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Stichting Custodian Uber Payments Top Up B.V. Korsit B.V. Stichting Chardet Foundation XXESS Consulting B.V. Stichting LGSE Marketing Newprojects S.R.G. B.V. Stichting Trusted Third Party Payvision Uber B.V. Precision Optics B.V. Uber Portier B.V. CC Beverages Holdings II B.V. Haba Trading B.V. Maine Holding B.V. Chubu Electric Power Company International B.V. Dombits B.V. AES Mong Duong Holdings B.V. AK Trading B.V. Tintel B.V. Online Musketeers Stichting Freeway Custody Autohandel Th. Verstappen & Zoon V.O.F. Locada B.V. Woger Trading International B.V. Arimar B.V. CSP B.V. Gas and Technologies World B.V. JPF Netherlands Holding B.V. La-Ja Investment B.V. Netflix International B.V. emTransit B.V. APG Strategic Real Estate Pool N.V. Favoriet Shipmanagement B.V. DanTrade B.V. TMF Sapphire Topco B.V. DK Food Products B.V. Maine Trading B.V. Mars Nederland B.V. Huawei Technologies Co÷peratief U.A. Tank Storage Argent B.V. Law Fathers Services B.V. Munro B.V. TRUVO Services & Technology B.V. Tegeka African, Caribbean, Asian Food & Cosmetic Maxbuff Co÷peratie U.A. ET Logistics B.V. Stichting Derdengelden Brands Collection B.V. Uber Payments B.V. Laguna Netherlands Co÷peratief U.A. Euro Furniture Import B.V. Montis Medical B.V. LUKOIL International Secondment B.V. AbbVie Finance B.V. Sterrebeeck B.V. Global Consulting and Support Services B.V. Stichting Client Funds BMSE GeoGenix B.V. Barbershop de Kuip Azerion Holding B.V. Revel B.V. ETG Commodities B.V. Stichting Smart2Pay Escrow Services Lion River I N.V. Global Collect Services B.V. Adria Serbia Holdco B.V. TNL Technology Holdings C.V. NIKE Innovate C.V. Ortec Trading Henkel Global Supply Chain B.V. Hello Ventures B.V. Stichting Sedico EPP GP B.V. Uber Freight B.V. Edelman Europe Holdings B.V. Dutch OC Co÷peratief Invest U.A. Trimble Europe B.V. FMC Finance B.V. Danone Trading ELN B.V. Stichting Depositary PGGM Private Equity Funds Gold Finance & Leasing B.V. ABB Finance B.V. Eurospecialities Foods B.V. Rasier Operations B.V. AUTO1 European Cars B.V. OTC FLOW B.V. G.K. Telecom Enterprise Services Nederland B.V. Arabic Dress CBA Europe N.V. Cequent Nederland Holdings B.V. Beleggingsmaatschappij Belensas B.V. Galaxy Telecom V.O.F. B.V. Arrow Electronics DLC Mauna N.V. Paardekooper Verpakkingen Breda B.V. ExxonMobil Chemical Holland B.V. NCR Dutch Holdings B.V. Stichting FIRS EUROSHELL CARDS B.V. Stichting inzake Multisafepay Internet Betalingen The Nova Group Investments B.V. The Breakers Investments B.V. MIH Mail Investment Company B.V. Mercurion machinery & parts B.V. BayWa Marketing & Trading International B.V. Giovanni Agnelli B.V. EDC Logistics & Warehousing B.V. CMI Group Holdings B.V. PLT VII Finance B.V. Orbis Mercatus B.V. Kinly Top Holding B.V. Tyrex International B.V. nd fts - financial technical solutions B.V. Neufit International B.V. Medical Gaz Supplies B.V. Nature's Sunshine Products International Distribution B.V. CUPH Holding B.V. Harman Consumer Nederland B.V. PGGM Treasury B.V. Stichting Depositary APG Fixed Income Credits Pool Autohandel Verstappen en Verstappen V.O.F. Dream Logistics B.V. Jansen-Naninck B.V. KM Trading B.V. Orangina Schweppes Holding