List of Corporate Headquarters in SEONGNAM

Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
With the credit rating, specifically computed in South Korea, you will be able to compare and appreciate the credit-worthiness and the risk of failure of a Korean company.

COMPASS CO.,LTD. Compass Inc. Campus Co., Ltd. Choice Energy Co.,Ltd. Pan-gyo Techno valley 1trillion association, inc. Bumbieo KRAFTON, Inc. Hyundai Motors M Care Korea Co., Ltd. M Care Tek Co., Ltd. RESTART CO.,LTD. Nano Information Technology J C Inc. JC Co.,Ltd. J.C PEOPLE Co., Ltd IN&JI Intellectual Property Consulting N COLLECTION CO.,LTD. Aram HUVIS Co., Ltd. Innopia Technologies, Inc. Happysa SAE CHANG INDUSTRIES INC FABRIC The Fabric Co., Ltd. IGIS INC CO.,LTD. ALMC Co.,Ltd. ZINUS INC. Zenus THE CHAI BF Co., Ltd. GBK Co.,Ltd. Gentle B Korea gelatoya Co.,Ltd. Jiwoo INC Co.,Ltd. Hwauga Aim High Korea Inc. THE CLOUD CO.,LTD. Hansung Inc. Barun Co.,Ltd Arxe Co Dynamic Standard Co., Ltd. Delly Gimyung Construction Gimyungi Game Network Co., Ltd. UCT Korea Co., Ltd. Hanyeoreum Co., Ltd. E No Vision International Co., Ltd. Korea Bank Gana Industrial DONGKUK INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. WithCon. Co. Ltd. Withhome Corp People&Chips Co., Ltd. I Media Co., Ltd. Blue Ocean International MS Electronics Co., Ltd. B&D Entertainment Ru D Entertainment Co., Ltd. J.M Tec Co.,Ltd. YIK Corporation KH Advisor MS Pharma Corporation HIBIO Co., Ltd. United Bio Solutions Co., Ltd. OnDemand Co., Ltd Cornerstone Technology DISCOVERLEE KOREA Jung-in Trading Company Hug Mom Brandes Co., Ltd. Branders Co.,Ltd. Lee & Kim Co., Ltd. MH International Co., Ltd. Sylphide Co.,Ltd. SAMWON CO. REFERENCE CO.,LTD. Yello Inc. L&K Global Co.,Ltd. SK C & C SK Hold Co., Ltd. JAM INTERACTIVE CO.,LTD. SEMITECH CO.,LTD. On Semitech Co., Ltd. J Semitech Co., Ltd. K Therapeutics The Belief Copier OA Land BNS Corporation Hyeonam & T Co., Ltd. Able Co.,Ltd HPK CO.,LTD. Chem Tech STONE ISLAND CO.,LTD. IBERKO Inc. Pavilion Masterpiece laundry GS 25 Pavilion Agency Jinseok Company CORES Inc. Crew Ta Korea BF International Co., Ltd. FIBER TECH CO.,LTD. F2 Works Medi Future Co., Ltd. Medi Futures Co., Ltd. D2 Innovation Co, Ltd Impart Hanhwa With Hanhwa&With U Co., Ltd. The Player Coinoco Corp. korea defence Hero&Company Co., Ltd. AVIA Co., Ltd. In P Con Co., Ltd. Powertron Co.,Ltd. Pine Tree Dental Clinic Y&S Golf Co., Ltd. YJC Co., Ltd. Korea Invest Co., Ltd. Korea Bio Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Ilhwa Textile Woosong Industry Co.,Ltd. team-all Daewoong Co.,Ltd. J connect co., Inc. SK Planet Co. Ltd. SK Planet Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Samin Display Co., Ltd. Fine Chem Corporation Macro Company Co.,Ltd. Macro Trading Co., Ltd. Natural Ae F&B Natural Ae F&B Co., Ltd. Diagenex, Inc. J Core International Co., Ltd. BSNT Co., Ltd. KWANG MYUNG ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. Myoung Seong Engineering Co., Ltd. Seongnam Senior Club Guksirang Second Agency Seongbo Car Geumho Agency DK Co., Ltd. INTERCAP Co. (INTEROBAL Co., Ltd. BATON CO.,LTD Boding Co., Ltd. Bato Co., Ltd. Botonggol Restaurant Buttumak Cheonggukjang Batangso Art Institute BTMAX Co., Ltd. Baehuidong Internal Medicine Hospital Hankook CAC Co., Ltd. THINK FUN Co.,LTd. Think Factory Co Jeong Trading HiCon Co., Ltd. Continental Automotive Systems Korea Ltd. Continental Automotive Korea Ltd. Korea Engineering Consultants Corp. Kahu Engineering & Consulting Corp. AAT Co., Ltd. SA Co., Ltd. Sa In Post Communication CO., Ltd. Sino Co.,Ltd. Woori Corporation Co., Ltd. G1 PLAYGROUD Co.,Ltd. joowon Iry Solutions Co., Ltd. Shilla International Co.,LTD Daan Fur KPF Co., Ltd. Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. GSD CO.,LTD. Ge Mao Rubber Industrial Korea Co, Ltd ED&C ED&C Co., Ltd. Rose& Plastic Surgery REDROVER CO., LTD. REDROVER.Co.,Ltd Bundang Technopark D Dong Maejeom Noir Blanc Coris Co., Ltd. STC INTEGRATION INC. NAVER Corporation MG Korea NongHyup Chemical Co., Ltd. OUTIN Global Group Inc. HMM Co., Ltd. BRIO CO.,LTD. HANIL MULSAN CO Youngone Outdoor Corporation SK D&D CO.Ltd. Hahntech Hahn Tech Co., Ltd. SOMYOUNG MEDICS K2 GL Co., Ltd. K2 GREEN TRADING CO.,LTD. SEOBU SPRING CO. GF&S Co., Ltd. Envision Co., Ltd. Envision Trading Co.,Ltd. SJ Holdings Co., Ltd. Veritas Investment Deungjanginmul THE HAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY CO.,LTD. E Han Holdings Co., Ltd. Han K Holdings Co., Ltd. Cosmos Net Co., Ltd. Korea Fishing Channel Co., Ltd. WAD corp Hancom, Inc. Hancom WITH Inc. CHIC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. YK Transportation Green Cross HS Corp. GREEN CROSS WellBeing