List of Corporate Headquarters in GWANGJU

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SARA CO.,LTD. BAK Co., Ltd. Bak Food Co., Ltd. Doosan Corp. GABIAN Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Co., Ltd. Hyundai Capital Shanghai Genek Bioscience Dobu Security Industry TL Town Co., Ltd. Tobu Co., Ltd. DOVE LIFE TECH CO., LTD General Electric Co., Ltd. Onda DAE YEON CO., LTD. Incell Co., Ltd. Insol ING Junior Apollon Ondolmaen World Link Export & Import All In And Go Import And Export Corp. HI KOREA CO.,LTD Sisley Bobo IGIS Co., Ltd. Celgene Gratech Samsung SDS Bank 25 KR&T Co., Ltd. SK Networks Co.,Ltd. SK Networks Co.,Ltd. Asan Capital Co.,Ltd. One Asia Corp. Astar Korea Co., Ltd. GIRL LOOKS CO.,LTD. Pharmacy MS Pharm. Co., Ltd. FEELUX LIGHTING CO.,LTD. CUM Co., Ltd. Open Lab Inc Park Ingi Stars Co., Ltd. J&Y Holdings SAMSUNG INC. INFORM CO. Gentle Woman Gentle Maennamseongkeoteujeom Innovation Co., Ltd S Innovation Co., Ltd. AF CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Taewoo Inc. Bio Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA ELECTRICAL SAFETY CORP Transportation Co., Ltd. Leaders Transportation Co., Ltd. Transportation C&HI Co., Ltd. Posten Co., Ltd. Fashionwa Korea TMC Co., Ltd. Nu B Logistics Co., Ltd. Land korea Chungwoon Co., Ltd. Ehwa Ind. Co., Ltd. Selim Co., Ltd. GLOBAL EDU I CO.,LTD. Maxon Information Telecom Maxon Wireless Telecom Korea National Oil distribution Association Gwangju-Jeonnam District BEAUTY COSMETICS CO. IPS SYSTEM CO.,LTD. E&L Korea Co., Ltd. Holiday Insurance korea Co.,Ltd. HANPAYSYS CO.,LTD. Can Talk Language Treatment Center Eden Medical Co.,Ltd. Blast SEA FOOD CO.,LTD. Sea Food SEA FOOD INC. Sk SK Corp. Hyundai Glovis Aptide Inc. Doosan Infracore Honam Sales Co., Ltd. White capital holdings Korea Co., Ltd Pro Information Co., Ltd. Sangmu Medical Center Co., Ltd. Natural Shop Seed Pam Nature Sungha Co., Ltd. Sungha Nursery Epivalley Co., Ltd. Plus Line Plus Line Co., Ltd. PHARMBIO KOREA CO.,LTD. MS Pharms Co.,Ltd. Best Wing Co., Ltd. BUSONG CO.,LTD. Jumi Coorporation Co., Ltd. Carrier Service Korea Carzen Ad Maru Co., Ltd. AD Motors TINYCELL Daesung Resources DAEDONG CO.,LTD. Sejong Investment Development Co., Ltd. Say Global Co.,Ltd. HeeYoung Co.,Ltd. Droptop geumhojeom Droptop Doam jeom Droptop Yeom Bar Tomato Art Consulting COMPOSITE KOREA CO.,LTD. Stroke Nii Soreute Hanwha Energy Plaza Co.,Ltd. MIRAE ASSET CONSULTING Co., Ltd. Serve M Hanwoo Co., Ltd. HANWOO CO.,LTD. Chonnam National University Mega Tech Co., Ltd. G Man General Development L Ra Toss Co., Ltd. Timber Tek Co., Ltd. Wood-In Wood Company THE WOOD Co., Ltd. SIG SI&G Co., Ltd. Open Technology Co., Ltd I Geo Co.,Ltd. GEO E&C Co.,Ltd. Gyeongwon C&I Co., Ltd. Samho Co., Ltd. Hyundai MS Co.,Ltd. P & S CO.,LTD. Four Seasons SIMPAC Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd One Medical Co., Ltd. LC Inc. LC Co., Ltd. LC STAR CO.,LTD. Highway Corporation Limited IBK Capital Corporation MIRE CO.,LTD. Dent Rich Korea Co., Ltd. COM2ZOA Co., Ltd. COM2ZOA GOLDEN CO., LTD Golden Post SA System Co., Ltd. JK INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. DNP CO. Hwacheon Machine Service Co., Ltd. LGS Co., Ltd. FGO Deokin Stationery Athena Atena Co., Ltd. Electech Inc. Mars Co.,Ltd. C&J Company ET HANGUK KOREA Dong Il Co., Ltd. The Asian Asian Food Star Carad Co., Ltd. carat co.,LTD BK Motors Co.,Ltd. DONG YEON TECH.CO,LTD Moorim Logitech Co., Ltd. THE BLUE Pyeongan Co., Ltd. Digital 114 Kakao Co., Ltd. E Dam Sky Audio Kolon Global Gwangju Branch Co., Ltd. BOOKANG STEEL CO.,LTD Jiho Deco Haemi Transportation G.P Purple Ocean Design Jeil Sg Jeil Company Co.,Ltd. Bioplan Human Balance Co., Ltd. UNIQUE CO.,LTD. BS Co., Ltd. WEBIS Koryo Corporation Beautynell Beautykorea Co., Ltd HAPPY DREAM CO.,LTD. Audit and Inspection 2_Jeollanamdo Office of Education TOBI CO.,LTD. Tobi Sewoo Inc. Sun Biotech Co., Ltd. Daesung Academy Gwangju Daesung Academy Limited company Trif Korea Information & Communication Polytechnic College SEOYEON CO.,LTD. Ss Rapido CHEONGWON CO.,LTD. Ikun Trading Co., Ltd. Three KP Guarantee Co., Ltd. KTL., CO. Hyundai Home Interior Hyundai Heavy Industry Sales Hankook Research Institute HANKOOK MES Hankook Tea Co. D Three Interactive Kwangju Wonye Nonghyup Kwangju Area Wonye Nonghyup Hannet Information System Co., Ltd. JTS CO.,LTD. HONAM SHANY CO.,LTD Honam Shany Co., Ltd._Yangsan Agency Honam HONAM STEEL CO.,LTD. HONAM STT CO., LTD. HONAM STEEL CO. HONAM SAFETY CO. 'samchully Bicycle Chodae Okto Corporation High One hione D & K PRODUCT Hanbada Co., Ltd. Dongeopgieop Hanbada Youngsan Enron Pacific Co., Ltd. Sorinwon Co., Ltd. PREMIERE CORP Create Money Co., Ltd. JNB Simon Store Masters HANKUK ART CHAIN Hankuk Ad.Co., Ltd.. HANKUK Carland Co.,Ltd. Hankuk City Gas Co.,Ltd. SSEN CO.,LTD. Ssenten The Junior Golf Academy Sansu Golf Academy Gaenari Wallpaper Worldwides Co., Ltd. Worldwides ESG Gwangju Co., Ltd. PROTECH KOREA CO.,LTD G Eco Koroa Co., Ltd. TNSystem 18HO CO. INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Mirae Hardware Co.,Ltd. GEC CO.,LTD. OneJoint Onjeong Co., Ltd. Woongjin Seojin Car Service MACROSOFT CO.,LTD. TIGER COMPANY LTD. Kore Made -In Sansa Co., Ltd. MARU CO.,LTD. Maru Company SY Hanshin Energy Sunlight Power Plant K.D.C Co., Ltd. Mobile korea Co.,Ltd. HD Korea Co.,Ltd. DS GLOBAL CO.,LTD. DS Global Meat Hephzibah Co.,Ltd. Hanbit Co., Ltd. Hanbit CON Real M KM Wood MBD CO.,LTD. MBD UNICO CO.,LTD. IL SHIN CORPORATION Samsong Industrial Co., Ltd.. Koam You & Me Construction MST CO.,LTD. E-MAX COMPANY LTD Sunenge Co., Ltd. Suneil Stone The Stone Pani Pink Chung Yeol Co., Ltd. ASIA CULTURE ART ASSOCIATION CORP. ASS Co., Ltd. Agricultural & Rural Infrastructure Corporation DAERIM CO.,LTD. Korea Association for Photonics Industry Development Kapil Co., Ltd. B.I.G CO.,LTD. Biz Global Seoseokdae Meat-eating Resturant Seoseokdae Garden Jeongsan INT Co., Ltd. Jeongsan C&T Co., Ltd. CJ Logis Inc. XM Co.,Ltd. Nike New Kolon Motors Deutsch Auto Co.Ltd S&H Logis INTER LINE CO. MK MOTORS CO.,LTD. EG Data Communication Co.,Ltd. JH METAL CO.,LTD. National Medical NATIONAL STRING MFG CO. National-distribution DONGSUNG CO.,LTD. RECORD CO. Hae Won Corporation Chunghaewon co.,Ltd 5% Mart Gaon Patent & Law Firm Yeoin Boutique Yeoin Chunha PW&T Chunseok Development Co., Ltd. Buri Industry Co., Ltd. Bora Industry Vegetable Co., Ltd. G.N Technology Co.,Ltd. Global Network Global Net Co., Ltd. Global Materials S K Energy Dana Co., Ltd. Cheong Hae Tools RESEL CO.,LTD. GOOSL CStec AnR Inc. B.B K Organic Shop Zenith Co., Ltd. Re E Valley East Valley Country Club Petro Works Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Life Mirae Asset Development