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YS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. CURO Co., Ltd. Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV CRS Korea Co., Ltd. Mission 21 Inc. Smtech Ship Management Co., Ltd. LEDAZ Inficess Shipping Co., Ltd. Hioil E&T Corp. Pungkook Corporation McTAH Trading Co., Ltd. Ocean Enterprise Corp. Chemels Co., Ltd. KR Partners Co., Ltd. PNL INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD KHJM Co., Ltd. Namil Timber Co.,Ltd. Daega International Co., Ltd. Cold Storage Inter-Burgo Co., Ltd. BIZONE CO.,LTD. Shekoy Korea Semiconductor New Material Co., Ltd. 99 COMPANY Co., Ltd. K.J.Lee Patent & Trademark Office Solution Korea Company Co., Ltd. VADA SHIPPING TRADING Daegu Taejeon Elementary School KT Electronics HANBO MARINE MACHINERY IND CO LTD Seo Yang Shipping Co., Ltd. Sigma Shipping Co., Ltd. POSCO ES Materials Co., Ltd. Valeo Samsung Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. JCET STATS ChipPAC Korea Limited Shinseong Shipping Co., Ltd. Citibank Korea Inc. Korea Ready Mixed Concrete Co., Ltd. WORK & PEOPLE CO.,LTD. Kabeu Korea Spacewol Hanafos Han Soe Engineering Co Ltd TK Steel Co.,Ltd. Jastech Co., Ltd. Seil Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. Enso Total Marble & Granite Co., Ltd. BS Korea Entertainment Co., Ltd. Donghae Intec Co, Ltd JD Component Co., Ltd. BF International Co., Ltd. Dae Young Textile Co., Ltd. HICOS Ltd. SI MARINE CO.,LTD. Samsung Moolsan Co., Ltd. CMK LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. AIR PALACE CO.,LTD. Dongbuka No.10 Ship Investment Company Co., Ltd. Dusung Metal Fabricating Lotte Capital Co., Ltd. Dong Ji Inter-Tech Co., Ltd. Vinideus Korea Co., Ltd. LCPARK International Co., Ltd. Daejin Semitech Co. McGraw-hill Education Korea Limited Younsan Metal Co., Ltd. MSST Co.,Ltd. JC Corporation Korea Co.,Ltd. Autowini Inc. ST Corp. SHIN SUNG CO.,LTD. K. B Meat Co., Ltd. LAINIERE DE PICARDIE KOREA ATOLA ENERGY Co., Ltd. GNS KOREA CO.,LTD. North East Chemicals Co., Ltd. TODA ISU Corporation Korea Medical Institute Fws Asset Management Co., Ltd. Wilhelmsen Ship Management Korea KWANGYANG MARINE CO., LTD. New Omnibus Tech Co. Cosmeccalab Co., Ltd. DONGWOO MACHINERY&ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Xes Korea Co.,Ltd. ECO METAL KOREA Co., Ltd. TAC Co., Ltd. ATEKO CO.,LTD. DPECO Co., Ltd. SC Global Shipping Corp. JM Gallery EL CAFETAL CO., LTD. KN Tech Korea Co., Ltd. HB Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. KOREA FUTURE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. POS SM Co., Ltd. One Light Electronics Co., Ltd. KEO YOUNG SHIPPING CO.,LTD Shinwoo Patent & Law Firm Joosung Sea & Air Co, Ltd DMP Trading Co., Ltd. Woojin Fashion Biz Co., LTD. Lee Metal and Wire Co., Ltd. Yoolga General Sangsa Co., Ltd. ELLIM TRADING CO. HOBAKDUNGKUL Holdings Inc. CBI Platform Co., Ltd. Dream Steel Co.,Ltd. Harry Textiles Co., Ltd. DACC Aerospace Co., Ltd. Samyoung Tile Co. