List of Corporate Headquarters in TAEJON

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
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YB Co.,Ltd. World Capital KVA Human Planet Co.,Ltd. Daedong Industrial Co Blueberry Soft Co., Ltd. Capital Travel Mikwang Immunotech Co., Ltd. Dunsan Samyang Car Center Bianco Cross TEC Into Caritas Co., Ltd Duri Meditech Daewon Investment Finance Cham Animal Hospital Maeil Oil G Meditech DURE CO. Mely Fast Food Bio Mall Next Generation Car Service & Car Man Shop Bank Industry KS Reality Co.,Ltd. Haetteul Pharmacy Vaccine Leader Co., Ltd. Girim Patent Law Firm SK Net Works Speed Mate LG Machinery Co., Ltd. PB Diamond Co., Ltd. CAR PRO CO. Chosuk Construction Co., Ltd. NOUVEL KOREA Oasis Creta PC Motion Ad Co.,Ltd. Hongdo Hongdo Cargo PLAY COM CO.,LTD. Casamia Furniture Casamia Furniture Branch Future Net Songeun Dental Surgery Hospital Neo Vally Invest AN MOTORS CO.,LTD. I & Solution Co., Ltd. Cara Tec Korea Pobiseu Co., Ltd. Zepetto Seik Korea Railroad Mutual Aid Association ALPS CO. ING LIFE INSURANCE CO. Mbiosys Co.,Ltd. Kookil Gastec Co. K&J Solution Co., Ltd. Samsung Rubber Industry JIYONG TREASURE CO.,LTD. Jo ENC Seu Co., Ltd. Inkyung Co. Korea Bojeon Life Science Basic Science Hanwha Floorings Co., Ltd. kyongjin Information Co., Ltd Pro Bona Kyong In Industry Co., Ltd. LNK Development Co.,Ltd. Daeji Steel Shape Manufacture Yunhap Construction Machinery Co. LAZY MOJO Choheung General Corporation Co., Ltd. Clap MC SLCO Han Engineering HAN SHIN ENGINEERING CO., LTD CS Group Co., Ltd. Nam Buk Medical Corp. HANKOOK ANDERSON Hankook Anderson Co., Ltd. Alpha Golf Co.,Ltd. Pyunghwa Security Gloves Yunhap Construction Machinery Korea Gas Technology (Chungcheong) KY INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Meri K Cosmetics Sung International Cho Sung II OS SHINHAN DIAMOND. LEESEONG Marine Moving Exiss Co., Ltd. J.S TRADING CO. Hanme Co., Ltd. Nextron Inc. Sungsan Plasma I-PLASMA CO.,LTD. DAE KWANG Co., Ltd. Oh Sung Max S&i Co., Ltd. PRO MAX CO.,LTD. ATEC CO.,LTD. Besteria Newgene Seed Co Witech Corporation Co.,Ltd. Kosnet Invest Advisory Co., Ltd. INTER SYS. Suhyun NBM Towel Mart Sewoo Industry Co.,Ltd. Potec Co., Ltd. Sunil Safe Mfg Double UBG Korea Co.,Ltd. KOREA WATER RESOURCES CORPORATION CREDIT COOPERATIVE Kairo Bio HI REACH CO.,LTD. KGI Co.,Ltd. Kan Mall Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources Agency Plus Mall Korea Co., Ltd. Greennet Power Co., Ltd. Yonhap INC Co., Ltd. Yonhap SM Pos Systems Hongbo Culture Co.,Ltd. Jungsan Enterprise Co., Ltd. Jungsan Co.,Ltd. THE FLUTE CO. Window And Window WIN & WIN CO.,LTD. Win & Win F.I.S P Teu 24 Mobijone Ked Co., Ltd. National Health Insurance Gongdandae Battery Yeok Center Korea Drive Teaching Institution Co., Ltd. Dongbu Insurance bugil Branch Yetmat Chicken Hof Aju Art Museum Haesung Recycling Co., Ltd. IBK AMG Co. Ltd Sin, Hae Seong Restaurant NH Technology Investment Co., Ltd. DAE MYUNG GLASS IND.CO. Kumsung Electric Geoin Dasan Heavy Machinery CL Ko Co., Ltd. Doosan Meat ABIS CO.,LTD. Inet Co., Ltd Nanum Co., LTD. K CO.,LTD. SIB Co., Ltd National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Ferti Limited Liability Company Dano Art Dano Hair Shop Mobian Co.,Ltd. FORMANCE CO.,LTD. SHIN YOUNG GLOBAL CO.,LTD Sikos Co., Ltd. Well korea Co.,Ltd. Green Town Co.,Ltd. Dream Korea Co., Ltd. Kukje Sports Engineering To You Co., Ltd Want To You Com ECOSOL CO.,LTD. SamHae Muv Co., Ltd CHUNG WUN A.M. CO. The BNI Sungmo Internal Medicine Sungmo Internal Medicine Hospital Sungmo Nerves Internal Medicine Hospital Sungmo Nerves Internal Medicine Clinic Sungmo Industry Co., Ltd. HAN DO TRADING CO. Han Trading Co.,Ltd. Yuil Stone Co., Ltd. Pms Co., Ltd. Doohop Construction Co., Ltd. Duhap Construction Zakumi GG Limited Co., Ltd. Mando Electronics Telecom MIP CO.,LTD. Jeonjin Co. Dyne engineering Co.,Ltd Kim Seok Bong Raw-Fish Restaurant Motor System & Technology Co., Ltd. Gipum Dawon Systems Co., Ltd. Boandang Aisin Shoes Korea Youngwoong General Construction