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KD Investment KD IND. Damoa Construction Co.,Ltd. DORIMOE CO.,LTD. Techno Leaders Computer Life YEONJI CO. C Y C Pro Select Korea Select GTA Com Co., Ltd. Talent None taekyung Caris Co., Ltd. Maeil Dairy Yeongdong Special Agent Maeil Dairy Gayang Agency JESUNG Co., Ltd. Samsung Limited Bumhan Co., Ltd. SBW Inc. Young Hwa Car Construction Machinert Imperial Co., Ltd. OPTRON CO., LTD. FF Company F AND F CO LTD ST Seek U Chang Development Alpino Co.,Ltd. albino D. TRADING Co., Ltd. String In Co.,Ltd. Lee Partners Medical Corporation BS Medical Foundation (Ui )Medical Corporation Gyuung Medical Foundation B.B Korea Co., Ltd. Dongguk Co., Ltd. ACTTRADE Co.,Ltd. ACTRACTORKOREA Youngran Resturant Blue Cho Fitness Club ACCESSORY KOU INC. Accessory Love Easy Co., Ltd. K-International CO.,Ltd CJ Foodville Kukbo Industrial Co., Ltd.. 10LOCO Inc. E&E Cam Co., Ltd. Ei Plus I Two M Co.,Ltd. Major The 1st Ck Trading K Beauty Trade Co., Ltd. DREAMAX.CO.LTD Ilhae M City M Star City Development Co., Ltd. Line Information Co., Ltd. Nareuda Co., Ltd. Dongkuk Fence Construction Co., Ltd.. PLANET Co., Ltd. The Toss Co., Ltd. Rainbow Robotics Dual Healthcare Co., Ltd Silk Co., Ltd. Mind Company Daily GPA Korea Co, Ltd Ilhae General Safety System E&E Corporation Co., Ltd. E&e Networks Precision Biosensor Ihwa Language Clinic ABS CO.,LTD. Lucid Co.,Ltd. O Pel Solution Co., Ltd. Hanssem Effex Office KTNT Dawin Bio Lab Co., Ltd. AIDC Co., Ltd. AIDC PMS Korea Entertainment Co., Ltd. K Marketing Group Co., Ltd. UBIT Inc. T Three Korea Leaders Mart Co., Ltd. Citi Co., Ltd. Clean Up Korea Co., Ltd. MS Science Science With Con Tech Engineering Co., Ltd. Deoksu Co., Ltd. Deoksu Development Kibko Co., Ltd. Sangwon MTI Co., Ltd. Son International Patent Law Office Standard Patent Law Firm TAEKWANG.CO.,LTD Ottogi May Inc. Woori Trade Company Co., Ltd. Woori Trading Co.,Ltd. Dia Tech C&L Therapeutics Inc. GP Tech Co., Ltd. Chungdo Investment Development Co., Ltd. Hosang Co., Ltd. Inter Plan PLAN IT CO.,LTD. Plan I Co., Ltd. NOVAS wellness Co.,Ltd. PALMS CO., LTD. youngin Hana Bank DAESAN METAL CO.,LTD. Daesan Electric Material Co., Ltd. Doosan Machine Tools chung cheong co,.ltd. Doan Machinery Tools KORTS Corporation Shell The Zoom Co., Ltd. Myungshin Pharmaceutical Inc. Myungshin Insupia Co.,Ltd. Myungshin Enterprise Co., Ltd. Myungshin Plastic Co., Ltd.. Ell Festival EL Lighting Ras RAS.CO.LTD Bentro Co., Ltd. Benti D&S Cosmedique Co.,Ltd. Open Innovation Lab Co., Ltd. ORORA INDUSTRY LIGHTING CO. AMG Co. Ltd Shindongbang Medical Corp. PUBLIC Samjung Engineering MS Cell EMP Co., Ltd. MS KOREA CO., LTD. KGS Co., Ltd. Yuni Nine BBC CO.LTD BBC Bol Co., Ltd. Seyeon eWBM Co., LTD Paul Icheon Medical Center Co., Ltd. Hongseokcheol Internal Medicine Clinic