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Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Joyous Era Limited Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited The SER Holding Company (BVI) Ltd. Express VPN International Ltd. Fore-Tech Industrial Corporation Golden Peace Development Co., Ltd. Tri Sirtaka Group Ltd. TST International Group Limited Perception Digital Technology (BVI) Ltd Eagle Financial Venture Ltd Lar Trading Corp. Addax Petroleum Holdings Ltd Astesa Engineering Inc. Dragon Crown Trading Limited SCF ST Product Tankers Ltd. Yunnan Energy Investment (Overseas) Company Limited Urc Asean Brands Company Limited Star Commercial Ltd Merlion Trade Overseas Inc. Million Vision Group Limited Masterbrook Limited Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Pearl Orient Limited Bao Run Holdings Limited Vicstrin Industrial Technology Co. Limited Commonwealth Finance Investment Ltd Quiana Trading Limited Gemmy Holding Ltd Enviroasia Limited Loyd's Investments (USA) Corporation Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited EmPrince Holdings Limited International Mechanical Equipment Import and Export Trading Co. Ltd Erin Invest & Finance Ltd Pacoma International Limited SSFC Investment Limited Mercuria Energy Group Holding Ltd Capital World Maritime Limited Profit Entry Limited Mi Pharma Inc Weatherford Product & Leasing (BVI) Limited Newhaven Nominees Ltd Gattaz Property Ltd New Horizon Properties Limited Best Tone Associates Limited Global Grain Ltd Hoyen Automotive Corporation Thaumas Marine Ltd Virtus Directors Limited Ivy Well Trading Limited Express Train Limited Baye Limited Eco Oil & Gas Ltd Thrive Alliance Investments Limited Bertha Group Holdings Ltd Top Media Distribution Limited Smart Ascent Co., Ltd. Ques International Corp. Bremer Trading Limited E.R. Troika Limited Luxoft Eastern Europe Ltd TMF (B.V.I.) Ltd. USM Holdings Limited Nouvion Holdings Ltd Power Capital Ventures Limited Borghese International Limited Stella Fashion Group Limited Matar Trade & Invest Limited Urbis Holding Incorporated Floret Holdings Limited Alibaba Investment Limited Kings Chapel International Ltd Invalont Ventures Ltd. BoM Finance Ltd. THYSSEN GLOBAL MINING LTD. Competrol International Investments Limited The Southeast Group International Limited A.J. Walter Holdings Limited Terius Business Limited Fentex Properties Ltd. Elsu, Inc. Mercer East Investment Inc. Warringham Associated S.A Star Classic Investments Limited TMF Corporate Services (BVI) Limited Trinity Asset Management Limited Pacific Andes Enterprises (BVI) Limited Biochem Pharmaceuticals LTd Newport Management Ltd In-Tech Electronics Holdings Ltd Data General BVI Ltd Pharmaceuticals International Ltd Lite-On Overseas Trading CO., Ltd. Toll Global Forwarding International (BVI) Limited Old Caribou Enterprises Limited Win Paradise Group Limited Skill Processing Ltd Micropac (BVI) Worldwide Investment Co. Ltd Castle Bridge Ventures Ltd Aluminum Group, Ltd. Quantum Financial Management Corp Power Supply International Corp Alco Wky Holdings Limited Regal Rainbow Limited Clove Holding Ltd New World Fashion Limited Landwind Medical Holdings Limited Midea Electric Investment (BVI) Limited World Cement (BVI) Holding Corp. Merix International Ventures Ltd B.M. Nagano Holdings Limited Ros-Euro Energy International Holding Ltd Giosis Holdings Incorporated Al-Waha Petroleum Co. Ltd Global Oceanic Services Ltd. Mocha Slot Group Limited Vernon Finance Ltd Jetty Group Corp Atlas construction & Finance S.A. Anta