List of Corporate Headquarters in STOCKHOLM

Search a company in Sweden with your criteria (trade name, adress, Swedish registry number...). provides business and credit information about Swedish firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Swedish register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Sweden, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Swedish company.

Kulturföreningen Abovo Kulturfören Lidelsen Kulturföreningen Station Kulturföreningen Zub Kulturföreningen Schnal Kulturföreningen Vavd Kulturföreningen Sputnik Elite Hotels Of Sweden AB Elite Advokatbyrå AB Elite consulting Sthlm AB Nosay AB Nosy AB Neas AB Nose AB Veoneer AB Baltic Trust KB Baltic Capital Trade HB Is Executive Services AB Executive Value AB AH Executives AB Executive Personal Services AB Bemannia Executive AB Executive Coaching Ec AB Wave Executive AB i Executive Search AB Stratsys AB Stratsys Holding AB Stratsys Partners AB Fbn Sweden Service AB Linköpings Universitets Akademiska If Hk Linköpings Universitets Flygfören Luff BoKe Psykoterapi Vergona Konsult AB VR Consulting AB Daniel Wellington AB Wellington Hotel AB Daniel Wellington Technologies AB Melecta KB WSF Safety AB Svenska Muslimer För Fred och Rättvisa Region Ös Gaming Corps AB Yggdrasil Gaming Sweden AB Arkadin AB Polystar Electronics AB Polystar Instruments AB Polystar Test & Measurement AB Polystar Osix AB Polystar System AB KF Ekonomikonsult AB JNT Telecom AB JNT System AB Jnt Systems AB JNT Lindeberg AB Karolinska Inst Stift.För Hjärnforskning Karolinska Institutets Canserstift (Nr 64) Karolinska Institutets Stift Psoriasisforskn(134 Karolinska Institutets 150-Årsstift. (65) Psykologisation Karolinska Inst Klimatfören På Karolinska Inst Karolinska Inst Roddfören Muslimska Studenter Karolinska Inst (Mski) N-G SWEDEN AB NHG Sweden AB Ngg Sweden AB CellMark Raw Materials AB Firemarks AB Fireworks AB Addsec AB Addsecurity Nordic Image Reps AB TRAILER INTERNATIONAL AB Northern Trail KB Komonq Kommed AB Hero AB Evolution Gaming Group AB (publ) Aphelion Consulting AB Peters båtcharter Vinitor AB Estelle&Thild AB Hiet AB Swedish Lapland Production AB Jocyco AB Hexagon AB Hexagon Metrology AB Hexagon Intergraph AB Hexagon Corporate Management AB Hexagon Solutions AB Hexagon Förvaltning AB Hexagon Global Services AB Hexagon Solutions Services AB Hexagon Technology Services AB Hexagon Enterprise FMT Skogsvård AB Fmt Skogsvård Nds Sweden AB N2 Sweden AB Nis Sweden II AB Helix Kapital 1 AB HLXK Kapital AB Luminare AB Luminar Ventures AB Luminar Ventures Management Holding AB Örnsbergs Fastighetsservice Gunnbjorn AB Naty AB Nahat AB Patrik Reuterskiöld Överstelöjtnant C G Reuterskiöld Pens.Fond 185 R.H.Dir 180 Ernst och Jenny Reuterskiöld Pens.F Reuterskiöld Snickeri AB Reuterskiöld-Nordenfalkska Fonden (Aa187) Reuterskiöld Media AB Kbt-Psykolog L.Reuterskiöld Advokatfirman Reuterskiöld AB Qbtech AB Reuterskiöld, Claes Henrik Stigsson Oxeludden Invest AB Oxel AB Spigraph Sweden AB White & Case Advokat AB White Capital AB Case Kapitalförvaltning AB Case C.A.S.E Fimab KB Seger Sture AB Seger, Lars Daniel Adolfsson Ploc Ploc AB Ikm Administration Anytec AB Bådan AB AB Nynäs City Coeli Power Copperberg AB Curry Spice Citi AB CBREGI Swedish Retail Ventures AB Miss Clara AB Cybercom Group AB Performiq Care AB Comparo AB Cordial AB Climber AB CH Bilvärderingar AB Concico AB Akmb Café & Restauranger AB Conductor Förvaltning AB European Civil Society Press AC Airtours City Weekend AB Stift Leading Health Care Co-Pilot Bygg & Projektledning AB Coeli Real Estate AB Climber International AB Climber Holding AB Cordial Holding AB Cut The Mustard AB RURIC AB ( publ ) Asylrättscentrum Top Of Minds Accelerate AB Tareq HB Intrum Holding AB Intrum Konstfören Apple AB Evas Äpple Äpple Allén AB Apple Tree Productions AB Corux AB Hoist Kredit AB Patricon AB Paradox Interactive AB (publ) P S Interactive Nyx Interactive AB Interactive Arts Go Interactive AB Pressnet Interactive AB Upperdog Interactive AB MAG Interactive AB (publ) Peakspace Interactive Pawn Interactive AB Peeloot Interactive HB IDUN Minerals AB Sällskapet Idun Pewdie Productions AB Valedo Partners Fund II AB Valedo Partners Fund i AB Valedo Partners III AB Valedo Partners AB ElephantMind AB Pink Elephant Mr Elephant & The Viking The Magic Elephant Flying Elephant WASA AB Nestidy AB Nestind AB CURATORZ AB Advokatfirman Carthiel AB G & R Hotels AB Quartetto AB Qratel AB Quartile Fonder AB Quartergroup AB Quarnevalen Karatalkie HB Gartella AB L.Kaart & Co AB Cartello AB Greatland AB Creative Liquors HB Cardell Fürsten, Anna Creative Lion Garth Holding AB Gårdal, Helene Lars Gerdt AB Gardell, Mattias Advokatfirman Carthiel Holding AB Creation Holding AB Advokatbyrån Kardell AB Creative Link Studio AB Greta och Harry Wallins Fond Confirmator Junior AB Confirmator AB Confirmasoft AB Blueglass Of Sweden AB Blue Globe AB Aerial & Maritime Sweden AB Worldimex Goava International AB Thule-Therm AB Thule Inkasso AB Thule Baltica AB Thule-Stiftelsen Hedin, Hanna Incendo Consulting AB Eut Transport O Logistik, Sweden AB Mh Logistic In Sweden Varnish Software AB Amuseio AB Sahlgren & Skog KB Sahlgren Management AB Embark Studios AB PROBY AB Probio Projb AB Svenska Inst ALMI Företagspartner AB Tictail AB Scope Scope4It Sweden AB 3Xn Sverige AB Ba Bromma AB Bremma AB Broms Advokatbyrå AB Kjellan AB Kjellebo AB kjellelartv OMNIQ AB NJUTE AB Ekhierta, Kristina Njuta AB Vimml AB Vimmel Vimalo AB KB Positionen Frostbite Holding AB Frosth, Åsa SSAB AB YoHoo AB Versasec AB Verisec AB Qalora Capital AB M.A. Service AB Dafo Security AB Dafo Brand AB Dafo Fomtec AB Dafonk Pascal Bourret Pascal AB Stockholmsmässan If Friskvårdsfören Vid Atradius Filial i Sveri Atradius Collections B.V. Atradius, Filial Till Atradius Credit Insurance Teenage Engineering AB Tisha International AB Shibuya HB Northvolt AB Northvolt Labs AB Northvolt Ett AB Northville AB Proventus Capital Management AB Proventus AB Proventus Capital Industries AB Proventus Capital Partners III AB (Publ) Proventus Capital Partners II AB (publ) Proventus Capital Partners IV AB (publ) Proventus Capital Partners III KB Proventus Capital Partners IV B AB (publ) Populus Capital Management AB Proventus Capital Partners IV C KB Proventus Capital Partners Industries KB Proventus Capital Partners Alpha AB (publ) Proventus Capital Partners Alpha KB Pslp Capital Management AB Proventus Capital Partners IV Alpha KB Assa Abloy East Europe AB Assa Abloy Identification Technology Group AB Assa Abloy North America AB Assa Abloy Kredit AB ASSA ABLOY AB Assa Abloy Financial Services AB Assa Abloy Ip AB Assa Abloy Us Investments AB Assa Abloy Mobile Services AB Assa Abloy Finans AB ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions AB ASSA ABLOY Holding AB Espiring AB E-Shoppen, Mnd Jonny Esping AB LoyaltyFactory AB United Loyalty Scandinavia AB Loyal AB Loyaltic AB Profi Förvaltning AB Profi Fastighetsförvaltning AB Sizmek Technologies Sweden AB Swedish Medtech Service AB Soundz Technologies Sweden AB Osteo Technologies Sweden AB Swedish Technical St-Trading AB Spin-Off AB Spin The Bottle AB Spin International AB Baux AB Baux Holding AB BAU EL AB BAU Holding AB Bau Retention AB BOAU Trusty AB Tripeta AB Tripep AB Be Good AB Russian Real Estate Investment Company Pyat AB Russian Real Estate Investment Company Shest AB Russian Real Estate Investment Company Dva AB Russian Real Estate Investment Company Syem AB Russian Real Estate Investment Company (Sweden) Deep AB Deep North AB Deep Edge AB Deep Digital AB Deep Weather AB Deep Point Consulting AB Phase One Performance AB Brim AB Baetes Technologies AB Minium Financial Technology AB MinMun AB Mercer (Sweden) AB As Above AB Insamlingsstift För Danderyds Sjukhus Danderyds Sjukhus If Stift Danderyds Sjukhus Friängsfond Findev AB Tt Nyhetsbyrån AB AB Nyhetsbyrån Direkt Nyhetsbyrån AC ISBIT GAMES AB Isbit AB Textia AB Olsson, Susanne Textura Textoo AB Textakuten Texada AB Texthead Textiform HB Textoplan Textorius, Per Textpiloterna Textpress Media Group AB Tuxtax AB Per Texta Förlag AB Textiton Textat Sandra Gustafsson AB Text Lars Ryding Textrade Sverige AB Textilkonstnär Eva Lagnert Textorius, Helena Textport Översättningar Textilbolaget Tba AB Text & Ton Mm Mapiful AB Bright Circle AB Bright Advokat AB Ddb House AB Raw Fury AB Pica AB MMO Media Group AB R12 Kapital AB R12 Kapital Spvi AB R12 Kapital i Stockholm AB R12 Consulting AB DualSec AB Aricent Technologies Sweden AB Lantmännen Ek För Lantmännen Service AB One Company Sweden AB N 3 Advokatbyrå AB NO 144 AB No 18 Apartments AB North 89 AB No 18 Office And Lounge AB Bo Berggren Urhandel AB Nobel Foundation Rights Association D-Sign Sweden Cena HB CEEN Advokat AB AB Cean Mercer HB Cj Sweden Affiliate AB GOTOGA AB Information & Invest Stockholm AB FB Invest i Stockholm AB SAMO Invest i Stockholm AB Ung Invest i Stockholm AB ADAX Invest i Stockholm AB Mainly Invest i Stockholm AB Verna Invest i Stockholm AB Place Invest Stockholm AB Index Investment i Stockholm AB Mäklarpoolen Svenska AB Svenska Mäklarkontoret AB Jobbexpressbolaget AB Sigma Systems Innovation AB Bl Form Bank2 Bank AB Verkstall AB Verket Ekonomikonsult AB Verk AB Abundantia AB Abundance AB Adaptive Simulations Sweden AB Rheometalsales AB Rheometal Holding AB RheoMetal Machinery AB Rheometal AB EB Andersson Redovisning Tareda - Thomas Andersson Redovisning och Analys Spinners AB Tobo Netsolution AB Security European Consulting S.E.C. AB Defence & Security Consultants Of Sweden AB Securitas Security Consulting Holding AB W-Security Konsultfirma Oceanic-Creations AB Ocean Company AB Ocean Cap AB Nordic Profit Provider AB Nordic Business Provider AB Näsvall konsulttjänst AB Öh Konsulttjänst AB Mobizoft AB Medical Market I.N.T. AB Gmd Int. Marketing KB Fab Design KPN Grupp AB As Grupp HB Gan Grupp HB Join P&C HB Game Set Events AB KB PRO GAME Sverige Möten och event i Sverige AB Flightradar24 AB Flightradar24 Holding AB Dream Dream Invest AB Lantmännen Handelsfastigheter AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 4 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 5 AB LSTH Svenska Handelsfastigheter AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 8 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 7 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 6 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 9 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 12 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 13 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 14 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 10 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 11 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 15 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter 16 AB Svenska Handelsfastigheter i Sverige Förvaltning Handelsfastigheter i Sverige AB Handelsfastigheter Mälardalen AB Handelsfastigheter Norrland AB Näsängen Handelsfastigheter AB Handelsfastigheter Kranskötaren KB Lifestyle AB Lifestyle Capital Sverige AB Dekaf 3 AB 3C Vision AB 3c Stockholm AB Pehrsson, Inger Elvira Tentaculus Independent Living AB Independent AB Independent Finans AB Kaupthing Bas Cts Scandinavia AB Bewe Holding AB B.A.W Holding AB Fiasco AB Adssets AB KROAB Holding & Development AB Corob Oy Corol AB Coroxy AB HoldC AB I.S. Holding AB Lb Konsult Labi Konsult AB Hg Line AB Powerwave Technologies Sweden AB Wasahallen AB Svenska Hotell Gruppen AB Applied Sourcing Sweden KB Masi Holding AB MZ Holding AB DKH Holding AB Mind Corpo Mind Project AB Karlbergs El Hendab Återvinning AB Rotor Holding AB Pysslingen H.B Affärsutveckling AB Paragon Stift Vetenskapsstaden It's A Wrap AB It's a Group AB Bostadsfören Tåget Goalwire (Sverige) AB Fatshark AB Fatshark Studios AB Bankomat AB Symbrio AB Upplands Motor Hammarby Sjöstad AB Barnekow, Thomasine Eva Micaela AB Electrolux Electrolux Credit AB Electrolux Appliances AB Sweam AB Chinsay AB Montlac AB Indecap AB Indecap Holding AB Indecap Fonder AB Indecap Fondguide Aktie Indecap Guide High Risk Dynamic Indecap Guide Sverige Indecap Guide Hedgefond Indecap Guide 1 Indecap Guide 2 Indecap Guide Q30 Indecap Guide Multihedge Indecap Guide Global Indecap Guide Tillväxtmarknadsfond Indecap Guide Företagsobligation Indecap Guide Hedgefond 2 Indecap Fondguide Balans Indecap Guide Avkastningsfond Indecap Spar AB Indea AB Advokat AB Indelaw Riksbyggen Höganäs Släggan Holding AB Easy KB Fören Tx-Lab V Karolinska Universitetssjukh Karolinska Sjukhusets If Stift.För Karolinska Sjukhusets Understödsfond Föreningen Data 3 Data-3 Föreningens Service AB Netigate AB Netigate Insight AB Netigate Holding AB Prisma Metod AB Dnb Prisma B O S Service AB Nyhetsbyrån Vivalto Information AB Liberala Nyhetsbyrån AB