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Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. LCPARK International Co., Ltd. Green Paper Co., Ltd. POS SM Co., Ltd. Comet International Patent Office LIYANG FLOWER CO.,LTD. Inficess Shipping Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV Ubiosis Co.,Ltd. Mont Bell Kor-Star Shipping Co., Ltd. VADA SHIPPING TRADING HICOS Ltd. Pungkook Corporation Chardon Korea Co., Ltd. Voltex International Co., Ltd. Nasan Timber Co., Ltd. Chemels Co., Ltd. Nnc Tech Co., Ltd. EK HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. ENJ Co., Ltd. Chowon Trading Co., Ltd. ALPEC Co., Ltd. SH FOOD CO.,LTD. Dream S.R.I. Corp. Y.G Ceres Co. Ledaz Co., Ltd. K.J.Lee Patent & Trademark Office Eura Corporation Green Narae Media Co., Ltd. HANBO MARINE MACHINERY IND CO LTD INEXUS INC N.T.C LIMITED TGM Co.,Ltd. KR Partners Co., Ltd. SAMJONG KPMG AAS Inc. ATOLA ENERGY Co., Ltd. Hioil E&T Corp. Unicompass Co., Ltd. Intech Trading Co., Ltd. Han Soe Engineering Co Ltd Nonghyup Feed Inc. LANDIS & GYR KOREA CO LTD TK Steel Co.,Ltd. Sanil Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Global FD Co., Ltd. YS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Ocean Agency Co., Ltd. Hanafos Montresor Korea Co., Ltd. SIN HWA CO. LTD NARA BIOTECH CO.,LTD. CS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD Dail Semicon Co., Ltd. MEE WHA PRECISION IND CO LTD Kim Media Co. Truen Co., Ltd. IMTS Co., Ltd. Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. Corea Meat Merchant Co, Ltd POSCO ES Materials Co., Ltd. Samsung Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. AUS Corp. All Green Meditech Co.,Ltd. Withcom Co., Ltd. Bambini Education Center Daega International Co., Ltd. BK Shipping Co.,Ltd. Intec E&C Co., Ltd. Jin Trader Co., Ltd. TRANS LOGISTICS KOREA CO.,LTD. CUC Logistics Co., Ltd. 72seconds Inc Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. ANF Metals Co., Ltd. Aero Peace, Inc. Dusung Metal Fabricating Hanyang I&C Co., Ltd. Donghae Intec Co, Ltd DHK Solution Corporation Hands Corporation Ltd. Shinwon Patent & Law Firm Obok Electric Co., Ltd. Rox Tools Co, Ltd Nonghyup Moguchon Co., Ltd. Jang Jin Tools Hanwha Corporation Posco Daewoo Corporation Seeone Co., Ltd. NEOSTAR CORPORATION BF International Co., Ltd. Cargomeca Logistics Co., Ltd. Wonchem Ltd. XPLORE CO., LTD. SC Global Shipping Corp. Hankook Relay Part Co., Ltd. Naram Co., Ltd. Kunwon Construction Co., Ltd. Lila Elementary School JKA co.,LTD Dongsung Finetec Co., Ltd. HanJoong ship machinery co.,Ltd. Hiho Light Metal Co., Ltd. Oceanus Co., Ltd. DAERIM AF CORPORATION Honam Polymer Co.,Ltd. HB Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. IWI Limited Green Elevator Co., Ltd. BIZONE CO.,LTD. ENJ Group Co.,Ltd. Yurinet Display World Gn SEOUL LINK INTERNATIONAL CO LTD Daeheung Farms Co.,Ltd. NOVOTECH ASIA KOREA CO. LTD. FNC SEOIL CO.,LTD. STEP CO.,LTD. Asepsys Global Co., Ltd. Wood Bridge Co.,Ltd. DAEMIN