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Cofra Treasury Beach Holdco Maples SA Lc Asset 1 Gardumi Gaston Auxiliant SARL SB International PSL Group Services Havanna Invest Vci Luxe Digit-all Things Asgard SA Wp Group Kl Industries Cd&R Mobilux Mylan Luxembourg 2 Ams Konzern Société Générale SA Beliere Holding Vfr Concept Huhtamaki Holding Avrox Centrale d'Achats du Parlement Européen ORG.INTERNAT EP Investment Cotton Group SARL Steenbok Lux Finco 1 CBRE Global Holdings SARL Delta Spain S.� R.L., SARL P.R.T SARL Epic Games International Ambassador Tx SARL Dormy Invest SA Kimberly-clark Luxembourg Finance SARL International Seafood Holdings Groupe Europe Holding Maresme Global Inversion Capital La Holdings (Luxembourg) SA Johnson & Johnson Luxembourg Finance Company Ds Trans Lux Dow International Finance Rs Lender Iii, Elite Cars Leasing SARL We Hotels Holdco 1 Topaz Capital Market SARL Yves Rocher (Luxembourg) SA A. Scheer et Cie, Comptoir Mobilier Ardennais SARL Station Cristal SARL Luxco UK SARL Société De Transports Araujo Et Cie Rfcl Bebono SA Notaire Georges d Huart Patinvest Ingram Micro Luxembourg SARL Mapua Investment Holding Company Eti 352 Citra Immobiliere GG Group Ojaco HT Holding Luxembourg SA Arteva Europe SARL Pêche Aquarium Halm Holdings SARL Sandro Pica SA Metal & Mineral Trade SARL Dominican Entertainment (Luxembourg) Villerton Invest SA S-process Equipment International SARL Interdate Engie Treasury Management Bcie Global Hospitality Licensing A2mf Capital Pearl Luxury Real Estate Asset Management SA Rawstone Business Holding SA Batipro Bms Finance (Uk) Chriko K.D.T.S. Lekama Global Logistics & Transport Darice Global Sourcing Vamtaj European Protective Equipment Holding Db World Group Bdp Europe SARL Fathi Enterprise Alsteel Barolux FBM Dgad International SARL Liberfy Qadamala SA Commercial Hydraulics SA Pela Kurek Ilya Chelsey Investissement Surf & Turf Point Of Oaks Luxembourg SA Asgard Hall Invest SA Maged Semreh Europe KS Machines Agricoles et Viticoles SARL F.C.P.I. (Fries Construction Promotion Immobilière) Glass Construction Luxembourg SARL Faurecia Ast Luxembourg Promobe Finance - Entreprise De Desossage Romain Stolz Ehi International Finance Lvd Property SA Oligobrand Famar Holding KDN Transport Express Cefeba SARL Chemicals & Energy Plants Engineering SA Standard Aggregated SA Gbm Invest Plutus Business & Management SARL Royal Motors SARL Antler Holdco Cartom SARL Bati C Plastilux SA Rasquin Mariette Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Luxembourg Rawholding SA International Lift System SARL Fixmer Anchor Holdings Phi Participations Ab Exploitation SARL Stena Investment Interfund Advisory Company Holding SA Mega TRAX SA Ebsor Engineering SARL Balkan Grill SARL Armurerie Schmit J.R. SARL VATit Group Universal Securitisation Solutions Pole Invest B-lux Steel SARL Immo Horizon CK Repro 68 SA Link Point Atg Industries Carvi Transport Meda Pharma SARL Blue Steel Logistics SA Van Hooff Christian TLS Group Immo Magtib Incovest World Fine Chemicals SARL Tagus Re SA Pontos Shipping First Commodity And Metal Trading Europe SARL Rodra Investissements SCS Avic Location Stahlbeteiligungen Holding Trade Receivables Investment Vehicle SARL Le Camille SARL Adria Luxco SARL Thor Crewing Luxembourg SA Kite Metals Pausa Capital Engelhart Ctp Group Adient Luxembourg Holding Toiture Kieffer Carlo Perwax SARL Presta Meat Calzedonia Finanziaria SA Salmon & Seafood Concept Fairchild Participations Carnesa SA Pisecky Coiffure Boucherie Chevaline du Sud Braun Jeannot Createam Fiddiam Winday SA Syrselux Lux Water Technic Mateo Logistics SARL Inter Holding II Administration Communale de Steinfort La Mancha Precious Metals Trans Felici Lux Aso Lux 2 SARL Neotechpro Corporation SARL Azimuth International SARL Luxinva SA Lux Italian Food SARL Bosnia Broadband Imexlux Luxange Motor Reinsurance Company SA Magenta Holding Schroder Real Estate Investment Management (Luxembourg) CMIL Hadan L.E.E.T. Trading SA Meat Trading Lux D.F. Holding Eastman Chemical Luxembourg SARL Bnp Paribas S.B. Ré. Plastiche SA Geolux 3.14 CafÉ Restaurant Por Du Sol SARL Patrinvest SCA Agate Assets SA Fitness First Luxembourg SCA Steel Invest SA United Textile SARL Saica Flex Luxembourg Global Aviation Technical Solutions SCS Medvic Chanel Pétrovan SA Milfix SARL Glennlo Investments I SA Ingima Participations SA AI Global Investments & Cy ACHM Global Hospitality Licensing Evergreen Skills Lux The Singer Company Limited SARL Banice Architectes Brehat Maçonlux Bour Shopping SARL Dream Lease G & G - Glares & Gebius Luxembourg Pacific Mezz Investco Sovim Fabso SARL Infra-invest 2 SARL ALM Luxembourg Holdings Fj Developpement En Lyxor Titrisation 1 Bank Of America Global Holdings Roslyn Properties SARL Lux Pillar Elisam Histoire De La Machine Agricole SARL Aina Hospitality SARL Alize Luxco 1 Les Ami(e)s De Femmes En Détresse ASBL Carolux SARL Beaufort Investments SARL Dolly Luxjet Consult Copper Holdco SARL Mutual Colors SA Ctbx International

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