List of Kazakh businesses headquartered in ALMATY

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NIK KAZAKHSTAN, TOO TSENTRALNOAZIATSKAYA SAKHARNAYA KORPORATSIYA, TOO TSENTRALNOAZIATSKAYA KOMPANIYA SANI, TOO TSENTRALNOAZIATSKAYA AGRARNAYA KOMPANIYA, TOO TSENTRALNOAZIATSKAYA KONSALTINGOVAYA GRUPPA, TOO MIM, IN SHABYT TRANS, TOO SHABYT TRADE, TOO SHABYT, TOO SHABYT KOZI, TOO SHABYT-INFO, TOO UNI COMMERCE LTD TOO RG BRANDS KAZAKHSTAN, FILIAL RG BRANDS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO GOLOVNOI UNI COMMERCE LTD TOO RG BRANDS KAZAKHSTAN, FILIAL WORLD DESIGNER BRANDS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO VESTI KAZAKHSTANA, RG RG BRANDS, TOO RG BRANDS, AO RB BRANDS, TOO ALLIANCE BETON, TOO ALLIANCE LTD, TOO ALLIANCE-BEAUTY, TOO TEMIRBANK, AO MAT ENTERPRISES AG, TOO BI-GROUP-KZ, TOO EL & BI GROUP, TOO KAZAKHSTAN-SLOVENIYA, OF ARIFAR, TOO AMANAT, TOO AMANAT, TOO AMANAT, OF AMANAT, KSK KORPORATSIYA INTERSTROI, OOO KORPORATSIYA IT RESOLUTION, TOO KORPORATSIYA ELEKTROSERVIS, TOO KAZ-TEL, TOO KAR-OIL, TOO KAR3G, TOO KAR INVEST, TOO KAR RAD, TOO KAR COM LTD., TOO KAR VAL, TOO ARIS DELUXE CO, TOO KCS JSC, TOO AI TI ES KOM, TOO NATIONAL SAVING BANK OF KAZAKHSTAN JSC NARODNY SBEREGATELNY BANK KAZAKHSTANA, AO EVRAZISKI BANK, AO BTA BANK, AO BANK KITAYA V KAZAKHSTANE, AO BANK ASTANY, AO DO AO BTA BANK BTA SEKYURITIS, AO DO AO BTA BANK ALEMKARD, TOO ALTYN ADV, TOO SELTFAR SA, PREDSTAVITELSTVO SELTFAR LTD V KAZAKHSTANE, PREDSTAVITELSTVO Verny Investments TOO NGSK KAZSTROISERVIS, AO KAZENERGYEXPERT, TOO KAZENERGYPETROLEUM (KAZENERDZHI PETROLEUM, TOO KAZENERGY SUPPLY (KAZENERDZHI SAPLAI), TOO KAZENERGYPROJECT, TOO KAZENERGYINVESTMENT, TOO KAZENERGY SOLUTIONS, TOO KAZENERGYOIL, TOO TNS-PLUS, TOO MPLAT, TOO ALTYN BANK (DOCHERNI BANK AO NARODNY BANK KAZAKHSTANA, AO KREDIT ALTYN BANK, AO ALTYN SHAPAGAT, OF ALTYN MINING, TOO ALTYN SERVICE, TOO ALTYN SUN COMPANY, TOO ALTYN TRK, TOO KSELL, AO DIAMED TECHNIK, TOO ZONT, TOO SERVICE UNIVERSAL, TOO UNIT SC, OO ASB-SERVIS, TOO ASB INDUSTRIES, AO ASB-GROUP, TOO ASB GROUP LTD, TOO TORE TRANS LOGISTIKS, TOO MEDIKO MARKUS, TOO AK SAYAT ZHOLSHI I PARTNERY, UCH KAZAKHSTAN SERVICES CONTRACTOR (KAZAKHSTAN SERVISES KONTRAKTOR), TOO WORK TRADE, TOO THE WORKS, TOO GRAND WORK, TOO WORK & PROFIT, TOO TEAM-WORK, TOO WEL-WORK ENTERPRISE LIMITED, TOO WORKING GROUP, TOO JAK WORK, TOO WORK LINE, TOO NEXUS TEAM WORK, TOO WORK-IN-PROGRESS, TOO GCB WORK, TOO KORPORATSIYA STUDY&WORK, TOO JCS WORK, TOO PERFECT WORKS, TOO UNIVERSAL WORK, TOO GREEN WORKS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO NEW WORK CITY, TOO WORK, STUDY AND TRAVEL COMPANY, TOO BEST WORK MACHINERY, TOO GLOBAL WORKS PROMOTERS, TOO INTELLIGENT BUSINESS WORKS, TOO WORK&STUDY CONSULTING AGENCY, TOO WORKERS AB (UORKERS AB), TOO ATEKA, TOO SBERBANK ROSSII, AO SBERBANK LIZING KAZAKHSTAN, TOO BAGAI-T, TOO ASSETS MNG, TOO PRIVATE ASSET MANAGEMENT, AO ALA ASSET MANAGEMENT, TOO ASSET, TOO A-ASSETS, TOO ASSET HR, TOO ASSET INVEST, TOO ASSET SYSTEMS, TOO KAG ASSETS, TOO AIRPORT ASSETS, TOO ASSETS TSENTR, TOO ASSETS MANAGEMENT SERVICE, TOO MASSTER ASSETS INC., TOO GENERAL ASSET, TOO KPG ASSETS, TOO ASSETS VALUATION, TOO ASSET TRAVEL-M, TOO REAL ASSET MANAGEMENT, AO ASTAR LTD, TOO ASTART, TOO A-START.LTD, TOO B.A.S, TOO BAS COMPANY, TOO BAS SERVICES LLP, TOO BAS MARKETING, TOO BAS ENTERPRISE, TOO BAS GROUP, TOO BAS-TRAVEL, TOO BAS PROJECTS, TOO MIC, TOO ATAMEKEN ENGINEERING, TOO ATAMEKEN NUR TEKHNOLODZHI S, AO ATAMEKEN IMPEKS, TOO ATAMEKEN PROJECT CENTRE, TOO ASSOTSIATSIYA SUBEKTOV ZDRAVOOKHRANENIYA ZDRAV ATAMEKEN, OIYUL TV-PHARMA, TOO EURASIAN DEVELOPMENT GROUP, TOO ISKER-T, TOO ISKER, AO ISKER, TOO ISKER, CHK ISKER LTD, TOO ISKER-G, TOO ISKER.AB, TOO EURASIAN PIPE-LINE CONSORTIUM, TOO CONSORTIUM BEREBER BEREBER, TOO CONSORTIUM ALMATY (KONSORTSIUM ALMATY), TOO GOOD GOVERNANCE CONSORTIUM, CHF KEMAL CONSORTIUM LLC (KEMAL KONSORTSIUM LLS, TOO AEROSPACE CONSORTIUM, TOO DARMEN HOLDING, TOO BAITEREK ESTATE, TOO BAITEREK LTD, TOO BAITEREK-NT, TOO LOMBARD BAITEREK-ALIMA, TOO BAITEREK 2030, TOO BAITEREK GOLD COMPANY, TOO UPRAVLYAYUSHCHAYA KOMPANIYA BAITEREK, TOO BAITEREK ZHULDYZDARY, TOO COMMERCIAL BAITEREK, TOO GLOBUS EDUCATION, TOO ASIA HOLDING DEVELOPMENT, TOO CAREER, OF CAREER VIEW, TOO KAKTAS, TOO KOKTAS-ASTANA, TOO COMPAS LOGISTIC, TOO LOGISTIC-B, TOO PRO LOGISTICS, TOO LOGOS LTD, TOO LOGOS +, TOO LOGIST KZ, TOO LOGISTICS-ES, TOO LOGISTIC POINT, TOO LOGISTIK SP, TOO LOGISTICS SERVICE, TOO LOGISTICS LUX COMPANY, TOO TRANSPORT TRANSIT GROUP (TRANSPORT TRANZIT GRUPP, TOO KOMPANIYA C.A.TRANS (S.A.TRANS), TOO TRANS SERVICE OF TRANSIT, TOO DU TRANS (DYU TRANS), TOO TY-TRANS (TU TRANS), TOO GOR TRANS (GOR TRANS), TOO ZTS TRANS (ZTS TRANS, TOO FISH-TRANS FISH TRANS, TOO NOVA TRANS (NOVA TRANS), TOO DIAL TRANS / DIAL TRANS, TOO POWER-TRANS PAUER-TRANS, TOO SOMON TRANS (SOMON TRANS), TOO BALTA-TRANS (BALTA-TRANS, TOO PRIME TRANSPORT LTD (PRAIM TRANSPORT LTD, TOO MULTI TRANS (MULTI TRANS, TOO SNAMI-TRANS (SNAMI-TRANS, TOO TRANS GLOBE (TRANS GLOB, TOO TIM KURYLYS, TOO TN-KURYLYS, TOO SMS, OO SOUTH OIL, TOO PSA TRADE, TOO BALTIK AVTO, TOO ARIF-KONTROL, TOO IT-SOFT, TOO SOFT IT KAZAKHSTAN, TOO PM SMART, TOO KBS INDUSTRIES, TOO INVESTITSIONNY FINANSOVY DOM RESMI, AO WT LOGISTIC, TOO KAZCITIC INVESTMENT (KAZSITIK INVESTMENT), TOO KASPI BANK, AO ALTAID, TOO LOGISTICHESKAYA KOMPANIYA ALIDI, TOO ALDI, TOO ALDI & CO, TOO ALIDA, TOO ALBERT, TOO ALAN & CO LTD, TOO ALEX COMPANY LIMITED, TOO ALAN, TOO ALAN LTD, TOO ALEX, TOO ALLAN, TOO QAZAQ LEASING, TOO AUST, TOO AUSTRALIA SERVICES LIMITED, F-L ALIYA, OF SHIN LAN, TOO SHINOBI, OF SHIN AN, TOO SHIN BUILDING, TOO TSO SHIN, TOO SUNG SHIN, TOO SHIN TRANS LTD, TOO SHIN LU-7, TOO SUNG SHIN CORPORATION, TOO SHIN CHZHE, TOO SHIN AIRE. KZ, TOO SHIN WHA STROY, TOO SHIN TRASSA SERVIS, TOO SANG SHIN MARKETING, TOO SHEN DA (SHIN DA, TOO KUAT-SHIN, TOO ALMAST SHIN, TOO LEE&SHIN (LI END SHIN), TOO KAZAKHSTAN SHIN SI KI, TOO ORIENT, ZAO ORIENT-AI-SU, TOO QUALITY FOOD, TOO QUALITY GOODS, TOO WHITE ROAD BUILDING, TOO WHITE ROAD CITY, TOO WEST ROAD, TOO MD TREES, TOO MEBIUSS, TOO MEBIUS, TOO JSC BankPozitiv Kazakhstan KAZAKHSTAN DEVELOPMENT SO, TOO DECO STYLE, TOO Krasnoborodkin Andrei Viktorovich IP LIMPOPOVIYA, TOO FRIENDLY KZ, TOO FRIENDLY FINANCE KAZAKHSTAN (FRENDLI FAINENS KAZAKHSTAN), TOO FRIENDLY ENERGY KAZAKHSTAN, TOO FRIENDS, IN ABT, TOO DELUXE AIR, TOO KARAT DELUXE, TOO AVENUE DELUXE, TOO TK DELUXE, TOO ARIS DELUXE, TOO IT ASIA DELUXE, TOO AIALA DELUXE, TOO PRINT DELUXE, TOO DELUXE SAUDA, TOO DELUX SERVICE, TOO DELUXE CAPITAL LTD, TOO ARSENAL DELUXE, TOO THE CHOCOLATE BROTHERS, TOO CHOCOLATE INTERIOR STUDIO, TOO EKO, KSK WHITECLIFF INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT KAZAKHSTAN (UAITKLIF INVESTMENT MENEDZHMENT KAZAKHSTAN), TOO PRO STORE, TOO STR COMPANY, TOO STR-GROUP, TOO STR-TRADE, TOO GLOBAL STANDARD, TOO MICRO TECH, OOO MICRO TECH CORP., TOO MICRO WIRELESS, TOO MICROPHARM, TOO MICROMAX LIGHT, TOO MICRO ENGINEERING CO.LTD, TOO MICROLOGICS, TOO MICROS, TOO MICRO ONE, TOO MICROHIM, TOO DEAL OF THE DAY, TOO KAZAKHSTAN, OF JET ONE, AO LITA LTD, TOO LITAS, TOO LITA M, TOO LITA COMMERCE, TOO LITA, TOO STONE HOUSE CONSTRUCTIONS, TOO KAZAKHMYS BUILDING, TOO KAZAKHMYS COPPER, AO KAZAKH HOLDING, TOO KAZAKHMYS BUILDING PROJECT (KAZAKHMYS BILDING PRODZHEKT), TOO KOMPANII GRP-KAZAKHMYS GMBH V RESPUBLIKE KAZAKHSTAN, FILIAL DOCHERNYAYA STRAKHOVAYA KOMPANIYA NARODNOGO BANKA KAZAKHSTANA KHALYK-KAZAKHINSTRAKH, AO KAZAKH UNION, TOO KAZAKH-GEORGIA, TOO KAZAKH.RU, TOO KAZAKH BEEF COMPANY, TOO KAZAKH MOTORS, TOO KAZAKH POWER SDN BHD, TOO KAZAKH SAM, TOO KAZAKH TAS, TOO KAZAKH COOL, TOO KAZAKH TOWERS, TOO CITIBANK KAZAKHSTAN CCEF KAZAKHSTAN, OF IE, KSK AIDAR, TOO AIDAR LTD, TOO AIDAR, KSP AIDAR BT, TOO AIDAR INVEST, TOO AIDAR-FARM, TOO TAZA BULAK SU, TOO 505, TOO 005, TOO FIVE, TOO KAZTRANSGAZ ONIMDERI I TOO AVTOGAZALMATY, OO KAZTRANSCOM, AO BUSINESS TO BUSINESS, TOO KAZPROM, OF KAZPROMAVTOMATIZATSIYA, TOO KOREA TECHNOLOGY ELECTRIC KAZAKHSTAN, TOO KAZAKHSTAN DE LI ELECTRONICS, TOO SOLARIS, SP PROGRESS-E, TOO PROGRESS ELECTRONICS, TOO PROGRESS-ELEKTRIK, TOO PROGRESS ELEKTRO, TOO PROGRESS, CHK ELEKTRO-PROGRESS, TOO PROGRESS EDUCATION, TOO KOMPANIYA GARANT SERVIS-TSENTR, TOO KOMPANIYA KAGANAT SERVIS, TOO KOMPANIYA SV, TOO KOMPANIYA MD SERVIS, TOO KOMPANIYA SANI-SERVIS, TOO KOMPANIYA ELIT SERVIS, TOO KOMPANIYA ARNA-SERVIS, TOO KOMPANIYA INTEGRATSIYA-SERVIS, TOO KOMPANIYA AI-SER, TOO KOMPANIYA T.S.SERVIS, TOO MRAMORNAYA KOMPANIYA GRANIT, TOO MED FOR ALL, TOO MEDICAL LTD, TOO MED CO, TOO CASPIAN SERVICE COMPANY, TOO CASPIAN MARINE SERVICES TOO AGAM KURYLYS, TOO MARVEL KAZAKHSTAN, TOO GULSER COMPUTERS, TOO STRAKHOVOI BROKER AON KAZAKHSTAN (AON KAZAKHSTAN), TOO AON CONSULTING KAZAKHSTAN, TOO ANEX TOUR KAZAKHSTAN, TOO AINA, KSK SAMRUK-KAZYNA-2050, TOO SAMRUK-KAZYNA ORTALYGY, TOO TOPGALANT, TOO FRONTIER MOTORS, TOO FRONTIERS-VIP, TOO FRONTIERS (FRONTIERS, TOO AVANTAZH-DABL, TOO ALATAU ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY, TOO YUG, KSD YUG-VD, TOO HELICOM, TOO QUALITY CONSULT, TOO BELORUSSKAYA AGRARNAYA KOMPANIYA, TOO MT-Pharm T.O.O. PHARMA, TOO PHARMA, LTD, TOO NF PHARMA, TOO PHARM EXPRESS, TOO PHARMACY, TOO THE PHARMA NETWORK, TOO NEMISH PHARMA, TOO PHARMA RETAIL, TOO HEALTH PHARMA, TOO THC PHARM INTERNATIONAL LTD, TOO GT PHARMA, TOO ALEM PHARM TECHNOLOGIES, TOO FINTEX PHARM COMPANY, TOO NIKA PHARM, TOO NEPHRO PHARM (NEFRO FARM), TOO ASIAN COMMERCIAL COMPANY, TOO ASTYK, KSK ASTYK-KEDEN-SERVIS, TOO KORN-ASTYK, TOO QUALITY DEVELOPMENT SAFETY, TOO QUALITY D-GROUP, TOO QUALITY COMPANY, TOO QUALITY EXPRESS, TOO QUALITY SERVICE LTD, TOO QUALITY SERVICE, TOO QUALITY PERSONNEL, TOO QUALITY ROOFING, TOO QUALITY CLASS, TOO QUEL INC, OOO QUALITY-TECHNICS, TOO QUALITY GUARANTEE, TOO QUALITY SERVICE KZ, TOO QUALITY & GUARANTY, TOO QUALITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES, TOO ELITE SERVICE, OOO EURASIA FOODS, TOO EURASIA TRANS FOOD, TOO EURASIA GLOBAL FOOD, TOO EURASIAN SERVICES COMPANY, TOO EURASIAN SERVICE LTD, TOO EURASIAN BOTTLING COMPANY, TOO EURASIAN CONSULTING COMPANY, TOO SMA PROJECT, TOO MIAN ENTERPRISES-ALMATY, TOO NATSIONALNY BANK RESPUBLIKI KAZAKHSTAN, GU KAZAKHMYS PRODZHEKTS BI.VI., FILIAL STELL, TOO STELLS VEKTOR, TOO KAZMUNAIGAZ-TREIDING-21, TOO TH KAZMUNAIGAZ LTD. (TKH KAZMUNAIGAZ LTD, PREDSTAVITELSTVO TORGOVY DOM KAZMUNAIGAZ, TOO PROFESSIONALNY SOYUZ RABOTNIKOV TOO KAZMUNAIGAZ-ALATAU, OO KAZGREENAGRO, TOO KAZGREENTECHNOLOGIES, TOO KAZGREEN-ECOPRODUCTS (KAZGRIN-EKOPRODUKTS), TOO KAZGREEN, TOO L'OREAL KAZAKHSTAN, TOO LOREAL KAZAKHSTAN, PREDSTAVITELSTVO ZUHRO (ZUKHRO), TOO UCC, TOO IMEX TRADE CO. LTD, TOO ANTAL, TOO ANTAL-SAT, TOO ANTAL PLYUS, TOO ANTAL KOMMERTS, TOO ANTAL POSTAVKA, TOO ANTAL +, TOO ANTAL KOM, TOO FAIVTEN ANTAL, FILIAL ANTAL-KONSALTING, TOO ANTAL STROI-SNAB, TOO KRIO-ANTAL, TOO ANTAGRO, OOO ANTAL BIZNES RESHENIYA, TOO ANTAL INTERNESHNL LTD, PREDSTAVITELSTVO ANTLIA, TOO ANT HILL, TOO ANTALYA STROYKA & DEKORASYON (ANTALIYA STROIKA END DEKORASION, TOO J.S. TRAVEL, TOO SHINKHAN BANK KAZAKHSTAN, AO AO BANK VTB (KAZAKHSTAN), DO Kazteleport JSC Kazpochta AO IP-SOFT TECHNOLOGY, TOO AGROPRODUKT RUSAL, TOO UMIT AGROPRODUKT, TOO AGROPRODUKT ASEPTIK, TOO AKTOBE-TEMIR, TOO AKTOBE TEMIR KURYLYS, TOO PREMIUM LUX, TOO PREMIUM LINE, TOO ALMATY-BROK, TOO CONCTANTS INTERNATIONAL INVEST KONSTANTS INTERNESHENUL INVEST, TOO HOLDING COMPANY OF INTER INVEST, TOO DA ZHENG INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CO.LTD (DA ZHENG INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT KO.LTD), TOO AK ZHULDYZ INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT CO., LTD. (AK ZHULDYZ INTERNATSIONAL INVESTMENT KO., LTD.), TOO INTER INVEST BIZNES, TOO INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS AND FINANCE INSTITUTE (INTERNESHNL INVESTMENTS END FINENS INSTITYUT), PRE INTEL-INVEST, TOO KOMPANIYA INTEL INVEST.KZ, TOO INTERNATIONAL INVEST FUND, TOO AZIYA KOMIR INTER INVEST, TOO ATRIUM LTD, TOO ATRIUM-MS, TOO ATRIUM NS, TOO ATRIUM DEVELOPMENT, TOO ATRIUM ESTATE AGENCY, TOO ATRIUM SETTO, TOO ATRIUM-TREID, TOO ATRIUM GRUPP, TOO CASPIAN FOOD, TOO MK, TOO M&K, TOO SNS-LAVALIN KAZAKHSTAN (SNC-LAVALIN KAZAKHSTAN), TOO SNC-LAVALIN INTERNATIONAL INC, P-O FIRMY KID COMPANY, CHK CHOCOFAMILY HOLDING, TOO SDM PROJECT, TOO SODA PROJECT, TOO SA PROJECT, TOO SDN PROJECT, TOO S-PROJECT, TOO SODA, TOO SOFT & PROJECT, TOO PROJECT LEADER