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Crypto AG Zeitungshaus AG MANAGEM INTERNATIONAL AG Manatrade AG Stone Estate.Swiss AG OCAD AG Ernst Roser AG Adoxa AG Abbott Medical (Schweiz) AG Optimex GmbH optimus IT GmbH Apptimized Schweiz GmbH I & B GmbH Dienstleistungsmanagement I & B Bodenbeläge GmbH Sibtrade AG OPTEAMIST GmbH OPTIMED Beratung GmbH JobDone AG Abdomica AG optimization WYN GmbH AlCim Trading AG WORLD.MINDS AG Sika Technology AG easydone broker ag COMPANYS Retail AG Eurotrust AG L.D. Holding GmbH move exklusiv ag Lakeward Real Estate AG Leone Ackermann Swiss Clinic Holding AG Engelberger Accenta Exclusive AG Montana Capital Partners AG Hussar Capital Partners AG Medela AG Medela Beteiligungen AG Medela Holding AG Medela Invest AG LVS AG Hotelinnovativ AG Global Medfin AG "Swiss International Hotels" Service AG Paros Capital AG SMART VENTURES AG Unique Invest AG Win Estate AG Personalvorsorgestiftung der Mars Schweiz AG Kao Switzerland AG Joey Transport GmbH Investgate AG Aurum Advice GmbH Mindara Partner AG GPC Investments SA GHPC GmbH Glencore International AG Glencore AG Glencore (Asia) AG Glencore L.T.E. AG Global Oil Engineering AG Glencore (Europe) AG Glencore Holding AG Glencore Trading AG Glencore Grain Holding AG Glencore (Far East) AG Glencore Mining AG Glencore Minera AG Glencore Technology AG SUHNER Inter-Trade AG Hygie Therapeutics GmbH Topaz Digital AG Peace Foods AG Life Extension SA Excellence Media AG Partners Group AG Swiss Horse Management AG News Services AG Crypto Invest AG Swissnea GmbH Island4Kids GmbH Adfidor AG Allplan AG Tirus GmbH OneLife Management GmbH BPC AG Bice AG Lipovena AG Innopro AG schonbachler Livingstone Ventures Ltd KG Consulting AG Shell Finance Switzerland AG Catalina AG INTEGRA Biosciences Holding AG ZTB AG AI (Switzerland) GmbH Sasa Mimosev m Reinigungen Intellectual Creation GmbH CRESSCO AG SRE Swiss Real Estate and Facility Management Group AG ASP Management GmbH Mövenpick Holding AG Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Management AG Personalvorsorgestiftung der Mövenpick Unternehmungen Zusatzvorsorge-Stiftung der Mövenpick Unternehmungen Mövenpick Wein Schweiz AG Imodo AG Rhiag Group Ltd Octagram AG Acron Switzerland AG Foin Foundation Sittelle AG Vinista GmbH FIRST Group AG Arabel SA Sika AG LB Consulting AG Swisstro AG Fetra AG Business Tax Advisory AG Capvis Analytics AG 10x GmbH FinU GmbH Voltronic AG Benchmark Partners AG Northgate GmbH Momentive Performance Materials (Schweiz) GmbH Ingenieurbüro für Nachhaltigkeit-ingna GmbH Thelen & Partner AG Herzog & Co. GLOBE-Software Solutions GmbH ICONOMIX AG AXE AG Wille Finance AG Wille Property AG WaWiMed Holding AG Maresti AG 3L GmbH Alfred Müller Holding AG Simone + Gödüc, Clean Planet Jotha GmbH Polymed Medical Center AG AOZ AG CP CIM-POOL AG Cognizant Technology Solutions AG e-mergency AG Consulting Expert Lifescience GmbH UTF AG MW Swiss GmbH Kaladent Holding AG Vitatec Products AG Suisse Laboratories AG A Swiss Invest AG Capital Securities Group AG Unique Capital Group AG INOVEX Simulation & Training Ltd Bubbles&Sons AG WECAN AG Swiss Food Club Cloud Consulting GmbH Serve-U GmbH ChainX AG ES Savic Facility Services Z & Z Pharma AG Gareba GmbH S.A.S.C. AG Schuler Stefan Motorgeräte Parker-Migliorini International GmbH ALMO