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Search a company in Sweden with your criteria (trade name, adress, Swedish registry number...). provides business and credit information about Swedish firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Swedish register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in Sweden, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Swedish company.

United Dynamic Development AB Open Road AB Kraftkvinnorna Becheur AB Bokförlaget Omar AB B. One HB Impact Management Nordics AB Detre AB Klarera AB Awp Consulting AB Right Nice Games AB Jänsdättir, Valgerdur Dagmar Compensation Se AB Navigera Kommunikation i Stockholm Petrologic AB FHT konstruktion AB PE Holding Sweden AB ELKANE AB Swema Consulting KB Mersmak AB A Good Group AB Muntrabarn AB Hansa Technology AB Magnic AB Hermes HB ASKIA AB AB AMIB C-soft AB Nautrik AB Marenbox AB Blokka AB FRASTEMA ASSET MANAGEMENT AB The É Co AB Aj Stockholm AB San Instruments AB Plana Landmark Development AB Envar entertainment AB Långängens Gård restaurang och event AB MEL & ME Fastighet AB Well North AB Well North HB Exakt Stockholm AB Tockarp-Vanstad Stendalsmölla AB Esco Marginalen AB Lulilab AB Is Invest AB Svenska Venditor AB Pro Sense Nordic AB Content On Demand HB Altostruct AB Swedish Security, Quality And Reliability HB Advance Lp AB M & H Food HB AB Ergoped Marble Interactive AB LEX247 Cloud Service AB A & M Textile Solutions AB Cedar Consulting Svepol International AB Orbio AB Trans Ag KB River River AB Fören Millesgårdens Vänner The Z Movement AB Gadelius Fastighetsbyrå KB Cfg Holding AB Al Mare Invest AB Ifs Lidingö Selling, Karin Aspido AB Kk Company AB Linde Sverige AB EMIQ Stift Emq O&V Service HB Carlsson & Palmgren Logistic AB Pipe Ocavis AB Sebastian Gorsetman Consulting AB TomBact AB Vallonia & Artisan Grand Design Sweden AB Datty AB Acme substance & inhalt AB Sync Os AB Aiesec In Sse Polymer AB Iglinski, Grzegorz Ardentis AB Anidri AB by Neo AB Iskana AB Arkit Hagåsen Invest AB Abel Man AB Abel Art AB S-Elektro AB S Elektro Grön Båt AB AlbMin Förvaltning AB Noretron AB Spectorkonsult HB Codega AB Myqon Invest AB Bergström, Conrad Proactor AB Dennis Lindgren Design Lab & Production H4 Design Lab Briot AB Teach 2 Teach AB Numeroter AB M Technologies Sweden AB Nordic Energy Solutions AB Partner Nord Nordic AB Karta AB Comcare AB First Frame AB Rahmqvist Avico AB Eric Rahmqvist AB Rahmqvist Work AB Er Sweden AB Larcona AB AB Solut Mitriformis AB Perts, Edgars Firma Signe och Daisy AB Aurora-Orden Styrelsen WSN Institute Sweden AB Mhsm Scandinavia AB Lotium AB Smart Senior AB Moyano Studios HB Lagercrantz Form Ann & Gösta Lagercrantz HB A.E.O. AB Tribe Sports Marketing AB Scandinavia - Iran Chamber Of Commerce HB Filip Liljeström AB Optiker Ahlberg AB Wizcon AB Xshore AB Alatus Research AB TCG Invest AB Alados AB J Ronnqvist Management AB Rönnqvist, Daniel Sodala AB Ingenjörsfirma Folke Johansson CPB2 Holding AB Kårnäs Samfällighetsfören Boxnet AB Pb Melin HB Torpa Group AB Michael Nordlind AB Paventia AB Stock & Stam HB Lateral AB Helén Waxberg Advokat AB Waxberg, Bengt AstCon Capital Partners AB Cetif Capital Partners AB Klintberg Byggkonsult HNIP HydroNano InfraPower AB Rahmqvist Delectum AB Vidamic