International Group Holdings Limited Mercury Business Developers Ltd Marine Oil International Limited Value Engineering Limited Premium Choice Group Limited Acot Mexico Inc. ACMA Engineering Limited Margini Holdings Limited FEFA Enterprises Limited Saby Finance Ltd. Everest Hill Group Inc. KVB Kunlun Global Capital Limited IMC Shipping Services Corp Gold Dust Development Limited Kenbourne Invest S.A. Norfex Holdings Ltd. Miva Overseas Investments Limited Hot Media Corp Luxoft Holding Inc. Excellency Group Inc Leesheng International Co., Ltd. Pelican Cove Investment Ltd LW Holdings Limited Corporate Agents (BVI) Limited MSM Global Holdings Limited Power Metal Investments Limited Latifia Investments Limited T-World Holding Group Limited Asiarock Technology Limited LF Centennial Limited Environmental Holdings Ltd ZG Investment Holdings Incorporated GLT Invest & Trade Ltd Bintan Mining Corporation Agrawal Commercial Corp. BIF HOLDINGS LIMITED Jetcraft Asia Limited Bogem Global Limited Zirtel Invest & Finance Inc. Ficaya Limited Cherryfield Trading Ltd Trenchant Services Limited Piperton Finance Limited Ursus Estates, Ltd. Manley Ventures Ltd China Eagle (Group) Investment Limited Sanho Holding Investment Limited Sharecorp Limited eToro Group Ltd. Veyron Holdings Limited Pomegranate Investments Ltd Yojis Corp Chinati Management Corp European Enterprises Group Limited Shougang Concord Plant and Equipment Trading Co. Ltd. Talent Assets Limited Mr. Trade S.A. Bome Trade, Corp Ace Treasure Limited IT Technology Solutions Limited Duet Smyrna Limited Suprema Associates Ltd Gallant Timber Limited Garda Investments Corp. Intertainment Asia Inc. Bia Foods Investments Inc. Energyforce Technology and Trading Co., Ltd CJ (BVI) Holding Limited Solid Titanium Trading Limited Thorner Ltd Herinvest Investment Holdings Limited Fusion Media Limited Sputnick Limited Aurisco Pharmaceutical Limited C&P Investors Limited Ipiranga Trading Limited Ogle Technologies Ltd Euro World Trading Limited Binatone Communications Group Limited DHL (BVI) Limited Vilavi Union Enterprises Limited Garlen Investments Ltd. Beligetto Holdings Ltd Success Honour Holdings Limited Perf Star Global Limited Arco International Group Limited Faulkner Global Holdings Limited Great Lakes Tobacco Management Company Limited Ever Faith Holding Company Limited Nuti Keitou Investment Ltd Beijing Gas Holding Corporation Hopson Capital International Group Co Ltd Vantage Sky Holdings Limited Stenberg Finance Limited Sonatrach International Holdings Corporation Marine Contractors & Consultants (MCC) Limited Maritime Trade and Investment Ltd. ABI Global Ltd KGT Ventures Ltd. Princess Property Assets Ltd ASP Holdings Limited Maclaren Distribution Limited Venture Synergy Limited Parlex Corporation Adomenta Holding Ltd Raeford Alliance Ltd. Stella del Mare Corp Wickhams Cay Trust Company Limited Cay Electronics Ltd Olmax Global Investment C/O HRT Service CCS Trustees Limited Amicorp Nominees Limited AIA Pension and Trustee Co. Ltd Troia Commodities SA Golden Age Distribution Limited Heydell Real Estates S.A. Amicorp Holding Ltd Witter Walwyn Overseas Ltd E Oppenheimer & Son Group Holdings Ltd Alkagesta Petrolium Inc Baleno Holdings Limited Sports Properties International Limited Prime Partner International Limited MITRO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Tamaris International Ltd BVI Spring Water Ltd Ecom Sud Corp. Cills Dry Goods and Hardware Ltd Winchester Convertible Plus Ltd Sushen Enterprise Ltd

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