List of Corporate Headquarters in KHARTOUM

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ELBASHA INKS CHEMICALS AND GLUE FACTORY RIYAGI FOR INVESTMENT CO LTD Abdel Wahab Ahmad Mohammad Enterprises M. M. PHARMA & CHEMICAL CO. LTD. Elie Industries Company Limited PHARMA TRADING CO. LTD. BASH PHARMA CO.LTD. Neisser Pharmaceutical PHARMACARE COMPANY LIMITED AFRAH TOBACCO AND CIGARETTE FACTORY AKIAM CO. LTD. Al Sahaba International Co Ltd Saky International TARA INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED SADIG INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD SAMASU INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED SUR INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD SOFT FLOUR MILLS COMPANY Laboratoires Elie RAWABIH FOR TRADING & CONTRACTING CO.LTD Exim Import And Export ELANAN TRADING EXPORTS AND IMPORTS NASPORT AIR HANDLING CO. LTD. Pancorp Commercial Company Limited PAN CARE Altawoos Investment Company Limited HI CLASS IMPORTS ZADNA INTERNATIONAL CO FOR INVESTMENT LTD Mohamed Ikhwan Group NEILAN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED SAYGA TRADING ENTERPRISES PREMIER (FOOD PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMITED) Eram Tyres AYOUB PAINTS FACTORY NATIONAL MEDICAL SUPPLIES FUND Alyamama Trading Enterprises Alyamama For Stationery And Manufacturing SHIEKAN INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CO. LTD. SHIEKAN INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CO. LTD ABDEL-MONEIM CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD YAMANI MEDICAL PRODUCT FACTORY AUTO TECH IMPORT AND EXPORT Saas ALWAAD COMPANY LTD Awlad Elsayem Investment Co. Abc. Al Arabi Trading Company Arab Poultry Production And Processing Co Ltd Arab Sudanese Seed Company Limited Banque Araba Pour Le Development Economique En Afrique ARIAB MINING COMPANY LTD Abu Haraz Co.Ltd. ARAAK FOOD INDUSTRY ARAB SUDANESE BANK Atrab Engineering Ltd ARAB BANK FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA Khartoum Gum Arabic Processing Enterprise Gum Arabic Co Ltd ARAB SUDANESE VEGETABLE OIL COMPNY LTD ARABIAN BULK TERMINAL COMPANY LIMITED The Gum Arabic Company Limited ATBARA CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED Al Hamarabi Trading Ltd. Amar Abdelatif Lab ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL Sabco Engineering For Trade & Investment Co.,Ltd. ARAB POULTRY BREEDERS COMPANY (OMMAT) Araak Food Industries Company Limited Madarej Al Sarkken Co El Khandagawi Trading Co Ltd SALMAWIT PHARMACEUTICALS & MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL CO LIMITED SWITCH FOR TRADE & ENGINEERING CO. LTD. ELBARKAL ENGINEERING COMPANY Karkadan For Development Co.Ltd Darka For Trading & Services Co Ltd YORK FOR TRADING & INVESTMENT CO LTD Al Safinat Company Ltd GAFIEL VETERINARY CO. LTD DAL GROUP COMPANY LIMITED Green Deal Group Al Nafila Import And Export Company Advanced Mining Works Company Limited WHEATA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED NORWEGIAN CHURCH AID NUTRICROP AGRICULTURAL CO. LTD Compu Art Technology Co. Ltd BLUE NILE MASHREG BANK ADVOCATE TAMADOUR ABDELLATIF ALI LAW OFFICE House Of Medicine And Investment SHELL (SUDAN) PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED Blue Nile Bank Ltd SHELL COMPANY OF SUDAN LIMITED Agways Co Ltd IBRAHIM BROTHERS GROUP OF COMPANIES DECOR HOUSE EST THE UNITED INSURANCE CO.