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NOVATRON ZONA LIBRE S.A. Mihujo, SA Importadora Bouticar S.A. Por el Mundo S.A. Mundo Nano S.A. K & B Financial Group Inc Alama Holdings Inc Synergy Group Corp. Vida Panama Zona Libre S A Field Lining Services of Latin America Inc. PANAMERICAN PAPER CONSULTING COMPANY S.A. Agro Fertil Panama SA Penn Alumni Club de Panama Agro Agil Panama SA Astrazeneca Camcar S.A. Jesus Antonio Rodriguez Cuevas Next Capital Corp. Blackrock International Corporation Tel-Data, S.A. PRINZ VON ANHALT HOLDING A.G. Canaltex Cotton Inc All Finance Inc Fiona Latin America S.A. D C P FINANCE CORP INC. Fayette Financial Corporation Astro Holding International SA Wireless and Satellite Consulting, S.A. Astro Gold Shipping S.A. Astraea Maritime SA Societe Fianaciera Astra S.A. Astron Equities SA Nestle Panama S.A. David Angel, S.A. Compania Panamena de Aviacion S.A. LOO LEE, CIRO Servicios Los Angeles, S.A. Sony Inter-American S.A. Ultramar Panama Inc. Compania Importadora y Exportadora de Colon S.A. Colon Import and Export SA EMPRESAS CRESPO CARRO S.A. GOODYEAR DE PANAMA S.A. Ultramar Commercial Corporation Central Exportadora Silbros, S.A. Golden Apple Holding Inc. Agencias Ultramar S.A. Issa Internacional S.A. Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior S.A. Plastiglas Holding Co. Inc. Mi Casa, S.A. CONSTRUCTORA EXPERTA S.A. IMPORTADORA Y EXPORTADORA CHINA S.A. Innovacion Internacional Zona Libre S.A. PANAMERICANA DE VENTAS S.A. TORNE DEVELOPMENT CORP. EXPORTADORA MERCANTIL S.A. Importadora y Exportadora Rosen SA CENTRO DE EXPORTATION S.A. CORO S.A. KOREA EXCHANGE BANK Carrousel Corporation BANQUE ANVAL S.A. International Ciers S.A. Nestle Caribbean Inc. Autoridad del Canal de Panama EXPORTADORES-IMPORTADORES ARIAS S.A. DISTRIBUIDORA PACIFIC ATLANTIC SA MOON HEART CHEMICALS INC. PRIMLAKS HOLDING COMPANY (PANAMA), INC. SUNFLOWER SHIP HOLDING S.A. Pacific Industrial Corporation S.A. HAWICK HOLDING INC. Sedco Forex International Inc Hemisphere Holding and Trading Corporation Cieco Continental Import/ Export Corporation (Cieco) PANAMA HOLDING CORP KAMI INTERNATIONAL HOLDING CO. S.A. Transworld Finance Business Holding (T F B ) SA INVESTMENT MARINE COMPANY S.A. IKE HOLDING INC. A. S. (S. A.) Amber S.A. BRIDGE TRADING S.A. Importadora y Exportadora Sakayori SA FALCON GENERAL LEISURE CORPORATION Mossack Fonseca & Co. S.A. KALIF TRADING INC. AMARIS MARKETING INC. INTERNATIONAL LEISURE AND ARTS INC. Polycore Holding Corporation YACHTSHIP HOLDING CORP. Cross Group Holding International Inc. Nour Collection Inc. TRADING COCOA S.A. Panavent Holding, S.A. PACIFIC ASSOCIATES INC. GRANADA HOLDING CORP. EURO FINANZ INSTITUT S.A. Transimex Holding SA Allseas Holding Company, Inc IMPORTADORA Y EXPORTADORA 'MIRNA', S.A. IMPORTADORA Y EXPORTADORA INTERNACIONAL DE PANAMA S.A. Heerema Holding Company, Inc. Grupo Financiero Bandelta S.A. PANAMA PLANTATION INC. Finance and Trading Holding, S.A. Atlantic Pacific Ship Chandlers, S.A. Fabrica de Alimentos y Helados, S.A. IM Export American SA Xen Investments Corp. COMPANIA VIENTO NORTE S.A. PACIFIC SECURITIES INTERNATIONAL INC. PETROCHEMICALS IMPORT & EXPORT INC. Inversiones Orioles S.A. Export & Import Consultant SA Pacific Far East Trading Corporation Exportadora Sunny S.A. PACIFIC DODWELL S.A. Pacific Ocean Shipping Corp. Niero, S.A. Importadora y Exportadora Safa, S.A. Cedar Energy Corporation, S.A. Fidelity Pacific Fund SA Bamburi Tankers Holding (Nauru) Corp. Delta Near East SA Oasis International Trading Corp. Ultramar Lexis Inc. Foto Zoom SA Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Production