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Search a company in South Korea with your criteria (trade name, adress, Korean registry number...). provides business and credit information about Korean firms.
If your company is active in international trade, our service can bring you in-depth information about your customers, competitors or suppliers. Monitor their financial performance and credit score, check if there are pending legal suits or procedures (liquidation, insolvency,...).
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
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Inxh Ros Korea Co., Ltd. ZERO FOUNDERS Co.,Ltd. Clean Technology Korea Co., Ltd. BOW Technology Co., Ltd. IR TECH CO.,LTD. IR TECH Jcs Co., Ltd. Sky Labs Inc. CNS CO., LTD. Streamline G Solutions Co. HM Marketing Group Doo Jin Woong Family Physician Clinic OMRON LASERFRONT KOREA INC. Burgur Joint Korea S All Cosmetic T&s Cosmetic Co., Ltd. STARPOSE CO.,LTD. Hanjoon Construction Pearl Company SK PC Room Wisdom K Co., Ltd. BrilliantTS Co., Ltd. BrilliantTS Africa Holdings Co., LTD. Suprema HQ Inc. Suprema Inc. Suprema Co.,Ltd. SUPREMA ID Co., Ltd. SupremaBV Inc. STACKUP Co., Ltd. Sgs CS Techwon JU Architects & Planners Daniels Dani Co., Ltd. LEETEC LTD. Wemade Co., Ltd. Wemade XR Co., Ltd. Tec Corporation, Ltd. SAMSONG CORPORATION CO.,LTD JWD Co., Ltd. ES Design Happysa COSRX inc. Startech Co.,Ltd. Cotton&Cult Global Tour Travel Co., Ltd. Some-Body Co.,Ltd. Konkuk University KUMBA Alumni Association YOUL CO.,LTD. Smart Instrument Co.,Ltd. HANSTECH HANSTECH INC. HansTech Co., Ltd. Hans Company Co., Ltd. LUDIS Corporation I ONE ASSET CO.,LTD. CENO COMPANY BA Solutions Co., Ltd. HAN BO TEXTILE CLOBIO Co., Ltd. SILVEREX INC SILVERTEX LIMITED. MEDI ONE CO.,LTD. IDC Corporation Dr. Two Two L.K.S. Corp NHN Corporation KCP. CO.,LTD. COMPASS CO.,LTD. Compass Inc. Campus Co., Ltd. Choice Energy Co.,Ltd. Pan-gyo Techno valley 1trillion association, inc. Bumbieo KRAFTON, Inc. M Care Korea Co., Ltd. M Care Tek Co., Ltd. RESTART CO.,LTD. Nano Information Technology J C Inc. JC Co.,Ltd. J.C PEOPLE Co., Ltd IN&JI Intellectual Property Consulting N COLLECTION CO.,LTD. Aram HUVIS Co., Ltd. Innopia Technologies, Inc. SAE CHANG INDUSTRIES INC FABRIC The Fabric Co., Ltd. IGIS INC CO.,LTD. ALMC Co.,Ltd. ZINUS INC. Zenus THE CHAI GBK Co.,Ltd. Gentle B Korea gelatoya Co.,Ltd. Jiwoo INC Co.,Ltd. Hwauga Aim High Korea Inc. Hansung Inc. Arxe Co Dynamic Standard Co., Ltd. Delly Gimyungi Game Network Co., Ltd. UCT Korea Co., Ltd. Hanyeoreum Co., Ltd. Korea Bank Gana Industrial DONGKUK INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. WithCon. Co. Ltd. Withhome Corp People&Chips Co., Ltd. I Media Co., Ltd. Blue Ocean International MS Electronics Co., Ltd. B&D Entertainment Ru D Entertainment Co., Ltd. J.M Tec Co.,Ltd. YIK Corporation KH Advisor HIBIO Co., Ltd. United Bio Solutions Co., Ltd. OnDemand Co., Ltd Jung-in Trading Company Hug Mom Lee & Kim Co., Ltd. MH International Co., Ltd. Sylphide Co.,Ltd. SAMWON CO. REFERENCE CO.,LTD. L&K Global Co.,Ltd. SK C & C SK Hold Co., Ltd. SEMITECH CO.,LTD. On Semitech Co., Ltd. J Semitech Co., Ltd. K Therapeutics The Belief Copier OA Land BNS Corporation Hyeonam & T Co., Ltd. HPK CO.,LTD. Chem Tech STONE ISLAND CO.,LTD. IBERKO Inc. Pavilion Masterpiece laundry GS 25 Pavilion