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B-Finance Ltd. Bulova Invest Limited Competrol International Investments Limited Asia Aluminum Group Limited Kane Global Holdings Limited Beverage Trade Mark Company Limited Arco Holding Enteprises Ltd Cofco Brazil Overseas Limited GL Wind Farm Investment Limited Matar Trade & Invest Limited Lar Trading Corp. Affluent Capital Enterprises Limited Goldpalm Holdings Limited Skill Processing Ltd Konnex Investments Limited Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd Sapphire Global Holdings Limited BoM Finance Ltd. Eagle Rock Resources Group Ltd. Cobest HongKong Co.Limited Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Pine Wood Industries Limited PSM Investments Limited RP Marketing Services Limited Centro Publisher Limited Top Media Distribution Limited UT Overseas Inc. Binder Investments Limited Alderman Management Ltd Sino Investment Global Limited Marquee Holdings Ltd. Robina Investments Limited Sanzi Group Uk Company Limited Flemingo International (BVI) Limited Chamoss International Limited. Amaggi International Ltd. Iris World Enterprises Limited Ascentek International Company Limited Limora Investments Limited Rivertrade Group Ltd. Lexmer Ltd. Caxton International Limited Westerngeco Seismic Holdings Limited Apex Tech Holding Limited Tavira Holdings Limited Fledge Services Corp. Beligetto Holdings Ltd Waterford International Holdings Ltd Baidu Holdings Limited Grand Shanghai Incorporated Synnex Global Limited FME Invest Ltd Alpha International (B.VI.) Capital Ltd Strong International Limited Risoil Overseas Ltd. Highpower Systems Inc Cowin Worldwide Corporation FQM Finance Ltd Norfex Holdings Ltd. Lawson International Investments Ltd. Cherryfield Trading Ltd WPC Fund Ltd. Astesa Engineering Inc. Metako Asset Holdings Limited Fortron International Group Ltd Hotel del Caribe Holdings Inc. FCBL Capital International (B.V.I.) Ltd Aquarius Intertrade Ltd CVI Logistics Corporation Dar Al Tarbawiyoun House Of Education Ltd Grand Dignity Industrial Co., Ltd Pergola Holding, Inc. International Asia Holdings Limited Landal Worldwide Corp Thackeray Investments Limited Chartwell Industries Limited Rhenfield Group Limited Fegara Management And Services Inc Otisa Inc. Limetree International Ventures Ltd Hutchison OMF Limited Everline Investments Ltd. Lin Partner Investment Ltd. Rimau International Ltd. Wellstand Enterprises Limited Power Supply International Corp Interlude Company Services SA La Crosse Group Inc Premium Tobacco Holdings Limited Vieco 10 Limited Bremer Trading Limited Constellation Services Ltd. Wawasan Tankers Co. Ltd. Grand Way Success Limited C.P. Trading Co., Ltd. Pavilion Capital Investments Limited Maxcomm Investment Limited Asiarock Technology Limited Tolaram Group Inc. Metal Resources International Holdings Ltd Capital DDB Holdco Limited Acota Services Limited Intershares Ltd. Eaglewide Limited Chailease International Financial Services Co., Ltd. Golden Tanker Holdings Limited Datatec International Holdings Ltd Geiser Asset Holdings Ltd. Colmar Investment Holdings Limited Bia Foods Investments Inc. MTC Electronic Co., Limited Super Trade Overseas Limited CCS Trustees Limited Meyer International Holdings Limited Cills Dry Goods and Hardware Ltd Baltic Shipbrokers Limited Rose Garden Resources Limited Boc Lienhwa (BVI) Holding Co., Ltd Kimberlyn Investment Corp Lion International Management Limited Marbella Commercial Co. Ltd Xin Lei International Limited Tommy Hilfiger Asia-Pacific Limited Oak Directors Limited Elite Shine Investments Limited Golden Sources Steel Trading Co. Ltd Castlepines Global