(SUDAN) LTD. THE SUDAN COTTON COMPANY LIMITED Elesbah Agricultural And Trading Company Nori Sweets Ltd CREATIVE OPERATION LTD Varig Investment Co Ltd Varig Investment Co. Lt. AL WALI MEDICAL ENTERPRISES AL SAYED FLOUR MILLS Cupsula Medical Agencies Barakat Spare Parts Company Limited BLUE NILE PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY GIAD MOTOR CO. LTD DAL MEDICAL SERVICES COMPANY LTD GLOBAL AID HAND SAYGA INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD Haggar Holding Company Ltd Haggar Holding Company SIDCO HOLDING COMPANY LTD Material Holdings Co. Ltd AACID HOLDING COMPANY SUDANESE CENTER FOR STERILIZING HORTICULTURAL EXPORTS STEPS SCHOOL MAKS AVIATION SERVICES CO LTD NILE BAKRI AVIATION CO. LTD Ababeel Aviation Co Ltd SUDAN CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY Delta Aviation Marsland Aviation S&B AVIATION CO. LTD Sudan Cotton Company Ltd Bank of Sudan CENTRAL BANK OF SUDAN Shell Company Of Sudan Ltd SPEAR SUDAN LTD Sudan Trading Sudan Tea Company, Ltd SUDAN RAILWAYS CORPORATION Sudan Mint Company Limited US AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (SUDAN) SUDAN AIRWAYS CO SAVOLA EDIBLE OILS (SUDAN) LTD EMIRATES STAR MOTORS LLC REPUBLIC OF SUDAN SUDAN CONSULT MTN SUDAN National Trade And Services Company Ltd NATIONAL TELECOM CORPORATION National Trade & Food Work DEVELOPMENT, TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES INTERNATIONAL TONG GROUP AFRICA TRANS ATTICO COMPANY LIMITED Engineering Group For Investment Adiyat Trading And Investment Company Amwage Trading And Investment Ltd Gomal Trading And Investment Co Ltd LAGAWA TRADING AND INVESTMENT CO Nas Trading & Investment Co.Ltd. Adiyat Trading & Investment Co., Ltd. Damina Trading Investment Co., Ltd. Minan Trade And Investment Co Ltd El Toteeb For Trade & Investment Manorama Trading Enterprise Dera Trading Enterprises Umama Trading Enterprise Elie Trading Co Eurasia Trading Company Massaie Investment Company DAL DAIRY FACTORY SUDAN MASTER TECHNOLOGY ZAIN SUDAN GREATER NILE PETROLEUM OPERATING COMPANY LIMITED GENERAL PETROLEUM LTD Sudanese Liquid Air Co Ltd SALAH HAMZA GAAFAR Advanced Petroleum Company Limited Yanabie For Road & Bridges Company ASAWER OIL & GAS CO. LTD NEILAN MOTORS BITTAR AND COMPANY LTD SUDAN CURRENCY PRINTING PRESS CO LTD Sudanese Colour Photos Laboratories Ltd KOREAN HOME PARTS Nectar Group MOROUJ COMMODITIES LTD. WADI AL JUNDI GROUP COMPANY LIMITED TOYS ENTERPRISES TRADING Almahameed Furniture Co El Bereir Biscuit Factory AL GURASHI INTERNATIONAL SERVICES & INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD. Gurashi Al Musharaf Paints Factory Fas Labs Techs And Consultation Hibatan For Leather Industries Alaysen Tannery Factory Khartoum MULTI DIMENSION FOR ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY ELWALIEF INTERNATIONAL FOR MULTI-ACTIVITIES CO LTD Khider Ikhwan Multi Activities Co. Ldt PETRO ENERGY CONTRACTING SERVICES SULPHONIA SOAP HOUSE HOLD CLEANERS & COSMETIC FACTORY Ultra Yousief Suleman Bagousif Ahmed Salih For Industrial And Cultural Input SEEMA CENTER FOR PROTECTION OF WOMEN AND CHILD'S RIGHTS Samara For Leather Tanning Al Amatong Tanning And Leather Industries Co Ltd EL SHAAB FACTORY FOR IRON WORKS SHOURACOUNSULT CO. LTD. El Shahbaa Drug Company LILLIOUM MEDICAL SERVICES CO. LTD ASHKAR BISCUIT FACTORY BANK OF KHARTOUM FARHA IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LTD El Barbary Electronics Co Ltd ARIAB MINING COMPANY LTD NEBTA FOR GEOLOGY & MINING LTD LA MANCHA SUDANESE MINING DELGO MINING CO. LTD. Shirian Al Shamal Company For Energy And Mining Company Limited MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND MINING SOBOL MEDICAL CO LTD Solar Man Company Ltd SHIMA MEDICAL CO LTD Sobaina Medical Co Ltd Export Development Bank Fordan International Company For Trade And Services Limited THE SUDANESE INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE COMPANY LTD AUTOZONE FOR IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LTD. AL HAITHAM BISCUITS FACTORY Al Ebda A Factory For Biscuit & Confectionery NOUR AGRO - SCIENCE FOR CHEMICALS CO LTD. TURATH HUMAVET DRUGS INTERNATIONAL CO.LTD Emirates Engineering Co, Ltd AGRICULTURAL BANK OF SUDAN UNITED FAMILY FOR ADVANCED BUSINESSES CO. LTD. RADWA INTERNATIONAL ADVANCED BUSINESS CO LTD CARBON DIOXIDE COMPANY LTD HIBA BUSCUIT FACTORY NADIR FATHI AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENT REAL ESTATE COMMERCIAL BANK TASNEEM CO. LTD DAL FOOD INDUSTRIES CO.LTD SAEED FACTORY FOR FOODSTUFF COMPANY Al Salam Cement Production Co Ltd KENANA SUGAR COMPANY MARINA ENGINEERING CO.LTD. Tadamon Islamic Bank Ltd Chemical And Plastics Company Sudan Limited Star Engineering Equipment Co Ltd PHOENIX MEDICAL IMPORT CO LTD EL TEITAL FOR DETERGENT AND SOAP INDUSTRY Kurashi Ltd BASIGAT FOR MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION LTD ELIE GROUP HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED SUDANESE CHAMBERS OF INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION CO.LTD AL ATEGAHAT AL MTADEDA Advanced Engineering Works Co Ltd Kentagro Seed Company Limited BESHNONA TRADING ENTERPRISES Diera Trading Entp El Shamaria Trading Company El Shamalia Trading Company Sudan Overseas Trading Investment And Services Company Limited Seryal Trading And Agencies Co Ltd SAMASU TRADING COMPANY LTD CENTRAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Tola Trading And Services Company Limited Gezira Trade & Services Company Limited GEZIRA TRADE AND SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED Aps Shona Trading Company Phoenix Trading And Services Co Ltd Steps Trading Co. Ltd Green Street Trading Co Ltd OYATCO MEDICAL SUPPLIES Shahad Import And Export Enterprise Sami William Imp.&Exp. Enmaa Import And Export M/Shahad Import And Export Enterprise Gabas For Import And Export NADA FOR IMPORT & EXPORT Issar Import Export Red Sea Import And Export Company Ltd SEA AND SKY IMPORT AND EXPORT COMPANY LIMITED Trade Point Khartoum Sudan ALAIN EXPORT AND IMPORT CO LTD Wadhabsa Import Export National Company For Import And Export Suzan Import & Export Enterprise AHBABALLA IMPORT AND EXPORT CO LTD AWTAD FOR IMPORT & EXPORT CO LTD Mizar For Import And Export ROMANA INTERNATIONAL IMPORT &EXPORT CO. LTD. Ibrahim Mohamed Al Khair Import & Export Unix Import Export RAAFAT FOR IMPORT AND EXPORTS MERNA IMPORTS Omer Ibrahim Mohammed For Import & Export SUDAN NEWS AGENCY SUNA Nile Sun SUN AIR SEEN FLOUR MILLS Summer Sun Company Ltd Sun Factory For Tomato Paste&Juice Nile Valley Modern Appliances Hasuna Adam Abdel Fadi Idris Integrated Solutions Badr Over Seas Integrated Solutions Co.Ltd ANGLO PETRO CO LTD ICN INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS CO LTD RAFEEF FOR INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS CO. LTD GREEN REVOLUTION COMPANY FOR TRADE & SERVICES LTD SHWETKO TRADING ENTERPRISE Sea Pride Enterprise - Spepo PROPER TRADING & ENGINEERING COMPANY LTD Comtrade For Trading And Services Rahma Pharmaceutical Investment Company Limited Alfarachem Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Marwa Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Alsaudia Advanced Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Ltd. RAMA FOR PLASTIC INDUSTRIES Alaasima Petrocimical Industris MILITARY INDUSTRY CORPORATION Mina Pharma Commercial Agencies Jawad Plastic Factory Ind AFRICAN FABRIQUE FOR INDUSTRY P PHARMA SUDAN (SAMPLE) LTD The Industrial Bank PHARMALAND PHARMACEUTICALS INDUSTRIES MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY LIANA MEDICAL CO. LTD AMIPHARMA LABORATORIES LTD Chemipharma Company Ltd TABUK PHARMACEUTICAL MANUFACTURING CO ABUGARJA PHARMA FOR MEDICINES CO LTD Dan Khartoum Modern Pharmacy PASGIANOS FOOD & BEVERAGE COMPANY LIMITED SATGURU TRAVELS & TOURS SERVICES EXPERT COMPRICON ENTERPRISE KUSHITE INTEGRATED CO.LTD ARAB AUTHORITY FOR AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT Altabagat Jeila Trading Enterprises ABDEL MAGEED IBRAHIM GORASHI ATLANTIC SHIPPING CO LTD Al Rida Trade And Industrial Company Star Knitting Company Ltd Medical Star Company Llc DESERT STAR CO LTD BLUE BIRD AVIATION COMPANY LIMITED Blue Nile Textile Company Ltd BLUE NILE INSURANCE CO. LTD. BLUE NILE CIGARETTE COMPANY LTD Blue