Monster PC Alles Ltd. Simonsa Co, Ltd Hanon Systems HANOS CO.,LTD. Hanok Co., Ltd. WP Management Co., Ltd. Cover Story Link System ID En Co., Ltd. Kim Chang Suk Hair Shop Kim Chang Licensed Real Estate Agent Spidercore co., Ltd. Renia CHC LAB Co., Ltd CHC & Rheos Laon Laon Co.,Ltd. D&C Industry Co.,Ltd. L&S SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Sweet Co., Ltd. Economic Innovation korea Co., Ltd Shinhwa Incorporation Co., Ltd. Shinhwa Co., Ltd. Donga Electronics YS Co.,Ltd. DB Company OS Co., Ltd. Daeseoyang Daeseoyang Distribution Daeseoyang Farming Association Shin Won Advanced SKY&LAND CO.,LTD. World General Distribution Peppermint Daejeon Branch Dr. math Polaris Co., Ltd. Choyang Choyang Industrial Co.,Ltd. Corrs Korea Regen Biotech Inc. Maxtron Co.,Ltd. Sejin ETL Co., Ltd. SPS Inc. Mona Monalija Yuhan Kimberly Seogu Agency Daejeon Kimberly Hanguk Coffee Bean Yanoljachungcheong Co., Ltd. Haiyan Team Science Co., Ltd. AK Company Co., Ltd. Korean Intellectual Property Office Korean Industrial Property MC Korea Co.,Ltd. GOOD MAM I CO.,LTD. Ring Milsarang Kalguksu Melio Co., Ltd. Melio ODYSSEY CO.,LTD. Rotarex LuzTech Co., Ltd. LUZTECH Co., Ltd Amos Co., Ltd. Golden Sseom A NK Co., Ltd. Songwon Co., Ltd. FITI Testing & Research Institute Daejeon Jung Woo Machinery Co. MicroSecure Co.,Ltd TEE Ware Co., Ltd. Sun Korea Energy Co., Ltd. Pan Korea Co., Ltd. Sehyung sehyung Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Lee's Food Daejeon Wonpyeong Elementary School Bioneer Corporation D Y CALTECH CO.,LTD. Coffee And Coffee In MID Co., Ltd. SIGNART COMPANY LiBEST Global T Top Co., Ltd. Chai Cresson YOUNGONE COOMMUNICATIONS INC. China Southern Flight Co.,Ltd. SKOOLOOOKS Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp. Bionet Service BIONERGY CO., LTD. Doctors Mi Plastic Surgery Ye Dental Clinic YEONSE MEDICAL CO.,LTD. Yeonse Medics Hwang Ophthalmic Clinic Health Housing Health Co., Ltd. Medi Heart E Giljun Plant Dental Clinic Our Plant Dental Clinic EL Dental Clinic Hospital Mirae Plastic Surgery Hyundai Dental Clinic Around Co., Ltd. Doctor Bio Co.,Ltd. Bio In Co., Ltd. Lexus Pharm Co., Ltd. Starlight Music Academy BIZONE CO.,LTD. Reuterasse Co., Ltd. Life-Tech Co., Ltd. Nexgate Co., Ltd. barun Barun Technology Joil Engineering Co., Ltd. ELGEN THERAPEUTICS, Inc. ProEn Therapeutics Inc. Tomo Co.,Ltd. Nine Pay Jeu JYP Global Co., Ltd. ITOS Co., Ltd. Asan Pharm Daejin Daejin Sa A & T CO.,LTD. Frotech Co., Ltd. L 2L Co., Ltd. ildao Inc. Body Art Nico Co., Ltd. Yujin IT Co.,Ltd. Sungwoo.Co.,Ltd Puremai Co., Ltd. Pureum Samsung Air Tech IS CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Aesop Nursery UNICORN KOREA Co.,Ltd. Yeneung Trading Trade Company Co., Ltd. Sinsung Trading Trading Rad Works Co.,Ltd. RAD CORE CO.,LTD. RAD PHARM Inc. Aladdin