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HWA SUNG TEXTILE Co., Ltd. NISS CO,LTD Nisshin Co., Ltd. Wise Wise Steel Keumyang Ind. Co. Ltd. LEADERS C&S CO.,LTD. and soft co.,ltd. Como Syokupang Dongbang Mege Trading Co. Inje Co.,Ltd. Maeil Dairy Yongho Special Agent Maeil Dairy Jangsan Special Agent Compass Company The Compass KORVAL Co., Ltd. Koriba Co., Ltd. HANNURI TRADING CO., LTD Jesung Corporation INFINITY CO.,LTD. K.T.C.O.Co. K.T Trading Pan Ocean Sangsa The Pan Bumhan Co., Ltd. HI Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. JL TRADING CO.,LTD JL CO.,LTD. Elepe Co., Ltd PCD Co., Ltd. P.C.D Co., LTD. A2g A2G Construction Co.,Ltd. Intown Co.,Ltd. SAMJIN CORP Dongkuk ENG Co., Ltd. Usim Plus Co.,Ltd. Bawoo Co., Ltd. MSB Jwi Co., Ltd. Msb Korea Dong-Eui Institute of Technology Cooperation Foundation S R.P Strong Friend Company Stronghold Co., Ltd. The Prism Co.,Ltd. PRISM CO. Frog Restaurant Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Ocean Shipping Ocean C & I.,Ltd Ocean Shipping Co.,Ltd. Bugyeong University Ocean Science Joint Research Institute Medical Corporation Gyeongsan Medical Foundation Medical Corporation Yein Medical Foundation Medical Corporation Dongil Medical Foundation Geumjeongnarayo Kim Do San Proctological Surgery Hospital Dongkuk Marine Co., Ltd Dongkuk Chloridation Tae Shin Corporation DONGHWAN CO.,LTD. Astra Corporation Ltd. Astra Cho Yang Stone Co., Ltd. Yoon Corporation.Co.,Ltd The yoon company Nampo Pure Woo Seoul Kkakdugi EINZ CO.,LTD. Korea Shipping Repair Industrial Cooperative Assoc AISCO Co., Ltd. HMG Chang Yong Mold Co., Ltd. TIERRA Hyeon Accessory Jun Accessory Pom Accessory Dorothy Accessory Easy Co., Ltd. Hyundai Co., Ltd. Inter K Ins Coporation Co., Ltd. Ins DO Co.,Ltd. Hyunju import&export SEWON CORPORATION CO. Sewon Corp. Sewon System Co., LTD. Sewon Corporation KUKBO CO.,LTD. Kumhwa Transportation Co.,Ltd. Ten Co., Ltd. 100in10 Ten G Co., Ltd. JBKIIE Ilios Items Loss I Insurance Agency E&A I Il Co., Ltd. I Love Internet I&I Land Co., Ltd. Locom Beast CK Trade C & K Trading Co.,Ltd. Fantasy Karaoke Nine Nine Global Green Co.,Ltd. AquaPro Co.,Ltd. Twin Star Shin Sung Corporation SUNG SHIN CO. Bumyang Construction Line Information Technology Loan Information Co., Ltd. Kangnam Corporation POSCO NST CO.,LTD. Korea Yakult Damin Special Sales Korea Yakult Whamyeongjeom SAMJUNG Co.,Ltd. SHIN HWA CHEMICAL ACCESS ICT CO.,LTD. RAINBOW CO. SILK ROAD CORPORATION HWIC CO.,LTD. Mind Co., Ltd. DAILY COMPANY KORYO NOBEL EXPLOSIVES CO., LTD Ocean Global Co., Ltd. KOREA SAFETY CO.,LTD. S&Bio International BIO MAX INTERNATIONAL Corp. Bio International Corporation Pico Co., Ltd. GVKOREA EE Co., Ltd. Ihwa Restaurant Ihwa Internal Medicine Clinic API East Asia Maker Body Atech Co.,Ltd. BASE