List of Corporate Headquarters in KWAI CHUNG

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Chinese Rhenish Church Lei Muk Shue INTERNATIONAL TRADING FASHION & APPAREL SUPPLY LIMITED ZENNISH WHITE HOUSE LIMITED Nikko Sports International Company Limited HONRA LTD NEAT & COMPANY ASMO CATERING (HK) CO., LIMITED Pharos Co Ltd VISION 1 LIMITED PERFECT POINT LIMITED PERFECT SIGN CO. LIMITED Perfect Design Printing Co PERFECT DYNASTY LIMITED PERFECT DISC PRODUCTION COMPANY FINE OCEAN LIMITED Nipkon Co. Limited Open Company Limited LP Corporation Limited PROFESSIONAL MOBILE SHOP KOLAND ENTERPRISES LTD FITO LTD Lead Fortune Trading Co LEAD FORTUNE INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED Lead Fortune International Ltd STD HOLDING LIMITED JOLLY INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. LIMITED PINNACLE DE RIGO HONG KONG LIMITED BEST SOURCES DEVELOPMENT LIMITED MADISON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MADISON INTERNATIONAL CO. China Precision Material Limited Cotton Enterprises Ltd COTTON INDUSTRIAL LIMITED VITAL UNION COMPANY LIMITED Kerry Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited HING LUNG MODELS FACTORY LIK KEUNG PLASTIC MODEL FACTORY CHUNG HING MODEL FACTORY Securstar Limited K Production K PRODUCTION LIMITED Hutchison Ports Yantian Limited Hutchison Ports Zhuhai Limited Hutchison Ports Shanghai Limited HUTCHISON PORTS LIMITED Hutchison Ports Shantou Limited Hutchison Ports nGen Limited Hutchison Ports Huizhou Limited NORTH PORT HOLDINGS LIMITED Hutchison Ports Haicang Limited Hutchison Ports Huizhou Land (HK) Limited Hutchison Ports Pudong Limited Hutchison Ports Nanhai Limited Hutchison Ports Xiamen Limited Hutchison Ports Ningbo Limited HUTCHISON PORTS NGEN SERVICES LIMITED Hutchison Ports Jiangmen Limited Hutchison Ports Waigaoqiao (HK) Limited Hutchison Ports Huizhou Phase I (HK) Limited Evenex Limited YI FENG LEATHER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED SKYROOT TIMEPIECES LTD EXCLUSIVE J COMPANY LIMITED M.S. Consultant & Trading Co. RAZE COMPANY LIMITED RS Technology Co., Limited RS TECHNIK LIMITED Keep Good Ltd Shiny (E&M) Contracting Company Limited Edwin Company ASIAN (FC) LOGISTICS HK LIMITED Wins Plastic Trading Co WAI HANG ENTERPRISES LIMITED HANG TAI ENTERPRISES CO LTD Arts Sources Manufactory Limited GRAY INDUSTRIAL LTD EXTRA TOP LIMITED EXTRA FIRM LIMITED CREATION FOOD COMPANY HAI TONG EQUIPMENT CO. LIMITED LONGWAY INC. LIMITED LONGWAY LTD COMET INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Sam Kong Yuen Development (HK) Limited A ONE MIRPUR TRADING CO PRIME INDUSTRIAL COMPANY (HONG KONG) Hong Kong Drill & Cut Engineering Co Ltd ENERGY DEVELOPMENT CO. CHINA ENERGY TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED Kerry Warehouse (Fanling 1) Limited Kerry Cold Store (Hong Kong) Limited Kerry TC Warehouse 2 Limited Kerry Warehouse (Kwai Chung) Limited Kerry Warehouse (Hong Kong) Limited Kerry Warehouse (Shatin) Limited Kerry Warehouse (Tsuen Wan) Limited CENTURY ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEMS LIMITED Inmarsat Hong Kong Limited IN-MART LIMITED Hong Kong Electrical Automatic Works Limited HK ELECTRICAL AUTOMATIC WORKS Chong Kui (Group) Company Limited TECH IDEA LIMITED YUEN CHEONG KNITTING FTY SIU CHEONG KNITTING FTY MAN CHEONG KNITTING FTY Cheong Sing Knitting Fty YUE HING GARMENT FACTORY A.S. WATSON ASIA Loscam (Hong Kong) Limited Sinorich Corporation Limited SHEENEX INTERNATIONAL LTD MAN POWER HI-TECH LIMITED TECHNOLOGY POWER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED GRAND LEGEND TRADING LIMITED FOCUS INDUSTRIAL CO. C S (HK) Co. Limited C's HK Company CSC & CO CSC & CO. UniMilo's Knitwear Company Limited Textile Corporation of Hongkong Ltd, The Hans Co CINDY INTERNATIONAL LTD Jilong (Hongkong) Industry Limited RIVERSUN (HONG KONG) LIMITED GOLDEN CONRAD INTERNATIONAL LTD FU SHENG CONSULTANT COMPANY OMAR Limited RAY TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED MORNING RAY ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED POLY GLOBAL HOLDINGS LIMITED POLY FIELD TRADING CO Tai Ping On AMPLE GOLD LIMITED YES & COMPANY MAXLAND ESTATE LTD MR B CONCEPTS LIMITED Puito International Limited E & S CO. F E EXPRESS LIMITED Triple & Co TRADE LEADER LTD Ching Cheong Industrial Company CHEONG SHING DESIGN & PRODUCTION CO Pangaea International Limited HONG KONG AIR CARGO CARRIER LIMITED Air Cargo Express (HK) Limited Eagle Industrial Company PRO-ART INDUSTRIAL LIMITED ARTS INDUSTRIAL CO Speed Duty Limited GOOD GROWTH DEVELOPMENT LTD Rapid Growth Limited Fill-In Limited Fill Enterprises Faith Line Corporation Limited Faith Line Limited GREENMA CO LTD ASIA AMBIT PUBLICATION CO., LIMITED JEFFREY LTD DESIGN PLUS COMPANY N Plus Design Limited MILLION HERO INVESTMENTS LTD Shine Trillions Enterprise Limited Bonco (Hong Kong) Ltd Good Chances Holdings Limited BRILLIANT INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING FACTORY TOWN RAY TRADING LTD WILLUCK LTD ACTIVE CO Pro Active Limited Active Electronics Ltd Active Enterprises Limited NIKIE (HONG KONG) LIMITED Wan Hong Holdings Limited Chico Marketing Limited D & I Engineering Company Limited ZENITH MEDICAL CO. LIMITED Hutchison Logistics Limited HUTCHISON HARCOURT LIMITED Kh International (HK) Limited BOND CONSULTING COMPANY Telford Wine & Spirits (China) Limited Hi Spirits Indl Co Ltd Royal Wines & Spirits H.K Limited Asiatech Corporation Ltd NEW TEXTILE (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED EVER COUNTRY LTD Forever Printing Products Factory Limited POLAR H.K. LIMITED EQUAL PROFIT LTD NEXT STEP CHINA LIMITED DELI-TECH (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED DELI TECHNOLOGY (HK) CO., LIMITED HY Limited Hong Kong Ying Cheung Trading (Recycling) Limited ALLIED ASIAN LTD ALLIED ASIAN CORPORATION LTD PARSON INTERNATIONAL LTD B Investment Limited AIM TRADING & CO GENUINE ASSEMBLY INDUSTRIES LIMITED ITALY WENKING LEATHER LIMITED HOLY CITY INTERNATIONAL Venus Desktop Graphics Production TWIN STAR TRADING COMPANY Rgf International Ltd SO-EN Millennium (Asia Pacific) Limited MILLENNIUM SYSTEM LTD LION SHARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MANDARIN LTD Polar Electro H.K. Limited Luk Fung Holding Limited Glory Tech Limited IPC (HK) INCORPORATION ELEVATE LIMITED Blooming (Asia) Import & Export Company Limited HING HUNG COMPANY LIMITED UPPER UNIVERSE INDUSTRIAL LIMITED PRO@SMART UNION EXPERT LTD Bun Expert Limited FIND & SHAPE LIMITED Tak Shun Environmental Protection Technology Engineering Limited Ctc Asia Limited C. T. C. Limited ONE TOTAL SOLUTION LIMITED Total Solution WHOLE GLORY INVESTMENTS LIMITED HOME COUNTRY INVESTMENT LTD DESIGN INDUSTRIAL CO Professional Computer Technology Limited HUNG HING TOYS Wing Hing Industries Company Limited Hao Tian Management (China) Limited TALENT VANTAGE LTD LAC LIMITED LAC COMPANY KALIBO LIMITED MATRIX CORPORATION MATRIX COMPANY MATRIX Glory Dragon International Company SUNNY DRAGON INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED MEGA STATE CREATION LIMITED TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED Jardine Technical Products Limited S M L CO LTD KERRY LOGISTICS (EAS) LIMITED Kerry Far East Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited KERRY LOGISTICS NETWORK LIMITED KERRY FREIGHT (HONG KONG) LIMITED KERRY EXPRESS (HONG KONG) LIMITED KERRY DISTRIBUTION (HONG KONG) LIMITED Kerry Facilities Management (Hong Kong) Limited YZ FREIGHT AGENCY (CHINA) LIMITED TOP SUCCESS LOGISTICS LIMITED MAD GAZE LIMITED T & W (HK) ENGINEERING CO. LIMITED Bluebell Group Limited Intek System (Asia Pacific) Limited JEKCA LIMITED Orient Sun International Company Limited MS SEASON COMPANY LIMITED BILLION WIN INC LIMITED Billion Win Ltd INFINITE COMPANY STEP RAISE LIMITED STEP RESOURCES LIMITED FOUR SEASON TAILOR Vitality Organic Limited MANDARIN TECHNOLOGIES VIRTUE TEAM INVESTMENTS LIMITED Harbour Finance