NATURE SWISS GmbH Green Energy Investments Ltd ISMA & Partner GmbH ROSINVEST AG RenovaKare GmbH BG Real Estate AG Sita Verwaltungs AG Amber Production AG Biogen International GmbH Biogen Management Services GmbH Biogen Switzerland AG Biogen Swiss Investments GmbH Biogen Swiss Manufacturing GmbH Biogen Switzerland Holdings GmbH VistaJet Aviation Services II SA Thomas Lüem Partner AG Jacobs Venture AG Credema AG Facts-Art Lippuner MS Capital GmbH Capital Advisors AG Aqua-Mare Vertrieb GmbH freshcompany GmbH Capvis AG SI Schwarz Investments AG Schmid Invest Holding AG Lean Delivery AG OMV International Oil & Gas GmbH Ebb software GmbH Smart Limo GmbH Swiss Property Ventures AG NMG Neo Media Group AG Swiss Real Estate III AG Swiss Real Estate II AG Swiss Real Estate IV AG WEB Consult AG ServiceBox GmbH SmellCells AG Enit AG Actualis AG Swiss Powered AG Partner Handels AG Syntech Klaus Panzer SEMPRO GmbH Sonoco Venture International Holdings GmbH Bond Ventures AG Best Ventures GmbH DC Venture AG Value Grid Ventures AG Venture Garage GmbH Q-VENTURES AG FFI Ventures GmbH Mountain View Ventures AG Windmill Ventures AG Alps Ventures AG Snowbird Real Estate Ventures GmbH Fluxus Ventures AG EJ Capital AG SWISSCO Treuhand AG Performant AG Nexus Capital SA phase-6 AG One One Fish AG FSSI AG Schenker Treuhand AG FS & C GmbH WSS Investments AG WSS Consulting GmbH WAAZ GmbH PHOS19 GmbH VATS AG Hakuna Mipaka AG SALT LABS SWITZERLAND AG C&A Mode AG IBG Pegasos AG GWM AG Patris Consulting GmbH Pasquale Mazzacane GmbH Service Control (Schweiz) GmbH OPEN MINERAL AG OS Systems AG O. und M. Kostri Stallergenes Greer International AG Barilla Switzerland AG LE Fine Art AG IPR-Consulting GmbH BTK21 Web AG Do Me AG Emcore Asset Management AG AVANTA BUSINESS CENTER AG Amplifon AG D.Med Consulting GmbH CD Consulting Data AG Dreyfus Consult P-con GmbH CSC Consulting AG CSC Consulting Hamm MGA GmbH OMNIA Group Holdings AG GI Group Holding AG NS Holding Group GmbH Asset Management Partners AG Management Alignment Partners GmbH SEA Global Capital Partners AG CorFlow Therapeutics AG Sport Management & Services GmbH K&K Partners GmbH PRV Provides Treuhandgesellschaft AG Cimosa AG NNV AG Swissrollator GmbH MAXDATA (Schweiz) AG Suisse Bau GmbH RINGO AG Swisswire Technology AG BORAL GmbH Protegon AG Minibar Enterprises (Austria) AG Minibar Enterprises AG Minibar AG Veeam Software Group GmbH Glencore (Schweiz) AG Doroi, Investment and Trading AG TRIA INVEST AG LEGO Schweiz AG LEGO AG Sage HRM Ltd NCC Group Escrow Europe (Switzerland) AG AT Swiss Fund GmbH Beyond Capital AG Beyond Capital International GmbH MK Plan GmbH Alpha-Vintage AG Digitalcom GmbH DIGITALnow GmbH Rixo International Trading Ltd ICA International Consulting AG Swissbags GmbH Helios Holding GmbH Blue Line GmbH Verifa GmbH Clione AG ASPA Aviation Consult GmbH CYCLE 8 AG PL Consult GmbH PL-Consulting GmbH Zebra IV AG You & Me Experience GmbH Swiss Global Projects AG Gutermann AG Danzer Services Schweiz AG Interholco AG Weatherford Products GmbH Weatherford South America GmbH Weatherford Export Holding GmbH Pharmalys Laboratories SA Plastoil AG Sert AG PCT CHemie Swiss GmbH IM Oneduo AG SPC AG Burger King Schweiz GmbH Burger King Europe GmbH DUPLI PARS Holding AG Thoma IT Service & Solutions Noble Corporation Pro Trockenbau AG AUTOVITA