CO.,LTD. Base DTCOMPANY Ihwa HUNOMIK Co.,Ltd. And Young Co., Ltd. YOUNG DO CORPORATION Wise International Co., Ltd. TRIONE Corporation One internation Co.,Ltd. LUCID Co., LTD Pacific Asset Management Co., Ltd. Korea Solution Co., Ltd. Korea Solution Co.,Ltd. Napalkkot Restaurant Shinkyung Inc Spins Co.,Ltd. Seupinon SPINI CO.,LTD. Suibmyeongpum Spomin Co., Ltd. DAIHAN ADJUSTERS AND INSPECTION CO.,LTD DAIHAN TRADING CO., LTD. ZIP Co., Ltd. LK tech Co.,Ltd. Dain Tech Information Co., Ltd. Yeol Jeon Sa Co., Ltd. Info Books Co.,Ltd. Gan Three Korea HAN JIN ELECTRIC CO., LTD. Hyup Jin Co. The Mart Hacheu Co., Ltd. Hachashik Citipia E Plus Trading Co., Ltd. Sensor Co., Ltd. CU Korea Co., Ltd. C-Tech ENGINEERING CO.LTD HYOPSUNG SURVEYORS & ADJUSTERS CORPORATION FC Coffee F&C Kion Co., Ltd. Korea Digital TV Sangwon Co., Ltd. M.T.I Co.,Ltd. Grand Patent Office Co., Ltd. Ok Patent & Law Office Kim Hong Bae Pediatric Clinic Taekwang Co JUNG WHA TRACOM Golden Chef Co., Ltd. Poong-In Co, Ltd BIBISI CO.,LTD. Big Corporation BIG Co., Ltd Best Big Be To Big Trading Bright Trading Co., Ltd. Kari WOORI TRADING CO. COLORS CO. Rush Enterprise Co., Ltd. Chungdo Co.,Ltd. Chungdo C&D Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. USP BIO East Trading E&B TRADING SE Corporation Co., Ltd. BNK Financial Group Inc. Ahreum Production W. O. W Company DONG JIN FITTING CO., LTD. BORAM CORPORATION L & T CO.,LTD. Just AMC Co., Ltd. GTG CO.,Ltd Game Pia Co.,Ltd. Palm Cast Co., Ltd. PALM COVE Corp. C Palm Co., Ltd. AB Tour Co.,Ltd. Doosan Machine Tools Service Geumsan Machinery Tools The Re O Kortek Corporation Koritek Co., Ltd. Koreahitek Co., Ltd. Poly dongnae-gu PAT Busan Dongnae DH POLY CO.,LTD. Pudding(Dongnae Agency) Dongnae Aunt Dongnae Tongdak Poly Mate Co., Ltd. dongnae High School Poly Cam dongnae Middle School Dongnae Fire Station Your Birthday Dongnae Agency Mono Poly Hana Pork Cutlet Dongnae Myeongnyun Agency Ink Doctor Dongnae Branch Auben Dongnae Agency Dongnae Yours Dental Clinic Poly Enpla Dunkin Donuts Dongnae Agency Poly Tech UNI CO.LTD. THE ANGELS CO.,LTD. Riz Shell Party Shell's House GYEONGBUK CO. Gyeongbuk Electric Company The Main Asin TNL Asin Industry Asin Industrial Co., Ltd. Zoom In, Inc. Cafe The Tree Cafe With SHINDONG DIGITECH Co., Ltd. Digitech Co., Ltd Shindong Co., Ltd. Shindong Anjun PANASONIC ELECTRIC WORKS SHINDONG-A CO.,LTD Biosys Co., Ltd. Biosis Yongjin Co. Myungshin Electricity Scoms ROD STAR SM CO.,LTD. Rod Steel Co., Ltd. ROD CO.,LTD. N Staff Come Shoes JS ENG The Bentto 545 Phone Sesang 4299 Korea Shipmanagers Co., Ltd. Koyon Corp. Koyo Korea Kokoyu Koyotae Koy Toy Koya Kokoya Oil leader Co.,Ltd. Oil Company Co., Ltd. M.I.D. Co., Ltd. Mid Co., Ltd. APOL AMG Co., Ltd. S&CP Co., Ltd. Baikma Studio LB CO.,LTD. KOREA