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Allied Tradg. Co. Ltd., CENTER FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT FALAK GLOBAL VENTURE MACO LTD AFIK GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD PHOENIX ENGINEERING & CONTRACTORS LTD Arewa Constr. Ltd Hafab Ventures Ltd LELA AGRO INDUSTRIES NIGERIA LIMITED FAS AGRO INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED RT AGRO IND LTD Agro Ind. Dev Osi agro Industrial Chemical Co. Ltd SKY CARE CATERING SERVICES LIMITED Pearl Gold Global Concept Ltd HASAD GLOBAL CONCEPT LIMITED AYAGI GLOBAL CONCEPT LTD MAKHIS GLOBAL CONCEPT LTD AL-HUDA GLOBAL CONCEPT LTD. ENCEE ENTERPRISES NIG LTD ELECTRO-MEDICAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED Dangote Ind. Ltd Dangote Textile & Gen. Prods. Ltd GOOD UNITED NIGERIA LIMITED PAMA GLOBAL SECURITY LIMITED EHEALTH SYSTEMS AFRICA FOUNDATION Best Buy Global Resources Ltd ASAD PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED Diamond Development Initiatives BIOLAB NIGERIA LTD Bank of The North Ltd, Bank of The North Ltd Bank Of The North Limited COMMUNICATION SUPPORT CENTER ROYAL BLUE CONTRACTORS NIGERIA LIMITED Be & Company Ltd. PARTNERSHIP FOR ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT PFED Green Land Prime Concepts Doctors Clinic Ltd COS SEE EXIM INVESTMENT LTD EWERE & PRINCE INVESTMENT LTD Fari Industries ltd African Textiles Manufacturers Limited J.V.I. PHARMACEUTICAL LTD. APTEKA PHARMA LIMITED S. S. PHARMACEUTICALS LTD A.T.S. Pharms. Ltd Faculty Of Pharm. & Gen. Ent Ltd ZONAH PHARM. & GEN. ENT. LTD. JSP PHARMA LTD Alhassan Pharmacy Nigeria Ltd Alumco Bus. Centr Multi Farm Multi Plus Resources Ltd IYAN-TAMA MULTI MEDIA, SHOP Intercrop Business Investment Nigeria Ltd AL ISA MULTI VENTURES LIMITED Sultan Road Nur-Aish Beads Processing Multi Co. Society Ltd JOWIL-MULTI RESOURCES LIMITED Maishuni Prime Business Ltd African Stulex & Bus. Sers MAMS MULTI GLOBAL COMPANY U. Conti.. Bus. Centr Bichi Bayan Kasco Farmers Multi Cooperative Society Ltd Al-khairat International Business Center Ltd Alheri Export Fruits Multi-purpose Combined Business Ltd GAMJI E FARMERS MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED Stone Products Nigeria Ltd Nigeria Textile Products Ltd RUBY SOLUTIONS LIMITED DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE FUNPARKE (NIGERIA) LIMITED Alif Engr. Constr. Ltd Bazza Travel Agency Ltd. UNIQUANTUM SOLUTIONS LIMITED BORMI RESOURCES NIGERIA LIMITED Premium integrated Resources Ltd FULLMARK COMMODITIES LIMITED FAMOUSA AGRO LTD Nigerian Oil Mills Ltd M & F Sons Ltd Bilad Consolidated Ventures Ltd Ultimate Merchandise Ventures Ltd ULTIMATE MERCHANDISE VENTURE LTD GLOBAL ORGANICS LIMITED Associate Consult Eng. Ltd BOND IMPORT NIG LTD Sas Trades Ltd Almas Trading Ltd TRADIUM COMPANY Depi Ltd. TAHIR INVESTMENT NIG. LTD YAMCO GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD UNIQUE LEATHER FINISHING CO. LIMITED KDC FOUNDATION H. F. ENTERPRISES LTD E.N. Madu & Association Ltd Sanalima Nigeria Ltd Ala Enterprises Nig. Ltd Bunawa Enterprises Nig Ltd GLOBUS ENTERPRISES LIMITED ACCESS ADVERTISING LTD ADVOCATES FOR GRASS ROOT EMPOWERMENT TALAS NIGERIA LIMITED Tafaldu Nigeria Ltd MAANA INVESTMENTS LTD MST INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED CENTURY GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL LIMITED Ahyak Venture Ltd MAMUDA INDUSTRIES NIGERIA LIMITED E.J. Industries Company AFRICAN AGRO COMMODITIES LIMITED MUFEX (NIGERIA) CO. LTD Jailbait Ventures Nigeria Ltd SHEREENA