Find out Luxembourg firms members of a corporate group

Search more companies in Luxembourg to check if they are linked to a corporate group.

A corporate group is a collection of distinct companies headquartered in one or more countries. It is headed by a holding or a parent company.
The list below contains Luxembourg companies that are linked to other businesses worldwide (ownership is at least 50% of capital). Understanding a corporate organization can be of great help for your business :
- if you want to increase selling opportunities within the members of a same corporate group.
- If you need to evaluate risks across the different parts of a corporate family.
- To detect potential conflict of interest.
You'll find for each companies reports about group structure, ultimate parent and subsidiary identification as well as company registration information and credit appraisal.

ALTICE FINANCING S.A. Altice Luxembourg SA ALTICE GROUP LUX S. r.l. Altice Technical Services S.A. Altice Customer Services S. r.l B&S Group Intertrust (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Bgl Bnp Paribas SOCIETE NATIONALE DE CIRCULATION AUTOMOBILE S. r.l. Livingdesign S.A. eBay S. r.l. ATOS LUXEMBOURG PSF S.A. GOODYEAR DUNLOP TIRES OPERATIONS S.A. VRUCHT HOLDING S.A. CDCL Groupe CDCL LU GE XXIII S. r.l. Ge Uk Financing (Luxembourg) GE UK Financing Luxembourg II S. r.l. MediaMarkt Luxembourg Trina Solar (Luxembourg) Overseas Systems S. r.l. Salvator Mobility Holding MidCo S. r.l. Bausch Health Luxembourg S. r.l. Dream Luxco S.C.A. Project Dream S. r.l. Princes Exchange (Luxembourg) Holding S. r.l. Flooring Industries Limited Xylem Industries S..r.l. A & M Industries S..r.l. Batipro Matriaux S.A. EFC S. r.l. NNS Holding S. r.l. NNS S. r.l. - SPF NNS 2 S. r.l. - SPF NNS Luxembourg S. r.l. VAMTAJ S. r.l. Ciba Specialty Chemicals Finance Luxembourg Gazeley France Vert S. r.l. Pilgrim EPISO 4 Pilgrim Holding S. r.l. Diablo Investments S. r.l. Stark International Lux Eurofins Industrial Testing Lux EUROFINS WATER TESTING LUX Eurofins Environment Testing Lux Holding Five Arrows Credit Solutions Five Arrows Alma S. r.l. TE Connectivity Holding International I S.A. AMP Capital Investors (IDF II GP) SARL Berlin Landbanking Fund SICAV-SIF Swiss Life Funds (Lux) Global Infrastructure Opportunities S.C.A., SICAV-SIF CBRE Global Investors Open-Ended Funds S.C.A. SICAV-SIF Clearsight Turnaround Fund II (SCA) SICAV-SIF Next Estate Income Fund II S.C.S. SICAV-FIS LFP PRIME SICAV SIF S.A. QUAMVEST S.A. Prime Credit 3 SARL BELFILUX S.A. Mirabaud Asset Management (Europe) S.A. SAIPEM MARITIME ASSET MANAGEMENT LUXEMBOURG S.r.l Terra Magna Capital Asset Management Generali Real Asset Multi-Manager INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS S. r. l. FARTON HOLDINGS S.A. ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA HOLDING S.A. Britannica Recoveries S. r.l. Antin Infrastructure Partners Luxembourg VIII Pemberton Sarl Arena Invest SICAV-SIF Plexus CREDIT SUISSE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Capital Coach LOGDIRECT S.A. Springer Science+Business Media GP Acquisition S.C.A. AEIF 2 LH Sub 04 S. r.l. LUXCONTROL S.A. H.I.G. Luxembourg Holdings 38 S. r.l. Lion Retail Holding S.r.l. Lions Gate International Motion Pictures S. r.l. INVESCO Real Estate Management S. r.l. Natixis Real Estate Feeder S. r.l. Invesco Global Direct Real Estate Feeder Fund S. r.l. SICAV-SIF INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL INVESTORS X S.A. AI Prime (Luxembourg) Bidco S. r.l. AI Indra (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Aquarelle Italy S.A. HENDERSON MANAGEMENT S.A. Janus Henderson Fund Henderson Park Real Estate Master Fund S. r.l., SICAF-RAIF Prologis UK CCCXLI S. r.l. Avery Dennison Investments Luxembourg IV S. r.l. PCLEASE S.A. Alphabet Luxembourg Cetrel Securities S.A. I/O Luxembourg S. r.l. Fog City Munich S. r.l. Ideal Standard International Equity S.A. Ideal Standard International Topco Alter Domus Alternative Asset Fund Administration S. r.l. Alter Domus Management Company S.A. Alter Domus Luxembourg S. r.l. Alter Domus Participations S. r.l. Alter Domus Global S. r.l. Fraco SA PSL Group Services S. r.l. Vantage Data Centers Europe J.P. Morgan Bank Luxembourg S.A. JPMorgan Asset Management (Europe) S. r.l. Jpmorgan Funds Jpmorgan Asset Management Luxembourg Fitness First Luxembourg S.C.A. AMAZON INSURANCE & PENSION SERVICES S. r.l. Amazon Europe Core S. r.l. Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL Actelion Re SA Stoll Hydraulics Luxembourg Mainstream Renewable Power S. r.l. Commerz Real Fund Management S. r.l. Corning Telecommunications Luxembourg S. r.l. Majorel Group Luxembourg S.A. ChemCore S.A. Lys Investments S. r.l. SCPack Holdings Management S. r.l. & Partners S.C.A. CEF (W) SA W-CONSEIL S. r.l. GrandVision Luxembourg S. r.l. CLdN Lignes S.A. CLdN Vrac S.A. CLdN COBELFRET S.A. CLdN ro-ro S.A. United UK 2020 Propco 12 S. r.l. United UK 2020 Propco 10 S. r.l. Banque de Luxembourg CLEARSTREAM BANKING S.A. Clearstream International Hiscox SA Securitas Alert Services Luxembourg COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE DU HAUT-RHIN S.A. Compagnie Financire La Luxembourgeoise VICTORIA HOLDING S. R.L. PATRIZIA Living Cities Residential GP S. r.l. Fr Acquisition Holding Corporation (Luxembourg) SARL SWM Luxembourg Mylan Luxembourg 2 S. r.l. Arkus Financial Services European Cooling 1 S. r.l. Sg Issuer Socit Gnrale Luxembourg VCP VII Luxco 7 SARL Ernst & Young Tax Advisory Services Ernst & Young ERNST & YOUNG SERVICES S.A. ArcelorMittal Schifflange ArcelorMittal Arcelormittal Bissen & Bettembourg ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions S.A. ArcelorMittal Insurance Consultants ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange ArcelorMittal Sourcing ArcelorMittal Luxembourg ArcelorMittal Commercial RPS S. r.l. ArcelorMittal Energy S.C.A. Arcelormittal Europe EURAZUR S.A., Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de rassurance SPIWIN S.A. Unitedhealthcare International Viii Rav Holdco Hu Budapest Lonyay 32 HESPER S.A. VALFIDUS INDUSTRIES S.A. VALFIDUS INVEST S.C.A. CREATEAM S.A. Eurazeo Real Estate Lux Eurazeo Services Lux. Saphilux S.r.l. Second Euro Industrial Properties S. r.l. SAMSON INTERNATIONAL HOLDING S.A. SAMSONITE INTERNATIONAL S.A. Samsonite Sub Holdings S. r.l. DEUTSCHE BANK LUXEMBOURG S.A. CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe) AXA Luxembourg S.A. Ninety One Luxembourg S.A. Amazon EU S. r.l. Amazon Media EU S. r.l. Amazon Services Europe S. r.l. Amazon Payments Europe S.C.A. BUGATTI INTERNATIONAL S.A. VATit Group S.r.l. Next Alt S. r.l. CK Hutchison Networks Europe Investments S. r.l. MILLICOM INTERNATIONAL CELLULAR S.A. MCP-MIC III S. r.l. MIC EquityCo SCA Ses Astra SES SES Networks Lux Ses Networks Satellites Engie RE S.A. ENGIE Invest International S.A. Engie Treasury Management COFELY Services S.A. CURTAIN WALLING LUXEMBOURG S.A. Apex Corporate Services S.A. Sanoptis Sarl Aberdeen Standard Liquidity Fund (Lux) Aberdeen Standard Investments Luxembourg Corporate Manager S. r.l. ABERDEEN STANDARD INVESTMENTS LUXEMBOURG S.A. Aberdeen Standard European Balanced Property Fund Cegecom S.A. Chanel SARL A1 Investment Holding S.A. Burger Brands Luxembourg S.A. Burger King (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Burger King (Luxembourg) 2 S. r.l. Burger King (Luxembourg) 3 S. r.l. Niam Core-Plus Luxembourg S. r.l. Swiss Life (Luxembourg) Allianz Life Luxembourg Keter Luxembourg SARL Keter Group Holding S. r.l. Joyson Safety Systems Luxembourg S. r.l. Joyson Auto Safety Holdings S. A. Joyson Safety Systems Holdings No. 1 S. r.l. Joyson Auto Safety S.A. EFT INVESTMENT S.A. Education for the Many ION TRADING TECHNOLOGIES S. r.l. Securitas Luxembourg LSREF3 Lux Investments XII S. r.l. Epic Games International S. r.l. NTT Luxembourg PSF S.A. Constellation (BC) S. r.l. DUFERCO PARTICIPATIONS HOLDING S.A. DUFERCO INTERNATIONAL TRADING HOLDING S.A. DUFERCO INDUSTRIAL S.A. BNP Paribas Private Debt GP SARL Euroclear Investments Aptiv International Operations Luxembourg S. r.l. Aptiv Global Holdings (Luxembourg) S.r.l. Aptiv Global Financial