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Daeyoung Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Ocean Enterprise Corp. Keyrin Electronics Co., Ltd. YS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. Yuill ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Hanafos Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. Han Soe Engineering Co Ltd K.J.Lee Patent & Trademark Office Somyoung Fire Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. Pin Korea Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV LEDAZ McGraw-hill Education Korea Limited Inficess Shipping Co., Ltd. Mirae Shipping Co., Ltd. Greencar Co., Ltd. BS Korea Entertainment Co., Ltd. ARI Corporation POSCO ES Materials Co., Ltd. Daegu Taejeon Elementary School Korea Fuji Filter Co., Ltd. Daega International Co., Ltd. MS Pharma Corporation Jastech Co., Ltd. Garam Patent Law Firm DMP Trading Co., Ltd. GG Foundation E Office korea Co., Ltd. Paper Plus Co., Ltd. Ocean Global Co., Ltd. Hioil E&T Corp. Nasan Timber Co., Ltd. IMINE CO.,LTD. Hosan Corporation NEOSTAR CORPORATION Sam Yang Co., Ltd. LOTTE CRYSTAL HOTEL Lotte Moolsan Co.,Ltd. Lotte Crystal Hot Chemels Co., Ltd. HELINOX Korea Electric Power Corporation Seoheung Co., Ltd. Altran Technologies Korea Ltd. Gaon Metal Co.,Ltd. EnerTech Korea Smtech Ship Management Co., Ltd. Korea Agriculture Instrument Co.,Ltd. Bounty Begem Co., Ltd. Korea E-Co Farm Co, Ltd Insultech Co.,Ltd. Park Tae Jeong Internal Medicine Hospital CHEIL ACTIVATED CARBON IND.CO., LTD. CHANG SHIN TEXTILE Co., Ltd. Hanshin Information Technology Co., Ltd. Our Home Doosan Heavy Ind. & Constr. Nuclear Energy I&C Dongtan Agency EnerTeks Co., Ltd. Keumyoung Foods Co., Ltd. FV Puruma Co., Ltd. Adipo LABs Co.,Ltd. SINOKOR TANKER Co., Ltd. Samsung Moolsan Co., Ltd. Hanssem Domus Design Co., Ltd. SHL Maritime Co., Ltd. CDL KOREA CO.,LTD. Skyroad Express, Inc. JCET STATS ChipPAC Korea Limited Hanul Patent Office Natural Bio Co., Ltd. KAESUNG CO.,LTD. ILJOO HIGHTECH SNW Co., Ltd. MR Holdings Co., Ltd. RootLoc Co., Ltd. INTECH INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL TRANSLATION CO. Breco Korea Co., Ltd. Uno Company Co., Ltd. Eurotherm Korea Ltd. McTAH Trading Co., Ltd. Shinil Safe Mfg OCEANIC Co., Ltd. Dusan Transportation Ilkwang Company Group 4 Falck Security Support Service Ltd. Jinwoo Constrution YEOSONG CO.,LTD. Donghae Lottery Bang The Face Corporation New Eco Tech Co., Ltd. Global Planning M3 CRAFT CO.,LTD. Gangneung Sanghoe Gangneung Flower Jungmyung Co., Ltd. South North Myunok Asterie Threadneedle Portfolio Services Hong Kong Ltd, Korea Representative Office BN COMPANY Awo Home Rapajeu Halla Cement ASTA CO., LTD. ZALHAM TECH Co.,Ltd. CG Bio Co., Ltd. edsome WOW MCC CO.,LTD. WOORI TRADING CO., LTD. Dream Shopping Co.,Ltd. Daewoo Logistics Equipment Co.,Ltd Korea Valve Mondo Korea KD MECA TEC CO.,LTD. ADT CO. Daesung Natural Power Co., Ltd. HANYOUNG INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Dongduk Electric Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. H B S KOREA CO.,LTD. HI LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Bstarcom Co., Ltd. MAX GATE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Daewoo ENG