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Kinloss Property Limited Sanzi Group Uk Company Limited New Resources Trading Ltd Grand Way Success Limited Favorita Trading Co Ltd Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Grand Dignity Industrial Co Ltd Constellation Services Ltd. Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited Inco Grain Ltd Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd Yoson International Co Ltd La Crosse Group Inc Baidu Holdings Limited Skill Processing Ltd Arvon Limited Beco International Limited Global Trading & Logistic Systems Ltd. Jet One Technology (HK) Limited Power Supply International Corp Amaggi International Ltd. Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Hitomi Financial Limited Canderlite Limited Astesa Engineering Inc. Arcas Holding Ltd Kane Global Holdings Limited Day Harvest Limited Gulf Distribution Limited UT Overseas Inc. International Technology Carrier Ltd. Sky Eagle Properties Limited Matar Trade & Invest Limited Lar Trading Corp. Eximoil Trading Ltd. Metal Challenge Company Limited Ocean Way Capital Corporation Generic Chemical and New Pharma (2000) Co., Ltd Fore-Tech Industrial Corporation Upward Trade & Investment S.A. Lead Wealth International Limited Lanit International Ltd Strong Plus Services Limited Risoil Overseas Ltd. Harris Worldwide Ltd Hero Ally Group Limited JMH Treasury Limited Ocean Serenity International Holdings Limited Palane Holdings Inc. Metronova Holdings Limited Bulk Cathay Ltd Aradis International Limited Panlight International Electrical Equipment Co Ltd Apex Tech Holding Limited Fantoni Enterprises Limited GSLP Holdings Limited South Ocean Knitters Holdings Limited Tri Sirtaka Group Ltd. Geneva Management Group (BVI) Ltd Star Technical Supply Corp Vernal Investment S.A. Wellstand Enterprises Limited Standard Nominees Limited Marbella Commercial Co. Ltd Vision International Holdings Limited Prime Target Development Inc. Long Fat Global Co., Ltd Midocean Management and Trust Services (BVI) Limited Tortola Concrete Ltd Fortune Bell Assets Inc Hamilton Trust and Management Company Limited Blue Sky Fliers Company Limited Zhong An Shipping Co., Ltd Concord Distribution S.A. Ovington Worldwide Limited Bremer Trading Limited GFV International Corp. Jesper Continental S.A. E.R. Troika Limited Goldpalm Holdings Limited Solebay Freight Futures Corporation Northlock Holdings Ltd Septo Trading Inc Superlab Far East Limited Gordel Holdings Limited Portman Nominees SA Smic Asia Limited Sparrow Trading, Inc. Shearvan Corporate SA Twinways Investments Limited Hoteles del Caribe Holdings Inc. Moorgate Commercial Limited Allied Machinery International Limited GITI Holdings Ltd Orisol Asia Limited Nectar Art Limited Allied Testing Ltd. Plasma Surgical Investments Limited Ecom Sud Corp. Fat Tat Hong Investments Ltd. Associated Tobacco Company Limited Star Commercial Ltd Fook Chuen Tong Trading Limited Full Star Worldwide Inc Europa Gold Limited Madi-Fond Consulting Ltd Kimberlyn Investment Corp Shih-Hua Investments Co., Ltd Fentonbury Corporation Best Ever Industries Limited Synechron Holdings Inc Allseas Holdings Limited King Empire Group Limited Magic Touch International Limited IPP - International Petroleum Products Ltd Quala Inc S.O. Clover Management Limited Cinque Terre Financial Group Limited Coral Reef Technologies Limited Vernon Finance Ltd Lazar Management Inc Dar Al Tarbawiyoun House Of Education Ltd Highpower Systems Inc Futurewell Holding Limited Ques International Corp. Premium Tobacco Holdings Limited MMG Trust (BVI) Corp Clayton Commodities Trading Ltd Peb Steel-Indochina Ltd Locomotion Holdings Limited Iris World Enterprises Limited Sloane International Development 1 Limited Golden Eight Group Limited BLS International Ltd. Portcullis Trustnet (BVI) Limited Greenliant Operations Ltd Novel Holdings (BVI) Limited Jadeland Pacific Limited PLANTATION ASSETS LIMITED Emeraldstone Holdings Limited Vulcan Maritime Ltd. Power Metal Investments Limited Dragon Lead Group Limited Hegemon Holdings Ltd. Winel Group Corp Uni-Splendor Corp Seamless Industries Limited Mauve Group Holdings Ltd. YYF Enterprises Ltd Carina Vera Limited Smart Jet Aviation Limited Caropan Company S.A. Albus Capital Inc Tisland Capital Corp Ducom Trading Ltd. Commonwealth Finance Investment Ltd Grapeseed Management Limited Arango Trading & Finance Corp. Macro Comp Limited WPC Fund Ltd. Bio Drive International Limited Ascent Creation Holdings Limited Pericom Technology Inc. JTW Product Co., Ltd. Apor Development Limited Aegis Defence Services (BVI) Limited CCS Trustees Limited Fine Ocean Associates Limited Alkagesta Petrolium Inc Mitro International Limited Radio Doctor Sales Limited SIS Distribution Limited Aquarius Intertrade Ltd Tech Pacific Asia Limited Poly Bright Holdings Limited Harneys Corporate Services Limited Jackson Equities Incorporated High Fashion Apparel Limited APP Global Finance (V) Limited Trade Sound Investment Limited. Paro Incorporated Intertec Systems Ltd Corinthian Financial Management Ltd Dragonchem Enterprises Limited Petrocraft SA Corp Norley Development Ltd Minco Enterprises Limited Excelsior Empire Ltd Asiatic Luck Corporation Yuanta Asset Management Limited Suffolk Partners Corporation Rose Capital Ventures Limited Spring Meadow Holdings Ltd GBA Minmetals Trading Limited Plumley Trade & Investment Ltd Mighty Delta Investments Limited Magic Rise Group Limited Tai-I Copper (BVI) Limited Perfect Union Global Inc International Petroleum Products Ltd Smart World Development Holdings Ltd Alliance Group Trading Ltd Caribbean Maritime Excursions Inc Sunrise Duty Free Group Limited JMSH Enterprise Ltd Road Town Holdings Limited Elton Elite Limited Alpha International (B.VI.) Capital Ltd Lavender Brown Limited Inter Equipment Company Ltd Nirvana Asset Management Ltd Castlepines Global Equities Limited Bolo & Brothers Ltd World Cement (BVI) Holding Corp. Black Rock Capital Limited OTS Global Limited Quanta Asia Ltd Hoxton Assets Limited Berryle Trading Inc Credlink Investments Limited Total Thrive Holdings Limited The Travel Corporation Limited Traveluck Investments Inc GAC Bunker Fuels Limited Veren International Inc Perishables Direct Limited Asia Gateway Overseas Limited Richwill Shipping Limited Formula F.B. Business Ltd. South African Bunkering and Trading Ltd Fintech Investments Ltd Executive Ship Management Inc Long Dean Company Ltd Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited Sentrum IV Limited Happy Sino Steel Limited Ideal World Investments Limited Waterway Petroleum Limited Das Properties Limited SML Holdings Limited Cheung Kei Holdings Group Limited Credo Sterling Properties UK Limited Golden Charter Holdings Inc Grand Hotel and Investments Limited Constellation Overseas Ltd Climate Bridge Ltd Foram Investments (Tortola BVI) Inc. Forkes Holding Ltd. Ace International (B.V.I.) Limited

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