Prime Enertech Co., Ltd. POINS CO.,LTD. Cheongung Electric Co., Ltd. SIMPLE CO. Kia Co., Ltd. Changhae UniTeko Co., Ltd. Woosung Trading Amkor Technology Korea, Inc. YTS CO.,LTD. YTS Construction Co., Ltd. YT Sangsa Sangwha Power Plant Kolon IndustriesCo.,Ltd. S & C Bubun Gwangju Youngpoong Precision Co.,Ltd. Daedong Metal Co., Ltd. Urban Q Co., Ltd. Urban Raon Company Co.,Ltd. Rodin Deco LS Line Co., Ltd. DABITA CO.,LTD. BNB Co., Ltd. Korea Industry Service Co., Ltd. Skorea Co.,Ltd. E.M Tech Co., Ltd. Infis Yong Do Vita Institute DOO WON METAL CO. Sejeong Eider Co., Ltd. Eider Sejeong Co., Ltd. Grand Shop Grand Shoes Mido Co., Ltd. JBL Co.,Ltd SM Logistic Co.,Ltd. Yeongjin Sms Eco Energy Solutions Inc. Dream DC Co., Ltd. DANA VIP Co.,Ltd. VIP, Inc. Northtel Zia DONG MYOUNG CORP. DAE MYOUNG CO. Biogen Seven Auto Pacheu Co., Ltd. Korea Institute of Sport Foundation Modern Tec Co., Ltd. Z Com Co., Ltd. Leesan Env. Co.,Ltd. Asiana Trade Happy Loan blanket Atheletic Shoe Blanket Laundry Room 153 Blanket Land Sunyul SJ Won Co., Ltd. Forever Paradise Sinwoo MS Co.,Ltd. C & C Co., Ltd. Yulchon Co.,Ltd. KANG NAM CO.,LTD Real Estate Academy Co., Ltd. Real Financial Academy Balgeun Sesang BALGUEN SESANG CO. KBS Mold Co., Ltd. Spao Industry Co., Ltd. DU OL TRADING Sm Meditech S Meditech Co., Ltd. Neuron Co., Ltd. Global Chemical Co.,Ltd. Myunghwa Electric Co.,Ltd. Dongah Development Consulting Focus Tech Co., Ltd. Optech Co., Ltd. Kainos Co., Ltd. Kainos Co.,Ltd. EGB A Hyundong Industry Co., Ltd Culture And People Wooam Culture Foundation Co.,Ltd. KYUNG SEUNG CONSTRUCTION COMPANY MIN KYUNG CONSTRUCTION Co., Ltd.. Mirae Systems Co., Ltd ED Co., Ltd. E.D Co., Ltd. Health Ge E Neo Co., Ltd. HPK Development Co., Ltd. HPK GONJIAM CO.,LTD. SOLLARZIM CO.,LTD. LH CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Star Games Room Taeul Co., Ltd. IM Company Co., Ltd. IM Co.,Ltd KBIT Samsung Real Estate Management Co., Ltd. Electra Myungjin Elec IG Eng Co.,Ltd. POONGYOLON CO., LTD. Misera Korea Co., Ltd. Entry Co., Ltd. Space Ad Co., Ltd. F2MG Co.,Ltd. MR PAPER CO.,LTD. MR PAPER PP & R Inc Koji Union Haein ENC Co., Ltd. Oseon Co.,Ltd. Ocean Systems Co.,Ltd. CJ Enterprise INS ALL CO.,LTD. Hapiness Co., Ltd. Oryun Co., Ltd. Oreun Ltd Fisherman's Sasiga Da Tech Hansung Deco SCS HM ASSET AUCTION INFORMATION CO.,LTD. Oasis Co., Ltd. Gwangju City Songwon Schorship Assoiation NEOTECH Neo Tech Sheraton Hotel CHANG SUNG CO.,LTD KOREA TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE CO., LTD Zespa Co.,Ltd SM GLOBAL CO., LTD SHINYOUNG CORPORATION KOKO CO.,LTD. Koko Pet Shop Jeteu Jetek Co., Ltd. Discovery Discovery Co., Ltd. Pati Puppy Maya Samjong Construction Co., Ltd. CTD&C J Three Industry Co., Ltd. Techno Plus Dojin Corporation Human and Space Architect Co., Ltd. Landing Pack Co., Ltd. Itda Co., Ltd. Itda Apparel Company Co., Ltd. Zeus Med Co.,Ltd. JKL Korea Co., Ltd. Hancom Network Co., Ltd Timone Co., LTD. Jaeseung Publishing Sein Meat Jindan Co.,Ltd. Jindan DONGIN CO. Nasan Ind. Co., Ltd. Misope Jeil Bearing HNH Co.,Ltd. Shinkwang Energy Co., Ltd. JF Cosmetic Co., Ltd. Daim Co., Ltd. Hosu Co., Ltd. Shinil Co., Ltd.. RSM Corporation Co., Ltd. Pioneer Co.,Ltd. Kai Neonseu Dail Co., Ltd. Dasung Co., Ltd. TOP TECH KOREA CO.,LTD. SHL Co., Ltd. Aban tech Skin Yanolja Suho International GS General Energy Co., Ltd. G Su Energy Plus Global H Plus Global Co., Ltd. Kumho&Cpmpany Incorporation Kumho&Company Inc. Kumho HT, Inc. ID CO.,LTD. J&A Co., Ltd. J AUTO INDUSTRIAL INC. FILTECH CO.,LTD. JS Furniture Co., Ltd. PURPLE&COMPANY The Bright Bright Electricity Lighting Discount Mart Seoul Bank LD Ceramics Shinhan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Fusion tech Co.,Ltd. Inbairo Tech PACHEU PACHEU CO. H&B Trading Co., Ltd. TH Transportation Co., Ltd. Genesis Co., Ltd Sunyoung Co., Ltd. Jeongwon Transportation Co., Ltd. Shin City Logistics Co., Ltd. Global Interactive Corp CHAS INC. Gwangju Fruits and Vegetables 535 Honam Fruit & Vegetable 512ho Spring PARTS CO. New Ga Net Co., Ltd. Gwangju Ace Golfzon Hyundai Green Food CO,Ltd Plus Korea Co.,Ltd. YUJIN CO. Sunyoung Ocean & Air Trans Jeil Medipharm Giwang Wire Nayun Natua Co., Ltd. Korea Feed GSMT Co., Ltd. KOIN CO ., LTD KMC CO.,LTD. KMC INC CO.,LTD. Noori NS Co., Ltd. Noori Food Co Noori Technology Co., Ltd. Nooriwon K Global Co., Ltd. Medika Hearing Tech. Hyeu Co., Ltd. Grrrgame studio Co.,Ltd. TAEYOUNG Co., Ltd. CL Co, Ltd Hyungje Chopsticks Fine Tech Corp H&t Wiz International Logistics World Global Planning Co., Ltd. MS Korea Co.,Ltd. M.C.K Co., Ltd. Felix Co., Ltd. FELIX STUDIO Co.,Ltd. Felix Technology Co., Ltd. Sejin D&F Battle Industry Mono Co., Ltd. Daeyu Daewoo Electronics Credit Cooperative Daewoo Electronics Corp.(Kwangju Factory) MIRAE BATTERY Co., Ltd. Yonsei University Milk Gwangju Branch LB COMPANY CO.,LTD Mirae Investment Management Co.,Ltd. Mirae Investment Development Mirae Invest Mirae Invest Jeu Jisung Company WOORI INVESTMENT BANK Cafe Pongdang Pongdangwapeul Konan Roketsa Cotech Co., Ltd. ACOM CO.,LTD. Acom Lighting Co., Ltd. ENTER CO. Korea Lube Co.,Ltd. Seyang Green Global Co., Ltd. Burim Company Co., Ltd. Famous Signcom Wando Ablone Ilbeonji SAM HEE GOLD STEEL CO., LTD T Edu Science Center Co., Ltd. KNS CO.,LTD. Hana Asset Co.,Ltd. La On ROC CO.,LTD. Hana Corporation Co., Ltd. French Story Daewoo Logistics Star Media Co.,Ltd. Nodonghyeong Mathmatics Institute Dolldam Co.,Ltd. Hanaro Shipping Platel co.,ltd. Gain Refine Natural Oil Gas Station Anta Board Co., Ltd. EASY T & I CO.,LTD. Korea Exchange Bank Gwangsan Branch Gangs Deukyoung Tech Co., Ltd. Deukyoung Heavy Machinery The Lens Co., Ltd. LENS CO.,LTD. IMC LTD S ME CL Initiative Co., Ltd. AA&T Co., Ltd. KOREA SECURITY CO LTD JUN CO.,LTD. Cosmo Corporation Cosmo Co., Ltd. Wonder Stage INMAC. A Metal Co., Ltd. E Joeun Musical Instrument Bj Industry NEOMARU Co., Ltd. HK Co., Ltd. HK. CO., Ltd. Seungri Co.,Ltd. Daesung Trading Co.,Ltd. Dermal Korea Co. Osong Co., Ltd. Ypc System Hyunmyung Pharmacy Seyoung Co. Impact Corp. SD PINE CO., LTD. CK Loan Hanmi Mark NICE CO.,LTD. BN CO.,LTD. GLC Co.,Ltd. ASTRO CO.,LTD Glonet Telecom Co., Ltd. GlonetSystem Co., Ltd. DAE SUNG PRECISION M/C CORP. Joint Co., Ltd. Total Power Solutions Co.,Ltd. Hancom C&C Hancom Soft Wedding Park Co., Ltd. Techno 21 Co., Ltd. Hi-Tech 21 Co., Ltd. ELDIS Inc. Dongbu Steel Industrial Co.,Ltd. Woori Enterprise Co., Ltd. Creative Korea Co., Ltd. Yeosu Sea Ecotech Co., Ltd. Kukje Asset Development Co., Ltd. Daewoo Power-tech Namhae Steel Co., Ltd. Namhae Transportation Co.,Ltd. Namhae Tour Co., Ltd.. Moacom Sejong Industry Co.,Ltd. Yeonho MS Corporation Ltd. Yeonho ST Co.,Ltd. Techart Co.,Ltd. Northeastern Network O.T.R Kodeco