City Company Ltd SAHARA PHARMACEUTICAL & MEDICAL SUPPLIES Coral Multi Activities .Co.Ltd SHELTER TRADING AND INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD CANAR TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION LIMITED SUDAN NATIONAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION Sudan National Petroleum Co Ltd (SUDAPET Air Space Aviation Services Co National Research And Information Dahla Aviation And Shipping Services AL BAVARIA FOR DEVELOPMENT & SERVICES Sudan Real Estate Services SUDAN SCOUT ASSOCIATION Apico Sudan Ltd National Candy NATIONAL REINSURANCE COMPANY (SUDAN) LTD. AL SALAM BANK SUDAN GCC SERVICES SUDAN SUDAN NATIONAL SURVEY AUTHORITY NATIONAL SUDANESE WOMEN ASSOCIATION SUDAN NATURAL GAS COMPANY CTC GROUP CORAL COMPANY LTD ELSAGIA FOR PACKING AND CARTON FACTORY INTEGRATED INDUSTRIES INC Integrated System Consultant Company RAIBA TRANS LTD PHILLIPE HAGGAR & CO LTD HAGGAR CIGARETTE AND TOBACCO FACTORY LIMITED Haggar Ltd Nautical Mile Air Cargo The Trading And Contracting Co Ltd Manazil Trading & Investment Co Ltd BERBER CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED Nomas Medical Technology Co.Ltd OMNIA MEDICAL SERVICES CO. LTD ASA MEDICAL SERVICES CO.LTD GENERAL MEDICINE CO LTD TEST MEDICAL COMPANY Military Medical Corporation Ola Medical MANASIK MEDICAL CO REEL MEDICAL CO.LTD COIL MEDICAL CO.LTD FOBIC INVESTMENT CO LTD The National Petroleum TETRIAS TRADING CO LTD SITO TRADING & INVESTMENT CO LTD Fadous For Trading & Investment Co Ltd ABBARCI TRADING CO LTD The Atlas Trading Co Ltd The Atlas Trading Company Limited PETRONEED SERVICE PETROLEUM CO LTD ABOU EL GHEIT FACTORY FOR PLASTIC PRODUCTS CTC AGROCHEMICALS CO LTD Zad Oil Co OIL ENERGY CO LTD Alfa Trading Enterprises EANA MEDICAL SERVICES & INVESTMENT CO AZZA TRANSPORT Addaira Transport Ltd KHARTOUM REFINERY COMPANY LTD KHARTOUM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CO. LTD KHARTOUM ELECTRIC INSTALLATIONS CO KHARTOUM ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES ENTERPISES Saad Sweets Company Ltd Saad Sweets Co Ltd Al Terhal Trading And Service Company Crown For Multi Activities Company Ltd SIDCO COMMUNICATION COMPANY LTD Shibeika Brothers Company Limited SUDABO TRADING & INVESTMENT CO. LTD SUDANESE THERMAL POWER GENERATING COMPANY LTD Abdalla Abdel Rahman Ali Mekki Enterprises GOLDEN ARROW CO. LTD INTERNATIONAL PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION ABDALLA IDRIS FADOL FOR DRILLING ABDALLA MOHIELDIN CO. LTD. Abdalla Mahgoub Trading Rifaat Sulaiman Abdalla Somali Peace And Development Organization ORGANIZATION FOR VOLUNTARY HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME Shirian Al Shamal Company Shirian El Shamal For Road And Dam Hak International Company Ltd Hakeem Co.Ltd. SUDANESE PETROLEUM CORPORATION Matthew Petroleum(Sudan) SUDANESE PETROLEUM PIPELINES COMPANY LTD Sudanese Tractor SUDANESE TRACTOR COMPANY LIMITED Al Rawan Marketing Company Golden Gate Co Dar Al Naeim International Company Dar Altahil Medical Company Ltd PETRODAR OPERATING COMPANY LTD Cedar Invest Group Co Ltd DAL DAIRY Dar El Naeim International Co Ltd Algadaref Centre For Agrotechnology And Transfer Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency Dar Nizar Office Equipment DAR AL SAHAFA FOR PRINTING AND PRESS CO LTD DARDANELLE COMPANY pan health care ALPHA AGRICULTURAL PROCESSING CO. AL MADINA AL MUNAWARA CERAMICS COMPANY LIMITED HELIJETIC AIR CO LTD SUDANESE EGYPTIAN BANK SUDANESE EGYPTIAN ELECTRICAL INDUSTRIES CO LTD Gum Arabic Exports Industries Ltd. Al Thani Corporation Al Tawfir Company TIME ZONE FOR WATCHES AND ELECTRONICS Al Nuha Agricultural Co Ltd EL-NILEIN INSURANCE EL NILEIN BANK EL NILEIN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT BANK EL NILEIN COMPANY INSURANCE CO. LTD. Sidco International For Import And Export THE MIDDLE EAST INSURANCE COMPANY (SUDAN) LIMITED