Corporation Suprema HQ Inc. Suprema Inc. Suprema Co.,Ltd. SUPREMA ID Co., Ltd. SupremaBV Inc. Infra Systems Co., Ltd. 511GAMES Co., LTD. Daega International Co., Ltd. Orion Gold Co., Ltd. Korea Kimchi STORMX Co., Ltd. Storm Games Co., Ltd. INTER-VECT KOREA CO.,LTD. TSES Co., Ltd. BESTRUS Co.,Ltd. AKI KOREA D&C CO.,LTD. kulcloud PURGO BIOLOGICS INC. Sun Han Seers Technology Co., Ltd. Woosung Corp. HAWWOO INDUSTRY CO., LTD VECTA E Tech World Co., Ltd. SUPERACID F&B CO.,LTD. SAEL BANK KOREA CO.,LTD. DRTECH Corporation Inisio Co., Ltd. INISOFT Co., Ltd. IMSOFT CO., LTD. Daol Ltd. Daol Co., LTD. Corelab Curelab Co., Ltd. TI-Lab Inc. AHNLAB, INC. Atos Consulting Co., Ltd. Atoz Co., LTD. Intra Corporation AMI CO.,LTD. Dream MD Co.,Ltd. Mirae&International Co., Ltd. Knowles Korea Yuhan Hoesa Jubileei A-Yo A&Y Company AY En Company Unblock Corporation Smilegate Games Co.,Ltd. Smilegate Entertainment, Inc. Smilegate Mobile Smilegate Stove, Inc. Smilegate RPG Inc. Onnuri Electric Lighting Property Management Korea Co., Ltd. Copac Corporation Ltd. Moin Co., Ltd. Das Out Co., Ltd. Pla Source Co.,Ltd. HFR, Inc. Good Neighbors Recent Co., Ltd. En TCT Co., Ltd. Dongjo Bio Co., Ltd. KMC CO.,LTD. Toptec Korea Expressway Corporation Agency FL Mobile Korea .Co., Ltd. NMB KOREA CO., LTD. HIGH VOLTAGE POWER HYVISIONSYSTEM INC. HyVISION SYSTEM INC. SEANERGY Co., Ltd. Hankook Cement Industry Hana C&T Co., Ltd. Just Body Bareun E Design Dental Clinic Gyojeonggwa A Team Body Design Co., Ltd. Body Su Eunice Body Balance Body Factory Co., Ltd. Body Balance Seohyeonjeom Mi & Body Won Body Co., Ltd. Core & Body Some-Body Co.,Ltd. BODY & SKIN SOLUTION SHOP Body Well Fitness Club Daehan Body Guard Association A space where our body dreams of Su Skin & Body Silicon7 Inc. Silicon 2 Inc. Green Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CJ Olive Young Bundang Yatap Agency CJ Olive Youngbundangsunaejeom WELLIAN Wemade Co., Ltd. Pro Med Korea MOTREX.CO.,LTD KUKJE P&B CO., LTD. THE GREAT CO.,LTD. Trimon Inc. Sgs Safe Inc. BA Solutions Co., Ltd. Digital Tech Co., Ltd. Digital Technology KODEX Ketoshi International Co., Ltd. Kitech Co., Ltd. Kids I World Keitek Information Communication Seoul Gyeonggi Branch Ktos Kids Book Rental Kids Home Kids Pay Co., Ltd. Kids Note, inc Kids Angel Dental Clinic Kids Papa Dental Clinic Kids Book Rental Hyojajeom Kids Rulru KODIS CO., LTD. KTIS (Korea Technology Information Center ) Kids Castle Kids Brown Global Kids Seoksa Taegwondo Kodak Plus Co., Ltd. UL Continental Automotive Corporation Korea Ltd. Korea National Oil Gwanriwon Metropolitan Branch Applied Materials Korea Ltd. P&E Solutions Co., Ltd. HANTAS CO., LTD. EL LEADER CO.,LTD. Dain C&C CHEIL ENTERPRISE INC SLT Corporation SLT Corporation Ltd. Air solutions Co.,Ltd Wise Power Solutions Co., Ltd. SMARTCORE INC Joypeed Co., Ltd. Dream TNS Inc. Purgo Tre Tech Co., Ltd. LOGOSTE CO.,LTD. Dong Do Trading Co., Ltd. Daeduck Co.,Ltd. LABGENOMICS CO.,LTD. MHK Corporation Sentence Inc. Sentlex Co., Ltd. Po & Co Inc. Lighthouse Inc. Hope Lighthouse Corp. Pearl Company SMARTCOPS Inc. double H, Inc. Multichip Co., Ltd. Flex Corp. Samsung LED Advertising Biocera Co., Ltd. Global Invest Co., Ltd. STAV Co., Ltd. Kerotech Co.,Ltd. Keroseu Co., Ltd. CC Electronics Co., Ltd. SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Soul Company Proco Co., Ltd. Procompany Hwawoo Light Panel Co., Ltd. Hwawoo Trading Co.,Ltd. The Yoon MEDIPOST Co.,Ltd. Doctor MV M&V Co.,Ltd. A next Corp. B&F INTERNATIONAL CO. MTM CORPORATION Mtm Coporation Zoo Coffee Seopangyojeom Eight Corporation DOUBLE A CO.,LTD. Double Ad Co., Ltd. HAPPY CALLS CO.,LTD. Ebest Engineering Co., Ltd. ORIENTBIO INC. Barunson Co.,Ltd. MPM Filter Korea Co.,Ltd. Sein Jasu Personal Investment Group Co., Ltd. Union Investment Co., Ltd. APR Mir Corporation Beyond I Co., Ltd. INNOFEELS Co.,Ltd. K. B Co., LTD. Sae Seoul Oil Shin City Co., Ltd. Sae Seoul Oil Sejong Co., Ltd. Sae Seoul Oil Dongpangyo Co., Ltd. Sae Seoul Oil Pangyo Seungshin TNC Co., Ltd. On-line Power System Engineering Co.,Ltd. Kainos Medicine, Inc. Kainos Meden Tech Co., Ltd raon enc HEUNG-IN CORPORATION JBS E&M Co., Ltd. Coras Leaders Brain Co., Ltd. Cometron JW CO.,.LTD. Technicolor Korea Yuhan Hoesa BIOMED MiCo BioMed Co., Ltd. MICO BIO CO.,LTD. EMERIX. CO., LTD. Me E Haeni Co., Ltd. Bu Young International Co. ANSE Co., Ltd. G Solutions Co. MIDAS IT How Intel Korea Co., Ltd. Young & Sun International Inc. Sun International Co.,Ltd. JP company Co.,Ltd. Global Line DAO INDUSTRIAL CO. LAONSENIOR CO.,LTD. Aro Electronics Co., Ltd. Lam Research Korea Technology LLC YH Gowoonsesang GALLERY CO.,LTD. V&G Co., Ltd. Hansung Onnuri Pharmacy SK