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Cisco Shipping Co., Ltd. Caltech Trading Korea Co., Ltd. Mission 21 Inc. KOREA FUTURE POLICY RESEAECHER CORP. SEWOO INDUSTRIAL CO Jeil Industry Co.,Ltd. Poin tech Co.,Ltd. YS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Songhak Emart Co.,Ltd. HOBAN ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. iuwell, inc. Samhyun tech Co.,Ltd. Inficess Shipping Co., Ltd. DMP Trading Co., Ltd. Pungkook Corporation Smtech Ship Management Co., Ltd. LEDAZ Haengbokhan Church Mont Bell Bridging Group Korea Co., Ltd. BS Korea Entertainment Co., Ltd. Ubiosis Co.,Ltd. JCET STATS ChipPAC Korea Limited Han Soe Engineering Co Ltd Daegu Taejeon Elementary School KR Partners Co., Ltd. Coopera Seoul Ltd McGraw-hill Education Korea Limited Global FD Co., Ltd. Mirae Shipping Co., Ltd. MG Non Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Hioil E&T Corp. KB Securities Co., Ltd. AIR PALACE CO.,LTD. Hanafos IWI Limited ADF Asset Management Co., Ltd Travel Company The Korea Co., Ltd. INEXUS INC Chardon Korea Co., Ltd. Miru Systems Co., Ltd. BF International Co., Ltd. Chemels Co., Ltd. Honam Polymer Co.,Ltd. Daega International Co., Ltd. C&P Corp. POS SM Co., Ltd. Hyundai Asset Management Co., Ltd. Sena Tech Co., Ltd. Daemyung Semiconductor CNM INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Obok Electric Co., Ltd. SKC hi-tech&marketing co.,ltd. Trabeling Club Rothem Co.,Ltd Multichip Co., Ltd. SI MARINE CO.,LTD. Mir Electric Industry Natural Bio Co., Ltd. HDGSK JV ATOLA ENERGY Co., Ltd. KOKEM Co.,Ltd. LS Metal Co., Ltd. K.J.Lee Patent & Trademark Office Dong Ji Inter-Tech Co., Ltd. WORLD POLICE TAEKWONDO FEDERATION CORP. HICOS Ltd. Seoul Line Services Co., Ltd. Yoojin Auto Parts Kyung Won Industry Co., Ltd. New Omnibus Tech Co. JTNet. Co., Ltd. Samkwang Corporation Co., Ltd. YOURIM WOOD CO.,LTD. Joosung Sea & Air Co, Ltd AIA Life Insurance Co. Ltd. LAKHSONS INC. Dusung Metal Fabricating Kyung Seung Co., Ltd. Namil Timber Co.,Ltd. ALLSTAR GLS Co., Ltd. SKC Air Gas Co., Ltd. Nanotech Corporation Coopervision Korea Corp. NEPA KOREA CO.,LTD. KT Electronics SHIN YANG ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. Comet International Patent Office KC Shipping Co., Ltd. HB Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. HANBO MARINE MACHINERY IND CO LTD Nike 360 Holding BV Korea Branch Eulji Motor SH TECH CO.,LTD. Deko Engineering Co., Ltd. JC Corporation Korea Co.,Ltd. SAMJONG KPMG AAS Inc. Rox Tools Co, Ltd EK Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Dail Semicon Co., Ltd. Shinhan BNP Paribas Asset Management Co., Ltd TAESUNG E&I Co.,Ltd. Aone Co., Ltd. POSCO ES Materials Co., Ltd. Altran Technologies Korea Ltd. HANAX Co., Ltd. Sam Young ARTrans Co., Ltd. BIZONE CO.,LTD. LCPARK International Co., Ltd. Hanil Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd Coloplast Korea Ltd CHANMI CORPORATION NESTEC CO.,LTD. LIYANG FLOWER CO.,LTD. KMC Global Co.,Ltd. Sabai Sabai Seo Yang Shipping Co., Ltd. KPIC Corporation Zieum Construction Co.,Ltd. Taurus SNA Co., Ltd. TOTAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. Shekoy Korea Semiconductor