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Two in One Co., Ltd. Two In One DC Kios Co., Ltd. MACROSOFT CO.,LTD. Rodeu Doctor Zespa Co.,Ltd TJ Company Co., Ltd. Master Elevator Mi Elevator Co., Ltd. Hana Elevator MD Cons NAVEL CO. Moorim TJS Development TJS International Co., Ltd. GABIAN Co., Ltd. Nayun Natua Co., Ltd. Samsung SDS Bank 25 Rotem Co., Ltd. Lotte Engineering Co., Ltd. Plant Engineering Co.,Ltd. Hanseong Freezing Plant Ssiseutei Island Iksan Ad Iksan Industry Co., Ltd. YM INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. SUNG WOO TRADING S Free Zone Inter Free Zone Co., Ltd. ARAON Co., Ltd. Cargo Transportation Up Up Town Company Korea Testing & Research Institute for Chemical Industry Korea Construction Industry Testing & Research Ins Blockpia Pungam Institution Blockpia Hwajeong Branch Green Life Green Life Co. Bank Korea Co., Ltd. Sys Power Co.,Ltd. Plus International Arittaum Sangmu Branch Daewoong Industry Co., Ltd. Money In Co., Ltd. Hyundai MS Co.,Ltd. SAMSUNG INC. MERIT CO.,LTD. Daehan Medical Instrument Sangsa Daehan Musical Instrument Industrial Co., Ltd. LC Co., Ltd. Dent Delhi Food DELPIA KSK Energy KYOCERA MITA Korea Document Solution Co.,Ltd. EH CHAM CO.,LTD. Gs Information Technology EN Tech Co., Ltd. EN TECH CO.,LTD. EN TECH CO. Cow Logis Godo Global Co., Ltd. Letter and Sound English Academy APECS English Academy Genesis Co., Ltd Wonwoo Co.,Ltd. Korea Developer Co., Ltd. CHEOMDAN BIONTECH INC. Biontech E House Invest Co., Ltd. Y & J INT CO.,LTD. Jawon Construction HUMAN & NATURE CO.,LTD. Natural & Human Co., Ltd. Donghwa Co. OE Solutions Co., Ltd. TNF Corporation Co., Ltd. Unisel Co., Ltd. KMC CO.,LTD. KMC INC CO.,LTD. FINE P & C CO.,LTD. FINECOM., INC Techno Korea Co.,Ltd. PARK & JEONG CO.,LTD. PARK&JO CO.,LTD. LG INTERIOR CO. ENBTECH CO. Koart HONG IK Co., Ltd. Hyung-il Elec.Co.,Ltd. Beurasam Co., Ltd. Ko Max Machinery Assereu Co., Ltd. Lemon T A Hyegwang Distribution KL Frontier Co., Ltd. Batem Co., Ltd. WOORIM FARMING CORP. Seawon Distribution Co., Ltd.. GLOBAL TRADING MS Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. CLO Co, Ltd TB Pro Co., Ltd. ICON Corporation NICE CO.,LTD. KATI INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. Kodeco Co., Ltd INO MEDICAL Hanaro Shipping RH Co.,Ltd. JW MICRO CO.,LTD. Samyoung Co., Ltd. Segi Company J&Chemical Co., Ltd. E&M Youngchang Co.,Ltd. Innovation Co., Ltd Hancheon Co.,Ltd. THE BITNA CO.,LTD. H&B Trading Co., Ltd. H And B Trade Co., Ltd. Geumho Little Fox Language School Munheung Little Fox Language Institute LITTLE FOX LANGUAGE SCHOOL Gwangsan Little Fox Foreign Language Institute Jeonnam National Institute of Civil Engineering Alumni Scholarship Nii Oki Doki V-ONE Vienna 1 KNET HAE KWANG CO., LTD. Daepoong Co CLINIC LOVE