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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Korean register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
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Ildong Co., Ltd. Ildong Pharmacy Ildong Ildong Planning Ildong AM Co., Ltd. Korea O2 Clean Co., Ltd. MCC Logistics Korea Ltd. PARK TECH CO. Darae Park Tek Busan Branch Taesan Precision Tester Ttukdari Resturant Gu Korea Advisor Jeu Co., Ltd. Buil Trading Buil Trading Co.,Ltd. BU IL TRADING CO. Korso Seoul Korea Co., Ltd. Bella SINHAN IND. CO. Kyungdong Co Dongrae Nonghyup Cooperative Nonghyup Pusan-Kyung Nam Marketing ST Robotics Korea Co., Ltd. Ke I-po Ke &L Co., Ltd. DP tech D.P Tech WONDER COMPANY LTD Wonder Co., Ltd. Wonder Green Co., Ltd. Brown Box Korea Co., Ltd. SU SUNG TRADING CO, LTD. Susung Store Susung Industry Co.,Ltd. SONG NAM RESOURCES CO., LTD. Songnam Paper Co. Songnam Industry Songnam Shipping Co., Ltd. MD Consulting MD Com Co., Ltd. P Osco Co., Ltd. Posco Real Estate Total Service DONGSUNG PRINTING CO.,LTD. Dongsung Printing Dong Sung Co., Ltd. TJS Co., Ltd. The Busan Bank Co., Ltd. Gabi SNP CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Lotte Aluminum Engineering & Manufacturing Headquarters Busanjisa Co., Ltd. Spaco Kortek Corporation Sungchan Fisheries Sungchan Hospital Daeil Systems KJ KOREA CO., LTD. K . J Korea Co., Ltd. Plant Engineering Daeseong Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. Universal Corporation Co., Ltd. Kingdom Corp. Kingdom Co., Ltd. KINGDOM CO., Y.K TRADING YK Trading Co., Ltd. PSG Corporation BLUE TECH CO.,LTD. Adecamy Adcom Adocom Co., Ltd. Ocean Global Co., Ltd. Arirang ARIRANG CO.,LTD. Cell Hanam Fuel Cell Power Miryang Fuel Cell Power Gy Tech Co., Ltd. Korea Industrial Co., Ltd. dreambill co.,ltd Kkokkoma FEEL EST CO.,LTD. Show Co.,Ltd. Woo Sung Trading Co., Ltd. Sung Woo Trading Corp. SUNG WOO TRADING CO., LTD ST Energy Korea Marine Equipment Research Institute KOREA MARINE CORPORATION Korea Marine Marine Equipment Korea Korea Marine Co, Ltd Korea Fisheries Marine Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. Free Co., Ltd. FREE ZONE HOTEL CO. Free Zone F En B POSCO NST CO.,LTD. Aron Textile GE Motion Co., Ltd. Z EMOTION D&C CO.,LTD. Smart Fisheries Co.,Ltd. UP Trade Co., Ltd. JY Solution Co., Ltd. All In Co., Ltd. All With Blockpia Blockpia North Jwa 2 Blockpia Institution Harim Hitec Corp. Chang Do S Lubricant S Lubeoil Osung Aquin Bank Korea Co., Ltd. I Plus International Vogue Cosmetics Hanmi Cosmetics Ok Patent Corporation DAE WOONG CO Daewoong Co., Ltd. HSAD Say Money Hyundai Co., Ltd. SHL Maritime Co., Ltd. Merit Merit DAEHAN INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD. DON LEE & CO LTD Pro Dent DentQ DENTCOM CO.,LTD. SINAN