GENERAL INSURANCE CO (SUDAN) LTD Sudan Technical Center Company Stc Systems Technology And Company Ltd SUDU TECHNOLOGY Al Doama For Invest And Development Company PENOTEE MULTI-ACTIVITIES CO. LTD S M T Engineering Company Ltd LAZOTEEIN FOR DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT ABO SORA CONSTRUCTION LIMITED General Trade And Water Services Company Ltd SORON BAS CO LTD GERMAN SUDANESE FACTORY FOR FOOD INDUSTRIES Sudacem Investment Company Limited Sudapet Ltd SUDATEL TELECOM GROUP LIMITED Sudatel Engineering Services Co. Sudaservice Albatrick Trading And Services LAMAR CO. LTD Al Khartoum Newspaper Company Limited BRITISH EMBASSY, KHARTOUM Khartoum Commercial And Shipping Co Ltd Sudan Khartoum Refinery Company Ltd CORINTHIA HOTEL KHARTOUM KHARTOUM DIPLOMATIC SCHOOL KHARTOUM TANNERY CO. LTD KHARTOUM GUM ARABIC COMPANY LTD UNIVERSITY OF KHARTOUM CONSULTANCY CORPORATION KHARTOUM COMMERCIAL AGENCY Dindir Petroleum International Co Ltd MINA FACTORY FOR MANUFACTURING & ASSEMBLING OF ELECTRIC & HOME APPLIANCES & PLASTIC CHAIRS Al Gezira Trade & Services The Flour Mills Company S Limited The Flour Mills Co. AL-MUHAJIR INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CO. LTD Alomna Investment And Petroleum Services Company Limited Mohamed Sid Ahmed International Trading Investment Co Ltd Al Awatick Agricultural, Environment And Tourist Investment Fajo For Trade,Industry And Investment Co . Ltd Algaith Co. For Investment Red Star Company For Trade And Investment R.A.K. Ceramics Investment Sudanese Co Ltd ALBASEIT BEAUTY AND INVESTMENT The Continental Trading Company Versace International For Trading Investment Co.Ltd KH SITE SUPPLIES INVESTMENT CO. LTD. INVESTMENT ENCOURAGEMENT COMMISSION ALWATEEN INVESTMENT CONTRACTING CO MINISTRY OF WATER RESOURCES,IRRIGATION & ELECTRICITY F M Investment Ltd Mina Mass Co. MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, NATURAL RESOURCES AND PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Ministry Of Information And Communication CIBCO LTD YARIM INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD UM AL GURA PROCESSING FACTORY MICROCHIPS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED MINISTRY OF DEFENCE SUDAN MINA STEEL COMPLEX MINISTRY OF ELECTRICITY AND DAMS Al Neelain Universty - Agriculture Collage Abdel Salam Abdel Gadir Elkhabir Commercial Enterprises ABDEL MONIEM INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM CO. LTD Abdelhamid Trading Entp Abdel Rahim Ali Ibrahim ABDEL RAHIM NAIEM HAMED Abdul Aziz El Sumani Abdulrahim M.Osman Hamad Abdlrahim Mohammed Ahmed Al Kamil Abdul Rahim Naim Hamed Est Abdel Wahab Hasab El Rasoul Mohamed ABDEL MONEIM MEDICAL INDUSTRIES CO. LTD ABDELMONEIM IND & ENG COMPANY LTD Abdul Mohsin Factory For Metal Products Abdolmoneim Medical ABDELMOHSSIN FOUNDATION HAMID ABDALGAUOM & BROTHERS COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES MOROZ COMPANY LIMITED Al Zahra For Agriculture Commodities And Trade Shatrab Decorticator And Oil Mill Human Security Initaitive Organization sudanese organization for alzhimer patient care and development AZIZ MACORONY FACTORY SUDANESE ORGANIZATION FOR HUMANITARIAN AIDS Warm Seas Ltd AL-TAKAMOL CEMENT COMPANY LTD DANFODIO PETROLEUM SERVICES CO. LTD Meas Trading And Services Sabtain For Trade & Investment Co Ltd Gnt Services And Trading Company Ltd TRAF TRADING ENGINEERING & SERVICES Doha Trading Co. Samid Trading and Services C Bird For Trading Services National Electricity Corporation Alpha Impex Enterprises Alpha Agriproducts Safu Investment And Trade Company Ltd CHEMICALS AND PLASTICS COMPANY LTD ZAGROS TRADING ENTERPRISES MARVETS MULTI ACTIVITIES CO.LTD Al Babuy Co Ltd Al Batrig Co Ltd Ali Al Sayeed Ali For Import & Export AL ISMAILY MEDICAL SUPPLIES COMPANY AL OMDA CO LTD AL RAJA COMPANY LTD M & S PHARMA & VETERINARY SERVICES LTD Amin Abbas Ltd Co Amin Abbas