CO.,LTD. Zenith Meat Co.,Ltd. Zenith Co., Ltd. Mr. Black Otree Foodvillage Co., Ltd. EMPATHY CO., Ltd FREELON CO.,LTD. KYUNG SHIN CHENPLA CO.,LTD. Tracom BS Co., Ltd. Gaekju Co., Ltd. ECOPREMIER CO.,LTD Hapiness Co., Ltd. Hana Corporation Co., Ltd. Claypia Co., Ltd. PAKO KOREA CO. DAE JIN INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. Shin Heung Precision Hanil Engineerin& Construction Co., Ltd. SHINHWA CORP. Hanwha Energy Plaza Co.,Ltd. Sung Dong Co., Ltd. Wide&Company Co., Ltd. Gwangju Automatic Equipment Technical High School Hud Co.,Ltd. Union Hud Co., LTD. Ben S.S Construction Biogen fides IM Company Co., Ltd. Seoul Air Conditioning Duct Hankwang HANKWANG HANKWANG MEDICAL Co., Ltd. HK Co., Ltd. HK. CO., Ltd. DAESHIN NETWORKS Co., Ltd. Hanil Carbon IM R&D CO., LTD. ISOL Technology Inc. Isol Tech A B Ben TV Land Ten The Company Co., Ltd. Clean Tech Korea Co., Ltd. Can Tech Korea DONGHA CORPORATION CO., LTD. Dongha Company Co., Ltd. Tae Chang Co., Ltd. STB Bio Korea Co., Ltd. Hyundai Holdings Co., Ltd. WONKANG CO.,LTD Wongang Enterprise Wongang Instrument Wongang Pharm Co.,Ltd. Joong Ang Ind. Co. Joong Ang Industrial Co., Ltd. Joongang Co. High control Co.,Ltd. cns CNS INC. Made -In Made Line Co.,Ltd. SUNGKYUNKWAN SCHOOL Hojung Board Co., Ltd. WON CHANG ENG Co.,LTD. Seoul Medical Soolim Co.,Ltd. SALIV CO.,LTD. SLINE SYSTEM CO.,LTD. Jinwoong Co.,Ltd. Jinwoong Co., Ltd. Ildong L&D Co., Ltd. SPACE CO. The Space Co., Ltd. BELMONT KOREA CO.,LTD. Dunamhoe Eccl. Inc. South Africa Doorae Fruit & Vegetable 86Ho JG Company Co., Ltd. Jeonggawon Chueotang OneJoint Onjeong Co., Ltd. Wonbong Industry WonBong Consulting Co., Ltd. Hana Stack Co.,Ltd. Lobby stack Yega Co., Ltd. Daewoo ENG. Co., Ltd. Daewoo Construction Industry Co., Ltd. European NH International Corp. Daekok Co., Ltd. Pisim Co., Ltd. S G Corporation Co., Ltd. Dongbu Daewoo Hana Special Sales Co., Ltd. High-Five Co., Ltd. TIBOSA CO.,LTD. Jaja Haneul Corporation Co., Ltd. Teu Well Beu Co., Ltd. We-Mart Jun Tech Co.,Ltd. Jun System Co.,Ltd. Worldwides Co., Ltd. Worldwides Wiz International Logistics Korea Transportation Hankook Metal Ind.Co., Ltd.. J Wood JWD NC Co., Ltd. The Bella The Bella Gold PC Co., Ltd. Star Games Room Tire Mecca Co.,Ltd. Tire Mecca YUCHANG INC. DUSON CO. Hit's Korea Co., Ltd. GN partners CO.,Ltd EVERYINC Aquadron Co., Ltd. Aquarak Lee Yeong Bok Gwangbok Meat EASTER Co.,Ltd. Easter Construction Co., Ltd. Tour Leader Travel Co., Ltd Cosmo Corporation Cosmo Co., Ltd. Onggune PREMIERE CORP AQUA TRADING CO. Aqua Trading Co., Ltd. Social Welfare Foundation Hansol Nursery The Solar Energy US Camp Hans hi-tech Hans Food Tech Co.,Ltd. Tecas Yuseok Steel Co.,Ltd. Spring CNS Asset Management 1Ho Co., Ltd. Contec Cntec Co., Ltd. Hu-Tech Co., Ltd. AI Technology