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Athens Import & Export Inc Foreign Imports Inc Kadima, S.A. TCL International, Inc Compania Goly, SA Golden Helm Shipping Co., S.A. Global Cool Cars Inc SEDERIA LA LUNA SA Sonadiets Services, S.A. Brotex Import & Export S.A. Iberpan Ship Management, S.A. B.B Naft Chartering International SA West Trading & Marketing Oil Corp AG Trading Group SA Machen Development Corp Star Center, S.A. Ocean Trading International SA Sei Rah Inc Marine Pacific Petroleum Inc CQG Oil & Gas Contractors Inc Bimbo de Panama SA Schlumberger Logelco, Inc. Tricon Overseas Inc Penavicon Overseas, S A QGI OIL & GAS INC Schlumberger Overseas SA Medicare Marketing S.A. M.H. Progress Line, S.A. Tateyama Naviera S.A. Pacific Starfish S.A CCI Oil & Gas Contractors Inc Flanton Financial Corporation Sederia y Novedades Joyce SA Schlumberger Seaco Inc SANN-WELL ENGINEERING & MACHINERY CORP. Midas Line, S.A. Primavera Montana S.A. Leo Ocean, S.A. Dynamic Twinkle Shipping, S.A. Serdnol Properties S.A. Horizon International Trading AG Chemical Molecules Panama S.A Grupo Cemcal SA International Trade and Sales, Inc. (Intrasa) Caribbean Plastic S.A. IBCORP Investment and Business Group SA Silvertown Holding Corp. Ashford Invest & Trade Inc Seavance Shipping SA Grupo Q Interamerica Corp. Coast Eco Timber (Panama) S A Imexsatec, S.A. Fundacion Forum de Periodistas por las Libertades de Expresion e Informacion Suplidora del Sur SA Astraea Maritime SA Leyte Navigation, S. A. Comercial Cimex S.A. Global Specialty Trading Inc Ben Betesh Internacional S.A. TAPIA Y ASOCIADOS Four Shrine Corporation Birmingham Merchant S.A. Fageb Private Equity Investments Inc DS Air Inc Panam Parts Corporation Rig Oil & Gas Contractors Inc Mount Everest Maritime Inc Pacific Light Marine SA Lombard General Trading S A Apollo Shipholding SA Editrade Finance SA CH2M Hill Panama, S. de R.L. Valutrade Business Corporation Havelock Overseas S.A. Rones Finos del Caribe, S.A. ADM Americas S. de R.L. Rum Trading International Corp M&S Metal and Steel World Merchants S.A. Ership Internacional, S.A. Gateway Transit Limited Inc Demonde Inc Metaldeza Panama, S A Ducruet Risk Services Inc Panama Compania Astor S.A. Grupo Onux S.A. Electro Int. Ltd. S.A. MRO Holdings Inc. FRC Holdings Inc. Cheminco SA Ronimo Shipping Inc Fitness Panama SA GENERAL BARTER TRADE CORP. INC. South American Aircraft Leasing SA Mindmax Medical Solutions SA AAY Investments Group S.A. Puente Hnos Casa de Valores SA Dekel Hostels Holding S.A. TORNE DEVELOPMENT CORP. Xen Investments Corp. Gas Pacific, S.A. Asociacion de Productores y Exportadores, S.A. Pacific International Management Inc. Corporacion Cimex, S.A. KMS Colon, Panama, S.A. Anchi, S.A. Cash Logistics S.A. CA Legal Services Grupo Assa S.A. Professional Cleaners SA Ocean Transit Carrier S.A. Grupo Especializado de Asistencia de Panama S.A. Casa Bee's Bhagwandas Tikamdas Mayani SA DENHAM S.A., J. Productos Superiores S A Shalom S.A. VENTANAS DEL MAR S.A. Banco Mercantil del Istmo S.A. Cafe Sitton SA CONSORCIO MERCANTIL S.A. BAZAR TUN TUN S.A. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT CONSULTING CORP. Vin-Rotch Properties Limited Inc. Inmobiliaria Konkord, S.A. METROPLAN S.A. Naftomar Shipping and Trading Co. Ltd. Inc. A D S MARITIME INTERNATIONAL S.A. G T E DE PANAMA S.A. Duisa SA CAPITAL GRANT SECURITIES INC. Mars Shipping Co. S.A. CASCO MINING CO., S.A. FINANCIERA UNION DEL SUR S.A. INDUSTRIAS DEL MAR S.A. Shipping Radio & Management International Inc. MARIASPES COMPANIA NAVIERA SA Distribuidora Dic, S.A. Almacenadora Mercantil SA (Almercantil) J. Ray McDermott, S.A. World Trade Center Panama Inc. Diamond Camellia, S. A. Ocean Champion S.A. Productos del Mar y del Campo S.A. Pado oil & Chemical S.A. International Risk Management (Panama) Inc KPMG Central America S.A. AM Nomikos Transworld Maritime Agencies SA Latam Logistic Inc Sunbeam International Investment Corp Equipamientos Urbanos de Panama S.A. Azure Parcel Lines Corp Pana Star Line S.A. Global Digital Payment Services S.A. Golden Silver Zona Libre, S.A. PDVSA Marketing International, S.A. Hermitage Trade and Chartering, S.A. Triton Energy of Panama Corp Arias B y Asociados Empresas Comegua S.A. Cape Tankers Inc. West Coast Frozen Fish S.A. Rhein Group SA Chanel S. DE R.L. Emerton solutions, S.A. CSE Transport Corporation CSEI Transport (Panama) Corp. Madeira Trading Inc Santolina Consultants Inc. J O I Shipping SA Olamar Navegacion, S.A. Coari International Inc. DSM Nutritional Products Interamerica, S.A. Avalon Panama S.A. Napa Petroleum Trade Inc Big Time International Corp New Nada Shipping Co Ltd DAP Cosmetic Inc IFH Retail Corp. US Pharmacy Systems Inc Sea Wealth Navigation SA Options Real Estate Corp. BHL International Inc Ecotrade S.A. Panama Fundacion para el Desarrollo Comunitario Fundeco Ena Sur S.A. International Management & Trust Corporation Prival Securities, Inc. Compa˝ia Naviera Mia Summer SA Compania Naviera Adriana, S.A Constructora D.A.C.S.A. Camax Chile S.A. Panalab Internacional SA Cryogas de Centroamerica, S.A. Venner Capital SA KPMG International Services, Inc. Pedregal Maritime, S.A. NPI Holdings S.A. Maxus One Shipping Corp Promasidor Inc Corporacion Abc Enterprises S.A. Trans-Business Inc. Global Intercontinental Services Inc. ICT Intercontinental Trading SA Hyette Intercontinental Telecom Inc. (HIT, Inc.) Bakri Trading Company Inc Concord Trading Corporationq The General Trust Company SA Grupo del Sol Developments Grain Hill Corporation SA Constructora Seli de Panama S.A. Sonaki Corporation S.A. Intercontinental Cargo Enterprises SA Farmacia Arrocha S.A. Cromas Trading Inc GLOBAL DRILLING SERVICES LTD. Global Services Overseas Inc Green Spanker Shipping, SA Yuri Shipping SA Hewlett-Packard Global Services Panama S.A. WESTERN AGRI MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL S.A. The Panamera Hotel Corp Impacto Maximo & Resultados (Panama) S.A. Pluto Lease Corporation Consorcio Codepa-Socoin Consorcio UM Panama, S.A. Inc Empresa de Transmision Electrica SA Coney Island Distributors, S.A. GEAM LIMITED INC. GG-Tex S.A. Trayectoria Oil & Gas, S.A. Piga-World SA Avia Star S.A. Lotus Pioneer SA TRADE AND COOPERATION ENTERPRISES Banco Nacional de Panama S.A. Citicorp International Bank, SA Eastern Cross Shipping, S.A. Mega Electronic Corp Trade and Transport, Inc. Servicios de Representaciones de Construccion, S.A. Servicios Costa Azul, S.A. Ingenieria Ventas y Servicios SA Atlantic Management International, S.A. GT Global Services S.A. Hardi Holding, S.A. Banco General S.A. Phaethon International Company SA Distribuidora Internacional de Mallas, S. A. TCP Rail Inc Schlumberger Surenco SA

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