LTD, TOO SODA PROJECT KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SBI PROJECT, TOO SKY PROJECT, TOO L.D.I. DIMOTRANS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO L.D.I. Dimotrans Kazakhstan TOO DIM TRANSKOM, TOO GENERAL SERVICE COMPANY, TOO GENERAL SERVICES COMPANY, TOO GENERAL TRAVEL SERVICE, TOO YMC GENERAL SERVICE, TOO GENERAL TRADING & SERVICE, TOO SMART GATE GROUP, TOO KAZSINTEZPRODUKT, TOO DOSTYK, KSK DOSTYK, POK DOSTYK, PRK DOSTYK, SP DOSTYK, KSP DOSTYK OM, KSK DOSTYK-5, KSK DOSTYK-2, KSK DOSTYK-77, KSK DOSTYK-67, KSK DOSTYK, ZHK DOSTYK-K, OO DOM, PKSK DOSTYK-33, KSK DOSTYK-ZHETYSU, POK DOSTYK, OO Smart Way Logistics TOO SMART WAY LOGISTICS, TOO SAMGAU LOGISTIC, TOO SAB LOGISTIC, TOO SMART LOGISTICS GLOBAL FORWARDING, OOO SMART LOGISTICS SERVICE, TOO SMART LOGISTIC, TOO SMART LOGISTICS, TOO SMART GIS, TOO SA-AR LTD (SA-AR LTD., IN ASPAN AIR, TOO ASTANA-RUNO, AOZT AR, OF BOLASHAK, OF BOLASHAK-A, OF BOLASHAK-A, TOO DO AO TSESNABANK STRAKHOVAYA KOMPANIYA TSESNA GARANT, AO TSESNABANK TOO OUSA TSESNA, DO INNOTECH, TOO AL TERRA / AL TERRA, TOO ART-TERRA, OO TECHCENTR KREPEJ, TOO ARGUN LIMITED, TOO ARGUAN, TOO TRILIS, TOO GAUDI-08, TOO GAUDI TRADE, TOO GAUDI-TREID, TOO GAUDI, TOO ASFALTOBETON 1, TOO DARRUS, TOO DARRUS STOCK, TOO DARRUS ENERGY, TOO REMEDIUM, UCHREZHDENIE BOLASHAK BASTAUY, TOO BAK-BOLASHAK, TOO AR-GUN AAA, TOO KBA OIL COMPANY, TOO ABZH, TOO OPSIDIAN, TOO FOOD & BEVERAGE COMPANY, TOO WESTERN INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL COMPANY, TOO KAZALADDIN INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL LIMITED COMPANY, TOO AYT INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL, TOO TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL, TOO DOS TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL, TOO TRAVEL VISION INTERNATIONAL, TOO INTERNATIONAL VICTORIA TRAVEL, TOO ASIA TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL, TOO TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL SERVICE, TOO ASIAN TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL, TOO ROYAL TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL, TOO INTER VESTOL, TOO AIB COMPANY.KZ, TOO INSTAR LOGISTICS, TOO INTERNATIONAL LOGISTIC COMPANY, TOO KAZDEZSTANDART, TOO FERMER KAZAKHSTANA, OF DOS TSK, TOO TSK GROUP, TOO TSK TRADE, TOO TSK YUME, TOO TSK, ZAO TSK GROUP LTD, TOO SAS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO HEALTH SERVICES MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE OF KAZAKHSTAN, TOO DIREKTSIYA PO STROITELSTVU I VREMENNOI EKSPLUATATSII ZHELEZNODOROZHNOI LINII ZHETYGEN-KORGAS, F-L ZHONDEUSHI, TOO DO NARODNOGO BANKA KAZAKHSTANA HALYK FINANCE, AO PETROSUN, TOO KIPROS, TOO EUROASIA CONSTRUCTION / EVROAZIYA KONSTRAKSHN, TOO EUROASIA DISTRIBUTION COMPANY, TOO EUROASIA MS, TOO EUROASIA-FIRMA MOGUNTIA-ASIA, FILIAL EUROASIA MASTER GROUP, TOO TRANSLOGISTIC EUROASIA, TOO PROJECT EUROASIA, TOO ELKOPLAST EUROASIA, TOO EUROASIA LOGISTICS, TOO INSPECTORATE EUROASIA LTD., TOO GLOBAL EUROASIA CONSALTING LTD, TOO EUROASIA TRANSIT GROUP (EVRAZIYA TRANZIT GRUP, TOO NURBANK, AO DO AO NURBANK STRAKHOVAYA KOMPANIYA NURPOLIS, AO DO AO NURBANK LIZINGOVAYA KOMPANIYA NUR LIZING, TOO DO AO NURBANK MONEY EXPERTS, AO KAZKOMMERTSBANK, AO STRAKHOVAYA KOMPANIYA KAZKOMMERTS-POLIS (DO AO KAZKOMMERTSBANK, AO Nakopitelny Pensionny Fond Grantum (dochernyaya Organizatsiya AO Kazkommertsbank ) AO KAZKOMMERTS SEKYURITIZ (DO AO KAZKOMMERTSBANK, AO KOMPANIYA PO STRAKHOVANIYU ZHIZNI KAZKOMMERTS-LIFE (DO AO KAZKOMMERTSBANK, AO OBERMEYER KASACHSTAN / OBERMAIER KAZAKHSTAN, TOO RAKURS, TOO SCAT COMPANY, TOO SCAT FINANCE, TOO M-KAT, TOO M-KAT GAS, TOO M-KAT GREEN, TOO M-KAT ELECTRONICS, TOO M-KAT SOLAR, TOO Kholdingovaya Gruppa Almex AO Bolz J.S.C ATFBANK, AO BANK TSENTRKREDIT, AO ALSECO JSC LOGIKOM, AO JAZZ TRAVEL, TOO AO ATFBANK AO ATF FINANS, DO ASTANA ZAMAN CORPORATION JSC Life Insurance Company State Annuity Company JSC ALYANS-TRANS JSC, TOO PRIME AVIATION, AO Prime Aviation AO JET SET WORLD MEDIA, TOO Bachei JSC Branch BANKOVSKOE SERVISNOE BYURO NATSIONALNOGO BANKA KAZAKHSTANA, AO JUSTWOW, TOO KAZATOMPROM-SORBENT, TOO PROFSOYUZ RABOTNIKOV URANOVOI PROMYSHLENNOSTI KAZATOMPROM, OO KORGAN-KAZATOMPROM, TOO DOLCE VITA PARTNERS LTD, TOO KOMPANIYA DOLCE VITA, TOO THE AA-GROUP, TOO A A GROUP, TOO A AND A GROUP, TOO AA INVESTMENT GROUP, TOO ALL SECURITY SERVICE, TOO ALEX SECURITY, TOO ALUA SECURITY, TOO ALL SECURITY SYSTEMS, TOO BONUS TH, TOO BONUS, TOO BONUS RT, TOO PROSTYE TERMINALY, TOO ELIS OPTIMA, TOO METALLURGICHESKI ZAVOD SARY-ARKA, TOO ES.KZ UNION, TOO ES-KOMPANI, TOO ES.A. I KO, TOO ALMA CAPITAL, TOO BRIDGE CAPITAL, TOO ALMATY BUSINESS CAPITAL, AO APPLE TREE, TOO TIRES-KZ, TOO OIL TREE, TOO FAMILY TREE, TOO BIG TIRES, TOO OTR TYRES, TOO TTM-TIRES, TOO TREE TOP, TOO SAFETY TYRE, TOO AUTO TIRES, TOO TIRES TRADE COMPANY, TOO TYRES TRADE, TOO APPLE TREE COMPANY, TOO EURASIAN RESOURCES (YUREIZHAN RESORSIZ, TOO EURASIAN GRAND RESOURCE, TOO ALMA SERVIS, OOO BTL IDEAS (BTL IDEYA, TOO KREATIVE KONCEPTS, TOO ETE-FLOEX, TOO SYSTEM GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO LUBRI GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SK GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SA-GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SYNERGY GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO STI GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SILVER GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SBM-GROUP KAZAKHSTAN LTD, TOO SAKO GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO DLS GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO ASC GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO VIAS GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO KAZAKHSTAN STONE GROUP, TOO A-GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO FOBOS GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO KAYROS GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SMART TECHNOLOGY GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO DIS GROUP KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SYSTEM GROUP ASIA INC., TOO A-SYSTEM GROUP, TOO HOME SYSTEMS GROUP, TOO AM SYSTEMS COMPANY GROUP, TOO INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS GROUP, TOO RET-SISTEM GROUP, TOO BEST SYSTEMS GROUP, TOO ALMATY SYSTEMS GROUP, TOO JAAK GROUP SYSTEM, TOO SES GROUP, TOO ALI, TOO ALI M, TOO A-ALI, TOO ALI TEX, TOO ALI-KHADZHI, OF ALI-AS, TOO ALI-SER, TOO PETROKOMMERTS KAZAKHSTAN, AO BLACKSTONE SERVICE, TOO BLACKSTONE SECURITIES, TOO CINEMA OPERATION, TOO CASPIAN CONTRACTORS TRUST, TOO CASPIAN OILTECH SERVICES, TOO OILTEQ CASPIAN, TOO CASPIAN PROJECTS SUPPLY COMPANY LTD, TOO CASPIAN TS, TOO CASPIAN TELECOMMUNICATION PROJECTS, TOO CASPIAN GROUP (KASPISKAYA GRUPPA, AO CASPIAN TRAINING GROUP, TOO CASPIAN BUSINESS EVENTS, TOO AKTAS OPERATING COMPANY, TOO MINA HERBAL AND FOODS (MINA KHERBAL END FUDS), TOO FLOUR ASIA, TOO MINERAL KAZ, TOO MINERAL, OAO SM MINERALS, TOO MINERALS INVEST, TOO MINERAL INVESTMENTS, TOO MINERAL PRODUCT, TOO MINERAL PRODUCTS, TOO MINERAL IMPEKS, TOO MINERALS SUPPLY SERVICES, TOO MARALDY MINERAL, TOO PREMIUM BEAUTY, TOO TAU LOGISTIK WAY, TOO SILK WAY LOGISTIC, TOO GOOD WAY LOGISTICS, TOO LOGIC WAY, TOO LOGISTIC GROUP, TOO ALG ALATAU LOGISTIC GROUP, TOO TULPAR LOGISTIC COMPANY, TOO M.A. LOGISTIC, TOO ALA LOGISTIC, TOO AIUR LOGISTIC, TOO TAKKO LOGISTIC, TOO PERFORMANCE BUSINESS GROUP, TOO RS STEEL, TOO STEEL HOUSE, TOO STEEL HOUSE LTD., TOO STEEL STONE, TOO STEEL LINE CORPORATION, TOO STEEL GROUP INC, TOO STEEL BUILDINGS, TOO STEEL MART, TOO STEEL OPERATING, TOO STEEL TRADE, TOO RMP GLOBAL EVENTS, TOO MINAL HEALTH CARE, TOO EG KAZAKHSTAN, TOO OCS-Kazakhstan TOO EKO-AS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO EXPRESS GOODS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO TNS-INTEC, TOO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS AND HOME, TOO COMPETENT SOLUTIONS, TOO CAPITAL SOLUTIONS, TOO CUSTOMS SOLUTIONS, TOO CAM SOLUTIONS, TOO CAPITAL IT SOLUTIONS, TOO COMP SOLUTIONS, TOO COMPLETE SOLUTIONS, TOO CARGO EXPERT SOLUTIONS, TOO MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, TOO CRYSTAL SOLUTIONS, TOO CORPORATE IT SOLUTIONS, TOO IBS PROJECT, TOO NORTH CASPIAN REFINERY CORPORATION, TOO ERNST END YANG, TOO NOMAD TECHNOLOGIES, TOO KHEFELE KAZAKHSTAN, TOO MPP-SERVIS, TOO NPP STALPROM, TOO EPP SERVIS, TOO KAZMUNAIGRUPP-STROI, TOO PREDSTAVITELSTVO KOMPANII SCHILDERSHOVEN FINANCE B.V. (SHILDERSKHOVEN FAINENS B.V.) V GORODE ALMATY GROUSE MOUNTAIN ENERGY-ALMATY, TOO INTEROPTIKA KAZAKHSTAN L L C INSHAM KAZAKHSTAN, OF INTERNYUS-KAZAKHSTAN, OF IGILIK, KSK I2, TOO IASAUI, BF JIS COMPANY, TOO JIN & CO, TOO JLD COMPANY, TOO JDJ, TOO JDS COMPANY, TOO JADO, TOO JINDAN, TOO JIENEI, TOO JH CORPORATION, TOO J.A & COMPANY, TOO JPI COMPANY, TOO ALMA MODA, TOO SKYMAX PROJECTS, TOO SKYMAX TRADE, TOO SKYMAX MEDIA, TOO SKYMAX INNOVATIONS, TOO SABINA, KSK KHYNGKVANG-KAZAKHSTAN ALMATY, FILIAL KINGFISHER, TOO KINGS-AVER, DP KING COFFEE SERVICE, TOO KNG FINANCE, TOO KAIMAKOV I PARTNERY, TOO KHANKHVA KEMIKAL KORPOREISHN, PREDSTAVITELSTVO CONCEPT STROY INVEST-KONTSEPT STROI INVEST, TOO EKB-KAZAKHSTAN, OF EGEMEN KAZAKHSTAN, GP CENTRAL ASIA COMPANY, TOO CENTRAL ASIA CORPORATION, TOO CENTRAL ASIA PETROLEUM (TSENTR AZIYA NEFT), TOO CENTRAL ASIA PETROLEUM LIMITED, FILIAL CENTRAL ASIA PUBLISHING, TOO PETROTRADE CENTRAL ASIA, TOO PEAK CENTRAL ASIA, TOO CENTRAL ASIA PRODUCTION, TOO CENTRAS FINANCIAL, TOO CENTRAS INTER TRADE, TOO SARYARKA ALUAN, TOO SARYARKA-SAUDA, TOO KAZAKHSTANSKI SOYUZ DIZAINEROV, OO KAZAKHSTANSKOE AVTORSKOE OBSHCHESTVO, OO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA RESPUBLIKANSKAYA FEDERATSIYA PROFESSIONALNOGO BOKSA, OO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA ASSOTSIATSIYA PO POLOVOMU I REPRODUKTIVNOMU ZDOROVYU (KMPA), OO KAZAKHSTAN GSSM GRUPP, TOO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA NATSIONALNAYA FEDERATSIYA CHERLIDINGA, OO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA FEDERATSIYA BRAZILSKOGO DZHIU-DZHITSU I GREPPLINGA, OO KAZAKHSTAN WASTE RECYCLING, TOO KAZAKHSTANSKOE ARMYANSKOE OBSHCHESTVO MASIS, OO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA FEDERATSIYA SPORTIVNOI AEROBIKI, MAZHORETOK, TVIRLINGA I ARTISTICHESKOGO TANTSA, OO KAZAKHSTAN FULLCONTACT KARATE ORGANIZATION, OO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA FEDERATSIYA REGBI, OO KAZAKHSTANKASPISHELF, AO KAZAKHSTAN SMART GIFTS COMPANY, TOO KAZAKHSTANSKI DOROZHNY NAUCHNO-ISSLEDOVATELSKI INSTITUT, AO KAZAKHSTANSKI INSTITUT EKONOMIKI I PRAVA, TOO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA ASSOTSIATSIYA ZHERTV POLITICHESKIKH REPRESSI, OO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA SHAKHMATNAYA FEDERATSIYA GLUKHIKH, OO KAZAKHSTANSKOE GEOLOGICHESKOE OBSHCHESTVO KAZGEO, OO KAZAKHSTANSKI RUSSKI KULTURNY TSENTR, OO KAZAKHSTANSKO-ROSSISKI MEDITSINSKI UNIVERSITET, UCH KAZAKHSTANSKI INZHENERNO-EKONOMICHESKI UNIVERSITET, UO KAZAKHSTANSKOE RESPUBLIKANSKOE OBSHCHESTVO INVALIDOV VOINY V AFGANISTANE, OO INTAKO TC, TOO KPMG AUDIT, TOO ALMATY-BOLASHAK, AO BOLASHAK SERVIS KORPORATSIYASY, TOO RESPUBLIKANSKOE DVIZHENIE BOLASHAK, OO ALMEX ESTATE, TOO ALMEX E&P, TOO ALMEX ENGINEERING, TOO ALMEX PETROCHEM, TOO ALLUR AUTO, TOO ALLUR AUTO ALMATY, TOO KAZAKHMYS PROJECT LLC, TOO EURASIA STOM, TOO EURASIA STAR TRADING, CHK EURASIA STROY LTD, TOO Medicus Eurasia TOO EURASIA TRANS GARANT, TOO Strakhovaya kompaniya Eurasia AO EURASIA TRADE, TOO GLOBAL TRANS SERVICE EURASIA, TOO EURASIA LLC LUSATECH EURASIA, TOO EURASIA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT GROUP, TOO ASSOTSIATSIYA SPORTSMENOV EURASIA-SPORT, OO TRANS GROUP EURASIA, TOO KONSULTATSIONNO-ANALITICHESKI TSENTR AUDITA I FINANSOV EURASIA, TOO EURASIA GOLD, TOO EURASIA GIFT, TOO ALL-IMPEX EURASIA, TOO SERENITY EURASIA, TOO TARAZSKAYA METALLURGICHESKAYA KOMPANIYA, TOO GORNO-GEOLOGICHESKAYA KOMPANIYA SHCHIT, TOO ALMATINSKAYA METALLURGICHESKAYA KOMPANIYA, TOO GORNO-METALLURGICHESKAYA RAZVIVAYUSHCHAYA KOMPANIYA AZIYA, TOO GORNO-METALLURGICHESKAYA KOMPANIYA VASILEVSKOE, TOO KAZAKHSTANSKAYA GORNO-METALLURGICHESKAYA KOMPANIYA, TOO TNA PLUS, TOO RTS PLUS, TOO CONSULTING PLUS, TOO INS PAR PLUS, TOO ALMAKUN, TOO RASA IMPORT-EKSPORT LTD, TOO UNIVERSAL PETROLTRADE, TOO CIS PRIVATE EQUITY ADVISERS, TOO TERMINAL, TOO TENGRY TERMINAL, TOO Firma Terminal TOO TERMINAL A, TOO ALTEZZA IMPEX, TOO ALTEZZA, TOO ALTEZZA ENGINEERING, TOO SGS Kazakhstan LTD IPTOO SFC-G KAZAKHSTAN, OOO SKS-KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SUCCESS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO TSI KAZAKHSTAN, TOO DSS KAZAKHSTAN, TOO SAKSHY, KSK SKAZKA, KSK AI KARAAUL, AO EURASIAN BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, TOO Evraziiski Bank Razvitiya MO KAZPETROINVESTMENTS, TOO SMART SERVIS GRUPP, TOO HALLIBURTON KAZAKHSTAN (KHALLIBURTON KAZAKHSTAN), TOO PetroKazakhstan Transporation Services TOO PETROKAZAKHSTAN RITEIL MARKETING, TOO TORGOVY DOM PETROKAZAKHSTAN, TOO Petrokazakhstan Investments TOO Almaty Branch of PetroKazakhstan Overseas Services Inc. NEVADA-SEMIPALATINSK STROIELEKTROMONTAZH, TOO MEZHDUNARODNOE ANTIYADERNOE DVIZHENIE NEVADA-SEMIPALATINSK, OO SUN ENERGY, TOO ARAB LTD, TOO KAZINRUSS-TREIDING, TOO TOO Ravlik LIM SERVIS, TOO LTD-3, TOO L.P. KOM, TOO LP-GAZ, TOO L I M REALTY, TOO LIM CONSULTING, TOO LIM SERVICE, TOO LP SERVICE, TOO NOVARTIS FARMA SERVISEZ INK.