Network Co., Ltd. DABU CO.,LTD. Dabi High Con Co., Ltd. Leaders Sports Baram G&World Piccolo The Security Han World Co., Ltd. Looko Inc. The Eagle Co., Ltd. International Power Techinolgy Co., Ltd. Aon Land Co., Ltd. Hankuk E&T Co.,Ltd. Daejoo Accounting Corporation Korea Fuji Xerox Total OA Corp DSK Company Co., Ltd. Osaeo Co., Ltd. ET Co., Ltd. T&B Solutions KPC Co.,Ltd. Hanmin Art Institute Park Hyeong Suk Hair Art Hyun Sung Sang Rock Won Hard PC Co.,Ltd. TS Panel Co., Ltd. Princess Mermaid & Yeonil Prince Royal Shopping Co., Ltd. Interlib Co., Ltd. Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources KOREA INSTITUTE OF GEOSICENCE AND MINERAL RESOURCES En Mobil Ri T Co., Ltd. En Pos System Genomictree, Inc. Daewon Boiler Shinhan K-Tech Co.,Ltd. IT Net Advanced Tech Techno Business Tims Co., Ltd. Uncle PC Network I TELECOM CO. C&C Information Telecom Co.,Ltd. Korea Medical Co., Ltd. M. E. T CO.,LTD. Bank Co., Ltd. Amorepacific Dangjin Branch JasinTech Co., Ltd. ES company T&L Chemical Co., Ltd. Gan G Logistics Co., Ltd. G Su Logistics Co., Ltd. KR Co. L.K INDUS DR CNC Co.,Ltd. Lamate Co., Ltd. Check Co., Ltd. SB&T Co., Ltd. Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development Korea Institute of Startups and Entrepreneurship Development) Healing International Co., Ltd. KOREA INSTITUTE OF MACHINERY & MATERIALS Korea Science Susa Institute GAON MEDI CONSULTING CO.,LTD. LKIT Co., Ltd. Lee Sang Yong Tailor Shop JN B Construction Co., Ltd. Geo Co., Ltd. Hana Asset Management New Hana Real Estate Consulting ZIRON TECH CORP Intercom Co., Ltd. INER CO. 21C Construction Jinjam Nonghyup Sung International VUTech HR Co., Ltd. Bon Bakery Total Solution Total Solution Co., Ltd. Channel Co., Ltd. G.N Korea Co., Ltd. Balance Git Co., Ltd. K.D.P CO.,LTD. HIYEON CO.,LTD. Robert Bosch Korea Ltd. Robert Bosch Korea Limited Company Robert Bosch Korea Mechanics & Electronics, Ltd._Taejeon Factory Samsung General Management Co.,Ltd. Wecan Co., Ltd. Energy Total Co., Ltd. Urban The Chef Co., Ltd. Urban The Chef TVTC Electronic Co., Ltd. Millennium PC Room MJ Store Co., Ltd. Taeryong CNC Co., Ltd. Taeryong ENG Co., Ltd. EasternWare Co.,Ltd. B Won Medical Co., Ltd. CN ROBOT CO.,LTD. S&L System Gaia Corporation Kang Dong Tech BE Co., Ltd. Review Net Co., Ltd. KPI Co., Ltd. The Rim Co., Ltd. Digital Light Sungmoon Co., Ltd. Hamjibak Addidas Yuseong Jum Lucas Coreana Plaza JC Planning Co.,Ltd. J&C Plan Co., Ltd. KIM Co., Ltd. Kim & Kim Isu Company A Pex Co.,Ltd. Tommy Obok Korea Co., Ltd. Korea Technology and Information Promotion Agency for SMEs Korea Green Promotion Agency KUM HO Ko & Tra Kotria PROTEK Co.,Ltd. Hanguk Mishell Co., Ltd. Run Medical System Merede Korea Merit MORIAD CO.,LTD. CE Co., Ltd. C&E Union Co., Ltd. Donggwang Zinc Hanguk Toxic substance Research Institute