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Minth International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Shing Lung Construction & Engineering Company Limited SBT Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Elec & Eltek Company (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Hung Fung Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Album Trading Company Limited New Mac Travel Agency Company Limited Sunray Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Cotai Magnific View - Property Development Company Limited Sheng Ming (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Kenzo Paris (Macau) Company Limited Premium Incentives (Macau) Company Limited Wellcare Equipamentos Medicos Lda. ANHAI INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Hen Well Service Ltd IC Supply (Macau) Limited WT (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited A P Enterprises (Macao) Commercial Offshore Limited Global Asia Investment Limited HN Group Limited Chanel Limitada Xiang Xin International Trading Company Limited Ieng Leong Company Limited Properties Sub F, Limited Troen Investments Limited Nyso Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Cheong Shing Trading Company Ltd. Moynat Macau Limited Ho Song Choi DFS Cotai Limitada Honest (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Cow Man (Macao) Limited Remfly Investment Company Limited Chon Tit (Macau) Investment And Development Company Limited Planet Rider Company Limited Vladi Metalurgic Limited Focus Agriculture Limited LOF Hotel Management Company Limited Chong Song Resources Company Bee Cheng Hiang (Macau) Limited Excel Technology Company Limited Chap Seng Sio Kei Maccom Service Co Abacada Cleaning Service Sunshine Cleaning & Services, Ltd Car Services & Accessories Center GCCL Macau Co. Ltd. Loewe Macau Company Limited Wynn Resorts (Macau) Limited Banco Comercial De Macau, S.A. HDI (Macau) Ltd Suga Macao Commercial Offshore Limited AGENCIA COMERCIAL Marco Antonio Alcobia Conceicao Henriques LF Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Anhai (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Apollo (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited AGENCIA COMMERCIAL HOU WA Wong U Ian E.I. Agencia Comercial Kin Wai Agencia Comercial Jimmy's Agencia Comercial Chon Ip E.I. Dragages Macau Limited Genyield Construction Company Limited Cheong Chin Tong E.I. Cheong Ming Kong Wing Shing Chemical Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited WTP (Macau) Limited COD Resorts Limited Kin Sun Construction And Engineering (Macau) Limited Tack Well Construction, Engineering & Investment Company Limited Ehy Construction and Engineering Company Limited Acel Engineering Company Limited Man Wah (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Wah Da (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Wong Man Hon Hang Fung Garment Company Gainbase Industrial Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Ou Tam Chou Sun Seong Wui Yuet Son Lung Co Ltd Helen of Troy Macao Limited Ming Shun Construction And Property Investment Limited CCIC Macau Company Limited Mtel Telecommunication Company Limited CESL Asia - Investments & Services, Limited Pandora Jewelry Macau Company Limited Gam Sheng Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Chai Kee Engineering (Macau) Limited China Paint (Group) Co Ltd CHINA MOROCAN METERS S.A. Modifin Macau Limited Twin Wealth Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Iun Kei Hotel Management Company Limited ADMINISTRACAO DE AEROPORTOS LTD Apple Macau Limitada Dracco Macau (Macau Commercial Offshore) Limited Kou Seng Company Qian Jin Investment Limited Banco Well Link, S.A. Agencia Comercial Kai Long San Agencia Comercial Art Sino Chang Iok Wai Bun Tat Trade Co Chong's Property & Investment Co Engy Limited ZTE Xin (Macao) Limited TCO Macau Limited Foto Nice Limited Hei Tung Watches Company Limited Chan Kuok Iong Construction Co Agencia Comercial Anwill Wong Kam Tap E.I. Wong Kwong Chung Sincerity Travel Agency Macao Limited Chubb Macau Limited World Gaming Magazine Limited Tak Fai Trading Limited Engine Technology Limited Chan Kuan Sio Agencia Comercial Lee Seng Agencia Comercial Lek Keng Macau International Airport Company Limited IGT Asia - Macau, S.A. Macao e-Media Development Company Limited (Unofficial Translation) Macao Water Supply Company Limited, The