Co., Ltd Oxford Yeongjae School Boseup Institute HEA POONG CO. TS Korea Co.,Ltd. Osio Co., Ltd. CMC Corporation Eagle Trading Company Powertec bebe blanc B&C Co., Ltd. B & C B & C Corporation Dol Tile PAL Co., Ltd. Palseong Wheelpak Co., Ltd. Green One KJ ENGINEERING CO. KJ ENG Co.,Ltd. K&J ENG Sinan Seonghwan Energy Co.,Ltd. Korea Enterprise Consulting The D&C Co., Ltd. DC Company Co., Ltd. Asia Fund Co., Ltd. Asia Inmun Foundation Phillip Co.,Ltd. LUCKY METAL CO., LTD. korus New Sangmu Motors Co., Ltd. New Sangmu Motors Munhwa Development Co., Ltd. Jaewoo Co., Ltd. Joil Corporation S.K TRADING S.K. Trading KPR CO.,LTD. KPR Trading Co, Ltd Namkwang Steel Co., Ltd. Roster Electronics Co., Ltd. Save Line Korea Co., Ltd. T Na Energy GWANGJUSEOGU HANDICAPPED SELF-RELIANCE LIFE CENTER CO. Disabled Self-reliance Commerce Association Kumhwan Eng Co.,Ltd Keumhwan Enterprise Co., Ltd. Top Brain English Mathematics Institute Brain Art Godo System Co.,Ltd. Farming Association Eden Food Tracom Gwangju Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation Munhwa D&C Co.,Ltd. MIRAE VISION CO.,LTD Alpha Kan Korea Co., Ltd. KS Korea R&G World Taekwondo ACE AIR Ace Sea Food Co.,Ltd. Adidas Branch FX DAE SAN CORPORATION Dae San TIDY SUNGWON CO. ETBI TURTLE HAIR PLUS CO. Myeongrang Sidae Munheungjeom Moram Event Planning Main Event Planning FM Event Planning Security Korea Security Korea SGT Korea Co., Ltd. likeD Blue Net Co., Ltd. Donghwa Co. DONGHWA P & C CO.,LTD. Fence Korea Standard Chartered Bank Sangmu Branch Bosung Co., Ltd. BOSUNG COMPANY woojun Bank Korea Co., Ltd. SAM JUNG EDUCATION & FUTURE CO.,LTD. RADIAN CORPORATION Gana Oil Trendex Korea Corporation Viztec Korea N.E.W. Co., Ltd. Daekwang Co., Ltd. EXCELLENT TRADING CO. Samwon Co., Ltd. Full Gospel Namdo Church ID korea Co., LTD. ICON Corporation KIU TEC TAEO ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Jsteel SLK kwangil Middle School Ceo Construction Co., Ltd. AGRICULTURE SANGRIM CO.,LTD. J&Y International Limited Liability Company View GOOD TECHNOLOGY CO. SECUIN CO.,LTD. Bo Myung Mining Co . Ltd Contec Cntec Co., Ltd. Hankook Modern People Fashion Cuckoo Cuckoo Electronics Co., Ltd. Wonil Co. Kibin Co., Ltd. SD System Co.,Ltd. ALBI CO.,LTD. Simsan Co.,Ltd. Sehyung Construction Co., Ltd. Hyundai Steel Co., Ltd. Daewoo Electronics Co., Ltd. INAREX Inc. Daewoo Electronics Service Corp. SW General Trading Co., Ltd. Daewoong Co., Ltd. Winsteel Co., Ltd. HUN WEON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Daewon Enterprise Co., Ltd. Daewoong Metal Co., Ltd. Wooyoung Auto Pia G.N.S ENG Co., Ltd. Woori Safety Sangsa DAEYEONG INDUSTRIAL CO. BUMWOO CO., LTD Daesung Industry Kwangil Industrial Co.,Ltd. SINASAN CO.,LTD. Dawoong KIA CAR CLINIC HEUKSEOKJEOM CO. Daechang Industry Co., Ltd. ARMY HANAMDONGJIJEOM INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Whangso Co., Ltd. MP Won Korea SaeAn Co., Ltd. T. I. C Co.,Ltd. Seoh Transportation MIKUN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Cookie Soft Co., Ltd. Ha E Plus Ron Chunma Gloves HWANGPO Sinheung Transportation Co.,Ltd. HAN IL TAXI CO., LTD. Hanil LPG Station Presbyterian Joeun Church Honam Showcase Sinchang Car Service Center Co., Ltd. Daewon Industrial Crain Sinheung resource Lee and Kim Co., Ltd. Evolution Co., Ltd. KOREA LOGISTICS CO. Pro Channel CHIBOINDUSTRY CO. Jisung Science HBS Korea Broadcasting Co., Ltd. EDM Co.,Ltd. Jongno Gabang Asea Co., LTD. Total Marble & Granite Co., Ltd. Hit's Korea Co., Ltd. Uic Co., Ltd. Korea Organic Pam Co., Ltd. Hanah Distribution Kumho Ad Co.,Ltd. C3 BEAUTE ( Service) Enough Korea Dongseo Life Logistics Osungnnf MSC Co.,Ltd. B.M ENG Co., Ltd. Mujin Technology Co., Ltd. MUJIN AIRTECH CO.,LTD. MUJIN ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD. Intel Trading Co., Ltd. Jeongho Co., Ltd. LEAF FLOOR ROOM CO. KNTEC CO.,LTD. Ace Motor Service Co. Dongsung Lighting Co.,Ltd. DKC&S Co., Ltd. Pyunghwa Jewelry Store Saerona Jeweler's Store CH Software Korea Photonics Technology Research Association Korea Photonics Technology Institute C.N R Co., Ltd. Tipa Rachi Gwangju Regional Office of FDS_Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Bottle Dealer K Friendship Industry Co., Ltd. SLF Semi The Sem NAMDO TECH CO. Namdo Technology Development Co.,Ltd. Kolon Electronics Keumsung Windows Doors Development Co., Ltd. Unimedi Soolim Co.,Ltd. Asta Co., Ltd. ASTA CO.,LTD. DA Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. BO CO.,LTD. Future Com Co., Ltd. Future Couch Edition Unison HRC Co., Ltd. HYUNJIN LTD General Corporation Lion Manpower Co., Ltd. APPLE CO.,LTD. Ji Han Co. Jihansusan Co., Ltd. Samshin Co., Ltd. AIR Bank CO.,Ltd Agarang Namurang Namyang Dairy Co., Ltd. Nextec Co.,Ltd. MINJU CO.,LTD. Minju ENC Mejong Dar Nettiro Co., Ltd Wie Research Co., Ltd. Hyundai Samho Moolsan Go Eun Co., Ltd. Go Eun FS Co., Ltd. Merries Co., Ltd. Korea Fuji HN Co., Ltd. SJ Techno Co., Ltd. hansol Trading Sangsa Rotem Co., Ltd. Wonbong Industry WonBong Consulting Co., Ltd. E&C Co., Ltd. Kores Co.,Ltd. Koreaok Pro Energy Energy Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Hae Woon Industry Co.,Ltd. SEOAM MACHINERY INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. Korea Transportation Heenam Industrial Co., Ltd.. Winner Co., Ltd. ANTS CO.,LTD. Dream&Music Dream E&B Co., Ltd. KJH Gwangju Wonhyeob 81Beon Decor & Imaging Korea Samsung Industry Co., Ltd. DIC Yesan Co.,Ltd. BUSINESS & COMPANY CO.,LTD. KPBC On World Co., Ltd. World On Co., Ltd. K.J Logistics Co., Ltd. KJ Advertising Logistics Co.,Ltd. ALPEN CO.,LTD. Alpenrose Kum-A Co., Ltd. ANYCHE INC. GTI GTI Corporation Co., Ltd. Corad SND Co., Ltd. Sand Co., Ltd. Daekyung Marble & Granite Taeyang Marble & Granite Co.,Ltd. Sejung Marble & Granite Co., Ltd. Wondo Construction Wondo Construction Co., LTD. Reverse NK Construction Eunsan Fantom Co., LTD. SANG JIN CO LTD Dong yang Co.,Ltd. DONG YANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD Hyundai Power Solar Tek Co., Ltd. FREELON CO.,LTD. HANSUNG P.