D&C CO.,LTD. ELTECH Co., Ltd. Delpi House The Game PC Koryeo Oil Koryeo Publishing Koryeo Paper Koryeo Co., Ltd. Tongil Appraisal corporate Busan branch Co.,Ltd. EHC Busan G Sen Information Technology Co., Ltd. EN tech Co.,Ltd. COW STEEL CO.,LTD. SITS CO.,LTD. Hallow Global Traders Co., Ltd. Whynot Co., Ltd. Jabez Trading MS Bio Co., Ltd. Doctor Bio PARTNERS KOREA CO.,LTD. Partners Korea Co., Ltd. Eomgung Eastern English Academy Mentor English Academy Hello Junior English Academy Elsa English Academy English Rose Academy Kim Dong Hwan English Academy Talented Person English Academy SANG JIN CO., LTD. Sangjin Corporation Ltd. HAE IN CO. Haesung Company HAESUNG CORPORATION CO.,LTD. Atomo CHOYANG CO.,LTD. Choyang CHO YANG SA Sehan Jen Ji JI DEEP BLUE Wonwoo Engineering WON WOO CORPORATION CO.,LTD Korea Develop SOLVIT KOREA Orion Travel Orion Industry OS & S OS Motors Co., Ltd. OS Medical Mijuwon Woori Os OS Fisheries Co., Ltd. OS OSEUNG ASSET MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. BION CO.,LTD. Bionet Co. E An Invest Co., Ltd. E Rum Invest Co., Ltd. Ru E Investment Co., Ltd. Math To Seoul National University Seoul National University of Education Photo Studio ABM Co., Ltd. ES TECH CO. E&S TECH INC ID Plan Heksa Co., Ltd. T Pun Co., Ltd. Gems Pun Co., Ltd. Imex Co., Ltd Delivery Service Cargo Jewelry Jawon South Korea Oil Sangsa Home Medical Co.,Ltd. H&M medical.Inc. MR Supercon Co., Ltd GW Corporation Co., Ltd. Korea Mart Eulji KRF Co., Ltd. KOREA ASSET MANAGEMENT CREDIT UNION Korea Asset Co.,Ltd. Korea Asset Management Corporation Korea Asset Management Gongsa TNF Co.,Ltd. TN Fuse Co.,Ltd. Framas Korea Co., Ltd. Francois Marine Korea Co., Ltd. Frangsina Korea Jae U Co., Ltd. J A E HAE CORPORATION Wi Plus International J And S Co., Ltd. OCEAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. KOREA TECH Unisyse Sama Transportation Mir International Pureu Mir International Co., Ltd. Dsec Co., Ltd. Total Co., Ltd. KMC Co.,Ltd. Tech Korea Co., Ltd. Ascenbers Inc. Wonyoung Steel Aillia Co.,Ltd. Alley Dusung Enbiotech Co., Ltd. ENPTECH CO.,LTD N Bio Co.,Ltd. WSG Co., Ltd. WSG Industrial Development Co., Ltd. Hyung Kwang Industry Co. Bareuseum Co., Ltd. TERIPLEJOY CO. Smile Jeonggyeongu urology clinic INNOVATION CO.,LTD. Innovation KO-M CORP Ko Marine Komarine Corporation ASERC Cheil Electric Telecom Cheil Electric Wiring Devices Co.,Ltd. CHEIL ELECTRIC WIRING DEVICES CO.,LTD Zero Nine Flower Mart Korea Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Well Company Donghee Industrial Mirae Co., Ltd. HYEGWANG INDUSTRIAL CO. Hyegwang C&D HYEGWANG TRADING CO.,LTD. Hyegwang Trading Co., Ltd. Cene Co., Ltd. Cene Jeongoh STS Co.,Ltd. Jeongo Sts CONCEPT CO.,LTD. C&KS Frontier Co.,Ltd. KB SYSTEM CO., LTD. Botem Korea Co., Ltd. Gima