Tidningsmakarna i Gamla Stan AB KB Tobak HB Tobiuo AB Martin s motor Bil & Fastighets service AB Regin Corporate Finance AB Petra Regin AB First Camp Scandinavia Fastigheter AB Husqvarna Försäkrings AB CSV VIII Sweden AB Csv Vii Sweden AB Buyout Viii Sweden AB Atlas Copco Retep AB Atlas Copco-Gruppens Gemensamma Pens.Stift 1998 Atlas Copco Gia AB Atlas Copco LCC AB Atlas Copco Allemansfond Electrolux Hemprodukter AB Electrolux Logistics AB Electrolux IT Solutions AB Unionen Koncernklubben På Electrolux Electrolux Konstklubb Electrolux Skytteklubb Electrolux IP Holding AB Electrolux Intressenter AB Stift Electrolux Food Foundation Odyssey AB SANDVIK Credit AB (Publ) SANDVIK Venture AB SANDVIK Treasury AB (Publ) SANDVIK Construction AB eLez Invest AB Brunswick Real Estate Capital Holding AB Brunswick Real Estate AB Brunswick Real Estate Holding AB Brunswick Real Estate Equity Investment Manageme Brunswick Real Estate Capital Advisory AB Brunswick Real Estate Shared Services AB Brunswick Real Estate Capital Incentive AB Brunswick Real Estate Fund Services AB Bisnode Förvaltning AB Bisnode Venture & Development AB Sharin AB Dvai DVA Studio AB Six Näktergal AB Näktergal Maxilla AB Högfeldt Näktergal, Ludvig Volvo Car Mobility AB Sensere AB Samosa Restaurang HB Side Step AB Step 2 Holding AB Vänsterpartiet Mentimeter AB Kaleidoscope New Concept Opportunities AB NCP Concept AB Nordic Concept AB M Concept L & A retail HB SolarWork AB Solarwork Sverige AB Solarwork West AB Nodified AB Tryggelins Stift Tryggly AB Tryggom AB Tryggael i Skandinavien AB Map Me HB Resecentrum Gruppen MB AB Resecentrum i Stockholm AB Resecentrum Gruppen AB Resecentrum i City AB Bank, Simon EFG Bank AB (publ) Hawkeye Consulting Oikos Förvaltnings AB OXO Förvaltning AB Core AB Bombardier Transportation (Signal) Sweden HB Bombardier Transportation (Signal) Sweden AB Njord HB Njörd AB Njord Service AB Njord TAX AB Njord Consulting AB Eva Njord AB Fjärde AP-Fonden Sjunde AP-Fonden Ap7 Aktiefond Ap7 Räntefond MAQS Advokatbyrå Stockholm AB MAQS Law Firm Advokatbyrå KB AB Skalby Open Entrepreneurship Sweden KB Social Entrepreneurship Forum (Se-Forum) VX Finans AB NSUL Advokat AB CL Fitness Holding AB Amigo Minerals Gardell Holding AB Rebecka Gardell Holding AB Aakerholm Gardell, Mette Kristin Gardell, Frida Jonas Gardell Produktion AB Nordic Trade Finance AB Dal Nordic Finance AB Nordic Financial Unions Sip Nordic Finance AB Rl-Nordic Finans AB Nordic Financial Trust KB Acumulus Nordic Financial AB Crown Skrädderi & Kemtvätt Sober Kemtvätt & Skrädderi AB Amo Kemtvätt & Skrädderi Jerjas Kemtvätt & Skrädderi S:t Eriks Kemtvätt och Skrädderi AB F.I.M. Skrädderi O Kemtvätt HB K & D Kemtvätt & Skrädderi AB Menges Kemtvätt & Skrädderi HB Jims Skrädderi och Kemtvätt HB Aras Kemtvätt och Skrädderi Georgette Skrädderi & Kemtvätt Royal Kemtvätt & Skrädderi AB Epinova AB Bonnier AB Bonnier News Group AB Bonnier News AB Bonnier News Sweden AB Betea AB Betao AB Datscha AB Macdowall Film Game Music Entertainment AB Schoo & Co AB AB Sixta Neovici AB AB Cantarel Cantatrice Orangofilm AB G.S.Int. Tradinggroup KB Spotify AB Spotify Service AB Spotify Sweden AB Bim Alliance Sweden Service AB Leaders Alliance AB Benchmarking Alliance Nordic AB Aviator Airport Alliance Europe AB Alliance Svenska Holding AB Bim Alliance Sweden Aviator Airport Alliance AB Earners Alliance Holding AB (publ) Alliance Francaise de Stockholm Scandinavian Healthcare Alliance i Stockholm AB AAA Nordic Family Alliance AB Responsible Investors Alliance Sweden AB Actiwave AB Actiway AB Ltb4 Sweden AB TV 888 AB AB Television TV-Eye AB TV4 AB Tuv AB Tov AB Dassault Systemes AB Dassault Systemes Sweden AB Good Company AB Public Properties Europe AB Reverens AB Empire Food AB Empir Group AB Southern Empires AB Empire Communication Empir Solve AB Empir Apply AB Empir Serve AB MT EMPIRES W. S. Henson AB Great Place To Work Institute Sverige AB Great Works AB Torell Pump AB WarOnCancer AB FORGO AB Antlerian Ventures AB Arlanda Helicopter AB Eureca FöretagsFörmedling AB Trygg Företagsförmedling i Norden AB Abc Företagsförmedling i Stockholm KB Galant Företagsförmedling AB Radisson Hotel Holdings AB Radisson SkyCity Hotel AB Radisson Arlandia Hotel AB Radisson Hotel & Congress AB Ipsos AB Ipsos NORM AB Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Kungliga Tekniska Högskolans Ishockeyfören Kungliga Tekniska Högskolans Studentkårsbridgekl Kungliga Tekniska Högskolans Roddklubb Kungliga Tekniska Högskolans Simfören Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan Volleyball Associati Kungliga Tekniska Högskolans Finanssällskap Kungliga Tekniska Högskolans Segelsällskap Kungliga Musikhögskolan Kungliga Konsthögskolan Lapland retreat AB Wool My Love Foundation Wecode AB Wecode Group AB West Code AB Wecode Venture AB Nivå Landskapsarkitektur AB Torsten Wallin Landskapsarkitektur Folia Landskapsarkitektur Swag AB Trivia AB Triv Alandia Top Show AB AlandIT AB von Oben AB Vasiliou Holding AB Oy Vey Investment AB von Baumgarten, Nicole Fredrik von Schewen AB Vuono-Säivisnäs Jaktlag Johan Stael von Holstein AB Vini Buoni AB Johansson Vanhatalo, Sven Johan Bostadsfören Valkyrian Utan Personlig Ansva Vabö, Erling Vasiliou Education AB Vimini AB Veranda Film & Television AB Vision Projektering AB Stråkton Violinateljé HB Vitalma AB HB V/M Byns Viltfågelfarm Siffror & Sånt, Bokföring i Vaxholm Bro Ur och Optik AB Ek, Viktor Seko Post Klubb Stockholm City, Sektion Vasastan ATM Öst AB Fam Bonniers Stift För Vetensk Forskn och Utbild Finbin Sverige AB Wam-Bam arkitektur AB FIMAB Inredning & Montage KB FINA BÖNAN AB Wimby Martinsson, Rasmus Financial Benchmarks Sweden AB FemPunktEtt Filmproduktion AB Funnybones Production Nya von B Advokat AB Feinbaum, Daniel von Baumgarten, Elisabet Vainab Invest AB Bengt Weine King Solutions KB April Skies AB Adaptit AB Adaptiva AB Adapt Revision AB Ek Företagskonsult Ekko AB Kick HB octAI Oct Entreprenad HB Oct-Entreprenad AB Radar Trading Radar ESSED AB Esselte Assurans Försäkrings AB Isaberg Holding AB Ung Företagsamhet i Sverige Ung Företagsamhet Stockholmsregionen Dr. Glans Cer Valuelabs AB Ic Control AB Uf Support AB Robert Wilson Marine Technologies AB The Generation AB Generation V AB Generation Z General Waste HB Generation Form HB Beauty Generation AB Yfynoy AB European International School European International School AB Lancelot Asset Management AB Lynx Asset Management AB At Asset Management AB Lcl Asset Management AB Lancelot Asset Management Ab:S Pensionsstift Lancelot Asset Management AB Särsk Pens.Stift Lancelot Asset Management Ab.S P.Stift.Ljungberg Lancelot Asset Management Ab:S Pensionsstif M Ma G&L Asset Management AB Blom Asset Management AB Momentum Group AB Momentum Group Holding AB Momentum AB GRS Momentum AB Biolit AB Biolipid AB Biolight AB Blini AB Gpr Gold Pr OSTROM HOSPITALITY CONSULTING GROUP AB Design Of Europe AB Design of Europe Invest AB Hoist Finance AB (publ) Hoist Finance Services AB Llba Food AB Neo, Nick Nick Cabana AB Skl Företag AB Sm Företag AB Isaks företag Serafen Företag KB Hobo Hotel AB Hob AB Happy Stockholm AB Hope Stockholm AB Heba Stockholm AB EHB Stockholm AB Iabo Stockholm AB J.B i Stockholm AB Ebi Stockholm AB O.P.J Stockholm AB Öbp Stockholm AB Hebå AB Kth Holding AB Kth Education AB Kth Hallen AB Kth Al Society Fören Kth X KTH Executive School AB Kth Hyperloop Sife Kth Story AB Storrå AB Stro AB Settiro AB AB Stora H Stores For You AB Satura AB 24Storage AB Cc Star AB The C Story AB Sjöture E.Saether AB Zedero AB Zatar AB Cetor AB Cetura AB Zettra AB Citrea AB S. Tour Bardo AB Helioworks AB Helioworks Hornstull AB Helioworks Kungsholmen AB Helioworks Food & Beverages AB Helioworks Solna Gate AB Helioworks Hötorget AB Helioworks GT30 AB Cargotec Holding Sweden AB PE El, Tele och Säkerhet AB Pmc Bostad AB Pmc Future AB EFO AB Pauli, Leonard Mäster Tio HB Master-Guide Medi Master AB Master Training AB Master Etisk Comsol AB Comsicom Comspace AB City Orient Mattor Stockholm AB Superfront AB Superfriend HB Supero Superfront International AB Svart Äpple AB ABL AB Intran HB S2 Invest AB iZettle AB Izettle Merchant Services AB Leloi AB Chico Hotel Solutions AB Chicouté HB Fidelin Fidelio AB Fidelio Vet AB Gunnebo Industrier Holding AB Akka Egendom Gunnebo II AB Essity AB (publ) Tco Utveckling AB G4 IT AB Första AP-Fonden Kapital KB Första AP-Fonden Tredje AP-Fonden Första AP-Fonden Kapital AB Aöo-Fonden Op Fonden KB The Associated Press AB AP Advokat KB PEAB-Fonden Ljungar Advokatbyrå AB Bilbolaget P-A.G AB Hemnet Service Hns AB Speed Up AB LinnMed Advokat Åsa Lennmor AB Sarepta International Sweden AB Hazelight Studios AB Mabi Sverige AB Indo-Trade HB Indutec HB Nova Security AB Hyde, Vendela Stickersprint Estb 2010 Kims Kosmetick Land THE PAPER PEOPLE People People AB Property People AB Visitors People To People Reklambyrån Rekyl Reklambyrån Xxvi AB Drive Reklam AB Drive Reklam KB Reklambyrån Sju Svåra År HB Reklambyrån Schena AB Reklambyrån 26 AB Reklambyrån Xxvi Produktion AB Reklambyrån Thor & Co AB Nuero AB KB Nerös B2B Sales AB Cu Försäkringar AB Holy G W&H Group AB Ballet International AB Double R AB Double You Ips Intellectual Property Searches AB Oxthera Intellectual Property AB Norwegian Air Sweden AB Crown AIR Swedish AB W&B Of Sweden AB Water AIR Clean Svenska West UC Sweden AB Chef in the Air Sweden AB Indextra AB Tekniseri Nordic AB Simplify AB Aconic AB Sweden Hu AB United Spaces Network Offices AB Soya Group Support AB Sales Support Nordic Group AB A-Com Support Group AB Rederi AB Soya Rederi Sjögången AB Rederi AB Skeppsmyra Corechange Group AB Corechange AB CoreChange Invest AB La Petite Galerie Francaise AB W Capital Management AB HK Capital Management AB Vaneo Capital Management AB WKS Capital Management AB Åhléns Outlet AB Åhléns AB Fundler AB FUNDERIA Funder Sweden AB Fundpicker AB AB Data Data-21 MTA Sweden AB Made In Sweden Möbel AB Arkitektkopia Holding AB Mr Green & Co AB (Publ) Veoneer Sverige LiDAR AB Veneer Foursavas HB Cleanel Vanadis Redovisningskonsult AB Vacara Diagnostics AB Resscapital AB Project People Sweden AB People Productions Sweden AB People Productions Sweden Tech AB The Producers Sweden AB Pure Swedish Products HB Länsförsäkringar AB (Publ) Länsförsäkringar Mäklarservice AB ABA AB Patronus Mm-Protection Group HB Tell The People AB People & Things AB AB Svenska Regn Nordea Bank AB Nordea Kapitalförvaltning AB Tube AB Lucky Karma Hästö Herrgårds Butik Talentor Sweden AB Talent Eye AB The Talent Company AB Talentia AB TALENTIT AB The Talent Group AB Talent Network AB Tales AB Talentus Invest AB TALENT TREE AB Talentsoft Sa Talent Relations AB Marco Administration, KB Marcato Förvaltnings AB Non Paper AB Pappers Paperi Engineering AB M&E IT AB Enjoy Living Kollektivavtalsstift Trygghetsrådet Autoliv AB Autoliv Holding AB Medscinet AB Medscio AB Demos Effect AB Demos Stockholm B3 Consulting Group AB (publ) Din Bil Sverige AB Up&open AB Open Payments Europe AB Open Road AB Open Air Group AB Open Sea AB Open Eye AB Open Aid Barnskospecialisten i Stockholm AB Widespace AB Widespace Holding AB Whitespace AB Tourist Center Köpmangatan, 22 Gamla Stan Tradition Österlånggatan AB Oldtown Tourist Center AB Fastigheten Österlånggatan 12-34 i Arboga AB Round Table 35 Stockholm City NREP InvestCo 35 AB PM Scandinavia Tourist Consulting AB Brf Sandelsgatan 35 i Stockholm OHNYAB 35 AB Brf Skutan 35 Brf Vitbetan 35 Castellum Kungsängen 35:3 AB Brf Styrmannen 35 i Stockholm Brf Loket 35-36 Brf Rodret 3-5 Stendörren Boländerna 35:4 och 35:5 AB Steninge Slott Fastighet 35 AB Genova Fast 35 AB Meko Service 35 AB Brf Dala 35 Margareta Cederströms Minnesfond Nr 35 Brf Kvadraten 35 Magnolia Projekt 35 AB 5 Monkeys Agency AB 5 Monkeys Agency Staff AB 5Mönkeys AB Er-Ni AB Retriever AB Triggerbee AB The Trigger Company AB Skirner AB SKRÅ Arantus AB Nordiska Financial Technology AB Kinnevik AB Kinnevik Online AB Invik & Co AB Kinnevik East AB Kinnevik Investment Partners AB Sensei AB Nektar Nektar Asset Management AB Brf Nektarinen Catella Fondförvaltning AB Catella Brand AB Catella AB Catella Property Fund Management AB Catella Corporate Finance Stockholm AB Catella Holding AB Catella Corporate Finance AB Catella Kapital & Pension AB Catella Property Asset Management AB Catella Hedgefond Catella Balanserad Catella Sverige Aktiv Hållbarhet Catella Småbolagsfond Catella Fokus Catella Sverige Hållbart Beta Catella Avkastningsfond Catella Credit Opportunity Catella Corporate Finance Stockholm HB Catella Likviditetsfond Permira Advisers AB Acne Studios AB Acne Studios Holding AB Acne AB Acne Jr AB Consius AB Försvarets Materielverk First Restaurants AB Advisa AB AB Advisiana Advinans AB ADVINI AB Hoist Holding AB Åsa Höistad AB Scrive AB La France Dmc AB Permira