&P. Co.,LTD. D Coffee Story Korea Hwalgido Association NEW MATERIAL Carion K Trading K Trade Co., Ltd. Jasper Corporation Ltd. Sejong Economy Research Institute Co., Ltd. Asia Economy Research Institute Co., Ltd. Hankook Pcm Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation Gwangju Transportation Co., Ltd. Gwangju Transportation Gwangju Metropolitan City Co. Gwangju Metropolitan City Dentist Association Gwangju Cargo Transportation Gwangju Metropolitan City Transportation Yakjaidong Support Center Gwangju Metropolitan City Transportation Culture Traning Institute GWANGJU JUNGANG TRANSPORT CO.,LTD. Gwangju Metropolitan City Athletic Association GWANGJU FREEZING TRANSPORTATION INC. IAM Co.,Ltd. Reeds Uniform Re E Deco Co., Ltd. shopenter ID Concept Co.,Ltd. Kimsco Kimsco INC Co., Ltd. Hyundai Service World Pack Sangsa PKR Co., Ltd. Mrs. Lee Lee jin Model Lab New Co World Airpass Co., Ltd. Innovative Satisfaction Co., Ltd. IT LINE CO.,LTD. BH Strong Light Cable Korea Soles Co.,Ltd. Taeyeon C&C Co., Ltd. Tirenara Co., Ltd. The Wheel & Tire Worldcom Co., Ltd. KU Ku Chef Ku Chef Da Moa Cosmetics Co., Ltd. The First Appraisal & Consulting Co Gwangjujeonnam Branch BK Industry Co., Ltd. BK Energy HMD HANA AIR TREVEL INC. Shinbo I Bosung Industry Co.,Ltd. Gold Fishery Co.,Ltd. World Pharm. Co., Ltd. Veltica Haju Industry TEA BATH HOUSE CO.,LTD. Megatec Judicial Agent Kim Eun Ja Seonjin Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. Yes Korea Travel TK Co.,Ltd. TK Co., Ltd. QM Mall Co., Ltd. Seoul Medical S Tek Co., Ltd. Youngchang Co.,Ltd. AL Company Inc. New Motech Co., Ltd. Geumhan Co.,Ltd. Geumhan SAEHWA IMC Co., Ltd. YUAN T.O.T. Co. TOT Line Co., Ltd. Song Woo Construction Co.,Ltd. Samso Samso Car Maintenance P-CUBE Design Hyundai Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. Ilshin World Corporation AG Technology Ajoo Reports Co., Ltd. Hue House Co.,Ltd. HANNUNE CO.,LTD. Gwangju Automatic Equipment Technical High School DRUTEC LIMITED Space Technology Space Technology Co., Ltd. PK Industry Co., Ltd. Pan Tech Co., Ltd. SHIN-HO ADVANCED MATERIALS Co. FX Express Co., Ltd. FX INVESTMENT CO.,LTD. Logis Tech Geoyoung Co.,Ltd. Gtec Management Co.,Ltd. Jumax Korea Co., Ltd. Ebonia Co., Ltd. GEC Co., Ltd. GE Health Care Co., Ltd. CM INTERNATIONAL INC. Bridge Diamond Street Sedong InnoVent Co., Ltd. Hyunseung Co.,Ltd. MS Network KUMHO TIRE GWANGJU RESTAURANT CO.,LTD. Kumho Tire Korean Federation of Community Credit Kumho Fire Co.,Ltd. Seo Jae Yang Taxation Office Huineil Huinyeoul Taekwang Sewing Machine K&J INDUSTRY ESK CO.,LTD. Dongho Co.,Ltd. The Korean Presbyterian Church Aeil Church Dong-A Ilho Insulation kumpa technical High School Infac Corporation_Chungju Factory Fine Business International Co., Ltd. Burger King Gwangju Bongseonjeom Burger King Suwanjeom Burger King Wolgyejeom Jeil Credit Information Co., Ltd. Song Won Industry Co., Ltd. BOOYOUNG CO., LTD. Himel Company DONGWOO CO.,LTD. PRATECH Samgak Co., Ltd. Samgak Machinery Inc. SAMGAK ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Samgak Elementary School Samgak Taekwondo Samgak Real Estate Agency Samgak Yonhap Hospital Samgak Solution Institute Samgak Electronics Sound US SF SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Smart Pay US Steel Co., Ltd. Princh Co.,Ltd. Power Holdings Co.,Ltd. Modine International Magic Das K One Co., Ltd. Young Woo Co.,Ltd. Chang Tech Co., Ltd. Samsung Precision Co Great K Great Meat Co., Ltd. Omeya Kolon Stationery Shinsegae Food Gwangju Branch Young Corporation Yonwoo family medicine hospital Wooseong Consulting Co., Ltd. Dunsan MTM Co., Ltd. Good Partners Hae Dream General Household Appliances Co., Ltd. e1 SOLID CO.,LTD. Woo Yang Hello El Ben SEWON HIGHTECH CO.,LTD. DAESUNG HIGHTECH Joun YUYU INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. R TECH CO.,LTD. Keunhyong Company Co., Ltd. Wiz Pizza Link Logistics Co., Ltd. Gon G Logistics GLENC Co.,Ltd. Diesel Gunwoo SD Co.,Ltd. Koam Holdings Co., Ltd. Hong Seong Ho Family Physician Jang Seong Ho Healthy Care Center JAC (J.A.C) JA Consulting Chosun Steel Co.,Ltd. Chosun Tech Co., Ltd. Do Young SEVERANCE Deokam Medical Research Foundation Severance Hospital Ratima Co.,Ltd. Sky International Corp. Sangmyung Sangmyung Enterprise Co., Ltd. Sangmyung Information System Wedding Group Withus Gwangju Co., Ltd. Letter and Sound English Academy Mount Korea Co., Ltd. MEAT KOREA Co.,Ltd. UniTexstec Co., Ltd. Hyundai Management Corporation Co., Ltd. Nano Metal Korea Kia Non-Ferrous Metal En R.C Co., Ltd. Gangnam Beauty Co., Ltd. SIO Engineering & Construction Co, Ltd CHAN'S HANKUK CONFECTIONERY GLASS INDUSTRIAL CO. Hankuk Industry Management Co., Ltd. SAMBO LIMITED HumanSpace Korea Auto Co., Ltd Korea Auto Insurance Co., Ltd. TOUR MOTEL CO. Tour Life Co.,Ltd. Tour Center Travel Co., Ltd. Amer Lance Jungto Jeongwoo Co.,Ltd. Assist Korea Co., Ltd. Mibo Co., Ltd. Wonkwang CH KOREA INC. Bukuk Electric Power Communication Co.,Ltd. Bokuk medical Moorim Shinpoong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. SHINPOONG CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO. H&D Co., Ltd. PUBLIC OFFICIAL LABOR UNION EDUCATION CO. People & Society Co., Ltd. Soobeom Construction Co., Ltd. Sebum Construction Co., Ltd Sebin Design Construction NELCHAN F & C CO.,LTD. E&M Eco World Co., Ltd. World Resources Co., Ltd. JN Auction Suhyup Live Raw-fish Moro Tree Co., Ltd. The Global Co.,Ltd. Doobi Co.,Ltd. KU Solar Korea Union Tech Feel tech Freeta Gamjeong Carpet&Deco Nanumi Co., Ltd. The Win Korea Co., Ltd. inbodygwangju ZL Ko G Ko G On Co., Ltd. Humanlight Co., Ltd. SK Electronics Co., Ltd. E & S Co.,Ltd. Seojin Electric Co., Ltd. AK CO.,LTD. KOREA EDUCATION CO. Po With Co., Ltd. MJ Core Holdings Co., Ltd. Korea A Co., Ltd. SB Company Artist DO Food G&C Technology Co., LTD. CHEONUN CO.,LTD. Cheonun Pharm Co.,Ltd. Cheonun Development Rich RAONIX CHUNG-RA E.N.G Central Intellectual Property&Law UC Post Co.,Ltd. Post Institute Co.,Ltd. Dastech Co., Ltd. DStechno Korea Tnc Co., Ltd. ANP Industry Co., Ltd. HB TECHNO CO.,LTD. TTL Co.,Ltd. YOUYOUNG CO. Sungam Sangsa Dongjin Metal Digital Park Co., Ltd. Dae Hyun Corporation Co., Ltd. DAE HYUN CO.LTD NH Network Green Cross Pharmacy Duck San Alcock Co., Ltd. DUCK SAN ALCODK CO., LTD DUCK SAN SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD ICM Implant Co., Ltd. Enko Industry Co., Ltd. Kang Chun Co., Ltd. Kang Chung Interior Top Jamun Medical appliances Hakdong Branch Yubin Sangjae Co.,Ltd. Yubin Sangjae Co., Ltd. Moksan Co., Ltd. KIA Motor Company Auto Q K. B Auto Nix Co., Ltd. Blossom DC DONGHA CORPORATION CO., LTD. Dongha Company Co., Ltd. SEOLIM DEVELOPMENT CROPORATION cns CNS INC. 30 DAE MYEONG STAINLESS STEEL CO Taegum Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd. BOK MEDITECK CO.,LTD. Chung Woo Development Co.,Ltd. CHUNG WOO SYSTEM CO.,LTD Chung Woo Industrial Co., Ltd. Green Valley Co.,Ltd. Easy Plus Light korea Sea Lighting Ringer Communications Co.,Ltd. U&I Global Co., Ltd. BASCO CO.,LTD. Shiwon ENG Co., Ltd. Shiwon ENT Shiwon ENC Co., Ltd. Daeyang Livefish Aquarium Ocean Food Korea Co., Ltd. RICAR CO.,LTD. Woo Won INC Co., Ltd. NUGA CO.,LTD. ESTAR CO., LTD. EASTER Co.,Ltd. Shinhan Design Group Co, Ltd Bando M&E Co., Ltd. Korea Information Co.,Ltd. S&S Development Co., Ltd. Janghan UFC Co., Ltd. JUNGWON E&C CO.,LTD Haeseung Co., Ltd. F&B CO.,LTD. Korea Wind Power Industry