Co.,Ltd. Daero A&t Co., Ltd. Shinam Commercial Co. SJ Commerce Co.,Ltd. Hanhwa E&G Co., Ltd. Visionlux Korea Steel Co., Ltd. Total Tire Daemyung Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. Daeduk Semiconductor Co.,Ltd. THE FOOD CO.,LTD. BN Tech Co., Ltd. Korea Investment Asset Su Company JJ INVESTMENT Hanmin Financial Co., Ltd. Hanmin Development Hanmin DSC Co., Ltd. RPM Co., Ltd. Nu D HS Logis Co., Ltd. GC Co., Ltd. Y D K BR IT Co., Ltd. CORNERSTONE ASSET Co., Ltd. Korea Standard Chartered Bank Dunsan Joongang Branch Korea Standard Chartered Bank Seo Daejeon Branch LK Motors Gaya Trading Co.,Ltd. ISOPC Co., Ltd. Sunjung Co.,Ltd. GOLFZON NETWORKS CO.,LTD. GOLFZONMEDIA Co., Ltd. ON WORD CO.,LTD. GenExel-Sein, Inc. IND Korea Co., Ltd. Judaon Hanik Express Choi Hye Jin Children's Clinic IV Works Co.,Ltd. BIORCHESTRA Co., Ltd. Green Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. MS Planning Plan-In Kalteumon Cooperative KILDONG FISHERIES Kimbabcheongug Oryu Branch Kkuldan G Fruit & Vegetable Humas Co., Ltd. HUMANSYS CO.,LTD. Brain Soft Sae Mirae Energy Co., Ltd. PHILALUX Felix Co.,Ltd. Jnt Co., Ltd. Pairotech Co., Ltd. Nexis Co., Ltd. Ta Korea Co., Ltd. OYANG NEO-FOOD CO.,LTD. CY Co., Ltd. Maesaena International Patent Law Office SolidEng Co., Ltd. HI AIR PARKING CO.,LTD. LEEGO BAKERY CO. K Flow KISUNG Co., Ltd. Kisung Chemistry SEOUL ECONOMIC PAPER Ten Ten Karaoke Well Co., Ltd Milano Co., Ltd.. Enbion Inc. G&F System KT&G Corporation KT&G Corporation Tiani Korea institude of science and technology information I Tech Korea Co., Ltd. Doosan Infra Core Choongcheong Sales Branch C & S Energy Co.,Ltd. JR CO.,LTD. KB INVESTMENT LOAN CO.,LTD. SDN Co., Ltd. Bioplus Co., Ltd. Aekyung Advanced Materials Co.Ltd Hanyang Landscape Material Onnuri Co., Ltd. Onnuri Tire Co.,Ltd. Seogane Fresh Meat Shop Hana Park Usung Sangsa Biogenics Inc. Sol Communication Co., Ltd. OZONE TECH Heunghwa Co., Ltd. NH Technology Investment Co., Ltd. NH Investment AMC DOT COM CO. Geumseongbaek Joa Part Baekdong Resident Genesis Co., Ltd. DYC CO., LTD. SOLBER SYSTEM CO.,LTD. SOLPRO Inc. Do Mo Electronics Co., Ltd. CJ Co., Ltd. BIO GREEN KOREA CO.,LTD HWA JIN CO.,LTD. Tesla System TESLA ELECTRIC CO.,LTD. LUX Dios Co., Ltd. Seik HANKOOK ENGINEERING WORKS CO., LTD. Daeche Engineering Co., Ltd Daeche Energy Ilri Business Platform TRUST TWENTY ONE CO.,LTD. FS 201 Cross Co., Ltd. RADIX Co.,Ltd. PNJ Chemical Co., Ltd. Semyung Electricity Co.,Ltd. Global Entertainment Co., Ltd. Global Net Narae General Entertainment Co., Ltd. Alzi Film Infinity System Co.,Ltd. YB SEMICON Black Label Co., Ltd. E Korea Co., Ltd. TELTRON INC. PYONGSUNG CO., LTD. Hanbit Law Office Global Work Center Co., Ltd. Korea Valve It Industry KOREA INSTECH CO.,LTD. KLAUS LLC. YSK Partners Co., Ltd. Saebyuk Ltd. CUSTOMENG