List of Corporate Headquarters in OSLO

Search a company in Norway with your criteria (trade name, adress, Norwegian registry number...). provides business and credit information about Norwegian firms.
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If you intend to initiate a search of business partners worldwide, you need to really know about your prospects. The Business report brings you this information : Norwegian register data, shareholders, corporate group structure worldwide will help you to grasp the real dimension of a company.
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Nordic Capital Partners II AS Nordic Capital AS Nordic Capital Investment Advisory AS Nordic Capital Partners Kunnskapskontoret AS Nordic Capital Partners Iii AS Nordic Capital Partners Iv AS Nordic Capital Partners Cs 50 AS Nordic Capital Partners AS Egl Nordic Capital Management AS Aquila Capital Nordics AS Nordic Bridge Capital Advisors AS Therium Capital Management Nordic AS Kongsbergbygg ANS Marius Kjønnøy Kongsberg Kongsgaard Mineralvann AS Scandinavian Hospitality Management AS Scandinavian Hospitality Property AS O Hospitality Management AS Mapa AS Mape AS Mapea AS Prima Holding AS Trondheim Hotell Holding AS Idia AS Idyia AS Redningsselskapet Redningsselskapets Stiftelse Erik Net-working Invest AS Cathrine Hammel AS Tjueseksb AS Cathrine Hammel Topaz Investment AS Knut A. Gråbø Knut A Sørlie Bil og Transport Convertor AS Integrated Network Systems AS Mb Technology Invest AS Multi Mobile Technology AS Scandinavian Mobile Technology AS Preventia AS Pre Vention AS Notion Holding AS Why Not AS Notion Capital AS Not Today AS Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning ASA Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning AS Alfred Berg AS Elite Vital AS Elite Dental AS Soya Holding AS Soya Sushi AS Soya Sushi Bar DA Frysja Farvehandel AS Norske Selskab Nordisk Trading AS Norsk AS Pro-nordic AS Hansteen Optimax AS Swedish Match Distribution AS Klaveness AS Gorrissen & Klaveness AS Klaveness Container AS Hilda Hilda Esperanza Morales Klaveness H-l Holding AS Hill AS Hilltop Holding AS Silver Hill Holding AS Signal Hill Holding AS River Hill Holding AS Hill Holding AS Hl Holding AS Artplant AS Geo Solution AS Rex Geo Solution AS Equinor AS Securitas AS Fuchs Lubricants Norway AS The New Venture AS Krystallen Borettslag Nieu Soria Moria AS Odysseas Kousoulas Roche Norge AS Roca Norge AS Roche Diagnostics Norge AS Ricoh Norge AS Raco Norge AS Chevron Global Technology Services Company Operate AS Lgb-operations Gmbh First Fondene AS Caminito Import AS Caminito AS Presens AS Presens Markedskommunikasjon AS Audio Visual Engineering AS Visual AS Visual Electro AS Tcp AS Nordbø Holding AS Brødrene Nordbø Holding AS Åf Advansia AS Rystad Energy AS The Corporate Passage Lasse Passage Nøsted Nøsted Dansekunst Cloud Solutions AS Arctic Health Solutions AS Agito Invest AS Agito Norge AS Agito Retail Design AS Agitec AS Atlas AS Atlas Shop DA Atlas Travel AS Atlas Tour AS Smudi AS Semeion AS Bila Bilag AS Norwegian Rail AS Norwegian Retail AS Reward AS Norwegian Renewables Group AS Insights AS Alnæs Insights Fjellsikring AS Actavis AS Ktn Rør AS Ktn Håndverk AS Prop Corp AS Propar AS Fearnley Offshore AS Fearnley Offshore Supply AS Mohn ANS Dr. Mohn Nutraq AS Nutraq 1 AS Nutraq 2 AS Nutraq 3 AS Mo Rederi AS Bw Offshore Norwegian Manning AS Bw Offshore Norway AS Northern Offshore Norway AS Rever Offshore Norway AS Norway Offshore Ltd AS Norwegian Offshore AS Miro ANS Miro AS Miro Circle AS Miro Kubas Miro Velchev Bjørke-tranberg AS Tranberg Lars Petter Import Apollo Bilservice Yngvar Tranberg Tranberg Dagfinn Olymp AS Meditron ASA Meditron Sounddesign AS Meditrans AS Mediator AS Meditrans AS Konkursbo Meditrend AS Medi-trans AS Meditrade AS Burrito Project AS Burrito Project Oslo City AS Fritzøe Brygge Drift AS Fritzøe Brygge Helsekost AS Olsten Norway AS Norlyd AS Nora Elder Norild Norled Morten Hvamstad Davidsen & Co AS Jan Erling Nilsen Golf Info Erling Nilsen Lindholm Kadabra Magne Lindholms Tekstbyrå og Forlag Magne B. Lindholm Lindholm Management Lindholm Freelance Maren Østvold Lindheim Sara Eidsbø Lindholm Maren Sofie Fjordholm Maren Holding AS Fremtind Livsforsikring AS Fremtind Forsikring AS Oslo Omsorg AS Omsorg Oslo Kf Cmnre II Brynsalléen 2 Propco AS Brynsallèen 2 AS Cmnre II Brynsalléen 2 Holdco AS Bryn Butikkeiendom AS Dal Butikkeiendom AS Bardu Butikkeiendom AS Gomsrud Butikkeiendom AS Solaveien AS Proteket AS Prototypen AS Prototyper AS Prototoys AS Protoit AS Jan Chr g Sundt Jpa AS Inludo AS Axactor Norway Holding AS Axactor Se Axactor AS Tekst & Tanke Adams Ap Malermester AS Miriam Hlavaty. The Listening Experience Nødtvedts Hilde Sølvsmie Distreal Nsf 2 Oslo AS Distreal Nsf 1 Oslo AS Distreal Nsf 3 Oslo AS Distreal Nsf 4 Oslo AS Connect AS Milanex AS Norag AS Pro:norge AS Norge 1 AS Norge 2 AS Nord-norges Hus AS Lashes By Kasja AS Anton Lashes Juba Jub Norge AS Argentum Invest AS Argentum Business Company DA Tidewave Ltd Tides AS Rana Gruppen AS Communicator AS Communicator DA Endurox AS Siles AS Glitre Zoo AS Glitre Holding AS Villa Glitre AS Visma Eaccounting AS Visma AS Visma Enterprise AS DFDS Logistics AS DFDS Tor Line AS Henrik Jonsson Incus Produksjon Henrik M Jahnsen A B AS Abe AS Noram Drilling Company AS Northern Drilling Management Norway AS Normod Drilling AS Noram-trading AS Fram Drilling AS Runar Forøy Ventelo Log AS Benterudstranda 4 AS Benterudstranda 602 AS Sameiet Bentsegata 6 Benterudstranda 402 AS Nor Construction AS Pro-winds AS Edda Trading AS Wind AS D-street Borettslag Santa AS Switch Admin DA Switch AS Farman Haglund AS Haglund Invest AS Cubera Viii AS Cubera Vii AS Cubera Vi AS Cubera v AS Cubera Pe Viii AS Cubera Vii (norway) AS Cubera Vi Feeder AS Cubera Pe i AS Cubera Iv AS Cubera v A AS Oslo Bilstereo AS Bankveien 10 Borettslag Bankveien 10 Eiendomsselskap AS Sameiet Bankveien 10 Bankveien 10 Tomteselskap AS Danneviksveien 10 Borettslag Hasleveien 10 Borettslag Spireaveien 10 B Borettslag Waldemars Tårn Borettslag Waldemars Tårn AS Waldemar Snela Waldemar Thranes gate 32 Borettslag Waldemars Cafe ANS Waldemar Hotel AS Waldemar Bistro AS F24 Borettslag F24 Media AS Antidiffer Holding AS Antidiffer AS Jenny Jordahl Design Line Jorddal Alcema AS Hellerudparken Boligsameie Hellerudparken AS Hellerudhaugen ANS Hellerud Vel Hellerud Investments Limited Tryg Seniorklubb Dp Trading AS Dp Norway AS Dp Chemicals Norway AS Vedlikeholdssentralen AS Vedlikehold Service Bruno Alfonso Maturana Pareto Securities AS Pareto AS Pareto Pe Iii AS Pareto Pe II AS Pareto Invest AS Pareto Bank ASA Pareto Eiendom AS Pareto Bolig AS Pareto Offshore AS Pareto Pensions AS Pareto Project AS Pareto Business Management AS Dominos Pizza DA Dominos Pizza Sobia Tabbasum Gamle Dominos Pizza & Stor Kiosk Adeela Basharat Ahmad Dominos Pizza Resturant Arfat Vrtkl AS Verticals AS Vrtkl Consulting AS Møbelmonteringsbistand AS Konkursbo Møbelmonteringsjentene AS Transport og Møbelmontering AS Møbelmonteringsbistand AS Colo AS Cmp AS Company Mc Gorm Bretteville Lilleborg AS Kaleido DA Kaleido AS Kaleidoskop AS Kaleidoscope ANS Mer Management AS Mer Group AS Mye Mer Mer Publishing AS Mer Vett AS Alan Walker AS Alan Walker Live Alan Walker Concerts AS Sam Walker AS Solholmen AS Solholmen Vest AS Backery Simon Solholm Lindbäck Mobility AS Zero Emission Yachting AS Kaffa AS Kaffa Butikk AS Kafi AS Kaffe & Co AS Kaffe AS Norlys ANS Norlys AS Recover Nordic AS Visite DA Nmi Global Fund KS Wilhelmsen Solutions The Edge AS Edge Sports AS Edge Holding AS IT Edge AS Edge Petroleum AS Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA Thon Eiendomsdrift AS Thon Eiendomsservice AS Olav Thon Eiendom Sør AS Olav Thon Eiendomsselskap ASA Utleiebygg Thon Norheim Eiendom AS Thon Hotels AS Thon Holding AS Thon Ski AS Thon Vica AS Thon Ole Thon Flex AS Tyco Building Services Products (norway) AS Norwegian Built AS Mace AS Håp Kompetansesenter Sameiet Hansteensgaten 9 Ingvild Stensland Sats ASA Morten Haug Emilsen Sats Grorud AS Sport Aerobic Trening Senter Hellerud AS Sport Aerobic Trening Senter Spektrum AS Sport Aerobic Trening Senter Aker Brygge AS Sport Aerobic Trening Senter Markedsfond AS Sats Norge AS Links AS Beverage Company AS B-link AS The Link AS Hotel Bristol AS Astoria Hotell AS Rainbow Service ANS Car ASA Car In DA Us Ford AS Ibrahim Auto Ibrahim Mohamed Alshair Early Ford V8 Club Norway Adityas Invest AS Mister India Holding AS Angela Ford Green Apple AS Appel Company Bnb AS Bnp Norge AS Danoni AS Danena AS Current Project AS Total Oppussing AS Total Oppussing Stavaru Total Oppussing 786 Mohammed Total Oppussing Jòzef Pacyna Sinoceanic Iii AS Sinoceanic II AS Sinoceanic Shipping AS Sinoceanic i AS Jonasson Gunnlaugur Arkitekt Cryo AB C Worldwide Asset Management AS C Worldwide Asia C Worldwide Holding Norge AS C Worldwide Healthcare Select C Worldwide Stabile Aksjer C Worldwide Norge Iii C Worldwide Norge II C Worldwide Globale Aksjer Etisk C Worldwide Norden C Worldwide Globale Aksjer II C Worldwide Emerging Markets C Worldwide Globale Aksjer C Worldwide Obligasjon C Worldwide Pengemarked C Worldwide Norge C Worldwide Globale Aksjer Etisk Iii C Worldwide Investor Services AS C Worldwide Norge Iv C Worldwide Norge v Crown Worldwide Movers AS Cambie AS Thingfarm AS Northern Lights AS No Studio AS Ryde Holding AS Rd Holding AS Ontime Networks AS Sildr AS S-lid Solid Brands AS Solid Regnskap AS Stiftelsen Oslo World Music Festival Tons Of Rock Festival AS Oslo Festival Of Hope With Franklin Graham AS Oslo Kizomba Festival AS Coda Oslo International Dance Festival Fres Festival Jazz AS M.r Pos AS Stocks & Stones AS Lingualis AS Knt Scandinavian Education Centre Reks Holding AS Rox AS Greenzone AS Den Norske Advokatforening Daleng Consulting Dale Jan Ketil Daleng Invest AS Dalen Consulting Daleng Consult AS Dahlin Consulting Dahlingen Håvard Haldorsen Dahl Dalini Consulting Dalima Consult Dalima Anthony Dalles Dahlen Consulting D6 Loengkaia AS Dælengengt 24 AS Dol-max Grzegorz Borowy Juhler Group Norge AS Juhler Management Norge AS Master Online AS Mote Online AS Europeiske Minoriteter Online Online AS Mentor Online AS Aleris Røntgen AS Aker Sykehus Herkules Invest 304 AS Herkules Invest 311 AS Herkules Invest 312 AS Herkules Invest 313 AS Herkules Invest 317 AS Herkules Invest 318 AS Herkules Invest 294 AS Herkules Invest 250 AS Herkules Invest 299 AS Herkules Invest 30 AS Herkules Invest 138 AS Herkules Invest 139 AS Herkules Invest 274 AS Herkules Invest 47 AS Herkules Invest 93 AS Herkules Invest 101 AS Herkules Invest 120 AS Herkules Invest 150 AS Bransjeforeningen for Samfunnsnyttig Lotterivirksomhet Bransjeforeningen for Sceneteknisk Produksjon Bransjeforeningen Renhold i Nho Service Bransjeforeningen for Jakt-, Fiske- og Villmarksopplevelser Bransjeforeningen for Personlig Verneutstyr Dalion AS Dalin Dialon AS Stingray Marine Solutions AS Stingray Holding AS Sopra Steria AS Sopra Steria Scandinavia Foundation Den Norske Dataforenings Servicekontor AS DnB Bank ASA DnB ASA DnB Eiendom AS DnB Ventures AS Vectura Consulting AS Tvist 7 AS Tollbugata 7 AS Thv7 AS Perestrojka AS Saint-gobain Byggevarer AS AS Klaveness Chartering Klaveness Digital AS Klaveness Combination Carriers ASA Sameiet I/s Klaveness Kontor Klaveness Marine Holding AS Klaveness Ship Management AS Lucy In The Sky Design Caroline Lucy Klaveness Klaveness Maler- og Byggmester- Forretning AS Klaveness Ship Holding AS Klaveness Finans AS Klaveness Asia Pte. Ltd. Malermester Ole Andreas Klaveness Rederiaksjeselskapet Torvald Klaveness Klaveness Invest AS Ørfiske Gård Klaveness Klaveness Marine Finance AS Klaveness Ship Investments AS Pensjonistforeningen i Danske Bank Oslo Jama AS Johnson Jam AS Jana AS Bente Bull-hansen The Bull AS Bull & Co AS Bear And Bull AS Bare Bull Bull Jr. AS Kinnhovd AS Norwegian Energy Company ASA GE Energy (norway) AS Crema Distribution Norway AS Norwegian Pure Energy AS Bodil Frosta ANS Fyrstikkalleen 16 Hydrogen Norge AS Jon Cappelen Diderik Cappelen Jon Cappelen Consult AS Loyalty People AS Fearnley & Eger AS Revir Eger AS Eger Bygg Eiendom AS Tannlegene Stene-johansen AS Frogner Events DA Oslo Tankers AS Hydro Aluminium Conductors AS Torbjørn Corneliussen Agri Tek Arne B Corneliussen AS Corneliussen Invest AS Corneliussen Industries Corneliussen Xs No Isolation AS Nsolution AS Foreningen Tenk TV Nasjonal Sikkerhetstjeneste AS Unco