Korea Wind Instrument Development Research Institute Korea Wind Instrument Development Research Institu Wind Hill G.L SANGSA Urban Project Co., Ltd. Sunkwamg Electronics Gana Corporation Co., Ltd. Box Doorae Distribution Industry UNITED COMPUTERS FINE P & C CO.,LTD. Nayoungjong Accounting Firm Mugunghwa Co., Ltd. MXM CO.,LTD. Prunell Korea Co.,Ltd. Ilshin Investment Co.,Ltd. ILSHIN INVESTMENT CO LTD Taekyung Company Taekyung Limited Company NEW IN TECH CO.,LTD. INTERGATE Interior Gana BM Global Bm Global Sejeong Regun Co., Ltd. Insurance Korea Branch MINIMUM CO. Hankook Metal Ind.Co., Ltd.. THE SOOP CO.,LTD. NAMBUK ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. newsis Korea Development Co., Ltd Posco Distribution Co., Ltd. Kwang Duck Machine DK Co., Ltd. U&US Development Co., Ltd. U&US Industry Co., Ltd. KEB INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Suh Jin Company Dong-a Ilbo Dong-A Ilbo Seobangjiguk Genis Co., Ltd. BJ BJ Company Co.,Ltd. B&J Global Co., Ltd. Jeong Enterprise Co., Ltd Amo Tech Co.,Ltd. AMTEC Corp. Finetech Polymer Co.,Ltd. Bascotec Co., Ltd. Eusung Full Shop The Looks Air Rise Co., Ltd. Doorae Service Co.,Ltd. Doorae Store Cabinet 121 DC Future Electronics Tech Co., Ltd. Future Enterprise Parma Dental Clinic Suwan KAIST Co., Ltd. Mom's Chicken S Holiday Co., Ltd. Good Morning Food Service Industry Co., Ltd. INCOM CO. INOCT Kkasa Co., Ltd. World Resources (Bakjaebeom ) Seven Spring Seugwangju U Square Co., Ltd. NAYA Sangsa Peugeot Korea Co., Ltd. SAN KWANG PRECISION CO., LTD Kwang San Food Co. Kwang San Soft Foods Co. Kwang San Lumber Mfg. Kwang San General Construction Co., Ltd. LG INTERIOR CO. Brand korea Co.,Ltd. Source P Ta Company ARISU BAR HANAM PETROLEUM Namsun Petroleum Co.,Ltd. Arite Co., Ltd. Dowon Tech CIC Co. Samki Co., Ltd. TRUEMAN MERCHANDISING & LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. KBIZ Co., Ltd P.N Co., Ltd. Electric Contractors' Financial Cooperative Information Culture Cooperative Hanui Information Cooperative EA CO.,LTD. WS Co., Ltd. WS Pam Co., Ltd. The Moon Co, Ltd The moon Kmhwa 21 Co., Ltd. KmhoKyerim Jusang bochab Sanga Co., Ltd. Lava Co., Ltd. Hanhwa Total Housing Co., Ltd. Samsung Total Advertising Samsung Total Sangsa Samsung Total Office Equipment Smile Co., Ltd. SH Recycling Center Co., Ltd. Go Jin Company Co., Ltd. Gojin Motors Co., Ltd. Gojin Construction Co., Ltd. Jisan Mart Sinil Container Moa Museum Co., Ltd. Withus Acaitaco Byeleine Cheonsu Garden NAMGU Agency CO. Namgi Co., Ltd. Jejung Engineering Co., Ltd. B&T Co.,Ltd. B En T B & T Adec Co.,Ltd. Korea Filter Rich&Food F Aenshi Real Estate Co., Ltd. Core Dental Core Distribution Co., Ltd. F&D Overseas Co., Ltd. Korea Standard Chartered Bank Cheomdan Branch All Lens Hanwha Securities Co., Ltd._Kwangju Branch Bogga Barley Rice Seorim CIT Shinil Machine Co Chicago Co., Ltd. Smatech Korea Gas fides Yongdu Rice Mill Daemyeong Machinery Moise Mill & Rice-cake shop Smart S Co.,Ltd. Smart Solar Smart Company Co.,Ltd. Smart Shop Smart PC Jung & Kim Consulting DJ Food Chungrok Co., Ltd. Heekwnag Electric Co., Ltd. Hanbit Technology NEWTERN JW CO.,LTD. Yeoulso Co., Ltd. Yulhok Development Co., Ltd. S.P.Ko Co., Ltd. H2 Co., Ltd. Hello World HANA GLOTECH CO.,LTD. Got Studio SHINKI GREEN TECH CO.,LTD. Pomir Co., Ltd. G.N.SEAFOOD Se O Co., Ltd. SEOJIN CO.,LTD. SEOJIN CO.,LTD Ubi Leaders Digital X Partners Travel Hankook Cement & Textile Co., Ltd. DSK DONGYANG MACHINERY MFG CO. Dongyang Engineering & Manufacturing Wooyoung Deco House SS Engineering Co.,Ltd A-Top Co., Ltd. SAIMTECH CO.,LTD. Infomed Co. Lostvill Bodeuron Blanket Pipe Korea Co.,Ltd. FEEL COMPANY Silver Life Silver Land Total Logistics KOREA CULTURE PROMOTION The Mark Gulseu Hankook Frame Hankook Door Co., Ltd. Hairson Bio Medical Co.,Ltd. Bio Medical Co., Ltd. JO INC. Hana Mulsan Co., Ltd. MIHO CO., LTD. Soosan Hometech Co., Ltd. Slp Co., Ltd. Inex Inc. Agricultural Corporation Bioagro Co.,Ltd. Bloom Company Bloom Botanical Bloosom Co.,Ltd. Special Kustom JD Networks Inc. JN D Co., Ltd. HY International Co., Ltd. G&G CO. Hyunjin Elevator Co.,Ltd. PNC Teck Co.,Ltd. LM System Co., Ltd. Dae Il Corp. Hankook Salsa Corporation DMT ST CO.,LTD. P Kom Jungwoon Co., Ltd. O&M Ssangyong Construction Material Golden Apple GOLDEN BAEL CO.,LTD. I Do Construction Co., Ltd. BOJEONG CO.,LTD. Bojeong Industry Co., Ltd Yoojin System And Co., Ltd. Bison Space Life Xlook Hyosung Heavy Industiries Co. Ltd. Hanam Special Dealer Soosung Industrial Ltd. Health Line Co.,Ltd. Asia Loan Asset Management Co., Ltd. Hanil Carbon Adriel Chemdan Science Bill Co.,Ltd. Chosun Medical Co., Ltd. Chosun Business Co., Ltd. Con T Ki Solar Co., Ltd. AC Nielsen Korea HS CAPITAL CO.,LTD. Hahasa Co., Ltd.. sale Electronics Sale Electronics INTRA CO.,LTD. DJ System Jspt Ltd. Kim Se Jin Hair V Food Korea Indicom Co., LTD. C&Marine LIMBS CO.,LTD. Kings Semics Inc. DH Com Nongwon Co., Ltd. NONGWON INC. Samra Co., Ltd. Samra Enterprise Co.,Ltd. Samra Holdings Co.,Ltd. Samra Parking Building Samra Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. VALU DESIGN CO.,LTD. Costco Gyerim Branch Costaco Royal Phantom Master G.P Global Co., Ltd. Point Housing dotrade, lnc New Korea NEW KOREA CO., LTD. J Star Power Co., Ltd. Hanwool Co. Seoul Daenong Bio Co., Ltd. GE Construction Co., Ltd. Lingstar Co.,Ltd. LinuxIT Co., Ltd. F&C CO. LTD Gwangju Jeonnam Fashion Culture Cooperative Logis Hill Tiger Umi Asset Management Co., Ltd. Future Investment Management Co., Ltd. FARMERS CO.,LTD. AMI CO.LTD Hyundai Holdings Co.,Ltd. PALDO CO.,LTD. Daewoo ENG. Co., Ltd. IPOSS TECH INC Mega Free Mega Fishing Shiwol E&T Shinwoo Co., Ltd. Top Trade J&Chemical Co., Ltd. Mold R Tek Co., Ltd. Tour korea Co.,Ltd. A B Ben Korea Stock Exchange JH GLOBAL CO.,LTD. Nano cem DY consulting group K Way Company JEONNAM FIDELITY SURETY CO.,LTD. VIP Company Co., Ltd. VIP Limited The VIP JUST R Co., Ltd. NC G Co., Ltd. PEOPLE CO.,LTD. Sung Ji Trading Homeplus Gwangju Branch James Dean ORGANIC BIO CO.,LTD. Semichem Gas BH International Co., Ltd. BH Industry Co., Ltd. Furniture In Co., Ltd. Doctor Robot PS Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Mega Power Co.,Ltd. Joongang Co. NC Industry Co., Ltd. ATLANTIS CO. Wide&Company Co., Ltd. Jeis Co., Ltd. Team 201 Seongsan General Enterprise C & P COMPANY Yudo Construction Co., Ltd. Yudong Company Yuto GS Paek Co., Ltd. Duke AAC Daemseong Meditech IN Tech Co.,Ltd. Ko Max Machinery Ese Co.,Ltd. Depan Joa Gwangcheon Development Songhyeon Industrial Development Co., Ltd. JUNGBO INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Down Development Garam Development Co.,Ltd. Daeyun Bit Go Eul D&C Co., Ltd. Geumbok Industrial Development Co., Ltd. For You Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Deawoo Nation Car Sales Co., LTD. Terminal Flower Department Store kumho industriay Dongil E & C Co., Ltd. Daewoo Car Gwangju Sale Co.,Ltd. U Saengchon U Square Jeom Dain Society Jeok Cooperative Jeong, Ho Gyung Dental Clinic Mirae Industry Development Gonggan Design I Depo Co.,Ltd. Depo M Depo G Co., Ltd. JINYONG Jinyong Tech MP Control Peter Pan Studio Sangrok Transportation Sam Mediatech Co., Ltd. Trendex Co.,Ltd. Banana PC CHARIS CO.,LTD. Charis Ta Company Jungang Trading P.T. Co., LTD. Simya Boiler Golden Bridge Savings Bank SN MEDIA CO.,LTD. Kwangnam Elementary School Kwangnam High Way Tour Co.,Ltd. Kwangnam Oil Co.,Ltd. Incheon Port Terminal Solar Co., Ltd. BAE NC Co., Ltd. Winners Investment Co., Ltd. THE PRIDE CO.,LTD. Rappache Co., Ltd. Korea Pharm. Co., Ltd. TAMAS CO.,LTD. Ra D Eonseu Lab Co., Ltd. Miss. Roll Polars Co.,Ltd. ONE COPY CO. Hyunin Co., Ltd. HYUNIN MEAICAL CO. Nasan Nasan Glass Nasan Key NASA Co., Ltd. NaSa-ro Nasa Bike Joongwon Steel Do Auction Co., Ltd. Gold Auction Co., Ltd. Olive BMS CO. NAMGUNG INC. Naro Co.,Ltd. Naro City Co.,Ltd. Able Life Co., Ltd. Korea Event Co., Ltd. Malbawoo Veterinary Hospital D&C Nex I Medi Co.,Ltd. Indi Media IMID STAR CO. ZIO TRADING CO.,LTD. Hankuk EST Co.,Ltd. Hankuksys Co., Ltd. Hankyure Co., Ltd. Hankyure Touchon Fuji Xerox Honam Co., Ltd. Atila Tex Co., LTD. Atlia Tex Co.,Ltd. Korea Developer Co., Ltd. Studio DO Co., Ltd. TSM CORPORATION HANKUK CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. Hankuk Standard Construction Co.,Ltd. Hankuk Construction Testing Laboratory Hankuk General Construction Co.,Ltd. Hankuk housing Construction Co., Ltd. Hankuk Construction Robot Co.,Ltd. Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kwangju Manpower Gwangju Mudeung Junior Chamber of Commerce Ener Tech Hana Techsys Daekyoung Industrial Korea Daekyoung Inhoe Co.,Ltd. Woorin Co.,Ltd. woorin Indeco In Deco Hair Merci Sesun Tech Co., Ltd. Solumi Co.,Ltd. Art In Clay Pass Co., Ltd. KNP Kukdo Kukdo Corp. Group K Co., Ltd. Trust Jayooin DAESHIN NETWORKS Co., Ltd. Korea Engine Beautyang BeautyLab Co., Ltd KAT One Way Co., Ltd. Fashion Land JP Management Co., Ltd. ENS Hiting Korea Co., Ltd. Hantel Hantel Co., Ltd Kebi Co., Ltd. Changjun Co., Ltd. GLOBAL-NY CO.,LTD. Cosmetics For You Munich Meister Environment&tech Co., Ltd. JL Plastic Co., Ltd. JL Plastic Ttomel Traders Cooperative Hyun Steel Co., Ltd. GREEN INNOVATION CO.,LTD. Dog Dogi Ace Tech Doum Co., Ltd. HI-M CO.,LTD. Hawa Modu SANG WOO CO LST Co.,Ltd. Hessedeu Institute Lotte Sports Center Yooil Industry Co., Ltd. Yooil Yooil Steel Co., Ltd. HYUNDAI HEAVY MACHINERY GWANGJU SALES CO.,LTD. WEGI CO., LTD. SM Marking Baek Do Steel Industry Co., Ltd. Hanil Felt Co., Ltd. The Yellow USM Shin U Construction Hwasin Co I.B Young Lim Electron Dongguk Industry Co., Ltd. L&S Auction Doctor Prism Seo Gwangju Nonghyup Dongwoon Part Sundong Elementary School Choi Sundong Cho Jaehyeon Tax Accounting Office Sya E Partners Loan Co., Ltd. Blue-Line Trading Co.,Ltd. SunChang Co.,Ltd. Sunchang Co., Ltd. Nenia plus Co., Ltd. Saemaeul Assembly Room Buseong S&T CAMEL GIRAM CO.,LTD. 3D Light LG Innotek Co., Ltd._Kwangju Branch LG Innotech LG Innotek Jang Mi Gas Station Co. THREE B CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Three B Corporation NC Co.,Ltd. Next Generation Metal Co., Ltd. INTECH T.S. Ltd. Micron Mold Co., Ltd. Micron Tek Micron Tech MICRON PRECISION COMPANY LTD. OE Solutions Co., Ltd. Keosan Co., Ltd. ID King NIN Co., Ltd. CH INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. DELPIA DAEWOO GWANGJU LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. DICOM CO. I & I INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Mountain-mart Inkwang branch Express Energy Co.,Ltd. XEO ENERGY CORPORATION Ricepia Co., Ltd. E S C Co., Ltd. Worldnet VCD DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Gwangju Student Independence Movement Memorial Hall G2G GA Industry Co., Ltd. Geohae Fisheries Co.,Ltd. Prima Co., LTD. Sambo Medical System Information MEGAJEN CO.,LTD. Canon OA System Gee O LLC. VT LIFE CO.,LTD. Telecom Technology Daehan Telecom Technology LG Freezing Household Plaza SHINHWA CORP. JJ Energy Jonghap Motors Co.,Ltd. Donghun Meat E Chang Co., Ltd. Chang E Co., Ltd. E Chang ENG Co., Ltd. MR SILICA CO.,LTD. Geumho Plate Glass Sege Plate Glass Daerim Plate Glass Sangsan Plate Glass Gold Ring Ilshin Spinning Co, Ltd Gwangju Factory Allerman Gyeonggi Gwangju Branch Allerman Suwanjeom UNIEVER CORPORATION Armani Go Kkole Armani Woojoo Lighting C.P Korea Co.,Ltd. Claus Co.,Ltd. KYC Holdings Co., Ltd. Woori Aerospace Cargo Co.,Ltd. KT ENG SPC NETWORK GWANGJU JEONNAM SALE AGENCY INC. CK Korea Co., Ltd. Ilsan ENG Co., Ltd. The Bella US Tour Co., Ltd. KEUM JEONG HiFLEX Persons Infastech Korea Muan ST Gate Onnuri Sungnam Pharmacy Hoyeon Co., Ltd. Easy Life HI Industrial Co., Ltd. Kuryong Kkujjibbong Farming Cooperation G.N P Company Banseok Puritec Co, Ltd REA Investment Development Co., Ltd. Venture Y Specialty Shop Minaenchoe Co., Ltd. Parking 25 Co.,Ltd. Andersen Korea Truck Inc. Kuwotech Co., Ltd. Haim Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Singongan Co., Ltd. Hyundai Chemical Co.,Ltd. Sin-Yeong Sports Kwang Ju Sports Co., Ltd. TNF Corporation Co., Ltd. G U Electronics Co., Ltd. The Selmon House EL Motors ACCENS CO. Yeji Hanbok hanyedeul Co., LTD. Daeo Co., Ltd. SINDAON CO.,LTD. Dong Woo Nong San Co., Ltd. Bodeok Industry Se Jin Co., SE JIN TEXTILE Campto Choiseu DY Building Shinmyoung Industry Co., Ltd. Ubis M Tech Information Technology M tech Information JL International Co., Ltd. Paran Sky Entertainment Balkiri AGAPIA Incastle Co.,Ltd. Mirero JA YEON CO., LTD JA YU CO., LTD. US Key Ujeong Co., Ltd. Alibi JBS Co., Ltd. LES TO CO.,LTD. Meta 101 P&H CO.,LTD. S.H.M Co.,Ltd. Selmon Interactive Co., Ltd. GN Trading Inc. Duol Inc. Culture SG Glass ILK Co., Ltd. SEBANG CO.,LTD. Korea Electronics HDC CO.,LTD. Yen KES Co. Ltd H WALL CONTROL CO.,LTD. IL KWANG CO.,LTD. Samil Electromechanics SP Tu Robotics Co., Ltd. Hyundai E Oil Hyundai Solar Tek Co., Ltd. Ilshin Electric Telecom Co., Ltd. Korea Electronic Telecommunications and Clearings Institute Newstech Co., Ltd. NAMJU INC. Namjung Co.,Ltd. Human Systems Co.,Ltd. Human Information System Co., Ltd. SEJONG ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Isu Enertech KP ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. Dynasty Corporation Hanshin SG Co., Ltd. True Star KYOCERA MITA Korea Document Solution Co.,Ltd. ALPS ELECTRIC KOREA CO., LTD. BALEUM CO.,LTD. E&R Engineering Technology Sa Office Green Life Green Life co., Ltd. Green Life Co. K E CO.,LTD. Youngbo P&C