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Athens Import & Export Inc Sederia y Novedades Joyce SA SEDERIA LA LUNA SA Kadima, S.A. Golden Helm Shipping Co., S.A. Compania Goly, SA Shalom S.A. Pacific Starfish S.A Foreign Imports Inc (Foreign Goods Distribution) QGI OIL & GAS INC Mercosur Trading Group, S.A. Sonaki Corporation S.A. TCL International, Inc Ocean Trading International SA Demonde Inc Comercial Cimex S.A. Machen Development Corp Grupo Cemcal SA Caribbean Plastic S.A. Sonadiets Services, S.A. Tricon Overseas Inc Artona Holding S.A. Brotex Import & Export S.A. Iberpan Ship Management, S.A. Ecotrade S.A. Panama De La Guardia, Arosemena y Benedetti Ashford Invest & Trade Inc AG Trading Group SA J.O.F. Shipping SA American Bizjet Corp Global Cool Cars Inc Naftomar Shipping and Trading Co. Ltd. Inc. Midas Line, S.A. Serdnol Properties S.A. Hyson Trading Corp Horizon International Trading AG Triple SSS Zona Libre S.A Green Spanker Shipping, SA Products Tankers Management Company Inc Rio Imports, SA Rombas Holdings, S.A. CCCC International Shipping Corp. Onelink Holdings SA Pacific Pulp & Paper Inc WISLAND INVESTMENT GROUP INC. Schlumberger Overseas SA OPEN AIR INC. Wellington Real State Inc. Primavera Montana S.A. Leo Ocean, S.A. Dynamic Twinkle Shipping, S.A. B.B Naft Chartering International SA Empresas Comegua S.A. Emerton solutions, S.A. CSEI Transport (Panama) Corp. Sea Wealth Navigation SA Prival Securities, Inc. CCI Oil & Gas Contractors Inc West Trading & Marketing Oil Corp Marine Pacific Petroleum Inc Maxus One Shipping Corp WEST FULTON INC. Havelock Overseas S.A. Schlumberger Middle East, S.A ADM Americas S. de R.L. M&S Metal and Steel World Merchants S.A. Pan American Investment Co. Inc. OFD Supply, Inc. 14 de Julio Trading SA Grupo Onux S.A. Tugend Group S.A. OPTIDAC, S.A. OMC International Group Inc Reconstructora En Frio S.A. ZANINI INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY INC. Quijano y Asociados En Espanol y Quijano y Associates En Ingles D C P FINANCE CORP INC. Astraea Maritime SA YACHTSHIP HOLDING CORP. PACIFIC ASSOCIATES INC. PACIFIC DODWELL S.A. Pacific Fisheries Corporation Leyte Navigation, S. A. Pacific Star Corporation Pacific MaritimeTransport Corozal Processing Free Zone Corp Petrodorado South America S.A. Global Specialty Trading Inc Indexport Zona Libre, S.A. Ocean Transit Carrier S.A. Royal Canadian S.A. Productos Superiores S A AERO DESPACHO PANAMA S.A. BECK HOLDINGS INC. ASAHI PANAMA INC. SANN-WELL ENGINEERING & MACHINERY CORP. WORLD MANAGEMENT COMPANY OF PANAMA S.A. CROWN INTERNATINAL (OVERSEAS) INC. Rayovac Overseas Corp. Sea Express Transport SA SANDOZ FARMACEUTICAS INC. Almacenadora Mercantil SA (Almercantil) Royard Trading International, S.A. ON LINE INVESTMENTS CORP. Professional Fee Protection S.A. Pado oil & Chemical S.A. World Cruise Corporation, S.A. Proyectos, Construcciones y Administracion, SA M.H. Progress Line, S.A. Productos Nestle (Costa Rica) S.A. P D Arte S A SPO MARINE CORPORATION Parsa SA Reflutec de Panama Ltda SA Regus Business Centre (Panama), S.A. Napa Petroleum Trade Inc Pretty Urban Shipping, SA Chemical Molecules Panama S.A PRICESMART PANAMA, S.A. Panam Parts Corporation Pacific Light Marine SA Pan American Tuna Coportation El Sol Maritime SA Pricewaterhousecoopers, S.A. NPI Holdings S.A. Pisa Farmaceutica de Panama S.A. Corporacion Abc Enterprises S.A. Penta-Ocean Dredging Panama Inc. Puerto Gonave