List of Corporate Headquarters in SHEUNG WAN

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Tapas G. Catering (HK) Limited K & Y FAST PRINTING CO Planet International Limited Copper Impex Limited DELUXE TRADING Patsystems Hong Kong Limited NetEase Media (Hong Kong) Limited NetEase Entertainment Limited Seven Seas Culture Service, The Far East Beauty Products Limited ChannelWays HK Limited CHEDVA LTD SANBASE INTERIOR CONTRACTING LIMITED MB SERVICES COMPANY Road International Limited Koland Technology Co., Limited Koland Global Enterprise Limited Kola Limited I SOLUTIONS & CONCEPTS LIMITED PROFESSIONAL ELEMENT LIMITED S & B DESIGN LTD A STAR DIAMOND LIMITED Atlas Incorporation Limited ATLAS LIMITED DOUBLE A LEATHER COMPANY LIMITED TRUMP WAY CORPORATION LIMITED Olive Green Co., Limited MAO & MADISON MADISON DEVELOPMENT LIMITED MADISON STEEL LIMITED BARTO LIMITED Huarun Investment Holdings Limited Saint News Limited The Tianjin Qingyuan Intl Trading Co Ltd Tianjin Trading Limited GO GOURMET NO BORDERS LIMITED Paul Company Limited PAUL KONG & PARTNERS LTD PAUL WONG & CO CPAS CE & CO INNO MS LIMITED INTERNATIONAL QUEST LIMITED SOFTWARE SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED SAHMEK LIMITED AKM INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED CAY & Co LIMITED Touchbase Limited L Technology Limited KEY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Jinheng (Hong Kong) Limited EDDIE'S COMPANY SOUTH CHINA & CO MORNING CHINA GROUP LIMITED Baililai International Group (HK) Limited Trade Consulting Limited Pan Group Co., Limited Chang Yuang Group Company Limited Best Source Manufacturing Limited Manufacturing Supplies Co Ltd CHINA TALENT CORPORATION LIMITED Kaixin International Co., Limited FLYING DRAGON LIMITED FLYING DRAGON INVESTMENTS LIMITED China Knowledge Company Limited EMRYS CAPITAL LIMITED Crown Scene Development Limited FWD GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED FWD Holdings Limited FWD FINANCIAL LIMITED FWD Management Holdings Limited FWD FINANCIAL PLANNING LIMITED AIF Asset Management Limited CHINA NATIONAL CULTURE GROUP LIMITED Wing Hong Construction Limited Guotai Junan FX Limited Guotai Junan Finance (Hong Kong) Limited GUOTAI JUNAN SECURITIES (HONG KONG) LIMITED XINGLONG GRAINS AND OILS (H.K.) LIMITED Guangdong Properties Holdings Limited LC PRODUCTION CO Longway Investment Int'l Limited MILLION TEAM INVESTMENT LIMITED Comete Industries Limited Global Pacific Ltd GLOBAL PARTNER CO. LIMITED Peak Plastics (H.K.) Limited Sino Ho Material Co. Limited SINO METAL LIMITED Orrick Corporation Limited Paloma Diamonds HK Limited EMC DIGITAL (HK) COMPANY LIMITED China Products Sourcing Co Center Holdings Limited HONG KONG AUTOMATIC HOLDING LIMITED HARVEST FINANCE LIMITED BOATS FOR HOMES LIMITED SILVER BOAT CO. LIMITED California Hong Kong Limited Best Concord Technology Watson Group Limited LENS C.P.A. LIMITED SHEEN EXPRESS LIMITED Hongkong Huazhong International Trade Limited Zhongshan Power (Hong Kong) Limited Associate of Zhongshan Siulamese in HK HOURPICK LIMITED YTT COMPANY LIMITED HONG KONG REHABILITATION SERVICES LIMITED SHINE TRADING CO LTD HGM Investment Limited SUNFORD FINANCE (H.K.) LIMITED COSCO SHIPPING DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. Prime Traders TRIO CORPORATION INTERNATIONAL LIMITED EAST LUCKY INVESTMENT LIMITED CELEDON LIMITED SHAOXING MAQ IMPORT & EXPORT (H.K.) CO. LIMITED CT Textile (Hong Kong) Limited CHINA CIVIL INVESTIGATION AGENCY Ogloba Limited Wiseley Holdings Limited DATAMARGIN (HONG KONG) CO LIMITED Liugong Hongkong Investment Co. Limited SUNWORLD GROUP HOLDING LIMITED Conrad Int'l Logistic Co., Limited International Children's Care Hong Kong Limited LDY Technology Co., Limited GE - Asia Limited OME International (HK) Enterprises Co., Limited GOLD SMART TRADING LIMITED Raymond Limited C & C Secretarial Services Ltd 360 Business Solutions Limited 360 BUSINESS CONSULTANT LIMITED Poly Top Holdings Limited TOP FIELD HOLDINGS LTD Poly Petroleum Holding Corporation Limited TAI PING CO China Hua Xia Petroleum Natural Gas Group Holding Limited SANHUA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LIMITED GOOD HARVEST LIMITED HONG KONG VALENTINO MIX INTERNATIONAL LTD Next Limited NEXT WAY LIMITED FEEL COMPANY LIMITED CONCEPTS LIMITED Mass Concepts Company Limited Aaltis Lighting Solutions (HK) Limited BC Holdings Limited ROCKS LIMITED HONG KONG THAILAND IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION LTD HONG KONG AND KOWLOON STEEL AND METAL IMPORTERS AND EXPORTERS ASSOCIATION LIMITED Hk Rice Imports And Exports Association HSH DRAGON LIMITED EAGLE INDUSTRIAL CO Art Investments Ltd, The M L P MARINE SERVICES LTD M & L Production Limited David D W So And Company NATURE INT'L GROUP CO., LIMITED Greenmark Enterprises Limited AdvB Public Affairs Consulting Limited JAF LIMITED H. & H. Company, Limited HARBOUR HILL DEVELOPMENT LTD C3 MULTI COMMODITIES LIMITED SOUTH GOLDEN SHIPPING LIMITED Hongkong Shenzhen Shipping Co Limited A Plus Design Co TAI SANG (PRIVATE) COMPANY LIMITED Tai Sang Bank Limited JETCOM INTERNATIONAL DEVELOP LIMITED Sun International Asset Management Limited MILLENNIUM AMG ASSETS MANAGEMENT LIMITED Big Chance Holdings Limited CHINA BUSINESS CHINA BUSINESS LIMITED Sino Shipping Limited GLOBAL QUALITY LIMITED ACTIVE LIMITED PRO ACTIVE CORPORATION LIMITED N. S. Hong Holdings Limited WIRELESS NATION COMPANY LIMITED STAR ACCORD LIMITED CHICO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED FRONT POWER SERVICES LTD Everich Corporation Ltd LEE HECHT HARRISON PTY LIMITED LEE HECHT HARRISON HK LIMITED CHEONGFULI (HONG KONG) COMPANY, LIMITED Venetian Marketing Services Limited IL SARTO COMPANY LIMITED L&F ASIA GROUP CORPORATION LIMITED HK XINDESHENG INT'L TRADING LIMITED Huayueshitong Software Technology Co., Limited TRICHORD INVESTMENTS LIMITED MACRO WINES & SPIRITS HK LIMITED PROOF & COMPANY SPIRITS LIMITED Hongkong Forest Holdings Limited Help Company Limited Apex Energy International Limited PENG CHENG SHANG XUE LIMITED NEXT STEP EDUCATION CONSULTING LIMITED DLA (Hong Kong) Limited D & L (HONG KONG) LIMITED DYEL (HONGKONG) LIMITED Hong Kong Yong Shang Trade Limited Avinst Co., Limited NUTRITION CONCEPT LIMITED NUTRITION CENTRE Anglo-American Holdings Limited DEICO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED CSC Securities (HK) Limited AIM TRADING COMPANY ITALINK LIMITED BLUEFIELDS PROPERTY CONSULTANT Taihe (Hongkong) Limited Taihe (H.K.) International Group Limited Taihe Limited Luck Share International Limited East Share International Limited LANOS INTERNATIONAL SHARES CO. LIMITED Mandarin Luk Fook Finance (HK) Limited PURE PROFIT HOLDINGS LIMITED ATLAS COMPUTER COMPANY In2Log Limited A & C TECHNOLOGY LIMITED VIA LIMITED ASIA PACIFIC OPTICAL DISTRIBUTION LIMITED NOBLE RAYS HOLDINGS LIMITED Noble Group Asia Limited Union Rich Development Consultancy Company Limited Inspection Company Limited, The GRAND GLOBAL INC LIMITED Brothers Pyrotechnics (Hong Kong) Limited UNITED PYROTECHNICS (HK) LIMITED MATRIX (P) LIMITED Grace Dragon International Holdings Limited Taiko International (HK) Holding T & C COMPANY PENNVASIA LTD NEW HORIZON SHIPPING AND TRADING COMPANY LIMITED SPEAK LIMITED SML GLOBAL LIMITED Rising Import & Export (Hong Kong) Co., Limited Four Sea Technology (HK) Co., Limited I AGENCY, INC, LIMITED HILL TOP SUCCESS SKY CENTURY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED CHAMPLINK LIMITED CHINA CAPITAL INVESTMENT CORPORATION LIMITED STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS LIMITED GEMDIA JEWELLERY LTD TOPTREND INTERACTIVE LIMITED C & S (HOLDINGS) LIMITED Easy Topworld Limited Starcrest Limited Express World Limited MATTEL163 LIMITED INEOS STYROLUTION HONG KONG COMPANY LIMITED LONG STREAM INDUSTRY LIMITED BEST ASIA (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED Harvest Best Limited Silk Road Investment Advisors Limited GLORY PLACE LIMITED GLORY PROPERTY COMPANY PRAGMATIC SOLUTION LIMITED Fluid Glass Limited FLUID DIGITAL LIMITED Fluid Publishing Limited UOB FINANCE (H.K.) LIMITED UOB REALTY (HK) LIMITED REAL-FINE DEVELOPMENT CO., LIMITED EVERTEMPO MARINE CO., LIMITED Gamma Asia Associates Limited HONG KONG & MACAU INTERNATIONAL CAPITAL LIMITED Asia Alpha Capital Management Limited ALPHA MANAGEMENT LIMITED Elevate (HK) Limited UNITEAM TRANSPORT SYSTEMS (HK) LIMITED Star Group International (HK) Co., Limited Lisat Limited Long Wise Inc DMS Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited Sinodis Limited RILAND (HONG KONG) LTD RILLIANT (HK) LIMITED ZHAO ZHENG INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Industrial Securities (Hong Kong) Financial Holdings Limited Hong Kong Finance Investment Holding Group Limited GRACE JOY LIMITED GRACE & JOY LIMITED GRACE & JOY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Esteem Diam (HK) Limited Aspen Corporate Services Limited E & E GLOBAL COMPANY LIMITED Harmony Holding Limited Hang Lung Co HONGKONG GRAND INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED TIANMA ELECTRIC VEHICLE (HONG KONG) LIMITED Quantum Technologies Holding Company Limited Innotek Asia Limited Innotech Limited IMEX COMPANY LIMITED J & E Consulting (HK) Limited PACIFIC ASIA INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Meridian Industries (Hong Kong) Limited BSV PACKAGING INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Horizon Trading Company Limited MG GLOBAL (HK) LIMITED SILLAGE LTD PENTA EARTH LIMITED PENTA ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED SUPERFINE CLEANING SERVICES LIMITED TANRICH ASIA-PAC FUTURES LIMITED Finegrand Limited FINE GROUP CORPORATION LIMITED ACE OFFSHORE LIMITED MAXER LTD GFIVE INTERNET (HK) LIMITED Internet Sports Marketing Limited Tingle Company Limited Tingly, Limited MASS INVESTMENTS LTD CARAT GROUP LIMITED J.S.T (INT) LIMITED PROFESSIONAL ALLIANCE CPA LIMITED Finstrat Consulting Limited CHERRY'S LIMITED AMERICAN TRADERS AMERICAN TRADE LTD Everwin Corporation Limited Contact Enterprises Trading Company ETC Finance Limited ETC IDEA COMPANY AXA LIMITED Xinxing Huaxin (HK) Co., Limited XINXING PIPES (HONGKONG) CO., LIMITED B & P COMPANY HOMAX INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED BEST CORPORATE LIMITED PACIFIC ASIAN (H.K.) LIMITED H. I. Limited HIGH FIVE LIMITED CHIU YIN ENTERPRISES LTD DR LAU CHIU YIN (SHEUNG WAN) RICHMEN (ASIA) LIMITED OTC Limited Meta Plus Limited METRO PLANNING LIMITED Wolverine Power Group Limited Q CAPITAL (ASIA) HONG KONG LIMITED HK Offshore Corporate Services Limited Cleva Hong Kong Limited SENWELL ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED Richview Enterprise Company Limited KING CROWN DEVELOPMENT LTD KINGS CROWN DEVELOPMENT LIMITED CHIHO RENEWABLE INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED CHIHO RENEWABLE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Argyle Prestige Meats Limited Think-DO Limited Shun Tak Sea Products Co SING KEE SEA PRODUCTS SOLID SEA PRODUCTS Sang Kee Sea-Products YUEN KEE TAT HING SHARK FIN'S & SEA PRODUCTS CO LTD LOMEWAY E-COMMERCE (HONGKONG) LIMITED Avatron Engineering Company Limited Navigator Member Services Limited Stephen Kim & Associates Limited HAITONG INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS LIMITED SINO LAND (HK) CO LTD GREAT MEGA HOLDINGS LIMITED TIMING ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED CAPITAL WORLD TRADING LIMITED Sonic Ltd WORLD CHINESE MERCHANT INVESTMENT LIMITED Eco-Agriculture Group Limited Eco Group Asia Limited Epic Group Limited EVENTIQUE & CO. LIMITED Event Company Limited, The Allianz Incorporation Limited ALLIANZ GLOBAL SERVICES LIMITED HONG KONG WAI FUNG METAL INVESTMENT LIMITED V-Sky Shipping Limited Silver Sky Shipping Limited POWER PLUS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED