Find out Luxembourg firms members of a corporate group

Search more companies in Luxembourg to check if they are linked to a corporate group.

A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Luxembourg companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

Ojaco SARL Union Investment Luxembourg SA CMI TECH5I Luxembourg SARL Courtheoux Societe Anonyme SA Universal-Investment-Luxembourg SA Arcano Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Mirai SA Intertrust (Luxembourg) Arcelormittal Schifflange SA Arcelor Investment SA ArcelorMittal Arcelormittal Distribution Solutions SA Arcelormittal Property And Casualty Reinsurance 5 SA Arcelormittal Europe Vamtaj SARL Gates Industrial Europe Cls Investments SARL Cls Luxembourg SARL Exmar Lux SA Lohas SOC.ETR. E.P.B. Best Fortune Galapagos Luxco SARL Petit Forestier International SA Jbs Holding Luxembourg SARL JBS Ansembourg Holding SARL JBS USA LUX SA Eq Audit SARL Hutchison Whampoa 3G Ip SARL M&G Luxembourg SA Quilvest & Partners SA Cbre Global Investors Luxembourg SARL Arcelormittal Treasury Financial Services SARL ArcelorMittal Energy Banque de Patrimoines Privés SA Arnam SARL B Medical Systems SARL Ardagh Group SA Flint HoldCo SARL EC Consult Docler Holding SARL Docler Ip SARL Docler Investments SARL Adecco Luxembourg SA Salomon Werner Hab Privee Group SA Oxylux SA Rcr Industrial Flooring SARL Finasa Societe Financiere SA Euresa-life SA M&G European Property Holding Company SARL Liquid Capital Group SARL Jewel HoldCo Agile Finance SA Pictet et Cie (Europe) SA K Alpha SA ALM Luxembourg Holdings SARL J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg SA Jpmorgan Asset Management (Europe) SARL Jpmorgan Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Jab Investments Algeco Holding SARL Algeco/Scotsman Group SARL Algeco Global SARL Algeco Management SCA Precision International SARL Limra International SARL Proximus Luxembourg Bgl Bnp Paribas SA BNP Paribas S.B Ré SA IPConcept (Luxembourg) Maple Aberdeen Propco 6 SARL Banque De Luxembourg SA Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA Banque Lblux Banque Degroof Petercam Luxembourg Banque Havilland Institutional Services SA Bank Julius Baer Europe SA Bank Of China (Luxembourg) SA D.F. Holding SA Vodafone Procurement Company Vodafone Services Company SARL Vodafone International 1 SARL Lenbach Equity Opportunities I. SCS NAEV-IMMO S.C.S. SICAV-FIS SCS Tagus Re SA European Investment Fund ORG.INTERNAT Areo SARL Cofralux SA Randstad Group Luxembourg Bnp Paribas Lease Group Luxembourg SA BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management Luxembourg Bnp Paribas Real Estate Investment Management Luxembourg SA Globality SA Ebenis Queensgate Generator Sncf Re SA Atl?ntico Europa Capital Lux NV Wilink Lux NV Diversita Ocm Luxembourg Epf Iii SARL OCM Luxembourg Opps X SARL LSREF3 Eastern Europe Investments SARL European Healthcare Investments SARL Bridgepoint Europe V Investments SARL Frasers Property Investments (Europe) SARL Communications Investments Europe SARL Altro Finance & Insurance Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken SA Ingram Micro Luxembourg SARL Bank Of America Global Holdings SARL Patinvest SA Altice West Europe SARL Altice Luxembourg SA Altice Picture SARL Altice Group Lux SARL Altice Content Luxembourg SA Marsh & Mclennan Companies Finance Center (Luxembourg) SARL Goodyear SA Goodyear Dunlop Tires Operations SA Plantations Des Terres Rouges SA Landesbank Berlin International SA Reacomex SA Agrofeed Trapeze Its Luxembourg SARL Euroalex SARL GrandVision Luxembourg SARL Terminal Investment Limited Holding Jost Management SA Jost SA Jost