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WOW MCC CO.,LTD. Neotec Korea Woo Jeon Trading Co., Ltd. Hyun Woo Trading Co., Ltd. Wow Pc Karam Corporation WOORI TRADING CO., LTD. DADA HIGH TECH CO.,LTD. DADA TRADING CO. Dream System Co.,Ltd. Dream Salt Co., Ltd. Dream Steel Co.,Ltd. Dream Shopping Co.,Ltd. Power Plus Co.,Ltd. Paper Plus Co., Ltd. Car Mania Co.,Ltd. Dream Sys Co.,Ltd. DREAM SHOES CO. DONGJIN VALVE CO. Chair Max Power Plus One Co., Ltd. Unico International Dong-Gang Valve Dream Station CARMA CO.,LTD. Unico International Sangsa Power Plus Com Dream Service Donggwang Valve Industrial PUMA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Natural City Co., Ltd. Sysmatic Inc. Pumyang Co.,Ltd. KOREA SHIPPING CORPORATION Kyung Dong One Co., Ltd. Samosa CHANGNYEONG ENGINEERING PUBLIC CORPORATION HanshinRTech Chang Sung Engineering Hitec Information System Co., Ltd. Hyosung Industries HANSUNG COMPANY Changmyung Engineering Co. Hansol information & Communication co. LTD Hyosung Green Co., Ltd. Hansol Telecom Hanbeot Co., Ltd. Chang Eng Co.,Ltd. DAESIN ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. HANTECH SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. I&I Co., Ltd. Asian FC Star Co., Ltd. Hansol Co. Hanbeam Co., Ltd. I&I Esco Co., Ltd. Daeshin Electric Co., Ltd. Hyosung Stone Hanshin Information Co.,Ltd. Hanguk 3R Korea Financial Futures and Options Investment Con Good Deal Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai A-frame carrier Sales Daesin Electronics Communication Co., Ltd. I&I Company Co., Ltd. Hanwool Information Communication Hyundai Car Autoban Daekwang Information Communication Co.,Ltd. Asian Future Hyundai Audio Land SM Design Solution Group Co.,Ltd. Lohas Prime Co.,Ltd. HANATOUR Hanatel Co., Ltd. Yedang solar Energy Co.,Ltd. Hana Tour Leader Co.,Ltd. Coring Co.,Ltd. korea Mirae health Research Institute Daekyung Machinery Co. Jeju Senior Club Samin Co., Ltd. Daewoo Logistics Corp. Daewoo Logistics Equipment Co.,Ltd DAEWOO GWANGJU LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. CHANGJO INC CO.,LTD. Samhan Co., Ltd. Samnam SAMHAN COMPANY SAMHAN CO.,LTD Hanacom Japan Eembassy C.S.K. INC. CEC KOREA Hyundai Heavy Industries Daegu Branch Chela Hyundai Heavy Industries Gyeongbuk Bukbu Branch Greenpaek CHE IL CO., LTD. Cheil Bio Co., Ltd. Keystone Valve(Korea) LLC Ye Green Food Korea Valve Korea All VT Corp. Leehyeon Car Industry UBS Hana Asset Management Co., Ltd. TA INFOS CO.,LTD. Hana UBS Investment Plus Securities 2nd Bond Fund Co., Ltd. Taisei Seafood Global Co., Ltd. Infos Co.,Ltd. TO & INFORMATION CO.,LTD. Infosion Co., Ltd. Info Leader Infoin Info GLOBAL SEAFOOD CO., LTD. Information Co., LTD. THE INFORMATION CO.,LTD DONGJIN Corporation Co., Ltd. Infotech Co., Ltd. Information INC Co., Ltd. Infotech CO.,LTD InfoTech, Co. CO Info Co., Ltd. S&C Trade Korea Electronics Co.,Ltd. SNU Korea Com Dream Service Co., Ltd. Unicom International Co., Ltd. Power Plus Co., Ltd. And Entertainment Co., Ltd. Sancheon Shina Tech Co., Ltd. Shinwoo D Tech Co., Ltd. Daehyun Food Co., LTD. D Tech Co., LTD. D & TECK CO.,LTD. D& tech Co.,Ltd. Signtech Co., Ltd. Sintech Co.,Ltd. A&P NET CO. DAEHYUN FOOD CO. D & Tech Shintech Chemical Co., Ltd. Yurim Industry Shinwon Corp. NI Korea Co., Ltd. Green Seu To-peo Co., Ltd. Sunrise GeneralConstruction Co., Ltd. Daekon Sea & Air Co., Ltd. Fortec Solutions Co., Ltd. Diagen, Inc. HMM Co., Ltd. HOME CO.,LTD. The home HM CO.,LTD. HARIM CO.,LTD. MONSANTO KOREA INC. Monroe Korea MONEY WEEK & KOREA JOURNAL CO.,LTD. TULLET PREBON MONEY BROKERAGE(KOREA) LIMITED MONAVIE KOREA INC. KOREA MONEY AND FINANCE ASSOCIATION GFI Korea Money Brokearage Ltd. Tyun Money korea Co.,Ltd. Mondo Korea MNK Inc. Moon Marine Korea Co., Ltd. Seil MECO TEC CO.,LTD. GANAAN MECA TECH CO.,LTD. MS MECA TECH CO.,LTD. Win Tech CNC KD MECA TEC CO.,LTD. Dongseo Youngin Textile Co.,Ltd. Pin Korea Co., Ltd. Game & Company Gyeonggi Mutual Savings Bank Co,. Ltd. Kyung Goo CO.,LTd Jinheung Market KYUNG IN Bio Korea SAMT Co., Ltd. Samtan Co., Ltd. Global Sae-A Co., Ltd. Speco Ltd. MAC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. gyenggi mec-tec. High School Dae,Ltd. MAC GREEN TECH CO.,LTD. Mac Technology Co, Ltd MEC Technology Co., Ltd. AD Co., LTD. Ad Company EL Ad A&D Co. ADS Advanced Drive Technology Co., Ltd. BLUE TECH SOLUTION CO.,LTD. Nexon Electronics Korea Co., Ltd. CREATION PEOPLE CO.,LTD. Human E-Solution Co., Ltd. P&K Solution Co., Ltd. Solution Bachi Co., Ltd. C&T Solution Co. Easy Solution FM Solution Co., Ltd. GS Solution Co., Ltd. KCM Solution Co., Ltd. N Creative Inc GLOBAL IMC CO.,LTD. Cotec International INc., GBS Korea Co., Ltd. Total Red Tech Red tech Instek, Inc. RED TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. COMPASS CO.,LTD. Sukhui Co.,Ltd. Compact Co.,Ltd. Suok Co.,Ltd. SUV N PARTNERS CO.,LTD. COMPACK CO.,LTD. Union Global Co.,Ltd. comPos SunJin Leather Company MYUNGSUNG AUTODOOR CO.,LTD. Suka Suki Children's Hospital Compassnet Co.,Ltd. Compact Compass Co., COMPASTECH Su Works Compass Inc. Suki Copy Geumyung Compass A-Ju Metal Co., Ltd. SANG JU MULSAN CO LTD Kim Mi Ju Food Mun Yeong Ju Internal Medicine Dheong Ju Mechenical&Technical High School Lee Myeong Ju Landscape Co.,Ltd. Sunwoo-Tek Corporation Jusin Engineering Co., LTD. Jusung Engineering Co., Ltd TOM Co., Ltd. Giha Holdings Co., Ltd. Information Sejong Gold Bank Co., Ltd.

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