AS Unoco AS Nfd Invest AS Norsk Forteknologi AS Montel AS Montel Ai AS Div.a Hytter AS Garanti Tekstil DA Datagraf Instituttet AS Nutri Instituttet AS S Instituttet AS Kabi-instituttet AS Garanti Eiendomsmegling Norge AS Standard Garanti Forsikring AS Bygg & Vvs Garanti AS Atlas Garanti AS Pilares Garanti AS Arntzen De Besche Advokatfirma AS Norwegian Salmon AS Royal Norway AS Såle Of Norway AS Såle Of Norway DA Submarine Engineering AS Sandviken Otec AS Otec Solutions AS Stas Stas Bygg AS Milan Stas Stas Datter AS Envirom Green AS Envirom Group AS Envirom Oceanic AS Envirom Marine AS Skandinavisk Montasjeteknikk System AS Schibsted Classified Media AS Schibsted IT AS Schibsted ASA Schibsted ANS Schibsted Media AS Argus Syn AS Telu AS Tello AS Hotels for Two AS Levant Holding AS Gepe Holding AS Thale AS Duly DA Tlj AS Till AS Tells AS Tella AS Dahls Thalia AS Nordic Mining ASA Juklerød Tollefsrud Holding AS Juklerød Tollefsrud Holding AS Tvangsavviklingsbo Dreamwork Services AS Dreamwork AS Dreamwork Group AS Dreamwork Retail AS Dreamwork Search & Interim AS Dreamwork Talents AS Dreamwork Services AS Konkursbo Dreamwork AS Konkursbo Nordic Analysis AS Player Analysis AS Genetic Analysis AS Ijb Analysis Ian Bowers Food Analysis AS Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel AS Senter for Personal- og Organisasjonsutvikling - Spo Sp II AS Sp AS Dagens Næringsliv AS Scandic Hotels AS DnB Fonds AS DnB International Finance AS Telenor Bedrift AS Hotel Oslo AS Radisson Hotel Oslo Scandinavia AS Fornebu Park Hotel AS Mastemyr Hotel Hjemmel AS Posten Norge AS Grand Hotel AS Dna Storo AS Bama Trading AS Bama AS Bama Gruppen AS Bama Invest AS Bama Packaging AS Bama International AS Holmenkollen Sport AS Holmenkollen Restaurant AS Holmenkollen Academy AS Holmenkollen Investment AS Scandic Office AS Scandic Brands ANS Scandic Express AS Radisson Hospitality Norway AS Lillehammer Turisthotell AS Radisson Hotel Atlantic Stavanger AS Scandic Investments AS Scandic Invest AS Dagens Næringsliv Privat Økonomi AS Dagens Næringslivs Redaksjonsklubb Dagens Næringsliv TV AS Dagens Næringsliv Forlag AS Fiven AS Dagens AS Felix A/S Felix Trading AS Slettvoll Skøyen AS Pharmas AS Pharma AS Lab Pharma AS Northern Labs Pharma AS Az Pharma AS AF Pharma A/S Karianne H. Engesbak Karianne Aannestad Karianne Heimreid Sofus AS Sofus Klær AS Urke Sofus Flyvegrisen IT Alexander Bull Anders Bull Bull Global Domination AS Sw Drift AS Seff Drift AS Ajs Invest AS Aes Invest AS Has Investment AS Asj Invest AS ANS Oslo Arbeiderblad HS Be AS Magnus Magnus Corporation Magnuschess AS Magnussoens AS Valentes AS Valmet-raisio Oy Valmet Fibertech AS Rortunet Bolig AS Infraservice Norway AS Em AB Arne Blystad AS Next Biometrics Group ASA Gge Scandinavia AS Anne-grete Åsen Anne Grete Bechensteen Anne Grete Steinkjer AS Mohawk Consulting AS Statsbygg Ntl Statsbygg Hovedkontoret Ntl Statsbygg Ok Maritime AS Ok Mat AS Rimfrost Clothing AS Rimfrost Clothing Staangstad Bygg Maj M/s Bygg AS Bygg Leader AS Ms Byggservice AS Ms Bygg AS Bao Bøe Bøe & Co Beo AS Mr. Bay AS Onyx River AS Onyx Generation AS Filippa K AS Filippa AS Filippa Sushi AS Kvaerner AS Miles Music Miles Oslo AS Luke Miles Miles Mcalinden Recharge AS IBM World Trade Corporation - Egypt Branch World Trade AS World Trade Investments Limited World Trade Group Ltd Highered AS Norske Skog Holding AS Nordic Estate Holding AS Norske S Holding AS Nordic Share Holding AS Norske Spill Holding AS S.holding AS South Holding AS Wilhelmsen Shipping Co AS Wilhelmsen Shipping Management Dødsbo Deloitte AS Deloitte AB Deloitte Llp Deloitte Prosjekt AS Deloitte Advokatfirma AS Deloitte Services AS Deloitte Consulting B.v. Deloitte Consulting Danmark Deloitte & Touche Oy Deloitte Consulting & Advisory Cvba Deloitte International Services Limited Deloitte Mcs Limited Deloitte Tax & Consulting Skalle Architects Architectural Space AS Salvage AS Salvo AS Smit Salvage B.v. Sølv AS Betong AS Chateau Neuf AS Bettan AS Parkveien 57 AS Parkveien 62 AS Parkveien 51 B/c AS Parkveien 21 AS Parkveien 21 KS Parkveien 35 AS Parkveien 51 A AS Parkveien 53/55 AS Parkveien 3 AS Trø Holding AS Liv og Tro Eva Tro Rognhaugen AS Rognhaugen Media Stanley Security AS Stanley Security Holding AS Infrakit AS Infrarail AS Infraip Yara Norge AS Yara International ASA Yara AS Yara Sa Yara Uk Limited Yara Iec Ag Yara Gmbh & Co Kg Yara France Yara Poland Spolka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia Yara International (m) Sdn. Bhd. Yara Iberian Sa Yara Suomi Oy Stanley Black & Decker Norway AS Clear DA Cleria AS Alpha Group AS Alpha Home Alpha Xl AS Alpha Corporate Finance AS Core Subsea AS The Core AS Core AS Core Corporation AS Salto Senterdrift AS Citycon Senterdrift AS Prosjektselskap 1 AS Gardermoen Estate AS Gardermoen Park AS Gardermoen Forum AS Epic AS Total Plant Norway Gelany Fride Severeide Interiør- & Retail Design Nordisk Konferanse & Konsult AS Orkla Foods Norge AS Orkla Food Ingredients AS Isd Holding AS Mowitz Holding AS Minitunet AS Nordmegler-oslo AS Fs Container Holding AS Sjøutsikten Panorama Boligsameie 4service AS 4service Offshore Hotels AS 4service Eir Renhold AS 4service Fs AS 4service Kantine AS 4service Offshore AS 4service Landanlegg AS 4service Gruppen AS 4service Holding AS Nilman Holding AS Vendel Holding AS Mm Holdco AS Onsagers AS Nokas Verdihåndtering AS Hauken-i-redet Hauken Holding AS Northern Environment AS Environment AS Environmentals AS Gabler Triton AS Calluna Grønt Thomas Gabler Marit Ingvaldsen Gabler Gabler Pensjonsforetak AS Gabler Restaurantdrift AS Gabler Rådgivning AS Longe Tania Longe CTC Triangle (norway) i AS CTC Triangle (norway) II AS Triangle Shipping AS Monitor Systems AS Norse AS Nrs AS Nores Sa Norus AS Norocs AS Isoldi AS Isolda AS Isoler AS Got IT AS Got Vision AS Got 2 Go DA Got IT for Cheap AS We Got You AS Operating Agent for Got Cp Foreningen Now Weve Got Members Libra Fearnley Energy AS Fearnley Securities AS Astrup Fearnley AS Fearnley Advisors AS Fearnley Real Estate AS Astrup Fearnley Capital Markets AS Stiftelsen Thomas Fearnley, Heddy og Nils Astrup Astrup Fearnley Museet AS Fearnley Business Management AS Fearnley Consultants A/S Fearnley Project Finance AS Fearnley Maritime Services AS Fearnley Futures AS Fearnleys Helse og Sosiale Tjenester Arch Sander Fearnley Hvas Lise Fearnley Ntl/avd. 11770 Ntl- Transportøkonomisk Institutt Art Challenge AS Grant Thornton Revisjon AS Grant Thornton AS Grant Thornton Consulting AS Grant Thornton Consulting DA Grant Thornton Statsautoriserte Revisorer DA Tibra AS Tiber AS Tibbe AS Tibby AS Tibbo AS Birkedal Hartmann Norway AS Assets DA Assets AS Coromatic Datasikkerhet AS Coromatic Nord AS Coromar AS Ow-data ANS Ow Data AS Streken Utleie 3 AS Pgs Shipowner AS M28 Boligtomt AS Fabritius AS Streken Utleie 5 AS Streken Utleie 2 AS Nord Pool Holding 2 AS Spoton AS Skøyen Atrium Drift AS Askeladden 3c AS Hån 22 Kv AS Skuld Prosjekt AS Frydenlund Borettslag Streken Utleie 4 AS B10 Eiendom AS Fundu AS Skippergata Dagligvare AS Tidemand Sverre Jørgen Kristian Hjelle AS Major og Advokat Eivind Eckbos Legat Fiducia Norway II AS K8 Invest AS Olav Ringdal Kristin Gjelsvik Frivillighet Norge AS Forretningsgården C Ludens Ringnes Stiftelse Oslo Kongressenter Folkets Hus AS Vålerenga Kultur- og Idrettspark AS Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom AS Arve Sogn Andersen Consulting Swatland Music Bæck AS Haugerud Boliginvest 1 AS Øyvind Schage Førde Cermaq Group AS Cermaq Holding AS Innovasjon Norge Seniorklubben Innovasjon Norge Ntl Innovasjon Norge Unidelta AS Tqm Thorseng AS Town AS Arctic Group Maritime AS Arctic Group International AS Arctic Group ANS Eggs Design AS Baumarine AS Baumann & Co AS Foss Cycling Tono Sa Toni AS Swedbank Bedriftsidrettslag Aasland AS Gro Elisabeth Bråten Guro Aasland Mooney AS Mikkel Rev AS J. J. Holding AS Jj Holen Jholding AS Aventura DA Aventura AS Aventura Systems ASA Dahlgren Magic AS Magic Oslo City AS Olberg Transport AS Olberg Transport Therese Nygaard Tonmar AS Made In Norway Music DA Moutai Norway AS Frysja Eiendom AS Frysja Legekontor DA Frysja Legekontor A/S Mycron Micron A/S Nbc AS Bastille AS Best Av Alt Tecla International Consulting AS Tecla Consulting Norway AS Bjørndal Dagligvarehandel AS Smill Hussain Dagligvarehandel Km Dagligvarehandel AS Renas AS Start Up 5 AS Streken Utleie AS Sortland Eiendomsinvest 2 AS Sov Eiendomsinvest 2 AS Pgs ASA Pgs Shipping AS Nø Holding AS N. Holding AS Pol Holding AS Nord Pool AS Two Holding AS Polly2 Holding AS Nsf Iv Norway Holding 2 AS Sjøeng AS Se Mer Holding AS Se og Hør ANS Soria Moria Eiendomsmegling AS Soria Moria Trafikkskole AS Nye Soria Moria Blomster Soria Under Moria DA Industrigata 7 Lier AS Sameiet Stovner Senter Røed-larsen Hms-rådgivning Ole Petter Evang Hms Rådgivning Ankis Hms & Rådgivning AS Konkursbo Ankis Hms & Rådgivning AS Brp Invest AS Marita Hajar Iversen Dah AS Day Corp AS Elma Fashion AS Day Skøyen AS Our Days AS Day Oslo AS Dua AS Day AS Askeladden & Co AS Askeladden & Co 2 AS Spg Invest 2 AS Stayer Invest 2 AS Etaia AS Etain AS Etaia AS Konkursbo Data Equipment A/S Db Equipment AS Digital Equipment Corporation AS Adiante AS Airthings AS Conter AS Eml AS Pay Per Wash Norway AS Sensio Manco AS Nummer 9 AS Newco AS Storvik Mahmood AS Hege Storvik Nordic Commodity AS Nordic Corporate Management AS Nordic Competence Management AS Norwegian Commodity Corporation KS Norwegian Commodity Trading AS Commodity Trading AS Norwegian Marine & Commodity Services AS Billettservice AS Billettsystemer AS Oaseit AS Oase Parametric Technology Norway AS The Ultimate DA Intrava AS Intrada DA Express Rekruttering AS Bema Rekruttering DA Teft Rekruttering AS Myrvold Test og Rekruttering Detektor Rekruttering AS Summit Rekruttering AS Bema Rekruttering AS Remar AS Rooster Coffee AS Tvangsavviklingsbo Rooster Coffee AS Neomed Management AS Neomed v Feeder AS Neomed Feeder Iv AS Neomed Feeder Iv KS Nye Neomed Feeder Iv AS Sparebank 1 Markets AS Sparekassen AS Spark AS Tårnhuset AS Bøler Senter Næring AS Sparekopi AS Banadir Welfare Organisation Arwo Banadir Halima Abukar Omar Banadir Textile & Cosmetics Abdi Osman Aden Banadir Money Transfer AS Banadir Travel Agency Abdi Quani Dahir Haashi Banadir Restaurant Mohamed Ali Abdulle Banadir Bspoke AS Bespoke DA Nysnø Musikk DA Adecco Norge AS Adecco Helse AS Adeco AS One World Channel AS Two Worlds Engineering AS Nordic Agricultural Aid Agris Stals Lap, Leon Agricultural Project Horn Agricultural Development Organisation Nead-norwegian Ethiopian Agricultural Development AS North Bridge Agri Invest AS Felleskjøpet Agris Kontraktavlerlag Agri Kiosk Noura Mhema Wall-it AS Scandic Hotels Holding AS BA Gjenvinning AS Drive Mccann AS Marlene Mccann Design Mccann Production AS Jbr Mccann AS Mccann Propaganda AS Life Technologies AS Life Teaching AS Life Teaching Bretteville Systems Alf Bretteville-jensen Jeanette Bretteville Coup De Coeur Invest AS Jeanette Bretteville AS Yara Colombia Yara Lpg Shipping AS Yara Marine Technologies AS Yara Industrial Gmbh Scatec AS Scatec Power AS Scatec Solar ASA Solar Technologies Scandinavia AS Innocode AS Zoncolan AS Kahoot! AS Norna AS Nornir Insight AS Nornir Contractors AS Periscopus AS Hodne Kapital II AS Hodne Kapital AS Hodne Kapital Invest AS Hodne Kapital Holding AS Hauge Kapital AS Hwh Kapital AS Volden Holding AS Advokatfirmaet Haavind AS Patriksson Communication AS Norvestor Spv i Holding AS Fnp Tomt 5 AS Trope Importen AS Nordic Cruise Services AS Fbm Hylle 27 AS Xlent Differ Norge Holding AS Stapes AS Stop & Shop AS Stabsinvest AS Øyfjellet Wind AS Goldcup 009 AS Petroleum Geo-services AS Dico AS Dicon Trading AS Dico Vision AS Berg-hansen Syndicate Øivind Berg-hansen Ortho-service AS Altikon AS Grønn Konsult Grønn Kraft AS Pato ANS United European Car Carriers AS Eastern Car Carrier II KS Eastern Car Carrier KS Eastern Car Carriers Ltd Kenor AS Reventu AS Glamox Norge AS Sønderland Art By Oda Iselin Oda Iselin Sorcha Sønderland Elin Skretteberg Sønderland Guro Sønderland At Global ANS AS Mrs. Fish AS Norwegian Fish Company AS Nuvosil AS Famas AS Fini AS Finans AS Finn No AS Fama AS Finisterra AS Finisterra Holding AS Mylar AS Sykehusapotekene Hf Chaucer Oslo AS Østensjø Rør AS Østensjø Arbeiderparti Østensjø Røde Kors Østensjø Entreprenør AS Østensjø Borettslag Østensjø Arbeiderpartilag Forsvarsdepartementet Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS Oslo Kommune Buypass AS Bypass Consulting AS Norsafe AS Norsk Bioenergiforening Dg Produksjon - Dagmar Grindvold C Grindvold AS Vuttu Teater Karen Louise Vuttudal Grindvold Trond Grindvold Christian Grindvold Lie Agnes Kristine Grindvold Kalsås Marit Grindvold Management Panreal AS Svea Finans AS Svea Finans II AS Svea Finans Avidi AS Svea AS Wenaas II AS Norsk Medisinaldepot AS Ntl Norsk Medisinaldepot Agrinos AS Agrinos Technology Holdings AS Agrinos Holdco AS Agrion AS W & W Consulting AS Handelsbanken Kapitalforvaltning AS Forva AS Prime Corporation DA Prime Executive AS Universitetet i Oslo Actinor AS Actio AS Actinor Reefer i AS Actinor Reefer II AS Actinor Reefer Iii AS Actinor Obo AS Actinor Crude AS Actinor Cruise AS Actinor Conbulk AS Actinor Rigg AS Nordic Tech AS Nordic Technology Corporation A/S Nordic Brain Tech AS Niam v Kjøpesenter i Holding AS Vikane Kjøpesenter AS Løve Kjøpesenter AS Niam AS Niam v Holding AS Niam v Festningen Iii Eiendom AS Niam v Festningen Eiendom AS Niam v Torget Vest Drift AS Niam v Strandtorget Drift AS Niam v Strandtorget Eiendom AS Niam v Torget Vest Eiendom AS Niam v Prosjekt AS Niam v Festningen II Eiendom AS Nama AS Nian AS Naima AS Nimi AS Nihm AS Ggc AS Gelas ANS Gela AS Rbi Norge AS Nel ASA Mr. Robot AS Robot Holding AS Robota AS Crayon Group Holding ASA Crayon Group AS Cgh AS Crayon AS Cheri Group Holding AS Caka AS Wikborg Rein Advokatfirma AS Trafy AS Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS Brunstad Ungdomsklubb Oakrock Haksen Lindestuen AS Realdrift AS Henrik Ibsens gate 2015 AS Amadeus Norway AS Arrakis AS Oslo S Utvikling AS Norsk Filminstitutt Norsk Filminstitutt Filmfond Oslo Forening 7 Av N.t.l. C/o Det Norske Filminstitutt Visolit Norway 79 AS Visolit Norway 12 AS Visolit Norway 16 AS Produktdesign AS Bjar Produktdesign Pivot Produktdesign DA Pivot Produktdesign AS Fredrik Sterner Sterner Grafisk Cato Sterner Sterner & Libæk Musikk DA Sterner Street Sterner Consulting Skin In AS Quitenice Holding AS The Norwegians Ltd The Norwegian Trading AS Daranor AS Bystrica Invest AS Ymir Holding AS Mitsubishi Corporation Mmc Norge AS Cappelen Damm Holding AS Sareva Utbygging Sa Smestad Utbygging AS Eide Carrier AS You & i Agency AS Norbit AS Norbyte AS Holmøy Musikk Vekst Project Financing Facility AS Vekst Finans AS Eco.merch AS Fiber AS Fibr AS Fiber-optic Data Communication Norge AS Industrifinans Kapitalforvaltning AS Industrifinans Forretningsførsel AS Industrifinans Forvaltning AS Industrifinans Norden AS Industrifinans Smb Forvaltning AS Fondsforvaltning AS Industrifinans Invest AS Dnc Fondsforvaltning AS Banco Fondsforvaltning AS Alfred Berg Industrifinans Aktiv Forvaltning ASA Oslo Finans Fondsforvaltning AS Vår Fondsforvaltning AS Industrifinans Occi AS Industrifinans Forskningsparken Hus 5 AS Industrifinans Privat AS Industrifinans Forskningsparken Eiendom AS Industrifinans Forskningsparken Hus 5 KS Din Vikar og Omsorgspartner AS Sector Alarm Ireland AS Sector Alarm Sverige AS Sector Alarm AS Sector Alarm Drift AS Sector Alarm ALS AS Sector Alarm Spain AS Isanor Invest AS Sector Alarm Holding AS Isap Service Partner Pasi Niemelä Hms Norge AS Hms Opplæringen Norge AS Hig 40-42 Prosjekt AS Deforche Construct Nv Tm Djønne Kentron Kent A/S C Frimann-dahl AS Kentra AS Kentho AS International Project Development AS Bidco AS Disco Bidco AS Dna Bidco AS Duo AS Advokatfirmaet Storeng, Beck & Due Lund (sbdl) AS Advokatfirmaet Storeng, Beck & Due Lund (sbdl) DA Advokatfirmaet Storeng Beck Due Lund AS Advokatfirmaet Lund & Co DA Advokatfirmaet Lund AS Advokatfirmaet Lund Skippergata Restaurantdrift AS Red Hot AS Ingun White Visual Communication Red Walnut AS Red Wax AS &m Holding AS A&m Holdings AS M&ms Holding AS Mestate Holding AS The Trust Company Of The Marshall Islands Norway Norsk Avdeling Av Utenlandsk Foretak Weorder Norway AS Weorder Hospitality Technologies AS Sissel Ødegård The Arch AS Startfase Holding AS Eurobox Billingstad AS Norvestor II Invest AS Capgemini Norge AS Ansattforeningen i Capgemini Norge AS Capgemini India Pvt Ltd. Dipl. Ing. Houm AS Lunch Box Holding AS Nokia Norge AS Nok Et AS Nok Scenekvelder AS Scenekvelder Holding AS Scenekvelder 3m AS Scenekvelder 3m AS Konkursbo Forbrukerrådet Ntl Forbrukerrådet avd 14019 Forbrukeradvokaten AS Forbrukerrettskurset DA Forbrukersamvirket Sa Forbrukertilsynet Maxwell-stewart AS Keep On Rocking AS Vita AS Vitas AS Chez Trine Minsaas Waage Invest AS Trippelsystemer Trainx AS Odelav Bidco AS Odelav Holdco AS Odin Bidco AS Diwala AS Diwali AS Diwala Holding AS Diwan AS Dwaal DA Business Partner AS Bio Partner Norge AS Bygg Partner Norge AS Nurse Partner Norge AS Partner Bygg Norge AS Bates United AS Noceda - Norwegian Outsource And Communications Experts DA Outsourcia AS Nordisk Energiforskning Nils Petter Haugland AS Nils Petter Haugland Nils Petter Dale Kathrine Bamle Engdahl Toril Bjorg Masterboot North Sea Gas AS Aw Academy Norway AS Eilefs Landhandleri AS Sbf AS Rådhuskroken AS Ygt3 AS Tøyen Bakeri & Kaffehus AS Trøbbelskyter AS Noho Trøbbelskyter AS Noho Norway AS Agras AS Vedal Utvikling AS Vedal AS Xxl ASA Skanlog AS Skanol Norge AS Jmp Oslo Asfalt DA Waterpark Montesorri AS Drift AS Driftskonsult AS Driftshjelp AS Driftab AS Tradia AS Traad AS Vink Norway AS Snøporten AS Snøporten Utvikling AS Selvaag Snøporten AS Snøporten Hotell AS Profil & Yrkesklær AS Simbo AS Delta Delta Trading AS Delta M. Invest AS Bryan AS Magtec Holding AS Magt AS Mari og Erling H Haugs Legat Sg Stockholm Eiendom AS Apeland AS Mining Invest AS Khingan Minerals AS Milgis Stiftelsen (norge) Stiftelsen Ablf Norge Stiftelsen Connect Norge Stiftelsen Sululta Norge Norge-amerika Stiftelsen Stiftelsen Norges Byggskole Stiftelsen Antidoping Norge Stiftelsen Norges Urmuseum The Private Place AS Fornes Invest AS Icebird Productions Snorre Forsgren Snorre Kompagniet AS Frivillig X Frivillighetshuset Nora KS Nora Møller Nora Ibsen Wwwork Claus Schive Lege Simen Schive Credo i AS Credo Media AS Credo Shipping AS Credo Invest Nr 8 AS Credo Invest Nr 18 AS Credo Invest Nr 1 AS Credo Invest Nr. 6 AS Credo Invest Nr 7 AS Credo Invest Nr 9 AS Credo Invest Nr 2 AS Olav Eidem Bjørn Olav Eide Grunde Holding AS Cecile Holst Design Anne Cecilie Holst Stavnsborg Holst Anna Cecilie CB Design - Cecilie Holst Jensen Nyvold Consulting Vilde Nyvold Furuhaug DA Stein Olav Lie Aragorn AS Aragon Invest AS Lucia Aragon Aragno AS Aragon Prosjektering AS Gamle Danske Lene Kristin Gjelsvik Traktor Lene Kristin Gjelsvik Sonata AS Pre Bragernes AS Western Lion AS AS Fusan Belships Bulk AS Western Tiger AS Western Leopard AS Belships Bulk Management AS Mongoose AS Engeset & Co. AS Engeset Kunst og Media Per Heier Engeset Paul Engeset Werner Mcm AS Furunes Jacobsen Consult Christian Jacobsen Photo Abcc Holding AS Flyttecompaniet Christian Jacobsen Christopher Konings Universal Pictures Norway AS Rolf Kroll Konrad AS Bereket AS Sarah Wennersberg Nyberg Dn Nyberg Roenbergfilm AS Helén Borchgrevink Consulting Henriette A/S Hm Borchgrevink Henrik Borchgrevink-lund H Henrik Chr Borchgrevink Anders Borchgrevink Åkken Bom Produksjon Henriette Krogsbøl Hans M Borchgrevink Oslo Ernærings Omsorg Marianne Schage Ingvild Schage Art Kathrine Hønningstad Tom Georg Huse Tommy Karlsen Thomas Karlsen Features Thomas Karlsen Formgivning Tone Carlsen Design og Scenesøm Thomas Carlsen Icon Shared Services AS Vital Tannhelse AS Oslo Tannlegevakt AS Ullevål Skoles Musikkorps Lillebø Hermes Magne Andreas Lillebø Aprila Bank ASA Amesto Solutions Invest AS Spaco AS Amesto Top Temp AS Spindel AS Era Group AS Skagerak AS Skagerak Marine AS Skagerak Marine AS Dag - Arne Larsen Oscar Iii ANS Oscar Iv ANS Marius Nilsen Hn Prosjekt AS Safe Case Marius Nilsen Marius Nilsen Design Driftpartner Anlegg AS Mjn Nilsen Bertoni Norway AS Trend Store Oslo AS Lars Jørgensen Consulting Lajod, Lars Jørgensen Design Visma Software AS Visma Software Labs AS Visma Software International AS Len AS Jan Larsen Harald Fehn Ida Løken Konsulent Terje Nilsen Opera Software International AS Opera Software Financing AS Opera Software AS Stamina Midco AS Gbh Midco AS Noa Midco AS Nebo Midco AS Mercell Midco AS Snow Midco AS Varme Midco AS Sonans Midco AS Salmon Midco AS Leknes AS Arthur Import & Export ANS Kulturdepartementet Ntl Kulturdepartementet Tekstmann AS J M Glassteknikk Skandinavia AS Salong Jan Jan Martinsen Bruseth & Co AS Anniken Borgersen Anniken Thue A. Wang Anette Wang Wang Corp Fornebu Eiendom AS Amund Kveim Hammerstad AS Fotograf Rune Hammerstad Brødrene Hammerstad AS S Hammerstad Hammerstad Invest At Ringvold Kirkebøen Anestesiservice Thomas Hanssen T.h Låsservice Thomas Hanssen H Hammerstad Steinar Hansen Grafiske Avinor Utvikling AS Flyporten AS Hotell Østre AS Hell Eiendom AS Sola Hotel Eiendom AS Flesland Eiendom AS Værnes Eiendom AS Fojo AS Foyn Consult AS Martin T. Johannessen Martin Tingbø Johannessen Erik Ødegaard Swarco Norge AS Lars Johan Myrtrøen Tele & Data Oslo AS Oslo Data AS Oslo Data Service Jan Roman Mrozek Oslo Data Support Tor Arne Aspvik Oslo D-as Oslo Dahl AS Data Hjelp Oslo AS Oslo Dermatology AS Oslo Dox Eda Elektro Data Oslo AS Oslo Distribusjon AS Oslo Drift AS Igp AS Data Oslo Pluss Data Oslo AS Data Partner Oslo AS Lindbak Data Oslo AS Tele & Data Oslo AS Konkursbo Johan Olsen Bgj Holding AS Brynjulf Tellefsen Qpong Norge Erik Jensen Sven-erik Jacobsen Jan-erik Jensen Bruvik Ximen Odd Andersen Sameiet Bjerkelundgt 2 Odd Andersen Økonomi & Sikkerhet Holmlia Sko AS Design Consult AS Odd-erik Andersen Ttn Drift AS Thomas Trøa Bryggerier Troys AS Thomas Transport AS The Law Firm AS Parkering AS Alibare Abdulhakim Mohamed Jakob Frese Handworx AGA AS Kleven-botez Momentum AS Momentum Investor AS Momentum Holding AS Sandvold Bolig AS Sandvold Invest AS Line Theisen Map Holdco AS Kamp Holdco AS Kaffe Holdco AS Abp Holdco AS Viking 1st Holding AS M28 Barnehage AS Pro Entreprenør AS Entreprenørn AS Entrepreneurship AS Entreprenøren AS Glasspaper Group AS Entur AS Entur Landsforening Saga Tankers ASA Northern Tankers AS Sunny AS Spray Tankers II AS Rortunet AS Rortunet Boligsameie K8 Industridesign AS K8 Eiendom AS Rådet for Psykisk Helse Studenter for Psykisk Helse Alicenborg Takst & Byggeledelse AS Trionor Auto AS Trior ANS Trionfo AS Anlegg og Eiendomsutvikling AS Airport Innovation AS AF Gruppen Industri AS Freshno Holding AS Fresenius Holding AS Pareto Eiendomsinvest Nordic AS O.j. Hvinden-haug AS Ole Jacob Hvinden-haug AS Ecoonline Topco AS Carpe Diem AS Petworld Norge AS Skadegruppen AS Storm Group Norge AS Meo AS Dubliners AS Dod AS Complete Security AS Vanesak Media/oz Invest Zulfiqar Ahmad Torkild Johansen Iversen Torkild Höegh II Høegh Lines AS Niels Høegh Hansen Traiding Aker Biomarine ASA The Urban Company AS Lofstad Sydama Susanne Hæstad Tannlege Marianne Lofstad Susanne Hannestad Bukkespranget AS Høegh Persen & Partners AS Høegh Persen & Partners DA Höegh Capital Partners AS Höegh Lng AS Höegh Capital Partners AS Höegh Lng Services AS Høegh, Persen & Partners KS Norges Statsbaner BA Frostia AS Haman Group AS Cap Gemini Telecom Media & Networks Sweden AB Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Norge AS Computas Cap Gemini AS Cap Gemini Graderte Løsninger AS Cap Gemini Telecom Media & Networks Norge AS Cap Gemini Data Logic AS Cap Gemini Nederland BV Cap Estate AS Bridger AS Bridgewater Corporate Finance Michael Leopold Wassiluk Bridgeturer AS Bridgekameratene Kamfer ANS Kamfer AS Dredging & Maritime Management Sa Nrp Maritime Asset Management AS Roald Mikkelsen Maritime Agencies And Management Irmi Headquarter AS Irmi Group Nordic AS Irmi Group Nordic AS Konkursbo Irmi Group AS Snowflake TV AS Snowflake Apps Jørn Georg Broll Unique Snowflake DA Helle Lauritzen Lauritzen Hulda Lorentze Lauritzen Consulting AS Oil Services Topco AS Myklebust Sparebankstiftelsen Bien Sparebankstiftelsen DnB Havland Holding AS Havland AS Hønefoss Invest AS Jc Invest AS IC Invest AS Kloster AS Klosteret AS Klosterfoss Industrier AS Abaco Holding AS C2b Boligtomt AS M28 Bolig AS C2a Boligtomt AS Boligtomt 2 AS Boligtomt AS Captiva Spv 1902 AS Captiva Spv 1901 AS Captiva Spv 1903 AS Captiva Spv 1803 AS Olio DA Oci Mipco AS Olio Mipco AS Stolt AS Stolt Trening AS Landstad Invest AS Henrico AS Henrik With Kasper Invest AS Montana Agencies AS Mta Consulting AS Montana Consulting AS M-teknik Viking Assistance Group AS Econ AS Vind Holding AS Vh International AS Vendelboe AS Total