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Maples SA SB International SARL Fathi Enterprise SARL Qadamala SA Branko Rogan Metal & Mineral Trade SARL Brandbev SARL Ams Konzern Société Générale SA Xylem Ip Management SARL Asgard SA Vallair Solutions SARL Stars Holding 1 SARL Caret Properties SARL Caret Berzig SARL Eb Industrial SARL Ldv Ocean SARL Ki Management SARL Fulcrum Ucits SICAV (dr.Eur.) Alliance Holdings & Developments Limited SARL Dental Finance SARL Meigerhorn Nation SARL Ldv Management Ii Meigerhorn Ii SCA Ldv Management Iii Glenn Arrow Ii SCA Av Aero Consulting SARL Momentum Investment Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) R.R. Donnelley (U.K.) Limited SOC. ETRANGERE Hs Holding (Nl) SARL Gardumi Gaston Areo SARL Sigma Tau Europe SA Ef Trust SARL Eurodistri Lux SARL Ateel - Allied Technology Experts Enterprise Of Luxembourg SARL Car-Hifi SARL Klaver Trend SARL Inter Holding II SARL Rollinger & Leick SARL Ambrew SARL Septem Management SARL Luxpayroll SARL Septem France Capital SPRL Seven Investments SA Janissaire Lux SA Septem Holding SCA Aerium Iv Properties SARL Aerium Opportunity I Properties SARL Aerium Septem Properties 7 SARL Mc-mas SARL Sculptor Holdings Ii SARL Aerium Holdings SA Foodservice & Intellectual Property SARL Aerium Properties 2 SARL Aerium Properties Iii SARL Aerium Septem Properties SCA Lunar Office SARL Geopor SA Aerium Properties Capital SARL Aerium Capital SARL Aerium Participations SARL Fixmer SARL Rfcl SA Kwasa Europe SARL Fermion Capital SARL Gandi International SARL Trading Cars Luxembourg SA Alize Luxco 1 SARL Grosvenor 49 SARL Lunar Retail SARL Boa Luxembourg Holding SARL Corepi Vigeo NV Jc Partners & Associes SARL Vfr Concept SARL Cgts Holdings SARL Ecommerce Pay Middle East SARL AERIUM QUELBUILD SARL Morgan Stanley Morane Investments SARL Aerium Heidelberg SARL Mylles Finance SARL Stars Holding 2 SARL Prestigefin Holding SA Babcock & Brown France Retail Portfolio SARL Pro Audio,Premium Audiovisual Systems SARL Red Dog Communications SA Georgia Investments Property I SARL Oddo Compass SICAV (dr.Eur.) Interdate SA Engie Treasury Management SARL Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners Luxembourg Feeder, SICAV (dr.Eur.) Westrans SARL Acpii Europe SARL Riviera Hawk SARL Hp Trust SARL Food Delivery Holding 11 SARL M.G.M. Participations Nei Aarbecht SARL Meijer Hendrika Jd Coaches SARL Ltf Transports SARL Absolu Telecom SA Fiddiam SA Cmil SARL Auto Contact International Monsanto Treasury Services SARL Patinvest SA Fm Transac SA Rawstone Business Holding SA Fruiterroir SARL Solferino Acquisition SA Leto SARL Freefeet SA Atra International SARL Nemian Life & Pensions SA Nextgen Tel SARL Pk Capital SARL Legend Capital SA Canadian Mineral Water SA Phi Participations SA Dematic SARL R.N.O. Group SCA Gipe SA Velasquez Finances SA Silvers Siversea Cruise SA Valfidus SA The Oasis Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Val Fleuri Real Estate Invest SARL Igloo Jv Holding SARL Garnault SA Allianz Global Investors Equity Strategies S.A., SICAV (dr.Eur.) Faurecia Ast Luxembourg SA New Triangle Spirit Holding I.P.K. Immobiliere Pia Kontz SARL H2o Land SARL Saar I SARL Saar Iii SARL Sanara SA Andbanc Global Management Fine Art Lease SA Artemis International SICAV (dr.Eur.) Ormylux SARL Le Camille SARL World Capital Growth Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Toy Box SARL Blackrock Re Management Company (Luxembourg) SA Belleville Management SA Arnina SARL Ceres Business Solutions SARL Ldv Management Ii Aerium Iv Holding SCA Mahevia SA Vip Lux SARL Active Home Technologies SARL Société Immobilière du Golf SA Alphas Luxembourg SA London Residential Ii SARL Natura4ever SARL Aberdeen Balanced Lux 1 SARL Cofra Treasury SARL Real Software Lux SARL Zakharoff Annie épouse Kitoskis de Boutselis Thierry Premium Investment Partners SA Cardoso Antonio SA Dominican Entertainment (Luxembourg) SARL Amazon Payments Europe SCA Notaire Georges d Huart Sculptor Springs Of Eden SARL Ac Quant SICAV (dr.Eur.) Urban Superior SARL Bouzidi Aomar Neo Holding SA Renaissance Asset Managers Global Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Aerium Opportunity I Capital SARL Cardoso Et Frères SARL Aerium Capital Management SA B2 Group SARL A.C. Store SARL Noafly SA G.O. Ib - Luxembourg Three SARL First Location Automobiles Luxembourg SA Luxinter-re Elsa-immo SARL Falconer Ii SARL Trans Lopes SARL Ki-hydro SA Signa R.E.C.P. Development Kaufhaus Tyrol Beteiligung SARL Sculptor Sparrow Investments Gp SARL Splendid Drinks SA Yield City SA Allianz Pimco Latin Bond Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Luxembourgeoise De Financement SA Blue Eagle Capital SARL Rcsl GIE Cotton Group SARL Hamburg, Jungfernstieg 16-20 Beteiligung A SARL Tb Finance SARL Natural Le Coultre Luxembourg SA Fox Pec SA Lingohr SICAV (dr.Eur.) Aquila Farms SICAV (dr.Eur.) Gg Group SARL Paloma International Ii SICAV (dr.Eur.) Building Evolution SA Teselux SARL Greenoak Us Eu Parallel Gp SARL Dkg Automobile SARL Lease Wagens Europ SARL Khf Kaiser-joseph Straße 165 Beteiligung SARL Real Asset Finance Iv SA Prime Pool I - T SARL Trias Pool I -T SARL Trias Pool X - T SARL Stidia SA Financiere des Alpes Maritimes SA Groupe Leonard De Vinci International SA Tishman Speyer Caffamacherreihe SARL Etudes Et Environnement SARL I.D. Engineering SA Stasis SA Compagnie Transmaritime d\'Investissements Tarkett Gdl SA Golf-Club Grand-Ducal de Luxembourg ASBL Canyon Holdings SARL Scorlux SICAV (dr.Eur.) Lilas Group SARL D.L. Partnership Elysee Harbor Phase 0 G.P. SARL Structured Alternative Invest SARL Magnum Immobiliere SA Lachesis SARL Signa Prime Luxembourg Beteiligung 3 SARL Alsteel SARL Citadel Global Equities Fund SARL Mercury Group SARL Sycamore Management SARL Pg2m SA Aquilux SARL C. Jans Energies SA Nh Finance SA Comit Transalliance Europe SA La Capite SA Prime International SA Sofidra SA T. Rowe Price Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Citadel Macro Products SA Xylem Holdings SARL Lupus Alpha Investment SA Epf Harenberg City-centre SARL Daedalus Airfinance Risk Evaluation SARL Epf Logistics Properties Germany (Gp) SARL Apac Cref Luxembourg General Partner SARL

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