List of Corporate Headquarters in KWUN TONG

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BARD LIMITED ABS INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED EAST PLANET LIMITED ZHANG'S ENTERPRISE ZHANG'S ENTERPRISES COMPANY LIMITED EIC INTERNATIONAL CO LTD AC Education Limited JOHNSON'S COMPANY GO SUCCESS CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED Pharos Medical Device Limited Perfect (International) Fashion Company Limited Elead Global Limited Vtech Electronics Technology Limited DELUXE INPEX LTD KAM CHOI SERVICE CO. KAM SA SEAFOOD D & M CORPORATION LIMITED Aton International Limited BLUE FARM GROUP LIMITED Blue Farm Textile Limited HB & L LIMITED SUPER STAR INVESTMENT LTD Sanbase Limited MBM Mobile Limited STUDIO CITY HOLDINGS LIMITED Koland Trading Limited FITO Limited fit co., Limited I-SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED B & R Design Co ICONIC LIMITED Jolly City International Limited PINNACLE CREATION CO PINNACLE TRADING LTD Lite On Technology (H. K.) Twin Best Sources Co L & C HONG KONG CO Hua Long Enterprises Company ZHONG XING INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED FIVE IN ONE LIMITED PRD Technologies Limited Medical Technologies Limited MB TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED VITAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Shing Fung Plastic Model Factory CARVE HANDCRAFT MODEL FACTORY Ngai Cheong Model Factory CHIN CHEONG SHOE MODEL FACTORY K Y K KNIFE MODEL FACTORY Gold Star Metal Model Factory EGL LIMITED WA Hong Kong Limited Bravo Company MASTER CONCEPT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MASTER CONCEPT (HONG KONG) LIMITED TOP DYNASTY INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED WOW Living Company Limited EA Living Limited L & D Production Co K & S PRODUCTION LIMITED Wai Chung Enterprises Co Chung Wan Enterprises Ltd MAY'S COMPANY MAY'S CHINA LIMITED Bird System Limited SINOVANTAGE INVESTMENT CONSULTING LIMITED SKY TREND CPA LIMITED SKY TREND INC. LIMITED SKYTREND COMPANY LIMITED SKYTRONIC DIGITAL (HONG KONG) CO. LIMITED SUN SHINE TRADING COMPANY JUN FEI TRADING CO FEI SHUN TRADING CO AVINCAS PROJECT LIMITED AVANCO INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY YIWUSHI BAITAI MAOYI YOUXIAN CO., LIMITED Able Timepieces Ltd TCM NET CO LTD Pike Limited Lever Style Inc Champoil Oil & Chemical Company Limited Junyang (HK) Ind. Limited DSG HONG KONG SOURCING LIMITED MORNING SUN POST SOUTH CHINA STRING COMPANY Pct International Holdings Limited PCT Industries Limited TIAN CHANG GROUP HOLDINGS LTD. OASIS CORPORATION LIMITED Y Y Co BAO HANG RIO COMPANY LIMITED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL Research International Limited Ross International Limited China Sources Manufacturing Company Limited Source Moulding Manufacturing TOP SOURCE MANUFACTURING LTD CHENG'S (HOLDING) CO LTD Flying Dragon Industries Limited RIVER CAM CLINIC MANAGEMENT LIMITED SUN POINT INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED FREE DATA LTD SHIJI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) LIMITED LC ENTERPRISE GREENERY MUSIC LIMITED Team Leader Investments Limited PROFEX TRADING LIMITED Jit Logistics (Holdings) Limited Qwestro Limited King Jet Electronic (HK) Limited NIANSHENG ELECTRONICS (HK) TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Time Fashion Enterprise Co Rise Time Fashion Mfg. Co. Limited KM Plastics (HK) Limited R.I.L. INTERNATIONAL & GLOBAL LINK CO. LIMITED E-SYS Solution Limited PROSPERITY COMPANY DUN & BRADSTREET (HK) LIMITED CAPELLA INC LIMITED SINO MATERIAL SUPPLIES LTD Greenbuild Marketing Services Company Prime (H.K.) Limited Amazing Grace Limited LEO BURNETT LIMITED Digitas Hong Kong Limited ELITE CHINA SOURCING LIMITED Century Technology Company AUTOMATED LIGHTING SYSTEMS LIMITED TOP FUNG LIMITED INMARS LIMITED Safe Gold Wealth Management Limited GOLD WEALTH MEAT COMPANY LIMITED MS IDEA TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED IDEA TECHNOLOGY COMPANY HUNG CHEONG KNITTING FTY CHEONG MING KNITTING FTY Cheong Hing Knitting Fty CHUN YUE GARMENT FACTORY Manufacturers Life Insurance Company, The Goodmark International Limited ADAP.S ASIA COMPANY LIMITED Auto Printing Press Limited Union Printing Press iStar Consulting Limited I-STAR TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED PARISON CO LTD Man Power Printing Technology Limited TWL CONSULTING LTD HONG KONG ZHONGSHAN WESTERN DISTRICT FELLOWSHIP ASSOCIATION LIMITED Trend.HK Wai Hing Iron Works Limited FOCUS INDUSTRIES LIMITED FOCUS INDUSTRIAL CO Sinofair (Hong Kong) Limited SUNFAR HONG KONG LIMITED WINNITEX INDUSTRIAL LTD T.I.R. International Limited Trend Investment Co Cosmo Hong Kong Limited SOUTH OVERSEAS FASHIONS LIMITED Hanson Limited Ephone Limited ATECH COMMUNICATION (HK) LIMITED Max Omar International Company Limited Asiacom International Limited ASIACOM TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED SKILFUL LIMITED Designo Case Limited Wuhan Osmfan Technology Company Limited INV CORPORATION LIMITED ACA Business Solutions Limited HOLD FIELD LTD YIN YANG INVEST LIMITED TAI PING DECORATION CO Saiwan International Limited BRC Group Limited, The GOOD HARVEST PRODUCTION CO., LIMITED KINGSTAR INC LIMITED MECH RESOURCES (H.K.) COMPANY LIMITED MAXI-MIX INTERNATIONAL LTD JOIN MIX INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED Lee Yu Electrical Co Ltd AIR CONCEPTS LIMITED AZ Orei Asia Limited DR. PLAY LIMITED Play International Limited Alta Solutions Limited WAI YIP TRADING CO Wai Yip Trading Co. WAI YIN TRADING COMPANY Airbus Secure Land Communications Limited ROCK Training Consultants Limited Rock Training Consultants China Limited KAI HING INDUSTRIAL COMPANY KAI HING INDUSTRIAL CO CHING CHEONG FOUNDATION LIMITED HSH International (Hong Kong) Limited Growth Medical Limited H & L CPA Limited HOFFMAN COMPANY LIMITED Neutron Enterprise International Limited Le Teng Da International Limited GLOBAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED Green Manufacturing International Limited ASIA PACIFIC BUILDING MANAGEMENT LIMITED M Plus Design Ltd Design Plus Promotion Limited P & M Studio Williams Limited Datas Limited Hero Investment Limited CHAMP SMART INVESTMENT LIMITED CHAMP SMART TRADING LIMITED Faith Win Limited Faith Win Development Limited BINGO COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY LIMITED GOODWILL CHINA-HK LOGISTICS LIMITED Fort Telecom Asia Limited STEADFAST GROWTH LTD International News (HK) Limited Toyland Rubber Mfg Factory Bird Hong Kong Ltd NewTrek Systems Limited Ace - Active Component Electronics Limited ACTIVE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED RICH TECH LIMITED ASIA DATA CENTER LIMITED DENT WIRELESS LIMITED Dorshare Limited PERFECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT & COMPANY Perfect Asset Management Limited MAJOR (HK) LIMITED TALENT CONSULTANCY LIMITED DENUO LIMITED Tac Car Alarms and Audio Specialists Limited Leader Smart (Hong Kong) Limited Gold Tower Limited Emerson Electronics Limited DSG ENERGY LIMITED EB SERVICES LIMITED GIB INSURANCE MANAGEMENT LIMITED Newtex International Limited NEWTEX HOLDINGS LIMITED Nowtex Company Foreverank Limited EVER PROSPER (H.K.) CO Kwan Yiu (HK) Enterprise Company EMC (HK) CO., LIMITED VTECH ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING COMPANY Futech Electronics Co. FU TAK LA LEATHER PRODUCTS LTD TRAVEL 3000 LIMITED Captain Nutrition Limited MONSTER PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT CO LTD Golden Pictures Entertainment Limited PARASON INDUSTRIES LIMITED Top Hero Corporation Limited H.Y. HOLDINGS LIMITED Bensalino Leather Co Ltd FAT TAR PLASTIC BAG FACTORY Delta Networks International Ltd ECCO SHOES HONG KONG LIMITED Holiday Market International Ltd Karma (Far East) Limited BG LIMITED LA SUISSE INDUSTRIAL LTD Twin-Star Trading Co Limited RAFFLES PARTNERS ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED HUNG YUAN HONG KONG LIMITED LEVI STRAUSS GLOBAL TRADING COMPANY II, LIMITED LEVI STRAUSS GLOBAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED LEVI STRAUSS (HONG KONG) LIMITED D&P ELECTRICAL CO. Vision-CN Limited Real High Development Ltd Gold Glory Technologies Limited GLORY TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED PACIFIC POWER GROUP (HOLDINGS) LIMITED IPC INDUSTRIES (H.K.) LIMITED A C Technology Limited MP Group Limited Fair Honour International QIMA TESTING (HK) LIMITED Noble (Holdings) Limited DAVID B & CO SMARTONE MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED HABA Asia Limited YOU FIND LIMITED Find 2 Meals Limited CTC ENTERPRISE GULF AGENCY COMPANY (HONG KONG) LIMITED Silicone Total Solution Limited Whole Duty Investment Limited LUCK ON CORPORATION LIMITED LUCK-ON LIMITED Wing's Toys Co. Wing Shing Toy Factory Wing Sing Toy Factory Wing Hong Industrial Co WING HOI INDUSTRIAL CO GRAND POWER GLOBAL COMPANY TALENT VOICE LIMITED DARWIN INDUSTRIAL LTD T & C COMPANY Mediterranean Taste Essence (Hong Kong) Limited SML Group Limited SML SOURCING LIMITED SML (HONG KONG) LIMITED SML SHANDONG LIMITED WESTHEAD MEDIA LIMITED Hongkong Tours Limited EAST ASIA PROPERTY AGENCY (CHINA) COMPANY LIMITED AGT COMPANY SKY CENTURY TRADING LIMITED Asia Motorcycle Limited Infoware Systems (Asia Pacific) Limited Infoware Systems Limited HONG KONG KINGSTAR INDUSTRIAL LIMITED CHAMPLEAD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED CHINA ORIENTS LIMITED INTERNATIONAL DESIGN CORPORATE LIMITED Dai Cheong Co Dai Chi Engineer Co INFINITE CORRIDOR LIMITED CO-OP Control Mart Limited CONTROL AIR TRADING CORPORATION LTD G And J Ltd Stepper Eyewear Limited ASCOLITE FAR EAST CO., LIMITED Ascolite HK Company Ascolite H.K. Limited Ascolite HK Company Limited C & V HOLDINGS LIMITED INVESTOR POWER LIMITED World Express Corporation Limited WORLD EXPRESS INC. LIMITED WORLD EXPRESS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED WTT WORLD EXPRESS (HK) LIMITED Maritime Venture Limited Carnival Garment Limited MAXX (HONG KONG) LIMITED CHEUNG SHING OFF SET PRINTING FTY SHUN FUNG OFF-SET PRINTING FTY SHUN KEI OFF-SET PRINTING CO Vira Off-Set Printing Co TECHNOFILE COMPANY LIMITED Easy Spark Limited LONG SUMMER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Le The Limited Management Association of Chinese National Assets Pay Off And De-freeze Company Ltd, The Develop Industrial Co PACIFIC PRINTING & PAPER LTD Chair Factory Limited, The PENTA LIMITED ETEX COMPANY Enterprise Asia Association Limited UNITEAM ENGINEERING LIMITED UNITEAM INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LTD Classy Company Limited INDIGO COMPANY INDIGO INVESTMENT CO. LIMITED Indigo Printing Equipment Limited PARKSON CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED Parkson Capital Corporation Limited LINDEX H.K. LIMITED Lintex (H.K.) Enterprise Co. Smartone 3G Limited Catalina Group Limited WINSON ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED CONSTELLATION INVESTMENT LTD POWERLEADER COMPUTER SYSTEM (HONGKONG) COMPANY LIMITED Powerleader Science & Technology Group Limited PCSHK Limited POWERLEADER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY (H.K.) LIMITED CT Industries (Int'l) Limited ZHAO HUI INTERNATIONAL LIMITED PHOENIX GROUP LIMITED, THE RED PHOENIX GROUP (HK) LIMITED HONGKONG ESTEEM INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED ACLA LIMITED Hua Wan Cai Industrial Company Limited Info-Pixel Solutions Limited NEW MEGA LIMITED HONG KONG ELECTRIC VEHICLE NETWORK LIMITED HIGH TECH (GROUP) LIMITED INNOTEX LIMITED JE Consultant Company BRAVO DIGITAL COMPANY LIMITED Meridian Warrior Industrial Limited Meridian International Trading Limited Broad Year Industries Ltd HORIZON TRADING COMPANY Dragon Telecommunication Company Mekky Limited MG Global Enterprise Limited WINLEY INDUSTRIES LIMITED Meco Doll Manufacturing Co Smile & Co SMILE GLOBAL TRADING LIMITED Gold Star Co GOLD STAR LINE LIMITED RED-ON TRADING COMPANY Pac-Rim Asia Trading Limited Fine Group Limited Fine Grain Limited TACT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Maxen Limited Le Shi Internet Information & Technology (Hong Kong) Limited UDomain Internet Company Limited New Sky Internet Limited Play Asia Limited JESSICA DEVELOPMENT LTD OGC Nice Investment Company Limited BELLE COSMETIC LIMITED Alicia Ltd United Alicia Limited Alicia Business Consultant Ltd Forward Corporation Limited MAKER INVESTMENT LTD K & L CORPORATION LIMITED ALLIANCE LEADER LIMITED FINSTA LIMITED Finstway Industries Ltd WIDER CORPORATION LIMITED SUM WIRELESS CO., LIMITED Hong Kong Wireless Company Limited Abas Business Solutions Limited Maxia Business Solutions Limited Everwin Trading Company Bap Fook Jewellery Co Bap Investments Ltd BP Limited H & M LIMITED Fook Sing Carton Paper Co Qualitek Electronics Co Ltd LA MAISON CO., LIMITED OFFICIUM PROJECTS LIMITED Hara International Company Limited A Plus A Development Co., Limited Asia Pacific Aviation Services Limited MIQ LOGISTICS HONG KONG LIMITED Mass Bright International Limited Otic Tech Time Co. Limited OTIC Technology