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Akira Holding Foundation Doman International Anstalt Martin Hilti Familien Treuhänderschaft Malpa Trading Anstalt T.V.A. Anstalt BRASK THOMSEN Stiftung Protec Trust Management Anstalt KRONOSPAN AG Talvik Trust Services AG FONDATION NIRMO Holtkemper Transport AG FOLIN UNIVERSAL TRUST REG. DORBAT TREUHAND- UND VERWALTUNGSANSTALT DRAGOFINA INVESTMENT TRUST REG. GEMEINNÜTZIGE STIFTUNG PRO DIMORA House of Blockchain e.V. AMAXA Establishment in Liquidation HILKINS Limited METCHEM ANSTALT E. Abaroa Foundation GULF AGENCY COMPANY LIMITED H.K.L. Holding Stiftung Gerhost Stiftung COTTONEX ANSTALT QUORUM Anstalt Orbis Consulting Trust Establishment Bacardi & Company Limited GILMAR PROJECT FINANCE Establishment SUBWAY Systems International Anstalt PALAMAS ESTABLISHMENT CC Capital AG NOOMADI RESORTS AND RESIDENCES AG SALERIS ANSTALT NOBLE GROUNDS FOUNDATION OLAYAN INVESTMENTS COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT FIRST ADVISORY TRUST REG. ERLENBERG ANSTALT WORLDWIDE CARGO ESTABLISHMENT Financial Management Aktiengesellschaft in Konkurs TAROM FOUNDATION INTERVERLAGS - ANSTALT Etablissement Cosmeplast WABFIN FINANZHOLDING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Unvia Trading Limited in Liquidation FONDATION CANISI ETABLISSEMENT DE FINANCEMENTS ET DE PARTICIPATIONS D'OUTRE-MER (FINAPAR) adRom Holding AG FIRST ADVISORY BETEILIGUNGS TRUST REG. CRYPTO COUNTRY ASSOCIATION (CCA) e.V. CLS Trading AG Genar Aktiengesellschaft The Roy Export Company Ltd. AIRFLEET CREDIT CORPORATION ESTABLISHMENT in Liquidation Equilex Trust Reg. EDENTA ETABLISSEMENT AMCO APPLICATION MODERNE DE LA CHIMIE ORGANIQUE ETABLISSEMENT Domar Board Services Anstalt Thesaurus Holding Anstalt Zenith Trust reg. ELECTRONIC Products International Etablissement Villon Aktiengesellschaft EUROFIRM TRUST ESTABLISHMENT INTEROGO FOUNDATION SEDES TREUHAND ANSTALT TRANSFINA Treuhand Treuunternehmen für Handel, Industrie und Finanzierung reg. HARWIN ENGINEERS Société Anonyme JESTAR Establishment FONDATION DAGANEVE Fondation Majusyl AMOOX FINANCIERE DE PARTICIPATIONS SOCIETE ANONYME AMSUD ANSTALT CANOPUS CAPITAL AG in Liquidation Royal Residence Anstalt SIGMA Bank AG First Accounting Establishment VTO Vireton Etablissement ETABLISSEMENT UNITEL in Liquidation K.C. SHASHA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION DAIRYFARM ESTABLISHMENT Domar Treuhand- und Verwaltungs-Anstalt CLAVIS TRUST REG. PEU Invest Etablissement ETABLISSEMENT LANDECO TRUEBLUE VENTURES - Luxury International Consulting AG PRODUCT-TRADE LIMITED heyfood GmbH Dres. Hefti & Jakob Ärzte GmbH in Liquidation GLOBEMUSIC ESTABLISHMENT TenX Payments Europe AG ADASTRA ANSTALT GRENADIN ANSTALT PROKURATIONS-ANSTALT Tradewinds Establishment Alfred Studer AG in Liquidation The Strike Club Investment Holding Company Establishment Bie-Tech Anstalt LITRUST AG H. Turnauer Stiftung Balda Foundation Etablissement Capitrop EUROFACTOR ANSTALT Kerika Establishment Eltax Rubber Trade Corporation SEA-EXPRESS CORPORATION in Liquidation NACOM Handels AG ALPELA ESTABLISHMENT Hefco Investments Establishment THF AG BELLE UNICO INTERNATIONALE MÖBELAGENTUR AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Pro Finance International Trust & Consulting AG LGT Bank AG TEXTILE CONSULTING COMPANY LIMITED in Liquidation DOLBERG FINANCE CORPORATION ESTABLISHMENT GLOBEFIN ANSTALT PFHC AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT TVE Tenerife Vacation Establishment Aktismellon Establishment The A.G. Leventis Foundation CAROLITO STIFTUNG in Liquidation U.V.A. Unternehmens- Verwaltungs- Anstalt BOCARDO SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME Alamona