Vvs AS Totalvekst AS Totalvekst ANS Bingsa AS Real Time Information ANS Realtime AS Real Time Web International AS Optimum Alternative Investments AS Pareto Alternative Investments AS Njord Alternative Investments AS Arctic Alternative Investments Management AS Nawa Invest AS Nava Invest AS Tobias Ørnes Andersen Tobias Abrahamsen Tobias Erlandsen Tobias Gulbrandsen Kirkegaten 24-26 AS Kirkegaten 22 Invest AS Kirkegaten 24 ANS Kirkegaten 32 AS Medinor AS Med-el Nordic AS KS Mednor Medni AS AS Mednor Cargonet Personalforening Øst avd 71 Cargonet AS avd Da-bygget 6. Etg Administrasjonspersonalets Forening Cargonet Cargonet AS Norsk Petroleum AS Dana Petroleum Norway AS Norwegian Petroleum Ltd Funds DA T. Haugland Holding AS Truls Haugland Holding AS The Salmon AS Jw Marketing AS Spartacus Forvaltning Telemark AS Lena Engebretsens Systue Glacio Cold Chain Logistics Partners AS Va Drift AS Folkeuniversitetet Øst Folkeuniversitetet Norge Odd Andre Elveland Best Under Press Christian Magelssen Dr. Tidemann Høegh Galleon Gas Company Ltd Rocnrolla Media Morten Strømberg The Head Factory Dag Strømberg Strømberg Elektro AS Strömberg & Sandell AS Min & Din Kjærner-strømberg Strømberg Distribusjon i Norge AS Proff Miljøservice Morten Strømberg Strømberg Industri AS Strømberg Invest AS Mällegården Bruk Monica Strømberg Kosior og Enger Flis og Murservice DA Larsen Consult AS Start Up 478 AS Hoveveien Invest AS Start Up 455 AS Start Up 497 AS Start Up 507 AS Wr Start Up 272 AS Start Up 458 AS Start Up 456 AS Mbrflix AS Start Up 510 AS Start Up 487 AS Lakers Norway AS Start Up 501 AS Start Up 491 AS Start Up 472 AS Start Up 481 AS Start Up 475 AS Start Up 473 AS Start Up 173 AS Start-up AS Start Up 271 AS Colt Technology Services AS Tech Service AS Norsk Natur AS Nordisk Kultur og Natur Fuhui Li Barolo Holding AS Barolo Mat AS Equity AS Otovo AS Newssite DA New Star Matsenter AS New Star Line AS New Stage AS Scandinavia Impo Expo AS Happy Panda AS The Panda AS Captiva Capital Partner AS Ncp II Invest AS Armatec AS Broommarked AS Arena Oslo Consortium AS Carl F Hemsen AS C Hemsen AS Sweep Productions Carl F Hovind Carl Frisen Holding AS Wilhelmsen Wilhelmsen Wilhelmsen & Sønner Invest AS Wilhelmsen Maskin AS Wilhelmsen Kranservice AS Wilhelmsenwinther AS Wilhelmsen Investing AS Wilhelmsen Studios AS Ewm Svets Wilhelm Teresphory Gashabizi Myrén Wilhelm & Sønn AS Fotograf Wilhelm Johansen Pow Invest Pierre Owe Wilhelm Jansson Wilhelm Jordan AS Wilhelms gate 10 AS Wilhelm Berges Trykkeri AS Neptune Properties AS Neptune Arkitekter AS Visma Consulting AS Visma Solutions AS Visma Services Sns AS Reetec AS Deventa International AB Defa Gården DA Defy AS Defense AS Defacto DA Difa AS Folketrygdfondet Santè AS Sanity AS Sanity Holding AS Sanit AS Sanitex AS Samat Lytix Biopharma AS Anne-britt Wines Anne-britt Viddal Anne Gunn Friis-stenseth Share Nettbureau AS Ak Nettbureau DA Hai Interaktiv AS Interactive Games AS Shake Interactive AS Faro Interactive AS Logic Interactive AS Uniflex & Poolia Norge AS Alle Tiders AS Alle Tiders Kommunikasjon AS Alle Tiders Reklamebyrå Jan Helgesen Inga Lise Almås Rege Texas Instruments Norway AS Texas Instruments Norway ASA Tex Invest AS Texas Investment AS IT Instrument-teknikk AS Kk - Nor AS Konor AS Ko&nor AS K A Mero AS Torvald Klaveness & Co AS Torvald Klaveness Commodities AS Klaveness Holding AS H-i Elektro AS House Of Eyewear AS High-end AS High Energy A/S Advokat Helene Braanen Kunst i Kommisjon Jon Olsen International Trade Corporation AS International Trading Company AS Inter Trade AS Executive Trading International AS Bt Trading Int DA Erik Nicolaysen Elektro Benedicte Bodin Psykolog Benedicte Humborstad Orvik Benedicte Bølling Eli Borchgrevink Bjørn Borchgrevink Drosje Britts Kantine Borchgrevink Force Technology No AS Voi Technology Norway AS Brygga Hotel AS Dag Lund Consulting Jan-ivar Lund Distriktslæge Ivar Lunds Legat Stangeland Enk Marianne Hoff Raaholt Agentur Nils Petter Aune Team Reity AS Agape Instituttet Marit Reitan Frøya Sjømat & Handel O Ertvaag C Sundtsgt 57 AS Bullsgate ANS Jesper Skriver Pedersen Hammer & Sag Jesper Skinhøy Hansen Jesper Erik Anders Håll Europa Gestoria Limited Gestoria AS Baymarkets AS Pagano AS Pågen AS Pagina AS Nordic Eiendomsinvest AS Optimum Nordisk Eiendom 2017 AS Optimum Nordisk Eiendom 2019 AS Norsk Eiendomsforvaltning AS Nordisk Eiendomsinvest AS Norsk Eiendom AS Norsk Eiendomsservice AS Norsk Eiendom Drammensveien 102 G/m ANS S2 Hjemmel AS AJ Hus & Hytter AS Mork Kraftverk AS Kraft Management Holding AS Line Valen White Knight Holding AS White Label Holding AS i Am AS Iam AS Ima AS Imoe AS Marsh AS Mars Holding AS M.a.r.s. AS Marsk AS Haglund Enge Holding AS Dk Holding 1 AS Romaring Holding AS Coop Norge Trondheim Eiendom AS Jan Aage Jepsen Dagab AS Dacap AS Miss Mathiesen AS Mathiesen Miss Mathiesen Arna Arkitektkontor Arna Mathiesen Globus Covered Call AS Covered AS Coveredpro AS Covered Consulting AS Verdipapirfondet DnB European Covered Bonds Covergrey AS Fabritius Eiendom AS Fabritius Gruppen AS Fabritius Invest AS Fabritius Prosjekt AS Fabritius Laboratorium Thomas Huse Karen Fabritius Gram Knut Fabritius Arkitekt Mnal Jon Fabritius Consulting Filmfotograf August F. Sanengen Foreldrerådet Ved Nordseter Skole Sameiet Fagerborggata 13b Unge Cellister Naper Oslo AS Arctic Holdings AS Arctic Securities Holding AS Agr Petroleum Services AS Ls Petroleum 4 AS Petroleum Geo-services Inc. Handelspark AS Drammen Handelspark AS Gran Handelspark AS Handelspark Holding KS Handelspark Holding AS Viking International 2 AS Hegdehaugsveien 21 B AS Hegdehaugsveien 2 AS Hegdehaugsveien 32 AS Hegdehaugsveien 22 AS Hegdehaugsveien 27 AS Hegdehaugsveien 26 AS Hegdehaugsveien 24 AS Hegdehaugsveien 31 ANS Hegdehaugsveien 25 AS Hegdehaugsveien 23 AS Hegdehaugsveien 3 AS Hegdehaugsveien 4 AS Ja-holbek Vann og Avløp AS Basto Vann og Avløp Båtstø Vann og Avløp Sa S. Svendal Thorleif AS Løvaas AS AS Løvaas Scale AS Scales AS Scaleuplab AS Scaleupxq AS Scala Norge AS Sahel Aqua AS Pro Nutrition AS Hudya Group AS Phil-ex Cargo Norway AS Norwegian Marine & Cargo Survey AS Flom Design Studio Helle Flom Jon Flom Hildegun Kolle Flom Atle Flom Tiril Flom Norrøna Storkjøkken Oslo AS Sagstuveien 8 Bangås Husøy Havn AS Sjuestokkstranda Velforening Sjuestokkstranda Va-utbygging Sa Sandø Vann- og Avløp Sa Stangodden Vel Pronor AS Østre Lindeberg Borettslag Hyperdata Christian Opsahl Opsahl Trading AS Svein Håkon Henriksen Attends AS Åttende Storage24 AS Attendo AS Attentec AS Attensi AS Attente AS Sameiet Skovveien 1 Spider Solutions AS Lillian og Werner Næss Legat Microsoft Development Center Norway AS Centres Development AS Intersoft Development Center AS Mappiah Consulting AS Mappiah Consulting AS Konkursbo Cap Company Norway AS Sundt Sport AS Sundt Offshore AS Sundt Invest AS Jan Sundt AS Visma Advantage AS Visma IT & Communications AS Visma Treasury AS Visma Commerce AS Visma Bwise AS Hans. AS Hansens Enkeltmannsforetak Hansendans Hansengruppen AS Bene AS Benevo AS The Planet A Wired Planet William Frank Harris Carpenter Investment AS Paradistoppen Va Utbygging Sandsliåsen Utbygging AS Zeta Vann og Avløp AS Roxa AS Roxas AS Oim Holdco AS R Holdco AS Fiducia Norway AS Fiducia AS Schanke Holding AS Schanke Eikum Holding AS Lpl Holding AS Lubell AS Benedicte Schanke Eiendomsforvaltning AS Schanke Eikum Enk Audax Design og Eiendom DA Bt Solutions Norway AS Iqvia Solutions Norway AS Norwegian Management Solutions AS Dmt Solutions Norway AS Morgan R Larsen AS Morgan Bath Gaming Morgan Moen Dolphin Iii AS Dolphin Trading AS Kaffe Drift AS Astrup AS Det Norske Eiendomscompagnie AS Carl Astrup Astrup Carl C. Astrup Helio AS Finlog II AS Vios 175 AS Vios 156 AS W-arcturus AS Us Heavy Lift AS Nrp 2020 AS Nrp Eiendom 2020 Invest AS Syneco Shipping AS Vios 170 AS Vios 174 AS Vios 172 AS Vios 173 AS Vios 176 AS Vios 171 AS Vios 165 AS Vios 185 AS Vios 186 AS Vios 181 AS Vios 182 AS Vios 183 AS Vios 160 AS Vios 169 AS Vios 184 AS Ngk Boring AS Nsf II Torvstikkeren 10 AS Nsf II Norway Torvstikkeren 10 Holding AS Hotell & Restaurant AS Brækhus Holding 1 AS Boger Holding 1 AS Digiprof DA Gugu AS Aasen Båt og Fritid Sel Skap AS Totaltek AS Totaltekst AS Salvesen & Co Ringstad Ringstad & Co Collector AS Melin Collectors AS Aker Subsea AS Inline Technology AS Lene AS Vivum Fastigheter AS Kh Trading AS K H Service AS AS Holding AS Hold Lietorvet Skien ANS Kirsten Hjelle, Spesialist i Allmennmedisin Creative Capital AS Kristian Trom Trom Hjelle Kristian Hjelle Enk Inter Invest Eiendom AS Norsk Drift og Personell AS Dd Personell AS Consulting Network Norway AS Norway Consulting AS Enter Norway Consulting AS Norwegian Rail Consulting AS Infancia AS Infact AS Infast AS Rode Kjeldsberg AS Carl F. Kjeldsberg Invest AS Rasmus Kjeldsberg Invest AS Thomas Kjeldsberg AS Grieg Shipbrokers AS Anthon B Nilsen AS Anthon B Nilsen Eiendom Drift AS Anthon B Nilsen Trading AS Anthon B Nilsen Investor AS Abner AS Anthon B Nilsen Holding AS Anthon B Nilsen Assuranse AS Super Theran Kesheh Super Trot AS Step AS Easy AS Easy Trading AS Didac Holding AS Didac AS Motek AS The Service Course AS Elkjøp Nordic AS Dixons Stores Group Retail Norway AS Elkjøp Norge AS Garantiinstituttet for Eksportkreditt/ The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency J2 Global Norway AS Fashion Rental Group AS Malo AS Kristine Malo North Waves Pål Børge Emanuelsen Norwegian Rain Room AS Elektroimportøren AS Namron AS Elektroimportøren Holding AS Human Etisk Forbund Vitux Group AS Vitux AS Vitux Pharma AS Vitun AS Kiropraktor Magnus Holtan 2eat AS Science And Technology AS Fisher Scientific AS Science Invest AS Sci Finance AS Sci-code AS Science Rock AS Solem Science Science Linker AS Mp Pensjon Pk Mp Nordic DA Mp Elektro AS M.p. Bygg AS Mp Bygg AS Prima Service AS Boost AS Boost Eiendom AS Seb Enskilda AS Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Monkberry AS Stiftelsen Tinius Jaco Invest AS Jaco Invest Eiendom AS Jaco Finans AS Spinta AS Spintech AS Nox AS Noxa AS Løvenskiold Eiendom AS Løvenskiold Invest II AS Løvenskiold Forvaltning AS Løvenskiold Gran AS Løvenskiold Skog AS Løvenskiold Invest i AS Cj Løvenskiold Nova Eos AS Kjentfolk AS Nova Trading AS Nova Service AS Skips Fasan AS Ahm Skips AS Skips AS Pegasus Skips AS Pelagos Bj. Kverneland A/S Trond Kverneland Services Tarald Fiskaa Kverneland Brightport AS Bright Products AS Bright Planet AS Fossum Eiendom AS Fossum Eiendomsselskap AS Hagen Total Holding Total Telekom Holding AS Total Pc-hjelp Vardia Forsikring AS Verdiforsikring AS Vardia Fordel AS Astra Developments Norge AS Vindpilen AS Ema AS Ema Invest AS Nilvama AS City Security AS Oslo Bilauksjon AS Oslo Bygg og Boligservice AS Oslo Bo AS Norsk Bilauksjon AS Kakpoto Sagothun International Import Export Salia A Bao Bao Anh Nguyen Haslevangen Kiosk V/ Lulin Bao Aker Trading AS Aker AS Scandinavian Display AS Aker Trading AS Aker Data Hakketi AS Fotograf Yann Aker Euro Display AS Nanodri Europe AS Uniq Clothing AS Industriinvesteringer AS Smg Kurs AS Sm Consult AS Solholmen Holding AS Smartoptics AS Smartoptics Holding AS Moelsa AS Lights AS Paragon AS Paragon Features AS Paragon Partner AS Paragon Corporate Consultant Knut Stärk-johansen Hexiron Exchange AS Seafood-exchange AS Ivy Exchange AS European Fish Exchange AS Amesto Purchasing AS Pure AS Pure Agencies AS T-elektro AS Sapa AB Sapa Extrusions Inc. Sapa Building Systems Ag Sapa Profiles Sapa Holding AS Norsk Elektro Kontroll AS Norsk Servicesenter for Elektronikk AS Norges Bank Norges Banks Pensjonskasse Pensjoniststiftelsen Ved Norges Banks Hovedkontor Norsk Pasientskadeerstatning Reguleringsfond i Norges Bank Norges Banks Idrettslag Norges Banks Ølforening Akademikerne i Norges Bank - San (anb) Kunstforeningen Ved Norges Bank Norges Banks Maleklubb Norges Banks Fond Til Økonomisk Forskning Pensjonistklubben Ved Norges Bank, Oslo Funksjonærbiblioteket i Norges Bank Rolls-royce Marine Pensjonskasse Jason Turner Norske Skogindustrier ASA Norske Skog Property AS Norske Skog ASA Norske Skog Eiendom AS Norske Skog Eiendom AS Konkursbo Norske Skog Holding AS Konkursbo Norske Skog Nordic & Export Sales AS Kvale Anders Kavli Eiendom AS Predictor ANS Predio AS Pinor AS Pinot AS Waterguard Norge AS Infonett Nordic AS Mediaseo AS Mediaas AS Medic AS Medisinsk Diagnose-center Medic AS Midac AS Merlot AS Bridgehead AS Clipper Of Scandinavia AS Zivid AS Mediafy Magazines AS