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Talvik Trust Services AG Protec Trust Management Anstalt FIRST ADVISORY TRUST REG. Holtkemper Transport AG TAROM FOUNDATION Doman International Anstalt Martin Hilti Familien Treuhänderschaft PAMUCA ANSTALT E. Abaroa Foundation WABFIN FINANZHOLDING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT LIFE MONUMENT Foundation CARITATIS STIFTUNG FONDATION NIRMO Akira Holding Foundation CC Capital AG U.V.A. Unternehmens- Verwaltungs- Anstalt Fairview Anstalt Sagena Investment Establishment ERLENBERG ANSTALT FONDATION SAINT CHARLES HARWIN ENGINEERS Société Anonyme Mobil Oilsystems Aktiengesellschaft GENERAL CONSTRUCTION (EUROPE) AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT INTEROIL AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT COTTONEX ANSTALT KRONOSPAN AG Thesaurus Holding Anstalt Bacardi & Company Limited Watch Me Anstalt DORBAT TREUHAND- UND VERWALTUNGSANSTALT LNR TRUST REG. Helvetia Schweizerische Versicherungsgesellschaft in Liechtenstein AG FONDATION ROSSIE Etablissement Cosmeplast ICC INTERNATIONAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY AG in Liquidation DAIRYFARM ESTABLISHMENT TREUGA Establishment STOCKEN BOARD AG BRASK THOMSEN Stiftung H.K.L. Holding Stiftung Kesma Establishment Gerhost Stiftung THF AG Domar Board Services Anstalt Zenith Trust reg. Crown Finance Foundation in Liquidation Aktismellon Establishment SUBWAY Systems International Anstalt Mevinlop Trust reg. FONDATION DORMEUR JESTAR Establishment Unvia Trading Limited in Liquidation CANOPUS CAPITAL AG in Liquidation UVV Holding Establishment NOOMADI RESORTS AND RESIDENCES AG Executive Pro Management Aktiengesellschaft FONDATION DONASE SWISS SANA AG Cartina 80 Establishment Neon Exchange Aktiengesellschaft Anjost Investment GmbH X & A MARKETING AND HOLDING LIMITED in Liquidation Gable Insurance AG in Konkurs LITRUST AG Sihl Tower Immo AG BENDURA BANK AG EUROFACTOR ANSTALT LGT Gruppe Stiftung Virgo Anstalt Amco Application Moderne de la Chimie Organique Société Anonyme INTAL EUROFIN AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT TEXTILE CONSULTING COMPANY LIMITED in Liquidation INTERFLOAT Corporation Hilti Aktiengesellschaft FARMER FOUNDATION Financial Management Aktiengesellschaft in Konkurs DRAGOFINA INVESTMENT TRUST REG. CAROLITO STIFTUNG in Liquidation BOCARDO SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME Villon Aktiengesellschaft EUROFIRM TRUST ESTABLISHMENT Imperium Beteiligungs-AG TRANSFINA Treuhand Treuunternehmen für Handel, Industrie und Finanzierung reg. FONDATION CROIX DU SUD AFRIQUE FONDATION GWDI in Liquidation REMAR STIFTUNG RENTCO AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT T.V.A. Anstalt Elin und Erik Jensen Stiftung adRom Holding AG European Art Aktiengesellschaft AMSUD ANSTALT AMERIA INVEST AG CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT FIRST ADVISORY BETEILIGUNGS TRUST REG. RUANA COPPER CORPORATION ESTABLISHMENT Colima Anstalt PME Pumpen Technik GmbH PRESTIGE PROPERTIES SOCIETE ANONYME R. UND H. BATLINER ART FOUNDATION FONDATION ISTANJAC Exprimia AG GULF AGENCY COMPANY LIMITED INTERNATIONAL TOBACCO & COTTON ESTABLISHMENT EPF - GLOBAL CAPITAL Establishment LIMAG Management und Verwaltungs-Aktiengesellschaft ATTICUS FOUNDATION Vala Establishment FILMS DE LA MADELEINE ETABLISSEMENT en Liquidation MHH Trading Aktiengesellschaft CLS Trading AG Pro Festival Foundation BHL GmbH NOBLE GROUNDS FOUNDATION Stabilimento PICCI ADMAND AG Landinvest Anstalt Nidden Ltd. Orlux Holding AG Genar Aktiengesellschaft PROKURATIONS-ANSTALT Ekon Anstalt in Liquidation OLAYAN INVESTMENTS COMPANY ESTABLISHMENT Optima Investment Consulting Aktiengesellschaft DDF Foundation Extra Divers Worldwide Dive Center & Hotel Management AG Swiss Life (Liechtenstein) AG Mahrberg Wealth AG GTL General Trust and