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Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited Union Energy Holdings Ltd. Gemmy Holding Ltd Wen Pharmaceutical Industries Limited BoM Finance Ltd. Bia Foods Investments Inc. Centro Publisher Limited Hot Media Corp. Lar Trading Corp. Invalont Ventures Ltd. Profit Entry Limited Cills Dry Goods and Hardware Ltd Rivertrade Group Ltd. Skill Processing Ltd UT Overseas Inc. WPC Fund Ltd. Elsu, Inc. MTC Electronic Co., Limited Campana Venture Limited CCS Trustees Limited Suffolk Partners Corporation Mi Pharma Inc Urc Asean Brands Company Limited Smart Ascent Co., Ltd. Norfex Holdings Ltd. Zirtel Invest & Finance Inc. Techtronics Holdings Limited Gallant Timber Limited Arabella Group Limited Ecom Sud Corp. CENTRAL AMERICA TRADE (CATCO) CORP. Landwind Medical Holdings Limited Din Tsun Holding Co. Ltd. Grand Dignity Industrial Co., Ltd eToro Group Ltd. Levanto International Limited Maritime Trade and Investment Ltd. Prime Partner International Limited Lion International Management Limited Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Happy Sino Steel Limited Llamada Capital Limited Great Zone Holdings Limited Kostenec Enterprise inc. Tri Sirtaka Group Ltd. Fore-Tech Industrial Corporation Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited Konnex Investments Limited The SER Holding Company (BVI) Ltd. Steel Resources Ltd. Cacique International Limited Chalhoub Group Limited Beligetto Holdings Ltd Express VPN International Ltd. Serenades Global Inc Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings Limited Silverlink Resorts Limited Sharp Rock Technologies Ltd Plexus Asia, Ltd. Arcas Holding Ltd Lite-On Overseas Trading CO., Ltd. Standard Nominees Limited KANE GLOBAL HOLINGS LIMITED Best Ever Industries Limited Tortola Concrete Ltd Executive Ship Management Inc Anta International Group Holdings Limited Polygroup Asia Pacific Limited Sifum Group Limited AMPLE SUN TRADING LIMITED S.B. Vanwall Ltd Dexin Investments Limited Richpool Enterprise Co., Ltd. Atlas Assets Holdings Ltd Fortress international Fund Ltd Lin Partner Investment Ltd. Reisan Group Ltd. Equiom Trust Services (BVI) Limited Petro-Energy E&P Co.,Ltd. TMF Corporate Services (BVI) Limited Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Weatherford Drilling International (BVI) Ltd White Whale Shipping Ltd World Steel Ltd Splendid Steed Investments Limited LHMW Investment Corporation Day Harvest Limited Top Media Distribution Limited La Crosse Group Inc Ques International Corp. Constellation Services Ltd. Smart Jet Aviation Limited Matar Trade & Invest Limited Bintan Mining Corporation Hrothgar Investments Limited Walie Holdings Ltd. Nettar Group Inc. Dalwood International Limited Intertainment Asia Inc. IFinex Inc. Refined Success Limited Hightower Investments Corp. Ipiranga Trading Limited OWIS Group Limited Vilavi Union Enterprises Limited Rose Gem Enterprise Ltd. Al Njaeb PTY Ltd Amicorp Management Limited Diacor International Ltd Favorita Trading Co Ltd Star Commercial Ltd Formal Holdings Limited Vernal Investment S.A. Toll Global Forwarding International (BVI) Limited Credlink Investments Limited Fleet Ship Management Inc. Amaggi International Ltd. Eagle Financial Venture Ltd Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Elenor Team Ltd Specialized Technical Services (STS) Holding Limited Chia Tai Bright Investment Company Limited Pavilion Capital Investments Limited CTC Technology Holding Limited Thackeray Investments Limited African Metals Management Services Ltd. Astesa Engineering Inc. Oracon Equities Ltd. Pearl Petroleum Company Limited Univita Inc Venture Maritime Limited Fledge Services Corp. Interoil Africa International S.A. ReStore Retail Group Limited Magic Prime Group Limited Flights Holdings Limited Efat Group Limited Topaz Opportunities Ltd Holy Success Investment Development Limited Global Media Distribution Inc Zuppa Holdings Limited Optima Ventures Group Limited Great Lakes Tobacco Management Company Limited Ever Faith Holding Company Limited Luck Energy Group Limited Galaxy Group Ltd Bytdem Financial Inc Paragon Global Trade Limited Nectar Art Limited Meyer International Holdings Limited Virgin Group Holdings Limited Harneys Corporate Services Limited Associated Tobacco Company Limited Alpha Capital Holdings Ltd Naira Holdings Limited Intresco Limited Synnex Global Limited Kinpo International Ltd Aluminum Group, Ltd. TSMC Global Ltd Larry Adams Construction Limited Elite Shine Investments Limited Tripod Overseas Co., Ltd. Forego International Limited Chamoss International Limited. Million Vision Group Limited Pergola Holding, Inc. Bremer Trading Limited Deltrone Investments Ltd Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Galtrade Ltd. Wexton Partners Corp Mistral Management Enterprises Ltd. FXTM Holding Company Limited IIG Shipping Ltd Portcullis Trustnet (BVI) Limited Vulcan Maritime Ltd. Haydock Holdings Ltd. Randwick Resources Limited Faltha Investment S.A. Estera Corporate Services (BVI) Limited ITS Limited Richemond Capital Corporation Nagelfar Trade & Invest Limited XR Investment Holdings Limited Intershares Ltd. FormSpace Holdings Limited G-Mei Network Technology Co. Limited Kunlun Holding Company Ltd. Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited Pomegranate Investments Ltd Vicorn Investment Limited CK Hutchison Global Investments Limited Modex Holding Limited PDV Management Corp. Wolvercote Investments Limited Andover Capital Group Limited Lanford (Asia) Limited Oak Capital Holdings Limited Cheer Song Enterprises Limited Sparkles Management Services Ltd. Orient Wealth International Trading Limited Garlen Investments Ltd. Schlumberger Holdings II Limited Snowbird Resources Ltd Frandsen Investments Limited Fresh Horizons Ltd First Global Wealth Limited SONIC STAR GLOBAL LIMITED Seazen Resources Capital Group Limited Baidu Holdings Limited Raeford Alliance Ltd. Bronden Limited Metal Challenge Company Limited Lodestar International Ltd MITRO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Investcom Global Limited Hoyen Automotive Corporation Oasis Tech Ltd China Light & Power (Australia) Limited Master Com Group Holdings Co. Ltd Laird Resources Ltd Chancellor Overseas Inc Laser Computer Holdings Limited Flemingo International (B.V.I.) Limited CICC Financial Products Ltd. Harris Worldwide Ltd Harmony Success Limited Alexandra Global Master Fund Ltd Locomotion Holdings Limited Party World Co. Ltd. Westerngeco Seismic Holdings Limited DataGroupIT Limited JMH Treasury Limited Young Brothers Holdings Limited Forty Two Point Two Acquisition Limited Mechanema Investments Limited Argali Holdings Limited Abroma Holding S.A. Platinum Polymers Group Ltd. Asiarock Technology Limited Flowmax Holdings Limited Bulk Cathay Ltd Brilliant Sense Technology Limited Whistler Consultants Inc Harvest United Enterprises Inc GLT Invest & Trade Ltd Grierson Investing Corp Agrawal Commercial Corp. Rishy Holdings Limited

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