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Alingsås Information System HB AS Industrilokaler AB Nova pes AB Ba Konfekt HB Dermatica Leya 1 AB Alf Watch Company AB Elgab AB T.Tech AB Mantram Express AB Iver Holding Väst AB T. I. C HB Sa Game HB Well-Being Sverige KB Elisabeth Mila AB Blå Skåpet AB Bark Co AB Actinara AB Schoppe AB Iver MepCo Three AB Iver MepCo Two AB Iver MepCo One AB Cissus Bygg AB Demon T.T. AB Geoscand AB Woods TES Sweden AB E-Leet Solutions HB BA Oil AB Ck Gravyr HB SIVER Growth AB Ediths 1 AB Edshult 1:6 TB-GRUPPEN AB Get Strong Tkj Maskinservice & Fastigheter AB Frifisi Utbildningsfabrik AB Elon i Nol AB Alpha Competence AB Elektronik Design Tide Iowa AB Tetec AB Titec KB Saleh Wassouf, Ali Via Lactea AB Via Sweden AB Unipower AB Stonehill AB Forza AB Vinden Second Hand Aerotech Engineering Sweden AB Andersson, Ingela Karin Maria Assa Teka Kamratfören Electrolux Professional Sweden AB Cmb-Svets Lagercrantz, Jakob Innoveum AB Martinsson, Johan Magnus Köhler, Rolf Mattias Dahlqvist Holding AB Dahlqvist, Malin Thelin, Åsa Mobila IT Sektionen Eco - Tools HB K-J Olssons Skogstjänst Improventure AB Pinola, Ann-Christin Be - Pe Elektronik i Alingsås AB Be-Pe Elektronik i Alingsås Holding AB Devenco Produktutveckling HB Artevo Padelborgen AB Avt Industriteknik AB Tatanka Parts KB Ludama AB Red AIR AB Arrow fodder If Metallklubben Nkt Hv Cables AB (Alingsås) Unionens Medlemsklubb Nkt Hv Cables AB Brider AB Mattias Welander AB Sweden Sport Sales AB Arm Alingsås AB Northern Co. AB Gamil, Luai Med-Invent HB Broom AB Stockporten AB V-Städ AB Tescab AB Wideco Trivalia AB HB Trivalia Momentum Group Services AB Nick The Marlin AB Acona AB HB Chiquita Musik Ins-Industriservice AB Business Case Sweden AB In Spirit AB Shed AB Ergonomia Varda Dr. Solutions AB Lundberg, Anna-Karin Vält Penster Ericsson Avec Sweden AB Bas K o M Konsult AB Hesten Gaming Canten AB Reason Music AB Naeem Aslam Collection AB Stone Management AB Fischer Ag Sätek Sweden HB Carlea Marotec AB Invested Soderberg, Borje Gunnar Odenas Bed & Breakfast Magic Solution 21 RC Rail AB Peak Konsult HB Gåvaklar Payius AB Skandia Alingsås AB Andersson, Nils Eric

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