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LIMON COMPANY (FAKHOURI & CO). ETABLISSEMENTS ANTOINE MASSOUD SAL Joseph Antoun Trading Est SAHEL GENERAL HOSPITAL Fakhry Law Firm International Lotteries Operators Sal - Ilo OPERATORS SAL Emec - Etco Medical Equipment Co. Sarl BEIRUT INTERNATIONAL SARL CARGO LEADER S A R L Cedar Beirut - S.A.R.L BEIRUT SURGERY CENTER SAL C.A.T Offshore Sal Azal Management (Offshore) Sal BMB SYSTEMS OFFSHORE S A L saga collection Beirut Brokerage Corporation BEIRUT AL BARAKA BANK LEBANON S A L BYBLOS BANK SAL BEYOND BEIRUT Bank of Beirut & the Arab Countries sal Bank of Beirut (BOB.LBSE) Bank Of Beirut Etoile CONSULTING & ENGINEERING ENERGY ENGINEERING & SERVICES SAL (OFF-SHORE) Security Engineering SECURITY ENGINEERING SAL ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS LIMITED Engineering Services Company SAL GENITEC ENGINEERING OFFSHORE SAL ENGINEERING TECHNICAL OFFICE Sds Engineering C.A.T. Offshore ALATURCA OFFSHORE LTD Astrum Offshore SAL A.T.S. Sal Offshore Atomium Sal - Offshore Ingénieurs et Entrepreneurs Associés sarl BANQUE BEMO SAL BLOM BANK S.A.L BSL BANK SAL BLOMINVEST BANK SAL BLOM DEVELOPMENT BANK SAL BYBLOS INVEST BANK SAL B.L.C. Bank S.A.L Byblos Invest Bank Byblos Insurance Company Sal Le Relais de L Entrecote Société Internationale De Transport Maritime LES FILS DE CHAFIC HALWANI SARL Etablissement les Fils de Louis Abaji LES FILS DE SARKIS MENDILIAN Les Fils De Chafic Halwany Les Fils De Chafic Halwany Les Fils De Chafic Halwany Boutros (Societe Commerciale Les Fils De R.) Sal Bohsali Rached, Les Fils De Chammas Elie D. 'Les Fils De'- Carrara Near East Industrial & Commercial Company Chaya Sleiman (Les Fils De), Sté Beydoun Youssef Mohamed 'Les Fils De' Ets. Les Fils De Louis Abaji Chafic Halwany, Societe Des Fils De M Ezzat Jallad et Fils CCF Holding (LIBAN) S A L MAN HOLDING SAL IT Holding SAL CC ENERGY HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Core Holding SAL MIMO HOLDING S A L IZ HOLDING SAL Cape Holding Sal D.S SAL (HOLDING) Ch And H Holding Sal EURO CHEMICAL HOLDING COMPANY SAL Cedrim Holding Sal Cedarcom Holding Sal ER Holding SAL CGC HOLDING COMPANY SAL CTC Holding SAL Camiga Holding Sal B&M HOLDING SAL CARE INVEST HOLDING SAL GAME COOKS HOLDING SAL Ch And H Holding Sal ALAM HOLDING S.A.L Arab American Company Sal Offshore Ariana Limited S.A.L Offshore Arabia G I S Sal Offshore Arabian Free Shops Sal - Offshore GHALAINI-ABIR EST FOR TRADING AND MANUFACTURING Abraco SWIFT FREIGHT INTERNATIONAL SARL SOCIETE LIBANAISE POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT & LA RECONSTRUCTION DUCENTRE VILLE DE BEYROUTH SAL GLASS & ALUMINIUM CO El Baba Est. for Aluminum Aluminium Abbas Top Aluminium Nassar Aluminum Est. Aluminum Company Aluminium OT Nagd Aluminum Hatem for Aluminium Est Carmen Est For Aluminium Power Aluminium Est Gest Aluminium SHAMMAS SERVICES Sucre Sale SMARTSOURCE COTRA S.A.L (OFFSHORE) RAZIN (OFFSHORE) SAL CTC Offshore SAL MAPS Offshore SAL JWT OFFSHORE SAL Comtrax Offshore SAL REAL BERLINE II SAL (OFFSHORE) DALMA SAL OFFSHORE ATS Industrial Offshore SAL AZAD OFFSHORE SAL Rawada SAL (Offshore) SYLVER RAY OFFSHORE SAL JWT SAL OFFSHORE TRADENET OFFSHORE SAL MIMAR SAL OFFSHORE TELINFRA OFFSHORE SAL BEIRUT MARRIOTT HOTEL Morgan International MERPI International MERPI International Morgan International ENERGY AUTOMATION Med Energy Energy International Corporation Sarl Mets Energy ENERGY PARTNERS SAL Mets Energy East East West East West Arts & Gems East West Resources Sarl MERIT REAL ESTATE SAL MERIT CORPORATION SAL MERIT SAL (HOLDING) Merit Corporation MERIT SHIPPING S.A.L. Merit Corporation M.N.J.P Holding MIRAS SAL MYKI SAL MAK SAL INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION Architectural Aluminium Technics (A.A.T) SAL SKOUN, LEBANESE ADDICTIONS CENTER Atelier D'etudes Techniques Et D'architecture A Et A Sarl SOCIETE TABBARA POUR LE COMMERCE & L'INDUSTRIE SAL Olive & Oil Olive and Oil American University of Culture & Education . AUCE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF CULTURE & EDUCATION, AUCE Addict Soliver Olive Graden Soci‚t‚ Tabbara pour le Commerce et l'Industrie EUROMENA CARE HOLDING SAL SOCIETE SIRENE SARL SIREN ASSOCIATES LIMITED La Sirene Financial Management Enterprise Sal Financial Management Enterprises Holding Sal Le Cimentier Investment (Offshore) SAL ALFA SECURITY SARL PHOENIX CLINICAL RESEARCH SAL (OFFSHORE) AZURE FUND (HOLDING) SAL RESEARCH INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT SAL HOLDING P.I.DEV SAL (HOLDING) PROJECTS DEVELOPMENT SAL PEARL DEVELOPMENT SAL GLOBAL MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT SAL (HOLDING) TRIPOLI DEVELOPMENT HOLDING SAL Business Investment And Development Holding Sal H M DEVELOPMENT HOLDING SAL F & H DEVELOPMENT HOLDING SAL HORIZON DEVELOPMENT HOLDING S A L Development Ventures Holding SAL Acres Development Holding Sal Perpetual Holding SAL HOURIE DEVELOPMENT SAL AZM FOR DEVELOPMENT SAL (HOLDING) H & C LEO BURNETT SARL Saab Associates Saab Associates R.F.A GLOBAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) M.A. Amache Est Iradat Holding SAL Libanica LibanPack LEVANT INVESTMENT BANK SAL Libanica REAL ESTATE SAL Real Estate Trust SAL Resource Real Estate SAL Real Face PRIME Real Estate JSK Real Estate Bridges Real Estate city real estate CAC Real Estate baz real estate REAL CAPITAL SPECIALIZED MANUFACTURING TRADING & CONSULTING CO SAL (OFF-SHORE) GUARDIA SYSTEMS SAL Janssen-Cilag Le Brillat Le Chef SOCIETE LIBANO-ARABE DES EAUX MINERALES SAL Société des Eaux Minérales Libanaises SOCIETE DES EAUX MINERALES LIBANAISES Société des Eaux Minérales Libanaises SOCIETE LIBANAISE DES SOURCES DES EAUX DE TANNOURINE S A L Shadows Ameublement - D‚coration S.I.D.I.A. sal.- Soci‚t‚ d'Importation et de Distribution Automobiles SAUDI LEBANESE SHOALA SAL Sita, Soci‚t‚ Internationale De T‚l‚communications A‚ronautiques SODETEL SAL Stow Stouhi Steel Shadows Soto S O D I Stayha STOW WATERFRONT SAL (HOLDING) Mega Prefab INTEGRATED PHARMA SOLUTIONS SAL (HOLDING) MAHER TRADING & CONSTRUCTION CO SARL TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT SERVICES S A R L Waves SKYLINKS TELECOM SAL CHAIN STORE SARL Leo Car Rent A Car STEEL MARKET SAL (OFF-SHORE) Zed Holding SAL Link Holding SAL BB HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) LINTEL HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Lamartine (Holding) SAL BEVEN INTERNATIONAL SAL (HOLDING) CAROLINE INVEST HOLDING S A L BA UNITED SAL (HOLDING) BD HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) OLT SAL (HOLDING) YALIN SAL (HOLDING) Bouri Group Holding Sal Boudargham (Holding) Sal Albert Massaad Albert Massaad Albert Massaad sarl Al Mayass Al Majal Al Mayass Food's Good Sarl Food Inc Sal Food's Good Sarl Sara Sea Food Bazar Food Inc Sal LIBRA FOOD S A R L LAMA FOOD INTERNATIONAL SARL Sea Food Bazar SOHA & AFIA FOOD TRADING LTD SARL Motion Offshore SAL STON CAPITAL OFFSHORE SAL Boston Scientific Middle East Sal Offshore At Stones Jade Stone Sarl SOLUTION INTERNATIONAL SAL OFFSHORE BEAM INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFFSHORE) SOCIETE INTERNATIONALE DE TELECOMMUNICATION S A R L SIGNATEL SAL (OFF-SHORE) SITE TECHNOLOGY OFFSHORE SAL NEW TECH SAL (OFF-SHORE) Aqua Technologie Over Seas sal offshore FORWARD TECHNOLOGIES (OFFSHORE) SAL CSCBANK S.A.L. Cheico S.C.S CISCO SYSTEMS Call Saj T Square Telnet Services T Square Broadnet BROAD NET TECHNOLOGIES SARL BROAD NET SARL Union Shipping &Chartering Agency sal Arab Shipping & Chartering Co. Stars SOLAR ENERGY CORPORATION LTD SARL Sawan Solar Systems Kypros Solar Systems 3 F LEBANON SAL Lebanon Station M 1 REAL ESTATE LEBANON SAL Aquatech Engineering and Contracting sarl Computers Company International Computer and Communication Systems International Computer and Communication Systems SPIRO CO SARL ACC PROPERTIES OFFSHORE SAL PEG SERVICES SAL OFFSHORE SHARIKAT AL-ISTISMARAT AL-OROPIA LIL SHAREK AL-AOUSAT HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) PANAI SAL OFF SHORE B.G.H. FOR FRANCHISING AND LICENSING SAL (HOLDING) MHD TELECOM SAL (OFF-SHORE) RAYON DE LUNE SAL UNITED TELECOM SARL TELECOM SERVICES GROUP SARL QUASAR SARL TRUST TELECOM SARL REGTONE FOR TELECOM SERVICES CO. SARL Auto Show Automobile Star Auto SOCIETE D' IMPORTATION ET DE DISTRIBUTION AUTOMOBILES S A L Auto Sport AUTO STARS Company SELAATA CHEMICALS CO SAL REFRIGERATION & CONDITIONING CO 2 S A R L Middle East Real Estate Opportunities 2 RA2YAK apps2you Che Man2ouche MCI2 SAL Miras 2 Click 2 Travel PAMCO INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFFSHORE) IN2INFO SARL Falafel Abou André (2) MOBILE INTERIM COMPANY MIC2 3a Zaw2ak NET 2 SHOP SARL POWER & INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY CO SARL Pamco Group Plaza 2000 Apps 2 YOU 3a Zaw2ak PHOENIX INDUSTRIES HOLDING S A L (HOLDING) PHOENICIA TRADING - EGYPT SAL (OFF-SHORE) Phoenicia Arab Hotel Management 'Pam' sal PHOENICIA OIL CO SAL PHOENICIA INTERNATIONAL PHEONIX TRADS OFFSHORE PHOENICIA UNIVERSITY PHENIX INVESTISSEMENT SAL Phoenicia Pharmacy PHOENIX MANAGEMENT SAL PANACHE CO SARL. Pinocchioa Panache Panacea Health Club SMEDS INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF SHORE) SICOM OFFSHORE SAL (OFF-SHORE) Beirut Development 1 SARL Banque Du Credit Agricole, Industriel Et Foncier Adam Cleaners Adam Fashion Est ADDIMA Adam Adam Bakery Adam Adam & Eves Adaymi SN FONCIERE PROJECTS GLOBAL LTD GLOBAL TRADE ESTABLISHMENT CATALAN SAL (OFF-SHORE) Lynx Internet Lyne Lynn LYNX PROPERTIES SAL Min Zaman MIN ILA MIDDLE EAST FINANCE & INVESTMENT SARL AL-MAL INVESTMENT CO SAL (HOLDING) M1 Finance Investment Limited PARTNERSHIP Le Charcutier Aoun Super Stores sarl PREMIER LEISURE SAL (HOLDING) The Lebanese for Amusement & Leisure sarl Biel ' Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center Leisure Hill SAL PACIFIC COMPANY SAL (OFF-SHORE) OPTIMUM INVEST SAL EIDEAL SAL Eid Junior Sal Eideal S.A.L. GENERAL CAMPOMATIC SARL GREEN & CO INFO-SYS OFFSHORE SAL TIKRIT ESTATE II OFFSHORE SAL Chƒteau Kefraya CHATEAUX KEFRAYA SAL Chateau Ksara CHATEAU MARSYAS SAL KKODD SAL NATIONAL COMPANY FOR ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION ANDCOATING - ALUMIX SAL NBN Television ARAX RESTAURANTS so restaurant Apo Restaurant Fish Restaurant so restaurant ARAX RESTAURANTS Apo Restaurant Tatiana INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS SAL CCC SAL White LA COMMERCIALE S A R L EGL, Inc Excillis Finance Co. Sal RHF Services SAL BIJOUTERIE AL-MADINA Bilal Nakhal Bijouterie Azzam bijouterie Al Barrak Bijouterie Badr Bijouterie Bijouterie Maamari Bijoutec PHARMACIE BADRE Pharmacie Abou Habib PHARMACIE GEBARA PHARMACIE AL-KELLIAH DABBOUS MEGA SUPPLIES SARL SABBAH MEDIA CORPORATION SARL Ad Space Media Sarl WE FOR MEDIA SARL TRANSMEDITERRANEAN SAL TRANSMED LEBANESE HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Trans Mediterranean Airways Transporters TRANSMART CO LTD Trans Mediterranean Airways TRANSMEDICAL FOR LIFE Transmog Inc Gis Transport Cr Computers Computer & Communication Services COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE DESIGN Computers & Communication Technology (CCT) International Computer & Communication Systems 'Icc' Sal COMPUTER COMMUNICATIONS AND SERVICES AND SOLUTIONS S.A.R.L International Computer & Communication Systems, Icc CCT SARL COMPUTER AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY Computers & Communication Technology (CCT) Computer & Management College, Cmc COMPUTERS & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY COMPANY - LEBANON SAL Computers & Communication Technology, Cct Gcc, General Computers & Communications CCT INTERNATIONAL Cct Chehab Industrial and Medical Gases NATURAL GAS DISTRIBUTION COMPANY SAL G AND A SAL G. Ayanian & Sons . GAS Phoenician Arts sarl THE PHOENICIAN EAGLE GROUP SAL (HOLDING) PHOENICIAN INVESTMENT HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) PHOENICIAN FUND 1 HOLDING SAL PETROLEB SARL Petrolebanon SODIPAC SAL (OFF-SHORE) ACE INSURANCE BROKERS SARL ARAB REINSURANCE CO SAL THE OVERSEAS INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CO SAL BERYTUS INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CO SAL PLATINUM REINSURANCE BROKERS SAL NASCO LEBANON INSURANCE BROKERS SAL Adir Insurance & Reinsurance Co SAL BROKTECH INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE BROKERS SAL Berytus Insurance and Reinsurance Company Berytus Insurance & Reinsurance Co. S.A.L SOCIETE NOUVELLE DE LA BANQUE DE SYRIE & DU LIBAN SAL Arab Reinsurance Company BARENTS RE REINSURANCE COMPANY, INC. GENERAL REINSURANCE SERVICES LTD SARL SYNERGY RE BROKERS SAL Middle East Assurance and Reinsurance Co.(Mearco sal) Daher & Cie LA LEVANTINE Capital Daher Capital Holding SAL Abdul Kader Establishment for General Trade & Enterprises MARFAA QUINDICI QUINDICI SAL I Quit Smoking Lebanon Sarl Antiquites De L'heritage - Ismat Halwany QUANTA SAL QUANTECH SAL QUADRAKIM SAL QUICK SARL Quantum Stores ROBOCOM V- R SAL (OFF-SHORE) Master Travel Mawasem (El), T.B. FOODSTUFF & CONSUMER GOODS SAL TERRANET SAL TerraNet MARITIME MANAGEMENT SERVICES SARL MARITIME MANAGEMENT SERVICES SAL (OFF-SHORE) TRADE INTERNATIONAL S A L INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT SAL (OFF-SHORE) INTER-WORLD SAL (OFF-SHORE) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) TAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING SAL OFFSHORE INTERNATIONAL TRADING GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) INDUSTRIAL AND TRADING COMPANY SAL (OFF-SHORE) INTERNATIONAL OIL TRADING & SHIPPING S A R L International Oil Trading & Shipping Sarl RIG INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) TELL INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) TRIMEX INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) NAHAS FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE SERVICES SAL(OFF-SHORE) INTERNATIONAL MEDIA SERVICES SAL (OFF-SHORE) METALEX INTERNATIONAL TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) INTERNATIONAL BRANDS SAL (OFF-SHORE) QUANTUM INTERNATIONAL TRADING SAL (OFF SHORE) International Timber Corporation Sal (Offshore) EL FIL TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) El-Fil Trading Sal Offshore METRO TRADING COMPANY SAL (OFF-SHORE) I Team Offshore I.P.T Offshore Inventis Corporation SAL Offshore GLOBAL TRADE AND INVESTMENT SAL (OFF-SHORE) INVESTMENT & TRADING COMPANY S A L TRAD & CO S A L INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND TRADING COMPANY SARL INTERNATIONAL TRADING CORPORATION MONAMI INTERNATIONAL TRADING S A L Partners International for Trading & Services SOCIETE SB INTERNATIONAL TRADING SARL Arab Investment Bank S.A.L. AUDI INVESTMENT BANK SAL Audi Saradar Investment Bank sal Cedrus Invest Bank Sal LUCID INVESTMENT BANK Al Riaya (Caisse Mutuelle Des Services Medico Sociaux) BOJI & JERRY GROUP SARL Arab Finance House ARAB FINANCE HOUSE SAL SARADAR FAMILY