Ltd.Co. Carmin Plast Company ARM ENGINEERING ENTERPRISE Anwar Derias Mina Marmarina Deminals Trading COFFTEA TRADING CO. LTD. Advanced Commercial And Chemical Works Company Limited DANFODIO COMMERCIAL COMPANY LIMITED COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRISES LTD Elie Commercial Company Limited Safiab Commercial Company Ltd ATABANI COMMERCIAL CO LTD Farmers Commercial Bank MAHGOUB SONS TRADING COMPANY LTD MAHGOUB SONS GROUP ADIL MAHGOUB INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. TERMA MEDICAL SUPPLIES Somarain Oriental Co Al Amin Business Development Co Ltd Investment And Development Company Ltd SERYAL DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT CO. LTD Acorn Investment And Development Co AFRO ASIAN DEVELOPMENT CO LTD ALNILE BANK AL MASSAR CHARITY ORGANIZATION FOR NOMADS DEVELOPMENT & ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION Nima Development And Investment Bank NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR SERVICES AND DEVELOPMENT Hawdag Development THE NATIONAL CENTER FOR PEACE & DEVELOPMENT Development Studiesand and Research Institute Estate Development Albroug Development Co. Ltd TAJUJ FOR DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTMENT CO LTD Haramain Development Company REGIONAL CENTER FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OF CIVIL SOCIETY Yousif Mohammed Zain For Development Company Limited Mannan Agricultural Industrial Development Co. (Maidco) BADYA CENTRE FOR INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Dal Property Development Company Limited Mamoun Ali Mohammed Ashammalla Co For Development Aslak Development Co Ltd PETROBASH MULTI ACTIVITIES CO. LTD WALIAB OIL MILLS LTD MOAWIA ELBERIER FOR STATIONERY CARTON & FILMS MOAWIA ELBERIER GROUP OF COMPANIE El Berier Complex For Stationery, Packaging And Printing ALASAAD STEEL BAR FACTORY AL AMJAD STEEL & STEEL FACTORY ISLAMIC INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED (SUDAN) SAMASU FOR MEDICAL & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES CO. LTD Senly Enterprises EL FOUAD ENTERPRISE ISRA MEDICAL ENTERPRISES AMIN ENTERPRISES LTD Omar Saad Mohamed Commerce Enterprises Sudanese Technology Enterprise M & S Bros Trading Enterprise MARWACO COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES LTD Abbas Enterprises For Import & Export Cascade Engineering Enterprise Asag Comm Ent TRIMAS ENTERPRISES SUNDAN COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES Kaysons Enterprises NON STOP TRANSPORT ENTERPRISE Eletezaz Commercial Enterprises El Nefeidi Commercial Enterprises Company Limited Sea Pride Enterprise - Spe ABU ELLA CONSTRUCTION & TRADING ENTERPRISE MERGANI ELHIDIRI COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES Aldoha ENT Specialized Hospital Nm Trading Ent Solar Energy Enterprise CREATIVE SOLUTIONS CO. LTD Computers And Communication Systems Company Ltd Agribusiness Sudan Company Limited NILE CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED DAL ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED National Engineering Company Limited SET ENGINEERING Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd. Concrete Engineering Co Ltd ELRAYAH ENGINEERING Wuhj Engineering LAND ENGINEERING CO. LTD. Vega Engineering Systems Ltd Ewan Engineering Enterprise EL MRAFI ENGINEERING CO LTD Ansab Engineering Company Limited Trans Engineering Company AFRICORP INTERNATIONAL Afropet International Company Ltd KAI CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD AFRICA CONSTRUCT LTD Rebaida Construction Co Ltd PROGRESSIVE CONSTRUCTIONS LTD HOME TRADE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Kas For Contracts And Construction Development Co AERO INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. M.B.I Engineering & Construction Co. WATANIA CO-OPERATIVE INSURANCE CO. LTD. AL MHAMEED TRADING COMPANY RUMATALHADAG