ALFONSO FUNG & CO. Vegalab Limited MOK & CO., SOLICITORS K.M. CHEUNG & CO., SOLICITORS Wong Tech Limited TAO FA COMPANY LIMITED INITIATIVES JIMBO LIMITED RAYLIN CO., LIMITED RAYLIANT GLOBAL ADVISORS LIMITED B.A. Services Ltd Stella Limited E-ENERGY LIMITED E.A.T. COMPANY LIMITED Princia Company Limited HUIDA HOLDING LIMITED BSG HONG KONG LIMITED CAI LIMITED MEREAL BIOMETRICS LIMITED Shun Hei Properties Limited CHANCE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF FINANCIAL ANALYSTS LIMITED HONG KONG SYSTEMS ANALYSIS CONSULTANTS LTD Asia Vet Medical ASIA MEDICAL SERVICES LIMITED Prime Asia Shipping Ltd ASIA SHIPPING COMPANY BUSINESS BRIDGE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LIMITED A - ONE INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD A ONE INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED Ivie Asia Limited Nanjing Transportation Group (HK) Shipping Limited CT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED AUTOPILOT LEADERSHIP LAB LIMITED VIEWPOINT (ASIA) LTD E-C-E TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Gold Plentiful Property Limited OCEAN GEM LIMITED Ocean Gem Investment Ltd Ocean Estate Agency Co ITS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED IBI LIMITED Crystal Point International Trading Company China Inspection Company Limited CHINA HIGHWAY LIMITED Marpac Limited Smart Bright Trading Ltd Yah Chong (H.K.) Company, Limited Sun Hing Hong ATRIUM LIMITED ATRIUM TECHNOLOGY KADAS COMPANY LIMITED A and D Co Qi Jiang Holdings Company Limited DIM SUM SQUARE COMPANY LIMITED Super Target (Hong Kong) Limited DIM SUM PRODUCTIONS LIMITED PARKINSON PRINTING COMPANY ICT Company Limited SA (HK) Pte Limited Worldwide Logistics Limited NATIONBOND AIR CONSOLIDATORS LTD E & E INTERNATIONAL LIMITED First Star International Investment Limited FIRST INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION LIMITED Letv ZhiXin Investment (HK) Limited A-LIST FIDELITY CONSULTING LIMITED GOLDEN CONCEPT CONSULTANTS LIMITED Fidelity Insurance Company Limited Capital Bay Limited Discovery Bay Capital Management Limited AMELIA CHEUNG & COMPANY BIG BANG MUSIC LIMITED Language Key Training Limited, The Beo Far East Limited Feng Shin Globe (H.K.) Company Limited L & W INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED Global Information Service Limited HONG KONG DATA CENTRE LIMITED Jetstar Corporation Limited Jetstar Resources Co Ltd DAILY CHARM DEVELOPMENT LTD DAILY CHANCE REAL ESTATE COMPANY LIMITED Daily Credit Services Limited Pacific Alliance Limited FAIR SHIPPING LIMITED Mutual Goal Asia Limited Simple Crypto Limited IMS Lines Limited Noble Wave Limited Cheetah Information Technology Company Limited HONGKONG CHEETAH MOBILE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED HKR LIMITED Kong Kei Electric Co OPE Technologies Limited OPTTECH LIMITED K E Corporate Services Limited HONG KONG SOUTH INSTRUMENT CO. LIMITED U-Life International Limited Tatron Hong Kong Company Brighten Corp BRIGHTWAYS LIMITED Shoo-in International Legal Service Limited Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited Hong Kong Jietai International Trade Co., Limited MAJOR LANE COMPANY LIMITED Power Motion Holding Co. Limited EVER HONEST INDUSTRIES LTD Good Will Investment Company Limited High Will Investment Limited Priya (Diam) Trading Limited JETCOM INC. LIMITED Toho Enterprices Co., Limited Brite Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited Nam Mee Electrical Company FULLY ALLIANCE LIMITED HONGKONG LINEMART LIMITED PRIME LINE INC LIMITED PRIME-LINE PRODUCTS (HK) CO. LIMITED OPEL Limited SAMARFIN FINANCIAL COMPANY INC. LIMITED Honour Ever Limited Lta & Company (Asia) Limited Velateem Technology Limited FIELD MASTER LIMITED Hongkong Day Game Technology Co., Limited Hongkong Origin Game Network Technology Company Limited Atlantis International Co., Limited SINBON LTD Sample Technology (H.K.) Company Limited HONGKONG PIONEER HEALTHCARE CO. LIMITED HK Panasonic Co., Limited Celltel Limited Flex (Hong Kong) Limited Flex International (Hongkong) Limited Tak Yueng Trading Co GOLDEN LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MARGAUX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Alpha Financial Group Limited Alpha Group Services Limited TREASURE CORNER Medi-Ads Limited TREND CORPORATION LIMITED UNISON CO Best Base Technology Co T Chan & Associates EAST TREASURE (HK) CO Union Corporation MOON STAR (FAR EAST) LIMITED GLOBAL STAR FAR EAST LIMITED HONGKONG HR GROUP LIMITED SMK INDUSTRIES LIMITED SAINT SOURCE INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED Coastal Green Technology Development Group Limited ASIA EAST DEVELOPMENT LIMITED DITOC PARIS LIMITED TSC Product Development Limited China Water Industry Group Limited Andrew Industries (Hong Kong) Limited HEALTH LEAD DEVELOPMENT LIMITED TIGER LAW LIMITED TIGER LOGISTIC CO. LIMITED GENYO COMPANY LIMITED APEX TRADING LIMITED APEX TRADING CO. Meridian Capital (Indonesia) Limited PRESCILLA LIMITED CAPITAL MARKET LIMITED, THE Qantex Capital Markets Limited KENFORD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Edelweiss Securities (Hong Kong) Private Limited Longfield Limited Kingston Trading Corporation CWS TWO LIMITED Sino Emotion Limited Sonic Emotion China Limited Option Eight Enterprises H.K. Inc. Limited PALMARIS Global Services Limited AGGRESSIVE INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT (H.K.) LIMITED NTML Group Limited Astrology Research Institute Limited CORPORATE ACCOUNTING SERVICES CO CKS INTERNATIONAL TRADING (HK) LIMITED Anpa (HK) Limited Best Cool Funny Games FFG & Top Fun Free App For Kids Girls Boys Limited Dino Tech Limited TOPWORLD (CORPORATE SERVICES) LIMITED MY HOLDING LTD Finishing Touch (TFT) Limited, The Ideawise Limited KOREA JIXIU SEED INT'L GROUP CO., LIMITED Genesis Sporting Goods Company Tong Ju International Limited Wealthy Gate Enterprises Ltd Easy Gate Limited WEALTHY GATE GROUP LTD Taurus Shipping & Management Co Ltd Shanghai-Tang Investments Holdings (HK) Limited ARAB TRADERS (HK) CO ARB IT UP LIMITED Greentomatomedia Limited Atlanta Ltd Delta Perfume Limited VANTAGE LIMITED FINCAP LIMITED Eastech Limited TOTAL COMPANY LIMITED TOTAL SPORTS LIMITED Great Traders Corporation Limited Autoflysoft Information Technology (Hong Kong) Limited HUARUN INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT GROUP HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED JULIA WONG & CO. FORTUNE GOLD DEVELOPMENT LIMITED BRIGHT GAIN INVESTMENTS LIMITED AMREX ELECTRICAL MANUFACTURING CO. LIMITED Klareco Communications (Hong Kong) Limited Jako Limited Master Beauty Limited Essel Limited HOA SAN & CO LTD ADVANCE INVESTMENT LIMITED Green International Holdings Limited CHINA TRAVEL INFORMATION SERVICES HONG KONG LIMITED O-SUN SYSTEM LIMITED Luk Fook Precious Metals (HK) Limited Medical Optics Trading Company Limited HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF BANKERS, THE Leaders Industries Limited Ms Industrial Limited DELCO INTERNATIONAL ENERGY LIMITED Delco Asia Company Limited Art Map Limited ARTMAP ROYAL CASHMERE PRODUCTS LIMITED ORIENTAL INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO., LIMITED ORIENTAL LIMITED ADVANTAGE INVESTMENT CORPORATION LIMITED PACIFIC GROUP SOLUTIONS LIMITED Trela Intelligence Limited Genius Trading Company Dragages-Penta-BSG- Joint Venture Prosperous Forever Electronics Limited PROSPEROUS TREASURE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Powertech (H.K.) Limited HOLISTIC OPTIONS LIMITED Melenco Holding Limited Sun Hoo International Traders Ltd HOO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Hong Kong Suntec Technology Limited HONG KONG SUNTEC INVESTMENTS COMPANY LIMITED K. H. NG & CO. Papaya Group Co., Limited SHINE MEGA INC LIMITED China Merchants (Sct) Holdings Company Limited China Merchants Development Company Limited CHINA MERCHANTS SHIPPING AND ENTERPRISES COMPANY LIMITED China Rich Securities Limited China Merchants Tower Company Limited De Xin Da Trading Co., Limited GLOBAL LINK LIMITED GLOBAL LINK COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS LIMITED CRESCENT CO. LIMITED Northern International Commerce Co., Limited China World Factory Limited SZ CHINA COMPANY AND FACTORY LIMITED S-Line Corporation Limited SUNNISKY BROADBAND NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO. LIMITED Netfront Broadband Limited RICH SIGHT (HONG KONG) LIMITED HONGKONG LIANSHENG INT'L GROUP LIMITED Swiss Hong Kong International Limited Chinese Wine Trading Company Limited True Industrial Company Limited Global Land Holdings Limited Guangdong Enterprises (Holdings) Limited Guangdong Development (Holdings) Limited Trident Trust Company (HK) Limited MUTUAL FORM LIMITED Rich Citi International Limited China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited Aporia Limited Silvercorp Consultancy Limited STAR INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED China Merchants Port Holdings Company Limited China Merchants Properties Holdings Company Limited CHINA MERCHANTS HOLDINGS (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Limited CHINA MERCHANTS FINANCE HOLDINGS COMPANY LIMITED China Merchants (CIMC) Holdings Limited China Merchants Technology Holdings Company Limited CHINA MERCHANTS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT (HONG KONG) LIMITED CHINA MERCHANTS FOOD CO., LIMITED Global Networks Limited XING FA (HONG KONG) IMP.&EXP. LIMITED XIANGFA INTERNATIONAL (HONGKONG) CO. LIMITED Zicom Manufacturing Co. (HK) Limited Jiangshan (Sinotrans) Shipping Corp. HONG KONG WING YUE ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED HONOUR LEADER LIMITED NATURAL BEAUTY BIO-TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED KING'S LIMOUSINE COMPANY LIMITED Langham Hall Hong Kong Limited ASIA GATE LIMITED VINTRON LTD MAXWELL ELECTRICAL LIMITED CFL Flooring Limited SOLID CORPORATION Reception Expert (International) Business Services Limited Ace Co Easy Commercial Solutions Limited SAN HE TRADING COMPANY SHINING CO, THE FABRICATION LIMITED Chinese People Holdings Company Limited ROY CHAN AND COMPANY Tope Int'l Co., Limited BEE LIMITED ACTION MICHAEL'S COMPANY TIGER CORPORATION LIMITED Rullingnet Corporation Limited BEST PROFIT GOLD LIMITED Aries Shipping Co., Limited Sunrise Farmacy Company Limited CAVATINA CO LTD B.O.K. Limited BLACKOUT Hongkong Rishengchang Trading Limited Damo Aviation Limited NEW SOLUTIONS LIMITED DAG Corporation Limited Ultra Limited ULTRA GOOD LIMITED CHINA FUHUA HONG KONG FINANCIAL GROUP LIMITED LONG TRADE CORPORATION LIMITED Linkerlong Trading Limited Tax Free Company Gemway Industries Limited B2B-Asia Limited PROBBAX COMMERCIAL PRODUCTS LIMITED BONNEX LIMITED BENELIC CO., LIMITED EVERLASTING EVERLASTING INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING COMPANY Sunny Developing Co Sprintco (China) Vehicles Industry Co., Limited UNI-TECH BUSINESS CONSULTANTS COMPANY LIMITED Unity Business Limited TIBET MEDICINES (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED IT Group Limited Shine Link Industries Ltd DRAGO (CHINA) GLOBAL TRADE CO., LIMITED Airwallex (Hong Kong) Limited ZHONGXING INDUSTRIES LIMITED GREAT EASTERN TRADING CO Slcom International Limited Hong Kong CIES Limited HONG'S COMPANY HO WONG & CO Ho and Wong GLOBAL ELECTRONIC LIMITED KING GLORY PACIFIC LIMITED MARINE SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED V-ATEC HOLDINGS LIMITED Transpacific (Far East) Limited ORIENT LINE LIMITED Gain Ever Limited Fung Yue Co Ltd IVY ASSET MANAGEMENT (HK) LIMITED NEW PRIME SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED E-SHIPPING LTD PRIME LINK SHIPPING LTD PRIME SHIPPING SERVICES LTD China Weal Technology Holdings Limited GLOBAL NATURAL BELT PRODUCTS LIMITED JINDUN ENERGY EQUIPMENT (HONG KONG) LIMITED