OFFICE SAL Arab Finance House Azzi Est. for Furniture Furniture Anwar City Of Furniture Al Farah Furniture Azzi Furniture Akl Furniture Citi Furniture SEGUIBAT SA PHOENICIA TRADING (AFRO ASIA) SAL OCEANE SARL Banamo Investments Holding Sal Active Identity Active Identity BLUE TECH SAL Elite Snow Mountain Real Estate SAL UNITEX COMPANY MINA ELITE FOR INDUSTRY SARL Elite Snow Mountain Holding Lebanon Elite Elite Island S.A.L Elite Elite Insurance Consultant - S.A.L Elite S.A.R.L Elite Falitex Sesitex NATHALITEX ESTABLISHMENT Parfum D'Elites Ajitex BIOPHARM SARL Algorithm Algorithm PHARAON INVESTMENT GROUP LTD SAL (HOLDING) LUNASOLUTIONS OFFSHORE SAL MOBILE SOLUTIONS OFFSHORE SAL (OFF-SHORE) SERTA SOLUTIONS (OFFSHORE) SAL Information Management Solutions Sal Offshore PATH SOLUTIONS SERVICES SAL- OFFSHORE WI SOLUTIONS OFFSHORE SAL OMEGA FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS SAL (OFF-SHORE) Infotech Business Solutions Sal (Offshore) G SOLUTIONS SAL OFFSHORE ICS SOLUTIONS SAL (OFF-SHORE) PRIME SOLUTIONS SAL (OFF-SHORE) GLOBAL FOODS SAL CAPORAL AND MORETTI SAL MINT CONSULTING & CONTRACTING CO SARL FATAYRI & CO SARL Can Do Contractors Mafa Consultancy Services Inc. SOCIETE D'ENTREPRISES & DE GESTION SARL Société D'Entreprise et du Bois (S C E B)Fils Assaad Fares Gemayel SOCIETE D'ENTREPRISES ABDELRAHMAN HOURIE SAL S E M L Semsom GEO TRADE SAL (OFF-SHORE) Levant Trading Company LTC SAL (Offshore) Affiliated Trading Company Sal Offshore HAIR TRADING SAL (OFFSHORE) Fawaz General Trading - S.A.R.L FOODSTUFF GENERAL TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) ASA TRADING SAL OFFSHORE FINA GRAIN TRADING CO. SAL (OFF SHORE) ORIMED SAL - OFFSHORE C. FOOD INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) AMIN AOUR MIDDLE EAST FOODS SAL (OFF-SHORE) C-Food International Sal Offshore SDG SAL (Offshore) A B B ELECTRICAL COMPANY S A L Bank Med BANQUE MISR LIBAN SAL Banque Misr Liban Banque Misr-Liban S.A.L Stork Club DISTRIBUTION & STORAGE COMPANY SAL NOVA MED SARL MIDDLE EAST UNIVERSITY SAINT GEORGE HOSPITAL UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER LEBANESE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER - RIZK HOSPITAL SAL Interliban. Intercool Intercool Ltd. Interlink Intercool Inteltec BELLA PHARMA SARL Imar Engineering Co. Sarl Imara MEBCO BANK (MIDDLE EAST BANKING COMPANY) S A L BABA SAMIR TOYS S A R L Bank of Lebanon LEBANON & GULF BANK SAL Federal bank of Lebanon GULF AGENCY (LEBANON) LTD Gulf Agency Company (Lebanon) LGB Lebanon & Gulf Bank 3m Gulf Ltd. - Lebanon Branch International Bank of Lebanon Bank Egypt Lebanon Lebanon and Gulf Bank MYSK SAL (OFF-SHORE) Joseph Aziz Fares Trading Est. Joseph E. Salameh Est. for Agriculture & Trade Joseph Semaan Abou Akar Trading Est Joseph Rachid Atallah Trading Ests Alameh Bros Co. for Trade Akiki Brothers Trading sarl Badr Bros Trading Est Chartouni Brothers For Trade Aoun Bros Trading Est Joseph Azar Trading Est Joseph Aoun Trading Est Ammar Bros. Trading Est. Antoun Bros Trading Butchery Dargham Bros For General Trade Co Abi Assaf Brothers Trading Company Bakri Bros Trade & Industry Ammar Bros Trading Co. sarl SARI TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) ABOU KOKO Ramage Al Amana Real Estate Est. Amana Plus Sal Al Amana Sarl Amana Insurance Co Amana Care Amana Co Amana Capital Amana Insurance Co. Sal Amana Capital JOF HOLDING SAL TASSOCO SARL INTER ALIMENT SAL (OFF-SHORE) Market OBER MOYEN ORIENT S A L PIERRE FABRE MOYEN ORIENT Capital Trust Real Estate Holding SAL BG CAPITAL SAL (HOLDING) Capital Cities S.A.L Holding REMCO SARL NATGAZ SAL METRANS SARL INNODEV JOUZOUR LOUBNAN ASSOCIATION LEBANON REFORESTATION INITIATIVE RARE RED DIAMOND SAL INTERNATIONAL CENTURY CORPORATION LEBANON HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) INDAFO OFFSHORE S.A.L BANKMED SAL BankMed AXIR OFFSHORE SAL (OFF-SHORE) HAND HELD PROFESSIONALS SAL OFF-SHORE Handhealds Professionals ZR GROUP SAL (HOLDING) PHARMAMED SAL PHARMAMED SAL ETS JOSEPH ABI KHALIL Abou Khalil Abou Khalil Bros Est Abi Khalil Taslif AZANI TRADING CO Estates ESTATES SAL NAH PROPERTIES SAL Z ENERGY SAL (OFF-SHORE) ALL STEEL S A L Steel Art Steel Techno Steel Est STEEL SAL Simon Steel Steel Smith Sultan Steel Co Pipe Line Industries Iwan Maktabi IWAN MAKTABI SAL ARCENCIEL Sara Hydro Sarafia ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT CAPITAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) UNIVERSITE SAINT JOSEPH DE BEYROUTH - USJ UNIVERSITE SAINT JOSEPH DE BEYROUTH - USJ JAFRA FOUNDATION AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT - AUB Aubusson Melki 'Ashrafieh' AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT MEDICAL CENTER -AUBMC Au Bar AUB MEDICAL CENTER Aub - American University Of Beirut American University of Beirut . AUB Bau - Beirut Arab University A.U.B Bulletin Aubepine AUB Archeological Museum AUB Continuing Education Center AUB Allumni Assosiation Club Est. Aubepine Trading First National Bank FIRST NATIONAL BANK S.A.L. First National Business Lebanon Sal FNB First National Bank First Nutrition Cedar Hills - S.A.L CEDAR HILL AGRO INDUSTRIES CHAI SAL Cedar Hills - S.A.L ACHRAFIEH 5223 SAL Fal Tower (Ashrafieh) Sal Achrafieh 1289 Sal Live Achrafieh Achrafieh 292 Sal Ashrafieh Pharmacy Achrafieh 16 Sal Societe Achrafieh 784 SAL Achrafieh 4748 Sal Achrafieh 5418 Sal Fashion Tv Arabia Foot Avenue ASHRAFIEH 2223 SAL GROUP 4 SECURITY SYSTEMS LEBANON SAL FALCON FILMS LEBANON SARL Fly Lebanon IFC . International Finance Co. Lebanon LIVE LEBANON FLEMINGO INTERNATIONAL LEBANON SARL Abouhamed Merheb Nohra Chamoun and Chedid Fayed Lighting FCR For Loans The Fig Leaf ACHRAFIEH 5223 HOLDING SAL AL ACHRAFIYA INTERNATIONAL FOR THE COMMERCE OF FOOD PRODUCTS 3762 Achrafieh Sal Ashrafieh, Parktower Suites Cine Klik NENUPHAR SAL (OFF-SHORE) SOCIETE ALLURE SARL M. A. Chidiac Studio COJOY SARL GEORGES ZAHAR & CO SAL MA CONTRACTING & TRADING Mohamad Amir Jrab Est IPI GROUP HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) BMB INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) INTER GULF SARL INFOTECH UNIVERSAL TRADING CO SAL (OFF-SHORE) Agricola Trading ( Off Shore ) sal SHRIMPY INTERNATIONAL, LEBANON HEAD OFFICE Abdo Francis Est Elie Abdo Furniture MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL & TRADE OFFICE Parfums Aline Brand offshore sal JOE WORLDWIDE OFFSHORE SAL African Royal Trading Offshore Sal - Offshore Auditing & Consulting - Abi Merched Office Atto, Arab Travel & Trading Office UNDP UNDP - AHDR UNDP RBAS Regional Programme Division Soundos Aldo Fusari Blue Field Offshore Design & Build Offshore Co CANA FIN SAL (OFF-SHORE) Financial Funds Advisors International Sal Allied Systems Group Co. sarl Action Production GOLDEN SQUARE SAL Golden Hall Golden Magazin Golden Heart Golden Sheep Golden Paper Golden Tiger Est Golden Key Ven-Invest Holding Ven-Invest Holding MONTY HOLDING MONTY HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Khoury Home Home in Lebanon Happy Home CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL COMPANY AGRICULTURAL MATERIALS COMPANY SAL MIQDADI A.M.C. Agricultural Materials Company sal Elie Aoun Est. for Building Materials Construction Material Company, CMC Building Material Marketing Co. Ltd. (Erika) Agricultural Materials Co SARA FOR BUILDING MATERIALS SAL HIGHWAY MOTORS Doctors At Home BUILDING MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES SAL (OFF-SHORE) Hanna Motors Allied Trading & Building Materials HydePark Hebdo Magazine HEALTH IN MOTION Agricultural Materials Company (Miqdadi) Lebanon Building Materials S.A.R.L HOLASKY MESSENGER SK POWER CONSULTING & CONTRACTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Ar Consult Buildings Maintenance & Sub _ Contracting Main Gate Computer Maintenance & Services ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES SAL TECHNO LIGHT LEBANON SARL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIAL AND TECHNICAL EQUIPMENTS CO GENERAL MANUFACTURING & MAINTENANCE SARL Advanced Technology for Maintenance Services sarl Buildings Maintenance & Sub- Contracting Co. Sarl (Bms) Advanced Construction Technology & Engineering ACTE sarl Techno Cars TECHO SOUND Advanced Technology For Maintenance Service, Atms Acts, Advanced Construction Technology Services *.Technology Sarl Technology Sarl Technical Agricultural & Trade sarl Techno Cars Tech Trax C.I.T.E.C., Construction Industrial & Technical Equipments Co C & M TRADING - S.A.R.L MOTACO CONSTRUCTION CO MAC CONSTRUCTION CO LTD S A R L Maken Construction Eg Construction CONSOLIDATED INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES MENA Tech White Mountain Technologies Ansa Construction MIDDLE EAST TECHNOLOGY FOR CONSULTANCY AND SERVICES (MET-CS) MENA Tech Maken Construction CIRCLE TECHS TREE TECH PREMIER INVESTMENT GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) MASE SAL Atlantis ATD INTERNATIONAL S A R L SPECTRUM INVESTMENT GROUP SAL (HOLDING) BUSINESS MACHINES OF LEBANON PRODUCTS & SERVICES SAL GlobalCom Data Services CONSOLIDATED GROUP FOR INDUSTRY & COMMERCE SARL NATIONAL PC SAL DROGUERIE DE L'UNION SAL CROGUERIE DE L'UNION POLO TRADING Polo Travel MOKA LIBANI SAL (OFF-SHORE) Bent Al Hoda 'Ets.' Benito Berty Pharmacy Saint Joseph University PURPLE CONCEPT SAL SANI CONCEPT SAL Capital Concept Sal A Concept - S.A.R.L Saga Concept MIDDLE EAST CAPITAL GROUP SAL International Mechanical Group 'I.M.E.G.' - S.A.R.L MECHANICAL ENGINEERING OFFICE SARL Imecc - S.A.R.L JACTECO MECHANICAL SARL MEAPRO SAL (OFF-SHORE) SPORTS COMPANY SAL SOLIFIB SAL SOGEX S A L SOLECRA SAL SADCO SAL SOPARCO SARL SETS SARL SOLIPRO SOFFA SAL INTERNATIONAL TIMBER COMPANY SAL AREEBA SAL GREY WORLD WIDE MIDDLE EAST NETWORK GREY WORLDWIDE DIRECT ME NETWORK (GREY DIRECT) Ashghalouna SUKOM INTERNATIONAL SAL NETCOM INTEL SARL INTERNATIONAL FOOD PROCESSORS S A R L SYMA INTERNATIONAL SARL Brain International Sarl SUPPLIERS INTERNATIONAL S A R L DAREEN INTERNATIONAL SARL MIDCO TRADE INTERNATIONAL S A R L FREE TRADE INTERNATIONAL S A R L FAIRCO INTERNATIONAL SARL FER UNION INTERNATIONAL SARL Academia International sarl Alh International S.A.R.L DUTY FREE INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) ZAHREDDINE GROUP Dr. Tony Ghorayeb Intramuro CEDAR TELECOM SARL TRUST TRADING & TECHNOLOGY CO SARL NGEN TELECOM SARL TRUST & TRADERS SARL TRUST TRADING SARL DISH TELECOM SARL REEL INC S.A.L TRUST PAINTS WALID JRAB FOR TRADE & INDUSTRY Trust Taxi TRUST CONSULT Golden Land Real Estate Gloss MEDITERRANEAN OIL SHIPPING & TRANSPORT CO. SAL MIDORIENT INVESTMENT & PROMOTION SARL MODERN IMPORT AND DISTRIBUTION CO SAL Fata Al Amen Fatafeat MIMAR TRADING SAL Webtech Wireless Levant Co CADENCE The Atrium SAL The Atrium Holding SAL Atrium Architecture Sarl Atrium Atrium Cafe AL WAFAA TRADING CO S A R L Al Wafaa Aqua Man Azhar Lebanon Azhar Lebanon ALLTEK LEBANON S A L ADIDAS LEBANON S.A.L. Agrico Lebanon ABC LEBANON Al Sawan Company Lebanon Alamco Lebanon Arab Bank Lebanon AYLA LEBANON SARL Al Sawan Company Lebanon Al Sawan Company Lebanon Alltek Lebanon sal AQUA LA VIE La Viennoise INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL AND CONSULTING LTD Immae Fonciere Sal Solidere Management Services SAL Solidere International Holding SAL SOCIETE LIBANAISE DE FACTORING SAL LEBANESE CONSTRUCTION AND CONTRACTING CO SAL SOCIETE LIBANAISE POUR LE COMMERCE DU COTON SAL SOLIDERE SAUDI ARABIA (A SAUDI JOINT STOCK COMPANY) SOLIGRAN HOTEL SAL Soliver SOLIFAC . Societe Libanaise de Factoring Scalini Air Sea Consolidation International Co Sarl - A.C.I.Sarl Sloanes MINA B.H.C. SAL (HOLDING) MIDIS GROUP LTD NETWAYS SARL Netways Netways BEIRUT KINGDOM HOTELS SAL CONTINENTAL GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) INTEGRATED POWER TECHNOLOGIES SAL (OFF-SHORE) SITE TECHNOLOGY SAL Natural & Technical Water Co INTELTEC SAL Industrial Technologies International Gateway Technologies B.U. Tech ISN TECHNOLOGIES SIS TECHNOLOGY I TECHNOLOGIES LTD SARL Rafco Water Technology KINETIC TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED SGFL . Societe Generale Financieree du Liban Soci‚t‚ G‚n‚rale de Banque au Liban SGFL . Societe Generale Financieree du Liban Best Rent A Car BEST RE FAROS SHIPPING COMPANY SARL Black Pearl Petals & Pearls Black Pearl Black Pearl Petals & Pearls Black Pearl ZOUHEIR MOURAD SARL PUBLICIS MEDIA LEBANON SAL COSMASHINE SARL The Gallery Beauty Home Gallery Miss Beauty Rockland Co. ROCKLAND CO SARL COFITRA SAL (OFF-SHORE) Sakr Holding SAKR LAW SAKR LAW SEA SPIRIT ENTERPRISE SAL (OFF-SHORE) NUMBASE CFH INTERNATIONAL BVI LTD CHEMICAL TRADE COMPANY SAL (OFF-SHORE) CHEMICAL COATING Chemical Coatings CPlus ROYAL FINANCIALS BML ISTICHARAT S A L BML ISTISHARAT S.A.L Bml - Istisharat Sal CAP Partners SAL (Holding) Echo Holding Company Sal Cedar Trust S.A.L (Holding) Miss Carol CDS Holding CAT Holding SA Semaan & Soberman Engineering Company Semaan & Soberman Engineering Company OMT WESTERN UNION OMT . Western Union OVERSEAS PETROLEUM TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Arab Finance House S.A.L (Islamic Bank) UNIVERSITE DE LA SAGESSE REGIE LIBANAISE DE PUBLICITE SARL MED PHARM Medica Middle East Abdel Nasser Malakeh Trading Est Abdel Nasser Malakee Trading Est. Abdel Nasser Malakee Trading Est, Anm JUBAILI MOUKARIM GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) DIAMONY INTERNATIONAL Diamony Chartex Est AMB GROUP SARL Amb Group S.A.R.L. Arij For Contracting 4C INVEST HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Unifert International UNIMEC INTERNATIONAL LBC INTERNATIONAL LOUIS SABBAGH INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Al Dar DAR HANDASAH CONSULTANTS SAL DAR AL-HANDASSAH SARL DAR AL-HANDASSAH INTERNATIONAL - NAZIH TALEB & PARTNERS - CONSULTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) DAR AL-HANDASAH CONSULTANTS SAL DAR AL HADAEK GROUP Al Dar FOUAD RAHI ET FILS RC International RYMCO RC International A.A Kassar Sal Offshore Bcom Offshore Sal SCITEK OFFSHORE SAL TOUCH Professional Touch Touch C.C ENERGY DEVELOPMENT SAL (OFF-SHORE) DELTA NEAR EAST SAL (HOLDING) MODERN ELECTRIC Acar Emile & Fils Ingenieurs Antoine Barmaki - Ingénieur Civil M I T FOR EXCHANGE Bureau Ingenieur Assaad Bardawil Association Arménienne De La Culture Et De L'Enseignement Genie Matisse Events Le Macarnier MOBITEL ESTABLISHMENT L'Ingenieur Antoine Maurice Mattar Ministry of Environment Geenies Tavernier Atwi Est. Mohammed Saleh Est For Industrial & Trading RAWFERT SAL (OFF-SHORE) HARIRI FOODS LEBANESE INTERNATIONAL RENT A CAR (LIRA) LORICO SAL Lebanese International University International Lebanese Healthy Products Netcom Middle East SAL (Holding) SUPPLY NETWORK SOLUTIONS International Distribution Network Offshore Nets Telecom V & S MINASSIAN (ETABLISSEMENTS) LEBANESE VENETIAN BLINDS MANAFACTURING NET SOLUTIONS COMPANY Ciel Du Liban, Ets NTS NETWORK TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS CABLE VIDEO NETWORK S A R L Baghdoyan Hovsep & Son 'Ets.' Il Vignetto TWODEVS.NET Chammas Georges N. 