Medway Musikkteknologen Vegard Sandvold Sandvold Holding AS Sandvold Energy AS Snv Holding AS Sten Ship Management AS Wilhelmsen Shipping Databases AS Dbc AS Techfarm AS Nemeet AS Triwer Technologies AS Norway Hash Technologies AS Flow Technologies AS Flowmotion Technologies AS Net Technology AS Tyre Techs Norge AS Norsk Titanium AS Norsk Titanium Ansatte AS Norsk Titanium Technology AS Norsk Titanium Production AS Elkem Technology A/S New Technology AS Best Technology Norway AS Innovation Technology AS 4castmedia AS 4castgroup AS Norges Handikapforbunds Ungdom Urban Spirits AS Golar Management Norway AS Golar Marine AS Nordic Opportunities AS Us Opportunities AS Norgesinvestor Opportunities II AS Us Opportunities Norway AS Maritime Opportunities AS Nuna AS Seatankers Management Norway AS Bela AS Rieber & Søn AS Tolldirektoratet Smart Cylinders AS Agua Imara AS Agua AS Jcp Pr & Advertising AS Granitt Entreprenør AS Opto AS Afterprint AS Afterlink AS Orbit Invest AS Oslo Finans AS Oslo Finerfabrikk AS Oslo Finerfabrikk Holding AS Oslo Flaggfabrikk AS The Oslo Food Company AS Nat Chartering AS Neva Chartering AS Northern Cross Chartering Ltd AS West Chartering A.s Golden Group AS Xigrid Technologies AS IC Companys Norway AS The Cotton Club AS Cotton Club AS Cotton Kitchen AS Cadam AS Asset Management AS Oslo Asset Management AS Aurora Assets Management AS Sørensen Asset Management AS Seal Asset Management Nrp Asset Management AS Sector Asset Management AS Staff Asset Management AS Newsec Asset Management AS Optimera AS Optimera Eiendom AS Mine Nærmeste AS Greenwich Land Securities AS Greenwich Village ANS Oslo Produksjon & Tjenester AS Oslo Pensjonsforsikring AS Oslo Property AS Sansserif, Jon Ramvi Norfund KLP Norfund Investments AS Norfunn AS Qualité Search Marketing AS Equality Hydro Kapitalforvaltning AS Jaco Management & Consulting AS Book Hem AS Bk Engenes Telia Norge AS Telia NetCom Holding AS Telia Bil Telia Telecom Services AS Telia Internett AS Telia Teltronik AS Telia Carrier Norway AS Telia Towers Norway AS Get AS Get Style ANS Subhydro AS Intility AS Intility Internal Services AS Intility Eiendom AS Safe Credit AS Safe Credit Øyvind Klausen Activ Service Jan Petter Jensen Asor-active Service Omsorg Rekruttering Asor Active Service Omsorg og Rekruttering Rizalina g Jenssen Activ Invest AS Scandinavian Stockphoto AS Scandinavian Stock Photo DA Statkraft Vind Holding AS Vind AS Eolus Vind Norge Holding AS Funksjonærforeningen Sparebank 1 Gruppen Seniorforeningen i Sparebank 1 Gruppen LO Finans Hk Sparebank 1 Gruppen Sparebank 1 Gruppen Finans Holding AS Bjarte Arneson Bjarte Andreas Misund Bjarte Agdestein Illustrasjon og Animasjon Commercial Banking Applications AS Ciba AS Marketer Technologies AS Aker Kapital AS Aker Catering AS Turbulent Flux AS Golconda Investments AS Chooose AS Ray Vidar Moen Printing AS Printer AS Print In AS Print-ak AS New Vision Ionut Jilca Io Vision DA Visioni AS Pro Vision AS Visno AS Fsn Capital Partners AS Wener AS Wenro AS Wennor AS Performance AS Edge Performance Peter Novodomsky Red Performance AS Edge Property AS Syscom Consulting AS International Business Machines AS Den Norske Krigsforsikring for Skib Gjensidig Forening Think IT Solutions Odd-magne Skugen Kristoffersen Think AS Think Interim Marketing Management AS Tvedten Think Ink Squarehead Technology AS Squarehead Laboratories AS Sjølyst Forretningsbygg Senterdrift AS Sparebank 1 Utvikling DA Sparebank 1 Spleis AS Terra Solis AS Terra Terra Services AS Terra Kapitalforvaltning ASA Terra Securities ASA Terra Studio AS Wj Business Partner AS Wbspc AS Obos Boligkreditt AS DnB Boligkreditt AS Eika Boligkreditt AS Varada Marine Norway AS Lazarus AS Orkla ASA Orkla IT AS Orkla Health AS Orkla Trading AS Sirnes Engen & Company Sirnasense AS Tvangsavviklingsbo Sirnasense AS Nordic Shipping AS Nordic Shipping & Logistic AS Nordic Ship Interior AS Nordic Ship Interior AS Konkursbo Nordic Shipping & Investment AS Norsk Shipping og Offshore Service AS Nordic Shipping Agencies AS Njord Shipping AS Nordshop AS Nor Shipping AS Polar Øst AS Polar Industries AS Enklere Liv Retail AS Imom Nettbutikkdrifting Ketel Bjørn Nettbutikken Armyshop No AS Codan AS Sveiseeksperten AS Lardoise AS Resco AS Records DA Ms Rescue R S i AS Anvi ANS A Investor AS Verdipapirfondet DnB Norden Verdipapirfondet DnB Norden (iii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Marked Valutasikret Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Credit Short Verdipapirfondet DnB Global High Grade Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Treasury Verdipapirfondet DnB Global (iii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Verdipapirfondet DnB Global (iv) Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Credit Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Lavkarbon Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Emerging Markets Indeks Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Industrisektor Indeks Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Materialsektor Indeks Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Select Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Emerging Markets Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Indeks Verdipapirfondet DnB Global (ii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Obx Verdipapirfondet DnB Smb Verdipapirfondet Odin Global Verdipapirfondet DnB Telecom Verdipapirfondet DnB Grønt Norden BASF AS Strand L T Quality Products Ltd AS Skogsberg Holding AS Verdipapirfondet DnB Frn 20 Verdipapirfondet DnB High Yield Verdipapirfondet DnB High Yield (i) Verdipapirfondet DnB Am Kort Obligasjon 2 Verdipapirfondet DnB Aktiv Rente (ii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Private Banking Premium 100 Verdipapirfondet DnB Am Kort Obligasjon Verdipapirfondet DnB Am Lang Obligasjon Verdipapirfondet DnB Omf Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2040 Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2065 Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2060 Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2055 Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2050 Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2045 Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2035 Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2030 Verdipapirfondet DnB Lev Mer - 2025 Verdipapirfondet DnB Global (v) Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Finance Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Konsis Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Valutasikret Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Etisk (v) Verdipapirfondet DnB Global Consumer Goods A Holding Company AS DnB Nor Bygg AS Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge Pensjon Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge Selektiv (ii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge (iv) Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge (iii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge Selektiv Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge Selektiv (iii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge Indeks Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge (i) Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge (avanse Ii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Norge (avanse 1) Verdipapirfondet DnB Nor Norge (ii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Norden (ii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Nordic Investment Grade Verdipapirfondet Eika Norge Verdipapirfondet DnB Navigator (ii) Verdipapirfondet DnB Finans Verdipapirfondet DnB Navigator Sat-tek ANS Encount AS Encore AS Platou Eiendom AS Platou Eiendomsinvest 46 AS Platou Eiendomsinvest 76 AS Platou Eiendomsinvest 85 AS Platou Eiendomsinvest 45 AS Pub 34 AS Oppstart AS Vika Oppstart 22 AS Vika Oppstart 23 AS Vika Oppstart 21 AS Vika Oppstart 34 AS Vika Oppstart 26 AS Vika Oppstart 28 AS Vika Oppstart 29 AS Vika Oppstart 25 AS Vika Oppstart 32 AS Vika Oppstart 10 AS Vika Oppstart 16 AS Vika Oppstart 31 AS Vika Oppstart 39 AS Vika Oppstart 30 AS Vika Oppstart 33 AS Vika Oppstart 35 AS Vika Oppstart 36 AS Vika Oppstart 37 AS Vika Oppstart 38 AS IKM AS Dolphin Interconnect Solutions AS Arctic Prosjekt 104 AS Arctic Prosjekt 140 AS Arctic Prosjekt 105 AS Arctic Prosjekt 103 AS Arctic Prosjekt 106 AS Arctic Prosjekt 114 AS Arctic Prosjekt 107 AS Arctic Prosjekt 108 AS Arctic Prosjekt 109 AS Arctic Prosjekt 134 AS Arctic Prosjekt 124 AS Arctic Prosjekt 120 AS Arctic Prosjekt 110 AS Arctic Prosjekt 130 AS Arctic Prosjekt 115 AS Arctic Prosjekt 116 AS Arctic Prosjekt 117 AS Arctic Prosjekt 118 AS Arctic Prosjekt 119 AS Arctic Prosjekt 111 AS Arctic Prosjekt 113 AS Arctic Prosjekt 135 AS Arctic Prosjekt 126 AS Arctic Prosjekt 129 AS Arctic Prosjekt 132 AS Seas Holding AS Mesut Vardar Skagerak Gruppen AS Skagerak Båt AS Skagerak Marine Electronics AS Nordre Tangen Gård Cathrine Hansson Søhr Hansson Fur & Fashion ANS Fossum + Hansson AS Jensen Consult Erling Jensen Consulting AS Jensen Consulting & Sales AS Rune Jensen Consulting AS Info Usa - Widar Jensen Consulting B Jensen Konsulent Croff & Jensen Consulting DA Kloster-jensen Consulting Eikland AS Bygdøy Alle 5 AS Bygdøy Alle 5 ANS Bygdøy Alle 53 AS Bygdøy Allè Eiendomsmegling AS Bygdøy Eiendom DA Bygdøy Alle Eiendomsinvest AS Bygdøy AS Enoteca Bygdøy Alle AS Nordvik & Partners Eiendomsmegling Bygdøy Allè AS Investorprosjekt 342 AS Investorprosjekt 354 AS Investorprosjekt 344 AS Investorprosjekt 334 AS Investorprosjekt 321 AS Investorprosjekt 323 AS Investorprosjekt 326 AS Investorprosjekt 325 AS Investorprosjekt 328 AS Investorprosjekt 322 AS Investorprosjekt 329 AS Investorprosjekt 254 AS Investorprosjekt 284 AS Investorprosjekt 352 AS Investorprosjekt 348 AS Investorprosjekt 346 AS Investorprosjekt 345 AS Investorprosjekt 340 AS Investorprosjekt 232 AS Investorprosjekt 312 AS Investorprosjekt 349 AS Investorprosjekt 343 AS Investorprosjekt 289 AS Investorprosjekt 285 AS Investorprosjekt 281 AS Investorprosjekt 282 AS Investorprosjekt 283 AS Investorprosjekt Iii AS Investorprosjekt Iii KS Investorprosjekt 259 AS Investorprosjekt 229 AS Investorprosjekt 279 AS Investorprosjekt 260 AS Investorprosjekt 230 AS Investorprosjekt 220 AS Investorprosjekt 252 AS Thales Norway AS Tekna Bedriftsgruppe - Thales Norway Nitos Bedriftsgruppe Ved Thales Norway Thales Holding Norway AS Thales Commercial Norway AS Thales Commercial Norway Bil Commercial Real Estate Norway AS Trollskogen Barnehage Bjørndal Sa Trollskogen Barnehage Wico A/S Wieco AS Jobbase AS Holta Invest AS Storebrand Kapitalforvaltning ASA Elbil Distribusjon Norge AS Enigma Distribution Norge AS E-distribusjon Norge AS Itogha Norge Distribusjon AS Equip Capital AS Equip Norway AS Merivaara AS Meri AS Mjodur AS Norwegian Emission Abatement Technologies AS Øyafestivalen AS Dentalpark AS Dentas AS Dentalpartner DA Dentalyas AS Dentalia AS Dentax AS Karbon Invest AS Karbon Services AS Activate AS Activita ANS Activator AS Jammary Activa Active Wall AS Snøhetta Oslo AS Snøhetta AS Snøhetta Regnskap Oslo AS Snøhetta Studio Saudi Arabia AS Snøhetta Design AS Snøhetta Overseas Architecture AS Narf AS Onestep AS Hdr Norway AS Fish Development AS Fsh Holding AS Tech Data Norge AS Tandberg Data Norge AS Knekt Data Norge AS Pro Data Norge Gea Tech Norge AS Td Techdata AB We-tech Norge AS Bring AS Bring & Bær ANS Bring Cargo AS Ebba Bring Bring Frigo AS Bring Express Norge AS Norden Nordic Innovation Nordic Finance Innovation AS Nordic Finance AS Nordisk Finans AS Nordisk Finans Nordic Corporate Finance Nordic Innovation Team AS Nordic Innovation Team Invest i AS Impetus AS Norsk Luthersk Misjonssamband Ung Norsk Luthersk Misjonssamband Mission AS Siemens AS Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy AS Siemens S.a. Siemens Ag Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Kft Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Gmbh Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy Limited Tidal AS Tidal Eiendom AS Tidal Music AS Tidal Invest AS Tidal Norway AS Asset Sales Inc. First Capital AS First AS First Capital Group AS First Capital Management AS First Step Capital AS Good Game AS Sb Games AS Game Of Burger AS Yes Games AS Höegh Autoliners Holdings AS Höegh Eiendom AS Leif Höegh & Co Holdings AS Höegh Eiendom Holding AS Leif Höegh & Co AS Höegh Eiendomsselskap AS Leif Høegh Privat