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Splendid Steed Investments Limited B-Finance Ltd. Whizz-Work Holdings Limited Skill Processing Ltd Chamoss International Limited. Kane Global Holdings Limited Central America Trade (CATCO) Corp. Long Fat Global Co., Ltd Happy Sino Steel Limited Sanzi Group Uk Company Limited CCS Trustees Limited Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd Lazar Management Inc Cowin Worldwide Corporation Artview Resources Limited Sunny State Enterprises Limited EOL Shipping Limited Hero Ally Group Limited Lar Trading Corp. Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Goldpalm Holdings Limited Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited Jadeland Pacific Limited Shearvan Corporate SA Moran Trading Resources Limited Haydock Holdings Ltd. Metal Resources International Holdings Ltd Steel Resources Ltd. Duet Smyrna Limited Competrol International Investments Limited Alumina & Bauxite Company Ltd Gynia Holdings Ltd Power Supply International Corp Million Vision Group Limited PLANTATION ASSETS LIMITED Goldenfit Intimate Apparel Limited Vulcan Maritime Ltd. Solo Properties (Knightsbridge) Ltd WPC Fund Ltd. Hutchison OMF Limited Meyer International Holdings Limited CHALLIS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Favorita Trading Co Ltd Arcas Holding Ltd Kinloss Property Limited Oristan Limited Glory Ace International Inc. Polygroup Asia Pacific Limited Amaggi International Ltd. Pergola Holding, Inc. Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited UT Overseas Inc. Constellation Services Ltd. Konnex Investments Limited Asiarock Technology Limited Binder Investments Limited Bao Run Holdings Limited BIF Holdings Limited Metako Asset Holdings Limited Hoteles del Caribe Holdings Inc. AMS Trustees Limited B & R Shipping & Trading Ltd Plumley Trade & Investment Ltd Blue Garden Holdings Limited Mandarin Oriental Finance Company (BVI) Limited Pine Wood Industries Limited Loid Global Ltd Tripod Overseas Co., Ltd. Zonderop Estate Inc Coral Reef Technologies Limited Forego International Limited Day Harvest Limited KYH Steel Holdings Limited Grand Dignity Industrial Co., Ltd Constellation Overseas Ltd La Crosse Group Inc Cliveden Petroleum Co. Ltd Lucky Horizon Holdings Limited International Technology Carrier Ltd. Norfex Holdings Ltd. JMH Treasury Limited IP Terra Ltd Artmax Holding Ltd Marquee Holdings Ltd. Randwick Resources Limited CTC Technology Holding Limited Hotel Property Investments (B.V.I.) Ltd. Intershares Ltd. Etesco Management Services Limited Piperton Finance Limited Imimark Trust Corporation Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited Tavira Holdings Limited Precious Charm Limited CDC Management Inc. Goodbased Investments Limited Allied Machinery International Limited Al Njaeb PTY Ltd Metal Challenge Company Limited Associated Tobacco Company Limited Wellstand Enterprises Limited Caxton International Limited Phoenix Commodities PVT Ltd HSBC International Trustee (BVI) Limited K-Shine Technology Corp. Rose Capital Ventures Limited Sino Investment Global Limited Wal-Mart Far East Holdings Co. Ltd. Daredon Assets Limited Lead Wealth International Limited Sunrise Duty Free Group Limited Elite Shine Investments Limited Castlepines Global Equities Limited Tortola Concrete Ltd Bolo & Brothers Ltd Blue Ocean Investment Holdings Limited S.O. Clover Management Limited Al-Waha Petroleum Co. Ltd Delfi Logistics S.A. Dar Al Tarbawiyoun House Of Education Ltd Darzins Holdings Limited Top Media Distribution Limited Marine Oil International Limited Galtrade Ltd PT Marketing Services Limited Solebay Freight Futures Corporation Kenbourne Invest S.A. Saba & CO (TMP) Limited Onexim Group Limited Ocean Serenity International Holdings Limited Kimberi Holdings Ltd. Jenjet Inc Landal Worldwide Corp KT Financial Group Limited Delta Holding Business AMC (International) Holdings Limited Ronero Investments Limited Navigator Equities Limited Matar Trade & Invest Limited Thackeray Investments Limited Aradis International Limited Shingtai International Group Co., Ltd. Hua Jian Industrial Holding Co., Limited Ci Del Mar Caribe (BVI) Inc. Moorgate Commercial Limited Rimberg International Corp. Dynamic Commodity Limited Hua Yang Investment Corp Centro Publisher Limited Bome Trade, Corp Scylla Capital Limited Gallant Timber Limited Alibaba Group Treasury Limited Ajwad Alliance Inc. Silverlink Resorts Limited The Seven Finance Limited Heydell Real Estates S.A. Diacor International Ltd CSMC Manufacturing Co., Ltd Jardine Schindler (Far East) Holdings Inc Star Commercial Ltd VP Bank (BVI) Limited Intresco Limited Standard Nominees Limited Harton Engineering Ltd James Todman Construction Ltd New Resources Trading Ltd KGI Alliance Corporation Asia Aluminum Group Limited Pou Ming Paper Products Manufacturing Company Limited Tai-I Copper (BVI) Limited Best Ever Industries Limited Synechron Holdings Inc Oak Directors Limited Serena Equity Limited Chinyun Enterprises Co., Ltd. Aome Holdings Ltd Export Marketing (BVI) Limited Midea Electric Investment (BVI) Limited IPP - International Petroleum Products Ltd Risoil Overseas Ltd. Enjoy Tyre Co., Ltd Balmain Invest & Trade Inc Long Dean Company Ltd Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited Fleet Ship Management Inc. Capital Harvest Technology Limited DPI Terminals (BVI) Ltd Oggi Shoes Technique Ind. Ltd Ques International Corp. Front Elite Group Limited SCM Consulting Limited Reliance Infra Projects International Limited Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Helix Equipment Leasing Limited Trade Lead Investments Limited TDF Group Limited Vertex Financial Investments LTD. Richtone Developments Ltd Forty Two Point Two Acquisition Limited Ecotrim Holdings Limited Oxshott Investments Limited Nakai Investments Limited Power Metal Investments Limited Talco Management Limited Platinum Polymers Group Ltd. Joy Alukkas Holdings Inc Glancus Investments Inc. Orient Cache Limited Orient Investment Properties Ltd Best Success (Far East) Holding Ltd. Schlumberger Oilfield Eastern Ltd. TZ Columbus Services Limited Bridgestone International Group Inc. Grierson Investing Corp Bracadale Holdings Limited Vicstrin Industrial Technology Co. Limited Acetop Group Holdings Limited Commonwealth Finance Investment Ltd African Metals Management Services Ltd. Bulova Invest Limited Jaschem International Corporation Plants Global Inc Cherryfield Trading Ltd Fontana Estates Limited Kouunn Holdings Limited Manley Ventures Ltd Newhaven Trustees (BVI) Limited Han Chong Company Limited Alpine Universal Ltd Alpha Rank Limited Astesa Engineering Inc. TCC Assets Limited Diamond Delphinius Ltd RP Marketing Services Limited BoM Finance Ltd. Pomegranate Investments Ltd King's Eye Investments Limited Venture Maritime Limited Alderman Management Ltd Finstar Management (Overseas) Ltd Maxon Global Trading Ltd Sorange Investments Limited GG International Limited ASP Holdings Limited Linika Limited Baidu Holdings Limited Apor Development Limited Tri-Union Management Company Limited

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