'Ets.' Chammas Georges N, Ets Computer & Internet Services Near East School of Theology . NEST The Associated Consulting Engineers - ACE sal AHMAD NAGI FARES SARL LEBANESE ARAB CO FOR ENGINEERING & CONSULTANCY SAL FINANCE ART & CONSULTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) ARA' - LIBAN FOR CONSULTING & RESEARCH & INVESTMENT SARL Base Consulting Ace - Associated Consulting Engineers Sal Ayad Financial Consultancy Sarl ALDAR CONSULTING SAL Ara Research And Consultancy Sarl Assaf Architectural Consulting F.J. CONSULTANTS SAL Ahmed N. Fares AQRATE CONSULTING ANF Ahmad N. Fares sarl A.N.F. Ahmad Naji Fares Al Fares Al Arabi S & K HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Middle East Real Estate Opportunities LTD Elize Real Estate France SAL Elysees Real Estate France S.A.L. EL SEIF REAL ESTATE SAL FUTURE PIPE REAL ESATE S A L Elephant Real Estate ELITE AUTO SARL Eagle One Real Estate Investment Company SAL Al Soumoud Real Estate Investment Sarl Al Racha Real Estate Investment Co Sal Brei Sal ( Real Estate Investment) Arab Co. For Tourism Investment And Real Estate Sarl (Atirco) MAF LEBANON FOR COMMERCIAL AND REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT SAL Embassy Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran BANQUE DE CREDIT NATIONAL SAL Sinno Trading Company International Igm MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING CO LEBANON SARL MEDITERRANEAN CERAMICS SAL Mariam Nour Mediterranean Shipping Company (Lebanon) Mediterranee Investment Bank Mediterranean Oil Shipping and Transport Company MARCH NGO International Transport Navigation Co THE MEDITERRANEAN & GULF INSURANCE & REINSURANCE CO SAL MEDIATOR SARL MEDITERRANEE INVESTMENT BANK SAL Mediterranean Shipping Company (Lebanon) Mediterranean Authentic Food Company- Mafco sal Mediterranee movenpick Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Lebanon Mediterranean Sea and Gulf for Computer Systems - Lebanon TRASCAL NAVIGATION CO LTD Al Baba Al Balad Alfred's Bar Al Batoul RAYNA CONSTRUCTION S A L Mr. Kabab KABABJI SAL SNA SAL SAFICO SAL SNACKS SAL SAMI DANDAN AND PARTNERS SAL STN SAL Awassef Adnan Holding SAL Azal Moda Holding Sal Axa Holding SAL Massaya Holding SAL AMI SAL HOLDING Best Concrete Products Sal TRUFFLE FILMS SAL (OFF-SHORE) WILLIS TOWERS WATSON LEBANON - INSURANCE BROKER SAL IMPERIAL JET SAL AVERDA SAL (HOLDING) Averda International ACTEL COMPANY AVIANCO COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS S A L Actel Communications PROCOMIX TECHNOLOGY GROUP PROCESS CTSA Holdings CTSA Holdings DK GROUP SARL KPMG SAL (OFF-SHORE) Elie Matta CRYSTAL PALAIS SAL ALFRED MATTA & ASSOCIES SAL THE CIRCLE OF GEMMAYZEH SAL mate co Matta et Associ‚s SALAM LEBANESE ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT COMMUNAUTAIRE AND DIALOGUE MATTA ET ASSOCIES SAL STE GEORGES MATTA POUR L' INDUSTRIE ET LE COMMERCE SAL ACC MATTA SAL Acc-Matta Sal LEBANESE PETROLEUM ADMINISTRATION LEBANESE SECURITIES, INC. Lebanese Textile Company LEBANESE PARKING METERS SARL Lebanese Customs Lebanese Leasing Company LEBANESE UNIVERSITY Lebanese Customs Lebanese Paper Products Co ROCKLAND OVERSEAS SAL (OFF-SHORE) ROCK SYSTEMS EQUIPMENT TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES SAL EQUIPT SAL Systems Equipment Telecommunication Services Systems Equipment Telecommunication Services YKK MIDDLE EAST SAL ABOUSLEIMAN & PARTNERS Maze Solutions GENERAL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES SAL Gezairi Transport Company Gezairi Transport Ramco Trading & Contracting Company Afco Trading & Contracting sarl Arab Limited Est. For Trade & Contracting Arrow Trading & Contracting ASACO TRADING & CONTRACTING CO ALGsco Trading & Industry & Contracting Aixon Contracting & Trading ASACO - General Trade & Contracting Amara for Contracting & Trading Est Asaco General Trade & Contracting ADLOUNI TRADING CONTRACTING COMPANY LIMITED Amad Trading & Contracting Co. Al Azhar Trading & Contracting Ramco Trading & Contracting Company Assaf Trading & Contracting Co. A-Z CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) El Maktab International Sal Offshore ASA INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Beam International S.A.L. (Offshore) A-Z Corporation International Sal (Offshore) Enarco International Offshore Sal Brems International Sal Offshore EMPIRE INTERNATIONAL S.A.L. OFFSHORE Impulse International Sal Offshore Caspian International Services SAL (Offshore) ELECTROTRADE INTERNATIONAL - S.A.L - OFFSHORE ESCALES INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) SARADEX SAL (OFF-SHORE) Sat & Com S.a.l. (off shore) SABAFAR SAL (OFF-SHORE) SAMHA GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) SOCIETE DE NEGOCE INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) M.S.A SAL (OFF-SHORE) SAMIN MANAGEMENT SAL (OFF-SHORE) KAMAR SAL (OFF-SHORE) SHAYARCO SAL (OFF-SHORE) STATURA SAL (OFF-SHORE) BEYMAR SAL (OFF-SHORE) M MARINE SAL (OFF-SHORE) INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTION SAL TOTAL SOLUTION SAL END SOLUTION SAL PRO SOLUTION SARL Beirut Trade II BEIRUT HOMES Beirut Express BEIRUT CONSULTING GENERAL ENTERPRISES & TRADING CO SARL Razin Group (Holding) SAL AZADEA GROUP HOLDING SAL Leaders Business Group Holding SAL MONZA GROUP SAL (HOLDING) NOVATECH GROUP HOLDING S A L GROUP MED SAL (HOLDING) RESOURCE GROUP HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) D Group Holding SAL MONLA GROUP HOLDING SAL MOUNLA GROUP SAL (HOLDING) K&K Group Holding SAL DNY GROUP HOLDING SAL OBEGI GROUP SAL (HOLDING) TABET GROUP SAL (HOLDING) KEEWARD GROUP SAL (HOLDING) IMEX SAL (OFF-SHORE) Benchmark SAL (Holding Company) Lebanon Bakeries FATTAL & TOUBIA SARL ALTA MTS SARL AFRICAN ROYAL TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) ALTANA TRADING LTD S A R L SAUDI LEBANESE FOR TOP TOURIST SARL salut Salute Al Tahi Zaatar & Spices Sarl Altec sarl Raymond Achkar Raymond Azar Est ASDAA ADVERTISING & PUBLIC RELATIONS SARL VIATEK SARL MATHEISSEN ASSOCIATES KING SAL OFFSHORE Assiyana Sal Offshore Impala Sal - Offshore NAYTEL SAL (OFFSHORE) SPACETEL SAL SAWATEL SAL STARCOM SAL Star Sat Co INKRIPT (OFFSHORE) SAL J.W.T SAL (OFF-SHORE) Axis Axis Media Sarl Avid Middle East AXA Middle East ADIDAS MIDDLE EAST S.A.L. Airas Middle East Sarl Avis, Middle East Car Rental Co Axa Middle East Sal Adpi Middle East Diamonds Forever Diamonds Forever Arcade Group Sal COMPTORI NATIONAL POUR LE COMMERCE SAL. Arcadia Academy Arcan Arcade Group Sal ALLIED ENGINEERING GROUP SARL Afrah Group COMECO - ETS KHALED AOUN SISCO HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) POLYMEDICA CO. SARL Bel Accès S & K LOGISTICS SAL (OFF-SHORE) IRIS SAL (OFF-SHORE) LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) HODA LOGISTICS SAL (OFF-SHORE) Azadea Logistics SAL MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA LOGISTICS COUNCIL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Premium Logistics and Support Azal Logistics Sal RADEC LOGISTICS SAL Global Logistics Management LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL SAL (HOLDING) NET LOGISTICS SAL FASTRACK LOGISTICS SAL RED LOGISTICS SAL Middle East Logistics Agency 4 C's Logistics Sal Circuit Empire CARGO GROUP LOGISTICS SARL International Logistics Services Sal Circuit Planete The Coral Oil Company Limited CORAL COMPANY LTD CORAL OIL CO LTD Coral Oil Company Coral Oil Co CMA CGM IPSOS MENA OFFSHORE S.A.L DAR AL SAQI SARL Builders Est BETABAT BUILDING MATERIALS SARL Selico sarl L'AZUR ONE S A R L AZUR TRAVEL & TOURISM CEDERLAND FILM CO Hotel Cote d'Azur SAL SOLAR LAND INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Cedarland Hotel Cederland Hotel American Language Center, Alc Agriland sarl A.M. S.A.R.L (Andre Marcha) UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND Association Pour La Protection De Association Libanaise Pour La Promotion Humaine Et American Language Center American Language Academic Center Cumberland Insurance and Reinsurance Company Agral sarl CONSOLIDATED ENGINEERING CO SAL CONSOLIDATED ENGINEERING COMPANY - KHATIB & ALAMI SAL KHATIB & ALAMI-CONSOLIDATED ENGINEERING COMPANY S.A.L Khatib and Alami Consolidated Engineering Company KHATIB & ALAMI HOLDING SAL ADHAM KHATIB SONS CO. SARL Khatib and Alami Consolidated Engineering Company MIDDLER TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Mimar Trading LEBANESE AVIATION TECHNICAL SERVICES CO SAL MIDDLE EAST AIRLINES - AIR LIBAN SAL Mia air lines MEK Consulting ( Offshore ) SAL ARAB CONSULTING & MARKETING Maki Make Oil, Ag NEAR EAST AUTOMATED DISTRIBUTORS SAL Nada Debs BOULOS GROUP SARL NICO BEL Boulos Hanna Aoun Trading Est Sleiman Boulos Abou Rjeileh Trading Stores Abdallah Boulos KHALIL BOULOS & FILS NADA SAL Boulos 'Galerie' Boulos Freres Boulos Group Stones Sal Boulos Paul Ibrahim For Jewellery & General Trading Boulos Freres Nada Foundation Noura Bakery NORTH BUILDING CO Aoun Jaber Boulos Nadwa Awar Wakim Auction Art, Antiques, Auctions Sarl SAFADI GROUP HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Seacar SAL (Holding) Serta Holding Serta Holding LING WAY LEBANON SAL (OFF-SHORE) MIDTRADE SAL (OFF-SHORE) SAMANDAL ASSOCIATION Samakna Ferrari Lebanon Express LIFE Cedrus Invest Bank CEDRUS REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT COMPANY SAL JMG INTERNATIONAL SAL Universal Travel Management & Network MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION S A L BCOM OFFSHORE SAL (OFF-SHORE) ABDALLA ALI MATAR & SONS SARL ANTOINE DAOUD AUCAR ESTABLISHMENT CHAHINE AU CARREFOUR MICHEL ANTOUNE AUCAR ESTABLISHMENT Antoine D. Aucar Daoud Antoine Aucar GAUCHO LEBANON SARL MARSA J.M. Antiques' Trading,Arts and Auctions - Souk du Liban' sarl Gaucho Beirut . Argentinean Au Cordon Vert Est. Kara Auchlian Brothers Haigazian University, Inc Armenian Evangelical College Bardo Restaurant GREEN DOT SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC EAST MEDITERRANEAN SAL JOSEPH SCHNEIDER ET FILS School Net ABYCO SAL (HOLDING) ATG SAL (HOLDING) Anis Jaafar & Sons Co ZABBAT S A R L zs&co ZINA SARL ZDE SARL SOCIETE LIBANAISE D'ELECTRICITE & D'ELECTRONIQUE SARL Al Sol Sarl solo moda Solo Studios Solea SOFT SOLUTIONS LEBANON HAF CO FOR TRADE & INDUSTRY SOFT MEDICAL SERVICES SAFAD HOLDING SAL SOFT MANAGEMENT SAL Safadi Aluminium Factory SHAFT SARL Safadi Group Holding Safety Car For Rent Chaftari Ets Chaftari Safadi Fouad Textiles Safadi Grill Speedy Auto Service Spot 3 Speed Way GREEN INTERNATIONAL S A L GroupMed International Management Holding LTD Green Hill Hotel KINDAMED SYSTEMS SARL CHEMICA SARL Cameco Sarl IPE- INTERNATIONAL PROCESS ENGINEERING SAL ELAMI ETUDES & CONSEILS SAL (OFF-SHORE) Epsilon (Holding) SAL Safa Computers SAFA Engineering and Contracting Company Safa PRIVINVEST SAL (HOLDING) Safa STANDARDS HRC Ets. Anis Michel Maalouf Sharmetal Trading Co International Contractors Est Commercial Contracting Company CONTRACT MIDDLE EAST COMPANY Commodore Contracting Co Cambris Contracting Company ICON CONTRACTING SAL CONTRACTING &ENGINEERING WORKS TRADE PRO INC TRADE OPERATIONS CO LTD S A R L METAL SYSTEM CO SAL METAL SON Plastic Metal EST ABOU ADAL Holdal Hs Co. Horse Shoe SINGER (SEWING MACHINES) CORP BB MANAGEMENT SAL HYPCO SAL OPEN SKY AVIATION SAL SUKKAR ENGINEERING GROUP S A L Group ASIA GROUP SARL WIDE GROUP SARL SIDANI GROUP HOLDING S A L SAYCO GROUP ABOU MERHI SHIP MANAGEMENT S.A.L OFFSHORE RIA MANAGEMENT SARL CIRCLE MANAGEMENT GROUP SAL GLOBAL MANAGEMENT & TRADING SAL MED LINE SHIPPING GEORGES A ABOUHAMAD SHIPPING AND FORWARDING East Med Shipping MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY MINERVA MARITIME & SHIPPING LEAP MANAGEMENT SAL (HOLDING) METZ SHIPPING AGENCY LTD SARL MANAGEMENT MIX SARL Retail Management Group SAL PHI MANAGEMENT GROUP SARL Abou Rjeily Ship Management - Sarl Horizon Management SAL MODY SHIPPING AGENCY SARL L'OREAL LEBANON OUBARI LEBANON INFLUENCE BOULBOL AMEUBLEMENT SAL BOULBOL AMEUBLEMENT SAL C.B.A. Sarl Cap Sarl Cape Sarl CITEC SARL Caliber Engineering Sarl SALLOUM GROUP SARL SARIDAR UNITED BUSINESS GROUP SARL PROFESSIONAL GROUP SARL A Group Sarl TRI STAR GROUP S A R L SALLAUM LINES SAL (OFF-SHORE) OVERSEAS TRADING AND CONSULTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Audemars Piguet Moyen - Orient sal Asttral Moyen Orient Sarl INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING AND SERVICES SARL EURO FIND HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Middle East Airlines MEB MIDDLE EAST CO FOR TRADING & AGENCIES S A R L MIDDLE EAST PROMOTION S A R L Atlantic Middle East A.M.E All Transport Middle East Arocon ( Middle East ) sarl ALL TRANSPORT MIDDLE EAST SARL SAAD & TRAD SAL Kamel Azzam Trading Est AL HAMRA GROUP SARL MODERN ENERGY CO FOR TRADE & SERVICES S A R L next Bro Sal SABBAGH BROS TRADING CO S A R L SHABAN BROTHERS LTD CITY ART PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION SARL Al Fajr Art Production Ets. Edouard L. Manasseh & Cie S.A.L LEBANESE UTILITIES COMPANY SARL LEBANESE DIVING CO SARL THE LEBANESE ASSOCIATION FOR DEVELOPMENT LEBANESE RENTAL CO SARL ARA CONSULTANCY AND INVESTMENTS SAL OFFSHORE Africa Consult Offshore Sal JAMCO TRADING AFRICA SAL OFF SHORE Orange Mecanique Mecanique Zgheib Auto Parts Co. sarl (ZAPCO) Inc. Printers SAL Incorporated Printers Sal (Inc. Printers) Farhat For Building & Construction S.A.L. SOUTH FOR CONSTRUCTION SAL RAIDA FOR CONSTRUCTION S A L GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY S A L Panda Construction SAL QUALITY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SAL EURO STEEL HOLDING COMPANY SAL 4 M Sal Holding Farrago Sal Ansa Shipping Incoma Co ISIS SARL IMIC SAL TAMARA SHIPPING Installations Middle East Co. Sal Knetco Middle East C & F MERCURY CONTENT GROUP INC INDUSTRIAL SERVICES COMPANY SARL DORIANE - COPAR SARL CFC Capital Finance Co Capital Finance Company Capital Finance Co. Sal Capital Finance Company Sal Phoenix Hotel Residence Espinosa Bambino'S Dominos Pizza COMMERCIAL & TRADING RESOURCES SAL UNITED COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL CO SARL Ayoub Industries & Commerce sal Ahmad Mohamad Bakri Ests. For Industry And Commerce S.A.R.L - Bimatic Murr Travel Altair Travel & Tourism E.M.L. Travel & Tourism Belair For Travel & Tourism Imperial Tours & Travel Dealers Travel & Tourism CHAHINE EYEWEAR S A R L A2A PRODUCTION SARL 4 Productions - S.A.R.L GROUPMED TPA SAL GroupMed (Holding) GROUPMED SAL GROUPMED INSURANCE AND REINSURANCE COMPANY SAL UNIVERSAL DISTRIBUTORS SAL (HOLDING) Sushi Bento Sushi Ko Sushi wa Sushi Circle Sushi Bento Sushi Mooda Sushiwa Sushi Xpress Byblos Management SAL (Holding) Bpc Holding Bpc Holding BB REAL ESTATE HOLDING SAL Bassab Sal Holding BYBLOS VENTURES SAL HOLDING BCI HOLDING SA BLOCK 18 SAL (HOLDING) Bohsali Fouad Sons Holding Sal BYBLOS BUSINESS CENTER HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Boubess Group Holding Levant Retail SAL Offshore