PARTNERS CO.,LTD. Delta TLS Co., Ltd. DELTA CO., LTD Hanasyscom Co.,Ltd. Wise&U S.H International Co., Ltd. The Croquette Doosan Infracore Sales Busan Co., Ltd. Cell Employment In KTE Co., Ltd. KOREA MS CO., LTD. Duck In Co., Ltd. Win Win Co.,Ltd. Win&Win Win & Win Co., Ltd. Asset Dream Co., Ltd. Alpha L Co., Ltd. YEONS NINE Inc. Yes Nine Yes Nine Co., Ltd. BB Cook B&BC Co., Ltd. BSS Co.,Ltd. BS SYSTEM Co.,Ltd. BS System DAEHAN TRADING INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. The Hit Entertainment, Corp Heo Yong Jin Internal Medicine Clinic NFI Co., Ltd. Dakdri charcoal-grilled chicken Dowon Charcoal Grilled Ribs KKEOLDDEOKSOI CHARCOAL FIRE RELIEF MEAT ROASTED LATCO.,LTD. LATCO CORPORATION Hyundai C&c KWANG JIN CHEMICAL CO., Foot Logics Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA COAST GUARD MAINTENANCE CENTER_Korea Coast Guard Sae Life Culture Center (Korea Nano Medical Instrument ) Construction Pyeongga Center Korea Co., Ltd. Hanos DAE YANG INCORPORATION DAE YANG DAE KYUNG MECHATRONICS CO. Gabin Interior K-One Steel Co., Ltd. pureun MEDIET Medi T Co., Ltd. SUIN CO.,LTD. New lotte NEXEN INC. NEXEN TECH Nexen Tire Bukyong dealership Ilsin Cover Shop Kim Chang Hyeon Kim Chang Uk Internal Medicine Clinic Kim Chang Su Music deafness Clinic Moon Trading Co. Gold Way Trading Co., Ltd. KOVID Co.,Ltd. A C.N Co., Ltd. Y.K TRADING YK Trading Co., Ltd. New International Bag Global Logistics Smart Logistics Co.,Ltd. Tk Glogix Co.,Ltd. Do Nation Co., Ltd. UXIS Daesong Textile DC & INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. DC International Co., Ltd. Binconet Marine Solutions TNK Co., Ltd. Creave Co., Ltd. Ethiopia R & D CO.,LTD. R&D Cor R&D Co., Ltd PROFESSIONAL R&D Co., Ltd. Korea Industrial Investment Co.,Ltd KAS GLOBAL CO., LTD. Inficess Shipping Co., Ltd. SBO CO.,LTD. Kimatek Korea Keu Lab 100 Co., Ltd. AC Global Co., Ltd. ac company A&C Corporation Daedong Compressor Daeseong Compressor Lucky Co., Ltd. Lucky Co. Lucky Store Iksung Landscape Construction Co., Ltd. Yujin Industrial Technology Electro Land Co.,Ltd Haiyang Electronics Land Bujeon Electronic Land Co., LTD. YS Global YS Global Logitec Co., Ltd. D&B D And B Co., Ltd. OS Tech Yeonseung Apparel Distribution Co., Ltd. Daeseoyang Store Daeseoyang Industry Daeseoyang Restruant Skylark Skylark Co., Ltd Doosan Industry Development DOOSAN INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. Highest Development Co.,Ltd. Highest ELC New Study Institute Saha Highest Institute D ND Partners Co., Ltd. Daesan Industry Co. WOOIL MARINE CO.,LTD. SEIL Corporation Ltd. Seil Co., Ltd. Shoes Warehouse W House Co., Ltd. Jin Trading SUN DESIGN GROUP CO.,LTD. Mirae Co., Ltd. Peppermint Candy Math To Seoul National University Mento Math MathMocha Inc. CMS