New Material Co., Ltd. M-Trans Co., Ltd. LIAHNSON & COMPANY Dokyung Corp. Inet POHANG SHIPPING CO.,LTD. KCOS CO.,LTD. Core Metal Co., Ltd. AIG Korean Real Estate Development YH Yurim Industrial Co., Ltd.. CIC Korea Co., Ltd. Miel Co., Ltd. Oriental Shipping Co., Ltd. Vinideus Korea Co., Ltd. Jupiter Aerospace Co., Ltd. Tong Yang Asset Management Corp. KLH International Co., Ltd. SJ CERAMIC CO.,LTD. MJ TRADING CO.,LTD. NXC Corporation Korea Semitech Co., Ltd. Juwon Trading Exax Inc. Jinheungho HANNURI TRADING CO., LTD Sangsang Technology Co., Ltd. Solum Co., Ltd. JIREH CHEMICAL SP ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. LINE Biz Plus Corporation KWANGWON P&I Somyoung Fire Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. I&E Tek Co., Ltd. Jastech Co., Ltd. Busan Sanseong Tunnel Co., Ltd. Samsung Hedge Asset Management Sigma Shipping Co., Ltd. INVISTA KOREA Inc. IEG Holdings Co., Ltd. SAMSONG Food Hyun Woo Trading Co., Ltd. Shinhan Bank Co., Ltd. Samsung Everland Seoul Arts Center Total Marble & Granite Co., Ltd. AP TELETECH CO.,LTD. GNS KOREA CO.,LTD. WELLSYS CO.,LTD. Unione Trading Co., Ltd. Harry Textiles Co., Ltd. Nasan Timber Co., Ltd. ASM KOREA LIMITED. Clean Plus Co., Ltd. Sunwoo Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. Hankuk Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. LMAT Co., Ltd. Naram Co., Ltd. SELDENT CO.,LTD. DENCO CO.,LTD. WAWOO CO. SOHA International Co., Ltd. Donggwang Construction Co., Ltd. HGNS Inc. Green Narae Media Co., Ltd. Bio Mir Korea Co., Ltd. HIC Co., Ltd. ASSET PLUS INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Bico Trip Co., Ltd. JTS Corporation Aj Steel Co., Ltd. Kering Korea Ltd. Gana Corporation Co., Ltd. Deoksu Trading Co., Ltd. G&A Private Equity Fund Wepeak Co., Ltd. Heungkuk asset management BHI Co., Ltd. JINSAN MARINE MANAGEMENT CO., LTD Samhwan Development APPIA Engineering Co., Ltd. YD International Co., Ltd. TONY MOLY Lotte Dept. Changwon Branch DAERYU CO.,LTD. KR P&C Co., Ltd. MAN Diesel & Turbo Korea Ltd. Dong Lim Trading Co., Ltd. Boseung Electric Co.,Ltd. SBK KOREA CO.,LTD. Giosis LLC Fine Construction Co., Ltd. Breco Korea Co., Ltd. MTG Korea Co., Ltd. Aram Asset Management Co., Ltd. tamra Branch T Mall Korea Co., Ltd. Dobrain Inc. Changjae Major Co., Ltd. TURN-ON ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Youngkong Lighting Co., Ltd. T.H.I Co., Ltd. Fly To the Mun Co., Ltd. Daeshin Young Han Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.. Ocean Global Co., Ltd. Uzen Co., Ltd. Samjong KPMG Accounting Corp. Plus Line Cns International Co., Ltd. HOERBIGER KOREA,LTD IMINE CO.,LTD. Amdocs Inc., Korea Branch JD Component Co., Ltd. KBC TOOL MART CO.,LTD. Y.H Trading co., ltd. Myung Sung Lifix Co., Ltd. Amos Express Co., Ltd. Ezer Trading Comax International Corp. ASPN Co., Ltd. WOO REE ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Asmo Korea Co., Ltd. Dongin Thermo tech HANKOOK ELECTRONICS CO. Nuktec Inc. World Apex Co., Ltd. Johnson Controls Korea Ltd. Kt Estate Co., Ltd. Lq Korea Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,

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