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NII KVANT, FGUP REDAKTSIYA ROSSISKOI GAZETY, FGBU GKNPTS IM. M.V.KHRUNICHEVA, AO FGBNU IPVE IM. M.P. CHUMAKOVA MGTU IM. N.E. BAUMANA, FGBU MGAVT, FGBOU VO FGBOU DPO RAKO APK Atom, OOO UK R.O.S.-INTER-SERVIS, OOO ABI KEPITAL, OOO 'ST Capital' Ltd Atom-IT, OOO VEB KAPITAL, OOO Firma LUIS-Optika, OOO RM Capital Group ZAO OOO 'ATOM' ROS-SERVIS, OOO ATP OOO 'ATOM' INVESTKAPITAL, OOO OOO 'BIGAR' FPK, ZAO OOO 'Ros-Audit-Servis' 'Bigr'-Limited Liability Company OOO 'ATOM' Atom Limited liability company OOO 'ATOM' OOO 'ATOM' OOO 'ATOM' OOO 'BIGIRA' OOO 'Biger' LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY 'RO SERVICE' OOO AN 'ATOM' ATOM, OOO OOO 'BIGER' OOO 'ATOM' ROS-SERVIS-STROI, OOO BIGAR, OOO OOO 'RO-RO SERVIS' OOO 'BIGAR' Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy Institute for theoretical and applied electromagnetics Russi INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS OF THE RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIEN Applied Acoustics Research Institute (AARI) Altyn-Oil, OOO Institute of Applied Economics Management and Law Joint-Stock Company 'Institute of Applied Astronomy' Torgovy Dom Selena, OOO Torgovy dom Sirin, OOO Torgovy dom VKS, OOO MNG Treid, OOO TUK, OOO '' Taste Trade Management company, Ltd. Biotech Company Limited Closed joint stock company 'Institute of applied thermodynam Bio-Komponent, ZAO Torgovy dom Slavyanski, OOO Bio FEC Ltd Limited Liability Company 'Marketing Management Trading' MIT TREIDING, OOO ' 'LIT' Global Treid Menedzhment, OOO UK FINANS TREID ESSET MENEDZHMENT, OOO ROGNEDA-TREID, OOO TORGOVY DOM STANDART, OOO 'The Institution of Clinical Applied Kinesiology' Ltd. 'LIT' Ltd MIT treid, ZAO Bertone, OOO 'Biotech company' Ltd. 'BIO-DM' 'ITALIANO' Limited Company ENERGOKOMPLEKT, OOO PKF Italyano OOO OOO 'Itelink' OOO 'Energokomplekt' OOO 'RIKO' 'ITALCOM' LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY OOO 'VIKOM' OOO 'VLAKMET' ProfiSiti, OOO Itelin, OOO Vserossiski soyuz Okinavskogo Karate-do, Soyuz Richs, OOO Astral-DV, OOO PO ENERKOM, OOO 'ITALANA' LLC AKADEMIYA ALEKSANDRA POPOVA, OOO PROFISTIL, OOO Vikom +, OOO ENERGO PROF, OOO PETERBURGSKI ENERGETIK, OOO RICH, OOO VLAKOMET, OOO 'VICAM' limited liability company Potok-Energo, OOO ENERGOKOMPLEKT, OOO Limited Liability Company 'ITALON & Co' 'Gruppo Italiano costruzioni' PIK ENERGO, OOO ProfKo, OOO OOO 'PK Energoproekt' OOO 'Pilot-Energo' OOO 'ENERGOKOMPLEKT' OOO 'Vikom' OOO 'ItalImport' OOO 'Energokomplekt' OOO 'ITALKOM' Ekspo-Market M, OOO Upravlenie obrazovaniya Bessonovskogo raiona Mariskstroimaterialy, OOO TEKHNOSITI, OOO TorgInvest, OOO NADIN, TOO NADINA (TOO), TF GLEN, AO NADON-M, OOO NADIN-M, OOO NADINA M, OOO GLENDER, OOO NADIN, OOO Techinkom Company Limited GLENN OOO FL OAO Kombinat Magnezit PRED OAO Magadanskaya Gruppa PAKT, TOO KLM, TOO IRKUTSK TV, OOO ' LTD' Russkaya neft, OOO Rusagro-Tsentr, OOO Viza menedzhment servis, OOO AF BANK, PAO SDS AZOT, AO 'VERA' Company KB LUCH, OAO NEFTEGAZINZHINIRING, OOO NEFTEGAZKHOLDING, OOO Neftegazgeologiya, OOO NEFTEGAZKONTRAKT, OOO NEFTEGAZSTROIKONTROL, OOO Shevron Neftegaz, OOO SND (VII), OOO SND (Kh), OOO SND (IX), OOO CND (VIII), OOO SND (I), OOO 'BALTPRIBORSERVIS' KOMPANIYA A-DIZAIN, OOO BUDENNOVSK-NEFTEBAZA, OOO Komsomolski raifinotdel Neftebaza 7, OOO Brasovskaya neftebaza, OOO Belomorskaya Neftebaza ZAO Vadskaya neftebaza, OOO Amurskaya neftebaza, OOO Petrozavodskaya neftebaza, OOO NEFTEBAZA+, OOO KOSOBRODSKAYA NEFTEBAZA, OOO Uchalinskaya neftebaza, OOO Pskovnefteprodukt, FL Pskovskaya neftebaza OOO 'MARKETING AGENCY 'RUSSAIN JEWELLER' LTD. OTD OD Russian Federation Pravoslavnaya TRANSNEFTGAZ, OOO 'TransPacTechnology' 'TransPool' Ltd KUZMETTRANS, OOO TRANSGALACTIC Ltd VALUN, OOO NORD ALKOR, OOO VLADEAN, OOO NPK URAL, OOO U.V., OOO TITANOVY KLUB, OOO OOO 'TekhStail' GRAFT A, OOO Limited Liability Company Tourico Holidays Moscow Koka-Kola Soft Drink Konsalting, OOO IST-VEST, AO 'MCB Parallel' 'Trade Transport Company' BASHNEFTEPRODUKTSERVIS DO ANK BASHNEFT, OOO 'TRANS-TRADE.SPB' KHIMTREST, OOO ANK BASHNEFT TUIMAZINSKOE UBR, FL Konstruktiv, OOO 'Trans Trading' Ltd MARTIN EX International Research and Development Centre OOO 'Trans Treid' 'TRADE TRANSPORT COMPANY R7' LTD 'Trans-Trade Logistic' Limited Liability Company Martineks-Baltiya, OOO Konstruktor, OOO OOO 'Trans-treid' OOO 'Konstanta' OOO 'Konstanta' OOO 'Trans-Treid+' OOO 'Trans-Treid' Transportation-Trading-Customs Service LLC OOO 'TRANS TREID' Limited Liability Company 'Trans Treid' OOO 'Trans-Treid' 'Southern Trading-transport company' Limited liability compa Transregional trading system OOO 'Trans Treid' ARVIS, OOO LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY 'TRANS-TRADE COMPANY' OOO 'Trans-Treid' Transport-treid, OOO Trans TRADING 3 OOO AVALON, OOO TTS Elektrotekhnika Limited CJSC 'TCM-Holding' 'ELECTRODOM' AVTO-SNABZHENIE, OOO 'FORREST' LTD 'Elektroteatr' KLUB MERSEDES BENTS, OOO 'Elektrotech' Ltd. 'Art promotion', Ltd 'HOT PROMOTION' Limited Company 'Forsite' Ltd. Avto-Opt-Snab, OOO Global, OOO OOO 'TD Global' Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok OOO 'TCM' limited BG Promotion Elektrodipol, OOO FORSETI, OOO OOO 'First General Project Development Company' 'First Game Channel Broadcasting' Ltd. GLOBAL, ZAO 'Austrian Clean Air' Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung INTERVAL, OOO 'Electrotechtrade' 'Forrist' LLC 'Interzip' Co. Ltd. 'Mobile promotion' Company Limited AIR TRANSTREIDING, TOO 'Transit Trading Company' KHIMTRAST LTD, OOO KONST, OOO TRANSPORT-TREID, ZAO KONSASH, OOO CHINTURA, OOO TRANS TREID M, OOO TRANS-TRANZIT CO, LTD TRANS-TRAKT, OOO FIRMA Joint Stock Company 'Trans-Trade'

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