(KAZAKHSTAN), PREDSTAVITELSTVO TORGOVY DOM NOVARTIS, TOO NOVARTIS FARMA SERVISEZ AG, FILIAL Novartis Consumer Health S.A P VO Kompanii Novartis Konsyumer KHELZ SERVICES SA V Kazakhstane OLIMPGAZ, TOO OLIMPKAZTORG, TOO KAZSTROY A & G COMPANY, TOO KAZSTROY ENGINEERING GROUP, TOO KAZSTROY ALLIANCE, TOO INTERFOOD SOVMESTNOE KAZAKHSTANSKO-GERMANSKOE PREDPRIYATIE TOO INTERFOOD, TOO INTERFORMA-K, TOO INTERFOX, TOO ZHYLDAM AKSHA, TOO APPARATKZ, TOO AsiaCredit Bank AO Granit Tales ELECTRONICS TOO GRANIT, FILIAL GRANIT S, TOO GRANIT, ZHSK LINDE MATERIAL KHENDLING KAZAKHSTAN, TOO GLOBAL LIME INDUSTRIES, TOO GLOBAL FARM INDUSTRIES, TOO GLOBAL INDUSTRIES, TOO GLOBAL STOM INDUSTRIAL, TOO DAREN (DAREN, TOO DARYN, OF DAREN & CO, TOO DAREN, TOO ZHAILAU TEGI, TOO ZHAILYAU TECHNICS, TOO SITIBANK KAZAKHSTAN, AO GOLDEN HARVEST LTD, TOO GOLDEN ACCOUNTANT, TOO GOLDEN HEART, TOO GOLDEN HOUSE, TOO GOLDEN HOLIDAYS, TOO GOLDEN HILLS HOTEL, TOO GOLDEN HILLS, TOO GOLDEN HILL, TOO UNITED CHEMICAL LOGISTICS, TOO MERCURY-S, TOO MERCURY SERVICE COMPANY / MERKURI SERVIS KOMPANI, TOO BIOMED-SERVIS, TOO ASIA BIOMED, TOO LAB-BIOMED, TOO BRITISH MEDICAL, TOO BIO-MED (TOO BIO-MED, TOO ACCENT MARK, TOO ACCESS INVESTMENTS, TOO ACCENT RECRUITING COMPANY, TOO ACCEPT SMART, TOO ACC CAPITAL, TOO ACC GROUP-PERSONNEL, TOO ACCENT ENGINEERING COMPANY, TOO ACCESS PRO, TOO ACCESS GROUP, TOO ACCEPT RENT, TOO ACCA AG, TOO ACCEPT COMPANY, TOO ACCFIN, TOO ACCA INTERCUP, TOO SECUTIRY NATION, TOO ACCUTOR, TOO TOO 'MBK DISTRIBUTION' KAZMAN, TOO KOL-TRANS, AO KAF KAU ZAO BBG COMMUNICATION, TOO ADS 21, TOO A.D.S.-SISTEM, TOO TOO 'ADS INC' TOO 'ADS' ADS SERVICE, TOO ALPHA AND OMEGA, TOO TOO 'CREA SYSTEM' TOO 'CLOUDS SERVICES' TOO 'CLOUD SYSTEMS' ENERGY PARTNER, TOO RAN CONSALTING, TOO TOO 'ADMIN CONSALTING' Instel TOO INSTEL LLP, TOO NT I K, TOO TOO 'NT-LTD' TOO 'NT CORPORATION' NT LINE, TOO LAPTOP-SHOP, TOO CHF World Around US TOO 'USCARS.KZ' TOO 'U.S. PROJECT GROUP' U-E Ya/S 73 U-E - Ya/S 136 TOO 'US LOGISTIC' TOO 'US-IRADA' SIRIUS US LTD, TOO TOO 'ALIANS-US' EDU V USA, TOO KZ-USA INVESTCO KZ-YUSA INVESTKO, TOO TOO 'R-USA INTERNATIONAL' (R-Yu.ES.EI.INTERNESHNL) US Kazakh Commodity,INC. V Respublike Kazakhstan TOO 'US-EXPO' USA SHENG YU (MIDDLE ASIA) INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD, TOO TOO 'US TOUR & DP'' (OS TUR END DI PI)' TOO 'USA2KZ'/'YUSA2KZ'/ US ALTYN ALMA, TOO US REALTY, TOO US Region TOO Kompaniya AS AY LTD TOO U.S., TOO US Corporation TOO Eastcomtrans TOO Ya I TY, OO JOY, TOO J&J TOO YaH-1, TOO Yu I TOO I-A TOO 7-Ya, TOO 2JOY, TOO YJ&I COMPANY, TOO TOO 'IFT PROJECT DEVELOPMENT' (AIEFTI PRODZHEKT DEVELOPMENT) CIS Project Development TOO JOY CORPORATION, TOO ZHSK 'RAZH' TOO 'BUKMEKERSKAYA KONTORA PARIMATCH.KZ' (PARIMATCH.KZ) Agrofirma Areal TOO TOO 'CONCEPT PLUS' FILIAL KOMPANII 'PLUS CONCEPT LIMITED' (PLYUS KONTSEPT LIMITED) V RESPUBLIKE KAZAKHSTAN Viled Group TOO Sakura Motors TOO M & S Sakura AVTO TOO TOO 'SAKURA-ASTANA' TOO 'SAKURA SERVIS' TOO 'SAKURA COMPANY' TOO 'SAKURA LTD' TOO 'SAKURA' Sakura TOO TOO 'SL-TEX' TOO 'G-TEX' TEXAS TOO TOO 'TEX&COL' TOO 'BAR NEO' Integri 1 TOO Integrity TOO Integra TO TOO 'INTEGRIS CAPITAL' TOO 'ALEXELA' TOO 'FASHIONBRANDRETAIL' Yuridicheskaya Agentstvo YUR UIL TOO TOO 'ALMATY ROAD CONSTRUCTION' TOO 'ALFA ROAD CONSTRUCTION' TOO 'RD CONSTRUCTION' FILIAL KOMPANII 'NES GLOBAL LIMITED' V KAZAKHSTANE Sauda FIRM TOO TOO 'SKIF SAUDA' TOO 'SULU SAUDA' Sauda Servis TOO Akmaral Servis (akmaral Servise) TOO TOO 'TORGOVO-PROIZVODSTVENNAYA KOMPANIYA 'AKMARAL' TOO 'BLUM TEST' TOO 'ARAI TEST' PRK 'TEST' TOO 'TEST OF LIFE ' Strakhovaya Kompaniya Nomad Insurance AO Nomad TOO TOO 'NOMAD ND' TOO 'NOMAD LLC' TOO 'NOMAD-LLP' Nomad S TOO JET Airlines AO JET.KZ TOO Astana FINANCE TOO TOO 'PROFAIR PROCESSING' Process Automation TOO TOO 'Firma 'TIM I KO' TOO 'TIM I K - SEKYURITI' KARA Altyn Munai GAZ TOO OF 'DEMEU' KF 'KMF-DEMEU' TOO 'STS NETWORK' ST Networks, TOO Balkaisha S TOO TOO 'SOLMAZ KAZAKHSTAN FREIGHT FORWARDER' ('SOLMAZ KAZAKHSTAN FREIT FORVARDER') Alcom Engineering Group TOO TOO 'AG TRADE' TOO 'ACADEMY BUSINESS SOLUTIONS' Mezhdunarodnaya Akademiya Biznesa TOO TOO 'INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ACADEMY' AO DOCHERNI BANK 'ALFA-BANK' National investment corporation of National Bank of Kazakhstan AO TOO 'PT OIL LTD' TOO 'AVIROL OIL PRODUCTS RETAIL IN KAZAKHSTAN' KAZ LTD TOO KAZ Munai TOO KAZ Izopoli LTD TOO Zhiloi KAZ Munai TOO KAZ. Audit TOO MI AL TOO TOO 'SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS KAZAKHSTAN' (SAMSUNG ELEKTRONIKS KAZAKHSTAN) General Electric Kazakhstan TOO LG ELECTRONICS Almaty Kazakhstan AO EDK (electrical Devices Kazakhstan) TOO AUA TOO A T TO KSP Steel TOO Stel LLP Steel COM TOO Steel (stil) TOO Master Steel TOO STL INC AO Kaspi Insurance JSC TOO ASPAN ASIA Aspan TOO KSK 'ASPAN' TOO 'TEMA' TOO 'TEMA LTD' TOO 'TEMA COMPANY' TOO TEMA A TOO TEMA FLEKS TOO 'TEMA PLYUS' TOO TEMA MEKANIK Novaya TEMA TOO TOO 'TEMA!DESIGN' Radix Solution TOO TOO CORPORATE SOLUTION TOO 3D SOLUTION TOO TRADE SOLUTION TOO R&K SOLUTION TOO DIRECT SOLUTION TOO AT SOLUTION TOO AVS SOLUTION TOO AE SOLUTION TOO 'REK ART SOLUTION' TOO SIMAX SOLUTION Project Expeditors LLP TOO ROSALYANSPROM TOO 'POLY PLAST' TOO 'ASIAN CS' FILIAL AO UPROSHCHENNOGO TIPA 'PGI FRANCE' V RESPUBLIKE KAZAKHSTAN TOO 'APTEKA NOVA PHARM' Viva Pharm TOO TOO 'BA PHARMACEUTICALS LTD' PR VO Ratiopharm International GMBN Ratsiofarm Internatsional GMBKH TOO 'PROVENCE' Caspian Investment Holding AO TOO 'KASPIAN SERVISEZ INK-KAZAKHSTAN' ('CASPIAN SERVICES INC-KAZAKHSTAN') TOO 'CASPIAN TECHNOLOGY COMPANY KAZAKHSTAN' Caspian Recovery Services Kazakhstan LLC ( Kaspian Rekoveri SERVICES Kazakhstan LLS ) TOO TOO 'RAMA PETROLEUM'(RAMA PETROLEUM) DIS AO Kazakhtelecom TOO 'IQ HOME' TOO 'MONOLIT SOLYUSHIN' ('MONOLIT SOLUTION') TOO 'SOLAR GREEN ENERGY' TOO 'SKY WAY TRAVEL' Mondelez Kazakhstan LLP TOO 'A-MOTORS AUTO' TOO'ALMATY AUTO MOTORS' A Motors TOO A Motor TOO TOO 'ZHANA ZHOL' TOO 'ZHANA-EL' ZHANA RIK TOO ZHANA KENT MOO ZHANA ZHEL TOO TOO 'GOLD PARTNERS' TOO 'FINANCE CONSULT AGENCY' TOO 'ORANGE TRADING' TOO 'TECHNICAL CENTER SBS' TOO 'CNLC INTERNATIONAL KAZAKHSTAN INC (KNLK INTERNESHNL KAZAKHSTAN INK)' TOO 'URUPAN (URUPAN)' TOO 'NOMAD PRIME TECHNOLOGY' Nomad LTD TOO Kazmunai Servis TOO URAL-T TOO TOO 'URAL-NURTAU' URAL Caspie Impex TOO KERN TOO TOO 'CASPIAN BUILD GROUP' Total TOO Total Travel CLUB TOO TOO 'ARVENSIS TOTAL' TOO'TOTAL SUPPORT' TOO 'TOTAL MM' TOO 'TOTAL TRUST' TOO 'TOTAL SECURITY SERVICE' Viva Farm TOO PHARMA LEND TOO PHARMA CITY TOO TOO 'PHARM-PLUS' TOO 'PORRO PHARM' TOO 'PRIME PHARM' TOO 'PHARM PARTNERSHIP' TOO 'UM - PHARMA' AO 'NAURYZ BANK KAZAKHSTAN' AO 'CAPITAL BANK KAZAKHSTAN' AO PNB KAZAKHSTAN BANK TOO 'PETROLEUM OPERATING' TOO 'PETROLEUM' TOO 'PRIME PETROLEUM' TOO 'PETROLEUM INVEST CORPORATION' TOO 'ORDA PETROLEUM' TOO 'DR PETROLEUM' TOO 'OPS PETROLEUM' TOO 'M-PETROLEUM' TOO PREMER PETROLEUM TOO 'AB PETROLEUM' TOO 'KAZIMPEX' TOO 'KAZIMPEX BUSINESS GROUP' TOO 'KAZIMPEX AIR EXPEDITION' TOO 'KAZIMPEX PARTNERS' TOO 'GME CONSULT KAZ' (DZHEIEMEI KONSULT KAZ) CHU 'NEKOMMERCHESKAYA ORGANIZATSIYA PO ZASHCHITE AVTORSKIKH I SMEZHNYKH PRAV 'AMANAT' Global Construction KTA TOO GAME OF Chance TOO KHUN CHEN TOO KHAN KENE TOO KMI (K M I) TOO Kunchi MALE TOO Hungmetal LTD TOO Kingkomstroy TOO GU 'NAUCHNO-KULTURNY TSENTR 'DOM AUEZOVA' Kinokompaniya BEK TOO Kinokompaniya Aspan TOO GU 'NAUCHNO-PROGNOSTICHESKI KOMPLEKS 'PROGNOZ' KAZSELEZASHCHITY Khimkomplekt TOO KMG Energo (NE Likvidirovat!) AO CHU 'NAUCHNO-OBRAZOVATELNY TSENTR 'INNOVATION' GU NAUCHNO-POPULYARNY ZHURNAL 'DENSAULYK' PRI MINISTERSTVE OBRAZOVANIYA, KULTURY I ZDRAVOOKHRANENIY CHUN CHIN-2001 TOO KING 2004 (king 2004) TOO CHU 'NAUCHNO-ISSLEDOVATELSKI INSTITUT AUDITORSKOI DEYATELNOSTI I FINANSOVOI OTCHETNOSTI' CHU Nauchny CENTR Informatsionnykh Tekhnologi NEW Advance KNK CHEMICAL TOO Genko Invest TOO TOO 'HOUSE COMPANY' TOO 'MS-HOUSE' HOLDING HOUSE TOO TOO 'DIA SISTEM' TOO 'BAUKEN' TOO 'BAIKENBAUR' TOO 'SOUTH WIND POWER' CENTR Invest OAO Center OF Mining TOO CENTR Invest TOO CENTR TRADE COMPANY TOO CENTER OF LAWN GRASS CENTR-U-1 TOO CENTR Arman TOO CENTR-AZIYA TOO CENTR Elite TOO CENTR-Tabys TOO CENTR Pravda RO OF 'KERUEN' TOO 'KERUEN COMPANY' TOO 'KERUEN-KOR' TOO 'KERUEN KGK' TOO 'RAIMBEK-ALKO' TOO 'RAIMBEK BOTTLERS' RAIMBEK GROUP L.L.C. TOO 'RAIMBEK-MILK' TOO 'RAIMBEK-BATYR' TOO 'RAIMBEK ENTERPRISE' SOVMESTNOE KAZAKHSTANSKO-AMERIKANSKOE PREDPRIYATIE 'RAIMBEK-GOLD' TOO 'RAIMBEK-SERVIS' TOO 'RAIMBEK-GRAIN' TOO 'AGENTSTVO PO TRUDOVYM RESURSAM (RAIMBEK GRUP)' TOO 'RAIMBEK GRUPP PLYUS' AO 'RAIMBEK INVEST' TOO 'GARAGE-GPS' TOO 'GARAGE SERVICE' TOO 'AUTO GARAGE' TOO 'GARAGE TAXI' TOO 'DANS LE GARAGE (DAN LE GARAZH)' TOO 'GARAGE MONITORING' TOO 'YURIDICHESKAYA Firma ZAN-GAR' TOO 'BURKIT' TOO 'Y-SYSTEM BROKER' ZAMAN AV L L C TOO 'ZAMAN LTD' TOO 'KOMTES' TOO 'ALTO COM LTD.' ZAO 'ALATAU.COM' TOO 'ORIENT TELECOM' TOO 'RET TELECOM' TOO 'PREMIER TELECOM' TOO 'TELCOM' TOO 'TELECOM-TEST' TOO' ADK-TRAVEL' TOO 'EKO-MEDIATOR' TOO 'ACTIV CATERING SERVICE' TOO 'DAVT' TOO 'DVT' TOO 'DAVADA COMPANY' TOO 'DAVIDAN' TOO 'DAVA TRADE' TOO 'DVD' TOO 'ASIA PETROLEUM SYSTEM' AZIZ TOO TOO 'AZIZ-A' TOO 'AZIZ & CO.LTD' TOO 'AZIZ-ALI' TOO 'BK-GROUP' TOO 'CONNECT RETAIL' JP Finance Group TOO Ganibek I K TOO ALA Energy TOO ALEM Energiya S TOO Alem-Agro LTD TOO NKOU Almaty Manangement Universitet ALEM OAO ALEM LTD TOO ALEM ART OF SABI ALEM OF ALEM Komek OF Aktobe Munai SERVICES TOO Compic LAND TOO CNP Kazakhstan (C N P Kazakhstan) TOO Compagroup TOO Compus (kompus) TOO Convey Cargo TOO Kompakt LINE TOO Ganieva I Kompaniya PT HM Vehicle [eichem Vikl] TOO Kompakt Liftservis TOO Kambei KZ TOO KNAB Group TOO Kimpok LIM TOO Konpak TOO Kombiagro TOO KEN Bagdar TOO Kompakt TOO KHUA YAN V Kazakhstane TOO HAN WOO (KHAN VU) TOO Konveks (konveks) TOO Kmiifk TOO Hanbo Kazakhstan (khanbo Kazakhstan) TOO KMB Group TOO Citic International CO., LTD TOO Inkar Travel TOO TOO 'MD Brands' Astaninski Domostroitelny Kombinat TOO Shintorg Plus TOO TOO 'SHINTORG AVTOEKSPRESS' Shintorg TOO Shintorg 7 TOO DEZ-KOM TOO DEZ Servis TOO DEZ SUN TOO DEZ SIBO TOO Windhan (vindkhan) TOO Sh.I.V. TOO Sh I K TOO Sh I P TOO Tatyr TOO NCT TOO NCT ASIA TOO SOYUZ BAEK TOO TOO 'BAK-2014' TOO 'AB AGE' Medix TOO Zhalgas Assylbekov IP ALFA Delivery Services TOO Kazakh National Medical University TOO 'KAZAKH NATIONAL EXPORT IMPORT' Al-Farabi Kazakh National University RGP na PHV KAZAKH NATIONAL AGRARIAN UNIVERSITY Kazakh National Resources TOO Kazakh Inter National Group TOO National Cotton Company TOO National Central AZIA TOO TOO 'ASTANA CORPORATION' TOO 'Astana Fruits' Astana TOO Astana . TO Astana OIL Company TOO Astana Retail Company TOO TOO 'ALFATECHCOM KAZAKHSTAN' Vneshneekonomicheskaya Kompaniya Astyk Sauda TOO Qazaq Energy TOO Qazaq Deutsch TOO TOO 'QAZAQ Development' OFIS Tsentr, LTD, TOV ARAL N TOO ARAL Servis TOO ARAL TAU TOO ARAL ADK TOO ARAL Invest TOO TOO 'BAIKONUR INVEST STROY' Firma Baikonur TOO Baikonur TOO Servis-Inform, PP Baikonur Bistro TO Mezhdunarodny Torgovy DOM Baikonur TOO Baikonur Kompek TOO Potrebitelski KSK Baikonur Baikonur Engineering TOO TUR-Baikonur TOO Baikonur Autokraz (baikonur Avtokraz) TOO Baikonur LTD TOO Zhanna TOO Zhanna-2000 TOO Nurancell TOO UMAI OF ANA OF UMAI OAO Bereke TO Bereke TOO Komek OF Komek.KZ OF KSMK 5 TOO KSMK KDS TOO KSMK ALGA TOO KSMK Marat TOO KSMK Kurylys TOO KSMK Almaty TOO TOO 'UTS llc' Active Account