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MAPLES S.A. LC Asset 1 S. r.l. Gardumi Gaston Santeramo Eric BATIPRO S. r.l. SB International COFRA Treasury S. r.l. QADAMALA S.A. Le 5Me Lment VFR Concept S. r.l. Grossfeld Developments SARL Eurodistech SARL Arrival S. r.l. TAGUS RE S.A. SOCIETE DE TRANSPORTS ARAUJO ET CIE S. r.l. Wp Group VAMTAJ S. r.l. 1640 Investment 5 S..r.l. Aol Europe Holdings (2) Media & Cie SNC PSL Group Services S. r.l. BAROLUX S.A. VEDIHOLD S.A. Topaz Capital Market SARL Steenbok Lux Finco 1 Essling Luxembourg Gp Fettmann Jean-Pierre FIXMER S. r.l. Asgard SA Ingram Micro Luxembourg SARL TOY BOX S. r.l. Syrselux CAFRUTA S.A. Cotton Holding SARL Ambassador Tx SARL DS TRANS LUX s. r.l. VCI Luxe S. r.l. Logoplaste Group S. r.l. INIB MOTORS Srl Auxiliant S. r.l. Station Cristal SARL Port Noir Investment S. r.l. RFCL S.r.l. Sandro Pica SA Interfund Advisory Company Holding SA Metal & Mineral Trade SARL Notaire Georges d Huart United Textile SARL EP Investment S. r.l. Motor Car Leasing S.A. Centrale d'Achats du Parlement Europen ORG.INTERNAT IMMO HORIZON S.A. VISIOCOM EUROPE S.A Engie Treasury Management AGROFEED S. r.l. Global Hospitality Licensing TANGO SPORTS S. r.l. Compagnie Europenne De Gestion Et De Participations FEVAMOTINICO S. r.l. Toubkal Holding SA Sculptor Holdings Ii SARL Mylan Luxembourg 2 S. r.l. Kimberly-Clark Luxembourg Finance S. r.l. Ebsor Engineering SARL VILLERTON INVEST SA PATINVEST S.A. AMS Konzern Socit Gnrale S.A. Time and Life S.A. AI Global Investments & Cy S.C.A. Amazon Europe Core S. r.l. Cotton Group S. r.l. GG Group S. r.l. K.D.T.S. LEKAMA GLOBAL LOGISTICS & TRANSPORT S. r.l. Flamingo Lux II SCA Servet Investments SARL STOCKSONS S. r.l. eBay Europe Presta Meat S.A. Carlex Glass Luxembourg S.A. Goodyear Mounting Solutions S.A. Luxco UK SARL J4a Holdings Ii Sofirom s. r.l. Bebono SA Yesss Group (E) Mrp Apollo Investment SARL CMIL Balkan Grill SARL CBRE Global Holdings S-process Equipment International SARL MARESME GLOBAL INVERSION CAPITAL S.A. P.R.T Rawstone Business Holding SA Xantis SA ZEUS TELECOM S. r.l. AUNILEC S.A. Unitel Puma International Financing S.A. Equinox Aifm SA Dow International Finance S. r.l. OBSTEK S. r.l. L-FSI S. r.l. Connect Luxco B2Kapital Holding S. r.l. Yves Rocher (Luxembourg) SA Compagnie Luxembourgeoise De Chaudronnerie Et De Tuyauterie, En Abrg Clct SA Rawholding SA MACADAM 1818 S.A. Loufanrose Kreafin Group Magenta Holding Neuheim Lux Group Holding V RENDAC - C.E.S. Hera Ermac SA GCG MANAGER S.A. LUXCO S.C.A. Dallmayr Distribution Automatique, Luxembourg Plastiche SA CLASEN GEORGES PIONEER HOLDING S.A. Agile Finance Bdt Oak Luxembourg 1 EUROPEAN OPTICAL MANUFACTURING HOLDING I.R.L. S.A. A2mf Capital Garage Josy Bouquet SARL JAKYVAL S.A. LA Holdings (Luxembourg) S.A. A.M.G. Promotions SARL Cm