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Aluminum Group, Ltd. Permas Group CV, Ltd. Iron Mountain Enterprises Limited Vieco 10 Limited Phoenix Commodities PVT Ltd Skill Processing Ltd Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd. Sanzi Group Uk Company Limited Competrol International Investments Limited B-Finance Ltd. Bulova Invest Limited UT Overseas Inc. Orient Cache Limited Centro Publisher Limited Kane Global Holdings Limited Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation Invalont Ventures Ltd. British Oil & Gas Exploration Ltd Gemmy Holding Ltd Tele-Art, Inc. Lar Trading Corp. Futures Spirit Trading Co., Limited RP Marketing Services Limited Montrion Management Corp. Young Brothers Holdings Limited Matar Trade & Invest Limited URC Asean Brands Company Limited Acota Services Limited Beligetto Holdings Ltd Top Media Distribution Limited Galtrade Ltd Moorgate Commercial Limited Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited Kunlun Holding Company Ltd. Bia Foods Investments Inc. Kimberlyn Investment Corp James Todman Construction Ltd Executive Ship Management Inc Long Dean Company Ltd Ace Turbo Group Limited Llamada Capital Limited Hot Media Corp. Vernon Holdings Limited WPC Fund Ltd. Astesa Engineering Inc. Pearl Petroleum Company Limited SST International Ltd Great Lakes Tobacco Management Company Limited Harneys Corporate Services Limited Best Ever Industries Limited Risoil Overseas Ltd. Dar Al Tarbawiyoun House Of Education Ltd Northlock Holdings Ltd Faltha Investment S.A. Cardins Enterprises Ltd. Profit Entry Limited Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Long Fat Global Co., Ltd Nobel Holdings Investments Ltd Day Harvest Limited Forkes Holding Ltd. China Aircraft Leasing Company Limited ZG Investment Holdings Incorporated China Foods (Holdings) Limited Interpharma Investments Limited Kaspira Holdings Limited Far East Aluminium (B.V.I.) Limited Addax Petroleum Holdings Ltd Amaggi International Ltd. Greater China Beverage (Holdings) Limited Rothstar Group Limited Sifum Group Limited Tavira Holdings Limited Rivertrade Group Ltd. China Shipbuilding Trading (BVI) Ltd Softline Group Inc. Maritime Pressx Limited Gallant Timber Limited Prime Partner International Limited CHALLIS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Sibbald Trade & Investment SA Galaxy Energy Group Ltd Helix Equipment Leasing Limited Knit Shipping Limited Viva Enterprise Holdings Limited Asiarock Technology Limited Casablanca International Holdings Ltd. Delta Holding Business Rinaldo Finance Corp Bao Run Holdings Limited Union Wave Holding Co., Ltd Etesco Management Services Limited Cosfar Marine International Co., Ltd ReStore Retail Group Limited Tansit Group Limited Farseeing Holding Limited CCS Trustees Limited Arabella Group Limited CSMC Manufacturing Co., Ltd Star Technical Supply Corp Boc Lienhwa (BVI) Holding Co., Ltd K-Shine Technology Corp. Lead Wealth International Limited Cinque Terre Financial Group Limited Tripod Overseas Co., Ltd. Chamoss International Limited. Plaza Gold Associates Limited Thackeray Investments Limited Arango Trading & Finance Corp. Sino-Africa Ample, Co. Limited BoM Finance Ltd. OCEANIC GOLD GLOBAL LIMITED Omega Barnes Finance Limited Eagle Rock Resources Group Ltd. Maranello Trading Limited Boom Profit Investments Limited Ipiranga Trading Limited Harmonic Fame Limited Frandsen Investments Limited McCabe International Limited Ecom Sud Corp. Favorita Trading Co Ltd Arcas Holding Ltd Hong Kong & China Gas (China) Limited Vernal Investment S.A. Suffolk Partners Corporation KGI Alliance Corporation Marbella Commercial Co. Ltd. Emmerson International Corp. Polymer Invest Corp Calvinson Holdings Limited Genoa Jewelers Ltd Export Marketing (BVI) Limited Balton Euroinvest Ltd Energy Asia Holdings Ltd Coral Reef Technologies Limited Capri Holdings Limited Fleet Ship Management Inc. La Crosse Group Inc Premium Tobacco Holdings Limited Pergola Holding, Inc. Bremer Trading Limited Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Constellation Services Ltd. Margini Holdings Limited Gold Deluxe Holdings Limited Norfex Holdings Ltd. DataGroupIT Limited Talco Management Limited Smart Jet Aviation Limited Ronero Investments Limited Agrawal Commercial Corp. BIF Holdings Limited Commonwealth Finance Investment Ltd Barkgate Enterprises Limited Aradis International Limited Newhaven Trustees (BVI) Limited eToro Group Ltd. Alibaba Investment Limited Hutchison OMF Limited Fledge Services Corp. Rising Stella Investment Holdings Corporation Chalhoub Group Limited C&P Investors Limited Tuscola Group Limited Elsu, Inc. Mi Pharma Inc Zuntex Apparel Ltd. Century Shipping Logistics Ltd Shengquan Energy Oil and Gas Group Company Limited Silverlink Resorts Limited Tri Sirtaka Group Ltd. Poly Bright Holdings Limited Power Supply International Corp Thaumas Marine Ltd Central America Trade (CATCO) Corp. Dragon World Global Limited Sunrise Duty Free Group Limited Alpha International (B.VI.) Capital Ltd Formula Investment House Ltd Express Train Limited Transportainer Holding Incorporated IPP - International Petroleum Products Ltd Pan Global Holding Co., Ltd. Pine Wood Industries Limited TCL Overseas Marketing Limited South African Bunkering and Trading Ltd Longdon Services Limited Marine Oil International Limited Safecharge International Group Limited BCX Gold Investment Holdings Ltd Cybermanu Co., Ltd. SHRM Trustees (BVI) Limited Tercel MENA Holdings Ltd Jadeland Pacific Limited Esquel Holdings Inc Landal Worldwide Corp HG Capital Partners CO., Ltd. Petrocas Energy Investments Ltd. Vicstrin Industrial Technology Co. Limited Zirtel Invest & Finance Inc. African Metals Management Services Ltd. Cherryfield Trading Ltd Rosneft Industrial Holdings Limited Linerock Investments Ltd. Limora Investments Limited Tencent Asset Management Limited Dragon Crown Trading Limited RGE Inc. Adena Property Investments Inc. Venture Maritime Limited Colmar Investment Holdings Limited GCG Investments Limited Cacique International Limited Consolidated Resorts Limited Bondway Investments Inc Zoro Finance Limited Speedway Industrial Ventures Limited Cohen Enterprises Inc. Marka Exports Limited Unam Corporation (B.V.I) Limited Talent Mile Limited Yellow Dragon Holdings Limited Abbotswood International Limited Toral Holdings Ltd. Baidu Holdings Limited Haughton Peak Holdings Limited Eurotyre SA Soira Investments Limited Meyer International Holdings Limited Allied Testing Ltd. Howin Manufacturing Ltd. X-Press Feeders Limited Euro Investment Overseas Inc King Lun Holdings Limited Investcom Global Limited Bright Global SA Conibair Holdings Limited Standard Nominees Limited Guardian Corporate Services Limited Chindex Export Limited Great Team Backend Foundry, Inc Leadtek Global Group Limited Ranford Properties Limited CC Media Network Inc Elite Shine Investments Limited Astur Business Inc. Bolo & Brothers Ltd Strong Plus Services Limited

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