Company Limited HOLYSTIS CO., LIMITED Holystore Limited SHIRAI ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED Alison & Son Industries Limited Star Electronic Technology Hong Kong Limited Lai Fai Overseas Limited On Premier Limited HONG KONG SUNING CROSS-BORDER E-COMMERCE CO., LIMITED JOYCE KO & CO 1001HK LIMITED ARGYLE STEAM LAUNDRY CO LTD Emerging Market Careers Limited HONG KONG EMERGING MARKET LIMITED DYNASTY FINANCIAL GROUP LIMITED SPECSAVERS PROCUREMENT ASIA LIMITED Supreme (H.K.) Co Link Far East Limited NAVIGATOR (FAR EAST) LIMITED Gl Marketing (International) Co International Metal Works EUROASIA INCORPORATION LIMITED Sino Group Industries Limited Gecon Limited WISE SOUND SUPPLIES LIMITED Abiman Investment Co., Limited Timing Industry Co Timing Industrial Company Limited TIMING STANDARD LTD Sonic, The SONIC SYSTEMS CO. MOSAIC (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED Team Brave Ltd DIRECT TRADE GLOBAL LIMITED Global Data Limited VMC CPA LIMITED Splash Off Limited PIKO Asia Limited Elite Graphic Arts Co Aerospace Investments Limited Eventor Limited ECO METAL (INVESTMENT) LIMITED P & C INTERNATIONAL CO. GLORY WILL INVESTMENT LIMITED Hong Kong Power Co Hong Kong Power Corporation Limited Plus World Limited ALFAMEDIC LIMITED 8 COMMERCIAL Fedeen Games Limited AT CASE LIMITED ELITE PROFESSIONAL LIMITED M & C MC & CO. MOC GLOBAL CO LIMITED INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL SOURCING LIMITED AUTOS COMPANY WORLD-HOLD TECHNOLOGY WORLD-HOLD TECHNOLOGY LTD NIKER LIMITED Well Capital Asia Pacific Limited C R C LIMITED Eltis Microelectronics Limited ASP MICROELECTRONICS LIMITED Elan (H.K.) Microelectronics Corp. Limited Kowloon Industrial Co Po Leung Kuk (Ping Shek) SKY COMM. LIMITED Ellipal Limited MOUNT ENGINEERING LIMITED VENTURE BUSINESS ADVISORY SERVICES LIMITED SIMSON BUSINESS ADVISORY SERVICES LIMITED ACM NORTH CHINA (HK) LIMITED METRONIC CORP, THE Stella Services Limited BANK OF EAST ASIA (NOMINEES) LIMITED -THE- CIA PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS LIMITED CIA LTD CIA Magconn Limited Trends Holding (China) Co., Limited Principal Trust Company (Asia) Limited Pro-Park Consultant Limited HAOSTAR COMPUTER LIMITED GLORIA WAN CAI (HK) LIMITED SI LOGIC LTD TOP-TAL LIMITED HO SHUN COMPANY ACSYS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED DNA Development Limited Danway (Hong Kong) Limited Re Corporation Limited Re. Group Limited RE Production Limited HEAD STANDARD LTD ELECTRONIC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED CRAY VALLEY HSC ASIA LIMITED HORNS DATA SYSTEMS LTD Nam Fung Enterprises Co Rico Industries Co RICO INDUSTRIES CO LTD PROGRESS TECHNOLOGY COMPANY CRYSTAL INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Tai Cheong Hoo Cloth Co Ltd Good Mark Electrical Appliances Ltd GOOD MARK INDUSTRIAL LIMITED GRACE OCEAN INVESTMENT LIMITED System Technik Limited Systems Technology Limited ATRI LIMITED Globalink Far East Limited Malaya Bread Co K.D.E. CO LTD A & D Ltd Professional Service Centre Service Centre (Hong Kong Inter-Association) Holdings Limited Service Centre (Hong Kong Inter-Association) Limited A- Trade Limited YING SING NETWORK LIMITED QI HOLDINGS LIMITED Project-One PURE ONE LIMITED Dim Sum Go Limited PARKINSON CO LIMITED ICD LIMITED Asiexa Limited Oceantec Company Limited Jetlink Logistics International Limited FE LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED FTE Logistics International Limited Grand Power Group (Hong Kong) Limited K&C LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED WIN CARGO GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED IDT GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED E & E TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL CO LTD Integrated Sourcing And Supply Chain Hk Limited First International Company Optics Engineering & Design Limited ODE CO LTD Lai Sun Textiles Company Limited BIG BANG INCORPORATION LIMITED ELEGANCE MANUFACTURING LIMITED YU WEI PRODUCTS COMPANY Wai Sun Group Hong Kong Limited Bellwin (H.K.) Technology Limited XINXIN CO LTD Adtactics Marketing International Limited TASTESQUARE COMPANY LIMITED TASTESQUARE MEDIA LIMITED TIMESQUARE (HONG KONG) LIMITED Square Shop Telecom Limited AMAZING PACKAGING ARTS COMPANY LIMITED K & J Service Co. Limited GOLDMAX ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED JETSTAR TRADING LIMITED JETSTAR TRADING DEVELOPMENT CO. LIMITED Top Honor Seafood Limited AIR TIGER LOGISTICS (HK) LIMITED Soaraway Logistics (HK) Limited Daily Cosmos Limited LEARNING DAILY EDUCATION CENTRE DAILY COME (H.K) CO. IPE Group Limited International Precision Engineering Company Limited INTEGRATED PRECISION ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED Star Hong Kong Limited CREATE Simple Day Creative Production Limited SIMPLE GUYS MG TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED THUNDER EAST CO THUNDER (HK) CO POLYREAD LTD Quality Co TCH H.K. LIMITED HUNTER & CO LTD HUNTER MARINE SERVICE CO. LIMITED ENERGIES INDUSTRIAL LIMITED LCA COMPANY LIMITED BOBBY IP & CO Bob & Partners Co Limited Bestwin Corporation Limited EAST POWER BATTERY INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED Pak Ko Batteries International Limited Chit Wing Technology Group Company Limited Chit Wing Enterprises Company A&A Limited Asahi (H.K.) Limited Asean Limited KARIN ELECTRONIC SUPPLIES COMPANY LIMITED Leo Instruments (H.K.) Limited UNITED LEASING INTERNATIONAL LTD HI-TECH (HONG KONG) LTD MTM COMPANY LIMITED HEXTRONIK LIMITED Brighter Co Brighter Company, The Precision Textiles Co. Limited JP & M Jp House Ltd Top Secret Limited CHEUNG'S BROTHER MACHINERY LIMITED POWER WAY MACHINERY LEASING LTD FINTECH LIMITED ONE WORKSHOP EVER HONESTY ENGINEERING (HK) LIMITED EVER HONEST INDUSTRIAL COMPANY CHIYODA LIMITED Chiyodaya (HK) Co Limited Chow's Technology Ltd HR Network Limited HR Garment Co. Limited MITO CO Mit Company Limited Euro-Asia Express NISSEI TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED NISSEI (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED Atom Limited LEE WAH ELECTRONICS LTD Future Electronics Limited Future Technology Electronics Co FUJI XEROX FAR EAST LIMITED KYOCERA Hong Kong Investment Co. Limited HK SHUNMIN ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED HEMA LIMITED NEW KING CO ALPHA START LIMITED WIN ACCESS INDUSTRIES LIMITED Prime Line Products Manufacturing Limited PRIME PRODUCTIONS LIMITED Prime Products PRIME PRODUCTION LIMITED PRIME MANUFACTORY LIMITED Mouser Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited BAO DAO STAMP LIMITED LTA Limited FIELD MASTER BROADCASTS ENGINEERING LIMITED Shanda Games Technology (HK) Limited Votech (Hong Kong) Company Limited TAISEI HONG KONG LIMITED Huawei Tech (HK) Co., Limited HONG KONG PENG HONG LOGISTICS COMPANY Goldlink Logistics (International) Limited GREENSTAR HONG KONG LIMITED ALPHA INVESTMENTS LTD ALPHA INVESTMENT COMPANY AMERTRACK ENVIRONMENTAL (HK) LIMITED AbuCare Limited Trend-Tek Co TREND-TEK CORPORATION LIMITED Unison Projects Company Limited TAITRON LTD Heros Elektronik DENKO LIMITED T & ASSOCIATES LIMITED DT & ASSOCIATES LIMITED EASTAR (HK) LIMITED Hong Kong Eastar Limited GLOBAL CHINA COMMUNICATION LIMITED TRANSTRADE HONG KONG CO. LIMITED UN LIMITED Sino Star (Far East) Limited Canton Concord Ltd Sources International Limited Sky Studios International Limited General Stationers MERIDIAN SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED T & P TRADING CO Marco Polo Express (H.K.) Limited KENFORD (HONG KONG) LTD CENTRE MARK PROPERTY CO COMAX (ASIA) LIMITED JACKIE & CO RAY ELECTRONICS CO ROYAL FREIGHT SOLUTIONS LIMITED Realife Company Limited RIFEN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED AGGRESSIVE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Aggressive Electronics Limited AGGRESSIVE & EQUITABLE CO. Speed Plan Limited HK Easy Shop Limited EASY COME SHOP FU YUEN GROUP LIMITED WESTMINSTER TRAVEL LIMITED CORPORATE TRAVEL MANAGEMENT LIMITED K-Sun Trading (Hongkong) Co. Limited Lighthouse Creations Limited EASY-BUY (HK) LIMITED Regal & Cie Limited Allegro Printing Lab Oasis Foods Company Neonlite Distribution Limited Seed International Limited Prodigy Holdings Limited Wealthy Gate International Limited Albert Hung Kai (HK) CO., LIMITED PRESSFIELD HOLDINGS LIMITED POWER EAST COMPANY GREATER ENGINEERING LTD Well Top International Development Limited Willie International Company Limited WILLIAM TRADING COMPANY LIMITED VALUE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED CHIU MING INDUSTRIAL CO LTD TOTAL PETROCHEMICALS (HONG KONG) LIMITED GREEN TOMATO LIMITED CHUN HING F. S. ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED AVIC INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (H.K.) CO. LIMITED Atos HK Limited ASIA INSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED ALTECH COMPANY LIMITED CENTRAL SKY DESIGN DECORATION ENGINEERING LIMITED Flying V Limited JULIA LEUNG COMPANY Bionic Manufacturing Company Limited Gold Fortune Limited GOLD FORTUNE CO AUXSTAR CONSULTANTS LIMITED WORLD GAIN INVESTMENT LIMITED WORLD GAIN INVESTMENTS LIMITED PSBC Limited GLOBAL BUSINESS TRAVEL HONG KONG LIMITED Amerex Corporation Limited Amerex International Limited KAM LUN PRODUCTS LIMITED JC COMPANY SAM International Company Hong Kong Hioki Limited DiDi Hong Kong Limited Branson Ultrasonics (Asia Pacific) Co. Limited Beauty Master Ltd Party Master Company Limited Avaron Interiors (H.K.) Limited Essence Co. HESTIA ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED HANCO COMPANY Hanco Engineering Co HANCO CONSULTANTS LTD Unisplendour Technology (Holdings) Limited Harvest Electric Factory Limited Harvest Electric Factory Luen Fai Knitting Factory Viola Fashion Limited TNPI C&T H.K. CO., LIMITED Imaginasia Group (HK) Limited CHEUNG FUNG ENTERPRISES LTD C.F.I. COMPANY LIMITED EVERGREEN INTERNATIONAL CO. PARK EXPRESS LTD PARK EXPRESS LOGISTICS LIMITED I - Smart International Limited Mobiletech Limited TEAM WORLD INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED GENESIS CO LTD Genesis Company Genesis Industrial Company Limited MG Falconer Precious Metals Limited BETTER INDUSTRIAL LIMITED MASTER BLOOM LIMITED BLOOM MAX LIMITED TRIUMPH CO Triumph Co Top Billion Industries Limited HONG KONG PAPERS COMPANY Hong Kong Parking Limited Hokkaido Dairy Farm Limited Unlimited Q Limited Unlimited Express Ltd Kinetic Enterprises Unlimited Company Limited INDUSTRIES CO LEADERS INDUSTRIAL LIMITED PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED ABA GROUP COMPANY LIMITED LUEN HOP (HK) ENTERPRISES LTD QUEST ION IT (HK) LIMITED Royal Products Company Limited Oriental Paper Craft Manufacturing Co SUNBOW LIMITED SUN LEAG PACKING MATERIAL AND STATIONERY CO. SUNNYART PACKAGING MATERIAL LTD CHAMPION ON LIMITED PRINCATONHALL LTD JUFENG TRADING CO. Park Lane POWERTECH FAR EAST LIMITED MEGA BRIGHT HONGKONG GROUP LIMITED HOLISTIC NISUS COMPANY JANSUN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED SUNTEC MARINE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED ORIGINAL BEAUTY (H.K.) COSMETIC CO. LIMITED RSH DEXIN TRADE COMPANY LIMITED WONDERGRACE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED JETBO MOTORS CO. LIMITED Jetbo Marine Limited WAB DESIGN LIMITED CRESCO LIMITED Creskom Limited China Sail Factory Limited Ten Bloom Limited GT Media Limited P. G. LTD Swiss Trading Co TRUE FOUNDATION LTD KEWIN LIMITED Pop Pop 3 Limited ENTERTAINMENT (HONG KONG) LIMITED HK Entertainment Corporation Limited EAST FAR LTD TUNG LAM INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ELITE ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS LTD HANFU BUSINESS GROUP LIMITED Network Power International Development Limited Singroup Industries Hong Kong Global Trading Company Limited HONG KONG GLOBAL TRADING CO. Sinotrans Limited Sinotrans (HK) Logistics Limited SINOTRANS (HK) SUPPLY CHAIN LIMITED SINOTRANS (HK) SHIPPING LIMITED Kahn Lucas Lancaster (HK) Limited HANG LI TRADING COMPANY Asiagate Credit Information Limited PC Limited Cfl Company Limited Multi-Asia Manufacturing Co Ltd A.S. DESIGN CONSULTANTS CO., LIMITED Artel Corporation Limited Fook Hing Embroidery Factory Ltd BBMAMA CO., LIMITED ACE EAST LIMITED Planet J Hong Kong Limited Country Treasure Development Company Limited ENW Group Limited ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT COMPANY KHAN CO. Themed Int'l Limited Li Fung Trading Company LI FUNG TRANSPORTATION CO Crystal Lane International Limited MT International Limited Mountain International Limited G. M. VISION COMPANY Action Metal Manufactory Action Machinery Manufactory Premier Trading Company Beauty Express Limited Urbane Limited URBAN LIFE LIMITED Master Group International Limited ARISTA Corporation Limited ARIES CO LTD New China Industrial Company Limited Chinetek Analytical System Ltd LABELWORLD COMPANY DOSTRON GROUP LIMITED Destron Company Limited MOBIQ LIMITED PURATOS HONG KONG LIMITED Space Technology Limited GLOBAL SPACE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Joybest Construction