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A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Virgin Islander companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

CREATA PROMOTION LIMITED Hong Kong & China Gas (China) Limited Ambit International Limited Affluence International Co Ltd Cafe de Coral Development Limited Redcrest Investments Inc. Gladden Group Limited Diligentum International Holdings Limited Plassen International Limited Stonehill Financial Services Ltd. Brant Rock Enterprises Corp Pan Global Holding Co., Ltd. Central River Group Limited Baidu Holdings Limited Paperbox Holdings Limited Harberry Investments Holdings Limited Colmar Investment Holdings Limited Excellence Holdings Investment Limited Link Capital Investments Limited Vantage Capital Investments Limited Excel Free Ltd Yingli Green Energy (International) Holding Company Limited Hilong Energy Holding Limited Mercuria Energy Group Holding Ltd GP Acoustics Limited Aecom Asia Holdings Ltd Grupo Unicomer Co. Ltd. In-Output Precision Industrial Limited Mui Media Ltd CNOOC International Limited Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Limited China Mobile Communication (BVI) Limited China Light & Power (Australia) Limited China Aircraft Leasing Company Limited Up First Investments Limited C&P Investors Limited Cable and Wireless (BVI) Ltd Maxxis Holdings (BVI) Co., Ltd Fortune Dynasty Holdings Limited Fitrus Limited SGG Limited Oji Lao Plantation Holdings Limited Lukoil Overseas Shah Deniz Ltd Huaton Holdings Limited Amicorp Nominees Limited Unicorp Limited Siemens Investments Limited Sturgate Investments Limited Desert Asset Holding Inc Tech Data Interactive Technology Limited Ultra Source Technology (B.V.I.) Corporation Super Lord Trading Limited DTS (BVI) Limited Ace Continental Industries Limited Goodrich Global Limited Jenjet Inc Nirvana Asset Management Ltd Tencent Asset Management Limited Kuranda International Limited Polymer Invest Corp GITI Holdings Ltd Sanmina (B.V.I.) Limited Bronte International S.A. Sabias International Ltd Iris World Enterprises Limited European Enterprises Group Limited The Central America Bottling Corporation Ceva Central America Holding Limited Wealthplus Holdings Limited Digital China Marketing & Services Ltd Digital Tech Inc. Acer Digital Services (BVI) Holding Corp. Stamford Group Holdings Limited Sunrise Resources Limited Luminand Limited Steelcase Asia Pacific Ltd. Gold Coin Management Holdings Limited PB Management Holding Limited Perfect Union Global Inc The Travel Corporation Limited Internet & Media Consulting Limited Mecca International (BVI) Limited Daliant Investments Limited New Millennium Group Holdings Limited Stelmont Group Limited Softline Group Inc. Alpha Innovation Invest Co., Ltd. Vistra Group Holdings (BVI) Limited Synechron Holdings Inc SML Holdings Limited Speedtech Holdings Limited Sutech Holdings Limited Spectrum Holdings Inc Marsh Consultants Inc. Grand Capital International Limited FCBL Capital International (B.V.I.) Ltd Tolaram Group Inc. King's Eye Investments Limited Liberty China Holding Limited HSBC Securities Services Holding Limited Europaco Limited Flowmax Holdings Limited Fairhold Finance Holdings Limited Hanwha SolarOne Investment Holding Ltd BOC Hong Kong (BVI) Limited Richtone Developments Ltd Dynamic Skyline Limited Deep Delight Limited OTS Global Limited Impact Market Management Limited TotalServe Holdings Limited Tricor Holdings Limited Lafone Investment Limited Maple Star Investments Limited Appleton Holdings Ltd Grandline International Limited Nomad Foods Limited CK Hutchison Global Investments Limited Hutchison Westminster Limited FA Sub 3 Limited Central Tec Asia Limited. Eastern Leap Holdings Limited International Manufacturing Synergies, Ltd. International