AG Altamira Holding AG WRM Reinsurance AG I.P.S. Remarketing Holding AG Victoria Events GmbH Victoria Kläy Surcoatec AG Infrasuisse GmbH pro recycling ag Identiv AG VELL Totalunternehmung AG Green Enesys Group GmbH Antonella Vogel Boutique Cocotte Complete Financing GmbH Quantis Information Management AG TreuhandAtelier Holding AG Xentum AG Zabava GmbH Silverta AG Personalfürsorgestiftung der Spinnerei an der Lorze in Baar Acervo AG GHX Switzerland AG Platin Business Consulting AG Nielsen Communication AG ITRASEC AG easydone ag PILATUS Holding AG Electronic Cigarettes Holding AG Electronic Cigarettes Europe GmbH PHARMAXIE GmbH Fidelity Trust SA Assa Global Trading AG Immo4All AG BDB Dima AG BDB Innenausbau GmbH Hong Kong Dragon GmbH Dragon 964 AG WAM Trading & Publishing GmbH Singularis Solutions GmbH Globetrade-Finanz AG 3W AG Lenz Gruppe AG KAV Invest Holding AG Drake Enterprises AG Drake Enterprises III AG Drake Enterprises II AG Sika Americas Management AG Sika Germany Management AG Euromarketing AG Unique Real AG Glencore Finance AG B.B. International GmbH Fixit Trockenmörtel Holding AG Fixit AG GREEN TOWERS GmbH GREEN Advisors AG Stefanie Lanz pCloud AG Gold Home Clean, Inh. Miletic Patriarch Private Office AG SHE - Swiss Health Engineering GmbH A&S Solution AG FCCF Finance and Consulting AG Photo-Klub Landis & Gyr Zug KES Immobilien AG KES Betriebs AG Marker Völkl (International) GmbH Völkl (International) GmbH Swiss Property Partners AG Swiss Property Invest AG Swiss Property Co-Investors AG Swiss Property Apex AG Swiss Property Apex II AG Data Suisse AG Kudu Energy & Resources AG EP Resources AG Private Wealth Consulting GmbH Botta Management Group AG Allendis AG Simply IT GmbH Alfami GmbH ROManagement AG Indigo Voyages GmbH Sika Finanz AG Swiss X-Trade Partners AG Saunier Group Holding AG Gordius AG Glencore (South East Asia) AG Glencore Gastroservice AG ASW Auto Sales Worldwide GmbH DAYS CAPITAL AG Sonoco International Holdings GmbH Pensionsfonds der Shell (Switzerland) RadioLED CH GmbH Helventure AG Vitrosa Holding AG Greenlion GmbH Marty Weatherford Switzerland Trading and Development GmbH IPO Capital Group AG Victoria Liegenschaften AG Sidrag AG Beurs AG ToRi GmbH Sharing Visions Schürpf VITANA-X EUROPE AG wise and smart group ag ABIZ AG Swiss International Development AG COAL ORBIS AG KN Schweiz AG Time Corporation SA Xstrata Coal Marketing AG Green Shoots Capital GMBH Arviem Working Capital Holding AG Wonderful Games AG IMANI GmbH Futurum GmbH MUHAG Bridging Cultures Relocation GmbH Swiss Energy Systems AG Metallit AG Mintas GmbH Arba Bau GmbH Swiss International Hospitality Management GmbH Swiss International Participations GmbH Swiss International Hospitality Commons GmbH Spe AG Geneva Project Partners AG, Baar Moranda AG Global S & F AG Ella GmbH INGENIUM SOCIAL PROJECTS AG Augurio Trading GmbH Rescom (Switzerland) AG Swiss Property Invest XI AG advento ag Lion Holding Ltd VIP-business-club AG S. MALHOTRA & CO. AG Advisa AG advisory ag Goldwyn Partners Group AG Gregor Furrer & Partner Holding AG Partners Group Holding AG Partners Group Administration Services AG Herbert Elsener Landmaschinen Peikert Elsener AG Kerstin Elsener Raum zum Sein Pirmin Elsener Spenglerei & Kaminbau KIMBO AG Medilink AG Formula Swiss Wholesale AG Formula Swiss AG