bioscience Co., Ltd. Grit Music International Inc. Hu Steel Co., Ltd. Kotiti Test Research Institute I Sen Lab Paranenergy inc. Penta Co.,Ltd. Planner Co., Ltd. Atlas Copco Korea Co., Ltd. Gabia Inc. Diet C TRAS Co., Ltd. Streamline XI Farmer Agricultural Co., Ltd. Happycom Co., Ltd Double Wave Corporation Co., Ltd. Hamiga MI Korea Co., Ltd. M.I Korea Pine Tree Korea Co., Ltd. NK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Nk Industrial Co. Softcan Inc. Synergy CAD Co., Ltd. C Max Global Sunmiahn Co.,Ltd. Enertech Co., Ltd. Dowoori Intertech Co., Ltd. CHP Solution Korea loentech Inc. Marine Trump International Co., Ltd. Sum Co. APS CO.,LTD. Genmix Technology Co., Ltd. Wines Fibertron Co., Ltd. T.O.P CO.,LTD. Dongwha INC Co., Ltd. One & Only Co., Ltd. SEBO CO.,LTD. Web Cafe 24 SFA Sports The Eight Games N2 Doctor Co.,Ltd. Inspectorate Korea Ltd. I TM Co., LTD. ITM Co.,Ltd. Great Grain & Garment Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Viol Co., Ltd. Nomura Korea Co Ltd SM 2&1 DAESEUNG INTERNATIONAL HanKook Pharm.Co.,Ltd Deco C & T IC Corporation CASTNET Co., Ltd. Oneul Oneul Inc. Smilegate Megaport, Inc. AD VANCE CO.,LTD. Mrs Kim David Asia Holdings Co.,Ltd Seren D A Holdings Co., Ltd. ESIP Co., Ltd. K.J Socks & Inc Senada Socks Paul Mitchell Korea Pak Snack Co., Ltd. LIKELY Co.,Ltd Likelab Paris Croissant Co., Ltd. Circle Inc. Saea Co., Ltd. CODE7, Inc. Unipak Co.,Ltd. UNIPORT CORPORATION SDI CO.,LTD. Flexcil Inc. Sein Customs & Audit Corp DK Technology Co., Ltd. iPARTNER Venture Capital Co., Ltd. Apple Venture Partners Co., Ltd. Wise C&S Co.,Ltd. I-Tek Co., Ltd. Systran SPX Co., Ltd. ber Dr. Gate Semin Co., Ltd. OPTICIS CO., LTD Uni Professional Co.,Ltd. ASD Korea Inc. Jim School Fine Tree Investment Co., Ltd. DB Info Co.,Ltd. carrot Co.,Ltd. SEPRO CORPERATION NAVER Business Platform Corp. In The Core Business Platform Co., Ltd. Biz Bricks Co., Ltd. I-BRICKS Saebin SEO PYUNG ATEC UR Shi Co., Ltd. Stein Co., Ltd. STEI Co., Ltd. Ocean Drive Studio Co., Ltd. Korea Fruit Mid Whole Seller optimedia Co.,Ltd. Art Lab REV-MED Inc. Beacon International Korea Investment Savings Bank K Innovation Co., Ltd. U Bio Innovation Co., Ltd. YONGMA ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Mingine Int'L Packing Corp. L&L International Co., Ltd. Ten Company Fort Knox Shining Future Co.,Ltd. I Care Co.,Ltd. Rare Park EJ TECH CO.,LTD. Samyang T&C Co., Ltd. NAVER I&S Corp. NAVER LABS Corporation YU&KIM PARTNERS Co.,Ltd. PK Tu Partners Co., Ltd. SKT CORPORATION CO.,LTD. MRO AS KOREA MSC Software Korea Aritaum Cosmetics Dankook Univ. Cosmetics ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY CO. Pylon Hakwon Pylon Institute HLB Life Science Co., Ltd. Silicon and Systems Co., Ltd. Silicon Mitus, Inc. AI Service Co., Ltd. Paka BCF Co.,Ltd E.M.C Golf EMC Golf Club Co., Ltd. GMS Inc Core Solution Tech Llumar Tinted Windows & Gangnam Sun Nano Iae Tony Global Samjong Loan Co., Ltd. 3A Co., Ltd. Free On Co., Ltd. Yuhu Co.,Ltd. Yehu CITI MOTORS Co., Ltd PESCA COREA CO. Uptown Co., Ltd. G & C VALVE CO.,LTD. AWESOME CO.,LTD. PharmCares Green Sol F&G COSRX inc. PDS Co, Ltd WITH PLAN CO.,LTD. HONG SUN INSTRUMENT TRADING CO. MS Investment Co., Ltd. Hanyu Logis Co., Ltd. CD Industry Co., Ltd. THE GROUND Inc. CH Company Co., Ltd. Daelim Global Co.,Ltd. Marketing Korea Co., Ltd. FRANCE MOTORS CO.,LTD. Seongnam Office of Education_Gyeonggido Office of Education Samsung Electronics Service Co., Ltd._Seongnam Center Seongnam JR Co., Ltd. B&G INTERNATIONAL Seongnam City Seongnam Football Club Seongnam Sujeon Police Station Seongnam Customs_Seoul Main Customs Seongnam District Tax Office_Jungbu Regional Tax Office Seongnam Environment Green Office Living Plaza Co., Ltd._Seongnam Branch i-Connection Co., Ltd. Raffine Design Data PCS YONG IL CO.,LTD. TeslaCoil Inc. TESSOL FUJI INSTRUMENTS KOREA Pacific Institute Korea Co., Ltd. Supreme Games co., ltd. Genexen Co.,Ltd. Genewel Co., Ltd. Yeonil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. KOCOM CO. Hancom GMD Inc. Hancom Global Inc. Korean Ginseng Export Co., Ltd. Korea Car Certification Korea Payment Certification TEL Co., Ltd. Giga Gate CNS CO., LTD. Haneul Book Co.,Ltd. Haneul FS Co., Ltd. JB Co., Ltd. AM Innovation Co., Ltd. NTT Co.,Ltd. Applied Plasma Co., Ltd. SK Plasma Co., Ltd. Plasma Humans Co., Ltd. YURA CORPORATION JOLEESEU CO. SPECS CORP. Smile Company Co.,Ltd. Smart Logic Co.,Ltd. Art Logistics YOUNG DO CO LTD i Nexus, Inc. Costel Co.,Ltd. Swimbuk ASM KOREA LIMITED. YH INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. BARCO Co.,Ltd SK Solutions Korea Co., Ltd. Doctor Cross Co., Ltd. Luge & Blank Korea Freetech REGENBIO Co.,Ltd. Miru Systems