Find out Luxembourg firms members of a corporate group

Search more companies in Luxembourg to check if they are linked to a corporate group.

A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Luxembourg companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

Chanel SARL CBRE Global Holdings Zebra Lux Holding S. r.l. Blackrock Strategic Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) BIE MANAGEMENT LUX S. r.l. HERMALUX S..r.l. CLdN Lignes S.A. D'IETEREN VEHICLE GLASS S.A. H Invest Lux 2 PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Patron Galina S. r.l. Cfl Cargo BlackRock Lux Finco S. r.l. IQ EQ Group Participations S. r.l. EBENIS SA Truth 2 S. r.l. Seta Holdco S. r.l. Pegasus Shipping S. r.l. Slovenia Broadband S. r.l. Argos VIII Lux GP S. r.l. CREATEAM S.A. Aero 1 Global & International S. r.l. Agence Luxembourgeoise de Protection Incendie S.r.l. Algeco Holding S. r.l. Algeco Group S. r.l. Algeco Management S.C.A. PM-INTERNATIONAL AG MAX INTERNATIONAL A.G. United UK 2020 Propco 10 S. r.l. HELOISE PROPERTY S.A. Amazon Europe Core S. r.l. Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A. ORANGE BUSINESS LUXEMBOURG S.A. SEA-TANK INTERNATIONAL S.A. Kingston Student Housing Management S. r.l. Socit Nationale Des Chemins De Fer Luxembourgeois CFL Multimodal s.a. CFL Logistics CFL terminals NNS Holding S. r.l. Dallmayr Distribution Automatique S..r.l., Luxembourg CORNING VENTURES S. r.l. Bankinter Luxembourg S.A. LCN Management Company S. r.l. DSI International Luxembourg S. r.l. DSI Underground Holdings S. r.l. DSI Construction Holdings Luxembourg S. r.l. Corporation Financire Europenne S.A. Swissquote Bank Europe SA Root Topco S.a r.l. Grossfeld Developments S..r.l. UNION INVESTMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A. United UK 2020 Propco 12 S. r.l. DSD INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTORS S. r.l. HENDERSON MANAGEMENT S.A. OJACO S. r.l. Keter Luxembourg SARL Keter Group Holding S. r.l. Root JVCo S. r.l. Vigeo Trinity Equity SARL Clt-ufa RTL AdConnect International S.A. Business & Decision Luxembourg S.A. Prevprop Properties SA Hanes Global Supply Chain Europe S. r.l. Hanes Commercial Europe S. r.l. AXUS LUXEMBOURG S.A. T Beta SARL ITEK GLOBAL S. r.l. METAL FINANCE S.A. LOUV S.r.l. NWL Luxembourg Holding S. r.l. Mountpark Logistics EU S. r.l. ESO Fund VII S.C.Sp. SICAV RAIF Six Payment Services (Luxembourg) ESO Real Assets Investco I S. r.l. INVICTUS S. r.l. ITA Hotel Investments Holdco 2 S. r.l. COURTHEOUX SOCIETE ANONYME Dupont De Nemours (Luxembourg) Generali Real Asset Multi-Manager PATINVEST S.A. TECFLOOR S.A. Trinseo Materials BAATZ MATERIEL S..r.l. BNP Paribas Lease Group Luxembourg Bnp Paribas Leasing Solutions BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management Luxembourg Bnp Paribas S.B. R. Greenstars Bnp Paribas SAAEM S.A. SPIWIN S.A. CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE CARE SERVICES HOLDING S. r.l. TREBOROUTIL S. r.l. EAST COAST S. r.l. ECOGREEN SA EC Consult S.A. Via (Lux) 4 S. r.l. CREDIT SUISSE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Alpha Private Equity Funds Management Company Credit Suisse Private Equity Platform Management S. r.l. AZ Electronic Materials SARL Merilux S. r.l. Auchan Luxembourg AUCHAN INTERNATIONAL S.A. Auchan Immobilier Du Kirchberg DAVID S.A. Luxaviation Holding Company Banque de Luxembourg J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A. DEUTSCHE BANK LUXEMBOURG S.A. JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe) S. r.l. BANK OF CHINA (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Quinn Industries Holdings Luxembourg S.r.l. AGROFEED S. r.l. Alan Allman Associates