Exprom Sal Offshore GREY ELEPHANT SAL (OFF-SHORE) SMART TECHNOLOGY SAL ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY SARL E.M.C.C. MIDDLE EAST AERIAL PHOTOGRAMMATRIC SERVICES SARL ACCROPOD SARL O TREE SAL (OFF-SHORE) BUSINESS S A R L BUSINESS CODE LTD SARL BUSINESS LINK SARL Badran Business Group Co. - S.A.R.L BUSINESS CONSERV SARL BUILDERS CORPORATION S A R L Eden Hotel IDS Holding Executive Esna Holding Sal MDS EUROPE SAL (HOLDING) Ellak Sal Holding Elie Hanna Leed Holding Executive Health & Travel Center Best Computers BEST BUSINESS COMPANY S A L BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO Best Link Best House Trader Best SMS Bulk British Airways British Embassy British Embassy in Beirut BEST HEALTH SAL Best Look Best Western Duroy Hotel INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GROUP SAL (HOLDING) Ism Group GENERAL TRADING CO LTD Societe Eddy Abou Jaoude et Fils sarl. Société Les Fils Geryes Naoum Abou Jaoude Elias Kheir Abou Jaoude Store Abou Jaoude Enterprise Georges Toufic Abou Jaoudé Nazir Abou Jaoudeh Contracting Est Nassif Elias Abou Jaoude Ets Sami K. Abou Jaoude pour le Commerce Est. Hafez Abou Jaoude for Trade Est. Abou Jaoude & Sons Genvieve M. Abou Jaoude Stores Louis Abou Jaoudé Store Ets. Rabih Abou Jaoudé Elias Maurice Abou Jaoude Abi Radi Abou Jaoude Est. for Engineering & Execution Abou Jaoude and Associates Law Firm Euromena IT holding SAL EUROMENA REAL ESTATE HOLDING SAL Euromena Pack Holding SAL Euromena Intercontinental Holding SAL EUROMENA II LP Capital Trust Group/Euromena Fund EUROMENA HOME HOLDING SAL EUROMENA OIL HOLDING SAL EUROMENA HEALTH HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) EUROMENA CONSULTING SAL OFFSHORE INTEGRATED DATA SYSTEMS S A R L Samir Chaar Maritime Agency SARL Société Acsons sarl Food Inc. SARAMED SAL United Telecom Company TIME INTELLIGENT GATEWAY TELECOM SAL (OFF-SHORE) United Telecom Company MARIUS SARADAR HOLDING - GROUP SARADAR SAL (HOLDING) DESIGN WOK Domaine Des Tourelles - Pierre L. Brun Domino Piano Bar Duke of Wellington W.P.I. Offshore HSBC Financial Services (Lebanon) sal. Express International Express Chicken PROCTER & GAMBLE LEVANT SAL Compu Leader LEADERS OF SUPPLY AND PRODUCTS SAL (OFF-SHORE) DATAFLOW INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) MODERN ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES CO SAL Chedid Re B-T LEBANON SAL Chedid Capital Chedid Capital Chedid & Ayoub & Co sarl Integrated Ltd Sal Offshore Intersektion Sal Offshore INTERESTING TIMES Interstar Offshore Sal Intelligit Sal Offshore SAMI & ELIA RIZK Sami Azar Trading Est SAMI DIAB FARHOUD EST COMPTOIR DE DISTRIBUTION PHARMACEUTIQUE-CODIPHA Samih Abdallah Chami Sons Co. Sami Toufic Awar SHAM EL NASSIM HOTELS CO SARL Sami Aref Khouyes Est. for General Trade Sami Andari Trading Est Sami Pharmacy Shami Bakery (Al) SWAMI Samih Sherkawi Est. for Trade & Cars Accessories Sami Abi Aad Coiffure Sami N. Abou Diwan Est. SNOW BALL SARL SANI LEBANON PLUS S A R L Sami Abdul Khalek Ests. SAMI DANDAN ET FRERES S A R L Sawsan Symia Holding SAL Sanaa Farhat Salon Sami Moufawad Salon MIDDLE EAST BOOKS AND INFORMANTS CO LTD B.K Luce (Bechara) KIPEO INVEST HOLDING SAL BK ENTERTAINMENT S.A.R.L. Book Land Books & Pens Book Bazar Kobe ABC BOOKS SARL Keep Flying Way In Book Shop Keif Kyphi Co Kouba Auto Center Dar Bistro & Books KAFA enough Violence & Exploitation Alta travel ZETRA INDUSTRIES BEMO Bank CLASS SARL Be Class Classnet Pc Agora Global Trading sarl Be Global Sal Global Star Invest GLOBAL INVESTMENT CO S A R L GLOBAL SERVICES INCORPORATION SARL JAB GROUPS S.A.L BUSINESS INVESTMENT GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) SAADE GROUP SAL DEVELOPERS GROUP SAL SEFCO GROUP SAL SAMCO GROUP SAL MILLENIUM GROUP SERVICES SAL MARIA GROUP SAL INDUSTRIAL FINANCE GROUP S A L SPORT MOTORS GROUP SAL MAKTABI GROUP SAL FAB GROUP S A L Sarkis Group International SIGN TRADE SKAFF TRADING COMPANY SAKA Trading SAKA Trading Sky tec Sky tec SPORTEX TRADING CO SHABAREK TRADING COMMERCE SADDI SPHERE TRADING COMP PATCHI SAL Sassine Trading Saad Transport Sawaya Trading Co SADAKA TRADING EST SKYBAR Al Mawarid Financials Aimex - Ayloush For Import & Export Sarl REBEIZ FRERES SARL Alpha Est ALPHA METRIX ENTERPRISE AHMAD WALID & KHALED LABBANE Alpha club Aleph Co. Alpha Plus System Alpha green sarl Alpha - Tech sarl S L G HOLDING S A L SSR HOLDING SAL L Orient Le Jour JUPITER TRADING COMPANY SAL (OFF-SHORE) L CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS CO SAL CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS CO UNDERWATER ENGINEERING SAL (HOLDING) CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS GROUP SAL (HOLDING) ARABIAN CONSTRUCTION GROUP SAL (HOLDING) CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS (OIL & GAS) COMPANY SAL ARABIAN CONSTRUCTION GROUP HOLDING SAL DProductions JAMMAL TRUST BANK SAL Jammal Trust Bank IRAD INVESTMENT CO SAL (HOLDING) Intra Investment Co. Intra Investment Company INTERNATIONAL TRADE & INVESTMENT CORPORATION INSURANCE & INVESTMENTS CONSULTANTS - I.I.C. - S.A.R.L IMEX INTERNATIONAL MIDDLE EAST INVEST HOLDING S A L TREX INTERNATIONAL HOLDING SAL H M INVESTMENT HOLDING SAL In Mobiles Holding SAL ICHTAP HOLDING CO SAL RIMA INDUSTRIES SAL (HOLDING) International Trading Corporation, Itc Inter Metals & Trading Ltd. Fdn - International Trading Co. Ltd. Inter Metals & Trading Total Liban TOTAL LIBAN SAL T.I.M.E. LTD SARL Achrafieh Times Sarl Searock Hotel Me Time The Cedar Times TRADE INVESTMENTS & MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISES LTD INTERNATIONAL HOME APPLIANCES All Times Services - S.A.R.L paul & shark SORISA LIBAN - ACADEMY SORINSA FOR BEAUTY Time Out Times Out CHORE TIME EUROPE B V CHAUKI & ALI KHALIL TETRACOM CO SAL S.A.K. Textile Co Cedralys Sarl CHELDER SAL (OFF-SHORE) 4 C's Co Sal Offshore Le Lutecia Pesco Telecom Telco Zone Co TELCO 3 Telecom Review Telco Achkar Co Touch Jewellery MTC TOUCH Touch of Beauty Magic Touch TOUCH BOUTIQUE AUDI PRIVATE BANK SAL BANK AUDI SAL Audi Saradar Private Bank sal Bank Audi S.A.L - Audi Saradar Group Bank Audi (AUSR.LBSE) Audi Bank Audi Saradar Private Bank Audi Saradar Investment Bank AUDI G & A CHABIBEH SPORTING CLUB Sports Cafe The Sports Cafe Sports Cafe The Sports Cafe Cyclo Sport MIDDLE EAST MARINE SERVICES SAL OFFSHORE Mohamad Abbas Serhal LEBANESE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY S A R L ESPACE AVIATION SERVICE S A L Lebanese Aviation Technical Service LEBANESE AMERICAN TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS COMPANY SARL Badr 'El' Shipping Co. Badr Shipping Co. Ltd ARABIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SAL ARABIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SAL Construction Group Co Entertainment Unlimited Holding Sal - Holding North Assurance SOCIETE NASSIF S A L MICHEL NASSIF & FILS SAL Ets. Fadi Nassif ROBERT NASSIF & CO CARAT MIDDLE EAST SARL QUADRON SAL (OFF-SHORE) SUN HOLIDAY TOURS SARL Sun Holiday Tours Capital Guidance Capital Gudance GUIDANCE CAPITAL MARKETS LTD FRANCE CONTACT BEIRUT SARL EYE CONTACT CONDAS INTERNATIONAL SAL TLS CONTACT LEBANON SARL Ak Contact Lens Center Inter Contact CONTACT PLUS CONTECH SARL Condas Condas International Clover Middle East Clover Building SAL CLOVER BROKERS SARL PEARL BRANDS SAL (OFF-SHORE) BAY TRADING COMPANY SAL (OFF-SHORE) BASIS SAL (OFF-SHORE) BARLY SAL (OFF-SHORE) BOKITA SAL (OFF-SHORE) BINTEL SAL (OFF-SHORE) BRIANA SAL (OFF-SHORE) B.S. FINANCE LIMITED SAL (OFF-SHORE) ESSE Ets Assad Daoui et Cie ETABLISSEMENT ASSAAD DAOUI & CO Assaad Assaad Daoui & CO Assaad Daoui & Co Est Assaad Daoui & Co. 'Ets.' Ufficio Assaad Daoui & Co. Assaad Daoui & Sons Co sarl Colony Capital Cedar Cool Co. Capital Construction Co Colony Capital SARL Arts Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon Barley Est INTRA INVESTMENT CO. SAL CEDAR INTERNATIONAL capital cities Capital Trust SA Interconnect (Offshore) S.A.L ICIM SAL OFFSHORE Fimco International Sal - Offshore LETRACO SAL OFFSHORE CSC Bank HASSAN AL AMIN Al Yaqza Magazine STRONG TECHNOLOGIES S A R L VINLITE SAL OFFSHORE Feasibility Sal Offshore Ets. Hikmat Abi Assaad Trading Artyr S.A.R.L. YOUNES BROS S.A.R.L. CAFE YOUNES SARL ELIAS EL KHOURY Elias Nassar Elias Assaad Est ELIAS CH ASMAR PROGRESS ENGINEERING & TRADING ENTERPRISES CUSTOMER SUCCESS & PROGRESS MIDDLE EAST SARL INSTITUTE OF PROGRESSIVE WOMEN UNION - IPW F.T.F Progress Sarl LIFE SAVERS INTERNATIONAL SARL Itsalat International SARL Naiiman Media International Holding SAL Dana Holding SAL MIKNAS HOLDING SAL TIMA HOLDING SAL MYCG Holding SAL MONAB HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) MONTBEL HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Canary Holdings Sal - Offshore Africi 1 Sal Offshore DARWICHE & CO DARWICHE & AL MOUNA TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Chaghari Darwiche Mohamed Mistral Holding Mistral Holding DELTA VISION SARL Radio Delta TINOL PAINTS INTERNATIONAL CO SAL Designers Kharafi National Company S.A.R.L SMARTECH SMARTECHBAY S.A.R.L SMART SECURE DROGUERIE PHOENICIA Intercontinental Phoenicia Hotel Beruit Medco & Phoenicia Caltex Co LEBANON THE LAND - PHOENICIA InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut InterContinental Phoenicia Hotel BEIRUT RIYAD BANK SAL Alpha Plast Est. for Plastic Trade & Industry SOIB PAINT CO FOR TRADE AND INDUSTRY Saints Coeurs SIOUFI SHIPPING AGENCIES MICHEL SEHNAOUI & SONS SAL Shipping Agencies Michel Sehnaoui & Sons sal SAIFI SUITES HOTEL SAIFI & ZEIN TRADING CO S A R L SAIFI MODERN SAL MCD Sofi de France Sofi de France . Boulangerie Patisserie Shopy Sepia RAMACOR SAL Rearden SARL REBCO SARL Rash Secret REASS S A R L SIDNA GENERAL TRADING RASSIE & COMPANY SARL REALM SARL ROOTS S A R L RASHA SAL RAINBOW SARL RAGHUNTER S.A.L. Renaissance Estate SAL ROBOIS SAL ROZMA S.A.R.L RADICS S.A.L ARAB RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT S.A.R.L. (ARD) REVIEW SARL Saba & Nassa Bakery Samir & Kamal Abdel Karim Co. Hijazi Kamal Co Skaff Skaf Rent a car KAMAL HIBRI & CO SARL Hamidi_Sakr Kamal, Transports Corail Kamal Salon Berjaoui Kamal Fayad Archika Kamal Homsi Architects Sal Water Resources & Development Co Da Vinci D & Co Da Alberto Arizona International DAF INTERNATIONAL SAL DANIEL INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION DISTRIBUTION INTER AFRIQUE SAL (OFF-SHORE) Dar Al Fiker Al Arabi USINE HENRY ABDALLAH Abd El Rahim & Chafik Diab Co. - Offshore - Abd El Rahim & Chafik Diab Co. - Offshore - POLYGEL SAL POLYGONE S A L NASCO POLYMERS & CHEMICALS CO SAL (OFF-SHORE) POLYPRINT S A L POLYTRADES SARL Polytech-Agro-Environment Technologies Polytech Bioagriculture CHEMPART POLYMERS SAL (OFF-SHORE) Air Slovakia Rafik El Khoury and Partners Fikra Group Al Fikr Al Mouasser Publishing House Al Tawfik Wal Rifah Foundation Ets Milad Abou Rjeily - General Contracting sarl Property Shop Icorp Liban Holding Sal Esri Sal Holding Lebanon Al Azizia Holding (Lebanon) SAL Lebanon Holdings LABOMENA HOLDING SAL MAF LEBANON HOLDING SAL LOUIS VUITON LIBAN HOLDING SAL Gaz Liban Holding Co ACIC Holding (Lebanon) SAL LAHOUD HOLDING SAL IQARAT LUBNAN SAL (HOLDING) Cedars Marine Lines Inc. CEDAR MAN SAL (OFF-SHORE) MIDDLE EAST AVIATION SERVICES SAL STAR STATIONERS S A L Falcon Aviation Services sal FUEL AND AVIATION SERVICES TRADING CO. SAL PRINCESS AVIATION SAL EMBASSY FREIGHT SERVICES LEB SAL SAFWAN KOUZBAIR AND COMPANY AGRO SERVICES CO S A L LCI SERVICES SAL Audi Services Sal NASSAR ENGINEERING SERVICES SAL SARADAR SERVICES HOLDING SAL SCOPE FOR IT SERVICES SAL SKYSEEKER AVIATION SAL AL SAAD OIL SERVICES SAL (OFF-SHORE) Bardawil Aviation sal FLYING CARPET AIR TRANSPORT & SERVICES SAL MEPA Group MEPA Group MOUSTACHE GROUP INTERNATIONAL GATEWAY TECHNOLOGIES SAL International Gateway Distribution Sal International Gateway Systems Sal Offshore Urban Henkel Lebanon S.A.L KAFALAT OPTIMUM SAL (HOLDING) UNITED HOLDING SAL SLH HOLDING SAL INNOVATIVE MEDICAL SOLUTIONS SAL (OFF-SHORE) ABIAD GENERAL TRADE RAHICO BROS SARL Starco Holding SAL SFO HOLDING SAL FIDUSMATIC HOLDING S A L FAISAL HOLDING SAL Faqra Holding Sal HAMCO SAL (HOLDING) EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL SAL Mozart SPACE International Travel & Tourism Power & Advanced Controls Electromechanical Services Est. P.A.C.E.S Espace Mogwaii HISPANO-ARAB CLOTHING CO SARL HISPANO - Arab Clothing Co. sarl - Hispaco Espace Vision Espace Mogwai MINDSPACE PACE & LUCE SAL Piacere LINTEL AFRICA SERVICES LTD TELEVISION DU LIBAN SAL Tele Liban . TL Liban travel Trevi Liban Mont Liban Travel RET LIBAN Liban travel SWEPP Middle East TOURISM & SHIPPING SERVICES SARL GOODIES SAL GS GRAND STORES SAL GLE SAL LINFRA LEBANON SAL BOUTIQUE DAM BARAKAT MEDICAL & DENTAL EQUIPMENT Barcod Barracuda Bleu Diamond YAMANI & CO Bleu Diamond Arabia Insurance Company sal SAUDI ARABIAN INSURANCE COMPANY SAL ARABIA INSURANCE COMPANY S.A.L. ARABIA GIS SAL Arope Insurance Sal Alig Insurance Sal E. B. T. ARABIA S A L ARABIA INSURANCE CO SAL PRISMA CIRCLE SAL (OFFSHORE) Anis Printing - S.A.L - Offshore TGSS Holding SAL KAMINVEST (HOLDING) S A L Banque Lati Arab Ad Akssa 'Al' Amal & Aya A&A Adab Al Red RED House Group VIP FILMS SAL BANQUE LATI SAL LIBAN CABLES SAL Ashrafieh Public Secondary School For Boys BANANA LAND SARL Bible Society Badoghaish Lebanese Company - S.A.R.L BBC LEBANON SARL B.C.L Luxus Sarl Balagh For Information, Press And Publishing Sal BETWEEN LINES SARL Beauty Lounge Sarl Al Hasnaa For Publishing Co. Sal SABIMEX SARL TELECEL GLOBAL LIMITED MEDCONSUL MIDDLE EAST SARL RISK MANAGEMENT SAL GAMA HOLDING SAL GOURMET HOLDING S.A.L. RHODIA MASHREK SAL LIFE Beirut LIFE Beirut Lintel Services LTD Fashion Investment Holding SAL SICON SAL (HOLDING) FAIZ HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) HIMO SAL (HOLDING) NAMACO S A L FIDUS SAL Filtech Sal FILTEX SAL Foo Sal FENSA SAL (OFF-SHORE) FADCO SAL F.I.M - S.A.R.L FRESH SAL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EMACO S A R L Faremco - S.A.R.L CLIMATIC AIR CONDITIONING CO - CLIMACOND SARL Imaco (Industrial Marketing Co. S.A.R.L) Emaco - The Electro-Mechanical Application Co. Sarl Mimaco, Metal Industrial Equipment NAMACO INTERNATIONAL FOR TRADE AND CONTRACTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) SIGMA COMMERCIAL Finikia MIDMAC ORIENT SAL Fimalco Bmacom Famous Pizzazz Foncia Real Estate Consultants Bps Sarl B-Shop BASILKY SARL GEORGE ALEXANDRE GEBEILY & CO CLAUDE MARKET CLAUDA SAL BLOM Bank Byblos Insurance Company MARMO DECOR SAL INTERNATIONAL CARGO SERVICES CO SARL Computer International COMPUTER INSTALLATION SERVICES International Contracting and Development International Classic Motorcycles Ict - International Computer Technology - S.A.R.L. International Cosmetic Manufacturing Company Fajr Al Gulf Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Sal Fajr Al Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Company Bahriah 'Al' Insurance & Reinsurance Sal Al Mashrek Insurance