Co., Ltd. Bex Co.,Ltd. Global Human Tech Daewoo Topia Office Teli Topia Clean Topia Hana Topia Co., Ltd. Sori Topia Mirae Car Topia Topia English Jondaejeon Foreign Language Institute Clean Topia Wes Daejeon Branch Clean Topia HomeplusMunhwa Branch Clean Topia Daejeon Jeonmin Branch Clean Topia Daejeon Yongjeon Branch Clean Topia Daejeon Mannyeon Branch Clean Topia Lotte Mart Noeun Branch Meseu Topia Mathmatics PROFESSIONAL Institute Act I Co.,Ltd. BMT FIVE S COMPANY CO.,LTD Internet Pc Arin Trading PR ZONE Cutics Lucid Co.,Ltd. Cowells Amsterdam UB System Choongchung Integrated Card System Co., Ltd. Gs-caltex(taejeon Chungchung Area) KSA Co., Ltd. Five Star The Shop Cosmetics Palpal Freshwater Fish Freshwater Sea Fishing Plaza Sun Freshwater Broiled Eels Restaurant Jongro Oriental Medicine Yegwang Telecom Co.,Ltd. Yegwang Enterprise Easy Yoga G&S GUARD CO.,LTD. KORID CO.,LTD. DNA Co., Ltd. The DNA System Hanyu B & C Maison de Paris . Bija Link Sunin Co., Ltd. Swis Park GM CORPORATION G.M.C. Real Estate Heritage G&R Co., Ltd. Bioneer Corporation Hyundai Investment Financial Co., Ltd. KJ Tech DC Dr. Lab MS Lab DONG YANG TEXTILE CO.,LTD. Ms Vitamin Comesta Inc. Nature Tech Co., Ltd. Wondong General Corporation Vietnam Trading Vietnam Rice Noodle Pho Chao KM INTER PLUS CO.,LTD. Hi Information Technology Co.,Ltd. J Mart Hamsoa THE CLO CO.,LTD. Wood Wokeu Alice Antique MP Tech Co., Ltd. ForALL Jerotech Co. Lightron Fiber-Optic Devices Inc. MEGA MEDICAL CHUNGCHUNG JISA CO. Myungsung Precision Co.,Ltd. Hansarang Insurance Branch SAMJIN JMC CO., LTD. LAY SOFT CO.,LTD. KAEPIS CO.,LTD. PLATINUM SEOBU CO.,LTD. PLATINUM YEONGJU CO.,LTD. Gang San Agricultural Corporation The Asia Co., Ltd LINKTREE CO.,LTD. JLS Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Rute Management Insitute Co., Ltd. Narmae Music Institute Noeun Myeonryundang Institute Harvard 52 Reading Room GREEN KNOX Obelo OBE Lab Co., Ltd. Hicos Co.,Ltd. Art Pack Industry Co., Ltd. Han Ul System Co.,Ltd CDL KOREA CO.,LTD. Kory Co.,Ltd. The Gam Real Estate Asset Management ICM INC. I & CM TS STEPS CO.,LTD. New Jen Science Co.,Ltd. Na D A Central Park 1Danji Management Office Daejeonbogeon Medical Consumer Life Cooperative Maeil Dairy Industry Western Daejeon Distributor Maeil Dairy Industry Geoseong Branch Korea Materials & Analysis Corp. GemVax & KAEL Co., Ltd. Korea Railroad Corporation Cruise Restaurant Korea Cruise Blue Queen LS Systec Korea Health Care Co., Ltd. Samdo Motor Co., Ltd. Samdo Taxi Oriental Hospital of Daejeon University Daejeon University Oriental Medical Hospital Daejeon Univ Cooperative System Arittaum Daejeon University Agency Daejeon University Gunae Optician's Shop Daejeon University Post Office ORIENTAL HHOSPITAL DAEJEON UNIVERSITY Daejeon University Dunsanhyewha Hospital Daejeon University Busokdunsan Oriental Hospital The Face Shop Daejeon Univ. Branch GS25 Daejeon University Sajeom Talent LK Industry Co.,Ltd. L.K INDUS Bionet Service Pharos Technology Co., Ltd. Piland Prizen National Chungbook Trading firm NAUTICA World First Co., Ltd. WOO KUN CONSTRUCTION CO. Yedang tech Joong Ang Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. Rado Food Co., Ltd. Geo Co., Ltd. Consumer Market Tera Leader Inc. ENI Co., Ltd. Daeyang E&C Co., Ltd. Airnets Co.,Ltd. Samsung Motorcycle Center NiKo Co., Ltd. Noori Gillette Co., Ltd. Bio Ville Bio Valley Co., Ltd. ECO GREEN ENERGY CO.,LTD. YUJIN TECH CO. FRL Korea Co.,Ltd. THE S Co., LTD. Shin Dong Gu Distribution DY Holdings Co., Ltd. Bosung Industry Co.,Ltd. HANA FIRST CLASS SERVICE CO.,LTD. First Class Sundae Mome Mei I Hyeon Trade Daewoo Automotive Jung-Gu Baro Corner GS 25hours Gwanpyeong Jung-ang Branch Chamjon Daejeun Jung-Gu Branch CJ GLS Daejeon Jung-gu Branch Daejeon Jung-gu Office Gamyu Co., Ltd. Data Man Daejeon Flower Direct Market Apple PC K & PARTNERS INC. K & PARTNERS CO.,LTD. GIST Co., Ltd. GI System Co.,Ltd. Kinderschule Dunsanwon Co.,Ltd. K-Healthwear Smart mobile Co.,Ltd. COSMOS VISION CO.,LTD. Deayang Foreign travel Co., LTD. Sangwon Seige