Advisers KB Outdoor AB Fff Outdoor AB Svenskt Tenn AB Svenskt Lantbruk AB AB Svenskt Ansvar Dorf, Roger Sproutz AB Sproll Sprom AB Candy K AB The Flow Networks Sweden AB The Flow E-Networks AB Electronic PM Ekonomisk Fören KS Sound AB Soundtrap AB Scandinavian Credit Fund I AB (publ) S Fund I AB Food For All i Skandinavien AB Hedda Credit Fund I AB Cubus AB Åsi AB Hen HJ HEM AB K.S Hus&Hem HB HYBRIT Development AB Tata Communications (Sweden) AB TATAKA AB Grundenten HB Accountor Ekonomi & Rådgivning AB Accountor AB Accountor Ekonomi AB Concordis AB Lava AB Chark Stryk & Chark Kentor AB (Publ). Kento KB Kentor Holding AB Kenti AB Kentor East AB Kentor Teknik AB Kentaro AB Kentor Business Solutions AB Schibsted Enterprise Technology AB Schibsted Sverige AB Schibsted TM II AB Schibsted TM AB Schibsted Marketplaces Sweden AB Schibsted Sales And Inventory AB Schibsted Tillväxtmedier AB Schibsted Media Bemanning AB Schibsted Lifestyle Online AB Schibsted Marketplaces Products & Technology AB Schibsted Products & Technology AB Schibsted Fintech AB Schibsted Unionen-Klubben Schibsted Personal Finance Bolån AB Soundtrack Your Brand Sweden AB Vector Vector Nordic AB Vectura AB Canal Digital Sverige AB Demel HB Synsam Group Sweden AB Agerlid, Marie Nordic Automotive Import AB Ratos AB Next Generation Broadcasting Ngb AB Next Generation Broadcasting Ngb Africa AB Next Generation Broadcasting Ngb Southeast Asia New Electric Sweden AB Metso, Martti Orient Axtone AB Axweg AB Gaa AB Nordnet Bank AB Aton AB Refune Music Group AB Refune Music Rights AB Refune Music AB Refune Management AB Many Ways Mw AB Inventum Innovations KB Innoventor Konsult HB Bra Gjort Svenska AB Signia Media Technologies AB Mf Chefs- och Företagsutveckling AB Yma Företagsutveckling Swedish Rental Association The Swedish Financial Technology Association - S Ssp Sweden Financing AB Fespa Sweden Association Foreign Bankers Association In Sweden APP Finans Svenska AB Swedish House Of Finance Syntaxis Sweden Finance AB Syntaxis Sweden Finance II AB Snl Financial Sweden AB Standard Finance Sweden AB Nigeria-Sweden Association NOBIA AB NOBIA Interiör AB Hkc Hotels Holding AB HKC Åby Hotel AB Concrete Inter-Nordic Solutions AB AG Solutions & Consulting AB Nordic Gas Solutions AB Nordic Insurance Consulting AB Nordic Mobile Solutions AB Concrete Nordic Solutions AB Continuous Learning Solutions Nordic AB Bd Nordic Solutions AB Health Solutions Nordic AB Stroboskop European Vinyls Corporation (Uk) Ltd iZettle Capital AB Kastell Advokatbyrå Holding AB Kastell Advokatbyrå AB Eira Health AB Tecan Nordic AB Technor Energy AB Learnify AB Hyscobanx Trust Company KB Stratur AB Bern Invest AB Fictura AB Ficturar AB Great Story Media AB Ficturett AB Mycke Cyklar i Stockholm AB Ögren & Partners AB Tfi Insurance AB Karmalicious AB IP-Only Qbrick AB IP-Only Qbrick Holding AB Ip-Only Systems AB IP-Only Enterprise DGC AB IP-Only Networks Jämtland AB Only for Heroes AB Makers Only AB Only Shallow AB Northern Front Group AB The Frontier AB New Frontier Wines AB Nord-Farm AB N.Form AB Holmen AB Myonly AB RTR Sweden AB Ryder Sweden AB Trioleo HB Jabana AB Jabangi AB Infomate Bergenstråhle Group AB Bergenstråhle & Partners Linköping AB Bergenstråhle & Partners Stockholm AB Jansson Bergenstråhle, Agneta Bergenstråhle, Joachim Bergenstråhle, Christian Bergenstråhle, Yvonne EE Boxen AB Equuleus AB Heidelbergcement Northern Europe AB Heidelbergcement Sweden AB HeidelbergCement Africa Holding KB HästNet Sverige AB Hatt Et Söner AB Hatt Et Söner Holding AB Lorenz B. Hatt Tegel och Hatt AB Aladdins Uthyrning AB ALADDINS MÖBEL- & PORSLINSUTHYRNING HB Firefly AB Sfdc Sweden AB Elite Salesforce AB Arbitrage AB Arbitrage Deux AB Arbitrator AB Arbitrio AB Arbitrage Quatre AB Arbitrage Cinq AB Swedish Pelican Self Storage AB Swedish Pelican Kungsholmen AB Swedish Pelican Silverdal AB Swedish Pelican Lidingö AB Swedish Pelican Bromma AB Swedish Pelican Botkyrka AB Swedish Pelican Täby AB Swedish Pelican Service AB Silverstockholm AB Tele2 Russia Holding AB Extenda AB Extenda Retail AB Global Blue Sweden Holdings AB Global Retail Sweden AB Global-Constructions Sweden AB Giant Business in Sweden AB S&P Global Sweden AB Cdi Global Sweden AB Pccw Global (Sweden) AB Glory Global Solutions (Sweden) AB Global Business Trust KB Global Employees in Sweden AB Good Relations In Business & Life In Sweden AB Global Happiness Sweden AB Global Present Sweden AB Global Compact Sweden iQor Global Services Sweden AB Sweden Business Park AB Law & Business Group Sweden AB Global Movement Sweden Swedish Global Gate AB Global Factory Sweden AB C.W.A. Global Business Services Blueberry College & Universitet AB PEG Capital Partners AB Kit HB Katinkas Kitchen PFC Technology AB Aulon Open Air Holding AB Pa-Resurs Bs AB Mc Cay Consulting Sirius International Försäkrings AB (publ) Sirius Sirius HB Lawson, Kelly Efford Continental Holdings HB Cityläge AB Rädda Barnens Stockholmsdistrikt Rädda Barnens Ungdomsförbund Rädda Barnens Konstfören Rädda Barnens Unionen-Klubben Borå AB Boramar AB B & B Borås AB Borador AB Borr BoRank AB Mash Sweden AB MJSA Sweden AB Sweden AB Njk Enterprises H & M Hennes & Mauritz Gbc AB H & M Hennes & Mauritz Sverige AB H & M Hennes & Mauritz International AB Hennes & Mauritz Hk, Unionenklubben SAS Scandinavian Airlines Sverige AB SAS, Sonny SAS Management AB SAS Tech AB Hard Leg AB Cykel Norden AB Moderna Therapeutics Sweden AB Modus Therapeutics AB Modus Therapeutics Holding AB (publ) Moderna Teatern AB Rnb Retail And Brands AB (Publ) Feel Invest AB We Must FEEL PR Stockholm AB Autoliv East Europe AB BR SOLUTION HOLDING AB Code Solution Sweden AB Top Solution Sweden HB Zero AB Zero kHz HB Stift Hjärnfonden Hjärnfonden - Riksfören Mot Hjärnsjukdomar Hjärtebarnsfonden Hjärne & Co AB Fören Spirit Of Angola Northern Spirit Capital AB SPIRIT & CO AB No Brand, Corporate Spirit AB BAVARIA MOTORS SWEDEN Joseph AB House Of Profiles AB Infogen AB Heads Svenska AB Riksbyggen Ek För Pg Skåne Invest AB Pg Skåne Investment AB Sanofi AB MSD Vaccines Sweden AB Pricepi Technologies AB Pps Power Planning System AB Hernova AB Polär Polarcape Consulting AB Tieto Sweden AB Matorex AB Åkers Bruk AB Doctrin AB Thärn, Hans Nils Gerhard Military Work i Sverige AB Kollektivavtalsstift Trygghetsfonden Tsl Kollektivavtalsstift Trygghetsfonden Kfs Goobit AB Goobit Holding AB Goobit Exchange AB Goobit blocktech AB Goobit Förvaltning AB Mobile Box AB Box Arkitekter AB Bean Box AB Box Communications AB B.X. Utvecklings AB Memoir AB Momar AB Pro Memoria Mediaimp AB Universum Communications Sweden AB Universal Care Sweden AB Artupox AB SA 82 AB Soi9 Mettler-Toledo AB The International School Of Stockholm Stft Stockholm International Water Institute Stockholms Inst Invest AB Mist Stockholm International AB Intergiro International Stockholm AB Stockholm Sales Institute Stockholm Institute For Scandinavian Law Stift Stockholm International School Bk Inter Stockholm Mobile Institute Stockholm AB Café International i Stockholm HB Stockholm Institute Of Fashion BodyConcept by MSL Stockholm International Toastmasters Stockholm International Soloists Stockholm International Building Trade AB J Productions JJ Production HB J&B Production AB J:Son Production AB Jay Productions Trustly Group AB Trustly AB Vinkällaren Grappe AB Synthomer Speciality Additives AB Havas Media AB GoLoyal AB Sense Group AB Kaplan Consulting AB Kaplans Safir AB Keskin, Kaplan Kaplan S1 AB Kaplan PNR1 AB Kaplans Auktioner AB Kaplansbacken AB Paula Kaplan AB Marianne Kaplan Invest AB Marianne Kaplan AB Diamantia AB Firm Factory Network AB Kaplan, Aaron Neil Wayke Sweden AB Wayke AB Wayke Holding AB AB Insted Institute Of Foreign Education Preses AB Preset HB Wåhlström, Åsa Wåhlström, Erik Miss Hosting AB Unikt Golv Sverige AB Chevron Parquet International AB Chevron Parquet Scandinavia AB Cita AB Divio Holding AB (publ) DEFO Holding AB AF - DF Holding AB In The Middle Of Norway AB BAS ITG AB Basit AB Addtech Nordic AB Addtech AB LD & Company AB Avaus Marketing Innovations AB Almach Music & Innovations KVK Innovations KB Knowit AB (Publ) Knowit Secure AB Knowit Hrm AB Knowit Development AB Knowit Dataunit AB Knowit IT Management AB Knowit Require AB Knowit Architecture AB Knowit Business Consulting AB Knowit Defence Technology AB Knowit Digital Law AB Port2Port Group AB Port Gaeu AB Karolinska Institutet /Fastighet/ Karolinska Institutets Stift F Protesforskn. (50 Norrmalm 2 AB Pro Norrmalm Norrmalm 43 Stockholm AB OLTO AB Colart Sweden AB Colare AB Norwegian AIR Shuttle Sweden AB NextJet AB Nextjet Sverige AB Nextnet Jeanette Neij Text Stift Braathens Fond KB Europa 10 Ba Ware AB Klarna Bank AB Veloxia AB Värmdö Taxi AB Vardse AB Vårdförbundet Vardagspuls AB VårdLegionen AB Värdefabriken AB Vardagsproffsen AB Vårdia AB Värdtema AB Jack R. Reklambyrå AB Jack Made Mourou, Jack Naaman, Jack Weblify AB Havas Worldwide AB Havas Sweden AB Awas (Sweden) AB Havo Sweden AB Cloudera Sweden AB Cloudex AB Cloudrusher AB Salong Masters Skälsö Masters AB Brf Mäster Samuel Masters Salladsbar HB Klarna Holding AB Klarna Midco AB Bk String Teater String Stringbeard AB Stringensia AB First String AB Bois & Partners HB Maison, Eric Brindle Inredning AB Brindle Inredning & Design HB Inter Euro Public KB Solutionator AB Street Solutions Bambora Group AB WÄST 39 AB SHH Invest nr 39 AB Areim Investment 3-9 AB Rendelen 39 AB Micro Systemation AB (Publ) The & Partnership AB MR & Partners AB Mjs Foundation Mjs Venture AB Mj's Transport Nordic Web Team Sweden AB World Web Consultants HB Web Power Scandinavia AB Web Index Survey Wis AB Codecap Web Solutions AB X-Web Productions Web Lovers AB Spider Web Help Organisation Web Tales AB SamMark Web AB Ic Web AB Web Guide Partner Scandinavia AB W24 Web Solutions AB Stureplan Web AB Heb Web AB Stockholm/Sweden Web Solutions AB P.H Web Invest AB Stockholm Web Industries AB Gourmet Stockholm Web AB Bombolles Wine AB Wooldozer Ohlén Communications AB Wester, Peter Wolfert, Sara Wemmenstedt, Jonny Webforge HB Wedin & Georén konsult AB WIKHOO Holdings AB LootLocker AB Wiggle Room Rocket Science AB Widerberg, Siv W Finans Norden KB Wardrobe Stockholm Whisky Vultures Westbom, Jonas Joons, Marcus Erik Finans och Ekonomiservice i Stockholm AB Wakyak Nygren Wiktorin, Robert Widmark, Isabelle Ekonomiska Fören Pontus Lidberg Dance Ögoncentralen Stockholm AB Down Town Walk Westerlund, Ulrika Journalist Gunhild Wallin SWG Consulting AB Astrid Waleij - Utvecklingskonsult Wictorsson Productions Spartivento Consulting AB Winblad, June Whitespace Holding AB Good, Noah European Neighbourhood Consulting Oh Holding AB Petter Olofsson Ord Adored Productions HB Aivilo Holding AB VADA AB Vidyo AB H.V.T.O. Foodio AB Feedeo AB Photography 1st AB Whedda AB Weahead AB Witty AB Watty AB HWT Advokat AB WAT Ekonomikonsult AB Woodev AB Woodyard AB Woodridge AB Woodstockholm AB Wt-Hus AB Kungsholmens Fotvård Semab AB Assa Abloy Asia Holding AB Assa Abloy Försäkrings AB ASSA ABLOY Logistic Security Solutions AB RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Holding AB Retail Academics Research Institute Sweden AB Pres Inst Sweden AB Svp International KB SWEPA International AB Make Up Shop Sweden AB Make Up Store AB Stampro Make Up AB Make IT Up Make Up Institute Stockholm AB Mouchet, Isabelle J Fall Consulting ReachMee AB Reachem AB ReachMee TopCo AB ReachMee Mittab AB St Inom Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten, Avd 435 Huvudverket i Sverige AB Lowell Sverige AB Stingray Holding AB Neon August AB Filmfören Neon Valtech AB Valt AB Plantagon International Association Plantagon International AB PLANTAGON INNOVATION AB Plantagon Agritechture AB Plantagon Production Sweden AB Plantago Plantagon International Holding AB Plantagenet AB Tom Hope AB BON HOPE AB Hope Production AB Hope Star AB Axo Finans AB Carl Christian Energy AB Aidea AB Jos AB Joseph, David Joseph, Mimo Conversator HB Conversation AB Ajfe Affiliate Bynk AB By Inka McCann Stockholm AB Magine AB Magine Sweden AB Ef-Gruppen AB As Group AB A.S.A Group AB O.C.H Group HB G Group AB Penst AB Pensure AB Alibi Alabio AB Mwl Consulting AB Theorem Clinical Research AB Svecrin-Sweden Clinical Research Infrastructure Clinical Reports Sweden AB Clinical Nurse Sweden AB DPOrganizer AB The Key Technologies Sweden AB HCL Technologies Sweden AB Unity Technologies Sweden AB Metacomp Technologies Sweden AB Star Stable Entertainment AB Star Stable AB d-star entertainment HB Rekon Ingrid Österberg AB Ratos Service AB Ratos Fastighets AB Ratos Kabel Holding AB Ratos Limfac Holding AB BabyBjörn Holding AB Evidensia AB Evidenta AB Evid'or AB Evid AB Evidensia Holding AB Pöyry Sweden AB Essity Treasury AB Essity Försäkrings AB Sally & son AB Agar, Sally Sally & Harry