Leasing Company reg. The Strike Club Investment Holding Company Establishment CARCOUSTICS (LIECHTENSTEIN) AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Bie-Tech Anstalt Bike Concept AG Ivoclar Dental-Anstalt Etablissement Capitrop Kerika Establishment Liberty International Aktiengesellschaft Balli Stiftung Carena Aktiengesellschaft in Liquidation MTK INDUSTRIES S.A. Orbis Consulting Trust Establishment Hefco Investments Establishment Eurofin Anstalt SBB Pharma SA Revalier Establishment ALLIED FINANCE ASSET MANAGEMENT AG General European Finance & Investment Trust reg., (GEFI Trust) OMBRIE STIFTUNG COREP REAL ESTATE PROPERTY HOLDING LTD. in Liquidation FOSBURY FOUNDATION in Liquidation Kindle Gschwend AG Peter Marxer & Josef Karl Hier & Michael Johannes Burger & Heinz Grabher & Peter Marxer jun. & Robe SAGMA HOLDINGS ESTABLISHMENT CRANE Invests Anstalt WORLDWIDE CARGO ESTABLISHMENT BIRGIT NILSSON Foundation GEMEINNÜTZIGE STIFTUNG PRO DIMORA TRANS-CONTINENTAL LEAF TOBACCO CORPORATION LIMITED VALORSEC ANSTALT Andreew International AG INTEROGO FOUNDATION Sutivan Investments Anstalt COMPETROL ESTABLISHMENT MARXER IMMOBILIEN ANSTALT SEDES TREUHAND ANSTALT FONDATION SOCINDEC HYPPOKRENE AG TRANSRECO TRADING ESTABLISHMENT MGN Limited Wealth-Assurance AG GERDA TECHOW GEMEINNÜTZIGE STIFTUNG NOUVELLE CASSIUS Fondation April Salome Sustainable Forest Management Project Foundation SWAROVSKI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Swarovski International Distribution AG Cotta Collection AG LEONIDAS Société Anonyme FONDATION BATRES FONDATION DAGANEVE JOHNSBACH STIFTUNG Titus Establishment SUPRALON International Aktiengesellschaft Puer Foundation Conceptas Anstalt Llama Trust Reg. TROPIAN INTERNATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT Interogo Treasury Trust reg. KPH Anstalt NORDRIL SUPPLIES AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT in Liquidation KEMOIMPEX - Aktiengesellschaft Helmuth M. Merlin Stiftung SILVER TORCH FOUNDATION SILVER SECURITY ANSTALT in Liquidation ETABLISSEMENT DE FINANCEMENT IMMOBILIER PERLIER INVESTMENTS COMPANY LIMITED ALDO Holding Aktiengesellschaft SETIMO AG Telemail Securities Trust AG Anstalt Europäische Handelsgesellschaft The NED Foundation ROLDAL Company Establishment ALRANE INVENTING AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT alex schutz familienstiftung Crocodile Capital GmbH FONDATION MARION VICTORIA PREUSS Sele Frommelt & Partner Rechtsanwälte AG C.M.C.-OILFIELD SERVICES Société Anonyme Atlantic Import- Export Aktiengesellschaft FILEX IMPORT-EXPORT ANSTALT Karoma Import Export Company Limited in Liquidation TEXKLER IMPORT-EXPORT SOCIETE ANONYME in Liquidation I.E.M.E. Import- Export Middle East Limited in Liquidation P. Feger AG Alu Invest Aktiengesellschaft N.I.S. New Investment Solutions (Liechtenstein) AG Salt (Liechtenstein) AG Service Trading Corporation EXESA Anstalt SELE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Etablissement LA GRINTOSA A.A.S. Auto Abichou Salem METACHEM AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT CATFIL (Liechtenstein) AG FLIN VENTURES AG CARUM ANSTALT CONFIRMA ANSTALT Castell Stiftung FONDATION TURANGALILA E.F.T.-Xanet Energy Trading AG Interstock Anstalt K.C. SHASHA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION SELVA TRUST REG. MBF Foundation PSC FOUNDATION A.C.S. Société Anonyme in Liquidation Takirra Holding Aktiengesellschaft International Education-Establishment International Chemical Engineering Establishment INTERNATIONAL CONNY ESTABLISHMENT ETABLISSEMENT SOUTA UNIMAT Anstalt LANDSBERG FOUNDATION CSC'Company Structure Consulting AG March International Aktiengesellschaft GDP FOUNDATION House of Blockchain e.V. First Participations AG PIPKIN FOUNDATION Jupiter Connect AG Alvier Asset Management AG

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