International Shango Lux S..r.l. GROUPE EUROPE HOLDING LUXEMBOURG S.A. Agilent Technologies Luxco S. r.l. AGILE FINANCE S.A. A1 Investment Red Grafton II SARL JBS Luxembourg S. r.l. Ksm Investment Pictet & Cie (Europe) S.A. KARMI INVEST S. r.l. Global Hospitality Licensing S. r.l. Arcano Fund POST Luxembourg POST Telecom S.A. Elisandra S. r.l. Tension II AcquiCo S. r.l. Barclays Capital Trading Luxembourg S.r.l. Barclays Capital Luxembourg S. r.l. ACMO S. r.l. Tango Proximus Luxembourg S.A. KWASA PRISMA 2 S. r.l. NSS Pelican S. r.l. Batipro Matriaux S.A. Edmond De Rothschild (Europe) Edmond De Rothschild Asset Management (Luxembourg) Socit Luxembourgeoise de Commerce International Socit Luxembourgeoise Etam Banque Internationale Luxembourg GLL Management Company S. r.l. Libertis S. r.l. The Luxembourg Acquisition Company S. r.l. GCL Holdings S. r.l. Arvo Investment Holdings S. r.l. John Deere Holding Brazil S. r.l. BRAND 30 S. r.l. FERRERO TRADING LUX S.A. Akuo Energy International Dream Luxco S.C.A. Roshen Group S. r.l. COMURA S.A. Lion Retail Holding S.r.l. RETAIL HOLDINGS S. r.l. Salsa Retail Holding MidCo S. r.l. GOODYEAR DUNLOP TIRES OPERATIONS S.A. VALFIDUS INDUSTRIES S.A. BESSEL CAPITAL S. r.l. Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A. Sofinim Lux Allianz Life Luxembourg CVI CVF II Lux Securities Trading S. r.l. CVI CVF IV Lux Securities S . r.l. Plastipak Luxembourg S. r.l. PPG LUXEMBOURG FINANCE S.R.L. Swiss Life Funds (Lux) Global Infrastructure Opportunities II SCS, SIF PFIZER HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL LUXEMBOURG (PHIL) SARL LUXCONTROL S.A. Garage Martin Losch S. r.l. ANDRE LOSCH, FONDATION Losch Services S. r.l. IWG Group Holdings S. r.l. Cargill International Luxembourg 3 S. r.l Cargill International Luxembourg 1 S. r.l Cargill International Luxembourg 2 S. r.l Sabre International (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Logoplaste Group S. r.l. AXA Luxembourg S.A. LDF65 S. r.l. B & B Invest Lux 1 B & B Invest Lux 3 Onyx Bremen S. r.l. ArcelorMittal Schifflange ArcelorMittal Arcelormittal Bissen & Bettembourg ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions S.A. ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange ArcelorMittal Sourcing ArcelorMittal Luxembourg ArcelorMittal Commercial RPS S. r.l. ArcelorMittal Energy S.C.A. Arcelormittal Europe CREOS LUXEMBOURG S.A. Aveleos S.A. Xenon AIFM S.A. Xenon Private Equity VII SCA SICAV-RAIF Time and Life S.A. AELSION INVESTISSEMENTS S.A. JAX S.A. York Global Finance Offshore BDH (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Kobo Europe VENTE-PRIVEE.COM HOLDING S.A. Crane International Capital S. r.l. Hercule Debtco S. r.l. TEVACO S. r.l. Supply Chain S. r.l. Auxiliant S. r.l. Erste Reinsurance S.A. Mount Street Dublin Real Estate S. r.l. INTERLEASING LUXEMBOURG S.A. FANUC Europe Corporation Swiss Life (Luxembourg) Swiss Life German CRE S. r.l. Heico Luxembourg S. r.l. INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS S. r. l. Cognizant Technology Solutions Luxembourg S. r.l. Kimberly-Clark Luxembourg Finance S. r.l. S&P Global Holdings Luxembourg S. r.l. CHRISTAL S.A. MILFIX S.r.l PSL Group Services S. r.l. EIP Offshore Wind I GP S. r.l. MTO LUXEMBOURG S.r.l. Lord's Walk S. r.l. Adinan Midco S. r.l. KIEZ IMMO X s. r.l. Valburton Investments OXYLUX S.A. Ernst & Young Luxembourg Ernst & Young Tax Advisory Services Ernst & Young Gse (Luxembourg) SARL ProLogis UK III S. r.l. GLP Co-invest S. r.l. Motor Reinsurance Company Belron OPS S. r.l. Knight Lux 2 S. r.l. Epic Games International S. r.l. United Europe 2019 Infinity Holdco S. r.l. CEREP III UK S. r.l. Yesss Group (W) S.A. Qatar Holding Luxembourg II