PRESS AND ADVERTISEMENT SERVICES Bayrony Investment International Co Ltd MILLENNIUM PROJECTS SERVICES CO. LTD. COFFTEA FACTORY FOR COFFEE & TEA PACKAGING AL BARAJOUB INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. AL MANARA WATER COMPANY LIMITED Al Matana Trading Three Stars Trading Company H&S Services Co.Ltd Planet Information Technology Horizon Technology Company Ltd Elixir Drugs Chemicals & Medical Services Co Ltd Leader Technology For Engeneering And Streel Products Prime For Scientfic And Technical Company Limited Ascotech Linktech Co Ltd Mimatech Co Ltd FINE PLASTICS HIGH TECH GROUP Sinyora Plastic Company NUSAIBA CENTER FOR CHILDREN WITH MENTAL DISABILITY AND AUTISM EDUCATION AND TRAINING Abnos For Engineering And Information Technology Utopia For Computers & High Technology Co.N Ltd. MID AIRLINES Matos Trading Company Limited Giad For Automotive Industry Co Ltd Auto San Company Ltd AUTORIDER BUILDING MATERIALS CO LTD ELSAFWA AUTOMOBILE CO. LTD. Autorider Sudan Ltd Sudan Commercial Automotive Company Ltd Auto Global Trading TECHNO RELIEF SERVICES FREE ZONE CO LTD AMAROUZ TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES CO. LTD High Tech Group WIDE AREA FOR MODERN TECHNOLOGY AND MARKETING CHINA JIANGSU INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC TECHNICAL COOPERATION CO. UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY ZAPHIRE TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD SUDAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Out For Trade & Technologies Services Out For Trade Technologies Services AQUILA DISTRIBUTION CO LTD White Nile 5B Petroleum Operation Co Ltd Haneer For Trade Inv.Co.Ltd MARLINA FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE Osama Eltayeb Ahmed Saad Abu Hassanein Co Ltd Hassan Bakhiet Investment And Trading Co Ltd YASSIN SAAD ELDIRDEERI COMPANY FOR CAR MAINTENANCE Mohamed El Hassan Gamal Hassan Mohammed Salih Assalama Insurance Co. Ltd. Hassar Bashir Sirag Veterinaires Sans Frontieres Germany Hussain Abdul Latif Sons Co Massaie Investment Co. Ltd Mohammed El Hassan Mikiat Abu Digin Elgizoli Hassan El Gizoli DAL AGRICULTURAL SERVICES COMPANY LTD. Dalal Co DAL MOTORS COMPANY LIMITED Omni AFRICAN HOLLOWARE FACTORY LTD BAUER CONTRACTOR CO. LTD. GOLDEN SANDS CO GOLDEN PALM FOR EXPORT AND IMPORT Elixir Trading And Engineering Company Elkhabir Motors Nageer Medical Co JUBA INSURANCE COMPANY LTD. TRANS AFRICA FOR INVESTMENT & DISTRIBUTION S.A.L Trans Arabian Air Transport Services Co Ltd Abbarci Transportation Co Ltd GREEN FLAG AVIATION COMPANY LIMITED Advanced Chemical Works Company Ltd El Safa Advanced Industries Co OCTANTIS ADVANCED CO.LTD DAMS IMPLEMENTATION UNIT ALSARI LIMITED Immatong Holding Pty Legend International Co Ltd Alzawaq International For Import Export Rahma International Holding Group Ltd KHALID EL SAYED ALI IMPORT AND EXPORT OKE Babekker Ali Alnimari His Son Adil Trading Works ,Import Export Mohammed Ali Ahmed Kambal Soap And Oil Factory Ali Abdel Bagi El Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hussein Ent For Import & Export Eihab Sabir Ali Ali Omer Musmar Ali Dongula Enterprises Ltd Ali Omer Musmar Imp & Exp Anwair Al Faki Ali Import & Export ALI BROTHERS MIRGHANI MOHAMMED ALI KASHOMA ALI ELHAG MOHAMED Mamoun Ibahim Mohd Ali Gaily SUDANESE MEDICAL AGENCIES LIMITED MIDDLE EAST PACKAGING FACTORY Nile BioSera North Nile Corp Nilecot Company Ltd Motor Mart Co.Ltd. HADIR INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD Giad Steel Company Ibrahim Brothers Co Ltd Aba El Mustafa Enterprises Co Aba El Mustafa Enterprises Company Limited AWAD ELTAIB MUSTAFA China Petroleum Engineering Construction Sudan Co Ltd HIBA DRUGS COMPANY LTD. Integrated Agricultural Services Centre Al Fadil Fateh El Rahman EL SAFA TRADING ENT Tec Hotel Ltd ALPHA & BETA COMPANY FOR IMPORT AND EXPORT Dyswan Enterprise For Export And