Co., Ltd. HR In and In Co., Ltd. Golden Core Samryong Co., Ltd. JNJ GLOBAL CO.,LTD. DEVICE CO.,LTD. Neo Device Neo Device Co., Ltd. Consumer Cash Back Co., Ltd. Cocobil Kan Filter Co., Ltd. Biocurepharm Co.,Ltd Easy Medics Co.,Ltd AI Systems Co., Ltd. Ewon Co, Ltd Donga Industrial Co., Ltd.. Y Bio Logic Co., Ltd. CHUNG & JUNG CO.,LTD. Shinheung Filter Industry Inter Holdings Co., Ltd. Ace Industry Co., Ltd. Three R Meongdong Outdoor Sports MS Logistics Co.,Ltd. Seodaejeon Reading Town Language School READING TECH CO.,LTD. DAEHA TECHWON Co.,Ltd Dahwa Co., Ltd. Sukchun Coating M.E.T Co.,Ltd Metro Company ON WORD CO.,LTD. Askanet Co., Ltd. Signart Company Co., Ltd. SPACE SOLUTIONS CO.,LTD. Link System Pelicana Chicken FIXCO CO.,LTD. KB CO. HAE SUNG TAPE IND. CO., LTD. PTS Co., Ltd PT Service The Good Trading Co., Ltd. ATE Tech Kumdo Development Co.,Ltd. JN J Logistics Co., Ltd. Wise Planet Co., Ltd. DCP Ltd Sun Medical Center Wonmi Food Co., Ltd Ade com FLORIAN CO.,LTD. Uni Korea Co.,Ltd. Uni Lever korea Co., Ltd Uni Biz Uni Biz Co.,Ltd. HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. hold tech Co., LTD. Kwang Il Electric Co. DS Industry DS Industry Co. D&S Co., Ltd. D & S Dasan Industry Development Co., Ltd. Y collection Co., Ltd. Puzzle&J Co., Ltd. K Max Patent Law Firm WOORI KUMPOONG CO.,LTD. Kumpoong Chemical Co., Ltd.. Saincontac Co., Ltd. Korean Traditional Music Shop Dalbong Traditional Korean Sweets SHIN HWA CORPORATION CO.,LTD Hankook Machine C.N K Big Cell EETS Co., Ltd. Down Nursery Woosong System Co., Ltd. Woosong Gas Station Woosong Laundry GS 25 Woosong Sarang Branch Woosong Moolsan Co.,Ltd. Woosong Engineering Co.,Ltd. Taejeon Woosong Educational Foundation Cyberia Woosong Branch Woosong Goeul WOOSONG EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION Woosong Fire Protection Co., Ltd. Woosong Scholarship Under a Rodem Tree Around Sseobeu Co., Ltd. LG MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Office All DC Dusan Office Furniture DUNSAN OFFICE FURNITURE CO. Vip Membership Card Love House Real Estate Consulting Office SOMANG COSMETICS JUNGGU Agency CO. SOMANG COMMUNICATIONS CO.,LTD. Cuckoo Copy Thankful Discount Store NS Information Medi Tulip Co., Ltd. GOLDEN TRUST CO.,LTD. ALT Co, Ltd The KT EM Patent Law Office Mobil Interior MOBI DIGM CO.,LTD. Core Key SV Cosmetics WOO SHIN CO., LTD. Buyeo Resturant Aritaum (Hannam Univ. Agency) Evercam Everchem Co., Ltd. Platform L Haitai Beverage Dunsan Agent Haitai Beverage Daejeon Branch Hankuk Mutual aid Cooperative Co.,Ltd. JO EUN ENG Odette Osaeo Co., Ltd. O & K(O&K) Game City Co., Ltd. Sungdo Tuna S Planet O Ho Co., Ltd. Mirae Medicom Korea Institute of Energy Research Shinwoo D&I Co., Ltd. F&D Ltd. S.I KOREA CO.,LTD. DONGJEON IS CO.,LTD. INNET CO.,LTD Hongsam & Evercare Hansung Sashi Glass Youngaen Toy Special Gas Christianity Hanguk immersion fellowship Jusarang Church Highest Medi Daejeonrohaseu Medical Consumer Life Cooperative DOKKOMARI Daegwanryeong Livestock Meat Restaurant Daejeonneoreunmadang Medical Consumer Life Hyupdong Daegwanryeong Dried Pollack Hangover Soup Fox Beauty Mall KK Electronics Co., Ltd. Indo China NDO Ildong Enzyme Jjimjil Institute Eunjin Co., Ltd.. Daebo City Development Co.,Ltd. DL IT Co., Ltd. Maeil Dairy Yeongdong Special Agent Maeil Dairy Gayang Agency DoDo One Co.,Ltd. Korea E&S Co.,Ltd. Coco Mart Co., Ltd. Orient Watch LS LIGHTING Hannam University HANNAM UNIVERSITY CREDIT UNION Deli Roti Hannam Univ. Branch CU Hannam Univ. Oneroom 2-ho Agency CU Hannam University One Room Branch CU Hannam University Bukmun Branch Tomato Hannam University Branch Pizza Etang Hannam University Agency LookOptical Glasses(Hannam Univercity Agency) Hannam University Institute for Industry-Academy Cooperation Hannam University Post Office Korea Seven Hannam University Sajeom Co., Ltd. Hannam University Electronics Gyesan Education Baskin Hannam University Hanbame Philekorea Technology Inc. Gyeongsu Corps Korea Tech CHO-DANG PHARM CO., LTD. Joy Community Co., Ltd. Ilsung Industry Co., Ltd. Senan