B.V. Uber International C.V. ADP International Services B.V. FMCG-excellence B.V. Vincent Square Holding B.V. Upfield Europe B.V. PETRONAS Suriname E&P B.V. AP NMT JV Newco B.V. Sutherland Global Services Netherlands Co÷peratie U.A. Tank Container Line B.V. Dentons Group B.V. C I Logistics International B.V. TOPIC IP B.V. Yandex.Taxi Holding B.V. Kappie Investment Management B.V. Pedicure Alberdina van Straten Karpower International B.V. RHI CIS B.V. J-Power Investment Netherlands B.V. Namibia Tank Terminal B.V. Lumos International Holdings B.V. Kingsway & Beauty Wholesale TCL Global B.V. Inmatch B.V. TENCENT CLOUD EUROPE B.V. Landi International Trading B.V. Bureau Paideia, partners in ontwikkeling LUKOIL Europe Holdings B.V. NN Continental Europe Holdings B.V. Algeco Holdings B.V. Jet Cars B.V. LCDTec B.V. Axa Stenman Industries B.V. Shipowners Support B.V. SmartSD Holding B.V. Skydreams B.V. Gebroeders Leeijen Beheer B.V. UNGA B.V. ExxonMobil Capital Netherlands B.V. Stichting Custody Robeco Institutional Cliden B.V. Garvest B.V. Apollo Tyres Co÷peratief U.A. Stichting Depositary APG Strategic Real Estate Pool Stichting Depositary PGGM Infrastructure Funds Wholesale Beheer B.V. AC Webconnecting B.V. Marubeni Foods Investment Asia Co÷peratief U.A. Basic Fit International B.V. Stockpoint International B.V. UBM Asia B.V. Tambß B.V. Direct Sales B.V. Blue International Holding B.V. Marklas Nederland B.V. Trading Park B.V. Samsung Electronics Europe Holding Co÷peratief U.A. Marieke Sluyter Kroon Van Overdijk Footwear Group B.V. Huvepharma Holdings B.V. The Iran- United States Claims Tribunal (IUSCT) Stichting Escrow Account De Valk Yachtbrokers Worldtech B.V. TE & C Investments Netherlands B.V. ARDUTCH B.V. B.V. Mehoco B.V. Inchcape International Group B.V. Mick Hes MISP B.V. iHerb Netherlands B.V. Sunberg Trading B.V. Upfield B.V. Cellsyus B.V. BAV Logistics B.V. IVM Intersurer B.V. Cimpor Global Holdings B.V. Fiber Media Holding B.V. Bell Identification B.V. EXPERR Sigma Interco B.V. Holding BML B.V. Favorita Europe B.V. ITas Co÷peratie Flowserve W.A. G3 Worldwide Mail N.V. PF Concept International B.V. Bombardier Transportation Global Holding SE Global Health Resolution Financial Services B.V. Fris Fleur Newell Rubbermaid Holding B.V. Swiss Pharma B.V. VIP Energy Australia B.V. De Vogel, Bicycle Trailers OTIV Prime Holding B.V. Irving Oil (E.U.) B.V. ASICS Europe B.V. Schlumberger Oil and Gas Technologies B.V. Unilever Europe Business Center B.V. B.V. Verenigde Cabine Industrie v/h Sirocco Stork Brabant B.V. Chanel International B.V. Valeo International Holding B.V. Pack Corp Holding B.V. Walnut Estate B.V. AC Webconnecting Holding B.V. LYB Finance Company B.V. Hexion Specialty Chemicals Netherlands II B.V. Vida XL Europe B.V. Stichting Depositary APG Emerging Markets Equity Pool Trafigura Ventures V B.V. Russell Square Holding B.V. CCI International Holland B.V. Bet Finance B.V. Verbrugge Terneuzen Terminals B.V. Homaned II B.V. Bruco Integrated Circuits B.V. Handelsveem Beheer B.V. RAM Properties B.V. Temenos (NL) B.V. Cape Trading B.V. GE Grid Alliance B.V. TMF Orange Holding B.V. Coolblue B.V. Orion Telekom Holdings B.V.

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