Group SA Letterone Treasury Services SA ArcelorMittal Sourcing A & M Industries SARL VF Sourcing Asia SARL VF Asia Pacific Sourcing SARL Darice Global Sourcing SARL Baby Care International Development SARL SAS Shipping Agencies Services SARL CLdN Cobelfret SA Accorinvest Group SA TLS Group SA Amazon Europe Core SARL Riviera Topco SARL Cofra Treasury SARL Ferrero Trading Lux Trading Invest SA Orbital Investments SARL CMC Cometals International SARL Cmc International Finance SARL Clover Leaf Seafood VBA Crc Luxembourg SARL Yesss Group (W) SA Vistor International SA AEW Europe Pm Vii SARL Dekra Claims Services Luxembourg Max Trailer Distribution SA Luxbrew SARL Stena Investment SARL Epic Games International SARL Easa SA Plastiche SA Aperam Stainless Services & Solutions Luxembourg SA Aperam Aperam Holdco SARL Carnesa SA SK Spice SARL Avocado BidCo Luxembourg SARL Db Value SARL Crane International Capital SARL Capital International Management Company Delphi Automotive Systems Luxembourg SA Delphi International Operations Luxembourg SARL Delphi Powertrain Systems Operations Luxembourg Clearstream Banking SA Clearstream International SA Compagnie De L'Ours SARL Ocm Njord Holdings Akuo Energy International SARL Teqball Holding SARL Iwg Group Holdings SARL Groupe Europe Holding SA Amplexor International Amplexor Luxembourg SARL Famar Holding SARL Apeiron Investments SCA Eurasian Resources Group SARL Goodrich XCH Luxembourg B.V. SARL Cora Luxembourg SA Eurofins Clinical Testing Holding Lux Swisscanto Asset Management International SA Flextronics ODM Luxembourg SA Arnina SARL Tango SA Eurofins Product Testing Lux Holding SARL Ambrew SARL Ernst & Young Luxembourg Ernst & Young Tax Advisory Services SARL Ernst & Young SA Ice Acquisitions SARL Vallis Sustainable Investments I Holding SARL Esprit Luxembourg SARL Luxembourg Mounting Center SA Winvest Conseil SA Ul SARL Media Properties SARL Eurolieum SARL Huhtamaki Holding SARL Credem International Lux SA Medtronic Global Holdings SCA Alpha Private Equity Funds Management Company SARL Alter Domus Alternative Asset Fund Administration SARL Alter Domus Luxembourg Alter Domus Participations GameStop Europe Holdings SARL Ampacet Europe SA Ampacet Europe Holding SARL Ampacet Luxembourg Industrial And Commercial Bank Of China (Europe) Ceratool SARL Swiss Life (Luxembourg) SA Swiss Life Gio SARL Sharaf Holding Retail Holdings SARL German Retail Luxco SARL Cameron Lux V SARL LuxCo 86 SARL CBRE Global Holdings SARL Pelican SA Astrid Luxembourg SARL Episo Luxembourg Holding SARL Dws Investment Xylem Global SARL Xylem Industries SARL Xylem International SARL Xylem Ip Management SARL Xylem Holdings SARL Foyer Assurances SA Resuma SA Invesco Real Estate Management SARL IEE International Electronics & Engineering SA Altice Entertainment News & Sport SA Inchiostro SA Lion Retail Holding SARL Evraz Group SA Rice Midco SARL Rice Luxco SARL Joyson Safety Systems Luxembourg Oyak Global Investments SA Morganite Luxembourg SA Solutions 30 Se Soc. Europ. Plastipak Bawt SARL Eg Services (Luxembourg) SARL Novenergia Holding Company SA Digital Luxembourg III SARL Global Hospitality Licensing SARL BDP Europe SARL Milfix SARL IREEF Lux HoldCo 1 SARL Ire Asia Lux Holdco 1 SARL Vermillion Aviation Finance Valfidus Industries SA Automotive Investments (Luxembourg) SARL Makto SARL WWTE Travel SARL Kobo Europe SA Fresco Investments SARL SAAEM SA Skyliners SARL Blue Skyline Investments SA SHS Holding SA Queensberry SA Nielsen Luxembourg SARL Gse (Luxembourg) SARL Barolux SA Dussmann Security Zebra Lux Holding SARL Doosan Power Systems SA AllianceBernstein (Luxembourg) SARL Luton Investment SARL