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Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd Sanzi Group Uk Company Limited Hero Ally Group Limited Best Decade Holdings Limited Beco International Limited Amaggi International Ltd. Bremer Trading Limited Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Blue Garden Holdings Limited Chamoss International Limited. Long Fat Global Co., Ltd Skill Processing Ltd United Chinese Holdings Limited Sunrise Duty Free Group Limited Risoil Overseas Ltd. Kinloss Property Limited Premium Tobacco Holdings Limited Front Elite Group Limited Million Vision Group Limited Lar Trading Corp. Acota Services Limited Apex Tech Holding Limited Pamela Investment Corporation Happy Sino Steel Limited Grand Dignity Industrial Co., Ltd Constellation Services Ltd. Rishy Holdings Limited CCS Trustees Limited Golden Millenium Equities Corporation Lead Wealth International Limited Gain Plus Agents Limited Peb Steel-Indochina Ltd Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited Talgarth Capital Limited Matar Trade & Invest Limited Cowin Worldwide Corporation PT Marketing Services Limited Haydock Holdings Ltd. Bridgestone International Group Inc. Lazar Management Inc Vimex House Inc Day Harvest Limited Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited UT Overseas Inc. Landal Worldwide Corp Commonwealth Finance Investment Ltd Shearvan Corporate SA Sirosa Limited AMS Trustees Limited Star Commercial Ltd Wellstand Enterprises Limited Standard Nominees Limited Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Kane Global Holdings Limited DFI Treasury Limited Executive Ship Management Inc South Marine Trading Inc. Hitomi Financial Limited Smart Jet Aviation Limited Singularity Investment Group Limited Ragato Management Limited Tambusu Holdings Ltd Moorgate Commercial Limited Golden Haven Limited Alibaba Group Treasury Limited Meyer International Holdings Limited Waterside Financial Ltd Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Gavs Technologies Limited Smart World Development Holdings Ltd Elite Shine Investments Limited Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited Tripod Overseas Co., Ltd On Ride Investments Limited Gulf Distribution Limited Railways Development Limited Primeshipping International Ltd Asiarock Technology Limited Binder Investments Limited Fintech Investments Ltd. Goldenland International Holdings Limited Macro Comp Limited Metako Asset Holdings Limited Runsheng International Limited Lazare Co Inc Three Crowns Trading Corp Pegasus Oil Trading Ltd Arabella Group Limited CHALLIS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Voyager Investments (BVI) Limited Newport Management Ltd Associated Tobacco Company Limited New Resources Trading Ltd Marbella Commercial Co. Ltd Emmerson International Corp Central America Trade (CATCO) Corp. Hermes International Fund Limited King Empire Group Limited Pine Wood Industries Limited Addax Petroleum Holdings Ltd Veren International Inc Forego International Limited Grand Hotel and Investments Limited La Crosse Group Inc Vieco 10 Limited Malorey Assets Limited SCM Consulting Limited Saby Finance Ltd. Veritas Trust Company Limited Septo Trading Inc Asian Luck Industrial Limited Vulcan Maritime Ltd. Prime World International Holdings Ltd Agripacific Holdings Limited Plaza Gold Associates Limited Odinsa Holding Inc. Panatura Properties A Limited Bao Run Holdings Limited Erin Invest & Finance Ltd Chesterley Trading Corp WPC Fund Ltd. Timberson Trading Ltd Nectar Art Limited Hotel Holdings (BVI) Limited Pacific Moon Corp. Arcas Holding Ltd Bladex Finance Ltd Europa Gold Limited HSBC International Trustee (BVI) Limited Kimberlyn Investment Corp B & R Shipping & Trading Ltd Dickson Investment Holding (PTC) Corporation Sapphire Global Holdings Limited Inter-Commerce Invest & Trade Ltd Best Tech (BVI) Co Ltd Best Ever Industries Limited Baring Private Equity Asia IV Holding (7) Limited Tortola Concrete Ltd Lanit International Ltd OTS Global Limited Horizon Way Group Limited Lord Fabrics Limited Tarona Ltd. Geen Ho Company Limited Thrive Alliance Investments Limited Long Dean Company Ltd Fleet Ship Management Inc. Baromet International Ltd Highpower Systems Inc Daihwa (Asia) Ltd Smart Ascent Co., Ltd. Pacific Glory Shipping Pte. Ltd Eagle Financial Venture Ltd MMG Trust (BVI) Corp Galaxy Energy Group Ltd Petrotrans Limited Clayton Commodities Trading Ltd International Technology Carrier Ltd. Trade Lead Investments Limited Ho Te Investments Limited Novetex Holdings Limited Nouvion Holdings Ltd Naphta Consulting International Limited Jenjet Inc RMMC Group Ltd Everseason Enterprises Ltd Solischem Inc. Oaklawn Properties Limited Gordel Holdings Limited Forever Victory International Enterprises Limited TZ Columbus Services Limited Metal Resources International Holdings Ltd Mitac Precision Developments Limited Queenston Technology Corp. Agrawal Commercial Corp. Dewlab Ltd. Steel Resources Ltd. Etesco Management Services Limited Nine Sun Group Corp. Southern Intertrade Limited Twinways Investments Limited Astesa Engineering Inc. Hoteles del Caribe Holdings Inc. Zantat Trading (PTY) Ltd. Hua Sheng Global Group Limited Wen Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Farrowdale Properties Limited BoM Finance Ltd. Eximoil Trading Ltd. OCEANIC GOLD GLOBAL LIMITED ASP Holdings Limited Baidu Holdings Limited Golden State Medical Supply Co Ltd Golden Summit Finance Limited Amicorp Management Limited Sun Energy Trading Ltd Diamond Group International Limited TMF Corporate Services (BVI) Limited CompTek International Overseas Ltd Geneva Management Group (BVI) Ltd Poly Bright Holdings Limited Leading Guide Corporation Inter-Biopharm Holding Limited Zolotaya Orda Limited Favorita Trading Co Ltd Overseas Management Company (BVI) Ltd. Midis Group Ltd Yeshi Group Limited Corinthian Financial Management Ltd Brigot Limited Prosperity Electric Corporation Lion International Management Limited Karisma Hotels & Resorts Corporation, Ltd. James Todman Construction Ltd Suffolk Partners Corporation Sino Investment Global Limited DHAC Avia Limited JBS Global Investments SA Kellywood Holdings Limited Perfect Union Global Inc Power Supply International Corp Hermes Guardain Limited Synechron Holdings Inc CC Media Network Inc Malda Pacific Ltd Zeta Financial Partners Limited Road Town Holdings Limited Seafield Holdings Limited New Bright International Company Limited Formula Investment House Ltd SafdIe Fine Art Ltd Midocean Management and Trust Services (BVI) Limited World Cement (BVI) Holding Corp. Black Rock Capital Limited Ac-terra International Ltd T & N Holdings (BVI) Limited Berryle Trading Inc Zuru Inc Addax Petroleum Overseas Ltd Delfi Logistics S.A. CS Logistics Holdings Ltd. Sibbald Trade & Investment SA Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited Landmark Retail Holdings 1 Limited Estroil Holdings Ltd Constellation Overseas Ltd Top Media Distribution Limited Cerise Holding International Limited Agios Steamship Inc Lovett Trade & Finance Ltd.

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