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Swetech AB Barcom AB Dear label Khue Sweden AB LF Productions AB Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic AB Nxp Semiconductors Sweden AB PKR Ekonomikonsult AB MG Foundation AB Vassa AB Split Com AB Arva International AB ARVW AB Ashida HB Compass Partner AB where iz AB Kiss Multihull AB Kiss, Janos Brf Tallgläntan i Täby Aldiva Jeeves, Michael MJ Fire Protection AB Intraly AB A+ Science Stockholm AB A+ Science Outsourcing AB Unilever Holding AB Unilever Sverige AB Unilever Sveriges Centrala Konstförening, Suck Temperatur Sensitive Solutions Systems Sweden AB Water Sensitive Solutions AB ICA Sverige AB Scandi-Shop AB Amazing Magazines AB Järvastad Bil & Däck AB Petra Holding AB Toshiba Tec Nordic AB Sif-Klubben Vid Toshiba Tec Nordic Dell AB Jeffdesign SA Financial Consulting AB STS Asfalt AB Spartak STS D & A Sweden KB Nord Wind Sweden AB ICA Gruppen AB Fastighets AB Penelope Telia Sverige AB T-C Nordics Investment AB Hansa Engineering AB Danone AB Termino C 5375 AB Aura Light International AB Aura Light AB Aura Light Group Holding AB HB Dataton Adolfsson, Leif AA Online HB Dhl Nordic AB DG Consulting Service AB Hitachi Vantara AB G & O Ställningar AB Karolinska Development AB Intellectual Property Investment, IPI AB Rational Management Technologies Nordic AB Complete Offic E Stockholm AB ICEQ Interactive AB Civil AB Lifecycle IT Stockholm AB Juniper Tree AB Axians AB Axians IoT Operations AB Bazar Set AB Scandinavian Craft Beer HB Better Shops Sweden AB Edustrat AB S Game Shop AB Exakta AB HB Karon Retsoobe AB Panorama Digital Sverige AB Hype Digital Sverige AB BEWiSynbra Group AB (publ) Startklar Elhandel AB Zavann AB Scoped Consulting AB Leufstedt Technology AB Esselte ESAB AB Pro Die AB Solna Stormarknad AB IRO Rescue AB Dang-Luu AB Index Pharmaceuticals AB InDex Pharmaceuticals Holding AB Dnv Gl Business Assurance Sweden AB DNV GL Sweden AB Dnv Gl Unionenklubben Hoist AB Snow Software Nordic AB Snow Software AB Ali, Azaa Åf-Industry AB Länsförsäkringar Stockholm B-engaged AB NTT Security (Sweden) AB Håo Fastighet i Stockholm AB Svensk Infrastruktur AB IT Infrastruktur Intressenter Sweden AB IT Infrastruktur Intressenter Sweden Holding AB A-Net AB SEB Pension och Försäkring AB Prostatype Genomics AB Telia Company AB Värtan Gas Stockholm AB Värtan Gas AB Stockholm Gas AB Gas Engineering Stockholm AB Atura AB The Winery Hotel AB Visolit Sweden AB Visolit AB SBAB Bank AB (publ) Bergavik Fastighets AB (publ) Veidekke Entreprenad AB Scandinavian Airlines System Denmark -Norway-Swe Bisnode Business Information Group AB Bisnode If Netnod Internet Exchange i Sverige AB Advanced Bionics Sweden AB Baldia AB ÅF Pöyry AB AFRY Group Sweden AB Delta Trädgårdsanläggningar AB Cluric Music VBR Konsult i Sverige AB Müller, Henning Nelo Bygg AB Star TV Entertainment AB EVRY Sweden AB EVRY Sweden Holding AB EVRY AB Convini Intressenter AB Universal Pictures Nordic AB Huawei Technologies Sweden AB PS&CO Investment AB Enghouse Interactive AB Get Attention UNI Production AB ZignSec AB (publ) Arento AB The Story of Immer HB Chablo AB Xllnc Sweden AB Northscan AB Martin Rodensjö Design Predicera AB Siemens AB Nordic Inspection Service Arista Networks Sweden AB K-Information AB Gottexperten Stockholm AB Wild Wood Sweden AB Adam Killander Konsult AB OneCo Networks AB SandOakes Technical Solutions HB Svenska Rymd AB its nordic holding AB WSM Nordic Holding AB Swiss Nordic Holding AB Hewlett-Packard, Sverige, AB Think & Do AB Vitamin AB NTA Nordic Travel Agency Nordic Brand Agency AB Svevia