Co.,Ltd. Han Baek Co., Ltd. Honam Electric Telecom Co., Ltd. Hana Electronics Telecom Hansaeng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Vision Scientific M One Co., Ltd. HCL Samho Co., Ltd. Paradise J.YPHARM.CO.,LTD. The Campus Campus Glasses Diamond Enterprise Co., Ltd. Diamond Street Choice Energy Group Co.,Ltd. CHAN'S ALL CAR CO.,LTD. RECORD CO. Global Korea Co.,Ltd. Juni Company Song Won Industry Co., Ltd. SOO TECH. CO.,LTD. Road Peob Real Peob Walking Story EG Formtech Farmtech Co.,Ltd. P&J Co.,Ltd. Nano Information Technology Co., Ltd. Daim Co., Ltd. R&s Co., Ltd. Central Intellectual Property&Law Kyoung Duk Wonil Co. J Double Co.,Ltd. SMK CO.,LTD. MS Industry Construction Co., Ltd. Doosan Corp. kiryung construction IGIS Co., Ltd. The planet Inc. GEMI CO.,LTD. POONGJEON NICE CONFECTIONERY CO.,LTD. BF Motors Co., Ltd. Han Electric Bulbs Nae Barbershop JUNG HAN ELECTRONICS,INC. SM BURE Co., Ltd. SM Brother TONGIL FREIGHT CO. Geum B Korea GELI INC. G.N I Jiwoo Co. HI KOREA CO.,LTD SEO WOO Seowoo Ltd. Dynamic Co., Ltd. SND Co., Ltd. Sand Co., Ltd. Inter Vision Co., Ltd. IG Company Co., Ltd. The Moon Co, Ltd The moon Youngsan Nongshim Daeheung HBS Tech Urban Lava Co., Ltd. LAVISTA LEESU CO.,LTD. I Media Co.,Ltd. FOUNDATION & FRANCHISE CO.,LTD. MS Foundation Construction Co., Ltd. Jeil Medical Science CONTINUE CO.,LTD. Doma Meat D&T Entertainment Co., Ltd. DOA Engineering @ Construction SNG CO. ASIA HISTORY CULTURE RESERCHER CORP. Strong Light SKS Co., Ltd. SurgiCore Co., Ltd. Phillip Co.,Ltd. Weebon Co.,Ltd. Pharmacy MS Pharm. Co., Ltd. Dib C Entertainment Co., Ltd. YH Bio YHB Co., Ltd. Power Holdings Co.,Ltd. Hibis Co.,Ltd. Top Medi Consulting Co., Ltd. HUMAN MEDI CONSULTING CO.,LTD. Mirae Asset Development NEOTECH C&T Co., Ltd. Organic Shop Organic Farming Bu Goun Goungeul Pluto Co., Ltd. PLUTO Inc. Seun Lee and Kim Co., Ltd. Samwon Co., Ltd. ATLANTIS CO. YJ CO.,LTD. Daemyeong Electric Wire Co., Ltd. 30 Cooper Furniture In Co., Ltd. OPO Opo ENG Co.,Ltd. Skin Farm HPK Development Co., Ltd. HPK GONJIAM CO.,LTD. Ehwa Ind. Co., Ltd. Sun Trading Co., Ltd. Oh Young Electronics Co., Ltd. Oh My Biz OH Oh Family Medicine Hospital Oh Min Seok Neurosurgery Oh Seung Ho Mathematics Special Institute Oh Internal Medicine OH Tech Oh Pil Gyo Dentistry Hospital Lawyer Oh Min Geun Office Oh Jae Seon Internal Medicine Hospital Oh Eye Clinic Oh Hyun Ju Children's Hospital Oh Poh Soo Dental Clinic Oh Lens Jeonnamdae Agency Oh Lens Gwangju Agency Unifarm Hyundai Heavy Industry Sales Human Balance Co., Ltd. Jinsung Balance Tools Samsung Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. DONGHWA P & C CO.,LTD. Four Time Jinseok Co., Ltd. Jinseok Institute MHW BWS Tech Co., Ltd. Hyunyoung Co., Ltd. Fiber & Tech Co.,Ltd. F2MG Co.,Ltd. LA Sejong