Math Institute Mac Math Academy Swiun Math Mentor Math Institute Math Holic Academy MCC Math & Science Institute Naega Mandeun Math Thinking Math Daniel Math Institute Iga Math Institute It's Math Institute Sky Math Institute Blue Math School Sin Math Institution DM Hyu Brain Math Institute Medical Center Math Gyoseupso Easy Math Academy Anker Math Institute Gi Rin Math Institute Choyang Industrial CHOYANG CO.,LTD. Choyang Doonia Co.,Ltd. DOONA CO.,LTD. Guil Co., LTD. Guild Taesang General Logistics Co.,Ltd. G.T Culture Co., Ltd. Grand Construction Engineering Ltd. Gs Engineering Co., Ltd. Kwangwon Taxation Business Jen Ji Maxto Bos Tech Co., Ltd. Shin Poong T & T, Inc. SHIN POONG TRADING CORPORATI Co. D&K Chemtech, Inc. KEY ENGINEERING CORP. Ls Chem Co., Ltd. SN Global Spa ENG Co., Ltd. Naengjung Spa SOON GNS TECH CO.,LTD. YANOLJAJISA CO.,LTD. Yanolja Singing Room Korinox Co., Ltd. Hansin tech Co.,Ltd. HNC Tech Hahaiya HEATECH GST Co.,Ltd K.A.P Co., Ltd. Yujin YUJIN CO.,LTD. Team Shideu Co., Ltd. KDCL INNOVATION CO.,LTD. Innovation DONG KWANG CORPORATION CPI Co., Ltd. Dongnam MD KOREA COPPER WIRE CO Leoni Wiring Systems Korea Inc. Babkok Korea I-ON Hyundai L&C Homsyashidoeogeumgang Art Windows Doors Co., Ltd. I Am NZ I AM X CO.,LTD. I Good Co., Ltd. Book & I IEM International Inc CM International Co., Ltd. DAE IL CORPORATION CO., LTD Guseodong (Geumwhasanhosamsan )Sogyumo Rebuilding Union X Game Korea My Boat Korea Co., Ltd. KOREA TUG BOAT CO.,LTD Korea Power Boat Co., Ltd. BGCT Co., Ltd. Mekeu Tool Korea Co., Ltd. G In Research Institute Co., Ltd. Han Soe Engineering Co Ltd Hengrang NK Co., Ltd. NK Corporation Inje University Busan Paik Hospital Hyosanreunesel B2S Co., Ltd. The B2 Story Parkland Co., Ltd. Parkland Mr. Park WINNERS MARINE CO., LTD Hillma Korea BH PARTNERS CO.,LTD. BH Part Won Marine Co., Ltd. Marine Won Won Marine Service Co., Ltd. Won Top Marine Technology Co., Ltd. U Won Marine Co., Ltd. NAMYANG INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Hof Bangladesh BARM FIBER Co.,Ltd. ADV Co., Ltd. BEAUTY LAB CO.,LTD. Astro Life ZIMMOAH INTERNATIONAL Golden M Co., Ltd. Gain M&A Co., Ltd. Songwon Co.,Ltd. Songwon Company SMTECH SHIP MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. I Testing GU Home Shopping Co.,Ltd. Gyungdo Home Shopping HANATOUR Pan Korea Co., Ltd. WOOSHIN Co., Ltd. Advance Korea Co., Ltd. Advanced Insulation Korea Weldbank Incorporation Weldon Co., Ltd. Hyundai Investment Corporation Co., Ltd. Hyundai Invest Co., Ltd. Lees Company.Co.,Ltd DREAM CATCHER Win Net Information Telecom Co., Ltd. Net win Co., Ltd. WONPYEONG CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD. Key Plus BION CO.,LTD. Bionet Co. KORYO PYROTECHNICS CO.,LTD. Mega Mega Partners Mega Solar&Partners Co., Ltd. Mega