Company Limited O S (Hong Kong) Limited I&G Group Limited YONG XUN TRADING CO., LIMITED Long Xin Trading (Hongkong) Limited LINKERSHINE GARMENT FTY Sitcoknit Company Limited BAN WO ELECTRONIC CO. LIMITED Ban Wo Electronic Co Metro Asia Limited Everlasting International (Hong Kong) Limited Sino Bright Asia Ltd SUNNY DEVELOPMENT CO. CANLYIAN COMPANY Chamtex Limited UNI TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Lu & Cohen I-Tech Business Limited WILAON INDL CO INFINITY MEDICAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED VISION OPTO ELECTRONIC LIMITED Chi International Ltd Well Link Corporation Limited RICHMOND COMPANY Fellowship (Hong Kong) Limited S.W. INVESTMENTS LTD Europe Trading Holdings Limited Euro Technology Limited EURO-TECH MOULDING CO EURO-TECH MOULDING MANUFACTORY CHINA FORD DEVELOPMENT LIMITED AVM Limited SHINE LINK ENTERPRISES LTD High Image Technology Limited NLW Company Limited Auto Developments Limited C-4 Systems Limited CATCHMENT AIR-CONDITIONING ENGINEERING CO CHAMPION AIR CONDITIONING ENGINEERING CO LTD HK SYSTEMS LIMITED CHUNG SHUN INDUSTRIAL CO CHUNG SHUN INDUSTRIES CO Chung Shun Co TOWER SWITCHES LIMITED Kaz (Far East) Limited Global Electronics Co SANDRA TONG & COMPANY Far Eastern Industrial Limited SANDRA C.C. LAM & CO. Italia Donna Limited Winner Rich Limited Halcrow China Limited EDWIN INDUSTRIES LTD PAUL Y. BUILDERS LIMITED Chino Trade MELLON INTERNATIONAL LTD HONGKONG UCLOUDLINK NETWORK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED E-ONE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED Spread Treasure Limited CHUN WELL TECHNOLOGY HOLDING LIMITED SUPERIOR EMS LIMITED RICH FAME LTD GLOBAL BUSINESS GR8 Development Co. Ltd. Startac Engineering Limited C-King Hong Industrial Development Co MECCA HOLDINGS (H.K.) LIMITED Mecca Mecca Supplies Company Limited Mecca Manufacturing Company Limited Mecca Electronics Co. Limited Matrix Printing Co MATRIX PROMOTION LIMITED Evergrand Company Elite Engineering (International) Company Limited E SQUARE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY ECO-SKY TECHNOLOGY CO. LIMITED Great Treasure (Building Supplies & Engineering) Limited GREAT TREASURE ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED Great Treasure International Limited Gin How Precision Industry Company Limited PRECISION INDUSTRIES LTD MODERN CO Samvicka Ltd DIVA (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED COCONUT FACTORY LTD Genesis Global Sourcing Limited R & B Limited NORDIC REALTY GROUP LIMITED PB Control Limited W & S COMPANY LIMITED W&S COMPANY LEGACY TRAINING LIMITED E-CAPITAL (HK) LIMITED DIGITALINK COMPANY LIMITED Digitalab Limited Kandinsky (HK) Limited Replay Concept Limited DAH CHEONG CHUNG DAH (HONG KONG) LIMITED MANY CORPORATION LTD MANY POINT LTD Global Resources Inc Apple Plus International Company Limited NATURAL PLUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED King Fook International Limited WIDE PROGRESS LIMITED Omniwell International Limited OTTO INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Pacific Datacom (Hong Kong) Limited SKYLINE INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED Fairchild Semiconductor Hong Kong Limited Abraham Limited ABE Company Innova Limited UNIONWAY (CHINA) LTD UNIVERSAL SHAOXING TRADING CO., LIMITED GUIDE MAP COMPANY AIT WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS, LIMITED HAVELOCK INVESTMENTS LIMITED HIRSCH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES (HK) LIMITED LINK-FIVE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED ELYSIUM LIMITED COMPONENT TRADING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Oriental International Partners Limited Oriental Rainbow Printing Co H Plus Design Limited Advance Co ADVANCE MATERIALS SOLUTION CO. LIMITED KINGSBRIGHT TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) CO., LIMITED ZHONGTIAN ASCENT GROUP (HONGKONG) INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Greenberg Finance Limited OWEN TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED Black Production Company Limited WHealth Asia Limited WEALTH SMART ASIA LIMITED WEALTHY ASCENT LIMITED Social Big Data Limited Multi Star Enterprises Limited Yiu Lun Medicine Co LUN COMPANY YING LUN GODOWN LIMITED Talent Pro Recruitment Company Limited FU-TAT PROFESSIONAL SERVICE CO. SUPERB TECHNOLOGY LTD QC LIMITED VENUE INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. EUROPEAN AUTO SPECIALIST LIMITED MR. SB LIMITED Tor Enterprises Limited KIN WING CO. LIMITED MARK TOP HOLDINGS LTD KIN WING INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED SUN ROCK ENTERPRISES LTD P & F Giftware Co Star Lead Limited Starlink Development Limited G&E Building Materials (HK) Limited SPOTLESS PLASTICS PTY. LTD. INTELLIGENT (ASIA) LIMITED Siemens Industry Software Limited WEALTHMARK INVESTMENTS LIMITED Wealthmark Industries Limited WEALTHMARK (H.K.) HANDBAG FACTORY LTD LANDING LIMITED LANDING AGENTS LTD Olaer Asia Pacific Limited CL-SQUARE CO., LIMITED EVER RICH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Hang Fai Knitting Factory Hang Fai Knitting Factory Limited Hua Rui (Hong Kong) Company Limited Crystal Group (Hong Kong) Limited DIAMOND INDUSTRIAL CO MICROWARE LIMITED Microware USA Limited Microware Computer Systems Limited MICROWARE SOLUTIONS LIMITED Microware Properties Limited Microware International Holdings Limited Microware Service Centre Limited E&A FASHIONS LIMITED WONG HO INDUSTRIES CO. Wong's Industrial (Holdings) Limited Howard (HK) Trading Limited A.Y. WEALTH MANAGEMENT COMPANY GOLDEN DRAGON TEXTILES CO. LIMITED IT Displays (Hong Kong) Limited Multilink Control (E & M ) Co STAR ENGRAVING CO LTD SONY SCMK (HONG KONG) LIMITED Sony Precision Technology Hong Kong Limited ROBERT WONG & CO SINO CONCEPT LIMITED Anderson Digital Limited LONG STRING TRADING COMPANY BP ASIA LIMITED Jaco Co Jian Feng Safety (HK) Co., Limited Saft Hong Kong Limited UNION SKY COMPANY YAN SHING ENTERPRISES LTD YONG SHUN ENTERPRISES LIMITED Yue Shing Enterprises Co. Limited Yue Shing Enterprises Company Yick Tat (HK) Trading Co YICK TAT TRANSPORTATION CO. YICK TAI TRADING COMPANY Y. C. Ho Company Limited HONGKONGESE LTD GREAT OCEAN TOURS AND TRAVEL LIMITED Merry Link Development Limited Intercontinental Air Service Limited Splendor Industrial Co LYNX Limited Golden Time Industries Company PERFECT PLUS PRODUCTION COMPANY PERFECT PRINTING CO JUMBO DRAGON INDUSTRIES LTD Max Carry International Limited Super Win Logistic Limited Camelot Industries Limited MGI CONSULTANT LIMITED Leo King Ltd Good Star Industrial Co GOOD STAR INDUSTRIAL GROUP LIMITED Newmax International (H.K.) Co. Limited New Maxx Limited Neumax Industrial Limited TOP MEGA GLOBAL LIMITED ANCIENT INDUSTRIAL LIMITED ASIA COSMETICS TRADING CO. LIMITED Wilde Cosmetics (Asia) Limited UNITED COSMETIC ASIA LIMITED K Shing Group Limited LI SHING GROUP LIMITED MAMCA HOLDING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Metropolitan Holdings Limited Jade Co, The JADE INCORPORATION LIMITED ADVANCE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY HONESTY INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Inchcape Hong Kong Limited Inchcape Motor Services Limited Leader Group Corporation Limited Haoyuen Electronic (Hong Kong) Limited HUANA ELECTRONICS (H.K.) COMPANY HANA ELECTRONICS (H.K.) COMPANY GOOD QUALITY CORPORATION LIMITED Casetagram Limited DARTON LIMITED Darts Company Limited DARTON SHENZHEN LIMITED HOREN CO LTD SAINT ANDI TRADING CO., LIMITED Ching Chi Enterprise Company GLOBAL BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED Dynasty Company SHILIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING (HK) LIMITED Artwork Printing Company Limited ORIENTAL FINANCE (HK) LIMITED ASIA TRADING CO Black Stump (Hong Kong) Limited Alexander & Development Company Limited EPL (Holdings) Limited EPL Technology Limited A.I. Multimedia Co. Limited LEADWELL (H.K.) DEVELOPMENT CO LTD LEADWELL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED TAI PO TRADING COMPANY ZURICH CASTLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED Ms My Limited iUmedia Company Limited Delta Global Sourcing Limited GLOBAL PROPERTY CONSULTANCY COMPANY Arcadis Asia Limited S-tron Limited Neonlite Investments Limited Neonlite International Holdings Limited Neonlite Electronic and Lighting (H.K.) Limited Yuen Kai Enterprises Limited Tunbow Industries Limited CATHERINE'S COMPANY I-Mega Technology Ltd Sun Hing Food Protek (HK) Limited Protex Ltd Protek Engineering Company PROTEK DEVICES (HK) LIMITED Luen Thai International Development Limited QUALITY INDUSTRIES LTD CHUN YU FASHION LIMITED Shui Lin Fashion Component Supplies Co Parts & Components Supplier Limited Regus Centre Limited Regus Material Products Co. Lark International Entertainment Limited LARK INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Lark International Holdings Limited Lark International Corporate Services Limited Lark International Apparel Limited Mass Trade Limited D-Intertrade Ltd Smartone Telecommunications Limited Smartone Telecommunications Holdings Limited Smartone Communications Limited GRACE ACHIEVE LIMITED Crosby Investment Company Limited Tin Yin Manufactory ISA-TRAESKO FAR EAST TRADING LIMITED Astrotech International Limited A-STAR TECHNOLOGY LTD C & B EXPRESS CO. Go On & Company TOTAL GLORY LIMITED LIGHTSPEED EXPRESS COMPANY LIMITED LightSpeed Engineering Limited VALUE ADDED RESTAURANT Dialogic (Hong Kong) Limited CELL FOR LESS LIMITED LESS PACKAGING COMPANY (ASIA) LIMITED, THE LessLoop Limited IDEAL FASTENER HK LIMITED Ramset Fasteners (Hong Kong) Limited RANSET FASTENERS (HK) LTD ESQUEL ELECTRONICS COMPANY Cutting Edge, The Chung Sing Limited HTI TOYS HK LIMITED Unity Group Limited Sing Fong Kindergarten MS&L (Hong Kong) Limited LEC Electronic Components Limited RIGHT COMMENCE METAL CO GLORY COMMENCE INDUSTRIES LTD Link Commence International Limited HANG ON FACTORY CO Po On Plastic Factory Limited WING ON TIN FACTORY CO LTD Luen On Mould Factory TAI ON HOSIERY FACTORY Sino Venture International Company Max Market Group Limited International Marketing Group Ltd, The Digital View Limited EASE E-COMMERCE LIMITED EPRO E-COMMERCE LIMITED Mobility Limited Honesty Electronics Co BRIGHT EMPEROR INVESTMENT LIMITED T.S. Lines Limited Angel Cosmetics International Limited Concept Pacific (Hong Kong) Limited CAL INTERNATIONAL (HK) COMPANY LIMITED U S Secure Company Limited Richard Lai Co Ltd PROTECH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED I-LINK SYSTEM ENGINEERING LIMITED NIRO OVERSEAS (HK) LIMITED Mondi Distribution Limited FULLY GARMENT FTY GOLDEN POINT COMPANY BEST WAY FOOD INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Hong Kong Paediatric Rheumatism Association Limited LAUE BROTHERS AND CO LYBER LIMITED JT-METAL ENTERPRISES LTD Dolce Vita Group Limited STAR VICTOR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Wellfit Multi-Media Group Limited JOYFUL COMPANY Join Time Limited AVANT PRODUCTS 2398 LIMITED DEEP WATERS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Cheung Kong Graphic Art Co GENIUSTECH LIMITED Honored Credit Finance Limited Katech International Limited I.T. Apparels (Hong Kong) Limited Accuris (Hong Kong) Limited Elite United Consulting Limited BONNIE KAN & COMPANY Bonnie Ho & Co HONGKONG NEW TREND TRADE COMPANY LIMITED MING SHENG TRADING CO. FULLGAIN ELASTIC FABRIC LTD FULLGAIN TEXTILE FABRIC FACTORY (KWUN TONG) Fullgain Trading Company FIRST BUSINESS LIMITED WELL EAGLE HOLDINGS LIMITED GENESIS TECHNOLOGY COMPANY PT (HK) LIMITED Parasilk International Limited Sun East Group Limited SARNE CORP (HK BR) Art Fung Co COLETTE COMPANY LIMITED Mcaa Limited GOLD LEADER PROPERTIES LIMITED Chung Kwong Electrical Trading Company EKO Co. Expert Systems Limited METRO NEWS CORPORATION LIMITED GOOD CHINA CAPITAL INVESTMENT LIMITED GOLD CHINA CAPITAL (HK) LIMITED Electronic Express Limited ELECTRONIC EXPRESS KEY POINT ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED EASY VANTAGE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED L T Corporation SPARK FORTUNE LTD Bals Hong Kong Limited FRANPECO LIMITED AMAZING C. DMT CO. LIMITED DMT Hong Kong Co DMT Hongkong Co Dmt Group Limited ABC COMPANY HIGHCLIFF CO LTD Univer Ltd GLOBAL TRADE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED LINKER TECHNOLOGY FREIGHT LINKER ASIA DTI LIMITED Kasion Automation Limited KOSAN 2000 CO LTD KUSAN LIMITED Kosan Holdings Limited Kobe Kosan (Hong Kong) Limited ABT POWER TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED Digilink Asia Limited Sunning Motors Limited Sunning Technology (HK) Company SUNNING TECHNOLOGY SUNNING CREATION LIMITED Global Supplies H.K. Limited BILLION ASIA LIMITED WO SANG NR Solutions & Services Limited Falcon Crest Global Advisor Limited PIONEER (ASIA) LIMITED In Concept Technology Limited Elegante Arts Packaging Company Limited Elegante Arts Packaging Co ELEGANTE ARTS (HONG KONG) LIMITED ELEGANTE ARTS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED ART-IN PACKAGING COMPANY Art in Packaging Co. Limited