Co Ltd World International Express Co ROYAL WORLD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MANGO PIZZA Hung Hing Offset Printing Co Hing Yip Off Set Printing Co Hang Cheong Off-Set Printing Fty Limited HANG CHEONG OFF-SET PRINTING LIMITED CHAMAN LIMITED GOLD ELEVATE CO LTD UNION TEAM CORPORATION LIMITED Classy Paper International Limited Best Success International Industrial Limited Indigo Company Limited Honour Asia Logistic Limited Pan-Asia Logistic (HK) Limited LONG WISE INC. LIMITED Limited SPLENDID PRINTING LIMITED North Constellation Inc. Limited HIGH FASHION INTERNATIONAL LIMITED RIOLAND LIMITED L & C INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Yam's Industrial Int'l Ltd Everbest Industrial (Int'l) Limited Kam Chun Industrial Co KWAN CHUNG INDUSTRIAL Kwan Chung Industrial Co KWAN CHUNG INDUSTRIAL CO. LIMITED CHINA AGRI LIMITED Fortune Int'l Enviro-Resources Limited FORTUNE RESOURCES CO Trancom (HK) Limited Tranco Development Limited Chi-Wan Industrial Co HOO WAN INDUSTRIAL CO HOO WAN INDUSTRY CO Harman Limited Hang Lung Plastic Manufactory Limited LOK KAR ENGINEERING CO LTD USA MYG (HK) INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED AJ CONSULTANT COMPANY K & T INDUSTRIES CO. Edo Trading Co Rekhani Hospitality Group Limited Searider Company Limited Meq Limited TECHNICON SERVICE LIMITED Superfine Industrial Co Franki Toys And Dolls Manufacturers And Exporters Limited GOLDSEAL CO LTD YesAsia Holdings Limited Pac-Rim Asia Group Limited TACT ELECTRIC COMPANY LIMITED MAX ENGINEERING CO Internet Solutions Limited PERPETUAL INDUSTRIAL CO FORWARD ENGINEERING CO FU YU INDUSTRIAL CO FU YU INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Fun Maker Limited GLOBAL PARTNER LOGISTICS LIMITED M-CARGO LOGISTICS LIMITED POTENT CORPORATION LTD ALLIANCE CO. ALLIANCE CORPORATION LTD TOPSUN LTD FINANCIAL STRATEGISTS (HONG KONG) LTD CHEER LEADER LIMITED D S D LIMITED EC Trade Consultants Limited ETC BEAUTY COMPANY B & P Ltd Remix Co RAINBOW REMIX LTD Qualtech Limited Cornerstone Development Limited CCS International Limited DR A PLUS LIMITED ASIA FALCON LIMITED WUI LEE METAL MANUFACTORY MEGA LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT HK LIMITED HALCYON FREIGHT LIMITED OTIC Limited Otic Digitech Limited OTIC MEDIA LIMITED United Power Engineering & Construction Limited MS.Q Pedder Transportation Company Limited SILVER JUNIOR LIMITED Wai Kay Paper Box Factory Colin Trading Company Welkin Industrial Ltd Hong Kong Wing Wah Cross-border E-commerce Limited Peak XV Group Limited JOYCE CORPORATION LTD JOYCES INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED Century Printed Circuits Limited Asia Modern (HK) Investment Co AVATOR MARKETING AND EVENT INTERNATIONAL METAL Bright Flash Industries Limited Euroasia Motors Limited 2222 LIMITED GREAT MEGA TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Capital Focus Trading Limited Golden Sound International Limited SONIC CO SONIC COMPANY Hong Kong H-L International Logistics Company Limited TEAM BRAIN LTD Pdw Consultant Limited KO CORPORATION LIMITED HONG KONG POWER ENTERPRISE LIMITED KATEX INVESTMENT LIMITED Kodex Investment Limited MOC TRADING COMPANY GIANT FORTUNE INDUSTRIAL LIMITED ARRAY MICROELECTRONICS LIMITED Micro Electronics Company Kowloon Furnishing Co Kowloon Heat Treatment Co ANGLE S HONG KONG OPTICAL INVESTMENT LIMITED HONG KONG OPTICAL INVESTMENT COMPANY HONG KONG OPTICAL COMPANY LIMITED First Star (HK) Ltd Rainbow Equipment Limited Asia Printing Equipment RAINBOW JET (ASIA) LIMITED Best Rainbow (Asia) Limited PAG INTERNATIONAL LTD AGRISTAR (ASIA) LIMITED BLF INDUSTRIAL LIMITED EXCELSIOR LIMITED SPEED WAVE INTERNATIONAL CO J-C-T CO Richfarm Limited HIT HOLDINGS LIMITED VENSI LIMITED JJB LINK LOGISTICS CO. LIMITED Chance International Ltd I-Mix Fashion Company Limited Mix (HK) Limited Cosmic Commercial Services Limited World Square Limited Head Signal Limited Flat World Company Limited