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MAPLES S.A. LC Asset 1 S. r.l. SB International COFRA Treasury S. r.l. Gardumi Gaston Kimberly-Clark Luxembourg Finance S. r.l. IWG Group Holdings S. r.l. Epic Games International S. r.l. Sandro Pica SA Asgard SA Pearl Luxury Real Estate Asset Management SA Arrival S. r.l. LDF65 S. r.l. DS TRANS LUX s. r.l. PSL Group Services S. r.l. Harald Rosell Mylan Luxembourg 2 S. r.l. PATINVEST S.A. VCI Luxe S. r.l. AGROFEED S. r.l. ISANNE S. r.l. CBRE Global Holdings P.R.T ALLIAGES INDUSTRIES SA Grossfeld Developments S..r.l. PLUTUS BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT Srl JCM CONSTRUCTIONS S. r.l. Cartom Lux Water Technic Ptes fraches LA ROMAGNA S. r.l. Asgard Hall Invest S.A. VFR Concept S. r.l. Amazon Europe Core S. r.l. Golden Springs Funds Steenbok Lux Finco 1 SARL FIXMER S. r.l. Bebono SA CHATELET INVESTISSEMENTS S.A. AI Global Investments & Cy S.C.A. SOVIM S.A. Le Camille SARL JANISSAIRE LUX S.A. Ambassador Tx SARL Intermind SARL Boucherie Chevaline du Sud Braun Jeannot Isotherm-Calorifugeage SA Entreprise De Toiture Corvina SARL EURO-FINATEL S.A. Goodyear Mounting Solutions S.A. Sequoia Lake Investment Loufanrose HERMES TRUST SERVICES S. r.l. PPG LUXEMBOURG FINANCE S.R.L. Dellmont SARL QADAMALA S.A. Comsoft Balkan Grill SARL Wp Group BATIPRO S. r.l. Kobo Europe CALIFORION S. r.l. Winnersh Midco CITRA IMMOBILIERE SARL MindGeek S. r.l. KDN Transport Express S.A. KV PROMOTIONS S. r.l. Topaz Capital Market SARL SOFADEM FINANCES S.A. OJACO S. r.l. Gindorff Jeannot Profilux SA EQUINDUS SARL SABIC Luxembourg S..r.l. ELECTRA MANAGEMENT S.r.l. EPI, EUROS PLANS INTERNATIONAL S.A. en abrg EPI S.A. BAROLUX S.A. Azimuth International SARL Dgad International SARL LIBERFY S.A. QUADRAM CAPITAL SA Armurerie Schmit J.R. SARL UBI TRUSTEE S.A. VILLERTON INVEST SA Gnb-international Management SA PIONEER HOLDING S.A. G2c Holding SARL SITA S.r.l TAGUS RE S.A. TRANS SERVICE SARL Securitec Europe Ycap Asset Management (Europe) TCA Event Investments S. r.l. Icg Senior Debt Partners Sv 1 SA WORK INSIDE LUXEMBOURG S. r.l. FEVAMOTINICO S. r.l. GTA GROUP S. r.l. 1640 Investment 5 S..r.l. DSI Underground Holdings S. r.l. Lexi SA Olivi Et Rodrigues T.P. SA Vanksen Group SA Toubkal Holding SA Branko Rogan Pisecky Coiffure Visilit Jean-Marie DISTILLERIE OTHON SCHMITT S. r.l. Harsco Metals Luxembourg S.A. SOCIETE DE TRANSPORTS ARAUJO ET CIE S. r.l. Port Noir Investment S. r.l. LCN Management Company S. r.l. MATEO LOGISTICS S. r.l. INTERNATIONAL LIFT SYSTEM S. r.l. J4A HOLDINGS I S. r.l. RFCL S.r.l. Hygie Lab M.L. Auto S.A. Arteva Europe SARL David Brown Systems (Holdings) S. r.l. Distrilux SARL RENDAC - C.E.S. AM Global Holding Bis MACHEN HOLDING S.A. Metal & Mineral Trade SARL Cometal-constructions Mtalliques SA Swissquote Bank Europe SA Cdc International SARL Cef Services Notaire Georges d Huart GP KEHLEN S.A. SPF