Co., Ltd. Jae Hong Co, Ltd Joeun Housing Management Joeun Housing Construction TASHA TUDOR CO.,LTD. Oi Karaoke Max Pro Choseok Construction Co., Ltd Camoplast Taeryuk Ltd. SNB Co., Ltd. Best Technology & Service Co., Ltd. Little America Co., Ltd. Little America Noen English Academy Leaders Total The Jeniseu Zentec Science HANGUK NAEMSAE ENVIRONMENT YEONGUSO CO.,LTD. NCA Corporation Limited. MS Computation Dongyang Industrial Machine Co. Sammi GLS Co.,Ltd. Cheoeum Company Co., Ltd. Kukmin System Co.,Ltd. Seongkwang Construction Co., Ltd. New Keumkang Development Co., Ltd. Shin Woong Eng Co. KORAIL TECH Co., Ltd. Josun INFINIU CORPORATION GOLD INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. NATURE & ENERGY CO., LTD Dongyang Art Printing Co. Cara Graphics Joongbu Daejeon Freight Terminal Co.,Ltd. Joongbu Daejeon Freight Terminal Daejeon Joongbu Green Squid and Sea Friends Hanjoo Machinery Co.,Ltd. KS Motors Co.,Ltd. Hyunbo Co., Ltd. LUX Co., Ltd. Service Top Co., Ltd. Top Travel Agency Co.,Ltd. Jeil Agro Co.,Ltd. Saehan Csm HIM CO.,LTD. CHUNGHAN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Youngsan.Com Co., Ltd. SMC Co., Ltd. SMC Co., Ltd. Nawoo Trade Naeto Construction Co., Ltd. GONGJU CO.,LTD. POLLTECH Computer Life CPS Telecom Co., Ltd. Kyung Won Co., Ltd. korea Credit Information Co., Ltd. D&d General Construction Co., Ltd. S&D General Construction Co., Ltd. D&Y General Construction Co., Ltd. Diamond & Gold Netpia Munhwa Industry Co., LTD. Munhwa Industrial Co., Ltd.. Shinhan Industry Development Co., Ltd. Shinhan Service Development Co., Ltd. Woojung Construction Seodong Stationery Daehan Metal Industry Co.,Ltd. Brothers Industry Co., Ltd. Cargo Service Daeah Engineering Co.,Ltd. TESSI Yousung Hotel Co.,Ltd. Im Power Soft Co.,Ltd. Central Mart Easy Industrial Development Co., Ltd Core Fashion Jewelry Sejong Mutual Savings Bank Daejeon Express Bus Terminal Co., Ltd. Pacific Hydraulic Pacific Industrial Development Co., Ltd. KT Tech Green Chemical Co., Ltd. Hans Corp. ATLAS BX CO.,LTD Dong-yang Aluminum Co., Ltd. Dongwoo Capital Loan Co.,Ltd. Cellon Tech Co., LTD. Dream Skin Korea Corp. Hinet HINET CO.,LTD. HI Networks Co., Ltd. Hi Net Co., Ltd. Se Phone Group Korea Co., Ltd. Space Frame Sinsung MS Co.,Ltd. IT Ocean Sangwoo Development Co.,Ltd. Best korea Co., Ltd Korea Best Co.,Ltd. Ga Sa Hitech Cns Hankyung Daedong Co., Ltd. Dacom R & D Center Woosin Construction Industry Co.,Ltd. V.L Engineering Trans World SKY&LAND CO.,LTD. Sajo Co., Ltd. MORENS CO.,LTD. Millet Snack Meribi Kkachi Car Dongrim Environment Co., Ltd. Donghyun Engineering Co., Ltd. Daegil Engineering Co., Ltd. Geo M Technology Co, Ltd Daejung Chemical Sinra Leisure Industry O2 Savings Bank Rise Co., Ltd. Solar Korea ECO SOLAR KOREA CO.,LTD. BYUCKSAN CORP. Juan Remicon Co.,Ltd. Central Multi Broadcasting Korea R&d Project Institute Co., Ltd. JUNGBU LOGISTICS CENTER CO.,LTD. D& tech Co.,Ltd. D TECH CO.,LTD. D & I Tech Jinsung Industry Development Co., Ltd. VISION SEMICON.,LTD Bom Interactive Media Co., Ltd. Elecsys POSHOME Kyungwon Machinery Co. DAEYEON STEEL CO.,LTD. Kyungnam Enterprise SCC Korea Co., Ltd. Hannam Travel Co., Ltd. Hanbat Leisure Co., Ltd. Hwaban Leisure DOAN URBAN DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Power Tech Co., Ltd. Hanyong Car Motors Hanyong General Sangsa Hanyong Car Center Samwoong Production Co., Ltd.. SHIN-SUNG MARINE CO.,LTD. WONJUNG PIPELINE MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Wonjung Oriental Medical Clinic Wonjung Sanup Co. J&J K SHIN DONG-AH CORP Sari TAEHYEON D&C kos Bank Co., LTD. HANSAM COUNTRY CLUB CO.,LTD. Network & System Co., Ltd. Woori Telecom Technology Co.,Ltd. Nexture Ltd. Kangsan Industry K & SD CO.,LTD. Hanam System Hwang Electric Lighting Hana Graphics San Graphics Ghana Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. Korea S&C Co., Ltd. S DI Cheil Engineering & Industrial Co. Maeil Glass Industry Unhwa Car Service IVY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Y.B Co., LTD. Taeil Construction