Hostech Business Communication Network Limited TOP FAITH HOLDINGS LTD DCS Technology Limited GOOD TIME EDUCATION INSTITUTION LTD CHUNG WAH ENGINEERS CO TREE TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH COMPANY LIMITED Dragonfly Limited DRAGON FLY SERVICE CO. SILVER SAND INVESTMENTS LIMITED Firmtex Professional Development Co Ltd BrainStormHK Limited Brainstorm Trade Co. Limited BRAINSTORM COMMUNICATION COMPANY Innolux Hong Kong Holding Limited Apple Shop Limited EAST-IN ASIA LIMITED Smart Leader Investment Limited SUNNING (CHUNG KONG) DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED Kan Tsang New Technology Development Limited FLORIDA ELECTRONICS LIMITED MERIT CORPORATION LIMITED ARES CO ARES CO LTD Nakajima International Company Limited REDPOWER STORE (HK) LIMITED REDPOWER NETWORK (HK) LIMITED Tradelux Investment Limited Wang Tak Trading Develop Company Limited A.U.DECO MIDLAND INDUSTRIES COMPANY Syndica Ltd Cyber Power Systems (HK) Limited Hong Kong SMC Mobile Co. Limited Art's Publishing Company Limited Millennium Development Co. Asia Technology & Instrument Limited ASIA TECHNOLOGY CO Kason Infrastructure Limited YU KWONG <INT'L> TRADING CO. TITANIA (ASIA) CO LTD MEET (CHINA) LTD PRO-MED CHINA LIMITED Mountains China Company Limited KGS Global Management Services Limited EASTERN PETROLEUM & CHEMICAL CO., LIMITED HOO YUEN PROPERTY Po Yuen Printing Co PO YUEN PAPER PRODUCTS MFTY EVER CHARM CORPORATION LIMITED Grace Corner (Knitwear) Company Limited Fundamental Industrial Company, Limited Cone Limited SUGAR CO Travel Circle International Limited Travel Circle International Services Limited SUPPLY ASIA LIMITED PO LI (HK) INTERNATIONAL REALTY LIMITED Century Regal International Limited M C Square KAS LIMITED BIOTECH INNOVATIONS LIMITED Shiner Limited SHINER ENTERPRISES CO LTD J-Will International Limited ASIACE MARKETING COMPANY LIMITED Kaizen Secretaries Limited Choice Co Ltd SUNSHINE ACTION LIMITED CSL FINANCIAL CONSULTANT CSL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED A AND B CO A & B COMPANY CHANT (FAR EAST) LIMITED JCL Group Limited Jackel China Limited GREEN COFFEE CREATION LIMITED SALES ACE LTD ONE MEDIA SOLUTION LIMITED ONE MEDIA LIMITED ONE MEDIA SOLUTION COMPANY One Solution Limited Fairson Limited AMERICANA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED WELLBOND TEXTILES COMPANY LIMITED ANGEL'S COMPANY Ample Limited 8640 COMPANY VIZZTA LIMITED Big John Industrial Limited JOIN LEADER LTD Big John Footwear Limited CONNEXION LIMITED I.T.C. Limited Moller & Co. Textiles Limited M.A.S. Textiles Limited E-Lock Technologies Limited KAI SING FAN ENGINEERING LIMITED TAC LTD Happy Together Production Limited Volvo Bus Hong Kong Limited VOLVO OPTICAL CENTRE Volvo Car Hong Kong Limited SM Tech Limited EVER FAME (CHINA) LIMITED SUPER HOVER INTERNATIONAL LTD TOP LEADER PROPERTIES LIMITED CHONG SING INTERIOR CO. CHONG SING CO PUZZLE WEDDING PACIFIC TECH (INTERNATIONAL) TRADE CO. Max Margo Trading Co GALAXY COMPANY Super Step International Limited Brinktech Ltd LUXURY STATION MASS ROOT LTD CHEERS COMPANY LIMITED Gainfine Investment Limited GAINFINE (E&M) ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED Mega Profit Green Products Limited EVERISE INTERNATIONAL LTD ASIAJET LIMITED GLOBAL LAND INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISES LIMITED Grand Union Industries Ltd Hermes Partners International Limited Action Industrial Co TOP FIT ENTP Build King Holdings Limited GOLD KING HOLDINGS LIMITED CONCEPTION INTERNATIONAL LTD Check City C & C ( H K ) LIMITED GRACE SKY CORPORATION LIMITED ALPHA TRADING CO. Alpha Trading Corp Laxfield Company Limited ONYX INTERNATIONAL HOLDING LIMITED Well Sound Enterprise Limited Fat Man Co PRIME LANE LIMITED Serviceone Limited DESIGN FACTORY COMPANY LIMITED Building Services Consultant Ltd LAFE MANUFACTURERS LTD WINTEX PRINTS LIMITED FAME INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED WELL FAME CAPITAL INVESTMENT LIMITED KUNGFU STATION LIMITED FAMOUS ABLE LIMITED Able Industrial Limited Able Industries Limited STAR TECH CO. Asia Smart Industrial Limited WISE INDUSTRIAL CO AWCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED ACA International (Hong Kong) Limited AICO INDUSTRIES COMPANY LIMITED Asia Industrial Co Ho Chiu Lun Xin Yuan Products Logistics & Trading Company Kingdom Corporation Limited TD GROUP LIMITED Arcadis Design & Engineering Limited Crown Sino Enterprises Limited BE LIGHT INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED LIGHT BEAUTY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED BLE Lighting (HongKong) International Co., Limited SPEEDY WEALTH LIMITED Express Ocean Investment Limited Speed Industry Co., Limited Associated Engineering & Trading Co Mei Nga Trading Co MING WAH TRADING CO. HONG KONG CITY PROPERTIES CITY PROPERTIES HOLDINGS LIMITED SYNERGY CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL LIMITED ORIENTAL GLORY GARMENT CO Gap International Sourcing (Holdings) Limited TRI-T COMPANY LIMITED Tri-T Electronics Limited Smart Asset Investment Limited EXCESS TRADER Dian Yuan Industrial Co ITG Limited ETERNAL HONEST INVESTMENT LTD ETERNAL INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT LIMITED ROYALINK DEVELOPMENT LTD Global Fiduciaries Limited ACCOM PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LIMITED PE Lifestyle (HK) Limited Perfect Beauty Consultants Limited PROFESSIONAL SEARCH NETWORK LIMITED Searich Industrial (H.K.) Limited C & M Corporation Limited CHOY'S & COMPANY Gallant Tech Limited Gallant Technology Limited VF Hong Kong Limited V.F. Corporation Limited AVICO LIMITED Marconi International Knitters Limited WAI KIN TRADING COMPANY Association Industrial Co Full Connexion Limited CONNEXION-CN MK Engineering Limited MK Engineering Co. MK EVER FORTUNE ENTERPRISE LTD Razer Tech Co., Limited FAR EAST ENTERPRISE CO FAR EAST EXPRESS LTD Blue Ocean Industrial Co., Limited ASIA INFO TRADING COMPANY DOOR FASHION CO, THE ANA-Digit Limited HONG AND CHINA CO SUPER GRACE INTERNATIONAL LTD Super Grace Enterprises Limited SOUTH ASIA MANAGEMENT SERVICE LTD ELITE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT COMPANY C & A Sourcing Limited My Textile Solutions Limited K. T. Development Limited Station Company Limited, The S.T.N. LIMITED MS Station Limited Glory Star Investments Limited GOLD DRAGON COURT Sum Yuen ATS Agent Limited Promaster Technology Limited DC CREATIVE CO. WEALTHY INT. & CO. Pan Win Property Management Ltd Conson Industrial Co CONSON INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CO(MONGKOK) RICKY WONG CO Wing Tin Development Limited G-Concept (HK) Limited SMART PROFIT TELECOM COMPANY LIMITED Alcon Technology Company Limited WELLMADE BEAUTY CENTRE WELL MADE GARMENT FACTORY LIMITED Sai International. King Target Development Ltd Topwell Industrial Company Abiman (Hong Kong) Co., Limited Weiss-Rohlig Hong Kong Limited Dalon International Limited Delon International Co Ltd K. SCIENCE LIMITED POWERFUL RESOURCES TECHNOLOGY LIMITED WAYLAND PROFESSIONAL LTD WAHLAND PROPERTY LIMITED Profound Company Limited Portico International Holdings Limited ACE HOLDINGS LTD MPL LIMITED Unify Limited RICH FIELD INVESTMENTS LIMITED Team Three Design Office Team Three Group Limited Koehler International Limited Eye Design Company Limited Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania LEADER CIVIL - RICHWELL JOINT VENTURE RICHWELL GARMENTS LTD ULTRA COMPANY ULTRA TRADING CO Ultra Tab Limited ULTRA TREND LIMITED ROHLIG CHINA LTD Kwan Ho Man CREATOR CHINA LIMITED Heng Xiong International Limited A. MENARINI HONG KONG LIMITED RETAIL VISION ASIA LIMITED Bold Retailing Asia Limited ASIA RETAIL DISPLAY COMPANY LIMITED Ming Tat Industrial Co SLAMMA HOLDINGS LIMITED PRIME SUCCESS (HK) LIMITED Quanta Industries GLORY ENTERPRISE CO SHINWAY TRADING CO NISSI COMPANY LIMITED Freight-Trans Logistics Limited TRADE ENTERPRISE LIMITED Learning Resources & Technologies Limited FAME GLORY LIMITED EVISU GROUP LIMITED EVERWIN TEXTILE (H.K.) TRADING LIMITED UTHA TRADING CO LTD Goldline Far East Limited Goldline Limited MOONSHINE LTD MAN SHING ENTERPRISE CO Shanghai Industrial Investment (Hong Kong) Company Limited Pure Nature Bio-Tech Limited NATURE POWER TRADING (H.K.) CO. Atli Company Limited Sino Metal Industrial Company Limited Linkwealth (China) Limited HONG KONG TIME SQUARE COMPANY LIMITED ARSENE CARD PRODUCTION WA YU ENGINEERING COMPANY Yuen Man Wa KAM FU YUEN WA LIMITED Aussco Hong Kong Limited KINGRICH ENGINEERING LTD PEARLCOIN (HUIYANG) LTD Pearlcoin Company Limited VFC Limited Cornerstone Productions Company Limited MULTI LIMITED Supreme Aluminium (HK) Investment Limited NEW FAITH TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED SINO VANTAGE HOUSEWARE COMPANY LIMITED Media Asia Corporation Limited EGO Fair (HK) Company Innovation Technology Company Limited Innovation Technology Co GOOD BA BA TECHNOLOGY GROUP LIMITED Good Ba Ba Limited Dickson Development (HK) Limited ATHENA INNOVATIONS (HK AND CHINA) LIMITED eG Innovations HK Limited GOODWILL INC. LIMITED GOODWILL & COMPANY ABLE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Charm Choice Limited Charm Choice International Limited Delta Networks, Inc. WESTWOOD INTERIOR DESIGN COMPANY LIMITED Eternal Fortune (HK) Limited LAWS FASHION GROUP LIMITED SUN KONG TRADING CO. BIG VAST CORPORATION LIMITED CHINA VAST ENTERPRISE LIMITED BEST ENTERPRISE LIMITED Interactive Telecom Limited Manulife Financial Corporation HAMO Asia Limited DR. BRICKS LIMITED Natec-Asia Limited Hongkong and Shanghai Company Limited, The K&Y Design Limited Vinner Resources 24H Hospitality Group Limited Kam Tong Meat Company Kam Tong Manufactory Company Limited SINO APPAREL Sunday Electronics Limited SUNDAY WELL LIMITED TIMBERLAND WOODCRAFT LTD Timberland Hong Kong Limited Timberland Holding Limited Nice Choice Printing & Labels Co NICE TRADING CO REFINED (HK) KITCHEN LIMITED CAPITAL ENTERPRISES CO SUN SHINE BUILDING MATERIALS CO LTD Glorious Sun Company Kamshan And Duncan Co Ltd EMMA FASHIONS CO. LIMITED Jo Yeh Company Limited ZHENGZHOU COTEK CO. LIMITED GOOD WILL CO ALLIED HONGKONG CO PERFECT ADVERTISING & PRODUCTION CO. Gotech International Technology Limited Trade In Asia Limited Bedabo Co Ltd Ever Top Industrial Co TOP EVER LIMITED Asia Dynamics Business Solution Company Limited UNIVERSAL TRADING COMPANY Flagship Consulting (Hong Kong) Limited EAGLE FOUNDATION LTD LIYUAN INVESTMENT & DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Hainan Airlines (Hong Kong) Trading Co., Limited IKS Trading Limited T & R GARMENT INDUSTRIAL CO. ROBINHOOD HOLDINGS LIMITED NEWSTAR CORPORATION LTD FORTUNE DRAGON (HONG KONG) LIMITED Hong Kong Gold Trade Limited Gold-In (HK) Limited G. Hensler Hong Kong Limited SINO WORLD INDUSTRIAL LTD WORLD INDUSTRIES COMPANY H.K.I. Company Limited First Ming Limited Bagtrotter Limited NEW WORLD TRADING LIMITED CANDIES LTD Melford (HK) Ltd Sun-Square Co. Silk Road Music Company Limited Donna Karan (H.K.) Limited Tian Chang Industrial Limited GARDEN ESTATE BAPTIST CHURCH LTD Comprehensive International Freight Forwarders Limited Cathay Enterprises Cathay Enterprises Company FOREVER WINNER INVESTMENT LIMITED CONTINENT COMPANY LEO PRODUCTION CO M & M (Hong Kong) Limited Paris Thread Co Ltd IN COLLECTION COMPANY HENLEY TRADING CO LEISURE CORNER Pro (H.K.) Company Limited Talentone Hong Kong Limited Sunity Industries Limited MASTER DEVELOPMENT LIMITED GOLDEN WAGON CO LTD Konik Group Holdings Co., Limited Asia Direct Merchandise Limited CENTRIC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED KESSEN LIMITED 13 Holdings Limited, The DST TECHNOLOGY (HK) CO., LIMITED SHUN CHONG TRADING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED SHUN CHONG TRADING COMPANY Country Wide Enterprise Limited VERGE LIMITED LINKGATE GROUP LIMITED Kenta Enterprise Company Limited Maiwei (H.K.) Cable TV Equipment Company Limited 901 CONSULTING COMPANY Luxuriant Trading Company Kogei (HK) Co Ltd Standard Chartered Investment Services Limited Standard Chartered Links (HK) Limited Standard Chartered Asia Limited HONG KONG NETWORK ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED HKNET GROUP CO., LIMITED Orange Applications for Business Hong Kong Limited HONG KONG RIRUI PRINTING & PACKAGING CO., LIMITED B.S. UNION ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED O-Zone Limited Senda International Capital Limited Premier International (HK) Limited CHUN WING HONG CHUN WING HANDBAG CO LTD CHUN WING Vital-Tech (International) Limited Perfect Billion Industrial Limited PERFECT INDUSTRIES CO South Asia Textiles Limited South Asia Textiles (Holding) Limited Taiya Company Limited EMPIRES (H.K.) LIMITED Success World Retail Chain Limited Unitedtex Limited Ever Chance International Ltd MORE RIGHT TRADING LIMITED Chief Limited DEZUN INT'L GROUP LIMITED Rich Asia Ltd London International Trading (Asia) Limited Rich Power Co Inter Power Enterprises Limited Atom Industrial Limited WORLDTIME HONG KONG LTD General International Agency Limited Hong Kong General Insurance Agents