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Athens Import & Export Inc Foreign Imports Inc (Foreign Goods Distribution) SEDERIA LA LUNA SA Golden Helm Shipping Co., S.A. Global Cool Cars Inc Softline Overseas Corp. Kadima, S.A. Mount Everest Maritime Inc Havelock Overseas S.A. Sederia y Novedades Joyce SA Compania Goly, SA Mercosur Trading Group, S.A. Santa Teresa International SA Comercial Cimex S.A. Schlumberger Overseas SA Machen Development Corp Ecotrade S.A. Panama GG-Tex S.A. Ashford Invest & Trade Inc Ership Internacional, S.A. Tricon Overseas Inc Texmatch International Holding SA Greencompass Marine S.A. SANN-WELL ENGINEERING & MACHINERY CORP. M.H. Progress Line, S.A. Horizon International Trading AG Napa Petroleum Trade Inc Pacific Starfish S.A Pacific Light Marine SA Sonaki Corporation S.A. Piga-World SA Strategic Investors Group Inc. Compania Naviera Mandy SA QGI OIL & GAS INC NORMAN FINANCIAL SERVICES S.A. Duke Oil Company Inc Anchi, S.A. Medicare Marketing S.A. Phoenix World Investments, SA Sun Lanes Shipping SA Primavera Montana S.A. I.M.S. Maritime S.A. Triton Energy of Panama Corp. Emerton solutions, S.A. Madeira Trading Inc DS Air Inc Panam Parts Corporation West Trading & Marketing Oil Corp Marine Pacific Petroleum Inc De La Guardia, Arosemena y Benedetti Farmacia Arrocha S.A. Rones Finos del Caribe, S.A. Pesquera Taurus Tuna, S. A. Schlumberger Middle East, S.A AG Trading Group SA Ecotecnica Agroindustrial SA Grupo Q Interamerica Corp. Corporacion Azov SA FRC Holdings Inc. Centennial Holdings Mexico SA Onest Holding Inc. Glomar Supplies Ltd SA Olimpiadas Especiales Latinoamerica (Special Olympics Latin America) Axime Corporation S.A. The Central America Leadership Initiative Foundation (The Cali Foundation) Reconstructora En Frio S.A. Kraft Intertrade Corp. Laboratorios Biopas SA Astraea Maritime SA Leyte Navigation, S. A. Pacific Pulp & Paper Inc Ceva Freight Management Panama S. de R.L. Preston Business United Inc American Sportswear S.A. Ocean Transit Carrier S.A. Evar Investment Group S.A. Banco Mercantil del Istmo S.A. Panamena de Costuras, S.A. Pacosa Glorus Credit Corporation Naftomar Shipping and Trading Co. Ltd. Inc. INTERGLOBE CONSULTANTS INC. Iberpan Ship Management, S.A. Sansho Line S.A. IOSG Secretaries Inc South Cape Financial and Maritime Corp. Hanes Panama Inc. Midas Line, S.A. Leo Ocean, S.A. Dynamic Twinkle Shipping, S.A. Nexus Films Corp PDVSA Marketing International, S.A. B.B Naft Chartering International SA Utor Asset Management Inc. Kashima Naviera, S.A. Fageb Private Equity Investments Inc West Coast Frozen Fish S.A. Empresas Arrocha SA Chanel S. DE R.L. Transworld container Leasing, S.A. Serdnol Properties S.A. Hyson Trading Corp Elan Marketing, Inc Promociones Administrativas S.A. Triple SSS Zona Libre S.A DAP Cosmetic Inc Peltor Group S.A. Sea Wealth Navigation SA Chemical Molecules Panama S.A Inversiones Continental (Panama) S.A. First Quality Cruises Inc Roda International Holding S.A. Moon Rise Shipping Co. S.A. Camax Chile S.A. Panalab Internacional SA TCL International, Inc Intercontinental Zona Libre SA South and West African Holding, S.A. Buselten Finance, S.A. Interglobal Finance S.A. Eastern Bulkship S.A. BG Trust Inc E&Y Central America Inc. Intercontinental Specialty Fats