Burger King (Luxembourg) SARL Burger King (Luxembourg) 2 SARL Burger King (Luxembourg) 3 SARL International Automotive Components Group SA International Automotive Components Group Europe SARL Cotton Holding SARL Cpi Property Group SA Partnair Luxembourg SA Dover Luxembourg Services SARL Corporación América Airports SA GlobalComm Sarl München KS35 SCS Alexandre Tic (Luxembourg) SA Ajilon Luxembourg SA Cacs Luxembourg Holdings SARL Cargill International Luxembourg 2 SARL Auchan Luxembourg SA Auchan International SA Auchan Immobilier Du Kirchberg SA Immobiliere Tudor SARL Euromobiliare International Fund Commerz Funds Solutions SA Fund Solutions SCA Delta 2 (Lux) SARL Eurofins International Holdings Lux SARL Ceif Properties SARL Adient Luxembourg Holding SARL Ciep Windmill SARL Platinum Grafton SARL B&D Finance SA Allianz Infrastructure Luxembourg I Ltd Co Engelhart Ctp Group SA Vossloh Cogifer Kihn SA Sof-9 Rome Investments Lux SARL Arla Foods Agrar Service Luxemburg SARL Gll Management Company SARL German Care Services Enterprise SARL Enterprise Services Luxembourg Faurecia Ast Luxembourg SA Hpl SA Euroscript Management Services SARL Materis Investors SARL Live Nation Luxembourg Holdco 2 SARL Danube Bidco SA Auxiliant SARL David Brown Systems (Holdings) SARL Sofidra SA Gl Europe Luxembourg SARL Merilux SARL Pegasus Shipping SARL Ng Luxembourg 4 SARL Murdelux SARL Amazon EU SARL Amazon Media EU SARL Amazon Services Europe Amazon Payments Europe SCA Amazon Eurasia Holdings VBA Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL Amazon Business Eu SARL Fox International Channels Europe Luxembourg SARL Eoi Sykes SARL Engie Re SA Engie Invest International SA Vistra Group Holdings SA Vistra (Luxembourg) SARL Vistra Holdings SARL Neuheim Lux Group Holding V SARL Procastor Holding SA Baltic Professional Investment SA Cafruta SA SES TechCom SARL Kreafin Group SA Novartis Investments SARL Cotton Group SARL Victoria Holding SARL Exploris SA Doosan International Luxembourg SARL Tension II AcquiCo SARL Shurgard Luxembourg SARL Infinitas Holdco SARL Slovenia Broadband SARL Luxair, Société Luxembourgeoise De Navigation Aérienne Agence Luxembourgeoise De Protection Incendie SA Royal Capital Investments SARL EUROPEAN OPTICAL MANUFACTURING HOLDING SARL Aventics Holding SARL Batavia Re S.L.C.D. SA Afin Holding SA Deutsche Bank Luxembourg SA DSI International Luxembourg SARL Colour Holdco SARL Capitalatwork Foyer Group SA Vur Holdings Ii SARL Cep Iv Participations SARL Mill Luxembourg Holdings 2 SARL Lord's Walk SARL KoSa Foreign Investments SARL Avis Location De Voitures SARL Hertz Luxembourg SARL Gummi-roller SARL Novenergia Ii Italian Portfolio SARL Candriam Luxembourg SA Toubkal Holding SA Sabic Luxembourg SARL Lag International SA Iconix Luxembourg Holdings SARL VATit Group SARL Lqms Luxemburger Gesellschaft Zur Zertifizierung Von Managementsystemen SARL Qms SARL Hanes Commercial Europe SARL Pacific Mezz Investco SARL Bsrep Ii Pbsa Topco SARL Zeeman Textielsupers SARL Yesss Group (E) SA CTI Systems Securitas Alert Services Luxembourg SA Securitas Luxembourg SA Finenergie International SA Cct Finance (Luxembourg) SARL Cushman & Wakefield Luxembourg Holdings SARL Parc Helfent Participations SA Office Parc Helfent Hanes Global Supply Chain Europe SARL Mobilux SARL Global Lng Supply Aetos Lux SA FMC Technologies SARL Leadec LuxCo SARL GE Holdings Luxembourg & Co SARL Corning Finance Luxembourg We Finance And Services (Luxembourg) SARL KBL European Private Bankers SA Nomura Bank (Luxembourg) SA Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg Smbc Nikko Bank (Luxembourg) SA Vivalto Home Partners SARL CVC