Pam Co., Ltd. M.S. Trading Company Polestar Marine Co., Ltd. Any Time Free Zone Branch Peak Co.,Ltd. Bravo Pocha The Modern Corporation C & T Global T&G Global Co., Ltd. Critech Co., Ltd. M Solution Enmao Corporation Happy Estate Co., Ltd. Youngone Chemical Tomas Corporation Co., Ltd. SK Recycling Utd S.A. Co., Ltd. Seungil Tech Co.,Ltd. China Mart Se Chin Co., Ltd. China Restaurant Dongin Dang Pharmacy CHONG PUNG Si Min co.Ltd. SI K INC. SI Marine S.I. INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD SI & G Co.,Ltd. S & I SI METAL CO.,LTD. Ilsoo Si Math Academy SI SYSTEM CO.,LTD. SI PLANNING s. i TRADING SI WON MOOLSAN CO., LTD. SI Tek E Si Bong Jokbal Bossam Agujjim Restaurant SI Tech Co.,Ltd. Si Hurb Co., Ltd. SI Technical Co., Ltd. Si-Wol-Ae SI Hall Food Co., Ltd. Dayo Co., Ltd. MOMENTOK Bio Net DONG HOON CO., LTD. KOREAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING JIN WOO COMPANY Busan Ye Dental Clinic Yeonse Medical Hospital Busan Yeonse General Medical Instrument HI Plastic Surgery Busan Banolrim Plastic Surgery Busan Jingu HIVUE OPHTHALMIC CLINIC One Dental Clinic Engineering & Manufacturing Plus Dental BS The Body Plastic Surgery Pro Health Heart DreamPort Co., Ltd. Ri Plant Dental Clinic Good Plant Dental Clinic New Plant Dental Clinic Sujeong Ophthalmic clinic Seodongjeong Ophthalmic clinic Time Plastic Surgery SBN Co., Ltd. Kmp K.M.P. CO.,LTD. Macmillan Macmillan Kids English Institute LAND CO., LTD. Land Leaders Co., Ltd. Iga Iga IGA CO.,LTD. MR Bio Co., Ltd. MS Bio Co., Ltd. Doctor Bio STARLIGHTING CO.,LTD Starlight Gupo Sungshim Branch Animal Won I Co., Ltd. Hanguk DNC L3 Co.,Ltd. Life Tech Co., Ltd. RAMOSU Co.,Ltd. Sungshin New Material Co., Ltd. Chunbo Energy New Material Development Taeyang New Material Co.,Ltd. Hanbit Soltech Corporation INTERBIRD Inc. Kukje Safe Mfg Samu Furniture NEXGEN Inc. Double A Da B Lighting Barun Law JOIL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD ALLSTAR Co.,Ltd. U Ni B ACTS Acetech Co HAE IN CO. HAE IN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD Tong Yang Futures Trading Co., Ltd. SEBANG FUTURE CO.,LTD. Well-Being Future Co., Ltd. Geotech Company Wise On Media Co., Ltd. Cube Medical Co., Ltd. A&T AT HOME CO.,LTD. PSMT Co., Ltd. G.N Trading SINGHA Inc. L&P Co., Ltd. Free Tech Co., Ltd. 2L Mongsil K 2L Management Corporation Co., Ltd. Ildi Obo Nicoboco Nicoboco Co., LTD. DHY Co., Ltd. Setcom Korea Co., Ltd. LUMINOUS Co., Ltd. C Seven Co., Ltd. LV Korea Co., Ltd. U Nation Korea Co., Ltd. HK Shipping Co, Ltd Shanghai China YG Co., Ltd. YG Adriel Deco Hesedeu Invest Co., Ltd. HICT Co., Ltd. Samsung Ad tech APPLE FARM CO.,LTD. IS Company POS SM Co., Ltd. Jabez Trading Ara Go Co., Ltd. Inberno Korea Co.,Ltd. DOO NAM CHEMICAL DONG NAM CHEMICAL Co.,Ltd. Doo