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Outdoor Life-Style Holdings Limited Natalia Shipping Limited Palmali Shipping SA Resoil Services Ltd Pino Shipping Ltd Earl Trust Company Ltd Nobel Oil Ltd Plexar Capital LLC Dublin & Johnson Law Firm Nina Services Corporation Phoenix International Ltd Danae International Corporation Web Free Trade Llc Saint Kitts Electricity Company Limited Phoenix International Trust Corporation Tower Trustees Ltd. North Star Maritime Holdings LTD Caribbean Credit Card Corporation Ltd Salthorse Investments Ltd Tektrade Ltd Five Star Shipping Limited St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla National Bank Ltd ST. KITTS NEVIS INSURANCE CO. LTD. Government of St. Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis Federal Express (Saint Kitts) Limited Midas Investment Ltd Eurolink Ltd Omega Import Export Trading, Ltd De Waulf & Hanssen Capital Management LLC Global Fluids International Grange Holdings Limited I G S Holdings Selecta Insurance and Reinsurance Company (Caribbean) Limited Morning Star Holdings Limited Conquistador Shipping Corporation First Arcom Ltd Aethon Marine Ventures Limited NTL Trust Limited Money Deposit & Management, LLC Currency Trade Group LLC The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Island Dredging Ltd National Filing Company WLL FXOpen Markets Limited Phoenix International Trade Association FA FORT THOMAS HOTEL (LTD.) Scan Maritime Inc Nodaway Ltd Sun Island Clothes (1994) Ltd. David Coury & Co. Ltd Sam Investments Inc Nevis Historical and Conservation Society International E & S Carrier Ltd Laws Auto Products & Services Ltd. Custom Coils Ltd. Firat Shipping, S.A. Keyes International Insurance Company Ltd Euro Commodities Group Ltd Berne University Limited Sea Crest Shipping Inc S.K.S Company Ltd. Seafast Shipping Ltd S K International Ltd. Bowstring Shipping & Investment Ltd Euro-trade International Holding Blevins Franks Beta Ltd Blevins Franks Alpha Ltd Atlantic Shipping & Trading Ltd Castle Investment Group International Keystone Financial Ltd Anisa Shipping Ltd Castle Investment Group Ltd Waterstone's Corporation Globex Business Inc Trans Trade Shipping Co Ltd Water Services Department World Wide Shipping Limited Elite Ivf Ag Asia Shipping Inc Baltanas Shipping Ltd Financial Business Group, LLC Mideast Shipping & Trading Limited A Plus Shipping and Tansportation Trading Company Ltd AMM Shipping Limited David Koury & Co Ltd. Augusta Holdings (St Kitts) Ltd. Kepey Holdings Limited Equity Holdings SA Orion International Holdings Inc. Morning Star Holdings (Nevis) Limited A.F.G. Holdings Ltd MCL International Limited Argento Holdings Worldwide Investment Holdings Tottenham Holdings Limited Nilas Holdings Limited Niland Holdings Limited Edinburgh Holdings Lyon Holdings Corp Tim Holdings Limited Eastern Securities Holdings Patient Activist Holdings Limited Group TME Management Ltd Shannon Holdings Ltd Timkin Holdings LLC Frigate Holding s Limited Jumar Holdings Limited G.I. Enterprises London Property Holdings PLC Mancole Finance Holdings Limited Centurian International Holdings Moonstone Holdings Limited Yam International Holdings Ltd De Vere Holdings Company Ltd Third Investment Holdings Inc First Investment Holdings Inc Metra Holdings Ltd Vista International Holdings Ltd. Megafoods Holdings Ltd Nigella Holdings Limited West indies Power Holdings B.V. Liverpool Residential Holdings Limited Capital Trust Holdings MerryDown Limited MYRM Holdings LLC Orion Holdings Limited Stenton Holdings Limited Crest International Holdings Ltd Alecipian Holdings Reynolds Holdings Limited Pharma Holdings Limited Mayflower Holdings Limited Corbierre Holdings Limited Matlock Finance & Holdings W M Holdings Ltd Emerald Investment Holdings Corp Dixon Softwear Technology Co. Marketing Technologies Limited Professional Technologies (Anguilla) Ltd Professional Technologies (Anguilla) Ltd Communications Technology Investment Limited Creative Digital Technologies Corporation Omnipotent Technologies Inc Fermey Investment Limited African Pharma Investments Limited Aviation Asset Management Limited WARNER CONSTRUCTION CO. Global Construction Consulting and Management LLC May Limited SWANSTON, UHRAL B'S ENTERPRISES, LTD. Green Star Marine Limited Samuel, Henry Silverstone International Ltd United European Trading Centre Limited Braemar Falconer PTE Limited Primary Services, Inc. Media Services Ltd. Continental Administration Services Limited Hanver Corporate Services Ltd Dixon Services Ltd HMSL Services Limited Sunrise Services Limited Incomar Services Limited Leyland Services SA Securities Services Ltd Europe Services Ltd Capital Services Limited Dixcart Services Ltd EDMS Services LLC International Trustee Services LLC Broadcasting Services International Ltd. MULTI SERVICES (SKB & NEV) LTD North South Consulting Services Ltd MALLALIEU ENGINEERING SERVICES INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY SERVICES Capital Ventures (S.W.1) Ltd Wood Duck Corp Wireless Ventures (ST Kitts-Nevis) Limited Profservice Inc HAROWE SERVO CONTROLS (ST KITTS) LTD Ministry of Finance, Sustainable Development, & Human Resource Development Enterstudio Sampad Holding LLC Stapleton Holding Limited Coronet Marketing Systems Inc. Simons Contempo Fashions Premier Administration Limited Premier Management Limited Admiral Global Inc M&M Transportation Northern Star Holdings 1 Ltd Highlands Finance Limited Fleure Finance LLC Gardener Financial Limited M3 Capital Finance Limited Morison Trade and Finance Inc. Ultra Finance Group Nevis Financial Services Matlock Finance & Holding S.A. Lawyers International Financial Enterprises Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group Inc. Viscount Finance LLC Innova Investment Red Star Investment Limited Canopy International Limited Garrison International Limited International Directors Limited Lee International Limited Nucor International Limited Uppsala International Inc Evian International LLC Waidberg International LLC Exson International Tomkins International Inc. Faster International Inc. Gold International Inc. Artemida International Limited Landbase International Ltd. Texton International Ltd Asean International Ltd Venus International Ltd Drummond International Inc BCM International Rams Trading Ltd Starwell International Ltd Luso International Limited Dorcester International Inc Intrust Trustees (Nevis) Limited Intenrational Synergy Holding Co. Ltd. Priyanka Shipping Limited Noble Investments Ltd Trade Wins Investments LLC Insol Limited INTERINVEST CORPORATION LTD Platinvest Limited Advanta Corporation Casa de Compa Ltd Electrofab (St. Kitts) Ltd. Select Chemicals Limited Nevis Electricity Company Limited BASVAL ELECTRIC LTD. Pro-Selection Fund Limited POWER ELECTRONICS MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD. Rosh Electroptics Warner A. J. Limited International Realtors Inc GK Designs International Limited International Agencies Inter Ocean Limited