Leif Høegh Stiftelse Leif Høegh & Co Shipping Holding AS Höegh Invest AS Höegh Lng Fleet Management AS Høegh Invest AS Poseidon Offshore Mining ANS Fabrikator Welander Infokus AS Medallia B.i.l. Jabi AS Tunable AS Advokatfirmaet Sulland AS Advokatfirmaet Sulland Drift AS Miss California AS Crecita AS Jomma 2 AS Jordal 2 AS Jarmann 2 AS Kontinent Transport Holding AS Feeder Container II AS Feeder Container Vessel AS Beltek AS International Center Of Excellence AS High Tech Warehouse ANS High Tech Promotion AS Interbev AS Norwegian Banking Software AS The Norwegian Brand AS Norwegian Beauty AS The Norwegian Beauty DA Norway Health Tech DnB Nor Global Technology Verdipapirfond Nvision Global Technology Norway AS Global Tech-supply AS Pro Tech AS T Tech AS Top Trading AS Top Tec AS Kensington AS Ruhs AS Ruhs Consultant AS Hårspesialisten AS Big Hair Big Dreams AS Skytteltrade AS Skyttel Invest AS Optikk Byporten AS Eyefactory AS The Eyefactory AS The Factory ANS Pro Oculus AS Oculus Bar AS Oculus Capital AS Kris Bygg AS Ian Kris Co Rismo Bente Karin Smn AS ABC Startsiden AS ABC Startsiden Webdesign Tom W Ottmar Oakwood AS Oakwood Holding AS Pareto Wealth Management AS Bh Nordic AS Brumm AS Bjørn AS Tracsense AS Siesta AS Siesta DA Systeam Norge AS Systeam Norge IT AS A.f.klaveness & Co AS Klaveness Erik Arkitekt Kari Klaveness Klaveness Corporate Services AS Stanton Chase Norway AS Sektor Portefølje II AS Auka AS Moe Rekruttering og Bemanning Smida Rekruttering og Bemanning AS Norges Rekruttering og Bemanning AS Varde Hartmark AS Hartmark AS Ace Executive Search And Consulting AS Arpi AS Stx Europe Technology AS Splash Technology Europe European Web Technology AS W.ballist Willis Brown Sameiet Ullevålsveien 19 Willis Towers Watson AS Filletassen AS Vewd Software AS Vewd Software Technology AS The Indus AS Norsk Tid AS Nordic Tied AS Nordita AS The Directory AS Funcom Oslo AS Funcom Oslo Licensing AS Montana Maritime Group AS News Interiør AS Hot News Truls Bjerke og R.T Larsen Alcoa Norway ANS Norsk Alcoa AS Trifid Holding AS Trifid Norge AS Trifid Ventures AS Trifid Norge II AS Autronica Marine AS Norsk Rekruttering AS Proff Rekruttering AS Mcb Rekruttering AS Vhr Rekruttering AS Stiftelsen Flyktninghjelpen Norwegian Green Building Council Stiftelsen Norges Eksportråd Fjordbo Kultur Coop Norge Sa Coop Norge Kaffe AS Coop Norge Industri AS Coop Norge Handel Bedriftsidrettslag Grorud Coop Norge Tromsø Eiendom AS Hk-klubben Coop Norge Hovedkontor Hk-klubben Coop Norge Grorud-sinsen Lul (landsutvalget for Leder i Coop Norge) Coop Norge Stavanger Eiendom AS Coop Norge Stavanger Eiendom II AS Coop Norge Langhus Eiendom AS Spring AS Zacco Innovation Technology Norway AS Innovation for All AS Innovation DA Innovation Event AS Innovation Beauty AS Innovation Partner AS Innovation Factory AS Bank Brokers AS Pb Banking AS Bankers A/S Bank No ANS Banks Street AS Innotec AS Tec Trading AS Inovio Tec AS Success Marketing AS Cormac Games & Tech Henrik Andreas Gjerdrum Gulbrandsen Technology And Game Services Green Tech Hms AS Green Tech International ANS Green Technology Partner DA Nordic Green-tech Solutions Nassir Mohamed Hassan Green-tech (norway) AS The Best Technology Distribution AS Best Age Sonja Teresa Jensen Best Ekspress AS B S Teknikk AS AS Network Technology Harald Firing Karlsen Soft DA Hard & Soft Tech Einar Dahl Bifuko AS Protransport Adil Aslam Mir Kashmir Adil Mir Aslam Entra ASA Entra Service AS Entry AS Entry Entra Bryn AS Entra Eiendom AS Entra Utleie AS Viafilm AS Entry Point AS The Entertainment Company AS Gobi ANS Gobi Invest AS Reno X-press Gobi Ratnasingam Gobi Tech AS Damene AS Fremskrittspartiet Vesterålen Fremskrittspartiet Ungdom Studio Holberg Holberg Invest AS Holberg Industrier A/S Computas AS Computas Holding AS Computantis AS Computech DA Napoli Chemical AS Napoli Chemical KS North Sea Chemicals AS Southern Chemical AS Sun Chemical AS Nor Chemical Invest AS Norwegian Chemicals AS Northeast Chemical Carrier KS Chem Invest AS Sonat Consulting Oslo AS Inven2 AS Investor 2 AS Invest 2 AS Ingård 2 AS Helling Holding AS Nordic Conferences AS General Trading Bhaiji General Trading Wajid Bashir Large Crude Carrier AS Norwegian Telecom AS Iec Telecom Norway AS Norsk Telecom AS Telecom AS Nc Telecom AS Nc Telecom II AS Bjørvik AS Finntack Norge AS Hørz AS Horizon AS Future for All The Future AS Future Leaders AS Future Leaders Futu Futura A/S Futur AS Grønn Byggallianse Good for Me AS The Good Company AS Davo Norge AS Avia AS Fuglesang & Olesen AS Med Tillit Medlink Medlife Limited DnB Asset Management Holding AS DnB Asset Management AS Cma Asset Management AS Dallas Asset Management AS Tgn Asset Management AS Lynx Asset Management AS Widex Norge AS Fast And Furious Transport Zia Hussein Addadim AS Jumbo Transport AS Calobra AS Sustainables AS Sustainable Solutions AS Sustainable Development AS Sustainable Holding AS Qss AS Qualified Solutions Oslo AS Intelligent Trading AS Intelligent Trading AS Ko & Co AS Kga AS Kjah Eiendom AS Kaa AS Kao AS Koay Khaya AS Khe AS Khh AS K og K AS Gk Inneklima AS Gjøa AS Kuo AS Kei AS Key Trading AS The Key AS Kyy AS Kge AS Norwegian Asset Management AS Just AS Srs Lyddesign Sondre Rosseland Sandhaug Lydtekniker Thomas Sandhaug Hege Sandhaug Forhandlingsrådgivning Marte B. Sandhaug Gunn Sandhaug Johnsen Camilla Sandhaug Johnsen Netcon AS Netconnect AS Net Connect AS Netconnect Enterprise Solutions AS Netware Connection AS Infranordic AS Eir AS James Walker Norge AS Reach AS Reach AS Toplink AS Rent Hus AS Rent Hus Krol Rent Hus Pupik Rent Hus Andrzejewska Mommas DA Moemo AS Majamed AS Moon Trading AS Moe M.m AS Maja Anette Flønes Monsen Maja DA Rpm United AS Netnordic AS Netnordic Services AS Netnordic Datacom AS Netnordic Mobizz AS Bygginvest Røros AS Pearl Subsea AS Pearl AS Pearl KS Imskman AS Praqma Norway AS Actio Tiu DA Advokatfirmaet Actio AS Fenix AS St1 Norge Marine AS St1 Norge AS St1 Norge Group AS Negotia St1 Norge Imsk Se Lpg Sogn AS Lpg Carrier i AS Memira AS Nmd-klubben Nmd Apotek F AS Nmd Apotek E AS Nmd Apotek D AS Nmd Apotek C AS Bjørklund AS Bjørklund Gullbørsen Virkeliggjør Drømmen AS Nordstrøm Transport Oslo City Klokker og Smykker AS Martin Bjørklund Gresli Linderud Klokker og Smykker AS Frankrikeferiehus AS Kidzeboo AS Medlab AS G2 Oslo AS Krokas AS Infos AS Info123 Ingka Centres Ringsaker AS Ingka Centres Sandefjord AS Ingka Centres Norge AS Ingka Centres Sørlandet AS Sambla AS Trond Olav Olsen Byspire AS Anker Kreativ Kollaborasjon Aditro Enterprise AS Aditro Bpo AS Aditro Shared Services AS Deep AS Deep DA Deep Development AS Deep Touch DA Deep Search DA Deep Down Dopeizm Telenor AS Amundsongs AS Checkout AS Bw Gas AS Norsk Seilende Gas AS Bw Singa Gas AS Norkorn Norkon Computing Systems AS Norkontroll AS Pluvinel AS Zimmer AS Signcraft Sign AS Signs Significant AS Signit AS Kunst og Opplæring Bondor Nitschkes Opplæring Norsk Intern Opplæring AS Opplæring/norsk Elita Rove Gogco AS Gogo AS Norsk Telegrambyrå AS Clas Ohlson AS Frontier AS Nmi Frontier Fund KS Nmi Fund Iv KS Association Du Lycee Francais Rene Cassin Doslo Ving Norge AS Vn Consult AS Vinique Norge AS Veng AS Safe Deposit Bank Of Norway AS Chase Manhattan Bank (norway) A/S Gjensidige Nor Sparebank Evry Talentalumni Signatu AS Signatur Signatur AS Signant AS Signateur AS 1881 Group AS Auk Råvarer AS AS Keco 633 17 gt Holding AS Asea Netherlands BV Healthcare At Home (netherlands) B.v. Nuf Delta Electronics (netherlands) B.v. Dr. Solbakken AS Hotel Amerikalinjen AS Amerikalinjen Pub AS Amerikalinjen Steak House & Bar AS Jon Johnson Bedriftsrådgiver Dj Jonas Johnson Johnson Consulting Jonathan Espolin-johnson Graf AS Trimb Norway AS Trimar AS Trimbo AS Trimco AS Frontec AS Frontra AS Haaris Holding AS Harish Holding AS Nagravision AS Avs System AS Av-systems AS Aps A/S AS IS AS Bc Trading AS Wewanttoknow AS Chilime AS Chillifilm DA Fagskolen Tla AS Collective AS Nora Collective AS IS IT So Collective AS Collective 34 AS Pac - Performing Arts Collective Sa The Art Collective AS Jazid Collective Andre Utvik Jazid Collective AS Nymark Collective DA Kennel Collective Ariton Collective Arts And Crafts Pash Collective Philippe Alexander Smith Høgsten Slanted Collective DA Velcrux Collective AS Djambr Collective Studentbedrift Oslo Collective AS Amber Bygg Karolis Dzimanavicius Amber AS Fjellhamar AS Fjelly AS Six Sense Travel AS Tech 2 Sense AS Mema AS Am Wegger Konsult AS Cv Partner AS Erling Wegger Linde Innovations Nedre Roa Skogsdrift Erling Wegger Linde Hadean Ventures AS Hadean Capital i AS Hadian Bdo AS Gocompetence AS H-pro 5 AS AS Mascot Holding Rosenberg Jørn Collas AS Amedia AS Amedia Teknologi AS Amedia Utvikling AS Amedia Lokal AS Ceramo AS Cerato ANS Cerano AS Cera AS Impact Shows AS Cesium AS Moredun Invest AS R E Hansson Transport Hansson Elektro AS Advokatfirmaet Hansson AS Hansson Consulting AS Sivilingeniør Njål Hansson AS Body Invest Hansson Hansson Eiendom AS Hansson Invest AS Sphere AS Sphere Jones Designers Industrigaten 34 AS Sameiet Industrigata 40 Pareto Commodity AS Rak Thai Spicy AS Ms Media Group AS Meta Group AS Mde AS Metropol Gruppen AS Media Gruppen AS Officeaid AS Officeteam AS Netnames AS Funkweb Kompetanse AS Funkweb Aktiv AS Statkraft II AS Statkraft Iii AS Statkraft Industrial Holding AS Statkraft Sf Statkraft AS Statkraft Asset Holding AS Statkraft Us Holding AS Statkraft Ih Holding AS Sanosa AS Samuelsen Ottar Friends AS Friends Company AS Food & Friends AS Friend Network AS Friends Cargo AS Gateway Digital AS Gateway Management AS Industridesign AS Via Industridesign DA Industrifinans Direkte Investeringer AS Nye Industrifinans Kino 2 AS Industrifinans Kino 2 Eiendom AS Industrifinans Boligeiendom Norge A Industrifinans Venture Management AS Alfred Berg Industrifinans Private Equity Management AS Alfred Berg Industrifinans Private Equity Management KS Industrifinans Eiendomsforvaltning AS Industrifinans Rosengård AS Pir II Oslo AS Alpha Finans AS Alpha Properties AS Infratek Installasjon AS Infratek Elsikkerhet AS Infratek AS Infratek Norge AS Infratek Group AS Klubb Infratek Infratek Bedriftsidrettslag Infratek Pensjonskasse Infratek Sikkerhet AS World Travellers AS World Travel AS Spit Travel Management Annar Follesø Tind Technologies AS Tind Tech AS Tind AS Tind Securities ASA Rowan AS Manpower A/S Geofrost AS Unity Corporation Vermunt Norsk Utenrikspolitisk Institutt Prokurist AS Blomstertransport AS Vestlandsk Transportlag Gundersen & Løken Optikk AS Hordaland Transportlag Rettshjelper Anbudsjuristen AS Remarkable AS Remarkable Holding AS Remarkable Helpco AS Omega Smartbuild East Africa AS Omega Trading AS Vitalis Pharma AS Sunstar AS Orion Oria AS Orion Corporation Totem AS Skintonic Nydalen AS Kongsberg Automotive Invest Iii AS Kongsberg Automotive Invest Iv AS Kongsberg Automotive Invest v AS Bedriftsbørsen AS Bedriftsdans AS Bedrifts-invest AS Statkraft Ih Invest AS Statkraft Vind Utvikling DA Statkraft Energi AS Statkraft Forsikring AS Statkraft Carbon Invest AS Statkraft Tofte AS Statkraft Brasil AS Statkraft European Wind And Solar Holding AS El&it Statkraft Gruppe Lilleaker Brand DA Brand Brand Sport AS Brand Store AS The Brand Project AS Ms Brands AS Bentestova AS Psykologvirke AS Psykolog AS Psykologisk Selskab Psykologia AS Psykologica AS Marina Miracle Engervik Miracle Morad Aziman Allianse AS Informasjonsteknologisk Allianse AS Nrs Oslo AS Nrs Holding AS Solås Domos AS Demos AS Domostyle Energy AS Norges Statsbaner AS NSB Bybil AS Tight AS Tight Holding AS Tight Interactive DA Hafslund Strøm AS Hafslund IT AS Hafslund Eiendom AS Hafslund AS Hafslund E-co AS Oslo Medisinske Senter AS Colosseumklinikken Medisinske Senter AS Oslo Medisinske Senter DA New-tech Bjørn Dybing New Tech AS New Tech Andersen Niva-tech AS Pangea Drift AS Pangea AS Pangea Ungdomsbedrift Tegnet AS Tegn Tegnér Media Sunn Sun Sunli Bo Sun Norchi Network Yi Sun Suns Handel Sun Medical AS Sun Restaurant AS Sun Stop AS Touch Technology AS Touch-it AS Gjensidige Forsikring ASA Magellan AS Lade Alle 67-69 Holding AS Timeme AS Nor Group AS Nor Trade Consulting AS Kone Aksjeselskap Tdc Norsk Regnskap og Inkasso AS Norsk Skatt og Regnskap Senter ANS Norsk Skatt & Regnskap Senter Bedrift ANS Gete Fotballklubb Dattera Bar og Cafe AS Dattera Til S?rensen Fris?r Dattera Til Madsen Eva M W?rner Dattera Til Hagen Bar og Caf? AS Datterselskap AS Ha Design AS Winthorpe Enterprises AS Winther