Services (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Aptiv Holdings (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Oceaneering International Holdings LLC SCS HSBC Securities Services (Luxembourg) S.A. HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt (International) S.A. Gadaco SA BELFOR Luxembourg S. r.l. HARRIS LUXEMBOURG S. r.l. XL (Western Europe) S. r.l. Alpiq Western Europe SARL List Mid Company S. r.l. Electro Holding LSF10 Wolverine Midco S. r.l. Wolverine Holdings S. r.l. Svetilnik SA Jupiter Luxembourg S. r.l. Diligent Luxembourg Circle Printers Luxembourg Amazon Business EU SARL ENOVOS LUXEMBOURG S.A. Docler IP S. r.l. Docler S. r.l. Docler Investments S. r.l. Docler Holding S. r.l. MAN Finance and Holding S.A. C&A Europe (Luxembourg) Banque Internationale Luxembourg AUTOCARS ZENNERS s. r.l. OCM Luxembourg Edinburgh Apart-Hotel S. r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF III Unicity Holdings S. r.l. OCM LUXEMBOURG EPF III S. r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF III Accord Holdings S. r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF IV S. r.l. OCM Luxembourg EPF IV Combined S.C.Sp. Diversita Luxaviation Holding Company Whirlpool Luxembourg Holdings S.r.l. Whirlpool International Manufacturing S. r.l. WHIRLPOOL OVERSEAS MANUFACTURING SARL Whirlpool Luxembourg FLEXTRONICS ODM LUXEMBOURG S.A. Citco C&T Holdings (Luxembourg) S. r.l. T-I Holdings S. r.l. Kobo Europe Rennes Holdings S. r.l. Convergint Technologies Luxembourg S. r.l. Titan European Investment Fund European Healthcare Investments S. r.l. Bridgepoint Europe V Investments S. r.l. Bridgepoint Europe VI Investments S. r.l. Eurofoil Luxembourg S.A. G.E. Capital Fleet Services Ashford Panorama Business Centre Holdings CoRE LUX 2018 7 S. r.l. CARE S.A. Truth 2 S. r.l. LA CAPITE S.A. Valencia Investments, S. r.l. Inception Living S. r.l. Cpipg Management BESSEL CAPITAL S. r.l. INTECH S.A. IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A. Encore Plus Properties II SARL Encore Plus Properties I SARL Encore Plus Lux Co Metzanine II SARL Maag Pump Systems Maag Pump Systems (Luxembourg) SARL Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Luxembourg PMC Europe S..r.l. Principal Portuguese Hotel Holding SARL REDELCOVER S.A. Modulaire Holding S. r.l. Swiss Life German CRE S. r.l. Swiss Life REF (LUX) European Retail GP S. r.l. VF Sourcing Asia S. r.l. DIAROUGH SOURCING S.A. VF Asia Pacific Sourcing S. r.l. Colt Lux Group Holding S. r.l. Eren India SARL EREN GROUPE S.A. AM Global Holding Bis COFRA Treasury S. r.l. GROUPE EUROPE HOLDING LUXEMBOURG S.A. FERRAC S. r.l. AUTOPOLIS S.A. AUTOPOLIS SCANCAR SA Eurofins International Support Services LUX K2 Forte S.A. Trinseo Materials TRADING INVEST S.A. NOMURA BANK (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. BANK OF CHINA (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Sopra Banking Software Luxembourg Sustainable Growth Management GP S. r.l. LUXURY BRAND DEVELOPMENT S.A. CODESS S. r.l. POST Luxembourg Rcr Industrial Flooring AllianceBernstein (Luxembourg) S. r.l. John Deere Holding Brazil S. r.l. Galapagos MidCo S. r.l. MML Capital Europe VI Equity S.A. Luxholdco Gardien S.C.A. Miya Luxembourg Holdings S. r. l. EPISO Luxembourg Holding S..r.l. EPISO 5 Luxembourg Holding S. r.l. Altice Holdings S. r.l. Vossloh Cogifer Kihn CEREP III UK S. r.l. T Beta SARL ARVAL Luxembourg S.A. Arrival Luxembourg SARL Arrival Team S. r.l. Hanes Commercial Europe S. r.l. Big Five Top S.A. HEREF IV Northstars S. r.l AG Real Estate Development Luxembourg S. r.l. Cabo Verde Sal S. r.l. Befesa S.A. POST Telecom S.A. NAEV-Immo S.C.S. SICAV-FIS Trinity Equity SARL Baby Care International Development S. r.l. Natixis Investment Managers S.A. USAA International Services SARL Socit Luxembourgeoise d'Entreprises et de Constructions Ame Life Lux Whiteside Holdings S. r.l. TAGUS RE S.A. Gse (Luxembourg) SARL SCULPTOR INVESTMENTS S. r.l. Socit Gnrale De Participations Agro-alimentaires Socit Gnrale Life Insurance Broker SA CBRE Global Holdings IWG Global Holdings Bank of