S.r.l. KUHN CONSTRUCTION S.A. Brandbev S. r.l. GOODYEAR S.A. AluK S.A. REDELCOVER S.A. PREFALUX CONSTRUCTION S.A. Alliance Data Lux Financing S. r.l. MAUFFREY Luxembourg S.A. Roper Luxembourg Holdings Orascom TMT Investments S. r.l. CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe) Burger Brands Luxembourg S.A. Agalux Management Company S.A. Centre d'Isolation S.A. CCPEPF 5G Intermediate S. r.l. Eurofins GSC LUX Eurofins Food Testing Lux Holding Eurofins International Holdings Lux Eurofins Industrial Testing Lux Eurofins Genomics Lux Holding EUROFINS WATER TESTING LUX Eurofins International Support Services LUX EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC SE Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing France LUX Holding Eurofins Hydrologie France LUX Holding Eurofins Finance Luxembourg S. r.l. SABIC Luxembourg S..r.l. Advanzia Bank S.A. I/O Luxembourg S. r.l. ARVAL Luxembourg S.A. Arrival S. r.l. Arrival Team S. r.l. Docler IP S. r.l. PLANTATIONS DES TERRES ROUGES S.A. AP Holding S. r.l. Bamboo Financial Inclusion Fund S.C.A., SICAV-SIF OCM ReDes Holdco S. r.l. CCP 5 Belgium Holding S. r.l. Skype Communications Used Cars By Losch Mirabaud Asset Management (Europe) S.A. SPI Group S. r.l. Gaming Invest S. r.l. Bridgepoint Europe V Investments S. r.l. Socit Financire Des Caoutchoucs Flix GIORGETTI S. r.l. MindGeek S. r.l. Fareva BIIP S. r.l. Marnix Lux SA Goodyear Mounting Solutions S.A. Goodyear Holdings S.r.l. Compagnie Europenne De Gestion Et De Participations Platinum Office Topco S. r.l. Platinum Office Investment S. r.l. URMET DOMUS INTERNATIONAL S.A. KERNEL HOLDING S.A. Fox International Channels Luxembourg S. r.l. Fox International Channels Europe Luxembourg S. r.l. NEMALI S.A. Reacomex JAB Holding Company s..r.l. Celidoria S. r.l. Toubkal Holding SA Ashford Panorama Business Centre Holdings AccorInvest Group S.A. SIBELUX S.A. INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA (EUROPE) S.A. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. Luxembourg Branch DuPont De Nemours (Luxembourg) S. r.l. TAGUS RE S.A. Tower Properties (Luxembourg) S. r.l. ZUCCARI S.A. Plug'N Com Tyco Fire & Security Finance S.C.A. WEISS OPTIK S.A. Five Arrows Alma S. r.l. QSR Platform Holding BNP PARIBAS Real Estate Investment Management Luxembourg S.A. AXA REIM Luxembourg S.A. XPO TRANSPORT SOLUTIONS LUXEMBURG S.A. Ultimo Portfolio Investment (Luxembourg) S.A. Amazon Media EU S. r.l. Amazon Services Europe S. r.l. Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A. Amazon Eurasia Holdings S..r.l. Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL Amazon Business EU SARL CLEARSTREAM BANKING S.A. Clearstream International NOVENERGIA HOLDING COMPANY S.A. AI Prime (Luxembourg) Bidco S. r.l. M1 S.A. NEWELL RUBBERMAID LUXEMBOURG SARL Harsco Metals Luxembourg S.A. BANQUE DEGROOF PETERCAM LUXEMBOURG S.A. Red Diamond Holdings S. r.l. Sico SA Del Monte Fresh Produce S.r.l. Twist Beauty Packaging S.A.S. HPL S.A. Venti SA Argo Capital Partners REIGATE SQUARE HOLDINGS S. r.l. Dutch Delight (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Verdoso Industries SARL Jewel HoldCo S. r.l. E.V.S. (Ergon Vehicle Sausalitos) S.A. inConsult S.A. Glass Grafton Neptune Property Venture S. r.l. LUX BUSINESS MANAGEMENT S. r.l. AREPO BH S. r.l. Interoute Holdings SARL CMC Cometals International Cmc International Finance ChemCore S.A. FIELD SICAR S.C.A. HIP Glover S. r.l. Db Re NESPRESSO LUXEMBOURG SARL Sales-Lentz Group REF IV Luxembourg S.r.l. Dahlia A SICAR S.C.A. BAUHAUS INVESTMENTS S.A. BAUHAUS LUXEMBURG SARL BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN (LUXEMBOURG) S.C.A. Liquid Capital Group S. r.l. Alliance Holdings & Developments Limited Srl Prologis Developments Holding IV (A) S. r.l. Ifco Systems Luxembourg LA CAPITE S.A. Arena Invest SICAV-SIF IMMO HORIZON S.A. Ace Hydro Norway Flint HoldCo Simair Holding S. r.l. Wild River Corporation S. r.l. Avaya International Enterprises Limited AVAYA LUXEMBOURG INVESTMENTS S.r.l. ALCOGRO S.A. LUXAIR, Socit Luxembourgeoise de Navigation Arienne S.A. QUINTET PRIVATE BANK (EUROPE) S.A. Alba Beauty Holdings S. r.l. P3 Urban HoldCo S. r.l. JOST MANAGEMENT S.A. JOST S.A. Jost Group S.A. Mylan Luxembourg 2 S. r.l. KOCHAM S.A. BAROLUX S.A. Ld Education Accumalux CARGOLUX RE, S.A. Cargolux Airlines International S.A. Procastor Holding Louis Delhaize Socit de Rassurances S.A. European Investment Fund Gates Industrial Europe SARL AI Global Investments & Cy S.C.A. Jones Lang LaSalle Global Finance Luxembourg S. r.l. Ariel Investment Finance S. r.l. Amazon EU S. r.l. RODENBOURG MOTORS, S. r.l. Cora Luxembourg EIFEL - HAUS, Luxemburg S.A. C. KARP-KNEIP MATERIAUX S.A. Takko Fashion S. r.l. ENOVOS LUXEMBOURG S.A. NETHUNS S. r.l. EQT Fund Management S. r.l. Hera Ermac SA Neuheim Lux Group Holding V SAS Shipping Agencies Services Srl BYPAR S. r.l. MINAKEM FINANCE S. r.l. Cloud Managed Data A. Menarini ICT Services S.A. Rakuten Europe Bank S.A. I.E. Lux Berlin Srl Port Noir Investment S. r.l. SES Engineering (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Ampacet Europe Holding S. r.l. Aggregate Holdings SA FERRAC S. r.l. Bumble Bee Holdco S.C.A. Delphi Automotive Systems Luxembourg S.A. Aptiv International Operations Luxembourg S. r.l. Delphi Luxembourg Investments S. r.l. Delphi Powertrain Systems Operations Luxembourg SARL APERAM Stainless Services & Solutions Luxembourg S.A. Aperam APERAM HoldCo S. r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF IV S. r.l. DXC Lux 5 S. r.l. G.I.TE.N. Groupe International des Technologies Naturelles Afton Chemical EA Holdings S. r.l. Live Nation Luxembourg HoldCo 2, S. r.l. Alfa Lula Alto S. r.l. KWASA Europe S. r.l. TEMENOS SOFTWARE LUXEMBOURG S.A. TEMENOS FINANCE LUXEMBOURG S. r.l. Cbre Global Acquisition Company FM Insurance Europe S.A. Cinven (Luxco 1) S.A . Cinven (Luxco 2) S.A . Ecas Ii ESAS Luxembourg i24news S. r.l. PAULIM S.A. ColourOz TopCo Colouroz Midco Ubam International Services SA BAM Lux Ravago Chemicals S.A. Koch Chemical Technology Investments S. r.l. TRALUX, Socit Gnrale de Travaux - Luxembourg S. r.l. Tralux Immobilier KATOEN NATIE GROUP S.A. Charles River Laboratories Luxembourg Jasmin IP S. r.l. Education for the Many REX-ZDHL S.C.S. SICAV-SIF Luxembourg Investment Company 276 S. r.l. B2Kapital Holding S. r.l. Oliver Capital Cofralux Fast Five Synergie Partners SARL VALON S.A. TOY BOX S. r.l. Neerveld 101-103 S. r.l. LSF10 India Investments S. r.l. LSF10 XL Investments S. r.l. LSF10 Wolverine Midco S. r.l. LSF10 Flavum Investments S. r.l. LSF10 Tiger 4 Investments S. r.l. Logistics 101 S. r.l. LSF10 XL Holdings S. r.l. Foch Partners Luxembourg Grant Thornton Tax & Accounting Industrielle Beteiligung S.A. PhotoTechLuxco 2 S.A. PhotoTechLuxco 1 S.A. Belenergia S.A. Belenergia Solaire Luxembourg S.A. Framalux Electa Capital Partners LECTA S.A. Groupe Electa S.A. V Electa S. r.l. VAMTAJ S. r.l. LUBRIZOL LUXEMBOURG S. r.l. Tilon S. r.l. Zedra Luxembourg Zedra Holdings S.A. DIF Infra Yield 1 Luxembourg S. r.l. DIF Infra Yield 1 RE Luxembourg S. r.l. Myciv Luxembourg Real Estate Company S. r.l. Jas Worldwide CCP IV SCSp WH LUXEMBOURG HOLDINGS S. R.L. AUTOPOLIS S.A. Marsh & McLennan Companies Finance Center (Luxembourg) S. r.l. CTI Systems S. r.l. EDITUS LUXEMBOURG S.A. FIXMER S. r.l. CREARE S.A. WOOD & Company Group S.A. Globality S.A. Jadi International S.A. Second