CO.,LTD. G&A Private Equity Fund Coint Co., LTD. Wepeak Co., Ltd. Leewoo Trading Corporation Eiyoh Korea Co., Ltd. Eulji KRF Co., Ltd. ENERCHEM Co., Ltd. Solum Co., Ltd. Lotteria Co., Ltd. VIAROSA CO.,Ltd Waygood SI MARINE CO.,LTD. E & TECH CO., LTD KICORO CO.,LTD. Daedong Door Inc. Applr Co., Ltd Garam Patent Law Firm Hanmi Power Tech Tyco Fire Integrated Services Korea Co., Ltd. Moum People and Technology SI Flex Co., Ltd. Shinwoo D Tech Co., Ltd. DMC Trading Co., Ltd. Bstarcom Co., Ltd. Honesty & JR Partners DS Corporation Co.,Ltd. Hansung Digital University Ocean Global Co., Ltd. ULBC Cunlimited Business Corporation ATEN Korea Co.,Ltd. GlobalNet Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. KNAUF KOREA CO., LTD. Chemus AXIA Materials Co., Ltd. LG Electronics Inc. Total Marble & Granite Co., Ltd. SC Corporation Samsung Medipia Co., Ltd. Yurie Asset Management Inc. Korea GN Tech Co., Ltd. BEAN TREE INTERNATIONAL Co.,Ltd. AP TELETECH CO.,LTD. Polestar Marine Co., Ltd. POL S&A Co., Ltd. UNICOH International Trading Coopera Seoul Ltd YG Tech Co.,Ltd. REHOBOTH BUSINESS INCUBATOR CO., LTD. GSME Co., Ltd. Poscom Co.,Ltd. KED KOREA CO.,LTD. Metal Force Co., Ltd. Amdocs Inc., Korea Branch Interfeed Co., Ltd. Sun Marine Corporation Toogees Interactive Co., Ltd. YOUNG JIN TEXTILE CO., LTD. SAMJI CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd. KBC TOOL MART CO.,LTD. ALLSTAR GLS Co., Ltd. Meritz Asset Management Co., Ltd. ARI Corporation K.P.C Samwon CIC Iljin Nanotech Co., Ltd. Namutech Co., Ltd. PC Direct, Inc. Barabon General Construction Co., Ltd. NONGHYUP LOGIS. Micro Square Technology Inc. Jin&Company Co., Ltd. UTCK CO.,LTD. Interreports Co. Hankuk Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Jeil Industry Co.,Ltd. CORE BODY CO.,LTD. World Apex Co., Ltd. Johnson Controls Korea Ltd. LS Industry Co C.M.I TRANS CO., LTD Naru Shipping Co., Ltd. GENIX AUTOMATION CO., LTD OMC east KEB Hana Bank Shinsung Lyreco Korea Co., Ltd. HELINOX J&GROUP Co.,Ltd. Tongyang BMS Corp. Tong Yang Asset Management Corp. Goodsen Technology Co., Ltd. Valeo Samsung Thermal Systems Co., Ltd. PMC-Sierra Korea Ltd. CHOCHOS FACTORY Co.,Ltd AJU Cook Co., Ltd. Altoran Co., Ltd. HANAX Co., Ltd. Dayu International Co., Ltd. Advanced Computer Services Co., Ltd. MBS Korea Co., Ltd. Silicon Cube Co.,Ltd. MJ TRADING CO.,LTD. El Cafetal Co., Ltd. KORID CO.,LTD. ARTRAUM CO.,LTD. MBS Corporation LOCZ Korea Corp. S.Y.Cha Patent Office Cheong Ha Korea Ginseng Co., Ltd. DEFY TIME LIMITED KOREA HS Engineering TG&Co. Inc. Shinyoung Industry Co., Ltd. KOREA FUTURE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Interplex Quantum Co.,Ltd. Daemyung Sangsa National Pension Service HIC Co., Ltd. UBK COMPANY CO., LTD. Cima Enterprise Co., Ltd. Pois Tech Tiger Solution Co., LTD. BF tech Co.,Ltd. MTL Co, Ltd JO EUN TRADING CO., LTD. JEJU EVENT TRAVEL AGENCY CO.,LTD. Haeju ENG Co.,Ltd. Yoojin Auto Parts

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