Association Ltd, The RENAISSANCE IND CO PARAGON INTERNATIONAL (H.K) COMPANY EBV Elektronik Limited France China Trading Co., Limited Enrich Spot Limited ENRICH REALTY CO TC ORIENT JIANGSU HOLDINGS COMPANY LIMITED Co-Tech Co Joy International Company HK & SHANGHAI HEAT-TREATMENT FTY L. T. International H.K. Company Limited, The L. T. International HK Co, The Citibank (Hong Kong) Limited Diners Club International (Hong Kong) Limited Hk Marriott Industrial Co. LINE WORLD COMPANY LIMITED Y T Food Distribution Company Million Sources Development Limited Intime Softworks Limited G & O TRADING COMPANY LIMITED SUN YIU TRADING COMPANY Sing Yang Trading Limited Victoria Adhesive Products Ltd Victorias Company, The C3 Internet Limited Kindness Enterprises Limited Leeman Trading Limited Lee & Man Company Limited HOME ELECTRICALS CO LTD Sunny Investments TRADING FORCE CO BILLION CHEMICAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED Trade Step Limited China Step (Hong Kong) Limited GLORY SIGHT LIMITED Gavo Limited BEST EARNING COMPANY LIMITED IDEAL GROUP HANDICRAFT MFG. LIMITED HUNTER IND CO Prompt Trading Limited Penmark Limited Excel Bright Trading Limited EXCEL BRIGHT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Rodney Engineering Co Ltd INTELLIGENT (H.K.) LTD Uniglobal Technology Limited Merry Global Technology Ltd GRAND GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Genesis Global Technology Hong Kong Limited Global Tech (Holdings) Limited Max Global Technology Limited Global Technology Limited Global Technology Integrator Limited Top Victory Investments Limited ABLE CHAMP INTERNATIONAL LIMITED CHAMP BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MC COSMO CO LTD Dairy Trend Ltd DARE-RC LIMITED ABUNDANCE INDUSTRIES CO. Sky Eagle Company Limited TOP ABLE INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Cathay Photo Company Limited Well Truth Limited PARA PRINTING (HONG KONG) LIMITED DRAGON CHOICE (HK) LIMITED Skyworld Group Development Limited Artstar Screen Printing & Design Co DESIGN TOP INTERIOR DESIGN CONTRACTING TIKO DESIGN LIMITED On Lee Trading Company Onlead (Hong Kong) Furniture Co. Limited Onlead Corporation Limited Maxlan Company Limited Maxly Advertising Agency Limited Gravitas Limited PAN-PACIFIC ELECTRIC MANUFACTURING CO. Asia Pacific Electronic Ltd DAVID HUNG COMPANY Print Box Limited Safe Power Printing And Box Mfg. Co. Limited Vins Gallery Limited H.K. EXPRESS IEC Express (Hong Kong) Limited Yes Green International Limited Pine Green International Limited GREEN INTERNATIONAL LTD Coach Manufacturing Limited Smith Consulting Limited Trump Hill Limited Pret-a-Porter Asie Limited BETU & CO LTD Wise Grace Group (HK) Limited G.E.W. China Holdings Limited Long Dragon Engineering Limited Castle Products Company Limited Double Circle International Company PME SERVICES LIMITED Orieme Asia Pacific Limited WELL STATE (HONG KONG) LIMITED Tan Tao Cafe SMAS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Smartech Security Systems Co. Asian Creator Engineering Limited ASIA CREATOR LTD MEGA LEADER CORPORATION LIMITED MEGAKU LIMITED Crystal Apparel Limited DRAGON TAI ENTERPRISES LIMITED KELSON INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Meyer Manufacturing Company, Limited Meyer (China) Investments Limited Meyer Electronics Limited Meyer Trading Company Limited Meyer Properties Limited MEYER ENGINEERING CO Meyer Services Company Limited MARIGOLD (INT'L) ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION LIMITED Marigold International Securities Limited MARIGOLD INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING LIMITED TIPTOP DIGITAL PRINTING CO RICH GROUP HOLDING LIMITED Entrade Venture Limited OVERSEAS MODE LTD Hong Kong Jun Teng International Limited KSL SECRETARIES LIMITED Extravaganza EXTRAVEL LIMITED Extravaganza Limited 1+ HOME SERVICE CO. EURASIA LINK TRADING COMPANY Asian Link Holdings Limited WISE FAITH INVESTMENTS LIMITED KENT TRADING DEVELOPMENT LIMITED M. Magtague Holdings Limited TA PU TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) LIMITED NEW HUNG PROPERTY LTD EAST UNION PROPERTY CO C & M ENTERPRISES LIMITED Global Advanced Energy Co. Limited LINK BRIDGE CO LTD Uni-Trend International Limited Uni-Trend Group Limited Zen Pacific Civil Contractors Limited Vigor Royal Vacations Limited TOPWEAL DEVELOPMENT LTD Topwill Development Limited SLA LTD Sales Leader Limited Manulife Provident Funds Trust Company Limited IDEA (HONG KONG) LIMITED TARGET CROWN DEVELOPMENT LTD TRANS CROWN DEVELOPMENT G.E.W. Corporation Limited See Corporation Limited S. E. E. LTD Sanden Electronic Equipment Ltd Success Trade Limited Alpha Development Company K2 (Hong Kong), Limited K-2 Smartec (Asia) Limited AC Accounting Limited Advance Computer Company Columbia Sportswear Company (Hong Kong) Limited Million International Limited Castle Maple International Limited Fine Peace (China) Limited GLOBELINK INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDING (HK) LIMITED ELITE RICH CORPORATION LIMITED Lee Fung Trade Company LEE FUNG COMPANY Progress Enterprises WAH MING LOGISTICS LIMITED WAH KING LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED Honest Fame Metal Limited El-Araby International Limited Micon Solid-State Company Limited Angus Electronics Technology Limited GARWIN INDUSTRIAL LTD PERICH INTERNATIONAL LTD Izumi Manufacturing Limited A'LA WING WANG CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Wing Wang Tower Working Platform & Scaffolding Facilities (Greater China) Limite Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited Good Rise Investments Limited GSG (Scovill) Fasteners Asia Limited Smartech Investment Ltd SMARTECH DATA SYSTEMS TIN YUEN INVESTMENT CO LTD TIN YU INTERNATIONAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED Billion Eagle Development Limited SgT Limited SG Music Limited SG WORLD COMPANY LIMITED Gorich Technology Limited Premium Option (HK) Limited MOST ESSENCE LIMITED Sun Entertainment Culture Limited SINO-AMERICA ASIA LTD Oceania Pacific Limited Treasure Success Trading Limited ON GRAND INTERNATIONAL LTD Advance Technology & Service Group (Asia) Limited Oceania Co WISE CHARM INVESTMENT LTD Forlon Industries Limited SUNRISE INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Good Mind Technology Limited SATSON CO LTD RONDO GARMENT MANUFACTURERS CO LTD Fuji Air Electric Co Ltd Microelectronic International (Hong Kong) Limited POINTER CORPORATE SERVICES LTD SILVER GARMENT LTD YEE SHING ENGINEERING (INTERNATIONAL) COMPANY LIMITED SuzoHapp Hong Kong Limited Bogart (Far East) Limited WING YU TRADING COMPANY WANG YUE TRADING COMPANY WAI YUN TRANSPORTATION COMPANY HOI WAN TARDING CO Maestronic NL Limited DESIGN 61 LTD Atex Garments Ltd Gritti & Ocean Asia Limited Effect Group Limited Effect Trading Co Li Ho Hongkong Jiuheng Printing Co., Limited Colliman Video Publishing Limited Colliman Development Limited Colliman Trading Co HB Trading Company World-Tech Holding Limited LOGWIND COMPANY LIMITED Wing Leader Garment Factory WINSON GARMENT FACTORY VINSON MANUFACTURING CO Vinson Products International Limited MET EXPRESS LIMITED Tai Sang Watch Co WING TAT WATCH PRODUCT FTY AMPLE OPTICAL CO AD HOC MARKETING COMMUNICATION LIMITED KL International Company Limited Kam Hing Store and Rice Shop Yau Tak Plastic Bag Fty Wing Tak Plastic Bag Factory Firm Tat Plastic Bag Factory Sian Ta Plastic Bag Factory Yony Tai Plastic Bag Printing Factory Limited Andrew Engineering Limited Cheung Lee Sewing Machine Co EMI Asia Limited D56 COMPANY LIMITED MATERIAL SOLUTIONS COMPANY LIMITED Hidesign Asian Pacific Limited GOLD CHAINS TRADING COMPANY LIMITED WISE POWER OPTECH COMPANY LIMITED Sun Sing Crystal Watch Dial Mfy Chin Fai Watch Dial Silk Screen Product Co YEE SAN WATCH DIAL FACTORY TUNG FONG WATCH DIAL CO. WAH TAT WATCH DIAL COMPANY WAH FONG WATCH DIAL SILK SCREEN PRINTING CO SHING FAT METAL WATCH DIAL FACTORY ELEGANCE METAL WATCH DIAL FACTORY NP METAL ASIA LIMITED Function (BVI) Management Corp WELL ZONE LTD Harbour Anchor Products Limited SOFTMEDIA TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED SOFTMEDIA TECHNOLOGY CO Havana Enterprise Company Limited Oceanic International Ltd South Asia Enterprises Limited SOUTH ASIA ENTERPRISES CO HUAXUN INDUSTRY (HK) CO. LIMITED Globalis Techno Consultants Limited Global Tech China Limited Asia Electrical Co ASIA FINANCE LIMITED Fine Asia Electronic Materials Company Limited Gain Fortune Trading Limited Goodman Medical Supplies Limited Kam On Co YING FUNG PLASTIC BAGS FTY PROVIDENCE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Group-Tech Electronics Limited Oce (Hong Kong China) Limited PARKLINK CO LTD CONCORD INTERNATIONAL Hong Kong Kwun Tong Industries And Commerce Association Limited Alpha System Company Limited SIGN POINT (HK) LIMITED TOPWAY COMPANY World Target Limited WORLD TARGET LTD Tsing-Tech Innovations Company Limited Hongkong Sales (Knitwear) Limited IGO ENTERPRISES LTD IGO TOYS LIMITED IGO ELECTRONICS LTD Luen Tai Component Limited LUEN TAI KNITTING COMPANY WING KAI FOOD H.K. LTD WING KAI FOOD H.K. LIMITED FC COMPANY SV Financial Group Limited Acer Market Services Limited Golden Ocean E & M Engineering Limited Lecce Pen Asia Limited Toy2R (Holdings) Company Limited Ant International (Hongkong) Limited Mipo Technology Limited BC&A INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Regent Long Corporation Limited Yee Fung Knitting Limited WAY SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED GLAMOUR GLORY LIMITED WING HANG KNITTING CO WING CHEONG KNITTING LIMITED EURASIA EXPRESS (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED Eurasia Logistics Company Limited HANDSOME GARMENTS LTD HUNG FUNG PLASTIC FTY Gold Wilson International Limited PCCW (HK) TRADING COMPANY J.I.T. Industries Limited Alpha Metals Limited Da Hing Plastic Metal Manufactory Tollegno Far East Co. Limited H. K. I. HOLDINGS (CHINA) LIMITED Neo-Fiber Industrial Company Limited Stratasys AP Limited City Wise International Limited FRANCO ENTERPRISE CO Grandfather Company, The STARMAX INDUSTRIES LTD Chit Tat Plastic Moulds Fty Chit Tat Mamufactory Maxpro Industries Co. PROFIT LINK INDUSTRIES LIMITED Goodfame Trading Limited Tata Steel International (Asia) Limited Superior (HK) Limited FULL PEACE INVESTMENTS LTD R & H (HONG KONG) LIMITED COLT CO HANG LUNG METAL ENGINEERING CO LTD Eaver Company Limited Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited JOYFUL MIND INVESTMENT LTD POLY MIND LTD A & Z INC LIMITED Sage Group Limited SAGE DEVELOPMENT COMPANY SPORT INNOVATION LIMITED Global Construction Technology Limited LAZY BEE STUDIO TFS Freight Services (HK) Limited Ankia (Asia) Limited Swire Industrial Management Services Limited Enterpriser Concept Limited AI MULTITECH LIMITED Gorich Investment Ltd NEW SENSE ENTERPRISES LIMITED HONG XING HANG JEWELLERY LIMITED Allied Smart Holdings Limited Keen Company KEEN CO MS International Pvt Limited Baby Spa Limited BRILLIANCE IMAGE-TECH Truly-On Co Singh Semiconductors and Systems Limited Continental Services FUTURE LTD TUNDRA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED FUTURE TECHNOLOGY CO FUTURE PATH TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Huada Group International Co. Limited JIN HUA SEMICONDUCTOR MATERIAL CO Kinds Limited Kinda Limited Breakfast & Lunch Fast Food Co Limited Top Global International Enterprise Limited KENTY INDUSTRIAL CO HANFORD CO LTD Hanford (Hong Kong) Limited PICO PRODUCTS ASIA LIMITED ABLE UNION COMPANY Newton Industrial Company FRIENDS H. K. LTD HI-TECH ENERGY CO Viva Company Limited ABLE BILLION ENTERPRISES LIMITED UTOPIA GLASS CO Aeromat International Limited CANTON WELL INVESTMENT LIMITED TRI-SONIC LTD POLYTRADE (H.K.) LTD Tsui Hang Hing Garment Factory Limited Topax International Limited Laserwort Limited First In. Victorinox Asia Services Limited ELISA FASHION LIMITED Insight International Enterprise Limited Optiled Insight Limited KINGS TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED CHUNGNHAI CO BROOK COSMO LIMITED FULL BRILLIANT TRADING LTD FULL BRILLIANT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LIMITED Full Brilliant (Hong Kong) Limited CORPORATE GROUP LIMITED AND PARTNERS PARTS & COMPANY LIMITED KEN AU & CO KENNY'S CO INDO MASS PROFIT ASIA PACIFIC INVESTMENT LIMITED Choloma Limited Prime Force Technology Limited SPARKLE PRINTING LTD MAX MOUNT HOLDINGS LIMITED STRONG MAX HOLDINGS LIMITED SPARKLE INC. LIMITED STEP ENTERPRISE LIMITED Lafe Holdings Limited Longjoin Industry (Hong Kong) Co., Limited LONG JOIN LIMITED Man Ho Educational Organisation Limited Federation of HK Kln & N.T. Public Housing Estate Resident & Shopowners Organiza TEMPUS LIMITED Proper Glory Limited HUGE TEAM INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Sourcing Solutions International Limited PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS CONSULTANTS COMPANY LIMITED PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS CONSULTANTS COMPANY Ta Hsing Fa Machinery Co Limited Hsin Tien Trading Co Ltd Novel Industrial Co Dragon