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Album Trading Company Limited Honest (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Sheng Ming (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited SBT Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Acel Engineering Company Limited Kenzo Paris (Macau) Company Limited Galaxy Cotai Project Management Limited NEW GALAXY ENTERTAINMENT 2006 COMPANY LIMITED Black & Decker Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Greenpoint Global Trading (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Professional Health Trading Company Ltd. Hung Fung Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Digital China Macao Commercial Offshore Limited TCO Macau Limited ELITE STATE MACAO COMMERCIAL OFFSHORE LIMITED Luxlight Macau Company Limited IC Supply (Macau) Limited Lee Kwok (Macao Commercial Offshore) Trading Limited Finemost International Limited Starlight Shipping Company Limited CPC Macau Company Limited Easy Clean Cleaning Services AGENCIA COMERCIAL Nam Kwong Group Company Limited HN Food & Beverage Limited Chung Shun Laminates (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited JMT (Macau) Limited Remfly Wines & Spirits Ltd. Katoya Foods Company Limited Nam Kwong Lun Fat Agency Limited Panda, Sociedade De Gestao De Investimentos, Limitada BH Industries Limited Sunshine Cleaning & Services, Ltd Minth International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Apple Macau Limitada RLG Macau Limited Cotai Magnific View - Property Development Company Limited Cheong Shing Trading Company Ltd. ROYAL OPTICAL SHOP Macau Tourism And Amusement Company Limited Trust Construction and Investment Company Limited Brother Team Trading Co., Ltd. Christian Dior Macau Single Shareholder Company Limited Bun Tat Trade Co ATP-Asia, Sociedade Unipessoal Limitada Engy Limited Xiang Xin International Trading Company Limited Golden Burger (Macau) Food Company Limited Meyer Marketing (Macau Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Tak Fai Trading Limited NEWAY (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited East Sun Cleaning Services Ltd. Zhong Mai Investment, Limited Troen Investments Limited Quinquilharia Tai Sang Lei Limitada Nyso Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Ho Song Choi DFS Cotai Limitada Synopsys Macau Limited Concord Fortune Resources (Macao) Limited Millcamp Investments Management Limited Rainbow Vision Trading (Macau) Co. Limited Golden Links Limited J.M.G. Medical Products Limited Polychems Plastic (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Macau), Ltd. BMS Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Excel Technology Company Limited Trane Macau Service Center Louis Vuitton Macau Company Limited Shun Cheong Building Services (Macau) Limited Wynn Resorts (Macau) Limited Rock-One Engineering Company Limited Worldway Investment Consultant Co., Ltd. Geelong Sales (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited LF Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Anhai (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Seapower Trading Company Limited AGENCIA COMERCIAL WA SANG Novosun Technology Limited Bel Fuse (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Wing Shing Chemical Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Man Wah (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited SC International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Gainbase Industrial Macao Commercial Offshore Limited RGL International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited DAIRY LAND FROZEN MEAT Microware (Macau) Limited Innovation Technology Ltd Best Linkage (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Cheong Kong Construction Co Ltd Raytech Digital System Engineering Limited Tomas Fialho Pimenta Everglory (Macau) International Co., Limited Grand Metal Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Suma Macau Limited Ieng Leong Company Limited Skyworth Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Hip Fung Electronics Industrial (Macao) Limited - Macao Commercial Offshore Sincerity Travel Agency Macao Limited ELECTRONICOS STARLIGHT (MACAU) Pavel Asia Property Limited Top Great (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Lei Fung Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd Eddingpharm (Asia) Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Longnex Limited TANG LONG GROUP TELECOMMUNICATION CO LTD Vladi Metalurgic Limited Newtimes Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Marsh Insurance Brokers (Macao), Limited ASI GLOBAL LIMITED B.S.C. DECORATION ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED P2 Company Limited Kuen Seng Company Tin Fok Holding Company Limited Doblyu Business Management Ltd. BANCO PORTUGUES DO ATLANTICO SUCURSAL DE MACAU Dra Maria Amelia Antonio CENTRO COMERCIAL DE PRAIA GRANDE TTI (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited MASC OGDEN AVIATION SERVICES (MACAU) LTD Dr Rui Luis Cabral de Sousa MCS - Macau Catering Services Company Limited TCL Overseas