TOO Activ Construction LTD TOO Active COM Invest TOO TOO 'ACTIV SERVICE' TOO 'Business Active' Amanat Inter BROK TOO Management Service Brokerage TOO Everest BROK. TOO Alfa Broker TOO Central ASIA Broker&investment Service AO A.R.T. Broker Servis TOO AG BROK TOO Aitan Broker TOO TOO 'ARC Brok' Aktau BROK Servis TOO Active Engineering (aktiv ENGINEERING) TOO ALMA ATA BROK TOO TOO 'AD BROK' Broker TOO AS ALASH Broker TOO Alprof BROK TOO TOO 'Altyn Gasyr Brok' TOO 'New Link Int.' Crystal OIL TOO TOO 'CENTRAL ASIA BEVERAGE SERVICE' Ideal Standard Construction TOO Ideal System TOO Ideal Standart TO Ideal S.I. TOO Ideal Servis LTD TOO Ideal Servis TOO Ideal Stroi TOO TOO 'SBT IDEAL' TOO 'IDEAL SAFETY' Medservice Plus KFK TOO SKIF TRADE TOO Bereke Medfarm TOO Altai TO AL TAI TOO TOO 'VAGON SERVICE KZ (VAGON SERVIS KZ)' THE Choice Central ASIA TOO THE Choice (ZE Chois) TOO Yurrom A TOO Central ASIA Retail TOO RRS Tsentralnaya AZIYA TOO Samsung Electronics KZ and Central Asia TOO Sky Central Asia TOO Teletrade Central ASIA TOO TOO 'Central Asia Development Ltd' ART OF Central ASIA TOO Central ASIA OIL Company TOO Central ASIA Commerce TOO F L Kompanii Central ASIA Commercial Equipment Limited (CENTRAL ASIA Kommertsial Ekvipment LIMITED) Central ASIA BEER TOO TOO 'Central Asia Communications' TOO 'CENTRAL ASIA COMMUNICATION' Central ASIA Consulting TOO Central Asian Communications TOO TOO 'Central Asia Consulting Company' Mesmer Central ASIA TOO Almer Central ASIA TOO TOO 'Central Asia Continental' Cruise Central ASIA TOO Central Asian Computer Corporation TOO MMA Central ASIA TOO TOO 'EXTECO CENTRAL ASIA' Keramin Central ASIA (keramin CENTRAL Aziya) TOO Hydroserv Central ASIA (khaidroserv CENTRAL Aziya) TOO Display Solutions Central ASIA (displei Solyushnz Sentral Aziya) TOO WILO Central ASIA (vilo Sentral Aziya) TOO Colorit Central ASIA TOO Central ASIA Colgtielgs TOO Central ASIA Telecom TOO Central ASIA Factor TOO TOO 'OM CENTRAL ASIA' Coleccion Alexandra Central ASIA TOO Central ASIA Coffee Solutions TOO TOO 'Central Asian Company LLP' Central ASIA Investment Corporation TOO CMA CGM Central ASIA (siemei Sidzhiem Sentral ASIA) TOO YURNA TOO YUREN TOO TOO 'Yurina Telekom' YURMA TOO Filial AO Yuranus C N I YURMA TRADE TOO NORD GROUP ZAO NORD TIME TOO Njord TOO NORD Stroi LTD TOO Aneksim NORD TOO NIVA TO NIVA V TOO ZHK NIVA NIVA TOO POK NIVA TDO NIVA OUR Heritage OF Health Heritage CLUB TOO Heritage (kheriteidzh) TOO Inter Limited TOO International Industries Company TOO Inter 2030 TOO International Audit TOO Inter Service OF Import TOO AIL Alpha International Limited Batys REIL Servis TOO Batys CITY TOO Batys STAR TOO Batys PETROLEUM TOO SEMA International Trade (sema Interneishnl TRADE) TOO AVID International Trading CO. (avid Interneishnl TRADING CO.) TOO Bulgarian International Trade House TOO TOO 'AB Kaz International Trade Group' TOO 'Ordos Inter Trad' TOO 'International trade star company (Interneshnl treid star kompani)' TOO 'GRAIN INTER TRADE' International Trading Company TOO I.T.International Trading S.R.I. V Respublike Kazakhstan K.K.International Trading Company TOO International Trade & Tourism Vector TOO ASIA Inter Trade TOO UAN Koria INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO TOO 786 International Trading TOO International Trade Network TOO SEAL International Trading CO. LTD (seal Interneshnl TRADING CO. LTD) TOO International Trade & Service TOO Comtex International Trade Company Komteks INTERNATIONAL TRADE COMPANY TOO International Trading GOLD TOO Inter TRADE YUS TOO TRIO INT. Trade TOO Kazakhstan League International Trade CO., LTD ( Kazakhstan LIGA Interneshnl TRADE CO., LTD ) TOO International Trading Company D.N. ( Interneishnl TRADING COMPANY D.N. ) TOO Munai Inter Trade TOO Chance International Trading C.O ( CHENS INTERNATIONAL TRADING K.O. ) TOO MAX KEY International Trading ( MAKS K Internashional TRADING ) TOO TPEP TOO ALM F L OAO Vostochnoe Rudoupravlenie AF Barit Vostok Falk Kazakhstan TOO Felkon Kazakhstan (falcon Kazakhstan) TOO Falcon Kazakhstan (falkon Kazakhstan) TOO Falcon AIR Kazakhstan (falkon EIR Kazakhstan) TOO OO 'Assotsiatsiya vrachei profpatologov (meditsina truda), gigienistov, epidemiologov i spetsialistov po meditsinskoi ek Uchrezhdenie SOYUZ Vrachei-Mammologov RK SOYUZ Vrachei Koloproktologov OO Assotsiatsiya Vrachei PO Osteoporozu OO Assotsiatsiya Vrachei Gerontologov Respubliki Kazakhstan OF Air Astana AO ALS Astana TOO Kanti TOO TOO 'LP Commonwealth' KARA TOO Karra TOO KARA A TOO Emran TOO BUSINESS CENTR OF Crude OIL TOO Centrasia OIL Services TOO Kulan Oil TOO KAI OIL Interteiment TOO OIL Communication Company TOO CCL OIL Refinery TOO Caspian OIL Trading International TOO Caspian OIL TOO OIL Craft TOO Baiterek OIL CHAB TOO OIL CENTR GOCHA TOO ABS OIL Construction TOO CLB Transfer OIL TOO Alfa Edibl OILS CENTRAL AZIYA TOO North Caspian Oil Development TOO Central Asian OIL & GAS Company TOO Central ASIA GAS & OIL Management Service TOO ALMA OIL CONSULTING TOO CITY OIL.SK TOO Carbon GAS OIL Mineral TOO TOO 'ARMADA OIL COM.' OIL &GAS Consulting TOO OIL & GAS Commonwealth TOO CENTR OIL TEST TOO Oasis Group OIL Field Contracting (uais GROUP OIL FILD Kontrakting) TOO OIL Trade Center TOO CHIN Trans OIL TOO ASIA OIL Technology KZ TOO KATA OIL TOO Caratube Consolidated Company (OIL AND GAS) Uvedomlenie O Likvidatsii Soglasno Pisma OT 14.04.04G. ZA Vkh#4837 TOO OIL.KZ TOO P O Kompanii BP OIL International Limited KEN OIL TOO Kazimport OIL TOO Trade Commerce OIL ( TRADE Kommerts OIL ) TOO Almaty OIL AND GAS Consulting Engineers (almaty OIL AND GAZ CONSULTING Inzhinirz) TOO Karos OIL LTD TOO Karos OIL TOO KABA OIL LLP TOO KTDS OIL TOO Kazkom OIL TOO OIL Kampaniya PLUS TOO K OIL Group TOO Kantor OIL TOO GAZ TRADE E TOO Kauipsiz GAZ TOO CITY GAZ TOO GAZ KZ TOO AKVO GAZ TOO ADF GAZ TOO GAO LTD TOO GAZ HOLDING TOO ARAI GAZ TOO ALYM GAZ TOO Baiterek A Kommerts TOO TOO 'Sport Level' French Bakery TOO Protrade Central ASIA TOO CENTRAL AZIYA T COMPANY LTD TOO Central ASIA Transportation TOO CCS Services u Central Asia TOO SUN Central ASIA TOO SVC Central ASIA TOO SY Central ASIA TOO AIR Services Central ASIA TOO TOO 'SSD Central Asia' Central ASIA Tourism Service (sentral ASIA Turizm Servis) TOO Central ASIA Investment AND Trading CO LTD (sentral AIZHA Investment AND TRADING CO LTD) TOO Central ASIA Taiwan Trade House ( CENTRAL AZIYA Taivan TRADE HOUSE ) TOO Rednet Central ASIA TOO Teknostar TOO Mercurius MUB TOO Otrar Trevel TOO Mercur TOO SP Mercur Security TOO Mercur Invest TOO Mercur AUTO LTD TOO Mercur Custom TOO Mercur AUTO TOO Mercuri S.A.U. TOO Mercur GREEN TOO Media Mercur TOO Mercur Produkt TOO Mercy Corps OF TOO 'MERCURIUS M' Mercur Stroi SNAB TOO AUTO Mercur TOO Mercur Trans TOO Mercur OIL Service TOO Merkur HOLDING TOO Kholdingovaya Kompaniya Mercury TOO Markhamat TOO ML Mercurius TOO TOO 'MERCUR TRAD S' TOO 'MERCUR AUTO AG' Mercur Tender Service Audit TOO TOO 'MERCUR FOOD AGRO' Mercur Broadtec (merkur Broadtek) TOO Avtoshkola Mercur TOO Firma AUTO Mercur TOO Firma Mercur Sertiko TOO Merchant Company TOO Mercury Group (merkuri GROUP) TOO Merkuri III TOO Merkuri TOO Merkuri LTD TOO Kazakhstan Commerce JSC Otrar TOO ULY Otrar TOO Otrar GROUP TOO Otrar PLUS TOO Firma Otrar TOO Otrar Trans TOO TOO 'OTRAR CONSTRUCTION' Otraravia TOO OBF Otyrar Otrar Medimpeks LTD TOO Otyrar TOO Otrar AO AL DECO & CO TOO Alden TOO TOO 'IMPORTAUTO (IMPORTAVTO)' NEW LINK Solutions TOO Gorno Rudnaya Kompaniya Kazmedinvest TOO Gorno Rudnaya Kompaniya Enzeimetallinvest TOO Gorno Rudnaya Kompaniya I TAS TOO Gorno Rudnaya Kompaniya Altyn ARNA TOO Installyatsiya Servis Kazakhstan TOO Landscape Service TOO Seoul Landscaping (seul Lendskeiping) TOO B.B. Company LTD TOO B & B TOO Inkatel TOO Konstantin I Kompaniya PT Kompaniya Trans Konsalt TOO FILIAL KOMPANII 'SRK KONSALTING (KAZAKHSTAN) LIMITED' V KAZAKHSTANE FILIAL KOMPANII 'SA CONSULTING LIMITED' (SA KONSALTING LIMITED) V RESPUBLIKE KAZAKHSTAN MAI Konsaltants LIMITED V Respublike Kazakhstan Asian STAR TOO Asiana Capital TOO TOO 'Asian machinery limited' TOO 'ASIAN MIX COMPANY' Asia International Company Ltd TOO Asian Travel CLUB TOO Aurum L TOO Aurum Alttico TOO Zhalgas CENTR OO UCH Zhalgas Zhalgas SSHT TOO Zhalgas BUILDING TOO Zhalgasbek BUKA TOO Zhalgas I S TOO Zhalgas LOGISTIC Servis TOO Kompaniya Altyn Kazakhstan 2030 TOO Altyngroup Kazakhstan TOO Altyn Kazan TOO Altyn Kazna ZAO Altyn ALEM Kazakhstan OF Altyn SAT TOO Altyn TO Altyn TOO Altyn TIL OF Altyn ARBA OF Altyn I TOO Altyn LTD M TOO Altyn Sapsan OF AK Altyn TOO Altyn TOO AS Altyn IG TOO Altyn DEN TOO Altyn ZHAN TO Altyn NAN TOO Altyn KOL TOO Altyn KAZ TOO Altyn TET TOO Altyn NUR LTD. TOO Altyn FISH TOO Altyn Project TOO Altyn UYA TOO Altyn Motors TOO Altyn MUZ TOO Altyn BORE TOO TOO 'ALTYN SATU ' Altynai TO Altyn ALMA TOO Altyn ADAM TOO Altyn ALEM TOO Altyn TRADING TOO Altyn ORDA TOO Altyn Uzen TOO Altyn SALA TOO Altyn SHYN TOO Altyn Trade TOO Altyn BOTA TOO Altyn AVTO TOO Altyn TSES TOO Firma ERAS TOO Soltanai TOO Paradox Systems TOO Paradox Advertising Agency TOO Paradox Investments TOO Paradox M Safety TOO Paradise LTD TOO Paradise Company TOO Paradise LTD Corporation TOO Flower Paradise TOO Europe Paradise TOO Paradise Travels TOO Paradiso TOO Paradiso LTD TOO Paradise MAY TOO Paradise ART LTD TOO Aktau 1 TOO Aktau CITY TOO Aktau CITY Market TOO Gadir Pardic Corporation ( Gadir Pardis CORPORATION ) TOO Orange Paradise TOO Pardus TOO Paradais Trevel COMPANY TOO TH Paradise (TN Paradaiz) TOO VIVA Paradisso TOO Kompaniya Paradise BAY TOO TOO 'KAZ CENTER CONSTRUCTION' Ordabasy Group TOO Demeu ZHAN OF OBF Demeu Demeu Kainar TOO TOO 'AK-DEMEU' MOL Demeu TOO ASIA Petrol Service TOO Alma-TV TOO Travel System TOO REST Travel System TOO SAT & Company AO SAT Trade TOO Shagala Partner TOO BUSINESS Kommyunikeishns Servis TOO ROO Assotsiatsiya Meditsinskikh Genetikov Talan Construction TOO Beststroisnab TOO Business Venture Solutions TOO BUSINESS Psikhologi Kazakhstan TOO Kazakhstan Business Service Company TOO Alatau Build Service TOO Start UP TOO BARS OIL TOO SHAR DESIGN TOO LED Store TOO Euroinvest Build Company LTD TOO Korporatsiya B I S TOO Baltikums Trast TOO B Group Company LTD. (B GROUP COMPANY LTD.) TOO Sovmestnoe Kazakhsko Shveitsarskoe Predpriyatie Aruar TOO BAUR Kazakhstan Zholdary TOO Kompaniya Afrodita STAR 10 TOO Stellar TOO BAUR Resources TOO Bukhgalterskie Uslugi Almaty TOO P VO Gonkong AND Shankhai Benking CORPORATION LIMITED Savior (sevier) TOO BAUR Construction TOO Sovmestnoe Kazakhstansko Avstriskoe Predpriyatie SEWT TOO Sovmestnoe Kazakhstansko Germanskoe Predpriyatie EURASIA Trans TOO Batima TOO Shkola Tamozhennogo Brokera TOO Bagira LINE TOO B.A.V.O. & M. TOO Arasha OF IE PRO Sobytia SAYAT, Zholshy, Darkhan I BADO TOO Smart ENGINEERING TOO EST Stroi TOO ABM Sport KAZ (eibiem Sport KAZ) TOO Hermes Steel TOO ENGINEERING CENTRE TOO ALLIANZ BT TOO BAER Group LTD (baer GROUP LTD) TOO Kompaniya Bereke DOS TOO Alppromtur TYAN SHAN TOO Naiza GROUP SECURITY TOO American Investments INC IG Invest TOO DID Invest TOO BSA Trade & CO TOO HIVE Studio Kazakhstan TOO LSH International TOO Pioner LTD TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Keyani Korporeshn TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyati Olimpiya Raizen Almaty TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Khilal TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Khilsan Shokoladno Karamelevoe Proizvodstvo LTD TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Khogasko TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Koral TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Kazino Telbone TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Kajhon Gostar TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Korumaz Almaty Korumaz Almaty TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Kabood Gonbad TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie KAS Torgovlya LTD (KAS Trading LTD) TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Kompaniya Maolin TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie EKAN KALA TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Handle Industrial Company TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Kitaiski Torgovy CENTR YALYAN TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Shakhzad I Kompaniya PT Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Shelkovy PUT TOO Kubra Limitid