Co.,Ltd. Dusung Metal Fabricating Ocean Agency Co., Ltd. I Enersys Co.,Ltd. Daeah Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. CKcorporations LS-Nikko Copper Inc. SY Company MONTRESOR KOREA Co. Ltd. Unione Trading Co., Ltd. TODA ISU Corporation KSC Co., Ltd. Namil Timber Co.,Ltd. The Busan Bank Co., Ltd. NEXGEO INC. Bundang Tax Accounting Office Aju Timber Co., Ltd. TAEYOUNG TIMBER CO.,LTD Sinhwa Co., Ltd. EK Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. ALLSTAR GLS Co., Ltd. CS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Dail Semicon Co., Ltd. Y.H Trading co., ltd. TOMO Electronics Meritz Asset Management Co., Ltd. CTK Telecom Co., Ltd. Buhae Co., Ltd. Trusteel Co., Ltd. Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. POSCO Little Jupiter Co., Ltd. KF&C CO.,LTD. Cisco Systems Korea Ltd. Maxon Motor korea Co., Ltd Amana Hyundai RB Co., Ltd. Saerom Tech Co., Ltd. HANKOOK ELECTRONICS CO. SUNGJI CORPORATION Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd. Korea Trade Insurance Corporation Office Depot Korea Co., Ltd. Jeil Industry Co.,Ltd. KTC Korea Co, Ltd Busan Factory SNJ Corp. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Hankook Relay Part Co., Ltd. Eura Corporation Lotte Steel GS Donghae Electric Power Co., Ltd. Queens Aroma Co.,Ltd. DENCO CO.,LTD. AJU Cook Co., Ltd. Macy's Merchandising Group International LLC HANAX Co., Ltd. Industrial Bank of Korea Acro Intex Co Donga Co, Ltd KT Electronics TK Steel Co.,Ltd. Youngjin Trade & Transportation Co., Ltd. GS Caltex Corporation Sanil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Hotel Lotte Co., Ltd. Hyundai Autoever Corp. T.I. CASTING CORP. SJ CERAMIC CO.,LTD. Juno Coffee Korea Kodas Design Co., Ltd. Dongwon Intech Co., Ltd. DAERIM AF CORPORATION HGNS Inc. KSD Co., Ltd. Daewoong Lilly Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. S.Y.Cha Patent Office Comet International Patent Office Kiyeon Industrial Co., Ltd. BLUE MARINE SERVICE CO.,LTD. Hyundai Marine Tech Co.,Ltd. KOREA REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST CO., LTD. Sena Tech Co., Ltd. ATLAS MARINE Co., Ltd. IWI Limited HANBO MARINE MACHINERY IND CO LTD Samhwa Power Co.,Ltd. Maro&Korea Co., Ltd. BIZONE CO.,LTD. Cheil Industrial Co., Ltd. Miraji Internet PC Game LG Household & Healthcare Sam Woo Construction Co., Ltd. National Pension Service Cheonan Branch HICOS Ltd. Tae Jeon Co., Ltd. Blue Ocean Logistics Co., Ltd. Withcom Co., Ltd. Hanseo Corp. Kyung Chang Trading Co., Ltd. Garion Co., Ltd Kangnam Global Telecom Motor One Co., Ltd. KYUNG AN FLOWERS TRADING Co., Ltd. Dongju Co.,Ltd. MTL Co, Ltd Pungkook Corporation ANSUNG CNS CO.,LTD. DTS MG Co., Ltd. Sein Corp.,Ltd. HAJIN CHEM TECH CO.,LTD Hanhwa General Deco International Corporation Korea Energy Industries Ltd. Hyundai Heavy Industries Cheonan Branch Yoojin Auto Parts Kering Korea Ltd. Nnc Tech Co., Ltd. Computer Town Kiwoo Industry Biostream Technologies Co., Ltd. HANNURI TRADING CO., LTD Chardon Korea Co., Ltd. KCFC Chemical Co., Ltd. Parts Road Company Anam Precision Co Neo Device Co., Ltd. Kofa Co., Ltd. ELAND RETAIL. Ltd. GS Caltex Co.,Ltd Head Office Heaundae Jungdong agency

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