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Top Up B.V. Stichting Trusted Third Party Payvision Uber B.V. Newprojects S.R.G. B.V. Uber Portier B.V. AK Trading B.V. Haba Trading B.V. Korsit B.V. Best Quality Products B.V. Bell Identification B.V. Revel B.V. CC Beverages Holdings II B.V. AbbVie Finance B.V. DanTrade B.V. Cimpor Global Holdings B.V. Online Musketeers La-Ja Investment B.V. Stichting Depositary APG Emerging Markets Equity Pool Stichting ALIA University Tintel B.V. Stichting Smart2Pay Escrow Services Sunberg Trading B.V. Sterrebeeck B.V. XXESS Consulting B.V. Stichting Freeway Custody Adria Serbia Holdco B.V. Terminals Finance B.V. Namibia Tank Terminal B.V. TMF Sapphire Topco B.V. Tank Storage Argent B.V. Aspro B.V. APG Strategic Real Estate Pool N.V. Ortec Trading Upfield B.V. Landi International Trading B.V. Mars Nederland B.V. Azerion Holding B.V. Holding BML B.V. Avangate B.V. Lion River I N.V. Gas and Technologies World B.V. NIKE Innovate C.V. Brands Collection B.V. Stichting Custodian Uber Payments Kingsway & Beauty Wholesale Marklas Nederland B.V. Va Tech Elin Holec High Voltage B.V. TSS Group B.V. AN Trade B.V. Unilever Nederland Holdings B.V. FMC Finance B.V. VIMN Netherlands B.V. Co÷peratieve KMG EP U.A. Adria Group Holding B.V. Huawei Technologies Co÷peratief U.A. Rasier Operations B.V. Tegeka African, Caribbean, Asian Food & Cosmetic Arotec Investments B.V. Repin B.V. EPP GP B.V. TCL Global B.V. ENGIE Global Developments B.V. Stichting Derdengelden Henkel Global Supply Chain B.V. Cape Five NL B.V. JPF Netherlands Holding B.V. RVB Tank Storage Solutions B.V. Giovanni Agnelli B.V. UNIT4 Business Software Holding B.V. Stichting Trusted Third Party Acapture Enterprise Services Nederland B.V. ITX FinanciŰn II B.V. Harman Consumer Nederland B.V. ITX FinanciŰn B.V. ABB Finance B.V. Trading Park B.V. Arimar B.V. FMCG Nederland B.V. Belpa Holding B.V. Netflix International B.V. Upfield Holdings B.V. Erco Koop B.V. iBabs B.V. iHerb Netherlands B.V. Autoservice De Kuip Tencent International Service Europe B.V. NN Continental Europe Holdings B.V. Woger Trading International B.V. Iv-Offshore & Energy B.V. IHC Merwede International B.V. Stichting Depositary PGGM Infrastructure Funds Stichting Depositary PGGM Private Equity Funds JFE Steel International Europe B.V. Supremia B.V. BraunOni B.V. Chubu Electric Power Company International B.V. AMOV Finance B.V. Stichting Derdengelden CMC Worldwide Locada B.V. STMP Holding B.V. Genopas B.V. Euro Furniture Import B.V. WTG Catering B.V. Dombits B.V. Trimble Europe B.V. NCR Dutch Holdings B.V. Holderfin B.V. Egn B.V. Russell Square Holding B.V. Premier Tech Holdings Europe B.V. International Merchandise Trading B.V. Global Collect Services B.V. GE Renewable Holding B.V. TMF Orange Holding B.V. IP Broadcasting B.V. ADP International Services B.V. TNL Technology Holdings C.V. Global Collect B.V. Stichting Tripod Investment Management PETRONAS Suriname E&P B.V. Filippo Loreti B.V. Karpower International B.V. Gabon TLD B.V. Uber Freight B.V. DK Food Products B.V. Sigma Interco B.V. LUKOIL Europe Holdings B.V. Unilever Nederland B.V. 3M International