In Prestige Co Ltd UMK Co., Ltd. AD Trade Co., Ltd. Hanhwa Trading Trading READ TRADING CO.,LTD. Coffee Jeonmunjeom Aladdin Daibju Co., Ltd. tiger corporation Tiger Asset Co., Ltd. Tiger Company Co., Ltd. Posco Consulting P Osco Co., Ltd. United Plug Co., Ltd. United Trading SJ Tech Industry Co., Ltd. Daeyang Corporation Hye Mir Co., Ltd. Arirang ARIRANG CO.,LTD. Tae Young Co. Inter Sky NTT Co., Ltd. Picolo Co., Ltd. SHIN HAN CO. Land Korea Co., Ltd. Namhae Electric Namhae Namhae Electrical industry NT Lab Co., Ltd. Bonchon International Inc. Bonchon Inc. Korea Logistic KOREA INTERNATIONAL LOGISTIC INC. Ol Korea Logistic Co., Ltd. Pacific Korea Co. C Eo Korea Logistic Co., Ltd. Nis Phone Panel Korea Co., Ltd. Look Anda Eagles The Winner Co., Ltd. A Star Co., Ltd. Shoperence Co., Ltd. DSK Co., Ltd. Samhwa Printing Publishing KBC TOOL MART CO.,LTD. Oks Co., Ltd. Do On Engineering Co., Ltd. New Apache THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IN KOREA CORP. The Presbyterian Church of Korea Gyeognam Nohoe UG Foundation Haeyang Co.,Ltd. Haeyang Corporation Co.,Ltd. Haeyang Siline Mirae Asset Loan Co., Ltd. Holika Holika(Hadan Branch) KPC Co.,Ltd Citibank Korea Inc._Pusan Branch CIR CO.,LTD. Circle Co.,Ltd. CIRCLE ENT Dongin Maritime Co.,Ltd. Dongin Maritime Co., LTD. SANG WON CO. You Won Co.Ltd Ocean Road Co., Ltd. Ocean Suib Brewery Co., Ltd. Hardy Amas CK Panel Korea Bio Solutions Co., Ltd. Textile Korea Mask Co., Ltd. Training Mask Korea Wangsil Wangsil Hanbok MIRAE ASSET MANAGEMENT LOAN CO.,LTD. Korea Telecom Korea Telecom Co., Ltd. SEBO BNS Co.,Ltd Se Heung Co., Ltd. SAMBO HWASUNG CO., LTD. Giant System HIM CO.,LTD. Daeu Boiler DAEWON BOILER INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD Apis SEOHAN Co., Ltd. SEO HAN CO.,LTD. SEOHAN IND co., ltd. K Tech Co., Ltd. New Vision Trading New Vision Shipping Co., LTD. Arirang Co., Ltd. ARi-rang Arirang Arirang Kiwa Mayer Dae GRC Co., Ltd. Uchang Tech Li RW TGM Co.,Ltd. Keosung General Trade Company EUN SUNG IND. Co., Ltd. Bulru Metal Bulru Star Co., Ltd. Bulru Line ISOFT, Inc. IUSOFT CO.LTD. NeedUs Corp. smile Co.,Ltd. PHARMS CO.,LTD. DR Pharm. Co., Ltd. MS Pharm HAE WOO SU SAN CO., LTD. HAE WOO M&A DO., LTD. The Kims Co., Ltd. Oklin Inc. OKLIN INCORPORATED GreenChemteck Co., Ltd. Magic DONG WOO COMPANY Dong Woo Co Vin De Korea Co., Ltd. Atlas TNB D&C Telecom Co., Ltd. Hyundai Global Networks Co., Ltd. Hyundai Global Service Co., Ltd. JW Co.,Ltd. JW company Co., Ltd. JW Metal MS Bank A1 Plaza Co.,Ltd. Amorepacific Seomyeon Special Agency Amorepacific Baekyang Special Agency Amorepacific SasangteugyakBranch ANNEX CO. 20X 10 Cc ESS Co., Ltd. ES Co.,Ltd. Chemical S&T Co., Ltd. DOF CORPORATION Co., Ltd BC&AD Co., Ltd. Hotel Nongshim Co.,Ltd. Nongshim Capital