Euro Industrial Properties S. r.l. T.F.M. International SA Icg Senior Debt Partners Fund Carraig Investments Sky (Haiger) Propco S. r.l. AIG Europe S.A. EUROLIEUM S..r.l. Csl Luxembourg SARL LEXSIS S.A. Euro Harbor Luxembourg SARL Chariot Investment Holdings 2 S. r.l. Johnson & Johnson Luxembourg Finance Company Core Laboratories Luxembourg S.A. G-Finance S. r.l. Fle Holdco Precision International S. r.l. COVIDIEN INTERNATIONAL FINANCE S.A. Petit Forestier Luxembourg Elba Luxembourg Hotel S. r.l. Easa Koch Ctg HeidelbergCement Holding S. r.l. Ufilug S.A. Delphilug SA LUX WEB VENTURES S.A. S.G.A. SERVICES S.A. COMPAGNIE PRIVEE DE L'ETOILE S.A. Compagnie de Banque Prive Quilvest S.A. United Technologies Luxembourg S. r.l. EP Investment S. r.l. Discovery C S. r.l. AIM Services S. r.l. MindGeek RK S. r.l. Vistra Group Holdings S.A. Vistra (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Vistra Holdings S.r.l. ALS Customs Services S.A. RESUMA S.A. Ceratool G4S GENERAL SERVICES S.A. Vermillion Aviation Finance S. r.l. DREDGING INTERNATIONAL (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Ubs (Luxembourg) Citigroup International Luxembourg Limited Zaka M Auroralux S. r.l. BlackRock Luxembourg Holdco S.r.l. Fin & Meg SA Majorel Group Luxembourg S.A. Allnex (Luxembourg) & Cy S.C.A. Allnex S. r.l. Allnex Holdings S. r.l. IIF Int'l Nature Investment S. r.l. IIF Int'l Castle Investment S. r.l. Goodman Peridot Logistics (Lux) S. r.l. Apex Corporate Services S.A. LQMS Luxemburger Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen SARL Transalliance Europe Transalliance Service International MAUFFREY DEVELOPPEMENT EUROPE S.A. ELSA-IMMO S.r.l. Eht SA Ctp Property Lux Engelhart CTP Group S.A. Insight FGL Holding Company S. r.l. LUXAIR RE S.A. XEON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE FINANCE Antin Infrastructure Partners Luxembourg Viii WCMG (WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT GROUP) S.A. SHCO 95 S. r.l. VATit Group S.r.l. Platinum Grafton S. r.l. Bgl Bnp Paribas T-I Holdings S. r.l. Aero R UPIFRA S.A. Verisk Lux Holdco 2 S. r.l. DB Fusion S. r.l. Santasalo Fusion S. r.l. DB VALUE S.r.l. ING Lease Luxembourg Immo Austria 3 S. r.l. Harsco Metals Luxequip S.A. Eurazeo Real Estate Lux Cie d'Investissement Foncier HealthCare S.A. CHC Helicopter Holding S. r.l. Rockfleet HoldCo 2 S.r.l. PFIZER LUXEMBOURG SARL VIP-CKH Luxembourg S. r.l. Coca-cola European Partners Luxembourg Helix Vessel Finance S. r.l. M7 EREIP Lux Holdco S. r.l. LOGICINVEST S.A. Corning Finance Luxembourg S. r.l. Corning International Luxembourg S. r.l. Global Fashion Group S.A. ODYSSEY GROUP S.A. Swiss Life GIO S. r.l. ROTAREX S.A. Alcove Holdings Europe Kronospan Energy S.A. & Cie SCS Nemera Capital SA FS Infrastructure S. r.l. PCLEASE S.A. SOF-11 Asterweg PropCo Lux S. r.l. IKAV General Partner S. r.l. ConTerm Srl Emerging Markets Online Food Delivery Holding S. r.l. NOMURA BANK (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. CARNESA S.A. CERATIZIT S.A. M.S.A. INTERNATIONAL S.A. WE FINANCE AND SERVICES (LUXEMBOURG) S. r.l. DEME Offshore LU SA Innovative Solutions For Finance FII Co. S.A.S. BREVACO EXPLOITATION S.r.l. Thomson Travel Holdings SA THOMSON REUTERS HOLDINGS S.A. PARTINVEST S.A. Bdo Services Luxembourg Bdo Audit SANNE GROUP (Luxembourg) S.A CADOGAN INVESTMENTS, S.A. Systemat Luxembourg PSF ATOS LUXEMBOURG PSF S.A. Emc Asset Management MAKTO S. r.l. K ALPHA S.A. Alpha Group, SARL OBG Lux SA Danube Bidco S.A. Arnina S. r.l. CAFRUTA S.A. ION TRADING TECHNOLOGIES S. r.l. Materis Parent Tempus Holdings A Tempus Holdings 24 S. r.l. CHC Helicopter (1) S. r.l. CHC Helicopter (5) S. r.l. CHC Helicopter (2) S. r.l. Columbus