SA Caribbean Plastic S.A. Valutrade Business Corporation Green Spanker Shipping, S.A. Chiko's Internacional SA Cook Worldwide Ltd The Panamera Hotel Corp Electronica Medica S.A. F.D. One Investments, S.A. ADM Americas S. de R.L. GEMI S.A. Transverde Freight SA Hardi Holding, S.A. Carnival Corporation Metaldeza Panama, S A Schlumberger Logelco, Inc. Schlumberger Seaco Inc Grupo Sgr SA Suntree Shipping S.A. Seavance Shipping SA GTM Holdings S.A. Safe T Supplies, S.A. OFD Supply, Inc. Solfin Valores S.A. Grupo Onux S.A. Grupo Kayve S.A. Multi Securities Inc MRO Holdings Inc. Capital I Inc Nitrokemia Laboratory Corporation (Nitrolabs) Waterfall Overseas S.A. Commerce Inc. Winery International S.A. Fabrica de Velas La Devocion SA Intergroup Financial Services Corp Quelaris Internacional S.A. Nord Entreprises SA Demar Invest SA General Procurement Services SA Ultranav International S.A. Cugranca S.A. MERCAGRANOS S.A. CASA FASTLICH, S.A. Fundacion Forum de Periodistas por las Libertades de Expresion e Informacion Dolphin Overseas Limited S.A. Zetta Group International Corp. D B II S.A. FORTMIX INVESTMENTS CORPORATION AAY Investments Group S.A. Sika Latin America Mgt Inc. Correval Panama S.A. SLB Holdings Group Corp Onelink Holdings SA AV Securities Inc Assets Business International, S. A. Blarney Overseas S.A. Sheldon Pacific Inc. Termo Caribe Corp Ticasa Investment Corporation Interglobal Trading Inc Bunker One (Gulf of Mexico) S.A. Lawrenceburg International Inc. RH International Consulting S.A. Lady Nami SA NOVATRON ZONA LIBRE S.A. Mihujo, SA Dean Witter Reynolds International Inc Importadora Bouticar S.A. Por el Mundo S.A. Mundo Nano S.A. K & B Financial Group Inc Alama Holdings Inc Synergy Group Corp. Vida Panama Zona Libre S A Field Lining Services of Latin America Inc. PANAMERICAN PAPER CONSULTING COMPANY S.A. ALARMATEC, S.A. Alarma, S.A. Agro Fertil Panama SA Wartsila Panama, S.A. Penn Alumni Club de Panama Alumicentro de Panama, S.A. Agro Agil Panama SA Astrazeneca Camcar S.A. Jesus Antonio Rodriguez Cuevas Next Capital Corp. Blackrock International Corporation Tel-Data, S.A. PRINZ VON ANHALT HOLDING A.G. Canaltex Cotton Inc All Finance Inc Fiona Latin America S.A. D C P FINANCE CORP INC. Fayette Financial Corporation FIJI FINANCIAL INC. Ohad Finance Inc. Astro Holding International SA Wireless and Satellite Consulting, S.A. Astro Gold Shipping S.A. Societe Fianaciera Astra S.A. Astron Equities SA Nestle Panama S.A. David Angel, S.A. Compania Panamena de Aviacion S.A. LOO LEE, CIRO Servicios Los Angeles, S.A. Sony Inter-American S.A. Ultramar Panama Inc. Compania Importadora y Exportadora de Colon S.A. Colon Import and Export SA EMPRESAS CRESPO CARRO S.A. GOODYEAR DE PANAMA S.A. Ultramar Commercial Corporation Central Exportadora Silbros, S.A. Golden Apple Holding Inc. Agencias Ultramar S.A. Issa Internacional S.A. Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior S.A. Plastiglas Holding Co. Inc. Mi Casa, S.A. CONSTRUCTORA EXPERTA S.A. IMPORTADORA Y EXPORTADORA CHINA S.A. MADERAS DE CERRO AZUL S.A. Innovacion Internacional Zona Libre S.A. PANAMERICANA DE VENTAS S.A. TORNE DEVELOPMENT CORP. EXPORTADORA MERCANTIL S.A. Importadora y Exportadora Rosen SA CENTRO DE EXPORTATION S.A.

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