Wintr-in AS Pitney Bowes Norge AS Pitney Bowes Finans Norge AS Mateco Ag Tectake AS Transponder AS Disruptive Tech AS Blue Ocean Disruptive Tech AS Workwear AS Pelly Workwear Oslo AS Lemen Limited Lehmann Sgp AS Morgenlevering AS Llentab AS Tiko-kamerun Development Association In Norway Kamera Kamerat DA Norbed 8 AS Number 8 AS Nsvn 81c AS Nbg 8 AS Den Katolske Kirke i Norge Den Nordisk Katolske Kirke i Norge Norspo AS Norse Paper AS Norspace AS Norspain AS Lucky Bird Bogstadveien AS Lucky AS Bird AS Degree Consulting Group AS Male AS Kars Norge AS Qsc Restauranger AS Zero Five AS AS Sørkedalsveien 93 Food Folk Norge AS Kankathas AS Food Folk Norge Holdings AS Norges Food AS Func Food Norge AS Md Foods Norge AS Aller Travel AS Allers ANS Gregersen Optikk AS Briskeby Optikk AS Advokatfirmaet Sgb Storløkken AS Fineart AS Jana Dani Fineart Fineartmagic Fine Trading AS Respinor AS Kraft Foods AS Mondelez Norge AS Mondelez International Norge AS Mondelez Norge Production AS Minpen AS Salis AS Privatundervisning og Leksehjelp i Språk Mikerem Ali Sali Intermal Sali Sopa Gyulsevim Sali Yurivision Yuri Sali Norsecraft Eiendom AS Norsec DA Norsec AS Mesh AS Granfos Næringspark AS Salmon Topco AS Agr Topco AS Air Productions AS A Real Production Company AS Air Products And Chemicals Inc Vitiris AS Tigini AS Brødrene Hallen AS Buypass Payment AS Buypass Bil Norway Investment AS Norwegian Investment AS Mic Norway Invest Co AS Nap Norway Invest 1 AS Norwegian Investment Company AS Jotne AS Ansura AS Aa v Trading AS The Spy AS Oslo Kommune Velferdsetaten Ungarena AS Greenbird Integration Technology AS Lederne avd 28 Grenland U-right Uri Shekel Hus og Bygg Rune Snare Blå Kors Grenland Videregående Skole AS Stiftelsen Kirkens Fengselsarbeid Oppegård Unge Venstre Morten Børresen Ønolog & Kultur Fot Fixern Renate Torpen Lierbyen Utvikling AS Gullborgen AS Andreas Brenno Oppgjørskontoret AS Norsk Luftambulanse AS Norsk Personal Invest AS Norsk Personal Gruppen AS North Personnel AS Pro Personal AS Oslo Børs ASA Oslo Børs Vps Holding ASA Oslo Børs Oslo Børs Cafe Rolf Selvik Oslo Børs Informasjon AS Capitol Iii AS Capitol II AS Capital AS Capitol AS The Capital Hotel AS Ck Capital AS Capital Ess AS Sky AS Sky Auto AS The Sky DA Sky Trading AS Shf Aircraft AS Fjanse Holding AS Fantasy Holding AS Linbe AS Nvrm AS Ingeniør Compagniet AS Ingeniørplan AS Inge. AS Best Transport AS Best Renhold Paulina Musial Best Rengjøring Pytkowska Best Trafikkskole AS Bs Trading DA Best Racket AS Best Renhold Ghulam Sarwar Hotelldrift Stortingsgata AS Hotel Savoy AS Hotelldrift Cl The Hub AS Grønningen Invest AS Bastion Hotel AS Isachsen Technology & Art AS Isachsen Technology & Art Design AS Anastasia Invest AS A Bygg Entreprenør AS Byggservice Entreprenør AS Bygg Entreprise AS Bygg Co Entreprenør AS Bygg Entreprenør AS Alfa Bygg Entreprenør AS Konkursbo Alfa Bygg Entreprenør AS Nbt AS Norwegian Broadband Technology AS Njbt AS Nbt Ute AS Skje Din Vilje AS Nbite AS Wega Trading AS Wei Min AS Exxonmobil Holding Norway AS Exxonmobil Nordic AS Nexans Bil Nexans Norway AS Nexans Distribusjon AS Nexans Pensjonskasse Nexans Skagerrak AS Nexans Subsea Operations AS Skeie Alpha Invest AS Skeie Alpha Equity AS Nikolai Kristiansen Web Masa Production AS Maas Brothers Acceptus Acceptium AS Accel AS Acceptor AS Accept Europe AS Psa Consulting AS Ps Consult AS Pas Konsult AS PC & Gamez AS Genius AS Genua AS Gents AB General Music Company T Klaveness Eiendom AS Euf Arena Advokat AS Snowball AS Snowball Consulting Morten Skoglund Alba AS A-lab AS A-lab Holding AS Alby I/s ANS Albo AS 7 Days Anmar Abed Karim Nrk Aktivum AS Anra AS Eksportfinans ASA Hermes Medical Service Hermes Supervisjon Adax Norge AS Squarepeg AS Hexagon AS Stoko AS T.stokke Stykke AS Hoist Group AS Skagen Finans AS Skagen Gruppen AS Skagen Elektro AS Skagen Holding AS Avant IT AS Avant AS Avant Digital AS Wunderman AS Wunderbao AS Dr. Lyng AS Serendipity Partners AS Serendipity ANS Serendip AS Melhus Capec AS Prevas AS Prevas Development AS Preve AS Nippon Gases Norge AS Captains Enterprise AS En Til! AS AS Holmenhavna 3 Instead AS Jo Chemical Tankers AS Southern Chemical Tankers AS Chemteam Tankers AS Chemteam Tankers KS Songa Chemical Tankers AS Tostø AS Tosti Bastide AS Chica Skotique AS Chica Sentrum AS Checo AS Chicameo AS AS Chico Chaco AS Fidelio AS Fidelis Management ANS Skuld Marine Agency (sma) AS Skuld Invest Skullerud A/S Skuld Seminar Services AS Skulegard AS Skuledrift AS Skuld Marine Claims Office (smco) AS Skuleveg AS Sustainable Energy Solutions AS Blues Company AS Lgr Consulting AS Kopaas Shipping AS Blixrud Consulting Procorp AS Procope AS Proconor AS Procorre Limited Process AS Process DA Norse Technical AS &tradition Norway AS Norse ANS Norse Trading AS Makes AS Makes IT AS Mix Birkelunden Video AS Yara Praxair Produksjon AS Base AS Base 2 Buy AS Nos Direct AS Software Scenario AS Pro Scenario AS Scenario Eiendomsmegling AS Robin App AS Forsikringskontoret Robin Wold Rabin AS Huitfeldt Valentin v H K Valentin E-co Energi AS E-co Energi Holding AS E-co Energi Kraft AS E Co Energi Pensjonskasse Econpartner AS Econpartner Skullerud AS Econpartner Services AS Drager DA Helse Miljø Sikkerhet- Kompetanse ANS Hms - Helse, Miljø og Sikkerhet - Forlaget AS Sikkerhet A/S Helse Miljø & Sikkerhet Kompetansesenter ANS Atio AS Herø AS The Hero Company AS Hero Invest AS Herø Management Ocean AS Atlantic Wood AS Omd AS Optimum Media Direction Norway AS Optimum Media Direction Norway KS O M Duus AS Kingspan Insulation AS Hope AS Tradecar AS Aneco Forsikringsmegling AS Norse Forsikringsmegling AS Matthews-daniel International Norge AS Matthews Kafe Kantine Matthew Wiseman Insp AS Sport Outlet Torggata AS Holding Invest AS Invest Holding AS Hold Invest AS Em Invest Holding AS Tm Invest Holding AS Hm Invest Holding AS Ev Holding Invest AS Fram II ANS Fram Iii ANS Framm AS Fram i ANS Herresthal Cultural Management Elo Cultural AS Acharaugo Cultural Music And Dance Norsk Farmasihistorisk Museum Oslo Museum Islamic Cultural Centre Norway Beate Strøm Cultural Consultancy Center for Cultural Diplomacy And Development Multinational Museum Farestvedt Each (euro Asian Cultural Heritage) Punjab Cultural Society Inkululeko Cultural Group Afrikan History Week Legatio AS Legalis Advokat ANS Adecco Solutions AS Eldor Transport Creuna AS Creuna Design AS Creum AS Coruna AS Ringnes AS Olivia AS Olivia DA Olivia Import AS Olivia Holding AS Olivia Twist AS Realkapital European Opportunity Invest AS Realkapital European Opportunity AS Realkapital Aktiv Europa AS Realkapital AS Realkapital Eiendom AS Eurofund Real Estate Opportunity AS Realkapital Service AS Brav Norway AS Foreningen Store Norske Leksikon Store Norske Leksikon AS Store Norske Leksikon Norges Nasjonalleksikon AS Marlife Maria Lien Telenor Marlink AS Atrium Vest AS Sjølyst Atrium AS Skøyen Atrium AS Chefs Atrium AS Atrium Management AS Atrium Snackkiosk V/khalid Circle K Norge AS Ronoy Øyvind Rønning Nyborgfeature Øyvind Nyborg Comma Oil & Chemicals Marketing AS Comma Oil & Chmicals Limited Spirit Gruppen AS Spirit Research AS Gyldenløve AS Gyldenløve 15 AS Flow/ux AS Flow Lab AS Flow-invest AS Flow Consulting AS Republicans Abroad Norway Embassy Of The Republic Of Burundi In Norway Embassy Of The Republic Serbia In Norway Royals AS Bjerke Royal Transport AS Royal Travel AS Royal Services DA Royal Tours AS Royal Scandinavian AS Assuranceforeningen Skuld (gjensidig) Eiendomsdrift. AS Ms-eiendom AS Eiendom. AS Cognitec AS Cognito AS Cognita AS Cognitiva AS Constructors AS Volvo Norge AS Volvo Finans Norge AS Trond A. Jacobsen Trond Belmar Jacobsen Fyrvik Marine Consulting AS Gc Rieber Salt AS Looop Nordbø Nina Nordbø Eiendom Nordbø Design Konsulent Rasmus Nordbø Egle Nordbø Stein Nordbø AS Vidar Nordbø Denise Reitan Nordbø Ebling Nordbø Frode Nordbø Grafisk Design Elisabeth Waaland Nordbø Jørgen Nordbø Petter Nordbø Thøger Nordbø Jr Kimebn - Nordbø Torunn Nordbø N.a.s Consulting Petter Nordbø Rebecca Nordbø Cecilie Nordbø Avinor AS Norbo AS Norsk Process AS Dr. V. D. Velde R. Velde Castor Gruppen AS Castor Invest AS Carlsen Jan Castor Castor Rørlegger AS Omex AS Oslo Business Region AS Oslo Business Park AS Business Women Oslo ANS Oslo Business Memo AS Oslo Business Center KS Systema AS Systemet AS Systemnet AS Systemrent AS Systemtext AS Systemrevisjon AS Netlife Dialog AS Netlife Design AS Netlife Gruppen AS Netlife Research Manco AS Netlife Research Holding AS Netlife Research AS Offline AS Malling Group AS Meling Invest AS Meling ANS Medica AS Pro Medical AS Chrysaor Norge AS Becuriou AS Voice Norge AS AS Insignia Insignia AS Carbon Cones AS C - By - C AS Krmr Distribution AS Krm (norway) AS Eureka Eiendomsselskap AS Saga Hotel Oslo AS Saga Hotel Oslo Central AS Saga Hotel AS P-hotels Oslo AS O Hotel Oslo AS Norstat ASA Norstat Norge AS Norstat AS Ium AS Im In AS Suksess i Norge AS Suksessin AS Suksessin AS Konkursbo Scienta AS Specifique Norge AS Sciencons AS Shield Computing Arif Shafique Mohammad Shafique Rafique Taxi Zahid Rafique Nye Kiwi Mat Tariq Rafiq Rafiqs Tele Management Shiraz Rafiq Rubin Enterprise Mir Rafiqul Islam Dødsbo Iq Engineering Ahsin Shafiq Ts Autosalg Mohammad T Rafique Muhammad Shafiq Sarmad Shafiq Sales & Marketing Zulfiqar Sedler Budservice Sheikh Shafiq Muhammad Bhattis Conditori Sobia Rafiq Mashfiqul Islam Kashif Iqbal Royal Fashion Sana Rafiq Ali Brother & Company Innehaver Zulfiqar Ali Syed Flokk AS Floke AS Flokk Holding II AS Flokk Holding AS Folks AS Explorer AS Explorers Hq AS Mepe AS Mpe AS M og P AS Design Container AS Pro Design AS Designa AS Katapult Ocean AS Katapult Ocean Follow-on Fund AS Katapult Ocean Fund 1 AS Katapult Communications AS Katapult Learning AS Katapult Music Footprint Communications AS Digital Footprint AS Footprint Merch AS Footprints Of Hope Fashion Footprint AS Footprint Holding DA Anne Birkedal M. Birkedal Musikk Mariann Birkedal Maritim Fastfood AS Network Norway Business AS Norwegian Business Corporation Ltd Næringslivets Hovedorganisasjon Nho Eiendom AS Nho Transport Nho Grafisk Nho Handel Nho Sjøfart Negotia Nho Nho Luftfart Nho Reiseliv Maråk AS Aktiv Kapital Inkasso AS Aktiv Kapital Portfolio II AS Aktiv Kapital Sourcing AS Bad Candy Productions Anders Kile Grønningsæter AS Kings AS Hand Of The King Camilla Ødegård Candy Design AS Edward King Cand Oecon Kristen Knudsen Kings Promotion African Cultural Association Cand.forsk Cand Ed Logoped Katrine Kvisgaard Head Candy AS Sosionom/cand Mag Bergljot Dale Konsulent i Psykososialt Arbeidsmiljø Kok Kng Tan Real Management AS Real Estate Management AS Ntl Norges Bank Unibok AS Unibok DA International Maritime Exchange AS Nordic New Media AS Cardiaccs AS Norsk Byggtjeneste AS North Cape Hotels AS Northern Capital AS Norden Capital AS Maturitas AS Grieg Maturitas Iii AS Aristeia AS Ariston AS Dr. Fedon Lindbergs Klinikk AS Dr. Fedon Lindbergs Akademi AS Lindberg AS Lindberg Consulting AS Alin Lindberg Consulting Dr. Fedon Products AS Bertel O. Steen Brobekk AS Wittusen & Jensen AS AS Bemacs Ses AS Kanik AS B.o. Steen Shipping AS Advokat Bertel O Steen Pottemakerveien 6a & 6b AS Rommen AS Hgb AS Hvidsten AS Gordon & Hvidsten AS Hvidsten Invest AS Monogram AS Monogramservice AS AB Sport AS Nordic Records Norway AS Teekay AS Oslo Dental Service AS Dental AS Westerdals School Of Communication AS Westerdals AS Westerdals Høyskole - Oslo School Of Arts, Communication And Technology AS Teleconsulting AS Fusetools AS Fuuse AS Fus! AS Fusentast AS Villa Senior AS Villa Frogner AS Villa Faraldi AS The Villa AS W K?ltzow Aker Brygge AS Akselro AS Aksel Wester Mr Jet AS J E T Trading AS Bjørklund Norge AS Opoint Holding AS Babybag AS India Trading AS Mother ANS Veksthuset Ah Anders Haugum Veksthuset Rekruttering AS Veksthuset Bemanning AS Eam Solar ASA Eam Holding AS Eam Sunbelt AS Hegel AS Hegel Audio AS Hegel Music System AS Søderberg Consulting Indem Advokatfirma AS Indem AS Arval AS Arvel AS Ar Vault AS Hafslund Pensjonskasse Yara Pensjonskasse Hc Norge Pensjonskasse Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning Pensjonskasse Norsk Hydros Pensjonskasse Höegh Pensjonskasse Høyres Pensjonskasse BKK Pensjonskasse Fortum Pensjonskasse Esso Pensjonskasse Statens Pensjonskasse Kruse Smith Eiendomsutvikling AS Smith Eiendom AS A C Smith Eiendom AS Compelling AS AS Straen Oslo Kommune Utdanningsetaten Stiftelsen Maritimt Forum Stiftelsen Forum i Topir AS Topero