Agency Jinseok Company CORES Inc. Crew Ta Korea FIBER TECH CO.,LTD. F2 Works Medi Future Co., Ltd. D2 Innovation Co, Ltd Impart Hanhwa With Hanhwa&With U Co., Ltd. The Player Coinoco Corp. korea defence AVIA Co., Ltd. In P Con Co., Ltd. Powertron Co.,Ltd. Pine Tree Dental Clinic YJC Co., Ltd. Korea Bio Investment Partners Co., Ltd. Ilhwa Textile Woosong Industry Co.,Ltd. J connect co., Inc. SK Planet Co. Ltd. SK Planet Sanaegeunro Welfare Gigeum Samin Display Co., Ltd. Fine Chem Corporation Macro Company Co.,Ltd. Macro Trading Co., Ltd. Natural Ae F&B Natural Ae F&B Co., Ltd. Diagenex, Inc. J Core International Co., Ltd. BSNT Co., Ltd. KWANG MYUNG ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. Myoung Seong Engineering Co., Ltd. Seongnam Senior Club Guksirang Second Agency Seongbo Car Geumho Agency INTERCAP Co. (INTEROBAL Co., Ltd. Boding Co., Ltd. Botonggol Restaurant Buttumak Cheonggukjang Batangso Art Institute BTMAX Co., Ltd. Baehuidong Internal Medicine Hospital Hankook CAC Co., Ltd. THINK FUN Co.,LTd. Think Factory Co Jeong Trading HiCon Co., Ltd. Korea Engineering Consultants Corp. Kahu Engineering & Consulting Corp. AAT Co., Ltd. SA Co., Ltd. Sa In Post Communication CO., Ltd. Woori Corporation Co., Ltd. G1 PLAYGROUD Co.,Ltd. joowon Iry Solutions Co., Ltd. Shilla International Co.,LTD Daan Fur KPF Co., Ltd. Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. GSD CO.,LTD. Ge Mao Rubber Industrial Korea Co, Ltd ED&C ED&C Co., Ltd. Rose& Plastic Surgery REDROVER CO., LTD. REDROVER.Co.,Ltd Bundang Technopark D Dong Maejeom Noir Blanc Coris Co., Ltd. STC INTEGRATION INC. MG Korea NongHyup Chemical Co., Ltd. OUTIN Global Group Inc. BRIO CO.,LTD. HANIL MULSAN CO Youngone Outdoor Corporation SK D&D CO.Ltd. SOMYOUNG MEDICS K2 GL Co., Ltd. K2 GREEN TRADING CO.,LTD. SEOBU SPRING CO. Envision Co., Ltd. Envision Trading Co.,Ltd. SJ Holdings Co., Ltd. Veritas Investment Deungjanginmul THE HAN DEVELOPMENT COMPANY CO.,LTD. E Han Holdings Co., Ltd. Han K Holdings Co., Ltd. Cosmos Net Co., Ltd. Korea Fishing Channel Co., Ltd. WAD corp CHIC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Green Cross HS Corp. Infra Systems Co., Ltd. 511GAMES Co., LTD. Orion Gold Co., Ltd. Korea Kimchi STORMX Co., Ltd. Storm Games Co., Ltd. INTER-VECT KOREA CO.,LTD. TSES Co., Ltd. BESTRUS Co.,Ltd. AKI KOREA D&C CO.,LTD. kulcloud PURGO BIOLOGICS INC. Sun Han Seers Technology Co., Ltd. Woosung Corp. HAWWOO INDUSTRY CO., LTD VECTA E Tech World Co., Ltd. F&B CO.,LTD. SAEL BANK KOREA CO.,LTD. DRTECH Corporation Inisio Co., Ltd. INISOFT Co., Ltd. IMSOFT CO., LTD. Daol Ltd. Daol Co., LTD. Corelab Curelab Co., Ltd. TI-Lab Inc. AHNLAB, INC. Atos Consulting Co., Ltd. Atoz Co., LTD. Intra Corporation AMI CO.,LTD. Dream MD Co.,Ltd. Mirae&International Co., Ltd. Jubileei Unblock Corporation Smilegate Stove, Inc. Onnuri Electric Lighting Property Management Korea Co., Ltd. Copac Corporation Ltd. Moin Co., Ltd. Pla Source Co.,Ltd. HFR, Inc. Good Neighbors Recent Co., Ltd. En TCT Co., Ltd. Dongjo Bio Co., Ltd. Toptec Korea Expressway Corporation Agency HIGH VOLTAGE POWER HYVISIONSYSTEM INC. HyVISION SYSTEM INC. SEANERGY Co., Ltd. Hankook Cement Industry Hana C&T Co., Ltd. Just Body Bareun E Design Dental Clinic Gyojeonggwa A Team Body Design Co., Ltd. Body Su Eunice Body Balance Body Factory Co., Ltd. Body