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Caja de Seguro Social de la Republica de Panama Sederia y Novedades Joyce SA Midas Line, S.A. West Trading & Marketing Oil Corp SEDERIA LA LUNA SA Napa Petroleum Trade Inc Pacific Starfish S.A Foreign Imports Inc FRC Holdings Inc. Banesco Holding Medios de Pago, S. L. Ocean Transit Carrier SA Fundacion Forum de Periodistas por las Libertades de Expresion e Informacion Machen Development Corp Azure Parcel Lines Corp Emerton solutions, S.A. Horizon International Trading AG Ecotrade S.A. Panama Grupo Cemcal SA Outsourcing Farm CA Green Spanker Shipping, SA ADM Americas S de R.L. Synergy Aerospace Corp AG Trading Group SA Euroleaf Tabak Corp Astraea Maritime SA SANN-WELL ENGINEERING & MACHINERY CORP. Overseas Currencies Exchange Corporation Pana Star Line S.A. M.H. Progress Line, S.A. Elan Marketing, Inc Union Credit and Guarantee, S.A. Roda International Holding S.A. El Sol Maritime SA Sonadiets Services, S.A. Aqua Marine Shipping Inc BETCO INTERNATIONAL Seven Servicios y Inversiones Internacionales Inc. International Duty Free Brazil Xen Investments Corp. Fursys S.A. American Gaming Corp Anchi, S.A. Greencompass Marine S.A. Unigreen Marine, S.A. Schlumberger Overseas SA INVERSIONES MORGAN S.A. APL de Panama SA Golden Helm Shipping Co., S.A. West Coast Frozen Fish S.A. Serdnol Properties S.A. Comercializadora Farmaceutica Centroamericana SA Olamar Navegacion, S.A. Romamos SA Sea Wealth Navigation SA Mount Everest Maritime Inc Venner Capital SA NPI Holdings S.A. Buselten Finance, S.A. Ocean Trading International SA Lanturno Nisper Coal Trading SA Blue Cypress Line SA Caribbean Plastic S.A. CQG Oil & Gas Contractors Inc Mervin Global Corp Avia Star S.A. Servicios de Representaciones de Construccion, S.A. Servicios Costa Azul, S.A. Gateway Transit Limited Inc Ducruet Risk Services Inc Panama Schlumberger Seaco Inc Estructura y Albanileria Especializada SA Sea World Shoes Inc Magenta Line S A Grupo Q Interamerica Corp. South American Aircraft Leasing SA Astrazeneca Camcar S.A. Compania Importadora y Exportadora de Colon S.A. Colon Import and Export SA Pacific Industrial Corporation S.A. Oasis International Trading Corp. Athens Import & Export Inc Leyte Navigation, S. A. Pacific Pulp & Paper Inc Corozal Processing Free Zone Corp Compania Goly, SA Target Petroleum Azerbaijan Corporation Preston Business United Inc KMS Colon, Panama, S.A. Corporacion Impa-Doel S.A. MODAS JOANNE LOGAN, S.A. Banco Mercantil del Istmo S.A. BAZAR TUN TUN S.A. Panamena de Costuras, S.A. Pacosa Rada Internacional S.A. Intermining International, S.A. Sunny - Side Development SA B.B.Naft Trading S.A. MARIASPES COMPANIA NAVIERA SA Distribuidora Dic, S.A. Mars America Latina, S.A. Royard Trading International, S.A. Iberpan Ship Management, S.A. Gen Power Holding, S.A. Diamond Camellia, S. A. Top Brands International S.A. Silver Lake Shipping Company, S.A. SAMAHA OIL TRADING, S.A. Interomnia Inc. Hercules Shipholding Navigation S.A. BAC International Bank, Inc. Four Shrine Corporation I.M.S. Maritime S.A. Maroil Trading, Inc Moldex Panama, S.A. Bez Trading Corp Cape Tankers Inc. Chanel S. DE R.L. Compania Mercantil de Las Americas S.A. Metalco Panama S.A. Sanofi-Aventis de