Investment LSREF3 Eastern Europe Holdings S. r.l. Cabot Holdings S. r.l. Kulicke & Soffa Luxembourg Investment Holdings S. r.l. Dea Communications SCHRODER INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (EUROPE) S.A. Alpha Private Equity Fund 6 (SCA) SICAR 1 2 3 LUXEMBOURG S.A. Quintiles Finance SARL CIEP Participations S. r.l. SICAR Ande Investissements, S.C.A. FINANCIAL WORLD BUILDING S. r.l. CIEP Romania S.C.A. Shurgard Luxembourg Shurgard Holding Luxembourg Shurgard Self Storage SA Royal Capital Investments S. r.l. Takko Luxembourg 2 S.C.A. Celox Eurofoil Luxembourg S.A. ADECCO LUXEMBOURG S.A. FRHI Hotels & Resorts S. r.l. Quertus Group Beacon Rail Finance S. r.l. SOF-10 Think Hotels Lux S. r.l. SOF-10 Lux Master Co S. r.l. Stericycle Europe S. r.l. Etix Financial Holding Asia S. r.l. Fraco SA HSBC Securities Services (Luxembourg) S.A. HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt (International) S.A. Novartis Investments S. r.l. PROSPER FUNDS SICAV CRC Luxembourg S. r.l. Spider Investments Luxembourg S. r.l. Salomon Werner Hab Privee Group SA WWTE Travel S. r.l. Randstad Luxembourg North America S. r.l Socit Gnrale Luxembourg SOCIETE GENERALE CAPITAL MARKET FINANCE, en abrg SGCMF Tarnat TopCo SARL Novares Europe S. r.l. M&G Luxembourg S.A. AZ Socfin EREN GROUPE S.A. Baby Care International Development S. r.l. Calypso Investment SARL EBRC Aroundtown SA Tagus Holdings S. r.l. Global Blue Finance S. r.l. Evergreen Skills Lux S. r.l. Stahl Lux 2 Ilg EQT Management S. r.l. Wind Acquisition Finance S. r.l. Sea-Invest Corporation S.A. All Star Investment S. r.l. BL-CAP s. r.l. Covidien International S. .r.l. Covidien Holdings S. .r.l. M&G European Property Fund SICAV-FIS Abercrombie & Kent Group of Companies S.A. Abercrombie & Kent Private Travel Boutiques S. r.l. Picture II Lions Gate International Motion Pictures S. r.l. Emerging Markets Taxi Holding S. r.l. Aramark Global Group S. r.l. Media Properties S. r.l. IWG Global Holdings IWG Global Investments Umbrella Holdings Ii Cotton Group S. r.l. Freo Asset Management Invest Holding S. r.l. St. Jude Medical International Holding LVS II Lux XXII S. r.l. LVS II Lux XXV S. r.l. Engie Treasury Management Eurofins Pharma Services Lux Holding Vossloh Cogifer Kihn CLdN Vrac S.A. CLdN COBELFRET S.A. CLdN ro-ro S.A. OCM Luxembourg EPF III Accord Holdings S. r.l. TM Dairy Finance S. r.l. Fitness First Luxembourg S.C.A. Merlis S. r.l. Sculptor Investments IV S. r.l. HayFin SOF II LuxCo 2 S. r.l. AM Global Holding Bis Capsugel SARL Capsugel Holdings Motorola Solutions Holding S. r.l. Masco Europe S.C.S. Masco Europe S. r.l. Lion Lux Finance S. r.l. Aw Real Estate Uk VICTORIA HOLDING S. R.L. TELEFLEX MEDICAL DEVICES S.A R.L. UBS FUND SERVICES (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A. Johnson Controls Luxembourg S. r.l. Johnson Controls Luxembourg Services S. r.l. Enterprise Services Luxembourg S. r.l. PROLOGIS EUROPEAN HOLDINGS X S.AR.L. Ardagh Group S.A. E.B. Trans Informatique Aparthotel Holdings III S. r.l. GPE III Tilburg (Lux) S. r.l. SGBTCI HARLEQUIN EUROPE S.A. Harlequin Enterprises II B.V./ S..r.l. ARENA S.A. C.E.S.E. S.A. Cemex Espaa SA Eurocor Ii EuroCore Magnet S. r.l. River Dublin 1 S. r.l. Altice France Holding S.A. STS Medical Group S. r.l. SKYLINERS S.r.l. BlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A. Mohawk International Holdings S. r.l. Mohawk Capital Luxembourg S.A. Mohawk Operations Luxembourg S. r.l. Mohawk Capital Finance S.A. Landesbank Berlin International SA BSREP II PBSA Topco S. r.l. EAGLESTONE GROUP S.r.l. Postulo S. r.l. AMS FinCo SARL IQ EQ (Luxembourg) S.A. IQ EQ Group Holdings S. r.l. IQ EQ Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A. Saphilux