Capital Partners Services SARL Cvc Advisers Company (Luxembourg) SARL Cvc Advisers (Luxembourg) SARL B&S Group Bosnia Broadband SARL UVZ International SARL Mic Topco SARL Autocars Sales - Lentz SA Eif Soparfi A SARL Sales-Lentz Group SA Kerry Luxembourg SARL Celanese Holdings Luxembourg SARL Aerofi SARL Blackrock Strategic Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) Loxam Rental SARL Veolia Luxembourg SA Veolia Propreté Luxembourg SARL Kingswood SARL GCL Holdings SCA Logoplaste Group SARL EGIS INVESTMENT PARTNERS SICAV (dr.Eur.) Société Nationale Des Chemins De Fer Luxembourgeois ET. D'UTIL. PUB Johnson & Johnson Luxembourg Finance Company SARL Ferrero International SA Vitruvian I Luxembourg SARL Shurgard Holding Luxembourg SARL Aramark International Holdings SARL Aramark Global Group SARL Dgad International SARL Eltec SARL Fraikin-lux SA Lasalle Investment Management Luxembourg SARL Verisk Lux Holdco 2 SARL Verisk Lux Holdco 3 SARL Dimension Data Luxembourg PSF SA Ristretto Holdings SARL Ai Global Investments & Cy SCA Landewyck Holding SARL Global Blue Finance SARL Global Blue Management & Co SCA Terminal Investment Limited SARL Marsh & Mclennan Europe SARL Interoute Holdings SARL Paypal 2 SARL PayPal International Treasury Centre SARL Janus Holdings Luxembourg SARL Cargill International Luxembourg 1 SARL SSI Luxembourg SARL Materis Parent SARL Materis Luxembourg SARL Mauffrey Luxembourg SA Mauffrey Developpement Europe SA Lear East European Operations SARL Kwintet International SARL Kwasa Europe SARL Eurazeo Services Lux. SA Trade Receivables Investment Vehicle SARL Dallmayr Distribution Automatique S.à.R.L. Luxembourg SARL Invista Technologies SARL Randstad Luxembourg North America SARL HT Holding Luxembourg SA Neopixl SA Société Anonyme Paul WURTH SA Paul Wurth International SA Vita (Lux III) World Cosmetics SA Mindgeek Rk SARL Mindgeek SARL Monsanto Treasury Services SARL Husky Injection Molding Systems SA Husky Injection Molding Systems Luxembourg Holdings SARL Project Dream SARL Nss Pelican SARL L'Occitane International SA Bper Bank Luxembourg SA Codeis Securities SA Frhi Hotels & Resorts SARL Natixis Investment Managers SA Natixis Wealth Management Luxembourg. SA Natixis Real Estate Feeder SARL Tractel Secalt SA Harbour LuxCo SCA Dream Luxco SCA Paw Luxco III SARL Adria Luxco SARL Alize Luxco 1 SARL MAHLE Behr Luxembourg SARL CLdN Lignes SA Greenstars Bnp Paribas SA Ref Iv Luxembourg SARL Dsquared2 Properties SA Mylan Luxembourg 2 SARL Traxys ECIP Europcar SARL Sogelife SA Iwi International Wealth Insurer SA Iw Investments SA Wealins SA Colonnade Insurance SA Blue Amber Fund Management SA Az Fund Management SA Mirabaud Asset Management (Europe) SA Emc Asset Management SICAV (dr.Eur.) Amber Beverage Group Holding SARL Alliance Data Lux Financing SARL Hib Invest SA Wood & Company Group SA Onyx Germany Propco (7) Procastor SARL Fleetcor Luxembourg Holding2 SARL BJ Services International SARL Mallinckrodt International Finance SA Mallinckrodt Securitization SARL Cinven (Luxco 2) S.A . SA Millwheel Mid SA Port Noir Investment SARL Mondi Packaging SARL Chrono Star International Participations Groupe Franck Muller SARL Cbre Global Investors Open-ended Funds S.C.A. SCA Mercolec SA Syniverse Technologies SARL Elis Luxembourg SA LuxCo 113 SARL C&E Holdings Luxembourg SARL Agalux Management Company SA Rennes Holdings SARL Duferco Participations Holding SA Duferco International Trading Holding SA Duferco Industrial SA Mhp Se SA Altisource SARL Aberdeen Property Funds Pan-nordic SARL Aberdeen Global Services SA Pemberton SARL Encore Plus Lux Co Metzanine Ii SARL Eurofins Industrial Testing Lux