Enterprise Co HTL Limited BABOUM LIMITED Bonit & Company Limited SHOW GOOD LIMITED CARVEN LEAN LIMITED Carven Circuits Limited Home Made Co IntegMed Limited Bliss Corporation Limited OLYMPIC INTERNATIONAL LIMITED SINOTECH (H.K.) LIMITED A K A LIMITED Wing Cheung Hing Electric Engineering Company Limited Securewatch Limited Securitech (Asia) Ltd Securitech Distribution Limited PANTA LTD Pro-Zenith (HK) Limited COCO OPTICAL CO. Keng Fung International Industries Limited Toplink Cashmere Limited Kingdeer Cashmere Limited Maestronic Operations Limited Maestronic Europe Limited Maestronic Products Limited Maestronic HK Limited TAN DENTAL LABORATORY LEI KWAN DENTAL LABORATORY MEGA INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED TOP WISDOM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Trinity Retail Limited Chi Shing Co Limited Sina Hong Kong Limited JOY WEALTH LIMITED Lucky Industrial Company JJ & C Investments Limited TOP IMAGE INVESTMENT LIMITED Winstar Industries Co WINSTAR FASHIONS Champion International Corporation Limited WIN SINO (HONG KONG) LIMITED MR Internet (Hong Kong) Limited FU NGAI Ever Glorious Investment & Consulting Company Limited KWONG MING ELECTRICAL MANUFACTORY LIMITED I Do Limited S.T Corporation Limited HUA FUNG HOLDING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Deson Development Limited Deson Development International Holdings Limited VisionWare Limited Lanson Place Hospitality Management Limited Electro Limited MS ELECTRONICS LIMITED EAST TOP LIMITED A MALL FLOWER MALL LTD Excelware Limited Seasons (H.K.) Limited Hettich Procurement China Limited Wise Leader Limited Ricco Engineering Limited THE DINING MAP Wise Dragon Enterprise Co CHARM WAY COMPANY Charm Kee Marine Products Limited Nicholas & Bears (Holdings) Limited P & L LUCKY CONCEPT COMPANY Expert Systems IVR (Asia) Co. Limited Top Best Automobile Services Co Top Best Consultant Services Limited COASTAL ENTERPRISES LTD NOBLEY LIMITED LIN UNIVERSE INDUSTRIAL CO R & T CORPORATION LIMITED NOBLE TECHNICAL CONSULTANT CO NOBLE TECH (ASIA) LTD NOBLE TECHNICAL CONSULTANT COMPANY LIMITED Apex City Industrial Limited Cat-Pacific Limited UNITY CO LTD KING'S STORE Top Resources Company Limited HARBOUR FRONT ASSETS INVESTMENTS LIMITED METRO CORPORATION ISIS Electronics Limited SILVER PRINTING PUZZLES & BOARD GAMES MANUFACTORY LIMITED ROYAL HOLDINGS GROUP LIMITED Grayers HK Sub, Limited PIT LIMITED Smart Target Electronics Limited YIELD CO BURTON HONG KONG LTD Companion Trading Co Companion Printing Ink Co Cambo Enterprises Limited Wellgain Holdings Limited AXIS THREAD Longway Enterprise Company Limited Charter Huge Limited Focus & Co., (Far East) Limited WELL JOY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED SKY JOY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Trian Company Limited Pan Asia Air Conditioning Sinoway Carbon Energy Holdings Limited Hong Kong Top Crown Trading Limited Tradelink & Company Baracco Ltd Tian Chang Holdings Limited TIAN LONG HOLDING GROUP COMPANY LIMITED RIGHT IDEA LTD Huidian Electronics Co. Limited WELSKY TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED Wing Tai Properties Limited Wing Tai Properties Development Limited WING TAI PROPERTIES ESTATE AGENTS LIMITED KS Creation International Limited SEE KWAN (HK) STATIONERY CTR MAN KEE SUPERMARKET Everyware Limited BEST HONEST CONSULTANTS LIMITED Lanco Co Golden Brick International Limited Wonderinno International Co., Limited ACE INDUSTRIES ACE INSURANCE AGENCY ACE INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CONSULTING CO ADVANCES TECHNOLOGY CO. LIMITED GOLD PROSTER LTD ASSOCIATED TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) LIMITED ASSOCIATED FIBER TECHNOLOGY (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED Fine Crystal (H.K.) Co., Limited Well In International Company Limited BBK (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited Toyo Communication Technology Co., Limited HONG KONG TAEWON CO LTD SUN TAI LIMITED SHUN TAI CO Rio Tinto (Hong Kong) Science And Technology Co., Limited Shun Tai Limited Y.T.S. Technology Limited FOSTER PLASTIC INDUSTRIES LTD TIEN TSIN INVESTMENTS LIMITED Evergoal Limited HANG CHEONG PLASTIC MOULD FTY Wai Lam Plumbing & Sanitary Works Sun Wai Industrial Company SUN WAI INDUSTRIAL CO SUN WAI INDUSTRIES CO D & F System Limited Hing Lung Interior Design and Engineering Limited FAIR KIND INTERNATIONAL LTD Siemens Limited Best & Technology Engineering Co Y & P Industrial Company SINO EMPIRE INVESTMENT LIMITED SIGMA INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED LUEN YICK PAPER PRODUCTS CO RC TIME COMPANY LIMITED Team Power Technology Group Grantgo Limited Microland Ltd Microdia Corporation Limited NEW TREND PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMITED SUPER GLORY DEVELOPMENT LTD LEADER UNION GARMENT FACTORY Unison Orient International Limited Main Plan Limited KING DRAGON INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Quantum Data Systems (H.K.) Limited QUANTUM EDUCATION LIMITED MADCRADLE ONLINE LIMITED Atelier Viii Architects Ltd Maxline Limited Maxpoint Technology (H.K.) Co Limited Able-One Technology Limited TANELEY LIMITED Aceteam International Ltd Shine Land International Limited New Orient Asia Limited Forever Wise International Trading Limited Star Wise International Limited PARK ELECTRONICS COMPANY LIMITED PUI KEE PARK GATE LIMITED Wing's Co, The Fantastic Toys Manufacturing Limited GOLDEN OCEAN CO Hong Shing Industrial Co Park Lane Electrical Appliance Direct Selling Centre WELL PEACE (CHINA) LIMITED Ocean (Hong Kong) Ltd Wing Tai Corporation Limited Partmicro Electronics International Co., Limited System One (HK) Limited B.E.L. Systems Limited Brand System Ltd Anchor Medical Services Limited Paco (HK) Co Limited PINK OLIVE LIMITED NEW SYSTEM COMPUTER COMPANY LIMITED Plastic-Union (HK) Limited SEA WING ENTERPRISES CO DRAGON SEA ENTERPRISES LIMITED Asia Bright Enterprise Company Asia Bright Enterprise Company Ltd GLOBAL ELITE BUSINESS LIMITED Joinwell International (HK) Limited Kwun Tong Technical Institute KWUN TONG KUNG LOK GOVERNMENT SECONDARY SCHOOL KWUN TONG GOVERNMENT PRIMARY SCHOOL (P.M.) KWUN TONG EST BLK 5 MUTUAL AID ASSN KWUN TONG MAN CHUNG FRIENDSHIP PROMOTION ASSN KWUN TONG MANS OWNERS COMM TTD Kwun Tong Photo KWUN TONG WOODLEY SPORT CO Kowloon Kwun Tong Kai Liu Vill Resident Association's Clinic KWUN TONG TUNG KONG LAU RESTURANT Kwun Tong Kwong Yum Home for the Aged Office Kwun Tong Pet Shop KWUN TONG PHOTO IMAGE SHOP KWUN TONG SWATOW CHRISTIAN CHURCH KWUN TONG TRUE PHOTO FINISHING CENTRE KWUN TONG SHOP Kwun Tong Orthopaedic and Physiotherapy Pain Centre Limited Kwun Tong Fuk Lam Church Limited KWUN TONG METHODIST SOCIAL SERVICE Kwun Tong Chiu Kiu Kung Sheung Kai Yu Lan Sing Wui Ltd KWUN TONG TSUI PING ROAD ESTATE KAI FONG WELFARE ASSOCIATION LTD CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF LOVE KWUN TONG LTD Kwun Tong Swatow Baptist Church KWUN TONG SPORTS PROMOTION ASSOCIATION LTD Kwun Tong Hsin Kuang Restaurant Limited Kowloon City, Kwun Tong and Wong Tai Sin Residents' Association Company Limited KWUN TONG PEACE EVANGELICAL CENTRE LTD KWUN TONG BAPTIST CHURCH Kwun Tong Mandarin Baptist Church KWUN TONG RESIDENT ASSOCIATION Kwun Tong Hostel Kwun Tong Reading Room SAMAX (HK) LTD STANDARD SUN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Hong San Limited TOPGAIN HANDBAGS FTY Sure Honest International Limited Forever Grace International Trading Limited Nova Technology Company Limited NOVA TRADING LIMITED Plus Concept Limited Billion Ocean Industrial Ltd Luen Thai Group (Asia) Limited Luen Thai Fishing Venture Ltd Electronic Technology Company Limited BEAUTY ESSENCE COSMETIQUES LIMITED ESSENCE METAL MANFACTORY Art Engineering Co Art-Well Engineering Company Limited Advance Engineering (Development) Limited Garage Limited, The Wah Gar Knitwear Factory Company Limited HANG FUNG CO HON WANG INDUSTRIAL CO. LIMITED Top Link Industrial Company Limited Gemtech International Techco Co TECHO & CO. Tec- Leader Company Ado Production Wanco Ltd Wan Chi LEDE LIGHT CO. LIMITED MR LIGHT LED LIGHTING CO. LIMITED Grandness (HK) Industry Co Limited Haur Jaan (HK) Aluminium Indus Try Company Limited Crc Industries Asia Limited KINGTRONICS HOLDINGS (HONG KONG) LIMITED Bright Top Industrial Limited Fuel Injection Technologies Limited Yat Shun Manufacturing Company Limited JENNYWORLD CO LTD FOCUS (1983) HOLDING CO LTD CHARMS ENTERPRISE CHARMING ENTERPRISE COMPANY POINT COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED Kingsman Limited KINGSHINE INVESTMENTS LIMITED AAA FINANCE LIMITED ChemStation Asia Limited TAK WAI ENG. CO. H & K Company TRI - TEE TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED Tri-Tech International Limited Tri-Tec Technology Industrial Co Tri-Tech Resources International Limited A-Tech Technology Limited WAI YIP PLASTIC WORKS Golden Light Paper Products Factory Beyondz Company Limited PROSPECT INDUSTRIAL CO PROSPECT ELECTROMECHANICAL CO ACH COMPANY LIMITED A'Tech Enterprises International Limited Top Star Technology Limited Top Standing Products Limited BEYOND IMPORT AND EXPORT CO. LIMITED H.S. Chan Company Limited PROSPECTFUL HOLDINGS LTD GOLDEN GRAND & PARTNERS LIMITED GOLDEN PARTNERS LIMITED GOLDEN PERIOD LTD Gold Paragon Limited Yick Tat Computer Embroidery Factory Manchester Electronics Co Chung Shing Property Co. P & L ELECTRONICS CO SAM YIP CO SHAN WO HONG LEE KWONG HANDICRAFT CO Wacoal Hong Kong Company Limited Burlinton Knitters Kam Lun Industrial Co Flying Up Enterprise Co Funky Co. KING YEUNG INDUSTRIAL LTD Fun (Hong Kong) Limited Wealthy Limited WELL MOUNT (CHINA) LIMITED Bad Panda Limited Big Panda Limited Link Technologies LINK TECH LIMITED LINK ALL TECH CO LIMITED H I CAPITAL LIMITED WEALTH COMPANY Antex International Trading Limited Truly Trim Industrial Company TOP WEALTH INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED China Resources (Hong Kong) Limited Function Telecommunications Company Limited Jeanswest International (H.K.) Limited Luen Bon Fashion Co LUEN BON FASHION LIMITED CHI LUEN SHOES FTY HEALTH COMPANY HEALTH BASIS (HK) LIMITED YAU LUEN TRADING INVESTMENT CO YAU LUEN HONG One International Printing Co, The FULLY SKY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED KENO CO LTD Brilliant Industrial Company Henson & Company Limited Hop Shing Knitting Factory Company Limited Hanson Fire Service Limited Progain Enterprise Ltd GREATZ LIMITED Great China Printing Co. Great China Printing Company Nordic Asia Limited Global Telecommunication Int'l Limited AI Instruments (Hong Kong) Limited Allied Sun Corporation Limited SUPERCAN LTD Beauty Co The CHINA & HONGKONG RESOURCES COMPANY LIMITED, The IPPAI LIMITED Honour Wheel Limited AMPLE SYSTEMS LIMITED Honor Century Limited ENOS LIMITED Trubest Ltd Ample Development Limited AMPLE DEVELOPMENT GROUP LIMITED TALENT (HONG KONG) CO Talent Industrial Co., Limited Concord Link Limited CONCORD MARK LTD Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd Goldsweet Limited STARWAN LTD Hong Kong Star Trading Co Wing Fai Glass-Fibre Co Fiber Assembly Manufacturing Service Limited Jung Chuen Bakelite & Plastic Manufactory Ltd Chuen Kee Auto Repair Malina Wong & Company Limited TAI PANG TRDG CO SOUTH CHINA WORLDWIDE LIMITED United Printing & Paper Products Limited WISE ROUTE LIMITED Wise Computer Co TALENT HERO ASIA LIMITED Mainetti (HK) Limited Hong Kong Information Technology Limited 852 Studio Limited HANG WAI PRINTING COMPANY Alson Electronics Co., Limited Alson Technology Limited Goldfish Creative Limited GOLDEN PHOENIX GLOBAL COMPANY LIMITED AL KAWN CO. LIMITED New Tech Motor Engineering Limited HONG KONG CHINA FOUNDATION LIMITED A. M. International Manufacturing Company Limited Hang Kin Plastic Manufactory Cheung Shing Metal & Printing Fty GREATCO INDL WING TAI PAPER PRODUCTS FACTORY WING TAT CO Co-Tronic Enterprises (HK) Co Kai Tai Weaving Co Kao Tai Company Kai Tai Foods Co HONG KONG KAI TAI COMPANY LIMITED Conair Hong Kong Limited EXCEL TMI ELECTRONICS LIMITED Excel-Max Electronics (HK) Limited HONG KONG EXCELLENT RAPID INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Fung & Brothers Co. GMA Stone Company Limited Lison Technologies (HK) Limited HONG TAI ASR WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS LIMITED AH MEI INTERNATIONAL (GROUP) INVESTMENT CO. LIMITED BRILLIANT BRIGHT ELECTRONICS COMPANY LIMITED GOLDEN BRILLIANT ASIA LIMITED Good-life Consumer Products Limited East Asia Electronic Co Hongkong Asia Electronics Limited E-Tech Hong Kong Limited EAST TECHNOLOGY (HK) CO Martini Advertising Company Limited City Components City Circle Industries Co CITY BUILD (SINO) LIMITED HKS Shanghai Company Limited Antique & Audio Co. ZENO LIMITED HK C.C.B. Precision Component Company Limited Real Art Enterprise Limited Fu On Real Estate Co Winton Garments Limited HK ZHANXIN TECHNOLOGY CO. LIMITED GRAND POWER INC. LIMITED Stand Win Trading Limited CHARTER GENESIS LIMITED CHARTER GENTRY LTD NEWS CENTRE AMBRE ASIA LIMITED LUCKY COMPANY LUCKY CO