Creative Studio AB Sally Wiola Music AB Sally Ann Sverige AB Wickström, Yvonne Sally Skagerström, Sally Usher, Sally Delore, Sally Kahn, Sally Wikström, Sally Mari-Anne Jacobssons Dödsbo, Sally Lovisa Discovery Communications Nordic Aps Danmark Fili Ef Education AB Educ AB Exacttarget AB Exacta Holding AB Thomson Reuters Holdings AB Thomson Reuters (Markets) Sverige AB Largus AB Largus Holding AB Largus Aviation AB Largus Innovation AB Larga KB Largentus AB Trans World Airlines Inc Tawua AB M.B.C. Executive Systems AB J G E G-Drill AB Mac Rhino Electrified AB Electricpal AB M Aviation Menzies Aviation (Sverige) AB Menzies Aviation (Stockholm) AB Groc Property II AB L E Handelshus AB H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB Sitalytic AB Asmar, Joe-Yves I-Man Massive Performance Massive Music In Sweden AB Massivo HB Modo AB Uson Marine AB Uson Marketing AB Stayahead AB Trustly Sweden AB Trustly Holding AB Trustly Stockholm AB Trustor AB Trustcell Albacross Nordic AB H&M Fashion AB Ovako Steel Marketing AB Ovako Holdings AB Ovako AB (Publ) Ovako Group AB Ovako Newco AB BBH Arkitektur & Teknik AB Noania AB Blanca Cres AB Cres Lugi Crespo AB Sudio AB H & M Online AB M&H Holding AB H & M Finance AB Stift H&M Foundation MACHI Nibeli AB Nibelia AB Niob AB World Wind Sweden AB Worldline Sweden AB World Wide Link Sweden AB Alfanet Microdata AB Eu Cab Stockholm Unicorn Telecom AB Telecom-Unionen Selberg Multimedia & Telecom Consulting AB Df Telecom KB Telecom care Nordic AB HB Zentropa Telecom Electryon Telecom AB Zte Wistron Telecom AB Nordic Telecom Group AB Telecom Services Nordic AB Gnanam Telecom Centers AB Veiret Telecom AB Swedavia Airport Telecom AB Tarifflex Telecom AB Softronic Telecom Partner AB Ramböll Telecom AB CITIC Telecom CPC Sweden AB Prisma Telecom Testing AB Ingen Is AB Ingemino AB Ingefära AB Ingenjörshuset Ingenjörsbyn AB Ingeus AB Ingenjörsbyn KB Ingemarsholmen AB Pop In Sahlin, Johanna Nude Nuday AB Tele2 AB Nätbolaget Holding Sverige AB Transmode Systems AB Himlavalvet High On Life Kafé Himlavalvet AB Stockholms Specialresor Ab:S Personalstift Jollylot Mio Cibo Miss Lebanon-Sweden Committée Tickstar AB Fotograf Emma Svensson AB Emma Svensson Agenturer Sand & Soul Skin Ox2 Group AB Ox2 Bio AB Ox2 Wind AB Ox2 Construction AB OX2 Biogas AB OX2 Bio Produktion AB OX2 Wind International AB Ox2 Wind Production AB Ox2 Bio Energi AB Ox2 Bio Marknad AB Ox2 Wind Finland AB Honö AB Carbon HB Artekia Artely AB Swedbank Robur Förbundsfond Boliden International Mining AB Boliden AB Boliden Commercial AB Bemannia AB (Publ.) Granqvist, Ingrid Eivor Margareta Emelie Granqvist Epic Pictures Granqvist, Iris Helen Johan Granqvist AB Granqvist, Ida Lotta Granqvist Kulturproduktion AB Granqvist, Anna Karin Lars Granqvist administration AB Granqvist Production AB Total Arkitektur och Urbanism Tau Holding AB Bublar Group AB (publ) Virtual Brains AB Total Arkitektur och Urbanism Tau AB Paxton Executive AB Interim Search AB SG Rådgivning AB Kmg Media Granquist, Karin Granqvist, Barbro Granqvist, Marita Granqvist, Pia Mvg Konsult JG Media FABLEFX AB GVA Sweden AB Ace Advokatbyrå AB Stift För Ace A.C.E SUPREME AB Planet Hep Planet Rooms AB Planet Rooms Cellavos AB House Of E. Products AB Red Steed Production HB House of Producers (HOP) ek. för. Red Creek Production Innspire Intelligent Hotels AB Intelligent Art AB Intelligent Apps International AB Intelligent Mammals AB Sh Radio Shoeline HB S H O S AB Claremont AB Claremont Enterprise Development AB Claremont Digital Business AB Claremont Dynamics AB Core people AB Peoples Choice AB Khaned AB Silk Road Siam Jewellery & Silk Infrasec AB The English Sister Company HB Hi3G Enterprise AB Hi3G Access AB Hi3G Holdings AB Conroy, Eoin Matthew Gs Ramsbury Invest AB Statoil Tjänstemannaklubb Sif Statoil Ots AB Statoil Sverige Kharyaga AB Statoil Konstfören Urbane AB Mr Urban AB af Guide Forselius, Josef Eastern Light Sweden-Denmark AB Stream & Co AB Arisa AB Arista Networks Sweden AB Aristobrats HB Phil's Burger AB Pdf Burger AB Farmic AB Svep Kavatina Skl Kommentus Inköpscentral AB Skl Kommentus AB S.K. Electronics Skl Kommentus Media AB Almira AB Almiri Företagskonsult AB Almia AB MonMat AB Forestum Estate AB U Screens AB Ultra Screen KB IntraNote AB Dagg AB Dagg Produktion Dagg Förvaltning AB Mr Digger AB Stift Fakultetskurser Winqvist Röja Group AB Aspect Properties AB ( publ ) Aspect Properties innovation AB Aspect Properties Invest AB Claremont Architecture & Development AB Claremont Business Direction AB Claremont Business Solutions AB Claremont Holding AB Claremont Business Transformation AB Claremont Net Solutions AB Claremont Quality Management AB Claremont Accelerate AB Claremont Enterprise Commerce AB Claremont Quality Services AB Claremont Xperience Design AB Claremont Information Management AB Claremont Supply Chain Solutions AB Claremont Digital Solutions AB Claremont Net Partner AB Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia, Ömsesidigt Skandia Norden Idyl HB For Father AB Far Foreo AB FAR AB Wine Detectives AB JCT Technology AB MTC Sweden AB Mct Sweden Meat of Sweden AB MDC Sweden AB Ma Sweden AB Fören För Främjande av Förnybar Energi Solar Adyen Nordic AB Adyen Nordic Filial Cornerstone AB AMF Pensionsförsäkring AB Amf Pensions Tillväxtfond - Världen Amf Pensions Likviditetsfond Amf Pensions Småbolagsfond Hq Pension AB Ag Pension AB Allra Pension AB Rebla AB Envito AB Envinor AB Camfil AB Åma Intressenter AB Lardo AB Klara D AB Klara T AB Klara K AB Klara E AB Klara Lex Advokatbyrå AB Klara Ark HB Bankgirocentralen BGC AB Xlent Consulting Holding AB XLENT B&F AB Xlent IT Consulting AB XLENT Automation AB Citador AB Citadellskajen 1 Ekonomisk fören Citadellskajen 3 Ekonomisk fören Citadellskajen 2 Ekonomisk fören AB Citadelab Syncronit AB Syncron International AB Suitopia Scandinavia AB Eqt Partners AB EQT AB IPCO Holding AB IPCO Group AB Transcendent Group Syd AB Transcendent Group Holding AB Transcendent Group Regulatory Technology AB Transcendent Groups If Transcendent Group Stockholm AB Transcendent Group AB Nordnet Superfonden Danmark West-Pool AB Wpo Nrei AB WPO Sverige AB Prosperous Wind AB Wind Design Wind Service Sweden AB Swedish Wind Service AB Silver Road Wind Power AB Foodora AB Hult Gaming Symetri Collaboration AB Trimb Healthcare AB Trimb AB Trimb Holding AB Estelle & Co. AB Dr Estelle Milkywire AB We & Wine AB We Effect Unionen-Klubben Vid We Effect och Vi -Skogen We Did That HB We International AB Cantemo AB Cantemus Jesper de Ruvo Invest AB Socks & Company AB Happy Socks AB Happy Society AB Happy Scissors Happy Seeds HB Leap AB LEAPEF AB Leapduck AB Leapfrog AB Leap Creative Processus AB SymSearch AB Securitas Intelligent Services AB Securitas Sverige Holding AB Securitas Sverige AB Ledarklubben Stockholm - Securitas Securitas Uthyrning AB Securitas Nordic Holding AB Securitas Flyg- och Sjösäkerhet AB Securitas AB Securitas Rental AB Securitas Fonden Securitas Invest AB Securitas Asia Holding AB Securitas Transport Aviation Security AB Securitas Administrationstjänst AB Securitas Middle East And Africa Holding AB Unionenklubben Securitas Sverige AB Stockholm Secura AB Secor AB Sequr AB Säkra AB Svenska Afghanistankommittén Jam Swedish Investment AB SSAB Swedish Steel Sa/Nv Civil Rights Defenders Brf Bellman Bellman & Partners AB Bellman, Erik Skandinaviska Instrument AB Instoremedia AB Instoria AB Cool Carriers AB Cool Carriers Shipping AB Cool Carriers Personalstiftelse Björkegren Media Björkegren, Ingrid Unifaun AB Uniform Memnon If A House Social The Absolut Company AB Absolut Dental AB Absolut IT AB Absolut Spirits AB Absolut Gotland ABSOLUT ART AB Bumbee Labs AB Transfer Systematisk Pa AB Dacitos Consult AB Calea AB Btr Accounting And Payroll Services AB Vindex AB Vindex Holding AB The Vintage Woman Advokatfirman Delphi KB Advokatfirman Delphi Service AB Advokatfirman Delphi AB Delphi Kapital AB Svenska Handelsbanken AB Art For A Reason AB AB DP Venture Reason & Partners AB ABM Aviation AB Adcolony AB S. Hammar AB Webbhälsa AB Saplo Internet AB Saplo AB PEAB As Les Blancés HB Salong Les Papillons Instantor AB Laccord AB Stark Enterprise AB Stark, Lennart S-A Stark AB Stark Industries AB Fagel Perimeter Protection AB Star Models KB Viaplay AB Itiviti Group Holding AB Itiviti Group AB Syntastic AB Björn Emil Madeleine Zoe (B.E.M.Z.) Design AB Banza Westinghouse Electric International S.A. Ip-Only Fibernät AB Stockholms Stål & Metall AB Sme Stockholm Metal Exchange KB Alfa Metall i Stockholm AB If Metall Randstad Stockholm If Metall Stockholms län Dac-Au-Lac AB Lac D'or AB JOvB Investment AB Jw Pensionsstift Nr 2 Jw Pension AB Avebo, Jonathan Andres Jawbone Consulting AB Jw Pensionsstift OVPN Integritet AB HEFAB Johanneshov AB If Bujinkan Bushin Dojo Eva Bonniers Stift Hifab Invest AB Stift Eva Bonniers 70-Årsfond Hifab International AB AvP Medical AB Ove Bengtson Sports Promotion AB Hifab Metodkonsult AB Scandinavian Airlines System AB Stockholm Jylland 1 Fastighets AB Elekta AB (Publ) Elekta If Elekta Instrument AB Bro Elektra 3 AB Corem Elektra 27 AB Fastighets AB Elektra 19 & 21 AB Aqua Ta Collection AB Clipsource AB Nordic Service Partners AB Rödl & Partner Nordic AB REAL Value Partners Nordic AB Nordic Credit Partners AB Generate Partnerships Nordic AB Nordic Export Partners AB Equals AB Equals Equan AB Equalate Equalate AB Unionen Klubben På Oriflame Oriflame Cosmetics AB Oriflame Services International AB Orifarm AB Stone Care AB Stone Properties AB Headweb AB Headweb Personal AB Norron AB Digital Route AB Digitalyouth Bergendahl, Olle Greatesty AB Business Sweden Business Support Office AB Virtual Business Sweden AB Leading Business Sweden AB Health Business to Business Sweden AB Wall Street Systems Iph AB Wall Street Systems Nordic AB Wall Street Systems Sweden AB King Food AB King Mobile AB AB Kniga King Hippo AB King Island Enterprise AB King J Of Coffee AB King Lily AB Kings Of Tennis AB Swedish Biotechnology AB Surr AB Surr Lagardère Sports Scandinavia AB Polar Play AB AxCrypt AB Polar Antik HB Polar Studios AB Polar Wolf AB Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB Tradedoubler Media AB Tradedoubler AB Tradedoubler Sweden AB Tradedoubler International AB Stockholms Stadsteater AB Skådespelarklubben Stockholms Stadsteater Kulturhuset Stories AB Rs Kiosk AB Diez, Diana Diana Pizzeria HB Nord, Diana Diana Skog AB Diana Orving AB Nordica Holdco AB Nordic And Baltic Cinema Holdco AB Ralph Lauren Scandinavia AB Nordic Flanges Group AB (publ) Nordic Flanges Optionsbolaget AB Sodexo Pass Sweden AB Sodexo Pass Holding Sweden AB Handicare Group AB Handaz & Co AB Amiwic conmundo AB Impact AB Impact Hcmc AB House of Impact AB Castle Bravo AB Castle Hotell AB Castelli & Co AB Castlegate Capital AB Old Castle House AB Castle 2003-2 Sweden AB Castlestream Holding AB Castle Trade Castle Investment & Finance Co Ltd Castle Investment & Funding Corp Mfex Mutual Funds Exchange AB Softone AB (Publ) Boucarou Wine & Dine AB Wines Direct Ltd Ward Wines AB Wine Media AB Juvinum Food & Beverage AB J&A Wines HB Vinum Veritas Wine Agency AB Beer Med Mer Beer House with KB AB Independent Wine Company AB Terra Nuova Food & Wine AB Vintrio Wine AB Johan Magnusson Fine Wine AB People Wine AB Agent Wines P & J AB BonSenso Wines AB Wine Stain AB Wester Wine & Food AB Bouquet Wines Sweden AB Ingredi AB Naturalcycles Nordic AB Contexture AB Åkestam.Holst Intressenter AB åkestam.holst m fl KB Åkestam Holst - Promenad KB Åkestam Holst Group AB Holst Produktion Zurich Insurance Plc (Irland), Filial Sverige Zürich South America Invest AB X.L Lins Restaurang AB Ifi AB Mzw Trotting AB Magnani Trotting AB Mirembe Graphics Mexart Graphic Ulmar AB Ulmaja&Co AB sense produktion AB Sense Of Us HB Sense of Joy AB Sense Agency AB Cafe Sense HB Loviseberg Advisory AB Loviseberg Invest AB Lovisebergs Tapetserarverkstad Lovisebergs Gård, Christer Lithander Sachajuan Haircare AB Sachajuan Franchise Sweden AB Carbzone AB Carbona AB Fera Event Estate AB Åsa Event Recipe Musikproduktion Svensk Export Vodka AB Stellar choice AB The Brewery AB Giertz Vinimport AB Teacher Agency Svenska AB Virtuous Spirits AB Wish Way In MK Proffs AB Ejes Chokladfabrik AB Bright Energy AB Bright Productions AB Bright Skies AB Brightwear HB Brightby AB Brightspeed AB Brighteye AB Brightmill AB Brightlabs AB Brightmond AB Brightfield KB AB Brigaden Br i Gustavsberg AB Simway AB Wigenheim Westman, Eva Primwood AB Joakim Wiklander Joakim Wiklander Invest AB Joakim Westh Företagsutveckling AB Thaim For Wellness AB Österheim Wennerstein, Sofie Timwood Strategic Advisors AB Swimmer AB Swimbuddy Svmf Service AB 24SevenOffice Scandinavia AB Svanfeldt Alliance AB SV16 Invest Svenska AB Magnus Svanfeldt Musik Sven och Evas