IP Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Kings International Trading CO TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie KKS TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie J Motors (J Motors) TOO IN FZL Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Metalgrupp TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Hermann TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Shelale LTD V Forme TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Shabrang Khorasan TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Saleh Gostar TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Zhanym TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Saikha LTD TOO IN Almatinskaya Inchuanskaya Mezhdunarodnaya Kompaniya Inostrannoe Predpriyatie SIMA Almaty TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie TOO KNK International Inostrannoe Predpriyatie SEMA TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie International Trading TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie TOO Multisoftevraziya Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Z AND Z LTD TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie SEN KHUEN TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie I ON Egipet TOO BULS I (V Forme TOO) IP IN ALIN Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Mezhdunarodnaya Torgovoaya Kompaniya Serebryany OREL Kital TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie V Forme TOO Burkit Inostrannoe Predpriyatie V Forme TOO Chinet Interneishnl Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Wayport Development (KA) TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie BOW Arrow TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie ANA FOOD Machinery (ANA FOOD Mashineri) TOO Dochernee TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Almatytrans Inostrannoe Predpriyatie TOO Novotekh A Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Futurum Alatau AOZT Inostrannoe Predpriyatie V Forme TOO SIS Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Ilyas TUS TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie MIRA TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Rinat TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Ilash GOLD TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie SEDA TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie BMB Company TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie PT Anita AND CO Inostrannoe Dochernee Predpriyatie Sibfarm Almaty TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Sunyet Trading TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie TOO Tassaheel Inostrannoe Predpriyatie V Forme TOO TYAN SHAN Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Navab I Kompaniya PT Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Sahinler V Forme TOO Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Mezhdunarodnaya Torgovo Promyshlennaya Kompaniya Khlebopererabatyvayushchego Oborudovaniya YUNL Inostrannoe Predpriyatie Gunda V Forme TOO ZHAN Travel TOO ZHANA NUR Travel . TOO Amity International TOO TOO 'ONLINE MEDIA' Breeze TOUR TOO Adimax (edimaks) TOO Adima TOO Datoba Construction TOO Construction Class TOO Accord Construction TOO KZ Construction LTD TOO BIA Construction TOO ATM.Construction TOO ALL Construction TOO A.S.A. Construction TOO STAR CITY Construction TOO Global CITY Construct TOO B & D Construction TOO Almaty CITY Construction TOO David Constraction TOO Apple Construction TOO BEST Construction LTD TOO Andas Construction TOO ASMK Constructions TOO TOO 'BK CONSTRUCTION' TOO 'BLM CONSTRUCTION' TOO 'BARU CONSTRUCTION' Firma Erras Uvedomlenie O Likvidatsii VKH.#8344 OT 30.07.03 TOO Nazari I Kompaniya PT Tranko AO Strakhovaya Kompaniya Viktoriya AO Strakhovaya Kompaniya ALLIANZ Polis AO Strakhovaya Kompaniya Temir AT AO YAK Alakon AO Korporatsiya KUAT AO Korporatsiya Altyn Diirmen AO Triada AO Almatygoroformlenie AO Promtekhmontazh AO Kazelectromontazh AO Kazferrostal AO Elektromontazh AO Natsionalnaya Kholdingovaya Kompaniya Almatykurylys AO Promyshlenno Torgovaya Kompaniya ASYL AO Synergy Group ( Sinerdzhi GROUP ) AO AUYL Kurylysy OAO Zhetysu AOOT F L RGP Kazakstan Temir ZHOLY Proektno Vnedrencheski CENTR Temirzhol Kazakhstan ZAO Temir Zhondeu Kazakstan TOO Kazakstan Temir ZHOLY Ministerstva Transporta I Kommunikatsi Respubliki Kazakhstan Stantsiya Almat Kazakhstan Temir Trans Servis TOO TAU ZHOLY TOO TUZU ZHOLY OO Joint Resources TOO Joint Drilling TOO Joint American Venture National Company OF Managers TOO National Express TOO National Trust TOO Mezhdunarodny Universitet Informatsionnykh Tekhnologi AO Imstalkon AO Neftyanaya Strakhovaya Kompaniya AO Evraziiskaya Finansovaya Kompaniya AO Transtelekom AO ELEK OF ELECTRONICS LTD TOO Elect C TOO Kerneu Electric TOO AZIYA HOLDING TOO Kazradiokom TOO TOO 'KARASHA D' Potrebitelski KSK Karasha Nazar Karasha TOO LIMITED Loves TOO KAZ B.A.A. Company TOO Samruk SAT TOO Potrebitelski KSK Temir ZHOLY Semei Temir ZHOLY TOO Temir ZHOLY Transport TOO Doszhan Temir ZHOLY (dtzh) AO Balapan Temir ZHOLY Uvedomlenie O Likvidatsii Soglasno Pisma OT 01.09.04G ZA Vkh#12194 TOO Temir Zholshy TOO ZHANA Temir ZHOL TOO LPG DISTRIBUTION TOO P VO Satimola V Kazakhstane Petrochina International Kazakhstan TOO Moontech TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya Shyrai TOO TOO 'UPRAVLYAYUSHCHAYA KOMPANIYA CAPITAL TRUST' Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya Astana HOLDING Priznano Bankrotom PO Resheniyu SMES G. Almaty OT 29.08.2003 G. TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya Kegoc Vostok TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya KSK TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya KSK Igilik TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya Status TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya ALEM TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya ARDA TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya Impekskapital TOO Upravlyayushchaya Investitsionnaya Kompaniya MIR TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya Development, Consulting, Management (DEVELOPMENT, CONSULTING, MANAGEMENT) TOO Upravlyayushchaya Kompaniya Media HOLDING Business Resource TOO INITIATIVE MEDIA KAZAKHSTAN TOO Asian Business Initiative TOO Initsiativa OF Central ASIA Media Distribution TOO Central ASIA Sport Media Agency TOO Medinteks Central ASIA TOO Medical Business OF Central ASIA TOO Eurasian Express Logistics TOO Intermed K TOO TOO 'DOLPHIN TRAVEL' Dolphin Holidays TOO Dolphin Promotion TOO Dolphin Promotion Media TOO Sovmestnoe Predpriyatie BUSINESS CENTR AZIYA MOST TOO TOO 'AFFLATUS' Central ASIA Realty (sentral ASIA Rielti) TOO Business Contacts Services Company TOO Buzachi Oilfild Sepplai COMPANY TOO Rauza ADE TOO MT-SERVICE L L C MT Servis TOO CENTRE MTS SERVICE LLC TAZA Bulak (opredeleniem SMES G.Almaty OT 04.02.2009g. Nalozhen Zapret NA Osushchestvlenie Registratsionnykh Deistvi.) T MTS TOO MTS COMPANY LTD TOO MTS Invest TOO MTSS TOO KAZ.Sport Group TOO Bazis International Group TOO Aspect Basis International LTD. ( Aspekt Bazis Interneishnl LTD ) TOO Bazis TOO Bazis DEVELOPMENT TOO Bazis ENGINEERING TOO Bazis UPTK TOO Bazis NEXT TOO Bazis LYUKS TOO Bazis Trans TOO Bazis Capital TOO Bazis Proekt LTD TOO FILIAL OOO 'AMZ LTD' (EIEMZET LTD) PO GORODU ALMATY Filial OOO Bazis F L OOO Tezar F L OOO Optek F L Labvea LIMITED Izoteknik TOO Branch of Samsung Engineering Co Ltd FILIAL AO 'SAMSUNG C&T CORPORATION' (SAMSUNG SI END TI KORPOREISHN) V GORODE ALMATY SAMSUNG DEUTCHLAND GMBH IN KAZAKHSTAN REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE Samsung ELECTRONICS Oversiz B.V. Samsung Polymer CO., LTD (samsung Polimer CO., LTD) TOO Samsung Engineering Kazakhstan ( Samsung ENGINEERING Kazakhstan ) TOO REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE Kompanii Samsung ELECTRONICS V Almaty P O Samsung Doichland GMBKH V RK F AL Samsung SDS (samsung SDS CO.,LTD) V Gorode Almaty Filial Samsung C&T Corporation ( Samsung C AND T Korporeishen ) V G. Almaty, Respublika Kazakhstan ALUA I V TOO ALUA B TOO ALUA-MEDFARM PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY ALUA-Servis TOO ALUA TUR TOO ZHSK ALUA ALUA Trade TOO ALMA ALUA LTD TOO ALUA TAZH TOO ALUA Trast TOO Laukar ALU TOO Arman ALUA TOO ALUA Realty TOO ALUA Products TOO BMK & CO TOO BMK Invest TOO Darmen AZIYA Servis TOO Shanyrak Stroi Invest TOO TOO 'SP 'SHANYRAK KURYLYS' TOO 'SHANYRAK WEST ' Potrebitelski KSK Shanyrak Orbita 1 Potrebitelski KSD Shanyrak 2 Okhrannoe Agentstvo Shanyrak 2002 TOO PETROSPEK LLC Caspian Media Group TOO Corrocoat Caspian (korrokout Kaspian) TOO FILIAL TOO 'CASPIAN CUSTOMS BROK' V G. ALMATY GEOPOST CASPIAN LLP Caspian Marine Service TOO Caspian TOO IP Caspian Express Airlines LLP ( Kaspian EXPRESS Eirlains ) TOO Caspian REAL Estate Services Limited (kaspian REAL Esteit SERVICES LIMITED) TOO Caspian Legal Services TOO Synergy Caspian INC.(sinerdzhi Kaspian INC.) TOO EAST Caspian Capital TOO PAK Caspian Trade Links (PAK Kaspian TRADE Links) TOO Caspian Logging Services TOO Risico LTD Company TOO Shagala TOO Shagala TO Shagala A TOO ZHK Shagala Shagala KM TOO Shagala PLUS TOO Shagala ZERE Mollz TOO Shagala M.Building TOO NUR Shagala Kudalar Kauymdastygy OF Chagala Management TOO Shagala Prinuditelnaya Likvidatsiya Resheniem SMES G. Almaty OT 14/06/2005 TOO G.M.Trading Taftan (Zh.M.TRADING Taftan) TOO Magnum Cash & Carry TOO Tech-Audit TOO Building Technologies TOO ALMA TECH TOO MAK Technologies TOO Tekhnologiya TOO AS Techno TOO LINE Technology TOO ALA TECH TOO MH TECH TOO A.S.K. Technik TOO ART TECH TOO TOO 'ICE TECHNOLOGY' TOO 'NUR TECH' TOO 'NRM TECH' BSG Technology TOO Enterprise Technologies TOO ALI Technology TOO ACE Technology TOO TND TOO AIER Technologies TOO C&T Technology TOO TOO 'ASIA TECHNOLOGY' BIAS TECH TOO PRO Games Technology TOO GAIN Technology TOO BERG Technology TOO 3F Technologies TOO Kisar Technical TOO TOO 'TECH DREAM' AMK TOO AMMK TOO AMK.KZ TOO AMC Corporation TOO ANK TOO ANK Company LTD TOO AMK Egensi TOO AMK Promsnab TOO FILIAL TOO 'AMK WINST' AMK TSINK TOO Firma AMK TOO Food Island TOO SAT TOO SP Respublikanskoe Blagotvoritelnoe OO SOYUZ Samarityan Kazakhstana Kompaniya Nezavisimaya Ekspertiza TOO Kazakhskoe Obshchestvo Okhrany Prirody (respublikanski Status) OO DANK SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION FIRM LTD Shelkovy PUT 2030 TOO PRK SKIF SKI Spirit TOO Prodyusserski CENTR Nurbergena Makhambetova TOO Energo Stroi Servis NE Proizvodit Pereregistratsiyu DO Oformleniya Svidetelstva O Prave NA Nasledstvo VKH. 1625 OT 10.02 Smart Point KZ TOO B SKI Project TOO TDO SP Chezar International CO LTD. Prodyusserski CENTR AZIYA TOO CENTR Arendy Kupli I Prodazhi Nedvizhimosti TOO Spetsnefteservis TOO Sales Promotion Group TOO Karta MIRA SSP TOO VOS Savant Projects (VOS Savant Prodzhekts) TOO U-E-Administrator Programm Natsioanlnaya Komissiya RK PO Tsennym Bumagam Seuir TOO Kazakhsko Angliskoe SP Raffiya GROUP TOO Torgovo Stroitelnaya Firma SUN TOO Proizvodstvennaya Studiya STAN Production ( STAN PRODUCTION ) TOO Smile TOUR TOO SUYK TOBE 2 TOO SHAL TOO Stroiinvestgrupp T TOO Kazakhstan Corporation of Health Protection and Medical Insurance 'Interteach' OAO Respublikanski Nauchno Proizvodstvenny I Informatsionny CENTR Kazekologiya TOO Sovmestnoe Predpriyatie AKES TOO Dochernyaya Kompaniya PO Strakhovaniyu Zhizni BTA Banka BTA Zhizn AO Potrebitelski Kooperativ GSK Sever LIK Spetsstroi Uvedomlenie O Likvidatsii OT 31.03.04G. ZA Iskh#4027 TOO NEW Style Design Studio TOO Promostroi TOO CENTR Ekspertizy (ispytani) I Sertifikatsii Pirotekhnicheskikh Izdeli (tsekspi) TOO Servisnye Resheniya Prosto TOO Synergy Group ( Sinerdzhi GROUP ) TOO Synergy TOUR Tovarishchestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostyu ( Sinerdzhi TUR ) TOO Shopen & CO TOO KSK Shyngys Sintez MS TOO Sinklit TOO NUR Stroi Invest TOO Potrebitelski KSK NUR Union Chemikal TOO VOSTOKSTAL LLC Vostok-Service LLC Vostok TO Vostok IND. TOO Vostok Munai LTD. TOO Vostok Capital AO POGK Vostok AVTO Vostok ZAO Vostok M TOO V Vostok TOO Vostok 1 TOO Vostok 7 TOO Vostok LIMITED 7 TOO ZHSK Vostok Vostok FINANCE TOO Vostok AERO ZAO Vostokupakk TOO Vostok PLUS TOO Vostok TRADING TOO Vostok 212 TOO Vostok Trade Corporation TOO Vostok AVTO TOO Vostok Impeks TO Vostok Zapad TOO Vostok Zapad LTD TOO Vostok Munai TOO Vostok & AZIYA TOO