L & B (Hongkong) Co., Limited LBHK LIMITED Gate Digital Services Limited RIYA HOME (HOLDING) LIMITED 24/7 ASIA LIMITED 247 Capital Limited CHEONG HING HON SUN INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Union Sun International Group Limited GR8 Industries Limited GR8 GLOBAL VENTURES LIMITED Electronic Engineering International Limited LAUREL TTI COMPANY LIMITED LAURELS INTERNATIONAL CO AA EXPORT & IMPORT CORPORATION TREASURE GREAT LIMITED Hon Hai Precision Co., Limited Modern CPA Limited CITY SOFTWARE LTD HUMANITY GENESIS INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Genesis Merit Limited FULL LEADER HOLDINGS LIMITED Smerwick Group Limited Skytrader Express Limited W. S. Tam & Co FAR EAST CAPITAL PLANNING LIMITED Swift Leader Limited FAIRCHILD ELECTRONICS (HK) CO., LIMITED INNOVA INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS HOLDINGS LIMITED Innova Solution Company Limited Innova Sourcing Co., Limited GUIDE MORE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED HONG KONG HONGJI INVESTMENT CO. LIMITED WINNER PLUMBING ENGINEERS CO. MASSCO CORPORATION LIMITED G. R. COMPANY Gold Trading Limited YUAN TRADING LIMITED Oriental Trading (HK) Limited SHUN TAK Shun Tak Property Management Limited Golden Ascent Group Limited ASCENT PARTNERS GROUP LIMITED Rich Power Technology Group Limited R.I.C.H. Group Trading Limited Proma Industry Co., Limited Prima Co WONDA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Startex Limited WEALTH ASSET DEVELOPMENT LIMITED H2H LIMITED Multi Resources Enterprise Limited NORTHWEST SOURCING ASIA LIMITED SuperPrism Technology Co., Limited GOLDEN WAY TRADING CO Golden Way Advertising Holdings Limited J&L MACHINE TOOLS CO., LIMITED Lav Company Limited Ma & Associates Limited ELITE GROUP CORPORATION LIMITED Verano International Trading Limited IF DESIGN CONSULTANCY LIMITED Haitong International Holdings Limited HAITONG INTERNATIONAL SECURITIES GROUP LIMITED Haitong International Management Services Company Limited HAITONG INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT SERVICES LIMITED HAITONG INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH LIMITED Haitong International Asset Management Limited Haitong Securities Co., Ltd. YONGSHENGDA CO., LIMITED COMEX INTERNATIONAL LIMITED HOPES TRADING CO B & E Building Materials Co Ltd Sara Company SMART WATCH ASSETS LIMITED SUKH SHANTI INT'L WATCH MANUFACTURERS DELOITTE CONSULTING/ICS PTE LTD C S G LIMITED Hong Kong Tech.Corporation Limited UNITED CENTRE INVESTMENTS LTD HONGKONG NANCAI PRINTING LIMITED Landing Enterprises Limited Top Gain International Limited Hongsen Industrial Co., Limited EVER RICH INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED TRADERS CIRCLE LTD WISER LIMITED Best Diamond Industrial Limited UNIQUE CO Microworld Ltd WB Technology Limited LAUREL PROMO GIFTS CO., LIMITED PROMO HONGKONG CO (SHEUNG WAN) M & A FASHION CO HOP TAK MEDICINE IMPORT & EXPORT LTD Kam Tak Medicine Import & Export Limited Lexinta Group Limited Lexinta Capital Management Limited Lexington Limited TENGO & CO NEW INNOVATION ENTERPRISES LIMITED Best Elegant International Limited Wealthy Management Limited United Star Enterprises Limited UNITED ENGINEERING LIMITED CHANGHONG (HONG KONG) ENTERPRISES LIMITED CHANGHONG (HONGKONG) TRADING LIMITED Changhong IT (Hong Kong) Information Products Co., Limited Bright Full Limited Stellar Recruitment Limited AND ASIA LIMITED AASIA LIMITED JIKS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED SAMSON LIMITED MAXCO GAS COMPANY LIMITED Global Equities Limited JACCO LIMITED RANKTOP FAR EAST LTD RUTHERFORD LIMITED Sun Sun Trading Co. SUCCESS EXPAND (CHINA) TACTICS INVESTMENT LTD Y. C. (HK) Company Silver Fidelity Limited 5 HORIZONS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Intercontinental Amusement Limited INTERCONTINENTAL MERCHANDISING CO. NFH Asset Management Limited SPLENDOR WIN LIMITED EASTERN LINKAGE LIMITED BEAUTY LYNX INDUSTRIAL LTD SFA (HK) Limited FAIKEE FRUIT LIMITED Sinoway Group (HK) Limited SINOWAY PACKAGING GROUP LIMITED SINOWAY PROPERTIES LIMITED Global Marketing Co., Limited Global Market Reports Limited Gold Fruit Acoustic Technology Limited Mura (H.K.) Limited FIRSTUNE LIMITED ANCIENT & COMPANY ANCIENT COMPANY LIMITED ABC Asia Corporation Limited Yue Shing Group Company Limited MET INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED METRO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED METRO HARBOUR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED AIA ELECTRONIC CO GOODMAN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MAYLOK (H.K) INDUSTRIES CO Full Rich Trading Development Limited Xian's Company Limited DICKSON TRADING CO ID Vin Limited A & A (Diana) International Limited SHUNSHUN INTERNATIONAL GROUP (HK) CO. LIMITED SHUNSHUN (HK) INT'L CO., LIMITED LOYAL ACT LTD DART CO LTD RISING DRAGON INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Shantex Limited Vinco Limited S S S Limited UI Holdings Limited Oh Holding Limited IO Holdings Co., Limited GLOBAL BUSINESS INSTITUTE LIMITED Enterprise Global Limited COMFORT CORPORATION LIMITED Oriental Insurance Services Limited Cosmos Limited Yuan Feng Co Marks International Marks International Co Hong Kong Zhong Ji Trading Limited Alex Publication ALEXANDER WAN & CO. Celltech Enterprises Limited ITNA Asia Company Limited PALM CO., LIMITED Thornehope Limited True Power Holdings Limited SME Online Limited DOUBLE RISE INVESTMENT LIMITED Italrose Trading Internacional Limited Element Six Limited STERLING FINANCIAL SERVICES LIMITED LUEN FUNG ENTERPRISE CO LEADWELL INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Long Wise (Asia Pacific) Limited Gain Rich International Holdings Limited Sam Fung Global Limited SAM FUNG HONG AI MEDIA LIMITED NINGBO TOP INDUSTRY CO. LIMITED Longrun (Hongkong) International Limited China Business Consulting Limited Yummy House International Limited HONG KONG KAM YUE INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE KAM YUEN ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT CO Aesop Hong Kong Limited FI PRODUCTS LIMITED PROTEK INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE CO. LIMITED YU LIN COMPANY Regus Centre (HK) Limited Billion Jade Ltd TOP CENTURY INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED C. S. INTERTRADE LIMITED CHIEF TRADER LIMITED CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD / FUNG LTD Achieve Co Ltd HANS TOURS LTD C&B Wise Consultants Company Limited CAPTIVE MEDIA LIMITED HONOR UNION INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Chiu & Co Solicitors Wing Sum Company Limited Oriental Rainbow Holdings (Hong Kong) Company Limited HO & CHU ACCOUNTING SERVICE Bestar Industries Ltd WINDUN LTD PAN MERIT PACIFIC LIMITED Pacific Paradise Assets Limited Janus International Limited WSM Global Services Limited Hong Kong Olive Branch Imp. & Exp. Trade Co., Limited SINO-EURO TRADING GROUP LIMITED SINO EURO DEVELOPMENT LTD BC REINSURANCE LTD BO KEE HONG Zhong Jun Resources Company Limited Eminent Overseas Limited Digital Ventures Limited INLINE LIMITED Jc Concept HK Limited CA INTER-DECOR CO BARCLAY LEARNING INSTITUTE Peakview Industry Co., Limited HK21 LIMITED PLUS FIVE LIMITED Protech Limited GOLDEN POINT INVESTMENT LIMITED GOLDEN POINT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED GRAND ENTERPRISE CO HB TEK TRADING LIMITED Shang Dong International Limited Dong Hong (HK) Development Company Dong Long Hong Limited POLYGON PRECISION INDUSTRIAL LIMITED POLYGON BUILDING MATERIALS LTD J. T . Co JOYFUL CORPORATION LIMITED GREAT DRAGON INTERNATIONAL ENERGY LIMITED GSS FIBERGLASS INC. LIMITED Chu Kong Infrastructure Investment (Hong Kong) Limited Geniatech (H.K.) Co., Limited GENIALE JBL Limited COASIA CORP LIMITED HOYA INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT CO., LIMITED KAM CHI UNITED CONSULTANCY & ENGINEERING LIMITED Grilic Ltd Nanyang Commercial Bank (Nominees) Limited Nanyang Commercial Bank Trustee Ltd Mass Stars Limited KRS Consultants Limited YoungStars Consultancy Limited DAVID HO & CO HK Skyline Limited Envision Enterprise Bright Exports Limited ART GROUP LIMITED SUN ENTERTAINMENT GROUP LIMITED LEE SIU SHIP CHANDLER Alibaba Group (China) Co., Limited A Card Company Limited Wealth Cape Limited China Capital Limited RICH WORLD LIMITED Hotel Lisboa Macau Macau Landmark Limited PAN-CHINA (H.K.) CPA LIMITED SPARK LIMITED, THE CNB Express Talent-Spot Asia Company Limited Media Digital Technologies Corporation Limited DMT INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LIMITED WELLVIEW COMPANY Winlife Ltd AK CORPORATION LIMITED Lynks CPA Limited DTI LIMITED Crown Leader International Limited KOSA DCG International Co., Limited DECO INDUSTRIAL LIMITED LYNKS CORPORATE SERVICES LTD Global Supplies (Hong Kong) Company China Partner Co China Partner Limited TOCO ASIA LIMITED T. A. Express Co TK Asia Limited TeCo Asia Limited WELL-BEING COUNSELLING COMPANY LIMITED Made Well Trading Limited Well-Made International Trading Co., Limited ELIXIR HONG KONG LIMITED DMC GROUP (CHINA) CO. LIMITED Nation Grade Limited Mobvista Network Co., Limited CLS Co., Limited C. Lewis & Co. LLP Limited STATE OF NATURE HONG KONG LIMITED Swift Blossom Limited A & B TRADING CO. LA PERRIERE LIMITED C & C Technology Ltd ProPartners Management Limited Raffles Partners Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited Nicko International Ltd ATLANTIC CORPORATION LIMITED World Enterprise Limited Ming Xing Investments Co., Limited East Group Corporation Limited East Asia Limited PLACE LIMITED, THE Kong Chun Hung Pacificnet Hosting Limited ALANA TRADING COMPANY LIMITED ALANDE (HK) LIMITED ALLWAY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ALLAND INDUSTRY CO. LIMITED Solon House Flat Owners Assn EUROPEAN ASIAN CO Galaxy Enterprises Hongkong Puri Group Limited Grand Merit Limited Nagajima International Holdings Limited Smart Hong Kong Co. Limited SURE UNIVERSAL (HK) LIMITED SUNCITY GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED Multi-Link Company WELLWAY MARITIME AGENCIES LIMITED WILLOW INTERNATIONAL FURNISHING LIMITED Yue Po Chai Antique Co UP WAY CHINA BULLION LIMITED YIP SHING HONG CREATIVE STAR LIMITED ALLIANCE TRADING PVT LIMITED Syndicateasia Limited LAB3 LIMITED Asian Field Enterprises Limited Logica Limited LOGICOM LIMITED CWC Migration & Education Limited Cocoamug Software Limited BODY BY DESIGN LIMITED BY COMPANY LIMITED B & Y CO. LIMITED Camburgh Development Limited MILLENNIUM ELECTRONICS INDUSTRIES ATC Limited ATC WORLD CO., LIMITED KELO (HK) INC. LIMITED 4 TAEL LIMITED CRODA SINGAPORE PTE LTD BUREAU INTERNATIONAL LIMITED CM Limited Smart Link Shipping Limited WASAM COMPANY LIMITED Smart Gain Investments Limited SMART GAIN INDUSTRIES LIMITED TITANIA & CO. NEI HONG KONG LIMITED Risk3 Consulting Limited EAGLE PLACE LIMITED T-GLOBAL (HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED Beautiful Co BO SHI INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. LIMITED Sugar Asia Intertrade Company Limited Charles & Company Limited CHARLES & COLVARD (HK) LTD CHARLES H. C. CHEUNG & CPA LIMITED Charles H. C. Cheung & Co DR. CHARLES CHAK Charles-Lim Capital Limited KINGSON COMPANY Goldtech International (HK) Limited Veritas Wine Trading Limited FAR EAST WINE TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Charmlink Limited JUMBO SURPLUS CORPORATION LIMITED EAST CHANNEL INDUSTRIES LTD KAS (H.K.) COMPANY LIMITED BAI TIAN LONG INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED JL Premier Limited JL & CO. (JEWELLERY) LIMITED Dragon Asia-Pac Limited CMBC INTERNATIONAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED LKK Health Products Group Limited DenTech Limited DEYI INDUSTRIAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED DIANAS TOUCH LIMITED