Equities Limited Energy Asia (BVI) Limited Lexham Securities Limited Bond Worldwide Trading Limited Fosun International Holdings Ltd Polygroup Asia Pacific Limited Western Avenue Properties Limited Kinbay Trading Limited Nakai Investments Limited Visicorp Limited Talco Management Limited Key Platinum Holdings Limited Haydock Holdings Ltd. Bracadale Holdings Limited Guangdong International Construction Engineering Co. Limited Rosneft Industrial Holdings Limited Tudacor International Limited Norstar Shipping and Trading Ltd Precious Charm Limited Amplewood Resources Limited Globalware Trading and Holdings Limited Darden Select Investments Limited Moniex Investments, Ltd. Mintaka Overseas Ltd. Garrison Corporate Limited Gama Investments Group Limited Ever Sunny Shipping Limited Active Industries International Limited Pirin Mayfair Investment Ltd H M Developments Ltd. Ocean Winner Trading Ltd Vernal Investment S.A. Toll Global Forwarding International (BVI) Limited Alpha Innovation Invest Co., Ltd. Link Commodities (BVI) Company Limited Lead Wealth International Limited Sun Hing Associates Limited Export Marketing (BVI) Limited Rosabel Enterprises Ltd Tortola Concrete Ltd Lanit International Ltd. Rockland United Financial Services Limited Loinette Company Leasing Ltd TCL Overseas Marketing Limited Addax Petroleum Holdings Ltd Fleet Ship Management Inc. Landmark Retail Holdings 1 Limited Happy Sino Steel Limited Day Harvest Limited Gulf Distribution Limited CICC Commodity Trading Limited Cybermanu Co., Ltd. Greater China Beverage (Holdings) Limited IIG Shipping Ltd Ravel Finance & Holdings Ltd Vulcan Maritime Ltd. Agar International Holdings Ltd. Orient Cache Limited Delta Holding Business TZ Columbus Services Limited M & Troy Ltd. A.S. Watson Group (Europe) Investments Limited Ludlow Street Investment Corp. Commonwealth Finance Investment Ltd Arango Trading & Finance Corp. Etesco Management Services Limited A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe) Limited eToro Group Ltd. Vistra Group Holdings (BVI) Limited Falcon Universal Services Corporation Rimberg International Corp. Edorel Trading Limited Eurobin Investment Ltd. Rising Stella Investment Holdings Corporation Kostenec Enterprise inc. Airain Limited Unitec Marine Ltd Grandeur Property Investments Ltd Figueres Trading Corp. Genmar Resources Ltd Cencom International Ltd. OneWorks Technology Limited Milli Holding & Finance S.A Allied Machinery International Limited Alibaba Group Treasury Limited Ajwad Alliance Inc. Cafe de Coral Assets Limited Bellara Trading Limited Metal Challenge Company Limited URC Asean Brands Company Limited CHALLIS INTERNATIONAL LTD. Ecom Sud Corp. International Intertrade Ventures Limited Midis Group Ltd Fore-Tech Industrial Corporation JEA Limited Ichia International Trading Ltd Standard Nominees Limited Dickson Investment Holding (PTC) Corporation Schmidt Biomedtech (S.E.A.) Limited KGI Alliance Corporation Blue Garden Holdings Limited Tai-I Copper (BVI) Limited CC Media Network Inc Dragon World Global Limited Lavender Brown Limited Sananna Trading Limited Cranley Group Inc. Bolo & Brothers Ltd Information Technology Total Services (BVI) Co. Ltd. Hamilton Trust and Management Company Limited Oristan Limited GAC Bunker Fuels Limited Executive Ship Management Inc Long Dean Company Ltd Limeniko Trade and Invest. Limited Forego International Limited Safin Properties Limited Derosa International Limited Belmer Systems, Inc Crudex Energy International Ltd Honour Star Development Co., Ltd DPI Terminals (BVI) Ltd Oggi Shoes Technique Ind. Ltd

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