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CLOUD FORT DEVELOPMENT CO LTD Cloud Corner Limited ROSY CLOUDS Mayfair Fine Wines (HK) Company Limited MAYFAIR MANUFACTURING CO LTD CRYSTAL BRIGHT CO LTD OCEAN WINNER TRADING LIMITED SAMIA LTD GROUP WINNER TRADING LIMITED DF Specialty Limited Real Hope International Limited Hasee Computer (H.K.) Limited EUROPEAN TRADE HOUSE COMPANY LIMITED J.C.E. AGENTS LTD MEGA PROFIT ASIA GROUP LIMITED Prime (HK) Co GOLF CO MAJOR ENTERPRISE CO., LIMITED CYBERBASE CO CYBER LEADER LTD CYBER FAIR LTD Cyber War Limited CYBER MOBILE CYBER ERA CORPORATION LIMITED Cyberland (H.K.) Limited CYBER EXPRESS LIMITED CYBER HAIR IBM Nominees Limited IBMH CORPORATION LIMITED Square King We (International) Company W & H INTERNATIONAL LTD WIN STAR TOYS MANUFACTORY LIMITED HONG DA INTERNATIONAL TRADING LTD HONG DA ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED Sun Hong Da (H.K.) Industries Limited DA TUNG HONG YEE DA HONG HONG DA SMART HOLIDAY LIMITED WISE CREATION CORPORATION LIMITED SUN SINO ELECTRONICS (HONG KONG) LIMITED WISE CREATION LIMITED Team Work Engineering Limited GRACE WISE CREATION LIMITED Sun Electronics (HK) Limited SATISLOH ASIA LIMITED TINK LABS LIMITED Mingfame Transportation Limited GLOBAL FAIR (HONG KONG) LTD REGENT CREST LTD REGENTON LTD Regentact Company Limited National Well Investments Limited BUTTS CO LTD D & B PRODUCTION COMPANY Ming Kee Container Transp Co. REGENT GOOD LTD Regent Apex Ltd NEW TECHNOLOGIES LTD New Technology Development Limited New Tech Screen Printing Supplies Limited New Tech Electronic Trains Company Limited New Tech BUT KAM INVESTMENT CO LTD AOK Electronic Limited Alson Electronics Co., Limited ELECTRIC EXPRESS LIMITED AFA ELECTRONICS LIMITED Aceco Electronics Limited ELECTRIC PLAZA Electronic Technology Company Limited Edelweiss Co Amity Electronics Limited Au Yim Kee Electrical Co GEM INDUSTRIAL (HK) LIMITED Transamine Far East Limited GLAMOUR DEVELOPMENT (HK) LIMITED Northvale Industrial Company Limited Nam Sang Company Sunway International Industrial Limited Springboard Limited Chemwill Asia Co., Limited INCORPORATED OWNERS OF SPRINGFIELD COURT (FLOWER MARKET ROAD INCORPORATED OWNERS OF SPRINGWIDE MANSION THE INCORPORATED OWNERS OF THE SANITARIAN APARTMENTS THE Liquid Tek International Limited Springood Garments Limited Springdale Fashions Limited Dongnan Metallurgical Minerals (Hong Kong) Co Ltd SPRINGFIELD MULTI DEVICES T C SO & CO (CENTRAL DISTRICT) SPRINGOOD INTERNATIONAL LTD Chan K W & Associates Architects & Engineers SPRINGALE FASHIONS LTD WONG ERNEST W C ARCHITECTS (CENTRAL DISTRICT) SPRINGDALE INVESTMENT CO LTD Nam Sang Co PRESTIGIOUS HOTEL REPRESENTATIVES (CENTRAL DISTR Laurence Pang & Co Springer Asia Limited Grayers HK Sub, Limited Springer Professional Group Limited Coland International Trading Co., Limited Springhead Trading Company HONG WAI HOME CENTRE LIMITED MEGA PROFIT INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT LIMITED MEGA PROFIT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED MEGA PROFIT INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED GOLDENIN OCEAN COMPANY LIMITED GOLDEN OCEAN (HK) COMPANY HONG WA CO. Kwai Chung Gerocomy Centre World Wide Art Products Company Limited Eurotech Networking (Asia) Distributin Co. Concept Development Limited TECHNOFILE COMPANY LIMITED Well Nation Holdings Limited FORTRESS GROUP LIMITED BUTT CENTRE REGENT CATERING MANAGEMENT (HONG KONG) LIMITED Blanck Investment Group Limited Cloud Connect Technology Limited Hoffman Hong Kong Limited ELITE SMART TRADING LIMITED Dah Chong Hong (China) Limited INFO-RESOURCES COMMUNICATION LIMITED Concord Information Technology Limited China Inform Communication (Overseas) Ltd