Korea Co.,Ltd. Poret Total Timber Seawolf Co., Ltd. SEO WON TRADING CO., LTD SAM WON SEA FOOD J Won Sea Food Co., Ltd. Sea Won Fishery Trading Co., Ltd. A WON SEA FOOD CO.,LTD. JD CO.,LTD. JP Marine JP Marine Co., Ltd. TH Networks Co., Ltd. Dongwoon Tech Anatech Asia Marine Co., Ltd.. Asia Marine Trading Hana Marine Service A Marine Service Co., Ltd. Pan Asia Service Company A Pex Marine Service Kusa Marine Service Kendall Korea Co., Ltd. KENDE Co., Ltd. JCC Corporation Hyundai Computer Laundry Hyundai Computer Engine Test Hana Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Petrochemical DOWOO CO.,LTD KSAT Fruits Mask Co., Ltd. KODECO CORP. Kodeu AKIRA CO.,LTD. Aojora Korea Co., Ltd. NISS CO,LTD Niss Metal Co., Ltd. Nisshin Co., Ltd. Ino Corporation VICTORIA CO.,LTD. Victoria General Food Co., Ltd. TNC Kim Chang Gyun Tax Accounting Office Kim Chang Hyeon Kim Chang Hwan Tax Accounting Office Kim Chang Uk Internal Medicine Clinic KISWIRE Ltd. Cloud And Company Co., Ltd. GI MYUNG Atec ATEC CO. ATEC CORPORATION JR CRYSTAL SHIPPING CO., LTD. Confidence Co.,Ltd. M CONFIDENCE CO.,LTD. Hermes Hermes Co.,Ltd. Hanaro Shipping Co., Ltd Hanaro Ships&Airline Co., Ltd Dong Yang Ind. Co., Ltd KWANG JIN CHEMICAL CO., Kella Co.,Ltd. Nano tech Co.,Ltd. R&H Plan B Co., Ltd. Samwha Mechanical & Electrical J.S.R Co., Ltd. Interactive Co., Ltd. DUKSAN CORPORATION Elpin Co., Ltd Critech Co., Ltd. Jin Chemical UPC Hanyang Chemical HANYANG CHEMICAL IND.,CO. Hanyang Chemical Tech Co., Ltd. J&J Chemical Co., Ltd. J&S Chemical Co., Ltd. Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. Hanjinchem Hanjin Chemical Tech Co., Ltd. East M STX Eco Innovation Co., Ltd. Hanchaem Co., Ltd. The Hanchae Co., Ltd. IONE ASSET CO.,LTD. G & B CORPORATION TRYMAX Co.,Ltd Daehan Waste Paper National Institute of Fisheries Science Sudo Co.,Ltd. Sudo Steel Co., Ltd. Sudo Group Co.,Ltd. Oki Food Oki Industrial Oki Meat Oki Imo KOISS Co.,Ltd. KND Herb Co., Ltd. HANA TOTAL SERVICE CO.,LTD. Haein Total Service Co., Ltd. Daepoong Industry Gs-caltex(daepoong Gas Station) S.K TECH CO.,LTD. The Black Hana World Trading hana World Co., LTD. Hana World Co.,Ltd. B A Holdings Co., Ltd. B Ail Holdings The wind Inc. Wind Soft Co., Ltd. Sea Wind Co.,Ltd. Sandeul Bean Wind AISCO Co., Ltd. DONG ADE LIVESTOCK TRADING CO Seupinon Freeco KYUNG SHIN CO. SUN KYUNG Shinkyung Inc Handok Co. Handok Finance HANDOK CO.,LTD. Handok Wire K Tech Co., Ltd. Sungjin Industrial Co. Sungjin Industry Daewon Construction IND Co., Ltd. HANSUNG ENTERPRISE Co., Ltd. Smart Logistics Co.,Ltd. K&Z Company Co., Ltd. BS Company Co.,Ltd. BS & Corp. GAEKUM CO. KN Tech Co.,Ltd. K.NTech ECOPOY CO.,LTD. EcoPower co.,ltd APOL J&K Global TN H Korea Co., Ltd. TN Ting Korea MS Techwin Co.,Ltd. Eleven Shop Hapil NATIONAL KOREA