Participations SA Fle Holdco Jasperus SA PAULIM S.A. Aramex ELSA-IMMO S.r.l. Gandi International Mapua Investment Holding Company S.r.l. TRADING CARS Luxembourg S.A. ALLIAGES INDUSTRIES SA Bank Of America Global Holdings Continental Group SARL NCR Biochemical Lux SARL JANISSAIRE LUX S.A. ORISKANY S. r.l. IWG Global Investments GTA GROUP S. r.l. 1640 Investment 4 S. r.l. Highlander International (Luxembourg) S.r.l. GWP S.A. Royal Motors S. r.l. Golden Springs Funds Luxbon Solar MP TRADING S.A R.L. INTERFRET LUX S. r.l. SOFADEM FINANCES S.A. FPM Engineering SARL Kronospan Luxembourg Holdings Finadmin E.I.G. GIE REVEST S.A. Lux Water Technic FMC PROMOTIONS S. r.l. La Mancha Precious Metals Accuracy Worldwide S.Coop.Sa COOP.SA IRIS INVEST S. r.l. Azimuth International SARL CAP CONSEILS S.A. Zebra Lux Holding S. r.l. BlackRock Lux Finco S. r.l. CHATELET INVESTISSEMENTS S.A. Valburton Investments Dellmont SARL SAS Shipping Agencies Services Srl Commercial Hydraulics SA Pela Carador SA VATit Group S.r.l. MACHEN HOLDING S.A. Hindelang Logistics SARL Pole Invest Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A. Entreprise Jos Mieszala SA Gnb-international Management SA Body Alive SARL BLUE STEEL LOGISTICS SA Telles Holding S. r.l. INTERDATE S.A. Vipaero (Luxembourg) SARL Caf Douriense SARL Havanna Invest BAM Lux GROUPE EUROPE HOLDING LUXEMBOURG S.A. Metaline Holding SA World Fine Chemicals SARL Bauma-Self Walch Marie-Ange Jadi International S.A. Mibl Finance (Luxembourg) SARL MACONLUX S. r.l. K.V.S. Construction SARL Giudice Promotions SARL Plastipak Bawt SARL NETHUNS S. r.l. ENTREPRISE DE DESOSSAGE ROMAIN STOLTZ S. r.l. AGO Trans Srl SOVIM S.A. Foch Partners Luxembourg Amazon Luxembourg Icg Senior Debt Partners Sv 1 SA Meigerhorn Ii Etoy Residence Service SARL Takko Fashion S. r.l. Le Camille SARL Bci Europe Limited SARL Qatar Holding Luxembourg II S.r.l. Ammc Law Optimus Corp S. r.l. Tilon S. r.l. Lunala Investments SA Neptune Property Venture S. r.l. VOXEL INTERNATIONAL S. r.l. CITRA IMMOBILIERE SARL Forum Invest SARL PERFOTEC LUX s. r.l. ACEVA S. r.l. Framalux VIP CARS LEASING Srl MindGeek S. r.l. T.B.M.D. GESTION S.A. EUROPE ASSURANCE S. r.l. Frank Net Services We Hotels Holdco 1 Enela Srl A.S.N. ING S. r.l. Pinebridge Eurasia Financial Investments SARL Sunflower Uk Logistics Propco SARL BlackRock Europe Property Fund V GP S. r.l. Handyman AG S.r.l.-S Entreprise Logiciel SA ASARS CONSTRUCTIONS S.A. Algest SE Benelux Property Group SARL Ldf65 SARL Calzedonia Finanziaria SA Branko Rogan Jabil Luxembourg Manufacturing S.A. International Lacquers Boucherie Chevaline du Sud Braun Jeannot CREATEAM S.A. Ciel S.A. (Consortium International Pour Les Equipements Et Les Loisirs) SA Gigi Design Luxembourg Contact Centers Elite Cars Leasing SARL

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