Resursadministration AB Sven Fagrells Stift För Forskning (226) Svnivp Holding AB SFM Funding AB Swahn, Felix SVMV Sverige AB Savana IV Fastighets AB Svanevik, Mikael Bright-Line Group AB Bright 1-2-3 Södermalm AB Bright Sunday AB Bright Accounting Sweden AB Bright Entire AB Shine Bright Now Bright Optical Solutions Sweden AB Bright Engineering Stockholm AB Bright Clean Tech Solutions Sweden Filial BRIGHT ELTEKNIK AB Bright Equipment i Stockholm AB CS Bright&Prosperous Life Healthcare AB Cellart AB Manpowergroup Solutions AB Manpowergroup Solutions IT AB Manpower AB Manpowergroup AB Unionenklubben Manpowergroup Stockholm Soundo Deliberate Development Nordic AB Meds Apotek AB Index Holding 3 AB Athlone Aviation (Sweden) AB Goodbye Kansas Holding AB Goodbye Kansas Game Invest AB Goodbye Kansas Studios AB Goodbye Kansas Infinite AB Mobile Worker Systems Sweden AB Working Sis AB Work Sell AB Aphelia AB Webehome AB Webox AB Csc Digital Brand Services Group AB Csc Digital Brand Services AB C O Co AB CS Cc Company AB Ferromet Ferrous Raw Materials Trading AB Mr Green & Co Technology AB C - Green Technology AB Green Technology Invest Gtech AB (Publ) Building Management Systems Technology & Green T Green Additive Technology AB Qliro Group AB (publ) Qliro Group Services AB Qliro Group Shared Services AB AcadeMedia AB AcadeMedia Group AB AcadeMedia Support AB RD Dental AB R-Dental AB Pricer AB PricewaterhouseCoopers AB Investor AB Dr-Invest AB AS Investment AB PSJ Racing KB Cint AB Cinterus & Co AB Cint Intressenter II AB AB Cintura Cint Sverige AB Osterman, Eric Aak Invest AB Universum Optionshantering i Stockholm AB Hesselboms Universum AB Bröderna Bäckströms Universum AB Unestams Universum Regalle Sweden Ans Intressenter AB MS Intressenter AB Ahi Intressenter AB Avega Intressenter AB Aidb Intressenter AB Åwl Intressenter AB Advisa Intressenter AB Crawford Currie, Elizabeth Lowery, Andrew Crawford Augur Payair Technologies AB Payair Nordic AB Latitude Bite Teleperformance AB Teleperformance Nordic AB Quintiq AB Alm Equity Management AB Alm Equity AB Alm Equity Admin AB Coeli Private Equity Management II AB Coeli Private Equity Management AB Magine Holding AB JD Sports Fashion Sweden AB Superior Sport & Fashion Sweden AB Sergel Finans AB Sergel Rehab AB Sergel Bageriet AB Sergelbyggen AB Sergel Guld och Diamant AB Sergel Office AB Sergelbeh Company AB Maryland AB Md Advokatbyrå AB Ccb Bygg AB Hiq Stockholm AB MTR Tunnelbanan AB Zound Industries International AB Nordic Morning Sweden AB Nordic Morning Group Sweden AB de Ni AB Barcraft Svea AB B & S Svea AB Nividas AB Bågar och Glas i Gamla Stan AB Randstad Care AB Randstad AB Ntg Sverige AB Nordic Transport Equipment Credit AB Nordic Transport Equipment Invest AB Awesome Ventures AB Arconab AB Arcona AB Arken Arkitekter AB Arkensvik AB Arkma AB Arkensvik Byggnads AB Argona AB Aurea Consulting AB Arkiana Arkitektkontor AB Argentina Import Aracan AB Arikan Restauranger AB Erkenborn, Karl Argonauterna Argent Invest AB Arkeologistik AB Aergen Aircraft AB Argentinakommittén Furnace Solutions Sweden AB Planview International AB Modern Times Group MTG AB MTG TV AB Publish As The Public Pp Publishing AB P Publishing AB A.T.S At Bat AB At-At Advokat Pc Lindell AB Aprendere Skolor AB RE Skolor AB Sapa Profiles Holding AB Brf Pagen 6 Brf Pagen 7 Brf Pagen 15 Brf Pagen 16 Paqam AB Brf Pagen 9 Brf Pagen 8 JFM Ventures AB Jimbo Ventures AB J&J Venture AB JAMO Ventures AB Ravolution AB R-Volution Skattebetalarnas Förening Skattebetalarnas Servicebyrå AB Discshop Svenska Näthandel AB Beijer, Lars Beijer, Elin Elisabet Beijer, Axel Happy Works HB Student Competitions AB AB Svenska Listor Listorama AB Vall, Susana Polarn O. Pyret AB Sandborg & Company AB ÖstVäst Advisory AB Avanzera AB Avancera AB Senab AB Senab Services AB Capi-Lux Sweden AB Essec AB GomSpace Group AB Softronic Drift AB Softronic AB Softronic Väst AB Softronic Syd AB Hagedorn, Mats Svenska Global Trust AB Swedish Organization For Global Health Northern Trust Global Services Ltd (Uk) Sweden F Agria International Försäkring AB Ambendia AB Amoeba Made for Sales Nordic AB RW Sales Nordic AB LundLund L1 AB Bluebird Media AB Malmberg & Co. AB Generic Mobile Systems Sweden AB Generic Systems Sweden AB Generic Sweden AB (Publ) Förlagssystem Jal, AB Unionen Klubben Förlagssystem Stockholm Förlagssystem Proflog AB Mr Förlag Sigma Sigma Technology Consulting AB Sigma Young Talent AB Carmenta Intressenter AB Försäkrings AB Agria (publ) Irm Solution AB Solution T AB KPA AB Kepa Cool Company Skandinavien AB EnterCard Group AB Värmlandskraft-OKG-Delägarna AB Mdv Vod AB Vadå, AB Vidi AB VIDIA Vitis AB Vithaj AB 6Fot7 AB 4316156 Fida AB Fayette AB Fatta 3V - IT AB Kronans Droghandel Apotek AB Lucky Mother HB Metal Corp (Sweden) AB Vas AB M&A Invest AB Ma - Now Lantmännen Fastigheter AB Lantmännen Unibake Holding AB Lantmännen Industrifastigheter AB Lantmännen Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab Inter Lantmännen Utvecklingsfastigheter AB Lantmännen Vårgårda Kvarn AB Lantmännen Cerealia AB Lantmännen Förvaltningsfastigheter AB Lantmännen Fastigheter Syd AB Lantmännen Fastigheter Mitt AB Lantmännen Anguis AB Lantmännen Fastigheter i Kävlinge AB Lantmännen Fastigheter i Kävlinge 2 AB Crescit Asset Management AB E Trade Nordic AB R & D Trading HB East-West Trade AB FAM AB Fam Net Fam. Damm AB Fam. Axman AB Fam Siwers AB Nynas UK AB Formpipe Software AB Formpipe Software Linköping AB Formpipe Software Uppsala AB Formpipe Software Skellefteå AB Akebono Unlimited AB Infranode I Holding AB Infranode Holding AB Infranode I (No. 1) AB Eytys AB Gergeo Invest AB Specsavers Hornsgatan AB Sverigelots AB Sambla AB Promentor Finans AB Smart Investment Sweden AB SUN & SEA INVEST AB Smart Generation Invest AB Trettioencorp AB Standard Chartered Bank (United Kingdom), Filial Forcepoint Overseas Limited, United Kingdom, Fil Aes Financial Services Limited, United Kingdom F Europaseal United Kingdom Limited Filial Cars Mir AB Curl AB Carl 2 HB Cariol AB Dropby AB Drop Gothemhammar AB Merano Bostad Holding AB Ct Pharma AB Folksam Ömsesidig Sakförsäkring C/O Stockholm c/o Stockholm Specialutställningar AB Company Line i Stockholm AB Co-productive Stockholm AB Company Aktieservice i Stockholm AB Stockholm Association Of Colo-Proctology Företagsbostäder Accommodation Stockholm AB Rally Real Advokatbyrå AB Premium Bygger Sverige AB Vi Bygger i Sverige AB Berit Wallenbergs Stiftelse A O Wallenbergs Stift Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse Stift Knut O Alice Wallenbergs Forskarstip.Fond Anders Walls Stiftelse Tekn Dr M Wallenbergs SAS Stiftelse Åke Wibergs Stiftelse Human Capital Group Hcg AB Human Creation AB Human & Machine Human Care Hc AB (Publ) Abera Bioscience AB Akloma Bioscience AB Alligator Investment AB K2 Search AB K2 Advokatbyrå AB R2 Executive Search AB Brainpool Brain AB V & W Video Int HB Rfa Utbildningscenter Autism AB Burstit Digital AB LM Invest AB L M Ericsson International AB Nordax Bank AB (publ) HB Engström & Engström Appload AB Reve AB Your Special Delivery Service Teleport R&D AB Your Special Delivery Service Sweden AB Natis O Emmis HB Ngam, Nordics Filial Natixis Ventech China AB Brukarkooperativet Jag Brukarkooperativet Jag Service AB Stockholms Hamn AB ABS All Bygg Stockholm HB Kundkraft Sverige AB Stift H&M Incentive Program TVL Nordic AB Volumental AB Volumna AB Promote International AB Time Advokatbyrå KB Prime Time Invest KB Time Advokatbyrå AB Strandvägen Promotion AB International Time Service, Its AB Gourmet International Products AB Show Time Production AB Swedish International Production Warner Bros. International Television Production Pds Datorer International AB Pds Research International Consultants AB Time People Group AB (publ) Interesting Times Holding AB Time Care AB Time Fly AB Time Village AB Time Out Time Record AB Time-Out På Jobbet BI Firm AB Elektronikbranschen Wifog Holding AB (publ) Wifog AB Navigare Invest AB Navigraph KB Navigare AB Navigera AB Navigare Forvaltning AB Setterwalls Advokatbyra Stockholm AB Setterwalls Advokatbyra AB Stiftelsen Carl och Emmy Setterwalls Minne Setterwall Danielsson, Angelica Revres AB Reversed HB Stromborren AB Strombro AB Stromholm Advokatbyra AB Prize Hotel AB Studio Hotel Kista AB Brf S:T Paul Bae Systems AB Bage Fastigheter AB Byggvesta Fastigheter AB AB Company B Thormarkers Fisk AB Sabis AB Sabis Invest AB Per Kommunikation AB Mp Games AB Qp Games AB Mibi Games AB Lagtexten AB Investerum AB Investerum Holding AB Investerum Pension KB Investerum Basic Value Investarium AB Easypark AB Easypar AB EasyPark Innovation AB Hidalgo Perez, Guadalupe Glgk Konsult AB J. Bjorn Invest AB Eko Skradderi och Tvatt i Stockholm Stockholm Skradderi & Kemtvatt AB Stockholm Skradderi & Kemtvatt Styrmansgatan AB Yuree Skradderi och Kemtvatt Dandy Kemtvatt & Skradderi AB Simon Halef Skradderi & Kemtvatt AB Forsberg Forvaltning AB Ebacom AB Eonum Konsulter KB Jambo Toto Friends Arj AB SFF Holding AB SIFI Holding AB Sofo Holding AB Siwh Holding AB Ssvp Holding AB SEWA Holding AB Brandslangen AB Brandskyddslaget AB Arvids Musikhorna WAAX Sweden AB Ombori Services Sweden AB Ombori Group Sweden AB Sweet Rocks AB Sweet Rocks Google Sweden AB Online shopping Nordics AB Babyland Online Nordic AB Climendo AB Overseas Trust Scandinavia KB Stockholm Economics Se HB AB Style Education Stockholm Academic Work Hr Service AB Academic Work Intressenter AB Unionen-Klubben Academic Work Stockholm Ebba Braheskolan AB Ebba Brahe Jewellery Stockholm AB Das Model Formpipe Intelligo AB Ghebrehawariat, Barakat GB Sports Scandinavia AB Hear Mediabyra AB Dfind Science & Engineering AB Dfind Finance AB Babyshop Invest Sthlm AB Babyshop Sthlm Holding AB Babyshop Store Sthlm AB Babyshop Sthlm AB Babyshop Sthlm Logistics AB HB A&E Halsa Kindegren Singh Media Group AB Singh Kindegren Invest AB Singh & Kindegren Holding AB Soundclash HB Broadcast Text Svenska AB Broadcasting Media Sweden HB Statens Fastighetsverk Statens Fastighetsverk Kamratforen Avers Prettyworks AB Bambora AB Bambora Device AB do-be consulting sthlm AB Do Consult AB Designs By Sainz Hop Lun Scandinavia AB Swedfund International AB Tech Mahindra Limited Indien Filial Tech Mahindra Sweden AB M2 Solutions AB Md Solution AB Dancon AB Seafire AB (publ) AB Previa Nya Carnegiebryggeriet AB (Publ) Lfs Invest III AB Lfs Invest II AB Lfs Invest IV AB Lfs Invest i AB Lfs Invest V AB Lfs Invest Vi AB Lfs Invest Vii AB Norron Holding AB New Balance Sweden AB Shape & Balance Sweden AB Solo Balance Sweden AB New Sweden Society AB Shape & Balance Sweden HB Fablab AB Lk & Co AB Fam Plan Envent The Circle Opel Sverige AB Axxonen Holding AB Style Education Sweden AB Style Productions Sweden HB Oceanic Tech AB Akzo Nobel Chemicals Holding AB Nespresso Sverige Filial Till As Nestlé Norge Gmc Retail Solutions AB Intellectual Property Investment IPI AB Ses Consulting M2 Residential AB M2 Gruppen AB M2BIT AB M2 Engineering AB M2 Gruppen Brödtorget KB Division Distribution AB Atsoko International AB Legilexi Stift Rollo AB The Roll AB Ocean Ventures AB Stegen AB Mindoktor HB Bolageriet AB Kicks Kosmetikkedjan AB Indiska Magasinet AB SCA Hygiene Holding AB Apta AB Apta Aptassen AB Apotea AB Ideella Fören Svenskt Näringsliv Med Firma Svens Svenskt Näringsliv Service AB Svenskt Näringsliv Försäkringsinformation AB Bonava Sex AB Bonava Sju AB Bonava Sverige AB Bonava AB (publ) Fora AB Direkto AB Seezona AB Seezona Holding AB Enträda AB Entrab AB A.R. Hansson Holdings AB AB A.R.O. Hansson Holding Trygghetsstift Fotograf Charlie Bennet AB Sorbet Pro Global Ad&C Ad-Diem AB Rfsu Stockholm Rifus AB Exportkreditnämnden Ekn Teknik AB Kz Kognitiv Psykoterapi Maria Berg Kognitiv Psykoterapi Eva Goliats Kognitiv Psykoterapi Kognitiv och Beteendeinriktad Psykoterapi Anna-K Kognitiv Psykoterapi, Margareta Rönnqvist Karin Persson Kognitiv Psykoterapi Kognitiv och Beteendeinriktad Psykoterapi Kognitiv Psykoterapi Mia Östlin Psykoterapi Centrum Psykoterapi P. Ranta Almega AB Almego AB Almego Almerac AB Almega Tjänsteförbunden Almega Tjänsteföretagen Almega Samhallförbundet Almerac Bond Ventures AB Accema AB Friendly Bedding AB Friendly Building AB Wine & Dine Uppsala Dine And Wine Sverige AB Domaine Wines Sweden AB Wines Direct Sweden AB Wine Rebels HB wines of sillcom AB Californian Roots AB Rot Catering Ca-Foto Boy, Anette Bnte Advokat AB Banda AB Cape Code AB Cape North Konsult AB Cape West HB Dnb Asset Management AB Cb Asset Management AB Zenit Asset Management AB Jf Asset Management AB T.A.M. Asset Management AB Sy Asset Management AB QV Asset Management AB MW Asset Management AB Sentat Asset Management AB Finteragosa Assets Management AB Shopello International AB Lannebo Europa Småbolag Lannebo Småbolag Lannebo