CO.,LTD. Orient Housing Orient Shipyard Co., Ltd. Orient Co., Ltd. Orient Shipping Co., Ltd. ABK Construction Co., Ltd. GREEN AGRICULTURAL CO. Green TE Agricultural Company Incorporated Co.,Ltd. Mirae &C Co.,Ltd. Mirae C&p SECHANG ENTERPRISE CO. Sechang Enterprise Pache Korea Paos Industries,Korea Dae Jin GPI Co., Ltd. KDI KDI Co.,Ltd. RCF Shin Heung Corporation OJ Seowon Co. Dyc Co., Ltd. Halla Construction Co.,Ltd. Korea INT Korea INT Co., Ltd. Exhibition Jae Woo International Corp 3 Day Shin Hwa Sa Co., Ltd. Shin Hwa Co, Ltd CS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD SUNGDONG Co., Ltd. Sungdong Transportation DONG DO TRADING CO., LTD. DONG SUNG TRADE CO DONG SUNG TRADING CO. Sungshin P&c Sungshin Industry Co., Ltd.. Wide Awake Doosan Industry Development DOOSAN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. Wise HUD Huddut LIG Loan Co., Ltd. Neo Plus Co., Ltd. Mega MS Co., Ltd. Pro B Seu Co., Ltd. HY BIO Syo B Jeu Green International Centum Free Mieounyoung Co., Ltd. Blue Zone BJ Shop Co., Ltd. Korea Seven Centum Gallerium Agency Beuraen New City Co., Ltd. Neulsom Busan Co., Ltd. Blue Life Co., Ltd. Baenggaram Consulting Limited Liability Company Bosanakse Limited Liability Company Bosan Apparel Bu Topia Co., Ltd. GNM CO.,LTD. HIDEUN CO.,LTD. Daniel BU Company Syo Biz Enter Group Co., Ltd. Rachaeum Beat Play Co., Ltd. Baby Sori Red Bon Best Air Line Co., Ltd. Shalong Ever by Song Hye Ju Golmok Restaurant B&H solution Supe SUN DESIGN GROUP CO.,LTD. Kumho Electric Y Plan Up Co., Ltd. Gorilla International WOOCHANG co. Fidess Co., Ltd. I`m Co., Ltd. Im Home hankwang Building Co., LTD. S.H. PLANT CO.,LTD. Daeshin Networks Co., Ltd. Hyundai Carbon WITH CO.,LTD. BK Shipping Co.,Ltd. Livelet A&B &B Co., LTD. MaxTech CO. C Trading Korea Co., Ltd. I.R. Technology YG Co., Ltd. TAE CHANG CO., LTD. TAE CHANG Co., Ltd. E Chang Machinery Tae Chang Co.,Ltd Tae Chang Mechatronics Sejin Susan Adela BAILEY Busan Inc. Panda Speciality Paper Company Seo Yang Shipping Co., Ltd. The Hit Entertainment, Corp ST Bio Co., Ltd. Bio Port Korea Inc. Korea Bio Power Co., Ltd. Kumyoung Eco Tech Co., Ltd. Kumyoung Chemical Co., Ltd. Kumyoung Industrial Co., YS Global YS Global Logitec Co., Ltd. Wongang Fishing Wongang Chogyeong VS JOONG-ANG SA UNITEKNO CO.,LTD JCS CO. JCS CO.,LTD. Anjin Susan Co.,Ltd. Stream Seu Sunjin Car Sungkyunkwan College Institute Sungkyunkwan Reading Room Super Plus Co., Ltd. HnD Solutions Co., Ltd. Hojung Samshin Chemical Industry Salim Corporation Sueline Hanseo Industry Co.,Ltd. SCV Co., Ltd. Alba Industry Enerpos Korea Co., Ltd. DUNAM CO.,LTD. She`s Cosmetics Subin Woowa Co., Ltd. Pearl The Pearl Pearl Co., Ltd. Pearl Art Pearl Apparel Nexus Power Co., Ltd. Excel Electronics SD Marine Boosung E&C Co., Ltd. FOOD& Pro Food