SARL EUROFINS WATER TESTING LUX SARL Eurofins Environment Testing Lux Holding SARL Selecta Group MidCo SARL Katcon Global SA Eurofins GSC LUX SARL Eurofins International Support Services LUX SARL Guardian Luxcoating Finance SARL Bel International SA Ubam International Services SA BAM Lux SA Heidelbergcement Holding SARL Casino Re SA Vodafone Roaming Services SARL Masco Europe SARL Albatros Son Holding BV &Cie SNC Valburton Investments SA Black & Decker Luxembourg Finance SCA China Three Gorges (Europe) SA Cbre Global Acquisition Company SARL BorgWarner Global Holding SARL Postulo SARL Jazz Pharmaceuticals Lux SARL Teads SA Fareva SA Champ Cargosystems SA Coveris International Holdings SARL Dominican Entertainment (Luxembourg) SARL Leggett & Platt Luxembourg Holdings SARL Dow International Finance SARL Marinopoulos Holding SARL Delphilug SA Ses Astra SA Ses Astra 1L SARL Vanilla Capital Markets SA Brown Brothers Harriman (Luxembourg) SARL PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie SCA Xieon Networks Solutions SARL Valera Holdings SARL Centaur Luxco SARL Redelcover SA Waypoint Leasing (Luxembourg) SARL John Deere Holding SARL PPG Luxembourg Finance SARL Karmi Invest VBA The Luxembourg Acquisition Company SARL Koch CTG SARL Ciep Hestya SARL Belenergia SA ARCAS Automotive Group (Luxco 1) SARL Zedra Luxembourg SA Fitness First Luxembourg SCA Eleven Cedar SA Elle-effe SA Eurofins Pharma Services Lux Holding SARL Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing France LUX Holding SARL Compagnie Européenne De Gestion Et De Participations SARL Aegle Packaging SARL Eight House SARL Lrp 1 SARL Avnet Finance International SARL Prada SA Aptiv Global Holdings (Luxembourg) SARL Pioneer Holding SA Masco Europe SCS Iris International SA Vontobel Asset Management SA Fixmer SARL Framalux SARL Blue Holding Luxembourg SARL G4S Security Solutions SARL Adlershofer SARL PM-International SA Mg Technologies SARL Gbl Energy SARL Sinalux SA Ravago Chemicals SA Sk Invictus Intermediate SARL La Mancha Holding SARL Malherbe Lux S.à R..L. SARL Itunes SARL Prevprop Properties SA Ceratizit Luxembourg SARL Galileo Global Education SARL Electrabel Invest Luxembourg SA ING Luxembourg SA ING Lease Luxembourg SA Orascom TMT Investments SARL LSREF3 RE Investments SARL Intesa Sanpaolo Real Estate SA Total Luxembourg SA Del Monte Fresh Produce SARL Societe Anonyme Des Eaux Minerales De Beckerich SA Six Payment Service (Luxembourg) SA SIX Payment Services (Europe) SA Tissart SA Licensing Ip International SARL A. Menarini Participations Internationales SA International Technology Solutions SARL The Lincoln Electric Company Luxembourg SA Am Mining SA S.L.D.J. SA Cfl Logistics SA Sgg Participations SA Wagner Facility Management Kirchberg AG Cb Spirits SARL Antlia Logistics SARL Burger Brands Luxembourg SA Castera SARL Createam SA Csc Computer Sciences SA Bnp Paribas Wealth Management (Luxembourg) SA Nuclear Investment Fund S.A. SICAV (dr.Eur.) Apollo 11 SARL Qatar Holding Luxembourg II SARL Mohawk International Holdings SARL Johnson Controls Luxembourg SARL Surassur SA Dredging International (Luxembourg) SA Raiffeisen Vie SA Vigeo NV Ypso Holding SARL Felix Giorgetti SARL Mood Media Group SA Moog Luxembourg SARL Glass Grafton SARL B2kapital Holding SARL Chemcore SA Interstate Europe SARL Altice Financing SA Ifile SA Misys Newco 2 SARL Louvigny 20 SA Arcelormittal Belval & Differdange SA Immolux Office Germany Atrium SARL Louis Kiefer SA Emerisque Luxembourg SARL Axus Luxembourg SA Magenta Holding SA Luxury Brand Development SA Millicom International Cellular SA La Capite SA Real Properties (Luxembourg) Three SARL Safety Lux