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SBT Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Easy Clean Cleaning Services VSR Industries (Macau) Limited Xiang Xin International Trading Company Limited Album Trading Company Limited Greenpoint Global Trading (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Honest (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited SC International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Chang Yip Development Co., Ltd. TTI (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited MG Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Sunshine Cleaning & Services, Ltd Emporia Macao Limited OSA China (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Anhai (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited M & V Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Far East Trading (Macao Commerical Offshore) Limited Huafu Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Finemost International Limited Troen Investments Limited Labware (Macau) Company Limited Ehy Construction and Engineering Company Limited American Tec Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Cowson Technology Engineering Consultancy Limited BMS Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Hung Fung Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Wah Da (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Best Linkage (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Hong Yue Energy Company Limited Sun City Gaming Promotion Company Limited Beijing No.6 Construction Group - Lek Cheong Construction, Limited Meng Lei International Trading Company Limited RLG Macau Limited Cotai Magnific View - Property Development Company Limited NEWAY (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Weltronics Component (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Chung Shun Laminates (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Elite State Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Galaxy Cotai Project Management Limited IC Supply (Macau) Limited Sadesa Comercial Offshore De Macau Limitada Suga Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Geelong Sales (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited A P Enterprises (Macao) Commercial Offshore Limited Venetian Macau Limited Source Photonics (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Golden Burger (Macau) Food Company Limited E-Task Information Technology Co. Ltd. Kong Fung (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Dafoo Facilities Management Company Limited MASC OGDEN AVIATION SERVICES (MACAU) LTD Shun Cheong Building Services (Macau) Limited Panda, Sociedade De Gestao De Investimentos, Limitada Asia Cleaning Service Co Ltd Melco Crown (Macau) Limited Air Macau Company Limited Rock-One Engineering Company Limited Bros Macao Commercial Offshore Limited CGT Company Limited Yat Fung (Macao Commercial Offshore) Ltd DAIRY LAND FROZEN MEAT Luen Iec Hong Gold Tak International Limited World Travel Agency Luen Thai Footwear Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Zenith Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited GTech Engineering (Macau) Limited Ricky (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Fendi Macau Company Limited ISA Tantec Limited Engy Limited Chanel Limitada ZTE Xin (Macao) Limited Ieng Leong Company Limited GOLDEN STAR TRADING CO Atal Engineering (Macao) Ltd. Gaming Partners International Asia Limited Red Avenue Group (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Full Win International Engineering Limited Qrun Company Limited Lao Chong Fai E.I. Alpha & Omega Semiconductor (Macau), Ltd. Casa Arte Publicidade Design MACAO Conde Designs Ltd, Macau Trane Macau Service Center Dr Luis Reigadas Golden Harvest (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Airport Information Management Solutions, Limited Heng Yui (Macao) Commercial Offshore Limited CFF (Macau) Limited Caleres Service (Macau) Company Limited Minth International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Grand Lisboa - Hotel Administration Company Limited STDM - Hotels and Investments, Limited STDM - Investments Limited Dynamax (Macau) Limited KIN WAH & CO (MACAU) Seasons Limited-Macao Commercial Offshore Zhong Yu Trading Marco Antonio Alcobia Conceicao Henriques Techwise (Macao Commercial Offshore) Circuits Limited Munuswamy Gnanavelu alias Anthony Munuswamy Analogue Building Services (Macao) Limited Macau Horse Racing Company Limited Lipo-Companhia De Construcao Civil, Limitada Bel Fuse (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited TKHS Group Limited Hing Tai Fu Kou Trading Company Limited Wing Shing Chemical Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Ri Xing (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Digital China Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Kento Engineering Co. Ltd. Acel Engineering Company Limited DC Design & Engineering Co Debbie