Co., Ltd. Fine tech Co.,Ltd. KOH Co., Ltd. Chemels Co., Ltd. DMC.Inc Global MG Korea Global MG Korea Co., Ltd. EROM Hanil Electronics Co., Ltd. BEFS CO.,LTD. Hugel Co., Ltd. Hugeon Co., Ltd. Game & Company FLERO Games E & M CO.,LTD. Softzen Co., Ltd. SOFTEC ENGINEERING CO., LTD Korea Holdings Co., Ltd. G Hold Korea Co., Ltd. UNEED Yo E Nexell Co., Ltd. Arion Company Arion Co., Ltd. ALCHEMY Unotel Co., Ltd. Global Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. UST TRADING CO.,LTD. Wild Kom Co., Ltd. Compass Blue Korea Co., Ltd. STUDIO RAY KOREA CO.,LTD. Bundang Balgeun Eye Clinic G Ta E Co., Ltd. G Bio Health Co., Ltd. World Besteel Co., Ltd. WESN E&C Co., Ltd. UBM Co.,Ltd. Cobiks Corporation Co., Ltd. Cobaco OKC Co., Ltd. Uzinmedicare Co. S-Oil Corporation Onsan Factory Le Freak Fren Kiwoo Medical Co., Ltd. kiwoom R & G PURE AIR CO.,LTD. Danal Co., Ltd. Danal International Co., Ltd. ICONIX Co.,Ltd. KMI Co., Ltd. F N C 21secarPlanning Co., Ltd. Bipu Dream Song E Energy Co., Ltd. Noxton Co., Ltd GS ENG CO.,LTD. ECLAT CO.,LTD. LG Eclat Laundry Cubic INC Co., Ltd. Cubics Cleantech Summit Corporation K. B INT Between Co., Ltd. Between creative Co., Ltd. Poongsan Wood Co.,Ltd. Neo Dream Consulting Co., Ltd. ATIX CO.,Ltd. TOMARIN Bundang Authorized Dealer Eagle Raem Co., Ltd. KI WON CO.,LTD. Ihwa Asset Management Co., Ltd. INCHANG ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. DREAMTECH Co., Ltd. Yujin Car Service C&D Ad Co., Ltd. Tsc Co., Ltd. this is engineering Plywood And Moran Plywood Co., Ltd. Sambo Plywood Co, Ltd DS Technology Co.,Ltd. D&D Pharma Tek Co., Ltd. CSK Networking Corp. Dymstec Co., Ltd. Dymstec DaSan Invest Co., Ltd. SPL Company MEtronics Co., Ltd. J Labs Co., Ltd. BIGTEL Corporation Co.,Ltd. The Kom JAEWON BV KOREA CO., LTD Navcom Co.,Ltd. From C.S Co., LTD. GREENLIANT KOREA INC. Hanssem Domus Design Co., Ltd. Genome&Company Co., Ltd. BY TRADING CO.,LTD BJ Co.,Ltd. Danuri Care Co., Ltd. techWorks Co., Ltd. TCRK Project Co., Ltd. Selaen Genetics Aladdin Networks Co., Ltd. A B Beu Co., Ltd. A B Brand Co., Ltd. EC Three Open PLC Co., Ltd. Hankook Energy Co., Ltd. Aroha Co., Ltd. Bum Music Entertainment C Tu Music Entertainment Icobi Co.,Ltd. HANKOOK JS TELECOM CO.,LTD. Papa & Co Ltd. Hana Travel Service Co., Ltd.. Esscon Inc. Rihan ENC Co., Ltd. ANK Global Anritsu Corporation Limited Openlab Co., Ltd. Bizbi Yulchon Noterram Co., Ltd. Fidelix Co., Ltd. Itopf Co.,Ltd. BSP CO.,LTD. Boma Co., Ltd. Kars Medical Co., Ltd.. KT Linkus Inc. Link Us Inc AN Games Co., Ltd. Pico Seme Co., Ltd. Owootech Co., Ltd. BRA Ventures JK TRADING CO.,LTD. ST Global Co., Ltd. Farming Association Echo Park Co., Ltd. Camel Co.,Ltd. HMT.CO.,Ltd Inven Co., Ltd. INVENIA Co.,Ltd. Abata World Co., Ltd. M.MONSTAR Pulsecon Co., Ltd. Teseu 2 Co., Ltd. WiPAM, Inc. Maven co., Ltd. SEO KYONG CORPORATION Bak & Lee CREOTECH CO.,LTD. Tobu KOCO International Co., Ltd. Onenonseu Co., Ltd. JND Inc. Insol RAONTECH, Inc. Hyundai Autos Co.,Ltd. Moran Law Firm Asetec Co., Ltd. Konecs Hyundai Core Motion Co.,Ltd. Vertex Wireless Co.,Ltd Vertexhorizon Co., Ltd. Astel Co., Ltd. Krants Techno Koramde O Tech Co., Ltd. Pharmirae Co., Ltd. Medical Systems Co., Ltd Med & System EF Medical System BELLISSIMO CORP. JY Holdings Hustar Co., Ltd. Garrett Korea Co., Ltd. URI M & C CO.,LTD. Lmc LMC Corporation L.M.C Co., LTD. MicroDigital Co., Ltd. Gomdoli Children's Hospital Ssocio Co.,Ltd. Ssocioliving Co,.Ltd Innocore Co., Ltd. CY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Jjokkijjokki Sujinjeom AMS Corporation PIVOTEC CORPERATION KTICT Co.,Ltd. Limited Liability Company Trans Prestige Medicare Co., Ltd. PAINO Inc. Seu Mall B Design Lab TMC&korea Co., Ltd. STraffic Co., Ltd. NH En Ad NH NA Seu Co., Ltd. Air First Korea Land Corporation Credit Union. MAXONCIC CO.,LTD ACE CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Po Planet Sun Textile KOBEC Co., Ltd. MIKA Co., Ltd. MIKA Inc. Eden Entertainment Co, Ltd GA MEDIENCE.CO.,LTD iText Korea, Inc. Disk City Co., Ltd. KEC CO.,LTD. NEOLUX Co., Ltd. SNOW Corporation Intellics Co., Ltd. INTELLI D & C CO.,LTD. Eco B En Infor Capital Korea Co.,Ltd. Smartcarro Co., Ltd. TagHive Inc CUROS Co., Ltd. Cross Line Bueno MEDITECH Infotech Co., Ltd. Shop Nu BullhocSoft Inc. Lady One Lionheart Studio Co.,Ltd. Line Financial Plus Co., Ltd. Korea Travel Service Co.,Ltd. Arena Software Co., Ltd. Win Semiconductor Yong Sung Construction Co, Ltd Enjekseu Co., Ltd. Curegen Co., Ltd Ad Mart Lade Tech Nox Co.,Ltd. NANOX STRIG Heeyoung Bookstore Seongnam SANKYO KOREA CORPORATION CO.,LTD ORIENT GBS CO.,LTD. Orient Genia Co.,Ltd. National Institute for International Education URI ADMINISTRATION