Taebong Industry Kcom Medilab Co., Ltd FIRST POWER ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Turbo Engineering SeAH Turbo Engineering Co., Ltd. TGCO INC CIT CORPORATION DONG YANG IND.CO. Shinsung Industrial Co., Ltd. Hilti Tools Doctor Hyundai Digital System Co., Ltd. CHEONGNAM ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Cheongnam Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Cheongnam Cooperation Technology Co.,Ltd. Gyungsin C&D Co.,Ltd. Hyung-Sul Co.,Ltd. Daejeon Daedeok Solar Energy Plant Daeduk Solar Energy co., ltd. DM Food Co.,Ltd. FreshOne Joongbu Co., Ltd. Jungbu Incorporation Co., Ltd. DAE JUN TRANSPORTATION CO., LTD. C&I Co., Ltd Bohyun Co., Ltd. D2 Media Korea Co., Ltd. Seven Media I&C Co., Ltd. Major Motel NaU ITT Co., Ltd. Major Car Doctor Techno Car Ajin En Tech System Oh Kyesung Co., Ltd. KD Civil Engineering and Construction Dongshin Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd Cosmetics Sale Land KGC Life & Jin Iche Daejeon Direct Management Center LIFE & JIN CO.,LTD. KGC Life Engine GWANG SAN CO., LTD. Golden Gugu Co., Ltd. Green Paper Tech Co., Ltd. Gyungpyung Construction Co., Ltd. Dongshin Ind., Co. Daejung High Polymer Industry Co., Ltd. Daejung Industry CHEONGHO DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. NewtecKorea Neocera Co., Ltd. JS Energy Co.,Ltd. J ENERGY CO.,LTD. Hurex, Inc. Architects & Engineers Shinil Construction Santa EO Cima Lotte Electronics Service Mirae Industry Co., Ltd. Jl Waters Co., Ltd. Sunglim Heavy industry Co.,Ltd. Urban Life Network Mirae Engineering Blue Blue Company Co., Ltd. korea Internet BL Industry Co., Ltd. Sekwang Construction Joint Co. Keukdong Medical Sangjin Enterprise Co., Ltd. Samkeon Co., Ltd.. G&B COLLECTION LIMITED PARTNERSHIP VIGS SEJONG ASSET INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Dream Asset Management Co., Ltd. ANC ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Fair Trade Division-Korea Customs Service Ever Nature Bio Land Co.,Ltd. Withus Korea Ltd. WITHUS HR KOREA CO.,LTD. Itech Co., Ltd. DRAMA KGS Co., Ltd. Daeyeon TIN Co., Ltd. Peptron Inc. VALUE CO.,LTD. PC I korea Korea Free Yellow Book Daeyong Co., Ltd. Adelheim Health Care Facility YUWON INC CO.,LTD. Rodeo Screen Golfzon Bethel tech Co., Ltd. Make U Nanoscope Systems Inc. Frances Hanil Co., Ltd. JAEMIN CO.,LTD. Smart City Co., Ltd. Kumim Co., Ltd. BS cam Co., Ltd. DUOMO MONSIEUR CO.,LTD. The Home Interior Architecture Design Raim Interior Architectural Design Daejeon Kovea Orbital World Shape Shop Dooson Co.,Ltd. B&G Co., Ltd. New Millennium New Mart Amex Hitech CET Co., Ltd. WIN CO. I- Com Co., Ltd. Uni Tech Yeonsung Construction Beauty Korea Daedong Steel Fire Door Daedong Steel Door Tea & Coffee Came Co., Ltd. Donga Facilities Co.,Ltd. Futro Co., Ltd. CHAEON CO.,LTD. Chaewon Co., Ltd. Samkwang Transportation Co.,Ltd. Samkwang Transportation Company Joheung Bearing Co., Ltd. SAE-A OBSTETRICS PDK CO., LTD Medi Co., Ltd. Medi Prum TIT Co., Ltd. DAEDUK TECH CO., LTD. H&S HighTech Corp. Taste Yumoon Co., Ltd Kyoungnam Industry PHARMSTAR CO.,LTD. BLUECORD Gyeongnam Confectionery Lohas Korea Co., Ltd. Jumping Square Lamarie Co., Ltd. Youngwon Co. S & Tech Co Sunin Industry Co., Ltd. Yuseung Co., Ltd. ROY SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Miss Mistar JC Co., Ltd. Jushin Co.,Ltd. RD-Tek Co., Ltd. KNG Co., Ltd. Five tech Co.,Ltd. Ke-Learning KE Motors Trumpet Restaurant King I Co., Ltd. SeAH E&T Co., Ltd. Indian Hair Korea Beauty Shop The Lease Jang Ji Hyeon General Shoes Kiul Bio Co., LTD. Doctor Bio Co.,Ltd. Phantom Glof Phantom Yuseong Branch Dongyoung Entech Namu Matey Co.,Ltd. Dongha Sang Gongsa Varian Technologies Korea Co., Ltd. EVEZARY CO. Evezary Tanbang Agency Evezary Galma Branch Evezary Home Fashion SDD Co., Ltd. SDD Co.,Ltd. Sign Technology Kj Industry Co., Ltd. Biontech Living Ssi Engineering Co., Ltd. Lg Chemistry Chunju Factory Co., Ltd. Maeil Dairy Hanbat Branch Maeil Dairy Kyeoryong Special Agent Ducksung Industrial Co., Ltd. Hana Investment Finance