WCC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED ALPHA COMPANY Alpha Leader Limited Chi Fung Enterprise (H.K.) Limited Ngai Fung Enterprises Co Plentiful Corporation Ltd A SINGING DOG LIMITED RIC INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED IB Hong Kong Limited Chan & Co CHAN'S COMPANY Time Deluxe Company Limited Wing Cheong Garment Fty SAPPHIRE BAGS MANUFACTURER SIU KEE SAPPHIRE MANUFACTORY CO. LIMITED MAI CHUNG (HONG KONG) LIMITED ATRIUM TRAVEL LIMITED H & W COMPANY COLOUR LIFE INDUSTRIAL LTD COLOUR LIFE TRADING LTD BLACKPAPER LIMITED AUTA COMPANY QI DA GROUP (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED PARKINSON KNITTERS LTD SUNYSHINE TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED V Logistics International Limited CS LOGISTICS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Southern Logistics International Limited WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS TRIDENT TRANSPORTATION CO GOOD TRANS LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED Cosmo (HK) Air & Sea Consolidators Limited Winstar Global Logistics Limited WISDOM GLOBAL LOGISTICS CO LIMITED WCL Global Logistics Limited MASSILLIA INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDERS LTD SHANGHAI DEBANG FREIGHT FORWARDERS LIMITED B. C. Contractors Limited Hardy Exhibition Contractors Co. PAN-PACIFIC EXHIBITION CONTRACTORS LTD A-LIST COMPANY LIMITED Carpe Diem Fashion Limited PROFESSIONAL SIGN LANGUAGE TRAINING CENTER LIMITED BEON INDUSTRIES LIMITED BEST CHINA INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED LIEN & COMPANY LIMITED FENG SHING FRESH FRUIT Win Xin Electronics Technology Limited GOLDMAX INDUSTRIAL LIMITED GOLDMAX ENTERPRISES LTD NTT (Hong Kong) Limited Jetstar Company Limited TOP SEAL CORPORATION LIMITED Daily & Co Ltd Daily Cheer Industrial Ltd PRECISION ENGINEERING CO. INTEGRATED ENGINEERING (HK) LIMITED Star Creations Company LOTUS Create Pte Limited Thunder Power Industries Limited Qualtech Global Limited TCH COMPANY LIMITED HUNTER LIMITED Sunrise Corporation Limited JOINTEK FINE WINES (ASIA) LIMITED Llea & Company Limited BESTWIN TEXTILE HOLDINGS COMPANY LIMITED Bestwin Textile Co. Limited IKI ASIA LIMITED Betta Batteries International (Pty) Limited SEIKO INSTRUMENTS (H.K.) LIMITED HONG KONG SEIKO INDUSTRIAL COMPANY UNDER LINE (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED FUNAI ELECTRIC (H.K.) LIMITED Hong Kong High Technology Limited WAH SUN HI-TECH (HONG KONG) LIMITED ROCKY MOUNTAINS LIMITED GRANDAY INDUSTRIAL LTD Power Machine Factory POWER MACHINERY FACTORY PRIME CHEER LIMITED ONE WINE LIMITED, THE Chiyoda Development Limited MITOO COMPANY PACKING TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Pack Trade Limited NISSEI Y&M (H.K.) COMPANY, LIMITED NEXPERIA HONG KONG LIMITED UMC ELECTRONICS HONG KONG LIMITED FAR EAST FUJI LIMITED CANON ENGINEERING HONG KONG CO., LIMITED NEW KING INC. LIMITED FULLY CHANCE CORPORATION LIMITED PRIME PRODUCTS LIMITED LABEL PAPER PRODUCTS MANUFACTORY TIME PRODUCT MANUFACTORY LIMITED Internet Technology (Hong Kong) Limited Mouser Electronics Corporation Limited STAR LIGHTING Star Light (HK) Limited FIELD MERIT LIMITED VALTAMERI COMPANY LIMITED PACIFIC GAME TECHNOLOGY (HOLDING) LIMITED Viwa Technology (HK) Limited Sanyo Energy (Hong Kong) Company Limited SANYO TRADING INTERNATIONAL (HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED TAISHODO HONG KONG CO., LIMITED Karin Hong Kong Company Limited HKSMEA LIMITED Flex Pack International (Hong Kong) Limited PING KEE HONG INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS LIMITED Hingsway Logistics International Limited Go On International Logistic Co. Limited MARGAN LTD UNISON INDUSTRIAL CO UNISON ENTERPRISE LIMITED Future Electrical Engineering Co TRANSTEC INDL CO Ease Industrial Limited EASTERN - ART INDUSTRIAL CO SANYO MANAGEMENT CO LTD HR (HONG KONG) GROUP CO., LIMITED Sumitomo Warehouse (Hong Kong) Limited SILVER STAR ENTERPRISE CO (TSUEN WAN) HUNG