CO.,LTD. INSTITUTE PASTEUR KOREA The Tek Co., Ltd. Standard Corporation Co., Ltd. Dong Suh International Patent & Law Associates i-Scream Media CO., LTD. HPM Keumkang Electronics DONALDSON KOREA CO.,LTD Jang poong Holdings. Co., Ltd. LETO CO., Ltd ONE MATERIAL CO.,LTD. Cap In Co., Ltd. Marble Inders Co., Ltd. Choyang Trading MOSE COMPANY CO.,LTD. Moseon Co., Ltd. Sanico Electronics Co., Ltd. Aim Systems, Inc. Studio D Architects & Engineers UTPlus Interactive Co, Ltd JAY SM CO.,LTD. Yesung Construction Co., LTD. NY Systems Co., Ltd. LIU&COMMERCE CO.,LTD YL Partners Co., Ltd. Yubi Space Co., Ltd. Yeseong Entertainment Co., Ltd. ELIOT SYSTEM Inc. DOOYOUNG SYSTEM CO., LTD Sobok Construction Co.,Ltd. Nutrition Wave Inc. Youngbo Co., Ltd. Yankee Candle Seohyeonjeom Yeonse Rin Dental Clinic Korea Yeonyak G Ban Association Co., Ltd. Shinhyeong Distribution Co., Ltd. Gyungbok Construction Co.,Ltd. IT Symphony Co, Ltd Otowa Korea Co., Ltd. WIZNET Co., LTD. Plus Yangpa J S Solrutek Co., Ltd. Green Service Co.,Ltd. Gaius Industries Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company DNP HBT CO.,LTD. Athena Company I Edison RUBY Co., Ltd. Waveall Co., LTD. Brand Networks Co., Ltd. Bluebill Laundry BKM Co., Ltd. CASCO STEEL CO.,LTD. Yonsei Central Dental Clinic DSP ONE CO.,LTD. Kakao Games Corp. KAKAO MAKERS Corp. BooKang Co.,Ltd. NHN Corporation NHN Payco Corporation NHN Edu Corp. KCP. CO.,LTD. Nano T&T Bioplus co.Ltd BIOplus Co Cargo Crane Co corporation WITH HAPPY DREAM CO.,LTD. LC INTL Co.,Ltd. Rowon Korea Co., Ltd. Alpha Solutions TRIVIS CO.,LTD. Korea Strategy Jeongchaek Research Institute Co., Ltd. Korea Management Strategy Research Institute Silicon R&D Co.,Ltd. Siliconix Co., Ltd. GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. GLOBAL INFORMATICS CO.,LTD. Global Inox Coporation Inte Company Co., Ltd. Shany Co., Ltd. KOBICO Co., Ltd. HI1 SOFT CO.,LTD. K &D Co., LTD. CMH Co., Ltd. SDL Germany Eo Translation Language Institute Sidus Bike DSD Co., Ltd. LIVSMED LEDAZ JNB Co., Ltd. SK CHEMICALS Co., Ltd. Raon Create Co., Ltd. The Ssen Co., Ltd. Ssen LIFE LONG GOLF ACADEMY CO.,LTD. SJ Golf Academy ESG Co., Ltd. Protecta Korea Co., Ltd. Protech Korea Universal Korea Co., Ltd. Korosa KONA Co., Ltd. Mastem Co., Ltd. Steel Korea Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. SPECTRO A.I. KOREA CO.,LTD. Atlas sports Maple Bear Language Institute Co., Ltd. Maple Bear Language Institute Bundang Agency C&Asset Management Co., Ltd. INKO CO.,LTD. Epik Optics Co., Ltd. Epik Motors KDCP CO.,LTD. Buldak Mania MADI Inc. Paul & Sally Co., Ltd. Auto Holdings Co.,Ltd. KT Company Store RFCore Co., Ltd. Compuware Korea Ltd. Brilliant Oasis Group SAMSONG CORPORATION Co.,Ltd KOAM CO.,LTD. ESU CO. L&K Corporation Co., Ltd. Sunem Suneun Company Common Street ALLUMR Inc. Namsan P&P Chung Song Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Jeongseok Engineering Co.,Ltd. Pomi Co., Ltd. ASGS CO.,LTD. KAPI Kapa CORP Co., Ltd. B I G San U Korea Co., Ltd. Jason T & M X Mobile Co., Ltd. WADIZ Co., Ltd. Wa D Jeu Platform Co., Ltd. HYUN YOUNG TEXTILE Hyeonseong D4628 Hospital International Line Co., Ltd. Handok Motors Co.,Ltd. Hwang-U Meat Blue Zeta Co, Ltd Garam Patent Law Firm JADE Co., Ltd. Pungkook Corporation PIRANOPIA CO.,LTD. GNEtec Co.,Ltd. GLOBAL SERVICE PROVIDER CO.,LTD. K-Global Corporation SN International Inc. SN INTERNATIONAL INC Dr. Hong ENT Hospital Junpil Collection Cosmax BTI, Inc. Cosmax International Co., Ltd. East Valley Logis Co., Ltd. seculetter.,Ltd Haier Korea R&D Co., Ltd. Co Link Co., Ltd. O Neul Wine Co., Ltd. zamzary Co., Ltd. Lims Food Co.,Ltd. UNITEK CORPORATION U Nitek Co., Ltd. SI invest Co., Ltd Clean picture medicine YTS Korea Co., Ltd. Webzen Inc. Webzen Mobile Inc. WEBZEN GRAPHICS INC. WEBZEN A.PEAK GAMES INC WEBZEN DREAM INC. WEBZEN REDCORE INC WEBZEN WARSMITH INC. Sang Wha Corporation Samhee Adwon Co., LTD. Hanhwa Techwin Top Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd. S&S Corporation Co., Ltd. KOSCO Sun Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. Chet International Chet International Inc. Ohyoung Sports Co., Ltd. XL Games Co., Ltd. GHOST CO.,LTD. MEDICAL STANDARD Medical Standard, Inc. BNB Healthcare Ltd. E Star Soulbrain Co., Ltd. Thing Soft Co., Ltd. EM TECH. CO. MKOR Electronic Industrial Company Microworld Inc. QUANTUMBIT Co.,Ltd. HAEJIN A&D CO.,LTD. VIG CO.,LTD. TES KOREA CO.,LTD. NAVER WEBTOON Corp BIOGENESIS CO.,LTD. HL plus Co.,Ltd Gangnam Finance Env21 Co., Ltd. Custics co., Ltd. LK United CO.,LTD Derma Derma Co., Ltd. DERMA GEM & CO KOREA K&BS Co., Ltd. HQ Solution Co., Ltd. G&B Global SK Global Co., Ltd. FB Company Co., Ltd. Vancar Co., Ltd. DONGA MEDITERRANEAN CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Jei Coroporation Seongyeong Fresh Meat Shop BNG CAPITAL CO.,LTD. EGB Repub Republic ALWOX Digitalsis, Inc. Solarize Five Star Games Co., Ltd. Fivestar Games Co.,LTD Alere Healthcare Inc Original Seu Co., Ltd. Autoaen Ewha CO. Electa korea Co., LTD. Watlz Dog MISSION SISTECH CO.,LTD. Systec Inc Mission Strike Co., Ltd. Mak Corporation Space A&D Co., Ltd. Soltech TwoH Co., Ltd. Yuyu International Areugon Asset Management Co., Ltd. Echo Organic Co., Ltd. Hong ji ENC Co.,Ltd. Food&Joy Wizi Co., Ltd. Wizitek Co.,Ltd DaTechniq Inc. Kakao Corp. Kakao Investment CO.,LTD Chemopia Co.,Ltd. AK China Co., Ltd. 4-Way., Ltd Far East Corporation SHINHAN ENG & CONST CO., LTD. CHANGSUNG COPORATION About Time AIG Construction Co., Ltd. S Investment Co., Ltd. Cocos M TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Discovery SK Discovery Co., Ltd. PUPAX SUNGJOO CORPORATION Mexim Worldwide ITI Technology Co.,Ltd. Techno Plus Co.,Ltd. O2Ones Co., Ltd. Human & Space Co., Ltd. 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Aseupen Holdings Co., Ltd. BIGEN Co., Ltd. Ribbonsel Co., Ltd. Ribbongeol Co., Ltd. Ribbondayuk BANSEOK PRECISION CO.,LTD. NHS INC. E&P HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. ANDEAN CORPORATION Changwon Corporation Kotech Co, Ltd Dong gu Electronics Co.,Ltd Korea Semiconductor Research Association Korea Cypress Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Metron Technology Korea Ltd., R & D C Co., Ltd. WELLMADEINTERNATIONAL.CO.LTD KNK Co., Ltd. Hyunjin Capital Co., Ltd. Se-Jin Products Co. Campion Co, Ltd Erudite Ltd. BSI SEMICONDUCTOR KOREA CO.,LTD RTCO CO. Core E Cosmetic Co., Ltd. E-zer Cosmetic Co.,Ltd. Cha Medical Service Co., Ltd. Cha Medical Instrument Bundang Cha Medical Appliances Health Depo Korea ACOUVE CO.,LTD. Mirror Works MIRAERO CO.,LTD. GI MATTER REALS CO.,LTD. LS Invest Partners Co., Ltd. Pro Syumeo Construction Co., Ltd. Yeonse CS Dental Clinic Meyang Kkochi B&J Oriental Medical Clinic O2 International Pangyo Digital Center Management Dan Pascucci Pangyoyu Space Mall Jeom MIDONG SUPERMARKET With Industry Moromikushipangyojeom Miso Hanwoo Gukbab Ministop Pangyo Well Cheujeom Monteurak Cheers(Ilwon Agency) Charcoal Grilled Jaebeol Eel LOOK TECH.CO.LTD Les T Co., Ltd. Dogs 101 Nova Media Co., Ltd. P&H Technology Co., Ltd. PH Tech Co., Ltd. PH High Tech. co,. Ltd SHM DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Ninebell Co., Ltd. Twolinecode Inc. Gift Pro Co., Ltd. MISOTECH B & H CO.,LTD. Probtics Co., Ltd. Culture In GLS Inc. Kisan Tech Hyundai Repair The H TS R&D Co.,Ltd. Daeji Mercantile S AND T Trading GE Ultrasound Korea Ltd. GE ULTRASOUND KOREA LIMITED YIK Corporation Sangdo INC Co., Ltd. UPS Consulting Co., Ltd. Electronic Telecom Research Institute ST Electric Telecom Co., Ltd. TSE&E HFR, Inc. HFR Media Inc. B&B Consulting Group Co., Ltd. FMK INJI TNI CO.,LTD. SNE Research Co., Ltd. Donghwan Industry Co., Ltd. Seongnam Factory OAC Networks R&B Korea Co., Ltd. AG MEAT CO.,LTD. Joowon Industrial Co., Ltd. Youngbo H&C Co., Ltd. NexChal Co., Ltd. Power Glass Global Co., Ltd. Nurim D&C Co., Ltd. JB Telecom Co.,Ltd. NSTEL Inc. New Biz Co., Ltd. Joi A&P Co., Ltd. Hr Kan Grammium Co., Ltd. Able Line Co.,Ltd. Wordwords Co.,Ltd. TASCON Hanback Ind.,Co.,Ltd. Ura OMNIA ALPHAWAVE CO.,LTD. Jack & Com Co., Ltd. JS Network Boryeong Onnuri Pharmacy KOSPEC CO.,LTD. Kospia Unil Co., Ltd. Mus Net solution Co., Ltd. ARRIS Group Korea, Inc. Upside Co., Ltd. Chungrim Building Daelim Enterprise Co.,Ltd. B&P Trading Co., Ltd. Artists Card Inc. Brooks Instrument Korea Ltd. K&J Food Tek Co., Ltd. Aleum Construction co.,Ltd Aleum Tax Accounting Office Lasys Co., Ltd. G.T Company Co., Ltd. The G.T CK Industry Co.,Ltd. Lotte Engineering & Manufacturing Seongnam Bending Daniels Synergy Innovation Co., Ltd. Synergy Net Co., Ltd. Yg Spotainment L2 Ad L2 Co.,Ltd. L2tech Co., Ltd. Daeyang INT Co., Ltd. Sa E Din Global Co., Ltd. Q NC Global Co., Ltd. ROOTONE Rainbow Meat Co., Ltd. R & R CO.,LTD. Green Fire Protection Industry Korea Space Co., Ltd. Kaon Media Co., Ltd. iQuest Co.,Ltd SEMISENS CMS Power Co., Ltd. CMS Inc. DAMEOK CO.,LTD. AGNES MEDICAL CO., LTD. CAS Trading JR Invest Co., Ltd. S. Net Service Co., Ltd. Donbook Cos KID Co., Ltd. Rose Shopping Co., Ltd. inVision IT Co., Ltd. EOT Ware MICRONOX CO. Microze Co., Ltd. GLOCAL CORPORATION CO.,LTD Synopsys Korea Ltd. Renault Eve Co., Ltd. Bundang Yoon Jin Seong Edu Vision 3 International Co., Ltd. IT Forward Co.,Ltd. G&M Engineering Pacheuwin Ins Networks Co.,Ltd. Aisin Korea Co, Ltd Eastern Tek Co., Ltd. Dat SERIN TECH CO.,LTD. Hepeu bmi-korea BMI Korea Co.,Ltd