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LGT Gruppe Holding AG FIRST ADVISORY BETEILIGUNGS TRUST REG. LNR TRUST REG. Adamra Stiftung WUSCHI FOUNDATION Tradewinds Establishment Hilti Aktiengesellschaft DORBAT TREUHAND- UND VERWALTUNGSANSTALT Akira Holding Foundation DOGANA LIMITED Sogeral Foundation EMBA STIFTUNG in Liquidation Artifax Company Establishment Liechtenstein Global Trust Aktiengesellschaft (in Liquidation) IFM INDEPENDENT FUND MANAGEMENT AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT FIRST ADVISORY TRUST REG. KRONOSPAN AG LGT Bank AG Park Tower Holdings Establishment Mevinlop Trust reg. Talvik Trust Services AG Polma Anstalt TROPA HOLDING LIMITED Megatech Industries Aktiengesellschaft The NED Foundation Blu Capital Ltd. I.E.M.E. Import- Export Middle East Limited in Liquidation Donald Kaufmann GULF AGENCY COMPANY LIMITED MINIMUM FINANZIERUNGS ANSTALT ETABLISSEMENT MIDANO in Liquidation JEEVES GROUP CONSULTANTS AG Horizon International Trading AG ADANA TRUST REG. BELLEVUE INVEST GROUP AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT GEMBALLA Limited Perlen Immobilien Investitions Anstalt TD Consultancy Aktiengesellschaft OLAYAN INVESTMENTS COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT Banque Havilland (Liechtenstein) AG Mulbana Import-Export Company Establishment IDF Anlagegesellschaft AG mit veränderlichem Kapital in Liquidation Swiss Life (Liechtenstein) AG Quantum Leben AG Tracomest Trading Company Limited in Liquidation Protec Trust Management Anstalt Athos Family & Business Services (Liechtenstein) AG in Liquidation Rohner Computer AG EUROFACTOR ANSTALT Eltax Rubber Trade Corporation PMO SERVICES SA in Liquidation Orbis Consulting Establishment in Liquidation Hefco Investments Establishment SWIFTS International GmbH COMMERCIAL AGENT LIMITED in Liquidation Liechtensteinischer Bankenverband eingetragener Verein Ship Manager Establishment Alpha Capital Anstalt Construction and Finance Aktiengesellschaft Euro Realty AG MZM TRUST HOLDING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT MZM Trust Holding Aktiengesellschaft Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft AG Watch Me Anstalt DOLBERG FINANCE CORPORATION ESTABLISHMENT Etablissement Amra RAMO REAL ESTATE ESTABLISHMENT INMET ESTABLISHMENT WORLDWIDE CARGO ESTABLISHMENT The A.G. Leventis Foundation THE SULIMAN S.OLAYAN FOUNDATION iConsult Establishment BOCARDO SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME HOFIN ANSTALT in Liquidation AUCTORIANA-ANSTALT Royal Tiffany Anstalt IMT Financial Advisors AG Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft in Liechtenstein AG IGT INTERGESTIONS TRUST REG. CENTRAL-TREUHAND-INSTITUT reg. Treuunternehmen BLACK & DECKER (OVERSEAS) GmbH NOUVELLE CASSIUS Fondation Swarovski International Distribution AG INTERLINGUA ANSTALT FONDATION ANNUNZIATA FONDATION ROSSIE CH Commercial Holding S.A. KPH Anstalt T.V.A. Anstalt LITEXCO INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED FONDATION CANISI PERLIER INVESTMENTS COMPANY LIMITED ETABLISSEMENT DE FINANCEMENTS ET DE PARTICIPATIONS D'OUTRE-MER (FINAPAR) ACC Holding Limited European Art Aktiengesellschaft ROYTRADE ESTABLISHMENT ALRANE INVENTING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT FONDATION SAZ M.C.C. Export-Import Establishment BDO (Liechtenstein) AG N.I.S. New Investment Solutions (Liechtenstein) AG L&G (Liechtenstein) AG HOLDING FÜR INDUSTRIE-BETEILIGUNGEN AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Liechtensteinische Landesbank Aktiengesellschaft FONDATION BIGOR Timber Hill (Liechtenstein) AG Blockstar AG SARFIX GmbH H-STABLES AG in Liquidation Interstock Anstalt Nordtimber Aktiengesellschaft TECHNO SERVICE INTERN. LIMITED ITSC FAMILY FOUNDATION Eberle Service AG ZTN TRAINING & CONSULTING ESTABLISHMENT INTERNATIONAL COMPANY SERVICES SOCIETE ANONYME ABC Technik Consulting Aktiengesellschaft savedroid FL GmbH Topolino Consulting Establishment Alvier Asset Management AG The Ingleby Company GmbH Seamark Foundation Softserve Holding Aktiengesellschaft Anjost Investment GmbH ART Management GmbH