S.A. Apollo Shipholding SA E&Y Central America Inc. Valutrade Business Corporation Ashton Business Inc. IBCORP Investment and Business Group SA Quantum International Business Corp Wilona Global S.A. Pan American Global Trading Brands Corp (Panaglobal) WESTERN AGRI MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL S.A. Distribuidora Electrica del Caribe S.A. Representaciones y Servicios Aro S.A. Pesquera Taurus Tuna, S. A. Perle Belle Marine S.A. Rum Trading International Corp GG-Tex S.A. Piga-World SA Optimoda Latinamerica, S.A. Pioneer International Latin America, SA (Pilasa) Silvertown Holding Corp. Tramites y Servicios de Aduana y Carga, S.A. (Trasaca, S.A.) Columbus Limited Inc Pacifica Comercial, S. A. Bimbo de Panama SA Schlumberger Surenco SA Schlumberger Seaco Inc Grupo Sgr SA Promotora Costa Pacifica SA Representaciones Ideales SA Processing Center S.A Estructura y Albanileria Especializada SA Programa de Ayuda Nacional Open Market Panama S.A. Rib-Loc Latin America S.A. Seavance Shipping SA Saint Honore, S.A. Grupo Credicorp Inc White Star Shipmanagement Inc Renergy Trading S.A. Euro Financial Investment SA Panasonic Latin America SA Panasonic Latin America Free Zone SA Roche Products Inc. PANADERIA Y DULCERIA LA SABROSA NOVENTA Y NUEVA S.A. AGOAL ENTERPRISES INC. Aresio Group, S.A. RP International Group Inc. Onest Holding Inc. Overseas, Inc. Billadeau International Finance Inc. Pay Hound Entertainment, S A Remedios Gold Holdings S.A. Santa Teresa International SA Olimpiadas Especiales Latinoamerica (Special Olympics Latin America) Cugranca S.A. Rolimpa Trading Corporation Kowissa AG SA Halford Properties S.A. S & K Holdings Inc Pacific Brewery SA Pietra D Arte Internacional SA Softline Overseas Corp. Panther Capital Holding Inc. Saeg International Group Inc. Orlean Invest Holding S.A. Mindmax Medical Solutions SA YUNICO TRADING S.A. SAP International Panama SA WENBORNE S.A., =O.H.= Primavera Construcions SA Kraft Intertrade Corp. Portline European S.A. BASIC TRADING INTERNATIONAL INC. Pro Data Technologies Corp Zergian Inc REA Consulting, S.A. WFC Investment Corp. Safemarine Corporation Pro-Vision Com S.A. Petropolis S.A. Regency Business Inc. Sandusky Business Corporation Santos Business Corporation Riande Comercial, S.A. Orville Overseas Corp Paneuropaeische Beteiligungen Ag Papios Industrial Consultants SA Paphijo SA Salam Corporation Inc REPALLANTAS TIP TOP S.A. Pixsolution SA Polymer Extrusion S A Proyectos y Telecomunicaciones S.A.(Proytel) Proyectos Civiles S y M S.A. Proyectos Tecnicos y Telecomunicaciones, S.A. Protepsa Proyectos y Construcciones del Este S.A. Productos de Refrigeracion y Aires Acondicionados S.A. Sacyr Industrial Panama S.A. Sacyr Industrial Mondisa Mantenimientos Electricos Panama, S.A. Pan Am Generating Limited Panrental, S. A. Panamphos Corp Pan Asia Panama Productos Panamenos, S.A. Orica Caribe S.A. Olympic Shipping and Management SA Olympia Shipholding S.A. Opalia Capital S.A. FIJI FINANCIAL INC. Servicios Los Angeles, S.A. Compania Importadora y Exportadora de Colon S.A. Colon Import and Export SA PRIMLAKS HOLDING COMPANY (PANAMA), INC. HAWICK HOLDING INC. Sedco Forex International Inc Transworld Finance Business Holding (T F B ) SA A. S. (S. A.) PANAMA PLANTATION INC. Pacific Gifts & Toys, Ltd. Inc. Preston Business United Inc Bretonia Holding, SA KMS Colon Panama SA Anchi, S.A.

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