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A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Slovak companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

Textile House for EURO TRADE, s.r.o. Visteon Electronics Slovakia s. r. o. Henley & Partners Slovakia s. r. o. Textile House Holding s. r. o. ecorec Slovensko s.r.o. Amazon Fulfillment Slovakia s. r. o. Vychodoslovenska energetika a.s. HOPI SK s.r.o. SNEF Slovensko s.r.o. SLOVNAFT, a.s. Resideo s. r. o. GEFCO Automotive Services Slovakia, s.r.o. GEFCO SLOVAKIA s.r.o. SIA Central Europe, a.s. CGI Slovakia s. r. o. Peek & Cloppenburg s.r.o. KME Service Centre Slovakia s. r. o. Microsoft Slovakia s.r.o. LEONI Wiring Systems Slovakia, spol. s r. o. Austrian Airlines Technik - Bratislava, s.r.o. IKEA Components s.r.o. Orange Business Services Slovakia s.r.o. Unilabs Slovensko s.r.o. Swiss Re Europe S.A., organizacna zlozka Slovensko Trans - Union, s.r.o. Kia Slovakia s. r. o. Syneos Health Slovakia s. r. o. Across Finance, a.s. IPSOS s. r. o. CERED s. r. o. IRON MOUNTAIN SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. PVDS Technology, s.r.o. PRO SUCCESS, s. r. o. Slovalco, a.s. LTE Logistik a Transport Slovakia s.r.o. TESCA KOSICE,s.r.o. COURBIS Invest s. r. o. COURBIS s.r.o. Auto Recycling Kodan Plast s.r.o. s. r. o. BSH Drives and Pumps s.r.o. ADECCO Slovakia, s. r. o. ACS Plyn s.r.o. ARCON Slovakia, spol. s r.o. Energetika Sered, s.r.o. C.S. CARGO Slovakia a.s. GERGONNE SLOVENSKO s.r.o. FRANCE-TECH Kosice s r.o. Angelini Pharma Slovenska republika s. r. o. Valicare, s.r.o. ProCare, a.s. TESCA SLOVAKIA s.r.o. MATADOR Automotive Vrable, a.s. MAN Truck & Bus Slovakia s.r.o. SPOLCHEMIE SK, s. r. o. Hyundai Steel Slovakia s.r.o. Askoll Slovakia s r.o. FERCAM Slovakia, s.r.o. SI-KE-40 s. r. o. KONE s.r.o. DXC Technology Slovakia s. r. o. U-Shin Slovakia s. r. o. OMS, a.s. Solitea Slovensko a. s. Decathlon SK s. r. o. NN Tatry - Sympatia, d.d.s., a. s. Swiss Re Management AG, organizacna zlozka Robert Bosch, spol. s r. o. Duslo, a.s. Duslo Energy, s.r.o. KRONOVISION s.r.o. s. r. o. Amazon /Slovakia/ s.r.o. Vertiv Slovakia, a. s. Adient Slovakia s.r.o. Yanfeng International Automotive Technology Slovakia s.r.o. HELLA Slovakia Lighting s.r.o. HODLMAYR LOGISTICS SLOVAKIA s.r.o. Fakultna nemocnica Trencin C.E.N. s.r.o. Novares Slovakia Automotive s.r.o. Tate & Lyle Slovakia, s.r.o. Delta Electronics (Slovakia), s.r.o. Kimberly-Clark, s.r.o., organizacna zlozka Bourbon Automotive Plastics Dolny Kubin, s.r.o. XLSK Nabytok s. r. o. Mesto Kosice PSA Services Centre Europe, s.r.o. PCA Slovakia, s.r.o. C Automobil Import s. r. o. SES ENERGY, a.s. IS-LOM s.r.o., Maglovec Lenovo (Slovakia) s.r.o. Zeleznicna spolocnost Cargo Slovakia, a.s. Bausch & Lomb Poland sp. z o.o., organizacna zlozka KAMAX Tools s.r.o. Samsung Electronics Czech and Slovak, s.r.o., organizacna zlozka Stredoslovenska energetika - Project Development, s.r.o. Stredoslovenska energetika Holding, a.s. HANSA-FLEX Hydraulik, s.r.o. Vseobecna uverova banka, a.s. Saint-Gobain Construction Products, s.r.o. Messer Tatragas, spol. s r.o. EUROFINS