The Geon Guide Co., Ltd. Meat Guide Co., Ltd. Cyber Kwangju J&JB Jeu DYNAMO CO. SEHWA CO.,LTD. Shi HR Korea HR CO.,LTD. Hansung SEM Co., Ltd. Haesol Education HANBACK TECH CO., LTD Evoke Jeil Medical Science Green Pec Co., Ltd. Honam Fruits & Vegetables Jungdomain 109ho Why By JL Platech Dik Line Garam Development Industry Co., Ltd. Mujin Bag The Korean Buddhist Jogye Order Munbinjeongsa Myeongsung Baking Academy Kwangjoo Budda broad casting Committee Hanam Buddhist Mod Beauty Academy Doozo Sports Moojin Science co. Moojin Machine Tool Co. Moojin Keeyeon Co., Ltd. Moojin Steel Co., Ltd. Moojin Service Co., Ltd. Moojin Ind Co., Ltd. Minerva Co., Ltd. Environment Industry Korea Co.,Ltd. Korea Safety Environmental Consulting Co.,Ltd. Clone Co., Ltd. Daishin Information & Communications Co., Ltd. Korea After School Teachers Association Incheonwoo Co., Ltd. Daeyu Co., Ltd. PRODUCTION BOM CO.,LTD. ILSIN TECH CO. Ilsin Technology Co.,Ltd. ILSIN CO.LTD The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Gwangju Sinil Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Saemsotneun Church The General Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Korea Bonhyang Church IB MOTORS CO.,LTD. IB MOTORS SERVICE CO.,LTD. GM PC DC THE WORLD CO.,LTD. Daelim Energy Il Daelim Energy E Daelim Energy Sam Daelim Solar Energy Co., Ltd. Pyunghwa Engineering Architecture Sa E Technology Co., Ltd. Saeteol DY&P Co., Ltd. Sung Do Co., Ltd. Money In Co., Ltd. Gongin Brokerage Corporation Korea Co., Ltd. Baram Travel Co., Ltd. Asia Industrial Co., Ltd Enerex Co., Ltd. ENERGREEN Korea Coca Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. Finisar Corp. ROYAL KIM BATH CO., LTD. Lotte Engineering Co., Ltd. J.S ENG Jeongeun Music Institute Jeongeun Industrial Development Jeongeun Information Industry Co., Ltd. Winner Partners Winners Power Co., Ltd. Synergy Co., Ltd. Global Money Co., Ltd. Sunoa Daeyang International DAEYANG INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Kwang Myung Industry Jindan Special Technology Co., Ltd. Yeosong Co., Ltd YEOSONG ENTERPRISE INC. YEOSONG FS CO.,LTD. Hanlim Co., Ltd. Hanlim Co., Ltd.. GF INNO WITH CO.,LTD. HANKOOK SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION CO. Green Fire Neul Green Fire Protection Co., Ltd. Neul Green Fire Protection Ahpro Co.,Ltd. Ahpro Asset Widekseu Co., Ltd. Lee Jeong Eun Hanmun Institute The Joeun Academy Co., Ltd. Isaek .com Hyusarang Korea Poly Tech Gwangju Campus Hyosorang Sys Power Co.,Ltd. Infra Im Co., Ltd. Yusung ENG Co., Ltd GREEN DEW CO. Woosong HY E & C Hanyang Tex Tile Hanyang Electronic Telecom Widus Chemical Co.,Ltd. Jin Qualified Architect Coredaai Co., Ltd. Don Co., Ltd. ROSE SHOP Jung Do Tech Co., Ltd. Joong Woon Tech Co. EO Telecom Expert Han Yoon Seung Oriental Medical Clinic Yujin Flower Art Academy SGS Software Mart & Mart MART & MART CO.,LTD. Mart Mart Kassuk RETRO INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Choe Go Transportation Kiyoung Trading Kiyoung Geum Top Textile Dana Media Co.,Ltd. ALPA CLIMATE CONTROL CO.,LTD. DAE GYEONG ACE TECH CO.,LTD JY Custom Co., Ltd. GY Co. YOUTH INET CORP. DAT INC. BMI Co., Ltd. BMI Co., Ltd. Wooil Co., Ltd.. Seobyeongchae English Language School SR Shop Co., Ltd. SR Steel Co., Ltd. Saemal Saemaul Posco Mart THE BITNA CO.,LTD. Bando H&C Co., Ltd. kosit Co., LTD. BC Development Dreamtech Corporation JEONG WOO CHEMICAL Co., Ltd.. IE Labs Co.,Ltd. Banana King Korea Co.,Ltd. Lightech Co.,Ltd. YUSIN TECH CO. Sunjin Lightech Co., Ltd. Yu Sin Co., Ltd. Ms Park Hair PRIMA MOTORS CO.,LTD. JULIA LTD. R&D Corporation DASCOM CO. Regency Co., Ltd. REGENCY Heesung Metal Industry Korea Real Estate Investment Management Research Institute Co., Ltd. Signal Wizard Co.,Ltd. GST Co.,Ltd. Carbon Tech Co., Ltd. SUNMOON CO.,LTD. Asea Electric & Technology Co.,Ltd. Wink Ever Tech YEONGSAN MECHATRONICS CO.,LTD. Ttokkakka Hair Shop 1st Branch Red Bean Seseong Industry Kkabana TI Tech Co,. Ltd Tanjania V2 Company Keumha Green Co., Ltd. Keumra Company Co., Ltd. Dancing Pork Ribs Best Service Co.,Ltd. KSTec BS MEDICAL CO.,LTD. supergene inc. Tamra Rent Car DAECHI INC. U Techno Ato Co.,Ltd. Corona Studios Echo&Energy GNP Marketing Co.,Ltd. The Naum Percent Donghun Restaurant DONG HUN . Junibi SNG CO. El Dorado Korea MK Security Co.,Ltd. Sage Co., Ltd. H INFORMATION Essi Essolro G Co., Ltd. Kine KC Eltec Co., Ltd. Jiwoo Co. JEUSTECH CS Formwork Co.,Ltd. Agre Farm YR Tech Dongnam Industry Ilwoo Company safeone Co.,Ltd. Water Purifier Service Pure Water Technology Co., Ltd. MI & TECH CO.,LTD. Gio Net Co., Ltd. Youngkong Co., Ltd. Chungdo Scientec Co., Ltd. Kwangju Regional Ministry of Republic of Korea Taiyan Grobal Asea Chain Co., Ltd. E&I Global Co., Ltd. EIG Logistics Eji Teigi Way Korea Jae Saeng Resources Youngjin Industrial Log I Co., Ltd. Gwangju Samsung Electronics Gwangju Electronics GWANGJU ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. Gwangju Electronics Co., Ltd GWANGJU ELECTRIC Samsung Gwangju Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung Electronics North Gwangju Service Nuri Airline Shipping Cargo Pai Tech Natural F&B B&C Nature Co., Ltd. Gwangju Bullsone Branch Kyoungwoo Sunam Tech La mang Asia Electronics Co., Ltd. Top Tools Ironware Co.,Ltd. Hanil Top Tools Samseong Top Tools Kgb Express Dongmun Urethane Co., Ltd. Information System Information System Co., Ltd. Leaders Flower Co., Ltd. LJ NONGEOP HOESA BEOPIN HUIMANG EUNSAN INC. Nongeop Hoesa Beopin Iut Farm Seoul Chemical Co, Ltd Alabika Daewha Industry Co., Ltd. Ma S Teuro Samwon Trading Co., Ltd. Korea Smart Media Institute ECOPREMIER CO.,LTD Ecopeace Bukuk Youngsin Construction Co., Ltd. SIT CHEESE Point Co., Ltd. Soga Co., Ltd. Sogang Architecture Hyper Inc. Echo Coating Co., Ltd. Delko Ware Trigon Sungkwang Tropi Munhyeonju Maternity Clinic Plant Engineering Co.,Ltd. Dream Book Lending ITS Stone Shark Co., Ltd. Minimol Matchum Sheet MATCHON CO. KAS Lucky Ltd. Food Art Co.,Ltd. sin pung textile co.,ltd Wooroyng Construction Co.,Ltd. RIO CO.,LTD. D.S.I. Hansae Energy Ke B.G ZI Illust Top Samdong Sweet GOC Co., Ltd. Easy Dae G Plastic Daedong Industry Co., Ltd. Pobas Co., Ltd. Pobaseu Poeba Adams Co., Ltd. Welfare Mart Gyeonghui Study Language Education Institute Jungyoungjin Language Private Educational Institute Great River Co., Ltd. Speed Chauffeur Service CJ Olive Young Olive Young Joseondae Agency YOUNG IL CO., LTD. E Yeon Co., Ltd. Saevit Electric Co., Ltd. Doosan Electric Co., Ltd. Trust Tu Interior Kkasa F&R CO.,LTD. Korea Racing Association Gwangju Part Belro City Korea Loan Brokerage Co., Ltd. Watok DUSON CO. YUCHANG INC. Korea&China Co., Ltd. Daeju General Machinery Entek DC Co., Ltd. Entekeu Korea Co., Ltd. Techno