Marketing (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited CFF (Macau) Limited Double Motors Cheong Chi Fong GCCL Macau Co. Ltd. Loewe Macau Company Limited Banco Comercial De Macau, S.A. Deckers Macau Limited Smart (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Agencia Comercial Yin Kei Hong E.I. Air Macau Company Limited New Solar Company Limited Techwise (Macao Commercial Offshore) Circuits Limited Macro Macao Commercial Offshore Limited MG Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Bros Macao Commercial Offshore Limited PAJ Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Kin Cheung Trading Company Limited Massimo Dutti Macau Limitada Boto Company Limited - Macao Commercial Offshore HN Group Limited Hap Lei Construction & Engineering Co Shing Lung Construction & Engineering Company Limited Four Star Construction And Engineering Company Limited Sun Fook Kong - Kun Fai Engineering And Construction Co Ltd Kento Engineering Co. Ltd. Wing Ming (Macao) Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd Debbie Morgan Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Strong Petrochemical Limited (Macao Commercial Offshore) China Life Insurance Co Ltd Macau Branch Tai Wa Commercial and Industrial (Macao) Co., Ltd. Wah Da (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Merry Link Development (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited K. Wah (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Helen of Troy Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Great Time Limited New Gold Investment Company Limited New Mac Travel Agency Company Limited Sheenway Limited - Macao Commercial Offshore Modifin Macau Limited Iun Kei Hotel Management Company Limited San Lei (Group Limited) Technet Technology Company Ltd. Sun City Gaming Promotion Company Limited Hong Tai International Trading Limited Source Photonics (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Rainbow Concept Limited Ng Chi Un E.I. Angtai Trading Company Limited ZTE Xin (Macao) Limited Bo Xing Group Company Limited Weemay (Macau) Trading Co., Ltd. Companhia De Engenharia Kin Hoo (Macau) Limitada Sun Kou Ngai Engineering Company Limited Lin Bong Company Limited E-Task Information Technology Co. Ltd. Themeworks International (Macau) Ltd. Macau Property Management Co Ltd Vermilion Group Limited Lunettes Group Limited V Electrical Appliances Company Limited MEG - Star International Company Limited ISG Asia (Macau) Limited Golden Mine China Co Wai Yuen Wine Trading Company Limited Birdland (Macau) Limited Huafu Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Valiram Luxury Limited Winzen International Limited Run Sheng Tang International Trading Company Limited Weng Lei Intl Co Ltd Consul For Invest, Tourism & Emigration Nam Fong Construction And Real Estate Company Limited Kong Fung (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Roff Asia, Limitada Matsui Asia Ltd. Wang Hung Trading Co Cowson Technology Engineering Consultancy Limited Montage Technology Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Dragon City Trade Development Company Limited Grand Bright International (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited TH Fine Wines Limited Sun Star Mark Trading Company Limited Levinda Transports (Asia) Ltd Kam Hing Textile Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Hugo Boss (Macau) Company Limited Supreme Harvest Construction Engineering Limited REGENT JEWELLERY LTD Hoi Meng Sourcing (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Silver Faith Construction Ltd LEI SENG CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Xin Jin Lin International Company Limited Focus - Airport Services, Limited Companhia De Construcao 'Vantagem' Ltd Macau Tours Limited Bloom Solutions Macau Limited Choi Chong Sang E.I. China Zhong Ji Mechanical Industry Engineering (Macau) Company Limited Concord Express (Macau) Ltd D. Star (Macao) Trading Limited Perfection Company Limited Wilson's Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd. Sociedade De Transportes Colectivos De Macau, S.A.R.L. Relojoaria Francisco Limitada Seng Keng Gaming Promotion Company Limited SHILLA RETAIL LIMITED Jardine, Matheson And Co. (Macau) Limited Arciona Energy Ltd. RUNES MEDICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES LIMITED Triumph Investment Company Limited Big Four Facilities Management Co. Ltd. Magran Industrial - Marble And Granite Processing Ltd Tony Mac Agencia Com Art Production Minimax Import And Export Company Limited Ferragens Lei Kei Macao Singyes Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd Ngai Fung Ivong Jewellery Co Flaming Engineering Company Limited Bud Sing Equipmentos p/Impressao Lda S. Long Trading Ltd. Da Jin International Trading Company Limited JIN HONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED KEEN MED COMPANY LIMITED NTS TRADING COMPANY LIMITED NG FOK EVO Design Asia Limited MASTER LIMITED MIN DA CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED ACP GAMING LIMITED

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