INTERDATE S.A. MILFIX S.r.l GROUPE EUROPE HOLDING LUXEMBOURG S.A. TANGO SPORTS S. r.l. Ingram Micro Luxembourg SMC CONCEPT S.r.l. Aero 1 Global & International S. r.l. N.M.A. BENELUX S.A. Johnson & Johnson Luxembourg Finance Company G & G - GLARES & GENIUS Luxembourg S.r.l. Victoria'S Secret International SARL ALM Luxembourg Holdings SOF-9 Rome Investments Lux S. r.l. Fen Distribution S.A. EP Investment S. r.l. Lunala Investments SA Neptune Property Venture S. r.l. Gloria 7 S. r.l. Tradex World Sourcing Dream Gp Bridge Fortune Investment SARL ORISKANY S. r.l. JBS Luxembourg S. r.l. JT INVEST S. r.l. Puma International Financing S.A. Darice Global Sourcing We Hotels Holdco 1 Gbm Invest CL3M S. r.l. Logoplaste Group S. r.l. Auxiliant S. r.l. Eurocor Treasuryco S. r.l. Digit-All Things S.A. GLP Co-invest S. r.l. L-FSI S. r.l. Royal Motors S. r.l. Optima Investments S.A. Azimut SARL SEVEN-K S.A. SOF-11 Asterweg PropCo Lux S. r.l. Marco Polo E.G.E.C. S.A. ACMO S. r.l. Cebi Luxembourg Recylux SA Centrale d'Achats du Parlement Europen GOODYEAR DUNLOP TIRES OPERATIONS S.A. PROJECT INTERNATIONAL SA Akila Finance T2LC Aptiv International Operations Luxembourg S. r.l. HT Holding Luxembourg SA ASSREAL S.A. Landewyck Holding SARL Mckey Luxembourg Holdings Apmea Luxinva SA XEON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE FINANCE BlackRock Lux Finco S. r.l. Tradhold SA O.B.B. WORCESTER S.A. Crane International Capital S. r.l. Alvisse Octave Ferber Boissons SARL Borowsky Raymond Mp Trans SARL Pegasus Shipping S. r.l. AVEO Development S. r.l. CHELSEY INVESTISSEMENT S.C.A Immobilire Duwel SA Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A. Entreprise Jos Mieszala SA Ancienne Ferme Klemens SARL LUXHYCONFORT S.A. John Deere Mexico SAICA FLEX LUXEMBOURG, S.A. AMS Konzern Socit Gnrale S.A. Alphastock SARL Axyz Concept SA Roper Luxembourg Holdings AJO INDUSTRIE S. r.l. Global Hospitality Licensing S. r.l. MARESME GLOBAL INVERSION CAPITAL S.A. Garage Josy Bouquet SARL SB PARTNERS ADVISORY (LUX) S. R.L. Tension II AcquiCo S. r.l. INTEGRA INVESTMENT S.A. LISE & FILS S.A. Pontos Shipping Secure Capital S.A. Arena Invest SICAV-SIF A&C MANAGEMENT SERVICES, socit responsabilit limite Fondation Victor Elz Brehat IQ EQ Group Participations S. r.l. PROPHARMA-DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. Le 5Me Lment Avic Location Plastipak BAWT S. r.l. Balber Finance SARL ACRELUX S. r.l. NEWELL LUXEMBOURG FINANCE S. r.l. ELSA-IMMO S.r.l. DV PARALUX S. r.l. Mapua Investment Holding Company S.r.l. City Center Etoile SARL MECACTIV S.A. Bonnier Treasury SA Slovenia Broadband S. r.l. TECH & TRADE INDUSTRIES Couche-tard Luxembourg SARL AMS FinCo SARL TCV Luxco BD S. r.l. Gbf LUXIMAJ s.r.l. Eurodistech SARL Framalux Isle Holdco No. 1 SARL Cabot Luxembourg TC S. r.l. Numerilux SARL K.D.T.S. R&R Holdings Ltd.

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