Balance Seohyeonjeom Mi & Body Won Body Co., Ltd. Core & Body BODY & SKIN SOLUTION SHOP Body Well Fitness Club Daehan Body Guard Association A space where our body dreams of Su Skin & Body Green Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CJ Olive Young Bundang Yatap Agency CJ Olive Youngbundangsunaejeom WELLIAN Pro Med Korea MOTREX.CO.,LTD KUKJE P&B CO., LTD. Trimon Inc. Safe Inc. Digital Tech Co., Ltd. Ketoshi International Co., Ltd. Kitech Co., Ltd. Kids I World Keitek Information Communication Seoul Gyeonggi Branch Ktos Kids Book Rental Kids Home Kids Pay Co., Ltd. Kids Note, inc Kids Angel Dental Clinic Kids Papa Dental Clinic Kids Book Rental Hyojajeom Kids Rulru KODIS CO., LTD. KTIS (Korea Technology Information Center ) Kids Castle Kids Brown Global Kids Seoksa Taegwondo Kodak Plus Co., Ltd. UL Korea National Oil Gwanriwon Metropolitan Branch Applied Materials Korea Ltd. HANTAS CO., LTD. EL LEADER CO.,LTD. Dain C&C SLT Corporation SLT Corporation Ltd. Air solutions Co.,Ltd Wise Power Solutions Co., Ltd. SMARTCORE INC Joypeed Co., Ltd. Dream TNS Inc. Purgo Tre Tech Co., Ltd. LOGOSTE CO.,LTD. Daeduck Co.,Ltd. MHK Corporation Sentence Inc. Sentlex Co., Ltd. Po & Co Inc. Lighthouse Inc. Hope Lighthouse Corp. SMARTCOPS Inc. double H, Inc. Flex Corp. Samsung LED Advertising Biocera Co., Ltd. Global Invest Co., Ltd. STAV Co., Ltd. Kerotech Co.,Ltd. CC Electronics Co., Ltd. SK Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. Soul Company Proco Co., Ltd. Procompany Hwawoo Light Panel Co., Ltd. Hwawoo Trading Co.,Ltd. The Yoon MEDIPOST Co.,Ltd. Doctor MV M&V Co.,Ltd. A next Corp. MTM CORPORATION Mtm Coporation Zoo Coffee Seopangyojeom DOUBLE A CO.,LTD. Double Ad Co., Ltd. HAPPY CALLS CO.,LTD. Ebest Engineering Co., Ltd. Barunson Co.,Ltd. MPM Filter Korea Co.,Ltd. Sein Jasu Personal Investment Group Co., Ltd. Union Investment Co., Ltd. APR Mir Corporation Beyond I Co., Ltd. INNOFEELS Co.,Ltd. K. B Co., LTD. Sae Seoul Oil Shin City Co., Ltd. Sae Seoul Oil Sejong Co., Ltd. Sae Seoul Oil Dongpangyo Co., Ltd. Sae Seoul Oil Pangyo Seungshin TNC Co., Ltd. On-line Power System Engineering Co.,Ltd. Kainos Medicine, Inc. Kainos Meden Tech Co., Ltd raon enc HEUNG-IN CORPORATION JBS E&M Co., Ltd. Coras Cometron JW CO.,.LTD. BIOMED MiCo BioMed Co., Ltd. MICO BIO CO.,LTD. EMERIX. CO., LTD. Me E Haeni Co., Ltd. Bu Young International Co. ANSE Co., Ltd. MIDAS IT How Intel Korea Co., Ltd. Young & Sun International Inc. Sun International Co.,Ltd. Global Line DAO INDUSTRIAL CO. LAONSENIOR CO.,LTD. Aro Electronics Co., Ltd. Lam Research Korea Technology LLC YH Gowoonsesang GALLERY CO.,LTD. V&G Co., Ltd. Hansung Onnuri Pharmacy SK bioscience Co., Ltd. Grit Music International Inc. Hu Steel Co., Ltd. Kotiti Test Research Institute I Sen Lab Paranenergy inc. Penta Co.,Ltd. Planner Co., Ltd. Atlas Copco Korea Co., Ltd. Diet C TRAS Co., Ltd. XI Farmer Agricultural Co., Ltd. Happycom Co., Ltd Double Wave Corporation Co., Ltd. Hamiga MI Korea Co., Ltd. M.I Korea Pine Tree Korea Co., Ltd. NK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Nk Industrial Co. Softcan Inc. Synergy CAD Co., Ltd. C Max Global Sunmiahn Co.,Ltd. Enertech Co., Ltd. Dowoori Intertech Co., Ltd. CHP Solution Korea loentech Inc. Marine Trump International Co., Ltd. Sum Co.

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