System Window & Door Pro Player PC Room Pro Player KJI Industrial Development Green Cross Pharmacy INS ALL CO.,LTD. TK Co.,Ltd. Doosan Infracore Honam Sales Co., Ltd. Defense Korea Korea Defence Co., Ltd. THE WORLD CO.,LTD. Puppy Infis Synergy Co., Ltd. Changshin Co., Ltd. Woo Shin Co. Ilhwa Co.,Ltd. Ilhwa Ilhwa Packaging Co, Ltd DONGA PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. DAE MYOUNG CO. Woosong G In Consulting Co., Ltd. Daewoong Co., Ltd. CHEMPARK INC. SANGSUN CO.,LTD. S-CONNECT CO.,LTD The Best Co.,Ltd. MACRO TECH CO. Natural F&B NATURE INC. Honamm Fruits and Vegetables No. 533 Genetech Kwang Myung Industry Kwangmyung Co.,Ltd. Humu Co.,Ltd. Humuseu Korea Racing Association Gwangju Part Shingajigu City Gongsa Apt. DK Co., Ltd. Budong Construction Inc. HANKOOK COFFEE CO.,LTD.. Hankook Crabi Hankook GI ENG KWANG MYUNG E.N.G Nuri Food System Co., Ltd. YP Co.,Ltd. AA&T Co., Ltd. SAMBO LIMITED Rich N Dream Co., Ltd. Raison Co., Ltd. MEDITOWN CORP. DIGITAL SYSTEM INC. Daan P & T Co., Ltd. Cheong Company Co., Ltd. Oasis Co., Ltd. Korea Gas Greenbi Nuvico Corporation Namdo Mining Namdo Mold Co., Ltd. ED Co., Ltd. E.D Co., Ltd. DNC CO.,LTD. GoldMan Lux CO.,Ltd Minet Korea Dong yang Co.,Ltd. bebe blanc COM2ZOA Co., Ltd. COM2ZOA Daewon Integration Co., Ltd. GOLDEN CO., LTD Golden Tree Co., Ltd. Imdong Korean Federation of Community Credit Banana PC Hyundai Service KR&T Co., Ltd. KR TRADERS Co., Ltd. PPG Co., Ltd. Hana Mulsan Co., Ltd. Daejong Medics Co., Ltd. Wondong Co., Ltd GF Sangsa LEADER EXPORT CO.,LTD. All In And Go Import And Export Corp. Netpruner Co., Ltd. GYEONGGIDO EXPORT ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATION CORP. Samwoo Export Packing Co., LTD. Hnail Export Packing Gawon Export Packing Chamdoen Export Packing Co., Ltd. Samsin Export Packing Co.,Ltd. Sejin Export Packing WONIL EXPORT PACKAGING CO. Horim Export Packing Natural & Fruit Han-A Development Co.,Ltd. Cosmos Entertainment KOREA FISHERIES CO.,LTD. Gwangmi Rojis(Kim Tae-Yong) Daeyuljangmyo Development Co., Ltd. Hancom Network Co., Ltd Korea&China Co., Ltd. Hyundai Management Corporation Co., Ltd. Omeya Moorim Logitech Co., Ltd. Leica Gyeongan Agency Leica Studio NanoST Freeta C.WORLD Co., Ltd. Intel Korean TS Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. Bistro Taeyong Engineering Taeyong Apartment Resident Representative Meeting San Co., Ltd. Ye G In Co., Ltd. Kahn ZI YUAN Hyundai Capital Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Yonsei University Milk Gwangju Branch Under The C F&B CO.,LTD. FGO DRUTEC LIMITED Mirae Asset Life MIRAE ASSET CONSULTING Co., Ltd. Ubis TIGER COMPANY LTD. Atosoft CO. Buma Electric Co., Ltd. Gaon H&C Woori Food Co.,Ltd. Korea Display Co., Ltd. Korea Display Sky International Corp. INTRA