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Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. YS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Korea Semitech Co., Ltd. BS Korea Entertainment Co., Ltd. Samhyun tech Co.,Ltd. Poin tech Co.,Ltd. Jastech Co., Ltd. iuwell, inc. SEWOO INDUSTRIAL CO HICOS Ltd. KR Partners Co., Ltd. Smtech Ship Management Co., Ltd. Seoul Line Services Co., Ltd. Smartel Co., Ltd. Han Soe Engineering Co Ltd Stdsoft Ltd., Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. INEXUS INC Global FD Co., Ltd. NEPA KOREA CO.,LTD. REMITE CO.,LTD. Inficess Shipping Co., Ltd. WOO REE ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Jeil Industry Co.,Ltd. HB Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. Mission 21 Inc. Joosung Sea & Air Co, Ltd DMP Trading Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV LEDAZ Hioil E&T Corp. Rox Tools Co, Ltd Discoverlee Korea Co., Ltd. JC Corporation Korea Co.,Ltd. Ocean Enterprise Corp. Chemels Co., Ltd. NXC Corporation Berna Biotech Korea Corporation KB Securities Co., Ltd. APPIA Engineering Co., Ltd. INVISTA KOREA Inc. ASM KOREA LIMITED. UNIPART KOREA Ltd. Pungkook Corporation McGraw-hill Education Korea Limited Shekoy Korea Semiconductor New Material Co., Ltd. Bridging Group Korea Co., Ltd. Hwa Rang Agricultural Congregation Juridical Person Dusung Metal Fabricating ATOLA ENERGY Co., Ltd. EK Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. TK Steel Co.,Ltd. Daegu Taejeon Elementary School Daega International Co., Ltd. TL Holdings Co., Ltd. BHK Korea Seo Yang Shipping Co., Ltd. Myung-bo Sa Hanafos Nasan Timber Co., Ltd. Sambo Ceramics Co Adipo Labs Co., Ltd. METAL CHEMICALS Co., Ltd. MG Non Life Insurance Co., Ltd. KR SUNDAY CO.,LTD. JCET STATS ChipPAC Korea Limited AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd. AIR PALACE CO.,LTD. GNS KOREA CO.,LTD. Cns International Co., Ltd. KOKEM Co.,Ltd. Dong Ji Inter-Tech Co., Ltd. C&A DENCO CO.,LTD. KT Electronics Kiyeon Industrial Co., Ltd. HANBO MARINE MACHINERY IND CO LTD Exax Inc. CHEIL ACTIVATED CARBON IND.CO., LTD. Dongchae Co.,Ltd. BITEC KOREA Co., Ltd. ELEVEN CO.,LTD. SI MARINE CO.,LTD. HANKOOK PELZER LTD. JTNet. Co., Ltd. Wondong Trading Deko Engineering Co., Ltd. Mirae Shipping Co., Ltd. Shinseong Shipping Co., Ltd. Bundang Tax Accounting Office Obok Electric Co., Ltd. CNK Cosmetic Co., Ltd. BF International Co., Ltd. Vinideus Korea Co., Ltd. AJU Cook Co., Ltd. Kor-Star Shipping Co., Ltd. VADA SHIPPING TRADING BIZONE CO.,LTD. Yoojin Auto Parts Mont Bell Ubiosis Co.,Ltd. SOLUM CO.,LTD. N.T.C LIMITED Donghun Enterprise Co. POS SM Co., Ltd. KOLON DACC COMPOSITE Co.,LTD MYEONG DONG INDUSTRIAL CO. Hanaro Shipping Co., Ltd. LAKHSONS INC. Amazon Corporate Services Korea LLC Inet Korea Aerospace Industries Co., Ltd. Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives Dream S.R.I. Corp. Coopera Seoul Ltd YG Tech Co.,Ltd. DHK Solution Corporation IMINE CO.,LTD. Sunwoo Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. Dongah Aluminum Corporation DINTEC Co., Ltd. Gs-caltex(kangchon Gas Station) MJ TRADING CO.,LTD. HGNS Inc. Fws Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hyundai Marine Tech Co.,Ltd. KOREA FUTURE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD. Kering Korea Ltd. Hanil Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd HANNURI TRADING CO., LTD K&SHI Co., Ltd. SM Commerce Co., Ltd. Tyco Electronics AMP Korea Ltd. Skyroad Express, Inc. Natural Bio Co., Ltd. ADF Asset Management Co., Ltd NCI korea Co., Ltd. SNW Co., Ltd. Sky Group korea Co., Ltd. The Strong Pharmacy Miru Systems Co., Ltd. Sigma Shipping Co., Ltd. Ildong F&B Co., Ltd. AMNG Co., Ltd. Geo Ha Co., Ltd. HANYOUNG INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION ANF Metals Co., Ltd. Herb Co., Ltd. TODA ISU Corporation S&CO Logis Korea Co., Ltd. Core Metal Co., Ltd. Acrotex Inc. Hyundai Investments Co, Ltd. CPK FOODS SYSTEM CO., LTD. Hyundai Asset Management Co., Ltd. World Apex Co., Ltd. K.J.Lee Patent & Trademark Office Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Aone Co., Ltd. Naram Co., Ltd. P&F MARINE CO.,LTD Donggwang Construction Co., Ltd. Silicon Cube Co.,Ltd. G&P Tech Co., Ltd. REI Holding Group Inc. Dongu Steel Co., Ltd Nike 360 Holding BV Korea Branch Nova Semi Corp. Logen Logistics Dong Bo Pharm Co Ltd INNO PHARM KOREA CO.,LTD. HANIL INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Geumsung Vinyl Thermolon Korea Co., Ltd. Topth Inc. Blue Geb Busansa SEHEUNG EOS Co.,Ltd. Earlybird Samsung Moolsan Co., Ltd. LINE Biz Plus Corporation HANRA LOGISTIC CO.,LTD. Dongyang Industries Electric Co., Ltd. K&L Co.,LTd. AISCO Co., Ltd. YOURIM WOOD CO.,LTD. DAE YOUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD. HANSA INDUSTRIAL CORP Chung Gi Co., Ltd. ECO METAL KOREA Co., Ltd. Solution Korea Company Co., Ltd. LIAHNSON & COMPANY KR TECH CO.,LTD. SAMSONG Food Stack LOTTE CORPORATION JM Company Co.,Ltd. Hankyung Parts Co., Ltd. Machine Intelligence Co., Ltd. KOREA FARGATE Smart Star Co., Ltd. B.G.R Metal Co.,Ltd. HI LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY CO.,LTD. Young Han Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.. Samjong KPMG Accounting Corp. Cheryong Electric Co., Ltd. Daeshin Trade Inc. HYUNDAI WIA TURBO CORPORATION Unione Trading Co., Ltd. Watson & Chalin Korea, Inc. Harry Textiles Co., Ltd. ERICA Industry-University Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University NEXGEO INC. Interfeed Co., Ltd. JD Component Co., Ltd. Dail Semicon Co., Ltd. Daeil Innotech Corporation Myung Sung Lifix Co., Ltd. Samsung Corporation Co., Ltd. CANA CORPORATION Kiwoong Information & Communication Co., Ltd. Oriental Shipping Co., Ltd. LANDIS & GYR KOREA CO LTD WAWOO CO. ARTRAUM CO.,LTD. ARTrans Co., Ltd. Petra Gloria Co.,Ltd. IWI Limited SAM A CO.,LTD. Lotte Chemical Corporation National Pension Service Cheonan Branch Jinwoo Industry LLC Chowon Trading Co., Ltd. Eluo Co., Ltd. INNOMEDITECH INC. ESC CO.,LTD. DL TECH CO.,LTD. Chardon Korea Co., Ltd. Osio Device Co., Ltd. CN Global Trading Co., Ltd. Coupang Corp. Sambok International Co., Ltd. BNS CORPORATION.CO.LTD. Sangsang Technology Co., Ltd. ALWOX FV Puruma Co., Ltd. Cosy Company Limited. ENERCHEM Co., Ltd. Gi hitech Co.,Ltd.

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