MAU DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED HONG KONG HUNG KONG DEVELOPMENT CO MARCO COMPANY HONG KONG Nike Enterprises Limited Kenford Industrial Company Limited Kenford Paper Factory HOME MARK PROPERTY AGENCY CO. Bright Vantage Development Limited Edelweiss Cosmetics (Asia Pacific) Limited Jack Company Long Fields Shoes Limited LONG FINE LTD A-One Industries Limited CREATIVE 2 LIMITED CHUN AU KNITTING FACTORY LIMITED Prabhat Telecoms Hong Kong Limited Elegance Engineering and Decoration Company Empire Star Trading Limited Empire Star Dragon Co. Limited Savland Limited SAVLAND PLUS LIMITED LANDMARK CONCEPT LIMITED NESONIC CO. LIMITED PROSPERITY ENGINEERS CO I & J Development Limited Greatek International Limited Gear Limited Hop Ying International Leather Company Limited Wai Bong Electrical Trading Co Ltd Ascent International Holdings Limited Ascent International Exports Limited MIA PRODIGY JLD CO., LIMITED ALEX (HK) CO TANG'S COMPANY LIMITED Tang's Corporation Arpad Limited Air Button Technology Limited East Power Vins Limited Cosmeticost Limited VANTAGE LTD Vantage Engineering Limited TEAM WILL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED William Ho Design Associates Ltd CHARMING INDUSTRIES LIMITED TOTAL CARE COMPANY LIMITED CLASSICS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Classic International Limited ALTECH COMPUTERS (HONG KONG) LIMITED FLYING WHEEL LIMITED LEGGETT & PLATT ASIA LIMITED Mainway Supply Chain Solutions Limited BEL Supply Chain Solutions Limited BBS (SUPPLY CHAIN SOLUTIONS) LIMITED KerryFlex Supply Chain Solutions Limited Main Asia Limited Audi MAVEN LIMITED MA VEGA LIMITED MAV Enterprise Limited Ngai Luen Knitting Factory Luen Cheong Knitting Factory Ltd Shun King Knitting Factory V-King Knitting Factory Limited LUEN TAT KNITTING FACTORY HPH IT Consultants Limited GREEN INTERNATIONAL INC LIMITED V L FASHION CHEUNG FUNG ENTERPRISES CO CHEUNG FUNG ENTERPRISES CO. CROW FUNG ENTERPRISE LIMITED CHEUNG FUNG HONG ENTERPRISES COMPANY LIMITED Sun Ocean Systems Company O & S Company Limited East Sun Co TAI OCEAN INDUSTRIES LTD Tosen Industrial Limited Happy Concept Trading Limited Retail Unlimited (International) Company Limited IN D DREAM BOAT DESIGN WORKSHOP Raymond Ng Consultants Company DELCO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED HALITONE LTD ION CO LTD Royal Crane Production Co. Limited Royal Marine Products Limited PGS LIMITED CHAMP INDUSTRIAL COMPANY I-GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD DVL Groups Limited Top Genius Ltd MELFORD INVESTMENT LTD Zenox Limited HKBN LTD. HONG KONG BROADBAND NETWORK LIMITED GP Electronics (China) Limited MEGA SHINE LIMITED Shine International Co Ltd BUSINESS EXPRESS CO. BUSINESS EXPRESS Starcell Hong Kong Limited PROFESSIONAL SALON Hong Kong Broadband Digital TV Limited TIM SALON Cloud Digi International Company Limited Tai Sun Hong (Asia) Limited Hua Kong Video Culture Communication Company Limited MING FAI INDUSTRIES CO MING FAI CO. MING FAT ENTERPRISES CO Sinotrans (Hongkong) Air Transportation Development Co. Limited DALTON LIMITED DALTON COMPANY Guangdong Yuean Shipping (H.K.) Co. Limited TSUI WAH EFFORD MANAGEMENT LIMITED San Wan Yue Air-Conditioner & Plumbing Engineering Co SUN HING TEXTILES (HONG KONG) LIMITED Billion City Ltd P & C Company Arixia Limited HEAT SPOT Betterfit Intimate Apparel Co., Limited GOLDENFIT INTIMATE APPAREL LIMITED Planet Works HK Limited Nature Technology Co., Limited ENCORE CO. PROFESSION ENGINEERING CO Texan International Limited BEE & CO PREMIER OPTICAL LONG STREAM HOLDINGS LIMITED Great Eastern Mobile Logistics Limited BEST PROFIT SERVICE COMPANY ARIES LIMITED Aries Corporation Limited Grand Time Electronic Limited Time Grand Limited GRAND TIME HOLDINGS LIMITED CENTURY ENTERPRISE NEW IMEDIA SOLUTIONS LIMITED NDF Bio Solutions Limited UNIT MOULDING CO Space Tech Limited MING SHING TRANSPORTATION CO. MTI ELECTRONICS LTD ELITEBIZ LIMITED Gemway