Försäkrings AB VIND of sweden HB Klubb Caravan Life by Revent Solna Estate AB Cepheid AB Unionenklubben På Cepheid Hispania E.G Engineering AB Alexanderbolagen AB Perasa AB Pras AB Komplett Services Sweden AB Buildor AB Reinhold & Co AB Adventic Scandinavian Biopharma Holding AB NCC Industry AB Infranord AB Xiaotong Consulting AB Palette Life Sciences AB AddPro i Stockholm AB Gamatron AB de Laval, Jakob Hammarby Solstad AB Salong Nobless Ace Technology Corp Sweden Nova Lund 2 AB Svenska BRF Lån 1 AB (publ) Crayonfield Cramo AB Åses Fothälsovård AB Confidence Consulting AB Virtual life Tfc Media Group AB Consultani AB Asstima Pihl, Jens Harald Staffanson BR Technologies AB NCC Industry Fastighets AB Nordisk Matutveckling AB BILIA Personbilar AB Svea Bank AB Sophy AB Frändén, Johanna Solean AB Shore, Jason Vanderbilt International (SWE) AB Vattenfall AB Canadian Club Of Sweden/Club Canadien de La Sued Eg Holding AB Koch Information AB Koch, Magnus Saxena Service AB Saxena Omsorg AB Eden Import AB HFC Prestige International Sweden AB Abel, Birgit Xbrane Biopharma AB Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development AB Recip AB NCC Industry Nordic AB Armika Communica Datadistribution AB NCC AB Vattenfall Vindkraft AB Telenor Sverige AB Åf-Infrastructure AB Fags SEB Kort Bank AB Scand Vision Svenska AB A i Recreation KB MASEA AB Geo Deal B2B IT-Partner AB Hdesignlab Blue Lion KB VRA Rörinstallationer i Stockholm AB The Newbie Guide To Sweden AB Caligraph Communication AB Arrival Scandinavian Power Solutions AB Jenius AB Ji, Nan Wang, Nan AIR BP Sweden AB RED Zalina III AB Orange Business Sweden AB Capital Business Sweden HB Cloud Solutions for Business Sweden AB Mlink AB Urbano AB Unilabs Subholding AB (Publ) Schneider Electric Sverige AB Wired In AB Wåhlin Fastigheter Sparrisen KB Wåhlin Fastigheter AB Wåhlin Fastigheter i Märsta AB Wåhlin Fastigheter i Ursvik AB Wåhlin Hyresfastigheter Solna AB Wåhlin Fastigheter i Huvudsta AB AB Dollar Bil-Ola Transport Ag Communication AB Comcura AB School Of Audio Engineering Sweden AB Toyota Material Handling Sweden AB DXC Technology Sverige AB Unionen Dxc Technology Coffee Dell AB Lindqvist, Harry Martin Nimio AB Inno Nordic AB Swedish Space Propulsion AB Express Gruppen AB Candyking Holding AB MAGC Management AB Teliasonera Mobile Networks AB Swedish Film AB IQVIA Clinical AB IQVIA AB Quintiles Uppsala Leisure (Qul) Aurora Foods AB Aurora Dynamics AB Aprea Therapeutics AB Sigrid Therapeutics AB V360 Studios Sweden AB Billerudkorsnäs AB (Publ) Billerudkorsnäs Skog AB BillerudKorsnäs Managed Packaging AB O. Håkansson Musik & Media AB Sushi Bay Dahlqvist, Anna Åström, Andréas Thelin, Mats Stork Drives AB Karolinska Inst Coop Sverige AB Coop Marknad AB Coop Logistik AB BD Byggtjänst AB J & C Compani HB ABB Foto Hollingworth, James Hollingworth Production AB Stenman Consulting AB Ålagillet III AB Qualist AB iSales AB Kiosken Armégatan 38 AB Cuebid Väst AB Cuebid AB Mysql AB Klevis Consulting AB H & B On Line Service Im-Medico Svenska AB Invent Me AB Branja AB Bergman, Bo Marcus Annelies Compact-Living AB Elanders Projekt AB NCC Sverige AB Hoist Group AB Hoist Group Holding AB Hoist Energy AB Hoist Group AB Hoist Group Leasing AB Hoist Equipment AB Cold Call AB Inspira AB If Skadeförsäkring AB (publ) B.A Group AB Office Depot Svenska AB Bisfront Recruit AB Inspira Utveckling AB Inspira Service AB Stift Inspira Inspira Fastighetsklubb Brf Grand Central Mileo AB Coop If Hoist Group Holding Intressenter AB Midcor Sweden AB Eva Laser AB Nexi AB Iptor Supply Chain Systems AB Iptor Supply Chain Systems