Vostok Kargo TOO Vostok Oil KZ TOO Vostok Salyut TOO MF Vostok Servis TOO Vostokstroi TOO Vostok PLUS A TOO Kazakhekspertaudit TOO KAZSECUR L.L.P. Kazsekur TOO Kazcopper TOO Kaspiy and Group Limited Kaspi DASU TOO Kaspioil TOO Kaspiya TOO Sentras Inshurans Strakhovaya Kompaniya AO Strakhovaya Kompaniya Atlanta Polis AO Strakhovaya Kompaniya Kompetenz AO Strakhovaya Kompaniya Profsoyuzov Meipim ZAO Strakhovaya Kompaniya TOO Narodnaya Strakhovaya Kompaniya ZAO Strakhovaya Brokerskaya Kompaniya UIB Kazakhastan TOO Strakhovaya Brokerskaya Kompaniya Brand Securities TOO Strakhovaya Gruppa Nomad TOO Strakhovaya Kompaniya Shanyrak ZAO Alcon - HAH TOO Alcom TOO Alcon Munai TO Alcom LTD TOO Alcom CO LTD TOO Allcon TOO Alcom Consulting TOO Alcon Group LTD TOO Alcon Construction Company TOO ALCON Vostok TOO Alcor TOO ALCON OIL TOO ALCON Inter TOO KAZAKHSTANENERGO G P KAZAKH AGENCY OF APPLIED ECOLOGY C J S C BEKK Kurer Kazakhstan TOO Kazakh International Supplies & Services (kazak Interneshnl Sepplaiz AND SERVICES) TOO Kazak TANU OF Kazcad KZ TOO Kazcompgatecompany TOO Kazkooptrans TOO Kazakhstanskaya Fondovaya Birzha AO Kazaccount TOO Kazcomgroup ( Kazkomgrupp ) TOO Kazakh-German company Burda-Alatau Press LLP Kompaniya Kazekspert TOO Kazecoresurs AO Kazakhstansko Kitaiskoe Predpriyatie Khepak TOO Kazconsult Regcon ASIA TOO Kazconsult LTD ( Kazkonsalt LTD ) TOO Apcer Pharma Kazakhstan Limited (epser PHARMA Kazakhstan LIMITED) TOO KAZ KOR Priteel CO.LTD (KAZ KOR Pritil CO. LTD) TOO Kazcreditconsult TOO Kazcargotrade TOO Kazakhstanski Raschetno Barterny CENTR TOO Kazecolight TOO KAZAKHSTANSKOE PREDSTAVITELSTVO KOMPANII 'ASAL DYSH TIDZHARET ANONIM SHIRKETI' Kazeks TOO Kazcraftmachines LTD TOO Peiniger Kazakhstan (painiger Kazakhstan) TOO Kazekosfera TOO Kazkommuenergo ZA Kompyuterny CENTR V Kazakhstane AOZT Kazkonsult TOO KAZ Kaspi Keirnz TOO Kompaniya Premersiti Kazakhstan TOO EURO Commerce Kazakhstan (evro Kommerts Kazakhstan) TOO KAZ KOR AUTO LTD TOO Kazkollektor TOO Comparex Kazakhstan TOO CITY Garant Investments TOO LUCK Travel TOO LIGA GROUP COMPANY TOO LIGA VIN TOO LIGA 2005 TOO Kazakhstan Elektro TOO YOKOGAWA ELECTRIC Kazakhstan TOO Elevit Kazakhstan TOO Kompaniya Kazakhstan Elektrokompleks TOO Kompaniya Kazakhstan Elektro TOO Kazakhstanskie Elektronnye Pribory TOO Jeweller Elemi Kazakhstan TOO Elestromotors Kazakhstan (elektromotors Kazakhstan) TOO TOO 'LGS TRADE GROUP' Jet Info Systems Infosistemy JET TOO Karmet LTD TOO Karmet TOO FISCHER TOO Bonar TOO DUDAR L L C Dudar TOO Dudar Kapital LTD TOO Tradeliner TOO KZ Trade Company TOO AV Trade TOO KM TRADE TOO BK Trade TOO TRADE TOO AL Trade Company TOO A.S.TRADING LTD TOO ATS Trade Company TOO ERA TRADING TOO Danes TRADING TOO DAZE Trade TOO I-TRADE TOO F TRADE TOO TRADING Bravo LTD TOO F Trade Company TOO Trade ART TOO Delta TRADING LTD TOO Trade International Company TOO Adelya TRADE LTD TOO EREN TAU TOO MIR OF Miras CONSULTING TOO Miras TO PREMIER METRO GROUP TOO Amanat Insurance SK AO FILIAL TOO 'CASPIAN HES CONSULTING' V GORODE ALMATY Khimtreid Company TOO Inkar Invest Technology TOO Firma Inkar TOO Inkar ELIT TOO Inkar Servis TOO Inkarinfo OF EL Inkar TOO TOO 'INKAR' PHARMACIA O J S C PRK Kompaniya PHARMA PHARMA TRADE TOO L PHARMA TOO SZ Pharma TOO Pharm Health CARE TOO PHARMA Khimiya TOO ARJ-Pharma TOO Svobodnye LYUDI OF Svoboda OF Svobodny Professionalny SOYUZ Karlygash Aktsionernogo Obshchestva AKHBK OZAT OO Svobodny Professionalny SOYUZ UMIT OO Svobodny Professionalny SOYUZ Invalidov PO Zreniyu Nadezhda OO Gildiya Svobodnykh Arkhitektorov OO Professionalny SOYUZ Birlik Rabotnikov Potrebitelskoi Kooperatsii, Torgovli I Razlichnykh FORM Predprinimatelstva Respub Natsionalny Olimpiski Komitet Respubliki Kazakhstan OO The Red Crescent Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan Professionalny SOYUZ Rabotnikov Transporta I Avtomobilnykh Dorog Kazakhstana OO Professionalny SOYUZ Rabotnikov Geologii, Geodezii I Kartografii Respubliki Kazakhstan (respublikanski Status) OO Regionalny Komitet Sotsialno Pravovoi Zashchity (spz) Tesen V Kazakhstane OO Federatsiya Sheiping Respubliki Kazakhstan OO Respublikanskoe Fizkulturno Sportivnoe Obshchestvo Zhastar (respublikanski Status) OO Assotsiatsiya Sotsiologov I Politologov OO Assotsiatsiya Narodnykh Tselitelei Kazakhstana ( Status Respublikanski) OO Assotsiatsiya YUNYKH Liderov OO Professionalny SOYUZ Rabotnikov Neftyanoi, Gazovoi Otraslei Promyshlennosti Respubliki Kazakhstan (respublikanski Status Respublikanskoe Obshchestvo Professionalov PO Otsenke Nedvizhimosti OO LIGA Detsko Yunosheskogo Futbola Respubliki Kazakhstan (respublikanski Status) OO Respublikanski Sovet Zhenshchin (postoyan. SV VO OT 31.01.2000 PR.#126r) OO Aziatskoe Obshchestvo PO Pravam Invalidov ZHAN (respublikanski Status) (postoyan. SV VO OT 01.03.2002 PR.# 152r) OO Obshchestvennaya Akademiya Meditsinskikh NAUK Kazakhstana (respublikanski Status) OO Kvant Vypusknikov Fizicheskogo Fakulteta Kaznu Imeni AL Farabi OO Nayada Zhenskaya SET Almaty OO Natsionalnaya Partiya Kazakstana ALASH OO TAN OO Tatarskoe Etnokulturnoe Obedinenie Goroda Almaty OO Nabat OO EL Namysy OO Taugul 3 OO Natsionalnaya Federatsiya Professionalnogo Boevogo Sportivnogo DZHIU Dzhitsu Profi FAIT OO Atakonys DAMU OO A Kerim OO Rabotnikov Republikanskaya Sluzhba Spetsialnoi Svyazi Filiala AO Kazpochta Profsoyuznaya Organizatsiya Arnauly Bailanys Kazakhskoe Dobrovolnoe Pozharnoe Obshchestvo (respublikanski Status) OO Kazakhstanskaya Assotsiatsiya Byvshikh Uznikov Fashizma (kabuf) (mestny Status) OO Blagotvoritelnoi Obshchestvo Keruen Sarai OO Kazakhski PEN CENTR OO Blagotvoritelny FOND Imeni Sultanbeka Khodzhanova OO Invalidov Kenes (CENTR Sotsialnoi Adaptatsii I Trudovoi Reabilitatsii) OO Blagotvoritelnoe Obshchestvo Muslim G. Almaty OO Akademiya Mineralnykh Resursov RK (respublikanski Status) OO Akademiya Sotsialnykh NAUK (respublikanski Status) OO Reliance TOO Reliance Consulting (relaiens CONSULTING) TOO Reliance Partners (relains Partners) TOO Reliance WEST TOO P VO Kompanii S OO Reliance LIFE Sciences Private Limited ( Rilaians LAIF Saiensez PRIVATE LIMITED ) GTE KZ (GTE.KZ) TOO Investekh AOZT BUSINESS PARK Alfa TOO MD Company TOO M & D CONSULTING TOO Crompton Kazakhstan (krompton Kazakhstan) TOO Telecon LLC Effective Media Liaison TOO DASM Group International (dasm GROUP INTERNATIONAL) TOO MON AMIE TOO MON AMIE LTD TOO Mobile Telecom-Service TOO TOO 'ASAT STROY' Ateko TOO ATEK LTD TOO Ateks TOO Atesko TOO MEDICAL PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY 'BIOLA' L L C Nurkam A TOO Nurkan TOO PROCTER & GAMBLE LLC PROCTER AND GAMBLE Kazakhstan TO Sakura OIL Trade TOO Chartis Kazakhstan Insurance Company JSC Yunitair TOO Torgovaya SET Green MART TOO Nestle Food Kazakhstan TOO National Telesys Kazakhstan TOO TDO Medservis Mobil KOM TOO Mobilis TOO Mobil Trans TOO Mobil Stroi TOO Mobiler TOO L Mobil TOO ABC Mobil TOO Mobil Stroi Servis TOO Mobila KZ TOO Mobil Trading Group TOO AVA Mobil TOO Exxon CORP. 10 TOO EXON CO EXXON CO TOO MAK TRADE LLC MAK D TOO MAK AIR TOO MAK LTD YUS TOO CHF MAK SMK MAK INTERNATIONAL TOO AGRO TOO Herbicides Trade House TOO AGRO 3 TOO Agronura TOO Agrofos TOO Agrotreid TO Agrotekh TOO Dastur & CO TOO Kontur RK TOO Kaskom AOZT GRAND HOTEL TIEN SHAN Grand Hotel TIEN SHAN TOO Eurasian Industrial Group TOO AIM GROUP (EIM GROUP) TOO ABT Engineering TOO Great NINE TOO Greit TO Great WALL TOO Great Events TOO Great LINE System:co TOO ATEC CENTRAL ASIA L L C ASIA DOS TOO ASIA Development TOO ASIA FISH TOO ALBA ASIA TOO ASIA BEER Company TOO ASIA COLOR TOO ASIA FOOD & K TOO HSBC BANK KAZAKHSTAN JSC SUBSIDIARY BANK VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) Subsidiary JSC Interkhim LTD TOO Online Telecom TOO ATA Dastur TOO Montazh Stroi GROUP TOO Paragon Development TOO Redprice TOO ACE Distribution TOO ELMO O J S C Beric Elektirik (berich Elektirik) TOO Simex TOO Signcut TOO SINK TOO Sincere Impex TOO ES TOO ESSE TO ESSE TOO ES ( ES ) TOO E & S TO Acczan Consulting TOO A-Pro CSD Consulting TOO CONSULTING ENERGY TOO Accounting & Consulting Company TOO Consult COM TOO CENTRAL ASIAN OIL L L C Central Asia Tourism Corporation Chek Point Tsentral Asia TOO CENTRAL-ASIAN BUSINESS SYSTEMS L L P WILO CENTRAL ASIA LLC Central ASIA Power Systems TOO Central Asian Suppliers TOO Central ASIA Engineering & Supply TOO ALEX Stewart Central ASIA TOO Central Asian Supporting Company TOO Suraj Business Holdings Central ASIA ( Suradzh BUSINESS HOLDINGS CENTRAL EIZHA ) TOO CHF Spoon Foundation Central ASIA (spun Faundeishn CENTRAL Aziya) Sukharevka Central ASIA (sukharevka CENTRAL ASIA) TOO Central ASIA Shiping LTD (doveritelnoe Upravlenie) TOO AIKO Invest TOO Kulturno Pravovoi Molodezhny CENTR OO Kulturno Istoricheski FOND Almerek OF Kazakhstanski FOND Kulturnogo, Sotsialnogo I Obrazovatelnogo Razvitiya OF Kulturno Etnograficheskoe OO Zhenshchin Altyn Arkau (krasnaya Nit) Mezhdunarodny Kulturno Blagotvoritelny FOND Oralmanov Zhalyn OF CENTR Dukhovnogo I Kulturnogo Razvitiya Tanym OF CENTR Delovogo I Kulturnogo Sotrudnichestva TEMA TOO CHF Institut Kulturnogo Razvitiya Kulturno Sportivny CENTR Sairan TOO Sheber-Market TOO ALMATY HEAVY ENGINEERING PLANT A.O. Baumarkt TOO Kompaniya Montazhspetsstroi AO Monada TOO Mondi Stroi TOO Delta BANK AO Promstroi-Energo TOO Kazmontazh Avtomatika 2008 TOO Kreditnoe Tovarishchestvo Ekpress TOO MBK L L C Kazkor-Mebel T.O.O. ORCHIDEE-L L L C MEGLOBALOIL LLC Branch of Emerson Network Power Guc Sistemleri Limited Sirketi in the Republic of Kazakhstan Media LINK (media Link) TOO KGU Gosudarstvennaia detskaia biblioteka im. S. Begalina INDUSTRIAL-CONSTRUCTION C J S C Investitsionno Promyshlennaya Korporatsiya Zhersu TOO LUBBOK TRADING LLC - CLIMATE L L C KMA Stroiservis TOO SANIR T.O.O. BASF AGENCY PRITA SPORTLAND L L C IBS Group TOO Ceramic TILE TOO IMAGE KAZAKHSTAN L L C IGILIKBANK OJSC VIP Sistemy TOO Nauchno Tekhnicheski CENTR Kazakhstansko Britanskogo Tekhnicheskogo Universiteta TOO DAKS L L C AK-BIDAI C J S C AKMARAL LLC Spinne MOND TOO OTUR DE MOND TOO Elitny Elektro Montazh TOO PRK Monument Mneto TOO Melis TOO M.K.Ideal TOO MF Salem TOO Moltekhsnab TOO MTK Inker TOO Kazakhstanskaya Mnogotselevaya Firma EVRO KAZ TOO MVK FOOD LTD TOO Media ZONE ( Media ZONA ) TOO P O Monsanta Evropa S.A. AMIR Mezhdunarodnaya I Stroitelnaya Kompaniya TOO INTERDIALOG OOO TOO TOO AS ANT TOO A I M TOO AZZ.Company TOO AN STAR Company TOO AINA TOO Inter Active Ltd POGK Argymak POGK Erlan POGK AIYK POGK SKIF POGK GROT POGK ARBA POGK Ardak POGK Lotos POGK Volga POGK Kaskad POGK Gigant POGK Alatau POGK Zhenis POGK Veteran POGK Progress POGK Udarnik POGK Druzhba POGK Berezka POGK Nadezhda POGK Zarechny POGK Dorozhnik POGK K 914 POGK Magistral POGK AVTO DOM POGK Energetik POGK KOK TYUBE MONT LTD. TOO ROSA J S C CERT JSC Union Of Producers of Textile Production of Kazakhstan Intertech System LTD TOO Alser Service TOO Alser System TOO Alser A TOO Alser TUR TOO Vcom LLC VCOM (vkom) TOO V.S. COM. TOO Lokomotiv Servis TOO Lokomotiv SECURITY TOO Lokomotivremservis TOO ALMAZ MOTORS L L C ALMA-MEDIA L L C ALMA BOUTIQUE ALMA COMPANY L L C Almaz TOO ALMA TOO Almaty ALMA TOO ALMA LTD TOO Almat TOO AKKA ALMAS ALMA CASH TOO ALMA AVTO TOO Almas ALTA TOO Almacom TOO AS ALMA ATA T TOO AS ALMA OIL TOO ALMA Azhydar TOO ALMA Commerce TOO ALMA Bereke TOO Altyn ALMA AOZT ALMATYPHOTO TOO Almaty TOO Medicare Medikeir TOO Baltika Almaty TOO Baltika Trans Kazakhstan TOO Baltika TOO Baltika TRADE TOO Baltika Product PLUS (baltika PRODUCT PLUS) TOO Baltik PORT Logistika TOO ALMATY MERCHANT BANK C J S C Almaty BUSINESS GROUP AO Mezhdunarodny Aeroport Almaty AO Almatygaz AOOT Almaty KLEM TOO AMIK Almaty TOO AZIYA Almaty TOO Almaty Beton TOO Almur Almaty TOO Aisel Almaty TOO Almaty Astyk TOO Gepro-Almaty AOZT ANIE G Almaty OO Apteki Almaty TOO Almaty BEST Class OF Almaty Kontakt LTD TOO Aeromost Almaty AO ABS Almaty SECURITY TOO Aziyada Almaty TOO B2B Almaty ZAO Almaty Communication Services TOO Almaty Travel Bureau TOO Almaty Resurs AB TOO Avtolider Almaty TOO Almaty Avtotreid TOO Avtotsentr Almaty TOO AES (almaty Engineering Company) TOO AUTO LAND Almaty TOO Almaty KROV Master TOO Almaty Biznesavto TOO Almaty ADAL Stroy Group TOO Almaty Realty Group TOO Almaty Stroi GROUP 2030 TOO Staier Group Almaty TOO Almaty MEAT Group TOO Almaty Engineering Group TOO Almaty REAL Estate Group TOO Almaty Consulting Group PRO TOO Almaty TRADING GROUP TOO Almaty