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Micrian IKEA of Sweden AB Minmetals North-Europe AB Euro-Hypotek KB Tech Mahindra Limited Indien Filial H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB SKF Sverige AB Nespresso Sverige Filial Till As Nestlé Norge Inbetex Tech Mahindra Sweden AB Atsoko International AB Svenska Silikaverken AB Stoneridge AB Pfizer Export AB Paolo\'s Tetra Pak Technical Service AB Aimpoint Sweden AB Miti Bygg AB Matorex AB Acton Zooma Marketing & Communication AB Skandistal AB Nly Scandinavia AB Trampolinspecialisten i Stockholm AB Carlson Wagonlit Sverige AB E-Commerce Center Scandinavian Hotels AB FT Asset Management KB Östanåsågen AB Svenska Möten Ekonomisk Fören Bring Frigo AB Hayat Invest Holding AB Almega AB Wisehouse AB Wisehouse Foreo AB B2W Sweden AB Försäkrings AB Agria (Publ) SCA Hygiene Products AB AB Volvo H & M Online AB Lumine AB Belan HB Book, Fredrik SANDVIK Materials Technology Emea AB Interspiro AB Diaverum AB Gunnebo Industrier Holding AB Stoneridge Electronics AB Alfab Holding AB Boof Art Arteye HB Swedegas AB Sweco AB (Publ) G.S.Int. Tradinggroup KB Exportkreditnämnden Scandinavian Airlines System AB Delaval Export Service AB H & M Hennes & Mauritz Gbc AB Scania CV AB Scania AB Scanreco Industrielektronik AB Mp Sec International AB Skanska - Vinci HB AB Skanditrä Unilabs Holding AB Interhome AB Unilabs Subholding AB (Publ) Assa Abloy Oy (Finland), Filial H & M Hennes & Mauritz International AB PEAK Logistics AB Mobelmontage As AB BILIA Personbilar AB Wist Last & Buss AB Madebyfrench HB AB SANDVIK Coromant Hedén Engineering AB Tppg The Perimeter Protection Group AB SANTA MARIA AB Happy Socks AB BRF TORNET I TROLLHATTAN PAGEN AB Orthex Sweden AB Vida Paper AB ICF STENHUS AB RALLARROSENS BI HB Bris - Barnens Rätt i Samhället Flakt Woods AB Husqvarna AB Albin Pump AB B-K Medical AB Länsförsäkringar AB (Publ) Indap Sweden AB Symphony Teleca AB IKEA Industry AB Eileme 4 AB (Publ) Astrazeneca AB Vendego HB I-Sport Retail AB Pipelife Nordic AB Infosol HB Spacetimelab Nya Jorame Holding AB Fondforsakrings AB Seb Trygg Liv Brandon Company AB Seasa Sweden World Trade Faltpihl, Peter Atlas Environment Holding AB Car-O-Liner Group AB Somedia Vasterland AB Adecco IT & Engineering AB Investit AB Heavyweight Production AB Nordgrona AB Altran Sverige AB Tictail AB Consensus Asset Management AB (Publ) Pro Sofia Spp Fonder AB Guerin, Foucauld Omerta UniCarriers Europe AB AB Borlange Energi Tu, Le Thu Trelleborg Holding AB Clarion Hotel Stockholm AB Friskart Mellby Gard Holding AB Venturo AB Bond Ventures AB Lindberg, Glenn Eastern Promises Food AB Elle-Elle AB Sevt Brf Haren 12 Ifs Sverige AB Regeringskansliet Sveriges Radio AB European Saas Solutions AB Nep Partners Management Sweden AB Reas Meholmen Hotell AB Irt Hector, Göran Earin AB Diamorph Bearings AB G Inredningar AB Agria International Försäkring AB Eric Andersson Gruppen AB Skum Red City Buses AB Hobo Hotel AB Hotel At Six AB B3IT Management AB Prometheus Entreprenad AB Plannja AB Wavetube AB Servicestart AB VKDB Sverige AB HI3G Access Funding AB Resurs Bank AB Twinnovation AB Sampo Plc Exhausto AB Andreas Martin-Löf Arkitekter AB Previro AB Skäret Produktion AB Shopello International AB Lannebo Europa Småbolag Albin Invest AB Marserve AB Bynet AB Cape North Company AB Hagvidson AB Hagvidson Fyreviken AB Wine & Dine Invest AB Californian Roots AB Netsize Internet Payment Exchange AB The Friendly Swede AB Vendibelle AB Euroflon Tekniska Produkter AB Intranätverk AB Gococo AB KETONIX AB Accencea AB IBM Client Innovation Center Sweden AB Brix Wine Consultants AB Psykoterapi Med Kognitiv Inriktning - Susanna Gr Rfsu AB Healthy Building Forum Balloon Heaven Heavenly AB Heartcore Music & Clothing Productions AB Stendorren AB Energi & Brunnsborrning i Malardalen AB AB Sno Prostata Scandinavia AB Heavenly Clean Retouch Heaven Heavensend HB Heavenly Design HB Heaven\'s Gate AB Din Himmel i Orebro AB Hockey Heaven AB Kim, Lovisa Engblom, Lovisa Hank\'s Heaven KB Heavens Above Haircare Lena Lofgrens Harvard Stentor AB North Of Heaven Heaven Taxi Stendov Heaven Designs Stenbo AB Heavenly Records Heavenly Industries AB Heaven Ideell Foren Rambergs Bilforsaljning AB Heaven Security HB Heaven Devil AB Highway To Heaven HB Heaven And Art Group AB Heaven Scent AB Ekebyholm Utvecklings AB Heavenhack Piece Of Heaven Knights Of Heaven Stenros KB Haven, Per Haveng AB Astrom, Lovisa Frost, Lovisa Hoglin, Lovisa Stendosen AB High Heaven AB Sif-Klubben Vid SECO Tools AB SECO Tools Verkstadsklubbs Sjukfond Verkstadsklubben SECO-Tools AB 2 Loof AB Nas Gard Kjell Bergman Kjellberg, Martin Klas Winell & Co AB Clou Form Kjellberg Vaghyvlar AB Kjellberg, Lars Kjellberg Lindfors AB Kjellberg, Alexander Metalls Verkstadsklubb SECO Tools

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