Sweden Holding AB Iptor Supply Chain Systems Sweden AB Dirept AB Im In Scandinavia Tech AB Lidl Sverige KB Lidl Sverige AB Zatara Service AB Printz, Patrik Mitt i Prick AB Imagin HB Littorin, Sofia SSAB Europe SSC AB Epic Edge AB Peter Normark AB Normark & Partners Business Consultants HB Nordic Traditions AB SAS Sverige AB SAS AB Termex HB COME IN AB Engi AB Yosi Applied Innovation Management In Sweden AB Diste HB Besos AB ALSO Ekonomi Vattenfall Vindkraft Sverige AB Kinsyte AB KINSE AB 24Service Sverige AB Unipeg Gripsholm Golffastighet AB Chromafora AB Ceptum Finans AB Proleva Electronics For Imaging Sweden AB Postens Pensionsstift 1996 Bavaria Sverige Bil AB Vmware Sweden AB Clöud Nätive AB Solid Prop. Sweden AB Steff Granström Aerocrine Esop AB Red Am AB Casejca Romdhane Music AB PostNord Sverige AB PMV Automation AB Henrik Carlsson AB Beans in Cup AB Beans in Cup Finans AB Beans In Cup Holding AB Professionell Säkerhet i Stockholm AB Företagskonsult Sarah Philipson Polar Taxi Bilia Incentive AB VIAST AB Kiropraktiska Fören i Sverige Region Stockholm A Midroc Management AB Midroc Automation AB Midroc AB Swedish Orphan Biovitrum International AB Swedish Orphan Biovitrum Sverige AB Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (Publ) Black Ladies Infinitas Learning Sweden AB Hagberg, Ken Stift Världsnaturfonden Wwf Rue AB Vanadishus AB Sellén, Fredrik Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal AB NCC Property Tjugotvå AB NCC Property Fyrtiofyra AB NCC Property Femtioett AB NCC Property Femtiotre AB NCC Property Sjuttiotvå AB NCC Property Femtiofyra AB NCC Property Åttiotvå AB NCC Property Fyrtiosju AB NCC Property Fyrtionio AB NCC Property Fyrtiofem AB NCC Property Fyrtiosex AB NCC Property Femtiotvå AB NCC Property Fyrtioett AB NCC Property Fyrtioåtta AB NCC Property Fyrtiotvå AB Cemi AB Blockpayd AB Norse Games AB AB Klimab Planet Blue IT Solutions AB Professional art company Sweden AB ÅF Digital Solutions AB Leaseplan Sverige AB Leaseplan Service Sverige AB Payground AB SAS Institute AB SAS Trading AB Marshall, Misty Raye HB The Bus Tk Crew AB Es Contracting AB Executive Riders AB Safety-Tag Karolinska Inst University Press AB Karolinska Inst Housing AB Karolinska Inst Holding AB Karolinska Inst Science Park AB Karolinska Inst Support AB Karolinska Inst Innovations AB Karolinska Inst Information AB Nike Sweden AB Vinicastro Enginzyme AB Fmt Installation AB Nacka 4 AB Vildabilder Sonja Reuterskiöld Svenska Anytec Klubben Think & Do Bth Bygg AB Curato Guava AB Vimlex AB Dometic Koncern AB Dometic Holding AB Dometic Sweden AB Dometic Group AB (Publ) Dometic Group Services AB Dometic International AB Shibuya Crossing AB Shibuya AB Loyalty Nordic AB Loyalty People AB Bright IT AB Stiftelsen Ala Event För Alla i Sverige AB Global Football Consulting Sweden AB Mind AB Svenska Tracab AB Its Nordic AB Aktiv Ortopedteknik i Stockholm AB Trafik & Ta i Sverige AB Swehan HB Computer SAQ Tidningstjänst AB Bisnode Marknad AB Bisnode Dun & Bradstreet Sverige AB Bisnode AB Bisnode Kredit AB Unionenklubben Vid Bisnode Diva High Step AB Cenvit AB Maquet Nordic AB Sino-Swedish Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centr NorthernLight Diagnostics AB Center Skrädderi & Kemtvätt M S Kemtvätt AB Webhallen Sverige AB Cygate AB Gurkans Musik och Entertainment Stockholms Företagsförmedling AB FunGI AB Wilj AB Ansaldo STS Sweden AB Esselte Innehav AB Esselte AB Esselte Ipr AB Esselte Sverige AB Generation T Swedish Hospitality Group AB Rooms & Design Europe AB Nick Taxi LOUQE AB P.S. Säkerhet Sopreza HB Reklambyrån Eriksson