Co., Ltd. Kumkang Contents M Co., Ltd Cyber Contents Co., Ltd Medist Co., Ltd. MEDISTAR Green News Paper Coffee And Infos Co., Ltd. Bes Tech Co., Ltd Interbis Co., Ltd. Seijong DC Hands Art Hand Made Co., Ltd. MAGPIE MOTORS CO.,LTD. Mineral Water Branch Ssenotech NPC Korea NPC Co., Ltd. Osung Airline EZ TEC CO. Woosung Feed Co., Ltd. Daihansion Co., Ltd.. Cosmetic Square LN Co., Ltd. E&A Co., Ltd. DONG SEO CO. KET CO.,LTD. Baekya Meditech MJ Co.,Ltd. Korea Service Co., Ltd. Kiho Tls Industrial Co. KIHO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Daejin Co. W.M Co., LTD. Nexgate Co., Ltd. Unlimited HAHIHO Co., Ltd. MPC Korea Co., Ltd. Seafoods Daega Dream Asset Holdings Shinhan Bank Daejeon Corporate Banking Branch SINBO CO.,LTD. JUNGLIM CO.,LTD. BLUE EGG CO. Cafe De Avang Cafe De Antique Sinjju RED Technology Woosong Solcar Auto Tech Zem Tech Co., Ltd. Young Trading Garam Systech GSW ENG Co.,Ltd. ENJ Hair BOOTO Co., Ltd. Dae Ell Boots Beaute Cosmetics Gao Branch Koreana Cosmetics Ida Branch Bio Codon Co., Ltd Infinity Technology Co., Ltd JINHAP CO., LTD. Live Science Live Star ABC NanoTech Co., Ltd. Sport for all Association Korea E & S Omega MS Co.,Ltd. YEOGIBUL RESEARCH CO.,LTD. Daeryung Enterprise Daeryong Carpenter's Shop PAL TRADING CO. Romica Korea Co., Ltd. Woosung International Inc. Eco Noah Zion Life Co.,Ltd. IDS Company Co., Ltd. Nova Company Co.,Ltd. Nova Test Lafy Co., Ltd. SAY CO.,LTD. VIC K Co., Ltd. Hae Song Industry Co. KOREA AUCTION LAW CO.,LTD. Clio Tech Co., Ltd. Imperial Embroidery Imperial Bidet Innos Co., Ltd. CO N TECH CO.,LTD. Dong Yang International Co., Ltd. Mirim Co.,Ltd. Donghun Enterprise Co., Ltd. Doosan Machine Chungcheong Service Neocock Shinsagae Bed Shinsagae Hwawon Shinsagae Price Co., Ltd. GD CNC Co.,Ltd. Info Bank Co., Ltd. Info Biotech Information Bank Co., Ltd I Jean Co., Ltd Inspire. Inc Big Bio Co.,Ltd. Young Sung Hi-tech Co., Ltd. Micro Cap Co., Ltd. Sun korea Co., Ltd. Sunbok Co., Ltd. Power Plus MSM J TRADE CO.,LTD. Hyo Co., Ltd. Cheon & DC Notek Biotechnology DAEJEON MONEY TODAY CO.,LTD. Bebeco Co., Ltd. JST Co. J.station SILKON CO.,LTD. Hong&Lee Consulting Co., Ltd. Medix STEAM POT CO.,LTD. N.M ENG LG Industrial Systems LP Industrial Systems Co. Soft Inter com Adnet Co HAN LIM CO., LTD. Daeah Metal Loan Korea Co., Ltd. Loan Korea Bio Nics Co., Ltd. Chaeum GNL Co.,Ltd. Fewentech Co., Ltd. Top Watch SITL Sitl Co., Ltd. GCS Communication Co., Ltd. Starcon Co., Ltd. Starcon Vision Air System Co., Ltd. Youngseung Construction Co., Ltd View Power Corporation Daejeon Riverside Expressway Co., Ltd. MANDO INDUSTRIAL CO. Serom Construction Co.,Ltd. Samwon Agricultural Products. co., Ltd Sariwon Food Service Co., Ltd. Hanteo Co., Ltd. Akis Architectural Office S TECHNOLOGIE CO.,LTD. ATNT Jeio Tech Co., Ltd. SP Alluwin Co., Ltd. Gr Comtec THE NET CO.,LTD. Doctor Land Co.,Ltd. Hallim Techwin Gio World Space Co., Ltd. DREAM SPACE WORLD CO.,LTD. HYEJIN MART CO. Semstech Doosan System Co., Ltd. NEW MAN TECH CO.,LTD. Sama Co. Ad & People Ad. Pia Co., Ltd. Sm Sis Co., Ltd. DR CNC Co.,Ltd. G B&G Co., Ltd. M D I Tech Co., Ltd. MDI Tech Co, Ltd Ssangyong Co. Patent Corporation Plus UNI Patent Bank Mantech Hanjin System Information Technology Co., Ltd. Kwang Telecom Information System Kim Nam Cheol Pediatrics Hospital Kim Nam Jin Tax Accounting Doctor Block Ener Biz NODAJI ENER TECH CO.,LTD. SANGSEUNG ENER TECH CO.,LTD. B2B Corporation B2B Chemical Kim Young Ae Fruit Farm Breakfast Wow Information SEONGHWA SOCIAL LEGAL WELFARE MS Mobile Pico Cni Co., Ltd. RMR Co., Ltd. Tara Pia Nationwide Civil Servants Labor Union University Part Saba K Plus Com Dongin Optical Co., Ltd YB SEMICON ANF CO.,LTD. Neutinamu Restaurant Hi Industry Co., Ltd. H & L Hyundai Oilbank(Kapdong Gas Station) Bentro Co., Ltd. Sinwon Medicare NJ-Korea Co., Ltd. Nanum Medicare Agnetech Solutions Co., Ltd. yantech W Company Hi Tech Information Technology Co., Ltd. Seohyun Sehyang Hygiene Netri INART CO.,LTD. Inart Art Institute K&FOUR SEASON Gadeok Construction Co.,Ltd. Yeonho