AGRICULTURE LTD DANSA FOOD PROCESSING COMPANY LTD M.C. PLASTIC LTD GOD'S LITTLE TANNERY LIMITED Al-Qamar Global International Allied Ltd MAHAZA COMPANY LIMITED EUROPA MEDICALS LTD. T.G.M. Company Ltd Bagauda Biscuits Co. Ltd. Emeben Tradg. Co. Ltd. FINE MAS NIGERIA LTD MEYAN ENTERPRISES LTD B AND B LEATHER LIMITED RASA INDUSTRIES LIMITED Interglobal Telecoms Ltd BA NIGERIA DISTRIBUTION LIMITED Northco Holdings Ltd PRINCE HOTEL Arawa Constr. Ltd NIGERIA AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS LTD SLIMPOT TANNERY LIMITED MAGMUT OIL VENTURES NIGERIA LTD JUVEE PHARMACY NIG. LIMITED NORBRU FARMS LTD NASMIER ENTERPRISES LIMITED ASPIRA NIGERIA LIMITED Viotta venture Ltd ALKAWARI AGENCY LIMITED Oelho?s Plast Ltd Kano Standard Nigeria Ltd Kano Tannery Company Ltd Kano Electrons & Allied Kano Textile Industries Ltd KANO STATE GOVERNMENT Community Development Support KANO TAN S.A. LIMITED KANO ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION PLC INTRADOT LIMITED Kano State Investment & property Ltd Sattario Nigeria Ltd Elbown Univ. Tradg. Co B.T.L. Tech. Ltd. Fixity Investment Ltd Atafi Trans. Co. Ltd. Akbast Engineering Nig. Ltd M. K. AHMED NIGERIA LTD ZISH NIGERIA LIMITED Simikha Investment Ltd De-Kreator Consulting Ltd AFRITAGE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING LTD Agro Nig. Ltd ADO JONES LTD INTERNATIONAL CLINICS Afropharmar Global Service Ltd MSG Resources & Concepts Ltd AYAFA CONCEPTS LIMITED Sheikh Concepts Ltd RMM GLOBAL COMPANY LIMITED INTEGRATED FIBRES LIMITED SCHOOL OF ORTHOPEADIC CAST TECHNOLOGY KANO NIGERIA Asiah Global Service Nig. Ltd AVRES TRAVEL LIMITED Arab Wings Travel & Touring Est Alheri Travel Agency Ltd. Borodo & Company Nigeria Ltd MOHAMMED COLLECTION KRISHAN NIGERIA LTD International Tanners Nigeria Ltd Bank Of The North Limited THE NIGERIAN BRAIDING MANUFACTURERS LIMITED North Breweries Ltd COMFORT AGROCHEMICAL NIGERIA LIMITED Agro Chemicals & Lab. Inter. Co. Nig. Ltd., OLAMA AGRO-COM NIG LTD WHITE GOLD GINNERY NIGERIA LIMITED White Gold Ginnery Nig. Ltd Blue Line Investment International Ltd PRIMEDIC (NIG.) LTD A. S. Numan Merchandise Nig. Ltd F K CONSTRUCTION LTD NAGGE AGRO ALLIED SUPPLY COMPANY LIMITED MURG COMPANY NIGERIA LIMITED IbrahimAlh.AbdulmuminIStore Ibrahim,Alh.AshabTradg.Co. AHAMAD IBRAHIM MAIGLASS NIG LTD ALHAJI ISA MUSA IBRAHIM GENERAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED KHANS NIGERIA LIMITED Terytex Nigeria Ltd Dallas Hotels MAGARSIKU INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD RIVERA HOLDINGS (NIGERIA) LIMITED FIDA YUSRA VENTURES LTD A. A. RANO NIGERIA LIMITED Sunsteph Trader Multipurpose Co. Society Ltd Multiplastic Ent. Nigeria Ltd Multitan Ltd MULTITAN LIMITED M & M MULTIPURPOSE VENTURES LIMITED Mugwada Multipurpose cooperative Society Municipal Gum Arabic Multipurpose Co-operative Society Dambatta industrial Comm. Enterprises Nig. Ltd Comprehensive Ent Limited Commodity Export Ltd Dantata Commodity Ltd Sibeda Commercial Enterprises Ltd Walimos Industries Enterprises Ltd DUE ENTERPRISES (W A) Daiyabu Ahmed Maiturare Nigeria Ltd KUA COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISES NIGERIA LTD Mario Jose Ent. Ltd Speedonn Exim Ltd MAO ELECTICAL & TECHNICAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED M.M.G & Sona Trading Company Ltd Kamsye Ventures Crescent Electro Emebo Electronic Emabo Electronics Scirah International Trading Co. Ltd Arewa Bottlers Sebore Farms & Extension Services Ltd Mash Nigeria Ltd ITALCO NIGERIA LTD Noors Nigeria Ltd Dasman