Med Flera AB Double Digit AB Le Petit Paris HB Le Petit Group HB Adecco Sweden AB Adecco Student AB Adecco Hr AB Modis Sweden AB Compro Media AB A & B Ekonomikonsult HB ABS Städ AB A&B Creative HB Sveto AB Marcan AB Dressmann AB First Reserve AB Cytacoat AB Fenix Outdoor E-com AB Apis KB Poco Loco Svenska AB Bik Bok AB Demero AB Glehn & Co AB Nordic Candy Import Företagsutveckling i Solna AB North Front Insamlingsstift Världsinfektionsfonden Insamlingsstiftelsen"Hopp"För Utbildning & Hälsa MERC HB Paligo AB Nm Resurs Uppsalahälsan AB Bavaria Egendom Sverige AB Sanofi Pasteur Msd Snc France ( Filial i Sverige Vaccines Holdings Sweden AB Oip Sverige AB Box For Me HB Investerings Inst i Stockholm AB Koneo AB Nextres AB Larodan AB Larodan Holding AB C/W Cad Ware AB AS Vård AB String Labs AB Brindesjö Ekonomikonsult AB 39 Steg Atos IT Solutions And Services AB Johansson, Malin Wash-It AB Starlight Hair And Make Up Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten Tribe Holding AB JM AB JM@Home AB Converse AB BYNG AB Åf-Consult AB Österberg El AB Babybjörn AB Pöyry, Joakim GAMBRO Intellecta AB Joe Turlocks Måleri & Konsult AB Nord, Hanna Health & Beauty Planet Intelligent Management Scandinavia Sh.Bas Dagi Its Finans AB Björkegren, Erik Mattias Caleo Cale Group AB PEAB Hem AB PEAB If Star Management AB Ifab Miljö AB Equa Simulation AB Equa Solutions AB Kancera Förvaltning AB Kancera AB Scandinavian Biopharma Distribution AB Sodexo AB BSH Home Appliances AB Conmodo Systems AB Softify Ingridskolan AB Säkerhetspolisen Loviseberg Södra AB Handelshuset Viroderm AB Viroderm Invest AB Recipe HAGA PROFFS AB Apoteket AB Aa - Glas AB Big Bake Nordic Transport AB Awesome Productions AB Publishing Company Ten AB Listo AB Avanzera Ekonomi & Förvaltning AB Bruker Nordic AB Bruker Axs Nordic AB Häger Global Rent Sweden AB Ambea Vård & Omsorg AB Ambea Sverige AB Ambea AB ( publ ) Ambea Finland AB Pro-Handels Actic Sverige AB Unilabs AB Mimor AB C integration AB Viabix AB WI Bygger Sverige AB Micro Corp Group AB Viar Totalentreprenad Lennart Zetterström International Production HB Mike Bros Elektron Bae Holding AB Investergard AB Bjorn Collin Invest AB Filmstadens Kemtvatt & Skradderi Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare AB Glaxosmithkline AB Mercative AB Online Retail Nordic AB Carlsberg Sverige AB Vattenfall Wind Power Sweden Holding AB Bonava East AB Jaguah Wine & Dine AB Wiik, Sakke Aura Light Group AB Skanova AB Drottningholms Barockensemble Ideella Fören Apotek Hjärtat AB Apotek Hjärtat Holding AB Perinde AB Avaitec AB Unilabs Diagnostics AB Unilabs Holding AB Unilabs Sverige AB Unilabs Midholding AB (Publ) Office IT-Partner i Sverige AB Office IT-Partner Stockholm/Solna AB DVH Bemanning & Rekrytering AB Swedish Applied Science University Ekonomisk För Vox Aligerum AB Lindahl, Martin Nordic Trade Tower AB United Airlines, Inc. Sweden Filial Santa World Svenska AB Gavexa NCC Treasury AB Hill, Åsa Hilltop AB Ng Kosttillskott HB Solna Hälsokost HB Nobina Sverige 2 AB Nobina Technology AB Nobina Europe AB (Publ) Nobina Sverige AB Nobina Busco AB Nobina Fleet AB Nobina AB (Publ) SWEIRA AB Loelle AB Hultén, Leif Star Horse Trading HB Best Western Scandinavia Ek. för. Skärgård Utan Gränser Royal Parking Frösundavik AB Finansson AB Antula Holding AB i L Recycling Trading AB Svea Ekonomi AB Konsumentfören Svea, Ekonomisk Fören Miba Academy AB Regus Management (Sweden) AB Market Control Management Sweden AB Polaris Data Partner AB EVRY Healthcare AB Merck AB Asbrink, Allan Manova AB

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