Maverick Games Gyeonggyeong Chinese Language School EG Language School N.H. Bio Yeonseung Company Co., Ltd. Smart Radar System, Inc. Senior Seu Co., Ltd. Yunseung Saem Corporation Co., Ltd. Horangi Gul Teston Co.,Ltd. The Clinic Co.,Ltd. I&E I&E Tek Co., Ltd. BUMAN CO.,LTD. BONEN AGAIN KOREA CO.,LTD. Yusin Technology Corporation MGM International Co., Ltd. SP Ad Joan Dasco Co., Ltd. Leewon Kim Seung Goo Law Office Hub Care Co.,Ltd. ASSET PLUS INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. CUPIX, INC. Daeyoung Tech Opteron Co., Ltd. TSI ENBIT CO.,LTD. LKA Co., Ltd. ATOOM CO.,LTD. Kibaru EXO Co.,Ltd. Kyungdong Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. JIN WON TRADING CORP. BS Motors TRUE SYSTEMS TRUE NETWORKS CO.,LTD. Sodacrew Inc. Life Science WINS CO.,LTD. Nurigo Company Co., Ltd. ATO Solution Co., Ltd. Icora Co., Ltd. Echo Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Woongjin Travel Co., Ltd. Advanced Scientific Corp. Naum Care Corp. Function Bay Inc Dasan F En I Snapback Inc. SNAP SPOTECH Spotecs JASTEC Co., Ltd. Jastecm Co.,Ltd. BETHEL & CO., LTD CS & F Co., Ltd CSF&P CSFNP CS Food Co.,Ltd. KCI corporation Tecot Co.,Ltd. Hi Car Korea Co., Ltd. Spex Co., Ltd. Pinnacle Korea Co., Ltd. Pinnacle Korea ROXIA U SPACE ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. S&B Asset Co., Ltd. JAEWOO SCIENTECH CO.,LTD. Skinscience Co., Ltd. Sciencezone Co., Ltd. Alphonsus Tech., Co.Ltd ALPAN TECH CORP. Wirye Asset Management Co., Ltd. Cresprit Inc. HAN BO CO Taiyong Trading BOC Edwards Chemical Management Korea Ltd. Edwards Shoemaking TERRA, Inc. Terracore Co., Ltd. Magic Seven Orbotech Korea Ltd. Korea Bio Ins Co., Ltd. JMID The Touch Way The Daon General Cable Co.,Ltd. Lee Na Young Hair OMI CO.,LTD. Omi Corporation IP Mining Co., Ltd. MediaTek Korea Inc. LG IC Subseatech Co., Inc. Taisei Seafood Global Co., Ltd. B.B Pai Energuard Co., Ltd. Energos Co.,Ltd. BN & Life Science Co., Ltd. E&C TEC Co.Ltd D&D Solutions Co., Ltd. Sunam Hof Cycle Logic Co.,Ltd. YouthTech Inc Infosys Co., Ltd. Huimangchan Future Co., Ltd. Songwol Towel Seokyung Office IGS Uniquest Corporation Bio Coat Co., Ltd. Sintec Corporation Saenam F&B Co., Ltd. Dresser Korea Inc. Belief Key Global U US U Ro Global Co., Ltd. HYPER LAB COMPANY CO.,LTD. MS Coating Co., Ltd. SEMICON Futures Co., Ltd. SONG JEE INDUSTRIAL CORP. J&G Interactive Co., Ltd. Limited Liability Company Marunuri Urban Development Agency Jugihogyojeongwon Hankuk END Co.,Ltd. MARUENC CO.LTD AIRBLUE CO.,LTD Genosys Co.,Ltd. Axios Co.,Ltd YOZMA GROUP KOREA Co., Ltd. Angel Korea Ltd. Genoray Co., Ltd. Eco Smith Applied Spectra Co., Ltd. ED Co.,Ltd. Red Hat Headquarters TBH Co., Ltd. Daedong MS Co.,Ltd. CS & P Co., Ltd. GLOBAL LEADER RESOURCE CO.,LTD. Hana Bank_Seohyeonyeok Branch Miriam Shinseong Baptist Church LensMam Co., Ltd SNT WORKS INC. JL CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. POBAS CO.,LTD. Giseong Mold Precision Industry NexonSpaces I Food Co.,Ltd. Security Map Co., Ltd. Adene Aprogen KIC Inc. Aprogen Inc. TRT Co., Ltd. Intersil Ltd. Genexine, Inc. Waton Inc. Hwang Sung Corporation SISO CRAB CO.,LTD. PNT CO.,LTD. Salja Frontier C&A Corporation BK Engineering & Construction Co, Ltd Hanmaek EBAIN Corporation Co.,Ltd. MARKT Co.,Ltd. Marketior Seoulin Bioscience Co., Ltd. Sang Ji Corporation Young Trans hwain G&C Co., LTD. ENTIS Co., Ltd. Stage FINE MECHATRONICS Maison M Maison Couture SHOES BON CO.,LTD. Ubispo Inc. Novels MCs Co., Ltd. HONG IN CORPORATION DHI CO.,LTD. Free Trading E No Franchise Apache Korea Corp. Hapdong Steel Ubit Corp LEO System Co., Ltd. B&B Care Korea Co., Ltd. UNIONNEC Co., Ltd. CYS JOYMAX CO., LTD JOY MAX CO.,LTD. Na OF&C KH Corporation Co., LTD. TIC Global Networks Elga Co., Ltd. Donga Science Pyeongsaeng Education Facilities Star System Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Seoul Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. Proneers Co., Ltd. WS Trading Co., Ltd. GO STEEL CO.,LTD. GOS Co.,Ltd. Gaon Auto Part Co., Ltd. DOWAN CO.,LTD. Doori Dental Lab Zemiitz Co., Ltd. Maru Design Co., Ltd. Central Network Solution Co., Ltd. Tech in Media Co., Ltd. JMT Corporation Co., Ltd. Moa Beat Co.,Ltd. ChuanQi IP Co., Ltd. Prochem Co., Ltd. HMS Solution Co., Ltd. HMS Co., Ltd. Asystems Co., Ltd. Sunny Electricity Generation Co.,Ltd. Vectech LEADOFF CO., LTD. Stob Partners Co., Ltd. Three E Co., Ltd. 314 Edu Co.,Ltd. Grand Glass Kirin Co., Ltd. Lee Gwon Jeon Internal Medicine Soohyun Farm Duk Hung Samwon Trading Company GOOD MORNING TRADE CO.,LTD. YG CORPORATION Global Design D Solutions Co., Ltd. SEP NETWORKS INC. Yojin Enterprise Co.,Ltd. INT Institute KSPO&CO CO.,LTD. YM System Synertel