Inc. Customedi Co.,Ltd. Cloud Korea VIVA CO.,LTD. Q&SE Elysia Korea Company Mart Prima Tech 21C Mobile Korea Mobile Korea .com Co., Ltd. RMB Korea Co., Ltd. BATON CO.,LTD. Botton Co., Ltd. Batoners Daedud Cardboard Co.,Ltd. Daedud Cardboard Co., Ltd.. Sebang Rocket Battery Label Shoes Kito Co., Ltd. KAITEC Intu CPS Co., Ltd. Power korea Co., Ltd. G&F Invest Co., Ltd. enesG co., Ltd. The Asia Co., Ltd Haein Corporation Hankuk Planning CM TEC CO.,LTD. Ecostimer FIDEM LLC. REMtec Co., Ltd. In Cloud INC Co., Ltd. Kohap Co., Ltd. Petrochemical Co., Ltd. KUM SONG LOTTE COMPANY CO. JIYONG TREASURE CO.,LTD. CHIL CHIL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD Hanwool Child Health Development Laboratory Inijeu Co., Ltd. Inje Orthopedics Clinic Insu Oriental Medical Clinic Inja Oriental Medical Clinic Inis Institute Image Yonhap Dental Clinic Inje Senior Sanitarium Inko Image Oriental Medical Clinic Insu Life Co.,Ltd. Ingeo Injae Co., Ltd. Innoze Co.,Ltd. Inseu Vision Co., Ltd. Inssa E Teu Innis Fire Protection Co., Ltd. Inmaek Ingi General Equipment Wha U Industry PHARM KOREA CO.,LTD. Korea Railroad Corporation Data B Co., Ltd. Saem Jewelry Iyongwon New License Guarantee Co., Ltd. Cowells BY Construction Co., Ltd. Control I Leader Asset Co.,Ltd. SHIN CORPORATION SHIN Corporation Co., Ltd. Shin Do Co., Ltd THE NC Co., Ltd. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Co, Ltd Samchun Pure Chemical Co., Ltd. PURE CO.,LTD. Protech Inc. K G.C LED Co., Ltd. Korea Safety Technology Information Co.,Ltd. Korea Safety Gas Sprayer Store dcenty Inc. Three I Jeu Co., Ltd. Kolmar BNH Co., Ltd. hyundai Pcam korea Co.,Ltd. PaxComm Inc. Busan Regional Office_Public Procurement Service AmiTech Co., Ltd H&M Motorcycles I&I Patent PHILSUNG CO.,LTD. SUNPARK CO. Youlim Co., LTD. Corporation Global Chem Co., Ltd. Uni Lever korea Co., Ltd KJ Tech DC All A Sports C & G CO., LTD. Woori Concrete Teenager Irang Society Jeok Cooperative The Penta Co., Ltd. Ibone Co., Ltd. Ifin Tech Co., Ltd. Ippeunyeou Beauty Shop Ipean Ipan Happy Hwangto Gama Gui Ibbeun Nail Ippeuni Banchan Ippeun Dol Ippine Party Ibbeun Yeoja Cosmetics Iphone Korea Ibamui Kkeuteul Japgo DONGSEO KFRT Co., Ltd. Korea Tech Co., Ltd. K Global Global Care Center KWANG ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD Asan Co., Ltd. Korea Global Co.,Ltd. Bt Science You Young Indsutry Co.,Ltd. Jungbu Corporation Co., Ltd. Foot Mart Korea Daejeon Dunsanjeom Co., Ltd. Foot Mart Korea Daejeon Eunhaengdong Co., Ltd. Quantum Design Co., Ltd. RK En Co., Ltd. shinsung co.,ltd Hanhwa Construction Co. Moonsan Construction Shinhan E Tech Co., Ltd. Okcheon green Co.,Ltd SEA HYENG CO. LTD InnoBioSurg Inc.