IIA Immobilia Invest Anstalt Aida Asset Association Aktiengesellschaft Euro-Finanz Treuunternehmen reg. HilCap Asset Management Trust reg. First Trust Management AG SERCOR TREUHAND ANSTALT GN Treuhand Anstalt Aseolo S.A. Tripenso AG MUTUAL CONSULTING ESTABLISHMENT Horizon Industry Consult AG UNIMETAL INTERNATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT SERPROCOR ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Falknis Group AG IMAGO Anstalt Crypto Macher Management GmbH Analytic Management AG VolDan Investments Limited Protecta Treuhand-Anstalt VERSORGUNGS- UND FÖRDERUNGSSTIFTUNG Versorgungs- und Förderungs-Stiftung Bittrex Global GmbH European Distribution Trust reg. Jagsttal Real Estate GmbH Liechtensteinische Gasversorgung PARENTA HOLDING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT PGS Holding AG i.L. Machner Holding Stiftung Liechtenstein Tourismus Finaport (Liechtenstein) AG Fondation Agenor Société Internationale de Crédit SIC Société Anonyme Natum Foundation Speko International Aktiengesellschaft CANESTAL AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Anstalt HELENA ISP Europe GmbH Pro-One AG Michaeli Stiftung in Liquidation Liechtensteinischer Krankenkassenverband (LKV) GESELFINA SOCIETE ANONYME Prime One AGmvK in Liquidation Befin Beteiligungs Aktiengesellschaft PUCCI FOUNDATION in Liquidation CONCEPT ENTERPRISES CO. ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation VALHAL EXCHANGE LLC T.H.E. Network Company Limited Helvetia Resources Establishment First Balkan Establishment Xceedance Actuarial & IT Services GmbH Finanz Administration pro Europa AG in Liquidation Luda Stiftung SM Secure Mobile Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation Barchetta Foundation Overseas Business Services Establishment TATA ENTERPRISES OVERSEAS LIMITED THE MICHEL KLAT CHILDREN'S SETTLEMENT Picea Anstalt Hogmore Media AG ProFinova Management & Holdings AG LEGACY A.M. AG Minolda Establishment ARTHA Treuunternehmen reg. PHOENIX Verwaltungs GmbH VanEck ETP AG Creoox AG EM Capital GmbH ARTEX AG THE CHYRON TRUST Etablissement de Participations Financières et Commerciales in Liquidation Madea Aktiengesellschaft Amba - Credit Anstalt Genar Aktiengesellschaft PROKURATIONS-ANSTALT Weingarten Foundation Allgemeine Technik-Invest Anstalt ETABLISSEMENT CORATER in Liquidation Herbert Ospelt Anstalt Rhenus Handels- Aktiengesellschaft Liechtenstein Olympic Committee (LOC) Gefica Industries AG Liechtensteinische Holzindustrie AG Optima Investment Consulting Aktiengesellschaft ImmoDor AG thyssenkrupp Presta Aktiengesellschaft International Mujo Import-Export Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation OC OERLIKON BALZERS AG SIMARO AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Infotech Aktiengesellschaft General Company for Paper and Equipment Establishment Nabur Aktiengesellschaft THM AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT IRADA AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT PAV Präzisions-Apparatebau Vaduz, Aktiengesellschaft Alkus Aktiengesellschaft Grun Kapital Stiftung Vaduz KeMiChem International Sociétà Anonima Batliner Gerard Frick David Gruppo Mondiale Establishment in Liquidation IVOCLAR VIVADENT AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT PROFESSIONAL TRUST REG. in Liquidation EFG BANK VON ERNST AG GASSNER PERSONALBERATUNG ESTABLISHMENT / Personal Gastro Job Center Personal Castellum Fiducia Trust reg. Metal Trade Company Establishment Service and Technology of Europe AG (in Liquidation) HRS Real Estate AG DDF Foundation BRASK THOMSEN Stiftung Toni Bargetze Architekt SIA Anstalt für Generalunternehmungen Amatech AG SBB Insurance AG IMO Trading Corporation Limited A-fin-services AG Monte Shipping Limited in Liquidation Trust Time Establishment Alfred Studer AG in Liquidation Martin Marxer SAFAK S.A. in Liquidation Ernst Nigg jun. ALLIED FINANCE TRUST ANSTALT Alpila Gastro Service Anstalt Ländle-Markt Triesen Establishment in Liquidation Universal Construction and Trading Company Establishment

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