Korea Instiute Of Regional Development JG Co., Ltd. LS IS Company SUPRIM ONJEONG COMPANY WON BONG CO. Wonbong Enterprise Co., Ltd. Wonbong Carbon Energy National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Busan Joint Market 8 National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Banyeo Store National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Yongho Stack stacomc DEEP STACK CO.,LTD. Himart Co., Ltd. Hi Mart Pusan Co.,Ltd Koen Co., Ltd. EURO Daeki Daeko Daekwan Da E A Korea Co., Ltd. Miwon Food Prostek Planners Co., Ltd. Danil Bigsun Co., LTD. Youngsun Co., Ltd. Youngsun C&D Co., Ltd. Youngsun Express The Jeong Co., Ltd. MaxMart CNC Worldwide, Inc TGM Co.,Ltd. Wil Corporation Wil Corp WOOWON INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. TEC Co., Ltd. Korea Trans Samsung Med Samsung Med Co., Ltd. Kyung Chang Trading Co., Ltd. Korea Health Fitness Cooperative Health and Fitness Club JWD&T JW Development JWD En T E3energie Co.,Ltd Taekwang Industrial Co, Ltd Taewang Construction Taewang Shipping ESS Co., Ltd. ES Co.,Ltd. KOSAC TRADING CO., LTD. HIM CO.,LTD. 2L Mongsil K 2L Management Corporation Co., Ltd. Gold In LP Co., Ltd. RT Solution RT-Solution Kyungdong Navien Donggu Branch Yuchang Co., Ltd. YUCHANG CO.,LTD History Co., Ltd. Hitech Korea Co., Ltd. DREAM CATCHER Bujeonsa General Partnership COSRO CO.,LTD. Cosren Co., Ltd. EVERWIN C&M CO.,LTD. EVERWIN C&D CO.,LTD. EVER WIN CO.,LTD. SLS Enbijou Inc. Twin Star GWANG BOK SHOPPING CO. LTD Gwangbok CY Co., Ltd. Gwangbok Mobile New Gwangbok Co., Ltd. Gwangbok Lions Club Aqua Rin Perfect SMS IBM Co., Ltd. IBM HDAK CO.,LTD. Start Hub Co., Ltd. STARTECH BIS FORK PARTNERS INVESTMENT INC. BS Partners Investment Co., Ltd. ADK Korea Co., Ltd. Myoung Sung Industry Co., Ltd. The Some C.N S Company Ongane Konkuk University Milk Busanjingu Agency AQUA TRANS CO.,LTD AQUA TRADING Smart Win H Systems Co., Ltd. Smtech Ship Management Co., Ltd. MC CO., LTD. CENTEC CONOTEC CO., LTD. KE Tech Hi Pos Co., Ltd. Hi-Power Co., Ltd. DAE WOON SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD Daerim Shipbuilding Co. Clik Co., Ltd. COUPONS CO.,LTD. Hansaeng Industry Co., Ltd. Phone&Shop Inficess Shipping Co., Ltd. KC International K&C International Inc. Club Green Green Age Club Vision Science Service Science Lab SILVERAY CO.,LTD. JEIOS .,INC IDC Co., Ltd. HCL CO.,LTD. Lucky Co., Ltd. Lucky Global SAMHO IND CO.,LTD. Samho Ind. Co., Ltd. SAMHO CORPORATION Hyundai Green Food Hyundai Dept. Amorepacific Seomyeon Special Agency Amorepacific Baekyang Special Agency Me Do Hyeonseong Medikan Medician SKM Duty Free Paradise Duty Free Shop Co., Ltd. PYUNGHWA CO.,LTD. Compass Company Bridge Foundation Material Co. SFS INTERNATIONAL Ltd. Fos International Ltd. FOS International Inc. DIAMOND