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Terra Trade SA Shepeherds Inc AUDI TRADE LIMITED Master Steel And Commodities Tradings Ltd Pentacle Group Ltd Asian Fishing Limited Global International Limited Core Trading Limited St Vincent Motors Ltd. Tactica Ltd GENTEEL TRADERS LTD. European Commerce Bank Limited Leopard Shipping Limited Mer Shipping Ltd Denny Z Shipping Company Limited St Vincent Trust Service Ltd. Alpha Holdings Ltd Courts (Saint Vincent) Limited Air Investments Ltd AIC International Ltd Joy Harvest International Co Ltd Omikon Invest Limited Intership Limited Kanika Marine Limited Cenoco Holdings Ltd Trendex Invest SA Frangipani Hotel Argentina Trust STB Swiss Trust Bank Ltd Food Group Corporation Galaxy Group Ltd Kids World Group Corporation Lex Holdings Limited RAZNOIMPORT HOLDINGS LTD Nascendo Telecom, S.A. Duke Atlantic Inc Grant, T. Geddes (St. Vincent) Ltd. HIS & HERS BOUTIQUE Get Financial LTD Solvay Industries ltd CARSYL AGENCIES Diamond Diary Co. Ltd Caribbean Gourmet Ltd Excelsior Trading Ltd JP Trading Co Ltd Grain Trading Company Limited Trade Way Technology Co. Ltd Trend Bank Limited Omnicorp Bank Inc. ESTATE OF GARVIN LLEWELLYN W Services Ltd Expertoption Ltd Fenja Fund Multi Strategy Limited Libertex International Company Limited Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Red Cross Society Frontera Enterprises Ltd Log Enterprises Limited Smartex International Limited Fishing International (Associates) Limited Shift Markets Ltd QMS 2 Offshore Services Ltd United Ventures LTD O T Tyre Limited St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited Europa Bank Ltd T & M Limited New Bank Ltd. St. Vincent Sales and Services, Ltd. Owens Bank Limited INTERPORT SHIPPING DEN HAAG INVESTMENT LTD. NASH, EUSTACE Saint Vincent Banana Growers Association, The Saint Vincent Brewery Limited INTERNATIONAL SERVICE & CONSULTING LTD. CAPITAL INTERNATIONAL LTD St Clair Investments Ltd Pluto International Company Limited International Commerce and Finance Corporation Ltd International Financial Insurance Risk Co. Ltd. Ministry of Finance Planning and Development Over Seas Investment Bank Limited International Capital Corporation Ltd Pall Mall Ltd. International Holdings Co Government of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Horizon Bank International Limited Elliot Finance Ltd International Sales and Marketing Corporation Ltd K.S. Enterprises Ltd. Nikis Investment Fund Inc. Byblos International Limited WTF International Ltd Focus Investment Ltd Part Invest Limited Conmar International Limited First Investment Group Corporation Charterhouse Finance Corporation Maurel & Prom International Shipping Ltd (Mepis) Harmony Investments Ltd Lifetime Investments Limited Gentros Invest Ltd New Stars Media Cash Money Investments Inc Chemic International Corporation G & B Commerce Limited International Maritime Shipping Corporation Ltd Valiant Investment Funds Limited GB Phosphate Mining Ltd Investment Alliance Ltd Multi Invest Trade and Finance Ltd Super Value International Co., Ltd Garson Finance Limited Blue Communications International Ltd Property Investments Ltd International Airport Development Company Limited (IADC) Master Concept Group Inc Genesis Investment Funds Limited RELIANCE PRINTERY LTD. Bari Securities Services Limited LJF Investmetns Limited Universal Import Export Ltd ELM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Windward Island Trust Company Ltd St Vincent Trust Company Limited