CO.,LTD. Internetnara Co., Ltd. AMI CO.LTD Everstone Co., Ltd. Medics Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Dream DC Co., Ltd. Cheonil Co., Ltd. ET System Korea Co., Ltd. Hongik Bio-Tech Jubina Rewon Co., Ltd. Bella Shop Sam Chang The Asian Pure Natural Science Natural Pure Co., Ltd. Natural Pure 1.2.3 Co., Ltd. Pla Course Co., Ltd. Howon Co., Ltd. JPC System TCT Trading Co., Ltd. carat co.,LTD Codi Co.Ltd Seokwang Co., Ltd. Artcom Design NAJARI CO.,LTD. BMB Korea Co., Ltd. Mobile korea Co.,Ltd. M & B Korea Nature Holdings Co., Ltd. Dermal Korea Co. Hankook Cement & Textile Co., Ltd. Masters Body Design Co., Ltd. CJ Olive Young SDN ESS CO., LTD. Kim Hyun Jung Oriental Medical Clinic Zioacrylic KUKJE INC WeMakeUs Inc. OK World 21 Century Co., Ltd. Ha E Meditech Co., Ltd. E Rum Meditech Co., Ltd. namdoprintech Asia Loan Asset Management Co., Ltd. KBIT Blossom DC Woori Management Technology LICON CO.,LTD. Korea National Oil distribution Association Gwangju-Jeonnam District Seyoung Co. Seyoun Co., Ltd. Prime Solutions Co., Ltd. Hantel BR Holdings Co., Ltd. B&S Holdings Co., Ltd. Total Power Solutions Co.,Ltd. REON DAEDONG CO.,LTD. Horyong Service Gongin Brokerage Corporation Korea Co., Ltd. One ENC Co.,Ltd. Korea Development Co., Ltd Hanyang Aluminum Co.,Ltd. Thehan Co.,Ltd. Thehi, Co.,Ltd. Dong Il Trading Co., Ltd. Dong Il Trading Co Ltd Po With Co., Ltd. NN Korea Lightech Co.,Ltd. Lighthouse keeper Optical shop Hana Food Co., Ltd. Double H Company Korea Real Estate Advisors Co., Ltd. Tabong Sk SK Corp. Adec Co.,Ltd. Inha Co., Ltd. PLATINUM CO.,LTD. Hyundai Steel Co., Ltd. Seoul System Technology Co.,Ltd. MS Pharms Co.,Ltd. Yeonhap Nice Information NUMBER ONE LOGISTICS INC. MTM Co., Ltd. EASY T & I CO.,LTD. Phone Company Phonega Studio DO Co., Ltd. Palette Co., Ltd. Golden Takgu Club EEC Korea(Branch) Co., Ltd. Barunson Ggomattorae Co., Ltd. First Power Co., Ltd. CH Development Industry Honam Development Industry Golden Post Golden Rose HR CO.,LTD. Korea Filter SIN YONG CO. Mir Consulting KGC Co., Ltd. NEW MATERIAL Sun New Material 88 SHELL CORPORATION G Han Metal Co., Ltd. Nara ladder truck KK In The Co., Ltd. Kwangshin Glass Co., Ltd. Kwangshin Non-Metal Seungshin Sangsa Kainos Co., Ltd. Kainos Co.,Ltd. IL HEUNG E.N.G CO.,LDT JBS Co., Ltd. Jbs Cem Yuhan Kimberly Yangsol YUHAN KIMBERLY YANGSOL CO. Yuhan Kimberly Co., Ltd. Geumgang Audio JW CO.,LTD. EMRG Yeongsan River Basin Environmental Agency Hansae Energy Joun SH ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Regent CHEONGHO INDUSTRIAL CO. GTI GTI Corporation Co., Ltd. GST Co.,Ltd. Serveone Co., Ltd. twosomeplace gwangjusuwan lottemart Cafe 105 1052 .com KUMHO TIRE GWANGJU RESTAURANT CO.,LTD. Kumho Tire Korean Federation of Community Credit I Medi Co.,Ltd. Da O La