CM Concept Information Limited INFOEDGE RESEARCH & COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED Concord Information Technology International Limited Well Way China Limited Central Electronics Company CENTRAL BODY LIMITED DRAGON GLORY TECHNOLOGY LTD Advance Rich Industries Ltd SPIRIT ARTS COMPANY MING FAI (CHEMICAL) TRADING CO INTERNATIONAL ANTI-CANCER RESEARCH CENTRE LIMITED International Anti-Aging Fund Limited CHAMPION DRAGON HOLDINGS LIMITED HUNG KIN CHEMICALS TRADING CO GLORIENT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Gold Glory Technologies Limited Glory Technology (Hong Kong) Limited COLOR STAR UNIVERSAL DESIGN CO., LIMITED Neil Pryde Industries Limited MIGHTY CURRENT MEDIA COMPANY LIMITED Eurotech Limited Homwin International Investment Limited SUNCO PROPERTIES LIMITED EUROTECH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED EUROTEX LTD Eurotech East Asia Co PRIME LTD GOLF COUNTRY LIMITED Golf Limited GOLF CORPORATION LTD Prime (H.K.) Limited Gulf Kingdom Petroleum (Hong Kong) Company Limited PRIME COMPANY Superene Limited Superfree Company Limited SUPERWISE LTD Evolution Security Systems Asia Limited GREAT EAST DEVELOPMENT LIMITED E LIGHTING GROUP LIMITED GT MANAGEMENT (ASIA) LTD Mega Carry Ind'l Co MARCOSTAR DEVELOPMENT LIMITED A-LINK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED TAIMIN PETROLEUM & CHEMICALS LIMITED Goodrich Asia-Pacific Limited Thermo Fisher Scientific (Hong Kong) LImited TINCOM (CHINA-HK) LOGISTICS LIMITED Crown Allied Limited DELCO LTD DELCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Alcan Limited IZ-DIRECT ENTERPRISE LIMITED Alcadent Limited Alcan Corporation Limited Alcan Company Cheung Kong Medicine Hong Sun Smart Telecom CHEUNG KONG TRADING CO. CHEUNG KONG MEDICINE CO KWONG YUEN MEAT COMPANY SUN SMART GLASS LIMITED CHEUNG KONG (HUNAN) LIMITED SUN SMART TELECOM CO. Hong Kong Cheung Kwong Enterprises Holdings Limited SUN SMART TELECOM LIMITED KWONG YUEN PLASTIC MOULD FTY Yuen Kwong Wo YI YI GUANGDONG LEATHERWARE COMPANY LIMITED KWONG YUEN TEA CO Dr. Yuen Hi Kwong Yuen Kwong Optical Co Kwong Yuen Auto Accessory Company Limited Yuen Kwong Plastic Fty Kwong Yuen Handbag Manufactory KONG CHEONG & CO Cheung Kong Sports Co WIN STATE ENTERPRISE LIMITED Win Star Logistics Limited Da Hong Zhen Limited Dai Lee Hong Artwork Printing Company Limited Wai Wah Company INTERLINK CO LTD Shiwo (Hong Kong) Limited Interflour Limited Interlead Corporation Limited WAH WAI COMPANY Wai Wah Colour Printing Industrial Limited LUEN HING REAL EST AGENT Scovill Japan Ltd SCOVILL SCHRADER FAR EAST LTD Hongkong Dingxing Enterprise Company Limited CAPITAL ALLIANCE CONSULTANTS LTD CONCRETE CAPITAL CO Yamato Trade And Industry (H.K.) Co., Limited CAPITAL CONSULTANT COMPANY Southern Cone Capital Limited Yamato Transport (HK) Limited Chin Fang Textile Co Cheung Lee Sewing Machine Co CHINA SYSTEM SECURITIES LIMITED China System Holdings Limited Wai Kee Motor Ltd China Southern International Express (HK) Limited RICH EVER HOLDING LIMITED ALTECH COMPUTERS (HONG KONG) LIMITED Gourmet en Provence Limited NEWTECH INTERNATIONAL Digital Home Limited LINKCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED CHINA SOUTHERN INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL LTD Pedder Transportation Company Limited Sony Limited Goldi Co Ltd Forever Gain International Limited GOLDINO CO LTD FOSTER ASSOCIATES HONG KONG (CENTRAL DISTRICT) Gateway Successful Limited De La Rue Systems Limited BUDDHA'S LIGHT INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HONG KONG LIMITE WELLY-ARK (HK) INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Vantek Limited

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