Choyce Limited CHOICE COMPANY LIMITED CHUHS COMPANY LIMITED Action Shipping Ltd SINCERE ACTION LIMITED CSL Holdings Limited Jillion BillS Limited GRAND UNITED INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Star Asia Group Limited D & B PRODUCTION COMPANY LTZ MEDIA PUBLISHING COMPANY LIMITED CHINESE MEDIA PUBLISHING HOUSE HUNG FOOK INVESTMENT CO LTD ANGELS DEVELOPMENT CO LTD AMPLE LEADER LIMITED Joyful Success Leather Mft Co Limited UTU SOURCING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MP3 Communications Group Co. Limited Pro-Ec Limited INTERNATIONAL TAX CONSULTANT LIMITED INTERNATIONAL TRADEPOINT CONSULTANCY CO. LIMITED Best Creation STRATEGY FIRST CONSULTING COMPANY LIMITED HAPPY PROPERTIES LIMITED HAPPY PROFIT HOLDINGS LIMITED TOP LEGEND CORPORATION LIMITED Hanssens Limited BLACKSTONE PACIFIC LTD FIRST ASIA FINANCE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Wellux (Far East) Limited GRAND PROFIT CO. EVERRISE INTERNATIONAL YES JET LIMITED Pride Finance Academy Limited, The FIRST IN HOLDINGS LIMITED HILLTOP ENTERPRISES LTD H & M INVESTMENTS LIMITED YAO & CO. WONDER VIEW INVESTMENT LTD Action-HQ Limited Action Graphic Co Grace Success Limited LEGEND INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Wintex Co WELL FAME INVESTMENT LTD ASIA SMARTER LIMITED INDEX DESIGN GROUP LIMITED Identive GmbH DESIGN COLLECTION INTERIOR WORKS CO (CENTRAL DISTRICT) GOOD HONOUR SERVICES LTD CAPITAL PROPERTIES Pacific Star Capital Limited TOTAL WISE LIMITED Crown Corporation Limited Crown Asia Properties Limited Maple Hongkong Corp., Limited Edith Y W Tang Law Costs Draftsman LAW COSTS DRAFTSMAN (CENTRAL DISTRICT) VIGOR ROYAL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED COMPASS EXECUTIVE CENTRES LIMITED China Star HK Entertainment Company Limited ASSOCIATION OF ENGINEERING PROFESSIONALS IN SOCIETY LIMITED ENGINEERS & ASSOCIATES Synergy Distribution Limited Broad Capital Limited GREAT SMOOTH DEVELOPMENT LIMITED SMART ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED Accom Ltd Lifestyle HK Limited Infiled Group Limited NOBLE POLYMER LIMITED Parks Supplies (China) Company Limited Skyrich Inc. Limited Sky Rich (Int'l) Trading Co. SKY RICH INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED OCEAN HOLDINGS LTD Grand Vinco Capital Limited WAG Worldsec Corporate Finance Limited WOCAR HOLDINGS LIMITED TARASCON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (HONG KONG) LIMITED Former Company Limited V. KO LTD Choy & Company HONGKONG VF INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Maxco (Hong Kong) Holdings Co., Limited MULTI-TRILLION INTERNATIONAL LTD Magnet Trading Corporation (H.K.) Limited Vectr Ventures Limited I A G LIMITED WAI KEI INTL TRADE CO Bohandymar Limited BOHA ESTATE LIMITED INTERNATIONAL MARKETING LIMITED ACI Asia - The Financial Markets Association Limited Sun Chung Supra Limited FOOK WAH HONG TRADING CO LEE SANG CO Sainte Marie HK Limited Home & Garden Limited Genius Leader Investments Limited Best Genius Development Ltd Asia Marketing Co PAN ASIA MARKETING SERVICES LTD Infinitas Limited, The Lesai Mobile HK Limited Capital Today China Growth (HK) Limited COMO International Resource Trade Company Limited International Resources Trading Limited Chitat Mobile Communication Co., Limited Promaster Corporation Limited H.K. Cheung & Co FULL FORTRESS INVESTMENT LTD SKY Investments Limited SMART PROFIT INVESTMENT (HK) LIMITED Horizon Investments Limited Topwell Corporation Limited TOPWELL CAPITAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Cheung Hing Ho HK THAILAND IMPORTERS & EXPORTERS ASSOCIATIONS FOREIGN DIMENSION LIMITED , THE DALIAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED KCI Hong Kong Holding Limited Resources Asia Limited Sings Trading And Company Limited P & Y Industrial Limited MARBLE LINK LOGISTICS CO. LIMITED RICHFIELD INDUSTRIAL LIMITED POTO ENTERPRISES LTD Team 73 Hong Kong TEAM CPA COMPANY LIMITED WARNER (ASIA) LIMITED M.S. COMMUNICATION GOLD LEADER COMPANY Gold West Limited RICHWELL LTD OCEAN LEADER INDUSTRIAL LTD GOOD WHEEL INVESTMENT LIMITED F.V. International Limited WINE BORDEAUX LIMITED Manson Technology Limited AMV Retail Asia Hong Kong Limited Excellent Talent Corporation Limited Sail Win Company Limited Quanta Technology Co., Limited LD INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LIMITED TRADE SURPLUS CORPORATION LIMITED Fiduciary Financial Services Limited HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF INVESTORS LIMITED Orient Treasure Investment Limited Intertec Asia Limited MAX INDUSTRIES LIMITED Newtech PVT Limited Luen Wo Cheong Investment Company Limited Nature (Hongkong) Technology Co., Limited L'Imperatrice Limited Sino-Metal International Limited Next Mext Co., Limited Goldcrest Consultants (HK) Ltd HONG KONG EAST HONEST (CHINA) LTD Proceed Shipping Agency Ltd VIA INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED Arkon Company Limited Sakar Consultants Company Limited Coland Limited Shanghai Hai Hua Shipping Co. LIMITED W. A. Limited Unicorn International Unicorn Industrial Co HAIR EDITOR LIMITED Pearl Concept PREMIER MARBLE LIMITED MULTI-A LIMITED MICROCOM SERVICES LTD HK SUPREME INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Media Plus Asia Limited SUCCESS FAIR LTD PROGRESS SHIPPING CO Smart Progress Limited ACS Innovations International (HK) Ltd GOODWILL AND CO CHARM CORPORATION LIMITED GROUP MEGA LIMITED FAVOR MEGA (HONG KONG) LIMITED Charter Series Limited SIU KONG TRADING COMPANY TIME PROPERTIES LIMITED SHINE TOP PROPERTIES LIMITED UNIVERTEAM LIMITED Hongkong Zoom Interactive Network Marketing Technology Limited Gold Bond Enterprises Limited BNS Co. Limited Bns Concord CPA Limited RED SEA TRADING CO Red Sea Trading Company Limited RED SEA TRADING CO (SHEUNG WAN) UNIVERSAL (HK) CORPORATION LIMITED Trading Partners International Limited Ashland Partners International, Limited Green Investment Limited ABOV SEMICONDUCTOR (HK) CO LIMITED MEGA JOY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Kingdom Rich Corporation Limited Pacific Coffee Company Limited COFFEE Hong Kong Shanghai Trading Company Limited Red Flag Group (HK) Limited, The Red Flag Group Limited, The RED FLAG GROUP PRODUCTS (HK) LIMITED, THE GREEN ISLAND RESTAURANT LIMITED Hong Kong Haichang Pole Aquarium Investment Limited Man Hing Medical Suppliers (International) Limited Beijing Holdings Baic Limited V. I. P. Invest Holdings Limited, The VIP CORPORATION LIMITED INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Best Asia Trading Ltd SUGAR BIRD LIMITED Kau Kee Birds Shop YUEN SHING BIRDS' NESTS CO LTD SUNDAY ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED JIAN BANG INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING LIMITED FRANCE (HONGKONG) INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO. LIMITED Cocona Asia Limited TUNG AH (INTERNATIONAL) SILK GARMENTS CO LTD Da Yang International Group Limited Howden Joinery Supply Division (Asia) Limited JOINERY LIMITED, THE UPPARTY INTERNATIONAL LTD Brilliant Computer Systems Ltd HENGFENG (HONGKONG) CO., LIMITED ALLIED BRIGHT (HONG KONG) LIMITED Active International Ltd GOTECH BUILDING MATERIAL TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED Universal Trading Flagship Technology Limited Hong Kong Paper Sources Co., Limited PACIFIC SOURCES HK LIMITED HONG KONG PROSPEROUS SOURCE PAPER PRODUCTS FTY WINVEST LTD Winvest Holdings Limited Splendent Trading Enterprise UNION GLOBE INVESTMENTS LIMITED EXPERTSEC LTD Hongrun Petrochemical (HK) Company Limited Smart Solutions Experts Limited GMT Industrial Supplies Limited Ellith International Limited Robinho Limited J & S (HONG KONG) LTD Golden Link Limited Hong Kong International Airport Ferry Terminal Services Limited CATHAY INTERNATIONAL SERVICES (HONG KONG) LIMITED CATHAY INTERNATIONAL CORP ALEADER TRADING LIMITED ULTRA7 MEDIA LTD ILLINOIS TRADING LIMITED Casey Company Limited EVERLAND INVESTMENT LTD Ocean Construction & Engineering Company Great Dragon Co Great Dragon International Co. SQ Limited SAM CHEONG COMPANY, LIMITED, THE Elite Medical (Beijing) Company Limited Macau Jockey Club Members' (HK) Association Limited Macau Jockey Club Betterwin (Membership) Ltd Legend Interpetrochem Limited Go On Trading Limited SUN WAN TRADING LIMITED Wan Tung Trading Co KEYLINE CARGO FORWARDERS AND CONSOLIDATORS WINE'S WORLD COMPANY LIMITED China Book Co Pointer Investment (Hong Kong) Limited LY TEXTILE LIMITED M & M FO PH Paris Limited Union Finance International (HK) Limited SPLENDID CORPORATION LIMITED Texas (HK) Co. Hanilton Trading Co GRANDY SHIPPING LIMITED GRANDY FAR EAST LIMITED Grace Develop Limited Golden Wagon Development Limited KAOTEC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED TNS Limited China Security & Fire International Holdings Limited CENTRIC-ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY CENTRIC INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Goldy Ginseng Ltd Ever Harmony Shipping Limited Dragon World Co Ltd Bestway Cleaning Limited HIGH FAME HOLDINGS LIMITED LINKGATE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Pacific Centre Properties Limited LEOYD TRADING LIMITED Power Well Creation Limited Nikko Corporation Limited Hopefluent Group Holdings Limited Hopefluent Properties Limited SUD YUN CO Mascot Company Promens Asia Limited PROMESTONE LIMITED SHANGHAI HOMETEX (HK) LIMITED G. H. Financials (Hong Kong) Limited UBC ASIA PACIFIC REGIONAL OFFICE LIMITED TRILLION CAPITAL LIMITED GRAND FIRM ENTERPRISES LTD HONG KONG CORPORATE SOLUTIONS LIMITED Q Solutions (Hong Kong) Limited Ozongle Limited Vital International Limited South Asia Trade Limited TAI CO DB Capital Partners Limited SUCCESS LTD SUCCESS CHASER LIMITED Zhongtai Financial International Limited Zhongtai International Wealth Management Limited GreenPrint Limited BRIGHT MORE LIMITED HEAD CHINA LTD RICH ASIA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED RICH ASIA CORPORATION LTD Mayton Trading Limited XL ASIA LIMITED RENAISSANCE LIMITED LAND GLORY LIMITED LUXURY LIVING LIMITED Living Luxury HK Limited Harry Marine Products Import Export Co China Mobile Holdings Limited Record Beauty Parlour SOUTH WIND INTERNATIONAL CO. LOYAL FAITH TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED MARINE RISKS MANAGEMENT LIMITED PROFIT KING INTERNATIONAL PROPERTIES LIMITED TOPPING CHINA INVESTMENT LIMITED Asia Standard Oil Limited Applied Investment (Asia) Limited Hillmann International Limited Boxful Limited Yiu Sing Trading Co Si Chong Investment Co Ltd SIMAR HOLDINGS LIMITED SIMMER COMPANY Kindness Trading Limited Leeman Technology Limited EAST FORCE TRADING CO. LIMITED HYSAN TRADING MEDICINE LIMITED Hysan Trading Co SHINE ENTERPRISE LIMITED WIN PINE ASIA LIMITED Win Pine (Hong Kong) Limited CHARM BILLION DEVELOPMENT LIMITED BEIHAI INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Good Sight Company Limited GLOBAL SIGHT HOLDINGS LIMITED ASPADA IMPEX CHEETAH ADVISORS LIMITED CHEETAH SHIPPING LIMITED HUNTER INVESTMENTS LIMITED Sun Ko Ying Company Limited Zhongda Foods Limited ZHONGDA POWER FUEL CO., LIMITED ASIA PACIFIC SECURITIES LIMITED Chaucer Foods Hong Kong Limited L. C. W. (HOLDINGS) LTD WY International Limited China Way Advertising (International) Company Limited MASTER COSMOS INVESTMENTS LIMITED Dairy Trading (Hong Kong) Limited DAIRY SUPERMARKET Shun Tak Holdings Limited Prudential Services Limited High Pro International Limited Paras Studio Limited Hansen Investment (HongKong) Limited IS DESIGN INTERIOR DESIGN & CONTRACTING CO. SUN CITY LOGISTICS CO. Siu Yeung Trading & Consultancy Co. Limited HSIANG YUET MING CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Sino Action Investments Limited China Southern International Express (HK) Limited Hong Kong Overseas Investment Ltd