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Lc Asset 1 Maples SA SB International SARL Auxiliant SARL Gardumi Gaston PSL Group Services Cofra Treasury Ambassador Tx SARL Vci Luxe Ebsor Engineering SARL Akila Finance Havanna Invest Ingram Micro Luxembourg SARL Amazon Europe Core SARL CBRE Global Holdings SARL TLS Group SA Batipro Monsanto Treasury Services SARL Salomon Werner Hab Privee Group SA Presta Meat SA Sandro Pica SA Dominican Entertainment (Luxembourg) T.R.L. Trans-Route Luxembourg SA Wild River Corporation Centrale d'Achats du Parlement Européen ORG.INTERNAT Harald Rosell Global Resources And Industries Tagus Re SA GG Group Ds Trans Lux Abikido SA VATit Group SARL Metal & Mineral Trade SARL Groupe Europe Holding Vfr Concept Epic Games International Cabot Luxembourg Tc SARL Fevamotinico SARL Rfcl Mylan Luxembourg 2 Proximus Luxembourg Balkan Grill SARL Mago Invest Dow International Finance SARL Steenbok Lux Finco 1 Entreprise De Toiture Corvina SARL Etex Finance Fairmark SA Novartis Investments Maçonlux Rawstone Business Holding SA K.D.T.S. FR Team International Recylux SA Immo Horizon Arena Invest SARL Finasset SA Riviera Topco SARL Topaz Capital Market SARL Delphi Powertrain Systems Operations Luxembourg Gregoly Properties Ojaco Immobilière Duwel SA Lafor 2 SARL Farton Holdings SA Engie Treasury Management Alliages Industries SA Work Inside Luxembourg Qatar Holding Luxembourg II SARL Toy Box Elisam Lux Vidère Tili SARL Atlas Gobi SARL BS Farming Mateo Logistics SARL Sofirom Kwasa Europe SARL Phi Participations SA Shurgard Self Storage Luxembourg SARL Notaire Georges d Huart Ams Konzern Société Générale SA Telenet International Finance Interdate SA Koma Capital Carnac Trans Service Logistics ALM Luxembourg Holdings SARL Valéan Nemesis Musek Télé Luxco SARL Outlet Site JV Lekama Global Logistics & Transport SARL Cefeba SARL Logoplaste Group Accorinvest Group Kreafin Group SA Dellmont SARL Patinvest Valfidus Adria News SARL So.Re.Mo. SARL Pontos Shipping Umbrella Holdings Ycap Asset Management (Europe) Sovim SA Bessel Capital SARL M2 Invest Partners Lvd Property SA Leto Tim Hortons International SARL Etraph Finance SCA Gbm Invest Avio SARL Db Fusion Nns Holding SARL Cartom SARL Tiptop Luxembourg Motor Car Leasing Knight Lux 2 Invesco Real Estate Management SARL Dennemeyer & Co SARL Luxembourg Contact Centers Port Noir Investment SARL M.M.M. Finance SARL HT Holding Luxembourg SA International Lift System SARL Trans Felici Lux FBM Yesss Group (E) Arteva Europe SARL Shipbourne Arnam Qadamala SA Pela SARL Ubam International Services SA Novare Energy Amazon Payments Europe Gdl Security SARL Cbre Global Acquisition Company SARL Gestion J.P. SCA Avo Carbon Luxembourg Holdings Ai Global Investments & Cy Les Saveurs D'Antan White Birch Luxembourg Holding Doge Invest Xantis SA Vedihold SA Algim Gandi International Mapua Investment Holding Company S.A.R.L. VBA Oronalia Sk Spice Holdings SARL Sienna Capital SARL Starfin Lux SARL Camatrans Freshy SARL Crc Cf (Lux) Vesa Nubiotech Environnement SA Achelooos SA Warmy Home SARL Farfadet Altice Picture Darice Global Sourcing Spagnolo Armando Royal Capital Investments SARL Aegle Packaging SARL Mill Luxembourg Holdings 2 Sandro Pica SARL Onyx Investment Super Topco SARL Luxco Invest 1 OCM Luxembourg EPF III Accord Holdings SARL United Uk Propco 2 SARL Plutus Business & Management SARL Allra Asset Management SA Toubkal Holding SA B2kapital Holding SARL Eni International SPRL Createam SA Carlex Glass Luxembourg SA Granarolo Benelux Station Cristal SARL Société De Transports Araujo Et Cie Winday SA Ocean Industries SA Roxia SARL Macadam 1818 SA Xylem Ip Management SARL Pg2m Aquilux Plastipak Luxembourg Allianz Infrastructure Luxembourg I Liberfy SA Stena Investment SARL Aggregate Company Luxrtv Di Lauro Franco Cafruta Rendac-ces Pegasus Shipping Comura AM Global Holding Bis Armurerie Schmit J.R. SARL Heralux SA Centre D'Isolation SA Bnp Paribas S.B. Ré. M&G European Property Holding Company R-tech SARL John Deere Mexico SARL Asgard Hall Invest SA Atg Industries United Textile SARL Metaldyne Europe SARL Wp Group Innova Intellectual Properties SARL Luxpar Invest SCA Tango Sports SARL Jamyco Holding SA S. Fuel Dkg-lux SA A.C. Store A.S.Q. Brehat Propharma-developpement Plastipak Bawt SARL Trans Lopes Immo-contact European Loan Fund Sv Icg Senior Debt Partners Sv 1 SA EP Investment SARL Winnersh Midco Aina Investment Fund Gp Project Dream SARL Frank Net Services Bridgepoint Europe V Investments Global Aviation Technical Solutions GP Pausa Capital Artemis Acquisition Italy SARL Immofinre Aifm SARL Digit-all Things Great Horizon SARL Lu Uk Iv SARL Aprivance Be2 SARL Tcar SARL IFC, International Fire Control Mahevia SA Colt Lux Group Holding Fairchild Participations

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