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Navaxx SA Profilo SICAV (dr.Eur.) Whirlpool International Holdings SARL Alliancebernstein Talf Luxembourg Feeder S2 Portfolio SICAV (dr.Eur.) Whirlpool Canada Luxembourg Holdings SARL Whirlpool Luxembourg Holdings SARL Whirlpool Luxembourg Ventures SARL Sl-xip SARL Synapse Universal SA First Business Holding SA Whirlpool International Manufacturing SARL Synapsis International SARL Synapse SARL Air International Investments Whirlpool Luxembourg Investments SARL Letterone Holdings SA Whirlpool Csa Holdings SARL Letterone Investment Holdings SARL Whirlpool Asia Holdings SARL Alliancebernstein Next 50 Emerging Markets (Luxembourg) Management, SARL First 2 SARL Dusseldorf Finanz SA Global Energy Holding SARL Peninsula Property Development SARL Concorde Investments SA Abn Amro Luxembourg Holding SARL Pamoja Business Holdings SARL Bee People SA Gadi Lux SARL Ficus SA Blackstone Healthcare Europe I SARL Parts Investments SARL Parts Holdings & Cie SARL Luxembourg Holding 1 SARL Airtex Development SA Blackstone Healthcare Europe Iii SARL Blackstone Healthcare Europe Ii SARL Egon Holdings SA Concord Investments SA Concorde-restauration SARL Ficomat SARL Multi Management Services SARL Ge Healthcare European Holdings SARL Ernster Concorde SARL Global Part SA Ficora SA Société Civile Immobilière Lambert Schroeder SOC.CIV. Nama Investments SA A-part SARL Sopra SA Financiere Concorde SA Parc D'Activites 1 Luxembourg SARL B.E.E. SA Ficobois SA Concorde Partners SICAV (dr.Eur.) Ficova SA Healthcare Solutions Europe SARL Accudyne Industries Acquisition SARL Mpg International SA Openerp Luxembourg SA Lsf6 Evergreen Holdings Ii SARL Les Arcades, SARL Turkey Juice Company SARL Ra Juice SARL Quilvest Strategic SARL Sepha SA Global Strategies Group (Luxembourg) SA Multi Strategy SICAV (dr.Eur.) Strategy Invest & Management SA Strategic Partners SARL Nine Stars International SA Orange Mediterranean SARL Trinity Strategies SA Luik Investment 2008 SARL Global Solutions Group Limited en SARL Orient International 1 SARL Tethys Invest SA Orient International Group SA Sub Aqua Club Esch-sur-alzette ASBL Orient Capital SA I.T. Consult SA Tethys SARL International Strategic Advisory SPRLU Peter'S Soups And Juices SARL Orient-galerie SARL Ettinger Esch-sur-alzette, Société SARL Summit Limited Oriental Holding Aldi Esch-sur-alzette, Orient Food Holding Société De Gymnastique L'Espérance Esch-sur-alzette ASBL Amicale Du Centre D'Education Differenciee Esch-sur-alzette, ASBL Orient-express Investments Vanguard Bidco SARL F9 International Investor SARL Sculptor Preo SARL Nlt Invest SA Forestiere De G.H. SA Prologis European Holdings Xx SARL Centrum Saint Petersbourg SARL Amel Invest SA Arc Tg 12 (Lux) SARL Manufaktura Luxembourg SARL Ocm Luxembourg Opps Vii Blocker SARL Ocm Luxembourg Mars Holdings SARL Atena Holding SA Comptoir Confort SA Yield Invest SARL Petrusse Estates SA Self B Two, SARL Bourbon-frise SA Ambassador Foods SARL Ocm Luxembourg Vof Blocker SARL FR Team International Retail Mena Holdings SARL Impact Immo SARL Tecref 3 Rubicon SARL Fanfare Medernach ASBL Pg International S.A. - Polaris Group International SA Tamaris Société Financière Prisma Energy Holding Erga Holding Compagnie Boel De Reassurance Et D'Assurance Win On Holding Ltd Diversita Gloob Developpement Holding SA Cvc Investments SARL Cvc Investments Europe V Staff SCA Steel Lux SA Cvc Investments Europe V Associates SCA Telenet SA Prologis France Viii SARL Telenet Finance SARL Cvc Investments Vista SCA Lands Improvement Holdings Houghton Regis SARL Stella SARL Stella Universal SARL Architecture Frank Jungers SARL Euro-stella SA Dimensional Stone International S.A. (D.S.I.) SA Stella Holding SA C.V.C. SARL Interior Life SARL Qualitystreet SARL T.M.I.P. SARL Atlux SARL Balmain German Diy Store Investments (West) No. 1 SARL Spectrum Partners SARL Au Fil Du Temps SARL Qualitex SARL Balamundi Internationa Consolidated Investment Consolidated Financial Holdings Consolidated International Investments BRE/Hamburg III Manager SARL Win Invest SA Fabulux SA Arendt & Medernach SA Societe Financiere Jc SARL Letterone Corporate Partner SARL Mirabaud & Cie (Europe) SA Iconix Luxembourg Jc Holdings SARL Mirabaud Opportunities Loopy SA Landrein et Cie SENC SPRL Us Car Oldie Farm SPRL Mirabaud Asset Management (Europe) SA Ffhl (Luxembourg) SARL United Partners Of Investments SA Etoile Jardin SARL Twist Beauty International Holdings SARL Hoche Partners Services SARL Creative Buisness SARL Creative Services Electricite Rapid SARL Rapid-transports SARL Pca Holding SARL Vatico SARL Estera Transcarnia SARL Transica SARL Creative System SARL Este Object Engineering SARL International Tour Agency SARL Pigments Et Couleurs Synthetiques International Tourism Development Grand Rapids SARL Pca Provalia SARL Pca Sicav-sif, SICAV (dr.Eur.) Fatsoula Imo SARL Marined Maristas Beretta (Luxembourg) A La Carte SARL Solor Maritza Sellcom SARL Silicom Codilux International Technology Solutions SARL Carta Investments SARL Gonçalves, Myriam Victory Business Center SA Stalis Spv SARL Docler Holding SARL Merl Properties SA Atrium Management SARL Atrium International SA Atrium Invest Sa Sicav-raif Pegalux SA Partnerships 4 Growth SA Invia SA Invik SA Columbia Canaws Partners Iv SARL Atrium SARL Renova SA Atrium Portfolio SICAV (dr.Eur.) Invict SARL Eurocar Diffusion SARL Levine Leichtman Capital Partners Iv SARL Invictus SARL Atrium Promotions SARL Eurogranite SA Lion Investments SA Fb Participation Two SARL Miss Fb Luxembourg ASBL Fiduciaire Domolux Sprunck Theobald & Partenaires, Experts Comptables, SOC.CIV. Rainy SARL Autonome De Révision SOC.CIV. Lion Capital Markets SA Human Resources Management SA Dbs Investments SA Laudis SA Fb Participation One SARL Occasion Shop SARL Eurolux-hotel SARL V B R Trading Couvreurs Reunis De Differdange SARL Sud Action Import Inter-auto Samsa Finance Optima Lux Finanzierungsaktiengesellschaft Kili SARL Samsa 1995 Finance Inter Management Trust Succursale(s) Luxembourgeoise(s) De Business Objects Belux Succursale(s) Luxembourgeoise(s) De Lucky-way Limited Succursale(s) Luxembourgeoise(s) De Fenster-keller Gmbh U. Co. Fenster Und Fassaden Kg

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