Morgan Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Man Wah (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Cheung Woh International (Macao Commercial Offshore) Company Limited JS International Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Acuna Energy (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Industrial And Commercial Bank of China (Macau) Limited Alkira Trading (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Meng Kei Kuan Ti Chong Viva Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Sinomac Business Services Company Limited United Nations University, The - International Institute for Software Technology Shun Tak Holdings (Macau) Limited Macau Chinese Bank Limited, The Baifuyang Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Katswing E&M Engineering (Macau) Limited Wah Shing Engineering (Macau) Limited Polygroup Limited (Macao Commercial Offshore) Various System Management Limited New Trust Cleaning And Management Company Limited Luen Iec Co Solotech Macau Limited Creata Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Jebsen Consultants And Engineering Company Limited Stella International Trading (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Elegance (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Raytech Digital System Engineering Limited Macau Race Horse Owners Association Everglory (Macau) International Co., Limited Meng Tim Tei Chan Vertu Macau Limited ATP-Asia, Sociedade Unipessoal Limitada Luso International Banking Limited Excel Design & Engineering Company Limited Multitrade (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Country Mate Limited - Macao Commercial Offshore Lin Bong Company Limited Man Veng Hong Tobaccos Company Limited Themeworks International (Macau) Ltd. Restaurante Tak Hing Lda Skyworth Macao Commercial Offshore Company Limited Meyer Marketing (Macau Commercial Offshore) Company Limited Concord Industrial And Commercial Development Enterprise, Limited AP Procurement Macao Commercial Offshore Limited New Speedy International Company Limited Ngai Fu Signs Co SJM Retail Services Private Limited Tung Hing Enterprise Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Burberry Macau Limited I Crazy Limited Birdland (Macau) Limited East Sun Cleaning Services Ltd. Valiram Luxury Limited VIVA CO LTD Viva Macau Limited Hotel Nam Tin GT International Limited Winzen International Limited Projoint International Limited Kit Profit Limited OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited Mo-Design Ltd Unicer Macau Limited New Trading Co Ltd Macao Post Zhong Mai Investment, Limited Quanqiutong Tobacco Company Limited Starlight Shipping Company Limited Well Yield Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Way Wings Trading Co Top Great (Macao Commercial Offshore) Limited Montage Technology Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Santex Company Limited Macau Cheng Feng Commercial And Industrial Limited Moynat Macau Limited ROYAL OPTICAL SHOP TH Fine Wines Limited Nikkan (Macau) Engineering Co Ltd Yes Event Planning Company Limited Hon Color Advertising, Planning & Design Limited Hanbo Enterprises Limited - Macao Commercial Offshore Evisu Macau Limited Synectic Systems (Macau) Limited Geocapital Holdings Limited Ictology Information Technology Limited Foodmac Limited International School Of Macau, Limited, The Ying Hai Apps Design & Development Limited San Tak Iek Development Company Limited Box Co I Dim Sum Limited NAM WAH CHINA PRODUCTS CO LTD Sanford Resources Macau Commercial Offshore Limited Beemax Development Company Limited Ultimate Source Macao Commercial Offshore Limited Ying Jing Co Ltd Kai Keng Fan Tim Three Stars Intl Co MACAU TRANSPORTATION CO Vila Lik Tin Kuen Hong Realty Ltd Agencia Com World Freight SHENG LEE ENGINEERING CO LTD CARDIN HANDBAG & LUGGAGE CO Trans-Eurasia (Macau) Co Ltd Tin Fok Holding Company Limited One Oasis Building Management Limited Macao CTS Hotel Management (International) Limited Doblyu Business Management Ltd. Portal Engineering Management Company Limited Perfect Assets Hotel Management Limited Vida Restaurant Management and Consulting (Macau) Limited FABRICA DE VESTUARIO GATZ CIA LDA 'FERNANDES' GESTAO IMOBILIARIAE. INVESTIMENTOS LDA BANCO PORTUGUES DO ATLANTICO SUCURSAL DE MACAU METROPOLE HOTEL LTD AGENCIA COMERCIAL 'HIP MENG' LDA Agencial Comercial Carmen Lda Poul Lee Enterprise Co Ltd Associacao Morad Praia Grande Associacao Teatro Hoi In Clube Militar de Macau Restauracao Galaxy Garment Manufacturing Ltd Co. Seguros Wing On Lda Dr Alexandre Correia da Silva Dra Carla Laia Dra Maria Amelia Antonio Three Star Thai Restaurant Gstar Communications Limited Gestao Empresas Peninsula S.A.R.L. AGS Macau - Administracao E Gestao De Sistemas De Salubridade, Sarl JCM - Management Holding Limited Popular Group Holdings Limited Fongs Consultancy And Management Limited La Compagnie Des Petits Ltd MACAUPORT S.A.R.L.

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