Group B.V. Akira B.V. Luijckx Custom Finance B.V. Danone Trading ELN B.V. Liquid Enterprises B.V. Stichting Robeco Funds Oldtimerservice Renkens-Rohner Stichting FIRS Stichting Client Funds Quoratio Damiano Investments B.V. Vida XL Europe B.V. PGGM Treasury B.V. Stichting Depositary APG Fixed Income Credits Pool Stichting Depositary APG Strategic Real Estate Pool TSK Laboratory Europe B.V. Favoriet Shipmanagement B.V. Dream Logistics B.V. Silver Ocean B.V. The Breakers Investments B.V. Activision Blizzard International B.V. IBM World Trade Investments B.V. KM Trading B.V. Amorim Financial Sector B.V. GE Grid Alliance B.V. Orion Telekom Holdings B.V. ET Logistics B.V. Oosterdam B.V. Balkan Alliance Healthcare B.V. A.G. van Roode Beheer B.V. Upfield Europe B.V. International B.V. Bellaart Investments B.V. Hameco Group B.V. Inchcape International Group B.V. Yep Ads B.V. The Walt Disney Company (Benelux) B.V. The Walt Disney Company (Europe, Middle-East & Africa) B.V. NewCold Pan European B.V. Yandex.Taxi Holding B.V. IVM Intersurer B.V. Zoho Corporation B.V. RHI CIS B.V. Amra Commodoties B.V. Delos Sage Holdco Co÷peratief U.A. Stichting LGSE Marketing Almog Holding B.V. General Atlantic DP B.V. Vanco B.V. Lenovo International Co÷peratief U.A. Sempre Technology B.V. Law Fathers Services B.V. Arabic Dress Alfred Holding B.V. Almares Management B.V. Verbaell B.V. PBM Construction B.V. Subway International Holdings B.V. InTrade Energies N.V. Allianz Europe B.V. Bulb Concept Russia B.V. MK Oil and Gas B.V. CRH India Investments B.V. RCS Holland B.V. Refresco Holding B.V. LCDTec B.V. VIP Energy Australia B.V. Dutch OC Co÷peratief Invest U.A. Borduurderieke CUPH Holding B.V. Zetra B.V. Esseko B.V. General Electric International (Benelux) B.V. De Graanen Co÷peratief Federal-Mogul Dutch Investments B.A. Cliden B.V. Pack Corp Holding B.V. Admidex B.V. LYB Finance Company B.V. Stichting Depositary APG Developed Markets Equity Pool Flextronics Manufacturing Europe B.V. Trafigura Ventures V B.V. Vitol Finance B.V. De Heus Rusland B.V. Stichting inzake Multisafepay Internet Betalingen Geophysical Equipment Management and Supply B.V. Medicom Healthcare Holding B.V. Scala License B.V. Montis Medical B.V. Q Biotechnology CV New Asia B.V. Uber International Holding B.V. Konimpex B.V. Rejal Holding B.V. Power, Oil & Gas Investments B.V. B/E Aerospace B.V. Uber International C.V. Samsung Electronics Europe Holding Co÷peratief U.A. LUKOIL International Secondment B.V. C.M.P. Globeco Consultancy & Financing v.o.f. Buvoca B.V. Lowland Holding B.V. Bang! Media Group B.V. PB Holding B.V. Windvision Holding B.V. HBL Online B.V. Trees of Live B.V. PSA Financial Services Nederland B.V. Mota-Engil Latin America B.V. Penthos Stervens-, Rouw- en Verliesbegeleiding Mehoco B.V. CRH Products & Distribution Eastern Europe B.V. FS NL Holdings B.V. HB Trucks & Equipment B.V. Onyx (NL) Propco II B.V. Specsavers International B.V. Virdock B.V. Talpa Goods B.V. Stichting Global Alternative Assets Charitable Foundation Airways Aviation Group B.V. E.C.R.M. Keijser Beheer B.V. GeoGenix B.V.

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