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Gaon Metal Co.,Ltd. KSTE Inc. STARLUXE Corp. DONGBU HITECH CO., LTD. Zeus korea Co.,Ltd. Seoul Line Services Co., Ltd. Yoojin Auto Parts HANNURI TRADING CO., LTD DL TECH CO.,LTD. C&Lee Inc. COSTEM CO.,LTD. Donga Chemical Co., Ltd. Adipo LABs Co.,Ltd. TGM Co.,Ltd. Discovery Korea TAC Korea Co., Ltd. LS Life Science Melco Automotive Korea Co., Ltd. Uil Bearing Co., Ltd. Onse Furniture Interior Four Ones Inc. Electric Contractors' Financial Cooperative Asea Electric & Technology Co.,Ltd. KHJ Co Phantom Meat Co., Ltd. Sun Pharma Korea Co., Ltd. CL SOFT CO.,LTD. Nortel Networks Korea., Ltd. BS Company Co.,Ltd. Aero Peace, Inc. Kookmin Bank Bk Chemical Co., Ltd. C & M INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. HM CORPORATION CO.,LTD. EASTERN FABRIC INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Winwintech Co., Ltd. CIC Korea Co., Ltd. SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. Kib Partners Co., Ltd. C&A Daehan Plant Engineering Co., Ltd Hahn Company Sena Tech Co., Ltd. GOLDEN NUT CO.,LTD. SJ CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Chardon Korea Co., Ltd. NATIONAL METAL COPORATION CO.,LTD. BK Shipping Co.,Ltd. CS Metal Co., Ltd. Topth Inc. Samick Furniture Solum Co., Ltd. Soulbrain Co., Ltd. Spotec Sam & Parkers Co., Ltd. KAMCO Global No.1 Ship Investment Company H&O Pharm KOSAC TRADING CO., LTD. Shinheung Special Rubber Co., Ltd. INVISTA KOREA Inc. Breco Korea Co., Ltd. JAE HWA CO., LTD Eurotherm Korea Ltd. KMHG Keumyang Ind. Co. Ltd. Pal Sound Korea Co., Ltd. Eagle Trading Company Nexon Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. Korea National Oil Corporation Ocean Agency Co., Ltd. Coopera Seoul Ltd Nasan Timber Co., Ltd. Core Metal Co., Ltd. KBC TOOL MART CO.,LTD. EK Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Sebong Co., Ltd. Comax International Corp. I- Tech Information Co., Ltd. Hankuk Electric Industrial Co.,Ltd. XPLORE CO., LTD. Vari Korea Co., Ltd. P&F MARINE CO.,LTD DENCO CO.,LTD. NongHyup Agribusiness Group Inc. Wookyung Industry Co., Ltd. Woori Bank Kiyeon Industrial Co., Ltd. REI Holding Group Inc. Withcom Co., Ltd. KOREA INVESTMENT & CREDIT CAPITAL CORPORATION Samsung SRA Asset Management Co., Ltd. Kering Korea Ltd. KWANG SUNG CHEMICAL IND. CO., LTD. Biostream Technologies Co., Ltd. Sambok International Co., Ltd. MOA TECH CO.,LTD. HANRU CO.,LTD. ALWOX SH FOOD CO.,LTD. DA HEUNG ENG CO., LTD. Multichip Co., Ltd. Chemical Korea SEGYE CO.,LTD. ING Real Estate Investment Management Korea L.L.C Jones Lang LaSalle Ltd. JTNet. Co., Ltd. Chungwon Drilling Co., Ltd. Smartro Co., Ltd. Deko Engineering Co., Ltd. JP HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. GE Capital Korea, Ltd. ACE TRADE CO.,LTD. Wonjin Wood Co., Ltd. B&B Communication Co., Ltd. SOLMEET CO.,LTD. LK INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Fonterra Korea Limited Mirae Shipping Co., Ltd. Amazon Corporate Services Korea LLC Jabez Trading Skill Information Communication Co., Ltd. Greencar Co., Ltd. NEX TRON CO.,LTD. Display Company Co., Ltd. JM Company Co.,Ltd. Hansol Pharm. Co.,Ltd. Sung In Decoma Corp Onnuri Tour Co., Ltd. The Face Company Co., Ltd. Daewoo Electronics Corp.(Kwangju Factory) Hankook Chinaware Living Cheonhae Food Co., Ltd. SEJIN STAINLESS STEEL CO.,LTD JeongWoo M.I.T Corp. Ssangbangwool Seonghwan Specialty Store Dow Chemical OLED Ltd.

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