Panama S.A. Worldwide container Leasing, S.A Sei Rah Inc DS Air Inc Big Time International Corp Panam Parts Corporation Rig Oil & Gas Contractors Inc Trinity LNG Transport SA Prival Securities, Inc. Cinnabar Network Assets Inc Yuriastro.Com, S.A. CCI Oil & Gas Contractors Inc Pacific Light Marine SA TCL International, Inc EAS International Inc South American Avionics, Inc. Flanton Financial Corporation Bakri Trading Company Inc Grain Hill Corporation SA BG Trust Inc E&Y Central America Inc. Sonaki Corporation S.A. CH2M Hill Panama, S. de R.L. Ocean Seagull Trading Corp Intercontinental Specialty Fats SA Fernus Line S.A. Paulista Trading Group Inc Cromas Trading Inc TENERIA TAURO SA. Havelock Overseas S.A. Viber Media Inc Wilona Global S.A. Cochez y Cia, S.A. Pluto Lease Corporation Piga-World SA Artois Holdings Corporation M&S Metal and Steel World Merchants S.A. Ership Internacional, S.A. Banco Panamericano, SA Banco Confederado de America Latina SA Afrocean compania Naviera, S.A. Hardi Holding, S.A. Maersk Central America S.A. Polmont Invest Group SA Demonde Inc Ocean Club Casino Inc Distribuidora Internacional de Mallas, S. A. TCP Rail Inc HMG Investment Corp Products Tankers Management Company Inc Restaurantes Global Panama, S A Seavance Shipping SA International World Shipping Agencies, S.A. Tricon Overseas Inc Penavicon Overseas, S A Productos Quimicos, S.A. La Barra Ancon, S A Lombard Odier (Panama) Inc. Electro Int. Ltd. S.A. GMG Holding, SA Rio Imports, SA Inversiones Centuria S.A. Telstar Holdings Ltd., Inc. Parma Holdings S.A. Peony Investment SA Pecorino Holdings SA Unique Vacations Inc. Mercosur Trading Group, S.A. Aresio Group, SA JACKY JAC S A Man Diesel & Turbo Panama Enterprises Inc. Santa Teresa International SA Luneville Enterprises Inc Halford Properties S.A. POLAMARINE (PANAMA) CORP. Softline Overseas Corp. Crispet Holdings Corp. VENETA TRADING INTERNATIONAL INC. Brandao Granda & Asociados Compania Naviera Meraviglia SA The Martin-Brower Company LLC Helsinge Inc. Cavenguayas Panama S.A. ARAL S.A. Pertimex, S. A. Basf Panama S.A. Hornbeam, Corp. Skyline Holding S.A Fairfax Investment Corporation NOVATRON ZONA LIBRE S.A. Mihujo, SA Dean Witter Reynolds International Inc Importadora Bouticar S.A. Por el Mundo S.A. Mundo Nano S.A. K & B Financial Group Inc Alama Holdings Inc Synergy Group Corp. Vida Panama Zona Libre S A Field Lining Services of Latin America Inc. PANAMERICAN PAPER CONSULTING COMPANY S.A. ALARMATEC, S.A. Alarma, S.A. Agro Fertil Panama SA Wartsila Panama, S.A. Penn Alumni Club de Panama Alumicentro de Panama, S.A. Agro Agil Panama SA Rodriguez Cuevas, Jesus Antonio Next Capital Corp. Blackrock International Corporation Tel-Data, S.A. Canaltex Cotton Inc All Finance Inc Fiona Latin America S.A. D C P FINANCE CORP INC. Fayette Financial Corporation FIJI FINANCIAL INC. Ohad Finance Inc. Orian S.A. Astro Holding International SA Wireless and Satellite Consulting, S.A. Astravence Corp Asturias Maritime, SA Astro Gold Shipping S.A. Societe Fianaciera Astra S.A. Astron Equities SA The Austrian & Lietchtenstein Group Anstalt SA Nestle Panama S.A. David Angel, S.A. Compania Panamena de Aviacion S.A. LOO LEE, CIRO

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