Legal Group TO Almaty DEVELOPMENT GROUP TOO Almaty Machinery Group TOO Almaty Business Group TOO Almaty Ornek Group TOO Almaly GROUP TOO Almaty Koncert Group TOO Almaty Medical Management Group TOO Almaty Consulting Group ACG TOO ABD Group Telecom Almaty TOO TAN Almaty Sholpan GROUP TOO Almatytekhsnab Group TOO Almaty Vtorpererabotka GROUP TOO Almaty Trans Group TOO Khuavei Almaty TOO Masters Trade TOO SAUR O J S C COM KZ TOO Center.COM.LTD TOO AK KENT SS TOO Kenes OF KENT COM TOO Transnafta CENTR AO Advanced Training Centre TOO Financial AND Accounting Training Center TOO Kamali TOO Direct Distribution Company TOO U-DENT Distribution TOO NEWTECH DISTRIBUTION TOO SM DISTRIBUTION TOO KP Distribution TOO SILK ROAD Distribution TOO KMG Distribution TOO RTN Distribution TOO DIVO Distribution TOO KCC Distribution TO SKIF TRADE SECURITY TOO ZHASA Sagyndyk TOO Sagym K TOO Sagymbek TOO Saggan TO Sagnygroup TOO Sagan TOO Sagym I Kompaniya TOO Sagnur TOO Sagym Mirazh TOO Sagama TOO Shagynstroigrupp I K TOO Shagan A TOO Shagan TM TOO Shagan TAU TOO PRK ART Sagan SHAG Navstrechu OF P VO AO Sagem Defense Securite ( Sazhem Diffense Sikyurite) SYU SIN DZHON TOO Sagim TOO Shagan TOO PR VO Korporatsii Sagmel, INC. V RK Citybank Kazakhstan JV Kazindomed TOO SAT Company TOO Sattau TOO SATA Company TOO SATT TOO AL-SATU TOO AL SAT TOO SHATS TOO MM.SAT TOO SAT Glass TOO SAT Service TOO S.A.T. MANAGEMENT TOO SATO Company LTD TOO SATO Service Company TOO Satti Construction TOO Sauyt TOO SHATA TOO Satto Group TOO TAU SAT Development TOO SATU Sapak TOO SATU Delivery TOO Center SAT TOO AVIA SAT TOO SATT Drilling TOO SATI M TOO Alatau SATI Group TOO SAT Sentral AZIYA TRADING TOO Raiymbek Batyr OF Kerneu LTD TOO Kerneu BVK TOO Kerneu Profit TOO Keruen NUR Servis TOO Keruen Servis TOO Keremet TOO Kernall TOO FILIAL OF CORPORATION BAKER HUGHES SERVICES INTERNATIONAL IN ZHK Sokol Sokol Service TOO ES Sokol Stroy TOO CTK Sokol TOO Green MART TOO Kompaniya Vintercontinental TOO BTK CO TOO BTK GROUP TOO BIOLA PHARM MEDICAL PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION L L C Medicus Centre TOO Inkam TOO INKA LTD TOO Inker TOO Inkase TOO Titan-Inkassatsiya TOO AMAN TOO PKSD Amanat Amanat K TOO Amanat Media TOO Amanat 2 TOO Amanat Labs TOO UCH Amanat Amanat Service TOO AN Amanat TOO Amanat GROUP TOO Amanat SECURITY COMPANY TOO Amanat Security TOO Amanat KARD TOO Amanat SNAB TOO Amanat ZHOLY TOO Amanat Partners TOO POK Amanat Servis AMAN I CO. (aman & CO.) TOO Atameken Amanat TOO Amant TOO Amanat Technology System TOO Amanat (alatauski) TOO AMAN AVTO TOO Amanti TOO Amanat Sauda Center TOO Amanat LLC TOO PricewaterhouseCoopers TOO KPMG JANAT LLC Interlink Global Services TOO Elite LIFE TOO Elite Legal TOO Elite Foods TOO Elite Advertising TOO M-Elite TOO Elite Partners TOO ELI TOO Elite Invest TOO ELIT ELECTRONICS TOO BIG Apple PLUS TOO KAZAKHSTAN AUE ZHOLY NATIONAL AVIATION COMPANY O J S C Abdi Company AO FOOD Partner TOO FAST FOOD TOO Foodmarket TOO FOOD Import TOO FOOD MANAGEMENT SERVICES TOO Fintec FOOD TOO FOOD Brothers TOO FOOD I K TOO FARM-FOOD TOO FOOD MAKS TOO FOOD Express Company TOO FOOD LGM TOO FOOD House TOO FOOD Spice TOO FOOD LINE LTD TOO FOOD LINE TOO PRO FOOD TOO KARA Altyn TOO NEW AGE Entertainment TOO KARA Altyn 2000 TOO KARA Altyn KBSH TOO BI-Consulting TOO IT Smart Service T.O.O. M.E. Smart TOO MS Smart TOO Smart Travel TOO Smart TELL TOO Smart Glass TOO Smart Technology Company TOO Smart WAY LTD TOO Smart Business TOO Smart Development TOO Smart Stroy TOO Smart Systems Company TOO Smart STAR TOO Smart Com TOO Smart LABS TOO Smart BAY TOO ID Smart TOO Smart Light TOO Smart Point (smart Point ) TOO Smart PARK ( Smart PARK ) TOO NIPI OIL & GAS Group LTD TOO MS Kontrakt TOO Kontrast LTD TOO Kontrakt Kommerts LTD TOO GAS Energosberezhenie TOO ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL L L C STAR Alliance ( STAR ALLIANZ ) TOO Alliance Guards TOO Metawerk Alliance TOO Bravis Alliance (bravis Allianse) TOO ABC Alliance TOO BTS Alliance (BTS ALLIANZ) TOO Polax Alliance TOO Alliance Trading TOO Alliance Group TOO Alliance Express Logistic TOO American Philanthropic Alliance (amerikanski Blagotvoritelny MBM Alliance TOO WM Pharma Alliance (VM PHARMA ALLIANZ) TOO ALLIANCE AVIA JSC ALAR-KAP TOO KAPA TOO KAPA Fabrika TOO KAP TOO Kappa TOO Almaten (almaten) TOO M.S. Almaty TOO Almaken YUS LTD TOO Almaty TBN Servis TOO ALMA TOWN TOO ALNA LTD TOO Almas TAN TOO Almatekhfrom TOO Almatreid TOO Almakat TOO Almat I TOO Almazan TOO Almaty TREK TOO Almaly TOO Almat I CO TOO Almatyotyn TOO Almateks TOO ALNA TOO Almakom TOO Almadi TOO ALMATYLIFT JSC ULAR Munai INC TOO ULAR B TOO ULAR Zh TOO ULAR TUR TOO ULAR PLUS TOO ULAR K TOO ULAR Security TOO ULAR-S TOO ULAR Servis TOO ULAR TO F L AO Batarei NIRU Sanryk Batyr OF NDT Servis TOO NDT Services LTD TOO NDT Expert Services TOO DECO ART STYLE L L C Aurika TOO Aurika Company TOO ADS Media Group TOO Prodimport TOO PI Production TOO OIL Product TOO Prodoil TOO Prodopt A TOO Arion OIL Products TOO Prodpak TOO Dostyk OIL Products TOO Prodirect TOO Kazoil PRODUCTION A TOO Product LINE TOO Neftekhim PRODUCT OIL TOO Prodigi Systems TOO Prodaks Company TOO Prodimpex TOO Caspian LAND Shaker Screens TOO LZN Interneshnl LIMITED Kazakhstanskoe REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE Kazakhskaya Lesnaya Investitsionnaya Kompaniya AO Kazakhstan LAND Property TOO Kazkorporatsiya LAN (kazkorporatsiya LAN) TOO Kompaniya PARK LAND Kazakhstan TOO Landmark Kazakhstan (landmark Kazakhstan) TOO Caspian LAND Engineering TOO Petro LUX Kazakhstan TOO Petroleum Supply Kazakhstan TOO ROXI Petroleum Kazakhstan (roksi PETROLEUM Kazakhstan) TOO Kazakhstan PETROLEUM SERVICES TOO KAZAKHSTAN PETROLEUM ASSOCIATION Eurasian Management Group (evrazian MANAGEMENT GROUP) TOO Eurasia Investment Group TOO Eurasian Performance Group TOO Eurasian Investment Group TOO Eurasia Market Group TOO BBM Eurasian Group (bibiem Evrazian GROUP) TOO EURASIA Investments GROUP TOO EURASIA Inkor GROUP TOO HOME Staff Corporation TOO KEY Staff TOO Standart Elektro TOO Standart Electronic (standart Elektronik) TOO Standart Elektrokabel TOO EVRO Standart TOO Standart Eksim TOO Standart Equipment TOO Standart II E TOO Smart Connect LTD TOO Intertel Development TOO DESIGN Interer TOO Nurancell I K TOO ELECTROSERVICE LTD B.E.I. Electro T.O.O. Centralasia GmbH LLC Centras Capital TOO TPS TO J Travel TOO GMK Eurasian Natural Resources TOO Atacom 2006 TOO GAS Servis TOO TDO GAS GAS TO NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION COMPANY LIMITED PARTNERSHIP BUSINESS CENTR Natali TO Natales TOO National Coating TOO National Petroleum Corporation TOO Kompaniya Intertelekom ZAO Intertreid TOO Intertich Meditsinski Assistans TOO BEST Intertelecom (best Intertelekom) TOO INTERTORG L L C Intertur TO Intertel TOO Elektronik TO Angla TOO ATS Alternative Translation Services TOO Popechitelski FOND Shkoly - Gimnazii № 23 G Almaty Us Gineya TOO GM TOO UCH Almatinskaya Gimnaziya Kolledzh Biznesa I Prava GKKP YASLI SAD #36 Upravleniya Obrazovaniya Goroda Almaty Kommunalnoe GU Gimnaziya #36 Imeni B.Atykhanuly Upravleniya Gumanitarnaya Gimnaziya-Kolledzh Shaken Shaimerdenovoi 36,6 TOO Laveta VIP GM TOO Shkola Khudozhestvennoi Gimnastiki Mensulu OO Signa GMZ TOO GM & BS (dzhiem AND Bies) TOO Guinness (ginness) TOO Popechitelski Sovet Shkola-Gimnaziya 5 OF G N TOO GNS CO. LTD TOO GM * TOO GMC C TOO Gamma-36 TOO EN GIN Production ( N DZHIN PRODUCTION ) TOO GNN Consult TOO GM Finance TOO GGM TOO GNN Logistics TOO Nurtrans GM TOO U-E Fiziko-Matematicheskaya Gimnaziya ZHAS Daryn GM Engineering TOO GMC Translation Service ( G M C Transleishn Servis ) TOO Company GMS TOO EN GIN Group ( N DZHIN GROUP ) TOO GNN Security TOO GM Group TOO GNN Exchange TOO GNN.KZ TOO GNN Trade TOO G.M. ASIA Building Group TOO GGM LTD TOO GM Sauda (dzhiem Sauda) TOO GM Travel House (G M Trevel HOUSE) TOO G&M Logistic TOO Shkola Khudozhestvennoi Gimnastiki Vdokhnovenie TOO Mirada GM TOO Assotsiatsiya Vypusknikov Gimnazii #12 IM. Sh. Ualikhanova G Assotsiatsiya Vypusknikov Gimnazii #105 OF GND Stroy (GND Stroi) TOO GM International (G M Interneshnl) TOO GIMA TOO Key Century T.O.O. KEY Century (KI Sentchuri) TOO AK Tsent Mikrosistems TOO AK Nauryz CENTR TOO Advantec international Inc. Batyr TO Bilim Media Group TOO MS Media Group TOO KIT Media Group TOO Numero Media Group Kazakhstan (numero Media GROUP Kazakhstan Royal Media Group TOO Favourite Media Group TOO NEW Media Group AO MEGA Media Group TOO OTAN Media Group TOO Megapolyus Media GROUP TOO MAXI Media Group TOO Start Media Group TOO IDAN Media Group TOO Partners Media Group TOO Amsterdam Media Group ( Amsterdam Media GROUP ) TOO Photoart Media Group TOO HOLDING Megapolyus Media GROUP TOO KAZ Media GROUP TOO Ansar Media GROUP TOO Nomad Media Group TOO ASIA Media Group TOO Agentstvo Astana Media GROUP TOO Fashion Media Group TOO REAL Media Group TOO Premier Media Group TOO LUXE Media Group TOO United Media Group LLP Alpha Color TOO Kommesk-Omir SK AO SA CONSULTING TOO AS Subaru Motor Kazakhstan TOO Subaru Motor Almaty TOO Er Sai Caspian Contractor TOO Tengiz TO YRYS TOO YUR Express TOO Proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya YRYS TOO YRYS ZHOL AGRO TOO YURA, Irina I Kompaniya PT YUR Kontrakt TOO YURI I Kompaniya PT Potrebitelski KSK YRYS UCH Almatinskaya Yuridicheskaya Korporatsiya YURD OO AGRO YUR TOO YURAS TOO Sovmestnoe Predpriyatie YRYS TOO Akbulak (IZM. YUR.Adresa 5124 1907 AO DATA PERV.REG. 21.05.9 Yuridicheski CENTR YUR AZIYA TOO YUR Kazakhstanaudit TOO Kazko YUR OIL TOO YRYS I K TOO YUR LINE LTD TOO F L TOO YUR Komerts Servis V G Almaty Meditsinskoe Obshchestvo YRYS OO YRYS MZ TOO YUR SYSTEMS TOO YRYS ALDY TOO YUR EXPRESS CONSULTING TOO Izdatelski DOM YUR INFO Press TOO Respublikanskoe OYUL Assotsiatsiya Stroitelei Kazakhstana Yuridicheskaya Assotsiatsiya ZAN Turan OO Yuridicheskaya Kompaniya YUR EURASIA TOO YRYS A TOO YRYS Energo Groop TOO CONSULTING CENTR YUR Audit TOO YRYS ZHOL TOO Kazakhstanski F-L Kompanii Yuraziya ENERGY HOLDINGS LTD YRYS OF YRYS TUR TOO AZIYA YUR CONSULTING APG TOO YRYS 2030 Kurylys Kompaniyasy TOO TAN YRYS TOO ZHETI YRYS 7 TOO YOUR Engineering Systems (YUR ENGINEERING SYSTEMS) TOO YUR. Zashchita I K TOO Respublikanskoe OYUL I Individualnykh Predprinimatelei Assot AK YRYS Kurylys TOO Alina YUR TOO Credit Systems TOO Kurysh Kamal TOO Profsoyuznye Kursy TOO PR VO Altaiskogo KRAYA KRAU TOO P O Altaiskogo KRAYA V RK Kureshi TOO AL Kuresh TOO IN GOT WE Trust KREI TOO Kyrau TOO Krais I M TOO Krass A TOO UCH Kultury Elitnye Kursy Gosudarstvennogo Yazyka Kreza TOO Kursai TOO POD Odnoi Kryshei OF Creative /( Kreativ ) OF Shchedry KRAI TOO D Kreiz TOO CREA TOO Korporatsiya Krass TOO POK Kreiser 21 KURA SYSTEM TOO Kurash Turash TOO POK Kurshavel FOND Razvitiya Kazak Kuresi Kazakstan Barysy OF DIL TOO Baibas TOO Magic BABY NN TOO Babalar Desturi OO Golden BABY TOO NOVO BEBI Kazakhstan TOO Regatta BABY TOO AZ Almerek BABA OF POK Beibarys KZ KAZHY BABA TOO BABY STAR TOO Kydyr BABA FUAT TOO CHBF Maral BABA Arystanbab BABA OF Arystanbab BABA TOO Agrarny Innovatsionny CENTR Babolna ZAO IP BABY Academy ( Beibi Akademiya ) TOO BABY TOWN TOO B.S.B. KAZ Tekhno TOO BABA Destur TOO Bakdaulet BEB TOO BEB Development TOO CHU Obrazovaniya Assorti BABY YASSY B.A.B. TOO BSB Turizm TOO Kurman BABA Kulturno Istoricheski FOND OF BEB Hydraulic TOO Baidibek BABA OF BSB Invest (biesbi Invest) TOO BESS (bess) TOO Frantsuzski Dom BSB TOO BSB Company TOO A.B. PLUS B. (A.B. PLUS B.) TOO BABY House TOO Naiman BABA OF Bambonya BABY CLUB TOO SAKI BABA TOO BZ Company (B Z COMPANY) TOO BSB Trade & Advertising TOO BABY FOOD KZ / BEBI FOOD KZ TOO Hello BABY (khello Bebi) TOO BABA Carpet TOO Pearl Bubble TEA & Coffee PERL BABL T AND KOFI TOO B&S ( B AND S ) TOO Blagotvoritelny FOND Maral BABA OF BABY FOOD TOO B.A.B. TOO BAZH I BAB TOO Mezhdunarodny BF BABY BAL TAU TOO SL World International ( SL Uorld Interneshnl ) TOO Intertrade LTD TOO Sampower TOO SK PANA INSURANCE AO NAVV Medicare TOO VIKRMA IMPEX (PVT) LTD LLP Vikrma IMPEX (P) LTD ( Vikrma Impex (P) LTD. ) TOO Zodchestvo LEO. VEL.LTD TOO SAT Development TOO SAT Group TOO SAT CO TOO SATO AO SAT Pride TOO BRANCH OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF SOUTHERN ALBERTA IN SAT ADG TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Platon I K TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya SSG TOO