AS Tepro AS Canio AS Canica AS Canica Investor AS Canica Invest AS Canica Ecom AS Canica Eiendom AS Canica Eiendom 2 AS Canica Retail AS Canico Canica Bergen AS Tvis Kjøkken AS Tvist Film AS Tvist 5 AS Tvist 3 AS Proka AS Tvist 1 AS Tvist 4 AS Tvist 2 AS Tvist Reklamebyrå DA Tvistein AS PC Odlo Odlo Norge AS Televenture Management Xi AS Televenture Management Xii AS Televenture Capital AS Televenture Management Ix AS Televenture Management X AS Televenture AS Televenture Management Iv AS Televenture Management v AS Televenture Management Invest AS Televenture Private Equity Vi KS Televenture Management AS Televenture Management Viii AS Televenture Invest AS Televenture Management Holding AS Apotek Ensjø AS Apotek Kiellands Hus AS Stjerneapotek Paleet Shopping AS Blue Future Holding AS Apotek St.hanshaugen Senter AS Tors Hest og Foto Tor Kvello Stjerneapotek Glasmagasinet AS Norwegian Bygg Ltd Norway Bygg Babaj Tvetenveien AS Höegh Autoliners Management AS Höegh Autoliners AS Höegh Autoliners Shipping AS Leif H Larsen Ing. Leif H. Larsen Leif H Svendsen Leif H Mathisen Consulting Leif H Ludvigsen Lif Stl AS Biovotec AS Biovotec Holding AS Biovotec Animal Health AS Os-ix KS i Os Konsulenttjeneste i Medisin Nattopharma ASA NetCom AS Klart Svar AS Oslo Drosjeeieres Innkjøpslag Sa Skøyen Servicesenter AS Sjark AS Sarko AS Sharika AS Siri Eek Surge AS Siraco AS Sirka AS Top Renhold AS Renholdsekspertene AS Renholdsmiljø AS Renholdscompagniet AS Renholdsbutikken AS Renholdsselskapet AS Renholdsbyrået AS Norwegian Import Export AS Norway Import AS Norway E-trade AS Norwegian Exports AS Norwegian Trading & Investment AS The Egyption Norwegian Company for Import And Export AS A-gross AS Agriculture for Life AS Rand AS Mrand Morten Rand Backstage Management og Produksjon AS Back Stage A/S Backstage Produksjon i AS Backstage Management II AS Backstage Produksjon AS Backstage Management AS Ewf Eco AS Titanus AS Thon Hotels Salg AS Univers AS Design Lab AS Elektro Armatur AS Point Fish AS Kygo Life AS Beckmann Bygg & Eiendom AS Beckmann Bygg AS Lege Beckmann AS Beckmann Motor Co. Gunnar Beckmann Beckmann og Toppe ANS Beckmann Design Beckmann Bjørn Chr Ark Kari Beckmann Lasse Høgås Tess Øst AS Over The Trees DA ISS Facility Services AS Driftscompagniet Bærum AS Driftscompagniet Vest AS Regnskapsavdeling 1 AS Regnskapsavdelingen Oslo AS Raknes Venture 1 Bruk AS Vestdavit Engineering AS Agrippa AS Dialog Arbitrator AS Epax Nutra Holding AS Epax Uk Holding II AS Epax Nutra Holding II AS Brage Invest AS Gtc Entreprenør AS Vega Psv 1 AS Vega 1 AS Vegas AS Sia Vega1 v Vega Vega Smb AS Acciona Infraestructuras And Ghella ANS Somaphy Scandinavia Worldwide Import Export AS Seb Njord AS Seb Finans Engineering Business Partner AS Electi Business Partner AS Cs Business Partner AS Rana AS Rana & Sons AS Rana Enterprise AS Rana-holding AS Rana Consulting Rana Adeel 0-taxi Rana Rana Soft Consulting Mohammad Ali Rana Rana Baghdar Rana Mahboob Alam Leimeg AS Wr Consult Waqas Aslam Rana Elkem ASA Kit AS Kat AS Vipps AS Vipps Teknologi AS Vips AS Verdipapirsentralen Under Avvikling Beliv AS Sunwind AS Cenima AS Cinka AS T 3 AS A g Hopen Universitetsforlaget AS Universet AS Universitas Universe AS Universum AS Element ASA Bergesen 5 Element Akupunktur 5 Element Kurs i Selvutvikling Anderssen 5th Element AS Pro-sourcing AS Ningbo AS Snøhetta Group AS Hove Media Opera Apartments AS Opera Til Folket Opera Mobile AS Viking Trading AS Ps Assuranse Agenturer AS P S Trade & Agency Per Saltnes Ps Forsikring Agenturer AS Ingebrigtsen Hubster AS Advertis AS Parking Advertising AS Involve! Advertising AS Advertising Agency Dehling Allan Advertising Edge Advertising AS Spot Advertising AS Dignitas AS Digni Digno AS Technopower Technopartner AS Nk Corporate AS Odda Jr AS SAS Hotel Scandinavia AS Selvaag Bolig ASA Selvaag Bolig Ballerud AS Selvaag Bolig Stasjonsby i AS Selvaag Bolig Vinterportalen AS Selvaag Bolig Lørenporten AS Selvaag Bolig Bispelua AS Selvaag Bolig Trævarefabrikken AS Selvaag Bolig Kornmoenga AS Selvaag Bolig Lillohøyden AS Selvaag Bolig Løren 5 AS Selvaag Bolig Nybyen Økern AS Selvaag Bolig Bjørnåsen Syd II AS Selvaag Bolig Sandsliåsen AS Selvaag Bolig Glassverket AS Selvaag Bolig Bjerke AS Selvaag Bolig Hamang AS Selvaag Bolig Solberg AS Selvaag Bolig Vaagen AS Selvaag Bolig Torvmyra AS Selvaag Bolig Hovinenga AS Selvaag Bolig Skalstadskogen AS Anders Hov C-ac Bauer Media AS Leroli AS Hodan Global Online ANS Phonect AS Phonection Iqbal Stiftelsen Nobels Fredssenter Stiftelsen Norsk Form Four Stars AS Bsh Husholdningsapparater AS Envirom Plus AS Envirom Bio Barrier AS Grape Company AS Grape Architects AS Signy Grape Advokat Einar Grape Advokatfirmaet Grape Christine Muller Grape Funtoplay Consulting Anders Farstad Escape Travel Group AS Escape Travel AS Scandinavian Travel Group AS Essens Escana AS Esma AS The Village DA Magdalenas Blomster An Ngoc Nguyen Head Estate AS B2holding ASA B2 Holding ASA B2f Limited Kingspan Miljø The Lighthouse AS Lighthouse Leadership And Management AS Living Clean Renhold AS Living Clean Renhold DA Creative Living AS Hydrolift Service AS Lefa Norge AS E-co Norne AS Akastor Offshore AS Oslo International Hub AS Oslo International Club Ocean Hub International AS Oslo International Church Oslo International Executives AS Oslo Fintech Hub Oslo International Angels Inter Con Oslo AS Distribusjon AS Ms Distribution AS Distribution Innovation AS Distrinor AS Districon AS Betam AS Mnemonic Netdesign Kurt Håkan Olofsson Mnemonic AS Norbygata Dagligvarer AS Logistikkbygg Sør-norge AS Munn- og Halskreftforeningen Avdeling Sør-norge Samer Bosatt i Sør-norge Ultimate Nordic AS Ultimate Nordic Bikes AS Ultimate Records DA Norwegian Ultimate AS Ultimate Sound AS Ultimate System DA Alfaprint AS Alfaprint Fariss Northern Offshore Management AS Lakeside AS L.k Invest AS Lk Systems AS Kwc AS Gløer Thoren Right Price Tiles AS Rpt Skandinavia AS Contera Engros AS Contera AS Fri Bo AS Profit-business & Sale DA Worldeye AS Anniken Haugen Jebsen Yogaliving Global, Gry Jebsen Jebsen Asset Management AS Mathilde Matheson Jebsen Bio-me AS Bio AS Bio Medius AS Ergo;ego AS Ego Design AS Dunker AS In Your Face Richard Johnsen Produksjoner In Your Face ANS Treningsformidling AS Treningsforbundet Ocean Commander KS Safe Movement AS The Empowered Movement AS Oslo Movement ANS Easy Movement AS Adhd Movement Productions AS Academy Of Natural Movement Merete T.brenne Basic Rights Movement Arctic Movement Eritrean Solidarity Movement for National Salvation-oslo (esmns) The Save Movement Norge Ohlsson Movement Catalystone Solutions AS Catalystone Solutions Invest AS Catalyst AS Catalystone AS Catalystone Solutions Holding AS Catalyst Invest AS Catalyst Consulting AS Betonmasthæhre AS Betonmasthæhre Eiendom AS Betonmasthæhre Buskerud-vestfold AS Betonmasthæhre Industri AS Lydbokforlaget AS Becton Dickinson Dispensing Norway AS Board Of Airline Representatives In Norway Wizor AS SAS Institute AS Atis SAS Ryanair Designated Activity Company Ryan AS Nrway AS Polish Airlines Lot Klmr DA Klm Bygg AS Klm Holding AS The Valspar (france) SAS AS Tudor France II Ega Elektro AS Rygge Torg AS Rygge Eiendomsinvest KS Bryn Aarflot AS Bryns AS Bryn Auto AS Stica Limited Atea ASA Atea AS Holen H Holen Ak Shipping & Chartering AS Hav Chartering AS Jan Petter Aarskog Best Solutions Aarskog Logistikk Compagniet AS Logistikk Nord AS Nb Logistikk AS Hallsberg Logistikk AS Logistikk Compagniet Oslo AS Cisno AS Cision Norge AS Ece Elektrisk Consult & Engineering Amidays AS Energi Systemer AS Lesley Cosmetics AS Cosmetic Trading AS Erlend Elde Elle Basic AS Elle AS Elle Consult Ki-tech AS Grensen Sko Steen og Strøm AS Veloxit AS Jackie AS Jacqueline AS Jack Andersen Contex AS Contego AS Contekst ANS Clou AS Erasmus Studend Network University Of Oslo The International Students Union At The University Of Oslo Holo AS Henning Holo Holø Lars Henning Comtrade AS Comtradit AS NKI Norsk Kunnskaps-institutt AS Niki AS No Ca AS NKI Fagskoler AS Nikki AS Naki AS NKI Holding AS Red Media AS Red Chillies Media AS Red Mit AS Iftin Express Michael Duale Iftin Express Mohamed Saleh Mohamed Iftin Express Online Abdi Farah Suleiman Exp Group AS Exp. AS Export Consulting Group AS Lufi Export Group BA Thk Holding AS Tq Holding AS Tgg Holding AS Pico Utvikling AS Svar Direkte AS Frisk Utvikling Holding AS Gardien AS Dag Bøgeberg Dag Backer Dokkbygningen Aker Brygge AS D.k-bygg AS Data Basis AS Dag Bayegan-harlem Digipig AS D.k-bygg AS Konkursbo Filmnytt Jonas Ivarsson Dg - Bygg Gapa Mag Coaching Maria De La Paz Acosta Güemes Hab Service AS Arctic Data Terje Dalseng Pec Norway Holding AS Polygon Norway Holding AS Olav Thon AS Olav Thon Olav Thon Stiftelsen Olav Thon Holding AS Vestkanten AS Oasen Senterforening Storo Storsenter Senterforening Senterforeningen Ski Storsenter Grønland Basar Senterforening Senterforeningen Bjørneparken Kjøpesenter Strømmen Storsenter- Senterforening C/o Olav Thon Thon Nordlys AS Thon Storo ANS Thon Hotellbygg AS Thon Gardermoen AS Rope Access Oslo Tor Andreas Widlund Access Professionals AS Eterra AS Eterna AS Eteria AS Rommen Tannlegesenter AS Bks AS Banoda DA Treasure Trading AS Eight Treasures AS Treasure Toscana AS Treasure Box AS Eight Treasures Yoga Eight Treasures Yoga John Bentham Partrederiet Treasure Saga Sky Treasure Shipping ANS 3s Eiendom AS 3s Eiendoms Invest AS 3s Eiendom Holding AS Milrab AS Gsk Eiendom AS Interflora Service AS Magnor AS Sporveien AS Sporveien Oslo AS Sporveien Media AS Sporveien Trikken AS Sporveien T-banen AS Sporveien Bedriftsidrettslag Sporveiens Bridgeklubb Sporveien Paintballklubb Sporveiens Fjellgeiter Sporveisbussene AS Athomstart Invest 49 AS Athomstart Invest 69 AS Athomstart Invest 48 AS Athomstart Invest 66 AS Athomstart Invest 70 AS Athomstart Invest 307 AS Athomstart Invest 303 AS Athomstart Invest 309 AS Athomstart Invest 308 AS Athomstart Invest 306 AS Athomstart Invest 317 AS Athomstart Invest 310 AS Athomstart Invest 320 AS Athomstart Invest 314 AS Athomstart Invest 313 AS Athomstart Invest 311 AS Athomstart Invest 315 AS Athomstart Invest 312 AS Athomstart Invest 318 AS Athomstart Invest 319 AS Nino Company AS Ninax AS European Exposition Scandinavian AB Scan Expo AS Expo Scandinavia AS Scandinavian Expo Management AS Butikk 7047 Frognerveien 3 ANS Pricewaterhousecoopers AS Green Resources AS Resource Consulting Ltd Mach-geo AS Ensemble Solis Imago Solis ANS Sebastian Gutierrez Solis D Artagnan AS Nor Serv AS Rustfri Sveis og Montering Erik Engedalen Bremanger Eiendom AS Kinetics DA Triteo AS Musikkselskapet ANS Manas AS Scanax AS Sannex AS Scan-x AS Scanexim AS Dynamic AS Dynamic Invest AS Nhst Global Publications AS Fuel-service AS Fuel & Food AS Brumm 5 ANS Ole Brumm Barnehage AS Løxa AS Nordic Seafood - Bernt Asbjørnsen Norsk 3d Service AS Gastro AS Gastro II AS Gastro Catering AS Gastro Cafe Jessheim AS Axo Finans AS Axo AS Poesi Interiør AS Poveruds Poesi Poesi Ormstad Evig Poesi DA Ren Poesi - Ellen Wisløff Foreningen Nypoesi Pbmed Per Poelhøi Bredmose Oslo Internasjonale Poesifestival Poem Regnskap AS Pixelpoeten Pål Østen Rygh Ronny Flissundet Noise & Poetry Amigos De Capoeira Kristin Irene Evensen Rafaello Recycling & Construction Arnold-marian Poenaru Maria Wessel Anna Maria Lucie Wessel Poetzsch Foreningen Capoeira Angola Oslo Star Nail Saowana Jornpoe Bislett Capoeiraklubb Afrobrasiliansk Kultur og Capoeira Klubb Capoeirakids Norway Elton Bezerra Andorinha AS Esselte AS Essentially AS Animalia AS Animal Alpha DA View Maritime AS Hjem AS Hjem IS AS Progress Trading AS Aksjeselskapet Progressio Progress AS Stolt-nielsen Norway AS Stolt Sea Farm Turbot Norway AS Stolt-nielsen Holding AS Stolt-nielsens Rederi AS Stolt-nielsen Shipping A/S Greger Stolt Nilsen Emballasje Compagniet AS Oslo Emballasje AS C M Emballasje AS PC By Night AS Montebello Vision AS Lindorff AS Lindorff Payment Services AS Lindorff Obligations AS Lindorff Capital AS Lindorff Holding Norway AS Pensjonistforeningen for Lindorff i Norge Stiftelsen Oslo-filharmonien Filharmonisk Selskap Fond Til Støtte for Oslo- Filharmonien Scanmarship AS Western Bulk Management AS T Systems Pro Systems AS System Trading AS Professional Systems AS T & T Systemer Norsk Distribusjon AS Tsl Group AS Transport-systemer AS Tsi Norge AS Tsi Norway Ltd Essity Norway AS Estate AS Cgi Norge AS C&g Invest AS Atos AS Atos Medical AS Atos Consulting AB Atoz AS Atas AS Ates AS