On Laon Stage Co., Ltd. POINT PAPER Bosta Co.,Ltd. BOSTORN The Shop Gallery BATEC CO.,LTD. Golden Sink Hangil Well Bio Co., Ltd. Vegetable Co., Ltd. Taeil Co.,Ltd. Lumenics Co., Ltd Lumeos Genek Bioscience PRIMA MOTORS CO.,LTD. Prima Co., LTD. Hanwha D&I Co., Ltd.. Hanwha Corp Gwangju Branch I En Lab Co., Ltd. SHINYOUNG CORPORATION Gain CNS Co.,Ltd. DRAGON CO., LTD. B&B CO.,LTD. Taeyang Medicare Co., Ltd. E&C Co., Ltd. Leocell Corporation Auto Mart Co.,Ltd. Hamin Greeness Dana Co., Ltd. Isu Enertech SILLA FA CO.,LTD. Tiger SOLGANG CO.,LTD. Solgyeong Co., Ltd. fogger.cafe24 Tradition Co.,Ltd. Traditional Aroma Hankook Frame Hankook Door Co., Ltd. Paul Store DAEHO CO.,LTD. daeho co ltd Koryo Corporation WATER BS LIFE HEALTH CO.,LTD. LG Life Health Life Health Club Hyosung Life Health Co.,Ltd. Hanyang Life Health Mirae Life Health Co., Ltd. Taepyungyang Life Health System Co., Ltd. M Tech Information Technology Mille Malre SUNGREEN Cheongna International Financial Complex Co., Ltd. Saerom C&C Co.,Ltd. Da Sarang Holdings Co., Ltd. CKM Co., Ltd. ESPP Co., Ltd. Kolatech Co., Ltd. Samsan Co.,Ltd. Socks Codi Bottle Wood Pak Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Trust Tryco korea Alpha Kan Korea Co., Ltd. ILJIN ENGINEERING Iljin Engineering Co.,Ltd. SaeAn Co., Ltd. Go Seong Construction Co., Ltd. Go Seon Co., Ltd. Joongang Bond Asset Management Co., Ltd. Mugunghwa Co., Ltd. Bitgoeul Bowl Ehwa Bowl LS ASSET INC. Daeyoung Engineering Co., Ltd. D.K. Tech Kwangwon Express LS Line Co., Ltd. ITEAK Stick Co., Ltd. Mars Co.,Ltd. Trading Steel Co., Ltd. MJ Steel Co., Ltd. MJ Style Sungjin Electric Power Co.,Ltd. SAMBO HITECH e1 H Design Co.,Ltd. Design S Nature Republic Sangmu Agency E Investment&Development CO.,LTD Humeip Co., Ltd. The Biel Co.,Ltd. Y.r.m. Friendship Industry Co., Ltd. SE PYUNG Seojung Agriculture and Fisheries Future Investment Management Co., Ltd. Purple Ocean Design Taegum Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. DAE MYEONG STAINLESS STEEL CO Jeollanam-do Car trade Business association IBSFA Co., Ltd. Artist IMB Co., Ltd. KYC Holdings Co., Ltd. Modern Art Co., Ltd. likeD K&S Innovation Co., Ltd. K Line Innovation Dongbu Asset Co., Ltd. Hankuk EST Co.,Ltd. Hankuk Ad.Co., Ltd.. SungEel HiTech Co., Ltd G Ni INT L Co., Ltd. Bustech, Inc P&H CO.,LTD. P&H Company Co., Ltd. UNICO CO.,LTD. Sinheung resource JX CO.,LTD SALT TOY CO. Hair Masang EJ Tech Co., Ltd. Infopia Co., Ltd. Korea MRO Co., Ltd. Health Line Co.,Ltd. Hanam Shiyoung 3-cha Resident Representative Meeting Hwani Spa Shiyoung Bullawangjjambbong Chiyounggak Bandokiup FLOW TECH CO.,LTD. Aija Co.,Ltd. Nasil Co., Ltd. HYUNJIN LTD JMI&C Kores Co.,Ltd. FLASH CO. Gangnam EST Co.,Ltd. White capital holdings Korea Co., Ltd G.N.SEAFOOD Hyundai Glovis Samjong