Metro International AG art aqua schweiz gmbh DAI Group GmbH Clariness AG Regarding Data GmbH Sciora Trading AG Blockchain Company GmbH A Blockchain GmbH ENLIGHT IT Sourcing Swiss GmbH IM Solution AG Nova Stahl AG Novastone Capital Advisors GmbH well being GmbH Quintillion GmbH MEX Ventures (Swiss) AG Swiss Agrotech Ventures AG Vectra AG Scarus AG Asta Commodity Trading AG Inter Commodity Trade GmbH J.A. Matter Solid Casa AG Solid Job & Work AG Lingmont Leisure Group AG HEAD Switzerland AG ACUTRONIC Medical Produktion AG Aldo Group International AG MediaGroup WorldWide AG EMU Electronic AG Swiss International Partner AG Wildsight Capital AG Planet Payment Switzerland GmbH winVS software AG CDZ Cabling Discount Züger b-public AG Brands, Inc. RBI GmbH RBJ AG iN location GmbH PEARL Immo AG Pearl Software GmbH Helvetic Media AG Helvetic Care AG Swixx Biopharma AG Traco Industrietechnik Aktiengesellschaft Blockchain (Switzerland) AG Global Message Services AG Agrocor Holding AG PRS Prime Re Holding AG Helvetic Agri GmbH Ecomedion AG CEDA GmbH Holz&So GmbH Danzer GmbH EMPE AG JMP Technology Services GmbH Trilog Learning AG UniP AG MIAG AG MIAG DL AG Swiss Electronic Enterprises AG Beliani (Deutschland) GmbH Alprockz AG Capstone Capital GmbH Quartus AG PFCH AG Mövenpick Schweiz AG Mövenpick AG Digital Media Management GmbH SNW Capital AG Hermes Dental Holding AG C + M - Holding AG Basic GmbH opt AG TAP Storage AG IT&S Information Technologies and Services GmbH TRI-EDUCATION GmbH FABIS AG APTG AG Saga Khan SA ITX International Group AG Aquablue Technologies Holding AG Rhinobeam AG BOC GmbH EICKE Holding AG Blackstone Resources AG INTELLISERVICES GMBH VTB Capital Private Equity Holding AG TERRA SEISMIC GmbH P.R.O. International AG ThinkQ2 AG Cocobrico Ltd Capri Sun Group Holding AG Swiss Cyber Capital GmbH Swiss C-Pay AG Fliegen Invest GmbH ON INVEST (Schweiz) Holding AG Kraftsy GmbH Samsara Capital Investment AG MEDICLIMA-Consulting GmbH Mikro-Mineral AG Mikrol GmbH Transopco GmbH susibau AG FX CAPITAL AG SGA Investments AG BRAXAG GmbH Acassa GmbH TAIA Cosmetics GmbH Rail Industries AG Lanturno AG Elf (Suisse) Aviation SA Forbo Finanz AG Classic Instinct Consulting GmbH Yeshil Management AG BV Sport Switzerland GmbH Chemengineering Company SA ViSenti AG InfiniteNet GmbH House for Sports AG Partners Group Impact (Verein) Partners Group Property AG LPG Legal Partner Group AG PrecMet Trading AG Stephan Häusler AG Egger Consult Cubiq AG SPRICH AG Emerson Automation Solutions GmbH Pentair Thermal Management Tyco Thermal Controls N.V. W5 Group GmbH CAPRANEA Sports AG GlobalWerk GmbH GlobalReach GmbH Swiss Luxury Agency AG SWISS VAIWEV WATCHES GmbH LAMBDA Instruments GmbH Swiss Agrotech Partners AG pure and white Resources AG Modial GmbH Noble Contracting II GmbH Pabst Investment + Trust - PIT Universal Wind AG Contarewo GmbH Talbot New Energy AG CASTEL AG HP Services GmbH Morina SFM AG TRUMPF Maschinen AG Wohlfahrtsfonds der TRUMPF Maschinen AG TRUMPF Finance (Schweiz) AG Swiss Contact Components GmbH Swissconsultancy AG Roland Abegglen Zentrum für Psychologie & Verhaltenstherapie GHS Automation AG FOSS-Group Management AG Oriental Energy SA AG GRS Company AG Parfümerie Douglas AG TECHNOTREND GmbH Micro Systems Technologies GmbH Micro Systems International AG eQnizer AG Forbo