Industrial Ltd EDAL Company Limited Bon Elegant Company METASIA COMPANY LIMITED Star Metro Asia Limited Everlasting Industrial Limited Sino Bright Properties Investment Limited SoU International Limited China Euro Business Services Corporation Limited WALUN INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Wintex Medical Trading Co Wintex Medical Trading Limited Zenico (Asia) Company Limited POWER STRONG LTD Well Link Industrial Limited WELL LINK INDUSTRIAL COMPANY RICHMOND COMPANY, THE Richmond Limited Richmond (H.K.) Limited EURO POOL TECHNOLOGY CO AVM INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED SUNNY INDUSTRIES LIMITED IMAGE-TECH COMPANY LIMITED GREAT EASTERN TRADING COMPANY Great Eastern Healthcare Limited UG RESOURCES LIMITED HONGS LIMITED HONG AND COMPANY CHUN SHUN INDUSTRIES CO LTD Chain's Company Limited KAZ (H.K.) LTD SANDRA B ASIA LIMITED WINNER INTERNATIONAL CO DAHONG INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. TRANSPACIFIC INTERNATIONAL COMPANY ETI International Limited Eddy International Trading Company EVER GAIN COMPANY LIMITED New Fung Yue Wool Spinning Company Limited FUNG YUE PROPERTY CONSULTANT COMPANY LIMITED FUNG YUE DECORATION COMPANY M & E SHIPPING COMPANY PRIME FORTUNE SHIPPING CO. Xinjiang Industrial Company Limited Ever Spread Investment Limited Superior Engineering Ltd Ka Chun Development Co KO CHUN HING DEVELOPMENT CO PANGEA LIMITED Global Supply Chain Service Co., Limited GLOBAL TIRE BUSINESS CO East Gate Technology (Hong Kong) Limited HING CHEONG TRADING CO Carrier Transicold Hong Kong Limited INNOCONCEPT CONSULTANTS CO., LIMITED MATRIX PRODUCTIONS COMPANY LIMITED WELL LEADER CONSULTANTS LIMITED E & S Technology Co. Limited LUCK CARRIER LIMITED PHOENIX CO World Wide Co PRECISION INDUSTRIAL CO. Precision Industries Limited Sound Well Technology Company DIVA Charter Sino Limited Shing Fung (Genesis) Limited Genesis Off-Set Printing Company Limited Pacific Business Consulting (H.K.) Limited Harvest Limited HARVEST CO Sesam Limited DAH CHONG INTERNATIONAL CO. LIMITED RICO TRADE MANAGEMENT LIMITED Rico International Trading Co DS Terminal Services Limited Bana Ltd OTTO CORPORATION LIMITED OTTO INDUSTRIES CO LTD Skyline Trading Company DL LIMITED Asiapac Shipping Ltd Unionway (Hong Kong) Limited Europa Worldwide Logistics (Asia) Limited Sea Jet Logistics Limited Y & F GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Pearl Electrical Co. Winner Properties Limited ORIENTAL PARTNERS LIMITED PARA CO. LIMITED LUMEN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT CO Auto-Source Company Limited A PLUS DESIGN COMPANY Advanced Motion Systems Limited ASCENT GROUP LIMITED Yingo Co POLYWALL LIMITED Games Entertainment (Asia) Limited LAURO GAME ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED All Of This Limited Sage Technology Limited SAGE TRADERS COMPANY LIMITED YIU LUN INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Golden Way Paper Products Co Hong Kong Machine Tools Company Limited La Vallee Company Limited ELITE GROUP LIMITED VINCENT INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO E-WEAR SHOP EURO-A ZIPPER COMPANY LIMITED Transcendent Company Limited Card Shop North East Industrial Company Limited Rainbow Development (HK) Co., Limited ZERO ASIA LIMITED Trust Full Development Company INGERSOLL-RAND (HONG KONG) HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED Wing Tsun International Company Limited 2223 LIMITED DPEX Worldwide (HK) Limited TOLL GLOBAL FORWARDING (HONG KONG) LIMITED HOPE TRADING CO HOPE TRADING COMPANY HOPE LAKE TRADING CO EAST DRAGON BUILDING MATERIALS COMPANY Full Smart Enterprise Limited Mira Watch International Limited CSG Media Company Limited Joy Enterprise Limited JOY TEAM ENTERPRISES LIMITED GOODMAN DP WORLD HONG KONG LIMITED Skyport Global (HKG) Limited Union Landing Company, Limited 101 MEDIA LAB LIMITED HONGSEN LIMITED Wealth Ever Global Limited CIRCLE TRADING LIMITED CIRCLE TRADING CO Win Time