs Inc Investment Company RSX Capital, Ltd Captain Industries Ltd Studio Capital Inc Kilimanjaro Capital LTD. Zenith Capital Inc Sibex Capital Fund, Inc Paddington Capital S,A Lionsgate Capital Ltd Polaris Capital Inc Savoy Capital Holding Limited Water Way Capital Corporation Eastream Capital Ltd Capital Buidling Ltd Nexxus Capital Ltd SWGI Capital Management Limited Orange Rockets Ltd EAST BEST INC Saint East Enterprise Co., Ltd Easternstar International Limited Ostera Ltd Turquoise Waters, Inc Structuresapps Inc Fulcher Shipping Limited Ace Options Ltd Romacs Ltd Imidal Limited FM Software Studio Ltd Belize Police Department Carmeda Company SA Eaglecare Incorporated Carlfront Inc. Carnival Co. Ltd Cardel, Inc. Cari-Bee Air Services Limited Crystal Auto Rental Limited Carreick Property SA Oberon Holdings Limited Globeway Holdings Limited Watford Ventures Ltd Medford Financial Ltd Alford International Limited Nice Grand Trading Limited Genius Trading Ltd. Veray Trading Company Limited Oracle Trading Ltd Advanced Cash Limited Advanced Desings Corporation Advance Further Limited Advanced Corporate Management Ltd Advance Communications Systems Ltd Loury Investment SA Generation Next Inc Deforrest Holdings Limited Dengton Holdings Limited Belize Signs Ltd. Apex Shipping Agency Limited Belize Corporate Services Limited Unirock Ltd The University of the West Indies Open Campus Triunity SA Karl H. Menzies & Co. Ltd. Karelion Ltd Belize Bureau of Shipping (Istanbul, Turkey) Ltd Pelican Cay Shipping & Trading (Belize) Ltd Double Advance Limited A. Advanced Advertising Ideas Belize Ltd CST Financial Services Ltd Canton Trading and Services Ltd. Pagen Trade Ltd Sino Venture Trading Limited Holmson Trading Corp Intrade Corp. Normeston Trading Limited Tyren Trade Ltd Plavian Trading Ltd Morrison Trading Limited Dorrington Trading Limited Avalon trading Group Limited Goodwill (Tianjin) Trading Company Limited Horizon Trading SA Oldburn Trading Ltd Key West Enterprises Trading Limited Rise Again Import/Export Ltd. C A Eclat Solutions Ltd. K&C International Limited Foggybus Ltd Business Machines & Solution Ltd The Belize Port Authority Petromed Corporation Spencer Corporation Aspect Ltd Spectapp Inc. Fertina Developments Limited Vira Group Company Limited Palm Ferries Incorporated Trentini Limited Palm Plush Limited Adventuras International Ltd AM Investment Limited Grand Venture Enterprises Co. Ltd Emar Limited Target Holdings Ltd. Clendon Holdings Inc Tonbridge Holding Limited Centrix Capital Inc Comitis Marketing Ltd Telford Holdings Ltd. Paleo Group Ltd Nova Trading Corporation Limited La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd Overseas Investments Group, Ltd EA Investments Limited Bay Trust International Limited Shipyard Suppliers, Inc Shih Hsiang Building Co Ltd Kinder Financial Inc., Lee Port International Co., Ltd River Scene Corp Waipara Group Ltd. Nautic Club Adriatic Ltd Wyperian Ltd Adriatic Global International Ltd. Rihaye Limited Belaria Corporation Adria Investment SA Experian Holdings Inc. Domingo Farias Ltd. Maria Angelita Matus Maria Shipping Ltd Rivervale Limited Skyline Worldwide Limited Stanhope Holdings Limited A.M.S. Ltd Clovelly Investment Limited Carneshill Investment Ltd Cadco Investments Inc. Clear Invest Ltd Camelia Investment Inc Cerera Investment Inc. Fracol Investments Company Limited Broslene Investments Limited Coronation Investments Limited Clermont Investments Limited Concordia Investment Limited Orsola Investments Limited CTL Investment Corp. Cinsten Investments Limited Freecat Holdings Co., Ltd Kanterrra Ltd Mor Services Inc Rio Loco Ltd Mansfield Inc. Redison Limited Breyerswood Ltd Amperedata Limited Bigeye Company Ltd Southern Environmental Association Petroverseas Corporation Seasons Ltd. High 5 Soft Inc. Disc Soft Ltd. Tile Trading Ltd RF&G Insurance Company Ltd Cysof Marketing Ltd. Tramba Karamba S.A. Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Mikado Textile Store William Textile Co Ltd Floral Investment Ltd. Cantal Ltd Nordan Investments Limited Mariex Investments Limited Marton Investments Inc Belize Diesel & Equipment (1997) Co Ltd Agem Supply Ltd Armada Holdings Inc Online International Co., Ltd Townberg Business Limited UTS Management Ltd Stonegreen Limited Stellstone Ltd World Fx Limited App Install Inc. IBS 4 Data Limited Mainland Group Ltd. Monteros Group, Inc Maya Corporation Ltd. Glanford Ltd Custodian Management Services International ZELAYA, AMARO Oakwood Limited Fortune Bonus Wooden Limited Rosewood Partners Limited Sherwood Property Management Limited Fenwood Limited Horwood Enterprises Limited Melwood Inc Northwood Investments Ltd Woodman Capital Ltd Heritage International Bank & Trust Limited Titan Farms Incorporated Gamma Growth Inc Gamma Investment Ltd Ming Global Trading Inc Anderson Global Trade Co Equitel Group S.A. Olivette Group Ltd Developments Group Inc Quantum International Co Ltd Gellior Ltd Seldi Management & Consulting Limited Environmental Conservation Organization San Antonio International Limited Supreme Honor Enterprise Co., Ltd Financiera Union del Sur SA Elocan Investments Limited Prudential Investments 2006 Ltd Zala International Investments Corp. Edvin Investments Ltd Junona Investment Limited Sj Investments Ltd. Ziva Investments Limited Federy Investments Ltd. Hibiscus Investments Limited Flash Dial Investments Limited IOS Investments Ltd. NEW VIEW INVESTMENT CO., LTD. GPI Invest Limited JODO Investment Ltd Grey Investment Corporation Maheias United Concrete & Supplies Ltd Popular Imports Easy Move & Packing Yogobean Limited Oceanic Rich Corp Newline Marketing Ltd New Union Ltd New Ski Management Ltd New Ocean Shipping Co Ltd. Atlantic International Bank Ltd Mala's Limited Farmers Feed Supply Crossroad Farm Supplies Midwest Steel & Agro Supplies Ltd Alt Consulting S.A. Altion Group Ltd Faktron Corp. Redwood International Limited RBS Company International Ltd Regent Insurance Company Ltd. International Resources Ltd Rusmice International Ltd Refina International Ltd Rodeo International Inc. Alliance Fidelity Ltd Alliance Joy Ltd Alliance Bank of Belize Limited Richfield Capital Limited UNIVERSAL CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Finance Capital Solutions SA Ramsay Capital Corp. Mega Business Limited Mega Imports Ltd Global Maritime Consultant Ltd Belize Farm Center Ltd Interstel Limited Firstcity Ltd Quan Limited Quanstellation Limited Renovation Digital Ltd Laxon International Ltd Orion Aviation Consultancy Limited Inversiones Pesqueras S.A. (Bze) Onesource Services Inc. DFE Management Limited Redford Invest Limited Utac United Corporation P Leasing Corporation Limited Spring Import Export Ltd Bradley's Imports Rogers Import & Export Limited Owel Export-Import Co. Ltd Vannin Import Export Limited Universal Export Import Ltd. Central Imports Ltd Recino's Imports Limited Jackson Lee Fleetway Inc Fleet Oil & Gas, S.A Global Systems Corp Frozen Limited La Montagna del Tesoro Inc Coral Marine Ltd Pescamar SA Ecofriendly Solutions Limited Asia Link International Trading Ltd New Holdings Limited Hearers of the Cry Limited First Global Group, Inc. Norman Intertrade Ltd Limmat International Ltd Maxvell International Limited MCG International Ltd Malvina International Co . Ltd Metfine International Co Ltd MBS International Ltd. Mirren International Ltd Eco Investment Holding Ltd Capital Team Limited SP Finance SA Eastcorp International Ltd Eastcrest Limited Euro Business Gate Inc Euro African Fish Ltd Allied European Holdings Limited Allied European Investments Limited Bora Investments Limited PWB Management Limited Nature Forex Ltd Forex-Net Limited Priority International Consultants Ltd. Infra International Consulting Ltd Diamante Holdings Inc

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