Vacation Ownership Limited Lukoil International Invest (BVI) Ltd Alibaba Investment Limited Noble Resources Group Limited Lawson International Investments Ltd. Xin Lei International Limited DV4 Limited Sybase 365 Ltd. Clamford Holding Limited Virgin Group Holdings Limited Smart Top International Limited Win Smart Co Ltd Global Smart Technology Limited Acclaim Holdings Limited Pacific Basin Handysize Limited Guarantee Management Limited King Lun Holdings Limited LUKOIL Overseas Cote D'ivoire Deepwater Ltd Cotek Holdings Limited Stanley Works China Investments Limited KLK Overseas Investments Limited Euro Investment Overseas Inc Artoi Consultant Inc. ASP Holdings Limited Aome Holdings Ltd Compass Group Holdings (BVI) Limited AIA Pension and Trustee Co. Ltd HSBC International Trustee (BVI) Limited Surfshark LTD CNOOC (BVI) LIMITED Acer Cis Incorporated Acer Softcapital Incorporated Golden Resources Services Limited Talent Assets Limited (BVI) Corporation Reckitt Benckiser (BVI) No.3 Limited APi Group Corporation Top Score Investments Limited Glancus Investments Inc. GCG Investments Limited Landal Worldwide Corp Capri Holdings Limited Azalea International Venture Partners Limited DFI Treasury Limited Binder Investments Limited BFG Investments Ltd TCC Assets Limited T & N Holdings (BVI) Limited AS Watson (Asia & Europe) Limited Technologies De Vent S.A ICBC International Investment Management Limited Information Technology Total Services (BVI) Co. Ltd. Neolite Investment Limited Emergere Holdings Limited First Financial Assets Management (BVI) Ltd. Quanta International Technology Ltd. Enertronix International Limited Emperador International Ltd LCY Warehousing & Storage Corp Jackson Hole Holdings Limited Meyer International Holdings Limited Transvision Investments Limited. Trifaith Investments Limited Lite-On Overseas Trading Co., Ltd. Key Capital Management Inc Garda Investments Corp. Rimberg International Corp. Precision Middle East Holding Ltd BP Middle East Enterprises Corporation Pantheon Securities Limited Culink International Limited Acer Holdings International Incorporated A.C.R. Co., Ltd LW Holdings Limited Itochu Saigon Apartments, Ltd Li & Fung (B.V.I.) Limited Affluent Capital Enterprises Limited Sunset Diamonds Limited Accton Century Holding (B.V.I.) Co., Ltd. SinoPac Capital (B.V.I.) Limited Schlumberger Holdings II Limited URC Asean Brands Company Limited Malacca International Corp X-Press Feeders Limited Realtek Asia Inc Pacific Andes Enterprises (BVI) Limited Anglo Vietnam Sugar Investments Limited. International Oil Trading Limited Kaspira Holdings Limited Spur International Limited Sabmark International Inc Margini Holdings Limited Helix Equipment Leasing Limited High Command Holdings Limited Baleno Holdings Limited Beames Holdings Limited Bracadale Holdings Limited BIF Holdings Limited Cybernet Venture Capital Corp Shopnet Co Ltd Alton Services Limited LCY Investments Corp LHMW Investment Corporation Lynco Investments Ltd Latitude Investments Limited Caparo International Corp CPF Investment Limited Eagle Rock Investment Ltd Jardine Schindler (Far East) Holdings Inc Jardine Schindler Holdings Limited Jardine International Motors Limited Boardwalk Capital Holdings Limited Capital Debt Holdco Limited FSC Asia Investment Limited YFY Jupiter (BVI) Inc Precision Energy Services (BVI) Ltd Belize Corporate Services Limited CLP Treasury Services Limited Just International Ltd Broad Technology, Inc Defond Holdings Limited FX Holdings (BVI) Limited PSM Investments Limited Synnex Global Limited Asia Renal Care Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd. BG Pacific Investments Limited LUKOIL Overseas Chirag Finance Ltd Best Behaviour Limited Best Behaviour Holdings Limited Gammon Construction Holdings Limited Mindtech Investments