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First Reinsurance Brokers Ltd AFRO PLASTICS (KENYA) LTD PLASTIC ELECTRICONS LTD PLASTICS AND RUBBER INDUSTRIES LTD KEN ALUMINIUM PRODUCTS LIMITED COAST PLASTIC LTD CABLES & PLASTICS LTD PLASTIC MOULDING LTD Purple Hurt College Of Hair & Beauty Power Plant Inspectors & Consultants Purple Square Salon & Kinyozi Computer Source Point Ltd ARCHITECTURAL SUPPLIES LTD Twiga Chemical Industries Limited PALM HOUSE LTD Karebe Gold Mining Ltd GOLD FIELD Golden Grills Golden Place Golden Ridge Hotel Golden Park Gold Lite Electricals Penny Gold Hardware GOLD CROWN FOODS EPZ LTD. Kaisugu tea shop & cereals UNICORN PHARMA (K) LTD Laborex Kenya Ltd Green Farm Pub Green park point Stem Green Grocer Village Green Kawai Green Grocer GREEN ENERGY LIMITED The Green Berry Farm Ltd. GREEN DEVELOPMENT GROUP GREEN KREATIONS Green Garden Delis Ltd Grandcare Agencies U & I GREEN GROCERY Kisau green grocer Green Acre Grocery Maggy Green Grocer Musuu Green Grocer Fresh Green Grocer Faith Green Grocer Slovy Green Grocer Joan Green Grocer Vero Green Grocer Atis Green Grocer Juma Green Grocer Joyce Green Grocer Beth Green Grocer Green Corner Grocery Mwai Greens Unice Green Grocer Judy Green Grocer Kamau Green Grocer Kamau Green Groceries Biro Greens Green World - GREEN SEAS LTD Janets Green Grocer Asiah Green Grocer Green grocery Apple Green Restaurant Jamka Green Grocers Nancy Green Grocery Caro's Green Grocery Go Green House Green Bar Greens Cereal Green Media Limited Green Ark Junior School. Flexopak Kenya Ltd Glenrock Co Ltd Flexcom Kenya Glenrock Company Limited AGRIQ QUEST LTD SECURITY GROUP AFRICA LTD GROUP AFRICA MARKETING JIWANI IMPEX ENTERPRISES Crescent Construction Company Ltd Palmac Oil Refiners Ltd Kilimanjaro Mineral Water Ltd MUNISHRAM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES LTD Pearly Waters Ltd ALT ENERGY LTD Sol Cellular Kenya Ltd Classic Ironmongers Limited Alliance Media K Ltd MART NETWORKS KENYA LIMITED RAW CONSTRUCTION BANDWIDTH & CLOUD SERVICES GROUP LTD Corrington Busness Systems Xtranet Communications Acres And Homes Ltd Diani Reef Beach Resort & Spa Acacia Guest House Cartridge Workshop Ltd KADERDINA HKADERDINA HAJEE ESSAK LTDAJEE ESSAK LTD Karuka Maisha Foundation Msafiri Guest House Kijana msafi butchery Msafi Butchery Msafiri Posho Mill Maziwa Fresh - Kamunde Road Mama Msafi Green Grocer Msafiri Cafe Msafarabutchery1 New Msafiri Classic Butchery Msafiri Cheers Pub Msafiri Welders Msafiri Hotel Maziwa Fresh BAMBURI CEMENT LIMITED AFRICAN SAFARI AIRWAYS LTD LARI CHEM (E A) LTD HIGHLANDS MINERAL WATER COMPANY LIMITED Rupra Construction Company Ltd Nyoro Construction Company Ltd MISORI CONSTRUCTION CO LTD STRUCTURAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LTD TWIGA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Nicona Construction Co Ltd LEE CONSTRUCTION SIETCO CONSTRUCTION TWIGA CONSTRUCTION VALLEM CONSTRUCTION Dfaff Construction Limited Transaction Payment Solutions Transafric Insurance Consultants PYRAMIS African Safari