Holding AG Twintex AG Feliz GmbH Caruso Entertainment GmbH Callisto Holding AG Lagovista AG BlueClubResorts GmbH SOWO AG ENSCO Worldwide GmbH ENSCO Global GmbH Révélateur D'Équilibre SA NSC Holding AG NASCH Holding AG IPMG AG Toucan Services GmbH Vibez Entertainment AG Pado Immobilien GmbH DK Company Online AG Alco Star Holding AG Spike Trade AG Leo's Glas GmbH KFG Level AG Dr. Dahlmeier Financial Risk Management AG EVERYTHING IS NEW GmbH VALUE SUISSE INVESTMENTS AG Swiss Immo Boutique AG Cias AG BierbaumPro AG EC TRADING AG my Market GmbH H.A. Wyss MAXTERRA AG avobis DIGITAL SOLUTIONS AG apri ag OSG AG Cami-Casa GmbH Lanna Group AG Bavaria Swiss AG Binelli Baar AG Zobel Verwaltungs GmbH Ferring AG iPak AG GOLDSTROEM ASSETS AG MediSense AG Valere GmbH Belva GmbH P. A. M. Prime Asset Management & Treuhand AG SOMA Engineering AG SWATI AG 3A Alternative Assurance Agency GmbH Superswiss GmbH Adcom Motion AG Frintreva AG Novatec Holding AG TomEnSo GmbH Bösch + Partner AG Biogen International Neuroscience GmbH beacons GmbH WiDe Handels GmbH Green Orange AG Schönag AG Omron Electronics AG AITG AG Agro.Club AG Intracont GmbH Suisse Solar AG Tritonus GmbH Mirco Ltd. 1move gmbh Protos Asset Management GmbH Feno Alpen GmbH FACTPOINT AG D.T.I. AG Swiss Synergy AG Verve Capital Partners AG Gamma Solution GmbH Sibelius Capital Partners GmbH Living Trade GmbH Blue CG Holding AG Ortho-Sport Consult AG Orthos AG Grospart AG Utilis Consulting GmbH Aedel Aerospace GmbH Aedel Aerospace International GmbH NBC Global AG HMS Handels GmbH VIVIPRO GmbH Atirea AG Sequoia Pearl Invest AG Marina AG ReValor Europe AG Elite Floor GmbH Scylla AG Scylla Tours Holding AG Finco AG Mechel Carbon AG B & A Group AG DAKAD AG Hind AG Petgas Logistics AG AT Provider AG X-Fund Global AG lernwerk gmbh AGENCORE AG Aero Consultants Holding AG iCB Group GmbH Pro Elektro AG Loc-est GmbH Swiss Electrical Steel GmbH Swiss Electrical Steel Group AG TETRIX Group AG HELVETIA Pharmaceuticals AG Alliance Software GmbH Sotavento AG Lukas Fritz + Partner AG Phoenixus AG EMC Beteiligungs AG Swiss Property Investors AG Sparazur SA Emil Keiser AG Swiss Solution Group GmbH Athos Equity Holdings AG Athos Trustee Services (Switzerland) AG Athos Capital Partners GmbH Athos Private Equity Partners AG Athos Trustees (Switzerland) GmbH future comm ag Proma AG Baar YOU THE E-VOLUTION AG Bluequest Resources AG EBR Finanzholding AG Actervis GmbH Phoenix Aviation Consulting GmbH Pyrron Technology Holding AG EFW Swiss AG GHR Phoenix GmbH Helvetia Investment Holding AG Dawnlight Holding AG Rent for Finance GmbH China International Group AG Cardinal Health Switzerland 515 GmbH Enterprise Services AG Risk Services Schweiz AG Swiss Data Labs AG ITS Prime GmbH professional medical cosmedic distribution GmbH Explosive Business GmbH Gold Eve AG Epoc, Salon de coiffure SA Argus AG LOYS Suisse AG Energy Risk Solutions GmbH Heinzer Kaufmann & Co. AG Colt International (Schweiz) AG Perfect-Team GmbH Potentica AG DARELU AG DAR AG Alasca Consulting GmbH Conwell AG Agila Aktiengesellschaft CURANEO AG Business Amigo AG Velos Motos Heinz Sägesser ValuEssence GmbH Format One AG Prime Assets Jung Airstel SA Amagvi Dritte AG Amagvik AG Bioton (International) GmbH Coal & Coke Enterprise AG BHS Verwaltungs AG KG Resources (Mauritania) AG Quantum