Watch Co Ltd YING FAI KNITTING FTY Microworks Company Well Best Trading Co. Well Bright Trading Limited Wing Lee Metal Manufacturing Factory KWAI KING PROPERTIES LIMITED K K CHIN LIMITED Moon Lee Knitting Factory Automation Solution Consultant Limited Pattern Trading Company Limited Charter Queen Limited SUN WING Sun Wise Textile Limited East Dragon Textiles Company Limited Truly Smart Display (Hong Kong) Limited STAR ENGINEERING CO Pro-United Engineering Ltd New Heart Trading Co New Art To Co Asia Printed Circuit Board Co SMtech Printed Circuit Board (Hong Kong) Limited Sony Optiarc Hong Kong Limited PRO-ASIA CO LTD UNITED ASIA (H.K.) LIMITED J & C ENTERPRISE CO SAFETY (HK) LIMITED SUN SUN CO SUN SUN COMPANY SUN SUN TRADING CO (KWAI CHUNG) Sky Creative Industrial Limited CREATIVE UNION COMPANY LIMITED CREATION UNION LIMITED YAU SHING ENTERPRISE CO YAB SHING ENTERPRISE COMPANY Yun Sing Enterprises Co INTERNATIONAL HORIZONS LIMITED YTL Group Limited NEW MIND HOLDINGS LIMITED Man Tin Grocery Co Onwel Garment Holdings Limited New Generation Cleaning Services Co Limited FOOK HING NAIL FTY NEW GENERATION MANUFACTURING LTD Nan Mei Company National Bridge Industrial (Holdings) Limited Metro Group (Industrial) Limited NATIONAL BRIDGE INDUSTRIAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED Ngai Tak Knitting Co Nanjing East Asia Textiles Dyeing & Printing Limited Nam Kong Plastic Factory NGAI KIN LEUNG KAI KEE MACHINERY FTY Ngai Fung Metal Manufactory Limited NGA YING DEVELOPMENT LIMITED MOUNT GOOD LIMITED FULLIN TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Alita Company Limited Ask Technology Group Limited Fai Kee Frozen Meat Company Limited Kam Tak Co MODERN TERMINALS LIMITED Modern Terminals (Berth 5) Limited Modern Terminals Hong Kong Limited Modern Terminals Finance Limited CARRY ELECTRONICS CO LTD Ultra Peace Limited SUPER WIN TRADING CO SUPER WIN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED M&J Textile Company Limited M.J. Decor Co Limited SANG LEE TRANSPORTATION CO High Fashion Global Limited High Fashion Group Management Limited HIGH FASHION GARMENTS COMPANY LIMITED High Fashion Garments Management Limited METROPOLIS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY Power Printing Ltd POWER PRINTING COMPANY JADE LTD Me II AIA ENGINEERING CO GREAT TIN ENGINEERING CO. HONGDIN INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED Advance Industries Co., Limited Advance Industries Co. FlexWorkflow Limited SHUN CO Shun Shing Standard Corporation Development Limited Venito Limited QUALITY INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED Hung Yiu Industrial Limited HUNG YIU INDUSTRIAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED HUNG HON INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED Shantex (Hong Kong) Limited Stone Trading Co NGAI HING ENTERPRISE CO LTD FAME CITY INDUSTRIAL LIMITED TRANBY LTD General Business Investment Company Limited Comfort Laundry Company Limited EVER VICTORY INVESTMENT LIMITED Winson Company FENG SHENG YUAN (HONG KONG) LIMITED LINK TECH COMMUNICATION LTD Mark International Limited Top Mark Printing Limited Mark Tough International Limited Palm Co, The PIONEER COURIER CO HONG KONG COURIER & LABOUR SOURCES CLUB LTD EVERGREEN INVESTMENT HOLDING LIMITED Blue Max International Investment Co. Limited LUNG FUNG ENTERPRISE CO. LUK FUNG ENGINEERING FTY Yun Fung Enterprises Limited Tung Po Trading Co Advantex Company Limited Advanced Technology & Engineering Limited HERMAN & COMPANY HERMANN LIMITED Dragon Wise (Asia) Co., Limited Dick Shun Company CHARLES TRADING COMPANY Yik Fung Global Limited SUM YEE L'ATELIER KAM YUK ENTERPRISE CO. Kam Lung Enterprise (HK) Limited CATHERINE Dragon Enterprises International Limited Cathy Lee's Creation Co SUN FAI FOOD LIMITED PROTEGE LIMITED Fareal Limited YU HING FASHIONS COMPANY LIMITED Regus Asia Pacific Management Limited Wisdom Industrial Company TIN YIN GROCERY SHOP Mega Asia Industrial