America Global Holdings, S. r.l. AM Captive Holding S. r.l. Cofralux EXOR S.A. IEE International Electronics & Engineering S.A. HEEREMA MARINE CONTRACTORS FINANCE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Bureau Veritas Luxembourg SA MAKTO S. r.l. Outlet Mall Sub Group Holding No. 2 S. r.l. Outlet Mall Group Holding SARL Outlet Mall Holding SARL Outlet Mall (Italy) Holding SARL Outlet Mall Sub Group Holding No. 1 S. r.l. Brandbev S. r.l. SISTEMA FINANCE S.A. Patron Perkins S. r.l. Corporate Business Solutions Partners S. r.l. KORYFES S.A. ARCAS Automotive Group (Luxco 1) S. r.l. ARENA S.A. Amazon Eurasia Holdings S..r.l. Arnina S. r.l. CIEP Windmill S. r.l. Socit Luxembourgeoise Etam MPK Luxembourg AGGREGATE COMPANY S. r.l. Muzinich European Private Debt TM Dairy Finance S. r.l. Real I.S. Westbahnhof Wien S.C.S. Auxiliant S. r.l. INTERNATIONAL CREDIT MUTUEL LIFE Corning Finance Luxembourg S. r.l. Berkeley Luxembourg FII Co. S.A.S. Rakuten Europe Bank S.A. Rakuten Europe S. r.l. Barclays Capital Trading Luxembourg S.r.l. Hauck & Aufhuser Banquiers Luxembourg Hauck & Aufhuser Fund Platforms S.A. REDLUX S. r.l. Innovative Solutions For Finance BREVACO EXPLOITATION S.r.l. Medtronic Global Holdings S.C.A. IIF Int'l Neon Investment S. r.l. IIF Int'l Nature Investment S. r.l. IIF Int'l Castle Investment S. r.l. BAATZ MATERIEL S..r.l. Limra International S. r.l. COMURA S.A. LMTS Holding S.C.A. Puma International Financing S.A. Delphi Automotive Systems Luxembourg S.A. Delphilug SA Delphi Powertrain Systems Operations Luxembourg SARL SIX Payment Services (Europe) S.A. Alliance Data Lux Financing S. r.l. Oak Logistics S. r.l. Black Diamond Luxembourg S. r.l. KIWI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION S. r.l. SEPHORA LUXEMBOURG S.A.R.L. SOMETIMES S. r.l. Les Marres Property S.A. OPPORTUNITY S.A. Sea-Invest Corporation S.A. EHI International S. r.l. BRAND 30 S. r.l. China Three Gorges (Europe) S.A. Bankinter Luxembourg S.A. INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA (EUROPE) S.A. Allianz Investments I Luxembourg S. r.l. Onyx Germany Propco (8) S. r.l. TRAVEL PRO S.A. Salsa Retail Holding MidCo S. r.l. Chrono Star International Participations Groupe Franck Muller S. r.l. Euro Ethnic Foods A. Menarini ICT Services S.A. Equifax Americas S.C.S. GEMVEST GONDRAND GROUP S.A. OFFICE PARC HELFENT S.A. Wind Luxembourg S. r.l. Gold Paper S. r.l. LeasePlan Luxembourg S.A. KBC LEASE (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Generali Europe Income Holding S.A. Foch Partners Luxembourg Alize Luxco 1 BIE MANAGEMENT LUX S. r.l. Columna Capital Fund II SCSp SOF-10 Lux Master Co S. r.l. MC Invest York Global Finance Offshore BDH (Luxembourg) S. r.l. CR - Cie S. r.l. QUADRALUX S.A. PROFILUX S.A. IMMO HORIZON S.A. Cimalux Root JVCo S. r.l. RBC Investor Services Bank S.A. RBC Holdings (Luxembourg) S. r.l. RBC Finance S. r.l./B.V. Altice West Europe S. r.l. QUINTET PRIVATE BANK (EUROPE) S.A. INTRASOFT International S.A. Venti SA Apeiron Investments S.C.A. Apeiron Advisors S. r.l. Body Sano S.A. LUCCOLUX SARL Paccor International Holdings S. r.l. Lafarge Cement Luxembourg SARL OREFA S.r.l. INVICTUS S. r.l. Aero 1 Global & International S. r.l. Shurgard Holding Luxembourg Cloak Lane Funding SARL AGROFEED S. r.l. ADECCO LUXEMBOURG S.A. ING Luxembourg ING Lease Luxembourg EP Investment S. r.l. Johnson & Johnson Luxembourg Finance Company ELSA-IMMO S.r.l. GL Europe Luxembourg S.. r.l. Plastipak Luxembourg S. r.l. Edmond de Rothschild Residential Investment Fund UK SCSp SICAV-RAIF AccorInvest Group S.A. LUXEMBOURG CORPORATION COMPANY S.A. Arla Foods Agrar Service Luxemburg Fareva CAFRUTA S.A. Jasmin IP S. r.l. IKAV General Partner S. r.l. FERRERO INTERNATIONAL S.A. Harsco Metals Luxequip S.A. Vivalto Home Partners Sofidra S.A. GOODYEAR S.A. Winnersh Midco S. r.l. Eurofins GSC LUX EUROFINS SCIENTIFIC SE Eurofins Finance Luxembourg S. r.l. LSF11 Skyscraper Holdco S. r.l. SOLUTIONS 30 SE CA Animation REF IV Luxembourg S.r.l. MEDIOBANCA INTERNATIONAL (LUXEMBOURG) S.A. Red Diamond Holdings S. r.l. Sgam Luxembourg SA S.G.A. SERVICES S.A. MAUFFREY Luxembourg S.A. Sonoco-Alcore S..R.L. Cbre Global Acquisition Company TRALUX, Socit Gnrale de Travaux - Luxembourg S. r.l. Tralux Immobilier MAGENTA HOLDING S.A. Elgon Barry-Wehmiller Euro Holdings S. r.l. Algeco Group S. r.l. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Luxembourg S.r.l. Simar IQ EQ Group Participations S. r.l. Socit Anonyme Paul WURTH PAUL WURTH INTERNATIONAL S.A. Murdelux AUSY LUXEMBOURG PSF S.A. DB Fusion S. r.l. Hewlett Packard Enterprise CDS Luxembourg S. r.l. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Luxembourg S.C.A. Vanguard Bidco S. r.l. Swiss Life GIO S. r.l. Marnix Lux SA McKey Luxembourg S. r.l. Baker & McKenzie Luxembourg COURTHEOUX SOCIETE ANONYME Flint HoldCo Parker Hannifin Lux Finco S. r.l. FIDIGA S.A. AFIN (HOLDING) S.A. Cebi Luxembourg S.A. CB Lux S. r.l.-FIS C&E Holdings Luxembourg M.S.A. INTERNATIONAL S.A. NICOLAS CHARLIER INTERNATIONAL S.A. CUBE 4T8 S. r.l. Charles River Laboratories Luxembourg LUX BUSINESS MANAGEMENT S. r.l. Luxbrew S. r.l. ELWE GESTION S. r.l. Spectrum Brands Lux S. R.L. The Nero Company INZDR IP S.A. UNIFRAX LUXEMBOURG II S. r.l. CLUB MED ASIE S.A. SURIDAM HOLDING S.A. Rignet Luxembourg Holdings Proximus Luxembourg S.A. Gazeley Azure Europe Lux 1 S. r.l. Framalux Logoplaste Group S. r.l. Goodyear Mounting Solutions S.A. Goodyear Holdings S.r.l. Kuehne + Nagel S. r.l. Xenon Private Equity VII SCA SICAV-RAIF Xylem Global S. r.l. Xylem International Xylem Ip Management SARL Xylem Holdings LAG INTERNATIONAL S.A. Dorel Luxembourg Bridgepoint Europe V Investments (2) S. r.l. Bridge Fortune Investment S. r.l. Signode Industrial Group Lux S.A. RAVAGO LM S.A. RAVAGO DISTRIBUTION S.A. Ravago Chemicals S.A. RAVARA S.A. RAVAGO GALE S.A. German Retail Luxco S. r.l. IC Germany RE S. r.l. PCC Finance Luxembourg S. r.l. Itzig S. r.l. MAX TRAILER Distribution S.A. Queensgate Generator S. r.l. OJACO S. r.l. AFD Rivesaltes A S. r.l. Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit S. r.l. 3 Cheyne European Strategic Value Credit Fund SCS SICAV-SIF Alcentra ECOF S. r.l. HECF Luxembourg Master 1 S. r.l. HECF One Clarendon Row 1 S. r.l. Castik Capital, S. r.l. EIP Offshore Wind I GP S. r.l. Valora Luxembourg S.r.l. Royal Capital Investments S. r.l. Liberty Lige - Dudelange (LU) S.A. AZIMUTH INTERNATIONAL S. r.l. Barclays Capital Luxembourg S. r.l. Seta Securitisation S. r.l. Emerging Markets Taxi Holding S. r.l. CMC Cometals International Cmc International Finance KREAFIN GROUP S.A. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg NR-2 S. r.l. Bock Capital EU Luxembourg NR-1 S. r.l. CEP IV Participations S. r.l., SICAR PIONEER HOLDING S.A. EQT Fund Management S. r.l. Randstad Luxembourg North America S. r.l Ceif Properties AXUS LUXEMBOURG S.A. Tirbido Investment S. r.l. Swissquote Bank Europe SA Cpi Property Group Yesss Group (W) S.A. Exeter III Holdco S. r.l. Slovenia Broadband S. r.l. Xieon Networks Solutions S. r.l. Financire Fort S. r.l. CASINO RE S.A. Hermitage International SA DOVER LUXEMBOURG S. r.l. Dover Luxembourg Services S. r.l. FINPHARMA S.A. E.R.V.A.C. Lux TECFLOOR S.A. IWG Group Holdings S. r.l. Medline Stellar Luxembourg S. r.l. 3M Asset Management S. r.l. AMRI Evergreen S. r.l. Sungas Lohas S. r.l. OCM Belas S. r.l. ZUCCARI S.A. Agence Luxembourgeoise de Protection Incendie S.r.l. SEA-INVEST AFRIQUE S.A. Sofidra Shipping S.C.A. NREP NSF II Holding 2 S. r.l. NREP NSF 1 S. r.l. NREP NSF IV Holding 2 S. r.l. Salomon Werner Hab Privee Group SA Alpha Group, SARL FAYMONVILLE DISTRIBUTION AG Quertus Group CRC Luxembourg S. r.l. Aero R MAXI-TOYS LUXEMBOURG S.A. TOY BOX S. r.l. Accumalux EUROPEAN OPTICAL MANUFACTURING HOLDING Kingston Student Housing Management S. r.l. Ambrew S. r.l. SERVIER - LUXEMBOURG S.A. TRAXYS EUROPE S.A. Traxys S..r.l. Traxys Cometals Europe Nestl Finance International Ltd. Cotton Holding S. r.l. Cotton Group S. r.l. D.F. HOLDING S.A. DSD INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTORS S. r.l. Hewlett-Packard Luxembourg Development S.r.l. PFIZER HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL LUXEMBOURG (PHIL) SARL MindGeek S. r.l. Onyx Topco II S. r.l. Cofhylux BAM Lux M1 S.A. Neptune Property Venture S. r.l. Turret Lux Participation S. r.l. Bonnier Treasury Belenergia S.A. Merilux S. r.l. Cocoa Investment S. r.l. Digital Luxembourg III S. r.l. FINEXT FUNDS LUXEMBOURG SICAV-SIF Marguerite Adviser S.A. Swiss Life Funds (Lux) Global Infrastructure Opportunities II SCS, SIF Katcon Global SA Reinhausen Luxembourg S.A. Sherwin-Williams Luxembourg S. r.l. Dakar Topco S. r.l. DB VALUE S.r.l. Mileway Luxembourg S. r.l. Mileway Super Topco S. r.l. Poland Retail Topco II S. r.l. AI Global Investments & Cy S.C.A. EVEROCK S. r.l. MILLICOM TELECOMMUNICATIONS S.A. The Luxembourg Acquisition Company S. r.l. Vistra Holdings S.r.l. Prime Holdco C -T S. r.l. Whirlpool International Holdings S. r.l. Ecore Luxembourg S.A. Port Noir Investment S. r.l. Six Payment Services (Luxembourg) C&C IP (N2) Srl BRE/Europe 7NQ S. r.l. LOMBARD INTERNATIONAL ASSURANCE S.A. Lombard International Assurance Holdings S. r.l. Anchor Holdings SCA Lizmontagens Melting & Services S. r.l. SIENNA CAPITAL S. r.l. Dallmayr-convilux Expo Road S.A. OCM Luxembourg OPPS X S. r.l. ESO Fund VII S.C.Sp. SICAV RAIF INVICT SARL Verescence Luxembourg Holdings I S. r.l. ALCOGRO S.A. Algeco Management S.C.A. Prevprop Properties SA Fp-gvbb Emerging Markets Online Food Delivery Holding S. r.l. EOI FIRE S. rl. Fund Solutions SCA International Assets Finance S. r. l. Anthology S. r.l. Agalux Management Company S.A. T.F.M. International SA International Automotive Components Group, S.A. International Automotive Components Group Europe S. r.l. KATOEN NATIE GROUP S.A. Luxempart METAL FINANCE S.A. Ardagh Group S.A. Deutsche Holdings (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Core Laboratories Luxembourg S.A. PayPal 2 S. r.l. PayPal (Europe) S. r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. AURA EUROPE S.A. Ampacet Europe Holding S. r.l. Teads Auchan Luxembourg AUCHAN INTERNATIONAL S.A. Auchan Immobilier Du Kirchberg M&G European Property Holding Company S. r.l. Mg Technologies SumUp Holdings Luxembourg SumUp Holdings MIDCO S. r.l. CMI TECH5I LUXEMBOURG S. r.l. BCS Grance s. r.l. Coventry Investment S. r.l. CARNESA S.A. Premiere Global Services International S. r.l. CALI Europe JSS Global Real Estate Fund Master Holding Company S. r.l. Couche-Tard Luxembourg Banque Transatlantique Luxembourg Etix Financial Holding Europe S. r.l. SOCIETE ANONYME DES EAUX MINERALES DE BECKERICH S.A. Tilon S. r.l. CASTERA S. r.l. Candriam Luxembourg RETAIL HOLDINGS S. r.l. Turaz Global TRM S. r.l. Quasar Investment S. r.l. Novartis Investments S. r.l. Grant Thornton Tax & Accounting CVC Advisers Services S. r.l. CVC Advisers Company (Luxembourg) S. r.l. CVC Advisers (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Greif Nevada Holdings Inc, SCS Ctp Property Lux Engelhart CTP Group S.A. AP Holding S. r.l. CAMERON LUX V SARL CAMERON LUX GLOBAL FINANCE SARL Rockwell Collins Latin America Holdings AIM Services S. r.l. KWASA Europe S. r.l. M&G European Property Fund SICAV-FIS Epsom Ashley S. r.l. DRAGON S.A. M&G European Property Finance Company S. r.l. Yesss Group (E) S.A. Spinnaker Holdco S. r.l. UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A. TEMENOS SOFTWARE LUXEMBOURG S.A. Greeneden Lux 3 S.r.l. Farma Holding SARL SAMSIC Luxembourg LORFLEX S..r.l. Euro Harbor Luxembourg SARL STAHLBETEILIGUNGEN HOLDING S.A. CHAMP CARGOSYSTEMS S.A. PATINVEST S.A. Kleopatra Holdings 2 Regis International Holdings S.r.l. Seta Holdco S. r.l. OBG Lux SA Systemat Belux SYSTEMAT Luxembourg PSF S.A. PhotoTechLuxco 2 S.A. PhotoTechLuxco 1 S.A. Ming International Synergie Partners SARL ADAM OFFERGELD II - ADAM OFFERGELD LUXEMBURG G.m.b.h. & CO K.G. Clt-ufa RTL AdConnect International S.A. RTL BELUX S.A. & Cie S.E.C.S. S&P Global European Holdings Luxembourg S. r.l. MAZE Srl Immobilire Match Motion Ii German Holdings SARL BANQUE BCP, S.A. Luxembourg Contact Centers S.r.l. ConTerm Srl AI Prime & Cy S.C.A. G.I.TE.N. Groupe International des Technologies Naturelles Gi Luxembourg Wood Holdco S. r.l. Kamoheart