and Reinsurance Assalam Insurance & Reinsurance Co. Sal Al Mashrek Insurance & Reinsurance Sal International Hotel Investment Company SAL Soci‚t‚ G‚n‚rale de Presse et d'Edition Soci‚t‚ G‚n‚rale de Presse et d'Edition Société Générale de Produits Alimentaires et Domestiques 'Sogepa sarl' Soci‚t‚ G‚n‚rale de Presse et d'Edition Banque Saradar, S.A.L. SARADAR BANK SAL SOCIETE GENERALE DE SURVEILLANCE SAL SWORD MIDDLE EAST SARL Hatco R.J.C LINE SAL (OFF-SHORE) Sofitel Le Gabriel Beyrouth Hotel Sofitel Le Gabriel Beyrouth Archeveche Syriaque Orthodox De Beyrouth Association Esmod Beyrouth Hotel Sofitel Le Gabriel Beyrouth Esmod Beyrouth Forum De Beyrouth Saci-Group Sarl Gestion et Exploitation du Port de Beyrouth COMPAGNIE DE GESTION ET D'EXPLOIATATION DU PORT DE BEYROUTH S A L LOUIS VUITTON LIBAN (BEYROUTH) SAL BEL PROCHE ET MOYEN ORIENT BEYROUTH SARL Minoteries Du Grand Beyrouth Admix For General Trading sarl MEGASTORE MANAGEMENT S A R L MIDDLE EAST VENTURE MANAGEMENT MOUAWAD MARKETING & MANAGEMENT S A L Emena II FMC Management Limited Bechara Home Makers Construction Management Consultant Co, Cmcco ONLINE MANAGEMENT TEAM INTERNATIONAL SARL Blom Money Market Fund Construction Management Associates Management Consultants Services Lebanon Offshore . MCS MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT GROUP OVERSEAS LTD Electronic Money Corporation . EMC MoneyGram . Masri Money Express Beshara Home Makers INTERWORLD SARL HOSPI FOOD SAL S. D. DESIGN So So Ls du So Euro Next Sal Offshore NUTS & GRAINS OFFSHORE SAL GLOBAL ENTREPRISE TECHNOLOGIES OF MIDDLE EAST CO SARL MEDATCO SAL WORLD INVESTMENT SERVICES S A L World Investment Services . WIS KABALAN FOR TRADE KURBAN TRAVEL SERVICES SARL KABALANE TRADING CO S A R L GHORAYEB CLEARING & FORWARDING CO Andraos Trading Est AVTECH AVIATECH CONSULTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Middle East Capital Group Sal NAAS BEKFAYA MINERAL WATER COMPANY SAL JACQUES SALIM KOUYOUMDJI ASSOCIATION OF BANKS IN LEBANON TRACCS LEBANON Aiesec Lebanon MIDDLE EAST CAR RENTAL Middle East Star MIDDLE EAST AFRICA TRADING Middle East and Africa Bank Middle East Agricultural & Trading Est Middle East and Africa Bank USG MIDDLE EAST LTD EMECO MIDDLE EAST Middle East Telecommunication Imer Middle East Middle East Granite Middle East Telecommunication UNITED COMMERCIAL ASSURANCE SAL MULTIMAR TRADING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Homework SAL Bank of Baghdad Private Company Buddha Bar Beirut B.A.Investment Sal BOGHOSSIAN INDUSTRIAL & INVESTMENT GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) REGIONAL CAPITAL FINANCE COMPANY SAL (HOLDING) FIRENZE CAPITAL HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Care Group Cesar Group Siemens Ag INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS CO SAL (HOLDING) BERIT INTERNATIONAL HOLDING S A L ABRESIA INTERNATIONAL SAL (HOLDING) STRONG INTERNATIONAL INC SAL (HOLDING) 7m International Sal (Holding) Abresia International Holding Sal UNIGAZ Beirut Arab University AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY American University of Beirut Medical Center American University Of Beirut Medical Center Beirut Lebanon Al Makassed University In Beirut Beirut Arab University . BAU American University of Beirut Medical Center SOCIETE D'INDUSTRIE ET DE COMMERCE SARL Em Sherif Admo Invest SAL La Baguette Baguette INTERMEDIC INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) ALIE SAL (OFF-SHORE) COMOTEK S A S HUSSEIN IBRAHIM DALLOUL El Husseini Group Abdul Rahim Ali Husseini Hachem Hussein Ali BROADGATE ADVISERS SAL MIDDLE EAST VENTURE PARTNERS Chocomea SAL (Offshore) WI-COM SAL (OFF-SHORE) GAME COOKS (OFFSHORE) SAL VOX COM SAL (OFF-SHORE) SAG LEBANON SAL (Offshore) LEVANT OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENTS SAL OFFSHORE TIQANY S.A.R.L MIDMAC S A R L AMAC SARL MAC AUDIO SARL INTRAMURO Intelligent Media MURR MARINE ELECTRONICS SARL HIGH SEALED & COUPLED SAL (OFF-SHORE) Faim Gourmet Sarl La Posta Gourmet Everyday Gourmet Gourmet Beam Kitchen Prime Call Limited, BVI PRIME MEDICAL SAL PUZANT TORIKIAN MOHAMED KARAK & CO Prima Luce PRIME OIL SAL Prime Oil PRIME GLANCE INC PRIME ENGINEERING COMPANY SAL Plas-Tech PHARMA MARKETING & SERVICES SARL Los Primos Prima Luce PARADISE TOYS EST Papas Textiles Est JUSTICIA FOUNDATION FOR DEVELOPMENT AND HUMAN RIGHTS IFFCO SHIPPING CO. SARL Iffco Shipping Company CREATIVES LLC Nassar Telecom NASSAR 1955 SARL NASSAR TRADING SARL Nassar Group NASSAR SARL Nassar Trading Co NASSAR OFFICE MACHINERY Jane Nassar institute ANA HOLDING CO SAL (HOLDING) RAPHAEL & ASSOCIaS Nassar Group Nassar Delphin Group Nassar Delphin Group Any Computer Ayoub Computers Al Computer AUTOMATION & COMPUTER TECHNOLOGIES SARL Ayoub Cleaners DEBBAS HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) DRAPP HOLDING SAL Dream Holding Sal Holding Al-Riyadh Holding SAL- Holding HEXA CORP SAL (OFF-SHORE) AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Arts Sciences & Technology University . AUL Aul - Arts, Sciences & Technology University In Lebanon American University Science and Technology Chammas Group Chamas For Printing & Publishing CHAMAS FOR PRINTING AND PUBLISHING Chammas Diesel, Est The Beauty Corner HYDEPARK CORNER BEYOND TELECOM SAL (OFF-SHORE) SANITEK INTERNATIONAL LLC Krikor Geudelekian Salon Korban Est. for Agriculture & Trade Korri Trading Co. Auto Spare Parts Silkor Lokmat Al Aseel Assaad Korkmaz Trading Est Electro Kortbawi Koko Girl, (The) SCHOOLS OF THE GREEK ORTHODOX ARCHDIOCESE OF BEIRUT Krikor Bedoghlian Souk Orjuwan KRIKORIAN SARL Abou_Koko Kebab Kookoo Club CALINAMA CAPITAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Calida Kaizen Real Estate Kaiten INFORMANTION TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS SARL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATION S A L Investment Trading Co. ITC A N BOUKATHER SAL Sandoz Representation Office Beirut Mersaco SAL Nova Brasilia Nova Cafe Nova Cafe Nova Brasilia WAFAZA HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) GLOBAL LOGISTICS NETWORK SARL Global International GLOBAL UNIVERSITY AZADEA EGYPT HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Ahmad Ali Group Holding Azadea Group & CO LLC Azadea Group Assouad Group Holding Ahmad Ali Group Holding NABED LTD. ROTANA LEBANON SARL Consolidated Contractors Company Lebanon MAERSK LEBANON SARL HEIDELBERG LEBANON S A R L Amex Bank - Lebanon Branch Boston Scientific Lebanon SAL Medical Express Lebanon Sal CONTRACTING AND TRADING CO. LEBANON SAL Tellabs Lebanon AXEIN SAL Assad Raii Trading Est. - ARCO K Stars Global Electronics NEAR EAST TELECOMMUNICATIONS INSTALLATIONS CO SAL THE UNITED CO FOR DEVELOPMENT & TOURISM SAL Bloom Home Belluci's Balloons Nursery Ballioni BALLOONS Baline BLOM Petra Balanced Fund BANQUE PHARAON & CHIHA SAL PHARAON BROADCAST SAL Banque Pharaon Et Chiha S.A.L Banque Pharaon et Chiha Bank Pharaon & Chiha R PHARAON & FILS SAL Pharaon Home Appliances sal R PHARAON ET FILSSA SOC R PHARAON & FILS REFRIGERATION & HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES SAL PHARAON HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) AUTO SECURITY CONTROL SARL LIBANO-SUISSE INSURANCE COMPANY SAL Pharaon Holding American Lebanese MENA Capital Amana Capital Sal Manara Capital MENA Capital Premium 7 CONSULTING & INVESTMENT CO S A R L Akak Marine Co. sal Admis ADMIC COMPANY Addmind Addmind Masterlam FOOD & DRUG CORPORATION SAL CELLCAST LEBANON Cellcast Middle East HOLDING M. SEHNAOUI SAL (HOLDING) B.M.T.C Sal Offshore KIDZ OFFSHORE SAL WAFARCO SAL OFFSHORE KLOUDR (OFFSHORE) S.A.L CONSOLIDATED SICON POWER COMPANY SAL (OFFSHORE) MOBILE INTERIM CO. -1- SAL Alfa Laboratories sal ALFA Albina Sal Alfa Group sarl ALFA INTERNATIONAL SARL Alfa International SARL. Rawa Co Helina Real Estate SAL Al Ishraq Real Estate SAL Kettaneh Real Estate SAL SM Real Estate SAL FFA Real Estate SAL INMAA REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT SAL INMAA REAL ESTATE HOLDING SAL BA REAL ESTATE SAL MIRAGE REAL ESTATE SAL MIKA REAL ESTATE SAL Idar Real Estate Company S.A.L Bridge Real Estate Sal Bridges Real Estate Sal MAJESTY REAL ESTATE SAL Draijat Real Estate SARL ZIKRIT REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT TRUST HOLDING SAL Prestigious Real Estate SIC :DREAM REAL ESTATES SAL ZIKRIT REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT SAL Nour Abdel Nour Est. for Trade Abdul Nour Stores Al Nour Company Services Sarl Al Nour Al Nour Station LEBANESE MEDIA GROUP Carrefour Saint Elie Carrefour Lebanon GLOBAL AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES INC INMOBILES SAL (OFFSHORE) Yammine Elsa ETABLISSEMENTS HENRI VICTOR HAFEZ Antheya Holding Sal YMY SAL (HOLDING) AUDI INVESTMENTS HOLDING SAL The Investment House SAL (Holding) Prisma Investment Holding SAL Egypt Invest Holding Sal RIGID INVESTMENTS HOLDING SAL ARCHI INVEST HOLDING SAL Daher Investment Holding SAL AMIRA SECURITY SYSTEMS INC JAWHARA INVESTMENT SAL MAADIN SAL MDSL SAL MABSOUT & IDRISS SAL MARKETING AND TRADING CO Zeder Group EVER TEAM ETABLISSEMENTS ANTOINE MASSOUD SAL TELE-PICTURES PROMOTERS LTD SAL (OFFSHORE) PREMIUM PARTNERS INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Lys Cafe SANITA HALAT LEBANON Arab Reinsurance Company (Inter Arab Company Sal) RIGHT PRODUCT Credit Financier Commercial CREDIT FINANCIER SAL CREDIT FINANCIER INVEST SAL Alamco Sal AMO S A L OFF-SHORE Almasaha Butchery ALMASEERA INTERNATIONAL CO (OFFSHORE) SAL Alliance Alameh Est BETTER EYE & EAR CO Alamco ALMAYASS RESTAURANT ALUMCO INTERNATIONAL LTD Alumec Andiamo's ALUMCO S.A.L Alumco sarl Alumco Metals Al Afkar Magazine Samo & Shirine Facilite D'opposition Au Feu F.O.F Holding Saradar SAL HOLDING MARIO SARADAR SAL SAL (HOLDING) Sarax Holding SAL MILLENIUM SOFTWARE MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT SAL MILLENIA INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) INVESTCOM SAL (HOLDING) Monroe Hotel Monteverde Hotel The Private Hotel Monroe Hotel Mozart Hotel Oriental Monot O Mi Center MONROE HOTEL Le Monot Marriott Hotel Coin Monot MENA MED SAL (OFF-SHORE) LOOKS LOOK IN LORCA SAL LINTEL SAL L SAL As-Saad Sarl Sanola Real Estate SAL M K SAAD SAAD TRANSPORT SAL DIGIDATA SAAD STORES LEBANESE ENERGY CONSULTANT SAL JA-SQUARE-LEB SAL ZURICH INSURANCE MIDDLE EAST S.A.L - BEIRUT - LEBANON SWINGMAN DUTY FREE SARL AKORN TELE COMMUNICATIONS LEBANON BSAT FRERES SAL Bsat Freres & Co. Sal Ocean Events Ocean Blue Shop MABEN CORPORATION SAL (OFF-SHORE) ORBINET SAL (OFF-SHORE) A.C.T SAL (OFF-SHORE). INVESTORS S A L (OFF-SHORE) CME SAL (OFF-SHORE) OMAN PRO SAL (OFF-SHORE) ORIENTAL LTD SAL (OFF-SHORE) RODEZ SAL (OFF-SHORE) GRAIN CORE SAL (OFF-SHORE) Comptoir Agricole du Levant - Fouad Saade & Co Comptoir d'Electricite Generale Liban COMPTOIR LIBANAIS DU BATIMENT S A R L LE COMPTOIR S A L Comptoir Libanais Pour le Commerce et Industrie Comptoir Suisse Comptoir Parisien Comptoir Bassil Financier COMPTOIR D'ORIENT SAL B.A. Shipping Co. S.A.R.L Abc Shipping Co. Sarl LIBANIA SHIPPING SERVICES Boxer Shipping Sal B.A. SHIPPING COMPANY SARL LEADER SHIPPING S A R L Shipping Blue DIAMONDS FOREVER S A L La Cita La Casbah Advanza Sal Holding La Chounga AL-ITTIHAD AL-WATANI - L'UNION NATIONALE SAL THE UNICORN SAL World Wide S WORLD WIDE IMEX S A R L Societe Moderne D'Information SOCIETE DES GRANDS HOTELS DU LIBAN SAL SOCIETE HOTELIERE LE GABRIEL SAL Soci‚t‚ des Grands Hotels du Liban SOCIETE GENERALE DE TOURISME S A L SOCIETE MEDITERRANEENNE DES GRANDS HOTELS SAL Soci‚t‚ des Grands Hotels du Liban Grand Suites Hotel OGER LIBAN SAL Aos Liban Sal SGS (LIBAN) SAL STARMED INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) INTRASKY (OFF SHORE) SAL STARMANSHIP INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) SIERRA GAS SAL (OFF-SHORE) SYNERGY SAL (OFF-SHORE) F.I.T. SAL (OFF-SHORE) Fenicia Bank FENICIA BANK SAL ORKILA INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Xperts XpertMe Brax Petroleum Co. Expertelco Expertech TAXPERTS 'Taxperts' Est. ALRIFAI ALRIFAI Eusamex Sal Offshore Eusamex S.A.R.L INTERPLAST INDUSTRIES SAL GET FOR LESS S A L Gulf Finance and Investment Company Gulf Finance & Investment Co. Springfield A.S.ASTOR As Safir As U Like NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS GMBH & CO KG REFLECTION INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Reflection International Promastar Promastar MINEFAR SAL (OFF-SHORE) Ets. Amine Farid Raad pour le Commerce PRIVINVEST SHIPBUILDING SAL (HOLDING) PrismaInvest Holding PrismaInvest Holding Brains New Technology In Computer Systems GENERAL INSPECTION TECHNICAL OFFICE SAL Compuline Compuline Technology Hightech Trading Est HIGHTECH TRADING ESTABLISHMENT Ajb Hightech Lebanon PIKAGE SARL Bakhach Bassem Georges FALAK INVESTMENTS LTD Janco Pour Le Commerce Jeans Couture JEANS COUTURE SARL Jing Boutique JEUNESSE SANS FRONTIERE Juicy Burger Jamco Jawaro Boutros Est JALLOUL BEVERAGES COMPANY Itani Ghazi & Bizri Mohamed Janik Snack THE PUBLIC WAREHOUSING COMPANY AHMAD MUHIEDDINE KAMEL ITANI & CO AGRI TRUST GHANDOUR CO FOR OVERSEAS INVESTMENTS & STUDIES S A L Ziad Ghandour Arab Shipping and Chartering Company - Ghandour, Baadarani &Partners Ghandour Automotive and Trading Co. - GATCO A O GHANDOUR SONS SAL GHANDOUR & SONS EST Ets. Fawzi J. Ghandour Abdel Kader Ghandour & Sons Abdel Kader Ghandour And Sons Sal Abdel_Kader Omar Ghandour & Sons ADVANCED NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS S A R L Advanced Nutritional Products sarl EPIQ TRADING LIMITED SARL SEYEGH AND MOUSSA Sawt El Mada SASCO MECHANICS Sowar Magazine SALIBA MARKET Solea Maison SCORPION MEDICAL Sush Mooda Snob Magazine Sako Minassian ANTOINE FARAH Lebanon Invest Luxury Lebanon LIVE LOVE LEBANON love life lebanon Gastronomia Italiana (Holding) SAL Serge Abi Saleh Holding Ltd Auto Kino - Nehm‚ Brothers Top 21 Top 21 GREEN BITS LTD MAZAYA TRADING CO SARL TSANTELENA INVESTMENT HOLDING S A L HAMPTON COURT INVESTMENT HOLDING S A L SCMC INVEST HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Baraka Mills Al Baraka Bank Lebanon Baraka (Al), Eaux Al Baraka (Rent A Car) ISOTECH SAL Amora sarl AZZI Group sarl Ammar Group Sarl Aaras Group Sarl A And M Group Sarl MARM GROUP SARL Afkar Group Sarl Ayla Group sarl Ma‹s Group MASCO Massada Institute Adnan Dia Trading Est. Import & Export The General Trading & Contracting Co Adel Hachem Est. for General Trade Import Export Contracting Adham Est. for General Trade & Contracting TRADEC SARL TARCO SARL TASCO SARL TASWIR SARL Twain SARL TDZ SARL TATWEER SARL ALOSTOOL MULTI MODEL TRANS TRADE Future Security Company Future Security Future TV FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS CO MIDDLE EAST SARL Future Security Company Future Fuel Company CAPITAL OUTSOURCING CONSULTING SERVICES SAL (OFF-SHORE) Capital Outsourcing Offshore SAL CAPITAL OUTSOURCING SAL LASSCO LEBANESE APPETIZERS COMPANY SAL ForeLogix FORELOGIX SAL (OFF-SHORE) C.P.M. Sarl C.R.G. Sarl