Drill & Company Ltd Micky & Rose Nigeria Ltd JODMAT GENERAL ENTERPRISES Fantel Nigeria Ltd Comprehensive Enterprises Nig. Ltd DELTA FORD NIGERIA LTD Selcon International Group Ltd TOFA GENERAL ENTERPRISES LTD ASADA GROUP LIMITED Far East Chemical Industries Nigeria Ltd Nasimatume Investment Ltd Manson Nigeria Ltd Deaidos Nigeria Ltd Danhamo Nigeria Ltd Natsana Nigeria Ltd SABY INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED. Silver Knot Investment NORTHERN NIGERIA FLOUR MILLS PLC AHS Intercontinental Ltd UNIQUE LEATHER FINISHING COMPANY LIMITED Alex Radio Electronics Co Country best Nig. Ltd Vigil Impex Nig. Ltd Jamil Impex Nigeria Ltd Brothers Network Nig. Ltd. Concrete Bldrs. & Co. Ltd Concrete Builders & Co HAZAUBA GLOBAL RESOURCES LIMITED Grand Industrial Company Ltd CHOSEN CARGO SERVICES LTD Electronic and Gen. Eng. Co. Ltd BLUE ARROW T.S.W. LTD Ayobros Gen. Enterprises Ltd STAR AGRO INTERNATIONAL (NIG) LTD Associated Aviation Ltd SASAKAWA AFRICA ASSOCIATION-SG 2000 NIGERIA Hills Agro Allied International Ltd General Agricultural Trade & Industries Ltd Eddy Constr. Ltd. Virgin Enterprises Limited Shesun Ventures Ltd Universal Creative Collection Ltd DESERT LOGISTICS & HAULAGE LIMITED Saleh Associated Ltd Azmat Associates Company Ltd Pulama Ass. Ltd ASABIC MEDIA ASSOCIATES LTD DAWANAU MARKET DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION Amana Tradg. Co. Ltd Yagin & Associate Ltd TLT Associates Ltd Ashibuogidu Design Assocs Association Of Licences Of Licences Bayin & Traa Hetas associated Services Ltd CONTINENTAL FERTILIZER LTD Associate Of Licensed Buying Agents and Transport Associated Nig. Supplies & Distribution, NITROMOBIL INTERNATIONAL Akim Electro. and Tech AJ?S Investment Ltd Hakista Investment Ltd Simtex Investment Ltd TRIPPLE K INVESTMENT LIMITED Dangana Investment Ltd A. Musa Investment Ltd USAZ INVESTMENT LTD Yabi Investment Ltd PERSOIL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED Jibno International Ltd Yunisco InternationalAgency Ltd Natural produce Ltd BOSAACO INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES NIGERIA LIMITED A. U. Kulo Agro & Allied Nig. Ltd M.R.S. Integrated Alliance Ltd North Agricultural Industries Ltd Macroscan industries Ltd Contact Telecomms Contact Telecommunication Nig. Weldmate Nigeria Limited FAST FORWARD LTD France Forwardlers Ltd Enviromental Dev. Co. Ltd. Kaida International Agency Thorny Trees industries Enterprises Ltd Madare Resources Nig. Ltd RESOURCE CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS & CIVIC EDUCATION Mamuda Industries Nigeria Ltd LSN METAL INDUSTRIES (NIGERIA) LTD MONTBRIZON INDUSTRY NIGERIA LIMITED Nazrat Ventures Ltd Misheel Nigeria Ltd Haifam International Ventures Ltd Conair Cargo Service Ltd Selcon Nigeria Ltd Genser Nigeria Ltd TOPMARESMA NIGERIA LIMITED AL-MADINA PHARM. LTD. Tamsuguri Prinitng & Gen. Merchants Nig. Ltd Selcon Tannery Ltd G.B Tann ery Ltd Nigerian Spanish Engineering Co Ltd Hafaisham Nig. Ltd HOSH MULTINATIONAL SERVICE LIMITED Saanmaru Ent. Ltd Sarina General Enterprises Ltd Unity Constr. & Design Eng Hamsyl Investment Nigeria Ltd Haco Investment Ltd CODINA COMPANY NIGERIA LTD. Dandawaki Shippg. and Trans. Co. Ltd Vamares Investment Ltd Society For Information Disseminators Of Nigeria Onyewe General Merchant Nigeria Ltd Boaders Nigeria Ltd Crown Merchant Bank Ltd Savannah integrated Farm Ltd S.J. ABED GENERAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED PAL PHARM. INDUSTRIES LTD.

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