Electronics Co.,Ltd. Medonica Co.,Ltd. Anjeon Technology Co., Ltd. Daehan Heavy Industry Co. SYSMATE Communications NDM Cyber Co., Ltd. Leaders Electronics Co., Ltd. Unix Electronics AS Jipyung Co., Ltd. HUMAN IN CO.,LTD. S-BAY IB INC. Jipyong Tender Samsung Eichi Tieichi Yeong-Eobso Gao Yunchiyeong Speech Academy Institute HIYEON CO.,LTD. ST Seek Daeshin ENG Local Sustainability Alliance of Korea Landscape with Nanta �� Landscaping Construction Co., Ltd. Unico System Hyundai Easy I J SOLUS CO.,LTD. Solus Zenith Cafe Ghost MBP CO.,LTD. The Class Daejeon Contact Lens Deawoo Capital Co., LTD. Ugyung Engineering Co., Ltd. Daedong Glass Co., Ltd.. Atek Global Holdings Co.,Ltd. SK FISHERIES CO.,LTD. Nonghyup Hansamin Sinseong Branch Hansamin Daejun Technovalley Branch ENS Co., Ltd Gim Jaedeok Plastic Surgery Kim Jaedeok Plastic Surgery Ginseng Restaurant Korea Fluid Machinery Jungbu Core Asia Tech Co., Ltd. Woo Jin E&C Co., Ltd. Nano Com Co., Ltd. SOOA Corporation KIA MOTOR SALES CO. Chanel Science Vision Scientfific Daejeon Agency VISION SCIENTIFIC CO.,LTD. Sky Tools NATIONAL PLASTIC DAEJUN SANGSA Eos Technologies Co., Ltd.. Kukbo Industrial Co., Ltd.. Segyo Co., Ltd. Daechun Trading Inc. Oseong Co., Ltd. Architects Office Archi Vision Co., Ltd. Sk Networks(SK Sunkyung) Daedeok Livestock Co.,Ltd. Daedeok Lecaf DAEDEOK GOLF STORE Daedeok Medical Co., Ltd. Daedeok Medical Daedeok Valley Daedeok Ascon Co., Ltd. Daedeok I&D Daedeok Car Service Daedeok Cleaner Co., Ltd Daedeok D&P Co., Ltd. DAEDEOK TTASEUMIE CO.,LTD. Daedeok College Daedeok Construction Co., Ltd. Daedeok Engineering Co., Ltd. Daedeok Precision Co., Ltd Daedeok Valley system Daedeok Engineering Daedeok Chemical Co., Ltd Daedeok RSM DAEDEOK IMT CO.,LTD. DAEDEOK INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Daedeok Heating Co., Ltd. CJ Consulting Co.,Ltd. Chung-nam Tools Vision Education Institute New Vision Consulting Co.,Ltd. Nature Republic Daejeon Terminaljeom Mimo World Co., Ltd. MINE WORLD CO.,LTD. Jito Uri Trading Co., Ltd. Uri Transportation Co., Ltd. Atom Telecom Tellcom Co., Ltd. Jungminwon Dental Clinic Gold Master Gold Distribution Dawoo NT Co., Ltd. Solar Leader Co.,Ltd. Solar Car Ara F&S TS LINE SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Soft Line System Ibiga Food Ibiga Jjamppong SK Telecom Ewha Communication Corporation SW Industrial Development Heungamsuk JO HYUN INTERFASHION CO MEDIZS Inc. Boryung Publishing Boryungjip Boryung Sangsa Korea Enterprise Information Research Institute Boryeongdang Pharmacy Boryungdang Pharmacy NEX BIO Nexcoms Co., Ltd. SNK Corporation Co., Ltd. Shinhwa Engineering General Construction Co., LTD. Good Morning Arts Institute Herb Art Institute(Good Morning) Eastern Engineering Mirae Environment Co., Ltd. STL Associate Sewoo Construction Co., Ltd. HHM Engineering SYNERGY COMMUNICATION CO., LTD Synergy Vision Inc. Dalskorea Co., Ltd. SECURITY ENGINEERING CENTER CO.,LTD. DAE JU ENCS, Ltd. HQ Tech Co.,Ltd. TechI Co., Ltd. Ucon System Co., Ltd. Baekseung Battery Kukje Battery Delco Battery Namyoung Equipment Co., Ltd.. GEBEO CO.,LTD. Koiti Worldcup Key Coating LEADERS KOREA CO.,LTD. Prauda Geumkang Landscape Co., LTD. General Cosmetics PARADIGM LANS Inc. Songgang Telecom Hanhwa Securities Dunsan Branch C.C.I Co., Ltd. Dongmin Co., Ltd. HANBONG CO.,LTD. Cosse Co., LTD. Corporation Dream community Dongsung Electric Co.,Ltd. Dongsin Electric Co.,Ltd. Korea Nattulal AD CORE CO. Agency and Marketing Co.,Ltd. Kim Cheol Su Tax Accounting Office Kims World SN Entertainment Co., Ltd. Daeheung Second-hand Tire Cheongsol Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. Awon Coporation Co., Ltd. Awon NetCODEC Co., Ltd. NEOTECHSOFT Inc. Net Codec Co., LTD. Chubu Ceramics Cjs CJS CO.,LTD. Genics Arion Co.,Ltd. Sungu Co., Ltd. Vision Co.,Ltd. Jin Pyung Company Woori Bio Woori Bio Co.,Ltd. Pyunghwawon Co., Ltd. Hanmi Lg Design MOBILE HARBOR INC. Hanjin Corporation SUD Samsung Logistic Co.,Ltd. Donggeirang Co., Ltd. Global Atto Co., Ltd. Hain Corporation Co., Ltd. Hanis Korea