CO,LTD. The Choice Co.,Ltd. Choice ENG Co., Ltd. Ariya Spa Chain Store Henkel Loctite Korea Ltd. CI TECH CO. Daon REC Co., Ltd. Jun D&I Co., Ltd. Jaeun Corporation songwon industrial Songwon Co.,Ltd. Songwon Company IN BY ON CO.,LTD. Bonobo Bombi Bbyongnamu Pig Soup Cho Byoung Woo Otolaryngology Hospital BONAVIE CO.,LTD. ONEBYONE Bambi Sang Byouk Fishery Co, Ltd boonpo Middle School Bomb Bulodeng Gimbap Bamboo House Junghwa Yori jjambbyong Jeonmunjeom Haerim LTD Haerim Haerim Co., Ltd. Soitech Unione Trading Co., Ltd. MGM Peob Co., Ltd. C&CBS CO.,LTD. C&c Busan Branch Co., Ltd. Cube C&B Co., Ltd. Classic C&B Ara Corporation Co, Ltd Leaders Life Daeyang ENG Co., Ltd. P&j Yire M Care Doctor M Care Co., Ltd. E Re M Care Co., Ltd. Jeondong M Care Museon Benetti Co., Ltd BENETTON CO. Hans Shipping & Engineering Co., Ltd. Mirae Asset Ok Patent & Law Office Wonil Mg WONIL. CO. Cafe The Tree Cafe With DONG KWANG CORPORATION R. N C Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. SAE LIM CHEMICAL CO LTD Sae Han System Kichen Busan World Best Tour Co., Ltd. Kuryong Construction Co.,Ltd. DOCTOR AU CO.,LTD. KOREA CONCEPT Co., Ltd. Yamaguchi Bank., Ltd. The Pusan Branch Zinnos Inc. ART Korea Co.,Ltd. Shinpoong ST Sambun Store Suntae PNS Thezone PVC Window & Door Co, Ltd Kai Co., Ltd. United Trading Utd S.A. Co., Ltd. United Standard Co., Ltd. United Korean Orchestra Ace United, Inc. Us Steel UNITED TELECOM CO.,LTD. United Plug Co., Ltd. Empire United UNITED AGENCY CO.,LTD. United K Co., Ltd. MIDAS UNITED CO., LTD. United Industry Kanz United Inc Busan United Co., Ltd. DH Hightech E-Han Electric Tongil Rubber RAHO CO.,LTD. Ra Heim Co., Ltd. GBK Co., Ltd. Sangji Enterprise Co.,LTD Jeonguk Transportation Logistics Co., Ltd. TNB Tomotomo Hair Centum Music Town Tree Sya Centum Co., Ltd. Ku Topia Junho Trading Co. Taehwa Elevator Co.,Ltd. Taewoong Construction YEONGWU TRADING CO. Maeseu T An B Dunkin Donuts Centum City Home Plus HAEDONG TECH. CO. CU Haeundae Marinajeom CU Saehansenshi Ville Jeom CU Udong Hyu Plus Jeom Isac Toast Taib New Film Co., Ltd. Kyoungwon Information Technology Co., Ltd. A&T Yang Hee Do Architects Office G Aenko TI Pomaen Stay Seven Centum Business Co., Ltd. Centum Muyong Institute Seo G Su Beauty Shop Jiwoo Hansung EL Co., Ltd. Barun Law SEO WOO CORPORATION OH KYUNG CO.,LTD. Hokyung Mediana Dynamic DYNAMIC CO.,LTD. DYNAMIC STC CO.,LTD. Myung Jin Gi Jeon Sun myung gi jun ASANG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Asung Tech Co., Ltd. UCT Kind Kind VISION INTERNATIONAL CO LTD K Vision International Co., Ltd. Hanil Precision Mfg. Co., Ltd. Gana Industry Aidensi Busan Chamber of Commerce & Industry Grand Construction Engineering Ltd. Seyeong MD. Seyeong Marine Co., Ltd. Hotel Nongshim Co.,Ltd. Nongshim Capital Co. Ltd. Nongshim