Akil Toufic Dakroub & Sons Co. DAKROUB TRADING EST RANIA MARINA SARL METSCO Ltd. Offshore SAL Edghurst Sal Offshore HASSAN MARJI ESTABLISHMENT RAWABI ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS & CABLES CO HASSAN MAKTABI & SONS Hassan Farran Imam Hassan Abo Hassan HASSAN HACHEM Hachem Khairallah Hassan Hassan Abdul Monem Kabeissi HASSAN ZAYAT SONS Balaa Hassan & Sons Hassan & Hikmat Hassan Amhaz Trading Est. HASSAN KHATIB & FILS SARL MOHAMED HASSAN KAAFARANI ESTABLISHMENT Hazem Arayssi MUHIEDDINE AND HASSAN CHEHAB The Met The Met Metra Met Cafe Cafe Met The Metropolitan Club Metis METROPOLIS CINEMA Metaplast METROPOLITAN SECURITY SAL EDWARD MASRI & COMPANY Gerges Mikhael Abou Khalil Trading Est Youssef Sassine Abou Khalil Mobilart Abou Khalil Abou Khalil Est. for Trade & Services Kosseifi & Abou Khalil Co. for General Trade Est. Abou Khalil Bou Khalil Societe Moderne Sal Balboul & Abou Khalil Benchmark Eat Drink Live Sarl Live Lycee Verdun Live Louis Vuitton Les vilains GROUP 4 HOLDING SAL G2 HOLDING SAL K 2 HOLDING SAL 2901 Holding Sal HARBOR 970 HOLDING SAL FIFTY FOUR SAL (HOLDING) T.A. Obegi BRENT SAL Bureau Ingenieur - Chawki Farhat Chawki Ibrahim Est. - I.C.E. Aoun Wadih Chawki Assaad Chawki Sawaya Roland Harb?Coiffure Afak Electronic Supplies sarl SETI SAL SOCIETE D' EXPANSION TECHNIQUE ET INDUSTRIELLE Berkeley College Henkel Lebanon Construction Workers Syndicat In Beirut & Mount Lebanon The Keller Wissam Kourban Elossa Kella Baz Edmond, Habillement SOUK ELTAYEB Al Moutawakel Travel And Tourism - S.A.R.L Arakelian sarl TRIONYX SAL (OFF SHORE) NAGGIAR TRADING SAL MANAMA REAL ESTATE SAL Ferrum Real Estate SAL Allenby 171 Real Estate SAL Bhamdoun United Real Estate SAL United Lebanese Real Estate Company SAL VERDUN 1544 REAL ESTATE CO SAL 1480 Real Estate Company SAL The Sultan Center Chtaura for Real Estate SAL MILLENIUM REAL ESTATE SAL (HOLDING) Gamma Real Estate SAL Allied Real Estate sal Moti Mahal Delux BRASS SAL BMB CO S.A.L BBAC SAL Bata Sal INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS SARL Integra Publishing and Marketing Solutions Integrated Digital Systems - It Solutions R.C Integrated Computer Solutions Sarl R & M SOLUTIONS INTEGRATED PHARMA SOLUTIONS MENA SAL(OFF-SHORE) INTEGRATED PROJECTS COMPANY INTEGRATED BUSINESS SOLUTIONS S.A.L Integra Publishing and Marketing Solutions STATIONERS S A R L S.P.C. S A R L SINNERS SARL SASYCO SARL SHAHD SARL INFO SOFT SARL diabSoft Arco Soft Microsoft Corporation EASY SOFT Softimpact Ea Soft (Enterprise Applications Software) Shubadak Team SACCAL SAL (HOLDING) Amine Ayoub Printing Press Arab Printing Press sal Raidy Printing Press Arabesque Printing Press Co. Ltd KARL STORZ ENDOSKOPE - EAST MEDITERRANEAN AND GULF (OFFSHORE) S.A.L TABET HOSPITALITY SARL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES SAL Al-Jihad for Commerce and Contracting sal PROTRACO S A L PHARMED S A L PSSA Security PostPrint SAL PROMEL SAE PRODENT SAL PROJECTS S A L PICKY SHOPPING PROS-SERVICES PLYDEX SARL K7 REAL ESTATE SAL PAPERCUP SARL POLICO S.A.L. PAOZATO S A L POLLEX SAL (OFF-SHORE) ROSPRIM OFF SHORE S A L GOTRADE SAL (OFF-SHORE) KOHILI SAL (OFF-SHORE) FERLINK SAL (OFF-SHORE) Kodak Representative Office KIDS UNLIMITED SARL Ste. Tapis Abboud sal MEDICAL SERVICES INC - MEDSI Khadijeh Ahmad Kamoh FOUAD SIBLINI & FILS KATCO LTD SARL ABDELWADOUD SALAH NSOULI Middle Side Travel KIDZ HOLDING SAL Gold & Silver KATAKA HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) KIDZ SAL KODAK Fouad Siblini et Fils Youssef Girgis Abboud Store MDS INVESTISSEMENT SAL Baroud Steel Industries Linfra Telecom Ltd Acres Dbayeh SAL SOCIETE INDUSTRIELLE DU LEVANT - SIDUL SAL CONSTRUCTION & REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT SAL Sallyport Global Management and Development SECURE PULSE LTD STAR PROMOTION VOGUE SAL Sacha Paris Smalto Paris Soubra Pharmacy So Pure Co Salco Paper SMLC - PEPSI COLA Sea Pavillon Cargo Pro Sal Offshore Afrepella Sal Offshore DAMAY REAL ESTATE SAL 3 Y Real Estate Beverly Residence Hotel MOBILE INTERIM CO N'2 SAL MOBILE INTERIM COMPANY 1 S.A.L Estates - Saifi Modern Sal ISSA EL KHOURY LAW OFFICE AL MAHER TRADING ESTABLISHMENT Maher Adada Est LEBANESE INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION CO (ALBINA) SAL M1 International Ltd ITEMS S.A.R.L INDUSTRIAL TRADING MECHANICAL ELECTRICAL AND SERVICES SARL REEMTEX Raouche Arjaan By Rotana Raouche Arjaan The Exchange The Exchange Telecommunications Regulatory Authority ARAB FORUM OF INSURANCE REGULATORY COMMISSIONS Telecommunications Regulatory Authority Lebanon Cadmous Trading Est. IPT POWERTECH GROUP SAL (HOLDING) S SIGNATURE LUXURY CONCIERGE SERVICES SAL S signature Luxury Concierge Services LUXURY DEVELOPMENT CO SAL Luxury Clothing Company - Lebanon INTERNATIONAL LUXURY BRANDS DISTRIBUTION SAL (OFF-SHORE) LUXURY CLOTHING COMPANY SAL UNI LEBANON SAL EMIRATES LEBANON BANK SAL BTC NETWORKS LEBANON SAL UNITED BANK OF SAUDIA & LEBANON SAL BANK OF LEBANON AND KUWAIT S A L Federal Bank Of Lebanon S.A.L. SEKO LEBANON SAL QATAR NATIONAL BANK Park Lane Hotel & Beach Resort Avant - Garde Le Voyageur Sarl Le Voyageur HELLMANN WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS SARL RED GLOBAL LOGISTICS SAL Kama Kampai Food & Drug Corporation Food Yard Fdc - Food & Drug Corporation (Pharmabel Sal) Abbas Abboud Trading Est Abboud for General Trade Est Ahmad Abboud Trading Est Abboud Commercial Co. sarl General Trade Codipha Car Code CEDARS FOR CARE miss chic JOHNSON & JOHNSON MERSACO SAL Mersaco Mersaco COMMITO HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) FLYING STAR SARL Flying Star Flying Wings Flying Pizza Flying Carpet Corporation Finance Bank Fionas KARAGULLA ENGINEERING AND GENERAL CONTRACTING Anserlian Avedis, Garage Art Marks WEHBE TAMARI AND SONS DIGITAL FACTORY SAL (OFFSHORE) STRATMONT LLC Aroma Verve Aroma Aromas Ice Cream Assaf Est Edelweiss Galeries MIDDLE EAST VENTURE PARTNERS SAL (HOLDING) MIDDLE EAST VENTURE PARTNERS HOLDING SAL Middle East Auto Parts M.E.A.P INKRIPT SECURITIES SAL Inkript Technologies Identification and Payment Solutions Inkript Technologies Identification and Payment Solutions Inkript Identification Systems Sal Offshore INKRIPT TECHNOLOGIES HOLDING SAL INKRIPT SAL (HOLDING) INKRIPT TECHNOLOGIES SAL (HOLDING) INKRIPT IDENTIFICATION TECHNOLOGIES SAL INKRIPT INDUSTRIES SAL (HOLDING) INKRIPT SAL (HOLDING) Inkript Industries Holding Sal Inkript Systems Holding Sal BLOM Development Bank Blominvest Bank Blom Development Bank Sal (B D B) BML bank BLOM Bank (BLBD.LBSE) BLC BANK Beach Club Bmb Cisco SLOMIA SARL HOLDING JOE SARADAR SAL (HOLDING) GROUPE SARADAR Agence Saradar d Assurance SAL MARIO SARADAR INVESTISSEMENT SAL IMMOBILIERE SARADAR SAL Audi Saradar Investment Bank S.A.L. (Previously Audi Investment A.S.A. - Agence Saradar D'assurances - S.A.L Capital Trust Gulf Limited Foodstuff And Consumer Goods Sal-Fcg NEAR EAST TRADING GROUP S A L OFF SHORE Near East Transport Co CAPITAL BANKING SOLUTIONS SAL (OFF-SHORE) MIDEAST ENERGY SOLUTIONS OFFSHORE SAL Alaman - German Security Solutions Sal Offshore Bader ARABNET TAWIL MEKAEL TRADES SERVICES FAZ MEDITERRANEAN TRADING SARL BIO OIL SARL METRACO SAL MALIATEC SAL MEDILAB SAL MISTRAL WIND INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) MEDIALOG SAL METRIX SAL MCIC SAL MACROLAB SARL NEW TV SAL NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CO SAL New Food Technology (Holding) SAL New Food Technology SAL (Holding) ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGIES SAL National Technology Company (Eduware) S.A.L NEW PROTECT COMPANY SAL DELOITTE & TOUCHE (M.E.) M.M. SERVICES SAL MUREX SYSTEMS SAL MEDICAL SERVICES & SUPPLIES SARL SOCIETE DE GESTION & DE NEGOCE PROFESSIONNELLE SAL (OFF-SHORE) Ammar Bros Azar Bros. Co Amri Bros Amhaz General Trade & Industry Est. Novo Nordisk Lebanon Nayef Assaad Kaadi Trading Est NABIH DAOUK AND COMPANY Navy Group NAVY GROUP CO LTD S A R L Nuova Promoda - Adnan Naboulsi & Co Nova Group - Hassan and Amer Zein JAZAIRI CARGO S A R L NABO NABIH SIDANI & SONS S A L Nabih Adaimeh Station Nayef Ahmad Darwish Est SOCIETE NATIONALE FONCIERE S.A.L. SOCIETE FONCIERE NAHR IBRAHIM 8 SOFONI 8 SARL STE FONCIERE 237 SURSOCK SAL MED ORIENT HOLDING ORIENT SOUBRA HOUSES ORIENT BRIDGE Radio Orient Orient Plus Orient 499 Gaz Orient PRINCE ORIENT Institut Moyen Orient ORIENT INSTITUT BEIRUT Cafe D'orient Caf‚ D'Orient OTV OTV SA Ammoun Trading Company sarl Ammoury General Trading Est Atco for General Trade Apsi General Trade Est Ajco Company For General Trade Awad Est. for General Trade Angela General Trade Adam's for General Trading Arabi Est. for General Trade Amin General Trade Co Ama Co For General Trading & Industry Ayoub General Trading Est Adonis General Trading Est BUSINESS PROJECTS CO SAL (HOLDING) Alexandre Hotel Alexandre Exchange Emerge Distribution Limited ECOLIFE PROPERTIES SAL AL-BONIAN GROUP SAL Itihad Al Bonian Int'l Int'ltec SAL Al Bonian Group Bonian Group (Al) Al Bonian Group INFOMED INTERNATIONAL FOR EVENTS SAL (OFFSHORE) Ammouni Elie Khalil Abdo Est Elie A. Khalil Est SAMIR AYOUB Abou_Samir Restaurant Samir Attar Stores SAMIR GERGI FARAJ Samir Abdo Ayoub Est Abou Samir SAMIR EDITEUR SAL Samir Akiki Trading Est SAMIR KASSIR FOUNDATION Bricks Real Estate Solutions sarl QUICK SOLUTIONS COMPANY S.A.R.L BRICKS Real Estate Solutions Bricks Real Estate Solution MAN ENTERPRISE SAL Antoine Abi Haila & Sons Co. sarl Radio One Boutique 1 DATA CONSULT SAL SERTA CHANNELS SAL GOUT SARL Daher Maroun, Usine Dawaer Daher Home Center Daher Hussein Est Le carat JET STAR SARL Star Aluminium East Star Star Buzz star cafe Super Star Star Studio Big Star STAR GEMS SARL Bleu Star Euro Star Daily Star Star Buzz The Daily Star National Ammunition Company sal Al Alamain Est. for General Trade LEBANESE COMMITTEE TO SAVE TYRE Chalian Corporation CC TECHNIQUE LEBANON SAL ARAB AFRICAN GENERAL TRADE Arab Africa General TRD Awada Co. for General Trade sarl Aprat Trade & Agencies sal - Off- Shore PROMOTECH INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL S A L TEAM International TEAM International CREATECH INTERNATIONAL SARL NEXTY SARL NEM SAL Monty Mobile MONTY MOBILE SARL GRAMS AND TONS SS ROZA SAL HOLDING M1 ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS SERVICES SAL (HOLDING) MELKART INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Inter Networks Sarl Apave Liban RS TRADING ADVERTISING SERVICES CO Middle East Systems, Mesco PROMEDZ Prometeia Middle East Promod Prometeia Middle East Chemaly Printing Press Aptex Co Print Works PRINTECH Print Works IBL Bank PROGMANIC Semaan Frem Jarjour Est SIMON FORMES & FUNCTIONS Simon Mokbel Khoury Snack SIMON ELECTRIC CENTER SARL Simon Electric Center Le Simon SAMANA SAL (HOLDING) SNAM SAMANA FOR CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT SAL SEMAAN, GHOLAM AND CO SAMANA FOR BUSINESS SAL Antoine Irani & Co. sarl Antoine 'Librairie' Sal Antoine Hakim & Co. Sal Antoine I. Chalita GLOBAL FOR ENGINEERING AND CONSULTANCY SERVICESSAL (OFF-SHORE) CHAMMAA GROUP SARL Master Capital Group Chataoui Group For Construction Sal Interact Media Group Sarl C.A.T International Ltd.- Anzima Group Master Capital Group CHACMAJIAN GROUP HOLDING Jaffan Group BUILDING SERVICES SAL GLOBE BANK SAL Ibl Bank S.A.L AM BANK S.A.L. Setri CAISSE NATIONALE DE LA SECURITE SOCIALE CNSS Collection Car Health Inc CRYSTAL FILMS SARL Dima Rent A Car INJAZ LEBANON ZEROCK CONSTRUCTION LEBANON DEBS JEWELLERY INTERNATIONAL COMPANY SARL DataFlow ZAIN LEBANON Davis Langdon Lebanon LEBANON FOR DEVELOPMENT - LFD Lia Insurance Lebanon CONSTRUCTION SERVICES CO S A R L K TECH S A R L Construction Services Company Sarl COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES S A R L Executive Consult Sarl POWER TECH SARL COMMERCIAL AND TECHNICAL SUPPLIES SARL Information And Communication Technology Solutions Sarl - C.PLUS SERVICES LTD SARL Cds S.A.R.L. Consulting & Development Services Dom Tech SARL Applied Control Technologies Sarl YELLOW TECH PETROLEUM SERVICES SARL ACC ABNIAH JV-QATAR Aqua Technologie Est QATAR NATIONAL BANK LEBANON Qatar Petro Chemical Co Quatre Fondues A.T.T Aqua Tank Treatment sarl Aqua Techniques / Mechatronics Middle East And North Africa The Sultan Center Discount SAL The Sultan Center (Lebanon) Holding SULTAN STEEL SARL SULTAN & CO Auto Renault Multipol MULTIPOL SAL MULTITUDE S A R L Multipro - Pierre Akil & Co. sarl AL-SULTAN BRAHIM KHALED ASSOCIATION FOR TRADING & CONTRACTING EDUCONSULT Klat Travel ULTRAMAR MARKETING AND TRADING CO SARL Italian Cultural Institute ARTISTIC CULTURAL EVENTS (ACE) SAL CENTRE CULTUREL ARABE POUR L'IMPRESSION,L'EDITION ET LA DISTRIBUTION KWA SARL Youssef Hussein Ahmad Hamad WEFASHION SAL KM MELKI & CO SAL Maroun Aoun Est Aoun Security Aoun Trading Company Alan Aoun Aoun Brothers Bakeries Aoun Oxygen Est. Aoun Group Co Aoun Group Ets. Aoun Raymonde Aoun EMI HOLDING LEBANON Lebanon Invest Holding Al Diyafa Holding - Lebanon LIBANO ARABE sal LEBANON INVEST SAL LIBANK LEVANT INVESTMENT BANK SAL Libano-Suisse Insurance Company K Bab Arabia Invest Arabia Gis ASSOCIATED BUSINESS CONSULTANTS S A L PricewaterhouseCoopers Lebanon Elie Salon Elie Saab Elie Sayegh Est. ELIE SAAB LEBANON CO SAL Elie Saab Liban Sal Elie Ka Elie Rabaa SOCIETE DES ETS PAUL WEIL ET FILS SAL Societe Azar sarl SOCIETE ASSUREX SAL Societe Mepa Liban Sal SOCIETE NOMAD PRODUCTIONS LEBANON S A R L SOCIETE GENERALE IMMOBILIERE SAL SOCIETE CALL MOYEN ORIENT S A L SOCIETE RAYMOND BARAKEH SAL Société Florida pour L'agriculture sarl Societe Abboud Pour Le Commerce sal SOCIETE NOIRO SARL Sawary Resort and Hotel Lakay Resto MEDICAL EXPRESS LEBANON THE PROPERTY HOUSE SAL JM Properties MMG INVESTMENT HOLDING SAL Medgulf Holding Medgulf Holding Architectural Company Sarl INTERCONTINENTAL INSURANCE SERVICES S A L (OFF-SHORE) NIMAN S.A.L Goldtex RAFIC GHAZAOUI & CO SAL UNITED COURRIERS S A R L Industrial Consultancy Services Offshore Sal Executive Sky Sal Offshore THE FRANCHISE ASSOCIATION SAL OFFSHORE Green Pro Invest SAL NEAR EAST ENGINEERING & DEVELOPMENT SERVICES INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF SHORE) NEEDS FAMILY MODY EST JABER ABDELRAHMAN OSTA Qualios Anwar Jaber JABER GROUP REAL ESTATE SAL AWFARLI.COM EUROPA HOLDING S A L GAMMA HOLDING SAL Albert El-Hajj Al Hayat Al Hani Al Hayat Hospital Al Hayat Newspaper 'Dar' LIBANICA SARL LIBANET SARL LIMAR S A R L LIBAPHARM S A R L Kit-wood BLUE LOGISTICS SERVICES SARL CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS CO UNDERWATER ENGINEERING SAL (OFF-SHORE) COMMODORE HOTEL Commodore Travel & Tours ALLIED TRADING & BUILDING MATERIALS CO S A L Allied Trading & Building Materials Sal Allied Trading Business Co. - Rio S. - Sarl International College International Publishers Inspection Services International International Brands LOGISTICA FREIGHT FORWARDER SARL Logistix SAL ITP GREEN GOLD FOR AGRICULTURE SAL (OFF-SHORE) CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS OIL, GAS AND WATER LTD OIL & GAS ENGINEERING SAL OFFSHORE OIL GAS AND CONSTRUCTION SERVICES SARL HALAWI EXCHANGE FRANSABANK FOR INVESTMENT SAL-FIB S & K INVESTMENT TURKEY SAL Lebanon Ski Federation Armani Jeans - Kasak Sal Warka Bank for Investment & Finance Al Warka Bank For Investment & Finance Aeroflot Russian Airlines (Skyteam) Abc Nursery & Kindergarden Baskin Robbins A & S CHRONORA SARL A and S Chronora A&S Chronora CORPORATE SYSTEMS SAL (OFF-SHORE) MERCURY CONSTRUCTION SAL OFFSHORE Cassia Group Sal Offshore Solidere Management Services Offshore SAL IRADAT OFFSHORE SAL (OFF-SHORE) INTERCONNECT OFFSHORE SAL (OFF-SHORE) QR Franchise Offshore SAL Firehorse Films (Offshore) SAL Duravit Middle East (Offshore) SAL Etudes Moyen-Orient Co.