Co., Ltd. The One Steel Hans tech Co., LTD. HANSTECH HANSTECH INC. Human & Tech Tops C&S Co.,Ltd. Geo Story Co., Ltd. CY Korea Bio Plastic Co., Ltd. XPS KOREA CO.,LTD. XRS KOREA CO.,LTD. Fabric Standard Co., Ltd. Octanova AIJ Co.,Ltd. US Tu Korea BHI NC Co., Ltd. BTE Korea Co., Ltd. Blue Sigma Co., Ltd. Creatore Sungdo MS SOO CHEMICAL DAISY CO.,LTD. PMT POLYMER CO.,LTD. Syscom Co., Ltd. D & E CO.,LTD. D&E Geo Book E Co., Ltd. GENOVAX C&E CO., LTD. Ink Rei Hongs International Co., Ltd. DLKorea Co., Ltd. A NH Bio ECONEX ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTS ECONIXE Bienetre Co., Ltd. Newrun Solution Co., Ltd. YOU IL CORPORATION TaosKorea Co.,Ltd. Pampam Hesung Industrial Co., LTD. EZM SOULTION Dari Art Institute BND Co., LTD. BONG WOO IND. CO., LTD. J Home J & H MODE MVP Capital Co., Ltd. HAMILTON INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Alloferon Inc. Interchem Co.,Ltd. Abics Co., Ltd. 153 Korean Set Menu Dyno Institute Neostar Tech Co., Ltd. ATT R&D Co., Ltd. KTNET Melfas Inc. Stones Development WESOCARE Co.,Ltd. U Side Co., Ltd. I Controls Inc. DAE HAN CO. DK Armor Visualon, Inc. Korea Power Co., Ltd. New Media Lighting Co., Ltd. Myung Sung Energy Co., Ltd. All Green J MEDITEC CO.,LTD. TL Co.,Ltd. Samyang Discovery Center Bianco Nero Co.,Ltd. KYUNG NAM OIL AND CHEMICALS CO., LTD. IMBiz Co., Ltd. POPS4U Magicpia Co., Ltd. Ace Electric Jungyoon Steel Co., Ltd. Dibel Development Co., Ltd. YS-T Pilworks Co., Ltd. Peulrijeu Call Korea Co., Ltd. M&U International Co., Ltd. Mely Yatap Branch ESSENCE MEDICAL INC. Ether Technology Inc. ST Wave Co., Ltd. AGRICULTURAL CORPORATION GEEP KOREA CO.,LTD. INSTAR DREAM TO REALITY B&TS Wiz Bio Solutions SJK Bio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. MC HOLDINGS LTD. DECOMA Co.,Ltd City Control Co.,Ltd. Rohaseu Patent Law Firm CHEMILY CO.,LTD. HO KYOUNG TRADING CO., LTD. MONAD INC CO.,LTD. Fine System BITECH DIAMOND CO.,LTD. Treasure Box HANA TOUR SERVICE CO.,LTD. Keurakeura Hair Club Metrizen Co., Ltd. ELG Korea Corp. Pay X Co., Ltd. ENCON Inc. Cardinal Co., Ltd. CoreTech Corporation Ace Bed Co., Ltd. KTB Tech Co., Ltd. Growth Co., Ltd. Union Asia Pacific Korea Co., Ltd. Apack Inc. ITC KOREA CO.,LTD. Geo Ami Korea Co., Ltd. MOTION CLOUD CO.,LTD. Hongdangmoo Co.,Ltd. E Play On Co., Ltd. HANCAM CO.,LTD. Enersys Co., Ltd. SK Fine Korea Inc. Glovane Co.,Ltd. JW CreaGene Inc. Sam-Ik General Aggregate FTO Ltd. ANT Corporation Maverick Systems Inc The GRU Inc. CHUNSUN SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION N System Co., Ltd. Philtech Tradi Medics Co., Ltd. Lock & Lock plus Seongnam Agency MANGOSLAB Co., Ltd. Aribiocare. Co., Ltd. Toho Korea Co., Ltd. Kakao Mobility Corp. P&A Korea UIT Service Co., Ltd. T&J T&J Company Co., Ltd. Peobis Co., Ltd. Jee Co., Ltd. Wi Play Co., Ltd. B & F Quadra Co.,Ltd. Wonil Construction Co., Ltd Tong Il CNC Co., Ltd. SOLINUS CO.,LTD. LUNETI CO.,LTD. SAENAL CO.,LTD. SHIN DONG CO.,LTD. SHI Co., Ltd. SYS Co.,Ltd. DeepQuest Inc. Mirae Int'l Trading Co., Ltd. Seowon tech Co.,Ltd. Koneti Korea Co.,Ltd. Pet State Co., Ltd. NICEN CO.,LTD Bluepin.Co., Ltd. KOREA ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS CORPORATION FuelCellPower. Inc Gaudi Um Co., Ltd. Philcom Co., Ltd. Vibro Korea Co., Ltd. Han Engineering Juni Lab Asel C&C Whain SD Co., Ltd. Whain Power Co., Ltd. Whain Systech Co., Ltd. View Works Solutions Cable Tek Co., Ltd. S&M Data System Co., Ltd. SPC Cloud Co., Ltd. K Brands Co., Ltd. Inter Cap Hyupsung Machinery Electric Co.,Ltd. Korea Experiment Animal Association Corp. Oxperd Academy Co., Ltd. Main I&D Co., Ltd. Maek I&D Co., Ltd. Max U&I Co., Ltd. A T.N Co., Ltd. ATEC Co., Ltd. Greencross Healthcare Co., Ltd. I&C TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. POINTek Inc. Fund Wise Co., Ltd. Blue Side Holdings Co., Ltd. DM Group Co., Ltd. AMG CO.,LTD. IEG Co.,Ltd Musicanote Co., Inc. Asian FC Star Co., Ltd. GR&B Co.,Ltd. U N O Corporation Co., Ltd. E Shin Global Co., Ltd. Miga Skincare Salon Gaon Chips Micro M Co., Ltd. Chunga M Town Co.,Ltd. Korea Food Research Institute Korea Institute Of Design Promotion Woori Bank Seongnam Nambu Branch Woori Bank Yatabyeok Branch Zakang Inc. Beurukeo Korea Co., Ltd. Aero Signal MS FND CO.,LTD. Everyscent Co.,Ltd. Kiasya WINDFALLS CO.,LTD. The Soyou Garion Optical Topia Academy Co., Ltd. ACT Factory Boyd Korea LLC J Retail SVC Crucialtec Chips Co., Ltd. POD Co., Ltd. American Ildaepo Korea Co., Ltd. Five Star E&G Co., Ltd. Bulls I Co., Ltd. GS INTECH GSI Co., Ltd. Nanajare Co., Ltd. Bistos Co., Ltd. SPI Asia Co., Ltd. SPI CO.,LTD. Kimsoptec Co., Ltd. Sera Textile Co., Ltd.

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