Småbolag Select Previro AB Previgo AB Previsio AB Prever AB Wiik, Iréne Wiik, Anders Wiik, Joakim Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter AB Blix, Olof Martin Andreas Ring, Martin Andreas Ribbung, Andreas Martin Hammar, Martin Andreas Martin Löf Sax Carat Norge As Axelsson, Sampo Hayati Hayat Knits HB Hayaku HB Sweco AB (Publ) SWECO Society AB Sweco Rail AB Tov Innovations AB Hk Resurs AB HI3G Access Funding AB VKDB Sverige AB Servicestart AB ServiceScore AB B3It Summit AB B3IT PV AB B3IT INIT AB B3It Healthcare AB B3IT Insight AB B3It Ledning AB B3IT Connect AB B3IT DBAce AB B3IT Dynamics AB B3It Connect Compute AB Prometheus Entreprenad AB Understödsfören Prometheus Prometeus Prometevs AB Gotland Exploration AB Stjärnströms El och Entreprenad AB Globe Consulting International Sweden AB Finesta AB KB Radio Östra East Capital AB East Capital Asset Management S.A. - Sverige Fil East Capital Pcv Management AB East Capital Financials Fund AB East Capital Baltic Property Fund AB East Capital Baltic Property Investors AB (Publ) Ae Capital AB Ae Capital Förvaltning AB East Capital Financials Investors AB (Publ) East Capital Efi AB East Capital International AB East Capital Holding AB East Capital Laulasmaa AB East Capital Explorer Investments AB East Capital Explorer AB (Publ) Ae Capital Röd AB East Capital Balkan East Capital Explorer Licensing AB Avanza +East Capital Verdane Capital IX (E) AB Verdane Capital IX ( E ) EUR Feeder KB East Capital Östeuropa East Capital Ryssland East Capital Baltikum East Capital Private Equity AB Cma Asset Management AB Enter Asset Management AB Cbo Asset Management AB Ezg Asset Management AB New Cap Asset Management KB Just Arrived AB Just Arrived Bemanning AB Hotel At Six AB Kmt Waterjet AB k-mit AB Arbetsförmedlingen Kollektivtrafikens Vänner Bliwa Livförsäkring Ömsesidigt Bliwa Skadeförsäkring AB (publ) SPP Livförsäkring AB (publ) Bliwa Försäkringstjänst AB Xlent Business Integration AB XLENT Integration & Services AB Moneo Business Integration AB JL Integration AB Studentwork Sweden AB Mathem i Sverige AB Mteam i Sverige AB Cma Small Systems AB Eriksson, Anders Fredric Wilhelm G Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton Advokat KB Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton Advokat AB Recoordinate AB Redline Recordings HB Rbc Recording Mh Redovisningskonsult Infant Bacterial Therapeutics AB Biofactor Therapeutics AB Wistrand, Emma Wistrand & Partners AB Wistrand Konsult AB Bbi Better Business International AB Buzzador AB Proforce Business Development AB Paul Rönnberg AB Motorecond Bilvård Stockholm AB Trioptima AB Arinell Ventures AB Aberdeen Residential Sweden AB Robert Ure Salonger AB Quietus Advice K & W nr 1053 AB Quietus Advice K & W nr 1054 AB Mintmind AB Result Venture Holding International AB Hotel Nouveau AB Kreab Worldwide AB Lean Stockholm AB Kreab Partner AB AB Daron Holdings Appelberg Publishing Group AB Drottningsholms Barockensemble - Ideell Fören Drottningholms Golfrestaurang AB Red Block AB Red City Buses AB Red Beard AB iZave AB izave financial group AB iZave Stockholm AB Tormento AB Engi AB Enginera AB Engind Enginera Periken AB Avito AB A.V.H. Tec AB Shortcut Labs AB Shortcut Media AB Shortcut Television HB Nobis Collection AB Abc Collection Chanel Sweden AB Client By Cc C Finance AB CE Finance AB Office Partner i Sverige KB Niab Partner Sverige AB Office Sverige AB STC Interfinans AB Urb-IT & Associates AB Altrax AB Actionaid International Sweden Actionarius AB Actionist AB Wigge Manufaktur Peak Asset Management AB Forest Peak AB Peak Performance Production AB 3Ml Invest AB Office IT-Partner Stockholm Liljeholmen AB Hermes Medical Solutions AB RMSI Medical Solutions AB Visma Commerce AB Atlas Copco Lugnet Treasury AB Wesc AB (Publ) Wassa AB REAHU AB Re-Do Dentalbolaget Sverige AB Dentalmagazinet i Sverige AB Airtime Sales AB Jurek Rekrytering & Bemanning AB Rp Rekrytering Bemanning AB SweSale Rekrytering & Bemanning AB Amendo Bemanning & Rekrytering AB Qm Rekrytering och Bemanning AB MJ Bemanning och Rekrytering HB Jurek Bemanning AB Global Bemanning&Rekrytering KB Kk Angle Two AB Kk Angle Ten AB Kk Angle One AB Epgf Gävle Holding AB Epgf Kk Holding AB Epgf Västerås Holding AB Epgf Västerås Property AB Epgf Gävle Property AB Epgf Kungsbacka Property AB Epgf Falun Property AB Skb International AB Universal Solutions Sweden AB Sweden Universal Travel AB Recall Sweden AB Recall Holdings Sweden AB Lola HB Lali AB Delta As Delta Projects AB Delta Advokatbyrå AB Fredrikshof If Gångfören MethodKit AB Christiernsson, Jarl Tore PHILLIPS & TATE HB Philips Stift Dr Philips & Partners AB Kenneth & Pål Konsult AB Pc Pal Söderhäll AB Pal, Noémi Pc & Mac Specialisten Faxorder AB Pc Rettig & Co Holding AB Pc Mystery Shopping AB Pål Svenre AB Pc-Gruppen Factor AB Pc Spectrum Sverige KB Fridell, Pål Daniel Convensia PAL AB Ämting, Pål Pc Support i Sydsverige AB PO Sjöblom AB Fotograf Pål Allan AB Johansson, Pål Pc Investing AB Pizzeria Habil VOXO AB Vixi AB Pop Invest AB Pop Atom AB U&P Cajem AB Norra Brunn Comedy S.U.C.K. Stand Up Comedy Klub Cstyle Make Up Clear up Psykiatri AB POP HOUSE SWEDEN AB U & P Fastighetskonsult AB HB Pop Up Art Stockholm Wake Up With Makeup By Caprice Bäck U&P Parkerings AB Up And Coming Up To Change AB Up To Change Pop-Up And Retail AB Pop Up Stores Sweden AB Clarison AB Pamplemousse Holding AB Deseven Capital AB Första Sparbankens Bostadsstiftelse Ekkronan Fastighets AB Stockholms City Innovation Properties Sverige AB AB I.V. Numen Adest Cronus Holding AB Acne Retail AB Kilroy Sweden AB Cmi Group AB Wph - Konditoriet AB Clearcloud Holding AB AB Tyghallen Caliente AB AB Rallarvägen Gullers Grupp AB AmTrust Nordic Holding AB Cubera Private Equity AB N-Hallen AB Håkan Harrysson Projekt AB Nordier Property Advisors AB Caliso AB DER Touristik Nordic AB Telemanagement Sverige AB M. Lindahl & Co AB Advokatfirman Lindahl i Stockholm AB M. Lindahl Holding AB Lindahl Söderberg, Louise Fotograf Truls Lindahl PreCuris PreCuris AB Nordic Marketing Group AB Swedish Marketing Group AB W Marketing Group AB Ark Marketing Group HB Axiell Media AB Cevian Capital AB Tranan 49, A Nordin Mfl Hägerberget 54 A. Nordin M.Fl. Thunderkick AB United AIR Lines, Inc. Filial Celpax AB Brf Stigamo Logpoint South Cut & Care Stockholm Stockholm Care AB Ea-Coach Stockholm Stockholms Kbt och Coach Center Systematic Sweden AB Voice Provider Sweden AB Gavekal AB Gavekal In Sweden AB Add Information Technology AB Axdorph Konsult AB Xlent Örebro AB Reklamidé Peter Aasa Riikka Hector AB Coffee & Brands Sweden AB The Soulist AB Soul & Co HB Soulsystemet Soulight Asis - Sweden Aci Sweden Isis Sweden AB Medos HB Medhouse AB Tpc Textile AB Merkantil Group AB Folk Folkom Rottneros Biorefinery AB Brf Rottnerosbacken Aonor AB Outokumpu Emea Oy Svenska Filial HL Interiör AB Symbio Sweden AB Biteam AB Swedish Asset & Trust Managers KB Academic Positions Media Group AB Academic Positions KB Pei Development AB Omegapoint AB Omegapoint Group AB (publ) Statens Kulturråd Statens Konstråd sbeb AB Carpeta Ir Inredningar G Inredningar AB Haidar Inredningar Hestra Advokatbyrå AB Acacia Asset Management AB Seb Kort Bank AB West Park Management Services Nordic AB Timberit AB Norla AB Coor Service Management Aifm AB Coor Service Management Ai AB Peweco Lemeda Lemess AB Moccia & Rocca Italian Specialities AB Intra Metro AB Intra Network Sweden Armorial Bearings Bearing Mib Consulting Ltd, England Filial Bearing Venture Innovation Ltd, England Filial Bearing Group Ltd, England Filial Bearing Consulting Ltd England Filial Diamorph Bearings AB Elodie Details AB Payica AB Payiq AB Skandia Skala 5:5 Skandia Skala 4:5 Skandia Skala 3:5 Skandia Skala 2:5 Skandia Skala 1:5 Skandia Köpcentrum AB Skandia Fastigheter Storstockholm AB Skandia Fastigheter Kommersiellt AB Skandia Fastigheter AB Skandia Fastigheter Holding AB Skandia Bostäder AB Skandia Fastigheter Öresund AB Försäkrings AB Skandia (Publ) Skandia Fyrkanten AB Skandia Försäljning AB Skandia Köpcentrum Holding AB Skandia Bostäder Holding AB Skandia Fastigheter Väst Holding AB Skandia Fastigheter Syd Holding AB Skandia Samhällsfastigheter Holding AB Skandia City AB Brf Skandia Skandia Investment Management AB Spjut E-commerce Group AB E-Commerce Center Scandinavian Hotels AB Airwise Consultancy Madab AB Nordlings Antik AB OK-Q8 AB Ok-Q8 Finans AB 100 Code AB 84Codes AB Astrazeneca Allemansfond Antikmagasinet Inredning, Christer Sellgren Grindal, Åsa Grind Grin AB Sara D AB Sirod AB Cicerona Ciceronen Företagskonsult Ciceron International AB Predikta AB Hersby Elektriska Lidingö Lidingö Entré AB Hultén, Eddie William Eric Vivfx Sweden Vivaki Sweden AB Brandecho AB Brandson AB Brandpro AB Brandlots AB Brandspot AB Brandpot AB Anma Kontorsmaskiner AB Cdg Kontorsmaskiner AB Mediastation AB Nordea Private Banking Ränteportfölj Stift Biokemisk Forskning Stift Inst För Rättshistorisk Forskning Stiftelsen Forskning och Framsteg Stift För Miljöstrategisk Forskning Stift För Strategisk Forskning Skandia Aspana AB AB Akademikerförsäkring i Stockholm Midport Scandinavia AB Zacco Dance School HB Zacco Entertainment Zacco Sweden AB Omd Sweden AB Omnison AB Omnitor AB Omnidoc AB Omnicom Media Group AB Arrhov Frick Arkitektkontor AB Arrhov Frick AB Bror & Company AB Bro & Co HB Conbrio AB Visit Gällnö AB WASA Isf Global Aktier WASA Isf Global Räntor WASA Isf Nord-Amerika WASA Isf Europa WASA Isf Fjärran Östern WASA Sverigefond Vizi Sverige AB FSEC Förvaltnings AB Phaseshift Consulting AB Visit Stockholm AB Visit Sala Ekonomisk Fören Factset Sweden AB Stift Face Of Aids Foundation Fsii Sweden Holdings AB Länsförsäkringar AB If Länsförsäkringar Bank AB Länsförsäkringar USA Aktiv Länsförsäkringar Europa Index Länsförsäkringar Grupplivförsäkrings AB Länsförsäkringar Europa Aktiv Länsförsäkringar Försiktig Länsförsäkringar USA Index Länsförsäkringar Sak Försäkrings AB (Publ Länsförsäkringar Fondliv Försäkrings AB Star Grad Star Tracks AB Stockholm Star Trading Transform Service AB Transform Tamt AB Team Mate Consulting AB Team Mate Communication AB ST Experience AB Experience Live IT Experiences AB Best Of All Worlds AB Best Of HB Bestnet AB Best Interest AB Stift Stockholm School Of Economics (Sse) i Help Economy Stockholm KB Stockholm Health & Economics AB Stockholm School of Energy (SSE) AB Stockholm School Of Entrepreneurship Advokater Utan Gränser Personal Utan Gränser Hus Utan Gränser Hantverkare Utan Gränser KRÖGARE UTAN GRÄNSER AB Läkare Utan Gränser Statoil Personalstiftelse Statoil Pensionsstiftelse Statoil Fuel & Retail Lubricants Sweden AB Extravaganza HB Finansor AB Finansiär AB Finansanalys Dackberg HB Finansadministration i Stockholm AB Svenska Postkodlotteriets Kultur- Stift Postkodlotteriets Idrottsstift Andersson, Dan Eric Andersson Group AB Minot KB Mam Medicin Mam Medicin AB Manta AB Manda HB Manat AB Sported AB La Fourchette Sweden AB Antipod AB French Touch The Finishing Touch AB Nordax Nordic AB (Publ) Innovative Digital Solutions In Sweden Filial Innovation World Event AB Innovative Eco Construction Sweden AB Innovative Dental Solutions Sweden AB Innovation Development Academy Of Sweden HB E.On Nord Sverige AB Mats Holmgren Fastighetsbyrå AB Gergils Estate Fastighetsbyrå AB Mats Irenaeus Fastighetsbyrå PricewaterhouseCoopers Information Technology Se PricewaterhouseCoopers i Sverige AB Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB Axiell Alvera AB Axiell Förvaltning AB Axiell Gastelyckan AB Axiell Fastighet AB Axiell Education AB Matsmart in Scandinavia AB Gutå, Åsa Gutang HB Telinet Energi AB Telinet Energi Försäljning AB Tcb Group AB Shoemed AB Sams AB Sansc HB Samtrygg Group AB Samtrygg AB Trygg, Conny First Rent A Car AB First Communication AB First-In-West AB 1St Choice Consulting HB Moderna Försäkringar, Fil Till Tryg Forsikring A mySafety Försäkringar AB Optiva Försäkringar AB Globen Försäkringar AB Dina Försäkringar Federation Gymgrossisten Sweden AB Ctj Fashion Group AB C More Entertainment AB C-Word Entertainments Bokus AB Original Brands Sthlm HB Original Owners AB Paradoximus AB Paradox North AB Handelsbanken Sverige Omxsb Index Handelsbanken Sverige Selektiv Handelsbanken Microcap Sverige Handelsbanken Microcap Norden Handelsbanken Mega Sverige Index Handelsbanken Sverigefond Handelsbanken Sverige/Världen Handelsbanken Sverigefond Index Handelsbanken Sverige Index Criteria Two Chimps AB Two Chefs Concept HB Tradera Sweden AB Marc O'polo Retail AB Marc O'polo International AB Episerver Group AB Episerver AB Visma Services AB Avanza Bank Holding AB Aman BNK AB Avanza +Black Rock Scandinavian Property Group AB HB Svea Vet Svea Vet AB Svea Ved AB Viktklubbpunktse Sverige AB THINGS BRANDS SWEDEN AB Swedish Brand AB Opportunity Brands Sweden AB Hot brands Sweden AB Brand Square Sweden AB Lupp Media AB Hybrid Basket Ae:S Elektriska American Express Serv Eur Ltd, Engl Filial American Express American Express Payment Services Limited, Engla Stockgard Ekonomitjänst AB Favete Entreprenad AB Campadre Scandinavia AB My Academy Sweden AB Mma Academy HB My Driving Academy Sweden AB Metier Academy AB Mcxl Academy AB Chouette Advokatbyrå AB Always write Alright World Wide Domination AB Cannoli AB Gradén Mattsson Holding AB Gradén Mattsson Försäkringsförmedling AB Gradén Mattsson AB Gradén Mattsson Telekom AB Mountaincastle AB Café Da Vinci HB Amberhouse AB Elmehed Bergkvist Holding AB Bergkvist, Marita Mannerfelt Göransson & von Schreeb Chefsrekryter G.P.