Proektno Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Zhideli TOO Proektno Stroitelnaya Kompaniya ROST Stroi TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Promservismontazh SKB TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Dostyk Stroi TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Master. OK TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Arsenal TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Rosko TOO Proektno Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Lashyn TOO Kompaniya Satzhol TOO Proektno Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Stroikomplektservis TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Arkon TOO Stroitelnaya kompaniya Bazis TOO Stroitelnaya Kompaniya Ekostroi TOO Caspian Offshore Construction Realty ( Kaspian Offshor Konst Didara Company TOO POK Didar Didar BARS TOO MK Didar ZAO Didara TOO Didar Trans TOO DIDAR Bakfeel Kazakhstan TOO NUKA Travel TOO Veritas Caspian (veritas Kaspian) TOO CHRISTIAN DIOR COUTURE Kazakhstan TOO Mager Valentina Valentina L TOO Valen TOO Valentina Pharm TOO KAZ Gidro GEO TOO Alkom PLUS ( Alcom PLUS ) TOO P O Kompanii Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited (glenmark Farm CMS Kazakhstan TOO Nobel Almatinskaya Farmatsevticheskaya Fabrika AO Intermax BSV TOO Katek TOO Komba ENGINEERING TOO Almatinski Filial Rolls-Royce Industrial Power Engineering ( Erlan Taksi TOO Eurolux System TOO EURO LATE TOO Erlan Kambar TOO ER ALEM TOO PRGK Erlan Erlan I Kompaniya PT Erlan ULAN TOO Torgovaya Kompaniya Eurolux TOO Okhrannye Kadry Samai TOO KAZ KADR TOO Otdel Kadrov NAP TOO Kadyrzhan TOO AKME KADR TOO Grata, Kaudyrov Intellektualnaya Sobstvennost TOO Abadonna KADR TOO Nuzhny KADR OO Ekspresskurs+kadry TOO Kadri I K TOO Orient Kadar TOO Mezhdunarodny OF Kadyrgali B Kosymuly Zhalairi Otdel Kadrov NAP Otdelenie # 2 TOO Kadyrly TOO Khaidar-B. TOO Otdel Kadrov NAP Otdelenie #1 TOO Khaidar TOO Obrazovatelno Kadrovy CENTR AD Astra TOO Kompaniya KEDR TOO Agentstvo PO Podboru Kadrov SHANS TOO KEDR TOO Kadar TOO Kadrovy CENTR Karera Almaty TOO Kadri I Kompaniya PT Kadrovy CENTR Status TOO Kadrovye TECHNOLOGIES Karera Almaty 2 TOO Prodyuserskaya Studiya KADR TOO CENTR Podgotovki Kadrov Soyuza Mezhdunarozhnykh Avtomobilnyk Kadyr Myrza ELI OF Profi Kadrovik TOO Kedirsi TOO Kadar ONE Group TOO NOTA BENE Kadrovy CONSULTING TOO MONA TOO ALEM Stroi TEKH Montazh TOO Montage Invest TOO Montage & Service Center TOO Montazhenergostroi ALMA TOO Montazhtreid Kapital TOO Momna Treding TOO Money TREE Enterprise TOO Stroigaz-Montazh-2003 TOO Montazhpro TOO Stroitelno Montazhnoe Predpriyatie Almaty TOO Montazhlegmash TOO Montel LTD TOO Montazhstroiproektplyus TOO Upravlenie Stroitelno Montazhnykh Rabot #7 TOO UO Montessori CENTR Montel Company LTD TOO Montazhproekt TOO Petroleum DATA Monitoring TOO Montazh Stroi Company V TOO Montessori TOO Monte DI CAFE TOO Multi MON TOO Montazhspetsstroi TOO KSK Montazhny Montazhservis LTD TOO Moneta TOO Montazhtekhnosnab TOO Montazhenergoproekt Uvedomlenie O Likvidatsii VKH.#8185 OT 2 Montazh INZH Proekt TOO Montazhinvest I K TOO Montage Media Service TOO Montazh EXPRESS TOO Stroitelno Montazhnoe Predpriyatiya Remstroimontazh TOO Montazhnik TOO P O TSIN, Montereiski Institut M\\N Issledovani Potrebitelski KSK Montazhnik MONTEREY PROFIT L L C IMF INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND Kompaniya Montazhspetcstroy JSC Producer\'s Cooperative Montazhnik Wolrd Monitor (Proprietorship) F L Montazhnik AO Montazhspetsstroi Montazhnik Almatyspetsavtomatika TOO Klass Montessori TOO Montai Group TOO Metropol TRADE GROUP TOO Mekaro MET TOO MET Stail TOO METO MEKO TOO ALM PRO MET TOO META Inform I Partnery TOO META CONSULTING TOO Metro Exchange TOO M.E.T. Company TOO Mateus TOO META Findex TOO METE Stroy (mete Stroi) TOO MST Stroy ( MST Stroi ) TOO MAT Estate TOO Metiz M TOO Matis Company TOO MATA LTD TOO AMK Metiz TOO Metro KESH AND Kerri TOO Matai TOO Matus TOO MATU IND. TOO METS INTERNATIONAL TOO Matus LTD TOO METS Indastris TOO METS Network (mets NETWORK) TOO META LINE TOO Metropolis Group TOO MET Papirus TOO MATA TOO MET CO.LTD TOO MATE TOO MAT TOO Metiz TOO AK M.E.T. TOO Metro TOO Firma META TOO Metropolitan Models (R) TOO Metro MOST TOO Creative Mates (kreativ Meits) TOO MET Servis SV TOO Torgovy DOM METZ TOO ALL MET Company TOO META TOO MZT TOO METO TOO Matis TOO Sumbe Kurylys TOO Sumbile Print TOO Sumbekomplekt TOO SUN BEE TOO Sumbe Invest TOO Sumble TOO Suyumbai TOO Sunbeam TOO Aibolbek TO Aibol TO Nimir PETROLEUM Kazakhstan DEVELOPMENT TOO OBK Building Company TOO Building Trade Company TOO Building Project CO. TOO Build Industries TOO BEST Built Company TOO KBK Building TOO BM Building TOO ANA Trading TOO KMA Trade TOO ALM Trade TOO CBA Trading (C B A TRADING) TOO ASK TRADE TOO ARD Trade TOO ANT Trade TOO AQUA Trade TOO BUSINESS TRADING TOO AKBARS TRADE LLC ABA Trading TOO A.D. Trade Company TOO AK Trade TOO Hardware Trade LTD TOO ITAL Decor TOO Decor Stone TOO Grand Decor LTD TOO Decor Trade TOO HOME Decor TOO Decor Stroy TOO Dorra TOO DORA TOO DORZ TOO Alcom Project TOO Aktobe Ekort TOO Swiss TIME Company TOO Swiss.LTD TOO KBS GARANT O J S C Garant Service TOO Garant V TOO Garant Elektronik TOO Garant 25 TOO Garant TT TOO Garant Realty TOO Garant Engineering TOO Garant LLP TOO AGS Garant TOO Garant Invest LTD TOO POK Servis Garant Garant ZETA TOO Garant Market TOO P VO Legrand SNC (legran Esnsi) Legrand TOO Hermic Limited TOO Geo - Soft T.O.O. Invest LINE TOO Investments Management LTD TOO Invest Estate TOO AIM Invest TOO Promservis LTD TOO Promsnabservis TOO Promstroiservis TO Promstroi TO Promsnabservis TO Promservis Kompaniyasy TOO INTEL C J S C Instant Peiments TOO Central Asia (Swiss) Trading LTD In the Republic of Kazakhst Kazakhstan Institute of Management, economics and Strategic Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology Almaty Branch o Institut Ergonomiki RK GU NGU Institut Mezhdunarodnykh Professi U-E - Kipmo Market Instrument TO Institut Finansovykh Rynkov OF Institut Kazenergoprom TOO Bibleiski Institut RO Proektny Institut Transporta I Kommunikatsi Intranskom TOO UCH Kazakhstanski Filial Instituta Kultury I Razvitiya AZII Institut Neftepromyslovoi Khimii TOO Instrument TOO Institut Kazgipromash TOO INET TOO Altera TOO Instal TOO Institut Direktorov TOO Instep CO.LTD TOO Instrument Servis TOO Instore TOO Institut Endokrinologii TOO Institut Seismologii TOO Institut Gidrogeologii I Geoekologii Imeni U.M.Akhmedsafina Institut Geografii TOO Instrument Servis PLUS TOO IT Insurance TOO Install Service Connect TOO Institut Kosmetologii TOO Instant TOO Almatinskaya Mezhdunarodnaya Shkola AK.KEN DALA TOO TAU Sagiz TOO AKS Energy Trading LTD (AKS ENERGY TRADING LTD) TOO AK Kamkorshy Kompaniyasy TOO Uchrezhdenie AK Kamkor Uchrezhdenie Chastnaya AK Kamkor Chastnoe Uchrezhdenie AK ESEM AK KEME 2030 TOO AK KENT Algabas TOO AK Kanat LIFT TOO AKEN TRADE TOO Beket AKAN TOO AK KAIN TOO Aziatski Gazoprovod TOO F L Volvo Central ASIA AB Three K Exploration and Mining Ltd representative office KHASA TOO Chasse ASIE ( SHAS AZI ) TOO Tegra Kazakhstan TOO Media ART TOO Mediaart STX TOO T DINA TO DIAM TO Diana TO Diana PKSK Diana OF Diana Company TOO Tekomservis TOO Als Astana Perno Rikar Kazakhstan TOO Zerde KENT TOO ZERE DENT TOO Zerde S TOO Zerde OF Zerde Group TOO Zerde VTS TOO Zerdecon TOO Zerde Solutions TOO Zerdemax TOO Gornaya Kompaniya AK NIET TOO AK NIET Company TOO Firma AK NIET TOO SBA AK NIET TOO AK NIET OO Sauvage Boutique Sauvage TOO RUSH L TOO L Group CONSULTING TOO PSP L Group TOO L Group TOO Kazakhmys Aktogay Processing(kazakhmys Aktogai Protsessing) Kazakhmys Bozshakol TOO Ismat LIMITED TOO A.S.A. TO Merchandise TOO Temir Argymak TOO Argymak TOO Argymak AOOT Argymak ZAO PRK Argymak PO Ekspluatatsii Podzemnykh Garazhei Kompaniya Argymak TOO Argymak DTV TOO GREM Media Partners TOO Green Medicals TOO Green LINE MED TOO Katko Kazakhstansko-Frantsuzskoe SP TOO Kateko TOO KATK TOO AREVA T&D KAZAKHSTAN LLP PRK DALA AUA Universal COM PLUS TOO Universal Communication TOO Media Fokus TOO Cream Travel TOO FINE Travels TOO REDS Travel TOO ALA Travel TOO OTRAR TRAVEL M & K Travel TOO Travel Express TOO A & S Travel TOO TIM Travel TOO BEST Travel LTD TOO MAD Travel TOO MINA Travel TOO STAR Travel LTD TOO LUX Travel TOO ABDI Travel TOO Travel DAYS TOO THE BEST Travel TOO Business Travel TOO ADI Travel TOO SBS Travel TOO POSH Travel TOO Apple Travel TOO AC Travel TOO British Travel TOO ODAS Travels TOO YOGA Travel TOO Solar Travel TOO Travel Point TOO AZ Travel TOO K.A.B. Travel TOO REST AND Travel TOO Avenue Travel TOO MS Travel TOO EVA Travel TOO Vinci TOO Petrokaz Almaty TO Palomino PETROLEUM CORPORATION V G Almaty P-O PETROLEUM GEO-SERVICES Almaty Almaty Trans Petrol Service TOO Kazemir PETROLEUM Almaty TOO Petroleus TOO Petrofor TO Petrokaz TOO BEST Petrol TOO SNC Petrol TOO MM Petrol TOO Petra Power LTD TOO Petrokos TOO Petro KOM TOO Alternativ FINANCE S.A. V Kazakhstane Alternativnye Finansy AO Alternativnye Finansy PLUS TOO Altei TO Alternativa OO KSP °alternativa° Alternativa LLS TOO Alternative Energy Solutions (alternativ ENERGY Solyushns) T Alternative Company TOO Rivoli TOO BIG IDEA Group TOO BBI Group TOO BIA Group TOO B.I.GROUP TOO BI Group G TOO BIG Group TOO Black GOLD TOO Black GOLD LTD TOO Black GOLD ASIA Corporation TOO Black GOLD Exchange TOO Green House Advertising TOO Green House TOO Green House Armani TOO Green House Distribution TOO Meditsinski CENTR Berkut TOO GEO TOM / GEO TOM / TOO Poiski nefti i gaza Filial OOO v Respublike Kazakhstan GEO Konsalt TOO PRK Geofizservis PRK Geofizika GEO Press TOO GEO Assistens TOO P O AO GEO Turizm Yatyrym VE Ishletmedzhilik Anonim Shirketi GEO ENGINEERING KHKHI TOO Gesso GROUP TOO GEO Physical Logging TOO GEO Master A. TOO Abris GEO TOO GAS Design TOO GEO Alidada TOO General GAS Engineering TOO GEO Technical Equipments (GEO Tekhnikal Ekyupments) TOO GEO Inzhener CONSULTING TOO JAPAN NATIONAL CORPORATION OF OIL, GAS AND METALS REPRESEBNT NATIONAL COMPANY 'TRANSPORTATION OF OIL AND GAS' C J S C Kausar OIL & GAS TOO Victoria Oil & Gas Central Asia Limited Three A-Asia TOO Proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya Galanz TOO TABIGAT GAS GEYA L TOO GEYA TO GEYA TOO Nefte GAZ Prostroi TOO GAO Dzhunvei TRADE TOO THE GEO Industrial Company TOO Kaspiski Institut Razvedochnoi Geofiziki TOO Petroleum GEO Services (kazakhstan) (PETROLEUM GEO SERVICES GEO Munai KHKHI TOO ASIA Corporation OIL & GAS (aziya CORPORATION OIL & GES) TOO GEGA GAS TOO RMG Gas Technologies TOO GEO EAST TOO GEO ASIA TOO GEO NORD TOO GEO Logistics TOO GEO KAD TOO GESA TOO Geograficheskoe Obshchestvo Kazakhstana OO FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN REPUBLICA 1S Interes-Kazakhstan TOO DINA Interneishnl Kazakhstan TOO Kazakhstanskie Telekommunikatsii AO KAZAKHSTAN-BRITAIN INTERNATIONAL CO-ORDINATE CENTRE L L C KAZAKHINVEST L L C INFORMATION TELEVISION AGENCY OF KAZAKHSTAN L L C PERSONNEL RECRUITMENT CENTRE CAREER-HOLDING A&D HOLDING KAZAKHSTAN L L C CA & P GROUP TRADING HOUSE BELARUS-KAZAKHSTAN LLC Kazakh Oilfield Supplies and Services KOSS T.O.O. Kazakhstanski CENTR Delovogo Sotrudnichestva Atakent AO MORY L.D.I. Kazakhstan (mori L.D.I. Kazakhstan) TOO SP TOO Saybolt Kazakhstan Almaty ROLANDTECNIC KAZAKHSTAN BRANCH Ltd. KAZAKHSTAN DISTRIBUTION CO KAZAKHINTORG C J S C KAZAKH ASSOCIATION OF THE BANKS INFORMATION Kazakhskaya Korporatsiya Zdravookhraneniya I Meditsinskogo S Kazakhstan TOO Potrebitelski KSK Kazakhfilm Glint ATRG Kazakhstan TOO Kazakhstanski F L AO BGS Smartkard SYSTEMS AG Kazakhkinofest TOO Buton Kazakhstan TOO Aedas Kazakhstan TOO Aramex Kazakhstan TOO Pronto Film Kazakhstan TOO Radioaktiv Film Kazakhstan TOO ATOM Film Kazakhstan TOO Studiya Kazakhmultfilm TOO Studio LUPO Engineering Kazakhstan ( Studio LUPO ENGINEERING Studex Kazakhstan (stadeks Kazakhstan) TOO Studenty Kazakhskogo Natsionalnogo Universiteta Imeni AL Far Tv & Radio Corporation of Republic of Kazakhstan MOBIL MARKETING KAZAKHSTAN J S C JSC NESA Kazakhstan International (dzhiessi NESA Kazakhstan KAZAKHSTAN DEPOSIT INSURANCE FUND JSC Kazvtorchermet J.S.C. ABN AMRO SECURITIES KAZAKHSTAN JSC AMS Kazakhstan TOO Dastur F&B TOO Dastur TOO Dastan TUR TOO Dastur 1 TOO Dastur Commerce TOO Magnum Advertising TOO Magnum Trade Service TOO Foodmash TOO BAL SHAM TOO BAL GUN TOO

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