BEL/NOVAMANN s.r.o. Infobip s. r. o. 2beGROUP s.r.o. ESET, spol. s r.o. Letove prevadzkove sluzby Slovenskej republiky, statny podnik, (v skratke LPS SR, s. p.) Bratislava Sky Park Business Centre s.r.o. csd, spol. s r.o. Formel D Slovakia s. r. o. Salomon Werner Financial Holding HAB PRIVEE GROUP, s. r. o. Motion Board, s. r. o. ULSTRUP PLAST s.r.o. STOR CAD - GRAITEC s. r. o. ZF Active Safety Slovakia s.r.o. U.S. Steel Kosice - SBS, s.r.o. U. S. Steel Kosice, s.r.o. Samsung Electronics Europe Logistics B.V. - organizacna zlozka GREEN-PHARMACY s.r.o. Asseco CEIT, a.s. BNP PARIBAS PERSONAL FINANCE SA, pobocka zahranicnej banky XPO Transport SLOVAKIA, s. r. o. HYZA, a.s. Slovak Telekom, a.s. Aon Central and Eastern Europe, organizacna zlozka Aon Bratislava s.r.o. RENAULT RETAIL GROUP SK s.r.o. Mondelez Europe Procurement GmbH - organizacna zlozka Slovensko PROMET SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. VOLKSWAGEN SLOVAKIA, a.s. Online Investor s. r. o. SYRAREN BEL SLOVENSKO a.s. SPC International s.r.o. LeasePlan Slovakia, s. r. o. Mitutoyo Cesko s.r.o., organizacna zlozka Johns Manville Slovakia, a.s. Belusa Foods s.r.o. Marelli Kechnec Slovakia s.r.o. DMS - storage, s. r. o. STAPPERT SLOVENSKO a. s. Narodny holdingovy fond s. r. o. TREVES Slovakia, s.r.o. Zakladna skola Bourecos s.r.o. v Likvidacii ArcelorMittal Construction Slovakia s.r.o. Ewals Cargo Care, spol. s r.o. Essity Slovakia s.r.o. COOPBOX Eastern, s.r.o. Unomedical s.r.o. Deutsche Telekom Systems Solutions Slovakia s.r.o. Madal Bal s.r.o. Orange Slovensko, a.s. Wirecard Slovakia s.r.o. Pharmaceutical Research Associates SK s.r.o. VM Building Solutions Slovensko s.r.o. Tatra banka, a.s. Enics Slovakia s.r.o. ISTROKAPITAL, a. s. TESLA BATTERIES s. r. o. AXA d.s.s., a.s. OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s. HOMMEL HERCULES FRANCE, s.r.o. UniCredit Leasing Slovakia, a.s. Howa Tramico Slovakia, s. r. o. NP SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. Mazars Slovensko, s.r.o. BUDAMAR LOGISTICS, a.s. Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. skratene ZP a.s. ENGIE Services a.s. TERMMING, a.s. SIMERIS s.r.o. OSRAM, a.s. MindShare Slovakia s.r.o. SK Line, s. r. o. CONCENTRIX SERVICES SLOVAKIA s. r. o. Detska fakultna nemocnica s poliklinikou Banska Bystrica ZEOCEM, a.s. Alter Energo, a.s. MARIMEX SK, spol. s r.o. CIMCOOL EUROPE B.V., Slovak Branch, organizacna zlozka UNITED BRANDS SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. DEXIS SLOVAKIA s.r.o. Dell s.r.o. Voltia Automotive s. r. o. Genpact Slovakia s. r. o. SCHNELLECKE SLOVAKIA s.r.o. GEODIS Slovensko s.r.o. GRAFOBAL GROUP akciova spolocnost KB Components DKI s.r.o. Datavard s. r. o. Samsung Semiconductor Europe GmbH - o.z. MAHLE Behr Senica s.r.o. MSM Martin, s.r.o. DEFTA SLOVAKIA s.r.o. c2i s.r.o. Bekaert Slovakia, s.r.o. Profesia, spol. s r.o. DELFINGEN SK - Nitra s.r.o. HAVAS MEDIA Slovakia, s. r. o. Arboria Land Development, s.r.o. TootooT, s.r.o. COFIDIS, a.s. AUTOCONT s.r.o. Edenred Slovakia, s. r. o. Mincovna Kremnica, statny podnik

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