FIT FOR LIFE (CORPORATION) LIMITED CHINA INTERNATIONAL FINANCING COMMITTEE CO., LIMITED DAVID LO PHOTOGRAPHY Ams Trustees (H.K.) Ltd Hong Kong Airlines Group Limited Bosai Minerals (Hong Kong) Company Limited Petrochina International (China) Limited NEWICK GREEN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MAX COACH LIMITED SMITH LIGHTING CO LTD Smith International Company Limited TRUMP INVESTMENT LIMITED HONG KONG GRACE GROUP LIMITED PCI International Ltd H. K. CHAN & COMPANY Zheng Cao Tang Medicine Hong Kong Company Limited Emer International Limited LD International Abrasives Limited MP Limited Glory's BOOMING CO CURRENCY FORTUNE PROPERTY & FINANCE LIMITED Sam's International Limited Samos International Limited SIM-SUI INTERNATIONAL Simosa International Company Limited China Textiles (H.K.) Company Limited Art Tiles MEGA CORP LIMITED MEGAHUB LIMITED Active Business Centre TWIN TIGERS LIMITED TIMOTHY OULTON INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISE LIMITED KELSON MACHINERY (HONGKONG) LIMITED Marigold Logistics Consulting Limited GAE LIMITED SUCCESS GROWTH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ALSON SECRETARIES LIMITED ANSON SECRETARIES LIMITED KCN (COMPANY SECRETARIES) LTD KAROY SECRETARIES LTD SIHAN ELECTRONICS EQUIPMENT (HONGKONG) LIMITED UNION BASE DEVELOPMENT LTD ASIA BASE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED One Stop Service Company Limited Franklin Industries Limited Profit Up Development Limited ECO Green Resources Limited Bridge-Link Travel Services Company Limited LINK BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL LTD Double Castle Ltd TOP HILL DEVELOPMENT LTD ASC (HK) Limited IBO Jewelry (HK) Limited FULLBOOK INDUSTRIAL LTD California Association of China and Hong Kong SAR Limited Sal Limited United Products Limited Ageas Investment Management (Asia) Limited AIA Investment Corporation (Asia) Limited CHINA INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE (OVERSEAS) EXHIBITION LIMITED China International Mining United Co., Limited TREND CHINA DEVELOPMENT LIMITED China Royal Industrial Limited Eternal Bond Investment Limited Brilliant Investment Co Ltd IDD 1581 LIMITED ACA TREND Intelligent Security Solutions (Mongolia) Limited Million Federal International Limited Well Channel Limited SDG LIMITED NGAI SHING TRDG CO Morden State Company Limited ELITE RAINBOW INVESTMENT LIMITED ENTERPRISE INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LIMITED YIU FUNG MARINE PRODUCTS TRADING CO Hang Fat Marine Products Company Limited LEE FUNG MARINE PRODUCTS TRADING CO. KAI FAT TEA COMPANY LIMITED KAI FAT TRADING CO Jonesboro Limited Royal Mark Asia Limited DRAGON BRIGHT CO China Glory Corporation Limited GREENWING LIMITED Golden Central Trading Limited STEP PROFESSIONAL LIMITED SouthGobi Resources (Mongolia) Limited SouthGobi Resources (Hong Kong) Limited C.I.P. Global Sourcing Limited SG Limited Purple Ray International Ltd Nanyang International Shipping Limited Nanyang International Logistics Holdings Limited NANYANG INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED NANYANG GODOWN CO Company Kit Secretarial Services Limited Sino Fair Asia Limited Oceania Pacific Asia Line Limited KWONG CHAI KEE Neptune HK Limited NEPTUNE SEAFOOD SUPPLIERS Seago Marine & Offshore Trading Limited PRODAK LTD C T YU & CO BMT Asia Pacific Limited Companion I/E Co Emapec Capital Limited MANSON INVESTMENT AND FINANCE CO LTD Intern Hong Kong Limited Wui Yuen Tea Co Ltd PEGASE LIMITED SAMSON INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Manie & Co Limited M & N LIMITED MAN-HO COMPANY LIU LIMITED OCEAN ASIA DEVELOPMENT LTD WINTOP ELECTRONIC CO. LIMITED COURAGE COMPANY LIMITED SINO ELECTRONICS CO Effect by e&e Limited Talon Company WINNING LIMITED Lhi Sports Limited Li Hui Limited INVENTIVE PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMITED HB General Trading Limited Maya Production Co Marico Engineering (H.K.) Limited C& LINE CO., LTD. OTCex Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong Management Solution & Investment Company Limited Shantou World Trade Centre Holdings Ltd M.Y.AU MAY WAI CO LTD Cox Global Limited VINSON FINANCE LIMITED METRO IN LIMITED Ample Union Limited HAWTHORNE LTD Alphatonix Limited HONGKONG BENON INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE GROUP LIMITED KOLLEWIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Keywell Management Limited KL International Limited Lung Shing Transportation Co. JENSEN ENGINEERING CO LTD FINANCIAL PR (HK) LIMITED EEM Asia Limited CAPITAL SENSE LTD MX-TECH COMPANY LIMITED Tinydeal Co., Limited Pacific Alliance Trading Limited WELLSUN ELECTRONICS LIMITED Fass Limited Tak Fat Trading Co KA LEE TRADING COMPANY OCEAN INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Progressing Era Limited Asia Enterprise International ICT HOLDINGS COMPANY LIMITED Oceanic International Logistic (HK) Limited HUAXUN COMMUNICATIONS INVESTMENT SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED HUAQIN INT'L LOGISTICS CO DG Lifestyle Holding Limited PERFECT DECORATION WORKS Hongkong Onstar Technology Co., Limited JOIN-IN TRADING COMPANY Lordco Group Limited, The Luckson Int'l Trading Limited MICHELLE (HK) LIMITED Chiu Kee Company Limited Hock Lian Co WING FUNG SHARK'S FIN WING SHING SHARK'S FIN MARINE WING TAI SHARK'S FIN COMPANY Yee Hing Shark's Fin Ebuy & Etrade Limited HOP LEE CHEUNG HOP FAT CHEUNG KAM ON TRADING COMPANY YUEN HING GINSENG TRADING CO Hitek Technology (HK) Co., Limited RIDER LTD ARIEL COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED SURMETEX LIMITED MINDCAM LIMITED You Hoa Trading Development Company Limited Kents Dry Cleaners & Laundry Co. VICTORIA STATE LIMITED Ie-Consultant I & E Consultants Limited ALPHA STATE LIMITED Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Limited Sinotruk (Hong Kong) International Investment Limited Sinotruk (Hong Kong) Capital Holding Limited AMERICA BABY CARE (INTERNATIONAL) HOUSE WARE LIMITED INFINITE GAMES LIMITED Luen Tai Company LUEN TAI CO FANTAVIEW LTD SEARCH EXPRESS CARIBBEAN KING LIMITED BRUCE C.Y. CHUI & CO. Amrel Limited Visiotics (Asia) Limited GOLDEN CORPORATION (HK) LIMITED STORAGE LIMITED , THE ARJO WIGGINS SA Imexco International Limited Eternal Luck International Holdings Limited STEALTH INDUSTRIES LIMITED STANDARD WEALTH CORPORATION LIMITED E C O LIMITED East Premiere Limited JIT FINANCE CO., LIMITED Guotai Junan Financial Holdings Limited FIELD TECHNOLOGY TRADING COMPANY China Lng Shipping (Holdings) Limited China Wheel Shipping (Holdings) Limited China-HK Shipping Limited HONG CHANG SHIPPING HOLDING (HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED Guotai Junan Futures (Hong Kong) Limited CIMC Tank Equipment Investment Holdings Company Limited CATHAY GROUP LIMITED Standard Life Assurance Company, The YUDA FURNITURE CO. LIMITED BRITISH PREMIER LIMITED S & T CO ARNOVA TECHNOLOGY (HONGKONG) LIMITED GENERAL CHAMBER OF CHINA INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED, THE FULL SPRING INVESTMENT LIMITED CURIO LIMITED SYNERGY PACIFIC TRADING HK CONNECTION INVESTMENTS LTD PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED JOLLY MIND CO LTD Huayi Trading Limited GLOBAL SERVICES & CONSULTING LIMITED Kamran International Trade Limited GREAT CHINA EXPRESS CO. LIMITED Baltic Sea International Limited Qingdao Baltic Boat Co., Limited BALTIC INTERNATIONAL TRADING (HONGKONG) LIMITED Yamato Trading Company Limited Capitale Wine International Company Limited JIE DA INDUSTRIAL CO LTD CITY SMART CORPORATION LIMITED Smart Cities International Limited SENSE ENTERPRISES LTD NEW SENSE INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED NEW SENSE INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED Brilliance (Hong Kong-Vietnam) Development Company Limited International Administrators Limited LEDUS Lighting Technology Limited Haitong International Capital Limited HAITONG INTERNATIONAL ON-LINE SERVICES LIMITED Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Holdings Ltd Anglo-American Traders Limited Arnda Semiconductor Limited Kindom Co., Limited KINDON CO LTD Kindton Corporation Limited KANT INTERNATIONAL HONG KONG LIMITED Kan Construction Company ADP International Transportation (H.K.) Company Limited SCHWARZ (HONG KONG) CO LTD NEWTON COMPANY FRIENDS & CO HK LIMITED HONGO INDUSTRIAL LTD PHARMATEC LIMITED NORTH SEA INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CO. Gold Mountain Investment International Limited International Mining Machinery Holdings Limited M.I.T. (Hong Kong) Limited EASY INCORPORATION LIMITED Walsin Technology Holding Corporation (HK) Limited Force Link (Hong Kong) Limited Dunearn Development Limited Hongkong Topway Trading Co., Limited CHINA HIGHWAYS HOLDINGS LIMITED MEGA FIRST VENTURES LIMITED INSIGHT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED Insight Limited Okaya International (H.K.) Limited Owago Hong Kong Limited King Tech Limited CHUNGDA CO Mastergroup Industrial Limited Corporate Power Limited Fosson Industries Limited Sparkle Lead Limited B. H. Trading Ltd SOUTHEAST ASIA INDUSTRIAL LTD INTERNATIONAL EMIGRATION PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION COMPANY LIMITED FEDERATION OF HONG KONG ZHONG SHAN COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS LIMITED Dragonet Organization Limited Gold Metro Limited Akin CPA Limited Solutions International Limited International Assembly Solutions, Limited K International Service Solutions Limited Ta Shing Co General Nice Development Limited General Resource (Hong Kong) Limited NOVEL JADE LIMITED CORONET ASIA INVESTMENT SERVICES LIMITED CITY TIME (CONSTRUCTION) COMPANY LIMITED CITY TIME (HONG KONG) LIMITED CITY TIME COMPANY DRAGON ENTERPRISE Bonice Co Ltd Business Light Ltd LIFESTYLE PROPERTY AGENT & SERVICE LIMITED Blue Willow Limited Sunbright Development Company SHANGHAI HONGFENG GROUP ELECTRIC LIMITED AKA Trading Limited AKA JEWELLERY EPRO Technology Limited Metro Capital Securities Limited Panteq Company Limited HONG KONG MONETARY INSTITUTIONS ASSOCIATION LTD PAUL LEE AND COMPANY Zenith Industrial Chemicals Limited ZENTA INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED GROUP A LIMITED Smart Field Investments Limited SQM Renewable Energy (Hong Kong) Co., Limited H.K. YONGMING INT'L FINANCE INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED International Chinese Academy Development Limited WIDE CHINA ASIA LIMITED Artken Dental Lab METRO DENTAL LABORATORY PIL Company Holdings Overseas Limited CAMERON SECRETARIAL SERVICE LIMITED Loyal Consultancy Limited Capital Mind Securities Limited CHONG & CO. Alpha Luck Industrial Limited CASSA LIMITED WINSTAR TRADING LIMITED UNIQUE SUPPLY COMPANY LIMITED Mustique Limited WINSTAR INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL (HK) LIMITED Empire Range Development Limited Wide Range Technology Limited Many Range Development Limited K.W. WONG & COMPANY (ACCOUNTANTS) LTD Vicion Limited UNIPOWER INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED SUNWING'S INTERNATIONAL LTD DRAGON HILL TRADING LIMITED Galactic Development Limited Asano Holdings Limited UNITED RIGHT INVESTMENTS LIMITED CO DE SIGN & CONSULTANT LIMITED LUCK SIGN CONSULTANTS LIMITED Cosino Company Limited Hotex International Investment Limited MASTER CHEF LIMITED Power Empire Limited CASON CORP SARA (Hong Kong) Limited RICCO CLUB LIMITED WISE DRAGON INVESTMENTS LIMITED SOUNDA CO PERFECT ASIA INVESTMENTS LIMITED PAN ASIAN MANAGEMENT LTD Le Prabelle Management Company Limited Grand Monarch Investments Limited China Source Enterprise Limited CHINA FINANCE INVESTMENT GROUP COMPANY LIMITED China Silver Financial Group Limited Coastal Enterprise Group Ltd Orient Inc. Limited R & M Corporate Services Limited HAI HING CO HING'S HING WAH CO J. Z. LTD