Ö. Kompaniet HB Cask Kompaniet AB R&G Kompaniet HB Mannheimer Swartling New York Advokat AB Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå Ab:S Pers.Stift Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå AB Mannheimer Swartling Ryssland Advokat AB Swartling, Anne (S.M.I.T.H) Swedish Management Innovation Thinke S.M.I.T.H.H (Swedish Management Innovation Think Content Innovation Sweden AB Applied Innovation Management In Sweden AB Smart Innovation Sweden AB Furniture Innovation Sweden AB Software Innovation Sweden AB Smitgot AB Aberdeen Asset Management Sweden AB Foundation Administration Management Sweden AB Svenska Bostadsfonden Management AB Corporate Trust Management Sweden AB Datapartner Scandinavia AB A-Hjalpen Dr Records AB Stretch AB Stretch Stockholm AB Stretch Select AB Stretch Public AB Stretchex AB Stretch Finans AB de La Cruz Selander, Anna Xina IT Dahl Sweden Mobile Technology AB The Collector's Hotels AB The Collector's Hotels Invest AB Anna&Asa HB Anea AB Aim Nordic HB Bring Sportswear AB Stronger AB Friends Of Stronger Togehter Strongarm AB AB Fortum Varme Samagt Med Stockholms Stad Fortum Varme Fastigheter AB Fortum Sverige AB Fortum Power And Heat AB Fortum Markets AB Fortum Nordic AB Fortum Amco AB Fortum 1 AB Fortum Vind Norr AB Fortum Fastigheter AB Ironstone AB Ironstone Holding AB Superfrog Accigo AB J.E.R.K. Advertising Ca Advertising AB Advert Eyes AB Acne Advertising AB Arash Advertising HB Dtd Advertising HB Cabomba Advertising AB Clvr Advertising AB Kyoto Advertising AB Advertis Marketing Sthlm AB Thorne Advertise AB AL Internet AB Internet For Barn Poc Sweden AB Ps Projekt AB Coppero AB Com Advokatbyra HB Tp Consulting Ek. For. Gk Excellent Media HB Sveriges Radio AB Pr Radio & TV Dgc One AB Public House Stockholm AB Primowtown Publishing House KB Nmtl Publishing House HB HB Front Of House Management & Publishing Mangold Fondkommission AB Afro Hair Academy Salon Elizabeth Stift Absalon Claerencegarden AB Our/Vodka AB Mekonomen Globen AB Mekonomen AB Mekonomen Norden AB Mekonomen Blekinge AB Mekonomen Gardet AB Mekonomen Services AB Mekonomen Nya Affarer AB Mekonomen Group Inkop AB Mekonomen Detaljist AB Mekonomen Nassjo AB Mekonomen Sundsvall Birsta AB Mekonomen Bilverkstad Bastad AB Mekonomen B2C AB Mekonomen Fkv AB Regeringskansliet Varldsnationen i Regeringskansliet St-Regeringskansliet Regeringskansliets If Mano AB Hasselblad, Carl Filip Hasselblad, Marcus Dick Hasselblad Konsult AB Hasselblads Ordbehandling Baltic Spot AB Baltic Sea Institute Baltic Association Baltic P Service AB Baltic Sail Ship AB Pure IT Group AB Siga HB PLM Northern Group AB Bisnode Infodata AB Bisnode Central Invest AB Bisnode Produktinformation AB Bisnode Informatics Sweden AB Bisnode Infodata Holding AB Scaneye AB Savannah Power Projects AB Aba Leasing AB Aba International AB Danske Capital AB Danske Capital Passiv Stiftelsefond Skane Nordic Accessories AB Cambre Cambire Consulting AB Sveriges Television AB Journalistklubben Vid Sveriges Television Gate Company AB Alin & Co AB Allagi AB Allavie AB Allavi AB Holmer Consulting Stockholm Vatten Holding AB Carlson, Asa Carlson Fonder AB Carlson, David Carlson Fond 59+ Carlson, Daniel Olof Alexander Carlson Fond 28-44 Ar Carlson Fond 45-58 Ar Jula Boats Sweden AB Pricerunner Holding AB Pricerunner Sweden AB Pricerunner International AB Network Expertise Sweden AB Network Expertise Europe AB Teknik i Media Datacenter Stockholm AB Saas Datacenter i Stockholm KB Eh Invest AB Franco, Marco Marco Helles AB Marco Baudone AB Mitsubishi Corporation Handelsbanken Liv Forsakrings AB Handelsbanken Finans AB Handelsbanken Realrantefond Handelsbanken Msci Pacific Ex Japan Index Handelsbanken Msci USA Index Handelsbanken Fastigheter AB Handelsbanken Rantestrategi Criteria Handelsbanken Balans 50 Handelsbanken Offensiv 100 Handelsbanken Global Tema Handelsbanken Flexibel Ranta Handelsbanken Stabil 25 Handelsbanken Pension 60 Aktiv Handelsbanken Pension Aktiv 70 Handelsbanken Pension 50 Aktiv Handelsbanken Indienfond Handelsbanken Finlandsfond Handelsbanken Kinafond Handelsbanken Balanserad 50 Handelsbanken Euro Obligation Handelsbanken Norden Selektiv Handelsbanken Euro Ranta Nnr Service AB Nordiska Service och Restaurang AB Nordisk Service Center AB Handelsbanken Fonder AB Skandia Fonder AB Alandsbanken Fonder AB Lansforsakringar Fondforvaltning AB Hq Fondforvaltning AB Lansforsakringar Liv Forsakrings AB (Publ Virtual Genetics Laboratory AB Virtual Trainer Sweden AB Virtual Movie Store Sweden AB Virtual Instruments Sweden AB Virtual Etraining Software Stockholm AB Yahapp Virtual Entertainment AB Pure IT AB Speed Identity AB Id Entity Holding AB A La Carte Identity Clothing AB Id. Entity AB Public Identity Stockholm AB Music Identity Sweden AB Identity Blend HB Identity Works AB JL Identity AB Public Identity Stockholm HB Nordic Eyewear AB HH Nordic AB Norada AB Pied Tanca Group AB Tanca AB Nordic Trade Network AB Nordic Trade Research AB Dahl, Anders Nordicmind AB Kncminer AB Aurika AB Aurinia AB Navier Decor Ombea AB Oombee AB HB Jama Invest Xtreme Nordic AB Baumann Hederstrom, Martin Creation Baumann Sweden AB AB Pistachios Nec Corporation Mat, Musik & Manniskor Sverige Mojang AB Genti AB Gentile AB Kanal 0 AB My 409 AB M.Y-Ekonomikonsult AB M&Y Company AB Nordea Investment Management AB A & Co. Investment Management AB Rexa Investment Management AB Jeeves Information Systems AB Jeeves Anvandarforen Jeeves International AB First Rent Holding AB First San Francisco Holding AB First Security In Sweden AB First Line AB My3B Invest AB My Window Persienngruppen AB Hansen Advokatbyra AB Hansen Advokatbyra KB Hansen Art AB Ismail, Agri Agri, Tom Saraj Consultant Seragen AB Sigma Industry East/North AB Ramberg Advokater KB Ramberg Advokater AB Ramberg, Adam Ramberg Advisor Advokatbyra AB Bombardier Aerospace (Investments) Sweden AB Bombardier Aerospace (Holdings) Sweden AB Bombardier Transportation Konst & Kulturforen Bombardier, Tammy Lynn Unionenklubben Pa Bombardier Transportation Rcs Cf Klubben Bombardier (Rcs) Holding J AB Au Holding AB Io Holding AB Holdon AB Holdsell AB Pelago Venture Partners AB Provider Venture Partners AB Jaj Venture Partner AB DHS Venture Partners AB Innventia AB Inventra R.P.A Holding AB Rb Holding AB Rbo Holding AB Next House International AB Moose Aviation Services AB Unipeg Holding AB Idenet AB Identitrade AB Identium AB Golder Associates AB Kaba J Enterprise Building Blocks AB A-Block AB Blck Communication AB Block Arkitektkontor Your Block AB Block Stockholm AB Your Block Holding AB AB Gavan Gavagai AB Gavin Spp Fonder AB Sweco Position AB Sweco Environment AB Sweco Civil AB Sweco Systems AB Sweco Sverige AB Sweco Connect AB Sweco Management AB Sweco Russia AB Sweco China Holding AB Sweco Architects AB Sweco International AB Sweco Industry AB Sweco Structures AB Sweco Strategy AB Sweco Energuide AB SWECO Central Europe AB Sweco Af Healthcare Systems AB Securitas Ab:S Sarskilda Pensionsstift Tarea HB Brattander Investment Filial Digital Adtv AB Digital Inn AB Digital Djungel AB Digital Inn Holding AB Digital Labs AB Svenska S Holding 2 AB Svenska S Holding 1 AB Svenska S Holding 3 AB Swedish Fitness Holding AB Sirius Insurance Holding Sweden AB Becton Dickinson Sweden Holdings AB Placid Progress AB Ottoboni Sweden AB Ottoni & Co AB Ottosonic Nordic Aero Holding AB Nordic Baltic Holding (Nbh) AB Medvind AB Lealea AB Film- och TV-Producenterna i Sverige Ek. For. Esatto AB Esatto Strategy AB Esito Hejdeman, Bo Service In The City Sthlm Iki Ike AB Vidinge Advokat AB Westman, Lars Anders Ragnar Brisell, Lars Anders M2M Bygg AB M2M Soder AB M2 Gruppen i Jordbro 2 AB Bodenholm Capital AB Bodenholm Master AB Handel och Industri Idun Handel & Industri AB Inverness Handel och Industri AB Mobile Arts AB Minh AB Minh Littorin & Partners AB Litorina Capital Management AB Brf Litorina Litorina Kapital Intressenter Iii AB Litorina Kapital 1998 AB Litorina Kapital Intressenter Europe AB Rebtel Networks AB Clermont AB Promare HB Promaco AB Proanima AB Thule Datacomp HB Promag AB Promota Promovent AB Promnotre HB Promissa AB Promobilia AB Pronovia AB Prone Pronator Invest AB Promotheo AB Promotor AB Qliro AB Kan Art Stockholm AB CS Ekonomikonsult i Stockholm AB Kce Stockholm AB Ccs i Stockholm AB Kcz i Stockholm AB Cc Stockholm AB Spf Stockholm Ck Wavelit Coresec Systems International AB Cooling System Csi International AB International Security Systems (Is Systems) HB International Imaging Systems Inc. Infot AB Infonom Promobar Punkt O Prick Inform AB Informex AB Ci-Information AB Prompter AB Prompter HB Progressive AB Progressteknik Stockholm AB Matsgard Progressive Health AB Aha Progress Progressive Energy AB Olin Progress AB Values In Progress AB Progress Pr Group i Sverige AB Bopec Progress AB Infocaption AB Promise Info AB Progressive Move AB Ckb Progress AB Op Optimal Progress Advice AB Social Progress Group Stockholm AB Progressive International Dialogue Vi Unga Nathalie Bax-Progressive Pr Infostorm AB Propa Information AB Promenta Information AB Informa AB Inforia HB Infored KB Inforce Infored AB Infopress AB Infoboost AB Infotool Data AB In Focus & Wb AB Infotrek KB Infotrek AB Kulturforen Infos Inter-Information Bof Infotech Access AB Informunicera Informedicus KB Inforama Hardner, Magnus Magnus Granberg Harvard Linder Senior Lindberg, Asa Asa Linderborg AB Firma Jessica Wretman Blomgren, Jessica Madeleine Greta V Kiwi - Make Up Artist Jessica Krage Sweden Torneus, Jessica Lindorff AB Clarin Lindberg, Jessica Ann Svart Kaffe Stockholm Tigerdog Silversaga, Jessica Wonderwall AB Wonderlab HB Stall Wonderboys KB Infoflex Sweden AB Infa Sweden AB Svensk Israel-Information Sweden Infobits Ek. For. Infront Sweden AB Infocenter S Svenska AB Reutersward Thustrup, Fred A R K Reutersward Thustrup, Malte Investment AB Promotion Avocet AB Bodin, Aron Bodin Consulting Bodin, Orjan Venti AB AB Vento Ventreprenor HB Ventum AB Ventik AB GG Ventures AB Ventria Cgi Ventures AB Dif Venture AB Kmf Ventures AB Venture Cup Ost Fram Ventures AB Astac Ventures AB Asango Ventures AB Basjem Ventures Venturer HB AB Cythere 63 Ventpre Holding AB Omnia Restaurang AB Omni Services Hip Travel AB Travel Invest Jab AB Edm Travels AB Ice Trek Travel AB Jade Travel AB N & J Travels AB Energigas Sverige Alfanode AB Lundgren, Tove Lundgren, Hampus Daniel Griffel AB Griffab AB Opta Minerals AB Mineral Invest Sverige AB Aros Mineral AB Lincal AB Lincare AB Linkon AB Lin Chung AB Lineco AB Link Details AB Linkwise AB Agora Export Import HB Improvus AB Improviate AB Improvata HB Imprestor AB Impresario AB Imprestor HB Improve Sales Sweden AB Impro Bones AB Improvact AB Impra World Improver-Foren Cross Communication Improve AB Impuro AB Tiger Of Sweden AB Improvo Konsult AB Brf Uppsala Entre Estancia Bostad Uppsala AB Kometen AB Interhome AB Excelsus HB Excello Advokatbyra KB Excelor AB Excel Konsult AB EXCELSIO Improove Development i Stockholm AB Imprestor Projekt AB Improvement Projektledning i Stockholm AB Imprestor Fastighets AB Imprestor Mark AB BII - Business Improvement Institute AB Home Improvment Service Sweden AB Improwise AB IMPRO SWEDEN AB Komet Improvisation Svenska Improvisations Sallskapet Management For Continuous Improvment Sweden AB Improvisationsteater Svea AB AB Improva Kirurgcentrum HB Stage Impro Improvement Labs Sweden AB Improvement i Sthlm AB Impresario Sweden AB Foreningen For Fri Improviserad Musik Frim Improva Plastikkirurgi AB Nord, Katarina COSMO CONSULT AB Red Sea HB Red Sea Ef Tidningsmakarna i Stockholm AB Tidnings AB Fastighetsvarlden Halsa och Vetenskap Tidningsforlag i Stockholm A Tidnings AB Metro Dp Direkt Press Tidningsforlag AB Kung & Partners Tidningsproduktion HB Svenska Forpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen AB Nordvast i Sthlm Tidnings AB Torino Tidningsform AB Cu Tidnings AB Harry & Susanne Gods- och Tidningsfrakt AB Advokatfirman Lars Lindback AB The Wine Team Juncta Valenta AB Bisnodecom AB Sisyfos Fastighetsforadling AB Sisyfos Film Production AB Sisyfos Racing