SARL Saft Finance SARL Jax SA Stella Jones International SA Motorola Solutions Holding SARL Ravago LM SA Ravago Production SA Ravago Distribution SA Ravara SA Bombardier Transportation Financial Services SARL Ehi Luxembourg SARL Grossfeld Developments SARL Bouwfonds International Real Estate Fund Services Luxembourg SARL TecDis (Luxembourg) SARL Constellation Hotels Holding Ltd SCA Repco 30 VBA Tag Heuer International SA Gdf Suez Ip Luxembourg SARL Gdf Suez Energy International Invest SARL Randstad Holding Luxembourg SARL Atos Luxembourg Psf SA Solvadis Holding SARL Solvay Hortensia SA Solvay Luxembourg SARL Global Blue Luxembourg Holdings SARL Viber Media SARL Cube Infrastructure Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) St Nicolas SARL RBS European Investments SARL Nethuns VBA Temenos Finance Luxembourg SARL Durafiber Technologies (Dft) Europe SARL Brandbev SARL B & B Invest Lux 1 SARL B & B Invest Lux 3 SARL atHome International SARL Anchor Holdings SCA Compagnie Financière des Besants d'Or SARL Generali Luxembourg SA Trius Holdings SCA Bre/Europe 6Q SARL Auris Luxembourg Iii SARL NB Renaissance Partners Holdings SARL Met-lux (Métalliseurs Luxembourgeois) SA DuraFiber Technologies (DFT) Europe 2 SARL Goodman Sky Logistics (Lux) SARL Ciba Specialty Chemicals Finance Luxembourg SA Cidron Delfi SARL I.E. Lux Berlin SARL Nizi International SA Griffin Topco Iii SARL Blackrock Luxembourg Holdco SARL Atento Luxco 1 SA Fortis Bank Reinsurance SA Accenture International SARL Accenture (Luxembourg) SARL Altisource Solutions SARL Toyo Engineering Europe SA A1 Investment SARL Coca-Cola European Partners Luxembourg SARL Ldf65 SARL Adria News SARL IQSA Holdings SARL August LuxUK Holding Company SARL La Mancha Precious Metals SA Luxspace SARL Umicore Shokubai SA Cae Investments SARL Cae Luxembourg Acquisition VBA Ireef Manchester Square Propco SARL David Brown Systems SARL Titan European Holdings SARL Verde Vivo SARL Traxys Cometals Europe SARL Dacia SARL Fidelity Funds ATEQ Centre Europe SARL World Courier Group SARL Tenaris SA IMATEC - Innovative Machine Technology SARL Perrard SA Procter & Gamble Financial Services SARL Fosun Luxembourg Holdings SARL Bottega Investco SARL Hyperion Refinance SARL Mauna International SARL Metaldyne Europe SARL Pmc Europe SARL Wrk Luxembourg SARL Oriflame Cosmetics Global SA Nestlé Finance International Ltd. SA Garrett Lx I SARL MK Luxinvest SA Rcs Management (Luxembourg) SARL Via (Lux) 4 SARL Outlet Mall Group Holding SARL Galapagos Bidco SARL DSK Systems SA Meccarillos International SA Meccarillos Suisse SA Meccarillos France SA SL Place de Paris SARL Caterpillar International Finance Luxembourg SARL Vf Enterprises SARL Evergreen Skills Lux SARL Aggregate Company SARL Zagara Holding Culligan Holding SARL Ocm Luxembourg Epf Iii Rcf SARL Ocm Luxembourg Epf Iii Unicity Holdings SARL OCM Luxembourg EPF III Accord Holdings SARL Mk Holding SARL Gelf Investments (Lux) SARL Axa Dbio Gp SARL St Edouard SARL Fs Invest SARL JAB Holding Company SARL Ses SA Ses Engineering (Luxembourg) SARL QGOG Constellation SA Rtl Belux S.A. & Cie GCV Cofely Services SA Shipbourne SA Central & Eastern Europe Care Services Holding SARL Stahl Lux 2 SA Comura SA Bridge Fortune Investment SARL Allnex SARL Financial World Building SARL MPC GLOBAL MARITIME OPPORTUNITIES SA Ubs (Luxembourg) SA New Dawn Mep Issuer Co SA New Dawn Mep Holdco SARL Cidra SARL Db Valoren SARL Rotarex SA Louv SARL La Française AM International SA Ctp Property Lux SARL Express Services Ltd Co TNT Express Luxembourg SA Tnt Holdings Luxembourg SARL Sculptor Pt Industrial SARL Capsugel SARL Capsugel Holdings SARL Farma