Korea Co.,Ltd. Oil Tech Korea Co.,Ltd. Sungchang Industry Co., Ltd. EVAIN Co., Ltd. Younghyu Place Cosmetics Hyu Place Miin Cosmetics Nasan Recycle Co., Ltd. LEE ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS CO.,LTD. East Engineering Korea Finance Internetnara Co., Ltd. MERIT CO.,LTD. jinsan infosys Co., Ltd. Com A.S ASA Jeonju Co., Ltd. Aladdin Aladdin Motel CHEOMDAN KOLON PLAZA CO.,LTD. SI MECHATRONICS CO.,LTD. Maison D Wona Tech Wona Co., Ltd. Korea Dokseo Federation Sunny Co., Ltd. DONG WHA OIL CO LTD SEONGWOO CO.,LTD. SEONGWOO SRS CO.,LTD. Hong Do Sa SOCIAL COMMERCE KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Commercial Truck Hapdong In Co., Ltd. 2 Wells Co., Ltd. NATURE INC. Social Welfare Society Corp. Somang welfare for the aged Society Natural & Landscape Co., Ltd. We-Mart Aju Union Industry Co.,Ltd. Ytnmodetour Namkwangju Agricultural Cooperative Nepre Tt Leewoo Distribution Co.,Ltd. Sewoon ENG Co.,Ltd. ASAN LAND MARK CO.,LTD. Juno Co.,Ltd. Seoul Food System Co.,Ltd. Seokwang Co., Ltd. Any Auto Parts Kumyang KeumYang Electric Power Co.,Ltd. Keumyoung Electronics Co., Ltd. Dowan Building Pro Player PC Room Pro Player SEOKYOUNG CO.,LTD. Hapdong Industry Co., Ltd. Bit gwa Environment Co., Ltd Money JMT Co.,Ltd. ALK MI&I CO.,LTD. Ad K Co.,Ltd. H. M STONE Pallas Corp. Mudori Co., Ltd. Moduri Asystems Yangjae Energy Co., Ltd. Kotria Kotrass America Park Rally Sport Honam Shop Oh Young Electronics Co., Ltd. Kotronic Co., Ltd. Manhae MANHO CO.,LTD. 365 Express Insupo INSPACE KOIN CO.,LTD. Inchehaebuyeonsu Education Development Won InspiaKorea Incoporated Sunhyang Innisfree O Chijeom Imseobang Sutbul Galbi Ingkkobang Innisfree Do Amjeom Innisfree Hakdong Innisfree Tanbeoljeom Innisfree (Pungam Agency) Innisfree Gwangju unam Agency All ACND Co., Ltd. JSE&C Co., Ltd. Grand Laundry JEONJIN CORPORATION Chosun Heavy Instrument Co., Ltd. Sungji Industrial Co.,Ltd. Y&G Co., Ltd Susang Co, Ltd Ga E.D Co., Ltd. CD Invest DONGSAN CO. Shinsegi Co., Ltd. Hansol Timber Co.,Ltd. Seon Company Dasans MS Co., Ltd. Siemens Hearing Aids (Gwangju Dong-gu) Hans hi-tech Hans Food Tech Co.,Ltd. Topco Co.,Ltd. Topcon Co.,Ltd. TOPSCO MS Media Co.,Ltd. Daeyang Medical Center Co., Ltd. Broadcast & Professional Korea Co., Ltd. Catchbeok GWANGJU JEONNAM DEVELOPMENT POLICY FORUM CORP. Jeonnam Investment Development Co., Ltd. FAB TECH Co.,Ltd USA SU YANG INDUSTRIAL CO. B&P Co., Ltd. Areneseu Co., Ltd. Hwan Hee Santo Santos Co., Ltd. 3D Ad Global Unique PJ Geo E Construction Co., Ltd. Ildong TV Co., Ltd. IL-DONG IL-DONG ALTAY CO.,LTD. Yulsoe A Won Bio AFCKOREA CO., LTD The Merchant of Venice AONE ENG INC. ELICIA B & B CO.,LTD. Elicia Curtain Elicia Shopping Il IL DO CO., LTD. Sejong Medical Foundation Hanul Nongsan Co., Ltd. PAMPAS Co., Ltd Myungshin Sangsa Dari House Bong Do DNK CO.,LTD. DNKO Co., Ltd. Inno Solution Co.,Ltd. Sanho Co. JIN HEUNG CO., LTD. J & Home Co., Ltd. Gwangju Olympus Gym Co., Ltd. Bugang Venture Co.,Ltd. Prenti 153 E&G MEDIALABS Co., Ltd. Train Korea Paints Service Co., Ltd. Kyochon Chicken Ilgok Branch Invest Company Mam & Mother KT Wise Net Co., Ltd. ARP Nongshim Daeheung SEROM CO.,LTD. Used DC Hanwha D&I Co., Ltd.. Suny Food System SEO JEONG PRODUCTS CO., LTD. Original Stone Visualwork Chungsan New Media Co.,Ltd. Sambu Sten Co.,Ltd. Kwangduk Construction Co.,Ltd. Samwhan Energy Co., Ltd. NAM SANG CO., LTD BRAIN CONSULTING CO. Roksanwon Caritas K Co.,Ltd. How Co., Ltd. MK Tech MK Tech Co., Ltd. Mtop Co.,Ltd. EL Company Co., Ltd. Palroseupil Co., Ltd. S.M INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Ever Co., Ltd. KASCO CO. TOBEE Co., Ltd. TAEHYUNG CO.,LTD. Crown Confectionery Honam Agency SUNFLOWER CO.,LTD. Next Generation On Korea HANIL ENTERPRISE CO. SEYANG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. YONGYEON CO.,LTD. Chung Hwa Food Inc. E2N Tech Co.,Ltd. Tomoa Co.,Ltd. Good Rich Consulting Co., Ltd. Walker Hill Gak Inn A Partners Wintec Korea Co.,Ltd. High-tech Studio Youone Tech Dynamic Co., Ltd. Dynamic A&T Mirai Housing MIRAI SPACE CO.,LTD. Sky Funeral Hall Sinsegye funeral hall Chosuk Construction Industry FRANCE CO. MONAMI SOFT CO.,LTD. Pay AD Motion Co.,Ltd. Haebo Corporation Yaya Polytech Natural Korea Co., Ltd. BMC SK Factory Co., Ltd. Clean Us Co., Ltd. SEOIN CO.,LTD. Seoin Industry Inner Therapy Sam Ik Lighting Navigation AS A.T.L CO., LTD Songeun Industry Co., Ltd. Song Deok Co, Ltd Swiss Mo Amorepacific Mokpo Okam Agency I Medics Betrian Co.,Ltd Bitoreum Sejin Co., Ltd. Gwangju Museum Association Gwangju Metropolitan City Minsok Museum Samri Nursery Samri Elementary School Gwangju Small and Medium Business Support Center Gwangju Jeonnam Local Small and Medium Business Administration Toho Global Korea Co.,Ltd. SAMSUNG M & T CO.,LTD. SA Meat Co., Ltd. G&I Company Co., Ltd. Clean Tech Korea Co., Ltd. Can Tech Korea E Wha Transportation Dongyang Transportation Jmk Co. JMK CO.,LTD. I tech Co., Ltd. I & Tech Dura Sanhae Food Co. AGRU KOREA Co., Ltd. MR SYSTEM Csmetal co.,ltd. Pyeongsan Investment Co., Ltd. PYEONGSAN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT Korea Elevator Co.,Ltd. Parang 5 KIYON Dow S & D Co.,Ltd. CS Entertainment Co., Ltd. Gaudi Furniture Co., Ltd. HONG SUNG IND CO LTD Han E Engineering CS Gate Co., Ltd. Rek Solar Co., Ltd. Cable JX CO.,LTD K&Y Development Co., Ltd. Sen-Tech JIN GWANG TEXTILE CO. S Won GE Co., Ltd. AJU HITEK INC. Global Network Co.,Ltd. Korea Real Estate Advisors Co., Ltd. Gadun Safe Mfg & Key Double S Korea Duck Go Korea Korea Water Resources Corporation Pyunglimdaem Sudo Gunsuldan Incheon Transportation Logistics Co., Ltd. Woosung Electric Machinery Co, Ltd Yonhap ENG Hongbo Net Doorae Do One C&B Co.,Ltd. G Tek M Co., Ltd. IC block Co., Ltd. SGK Co., Ltd. National Health Insurance Gongdan Gwangju Dongbu Branch SK Food Co.,Ltd. Goldline Inc. NH Industrial Development Co., Ltd. CLK Corporation DONGLIM GOLF CO.,LTD. Me E Shin Global Joong Ang Industrial Co., Ltd. Well Tech korea Co.,Ltd. Joyang Freezing Logistics Co., Ltd. BNI Co., Ltd. Woori Bank Gwangju Branch INDA KOREA CO.,LTD. Go Ri Korea Co., Ltd. Dobo Construction ICH 22 Co., Ltd. Dress Company Y Mart Marine Logistics Center Co., Ltd. Bumin Co., Ltd. ART DESIGN CO. Art Design Co., Ltd. ADP Aekyung Development Co.,Ltd. RAONTECH Co., ltd Halim Industry Co., Ltd. H M T Crasis Co., Ltd. Shabang Shabang Noraebang Yangsanboram Health Food SUNGHOON LIGHTING. CO.,LTD PIBU SARANG SEONGMUN CIRCULATION Hanshin Tech Youngkwang Stain E Land Retail Nyukoagonjiam Kims Club Ot&t Co., Ltd. BR TECH CORP. M?N Green Industry Investment Co., Ltd. S Connect Co., Ltd. Big Link Co., Ltd. Taeil Co.,Ltd. DHL Distribution Co., Ltd.

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