Camafrica Tanker Limited Invest SVG Capital in Motion Inc. Strongfield Marketing LTD. The Mustique Company Limited Canouan Resort & The Grenadines Estate Villas Canouan Bay Resorts Development Ltd Carenage Bay Holding DBA Canouan Resorts Tenaris Connections Limited Gainsy, Inc. Ionic Insurance Company Zug Insurance Holding Ltd Pavilion Life Insurance Ltd National Insurance Services Max Marine Ltd Goya Marine Services Ltd Drake Finance Limited Finishing and Furnishing Ltd Finpro Management International Technology Finance (ITF) Limited Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Mustique Hotel Ltd Friendship Bay Hotel Ltd. Principium Trust Ltd DOMINION BANK TRUST CO. LTD St.Vincent & The Grenadines National Trust St Mary's Angelican Church Restoration Trust DWC Group LTD International Travel Group Ltd Gloria Wave Group Inc Overseas Participation Holding Limited H.L.L. Holdings Limited Rainbow Holding Hitech Holdings Limited Tristar Holding Limited Environmental Holdings SA Viktor Holdings Incorporated RELIANCE HOLDINGS LTD KNUETTEL HOLDINGS LTD. Hudswell Holdings Limited Crowndale Holdings Ltd Jorehaut Holdings Ltd Dumfries Holdings SA BRASPORT HOLDING YKM Holdings International Limited Ribbonwood Holdings Limited Superlative Holdings Limited Eurotrubplast Holding Company Ltd RICHMOND VALE HOLDING CO. LTD. INAS LTD Inas Limited Neotech Inc STECHERS LTD. Teletrade DJ Limited Pro-Tel Marketing Limited Pro-Tel Marketing Ltd Roadwise Trading Limited Alfa Trade Solutions SVG Limited Almog Ltd. BI One Business Intelligence Kingstown Ltd Tradesto Corporation Bestla Ltd Alpha Metals Ltd Triumph Consulting Limited UNIVERSAL SALES CORP. LTD. Namibor Ltd J.G. AGENCIES LTD. Courts St Vincent Ltd Cable & Wireless Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Ltd The Star Agency (St. Vincent) Ltd ST VINCENT PLASTICS LTD. St Vincent Manufacturing Co Ltd St Vincent Container Corporation Ltd St Vincent Distillers Ltd Bottlers (St. Vincent) Ltd St Vincent Marketing Corporation KFC St. Vincent Ltd Interage (St. Vincent) Limited Y. De Lima (St. Vincent) Ltd. CTA Concept Funds Limited Frank B. Armstrong (St. Vincent) Limited Trotmans Electronics Service Ltd Ocean Marine Shipping Agencies Ltd Pile-Trevor Sea Lion Marine Ltd C.H.M. Marine Ltd KP Marine Ltd Paradigm Marine Ltd Howards Marine Ltd Rasal Agencies, Ltd. Caribbean Reference Laboratory SVG Limited Integrated Biodiesel Industries Ltd BCS Forex Ltd. Digicel Saint Vincent & The Grenadines Limited Kids World Financial Services Ltd Lindsey Company Limited Windom S.A. Pan-Access Shipping Co. Ltd. Lulley, Mark Alpha Fortis Corporation SAN JOSE LTD. General & Maritime Agencies Ltd Guarantee Agency Inc General Harware Supplies Agency For Public Information Viera's Agencies and Courtesy Sports Limited General Employees Co-operative Credit Union Limited Eastern Caribbean Agencies Ltd Excellent Star Enterprise Limited St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Authority St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College Care Advocary Reaching out and Empowering St. Vincent and the Greanadines Inc Columbus Communications St. Vincent & The Grenadines Limited B2B Bank Limited Fxlotos Services Limited Genesis Capital Management Limited Fully Winner Limited Fully Wind Corp Rubinstein AG Masar Trading And Shipping Inc Ruby Capital Limited Mistral Shipping Company Limited Mastra Limited High Tech Services Inc Caribbean Economic Development Initiative Incorporated Caribbean Woods Limited