Energizer Hong Kong Limited Perfect Wise International Limited WINGZ COMPAN Cheung Kee Happy Development Limited Coats (China) Limited Action Forex Company Limited New Technology Electronic Limited New Technology Hong Kong Company Limited Shui Wo Book Shop CENTURY DEVELOPMENTS LTD Sixty Asia (HK) Limited AVID INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MING SZE A&B HAIR SANG FUNG CO LTD Yee Luen Cloth Co Ltd LUEN LIK CONSULTANT CO. LIMITED KAM NGAI INDUSTRIAL CO CHIN NGAI INDUSTRIAL CO Ngai Lik Cleaning Co Concept In Limited CONCEPT INNOVATION LIMITED GOLDISH CO. LIMITED SURPASS ENTERPRISE LIMITED New Tat Wah Electric Co. NEW POINT TRADING CO. NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL (GROUP) LTD MULTI UNION INDUSTRIAL CO LTD MJ International Logistics Limited Maxkent Industries Limited MEI TAT DESIGN & PROMOTION COMPANY New Concept Technology Limited New Concept Hair And Beauty Hing Lung Co LUNG HING COMPANY Wong Lung Hing LUEN YICK FOOD PRODUCTS CO LTD LUEN TAT ENTERPRISES CO Luen Shing Mould Factory Limited Luen Shing Holdings Limited LUEN SHING PLASTIC BAGS CO LUEN SHING MANUFACTORY Luen Shing Tools Limited LUEN FUNG LUEN FUNG PRINTING FACTORY LUEN FAT (INTL) INDUSTRIAL CO LOONG SANG INDUSTRIAL CO. LOONG HING PLASTIC FACTORY LTD Legend Printing & Design Company LEGEND PRINTING PRESS LIMITED Lee Yuen (Hong Kong) Limited Yuen Lee Plastic Goods Factory Lap Hing Metal & Plastic Fty KWUN WAH AMUSEMENT ASSOCIATION LTD Kwong Hing Moulds Factory Kwong Hing Building Supplies Co K.K KINGWELL ELECTRONICS LIMITED KINGTEL ELECTRONICS LTD KING MOUNTAIN (ASIA) LIMITED MAX KING ASIA LIMITED KIN WAI HONG LIMITED Kin Wai (Orient) Enterprise Limited KIN WAI IND CO Kin Ming Fty KIN HING ENTERPRISE TRADING COMPANY Kantex Company Goodbo Industrial Limited KAM HUNG INDUSTRIAL (H.K.) CO LTD China Empire Enterprises Limited Wing Shing Store WING SHING SHOES CO. C & K (HK) LTD NEW WORLD TRADING CO New World Electronics Co World Brilliants Limited CHAMP YEAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED APS Partnership Limited Smart Communications Limited SMART-LINK BUILDING SUPPLIES LIMITED Smart Course Limited J. Roger Preston Limited Roy Roger Global Limited PRESSING CONSULTANTS LTD Kwonnie Electrical Products Limited Greenwill Limited GREENMILE LTD Amtac International Company Limited Unique Supreme Group Limited UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL (GROUP) LIMITED EXCEL CENTURY LIMITED New Page Communications Limited NEW PAGE TRADING CO LTD KELLY MANUFACTURERS & TRADERS LTD ACM STUDIO LIMITED STUDIO 35 LIMITED D C T. STUDIO Sino Brilliant Limited EGO TOOLS COMPANY LIMITED Polywide Industrial Limited DESIGN POLYGON COMPANY LIMITED Pixel Media HK Limited PEARLWEAL PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Music Online Limited WI-ONLINE.COM Dah Shing Co Oceanus International Investment Co., Limited Unique Far East Limited IPE (H.K.) Limited AQUA LIFE BEAUTY SALON LIMITED Akai Mould Manufactory Easy Deal Innovation Company Limited INNOVATION COMMERCIAL (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED FANGXING YE'S INDUSTRIAL CO. LIMITED Re-Deutsche Precision Industrial (H.K.) Limited LUCK WISE HOLDINGS LIMITED FIRST APEX INDUSTRIAL LTD Creative Division Limited Joint Kingdom Investment Limited Group Power Corporation Limited Master Consulting Limited Superdex Co Ltd Hugemind Electronics Limited Trans-Ocean Resources Enterprise & Company CENTALINE INVESTMENT LTD PLATFORM CO LTD Platform Trading Limited Platform Group International Limited Win-Code IC Design House (Hk) Limited BRICKS (HK) LIMITED CANADIAN ADVANCED ENTERPRISES (H.K.) LTD Million Bloom International Limited Trendworld Limited TRENNY LIMITED Graphic Arts Association of Hong Kong Limited Trenda Hong Kong Limited TREND (HK) ENTERPRISE CO. TRENDUS HONGKONG LIMITED C & A Sourcing International Limited Holdswell Company Limited Honest Light Limited HONEST HOLDINGS (HK) CO. LIMITED FLORIST INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED EVER LUCKS BAGS CO. GREAT FAME ASIA LIMITED A & M SECRETARIAL SERVICES LIMITED FRONTIER INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED MILLION ERA LTD Brick Interactive Limited OCEANTIC CO LTD Superb Smart (Hong Kong) Limited Yik Tang Investment Co Ltd Must Good Limited AI WORLD LIMITED Graden Fastener Co. Limited GRADEWELL COMPANY TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LTD J-TECH DEVELOPMENT COMPANY Dynamic Asia Limited Kingtronics Industrial Company Limited ASIA DYNAMIC ENTERPRISES LTD Asia Dynamic Technology Limited Globaltec Electronics Limited Chung Wan Limited CHUNG MEI CO LTD OPEN EYECARE OPTICAL CENTRE Tin Chun Limited Wai Kee Trading Company Choosing Porcelain I/E Co EVER GAIN AIR CONDITION ENGINEERING LIMITED Golden Orchid Limited GOLDEN ORCHID TRAVEL COMPANY LIMITED TUNG SANG Tung Lok Company TURBO WINNER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED TURBO WINGS (H.K.) LTD ASIA RAY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Look (H.K.) Limited Billion Tree Company Winning Trading Company CENTURY STAR LTD LEGEND (HONG KONG) COMPANY, THE LEGEND LIMITED Legend Trading (Holdings) Co. Limited INTERLINK COMPANY Eastwing Limited INTERLINK TRADING COMPANY CHUNG TIN TEXTILE COMPANY CHUNG TIEN TEXTILES LTD EAST LEADER LIMITED HUNG YING WATCH PRODUCTS CO Star East Services Ltd STAR PRODUCTION HOUSE LIMITED STARTEC PRODUCTION CO. LIMITED Cosmos Development (HK) Limited Prosperous Co., The PROSPEROUS MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED DRAGON SEED ENGINEERING LIMITED FULLY BEST INVESTMENTS LTD New Balance Athletic Shoes (Far East) Limited Eastek Ltd Prosperity Equipment Company Dorcash Industrial Limited BUSY FOCUS ENTERPRISES LTD IDEA FASHION GENERAL ADVANCE LTD Eastop Holdings Limited HK SHENGDU INTERNATIONAL TRADE LIMITED Bestime Resources Limited Acorn Consulting Limited AMAZA INTERNATIONAL CO CREATION CORPORATION LIMITED HONG KONG BLUE SKY LIMITED MACY CREATION (CHINA) LIMITED HUGE CREATION (CHINA) LIMITED WIN TAK INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED MAN ASIA INDUSTRIAL CO Pak Tat Asia Industrial Limited SMART CHOICE INTERNATIONAL COMPANY SMART CHOICE COSMETIC COMPANY SHUN TIM TIN SUN (H K) CO SHUN TIM TRADING COMPANY LIMITED WISE CREATION CORPORATION LIMITED LUEN TAI PRINTING CO (KWUN TONG) C P S Express Company CPS Telecom Limited Bright Step Limited Bright Star Technologies Limited DSI Trading Limited CHUNG HING LUNG Golden Wheel Toys Ltd UP SMART INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Innee Limited TENG YI CO., LIMITED EVERGROWTH HOLDINGS (H.K.) COMPANY LIMITED SUPERING LIMITED HINTON LIMITED Asia Pacific Steel Limited STL FASHION COMPANY LIMITED LIGHT BAR DISPLAY CO. Wing Kwong Metal & Engineering Manufactory Regent Grand Investment Limited Sinomax International (HK) Limited Meian Technology (HK) Limited KWAI KEE METAL CO Dongnan Limited Pine Hover Limited HONG KONG DONG WANG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED HING CHEONG PLASTIC HARDWARE FTY CHEONG HING PLASTIC MOULD FTY CHEUNG HING PLASTIC MOULD Cheong Hing Manufacturing Co Plastic Braid Wearing Factory KONG HING PLASTIC BAG CO CHUEN HING PLASTIC MFY Tung Ha Company Limited HK ASIA GAIN INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Hop Fung China Limited EAST-WORLD INTERNATIONAL COMPANY MULTI AD COMPANY MULTIBIZ CORPORATION LIMITED SAMBA HONG KONG LIMITED Samba Engineering Limited Hierstar Limited ULTRA-MARK INTERNATIONAL LTD POWER LEGEND (ASIA) LIMITED Fast Management Limited GATHER WEALTH GLOBAL LIMITED UNION WORLD INDUSTRIES LIMITED FUK CHEONG HONG CHING NGAI INDUSTRIES (CHINA) CO LTD China Resource Merchandise Investment Limited China Resource International Limited FOREST INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED KINGSFORD COMPANY Legend Interior Design & Contracting Company New Harvest Enterprises Limited Menco Limited Antek Pacific Limited True Choice Limited Oriental Purchasing Limited Orient Digital Power Ltd TRUE COLOUR DESIGN LIMITED KINGTECH INDUSTRIAL LTD KINGDEX INDUSTRIES LTD YUEN HING COTTON (CHINA) COMPANY LIMITED HING YUN INDUSTRIES CO Hing Yuen Limited AL SERVICE LIMITED ASSET WORLD LTD World Excel Appliance Company Limited Hengde HK Limited CNW (Pacific) Limited WIN COMPANY Sunshine Technology (H.K.) Company Richi Limited RICH BOND PRODUCTS COMPANY BRIGHTER ELECTRIC CORP (KWUN TONG) Brightview Limited J & C INTERIOR DESIGN LIMITED Dyna International Shipping Limited DMX Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited DNA Industrial Company Limited Dynax Hong Kong Limited Sino-Dna Technology Limited Rich Power Electronics Company Limited Rich Dragon Electronics Limited Rico Electric Wire Factory Limited Gain World Limited Broaden Limited Broadwell Company Limited BROAD CHEER LIMITED Meridian Fashion Factory MERIDIAN ELECTRONIC EMBROIDERY(KWUN TONG) YET TONE IND CO CHINA ALLIANCE LIMITED NINGBO MERICA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. LIMITED Wing Shun Metal Co Wing Sun Metal Mfy WING SUN METAL FTY WING SUN METAL MANUFACTORY EVERMAN LTD Superb Sound Products Limited Standard Barocode Co LEAD AUSSIE LIMITED SOW INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Horizon Unity Limited NU-HORIZON LIMITED MULTI COLOR PRINTING (HONG KONG) LIMITED Levi Land Development Ltd Esprime Limited Silicon Technology Limited TREE Trust Company Activa Limited POLYLINE INDUSTRIAL LTD POLY LINKER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED VISION DIGITAL LIMITED Prefect Production Co POMMELL LTD Top Ten New Media Production Ltd RED MATCH MEDIA PRODUCTION SPRING MEDIA PRODUCTION LIMITED HONG KONG TOWER ALCOVE LTD Promotion & Development Services Limited BENBON DEVELOPMENT & SERVICES LIMITED YING FUNG DEVELOPMENT SERVICE LIMITED Central Electronics Company Central Stationery Company CENTURY HOPE LTD Sun Hing Lung Co Sun Hing Engineering CO Tung Tat Poly Variable Condenser Manufactory Limited Smartech International Co. Synertech International Limited Smart Great International Limited SMART RICH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED GOLDO DEVELOPMENTS LTD CHI SHING IND CO HONESTY COMPONENTS LIMITED Xinya Group Limited TECHNICS ASIA LIMITED Gear Top Investment Limited LUCKY COME LIMITED CHUN JING (ASIA) LIMITED Hang Bo International (H.K.) Limited Linktech Hong Kong Limited PERFECTECH SUPPLIES LTD PERFECT GROUP LIMITED PERFECT ART LTD SKYTEAM ELECTRONICS (CHINA) LIMITED EVERWIN COMPANY Everjoy Limited Everwintex Limited DONGJIN INTERNATIONAL CORP. Dong Yuan Hong Kong International Limited Easy Come Investment Ltd Eversources Limited International Sales Corporation Evertrust Co Ltd Nu Air Asia Pacific Limited INTER-TRADE (FAR EAST) INDUSTRIAL CO International Tradebest Limited EVERTEX LIMITED Bright Devices Limited HONG KONG INVESTMENT IMMIGRATION LIMITED HONG SHING GROUP (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED HUALIN TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Officeslink Trading Co Full Wealth International (H K) Co Limited FULL WEALTH DRY & WET CLEANERS Hai Fat (HK) Trading Company HONG KONG HAIYU TRADING CO., LIMITED Tag-It Pacific Limited TALENT WIN INDUSTRIAL LTD PROSPER BIOCHEMISTRY CORPORATION LIMITED CYBERHOME HOLDINGS LIMITED Daily Progress Enterprises Limited Happy Progress Investment Limited SHINE PROGRESS LIMITED PROGRESS INDUSTRIES CO N & S Co. Limited YICK SHUN PRINTING COMPANY LIMITED Yick Shun Printing Co TRUE QUEEN DEVELOPMENT LTD WHOLE FORM INDUSTRIES LTD CHINA GOLDEN AGE HOLDINGS LIMITED Holder Company Limited AQUA-ZONE Atlas International Enterprise Co. Limited Atlas Continental Electronics Limited Atlas Sourcing International Limited A-DESIGN LIMITED Double X Workshop Production Limited DOUBLE E STUDIO PRODUCTION LIMITED Taiya (China) Co Limited HAHNEL ENTERPRISES LIMITED Hanlend Industrial (International) Co. Limited Hamleys Asia Limited GENTLE STRONG LTD Gentherm International Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited Nice Gain Trading Limited GENTEX INDUSTRY CO G T Plus Limited GENET INDUSTRIES (H.K.) LTD Gentco Medical Limited General Television Engineering Co SOL General Trading Limited Hong Kong Wing On Travel Service Limited ON WING CORPORATION LIMITED Kong & Fung Limited IMAGECOLOR ADVERTISING & PRINTING COMPANY Focus Imaging & Digital Printing Limited Active Charter Development Ltd INTEGRATED CARGO SOLUTIONS CHINA LIMITED M Plus Workshop Limited HONMAX INDUSTRIAL (HK) CO. LIMITED TACK COMPANY Winson Development Co GOLDBEARER CO LTD HONG KONG ASIS INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED GREATER CHINA INVESTMENT LIMITED TAI PING FONG LIMITED Tenda Plastic Manufactory Limited TENDER TRADING LTD Skylark Asia Technology Company Limited, The K & W Asia Technology Company Limited WAH NAM CARTON PAPER PRODUCT CO TARGET INTERNATIONAL CO Target Win Industrial Limited GOOD TARGET INDUSTRIES LIMITED Target Energy Solutions Limited Bad Boy Film Culture Limited PI Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited Promax Industrial Limited SPEEDER LIMITED Universal Music Limited