Miniature Mihyang Ilsik Mihyang Resturant Korea Books Donghaewon K And C K & C Jenia NEX PRIME CO.,LTD. Inter Live K L METAL CO. Ara Food Co.,Ltd. Ildong Cham Charcoal Barbecue Ribs Sanyacho Charcoal Barbecue Kkokkio Charcoal barbecue restaurant WOOD WORLD TWIN SYSTEM CO., LTD Haenam Co.,Ltd. Hanamsa Co., Ltd. Interboard Coin House CMG Co., Ltd Hainan Chongmag Co. Chongil Enterprise K.Com, Inc. K Bluss com Co., Ltd. Kukje Oa Communication Y B M Hiltech Foundation Daesung Foundation Co., Ltd. Chungrim Foundation Co., Ltd GOLDN PARADISE CO.,LTD. Hara Co., Ltd. SSamsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. (Branch) Club Auto Spin Telecom Co.,Ltd. Spin Telecom Co., LTD. IVY CLUB(Daedong) KTCS Corporation Korea Electric Management Co., Ltd. Sunghosa TURBO GATE CO.,LTD. Eco Turbo Cable Yagok Open E & C Co.,Ltd. Daeheung Medical Cleaning Captain 1001 Glass Techno Nolboo Mung Bean Pancake Mung bean Pancake & Rice Wine Mirtech Corea Co. Oracle Drug Store Oracle Dermatology Hospital Doosan Food Co., Ltd. Doosan Food Bit Plan Herb Teletech Co., Ltd GABI M CO.,LTD. Anam Lighting Kookmin Food Co., Ltd.. Kookmin Electric C & & Co.,Ltd. Geumsungwon Sehun Co., Ltd. Korea Instech Co.,Ltd. Korea Radiation Technology Institute Co.,Ltd. SINHANSEONG CO.,LTD. KOREAENG Co., Ltd. PALMS CO., LTD. Ageon Co.,Ltd. Abc .com Yeoul Roko Housing Image System Co. Hanhwa Techvil Co., Ltd. Jaan Co., Ltd. Jania Hanjin I&T Co., Ltd. Cham Planning Co., Ltd. Global Wine Korea Co., Ltd. Global Wine Korea Korea Global Wine Co., Ltd. Hyundai Motor Company Sangseo Store Hyundai Motor Company Jawoon Hyundai Motor Company Ojaetak SAMJO FARMING ASSOCIATION Chanmi Chami V R FIELD Bigi Co., Ltd. Samyang Co. Samyang SND Co.,Ltd. DM IC Co., Ltd C.I Engineering Co Ipack Engineering INFOM CO.,LTD. P D Corporation PD Corporation Co.,Ltd. Leaders PD Co., Ltd. Sam-A Engineering Co., Ltd. Sanga Co., LTD. Sangdae Co., Ltd. Top Information & Communication Co.,Ltd. Venus Restaurant Namjin Steel Namji Farm Co., Ltd. Young Do Co., Ltd. Gaema Tech Co., Ltd. Well tree Co.,Ltd. DONGYANG CHEMICALS Co., Ltd. Korea C&C Co., Ltd. BBNS Hyundai Machinery Jokja Cheongi Co., Ltd. DOORIM INFORMATION CO.,LTD. Doori Industry Sungin Co., Ltd Sungsinwon RaBa-teu-keom Daein Myoungseung Co., Ltd. Myoungsung Enterprise Myoung Suoun Co., Ltd. Myoungseong Engineering Co., Ltd. Myoungsung Trading Co. Sungsam Co., Ltd. FINE COMMUNITY CO.,LTD. Hyundai Dream Art Daejun Hyundae Dream Tour Co., Ltd. HYESEONG INDUSTRY CO. DAEYANG INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. MYOUNGIL CO.,LTD. DAEKUK FOOD CO. DONG DAE JEON LECAF. DAE JEON TEXTILE CO., LTD. Dae Jeon Froebel Co., Ltd. Dae Jeon Mun Hwa Sa Dae Jeon Fish Market Co., Ltd. DAE JEON BUS TERMINAL Co., Ltd. Coresil Co., Ltd. Core Sense Co.,Ltd. SR I-Tech Co., Ltd. SR Furniture Co., Ltd. sin kwang sa Seoin Electric Co., Ltd. SEJONG TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE CO.,LTD. Security Technology Co.LTD Jeongun Co., Ltd. New Com Nice Co., Ltd. Broker 132 Broker No.163 Broker No.182 Broker No.228 MA Information Technology Co., Ltd MA Information Technology Co.,Ltd. Jeil Electronics Boram Kitchen Corner Bora Nursery Alice Berry Alice Deli BEST CO.,LTD. Yuhan Distribution Co., Ltd. Yuhan CS Youngsung General Construction Co., Ltd BLUE PLANET KOREA CO.,LTD. Unchang Jimuljangsik Unchang Hyeong Aurang Norae Jujeom Unchang Karaoke Farm Korea Co., Ltd. Farm Company Incorporation Korea Pot-Planting Distribution Unia System Union Chemical Inc. Uncheon Construction Co., Ltd. Bowon IS EA & Korea Co., Ltd. Dongwon Ceramic Ind. Co., Ltd. STEP IN CO.,LTD. STEP CENTER CORP. Sea-Ware K.e.s.m. ASEA TRADING CO. Marine Fnk Co., Ltd. Neo FNC Dongeun Engineering Hebron Hair Gallery CAPS CO.,LTD. Cis Biomedicine Co., Ltd. DH Medical Boco Tech Co., Ltd Hanwha City Development Co., Ltd. SCH INC. Epion Co., Ltd. RICHI PLUS ASSET CO.,LTD. DEOKSAN TRADING CO.,LTD. S KOREA TOUR CO.,LTD. MISUDA CO.,LTD. Daewoo Gas Engineering Co. Jeil Abrasive

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