New Universe Hong Kong Limited New Universe Navigation Limited TOP ORIENT RESOURCES LTD METRO COMPANY Royal Grand Holdings Limited iad LIMITED Pitto Production Limited PEI Y T & PARTNERS BESTKEY INTERNATIONAL LTD Cmap Limited James Ventley International GOLD IND CO BioCare Limited COLORADO MEAT CO LTD Axis Chemicals Limited Pacific Bulk Enterprises Company Limited Pacific Bulk Chartering Limited Pacific Bulk Shipping Limited WEST PACIFIC BULK LIMITED Sinoway Shipping Limited Fortune Food International Limited TRADELINK ASIA LIMITED SINO-FUTURE HITECH INVESTMENTS LIMITED SENFAT INVESTMENT CO LTD Cenova Teamwork Technology (Hongkong) Limited SUN FAT VEGETABLE BILLION STAR ASIA INVESTMENT LIMITED LEE CHAI LUNG MOTOR TRADING CO Li TV Holdings Limited EL-TEC INTERNATIONAL CO LTD IPSOS China Limited KWAN KEE Sheung Wan Hsin Kuang Restaurant Ltd J & Young Sources Limited NATURE CHEMCIAL (CHINA) LIMITED Goldex Limited Golden Yield Limited YIELD GOLD ENTERPRISES LTD Rocheda Limited Bavaria International Limited United Beverages International Limited ADVANCED TECHNICAL CENTRE GOLD PROFIT HOLDINGS LIMITED Koh Tech Hong Kong Limited SIMONE PERELE FAR EAST LIMITED GOLDEN AND RESOURCE LIMITED SUN TAI INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED Tai Sun Stationery Co WRIGHT OF HONG KONG LIMITED Shun Wai Co., Limited SHINE EMPEROR LIMITED polljoy Limited Sinomed Investment And Management Limited Sino Enterprise Investment Limited Shining Investment Management Company Limited SINO KING ENTERPRISE INVESTMENT LIMITED Shandong Antai (Hong Kong) International Limited CAPITAL A PARTNERS (BEIJING) LIMITED BEIJING CAPITAL LAND (HONG KONG) LIMITED WINPOWER SUPPLIES CO New Trend Futures Ltd NEW PROJECTS TRANSPORATION CO NEW TOP TRADING CO NEW OCEAN TRADING CO LTD NEW LINE TRADING LIMITED NEW UNION TRANSPORTATION CO. NEW SOURCES TRADING LIMITED Castlestone Management (HK) Limited China Educational Exchanges Limited CHINA ART EXCHANGE ASSOCIATION LIMITED HONG KONG KING DRAGON'AN INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT HOLDING LIMITED KINGS DRAGON CORPORATION LIMITED KING DRAGON (HONG KONG) LTD FIRST WIN (H.K.) LIMITED Quantumsil Limited QUANTUM FASHION LIMITED Quantum Meruit Consulting Limited Quantum Investment Limited MEILUN INT'L GROUP (H.K.) LIMITED Kaiserette Limited King Smarter Limited FP Group Limited LUCAS INVESTMENT LTD Cypress Semiconductor International (Hong Kong) Limited ORIENTAL ASIA ENTERPRISE LIMITED ASIA ORIENTAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Best Power Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited P & K GROUP LIMITED Legal Software House Limited CHARTERWAY SECRETARIAL LTD Chartered Implex J E Studio SIK SIK INTERIOR DECORATION AND SOFA WORKS WELL PEACE TRADING LIMITED OCEANIC LTD WING TAI & CO LTD Stechcol Enterprise Limited WAH HING COMPANY WING TAI INDUSTRIAL (HONG KONG) LTD Cheng, Chan & Co. RJ Holdings Limited King Merit Investment Limited JADE GALLERY COMPANY LIMITED Vela Industrial (F.E.) Company Limited VELA INDUSTRIAL (H.K.) CO LTD Dalian Haiqing Food Co., Limited SYSTEM BRIGHT LIMITED East Ocean Investment Limited Sino Technology Hong Kong Limited 99Bill (Hong Kong) Limited NEW SOUTH POINT COMPANY QUANTAS LTD SEA DRAGON ENTERPRISES LIMITED R.H.P. Enterprises Limited Asia Bright Industrial (Hong Kong) Company Limited SUN WORLD LTD Sannix Limited UNION CORP Union Co Komax Hong Kong Company GLOBAL ELITE INC LIMITED Sanxin (Hong Kong) Co., Limited POLI-M INDUSTRY CO. LIMITED HONG KONG CHENG HSING ENTERPRISES LTD WEALTHY ART INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Nova Corporation Limited Nova Corporate Services Limited AM PLUS COMPANY A-PLUS (HK) LIMITED EASE LIMITED GAIN PLUS INDUSTRIAL LIMITED ESSENCE STUDIOS LIMITED East West Engineering Limited Alfa Engineering Company Limited T & T ELECTRONICS LTD Gary Chan & Consultants Honvicks Holdings Limited ABC Ind Limited, The LP & ASSOCIATES INTERNATION G Parker Co Gary Printing Co Asia Commercial (China) Limited Affinity Design Company Limited AW FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY LIMITED AFFINITY SYSTEMS LTD V-HK Services Limited Intelligence Network Technology Co Limited RAGENT INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED KINGSIC CO LTD KINGSLEY LIMITED Offshore Oil Engineering (H.K.) Co. Limited Wing Wo Hong Industrial Products Limited Limited Great Fine Services Limited Kingloy Co Ltd Led Lighting & Engineering Limited Golden Excellence Corporation Limited PROED LIMITED KINGBAY CO., LIMITED KINGSLIE COMPANY Regal Star International Trading Limited REGAL STAR CORPORATION LIMITED ADR CORPORATE FINANCE LIMITED KINGBO LIMITED APEX COMPANY Apex China Limited JHP CO CHRISTINE'S CO CHRISTINE FC SIU ChristingC Limited TAK MING DOLL'S CLOTHES INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Apeximex Limited TEKCO LIMITED Victory Property Agency Limited HING LEE CO HING FAT HONG Kingbon Limited Bc International (HK) Limited F & B ACCOUNTANCY LIMITED KINGTH CORPORATION LTD HONGKONG KINGPAD ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED Huson Design & Printing Co Capital Records Co (Laser Centre) Prospects Ltd Powerful China Development Limited MGM Grand Paradise (HK) Limited Day Professionals Limited AC COMPANY LIMITED TOP STATE TRADING LIMITED Jet Express Shipping Ltd MING HING Cambridge Industrial Co Ltd BILLION BEST ENGINEERING LIMITED Kwong Hang Trading Co WAH CHEONG FURNITURE DECORATION CO Meng & Cheng Trading Co enrichMORE Company Limited Urban Finance (HK) Ltd BEST DEVELOP LTD Best Development Trading Co China and South Sea Bank Limited, The High-Sound (Hong Kong) Company Limited Lee Fat Co TONGYI DEVELOPMENT (H.K.) LIMITED TAI TONG DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Manning Trading Co BRIGHT UNION & COMPANY WELL SUCCESS ENGINEERING LIMITED Bright & Associates Property Limited Full Blossom Corporation Limited Health Limited BE IN HEALTH LIMITED HANSEN MOTORSPORTS LIMITED ONE INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY LIMITED SENG KEE CITI-CHINA LIMITED SUN HO COMPANY LIMITED Wing Shun Ho Hueni (Hong Kong) Ltd HK Ruiliqi Trading Co., Limited GREAT CHINA CO Ng Hing Kee Book & Newspaper Agency Chung Hing Ltd Sunway International Industrial Limited Kingth Electronics Co., Limited Chung Nam Heavy Industries Group (Hong Kong) Limited Evervan Investments Limited Ning Shing (Holdings) Company Limited United States Playing Card Limited, The RockCheck Trading Limited RockCheck Steel Group Holdings Limited Gold Trader Holdings Limited Pipo Technology Co., Limited I-TOP EXPRESS (H.K.) LIMITED SUPRE LTD SUPER LEADER LTD Superb Corporation Limited HONGKONG FORTUNE TREASURE LIMITED Be Beauty Company Limited HONOUR GAIN INC LIMITED HONOUR FULL INC LIMITED CENTURY HONOUR (HONG KONG) LIMITED WAI KI BEDDINGS CO Pacific Oil & Gas Limited B G Graphics Ltd CONTINENTAL ALLIANCE LIMITED Ample Technology Development Limited AMPLE SINO LIMITED TALENT WORLD LIMITED ART INTERNATIONAL ASIA LIMITED CONCORD LINE LIMITED FIRST SECURITIES (HK) NOMINEE LIMITED Starcar Limited Sea Water Trading Co JACKSUN TRADING CO Newstar (Forever) Hong Kong Company Limited Cargo Link Services Limited WA TAT TRDG CO TIMBURLY TRDG CO China Finance (Worldwide) Limited ASIA CORPORATION LIMITED KA WAI CO GRAND HERO (ASIA) LIMITED SANCHON CO LTD SANCO INDUSTRIAL LIMITED RAY LONG INTERNATIONAL MARINE LIMITED TIANGE INTERNATIONAL (HONGKONG) LIMITED 852 Media Limited Asian Harbour Co Ltd ASIAN KING CO LTD ASIAN LEADER DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Pan Asian Enterprise Corporation PAN-ASIA RESOURCES PTE LTD Panasia Investment (H.K.) Ltd Luxuriant Int'l (HK) Limited Golden Phoenix Trading Co. GOLDEN PHOENIX (ASIA) LIMITED Golden Phoenix Manufacturers FU YUET ENTERPRISES LTD Incorporated Owners of 406 D & E Des Voeux Rd W Comfort Trading Company China National Complete Plant Imp & Exp Corp Group Juratoys Asia Limited Kai Tai Engineering Co China Wing Industries Ltd HENGSIN INDUSTRIAL CO. LIMITED LISHENG ELECTRONICS (HK) LIMITED Mei Long Investments Limited Brilliant Company HERBAL LIFE HEALTH PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED Uniontex Industrial Limited SENIOR CARE LIMITED SANTOVA PATENT LOGISTICS CO. LIMITED WAH NGAI ANTIQUE LIMITED Brother Antique TOM ANTIQUES CO ARTS MIE ANTIQUES CO. Ngar Wah Antique PRIME ANTIQUE JUNBO ANTIQUE FORTUNE-ART ANTIQUE YUK AH HIN ANTIQUES HongKong Huashengde International Trading Limited HUI SHENG TRADING (H.K) LIMITED China COSCO (Hong Kong) Limited DCF Produce Co Limited Keppel Seghers Hong Kong Limited Dao Kee Construction Company Limited WINEY TRADING CO. SAM FUNG INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LTD REAL ON INTERNATIONAL LTD BONUS LINE GROUP LIMITED Sino Able International Limited ALLIED WORLDWIDE GROUP LIMITED New Century Digital Amber Asia Limited Sino Top International Industrial Limited SINO TOP TRADING INVESTMENT LIMITED Standard Luck Limited Standard International (H.K) Limited Happy Air Limited PACIFIC CO HONGKONG UP INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED ACTION TRADE COMPANY LIMITED Yan Sau YANSMAN LTD Yamasho Holdings Limited Century Co MASTER GO CO. LIMITED QuestMark Asia Limited ConceptLab International Company Limited NGAI WAH WAH NGAI & COMPANY SHINE MODEL (HONGKONG) TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED PROJECT MISSION LIMITED MIRAGE PRODUCTION CO Millennium Dragon Electronics Limited Michelin Asia-Pacific Import (HK) Limited MEGA POWER CORPORATION LIMITED MEDCARE INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED MASTER WIN INC LIMITED ma design Limited MARCO (HK) TRADING CORP Mercantile Trading Co LUEN WAH (H.K.) DEVELOPMENT LTD LUEN FUNG CO Luen Fat Co Ltd Loong Sang Ho LONG SANG INTERNATIONAL TRADING LTD LEE YUEN Yuen Lee LEE YUEN HONG LIMITED LAM KUI SING TIE COMPANY (SHEUNG WAN) KWONG HING Kingood Investment Company Limited KINGSON ELECTRONICS LIMITED K KAM MFG CO KARSON & CO KAI YUEN TRADING COMPANY WING SING COMPANY C.S. Electronics (HK) Limited New World Diamonds Limited Fanscope Limited YY HOLDING CO., LIMITED PART-TIME.COM LIMITED CHINA SYSTEM SECURITIES LIMITED China Systems (H.K.) Limited DA JUE MING LIGHTING HOLDINGS LIMITED AWG PARTNERS LIMITED ROGER MA & CO ROGER BUTTON & COMPANY Rogers South-Asia Inc Goldmold Limited SARAF INDUSTRIES LIMITED FAR EAST CORPORATION Greenford Limited FINE OCEAN CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING LIMITED Antares International (H.K.) Limited HONGKONG ANTAI (INT'L) TRADE CO. LIMITED HONG KONG UNIQUE MEDICAL GROUP LIMITED Goldiball Co Ltd WING TRANS LIMITED SUCCESS BRIGHT CONSULTANTS LIMITED CREATION SUCCESS INDUSTRIAL&TRADING (HK) LIMITED HONG KONG RONG CHANG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED JUNE NGAI & COMPANY Junion Company Limited Junmin Scientific Instrument (Hong Kong) Limited JUNOU IMPORT & EXPORT CO. LIMITED CHINA SUCCESS INDUSTRIAL LIMITED EVER PROSPEROUS LIMITED WANGIN COMPANY LIMITED WANGIN COMPANY WANG TREND LTD MINADA LIMITED HING KEE CO G.I Limited POWER-SOUND (HK) COMPANY Studio Ten SINO BRIGHT DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Primex Technology Limited PRIME TIME INC LIMITED ORIENTAL ENTERPRISES COMPANY MACRO VICTOR LIMITED EGB Limited BRIGHT SINO INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Sino-Bright Paper Products Co Primo Investment Limited PRIME RESORT INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED CENTRAL PEARL PROPERTIES CO. LIMITED Pearls of Orient Oriental Overseas Limited Hong Kong Companies Online Limited BUD ON CREATION LIMITED ON.CC CREATION LIMITED Norton Corporation (HK) Limited HANG NGAI HIN LIMITED Ngai Hing Trading (HK) Co Oriental Star Investment Limited ECX DIRECT LIMITED DIR Company Limited PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION DIRECT LIMITED OCEANIC INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Uni-President Hong Kong Holdings Limited UNIQUE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LIMITED Uniplast Industries Far East Limited CCIC Finance Limited FULL WEALTH ARTS & JEWELLERY COMPANY LIMITED InternetMedia Limited A & A DESIGN LIMITED LFDI Corporate Directors Limited BOUTIQUE DESIGN LIMITED Sunbase International Properties Management Limited GREEN FOREVER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED TRIPLE SUPPLY LTD HIP HING CO HIP HING HONG MING TAI HIP HING LOONG COMPANY Sino Strong International Limited Right Choice Enterprises Limited Jackie Wang Photography TRANS-OCEAN INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED TRANS OCEAN-PACIFIC FORWARDING LTD Ocean Wise Transportation Limited ORIENTAL SOURCE FINANCE LTD A Step Aheads Company Limited Team Consulting Limited CONCORD TEAM INTERNATIONAL LTD Team Concord International Limited EVER VICTOR ENGINEERING LIMITED Hop Le Trading Co Bao Biochem Trading Corporation Limited Fame Base Investment Limited Brain Fame Ltd FAME CREATIVE ENTERPRISES LIMITED FAIRCORD LIMITED MEGA FAME ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED Horizon Securities (Hong Kong) Limited K. C. SECRETARIAL LIMITED SINO CARE LIMITED SILVER NOBLE TRADING LIMITED MULTI STAR INVESTMENT (GROUP) LIMITED MULTI-COURSE INVESTMENT LIMITED New Century Properties Investments Limited BODYCARE COMPANY Ever Million Gold Limited GRADE TOP INC LIMITED Sky Grand Int'l Trading Limited TRANS-GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL INC. LIMITED DYNAMIC ART COMPANY LIMITED KINGBURG INDUSTRY CO. LIMITED Kingdin Industrial & Trade Co. Limited KINGLAND INDUSTRIAL (HK) LIMITED KINGSWEALTH INDUSTRIAL LTD ASIA DYNAMIC INTERNATIONAL LTD Shanghai Book Co Ltd Shanghai Products Limited CHUNG FONG & CO. CHUNG LIM INVESTMENT LTD REDSTORES GLOBAL LIMITED Redstone Trans Global Limited UNION INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Comemore Enterprise Limited Zhongteng International Logistics Company Limited International Properties Investment Limited Turbo Apparel Limited TUNG TAI HONG ASCEND TECHNOLOGIES DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Billion International Limited WINNING GOLD ENTERPRISE LIMITED STAR CENTRE LTD Legend Estates Limited Hong Kong Mentech Electronics Co., Limited EASTERN WIDE INVESTMENT LIMITED EASTERN SINO INVESTMENT LIMITED E-STAR ELECTRONICS LIMITED Star East Enterprises Limited STAR PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMITED Star House Properties Management Consultant Ltd INVENTEC (ASIA) COMPANY LIMITED Group Advertising Limited, The Agility Group Company Limited China Prosper Industries Ltd FOCUS ENTERPRISES CO. LIMITED GREENEX LIMITED GOLDFATE LIMITED Idea Partners Limited ADVANCE GAIN DEVELOPMENT LIMITED HUGE GROWTH CO LTD HUGO EXPRESS LTD CAPITAL FULL (H.K.) LIMITED Profits and Co PROFIT ALL LTD CREATION CO Asian Finance SUCCESS COSMETICS TRADING LIMITED BEST CREATIVE CHINA LIMITED WINTOP INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Smart Choice (Hong Kong) Industrial Company Limited SUN TIMES PUBLISHING LIMITED Star Profit Limited Personal Communication Network Limited Best Foundation Enterprises Limited CHELON DEVELOPMENT LTD Ocean Gold Limited Golden Ocean Engineering Company Limited CPS CONSULTING LIMITED Chasen Company Limited InvestLab Technology Limited Taikang Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited BRIGHTEC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED CHUN HING LUNG TRADING COMPANY LIMITED CHANG HSIN CO TENG KEE Teng Fuh Company Limited GREENLED INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED GREENHOME INT'L (H.K.) CO. LIMITED Greenbelt International Co., Limited LONGXIN CORPORATION CO. LIMITED Schmoll Asia Pacific Limited Links International Relocations Limited LONGON (SECRETARIES AND NOMINEES) LIMITED HKSCC Nominees Limited Elliss Jewelry Company Limited EAGLE MAX ENTERPRISE LIMITED HWA KER ENTERPRISE (H.K.) COMPANY LIMITED Kawatoyo (H.K.) Electric Company Limited SUNLUCK CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING LTD ETS P N H AIR FREIGHT (SHEUNG WAN) PLAYERSHOP GAME CENTRE (FAR EAST) LIMITED Trend Exports Limited STEEL CORPORATION LIMITED YONGZE COMPANY LIMITED Yongfang Development Limited Tai Ping Circuits Technology Limited HK HENSUN INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED HONG KONG JIA LIAN INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED LAI WAH CHARITABLE FUND LIMITED Chung Nan Industrial Supplies Company, Limited Cavotec Hong Kong Limited Innoform-Ashfield Capital Limited CHAN & FUNG SECRETARIAL SERVICES LTD CHEERSEES CO LTD HPC HEALTHCARE & PHARMA CONSULTING LIMITED TLC Consultants Ltd Coloriance Company Limited Regional Container Lines (H.K.) Limited Sambang International Trading Co. Limited Grana Group Limited Apeiron International (HK) Limited POWER LEGEND CONSULTANTS LIMITED HONG KONG TRADING COMPANY Hong Kong Trade and Services Limited H.K. In Trading Limited GLOBE OWNS INTERNATIONAL ONLINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Medical Alliance Networks Limited Nexus Medical Alliance Limited Global Gate Investment Limited UNION WORLD INDUSTRIAL LIMITED KWONG FUK HONG RESOURCE (CHINA) INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT CO. LIMITED ASIA RESOURCE INVESTMENT (CHINA) LIMITED FOREST CITY LIMITED LEGEND ART INTERNATIONAL LIMITED GOLDEN LEGEND INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Poly Legend International Limited LEGEND INTERNATIONAL EXPRESS GROUP LIMITED New Legend International Limited China Legend International Ltd Legend Ford Limited Legend Ventures Holding Limited New Legend Holdings Limited LEGEND SUCCESS CORPORATION LIMITED CHINA HARVEST ENTERPRISES LTD SUN & CO Nippon Kendai Research & Development Limited PARAMOUNT MANUFACTURING GROUP LIMITED Antek Company, Limited Antec Corporation Limited True Friendship Limited Matech Limited Charter King Limited GMS Enterprise (Hong Kong) Limited PARAMAX MARKETING SYSTEM LIMITED Oriental Power Limited Yuen Hing Cheong Co Ltd Urban Media Limited MING SHENG GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED Trading Co. Limited GERMANY KINGSUN ELECTRONIC CO., LIMITED CNW & CO. Guang Yuan International (Hong Kong) Co. Limited H.M. CHAN LTD LEE HING TRADING CO (SHEUNG WAN) SHENG HIN MEDICINE & CHEMICAL TRADE CO New Sunshine Technology Limited RICH BUSINESS LIMITED J&C Development Co Ltd - HK Office JJ (Hong Kong) Trading Limited Rice Electronics (H.K) Co., Limited Sino Bright Asia Pacific Limited SINCO CONSULTANTS Mercoroz Limited BROADWELL ENTERPRISES LTD CHINA GREEN LIMITED China Greetings Limited CHINA GREEN INVESTMENT LTD CORPORATE SECRETARIES LTD Corpsec Limited CORPORATE INTERIOR SERVICES LIMITED Corporate Consumer Communications Limited ADVANCED TELECOM COMPANY LEAD COMPANY Lead Choice Ltd ADVERTISING COMPANY LIMITED, The VISION MARKETING COMPANY Foster Stationery Supplies Starlite Company STARLITE CORPORATION LIMITED HORIZONS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED AS Consultant Limited KEEN ACTION CONSULTING LIMITED Daily Credit Management Limited Asia Rock Art Limited CHAMPION SEEKER LIMITED Champion Linkage Limited SYNERGETIC CORPORATION LIMITED Silicea Limited NEW HORIZON INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED FRESH GOURMET HONG KONG LIMITED FRESH CONCEPT (HONG KONG) LIMITED Faiveley Transport Far East Limited Brandtone (Hong Kong) Limited Brandsten (Hong Kong) Ltd TOP VISION INTERNATIONAL LIMITED SUN STATIONERY CO. GLORY POWER INTERNATIONAL LTD Hong Kong Towers Limited Central Minerals Co., Limited Century Brilliant Limited Goldera Development Limited China Innovation Investment Limited CHAMP MASTER INDUSTRIAL LIMITED CHUN QIU ANTIQUE PERFECT SINER LTD PERFECT GOLD CO LTD PERFECT GLAMOUR LIMITED BENTLEYS INVESTMENT AND MORTGAGE CONSULTANTS LIMITED Everblue Corporation Limited Poly International Auction (HK) Co., Limited Hon Hing KENTWICK INTERNATIONAL LTD Wiltex Limited GDH Limited Evercohol Limited Great Allied Corporation Limited China Success Shipping Company Limited BRIGHT SUNNY LIMITED Sing Hing Hong HUALIAN INDUSTRIAL LIMITED PEARL SIGNAL INVESTMENTS LTD SIN LAI SANG SHINY HEALTH MEDICAL SERVICES LIMITED SHINY HEALTH MEDICAL CENTRE HAYCO CO CHINA OCEAN ASIA LIMITED Seven Ocean Asia Limited Sunpower Trading Company Limited SUNPOWER DEVELOPMENT LTD Sunpower Manufacturing Company Limited ARKSUN INT'L LIMITED Archetype Interactive Limited Frankie & Friends Holdings Ltd Hong Kong Friend Holding Limited Heyi HongKong Trading Limited Hai Cheung Trading Company (H.K.) Limited Hai Luen Trading Company (Hong Kong) Limited ART TALENT ASIA LIMITED Hongland Company Limited TOP RAINBOW ENTERPRISE LTD U.K BUMPER BIOCHEMISTRY CO. LIMITED PROGRESS TRANSPORT CO NICE PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL LTD FAITH PROGRESS LIMITED Medas Limited Equal Profit Limited Max Queen Development Limited Munsun Asset Management (Asia) Limited CMC ELECTRONICS WHOLE FORM RESOURCES LTD Grand Bulk Shipping Limited United Aim Limited DOUBLE H PRODUCTION LIMITED WHALE OCEAN (HK) LIMITED HENLEY COMPANY Wing On Department Stores (Hong Kong) Limited, The WING ON TAI TRADING CO (SHEUNGWAN) WING ON TRANSPORTATION COMPANY TOTAL MEDIA ASIA LIMITED Image Design & Printing (Hong Kong) Limited Image Design And Printing Co Ltd M SQUARE WORKSHOP TACK LIMITED Hong Kong Precious Metals Traders Association Limited Hong Kong Precious Metals Exchange Limited Winson (International) Insurance Agency Ltd Shing Fook Ho Funeral GREAT CHINA CONSULTANT LIMITED KHIMCO (H.K.) LIMITED PROMOBAIRES LIMITED AVES ASIA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Culture Technology Limited HONG KONG YOUTH CHINESE CULTURAL EXCHANGE CENTRE LIMITED PROMARK PROPERTIES LTD SPEED SEARCH Prompt Limited EAGLES & COMPANY LIMITED EAGLE EXPRESS LTD HAIR DIFFUSION HONG KONG LIMITED INTERNATIONAL PUTI CULTURAL DIFFUSION LIMITED XINHUA CULTURE DIFFUSION GROUP LIMITED PROMOTORS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED LONGENT LTD CHOY NG & CO BESTWAY OVERSEAS LTD OVERSEAS EDUCATIONAL CENTRE (MONGKOK) Tasco Optics (Hong Kong) Limited Tech Wood Investments Limited Platinum Wines Limited MILLION SOUND LIMITED Orange Lighting Limited Longwise Trading Limited CHINA XINHENG TRADING CO., LIMITED XINES China Limited EXP Comm Corporation Limited D & G CONCEPTS (HK) LIMITED G&H Economic Trading Company Limited MODA CO. LIMITED FULL ARTS ADVERTISING CO (SHEUNG WAN) Comint Limited Buraus Limited Bo Bo Studio INTER MODE COMPANY LIMITED ASIA BUSINESS HQ LIMITED BJ Business Network Ltd AGENCE OUVRAY LIMITED Safaro International Able International Enterprises Limited Across Mold Industrial (HK) Limited HONG KONG HUIJIN INVESTMENTS LIMITED GOLDEN FAME INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED VODAFONE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Tiffany Bakery Shop ORIENT FAME HOLDINGS LIMITED Tea Hua Development Co Supresoft Limited ARABLE MEDIA LIMITED RED ANT MEDIA LIMITED Supertech Evolution Security Systems Asia Limited BRIGHTON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Fame Bros. Limited Harbour Rights Limited STARTKEY CO LTD Bright Step International Limited HK BRIGHT START INT'L LIMITED AYA Co. (HK) Limited RICHNET LIMITED SAM SING TRANSPORATION CO (SHEUNG WAN) COMMERCIAL SING KEE TRANSPORT CO SHING HING TRANSPORTATION CO Wai Shing Transportation Co Ltd SINOLUCK TRANSPORTATION LIMITED Polka Dot Design Limited HK BLAHE GARDEN ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION LTD KING BLEY (HONG KONG) SHOES LEATHER AND GARMENT LIMITED BHC PHARMACEUTICAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED B B C Limited BCC Global Marketing Limited BC Nominees Limited