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Golden Power Investments (BVI) Limited Sahara Group UK S.A. Devin Financial Ltd. B-Finance Ltd. Rose Capital Ventures Limited Amaggi International Ltd. Kane Global Holdings Limited CCS Trustees Limited Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Acota Services Limited San Miguel Pure Foods Investment (BVI) Limited Lazar Management Inc Long Fat Global Co., Ltd Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited Saby Finance Ltd. Skill Processing Ltd Jadeland Pacific Limited Pine Wood Industries Limited Blue Ocean Investment Holdings Limited Bremer Trading Limited Konnex Investments Limited Technologies De Vent SA Lar Trading Corp. Tripod Overseas Co., Ltd. Harris Worldwide Ltd Septo Trading Inc Vulcan Maritime Ltd. Adela Financial Retail Group Limited Helix Equipment Leasing Limited Kimberi Holdings Ltd. Everline Investments Ltd. CHALLIS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Wisdom Expect Investments Limited Lanit International Ltd. Cowin Worldwide Corporation Goldpalm Holdings Limited Argali Holdings Limited CTC Technology Holding Limited WPC Fund Ltd. Hutchison OMF Limited Loid Global Ltd Minden Worldwide Limited Norfex Holdings Ltd. Bao Run Holdings Limited Twinways Investments Limited BoM Finance Ltd. Rimberg International Corp. Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd Tortola Concrete Ltd T & N Holdings (BVI) Limited Chamoss International Limited. UT Overseas Inc. Dotw Holdings Limited Landal Worldwide Corp Binder Investments Limited Weatherford Holdings (BVI) Ltd Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Asia Aluminum Group Limited Sanzi Group Uk Company Limited Cliveden Petroleum Co. Ltd Glory Ace International Inc. Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Mistral Management Enterprises Ltd. EOL Shipping Limited Marcin International S.A. The Overseas Transport Company of 2000, Limited Jenjet Inc Fintech Investments Ltd. Matar Trade & Invest Limited Junifler Limited KALA International Investment Company Limited Moorgate Commercial Limited Hygiene Procurement Holding Limited GITI Holdings Ltd Corinthian Financial Management Ltd JSH Treasury Limited Graham Macro Strategic Ltd Bolo & Brothers Ltd IPP - International Petroleum Products Ltd Risoil Overseas Ltd. Premium Tobacco Holdings Limited Lucky Horizon Holdings Limited GoldenCorp Enterprises Inc Northlock Holdings Ltd Quantum Power Operations Ltd Delta Holding Business Inco Grain Ltd Edwall Investing Ltd. Commonwealth Finance Investment Ltd Cherryfield Trading Ltd Alderman Management Ltd IT Technology Solutions Limited Super Trade Overseas Limited Tri Sirtaka Group Ltd. AMS Trustees Limited Favorita Trading Co Ltd Vernal Investment S.A. Tarris Hill Associates Ltd James Todman Construction Ltd Emmerson International Corp Central America Trade (CATCO) Corp. Elite Shine Investments Limited Alpha International (B.VI.) Capital Ltd CVI Logistics Corporation CICC Commodity Trading Limited Polygroup Asia Pacific Limited Million Vision Group Limited International Technology Carrier Ltd. FQM Finance Ltd Kleros Capital Partners Ltd. Hero Ally Group Limited Veritas Trust Company Limited Onexim Group Limited Prime World International Holdings Ltd RMMC Group Ltd Marquee Holdings Ltd. Bridgestone International Group Inc. Ronero Investments Limited Hotel Property Investments (B.V.I.) Ltd. BIF Holdings Limited Union Wave Holding Co., Ltd Bulova Invest Limited Rosneft Industrial Holdings Limited Harberry Investments Limited Alpha Rank Limited Astesa Engineering Inc. Stamford Group Holdings Limited Alibaba Investment Limited Petroex International Ltd. Wen Pharmaceutical Industries Limited Precious Charm Limited King's Eye Investments Limited Omega Barnes Finance Limited Maxon Global Trading Ltd ICU Holdings Limited Strand International Asset Management Ltd. Gallant Timber Limited Punta Crescent Limited Nectar Art Limited Meyer International Holdings Limited Poly Bright Holdings Limited IMC Pan Asia Alliance Corporation Caxton International Limited Merlion Trade Overseas Inc. Madi-Fond Consulting Ltd Guardian Corporate Services Limited K-Shine Technology Corp. Plumley Trade & Investment Ltd Best Ever Industries Limited Mandarin Oriental Finance Company (BVI) Limited Lead Wealth International Limited Interlude Company Services SA King Empire Group Limited Sunny State Enterprises Limited Pan Global Holding Co., Ltd. Energy Asia Holdings Ltd Minmetals Land Investments Limited Hamilton Trust and Management Company Limited Geen Ho Company Limited KGI Limited Trident Trust Company (BVI) Limited Long Dean Company Ltd Eastern Focus Investments Limited Happy Sino Steel Limited Waterway Petroleum Limited Lexham Securities Limited Day Harvest Limited Constellation Overseas Ltd La Crosse Group Inc Darfield Investment Holdings Limited Striking Eagle Investments Limited Eagle Financial Venture Ltd GFV International Corp. Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Galtrade Ltd Al Shams Investments Ltd. Constellation Services Ltd. Ono International Limited Esquel Holdings Inc Agripacific Holdings Limited Platinum Polymers Group Ltd. Key Platinum Holdings Limited Asiarock Technology Limited Ranvers Marketing Inc. Intermark Group, Inc Ferbury Investments Limited Red Commodities Ltd. The SER Holding Company (BVI) Ltd. Richemond Capital Corporation Salamander Nominees Limited BizCulture Corporation Steel Resources Ltd. African Metals Management Services Ltd. Jetcraft Global Inc. Apex Tech Holding Limited Mitrelli Group, Ltd. Merco Trustees (BVI) Limited Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited Chailease International Financial Services Co., Ltd. JANNIS INTERNATIONAL INC. Scylla Capital Limited Competrol International Investments Limited Alibaba Group Treasury Limited Adomenta Holding Ltd Golden State Medical Supply Co Ltd Bellara Trading Limited URC Asean Brands Company Limited Pegasus Oil Trading Ltd Ecom Sud Corp. Falcondale Developments Limited Tiger Growth Assets Limited Overseas Management Company (BVI) Ltd. Arcas Holding Ltd Intresco Limited Sky High Trading Limited Phoenix Commodities PVT Ltd Rose Garden Resources Limited Yeshi Group Limited HSBC International Trustee (BVI) Limited Petrocraft SA Corp Alumina & Bauxite Company Ltd Maxxis Holdings (BVI) Co., Ltd Kinpo International Ltd Toomay Ltd Blue Garden Holdings Limited Daredon Assets Limited Power Supply International Corp International Petroleum Products Ltd Synechron Holdings Inc Marine Vision Investment Inc Amandi Holding Limited Ediem (BVI) Company Limited HWA Deng Investments (BVI) Limited OP Private Equity Holding Limited Techtronic Power Tools Technology Limited White Whale Shipping Ltd Nyland Union Ltd. Midocean Management and Trust Services (BVI) Limited Hi-Rise International Ltd. Headland Venture Investment Limited Strong International Limited Strong Plus Services Limited Hoxton Assets Limited Executive Ship Management Inc Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited Grand Hotel and Investments Limited Climate Bridge Ltd Omikron Group Limited Marine Oil International Limited Contender Marine Ltd.

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