Discount Store Nongshim Gadogaegong Supermarket Nongshim Honul Disttributor Nongshim Ondal Supermarket Nongshim Yonji Supermarket Nongshim grain direct outlet Nongshim Rice-cake Shop Environment Co., Ltd. PROFESSIONAL Environment Lock & Lock plus Beomil Agency Lock & Lock plus Look Lucky Co. Lock Key Mill LUCKY LAND CO.,LTD. LAWTHMIC Inc. Lock-N-Stitch Asia Co., LTD. Lucky L Lucky Mart LUCK TANG CO. Lucky Real Estate Lucky Shoes Lucky General Sales Lucky Life Co.,Ltd Lucky Express Co., LTD. LUCKY S$G Lucky Express Dongkuk ENG Co., Ltd. HB Steel Co.,Ltd. HBS Company Co., Ltd. HBS Yoteu HBS Broadcasting HBS Insurance Branch Urban Leaders Co., Ltd. Samhwa Steel Co., Ltd. Samhwa Steel BMTECH Lavita Co, Ltd Lees Company.Co.,Ltd Funds Foundation Seonjae SIN HWA STEEL CO.,LTD. BLUE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. Hoseung Furniture Industry HOSEUNG Ent Co., Ltd. HOSEUNG TRANSPORTATION CO.,LTD. HOSEUNG SYNTHESIS LOGISTICS CO.,LTD. HOSEUNG WINSPIA CO.,LTD. Hoseung tech Jeil Medical Appliances Continental Continental Co., Ltd. D Eo Entertainment Co., Ltd. JHD Company Co., Ltd. JHD&C Co., Ltd. Heritage Holdings Co., Ltd. KIM & KIM CO.,LTD. Kim And Kim Certified Public Accountant SKS Co., Ltd. Giant Hansung Tec Co., Ltd. Phillip GF TRADING CO., LTD Weed Win Co., Ltd. Weed Electronic M.S. Trading Company PHARMS CO.,LTD. DR Pharm. Co., Ltd. MS Pharm EMPIRE CO.,LTD. Empire korea Co., Ltd Empire F & B Hyeopseong Empire Apt Control office LEADER POWER HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Haedong Marine Haedong Co.,Ltd. Hibikki Po Medi Consulting Medi Den Consulting Co., Ltd. UIT Service KOREA ENGINEERING CO,LTD KOREA ENGINEERING CO. KIEC CO.,LTD. Ki Electric Cornerstone Company Eoudon Cityes Co., Ltd. Haha Market Co JUNGANG TRADING CO.,LTD Hugon Co., Ltd. HUGO BAF CO.,LTD. Hugo Atelier CC CO.,LTD. C.C CC&P HMK Co., Ltd. BRANDONS CO.,LTD. BM Solution Co.,Ltd. KCN Tech Co.,Ltd. K C.N Global Co., Ltd. MH INVEST CO.,LTD. MH Investment Co., Ltd. Samwon Corporation Yell PMS Marine Service Polra Star Marine Service Co., Ltd. Polaris Marine Service Co., Ltd. Pacific Marine Service KY Co., Ltd. Bupariseu Co., Ltd. Bobaeeoreushinmoshimteo Co., Ltd. Beobeorijin POSTECH CO. Postech develop Co., Ltd. Korea Resources Co., Ltd. Korea Resources Global In.L Co., Ltd. Se Chin Co., Ltd. Geo Hae Enterprise Co., Ltd. API Korea Co.,Ltd. API CO.,LTD. API API Elsa Korea Co., Ltd. API NETWORKS CO.,LTD. Hanmi P & C Co., Ltd. Hanmi Shinwan Co., Ltd. KUK DONG ELECOM CO.,LTD. Belief K-ONE CORP CO., LTD. EQP BANDO INDUSTRIES,LTD. SPC Korea MS Furniture Lawyer Ha Yeong Gon Office Jason International Co., Ltd. Nano Chem Co, Ltd Nano CM CHEMI TECH Chemical Tech Co., Ltd. Ehwa Diamond Sangsa

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