Holding SARL Alpha Private Equity Fund 6 (Sca) SICAV (dr.Eur.) Waterview SARL Mag Holdings SA Feronia SICAV (dr.Eur.) Arvo Investment Holdings SARL Deutsche Holdings (Luxembourg) SARL Sephora Luxembourg SARL Lombard Odier (Europe) SA Henderson Management SA Fin Po BEVEK (Eur.r.) United Technologies Luxembourg SARL Koch Chemical Technology Investments SARL San Faustin SA Agricultural and Forestal Development Company SA Advitek SA Sgam Luxembourg SA Ciep Advisor SARL Nef Battery Holdings SARL Intelsat Connect Finance SA NAEV HoldCo SARL Whirlpool Overseas Manufacturing SARL Lubrizol Luxembourg SARL Irus Holding Luxembourg SARL Cisco Systems Luxembourg SARL Bankinter Luxembourg SA Dane Luxco SARL Japan Fund Management (Luxembourg) SA Lombard International Assurance Holdings SARL Club Med Asie SA XPO Transport Solutions Luxemburg SA Eren India SARL Knight Lux 2 SARL Collignon Luxembourg SPRL La Gardenia Holding SARL Lux-fermetures SA Cidron Greenfood SARL BorgWarner Europe Holding SARL Anthology SARL Odyssey Group SA G4s General Services SA Tamweelview European Holdings SA Tamweelview SA Oranje-Nassau Parcours SA Interpublic Group Of Companies Holding (Luxembourg) SARL Rudolph Cargo Ltd Co Ufilug SA Guardian Europe SARL Magenlux Mipco SARL Accudyne Industries Borrower SCA S&P Global European Holdings Luxembourg SARL Cvc Capital Partners Sicav-fis SICAV (dr.Eur.) Ldv Management Bainbridge Holding SCA Fiducial Expertise SA Cimalux SA Salsa Retail Holding Midco SARL Nemera Capital SA Sodrugestvo Group SA Innovative Solutions For Finance SARL Ceratizit SA Am Captive Holding SARL Allfunds International SA Capelli Lux SA Cafina SA Regus Plc SA Regis International Holdings SARL Mittal Investments SARL Motus France Holding SARL Bestseller Retail Luxembourg SARL Mikro Kapital SARL AM Global Holding Bis SARL Axa Dbio SCA Hiorts Finance SA Orange Communications Luxembourg SA Orange Business Luxembourg SA Arcelormittal Commercial Rps SARL Aral Services Luxembourg SARL Orange India Holdings SARL Ldv Management Ii Aerium Opportunity I SCA T-I Holdings SARL Eureka-its SA Mto Luxembourg SARL Belron Ops SARL Cerep Iii Uk SARL Gotan Holdings SARL Systemat Belux SA Systemat Luxembourg Psf SA Autopolis SA Bureau Veritas Luxembourg SA CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe) SA Exor SA Quintiles Finance SARL Ingersoll-Rand Luxembourg Finance SA AZ Electronic Materials SARL Az Euro Investments SARL Axa Luxembourg SA Roper Luxembourg Holdings SARL Icg Senior Debt Partners Fund SICAV (dr.Eur.) Findi SARL Pfizer Luxembourg SARL Luxaviation Holding Company SA Ciep Neptune SARL Tarkett Gdl SA Fimalac Developpement SA Adam Offergeld Ii - Adam Offergeld Luxemburg G.M.B.H. & Co K.G. SCS European Motorway Investments 1 SARL Twist Beauty Packaging SARL Nexa Resources SA Uk Rails SARL Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics SA Eurofins Real Estate Lux Holding SARL Queiroz Galvão Oil & Gas International SARL Jones Lang Lasalle Global Finance Luxembourg SARL Trinity Equity SARL Gold-rush SA Circle Printers Luxembourg SA Sea-invest Afrique SA Banque J. Safra Sarasin (Luxembourg) SA Aveleos SA Pclease SA Fox International Channels Luxembourg SARL NEWELL RUBBERMAID LUXEMBOURG SARL By Lentz SA Iss Facility Services SA A3com SA Goodman Property Opportunities (Lux) SICAV (dr.Eur.) Parker Hannifin Holding Emea SARL Gripinvest SARL Yanfeng Luxembourg Automotive Interior Systems Financing SARL Edify SA Interleasing Luxembourg SA Gl Europe Holdings Ii SARL S&P Global Holdings Luxembourg SARL King Holding I SARL Etam Valon SA Watchmoor SARL Mckey Luxembourg SARL Ocs Investment SARL T Beta SARL Harsco Metals Luxequip