Cowson Technology Engineering Consultancy Limited Macau Cheng Feng Commercial And Industrial Limited SAN CHEONG LONG Modern Dental International (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Che Weng Son TH Fine Wines Limited FIRE TECH LTD Ad-Tech Co JV Tech Limited Hong Cheong Commercial & Industrial Development Enterprise Ltd Evisu Macau Limited Colorful Arts & Crafts Production (China) Company Limited AA Tourism Limited HOI MENG SOURCING (MACAO COMMERCIAL OFFSHORE) LIMITED Canudilo International Company Limited Great Sky Property Investment Company Limited TONGLEI TRADING CO LTD AGENCIA COMERCIAL KAWILL CE Ltd Millcamp Investments Management Limited Icity Hong Kong - Macao Investment And Development Company Limited ACCESSORIOS ELECRONICS 'BELL FUSE' MACAO LDA A & W Food Service (Macau) Ltd. Macau Investment and Development Limited Aedas (Macau) Limited OLV Technologies Limited Tech Link Limited Macau Tower Limited Rain Technology Company Limited Sankyo Seiko (Macau) Company Limited Japan Sanyo Elevator Co., Ltd. Yeast Design BBE&M (Macau) Limited Wong Man Hong E. I. SZ Technology Company Limited T.G. Cyber-Tech Co. Ltd. Relojoaria Francisco Limitada Yau Lee Wah Concrete Precast Products (Macau) Company Limited TKC (Macau) Company Limited Chao Wai Man E.I. Agencia Com Cheong Hou China-Portuguese Speaking Countries Cooperation And Development Fund Company Limited LUREKA INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Tai Ming Oil Co Ltd Arciona Energy Ltd. Dr Choi Siu Hing Agencia Comercial Fung Cheong Hong AGENCIA COMERCIAL COME ON Centro Estudos Permanents Pos-laboral NET SOLUTIONS - CONSULTORIA EM TECNOLOGIAS DE INFORMACAO, SOCIEDADE UNIPESSOAL, LDA. Da Jin International Trading Company Limited Casa Pasto Seng Kei Agencia Com Seng Kei 980x Game Online 980X Game Zone Technology Company Limited Chan Yee Kee Plumbing And Sanitary Ware Company Limited Wong Keng Fong E.I. 2 Cartorio Notarial 2-Creche Associacao Mulheres Macau CENTRAL INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED Ao Yun International Company Limited ACP GAMING LIMITED Agencia Com Navegacao Perfect Ag Comercial 'Wah Fung' AGENCIA COMERCIAL HILLTEX (IMP & EXP) LDA Chan Wai Hung (Unofficial Translation) FIDELIDADE MACAU LIFE - INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED Lai Va Investment Company Limited AOQI TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Gateway, Research And Projects Limited WC PROJECT MANAGEMENT LIMITED Heng Lok Tai On International Limited CSA Automated (Macau) Limited Nga Lai (Amica) Garments Factory Ltd INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE SYSTEMS LIMITED Tong Lee Mao Sin Tin Hong Three Stars Intl Co MACAU TRANSPORTATION CO Kuen Hong Realty Ltd Agencia Com World Freight Trans-Eurasia (Macau) Co Ltd Tin Fok Holding Company Limited One Oasis Building Management Limited Macao CTS Hotel Management (International) Limited Doblyu Business Management Ltd. Perfect Assets Hotel Management Limited Vida Restaurant Management and Consulting (Macau) Limited BANCO PORTUGUES DO ATLANTICO SUCURSAL DE MACAU METROPOLE HOTEL LTD AGENCIA COMERCIAL 'HIP MENG' LDA Agencial Comercial Carmen Lda Poul Lee Enterprise Co Ltd Galaxy Garment Manufacturing Ltd Dra Maria Amelia Antonio Gstar Communications Limited AGS Macau - Administracao E Gestao De Sistemas De Salubridade, Sarl JCM - Management Holding Limited Dafoo Facilities Management Company Limited Popular Group Holdings Limited Fongs Consultancy And Management Limited Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Macau), Ltd. MACAUPORT S.A.R.L. AGENCIA COMERCIAL ACME (MACAU) Kai Yue Imp And Export Trading Co Ltd BANK NACIONAL ULTRAMARINO S.A. Banco Nacional Ultramarino, S.A. BMS Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Music Group Macao Commercial Offshore Limited F PODRIGUES (SUC RES) LDA CENTRO COMERCIAL DE PRAIA GRANDE AGENCIA COMERCIAL GLORIA LDA MACAO LAND DEVELOPMENT CORP AGENCIA COMMERCIAL (CARMEN) LDA EASTERN INTERNATIONAL CO LTD H&B Development Co., Ltd. Agencia Viagens Turismo Grand Lda Direccao Dos Servicos De Financas Fino Mens Fashion Macau Grand Prix Committee Wo Cheong Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Casa Arte Publicidade Design TTI (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Macau Government Tourist Office Baltrans (Macau) Limited MACAO

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