Import Egianos For Import Export Barari Import & Export C° Alkharaz Company Import & Export Co Ltd Hamid And Alrahl Trading Enterprises DARMALI TRADING ENTERPRISES Mai Trading Enterprise Hajab Trading Enterprises Romisa Trading Enterprises Tazyan Trading Enterprises Aliwaibrahimakhwan Trading Enterprises ALDANGFRI TRADING ENTERPRISES Wad El Sheikh Trading And Agencies Enterprises PETRO ENERGY E&P CO LTD ALBARAJOUB ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED Alfa Energy & Petroleum Petroleum Products Petroleum Products Co Ltd Petroshan Oil Services And Investment Company Ltd Sudapak Corporation Limited The Sudanese Free Zones And Markets Company Sudanese Islamic Bank SUDANESE FRENCH BANK Sky International Limited Osar International Co. Ltd LARRYCOM FOR INVESTMENT Afroasia Commission And Trade Company Limited Taga Engineering Company For Investment ABA EL GASSIM STEEL MELTING & ROLLING MILL FACTORY Tihraga Sweets Factory Elkundagaui Electric Industry Salah Hamza Gaafar Enterprise Deepak Maganlal ALFA AIRLINES SOS Sahel Sudan SUDAN SHIPPING LINE LTD Free Business Sustainable Action Group orgnaization Losen Trading Company Sudanese Kuwaiti Packaging Company Almoshreqa Food Industries Complex Alagoser Company For Commercal Investment El Delta International Company For Investment Abbarci Petroleum Co Ltd Gulf Petroleum Company Bee Petroleum Company Limited SMA PETROLEUM SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED Red Sea Petroleum Operating Company Limited Al Ryan Trading And Investment Company Altoba Trading Co. Alrimal Investment Trading Co Ltd Azbar For Industry, Transportation Services Co Ltd AYA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO LTD Mawafi Trading And Industrial Co Ltd Abnaa Sayed Elabied For Trading Co. Ltd Elnasr Industrial Trading Co Ltd Ahmed Osman Abdalsalam Trading And Investment Co Ltd UNION INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO LTD Al Batric Trading Alsakab Engineering For Trade Invest .Co .Ltd Al Rashideen For Investment Co Ltd BAKAWI INVESTMENT AND PETROLEUM SERVICES COMPANY LTD BADYA CENTRE FOR INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT SERVICES BADYA CENTER FOR INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT SERVICES Ajit Prabhu International Trade And Service Co Ltd Sudabu Trading & Investment Sudabu Trading Investment A S Medic Co. Ltd. As Medic Saeed Can Tech Can Making Factory Limited TAYEBAT INDUSTRIAL AND INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD N. G. FASTENER FACTORY Sudanese Malaysian Factory Industrial Co Ltd Masoka Factory For Steel Industries Tiga Plastic Factory Ever Cool Factory Bashab Industrail Arabic Gum Factory TAKSON FACTORY FOR MEDICINE PERFUME & COSMETICS ALTHORAYA DETERGENT FACTORY MIMO MEAT FACTORY Azza Soap Factory Abbarci Engineering Co Ltd Sitaf Co. Ltd RUSH TRADING COMPANY Sudanese Agro Business Group Sudan Pile For Roads And Bridges RADISON TRADE FAREAST TRAVEL AND TOURISM COMPANY LIMITED Alghadier Ground Water Resourses Ltd. Rush Trading Rishi Trading Al Nasr For Leather Production Company Ltd Al Zahrawi Medix Co Miami Constuctions COMESA INT'L INVESTMENT CO. LTD. Brilliant Solutions Company Tohami Aiameir C° Aalia Consumer Products Co. Ltd Great Wall Industry Co Ltd GREAT WALL FOR INVESTMENT & TRADING CO. LTD MAMOUN ELBERIER GROUP OF COMPANIES Gebeit Navigation & Trading Co Ltd Elfatih Shabo Import And Export Limited Company Al Sarh Engineering Company ALRAZI FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES Phoenica Ltd Ifico For Trade Investments OCTANTIS FOR SURVEY WORKS CO LTD ABU FERKAM IMPORT & EXPORT COMPANY Aina International Company Limited Alsalam Organization for Rehabilitation and Development Elnilien Trading Agencies Hegleig Petroleum Services And Investment Company HIGLEIG PETROLEUM SERVICES AND INVESTMENT CO. 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