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Riviera Topco SARL Platinum Grafton SARL Am Mining SA I.E. Luxtopco French N°2 SARL Melio Luxembourg International SARL Arcelormittal Treasury Financial Services SARL Accenture (Luxembourg), SARL Bouwfonds International Real Estate Fund Services Luxembourg SARL AM Global Holding Bis SARL Compagnie De L'Ours SARL Algeco Management SCA Gdf Suez Ip Luxembourg SARL Bonnier Treasury SA Famar Holding SARL Altice Luxembourg SA Mill Luxembourg Holdings 2 SARL Orbital Investments SARL Hrc Lux Aci SARL CDA Luxembourg SA United Investment Corporation Holding SA Trade & Technologie Transfert SARL B.S.O. SA DD Kop Monier Bond Finance & Co SCA C.E. Conseil Europe SA European Value Partners SARL Acrelux SARL Global Capital Advisory SA Latina SA Nb Invest Ph13 Summerlee SARL Schneider Real Estate SB International SARL Lc Asset 1 Maples SA Cofra Treasury SARL Axactor Invest 1 SARL Havanna Invest SA Tension II AcquiCo North Health Club SARL Iceberg SA Bridgepoint Europe V Investments SARL Selecta Group MidCo SARL Hanoulle Dominique Dominican Entertainment (Luxembourg) SARL Novartis Investments SARL Monsanto Treasury Services SARL Invictus SARL eBay Europe SARL Gardumi Gaston Ocean Industries SA John Deere Holding SARL Balkan Grill SARL Agripromotion SA Engie Treasury Management SARL Global Hospitality Licensing Ai Global Investments & Cy SCA Jade Fibem SARL Vfr Concept SARL Toy Box SARL Epic Games International SARL Whitewood (Ring) UK SARL Apc (Automotive Products Concept) SARL Ire-re Lux Holdco 2 SARL GTA Group Etraph Finance SCA Vci Luxe Auxiliant SARL Roundshield Managers (Lux) SARL Fa.Pi SA Oilin Fabulux SA Gelf Investments (Lux) SARL Olivi Et Rodrigues T.P. SA Kbl Informatique G.I.E. GIE Lux Gestion Industrielle SA Gaz Capital SA Tfal Investments SA Ocean Management SARL Lunar Altrincham Compo Acquico SARL Kensington Square Holding S.A.- Société De Titrisation SA Areo SARL Campus Holdings SARL PSL Group Services SARL Montesquieu & Associés SARL Iris Invest SARL Origin Enterprises Luxembourg SARL Phi Participations SA Super Selector SARL Nis Holdings SARL Kreafin Group SA R.N.O. Group Shipbourne SA Eicher P. Distribution SARL S.I.R.T. SARL Pole Invest SA Patinvest SA Koch CTG SARL Institut De Beauté Nadia Ritter, SARL Valfidus Industries SA Esperia Fitness First Luxembourg Alexlux Pioneer Holding SA Bombardier Transportation Financial Services SARL Mars Propco 15 SARL Ams Konzern Société Générale SA Salomon Werner Hab Privee Group SA Orexis SARL Kalle Luxembourg SARL Delphi SARL Agrofeed Incovest SA Mg Media SARL La Fiduciaire Monterey International SA Habitat Concept & Immobilier SARL Fondation De Recherche Cancer Et Sang Fondation Johnson & Johnson Luxembourg Finance Company SARL Luxpayroll Luxembourg Brands SARL Batipro SARL Afp (Germany) Iii SARL Sinalux Towra SA Ammc Law SA Tcv Luxco Bd SARL Corfil Rénovation SARL Citra Immobiliere SARL Plafolux SARL Patris I SARL GG Group SARL Pm Vii SARL Akwaba City Luxembourg SCCD Vermillion Aviation Finance Standard Aggregated SA Alpha International Lux SARL Socri Limited SARL Alfa Stahl SARL Spagnolo Armando Ardian Nobel SCS Baobab Tree Spf SA Avio SARL Flint HoldCo SARL Cvi Cvf Iv Lux Securities S .à R.L. SARL Irene Topco SARL Select Securities Europe SARL Ciep Romania SCA Mars Propco 32 SARL Lseg Luxco 1 SARL Corsair Blade Management SARL International Advisory Services Company SA Dorel Sports Luxembourg SARL Gm Holding Markodif SA Icg Europe Fund Vii Ef (No. 2) Neuron SARL Whirlpool International Manufacturing SARL Concorde-restauration SARL Ernster Concorde SARL Strategic Partners SARL Retail Mena Holdings SARL St James Investment SA Orange Holding SARL Cartom SARL Cale Finance SA OXYGEN-2 SA SA Aerium H2o SARL Algeco Holding SARL Bedford Finance SARL Fimalac Developpement SA International Negoce Center SA Sofadem Finances SA Universal Trader SA Savrow Holdings SARL American Medical Systems Luxembourg SARL Ed Business SARL Axis Europe SA Luxembourg Kirchberg Centre Crea Connect SA Advanced Network Solutions SARL Utoky International Holding SA Mauffrey Luxembourg SA Océane Luxembourg SA B2kapital Holding SARL Stylux SA European Food Group SA Accenture International SARL PCLease SA Amazon EU Eurofins Product Testing Lux Holding SARL High Point SARL All Trans Logistic SA Motor Car Leasing SA Fairchild Participations SA Fjord Ak SARL Field Point Iv SARL Tarkett Agepan Laminate Flooring, SCS Arcelormittal Tubular Products Luxembourg SA Geminus Bis SA Eliot Luxembourg Holdco SARL Grp Holding SARL Morgan Stanley Eurozone Office Fund Prologis Uk Iv SARL Oyak Global Investments SA Dvl.Tv SA Acmo SARL Sogelife SA Accorinvest Group Biotechnology Ingredient Supplement SARL Océane Re SA Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA DSD International Contractors SARL Bgl Bnp Paribas SA Castellucci Joseph Wollner Jacques Pic Asso Landesbank Berlin International SA Axus Luxembourg SA La Brasserie de la Mer SARL Integral SA Restaurant Postkutsch SARL Textile Holding Company Flammang-Derr SARL Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg SA Deutsche Bank Luxembourg SA Media Properties SARL Landing Holding SA LC Luxcontrol ASBL LeasePlan Luxembourg SA Cattaneo Euden Harsco Metals Luxembourg SA Union Investment Luxembourg SA Schutz Et Wagner SA Propinvest Holding SA Bolton Group International SA City 2 SA Turcarelli Angelo Finch-Immo SA Electro-hauser SARL Luxor Immobilière SA Centrale d'Achats du Parlement Européen ORG.INTERNAT Adeco S.à R.L. Société Immobilière Internationale SARL Transport Group Luxembourg SA Progest SA Star Finance SA Ex-aequo SARL

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