S.r.l. SOF-9 Rome Investments Lux S. r.l. Husky Injection Molding Systems Husky Injection Molding Systems Luxembourg Holdings Husky Injection Molding Systems Luxembourg Finance S. r.l. Natixis Investment Managers S.A. Natixis Real Estate Feeder S. r.l. Brehat Inchiostro SA Arcelor Investment S.A. ArcelorMittal Commercial Sections S.A. Farma Holding SARL GL Europe Luxembourg S.. r.l. INTRASOFT International S.A. GELF Investments (Lux) S. r.l. GELF Management (Lux) S. r.l. Redspher Incubator HB Reavis Holding S.A. MK LUXINVEST S.A. ComStage Puma International Financing S.A. Intelsat Connect Finance S.A. TE Connectivity Holding International I S.A. Helvetia Europe MAN Finance and Holding S.A. Seventeen Bottle Brush S. r.l. Mg Media Rtl Belux & Cie Nordea Bank Finasa Societe Financiere Ice Acquisitions Beijing Enterprises Holdings European Investment Management Ldv Management Bainbridge Holding SCA DuraFiber Technologies (DFT) Europe 2 SARL Hayfin Sof Ii Luxco 1 Vivalto Home Partners Galileo Global Education Magenta Holding Ul Tension Ii Luxco 4 Aral Services Luxembourg Arla Foods Agrar Service Luxemburg Areo Cba Investment Bre/Europe 9Nq Egon Holdings Marsh & Mclennan Companies Holdings (Luxembourg) Marsh & Mclennan Europe Bank Julius Baer Luxembourg Signode Industrial Group Lux Sk Spice Holdings SK Spice Eren India SARL Auriga Finance I.E. Luxtopco French N2 Mitsubishi UFJ Investor Services & Banking (Luxembourg) Whitewood (Ring) UK L'Eco-Invest Lux Eaton Moeller Eaton Technologies (Luxembourg) Vodafone Procurement Company Vodafone Services Company Vodafone Investments Luxembourg Vodafone International 1 Universal Management Services Arinso Luxembourg Cidra Holding Cidra Akuo Energy Africa DuoDecad IT Services Luxembourg Provender SARL Adam Offergeld Ii - Adam Offergeld Luxemburg Prada Knowles Luxembourg International Allianz Infrastructure Luxembourg I John Deere Holding IQSA Holdings D.F. Holding Coquelicots Holdings Titan European Holdings Naev-immo Fis Mohawk Foreign Funding JBS Ansembourg Holding SARL Xanatum Finance Duferco Participations Holding Spin Master International SARL Spin Master Europe Holdings New Dawn Mep Holdco SARL Garfunkelux Holdco 2 Garfunkelux Holdco 3 Garfunkelux Holdco 1 Garfunkelux Garfunkelux Invest Dh Z SARL Oyak Global Investments Euroports Holdings Samson International Holding Samsonite International Samsonite Sub Holdings Aegle Packaging Spires Barnet (Uk) D.A.S. Luxemburg Allgemeine Rechtsschutz-versicherung SA La Luxembourgeoise Socit Anonyme D'Assurances Hoche Partners Aircraft Leasing Holpa SA Hlpa Corea Megatrends European HOldings GrandVision Luxembourg Greif Nevada Holdings Inc Cvc Capital Partners Services Auris Luxembourg Iii Bop (100 Bishopsgate) 100 Bishopsgate Mittal Investments Ciga Luxembourg Neuraxpharm Holdco Ambrew Duferco International Trading Holding Qnb International Holdings Limited SARL Corby Town Centre AM Captive Holding PayPal 2 Paypal International Treasury Centre Chicago Mercantile Exchange Luxembourg Eg Services (Luxembourg) Ceif Properties Longitude SA Argenta Holdings Candriam Luxembourg RBC Investor Services Bank Outlet Site JV Tradegro Ravago Production Lombard Odier (Europe) Cofhylux Foyer Assurances Capviva Renewables Investment Holding Alain Luxembourg Nep Luxco Deka International Schlumberger Investment Computer Associates Luxembourg Aberdeen Balanced Lux 1 Fininfra Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (Luxembourg) Interpublic Group Of Companies Holding (Luxembourg) Iron Mountain Luxembourg AXA DBIO GP Dussmann Security Db Valoren Perkinelmer Global Holdings Saes Getters International Luxembourg Anchor Holdings Mugc Lux Management Ignis