(Offshore) SAL Grupo Moda Offshore SAL SNCFI Middle East (Offshore) SAL MEDIALOG ACCESSIBILITIES OFFSHORE SAL Consolidated Contractors VAN SEUMEREN SAL (Offshore) CFH Investment Banking Ali baba Ali baba Alibi Little Engineer, (the) The Little Engineer, Tle Arcan sarl Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts . ALBA ST MARC LABORATORY Beaux - Arts Academie Michel Ange Beaux Arts The General Co. for Aluminium Extrusion ' Aluxal ' sal Academie Michelange Des Beaux Arts - Amba Bijoux Accaoui Jeux Et Amusements - S.A.L KHAIRALLAH FOR INDUSTRY & TRADING G TCHILINGUIRIAN & G KODJAYAN & CO LTD BANQUE NASR LIBANO AFRICAINE S A L THEEMAR TRIPOLI SAL (HOLDING) Colors Midclear Procurement Co. Midclear S.A.L. CENTRE DE CONSERVATION & DE COMPENSATION DESINSTRUMENTS FINANCIERS POUR LE LIBAN & LE MOYENORIENT S UNITED INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS SAL COMPUPRINT Supreme Travel Superior Travel Aizone Cafe Supreme Cafe du Prince GAZ DU LIBAN PYTHON LIBAN SARL Liban Post FRIGO LIBAN SARL SUCDEN LIBAN S A L RADIO LIBAN Liban Beton Bp Liban MACHMOUCHI GROUP SARL Electron Est Millenium Car Rental MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT HOLDING SAL HOLDING Ramco RIMCO SARL INTERNATIONAL ADVANCED WORK SAL (OFF-SHORE) Bongia Paolo Valenza LMG SOCIETE DE PRESSE S.A.R.L CREDIT TRUST SAL SOCIETE GENERALE LIBANAISE D'INVESTISSEMENT COMMERCIALE ROYAL TRADE BUSINESS S A L HARATI TRADE & INDUSTRY Hush Hush S & H HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Achkar Trading & Industry Est. METEOR TRADE & INDUSTRY Adam Est For Industry & Trade Farhat Trading & Industry JAAFAR AND JAAFAR MIDDLE EAST BEVERAGE SERVICES SAL (OFF SHORE) SABRA GENERAL TRADE CO SARL SOCIETE COMMERCIALE FILS YOUSSEF SABRA Sbarro ATEF TABET AND ASSOCIES Sté. Akar et Tabet ACAR & TABET Akar & Tabet OVERSEAS TRADING CO SAL (OFF-SHORE) LE 66 FOCH SAL MORICO TV SHOPPING S A R L Badr Shop SHOPPER'S INTERNATIONAL SAL Diet Shop Free Shop Charlie, V. Yedalian Ristretto Coffe Shop European Shopping Center Sarl Beesline The Shop Paradise Shopping International Antoine Choucri El Ashkar Shop Atlante Coffee Shop Coffee Shop Khaled Ayad Trading Est INDUSTRIAL MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES CO SARL Ibrahim Construction - S.A.L IMAGE SYSTEMS SAL HIMCO TRADING AND INDUSTRIAL EST Imago Corporation Image Images Computer Services Image Lifting Image Production House Sal EURO CONSTRUCTION Compagnie de Construction Immobiliere (CCI) SARL SOCIETE DE CONSTRUCTION ET D'AMELIORATION IMMOBILIERE SAL (STARCO) Amro Construction Sarl Jafco Constraction International South for Construction Corum Constructions South for Construction Jafco Construction International S.A.R.L. Compagnie De Construction ImmobiliŠre, Cci L'Atelier De Costa Achkar College Notre Dame de Jamhour College de la Sagesse . Saint Joseph College Notre Dame de Nazareth College de la Providence Lune de Miel Banque De L'habitat S.A.L (Created By Special Law No. 14) COUP DE SCENE COLLEGE NOTRE DAME DE LOUAIZE COLLEGE DE LA SAINTE FAMILLE FRANCAISE Club Hippique de Beirut Agdal Investment SAL (Offshore) ABDUL LATIF JAMEEL INTERNATIONAL COMPANY GLOBAL FINANCE COMPANY LIMTED (CAYMAN) LEVANT INVETSMENT BANK S.A.L Haigazian University Duty Free Cell Offshore SAL D FROST SAL (OFF-SHORE) Internationale De Developpement & De Construction (Idc) Sal HEED Mint Trading Middle East Limited Mytrom House WEBCO SARL WAKPOT SARL WATCO SARL WAFCO S A R L W.I.D.E. sarl ABAR PETROLEUM SERVICES SAL (OFF-SHORE) SAKSON SK 603 OFFSHORE SAL SAKSON SK 605 OFFSHORE SAL SMART CENTER ROCHE LEBANON SARL CEDAR STAR LINE Cedars Market Cedar Group Co Cedars Real Estate Cedar Wings B.M.C Middle East Sarl CAPELEC MIDDLE EAST S A L CCM MIDDLE EAST S.A.R.L CAPTURE MIDDLE EAST SARL C.C.LOG MIDDLE EAST SAL CAPSUGEL MIDDLE EAST S.A.R.L TECHNICOM TECHNICAL ASSOCIATES GROUP SARL TECHNICA AND DESIGN SERVICE Taxi Lebanon Techno Trading - Atweh et Co TECH2M s.a.l TEACHERS SYNDICATE OF LEBANON TECHNO PLUS PLUS Tech 961 TECHNO SOUND GEORGES BITAR SARL TAIGA Takaya Suites Hotel Butterfleye Butterfly. LIBA NUTRI PHARMACEUTIQUE S A R L ZOUHEIR DANDAN ESTABLISHMENT Abou Zouheir Market Zouheir Abou Hamzeh Est. for Trade & Industry Berro Zouheir Hussein KHAYAT TRADING CO Ballouk Zouheir Hassan VIDEO SYSTEM OFFICE - VSO AMCO Amatoury & Bedran M O Gandour and Sons AD INVEST SAL (OFF-SHORE) Al Azem For Investment Co Sal Karim Al Amir NTV SAL NALBANDIAN SAL NADAL SAL SQUARE DESIGN Eco Design Mac Design C Design A Design Ja Designs WAW Design CAFE MEDDINE SARL Najib Alameddine Debs Alameddine Est. For Trade & Novelties Sale Better Eye & Ear Co. (BEECO)- Alameddine & Associates Engineering Group - Alameddine Associates Sarl TILES AND MORE Lucky Travel Agency Artima Sarl Artima ARTI MODA sal S.D. FURNITURE FACTORY & CONTRACT PPB STRUCTURE DERVICHE HADDAD S.A.L Epicure Group Restaurants Lebanon SAL SOCIETE DES TERROIRS D'ORIENT SAL (HOLDING) SOLWEAVERS SARL AL-BOUDAIR FOR TRADING, CONTRACTING AND INVESTMENT SAL (HOLDING) GHOZLAN AL-BARR FOR TRADING AND INVESTMENT SAL(HOLDING) Magazin D'Orient, Absi & Brothers MODLINE S A R L I LIMITS SAL CRYSTAL LONDON SAL SAL (HOLDING) WILD DISCOVERY SAL KARMA LEBANON SAL CARINTEX S A R L Carintex Convertex Sarl PRISMA CIRCLE PROJECTS SAL Alfa Plus sarl A Service Plus A plus Laser . A+ Laser Pizza Plus Pizza Plus MIDDLE EAST MARINE WORKS & SUPPLIES OFFICE LTD. SARL Salem Agencies & Services - Middle East SAL MARKETING SERVICES MIDDLE EAST SAL SIGMA MIDDLE EAST SAL MARTIN PROFESSIONAL MIDDLE EAST SAL (OFF-SHORE) Kurban Travel Kurban Holding SAL KURBAN TOURS SAL El Afif for General Trade Co. SARL Genesis CDCI SAL DIRECT DISTRIBUTION SAL AUVIAL LTD Medical Professionals OFFICE DESIGN & SUPPLIES Abdo Diab Amhas Trading Est Abiad Chalah for Trade Abbyad Kep Limited - A.K.L. Abiad 'Al' Mustapha Saadallah & Sons Factories And Est. Abiad 'Al' Mustapha Saadallah & Sons Factories And Est. Aboud Co. Trading Est. Abdo Khalil Trading Est Abdo Karam For Wood Abdo Eid Stores for Trade Abed Tahan Abbyad Peter J. - P J A Abad Jamal Trading ABAAD - RESOURCE CENTRE FOR GENDER EQUALITY Abdo Sabbagh Abdo Michaalani Est Abdo Teriaki & Sons Trading Co Abdo Abou Antoun Trading Est. Abdo Albert Jewellery CIT COMMODITIES INTERNATIONAL EST Universal Traders and Consultants SAL TACTICA LTD. Au Premier HOTELS & TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CO S A R L SOCIETE LES DUNES IMMOBILIERES SAL Innova Sarl SPECIALIZED TRADING & CONSULTING CO SAL (OFF-SHORE) Budepro Sal Offshore TURBOPOWER DRILLING SAL (OFFSHORE ) Mohamad Ali Ammar Trading Est. Jaffal Mohamed Ali PRONTO SAL (OFF-SHORE) POSEIDON SAL (OFF-SHORE) PLACHEM SAL (OFF-SHORE) PSV SAL (OFF-SHORE) Caporal & Moretti Caporal & Moretti 'Ets.' Sal J P S SAL JALEESA SAL JALTRADE SAL KARIFERT INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Medicals International (Offshore) Coromo International Offshore C-Food International Offshore KAY SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) KETTANEH CONSTRUCTION INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFFSHORE) Bemco International Offshore Bemco International Offshore Medicals International (Offshore) KBA INTERNATIONAL Diet & Light Cuisine Moon Light Sound & Light Batal Lighting Ltd. LIGHT & POWER L & Lui Light FM Light House Light Gaz Lou & Lou LIGHT BULB FACTORY S.A.L. LIGHT ZONE SAL Antique Daniel Dar D'Antique Erge (Art Et Antiques) Al Hakim Antique A.M Lord Antique sarl A.M. Lord Antique - S.A.R.L Yahala MILONA SAL Hakim A & Co MAISON DU DISQUE Madison Farahat Neon & Advertising Farhat Assaad Awad Farhat Khalil Est. Atef Farhat Est Farhat Muhiddine Est. FARHAT GROUP FOR TRADING AND CONTRACTING MIM Farhat Travel Farhat Faouzat Charif SOCIETE DE COMMERCE & DE DISTRIBUTION DU LEVANTSARL AHMED ISMAIL TRADING CO Edisson Roastory Le Distingue R.G.H. SAL SOLEDERE SOLIDERE QORTUBA COMPANY SOLIDERE INDUSTRY LLC CHAOUI & CO SAL GEM MUREX INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT SAL (OFF-SHORE) ADYAN FOUNDATION MADCAPP Daou Jacques & Sons Co SIGMA DIAMOND LAB S A R L MEDI LIFE SAL FAST LINE SAL (HOLDING) GALERIE FATTAL FATTAL & SAYEGH S A R L Khalil Fattal et Fils Sometal Marry with me Marry Me MEDWOOD INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Mechref Moghrabi Mounir Est MASAFAT INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Makhlouf Vincent Anis MORGAN INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) OMAR CHAMI & SONS EST. FOR INDUSTRY & TRADE SARL Massabeh Mechref Club ALMOUGHRABI ALOOLA FOR TRADE CO SAL (OFF-SHORE) F.A. HOSRI SAL Mi Chaud F.A Conseils SA&S Carla s Good Food So far F.A. Hosri Sal Big Mills Of The South - Al Dick ETS WADIH S MOUJAES PROMOFAIR SAL Farran Fady Jean Farrago Farran Hussein Ali Al Kahwa GEORGES HERMES KHABBAZ ESTABLISHMENT Khabbaz Al Kahwa PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT SERVICES CORP S A L Abdel Ahad Est For Trade Est. Abdel Ahad for Trade Abdel Hafiz Sakr Trading Est Abdel Hadi Fayad Trading Est Rafic Abdel Baki Est. SIMCO TRADE SHIPPING CO. SARL INTELCO GROUP SAL Gay Auto Sale Auto System Sal Auto - Ax Mana Automotive SAL Auto Mall Sal Atallah Est. For Trading & Contracting GHALANI GLASS MEDIACOM SAL THINK MEDIA LABS Medi Access MEDIACOM LEBANON Mercury Media Inc MEDIA TRADE UNION MEDIA SARL In Media Plus Co Ltd IN MEDIA PLUS SARL Levant Transport Co LEVANT EXPRESS TRANSPORT SAL PRISMA CIRCLE PROJECTS (OFFSHORE) SAL GREENPRO INVEST (OFFSHORE) SAL GEO PROJECTS SAL Casa Lina - S.A.R.L Casa Lina - S.A.R.L Casa Verde - S.A.R.L C.A. S.A.R.L Cassia & Partners Sarl Casa Tamara Sal CAUCASUS GROUP SAL COTTON INTERNATIONAL SARL GLOBNET Blue Bird Travel HAMRA SHOPPING & TRADING CO LTD SAL CHM Trading SAL HERMES TRADING SAL Hamara Shopping & Trading Co.SAL HMBR MANUFACTURING & TRADING CO SAL ACRES DEVELOPMENT HOLDING ACRES SAIDA SAL ACRES SIN EL FIL SAL ACRES TRIPOLI SAL iLevel LEVANTUM SAL EURO MODA GMIV SAL (OFF-SHORE) KMCI SAL (OFF-SHORE) NICOTINA SAL (OFF-SHORE) JICO SAL (OFF-SHORE) W D I SAL (OFF-SHORE) DAZZCOM SAL (OFF-SHORE) SAUDI OGER AND SAMSUNG C&T - THE CONSORTIUM Food & Food Sarl FRESH FOOD DISTRIBUTORS SARL FOOD & FOOD S A R L Optimum invest Optimum Developments Ahmad Abbas Taki Est Ahmad Atwi Trading Est Ahmad Ramadan Trading Est Ahmad Ardati Stores Ahmad Abla Ahmad Jaafar Est. Atto Travel Anastasia Travel Attar Travel & Tourism (Al), A.T.T. Ets. Abdel Rahim Diab sal Abdul Rahim & Chafic Diab sarl ETABLISSEMENTS ABDELRAHIM DIAB SAL ABDELRAHIM & CHAFIC DIAB SAL (OFF-SHORE) Abdulrahim Diab Etablissement Abdulrahim Diab THALES INTERNATIONAL MIDDLE EAST (BRANCHES) SAL(OFF-SHORE) THALES INTERNATIONAL MIDDLE EAST SAL THALES INTERNATIONAL MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA HOLDING SAL THALES INTERNATIONAL MIDDLE EAST & WESTERN ASIA SAL MAK HOLDINGS SAL (HOLDING) GIL HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) M TO M HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) MEDGULF HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) JMG HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) MORGAN HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) My Home Holding SAL Makhsoom Holding SAL CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) SKY COM CONSULTING GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTING ENGINEERING ANDPROCUREMENT SAL (OFF-SHORE) CONSOLIDATED CONCESSION OIL & GAS OFFSHORE SAL Engineering And Contracting International Group Co Sal Offshore Att - Group Sal Offshore SMART International Services INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN RELIEF ENGINEERED SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL Sachi Samar Abou Raad SAMER ESTABLISHMENT Maroun Semaan Azar Albert Semaan Zowein Abdo Semaan Contracting Boutique Michel Semaan Scenario Malco Group Holding Resource Group Holding Resource Group Holding SCAS INC Mobitel Retail Group RD GROUP Retail Group UNITED LEBANESE REAL ESTATE COMPANY (HOLDING) SAL UNITED LEBANESE COMPANY FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE United Lebanese Real Estate Company Holding Chicken and Cow Travel And More Travel Associates CTS travel The Travel Club Tania Travel Htait Travel T.Y.M. International S.A.L. ( Off Shore ) GRAPHICS INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) HDM INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) METCO TRADE SAL (OFF-SHORE) I ENGINEERING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Interadio Sal Itx Sarl Machawi al Barouki Beyt Douaihy Douaihy Sweets Blue Field Ste Atco sal ASCHMOUN TRADING & CONTRACTING COMPANY S A R L ARABIAN TRANSPORT CO SARL ATCO ATEC Atco Assi Trading Company Georges Najib Abou Sleiman - Galerie Elie Abou Sleiman Trading Est Ets Ghassan Abou Sleiman for General Trade LAW OFFICE OF ABOU-SLEIMANE & PARTNERS MEDIA WAY S.A.L OFFSHORE INTERCORP FINANCE SAL (OFF-SHORE) AFRICELL HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) National Finance Services SAL SOCIETE DE REPRESENTATION & DE PRESENTATION DE SERVICES S A R L S & V IMASDOUNIAN Advanced Power Services-A.P.S Designer Computer Services Eid Industrial Services Etablissement Des Services Douaniers Et De Transport Dream Services MIDAS SERVICES CO. DEEB CO LEGAL SERVICES Soci‚t‚ Internationale De Service Et De Transport A‚rien, Sista Data Service Provider ENGINEERING DESIGN & ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES SAL Engineering, Design And Environmental Services Sal Carpet Line HILAL TRADING AGENCY The Hilal Trading Agency Molier Agencies for Trade & Industry DAR GROUP Dow Group S.A.R.L Aust - American University Of Science & Technology UNITED CREDIT BANK SAL UNITED BUSINESS COMPANY SARL United Building Traders SAL PANEL PLUS Sfeir Industries Group SUPER MODE SARL Super Free Kicks World Cup Chamaa Super Stationery Contram, Super Solar Water Heater Sfeir Industries Group Ahmad Rajab Jubaili and Company Ahmad Rajab Jubaili & Co. Sarl Ahmad Rajab Jubaili and Company AHMAD RAJAB JUBAILI & CO SARL A R JUBAILI AND CO Mobile D'Arte sarl ELECTRO TRADE Youssef Mohamad Arab Trading YOUSSEF HARIRI TRADING CO S A R L Le Commodore Beirut Born Interactive Sal (Offshore) I.L.D Net Sal Offshore ALLIED INVESTORS SAL (OFF-SHORE) Oriflame ASSOCIATED HOLDINGS Y Trade Rida Abdul Karim Tohme M.E.K & Associates sarl THE LEBANESE TRANSPARENCY ASSOCIATION Lebanon Mountain Trail Association Alem and Associates Amel Association International Association to Save Tyre General Technology Associates sarl Think Positive Association YOUTH ASSOCIATION OF THE BLIND Alem and Associates Raphael and Associates Omega Services NAKHAL & CIE SARL Beirut Real Estate Holding Company SAL CEDRUS ENTERPRISES HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) HOLCOM HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) SATURN TRUST (HOLDING) S A L HIKMA PHARMACEUTICALS PLC Boustany United Machineries Company Abdo Gergi Boustany DJALIL BOUSTANY EST Karam Beirut Al Karam Karam al Bahr Assaad Karam Jabbour Trading Stores LES FILS DE GEORGES BECHARA KARAM Les Fils d'Antoine Bechara Karam Ets. Toufic Abou Karam pour l'Agriculture et le Commerce T.A.K KARAM OIL COMPANY Karam Group Al Karam Anwar Karam Trading Est KARAM GROUP SAL Imad Karam MAQAMAT BEIT EL RAQS GALOP SAL Gallerie Samaha Fransa Invest Bank FIB Fransa Invest Bank F.F.A. (PRIVATE BANK) SAL FFA Private Bank DROGUERIE VITA Hamawi Sami Group LIBANAISE DES JEUX SAL La Libanaise des Jeux TELTAC WORLD WIDE INC. SAL (OFF-SHORE) WARDE STEEL & METALS SARL Arab Water World Trans World Market World of Holiday Air World Travel World Net Hotels Warde Steel & Metals Arab World Trade Promotion Center A.S. Gharibian Trading Co. For Metals Walid El Awar Trading Est. World of Light and Electricity World Transport Logistics Arcom - Al Moussawi Ceramics Mohamad Ahmad El Moussawi Commercial Shop MOUSSAWI FOR COMMERCE, INDUSTRY & CONTRACTING SAL 09 G.S.M.CORPORATION SAL (OFF-SHORE) Profile BUSINESS PRODUCTS AND SYSTEMS S.A.R.L BUZZ PRODUCTION SARL REPRESENTATION, MANAGEMENT & CONSULTATION INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Overseas Development SAL LEBANON & OVERSEAS SERVICES SAL Akil Bross AKIL BROS UNITED GAZ First United For General & Construction Ltd. Michel Azar Trading Est. ETS MICHEL I WARDE ICAR Wakim ICAR Wakim Wakims Michel Zoughaib Michel & Rizk Conseil et Gestion Immobiliere (CGI) SARL Conseil & Gestion Immobiliere . Ste Immobiliere Nationale De Developpement “Ind” S.A.L. Immobiliere Du Liban Sal LEBANON SERVICES COMPANY SARL C.E.O Lebanon s.a.r.l H S P LEBANON S A R L Apg Lebanon Sarl SEAGO LINE LEBANON SARL TRIANGLE BUSINESS GROUP SAL (OFF-SHORE) CREDIT LEBANAIS INVESTMENT SAL CREDIT LYONNAIS LIBAN SAL CREDIT LIBANAIS SAL Credit Libanais d'Assurances et de Reassurances CREDIT LIBANAIS SAL Credit Libanais Investment Bank Ethiopian M1 GROUP M1 Travel M1 Tours UNITED DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION UNITED COMPANY FOR DEVELOPMENT SAL (OFF-SHORE) Saatchi & Saatchi Beirut SAL SALAMEH ENGINEERING TRADING & CONTRACTING SAL Berytech Scal SODECO GESTION SAL SETS STICKY IDEAS SARL SWATCH Sodeco Square Center Samih Barek &Gebran Anaissy Co. for Trade & Industry Imp. Exp. JAMIA HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) TAKKO CO LTD Pacific Water Pacifico RABUNION MARITIME AGENCY SARL SMART TEL SARL CONSOLIDATED MARTIME COMPANY SAL Cargo Leader (Martime Services) Sarl Harb Elie Melhem Gharbieh Home & Electrical Appliances Electro Hampar Hakim Electronic HOSHAN MIDDLE EAST S A R L Foma Suite Arak Razzouk Distillery INTERTEC CONSULTANTS INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF LEBANON Ideal Enterprises M.E Ideal Enterprises Me Assaf Marble Company sarl ASSAF LTD S A R L Naji Assaf Est Assaf & Kabbabe Assaf Dental Est. (G.T.) Assaf Pack Assaf Engineering & Contracting Co Assaf Chicken Assaf Elias Assaf Assaf Abdo & Jean Est. Yahya Assaf Trading Est. Akram Assaf Trading Est Assaf & Batal Trading Company Cedrar SAL SLOREC SAL (OFF-SHORE) SHISHA PRESSO SAL (OFF-SHORE) S-TELL SAL (OFF-SHORE) GENALCO (OFF-SHORE) S A L YARA SAL OFF-SHORE ASACO SAL (OFF-SHORE) MEGA TRADE SARL MICA SARL MOUNAJJED INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AGENCY S A R L MOGWAI S A R L MEGA CARGO TRANSPORT SARL MEEC SARL Société Abboud Freres pour le Commerce Général Société Libanaise Pour Aciers Spéciaux SOCIETE LIBANAISE D'ENTREPOSAGE ET D'INDUSTRIE (S L E D) SARL SOCIETE RENE HOMSY POUR LE COMMERCE & L'INVESTISSEMENT SAL LAMSAT WARD PSYCHO-SOCIAL AND DEVELOPMENT SIM INVEST SAL Asa Home Assaha Hotel Abniah Sal Holding Astrum Holding SAL AGES HOLDING SAL Asthom Holding Sal ACHOUR HOLDING S.A.L Randa Salamoun RTH SAL ROUMMANA SARL RIFBANK SAL RADCO SAL RAPIJ S.A.L. REVYOU S.A.L. Evergreen Restaurant Modern Resources Establishment For Trading & Contracting LEBANESE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ASSOCIATION SOCIETE LIBANAISE DE PARFUM SARL GULF ENERGY S A L Faqra Catering SAL Faqra Catering Faqra Catering S.A.L ARAB BANK PLC Arab Bank Arab Banking Corporation Noura E.P. Energy Partners S.A.L MADE@HOME Wafa' Modern Bakeries Co. Mahmoud Ali Askar Al Chahine Est LEBANESE INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION CO (ALBINA) SAL Albina Alpina sarl ARZ AUTO PARTS CO Kayal Auto Parts Jet Auto Parts Az Auto parts sarl National Auto Parts Est. Naamani Auto Parts Arz Auto Parts Diapaper Amazonas Import Export AYLOUSH FOR IMPORT & EXPORT SARL Amazonas Import-Export ECE CAPITAL SAL Capital Suites Edge Capital Sal B&Y DIVISION ONE HOLDING SAL MIDDLE EAST AND INTERNATIONAL LAW ASSOCIATES NAVLINK (MIDDLE EAST) SAL (OFF-SHORE) TRIBAND MIDDLE EAST SAL OFFSHORE 3I Middle East & North Africa sal - Offshore Company MIDDLE EAST PAPER & MACHINERY SAL (OFF-SHORE) MOZAYIX MIDDLE EAST SAL (OFF-SHORE) FICEP MIDDLE EAST SAL (OFF-SHORE) SABIC ME OFFSHORE CO ROI-MIDDLE EAST SAL (OFF-SHORE) SOLARNET MIDDLE EAST SAL (OFF-SHORE) ORIENT FREIGHTERS LINE SARL L Oriental Artisans du liban et d'orient sarl OVERSEAS BULKER ENTERPRISE SAL (OFF-SHORE) Fadi Aziz Akiki Fadi Salon Fadi Sawaya Fadi Attieh Trading Est Fadi Samir Nohra FADI EL-MERHI ETUDE ME FADI MOUGHAYZEL VERLATI SARL KREDO SAL Gebran Geachan and Sons Fady'zzz Fady Nahle SYNEWEB TRISAX INVESTMENT SAL (HOLDING) INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE LEBANON Armenian Evang. Peter&Elizabeth Torossian School Armenian Evangelical Junior High School, Torossian Peter & Elisabeth Food Plus Marketeers STELLAR TRADING LTD SARL Akbet Biakoute, Ecole Officielle Aldaleel Office Ets. Afteem MOUNT LEBANON HOSPITAL ALAM PHARM SAL EASTERN IMPORT MIDDLE EAST SAL DEMIRDJIAN GLOBAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Orbit Productions Ltd Orbit Productions ORBIT FOR IMPORT AND EXPORT SARL BAZ & AZAR Eco, Electrical Equipment Co ETCO MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO SARL Electronic Business Equipment Electro Mechanical Enterprises E.M.E. Electro_Mechanical Engineering & Consulting Co Emca SARL. Electro Mechanical Contracting Association ARCAN ELECTRICAL - MECHANICAL & TELECOMMUNICATION CONTRACT S A R L Tabbara Electro Mechanic, T.E.M. Emenco - Shartouny And Tawileh Electro-Mechanical Engineering & Contracting Sal Eid Electric Co Electro Store Elie Electric Elda Electric EFFICIENT MEDICAL SOLUTIONS SARL TABBARA GENERAL CO SAL T S A GROUP TSA GROUP SERUM PRODUCTS CO. SARL Abdul Rahman & Mohamad Tabbara Trading Co TABBARA ELECTRO-MECHANIC SARL TABBARA TELECTRONICS COMMUNICATION S A R L E.S.Co Sarl (Tabbara & Partners) Soci‚t‚ Tabbara pour le Commerce et l'Industrie Nazih Tabbara Fireworks Ahmad Mohamad Tabbara Clearing Agent - Trader Falafel Tabbara Chaar & Tabbara Electrical Services Co, Tabbara & Partners Tabbara General Co SEROP ELMAYAN & SONS Nostalgie Radio Strike Radio Mont Liban Radio Link Fajr Radio Company NRJ Radio . 99FM Al Jaras Radio GLOBAL RETAIL SAL Global Travel LIBANO SUISSE INSURANCE CONSULTING SAL Credit Suisse (Lebanon) Finance Libano Suisse Acad‚mie Suisse Du Liban NASCO TECH NASCO KARAOGLAN AND CO LTD S A L NASCODE CONAPRO DENA BMS SAL (OFF-SHORE) Ahmad Annani Est. for General Trade Amiouni Trading Co Annan Gaz Station & General Trade Professional Computer Association of Lebanon Takkoush Home Articles Co.Ltd P.C- Ahamd & Mohamad Takkoush & Partners Takko Co. Ltd.p.c Abdul-Karim,Ibrahim,Hisham&Mohammad Takoush&Partners All Fresh Pasta ABDELGHANI KASSEM & CO SUGAR RUSH PRODUCTIONS SAL Abdallah Georges Industrial Workshop The Celtic Irish Pub Elle Et Lui Elle Et Lui Elle Et Lui BLU SOLUTIONS SAL EYEWEB SARL Effys Effy's Jewellery E.P.P.I. Graph Sarl D.M.T. TRADING COMPANY SAL Mohamad Salman Abou Chakra Arnaout Est SPACTRON (U.K.) LIMITED Savvis U.K. MIC VENTURE HOLDING SAL GRANT THORNTON GRANT THORNTON - YAFI & PARTNERS VEGA INVESTMENT GROUP SAL (HOLDING) GROUP ONE INTERNATIONAL HOLDING SAL UNITED INTERNATIONAL HOTELS GROUP INTERNATIONAL HOLDING CO FOR CHOCOLATE & GIFTS SAL (HOLDING) Haddad Group International MID Contracting Lebanon SAL COMMERCIAL INSURANCE CO. (LEBANON) SAL A. And H. Construction And Development Company S.A.L. ARABIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY (LEBANON) SAL Porsche Center Lebanon SAL COMMERCIAL INSURANCE LEBANON SAL CAT INTERNATIONAL LTD C.A.T. International Limited Caterina HAMID GROUP TRADING CO Ali Ahmad Group Holding HAMCO TRADING GROUP S A R L ALI-AHMAD GROUP HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Ali Ahmad Group Holding TRANSNET SAL Tradco SAL TAK SAL TRACES S A L TREND FINANCE CO S A R L TATEN SAL TRAKMD SAL SUNTRUST HOLDING SAL SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL SUPPLIES CO SARL F.I.R.S.T - Fakih Institute Of Reproductive Sciences & Technologies NIZAMEDDINE TEXTILES & FURNITURE FADI MOHAMED NIZAMEDDINE Nizameddine d'ameublement et Ridaux NIZAM G.M.A. Global Maritime Anchors sarl Global Communications Sarl Leap Co UNITED DEVELOPMENT AND CONTRACTING CO BEAINI UDC Arabian International Investment Co Arabian Co. For International Investments - S.C.S STYRO PRODUCTS MIDDLE EAST SAL Est Sannine for Agricultural Production & Marketing Indigo On The Roof Sea Food Market ODMARK LTD TYROS FOR TRADING & CONTRACTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) COLONY NORTH STAR SAL (OFF-SHORE) HARIRI CONSTRUCTION & CONTRACTING CO SAL (OFF-SHORE) KARAM CONSULTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) ARABIAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SAL (OFF-SHORE) BENCHMARK CONSULTING LIMITED SAL (OFF-SHORE) H.F. INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) SET CONSULTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) E & J CONSULTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) TRIANGLE CONSULTING SAL OFF-SHORE A & K Construction HAYEK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Quality Construction Company sarl CONSTRUCTION CHEMICAL TECHNIQUE SAL (OFF-SHORE) 4 C S CO. SAL (OFF-SHORE) 3.E SAL (OFF-SHORE) CEDRUS ENTERPRISES HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) Group Five F. Group GHRAWI GROUP We Group GROUP 4 S A L ARLA KALLASSI FOODS LEBANON SAL Boutros Kallassi Agricultural Est TAHA KOLEILAT GROUP SAL (HOLDING) Bemco International Legend Hotel THE LEGEND SAL (OFF-SHORE) Liban Cables Libano - Arabe Liban Cables Lebanor Lebano Francaise Finance Haddad Est CONCYS SAL Hermes HENRI HEALD & CO SAL KATAHO SARL YAMOUT HEARING CENTER SARL Svelte Healthy Living Yamout Hearing Center Houri Hearing Solutions Beeco Hearing & Speach Center Healthy Basket SKY COMMUNICATION AND CONSULTING SAL (OFF-SHORE) Natcon Engineering & Contracting Natcon Engineering & Contracting BUSINESS UNLIMITED SARL Amerus - Amer Unlimited Services Click Purple Concept for Investment SAL INVESTMENT CONSULTANTS INT S A L Ahli Invest PRIME INVESTS SAL (OFF-SHORE) Pizza Inn Integration Marketing And Communication Sal - Offshore Integration Marketing & Communications SAL Management Integrated Consultants Integrated Project Services Sarl Management Integrated Consultants INTEGRATED INFORMATION SERVICES Integrated Management Consulting (Imc) Sarl Integrated Digital Systems (IDS) Intense design Nest Furniture and Interior Design EXCITE DESIGN INTERACTIVE Interior Architecture & Design - Aziz Rebeiz Nest Furniture and Interior Design Master Trend Capital MASTER CAPITAL GROUP SAL FIRST CAPITAL & TRUST Capital Trust Representative Office Computer Services Allied Computer Services (ALCS-sal) Fashion Asia Holding SAL Azal Fashion Holding Sal FAWAZ HOLDING SAL (HOLDING) J. Matta Holding Sal Food Kapital Holding Sal Fawaz Holding S.A.L (Holding Company) Beirut Stock Exchange Beirut Baptist School PERI LEBANON SARL Eurosat Lebanon Sarl William Ashkar Stores Trust Trading Group TRUST CONTRACTING & TRADING ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL COURIERS Cyberia Holding Ltd Cyberbase Amira KARE GLOBAL INVEST SAL Manazel International Amco International sal Electro Media International Sal ZAHED INTERNATIONAL SAL KBE INTL SAL AZADEA SAL B.I.L.A Real Estate Achrafieh Sal Atelier G AL KING FOR COMMERCE & INDUSTRY Bimatic, Ahmad Mohamad Bakri Est. for Industry & Commerce PROFESSIONAL FORWARDING SERVICES SARL Silver Silver Line Silver Street Silver King Silver Wings House of Silk Silver MERCANTILE TRADING CO M1 BETA CAPITAL LIMITED Melkart Capital MENA INVEST SAL Mena Reality MenaJet MINDSHARE MENA VERTICAL MEDA MENA LTD MenaJet Events DT Al Ghali For Trading Alji Trading Est Algi Trading Co. Socrate OSAMA ITANI SONS TRADING & INDUSTRIAL CO SARL OFFICE OF THE MINISTER OF STATE FOR ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM Abco ABC Group Abc ABC Mall ABC Department Store ABC Mall ABC Department Store EDDRESS S.A.L Abou El Moulouk Sweet I & G Mr. K BHV ABOU-MERHI LINES SAL (OFF-SHORE) ABOU-MERHI CRUISES (AMC) SAL Abou Merhi Trading Est Abou Merhi Est. for Clothes & Candies Trade Est. Karami - Jean Elias Abou Merhi Abou Merhi Lines Sal (Offshore) Abou Merhi Group Sal Abou Merhi Cruises Abou_Merhi Toufic Naïm ABOU-MERHI HOSPITALITY SAL D & D PROFESSION ENVIRONMENT COMPANY SARL SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS Azal Management sal A.A.Corporate Management Sal FLEET MANAGEMENT CO SAL Bar Trading Co. B.S.B. Trading Company Bougast Trading Company Baha' Trading Est ITANI PRINTING & TRADING IPT CARDS SAL Jem_Co UNITED INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY GROUP ISSA Holding Ifg Holding ITG ENTERPRISE SAL (HOLDING) ITG ENTERPRISE SAL (HOLDING) Itg Site And Power Sal Holding ISSA Holding MIDDLE EAST MARKETING AND TRADING EMREP MARKETING MIDDLE EAST Middle East Foods Industry & Marketing Agency M.E.F.I.M.A MEDIA LINK INTERNATIONAL SAL (OFF-SHORE) Embrace Zein Mawal beirut Mohamad H. Awada MAWAD FOR TRADE & CONSTRUCTION S A R L Al Mallah Transport ICON MENA GENERAL TRADING AND CONTRACTING PUBLICIS-GRAPHICS ALLIED GRAPHICS GRAPHIC ARTS AND PRINTING PRODUCTS Compu Graphic HORRIAH GRAPHICS Carati Paris Paris Look Parisiana Elysse Paris Cafe De Paris MIDDLE EAST RUBBER INDUSTRIES COMPANY S A L Ets. Antoine Saker - Perfect CHAER BROS CO INTERNATIONAL SARL Tanios Assaker Trading Stores ALI CHAER & BROS SARL Raja Amin Kerbaj Trades est Bechara Assaker Trading Est KHATER BROS EST AND CO Samaket al Amir Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Make Up Makeover Assaker Brothers Est