BOOKS THOMPSON WISDOM WILL LIMITED WASON INDUSTRIAL CO Cona Limited ATECH GLOBAL LIMITED ATECH INVESTMENTS LIMITED S T CHENG & CO. SOLICITORS IBI Hong Kong Limited IBI Projects Limited Hing Lung Enterprises Platform Design Associates Limited AT CONTAINER LINE LIMITED COMPUTER ACCOUNTING & MGT SERVICES PORTIA FOODS LIMITED FAIR CHINA MANAGEMENT LIMITED FAIRYWAY COMPANY LIMITED NEW CENTURY ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRIC GROUP CO. LIMITED EVERPROFIT CO EVERPRIDE COMPANY LIMITED CHINA CANO INDUSTRY CO. LIMITED HONG KONG JIAYE GROUP CO. LIMITED Hong Kong Jia Jie Trading Limited HONGKONG JIAWEI FOOD LIMITED Ai Select Limited RELIANCE SKY LTD BARRY LEUNG & CO. ETERNAL PROSPERITY INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED AJAY PACIFIC LIMITED FRANCONIA COMPANY LIMITED Frank Limited France Contracting Company Limited EURO-CHINA PRODUCTIONS LTD CASSION ELECTRONIC (HK) CO. LIMITED CLARITY SOLUTIONS LIMITED CHANNEL SHIPPING LTD Lansen Medicine (Hong Kong) Limited Lansheng E & M Limited Honorway Secretaries Limited Optima Company Limited Optimal (China) Machinery Co., Limited OPTIMAL SOURCES CO. LIMITED A PRODUCTIONS & COMMUNICATIONS A & A I-PRODUCT LIMITED Hyde Park Limited NEW HYDE CO LTD ZHENSHI GROUP (HK) SINOSIA TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED Wah Wai Industrial (H.K.) Company Limited Wah Hong Hang CHUNG WAH HONG TRADING CO Kash International Limited Silver City Limited Silver City International (Holdings) Limited Silver City International Holding Limited Worldpurse Enterprises Ltd YWK International Limited Lister Trading Co GREAT EASTERN (WORLDWIDE) TRADING CO LTD VITTORIO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Image Enterprises Ltd Ultra Image Advertising Company IMAGE THEATRE IMAGE MAKER CANDID HO ARCTIC ENTERPRISES LIMITED ROLAND CAPITAL LIMITED WATSON BOGASARI CO LTD BUSINESS ACCESS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ASIA FULL LIMITED Fuji Chinon M&E (HK) Co., Limited COMPELITE LTD Compass Ventures Group Limited Comprehensive Systems Limited Trigon Components (Hong Kong) Limited Never No Limited Hydrodynamic Industrial Company Limited HIGH RIGHT RESOURCES CO. LIMITED GO RIGHT HOLDINGS LIMITED Ritz Healthcare Management Services (HK) Limited Top Right (Hong Kong) Limited GRAND RIGHT INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED HEAD WEB HOLDINGS LIMITED WAH SHING ENTERPRISES & TRADING CO WAH SHING MARINE PRODUCT ICAP Equities Asia Limited Sunup International Trade Limited Doma International Trillion Corporation Holdings Limited TRILLIONS PROGRESS HOLDINGS LIMITED ZENITH ENGINEERING COMPANY, LIMITED Asia Trading Systems Co., Limited Japan China Dragon Optical Limited Karmen (Hong Kong) Limited KAREN INVESTMENTS LTD CROWN INTER-TRADE LTD WORLD WIDE ASSOCIATED LTD WORLD-WIDE SYSTEM LTD Dragon Eagle Development Limited Hongkong Charter Chemical Limited Triumph Fashion International Textile (HK) Co. Limited WELL HARVEST TEXTILES (HONG KONG) LTD Taisei (Hong Kong) General Trading Limited Dongdi Textile (HK) Co. Limited Wellmix Textiles Hong Kong Limited PRODECO BOX HKCB Finance Limited ALICO INDUSTRIES COMPANY LIMITED Hang Hing Roaster Meat HANG HING LUNG CO LTD Hang Hing Roasted Food Factory HANG HING PRINTING CO LTD Hang Hing Lung Ginseng Co Ltd Hang Hing Prestige Company Limited HANG HING MAY JEWELLERY & FASHION CO. Kwong Hang Hing Co Ltd, The Hong Kong Hao Chen Yuan Industrial Co., Limited Hao-Yung International (H.K.) Co. Hai Yue Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Limited HAIYI (HONG KONG) RESOURCE CO. LIMITED Hai Tong Asset Management (HK) Limited HONGKONG HAOYU ELECTRONIC LIMITED Hai Fu Marine Electrical & Hardware Company HAI CHEONG MARINE ELECTRIAL CO HAO TIAN DI (HK) TECHNOLOGIES ELECTRONIC LIMITED Macro Sky International Limited HK PASS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ASIA PACIFIC LAW ASSOCIATION LIMITED Horizon Electronic Technology Hong Kong Limited Horizon Textiles (Hong Kong) Limited Clear Deal Limited SUNTIME WATCH LIMITED SUNITEX CORPORATION LIMITED B&C International Logistics (HK) Limited BC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ROYALLY INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Royal International Industrial Limited Techno-Chem Limited S.L.Lee & Lau Alex World Trade Company Limited HOI PO CO (SHEUNG WAN) OCEAN SUPPLY CO (SHEUNG WAN) C & C COMPANY Pro-Carrier Consolidation Company Limited TIDES LIMITED View Point Development Limited Marigold Writes Limited SPECIAL PRIVILEGE INC TRADING LIMITED Microchem Specialities Trade Limited Wonderful International Group (HK) Limited WONDERFUL IMPORT & EXPORT (HK) LIMITED Bala Asia Ltd Ace Group (HK) Limited Ace Tours & Travel Co (HK) Zenno Group Limited LUCKY STARS TRADING CO Honfield Asia Limited HONFILL LTD C G A SERVICES (H.K.) LTD TOP ONE LTD CHINA X&Y INT'L CHAIN LIMITED XY International Limited ABC UP LIMITED Tempus Investment Research Limited Katya Holdings Limited Excalibur Global Financial Group Limited CARNAGE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Charene International Trading Limited CHARM DAY INTERNATIONAL TOYS AND GIFTS INDUSTRIAL CO. LIMITE CARENET (HK) INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO. LIMITED Win Game Limited Harbour Food & Wine Limited WIN KEE LIMITED Colt Mackenzie McNair (Asia) Limited Kam Hong Lady Beauty Co TAQ INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED Peterson Far East Limited BEST STATE INVESTMENT LIMITED WELLFORD HOLDINGS LIMITED KITOYS TRADERS CO. (SHEUNG WAN) CHIAO TUNG COLD STORAGE Consultra International Limited INTERNATIONAL TAKAFUL CONSULTANTS LIMITED CONTI-TRANS (INTERNATIONAL) CO CONSTRUCTION INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED International Sales Consulting Limited HP International Company Limited HP & LI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED REALEY INTERNATIONAL LTD REAL INTERNATIONAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED Top World Trading Ltd Golison (HK) Industrial Limited MING HING DEVELOPMENT CO Ming Lee Hing MING ELECTRONICS COMPANY LIMITED BETTER AIR ASIA LIMITED China Inform Communication (Overseas) Ltd China Success Trading Ltd CHINA SUCCESS ENTERPRISES (H.K.) LIMITED Fortune (Worldwide) Limited ASIAN FIELD LIMITED ASIAN FAMOUS LIMITED ELITE BEST (HK) LIMITED BEST ELITE INC LIMITED ELITE BEST INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED ELITE BEST CORPORATION LIMITED ELITE BILLIONS LIMITED Batam Marketing & Management Consultants Ltd CHARLES' ART STUDIO FLORENCE FLORIST ALIBABA LOGISTICS GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED Chemwill Asia Co., Limited Coland International Trading Co., Limited Alcadent Limited Landsky International (Hongkong) Limited Friend-Fly Electronic Limited Dragon Call International Ltd Landx Group (HK) Co., Limited Vast Harvest International Limited Jinying Industrial (HK) Limited Huida Network Technology Co., Limited Springer Professional Group Limited Springtime Design Limited SPRINGHEAD (HONG KONG) CO LTD SANMAY LIMITED BRIGHT CRYSTAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED WINNERS TRADING CO Win Legend (Hong Kong) Limited CHINA LEGEND (HONG KONG) CONSULTANTS LIMITED Macau Legend Development (Hong Kong) Limited Asia Legend (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited C Lagence HK Limited SHANDONG SCINTAO IMP&EXP CO., LIMITED KINGFISHER PACIFIC COMPANY LIMITED A-SWISS SECRETARIAL SERVICES LIMITED RAMAS INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED SWISS PWDEN (HONGKONG) CO., LIMITED WO CHEONG INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Chiu Woo Cheong Co WHIM STAR CHARTERING CO., LIMITED Dai Lee Hong HONG ZHU DA (CHINA) INDUSTRIAL LIMITED HIGH TECH (ASIA) LIMITED Yuen Kwong Wo GRAND GLOBAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED WAH HING INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED Arlbor Watch Co Yingli Green Energy International Trading Limited Global Trading (Asia) Limited TOP KIT PRINTING COMPANY TOP TEN INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LIMITED Qianous Smart Trading Co., Limited B.U.T. Sourcing Limited Global Ocean Fisheries International Limited BLANC CO. Vayo Technology (Hongkong) Co., Limited A B C Management Ltd BURKE, FUNG & LI Byrock International Limited Smarteng Company Limited Triconcept Industry Limited Vasudev Global I Limited Vasudev Global Limited WAI YAN ENTERPRISE CO GLOBAL RICH LOGISTICS LIMITED Rich Logic International Limited VAST GLORY CORPORATION LIMITED Acting Antics International Limited CAT'S Links Media International Limited P. Cheung Wong & Co Tin Yee Chemical Trading Limited CENTURY TIANCHENG ELECTRONICS LIMITED Trade Meh Limited CHAMPION DRAGON INTERNATIONAL LTD CLARECO INTERNATIONAL LTD STREAMLINE TECH (HK) LIMITED PRO-STRETCH HONGKONG LIMITED CONAGRA (INTERNATIONAL) S.A. Conagra International (Hong Kong) Limited Hong Kong Ruifeng International Trading Limited Innovasians Limited Innovasian Limited Home Pro Electronics Co Lubeca Marine Agency (HK) Limited Incorporated Owners of 102 Repulse Bay Road Limited SINO REGENT INVESTMENTS LIMITED United Pacific Industries Limited Charter Link International Ltd UNIVERSAL GARMENT (HONG KONG) LIMITED SCHENKER CARGO HONG KONG K.T.K. CORPORATION LIMITED Melchers & Hinrichs (Hong Kong) Limited Melchers Print & Pack (HK) Limited Heron Investments Ltd ZEE HWA INTERNATIONAL (HK) COMPANY LIMITED UNITED PRODUCE CO LTD United Prosper Holdings Limited Asia Pacific Land Development Ltd Asia Pacific Land Development Limited Bright Talent Development Limited SUN HOP HO SINO TRUMP LIMITED Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited Li & Fung (Asia) Limited Kei & K Asia Limited CAPITAL CONSULTING Veolia Water South China Limited Pan-Asia Cable Limited PAN-ASIA MEDICAL CO PAN ASIAN LTD V LINK INTERNATIONAL LTD Link-On International Limited Radar Global Limited LUCKY GAIN INDUSTRIES LTD Bantex Limited MEGA PROFIT ASIA GROUP LIMITED BARRON LIMITED LA B.WING GALERIE LIMITED HUTIEN LTD NEW COUNTRY INVESTMENT LIMITED BEST LIGHTING SOLUTION CO. LIMITED VST Computers (H.K.) Limited Computer House HK Limited, The HANG FUNG TRADING CO (SHEUNG WAN) GROW UP TRADING LIMITED WELL CASTLE PRINTING EQUIPMENT LIMITED PRINT WELL CO. LIMITED WAI HONG HONG LIMITED GOLDEN OCEAN ENTERPRISES LIMITED R M Development Limited WAI HING INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED TIN LOONG HONG LIMITED ELLIOTT LIMITED Global Fortune Capital Limited China Telecom (Hong Kong) Group Limited GSI SECURITY & INVESTIGATION SERVICES LIMITED HONG KONG MEDICINE CO Hong Kong Medical Network Limited HK Medical Centre The Top Way Trading Limited Crown Well Technologies Limited AMA CPA Limited Noble Services Group Asia Limited Soony Electronics Co., Limited Sonna Limited Michael Law & Co MICHAEL YUEN & CO. MICHAEL FURN GALLERY Group Sky Investment Ltd HONG KONG CAROLL INVESTMENT (GROUP) LIMITED Everbest International Investment Group Limited Yan Ming Group Investment Company Limited EURO ASIA INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT GROUP LIMITED Pivotal Investments Limited GLOBAL CORPORATE VENTURES LIMITED Likson Acrylic Arts Co Inroads Limited M-Tek International Limited MARCO-PAOLO LTD Marco-Paolo U V Limited Associated Meat Distributors Ltd ASY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ASEA International Group (U.S.A) Holding Co. Limited Dr. Vio & Partners Limited Road Services Limited Clinsign Ltd ClinEdge Limited CAPSTON LTD R & E Trading (H.K.) Company Limited Major Trend Entertainment Limited Major International (China) Limited Limelight Media Group Limited LOTUS Containers Limited Ka-Das International Forwarding Co New Millennium Skin Limited WIDE ELEGANT ASIA LIMITED

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