Corporation Cerro Punta, S.A. Pacific Fisheries Corporation Cape, S.A. Parcival World Holding SA Ventas Electronicas S.A. Bamburi Tankers Holding (Nauru) Corp. Pacific Common Carriers SA Sumitomo Corporation International SA MOPAS CRUISE LINE SA Pacific Venture Shipping SA Trident Car Transport S.A. Gas Pacific, S.A. SINGER & FRIEDLANDER INVESTMENT FUND SA Whiland Co. Panama SA Las Vegas Nevadas SA Pacific Gifts & Toys, Ltd. Inc. Importadora y Exportadora Nimar S.A. Importadora y Exportadora Colonial Ltd, S.A. Pan Pacific Shipping & Trading, S.A. Athens Import & Export Inc Euro-line Panamericana (Panama) S.A. World Grain Trading Inc. Isad, S A Importer and exporters Import Export Formosa S A Compania Universal de Perfumeria Francesa S.A. Daley Associated Incorporated Leyte Navigation, S. A. Pacific Pulp & Paper Inc ALVARADO ANGEL =DR= Thrifty Car Rental (Inter Marketing Inc) Pacific International Airlines SA Cresline Marine Incorporated Tecnologia Y finanzas/ Electro Technical Services, S.A. (Tecfinsa/Electro Techni Pacific Pioneer SA Trans Pacific Enterprize Company Incorporated Corporacion Turistica del Pacifico SA Exportadora Kathy SA Kure Shipping S.A. Coast Pacific Inc. C.A. de Oliveira Andrade Comercio Importacao Exportacao S.A. Pharma Chemicals Express Ltd Holding del Progreso Internacional Corporacion Importadora y Exportadora Hermanos Gago S.A. Marketing and Sales Technologies Inc Inversiones y Finanzas Rical S.A. Inversiones Moses, S.A. Balmor Investment Corp. Sanuma Ltd. Inc PACIFIC CAN HOLDINGS INC. AEIH Group Centro Americana de Cueros, S.A. Kora Trasportation, S.A. Cerro Gordo S.A. New Wear Corporation Pacific Star Corporation TKC Panama, S.A. De La Espriella Co. Ltda. Ministerio de Economia y Finanzas - Unidad Administrativa de Bienes Revertidos Top Cueros, S.A. F. Lamanna y Asociados Mediterranean Compania Naviera, S.A. Righetti Holding Group Corp. NL Deodar Shipping (Panama) SA Stolt Acergy Shipping Inc Swiss American Holding Co., S.A. Atlantic Pacific Investment & Trading S.A. Pan Pacific Chemical Lines S.A. AES Panama S.R.L. Importadora y Exportadora Chow, S.A. Pacific MaritimeTransport Eagle Mercantile Holdings Inc. Near East Financial Corporation Core Laboratories Panama, S.A. Asociacion de Productores y Exportadores, S.A. Arcos Dorados Panama, SA CSAV Sud Americana de Vapores, S.A. Asociacion Exportadores de Azuero Pacific Offshore, S.A. Crazy for Cars S.A. Euroline Corp. Orient Pacific Line, SA Exportadora Royal Zona Libre, S.A. Compania Panamena de Finanzas, S.A. Carras (Hellas) SA Expert Associated Inc. Fuerte Amador Resort & Marina SA Forex Trading, S.A. Mulverton Finance Inc. Importadora y Exportadora del Orbe S.A. Panama Car Rental S.A. Pacific Realty International Corp. Duke Oil Company Inc Overseas Tuna Pacific SA Importadora y Exportadora Safer, S.A. Bond Real Estate S.A. Kentwell Corp Corozal Processing Free Zone Corp GDC Industrial, S.A. Pacific Management and Consulting Limited, S.A. Impo-Expo Reobot, S.A. Vision Latin America Inc. Cherry Wood International Corporation Silter International Inc. South Pacific Trading, S.A. Panama Pacific Packers, Inc World Tiles Inc. Costa Import & Export Inc. Universal Care, S.A. Red Eagle Corporation America Car Group, S.A. Finsa Finance and Holding, S.A. Panama TESOL Compania Goly, SA Pacific Latinamerica, S.A. Rend Lake Corp Holding Skoda Corp. J. Abadi A. y Cia Ltda Freesia Marine Project Corporation PACIFIC CREDIT RATING HOLDING INC. Vasallo Import & Export GlaxoSmithKline Export Panama S.A. Museo de Arte Contemporaneo

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