Ergonomics AB Upool Holding AB Söderholm & Co. AB RJ Bygg & Fastighet Stockholm AB SvenAx HB Lind & Co AB Key2Compliance AB Brevik Konferenser AB Ay Images Dahlstedt, Lars Sweco-Cowi Joint Venture AB Comel AB Atelier Zazzali AB Naulainen, Anne A Part Meant for you AB Linde Healthcare AB Fotoklubb Blixten Andreas Sjödin AB Dialog Hotell Årsta AB Dialog Hotell Lidingö AB Dialog Hotell Eriksberg AB Haeger, Sten Mrs Liv AB D & D Marketing HB Eckerström, Lisa Lindström, Anders Monter AB Bohlin, Cristian Brf Vasallen i Lidingö Kessu AB Mattias Widlund E14 Invest AB F & D Holding AB M.Selection Hoop Loop AB FUJITSU Services AB Habitacle AB Scanding Development AB Pensionsstiftelse PlantAmore AB M.C.M. Trading AB Viking Film AB Särskilda Pensionsstift Ng Executives AB Gimla AB Per Tamm Invest AB Curaro AB Quarto Quarti AB Thule Imports HB Tidalium Parva Förvaltning AB Deep Invest AB Deep Deco Batistuta A.F. Textar Under Tagmaster Finance AB CWH Invest i Stockholm AB Top Investment i Stockholm AB Specitek Sverige AB Relectronic-Esd HB Pg3C Group AB Dataline Sweden AB Total Energy Development Sweden AB Tåteln 0903 AB Tåteln 1607 AB Thot Link Roling AB Corobar AB Ö.K. Affärsutveckling AB Gardell, Hans Brf Fjällräven Torell & Partner AB Lawson Jr, Harold NeoDynamics AB (publ) Neodynamics AB Wiljo AB Esselle AB GBW Hospitality AB Host Financial Services AB Acontea AB A & B Lantz HB Marcato Fastigheter AB Marcantia AB The Paper Hub AB Consus Invest AB Investment AB Consus First Eden AB Vector Data AB Finino AB Restoried Only for Show AB Only one life AB Bergenstråhle, Maria Bergenstråhle, Fredrik G Bergenstråhle International AB i Bergenstråhle Trading AB G. Bergenstråhle Trading Bergenstråhle, Ingalill Silvermåne Global Exploration Sweden AB Bg Resurs Ngs Nordic Global Sourcing AB Lawson Konsult AB Lawson, Annika Recapex AB Ct International i Stockholm AB P.G. Möller AB Ground Control AB B & P, Bois & Partners AB Web Ms AB J & C Consulting Huvudverket Albe Ay Consulting AB ÅB Consulting AB Österberg Investment AB Thomson, Peter INGEO AB Mr Pop HB Red House Production HB Veteranklubben Esso-Statoil Guide Media And Comms Agency Analytica Ekonomikonsult HB Sol, Christer Rebolution AB V.O.I.T.S AB Wind In Mind AB Calella AB Reason, James Hammar, Marie Infovia electric steam Sweden AB HB Eva & Pia Inline Export & Import Equate AB Conmed HB Ulmålund AB Fredrik Lohmander Medicinsk Konsult Recco International AB AT Invest AB Atriva AB Lady at Work AB Lady At Work Malmberg, Patrick Artic Ag NiTi AB Hotel No. 16 AB Dicendi Do Good Consulting AB Design By Snöbohm New Brews Sweden AB New Brews Sweden HB Elicit Wiik & Edholm AB Anne Wiik & Co AB Klicka AB Michael A Invest AB R A & Co AB Quality Assessment Sweden AB GE Holst AB Lula AB Market Cap Group HB Thunder AB Kockum Consulting Power Support Stockholm Stockholm Broadcast Support AB Softbus Lidingö Galleria Ekonomisk Fören Lidingö Ekonomi och Service AB Lidingös Hemängel Lidingö Reklam HB Lidingö Klippotek AB Lidingö Gymnasiums Elevkår AB Lidingö Elektriska Trumpekent Nina Nyblom Psykiatrimottagning Peruaner Utan Gränser Yuri Gadelius Fastighetsbyrå AB Irato Eagle Safety & Security Solutions Strongh AB L8 Hasselblad L8 Hasselblad AB

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