Funds SEPCAV Eurco Baltic Professional Investment SA Idi Gazeley Europe Logistics Lux 1 Banque & Caisse D'Epargne De L'Etat, Luxembourg Treborasset Alize Luxco 1 Aggregate Company Sidermat Mohawk Foreign Holdings FMS Services Corporacin Amrica International Everock Ethenea Independent Investors Axa Dbio Total Luxembourg Soboss Hecf Glasgow Microsoft Luxembourg Millicom International Cellular Kreafin Group Licensing Ip International ACHM Global Hospitality Licensing Winchester Square Holdings Square Holding Lux Belfilux SYZ Asset Management (Luxembourg) Mhp Se SA Sculptor Pt Industrial Digital Luxembourg III SARL Iberestate International World Courier Group Origin Enterprises Luxembourg Accenture International SARL Accenture (Luxembourg) Accent Investments Lunar Retail Terminal Investment Limited Holding By Lentz Autocars Sales-lentz LuxCo 86 SARL Fidelity Funds Trading Invest Sgam Luxembourg SA Hudson Advisors Luxembourg Daxis SA Ypso Holding SARL Microsoft Luxembourg Investments Microsoft Luxembourg International Mobile Luxembourg Investment Company 227 Luxembourg Investment Company 270 Socit De Rassurance Vallaroche Cvc Capital Partners Advisory Company (Luxembourg) Nestl Finance International Stl SARL Automotive Investments (Luxembourg) D'Amico International Stahlbeteiligungen Holding ALM Luxembourg Holdings Greenwill Motorway-Luxembourg European Motorway Investments 1 ARCAS Automotive Group (Luxco 1) Fraikin-lux Dorel Luxembourg SARL Castera Stena Investment Stena Midwater Ced Luxembourg Burger King (Luxembourg) Burger King (Luxembourg) 2 Burger King (Luxembourg) 3 Cotton Holding SARL Gazeley Maritime Poland Bidco Delta 2 (Lux) Ciep Windmill European Sugar Holdings Lagfin Ehi International Unternehmensgruppe Theo Mller Tyco International Holding Luxembourg-dcolletage Leadec Midco Leadec LuxCo Leadec Holding ABH Holdings SA Ipconcept (Luxembourg) Iw Investments Swiss Life Immo-arlon Swisscanto Asset Management International Rice Midco Rice Luxco SARL Constellation Brands Europe Trading Paul Wurth Tissart SA Centaur Luxco SARL United Greece 2019 Holdco Lux Gare Luxroutage Ehi International Finance Paw Luxco I SCA Dream Global Funding I Mill Luxembourg Holdings 2 IEE International Electronics & Engineering CNA Corporation Assicurazioni Generali S.P.A. - Luxembourg Branch Bugatti International Whirlpool International Holdings Whirlpool Luxembourg Holdings Whirlpool International Manufacturing SARL Whirlpool Overseas Manufacturing Whirlpool Luxembourg Panhold Linamar Financial Salsa Retail Holding Topco SARL Solar Screen Holding SA Cbre Global Investors Luxembourg Global Finance Invest SA Codeis Securities SA HIB Invest Etoile Noire Catella Bank Katcon Global Fininvest SARL Umicore International A & M Industries La Franaise Am International CVC Advisers (Luxembourg) Aerium Investment Advisers Berkeley Luxembourg SARL Intertrust (Luxembourg) Intertrust Topholding (Luxembourg) Cebi Luxembourg Cebi Rassurance SA Cebi International Securitas Alert Services Luxembourg Lsref3 Lux Investments Xii Eastern SARL Banque de Patrimoines Privs Twintec Group AAM International Suridam Holding SA The Lincoln Electric Company Luxembourg SA Alliance Green Services Ame Life Lux International Assets Finance A3com Darice International Sourcing Holdings Initial TLS Group Marguerite Wind Chirnogeni Atento Bessonnat Constellation Hotels Holding Ltd Diversita UTC Fire & Security Luxembourg Mb2s SA Sgbt Financial Markets Bluestar Holding SA Office Parc Helfent Nexgen Tandberg Data Holdings Etam Artal Luxembourg Surf & Turf Xylem Ip Management SARL Repco 1 Repco 30 Bottega Investco Bottega Veneta International

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