(IBS implant Inc.) Jewang Setagso Iddam Co., LTD. Francesca Frances Francois Zero 2000 Co., Ltd. Youngpoong Nubi BLUETECHKOREA Co., Ltd. KSIS Co., Ltd. DEOK SAN ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. Art Pro Vision 24hour Afreeca Veterinary EVERETT CO.,LTD. EverTech Adiram Korea Power Tech Co., Ltd. KEPCO Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. GG Limited Co., Ltd. City Co Trading Hansun O Hansunson Sujebi Co., Ltd. Hanul Industry Co.,Ltd. F.A.U CO.,LTD. T & C CO.,LTD. TC Golf Club T&I Co., Ltd. Metlife Insurance AHyeon Industry Distribution TRICH Silicon Works Co., Ltd. Lotte Chemical Research Institute Mart News Khai KOMSCO Welo co., Ltd. SGC NC Co., Ltd. Energen O2 Korea Central Corporation Ltd. Centre Mart Co., Ltd. TJ Corporation Co., Ltd. SINHAN PRECISION IND. Ke Ins Ke MS Industry Co., Ltd. AR Elevator Co., Ltd. Esseu Co., Ltd. NEW TON CO.,LTD. Box Wash Korea Co., Ltd. See&buy See Food Lotte Engineering J&K Korea Co., Ltd. Universal Co.,Ltd. Universal Church Mokwon University Church ATgene Co., Ltd. YM International Technology STR CO.,LTD. Fuel Cell Innovations Co., Ltd. ST Energy Co.,Ltd. Arin Trading Emotion Co., Ltd. C&B Emotion Co.,Ltd. UP TRADE CORP. Korea Testing & Research Institute, Daejeon Chungnam Branch Power System Aritaum Goodi Co. Goodday Mail Co., Ltd. Orio LC Delhiwon Co., Ltd. Eugene Science Inc. ENTech Co.,Ltd. CHEMTREE SCTS CO.,LTD. HAIOL CO.,LTD. Jinnam Loan Co., Ltd. Eva Company Co.,Ltd. Water Genesis Co., Ltd. SOLVITA Ha E Invest Co., Ltd. E Ga Invest Co., Ltd. ES TECH CO.,LTD. IDP Tech Co. ID Plus Co., Ltd. PUN PLANNING CO.,LTD. Delivery Service Club Snow White ENPOST Inc. THE FLUTE CO. GW G.W. Tech Co., Ltd. Sinsin Packing Sama Co. KMC Qtech Korea Park Jung Jin Internal Clinic Park Jung Ho Law Office Samyang Co. N Bio Material Co., Ltd. Foundation of Research and Business, Chungnam National Univ. YOUR PARTNER CO.,LTD. Hyung Rim Co., Ltd. Do Hyung IM.Co.LTD Beureshing SM Samsung DDS Co., Ltd. Sam Sung Co., Ltd. Danggu Cheil Fire Electric Co., Ltd.. Cheil Fire Electric PNC Co.,Ltd. Power Tech Co., Ltd. WORLDTECK Botem Electric Co., Ltd. Botem Edu Co., Ltd. Total ST THE CLO CO.,LTD. Mereusiem Moonglow Co., Ltd. Daejeon Hyundai Computer Institute Nanotech Co.,Ltd. Nanotech Co. KODEL CO.,LTD. Pacific Global Co. Ltd. Praise Co., Ltd. SW Ltd. ATEC CO.,LTD. DONG YANG IND.CO. Sunghan Aero Industries Corporation INTECH Nano Material Samyoung Electric Samyoung Electric Power Co., Ltd. Samwha Electronics J Micro Co., Ltd. Wonik Co., Ltd. Duksan Tesco Co., Ltd. Se Gi Co. Cheritec Co.,Ltd. Jinchai Everchem Co., Ltd. YOUNGCHANG CHEMICAL CO. B Won Planning Tu HB Co., Ltd. National Institute of Chemical Safety PACEP Co., Ltd. Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock Daepoong Distribution HANA WORLD INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION CO.,LTD. AnK International Co.,Ltd. Free MD Daewon Construction Industry Co., Ltd. KN Tech Fly Stone Co., Ltd. A TN Korea Co., Ltd. Celltron Co., Ltd. Clap MC Cocha Co., Ltd. Agricultural Corporation Green Agro SECHANG ENTERPRISE CO.,LTD. Metro Company Pass Key Korea Co., Ltd. NON Corp. SHIN HWA CORPORATION CO.,LTD Hanwha Eagles Professional Baseball Club Gate PC Wise Than Co. Ltd Neoplus Co., Ltd. Looxid Labs Inc. SUPERBIN CORP. Woochang Co., Ltd. DAESHIN NETWORKS Co.,Ltd CHEIL Co., Ltd. CTK Dongha Co., LTD. Dongha P.N C Co., Ltd. Wongang Sangjae Wongang Construction Co., Ltd. Joong Ang Industrial Gas Co., Ltd. Toys Sein Stream Vision Co., Ltd. HOJUNG CO.,LTD. Seoul Medical Co.,Ltd. Sallim Nara Co.,Ltd. SAILWIN CO.,LTD. Seoyon SCV Production Co., Ltd. The Subin Korea Regional Product Farming Union Gilsan Transportation Gilsan FIVE S COMPANY CO.,LTD Five Star Posco Development Co., Ltd. SGS Inc. The Jajak Danil Corporation Wem Co., Ltd. WE MEDICAL CO. Mr. Jeong Co., Ltd. Wi Line Co., Ltd. Samsong Stone Tarzan Health Fitness e-Three Happiness Kyungdong Navien Daejeon Gyeryong Everwin Gangsan Farming Association Corporation Farming Association Twin Star Pam Co., Ltd. AQUAD Aquar tech Co., Ltd CORNEX Co.,Ltd. APP BMK COSMO CO.,LTD. IBS Inc. Institute For Basic Science(IBS) SMART WISE CO.,LTD. Hans Co., Ltd. RECOVERY SPRING CO.,LTD. Ludy Ian Co., Ltd. IAN TRUST CO.,LTD. KE Tech Co., Ltd. LG Machinery Co., Ltd. Yuseong Senior Club Green Touch Co.,Ltd. Green Family Club Sing Green Gold Club FURSYS Vision Scientific Co., Ltd. Media First Co., Ltd. Jeio Tech Co., Ltd. Two & Company Co., Ltd. TWO-IN Inc. Novera Optics Korea Novera Optics Korea Co., Ltd. SSF Co., Ltd Hyundai Free Market Co., Ltd. Seoul Agricultural Medicines TRILLION TECHNOLOGY INC. Chan Soft Beauty Peob Life Sa P & J KOREA M CARE CO.,LTD. Daese M. Care Co., Ltd. Museum Co.,Ltd. STYP Patent Law Firm Capital Park HUVISION CO.,LTD. H.J Global co. ltd SAECHEONNYEON CO.,LTD. Kyeryong Construction Industrial Co., Ltd. KYERYONG CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Kyeryong Construction Industrial Co, Ltd Junggu Office Kyeryong Distribution Kyeryong Stone Kyeryong Science Co. Kyeryong Books Co.,Ltd. Wincos Co., Ltd. AU Co., Ltd. Symphonia Music Instrument Store Haitai Confectionery & Foods Co., Ltd._Busan Agenc Kai Media Co., Ltd. KAI Co., Ltd. Han Electricity Geonjae SMB CO.,LTD. RAIN INC. Dynamic Co., Ltd. Aegang Co., Ltd. Neo Jeil Computer Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry Certification Center Co.,Ltd. Seyeong Medical Sangsa Seyeong E & G KCC Co Papa Chip Leesol Co., Ltd. SINHWA POM STEEL CO.,LTD. Elect SS Care Jeil Medical Instrument Doma Co., Ltd. Natural History Research Institute Co., Ltd. S Giant S K S We ENG WEED BOOKS CO.,LTD. Helio Advisory Corp. Kum Kang Intellectual Properpy Law Office

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