Limited Molesto Investments Ltd. Parlex Corporation Racing Holdings Limited Rodel Holdings Limited Double Tech Limited PC Partners Holdings Limited Jamplan (BVI) Limited Lease Corporation International (Aviation) Limited Chancellor Overseas Inc Hau Nan Holdings Corporation Elechem Trading Co., Ltd Digital Sun Investments Limited Horton United Co. Inc. Dickson Investment Holding (PTC) Corporation Lion International Management Limited Guangdong Assets Management (BVI) No. 11 Limited Tripleheads International Limited TransVideo International Ltd. Tongking International Limited Landmark Retail Holdings 1 Limited Torch Investment (HangZhou Xidoumen) Company (BVI) Limited Style Services Group Limited Lotus Ventures Investments Limited WisVision Corporation Cowin Worldwide Corporation Tetor Ventures Ltd Enboma Investments Limited Lukoil Overseas Supply and Trading Ltd Victon Services Limited South32 (BVI) Limited Golden Fortune International Limited Tommy Hilfiger Asia-Pacific Limited Zinzendorf Holdings Limited Silver Kingdom Limited Richpoint Company Limited Krestvale Limited CST Trading Limited All Holding Corporation Regula Limited Anrui Holdings Limited Bloor Company Limited Max Online Ltd Uti Africa Services Limited Danehill Ventures Limited Virgin Group Investments Limited Regent Time International Limited JEA Limited Dragon Asia Trading Co., Ltd Weatherford Drilling International (BVI) Ltd Weatherford Drilling International Holdings (BVI) Ltd Weatherford Holdings (BVI) Ltd Forever Young Technology Inc Ciara Investments Group Limited AEA International Holdings Limited Suffolk Partners Corporation Haitong International (BVI) Limited Tenaris Global Services (B.V.I.) Limited Pearl Petroleum Company Limited Bunge Investment Management Limited Invesco (B.V.I.) Nominees Limited DHL (BVI) Limited Castlereagh Limited A.S. Watson Group (Europe) Investments Limited Operate Technology Limited AgroMir Holdings Limited PLANTATION ASSETS LIMITED Newfound Asian Corporation Edge Group Limited Magnum Euro Limited Ultra Strategy Limited Lestela International Ltd. Malorey Assets Limited Fosun International Holdings Ltd Paul Y. Management Contracting Group Limited Expressive Profits Incorporated Anchorage Blue Limited Fastact Group Limited ReStore Retail Group Limited Alto Enterprises Limited Road Town Holdings Limited Linatex Consolidated Holdings Ltd Global Capital Universal Limited Wal-Mart China Company Limited Wal-Mart Far East Holdings Co. Ltd. Agility (Asia/Pacific) Limited Uti Worldwide Inc. Weidong Cloud Education Group International Investment Company Limited Everest Hill Group Inc. Cornes Services (Overseas) Co. Ltd. Pricewaterhousecoopers Hong Kong Limited Kerry Freigh Services Limited Future Victory Limited Grand Future Holdings Ltd Muse Enterprises Limited Swire and Island Communication Development Limited Credence International Ltd Colebridge International Limited Mitac Precision Developments Limited Strong Choice Group Limited. LUARD ENTERPRISE LTD. Coppertone Enterprises Limited Intertrust (Far East) Limited Lenovo (BVI) Limited Westerngeco Seismic Holdings Limited Cafe de Coral Assets Limited Schlumberger Offshore Services Limited Bosco Consultancy Limited Springfield Global Enterprises Limited Noble Chartering Inc. Chong Shing Group Limited Far East Aluminium (B.V.I.) Limited Videocon Global Limited Sky Walker Group Limited Berkeley House Holdings Limited DLF International Hospitality Corp S.A. Delancey Real Estate Partners Limited Paco Gamma Limited Mixville Holdings Inc Fentonbury Corporation PB Vessels Holdings Limited LF Centennial Limited Baring Private Equity Asia VI Holding (6) Limited Cosmos Apex Overseas Ltd Commverge Solutions Holdings (Asia), Inc. Lee Kum Kee (Asia) Holdings Limited Best Ever Industries Limited Shine Power