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Real Estate Project Limited Noga Real Estate Limited Castlewood Group Limited Supply Resources Inc SuperAnt Limited Lingfield International Inc Super Trade Overseas Limited Kurnell Real Estate Inc. Princess Property Assets Ltd Allied Vision Limited Allied Machinery International Limited Personal Agenda Ltd Interfood Limited Fika Holdings Ltd Phoenix Satellite Television Company Limited Pirin Mayfair Investment Ltd Crown Investive Ltd ASP Holdings Limited Transbulk Marine Limited Centralised Services Limited Professional Ventures Corporation Al Njaeb PTY Ltd Banyan Assets Limited Linika Limited Guersey Ventures Ltd. Xcite Energy Limited S&M Ltd. Morgan Property Limited Ginkgo Investments Ltd KdH Holding Limited Claremont Ventures International Limited Clarent Limited Clarens Pharma Limited Petrolog International Limited Aurum International SA Chemlab International Limited Verdom IT Projects Ltd. Apollo Interoil Limited Planet Video Production Limited Majis Holdings Limited Wasco Engineering Group Limited Hilding Anders Asia Pacific Ltd Agility (Asia/Pacific) Limited AAUG Insurance Co Limited Codex International Overseas Corporation Shanti Swami Investment Company Limited Shanti Holdings Limited KMT Invest, Corp Ultimate Investment Holdings Limited Guotai Junan Holdings Limited Petro Group Limited Petrovit Ltd Petramar Limited PetroTiger Ltd Petrol Group S.A. Petrocraft S.A. Petro-Energy E&P Co.,Ltd. World Class Fitnes Clubs Limited Alfa Production Limited Jabil Circuit (BVI) Inc. Pascal Products Co., Ltd Inigo Investments Ltd Causeway Productions Limited SF Products Ltd Light Productions, Ltd. Prodisc Holding Corporation Lanzo Productions Ltd JTW Product Co., Ltd. Range Products Limited Apple Creative Products Inc. Central Clearing Finance S.A. Maclaren Distribution Limited Atrium Technologies Ltd Crown Harbour Holdings Limited Lutea Ventures Limited Bamia Investments Ltd Hamstead & Mayfair Ltd. AR Ventures Limited Cheung Kong Infrastructure Finance (BVI) Limited Ventrelt Holdings Ltd Hendrix Holdings Limited Style Services Group Limited Glenas Venture Inc Baidu Holdings Limited Tele-International Ventures Limited K Watches International Ltd Harrier Ventures Limited Nice Venture Limited Marco Ventures Inc Bosco Holdings Limited Chined Holding Ltd Benningham Limited ArmorGroup (Asia Pacific) Limited KGCI Holdings Limited Ganges Ventures Ltd Woodside Ventures Limited Helmcroft Holdings Inc Claxson Interactive Group Inc Tetor Ventures Ltd Crown Master Investments Limited Kimba Ventures Limited SCM Holdings Limited Condor Holdings Limited Alma World Limited Ginger International Inc. Bilancia International Ltd. Metal Trading Ltd Metallurgical Consulting and Financing Limited Zitco International Ltd International Scanners Limited International Labels Corp. Interprocom & Co. Ltd Metal Investments International Ltd. Darlford Finance Limited Ips China Holdings Ltd Artec Ventures Limited Princes Gate Investment Management Ltd Crofton Development Limited GFT Limited Venture King Holdings Ltd CE Holdings Limited Banana Trading Corporation Web Design Ltd TSIT Wing International Company Limited Circles Development Limited Jasmain Investments Subsidiary Limited GJS Development Ltd Teknik Development Inc. Apor Development Limited Bear Value Management Limited H M Developments Ltd. F & G Development Inc. Haab Development Limited GDH Property Development Limited AFS Developer, Inc. Oregon Developments Limited Pep Developments Inc. Morgan Trade & Commerce Limited Colorado Holding Corporation Estrellamar Limited Fec Holdings Limited Twin Holdings Ltd Banana Leaf Holdings Limited Mitre Ventures Ltd Tack Hsin (BVI) Holdings Limited Watcha Limited Sunco Ventures Limited Crown Ventures Corporation Global SC Management (One) Ltd GITI Holdings Ltd Lafa Ventures Limited Haddow Holdings Ltd Mayfair Commercial Limited Punta Crescent Limited Beaming Star Limited J. Morgan & Co. Ltd. Lemec Ventures Limited AL-BAHARI COMPANY LTD. Mayfair Investments Incorporation S.A. GEA Holdings Limited Crown Master Trading Limited Vormos Ventures Limited Kerton Group Ltd. Napenay Commercial Inc. Alibaba Group Treasury Limited Investment Holding Limited Venture Synergy Limited Phoenix Satellite Television (Taiwan) Limited Dadium Limited Commercial Consultancy Services Limited SON Ventures Ltd Cheval Holdings Limited Gioma Ventures Ltd Forth Capital Limited Music Messenger Limited Linkz Cables Limited Allen House Limited Pioneer First Holdings Limited Bernard Consulting Ltd Intergen Limited Diamondcorp Holdings Limited Dulcet Property Ltd Grendall Investments Limited Regal Honesty Limited Black Stone Chemical Limited Stonemount Limited Semi-Tech (Europe) Limited Medigan Limited Stonka Limited Longfield Investments Ltd Longoak Investments Limited Parlex Corporation Kromtech Alliance Corp Adomenta Holding Ltd Roslyn Alliance, Ltd Aliance Limited MG Alliance Ltd Raeford Alliance Ltd. Jeddi Industries Inc GSLP Holdings Limited Tamalaris Consolidated Limited NSM Group Ltd McCabe International Limited Marymont Global Inc. Borham Alliance Ltd. Ajwad Alliance Inc. Alliance Vista Assets Limited Gladstone Alliance Inc. Parsnet Alliance Ltd. Globe Alliance Group Limited Devenport Alliance Ltd Aaron Asia Limited Aegis Defence Services (BVI) Limited Asia Spring Group Holdings Limited Seghers Keppel Technology Asia Limited GPM Asia Limited Sunshine Global Asia Limited Best Equity Asia Limited Asia Semiconductor Technologies Consultancy Limited Kerry Logistics Services (Asia) Limited Asia Energy Development Co., Ltd. Asia Quant Investments Limited OCEAN SEAWAYS LTD. Pamela Investment Corporation VELDSPRING REAL STATE LTD. Mira Oil Resources Limited Silver Star Enterprises Limited Agua Incorporated WILLINGHAM INVESTMENTS LTD. Canterburry Investment Holdings Limited Stella del Mare Corp THAI INVESTMENT LTD. BLACKBERY INVESTMENTS LTD. Double Strength Investments Limited SWORD INVESTMENT LTD. Mira Development, S.A. JUVENTAS INVESTMENT LTD. Longford Investments Ltd Stamina Investments Ltd HAIBARA INVESTMENT LTD. SHUN KING INVESTMENTS LTD. HEREFORD INVESTMENTS LIMITED NEW STARS INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LTD. Transtec Ocean Express Holdings Inc. BURMA INVESTMENTS LTD. WENSBURY INVESTMENTS LTD. RAMA INVESTMENT INC. Civesa Investments Ltd WRIGHT INVESTMENT INC. Capital Strategic Investment (B.V.I.) Limited

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