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NIROO VA TAVAN CO. Pars Light Company Paris Company PARS ELECTRONICS CO. MAHFAM JAM MFG. PARS MASTER COMPANY Pars Data Company Pars Project Company Pars Gita Company PARS OIL PARS MOTOR COMPANY PARS ESTA COMPANY PARS TIRE COMPANY ARIA ZOOBIN CONSULTANT ENGINEERING COMPANY PARS REFRACTORIES CO. PETRO PARS IRAN COMPANY GOLDIS CO Pars Packing Co. PARS OIL COMPANY PARS ARC CONTROL COMPANY PARS KHODRO PARS PAD COMPANY PETRO PARS LIMITED PARS VISTA COMPANY PARS ALVAN CO PARS METAL CO Pars Razi Company PARS FOOD COMPANY PARS HARS COMPANY Pars Gol Company Pars Part Company Pars-Net Company Pars Rine Pars Glass BARSAN MANAGEMENT COMPANY Barsan Company BAHAR SAZ COMPANY Asia Insurance Co Ranguin Aahan Company Negaresh Company Noor Neda Company Limited Dadeh Gostaran Asia Company Azmoon Polymer Equipment Neda Parvaz Vida Shandiz Limited Noor Neda Company Azmoon Company AZMOON MOTAMAMM COMPANY DISC ASIA TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. Computer Neda Asiateb Company ASIAN PACIFIC INCORPORATION Vida Company Limited Vida Kara Company Asian Unique Sun Company Asia Industries Resin Company Azmoon Sanat Sabz Company Neda Magazine Negare Sazan Andish ASIAN SILVER FRUITS COMPANY DIGITAL DISK ASIA TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Asia International Transport Company Azmoon Industries Group Farab Azmoon Chemical Company AZMOON KEYFIAT COMPANY ASIA MANUFACTURING & TRDAING COMPANY NEGARESTAN KISH COMPANY MEHR FLOW DESIGN AND ENGINEERING COMPANY LTD MEHR ASL MANUFACTURING DR. ALI LAGHAEE & ASSOCIATES INC INTERNATIONAL Total Engineering Solutions Company Ali Asghar IRAN CASTING INDUSTRIES COMPANY FARS REGIONAL POWER COMPANY PETRO SIMIN SABK CO PJS FAN NIROO COMPANY SAIPA PISTON COMPANY PJS AZEM INTERNATIONAL COMPANY HENRY INTERNATIONAL CO LTD TECHNOTAR COMAR ENGINEERING CO LTD TEAMEC SECURITY AIDS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LTD Ahwaz Fajr Hotel KHUZESTAN STEEL PUBLIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY E S E Valve Company Nirooz Sepidbal Air Cargo Agent Fars Fig Company Krap Fars Company FARS CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES CO. FARA SANAT CAR STEEL TUBE COMPLEX Fars Power Maintenance Company Green Pipe Green Biotech Company Sana Trading Company SANAT GOSTAR HOJAT CO. ZOMOROD MASHAD CARPET CO. DIRAND BON INTERNATIONAL GREEN PLANTS OF LIFE COMPANY GOLDRIAN KISH LTD CHEMICAL MINE WORLD COMPANY BETA FARAYAND CHEMIE CO. ABNIL CHEMICAL COMPANY (LTD) CHEMIE NASR COMPANY AGRI & SD CORPORATION CAVENDISH CHEMICALS COMPANY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Anar Chemie Company DENIZ DAROU DARMAN COMPANY LTD SINA NIROO CO. PARS NIKOO NAFT IRAN INTERTRADE COMPANY LTD TAJHIZAT PEZESHKI PISHRAFTEH NATIONAL IRANIAN OIL REFINING COMPANY PARS YAB COMPANY PARS ALVAN PAINT IND.MFG. NAFIS NAKH MANUFACTURING CO ALVAN SABET Pars Mashal Company PAYK DAROU CENTER SSK COMPANY VAHID SHIRVAN ALUMINIUM CO INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION GROUP DATA PACK SYSTEM COMPANY MEDITECHSYS Iran Al Company Pars Fuse Company Limited Pars Garma Pars Hakim Company Pars Maharat Pars Metal Pars Pala Company Pars Pardaz Sepas Qeshm (Al-E Taha Brothers) P A S Addak Company Peik Chemie Pjs Pars Van Bushehr Nylon Nakh Company Tehran Ettekal Trading Company Pars Sayesh Company Limited Tabriz Pich Company Nik Electronic Company Al Iran Shopping Noble Company Ali Rezaei Medical Equipment Company Boo Ali Teb Company Bushehr Nylon Nakh Company YAS NAKH ALBORZ Vazin Company Peyk Chimie Company Ali Rezaei Trading Company Hava Pak Sazan Industrial Company PEIK CHEMIE Nik Andishan Sanaye Nik Azar Pars (Napco) NIKOO ABHAR INDUSTRIAL GROUP COMPANY TETRA PAK IRAN Tiz Pak Khorasan Company Touran Trading Valad Aluminium Company NEKA POWER GENERATION MANAGEMENT COMPANY Ali Reza Manufacturing Baba Ali Apartment Hotel Barg Alektronik Iran Khodrow ALUMINIUM FORM MABNA NAVARD PARS ALUMINIUM Arash Peik Company Aluminat Company Nakh Chin Yazd Namad Aluminum Nik Taraz Yazd Water Meter Nikoo Noosh Zarien Nik Persian Pak Jam Pich Sanat Azma Sadeghi Ali Karizan Pich Gostar Khoshk Pak Sepidgol Company Nikoo Electronic Pishro Aram Tronic Peyk E Darya Nik Rekab Nik Bar Aali Shahab Company ELF PETROLEUM IRAN Aali Magham Garment Manufacturing Company (Cylon) BEH NAKH SAZAN CO Aali Payam Medical Engineerng Company Al Moussavi Persian Company Kish Nak Oil Seal Manufacturing Company Limited Tak Rang Nakh Kimia Nakh SAMIM COMPANY SALEM SOOZE SEPAHAN Peik Foam Abkar Miniature Museum Total Intelligent Solutions (Tis) Company Limited Kaefer Pars Company TALA TEA CO. Vision Paik Company NATIONAL IRANIAN SOUTH OIL FIELDS COMPANY TEHRAN CHEMIE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OF REY COMPANY NATIONAL IRANIAN OIL COMPANY Isfahan Alomin Company Pack System Aluminium Industries Company (Dural) Aluminium Tube Manufacturing Company Limited Peik Chemie P J S KAVEH ALUMINIUM CAN Paraffin Manufacturers Co-operative Company Of Iran Aliyazh Sazan Company Ali Kamoei Company Tehran Click A'Ala Tabriz (Marashi) Dural Aluminum Industrial Company Hossein Ali Miry and Sons Iran Pako Manufacturing Company Maktab Amir Al Momenin, Economy Division Vial Glass Plant Zagross Pake Aliazh Company Beh Total Tehran Trade Company Dana Pack Sepahan Dorsa T P & C Company Faraz Teb Tajhiz Company Pak Choob Company Pak-Fan Company PAYK DARU NYCAN GROUP COMPANY LTD Sapemco Limited PARS CORPORATION COMPANY ARYA PAK MOBADEL COMPANY Top Plastic Company Tehran Kakoush Company Tehrani Klisheh Company Total Company Hi-Pack Industries All Metal Trading Company ELECTROPEYK Hazar Aluminum Industry Pars Peyk Nastaran Electric Engineering, Construction & Trading Company BADELEH MACHNIERY CO. PARADISE ALUMINUM INDUSTRIES COMPANY BARZIN KARTON PARS PARS PETROCHEMICAL SHIPPING COMPANY NATIONAL IRANIAN URBAN RAILWAY COMPANY Dordaneh Tapoo Company Dried Fruits Of Ale Taha Foulad Tehran Trading Company

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