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Global Finanz Organisation AG Olliscience SA Bright Trading Sagl DERMAFUTURA SA Bluemarine SA Commodity Trading Fund AG TRADEFIELD SA StudiMedia GmbH CONTAURO AG Edisun Power Europe AG Huba Control AG Landis+Gyr Technologies AG Michel Menghetti SERAMAT AG PGO Holding AG Jaraco SA, en Pyxis one GmbH Stucky SA Petrovillage AG KAPROBEN HANDELS AG Boutique Booster GmbH oXinfo SA World Steel Trade SA Besi Switzerland AG K & T Techniques Medicales SA T Wealth Management SA RedIT SI AG SPAV General Contractor SA Assista Protection juridique SA Isma Young Fashion SÓrl F. Baud & T. Fruh SA R.J.W. Rich Jewellery & Watches SA FONDATION CHUV POUR L'AMELIORATION DE LA PRISE EN CHARGE DES PATIENTS, L'ENCOURAGEMENT ET LE SOUTIEN DE LA RELEVE DANS L KATALYS GmbH Werbeagentur Claude Schwartz calda ag GLC SOFTWARES SARL SmartFidu SA Rothschett AG Commentum AG SysCoLock AG Pascal Christian Duclos Patrick Riedo & Yan Riedo Heike Hansler-Rott HELVETEAM SÓrl Merck AG Anglo Swiss Hotel (ASH) GmbH Adlers GmbH EPiC ONE Property Investment AG Bluequest Resources AG AXON-Invest Holding AG BIRGMA INTERNATIONAL SA CINAINVEST HOLDING SA Zerbib Olivier SEBAN MTT PLA AG SMARTUP AG Computer AG Zurich EN VOGUE Coiffure C. Tollardo Factor Lead SA Crest AG Eva Wolf GmbH Tamoil-Tankstelle, B. Vogler RIFAG AG Autovista, Rodriguez GLC Marketing, Guillot NES New Energy Solutions GmbH Carl Frei Sauerwein & Schaefer Bau AG Tradall SA TradeTech Energy Resources AG Cambiata Schweiz AG Cendres+MÚtaux SA arthesia AG PAN Intertrading AG Praxis fur Zahnprothetik, Rene Hertach Intelligent Fibers AG B.W.A. Business with attitude AG Zetec Group AG LibraAM AG Metal Corp Trading AG Hatec AG RdE Switzerland SA Mayekawa Holding AG Unifund SA Netarc AG InfoSec Global (Schweiz) AG SpeedLab AG LIWAREX Mellingen AG GFU SA Kalvin International Trade AG POLYIMPEX AG Bńhler Franck Auregen BioTherapeutics SA A-FW International Investments GmbH BTC (Schweiz) AG Clariden Leu AG HOST BROADCAST SERVICES (HBS) AG GILGEN & COMPANY AG IPS Trading AG TECHNI CONCEPT SPORT SA Hyposwiss Private Bank GenŔve SA Alagon AG Sensus Management AG Bojan Perovanovic Henley Trust Holdings AG ALTHEA PETROLEUM S.A. Swiru Holding AG Imetal S.A. Intercem Holding AG Interkonzept Holding AG Verena Eggenberger Danja Gymnastikseminar Liteco AG Sertronics AG Planetwerks AG SOFISA SA Fahel AG EuroChem Trading GmbH Cross Estates AG MET Global AG TMH International AG Satina International SÓrl Tetras Dr. Satish Joshi BVG-Stiftung der Falcon Private Bank Falcon Derivatives AG Z-Art Automotive GmbH Favorex AG ArcelorMittal Holdings AG V-MASH AG Zebulia SÓrl Dicalem S.A. G5 Executive AG NUSSLI CONSULTING CCG Curatio Capital Group AG Traconsa AG Vinum Caelum AG Mayekawa TS AG Nest Sammelstiftung Communicators AG EUGSTER POLYINFOTECHNIK Rad-Sport Vock GmbH Swiss Turc Trade AG Young Territories AG LLX GLOBAL BUSINESS SERVICES SA A - consult Alig CRONAS GmbH Naturatrend GmbH Valtion Medical AG Vanomet AG Quinz AG Maja Kagi Sporttrip GmbH Beyond Babylon, C. Pusterla Mobile Trust Telecommunications AG Foyer Obstgarten Falcon Group SA Clean Cars SA Beluc AG PARX Werk AG DK Shipping & Trading GmbH Twinkle Technology Europe GmbH Altauer AG ICI Suisse SA SANATEC MEDIC AG Mine Mount SA Blockchain Solutions AG BookaBed AG Almeva AG Lofterod Stojanovic Architekten GmbH ENGELHART CTP (SWITZERLAND) SA IHS Global SA Auris Medical Holding AG Transgourmet Schweiz AG Intrum Debt Finance AG Wild AG Zug Tec-Sem AG Banque Cantonale de Fribourg Camiqua AG Hans Hassler AG Caran d'Ache SA Chanel SARL Adecco Group AG Carnadis Sarl Landis & Gyr Holding AG Pharmaren AG CADEAUX GINKGO AG Oilshale Technology Holding AG Cominellinvest Holding AG Cilag GmbH International SAFLOG SA British American Tobacco International (Investments) Limited Mineco AG Philip Morris Products S.A. ╔clairclip AG Swissexpress AG Maurice de Mauriac SA Bluemoon GmbH C2i Compagnie d'investissements immobiliers AG Zimmermann Radio TV Elektronik AG ZIVANA SA TECHNIFERRO, Entreprise de Travaux ferroviaires - Thiebaud IXM SA ARCTURUS ALLIANZ AG Pharma IQ AG Armin Zurcher ICH Consulting AG Commercial Depository Trust of Switzerland AG The Allen Groupe Switzerland AG Michele Tschan Finance 5 elements asset management ag Tenergy Trading SA Reisser, Eilers & Partner AG Paracelsus-Apotheke Albert Kńlin. Virtual Lab GmbH GrafTech Switzerland SA ESTATOR AG Latour Freres (Suisse) AG Baruus AG Ed. Laurens, Limited Blondello AG Foster Prospects AG CIS LAB LOG AG Paturion Corp Previsan AG RF Rh˘ne Finance SA EuroSpine Foundation GMA GmbH Siema AG METTAB AG Secure Steel and Commodities AG Golden Gate Wirtschaftsforderungs-Verein LOGORENT AG Scantube AG Iberotrade International AG Sotrade SA Century City Securities SA Emhart GmbH ALLCOT AG Millipore AG Zuger Kantonalbank Axia Investments SA Thomas Bauer GIHE SÓrl L. Klein AG Oriolan AG WINTER PARTNERS Consulting AG TG Trading AG Montalga AG Core Technology AG Rolaco Holding (Suisse) SA Almandine Corporation SA

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