UNIVERSAL ELECTRONIC EAGLE TRADING CO FUND EAGLE ENTERPRISE LIMITED INTERNATIONAL TEXTIL DIFFUSION (ASIA PACIFIC) LIMITED Promax (Far East) Trading Company Speed Era International Limited Eagle Sky International Limited EAGLE WIN INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED METRO DISTRIBUTION NETWORKS LTD Mid-America Overseas (China), Limited Longridge Limited Asian Choice Limited Aziana Limited Shing Fat SUN AH BEAUTY SALON Sun Ah Electric Factory Limited GPI (HK) LIMITED W-ASIA HOLDINGS LIMITED Orchestra Asia Limited Noblegain Ltd NOBLE SUITE LTD FAITH & KIND LIMITED MODEL PALACE LTD Avion Access Company Limited Jade Island Company Limited LUCKY ISLAND CO LTD DIRECT HUB LIMITED BUSINESS & BUSINESS (HK) COMPANY LIMITED MAX CAFE ABLE HARVEST LIMITED Mega Century Investment Limited Tiffany Design Co., Limited TAI HING MEGA PROFIT INVESTMENT DEVELOPMENT LIMITED MEGA PROFIT INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED MEGA PROFIT ENTERPRISES LIMITED EAST CREATION TRADING LIMITED Alchemy Media Limited Anisor Company Limited EMPLOYEASY LIMITED A & S EMPLOYMENT CITY Starate Limited MSI Japan Hong Kong Co., Limited Starmoon Limited EURO-IMAGE LIMITED Fashion Image Polygrace Limited RICKO LIMITED Pollux Design POLY DESIGN PAPER PORDS FTY WAYSON TRADING TRANSPORTATION CO STT Limited Sunflower Travel Service Limited Hing Lung Interior Decoration Company JAEGERBAND TTC (FAR EAST) LTD C.T. FALCON INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED Acer Computer (Far East) Limited CYBER CHINA LIMITED CYBER BUSINESS NETWORK (HONG KONG) LIMITED Computer Services & Management (HK) MAY FAIR INDUSTRIAL CO E-SMART BUSINESS SERVICES LIMITED CANNON APE CO LTD CANNON DECO COMPANY Kingtec Lighting Company Limited Nexton Digital Technology Limited CANNON DESIGN & PRINTING COMPANY Everproud Limited WAI TAT WAI TAT METAL MANUFACTORY Wah Tat Metal Factory DIGITAL FUTURE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Gorex Technology Ltd Hong Kong Jia Xing Yuan Electronics Company Limited Hong Kong Jia Wei Industrial Company Limited HONG KONG JIA TAI INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED RELIANCE SKY INTERNATIONAL LTD CHAN LEUNG BAR CHINA STAR CENTURY CO. LIMITED Nice Top Quality Ltd Nice Top Quality (China) Limited Win Empire Company Limited Alpha-Tech Electronics Co. Limited Andex Electronics Limited Euro Suisse China Limited Vine Technology Limited Cas Enterprises (HK) Limited Be-Creation Limited SANYU INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED Citizen Watches (H.K.) Limited Sanwin Watches & Electronics Limited CLARAN LTD KYK CO LTD K Y K TRADE CO BEST QUALITY (CHINA) LIMITED Best Quality Industrial Company TIM FAT CAR ENGINEERING OPTIMAL COATECH CORPORATION LTD A PRODUCTIONS LIMITED A-Product Industrial Co A Plus Production Co. A & E Products (Far East) Limited A-List Productions Limited DIRECT SOURCES INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED Asia Sourcing Direct Limited China-Direct Sourcing Limited HYDE PARK GARDEN REST Hyde Park Garden Restaurant ALEX LAM & CO Waisun Industrial Co Key Faith Industries Limited NADFINLO INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Nadfinlo Investment Limited Nadfinlo (Hong Kong) Limited SAFE CIRCLE INVESTMENT LTD HOME DE COMFORT LIMITED TOPET INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED H.K. TRANSPORTATION CO. Great Eastern Tourist Limited Great Eastern Textiles Limited Teeming Machinery (H.K.) Limited KORIN ELECTRONICS LIMITED CREATIVE ART (INT'L) LIMITED Grand Arts International Jewellery Limited SUN SING TRADING CO Shun Sing Company Grande Electronic Hong Kong Limited GRANDE ELECTRONIC INDUSTRY LTD Grandview Electronic Company Limited GRAMA ELECTRONICS LTD UNITED CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING LTD UNITED DESIGN & CONTRACTING CO. UNITED DESIGN CONTRACTING COMPANY LIMITED Il Hung Electronics Co Ltd Champion Trading Company AA Lam Company Limited HONG KONG FUJIKAM INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED QNet Limited ABC Marketing Agency Limited ELITE TEAM INDUSTRIAL LTD JINZE ELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY (HK) CO. LIMITED UNION GLOBE DEVELOPMENT LTD Trillion Success Industrial Limited ETERNAL SKY INDUSTRIES LTD Velement International Co Limited CG LIMITED Jinning Magnetics (HK) Co PALMASIA COMPANY LIMITED MING SING ELECTRONICS LTD CROWN SOUTH TRADING COMPANY LIMITED GROOVIN LTD Groovie Station GROOVER LIMITED World Wide Tyres Limited P & D ADVERTISING PRODUCTION COMPANY ACTIVE PRODUCTS Ellsworth Adhesives Asia Limited Hang Hing Kitchen Equipment & Engineering Company Limited Hang Hing Hong Hang Hing Paper Box Factory HANA ASOBI MX Markets Limited Max Market Consultants Limited BIG EYE BUS CO BIG DRAGON BUSINESS MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED SKY CARPARK LIMITED SUPERZE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED TAK SHING WORLDWIDE TRADING LIMITED LONG BEACH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Royal International (H K) Co ROYAL INTERNATIONAL (HONG KONG) LTD Royal Hill International Limited P C Provide Company Able Electronic System Company Ltd ITC (HK) Company Limited ORIENT KINGDOM LIMITED CK CORPORATION LIMITED C & C UNITED FORTUNE INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Excelroy Ltd WELL SUCCESS ENGINEERING LTD HONG KONG RICHER TECHNOLOGY CO. New Star International Trading Company NEW STAR PAINT AND DECORATION PRODUCTS COMPANY Sun Hong Limited, The Sun Po Industrial Co Sunhope Limited Sun Property Consultants Ltd CITY GOURMET LIMITED HONG KONG WONDERFUL LTD WONDERFUL EMPIRE (HK) CO LIMITED Best Honour Corporation Limited Raison Enterprise (Hong Kong) Company Limited Lucky Star Industry Co World Wide Hong World Wide (H.K.) Engineering Co. Limited AD HOC CREATION VETO SYSTEMS LIMITED TOP 1 LIMITED Top One Industrial Limited ONMOST LTD ABC Computer Systems Ltd Europa Products (H.K.) Limited KOTECH INDUSTRIAL (HK) LIMITED Concourse Construction and Engineering Company Limited TREASURE SUCCESS INDUSTRIAL LIMITED ABLE GROUP (HOLDINGS) LIMITED HONIX INTERNATIONAL LTD Field Source Broadcasts and Engineering Ltd NICECOME LABLES PRINTING CO Cheong Hop Investments Ltd SUN MEI GRAPHIC ART CO SUN RISE GRAPHIC ARTS CO SUN SUN ART PRINTING WORKS ART SUNNY LIMITED Lisco Engineering Limited toner999 Limited BEST TONER TECHNOLOGY CO, THE REAL CAST INTERNATIONAL LTD DF Specialty Limited DF Specialty Nilorn East Asia Limited Global Trade Ventures Limited Asia Air-Condition Co Ltd Link Shine Industrial Ltd MING HING ENTERPRISE CO Ming Hing Industrial Co WAI HANG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. LIMITED ONE SOURCE NETWORK (HK) LIMITED One Source Trading Limited Rising Sun Electric (HK) Co Sun East Electronic Equipment Company Limited TEAMWORK DECORATION DESIGN ENGINEERING JOS M.C.L. Engineering Limited BNB Cookware Limited Astar Precision Company Limited PAK KO INDUSTRY CO EAST ASIA AIR CONDITIONER LIMITED INFINITE MIND COMMUNICATIONS (I-MIND) LIMITED China Success Enterprises Limited CHINA SUCCESS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED EUROTEX LTD WONG SAU WAI SOPHIA Zhen Hua International Industries Limited Bibby Scientific (Asia) Limited Elite Base Engineering Limited RELIANCE INTL TRADING Charlie Koh Ltd SMART FAITH INDUSTRIAL LIMITED TEXTILES S.A. LIMITED Eslon Company Limited K. & B. TEXTILES LTD BUN TAT TEXTILES CO LTD Hong Kong Medical Equipment Company Limited WELL SUCCESS CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING LIMITED Willtec (H.K.) Limited SUN LUCKY ENTERPRISE LIMITED Nam Sang Company Nam Sang Co Nam Sang Telecom Co. Limited SPRINGOOD INTERNATIONAL LTD SPRINGALE FASHIONS LTD SPRINT GLOBAL LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED Denetron International Limited Filex Limited WINNER'S TRADING COMPANY Intertag Asia Limited HOLLY SKY LIMITED Parktan Limited Reliance Insurance Company Reliance Trading Co Ltd Pik Wah Shell Button Factory Co PIK WAH AIR CONDITION ENGINEERING CO PIK WAH AIR CONDITION ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT LTD COSUN DEVELOPMENT LTD Polycore Optical (Hong Kong) Limited Swiss Industrial Limited PERFECT LEATHER GARMENT FACTORY One TV Media Global Limited W & A DEVELOPMENT (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED W & W International (H.K.) Limited Hong Dau Construction Company Limited Trendy Diamond (H.K.) Limited TRENDY DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL LIMITED YI YI GUANGDONG LEATHERWARE COMPANY LIMITED Cheung Kong Hong Company Kwong Yuen Handbag Manufactory HOP HING LUNG TRADING LIMITED Hong Kong United Enterprises Limited Wah Hing Industrial Limited WAI SHING INDUSTRIES CO Shun Tai Technology Ltd CCS MANAGEMENT LTD Tops Printing Co, The Top-Kin Printing Co KING SMART TRADING COMPANY SMART TRADER INTERNATIONAL LTD Regentact Company Limited WELL NATURE TRADING LIMITED FORTEX GROUP LIMITED N&J Company Limited MING FUNG TRADING CO Innotech International Distribution Limited Part Li Fung Co TRICROWN INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Astec Group Main Bright (H.K.) Limited CHINA TONE GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED TECTRON LTD Tech-Tronic (HK) Limited CATS Limited LINKCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Bogart Lingerie Limited Bogart Manufacturing Limited Aurora Fashionwear Co Ltd ADVANCED TEAM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED HUNG KIN CHEMICALS TRADING CO TIAN CHENG INDUSTRIES CO. ENLARGED MAGNETIC PRODUCTS MFG CHAMPION DRAGON HOLDINGS LIMITED Champion Dragon Trading Limited GLOBAL LINK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Clarkesville (HK) Limited GRAND MAX (CHINA) LIMITED China Railway Group Limited Gold Zone International Limited ASIA DIRECT INTERNATIONAL CO LTD Ba Consulting (Hong Kong) Limited Bartex Ltd BARTEN LIMITED Harvest Enterprise Co PACIFIC HARVEST ENTERPRISES COMPANY LIMITED UNITED PACIFIC GROUP LIMITED Yeil Electronics (H.K.) Limited YEL Electronics (China) Limited YEL Electronics Hong Kong Limited CHARTER LINK CONSULTANTS LTD CHARTER LINK INDUSTRIES LIMITED CARINA TESSUTO (ASIA) LIMITED LEE YUK LAM HEROMAP LIMITED ZEUS TECHNOLOGY LIMITED T D UNITED PRODS CO UNITED MAX PRODUCTS LIMITED United (Yiu Fung) Printing Products Limited UNITED PAPER PRODUCTS FACTORY (KWUN TONG) EPCOT LTD SING KAI (ASIA) COMPANY LIMITED Sick Optic-Electronic Co., Limited Hugo Boss Hong Kong Limited T & A Technology Printing Company Limited TAA Technologies Limited Ronda Insurance Consultancy Services Limited RONDA TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED Hong Kong VID Company Limited Cloudid Company Limited Ocean Cloud Limited MAYFAIR PLASTICS MFY COLOURISTS (KWUN TONG) Fameca Limited Pro-Cell Industrial Limited Europe Trading Co Sharptime Holdings Limited ASIA-EUROPEAN TRADING LIMITED PRIME RESOURCES CREATIONS CO. LIMITED PRIME RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Boka Electronic Equipment (H.K.) Co Ltd BEST PLANNER HOLDINGS LIMITED Best Plan Holdings Ltd LUCK GAIN ASIA LIMITED LUCKY GAINER LIMITED CHINA SUCCESS ENTERPRISE LIMITED CHINA SUCCESS TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED Bering Co Astar United Ltd PACIFIC GLOBAL CONSOLIDATORS (H.K.) LIMITED PINEAPPLE COMPUTER (H.K.) COMPANY LIMITED DTK Computer Hong Kong Fastfame Computer (H.K.) Co. Limited Eclipse Computing (Hong Kong) Limited Everjet Industrial Limited Everise Industrial Limited GLORY TRADE LTD On Glory Trading Limited HANG FUNG TRADING T.P. GROWTH TRADING LIMITED Po Well Printing Co WELL STICK PRINTING COMPANY Well-Set Printing Factory Limited HALL WELL PRINTING COMPANY LIMITED Peninsula Production & Distribution Limited G.E.W. International Corporation Limited Jialong Int'l Trading Co. CEN POWER TECH LIMITED Top Colour International Ltd KUNG LOK LAM & CO. Lee Sze Enterprises Co Receivable Management Services (HK), Limited RM Enterprises Limited R M Enterprises Wai Hing Iron Work Co TIN LOONG ELECTRONIC CO ELLIOT & CO., LIMITED CPS TELECOM (CHINA) LIMITED China Telecommunications (Holdings) Co Limited New China Telecom Co. Limited ASIA PACIFIC CORPORATE CONSULTING LIMITED TOP-W INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Hop Fat Dial Factory Top & Top Limited Anmay Limited Agile Eyewear Manufacturing Company Owners Inc of Pedder Inc Building Franco Vago Air & Sea Services Ltd Hongkong Desirous Industry Co., Limited FRANIX LTD OSM HK Limited URANUS PRODUCTIONS Andrews Distributions Ltd GLOBAL ASSET INVESTMENTS LIMITED A & A (HK) Limited BAND ONE (HK) LIMITED Yi Sheng International Trade Limited SUNCO SCREW MANUFACTORY LTD WAH SENG SCREW CO WAH TAT SELF-ADHESIVE LABEL CO KAR TAT ADHESIVE LABEL PRINTEDMFY WING SING ADHESIVE TRADE MARKS PRINTING CO Victory Adhesive Products Company Limited KAM CHEONG ADHESIVE TAPE COMPANY LIMITED Kwan Ti Adhesive Manufacturing Co Pak Yue Adhesive Products Co Conduct Adhesive Printing Co NEW MILLION LTD Kaizen Certified Public Accountants Limited Montrose Far East Limited

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