Club Ltd THE NAIROBI HOSPITAL The Nairobi House Of Music Chips Place Midroc Construction Limited Marimo Construction Ltd Mwenja Constructions Index Construction Ltd Construction Support Ltd Space Construction Co. Hind Construction Co Ltd Building Construction Ltd Construction Equipment S & M Construction Works Channa Construction Ltd Ikbi Construction Company J & Construction Company THE KENYA POWER AND LIGHTING COMPANY LIMITED STANBIC BANK KENYA LIMITED RICHARDSON COMPANY LITIMED CFC Stanbic Bank STANBIC BANK KENYA LIMITED REGIONAL CENTRE ON SMALL ARMS RECSA SIGHT & SOUND LTD SIGHT AND SOUND COMPUTERS LIMITED Prime Timberyard SHELL AND VIVO LUBRICANTS LTD Master Prime Traders Prime Tile And Hardware Prinisa Trading Co Ltd Primark Trading Company TWIGA STATIONERS & PRINTERS LTD Prime Auto & General Trading Enterprises INTERNATIONAL HOTELS (KENYA) LTD Kenya International Sports Ltd Kenya Interiors Into Kenya Kenya International School Of Thought CJ KENYA INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF KENYA KENYA INTERNATIONAL SPORT LTD KENYA RESTORATION INTERNATIONAL OWN and Associates Limited Sovereign Group Ltd GOLDEN GULF TRADERS LTD INTEREACT LTD INTERBEAUTY PRODUCTS LIMITED Phoenix Aviation Ltd Prudential Printers Limited NJIMA INVESTMENTS Prime Locations Ltd Ideal Location Limited Mabatini Sub-Location Office Mathare 4A Sub-Location Office STAR POOL Stereomax Media Location Impact Research And Development Organisation Ministry Of Public Health And Sanitation Ministry Of Health COMMUNITY HEALTH PARTNERS Ministry Of Health-pdphs-Nyanza BIODEAL LABORATORIES LTD BIODEAL LABORATORIES LIMITED AFRICAN REINSURANCE CORPORATION Converged Information Service Limited Africa Research Consultants BIODEAL LABARATORIES LTD Global Tea & Commodities (K) Ltd AFYA RESEARCH AFRICA VODAFONE KENYA LIMITED Jmax Technologies Jomo Stores Jm star kinyozi Joymax Tuition Centre Necca Agencies Limited NEC AFRICA (PTY) LTD East African Gum Trading Jibu-tel Ltd Tele Shop TELL-EM PUBLIC RELATIONS (E.A) LIMITED FIRST CAPITAL ALLIANCE LIMITED CENTURY DT MICROFINANCE GESCI SANDTON VALLEY INVESTMENTS LTD NITI DISTRIBUTORS LIMITED GREENBELL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED CULTURAL VIDEO FOUNDATION West Milk Joint Cross Roads Miraa Ishwar Enterprises Metro Tile Roofing Systems Limited Audio Visual Systems Virani(Kenya)limited Rashmilan Enterprise Ltd Luam supermarket CARNATION PLANTS LIMITED CONTINENTAL MANAGMENT CONSULTANTS LTD COMPUTRON SYSTEMS (K) LTD CANCER CARE KENYA LTD MITSUMI COMPUTER GARAGE LIMITED Kenyatta University Bella Beauty Parlour Khazana Jaishiv Ltd ADVENTIST DEVELOPMENT AND RELIEF AGENCY (KENYA) MEGH CUSHION INDUSTRIES LTD Spa Engineering & Equipment Ltd SAFARICOM LIMITED NOVA INDUSTRIES LIMITED REFRIGERATION CENTRE Agriculture Business Systems Ltd Cosmo Plastics Ltd LONRHO MOTORS EAST AFRICA LTD RIFT VALLEY SPARES & TOOLS (K) LTD SILENT FLOW (MSA) LTD Tool Crafts Ltd MT KENYA SAFARI CLUB Tools & Components Ltd AZAD CUSHION MAKER LTD

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