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B-Finance Ltd. Competrol International Investments Limited Top Media Distribution Limited Matar Trade & Invest Limited Elite Shine Investments Limited BT Latam (BVI) Corporation Contender Marine Ltd. Amaggi International Ltd. Thackeray Investments Limited Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd Tortola Concrete Ltd Sanzi Group Uk Company Limited Acota Services Limited Pailex Securities International Inc Alderman Management Ltd Elise Enterprise Ltd Long Dean Company Ltd Bond Worldwide Trading Limited Greater China Beverage (Holdings) Limited Norfex Holdings Ltd. Nakai Investments Limited Victory Ovation Pte Ltd Asiarock Technology Limited BIF Holdings Limited Arango Trading & Finance Corp. RP Marketing Services Limited Golden Summit Finance Limited Amicorp Holding Ltd Las Mercedes International Corporation AMS Trustees Limited Goldrich Alliance Limited Caxton International Limited Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Skill Processing Ltd Kane Global Holdings Limited Wisdom Expect Investments Limited Dragon World Global Limited Best Leap Enterprises Limited King Empire Group Limited Bolo & Brothers Ltd Albany Capital Management Ltd OTS Global Limited Hoxton Assets Limited GAC Bunker Fuels Limited Lagasa Waters Investments Ltd Happy Sino Steel Limited Chicony Overseas Inc Flemingo International (BVI) Limited Ace Turbo Group Limited Cowin Worldwide Corporation Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Constellation Services Ltd. Arco Property Holdings Limited FQM Finance Ltd Trade Lead Investments Limited FXTM Holding Company Limited Goldpalm Holdings Limited Future Victory Limited Favor Mega Group Limited Berggruen Holdings Ltd Fang Brothers Holdings Limited Caparo International Corp All Holding Corporation Milestone Resources Group Limited ICBC International Investment Management Limited Borghese International Limited Dragon Lead Group Limited Treve Investment Management Services Limited Graff Diamonds Holdings Limited CTC Technology Holding Limited Harberry Investments Limited Twinways Investments Limited Fortron International Group Ltd Bio Drive International Limited Pearl Petroleum Company Limited Dragon Crown Trading Limited Morncomm International Limited Golden Haven Limited Global Radio Worldwide Limited Credo Wealth Limited Rivertrade Group Ltd. IMS International Mining Supply Incorporated Rimberg International Corp. Chailease International Financial Services Co., Ltd. TPS Group Holding Inc. Global Support Resources Corporation Eagle Rock Resources Group Ltd. Sorange Investments Limited Gallant Timber Limited Parsec Trading Corp. Tuscola Group Limited Stenville Holdings Limited Waterford International Holdings Ltd Super Trade Overseas Limited Petramar Limited JTW Product Co., Ltd. Darlford Finance Limited GDH Property Development Limited GITI Holdings Ltd Black Stone Chemical Limited Seghers Keppel Technology Asia Limited Excel True Holdings Limited Gain Silver Finance Limited Ocean Way Capital Corporation Meyer International Holdings Limited Diamond Group International Limited TMF Corporate Services (BVI) Limited Azalea International Venture Partners Limited Mitro International Limited Toll Management Services BVI Ltd Harneys Corporate Services Limited Jardine Asia Holdings Inc. Grand Shanghai Incorporated X-Press Feeders Limited Marlou Mistral Inc. Arizona Maritime Inc Hotel Holdings (BVI) Limited Favorita Trading Co Ltd Twenty First Century International Limited King Lun Holdings Limited Astral Calcining Corporations Limited Eagle Tool Group Limited Excelsior Hotel (BVI) Limited Rich China Industrial International Limited Shing Tak Industrial Company Limited Jardine Schindler Holdings Limited Synnex Global Limited Oryx Alternative Investment Ltd Paul Y - ITC Investment Group Limited Heng Yu International Co. Ltd Petrocraft SA Corp Toll Global Forwarding International (BVI) Limited Upward Trade & Investment S.A. Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Kinpo International Ltd Suffolk Partners Corporation Torch Investment (Shenyang Environmental Equipment) Company Limited Commodities Trade International LTD Spring Meadow Holdings Ltd Schmidt Biomedtech (S.E.A.) Limited Sino Investment Global Limited Castello Global Limited Marbella Commercial Co. Ltd Global Chung Hwa Engineering Limited Stable Century Holding Limited Wal-Mart Far East Holdings Co. Ltd. Mighty Delta Investments Limited Gainsplus Asset Management Inc Ava Trade Ltd. Kellywood Holdings Limited Best Decade Holdings Limited Best Ever Industries Limited Drilling Technology and Services Limited Perfect Union Global Inc Power Supply International Corp Synechron Holdings Inc Central America Trade (CATCO) Corp. Marine Vision Investment Inc Trans Atlantic Shipmanagement Ltd Interlude Company Services SA Sunrise Duty Free Group Limited Krestvale Limited Long Fat Global Co., Ltd Abbi Estates Limited Alpha International (B.VI.) Capital Ltd Distribuidora Valle Marina Inc Lavender Brown Limited International Oil Trading Limited Greater Beijing First Expressways Limited Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited New World Fashion Limited Greatex Trade & Invest Corp. Landwind Medical Holdings Limited Rasa Land Development Limited Midea Electric Investment (BVI) Limited Platinum China Holdings Inc Castlepines Global Equities Limited Hi-Rise International Ltd. Loyd's Investments (USA) Corporation Lanit International Ltd. Grupo Unicomer Co. Ltd. Black Rock Capital Limited Strong Plus Services Limited Gemmy Industries (HK) Limited Pine Wood Industries Limited Quala Inc Lord Fabrics Limited Loid Global Ltd Capital River Holdings Limited Geen Ho Company Limited Tripod Overseas Co., Ltd. KGI Financial Products Limited Fairlie Holding & Finance Limited Asia Gateway Overseas Limited Selvant Investing Group Ltd Global Trading & Logistic Systems Ltd. Executive Jet Group Limited Richwill Shipping Limited Executive Aviation Holdings Ltd Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited Nomini Invest & Trade Inc Sopo International Limited Myrtledare Corp Sentrum Holdings Limited Eastern Leap Holdings Limited Happy Sino International Limited Iron Body International Ltd. Day Harvest Limited SML Holdings Limited KYH Steel Holdings Limited Triway International Limited Silk Road Group S.A. Golden Hope Industrial Limited Concord Distribution S.A. EK Management Limited La Crosse Group Inc Marco Industries Ltd CNOOC International Limited Harris Worldwide Ltd Malorey Assets Limited SCM Consulting Limited Devin International Limited Horizon Forward Holdings Ltd. UT Overseas Inc. Llamada Capital Limited Galtrade Ltd Control Services Corp Base Rich Investments Limited Saby Finance Ltd. Powercom Inc. SR International Trading Corporation Ciao World Ltd. Xinyu Hengdeli Group Limited EOL Shipping Limited Kleros Capital Partners Ltd. GoldenCorp Enterprises Inc Reignwood International Holdings Company Limited Beckenham Holdings Limited Color Future International Limited Grand Way Success Limited Kenbourne Invest S.A. Westerngeco Overseas Inc Veniran Petrochemical Company Limited BRZ Global Services Limited Golden Resources International Group Corporation Fung Capital Limited Asia Foods Enterprises Ltd Vast Gold Investments Limited Fluvialba International Ltd. Maitland Trustees Limited

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