Co. Ltd Team Trade Innovation Co. Limited Hoyen Automotive Corporation Many Billion International Limited BHP Billiton UK Investments Limited TSMC Partners Ltd. TSMC Global Ltd Amanresort Services Limited Kai Yu (BVI) Investment Co. Ltd San Miguel Foods and Beverage International Limited BHI (BVI) Limited Well Choice Investments Limited First Corporate Director Inc Seanoble Assets Limited Landmark Group Holdings Ltd ANC Holding Corporation Fortuna Resources (Sunda) Limited Number One Enterprises Ltd Dominant Elite Holdings Limited Schlumberger Oilfield Eastern Ltd. Best Skill Technology Limited State Elite Global Limited Shih-Hua Investments Co., Ltd Onexim Group Limited Hutchison Port Holdings Limited AFH Investments (BVI) Limited Windsor Petroleum (Spain) Inc Flemingo International (BVI) Limited Teknik Development Inc. Bluebottle USA Mobile Inc Supreme Goal Investments Limited Shanghai Ho-Yu (BVI) Investment Co., Ltd Jumelles Limited EDC Holdings International Limited Landeck Services Limited Cranmer Enterprises Limited Lockfast Finance Limited Leading Enterprises Limited Quanta Asia Ltd Micropac (BVI) Worldwide Investment Co. Ltd Well Express Overseas Ltd Siam Holdings Limited Excel True Holdings Limited WM Latin American Holdings (BVI) III Corp. Dragon Power Trading Limited Sound Dragon Trading Co., Ltd Schlumberger Far East Inc Real Boom International Enterprises Ltd Riverlily Enterprises Ltd Topley Corporation Cherry Blossom International Ltd Legan Development Ltd Toll Global Forwarding International (BVI) Limited Russia Forest Products (BVI) Limited ReneSola Ltd Swire Production Solutions Holdings Limited Brightwood Technology Limited Global Image Technonoly Ltd Johnson Electric Capital Ltd Hutchison Lambeth Limited CTL Holdings International Limited New Group Investments Limited Effective Pro Holdings Limited Booming Enterprises Inc Hermes Guardain Limited Everest Group Limited Hawley and Hazel (BVI) Company Limited Verfides Enterprises Limited LCI Helicopters Limited Hot Link Technology Limited Hot Tracks International Ltd Foxconn Beijing Trading Co Ltd Anzen Ltd. Leadtek Global Group Limited Tungbase Technologies Limited Eastern Tiger Holdings Limited PB Issuer Limited True Grace Company Limited Crown Worldwide Investments Ltd. Voyager Investments (BVI) Limited North Tec Asia Limited Praiseland Enterprises Limited United Steel International Development Corporation Phoenix Place Holdings Limited Cheerplan Holdings Limited Swire Coca-Cola (S&D) Limited Central Business Resources Ltd Glory Days Services Limited N.S. Hong Investment (BVI) Limited Technologia Aplicada S.A. Excelsior Hotel (BVI) Limited Amanproducts Limited DHL Worlwide Express Dowell Schlumberger Corporation Tong Mu International Limited Westtown Group Limited Mega make Enterprises Limited World Target International Limited Man Wah Group Limited Eternal Global (BVI) Company Limited Toscano Holdings Limited China Logistic Innovation Co., Ltd. Wo Kee Hong (B.V.I.) Limited Reid Street Properties Limited Magnificent Brightness Limited Lenovo Manufacturing Limited Roberto Assets Limited Freedom International Group Ltd GL Holdings Limited Twin Oaks Financial Ltd. C10 Capital (SPV) Limited AMB Logistics Limited Sinolink Global Limited Whirlpool (BVI) Limited Gainsplus Asset Management Inc Channel Pilot Limited Nenedo Assets Limited Lloyds (BVI) Nominees Limited Virgin Entertainment Global Limited Regent Asset Finance Limited KGI Limited Group DF Limited China Orchid International Limited TaiFook (BVI) Limited Karp Marine Limited PVI Global Corporation CE Holdings Limited Lukoil Overseas Anaran Ltd Sideco (B.V.I.) Ltd Lukoil Overseas Uzbekistan Ltd BHI Treasury Limited Belize Incorporation Services Limited Visicorp Limited

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