Investments S. r.l. Atento Luxco 1 Atento S.A. Vigeo Safety Lux S. r.l. Gc Europe SA Icamap Investimento Grossfeld Developments S..r.l. Pinnacle Founders Holdings SARL HERMALUX S..r.l. Taishan Investments S. r.l. Tereos Luxembourg SA INTERLEASING LUXEMBOURG S.A. CEBI Rassurance S.A. FIELD SICAR S.C.A. Winvest Conseil S.A. CBA CONSEIL Ikos International Midco II S. r.l. SAS Shipping Agencies Services Srl Origin Enterprises Luxembourg S. r.l. Hewlett-Packard Vision Luxembourg S. r.l. Enterprise Services Luxembourg S. r.l. MOSELTANK A.G. Compagnie Europenne De Gestion Et De Participations Interpublic Group of Companies Holding (Luxembourg) S. r.l. BlackRock Lux Finco S. r.l. BlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A. IWG Global Investments OXW Aylesford SARL XEON INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE FINANCE Fidelity Funds DXC Technology Luxembourg S.A. DXC Lux 5 S. r.l. CSC COMPUTER SCIENCES S.A. Jaccar Holdings Marsh & McLennan Companies Finance Center (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Marsh & McLennan Companies Holdings (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Marsh & McLennan Europe S. r.l. Hoche Partners Revival 2 S. r.l. AXA DBIO S.C.A. B&D Finance SA LUX FRAIS S.A. FLIT - PTREL, SICAV-SIF S.C.A. ERES APAC II (GP) S. r.l. Trapeze Its Luxembourg Db Re Adria News S. r.l. CREOS LUXEMBOURG S.A. AvR European I S. r.l. Levine Leichtman Capital Partners Europe II SCSp Chart Industries Luxembourg S.r.l. AAM International S. r.l. BOTTEGA VENETA INTERNATIONAL S. r.l. GOLDEN PARTNER INTERNATIONAL S.A., SPF Socit Nationale Des Chemins De Fer Luxembourgeois Kimberly-Clark Luxembourg Finance S. r.l. Njord Terra Lux SARL Cae Investments Azimut Investments S.A. Cargill International Luxembourg 2 S. r.l SIBELUX S.A. KUHN CONSTRUCTION S.A. BAROLUX S.A. BLACK S. r.l. Attalus Arcelor Investment S.A. ArcelorMittal Treasury Financial Services S. r.l. VEREF I Invest Co 4 S. r.l. Kronospan Energy S.A. & Cie HIB INVEST S.A. Euro ExLogix S. r.l. Alpha Private Equity Fund 6 (SCA) SICAR EIF Soparfi A S. r.l. EIF Soparfi B S. r.l. EIF Soparfi C S. r.l. DEREIF SICAV-FIS La Franaise Am International Terminal Investment Limited Holding SAAEM S.A. FMS Services STENA INVESTMENT S. r.l. NEMALI S.A. Quinn Industries Holdings Luxembourg S.r.l. SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH Luxembourg Finance S.A. ESO Real Assets Investco I S. r.l. SOFIBIM S.A. STODIEK ARIANE I S.A. Plastipak BAWT S. r.l. EDITUS LUXEMBOURG S.A. Rudolph Cargo Srl SCHRODER INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (EUROPE) S.A. GLOBAL-SOLUTION S.A. FRHI Hotels & Resorts S. r.l. BORASCO S. r.l. Toubkal Holding SA Cidra S. r.l. Outlet Site JV S. r.l C. KARP-KNEIP MATERIAUX S.A. SABIC Luxembourg S..r.l. ODYSSEY GROUP S.A. JBS Luxembourg S. r.l. GIP Development Aw Real Estate Uk Sandton Credit III (Luxembourg) S.r.l. Tarkett GDL S.A. SKYLINERS S.r.l. Flix GIORGETTI S. r.l. G-Finance S. r.l. Deka International S.A. FS Infrastructure S. r.l. CONSTELLATION HOTELS HOLDING LTD S.C.A. Constellation Oil Services Holding S.A. PARTHENA REYS PERENNIAL FUND S.C.A., SICAV-FIS AMO Holding 17 S. r.l. Pestana International Holdings S.A. CHC Helicopter Holding S. r.l. CHC Helicopter (1) S. r.l. CHC Helicopter (5) S. r.l. CHC Helicopter (2) S. r.l. Cinven (Luxco 1) S.A . Cinven (Luxco 2) S.A . Erste Reinsurance S.A. Cnp Luxembourg Cattleya S.A. SICAV-RAIF Euro Real Estate Britain I S. r.l. Ifco Systems Luxembourg Aramark S. r.l. Ingram Micro Luxembourg MUFG LUX MANAGEMENT COMPANY S.A. Allianz Strategic Investments S.a r.l SK Spice D'IM S.A. Belron OPS S. r.l. Belron Luxembourg S. r.l. Belron Group SA Garage Martin Losch S. r.l. ANDRE LOSCH, FONDATION Used Cars By Losch Losch Services S. r.l. CIEP Participations S. r.l. SICAR Dd Brazil Holdings Tension II LuxCo 4 S. r.l. Luricawne Wind S. r.l. Terminal Investment Limited CFL terminals VENTE-PRIVEE.COM HOLDING S.A. Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics S.A. Zebra Lux Holding S. r.l. Blackrock Strategic Funds SICAV (dr.Eur.) D'IETEREN VEHICLE GLASS S.A. H Invest Lux 2 PROPINVEST HOLDING S.A. Patron Galina S. r.l. Cfl Cargo EBENIS SA Pegasus Shipping S. r.l. Argos VIII Lux GP S. r.l. PM-INTERNATIONAL AG MAX INTERNATIONAL A.G. HELOISE PROPERTY S.A. Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A. ORANGE BUSINESS LUXEMBOURG S.A. SEA-TANK INTERNATIONAL S.A. CFL Multimodal s.a. CFL Logistics Dallmayr Distribution Automatique S..r.l., Luxembourg CORNING VENTURES S. r.l. LCN Management Company S. r.l. DSI International Luxembourg S. r.l. DSI Underground Holdings S. r.l. DSI Construction Holdings Luxembourg S. r.l. Corporation Financire Europenne S.A. Root Topco S.a r.l. UNION INVESTMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A. Business & Decision Luxembourg S.A. Hanes Global Supply Chain Europe S. r.l. ITEK GLOBAL S. r.l. LOUV S.r.l. NWL Luxembourg Holding S. r.l. Mountpark Logistics EU S. r.l. ITA Hotel Investments Holdco 2 S. r.l. Dupont De Nemours (Luxembourg) BNP Paribas Lease Group Luxembourg Bnp Paribas Leasing Solutions BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management Luxembourg Greenstars Bnp Paribas CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE CARE SERVICES HOLDING S. r.l. TREBOROUTIL S. r.l. EAST COAST S. r.l. ECOGREEN SA EC Consult S.A. Via (Lux) 4 S. r.l. Alpha Private Equity Funds Management Company Credit Suisse Private Equity Platform Management S. r.l. AZ Electronic Materials SARL DAVID S.A. Alan Allman Associates International Shango Lux S..r.l. Agilent Technologies Luxco S. r.l. A1 Investment Red Grafton II SARL Ksm Investment Pictet & Cie (Europe) S.A. KARMI INVEST S. r.l. Global Hospitality Licensing S. r.l. Arcano Fund Elisandra S. r.l. Tension II AcquiCo S. r.l. ACMO S. r.l. Tango KWASA PRISMA 2 S. r.l. NSS Pelican S. r.l. Edmond De Rothschild (Europe) Edmond De Rothschild Asset Management (Luxembourg) Socit Luxembourgeoise de Commerce International GLL Management Company S. r.l. Libertis S. r.l. GCL Holdings S. r.l. Arvo Investment Holdings S. r.l. FERRERO TRADING LUX S.A. Akuo Energy International Roshen Group S. r.l. Universal-Investment-Luxembourg S.A. Sofinim Lux CVI CVF II Lux Securities Trading S. r.l. CVI CVF IV Lux Securities S . r.l. PPG LUXEMBOURG FINANCE S.R.L. Cargill International Luxembourg 3 S. r.l Cargill International Luxembourg 1 S. r.l Sabre International (Luxembourg) S. r.l. LDF65 S. r.l. B & B Invest Lux 1 B & B Invest Lux 3 Onyx Bremen S. r.l. Aveleos S.A. Xenon AIFM S.A. Time and Life S.A. AELSION INVESTISSEMENTS S.A. JAX S.A. Crane International Capital S. r.l. Hercule Debtco S. r.l. TEVACO S. r.l. Supply Chain S. r.l. Mount Street Dublin Real Estate S. r.l. FANUC Europe Corporation Heico Luxembourg S. r.l. Cognizant Technology Solutions Luxembourg S. r.l. S&P Global Holdings Luxembourg S. r.l. CHRISTAL S.A. MILFIX S.r.l MTO LUXEMBOURG S.r.l. Lord's Walk S. r.l. Adinan Midco S. r.l. KIEZ IMMO X s. r.l. Valburton Investments OXYLUX S.A. ProLogis UK III S. r.l. GLP Co-invest S. r.l. Motor Reinsurance Company Knight Lux 2 S. r.l. United Europe 2019 Infinity Holdco S. r.l. Qatar Holding Luxembourg II S.r.l. AluK S.A. PREFALUX CONSTRUCTION S.A. Roper Luxembourg Holdings Orascom TMT Investments S. r.l. CCPEPF 5G Intermediate S. r.l. Eurofins Food Testing Lux Holding Eurofins International Holdings Lux Eurofins Genomics Lux Holding Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing France LUX Holding Eurofins Hydrologie France LUX Holding Advanzia Bank S.A. PLANTATIONS DES TERRES ROUGES S.A. Bamboo Financial Inclusion Fund S.C.A., SICAV-SIF OCM ReDes Holdco S. r.l. CCP 5 Belgium Holding S. r.l. Skype Communications SPI Group S. r.l. Gaming Invest S. r.l. Socit Financire Des Caoutchoucs BIIP S. r.l. Platinum Office Topco S. r.l. Platinum Office Investment S. r.l. URMET DOMUS INTERNATIONAL S.A. KERNEL HOLDING S.A. Fox International Channels Luxembourg S. r.l. Fox International Channels Europe Luxembourg S. r.l. Reacomex JAB Holding Company s..r.l. Celidoria S. r.l. DuPont De Nemours (Luxembourg) S. r.l. Tower Properties (Luxembourg) S. r.l.

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