Aktiengesellschaft TRANS-CONTINENTAL LEAF TOBACCO CORPORATION LIMITED Park Tower Holdings Establishment AUCTORIANA-ANSTALT Sagena Investment Establishment Liechtensteinisches Landesspital CARITATIS STIFTUNG COMPETROL ESTABLISHMENT ROYAL TIFFANY ANSTALT Mevinlop Trust reg. Brighter Vision Foundation ESCAN Treuunternehmen reg. TRANSRECO TRADING ESTABLISHMENT DEUX CENT NONANTESIX Fondation FONDATION GWDI in Liquidation FONDATION DORMEUR Infra Engineering Establishment in Liquidation SWAROVSKI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT INTERLINGUA ANSTALT FONDATION TIBETANIA FONDATION ANNUNZIATA FONDATION ROSSIE SUNPARADISE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT PENSIONSKASSE DER IVOCLAR VIVADENT AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT SAN SUN AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Polma Anstalt EUROKURANZ AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation RENTIL ANSTALT in Liquidation Interogo Treasury Trust reg. Oerlikon Balzers Coating AG RUKET Management and Finance Aktiengesellschaft Etablissement INTERVELO PERLIER INVESTMENTS COMPANY LIMITED ETABLISSEMENT EMERY ALDO Holding Aktiengesellschaft FREJMON AG European Art Aktiengesellschaft Mimir Anstalt MULTIVALOR ANSTALT in Nachtragsliquidation Geloni Foundation FONDATION GASSURP Fundationsanstalt AMERIA INVEST AG FONDATION ERTE Colima Anstalt COPADMIN ANSTALT Cognitor Establishment Karoma Import Export Company Limited in Liquidation FONDATION EOLOS Bank Frick & Co. AG HABSBURG ADVISORY TRUST reg. ARMA TRUST REG. EXESA Anstalt Executive Pro Management Aktiengesellschaft FONDATION BIGOR PRESTIGE PROPERTIES SOCIETE ANONYME A.A.S. Auto Abichou Salem METACHEM AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT SPICA Holding AG FONDATION DONASE SOLANO FOUNDATION CARSTEN Trust reg. SWISS SANA AG Huber Raphael Intersyn Laboranstalt SELVA TRUST REG. Fairview Anstalt Stefan Frick Crypto Valley Capital AG SOVERIN Foundation in Liquidation TREUGA Establishment Hilti Equipment Corporation FRANZ-MARTIN-STIFTUNG Olga Martin-Montis Stiftung INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO & COTTON ESTABLISHMENT International Chemical Engineering Establishment P.L.P. SERVICES AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation COMIDA FOUNDATION LANDSBERG FOUNDATION Gemeindeverwaltung Vaduz GUICA Aktiengesellschaft Stefan Hassler Rechtsanwalt AG TenX Finance GmbH AETERNITY CRYPTO FOUNDATION HOSTEX ESTABLISHMENT NEWPORT PARTNERS ESTABLISHMENT LGT Gruppe Holding AG IVALSA Etablissement Hermann Quaderer, Autoelektrik, Aktiengesellschaft Softserve Holding Aktiengesellschaft Anjost Investment GmbH ALUZINC Aktiengesellschaft VASU Establishment FONDAZIONE LAMARMORA DROS FAMILY LIFE AG ICONOMI AG ELEN-EX AG Forteum Trust reg. Gregor Power Anstalt Malraux Anstalt First Trust Management AG SERCOR TREUHAND ANSTALT Intersurgical Aktiengesellschaft Hope Real Estate Establishment LUTRO STIFTUNG CB Capital & Business Solutions AG Perfect Business Service Anstalt MEAT - TRADE AG BEAL GmbH in Liquidation NRG AG Tripenso AG Etablissement TRADIN VillaRita Stabilimento MNS HOLDING AG APL Academy for Hotel and Tourism Management in the Principality of Liechtenstein Aktiengesellschaf ADMAND AG NAJADEN ESTABLISHMENT ETABLISSEMENT FAUVETTE Dagora Aktiengesellschaft DRONE CHAMPIONS AG TURNOU ANSTALT Maltas International Anstalt FONDATION ARMANDIA PLASSER & THEURER BETEILIGUNGS- UND FINANZIERUNGS-AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Hilti Family Foundation Liechtenstein TANGENT ANSTALT Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation MIKA ANSTALT in Liquidation Roter Helm Anstalt

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