Co. Ltd. Nongshim Discount Store Nongshim Gadogaegong Supermarket Nongshim Honul Disttributor Nongshim Ondal Supermarket Nongshim Yonji Supermarket K&R CORPORATION SHL Maritime Co., Ltd. culture communication soom Legend Culture Communication SBI Co., Ltd. SBT Co., Ltd. S.B.T Booyoung Shipping Pontos Co.,Ltd. COUPONS CO.,LTD. sewoo Co.,Ltd. SEWOO CORPORATION Accord Global Marine Co.,Ltd. Global MB Co.,Ltd. GLOBAL MEDICAL CO.LTD. Korea Material Co.,Ltd. KOREA MATERIAL CO. Korea Materials Co., Ltd. Ocean Enterprise Corp. Gaon Medical Gaon Med Gaon Media Co., Ltd Lee Sang Ho Tax Account Office Lee Sang Hoon Law Office Lee Sang Ik Tax Account Office Bakmanwha JNPCO Junbok Nara JNB Construction Co.,Ltd. ECIC TAC Co., Ltd. Geo Jeong Co., Ltd. Geoje Co., Ltd. Geoje Restaurant Geoje Market Co., LTD. Geoje Key Geoje Meat ATT Co.,Ltd. Hana Asset Management Co., Ltd. Equipment Contractors' Financial Cooperative Hana Real Estate Agency Korea Exchange Korea Exchange Bank Sinpyeong Branch Zeron Tech BKT CO.,LTD. INRA Inc. PM Corporation Co., Ltd. PM Company Co., Ltd. 2-COVER YG2 C&D Dongrae Nonghyup Cooperative Nonghyup Pusan-Kyung Nam Marketing CC CO.,LTD. C.C Sung International Co., Ltd. Shinsung International Shinsung International Co. Plus Line Co.,Ltd. Bon Co., Ltd. Kookmin Bank Co, Ltd Busan Branch SYNNARA KOREA CO.,LTD. Total Power Solution Co., Ltd. ESK Industry Co., Ltd. ESK Construction Co., Ltd. West Holdings Co., Ltd. Okey Telecom Co., Ltd. CS Won Co., Ltd. YOU YOUNG INDUSTRIAL Young Do Industrial Co., Ltd. BU YOUNG INDUSTRY MASTER KOREA CO.,LTD New Balance Busan Sasang Branch Free Balance Inje Planning MS Planning Leaders Plan Co., Ltd. Plan Is Co., Ltd. Plain Co., Ltd. Ms. Planning Plan Info Planning Center Co., Ltd. Plan City The Plan B Co., Ltd. Plan B Plan C Co., Ltd. J&Y Global Co., Ltd. Korea Print Material Yaosyan K.D.P Co., Ltd. Green Food Inc. SB COMMERCE CO.,LTD. DONGSUNG PRINTING CO.,LTD. Dongsung Printing SAMSUNG TREE ASSET CO.,LTD. Samsung Asset Management Samsung General Management Co., Ltd. Gasung Packing Gasung Precision Y&k Dongbang Metal Industry Co. KHJ Kosteck LTD K2 Pantech Co., Ltd. Pantech & Curitel Co., Ltd. Kukbu Urban Leaders Co., Ltd. Urban&Echo TCE Corporation SPC Korea VISCOM CO. Busan Gyeonin Transportation Sanmandi Sanmodoumi Locus Co., Ltd. GS retail Asia Enterprise Management Institute Boboki M&j Sports Taeryung Real Estate Taeyong Logics Co., Ltd. Busan International Film Festival Busan International Child Film Festival Organization board Busan Film Co., Ltd. The Busan International C&O CO., LTD. CMP Expert Tex Co., Ltd. Sam Tech Co., Ltd. DAE WOONG CO WOONG JEE CORPORATION MYEONG JI FISHERY JI JI Energy Co., Ltd. Kim Jeong Woong Tax Accounting Office

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