SA Stramongate SA CNA Corporation SA Body Sano NV Genpact Luxembourg SARL Credit Suisse (Luxembourg) SA Melio Luxembourg International SARL Cabot Holdings SARL Dc Holdco SARL Eurofins Genomics Lux Holding SARL Vast Gain Group Ltd SARL Luxembourg Corporation Company SA KBC Lease (Luxembourg) SA RBC Holdings (Luxembourg) SARL Kimberly-clark Luxembourg Finance SARL Mnsajm-ksz Holding SA Ideal Standard International Topco SCA Initial SARL Trinseo Materials SARL Faivinvest SCA Samsonite Sub Holdings SARL Carraig Beag SA Ingersoll-Rand Lux Roza III SARL Adneom Luxembourg SARL Synergie Partners SARL Eqos Energie Luxembourg SARL AltoCumulus SA Louis Delhaize Société De Réassurances SA Delhaize Luxembourg SA Pra Group Europe Holding SARL Emerging Markets Taxi Holding SARL Global Payments Acquisition Corporation 2 SARL Provender SARL Mediobanca International Immobiliere SARL Harlequin Europe SA Ande Investissements SCA AMS FinCo SARL Chartreuse Et Mont Blanc Global Holdings SA First State Infrastructure SARL Sea-Invest Corporation SA Pargefi Helios Iberica Luxembourg SA Novares Interiors SARL Tromed SA Hudson Advisors Luxembourg SARL DSD International Contractors SARL Misys Europe SA Kleopatra Holdings 2 SCA Sk Spice Holdings SARL SGS Luxembourg SA UTC Fire & Security Luxembourg SARL Wcmg (Working Capital Management Group) SA Edenred Luxembourg SA Yeled Invest SA Panalpina Luxembourg SA Nwl Luxembourg Holding SARL Aramark SARL Mpm Advisors SA Agilent Technologies Luxco SARL Dnb Asset Management SA Dnb Luxembourg SA Enovos Luxembourg SA GELF Haiger 1 (Lux) SARL Capviva Renewables Investment Holding SARL Fidiga SA Propinvest Holding SA Alainé Luxembourg SA Cba Investment SA D-r Luxembourg Holding 1 SARL Lombard International Assurance SA Luxaviation SA Newnet Communication Technologies SARL i24news SARL Wiljo Letzebuerg SA Cnp Luxembourg SA Goldman Sachs Mezzanine Partners II Luxembourg SARL Societe Generale Bank & Trust SA Lexsis SA Cushman & Wakefield Luxembourg SARL Curver Luxembourg SARL Heerema Marine Contractors Finance (Luxembourg) SA Leadec Midco SARL Leadec Holding SARL Cef (E) SA Ai Chem (Luxembourg) Intermediate SARL WP Roaming III SARL Ingram Micro Worldwide Holdings SARL Cemex Luxembourg Holdings SARL Contourglobal Bulgaria Holding SARL Immobiliere Vauban SA Levanto Gsef (Lux) SARL Quinn Industries Holdings Luxembourg SARL Ansbacher Group Holdings Limited SARL Armacell Holdco Luxembourg SARL Kuylenstierna & Skog SA Ikano SA Serena SARL Pinnacle Founders Holdings SARL Delfin SARL Delfin Finance SA Solar Screen International SA Solar Screen Holding MAHLE Luxembourg SARL Bessel Capital SARL Rotarex Automotive SA Paw Luxco I SCA Ceodeux SA Ceodeux Servitec SA Traxys Europe SA KBC Group Re SA Om Luxembourg Holdings SARL Avocado Top Co Luxembourg SARL Hewlett-Packard Luxembourg Development SARL Valora Luxembourg SARL Win Securitisation Ii SARL Winvest International Redlux SARL Techint Holdings SARL Newpak SA Dea Communications SA Premiere Global Services International SARL De Longhi Industrial SA Mauna International SARL International Emergency Services SARL E.V.S. (Ergon Vehicle Sausalitos) SA Spotify Technology SA Leaseplan Luxembourg SA Intrasoft International SA Galapagos Midco SARL Gca Europe SA Commerz Real Fund Management SARL Encevo SA Sogeti Luxembourg SA Green Bear SA Repco 47 NV Bst Grand-duché De Luxembourg En Abrégé Bst Gdl SA Saipem Maritime Asset Management Luxembourg SARL Saipem Luxembourg SA Celsius European Lux 2 SARL Cofhylux SA Super Selector SARL Albufeira RP (Luxembourg) 1 SARL SCPack Holdings Management s.à r.l. & Partners SCA

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