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Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited X Trade International Ltd Aluminum Group, Ltd. Bulova Invest Limited Maritime Trade and Investment Ltd. Gemmy Holding Ltd Top Media Distribution Limited Permas Group CV, Ltd. Topaz Opportunities Ltd UT Overseas Inc. BoM Finance Ltd. Lar Trading Corp. K-Shine Technology Corp. Galaxy Energy Group Ltd Beligetto Holdings Ltd Cills Dry Goods and Hardware Ltd Deltrone Investments Ltd B-Finance Ltd. Great Lakes Tobacco Management Company Limited Kane Global Holdings Limited Magic Prime Group Limited James Todman Construction Ltd Skill Processing Ltd Anta International Group Holdings Limited Amaggi International Ltd. Constellation Services Ltd. WPC Fund Ltd. CCS Trustees Limited Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited Hot Media Corp. Matar Trade & Invest Limited Thackeray Investments Limited Ultimate Idea Holdings Limited Direct Investments Limited Global Grain Ltd Tortola Concrete Ltd Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Bia Foods Investments Inc. Elsu, Inc. AMS Trustees Limited Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd. Addax Petroleum Holdings Ltd Galtrade Ltd Vulcan Maritime Ltd. Robina Investments Limited Zeno Capital Limited Bao Run Holdings Limited Stamford Group Holdings Limited Lexor Group S.A. Southwest Energy (BVI) Limited Kostenec Enterprise inc. Brosna Shipping Services Limited Shengquan Energy Oil and Gas Group Company Limited Serenades Global Inc Arcas Holding Ltd Power Supply International Corp Central America Trade (CATCO) Corp. Long Fat Global Co., Ltd Global Trading & Logistic Systems Ltd. Ocean Serenity International Holdings Limited Key Platinum Holdings Limited Union Wave Holding Co., Ltd Sun Gazer Holdings Ltd. Interpharma Investments Limited Accardi Investments Limited Centro Publisher Limited Geiser Asset Holdings Ltd. Gallant Timber Limited Manson Capital Ltd Refined Success Limited Profit Entry Limited Ajwad Alliance Inc. Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Blue Ocean Investment Holdings Limited Tripod Overseas Co., Ltd. Day Harvest Limited ADM Ag Holding Limited Norfex Holdings Ltd. International Mechanical Equipment Import and Export Trading Co. Ltd Viva Enterprise Holdings Limited Haydock Holdings Ltd. Sungrebe Investments Limited Fountain Hat International Limited Shearvan Corporate S.A. Regia Holdings Limited Astesa Engineering Inc. Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited Pomegranate Investments Ltd Skion Holdings Limited ICT Holding (BVI) Ltd Doleman Business Inc. Competrol International Investments Limited Fine Elite Consultancy Limited Efat Group Limited Schlumberger Holdings II Limited Proservices Limited Soira Investments Limited International Forever True Group Limited Phoenix Commodities PVT Ltd Bolo & Brothers Ltd Landmark Retail Holdings 1 Limited Bond Worldwide Trading Limited Fosun International Holdings Ltd Pergola Holding, Inc. Bremer Trading Limited International Asia Holdings Limited Northlock Holdings Ltd Konnex Investments Limited BIF Holdings Limited Steel Resources Ltd. Pearl Petroleum Company Limited Invalont Ventures Ltd. S.B. Vanwall Ltd ARS Maritime Corp Venture Maritime Limited Earth Power Investment Limited Eagle Rock Resources Group Ltd. Group Metals Business Limited Demex Trading Limited Multitrade Investments Trading Ltd Consolidated Resorts Limited Vall Group Limited Reisan Group Ltd. MTC Electronic Co., Limited Aegis Defence Services (BVI) Limited Infinite Solutions Systems Limited Merlion Trade Overseas Inc. Suffolk Partners Corporation Commodities Trade International LTD Link Commodities (BVI) Company Limited Leadtek Global Group Limited Landwind Medical Holdings Limited Executive Ship Management Inc Highpower Systems Inc Marine Oil International Limited Ovington Worldwide Limited Pink Star Shipping Ltd Gold Dust Development Limited Oz Group Ltd Futures Spirit Trading Co., Limited Beckford Industries Ltd Venus Astro Group Ltd Benlee International Ltd HG Capital Partners CO., Ltd. The SER Holding Company (BVI) Ltd. Graff Diamonds Holdings Limited Harvest United Enterprises Inc Diamond Stone Limited Nagelfar Trade & Invest Limited Union Energy Holdings Ltd. Betway Group Limited Linerock Investments Ltd. TCC Assets Limited Tencent Asset Management Limited Fortron International Group Ltd Bio Drive International Limited Vistra Group Holdings (BVI) Limited RP Marketing Services Limited Rivertrade Group Ltd. Golden Tanker Holdings Limited AMPLE SUN TRADING LIMITED Quadriga International Ltd Accord Trading & Investment Ltd Fledge Services Corp. Five Element Industry Limited Twenty Two Dragons Limited Seacons Trading Limited Bora International Holdings Limited Modex Holding Limited China Oil Resources Group Limited Hamon Investment Holdings Ltd DP Global Group Limited Fentex Properties Ltd. Arrow Shores Limited World Enterprise Group, Ltd. Lin Partner Investment Ltd. Harmonic Fame Limited Active Energy Group Ltd OM Foundation Limited Stenberg Finance Limited Shanti Holdings Limited Continental Administration Services (PTC) Ltd SW Enterprises Limited Diamond Group International Limited Chimexport Investment and Fertiliser Inc Star Television Productions Limited Harneys Corporate Services Limited Favorita Trading Co Ltd JEA Limited Win Smart Co Ltd Dickson Investment Holding (PTC) Corporation Blue Garden Holdings Limited Best Ever Industries Limited Aldersgate Investments Limited Cheyne Capital Holdings Limited Pan Global Holding Co., Ltd. Strong Plus Services Limited Hestian Innovation Ltd Al-Waha Petroleum Co. Ltd TCL Overseas Holdings Limited Cinnovation Incorporated LHMW Investment Corporation Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited Bronte International S.A. Exclases Holdings Ltd Grand Dignity Industrial Co., Ltd Premium Tobacco Holdings Limited Planet Ocean Trading Limited Devin International Limited TotalServe Holdings Limited World Bound Group Limited Greater China Beverage (Holdings) Limited L&M International Trading Ltd Wawasan Tankers Co. Ltd. Goldpalm Holdings Limited Dunfeng Holdings Inc Dentardia Holdings Limited DataGroupIT Limited Trado Ltd Berggruen Holdings Ltd Portcullis Trustnet (BVI) Limited Asian Motion Limited Great Zone Holdings Limited Esquel Holdings Inc Kalix Advisory Limited RMMC Group Ltd Joy Alukkas Holdings Inc MultiVision Holdings Limited Metronova Holdings Limited Kenwick Capital Ltd Faltha Investment S.A. TZ Columbus Services Limited Metal Resources International Holdings Ltd Ronero Investments Limited Intershore Consult (BVI) Ltd. Novum Energy Trading Corp. Ocean Prime Inc. Vicstrin Industrial Technology Co. Limited Intershares Ltd. Valper Holdings Limited Arango Trading & Finance Corp. Osiris International Trustees Limited Apex Tech Holding Limited Manley Ventures Ltd Element Global Limited Montego Assets Limited RTC Management Limited

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