Construction Co., Ltd. Hoban Hoban Peurapeo T Co., Ltd. Lotte Sports Center Gyeongin Environment Energy Company Gyeonggi Environment Energy Co., Ltd. Uptown Acting Institute G&C Life Production & Consumption Co., Ltd. S & C Trade Apex Industry Development Co., Ltd. Apecs Industry Development Co., Ltd. Rael Nursery TK Co., Ltd. SIT Invest Company Construction General Distribution Co., Ltd. HanYu Industry Eulwon Industry Co., LTD. Eilin CD Invest Rarebeu Kuri Solutions Co., Ltd. KM Solutions Co., Ltd. J Beauty Box USA Clean Us Co., Ltd. Gold Trading Co.,Ltd. Chonnam National University Korea Auto Co., Ltd Dalma Co., Ltd. Hankook Etech Co., Ltd. CIS CO.,LTD FRANCE CO. SOLOMON TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION CO. Saerom Technology Information Gritec Co.,Ltd. GONJI CO.,LTD. GYUNGIL TRADING CO.,LTD. Korea Parts Distribution Sound US E Jik Sangsa Co., Ltd. Siemens Hearing Aids (Gwangju Dong-gu) U E Tech Co., Ltd. FACTORIO Co., Ltd. Korea Houghton Corp. JASAN JONGNO PHARMACY Geneo Co., Ltd. Hancom C&C Korea Certification Technology Institute Korea Testing Certification Agency Tele UM Tel Rex U&M Tel Rex Co., Ltd. Medipharm Ilgok Keun Sarang Pharmacy Manna Instant King-size Jokbal LG Innotek Haneul Electric Co.,Ltd. Tonymoly Munheung Branch Tonymoly Ilgok Branch Tonymoly Songjeong Branch Konkuk Industry Co.,Ltd. Konkuk Steel Co.,Ltd. JY Custom Co., Ltd. Green Holdings Co., Ltd. Cell Bio Computer Warehouse Co., Ltd. FOUR PEOPLE CO.,LTD. LG Innotek Co., Ltd._Kwangju Branch BAEKSANG CO.,LTD. BAEKSANG METAL CO.,LTD. korus S Tek Co., Ltd. 365 Mart Co., Ltd. Green 365 Mart Super Day 365Mart FAB TECH Co.,Ltd Smile Co., Ltd. Jeonnam National University College of Medicine Senam Univ. College of Medicine Kyoung Am Co., Ltd. KYOUNG GU Co., Ltd. Young Corporation Young Corporation Co., Ltd Kim Jeong Ho Kkanpunggi Taekyung Company Taekyung Limited Company B&E Tech Co., Ltd. E&B Tech L NH Co., Ltd. JTS CO.,LTD. J&A Global Korea Fastening System Co. GLENC Co.,Ltd. Megatec Fine Tech Corp Pro Energy DANBY Co. DMB Korea KOREA LOGISTICS CO. MILES CO. Taewan Co., Ltd. Gideon Co., Ltd. Hankook Tea Co. Hankook Salsa Corporation Hankook Alpa System Hankook Information System Co., Ltd. Hankook Chemical & System Co.,Ltd Hankook Winner System Co., Ltd. Grap &Go Co.,Ltd. Okto Corporation Yo Mix Co., Ltd. Youngshin Industrial Co., Ltd.. JH Co.,Ltd ESTAR CO., LTD. ALCHEMY CO.,LTD. CH C&C Sky Castle Co.,Ltd. Korea Lube Co.,Ltd. SAM YOUNG SPINNING CO., LTD US Tek Co., Ltd. KOREA WILD FLOWER RESEARCH SOCIETY CORP. Carrier Deabang Pipers DAJEON CO. Dajeon Co., Ltd. Dajeon Development GB International Health Ge E Neo Co., Ltd. ING CO.,LTD. Hessedeu Institute Laon ENG LG Freezing Household Plaza

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