Stable AB Sisyfos Quattro AB Sisyfos Racing Stable 2013 AB Cedervall Arkitekter AB Carl Frisk AB Frisq AB Henrik Frisk Friskifokus Friis, Karin Telesto AB Cross Sportswear International AB Cross Atlantic AB Cross Communication Holding AB Cross Cut Cross Town AB Cross Vision AB Southern Cross Contractor AB Cros by Brown AB Cross Investment Management AB Western Cross AB Cross Advokater HB Cross Messengers Town AB Cross Digital Holding AB Keyser Consulting Keyser Environment Systems AB Ticktile HB Kontoret EstherTessie AB Megaron Arkitekter AB Hm Consulting AB Home Comfort Tapto Home Hotel AB Home Properties AB Hm Group AB Home Of The Hits HB Hmh Holding AB H.M. Medicus AB Hm Restaurant HB H.M Expert AB Ml Home AB Happy Homes Sverige AB Home&Office Electronic Sverige AB Hm Konungens Hovforvaltning Sweet Home Alabama AB Pp Homes & Resorts AB Coffee Please Home AB Cd Home AB Hm IT Konsult Cg Home AB Our Home AB Home Projects Sthlm Vip Home Home Dining Club AB Gant Home AB Priority Aero Maintenance (Sweden) AB Eq-IT Clarion Hotel Stockholm AB Hotel Terminus AB HH Hotel Holding AB Htl Hotels AB Hotel Humlan AB Abc Hotels AB Vbd Hotels AB Hotel Attache AB Hotel Hellsten AB Hotel Amaranten AB Eden Hotel AB Hotel Hagagatan AB Hotel Karlaplan AB Hotel Stureplan AB KB Hotel Oden Hermods AB Hermods Gymnasium AB Hermods Skolor AB Diskrimineringsombudsmannen Diskrimineringsbyran Pulp AB Innovation Innovationsledarna Borgne Innovation AB Ew Innovation AB Ew Innovation Innovacron AB Egs Innovation AB Agero Innovation AB AB Suf Innovation Aq Innovation Bense Innovation Nya Jorame Holding AB FR & R Invest AB Stora Vattnet Invest AB Brohuvudet AB Afa Trygghetsforsakrings AB Universum Group AB Esma Group Holding AB Esmart Scandinavia AB Esma 4 AB Cb Nordic AB Nordic Regional Airlines AB Avid Nordic AB AB Nordiska Kompaniet Nordic Assist AB Anaplan Nordic AB Love Forever AB Triwa AB The Farm Interactive AB Pjotor AB Logent AB Logentia AB Logent 3Pl-Consulting AB Brf Hastholms Klippan Brf Klippan 7 Kott & Charkforetagen Jalbum AB Jalbum Incentive AB Folksam Halsa AB Folksams Forskningsstiftelse Folksams Aktiefond Japan Folkstorm AB Folkia AB Auctions Online Scandinavia AB Nortal Investments AB Insamlingsstift Hip Edutainment Binero AB Binary System Labs Binary Star HB Tre Kronor Media & Reklam Stockholm AB Emer Ald Holding AB Arpeggio AB Entreprenorsgruppen Stureplan AB Entreprenorskyrkan AB Wood People AB Workz Sweden AB Workworks Sweden AB Geokonsult Stille Holding AB Lovsta Stuteri AB Sif-Klubben Akzo Nobel Nacka Kasernen Fastighets AB Skanska AB Forsakrings AB Avanza Pension Et Eriksson Eriksdalsgrillen AB Eriksbergskliniken AB Eriksdalsboden Energia Est AB AB Energivarden Stockholm Bariatric Surgical Group HB Enerxia AB Energiforsk AB Eriksson, Sofia Sveriges Arkitekter Sveriges Apoteksforen Sveriges Annonsorer Brandskyddsforen Sverige Sveriges Marknadsforbund Sveriges Psykologforbund Sveriges Fackoversattarforen Sveriges Belarusier Sveriges Jiddischforbund Sveriges Imamrad HSB Brf Lyckeby i Haninge Brf Haninge Park 7 HSB Brf Balder i Haninge Brf Haninge Park 2 Cementvagen 10 i Haninge AB Alfab Haninge 516 AB Energibolaget i Sverige Holding AB Bonnier Tidskrifter AB Bonnier Books International AB Bonnier Fastigheter AB Bonnier Publications AB Bonniers Konsthall AB Bonnier Stadsfastigheter AB Bonnier Business Press AB Bonnier Digital Services AB Fastighets AB Bonnierhuset II Bonnier Brands AB Bonnier, Jytte Bonnier,Mikael Bonnier, Otto Karl Adam Bonnier, Ann-Catherine Bonnier Education AB Ebba Bonnier AB Bonnier, Louis Bonnier Financial Services AB Bonnier Audio AB Albert Bonniers Forlag AB Bonnier Cityfastigheter AB Pontus Bonnier AB Bonnier Service AB E H M Bonnier AB Bonnier Sydfastigheter AB Bonnier Annons AB Bonnier Business Media Sweden AB Personalstiftelsen Ake Bonniers 75-Arsstipendie Albert Bonniers Stip.Fond For Svenska Forfattar Stipendiefonden Albert Bonniers 100-Arsminne Bonniers Tjanstemannaklubb Bonnier-Forlagens AB Personalstift Maria Bonnier-Dahlins Stift For Unga Konstnarer Karl-Adam Bonniers Stiftelse Birgit Bonniers Stiftelse Manadens Bok, Bonnierforlagen AB / Norstedts For Artefakt Bonnier & Ridderstad HB Masterhuset AB Masterguide Masterclass Mastertone M.A.S Techma Trading A.L. Advokat AB Alex & Andy AB Bonnier, Ebba Bonnier & Bonnier Invest AB Scanvik AB Scaent AB Scanprop KB Scanergo AB Dv Security Svenska Lararforsakringar AB Svenska Lararforsakringar IT AB Minestra AB Mimnesko Pointsharp AB Speakersnet AB Atlava HB Atlantis Television AB Atlasbalans AB HB Atlantis AB Atlas Diesel Atlas If Atlas Assistans AB Brf Atlas 1 Ateljeforen Atlas Securitas Pistolskytteklubb-Stockholm Byggnadsfirman Bertil Svensson AB Nurmi Drive AB Securitas Stockholm AB My Secret In Stockholm AB Sveafood AB Nordic Brokers Association AB (Publ) Assa Abloy Innovation AB AB Svenska Spels Pensionsstift Ahaaa AB Aao Media HB Apoteket Ab:S Pensionstift Visita Viston AB Billebro Eventure AB Bialbero AB Bilbert AB Prenada AB Storcirkeln AB Stora Husarn AB Storrada AB Stora Kvarnen KB Stora Lekparken AB Stora Landslogen Viral Angels AB Stora Enso Credit AB Premiere Konsult AB Premier Tax Free AB Wallen, Anders Forsakringsbranschens Pensionskassa, Fors.Foren Atrium Ljungberg Planiavagen AB Atrium Ljungberg Gavlegatan 22 AB Atrium Ljungberg Granby Kopstad AB Rh-Gruppen AB Omer, Dalia Adrehab Bk Kotten Cottin, Victor Kotte & Nina-Klubben Svensk Kotthandel AB Cotton Club AB Mad Peg Production Shestore By Omarco AB Oner Holding Company AB Oner Communication AB Danakill Agency Stockholm Restaurang Konsultation Sf Enterprise Exchange Kompani Omar AB La Terna Pizzeria O'meara Partihandel AB Advokat Omar Berger AB Ou Maru Betoonitood Ridoy Okna Ranch Omer's Stenentreprenad och Sagning i Stockholm K Okner, Johannes Lakarkonsult Albert Omer AB Ordforradet, Nordstrom Okner Stift G Ohmers Fond For Reumatologi Sinoa Information Oner Forvaltning Company AB Oner International Import-Export KB Tonisson, Raoul Omar Osorio Assistans HB Omar, Aastrup & Co Daniel Boudal Berger, Omar Baqala Oneiros Tirpan's Cafe Restaurang Oneyear AB Amasten Holding AB (Publ) Amasten Olofstrom AB Sandels, Alexandra Sandberg, Sebastian Grip, Sandro Sandell, Mikaela Luma Food'n Drinks Folksam Lo Fondforsakrings AB (Publ) Folksam Lo Fond AB (Publ) Folksam Lo Vastfonden Folksam Lo Obligation Folksam Lo Varlden Swedem AB Swedma Swedma AB Swedeheat Swedenstyle Swedenbio Svenska Glitter AB Glitter International AB Glitterbest Glitter Mek Scandinasia Seb Investment Management AB Archipel Asset Management AB Hagstromer & Qviberg Fondkomm. Ab:S Sars Pensst HAGSTROMER & QVIBERG AKTIEFOND FORVALTNINGS AB Hagstromer & Qviberg Select Fund Aerodynamics Research Center Starcs AB Sjoland & Thyselius Aerodynamics AB AB Heribert Engelbert Mikaros AB Camasi HB Bld Revision AB Copper Building AB Gant Holding AB Granular AB Reforce International AB Reformia Granges AB Grantiljan AB Grannt AB Granada HB Granit El Grande AB Grannova Granitklippan AB Reforce People AB Reforce Capital AB Reformact AB Reforce Performance AB Industrial And Financial Systems, Ifs AB Ganty HB Borg & Co AB Borgil Forvaltning AB Borg, Erik Mrs Advise Advit AB Advisum AB Advise And Own AB Ad Visible AB Advice AB Adviceu AB Senior Adviser Europe AB Ad Video Trade Advise Gcv Lundqvist Advise Advince KB Advinvest AB Advisoria HB Advita AB Adviral AB Sargas Advisor AB Rogure AB Rogersbay AB Roger Adolfsson AB Kvalitat HB Nortal Capital AB Northpaw Capital AB Johan Warden Nordstrom, Peter Crea Vita Age Advisory AB Apg Advisory AB Global Blue Sverige AB Valfard Consulco Scandinavia AB If Skadeforsakring Holding AB (Publ) Itab Sintek AB Michelin Nordic AB Michael Levin Advokatbyra AB Meniga AB Per Josefson Advokat AB Per Josefsson Invest AB Josefsson, Hakan Per-Erik Dooer AB La Doro AB GIOVANNI D'ORO AB Djuro Port AB Hunky Dory Holding AB Do Re Mi Aevs Door AB Door 2 door dogservice AB Dory, Adam Door Illustration Doer Holding AB Green Door Theatre Doris Design Dorr Till Dorr Transport i Stockholm AB Dory Service Solutions AB Lovene Dorr AB Dora Hanssons Fond Doris Hoffman AB Lindgren, Dora Vignolis Dodsbo, Doris Anette Creative Doers Andersson, Anette Doris Fc Andrea Doria Gyorki, Irene Doris Nine Doors Properties AB Djuro Aventyr och Reseguide HB Stift Doris Lundstedts Fond Djur And Mir Stift Doris och Goran Nisells Fond HB Tidevarvet Djure & Johansson Djur Stockholm HB Langdunkers Djur och Natur Stift Radda Sveriges Djur & Natur Greta & K-G Settergards Stift For Vilda Djur NR ONE DOER AB Next Door Dooor Stockholm AB Doris Ronnblom / Samtal & Psykologisk Konsultati Wallenius Water AB Walleniusrederierna AB Wallenius Marine AB Wallen & Company AB Wallen, Peter Lco Ekerling Holding AB Wallin, Borje Glendon Konstantin Popular Expression AB S.E.P. Scandinavian Energy Project AB Samfundet Pro Fide Et Christianismo Stene Projects AB Tieto Sweden Professional Services AB Pro Skandinavia AB Jensen Professional Services AB Moretime Professional Services AB (Publ) Apotek Pro-Vitae Syd AB Fredriksson Professional Services AB Nordic Project Solutions AB Resources Global Professionals Sweden AB P.C.S.C Professional Compu-Style HB Stift W och L Ericsons Prof i Lat Spr och Litt Sd Project AB Pro Golf Sports PGS S&A Project AB Associated Professionals Sweden (Aspro) HB Bpw Stockholm Business And Professional Women Synapse Professional Services AB Sport-Pro Sverige Stift Pro Alteris Jensen Professional Services Sweden AB Management Professional Services Sverige AB Project Scandinavia AB Stift. For Prof. i Expr.Zoologi Stone Head IT Project Management Solutions AB Market And Project Support i Vasteras AB Stift Prof Gustaf Soderlunds Fond II Stift F Prof i Tyska Spraket och Litteraturen Pro Sofia Stamina Pro AB Project Stockholm AB Scandinavian Project & Trading AB Blank Spot Project AB Pro Syllogism Svenska AB Popular Projects i Stockholm AB Pro Squash Trainer Scandinavia AB Stockholm Pro Athletics AB Potential Project Sverige AB Project Management i Stockholm AB Solna Professional Parts & Accessories AB Sallskapet Pro Piano Stift Pro Cultura Popular Projects Stockholm Professional Security Group i Danderyd AB Olle Soderberg Project AB Projects We Like Stockholm AB Project Contact i Stockholm AB Selecta AB Ping Pingholm AB Pingo Arizona Chem Sweden Finance AB Arizona Chem Sweden Holdings AB Yggdrasil Bygg och Snickeri i Stockholm Firman Havd. Tidigare Firma Yggdrasil Postorder Normannica AB Normark Media Norma Festivitas AB Normafa consulting AB Case Asset Management AB Vanir Asset Management AB Assessit AB Sarissa Asset Management AB Northern Asset Consulting AB Hmp Asset Management AB P.M.S. Assets AB Arbor Asset Management AB Altira Asset Management AB Amplion Asset Management AB Jakob Square Asset Management AB Bigol Invest HB Norma Communication AB Harald Alm Jurist- & Ekonomikonsult HB Nord & Co Advokatbyra KB Tjanstebolaget Sverige AB Wsp Sverige AB Morran Investment AB Alfred Berg Asset Management AB M2 Asset Management AB E. Ohman J:Or Asset Management AB Futuris Asset Management AB Alandsbanken Asset Management AB Greengold Asset Management AB Soderberg & Partners Asset Management AB Jrs Asset Management AB Pinegrove Asset Management AB Kungsleden Asset Management AB Temaplan Asset Management Holding AB Nordkinn Asset Management AB Invesco Asset Management Sa (France) Swedish Fil Turnpoint Asset Management AB Carnegie Asset Management Fondsmaeglerselskab A/ REG Asset Management AB Prima Gad Asset Management Real Competence Finance & Asset Management Svens Hinc Asset Management AB Pilangen Logistik AB Investiny AB Investina AB Investwise AB Investid AB Investgraften AB Investand AB Alpen Ressourcen Sparkassa Ekonomisk Foren Camfil Asia Holding AB Camfil Component AB Camfil Innovation AB Timmermansbrodernas Hjalpfond Allba Holding AB Albyang Holding AB Motacilla Alba Holding AB Dan Wiksten Information AB Pharmaid KB Capacent AB Verbena AB Acando AB Chainalytics AB Centigo AB Resolut Marketing Systems AB RMS-Result Marketing Systems Tactius HB Tacticum AB Nordgren, Katarina Siv One Network Of Holding AB Xbrane Bioscience AB Interi AB Interes AB Interpono AB Andersson & Co AB Skeppsbrons Juridiska Byra, Forening M BPA Fotograf Jorgen Ahlstrom AB Anna Ahlstrom och Ellen Terseus Stiftelse Lantmannen Alfa AB Lantmannen Jaktintresseklubb Lantmannen Agrofuel AB Int IT And Telesolution AB Corem Lund AB Lund & Lund Agenturer AB Lund, Benny Chbg Lund AB Concent Hyresfastigheter AB (publ) Concent Hyresrattsfond AB Far's HB Euroclear Sweden AB Eurotroll AB Eurotroll HB Eurotor Bygg AB Eurotrade Finance Solution KB Eurotrade Happy Plugs AB Aspire AB Eksse AB Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Stift Delavo AB de Lavals Stift de Laval, Ulla Dala Via AB Ei Saa Peittaa Edg Sales AB