Financial Services AG Parpool AG Gemex Trading AG 9plus GmbH Minerals Resources International AG berg group ag STPC-Group 1 Holding AG Net Solutions AG Swiss Solar Invest AG White Oak Capital Management (Switzerland) AG Intelligent Devices AG ELIOT Trading AG Emerson Process Management Europe GmbH Lion Trading AG Lion Bau AG TOTAL (SUISSE) SA Personalfürsorgestiftung der Karochemie AG Audia Digital AG Athos Family & Business Services (Switzerland) AG Golden Gym GmbH spo licensing AG Alien Licensing GmbH Alpina24 AG bau24 ag DAHEIM24 GmbH MPS Europa AG suisse first treuhand gmbh Naute GmbH Dira AG OMREA AG apo-rent AG APO GmbH Web-set interactive GmbH International Swimming League AG Overpart AG JOKA Suisse GmbH element36 AG Swiss-Dienst GmbH iii solutions GmbH Somapharm AG VLATE Holding AG rst consulting gmbh Starensier Holding AG META10 AG META Consulting GmbH Arianis AG K3 Telecom AG Vinema Immobilien AG W & W Holding AG WH Holding GmbH Swissdigital Branding Sàrl City Integration Switzerland GmbH Schneider Software Engineering Wolffkran Holding AG Wolffkran AG Wolffkran International AG Wolffkran ISS AG Serpa AG Seagull Logistics Worldwide Holding AG Seagull Logistics Switzerland AG Swiss Global Moneycare AG Swiss Crypto Net AG Diamond Services Group AG Marquard Family Office AG IDOSO Totalunternehmung AG BrandLoft AG DIRECT Investment AG Monta Street GmbH TALOS INVEST AG Capeo Wealth AG Don Capital AG DOM Capital Holding AG Aspect.33 GmbH Bettina Oberholzer Gentes GmbH Id Sourcing AG Private Asset Partners AG Executive Insight AG Inventas AG IMSA AG Hiraeth GmbH Printronix Schweiz GmbH bendock GmbH Helta Group AG AUDERE AG AQUILON AG G.I.R. Financial AG MaxInvest Holding AG MVW International Switzerland Holding GmbH VTB Capital Investment Management Holding AG Haniel Holding AG ZG Immoinvest AG DAMAD Holding AG ANN AG Fuhrer und Partner abrisuisse AG iCare Solutions AG Zehnder Real Estate Group GmbH olmogo ag expeerius gmbh Trust Group AG onmedia AG Aquarion AG RONTEX AG SWET AG Allegra Services GmbH Golden Trade AG Office Zug AG Baar TP-Power GmbH Advocacy Strategies AG Andromeda Capital Advisors GmbH IBT-Inter Bio Tech AG Allest AG Papadopoulos IT-Consulting GlobalEngineer GmbH The International School of Zug and Luzern Prime FL&K AG administration zünd Cleancare AG C. Rüttimann Service Optimizing GmbH Backhand Services AG FR ISC GmbH Luxury Line AG Ecrin SA Corum Holding AG Transpax AG Butlers At Work AG SOMENA Holding AG Accemp AG MIRGA AG TCG INFORMATIK AG GlobX GmbH AS Luxury GmbH Deep Water Investments AG Glencobar AG WAVE Holding AG Property Vision AG Diamonds Club Besic Escalade GmbH Mechel International Holdings GmbH GXP CAPITAL SA Unishare AG Rewoc GmbH Pouch Partners AG Dodax Logistik Baar GmbH ADMO AG Dells Angels GmbH Dell'Acqua Consulting GmbH Genex AG Swissmin Holding AG Neue Trulli AG Strategie Holding AG M3 Bau- und Projektmanagement AG colibra consulting ag ERT Entrepreneurs AG Yobi Skin Care AG WiDomus AG A&C Services GmbH Prime VoD AG SMG SwissTrust Holdings AG Cardiac Impact GmbH Rüttimann Consulting MPROJECT design GmbH Mövenpick Foods Switzerland Ltd TransformBio AG Prime Capital Management AG PC Consulting GmbH Euroclear AG Gerhardt Braun Raumsysteme AG NAV AG SwissLink Carrier AG

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