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Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited B-Finance Ltd. UT Overseas Inc. Union Energy Holdings Ltd. Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd. Magic Prime Group Limited CCS Trustees Limited Cills Dry Goods and Hardware Ltd Skill Processing Ltd Deltrone Investments Ltd WPC Fund Ltd. Bulova Invest Limited Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited Gemmy Holding Ltd Aluminum Group, Ltd. Maritime Trade and Investment Ltd. Bao Run Holdings Limited Eagle Rock Resources Group Ltd. Steel Resources Ltd. Invalont Ventures Ltd. Vicstrin Industrial Technology Co. Limited Accardi Investments Limited Beligetto Holdings Ltd X Trade International Ltd Centro Publisher Limited Hestian Innovation Ltd Harris Worldwide Ltd Matar Trade & Invest Limited Intershares Ltd. Wen Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Competrol International Investments Limited Refined Success Limited Permas Group CV, Ltd. Harneys Corporate Services Limited Kunlun Holding Company Ltd. Fortron International Group Ltd Walie Holdings Ltd. BoM Finance Ltd. Bia Foods Investments Inc. Profit Entry Limited Elsu, Inc. Favorita Trading Co Ltd Tripod Overseas Co., Ltd. Top Media Distribution Limited Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Lar Trading Corp. Agrawal Commercial Corp. Fledge Services Corp. Zoro Finance Limited PTL Investment & Advisory Services Limited Ipiranga Trading Limited Arabella Group Limited Suffolk Partners Corporation Kane Global Holdings Limited Fleet Ship Management Inc. Smart Ascent Co., Ltd. Million Vision Group Limited FQM Finance Ltd Norfex Holdings Ltd. Talco Management Limited Hymana Holdings Ltd. HG Capital Partners CO., Ltd. Bac International Corporation Famatech Corp African Metals Management Services Ltd. Group Metals Business Limited Collisse Group Limited RongXingDa Development (BVI) Limited Metal Challenge Company Limited Vernal Investment S.A. James Todman Construction Ltd Power Supply International Corp Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited Master Com Group Holdings Co. Ltd CVI Logistics Corporation Bronte International S.A. Grand Dignity Industrial Co., Ltd Anta International Group Holdings Limited Galaxy Energy Group Ltd Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Wawasan Tankers Co. Ltd. Hot Media Corp. Viva Enterprise Holdings Limited Asiarock Technology Limited Winease Investments Limited CTC Technology Holding Limited Norsel International Limited Hrothgar Investments Limited AMPLE SUN TRADING LIMITED Earth Power Investment Limited Blackstone Global Holdings Ltd. Colmar Investment Holdings Limited CRRC Trading Ltd Casta Trading Limited RNA Resources Group Limited Sierra Investments Group Corp. Topaz Opportunities Ltd Great Lakes Tobacco Management Company Limited Capital WW Investment Limited Visor Investment Services Ltd Southern Coast Ventures Inc SONIC STAR GLOBAL LIMITED Funclay Investments Limited Urc Asean Brands Company Limited MITRO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Phoenix Commodities PVT Ltd Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Standard Nominees Limited Boc Lienhwa (BVI) Holding Co., Ltd Sapphire Global Holdings Limited Lanit International Ltd. Global Trading & Logistic Systems Ltd. Happy Sino Steel Limited Highpower Systems Inc FSC Asia Investment Limited Reliance Infra Projects International Limited International Technology Carrier Ltd. Kleros Capital Partners Ltd. Northlock Holdings Ltd DataGroupIT Limited Nakai Investments Limited Faltha Investment S.A. The SER Holding Company (BVI) Ltd. Thackeray Investments Limited BIF Holdings Limited Barkgate Enterprises Limited Cofco Oils & Fats Holdings Limited Aradis International Limited KALA International Investment Company Limited Astesa Engineering Inc. Vistra Group Holdings (BVI) Limited Rivertrade Group Ltd. Accord Trading & Investment Ltd THYSSEN GLOBAL MINING LTD. Richpool Enterprise Co., Ltd. Gallant Timber Limited GCG Investments Limited Finbay Group Ltd Cardins Enterprises Ltd. Bromwich Investments Limited Petroserv Marine Inc. Demex Trading Limited Nusoil Manufacturing Limited Silver Forest Enterprises Limited Fentex Properties Ltd. One Solution Trading Ltd. Ashwood Energy Limited BURLINGHAM INTERNATIONAL LTD. MTC Electronic Co., Limited Snowbird Resources Ltd Real Palm Resources Inc. Nuti Keitou Investment Ltd Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited Continental Administration Services (PTC) Ltd Nectar Art Limited CSMC Manufacturing Co., Ltd Aventura Service Limited Lion International Management Limited Maxxis Holdings (BVI) Co., Ltd Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Midwest - Pacific Co., Ltd Thaumas Marine Ltd Central America Trade (CATCO) Corp. Pan Asia Wheel Co. Limited World Steel Ltd Risoil Overseas Ltd. Energy Asia Holdings Ltd Executive Ship Management Inc TST International Group Limited Landmark Retail Holdings 1 Limited Day Harvest Limited AAL Group Ltd La Crosse Group Inc Premium Tobacco Holdings Limited Cowin Worldwide Corporation PFIG Overseas Invest Holding Ltd. PT Marketing Services Limited Miva Overseas Investments Limited International Mechanical Equipment Import and Export Trading Co. Ltd RMMC Group Ltd Mukundan Holdings Ltd Gordel Holdings Limited Tolaram Group Inc. Kindly Industries Corp Intershore Consult (BVI) Ltd. Novum Energy Trading Corp. Yeebo (B.V.I.) Limited Ludlow Street Investment Corp. Dorsham Investments Ltd Greenwood Estates Corp Linerock Investments Ltd. Alga Capital Limited AgroMir Holdings Limited Oradell Equities, Inc Cheung Lai Holdings Limited GRAFSON HOLDINGS LIMITED Everline Investments Ltd. Mons Industries Corp. Biobetta Limited Soren International Limited Anagro Group Ltd. Lamoon Holdings Ltd. PragmaticPlay Holdings Ltd Kohl Holdings Limited YummyApps Limited Efat Group Limited Airain Limited Thorner Ltd DP Global Group Limited Ultimate Idea Holdings Limited Kuwait Energy Iraq Ltd Tasly International Capital Limited Eighteen Dragons Investments Limited Speedway Industrial Ventures Limited Tuscola Group Limited Vilavi Union Enterprises Limited High Merit International Limited Mi Pharma Inc ABCL Glory Capital Limited Anchorman Limited Frandsen Investments Limited Gemstone (HK) Entertainment Co., Ltd. Express VPN International Ltd. Two Thirty Three Holdings S.A Wasco Engineering Group Limited Lafa Ventures Limited Aegis Defence Services (BVI) Limited Silverlink Resorts Limited Sun Energy Trading Ltd. Associated Tobacco Company Limited Wellstand Enterprises Limited Fore-Tech Industrial Corporation Synnex Global Limited Pharmaceuticals International Ltd Al Nahr Co. Ltd Merlion Trade Overseas Inc. Waterside Financial Ltd Salford Capital Partners Inc HSBC International Trustee (BVI) Limited Petrocraft SA Corp Conibair Holdings Limited Commodities Trade International LTD Lavion Enterprises Ltd Castello Global Limited Weatherford Drilling International (BVI) Ltd Commercial Success Enterprises Limited Oak Directors Limited Long Fat Global Co., Ltd Powertech Holding (B.V.I.) Inc. Golden Sources Steel Trading Co. Ltd

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