Limited Allied Electronics Asia Limited Crown Star Enterprises Limited IMG CORPORATION LTD POTENZA INDUSTRIAL LIMITED SHENG TUNG TRADING CO Chervon International (Hong Kong) Corp Ltd China Mobile International Limited CHUNG SING UNICORP LTD Kerry Printing Co KERRY PHARMA (HONG KONG) LIMITED ANSON FINANCIAL CONSULTANT COMPANY Wo Kee Hong Finance Limited Winlife Trading Limited CHENGDE ELECTRONICS COMPONENTS CO. LIMITED Quali-Commence Ltd CITIC TELECOM INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED CITIC Telecom International Limited CITIC Telecom International (Concept) Limited CITIC TELECOM INTERNATIONAL CPC LIMITED MAN ON MOULD FACTORY Cheung On Button Factory Limited SIM MEI METAL FACTORY Duty Free (Hong Kong) Company Limited Koon Hang Trading Company Limited Elec Products Company Limited ME ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS LIMITED MARK ASIA LIMITED MARKSMAN (ASIA) LIMITED VOYAGE LIMITED PROTECH INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD MONODY MOON & WOOD Fortune Grand Enterprises Limited SIMPLEST POLYGON INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS LEE PAPER CO JT Corporation Limited STARFORD (HONG KONG) LIMITED Avant-Garde Corporation Limited Cheung Kong Co Cheung Kong Store Cheung Kong Ice Co Ltd CHEUNG KONG ELECTROPLATING CO LTD CHEUNG KONG METAL ELECTROPLATING FTY Hoya HK International Trading Limited CHIT UNITED CONSULTANCY Sunlight Trading Co Ltd Success Bond Limited FULL MOON GROUP (HK) LIMITED SUNNY LEATHER WARE MFY. LTD SUN LEE COMPANY IMP' EXPORT Blossom Global Limited ACTION LOGISTIC CO. LIMITED MANIA LOGISTIC COMPANY H.& K. TRADING CO. B&A ARTS & SUN SUN ART GARMENT LIMITED Art Furniture RIMS COMPANY LIMITED Capitco Company Limited HIGH MAX (HONG KONG) LIMITED EXPERT MEDICAL LIMITED GEO-EXPERTS LIMITED KEY LINK ELECTRONICS LTD R G M Garment Company Limited Pan-China (Hong Kong) Trading Company Limited TALLIN LTD Lexus Enterprise Co Spark Fair Limited LASH CONCEPTS LIMITED FRANC COMPANY LIMITED Universe Co Interglobal Manufactory Limited LI LONG GARMENTS APS Company A. P. S. Company Sunning Enterprises Ltd. London Hospitality Group Limited WO SANG METALWARE PRODUCTS WAI SANG METALWARE CO Shun Sang Metal Works Limited ASPIRE DESIGN & PRINTING CO. ASPIRE COMPANY LIMITED Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hk-Kwai Chung Lapagayo (Asia Pacific) Limited Cargo Services Ltd PACK ART LTD Team Concept (H.K.) Industry Limited HIS Technologies Holdings Limited Knitted Limited Wisdom Well Technology Limited Konet Limited Greatech Industrial Limited GREAT CITY ENGINEERING LIMITED Boyang Linen Company Limited FINE WINES & SPIRITS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED F&E.D. ENGINEERING COMPANY B & E TRADING COMPANY First Rule Industries Limited P & J DESIGN MANUFACTURING CO LTD P & J DESIGN MFR CO SUNNY WORLD ENTERPRISES LTD E2046 Company Limited E2046 COMPANY Asia East Engineering Co. Limited China Red Textiles Limited GOLDSTAR TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED TREMONT ASIA LIMITED All Winner Limited Wang Tak Weaving Factory WILLOW INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Lab312 Limited HOPE INTERNATIONAL CO. VINTEX INDUSTRIES LIMITED JUSTIN ENTERPRISE COMPANY Wonder (Hong Kong) Co. WONDER (HONG KONG) COMPANY LIMITED Art Bazaar Co MILLENNIUM INC. LIMITED ALPHA BETA TRADING LIMITED ASIA TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Poly-Asia (China) Company Limited Hutchison Ports Zhuhai Gaolan Phase 3 Limited Hutchison Yantian Railway (HK) Limited Hutchison Logistics Centre Management Limited CM COMPANY Smart Gain Company Smart Gain Industrial Limited WOSAM CO., LIMITED Sun Ngai Rosewood Centre Hing Wai Metal Factory Limited HING WAI ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING COMPANY SMART GAIN MANUFACTURING LIMITED Tacto Global Limited J J COMPANY Mission (HK) Limited I. T. Global Services Limited JJB Link Logistics Hong Kong Limited SABS LIMITED Charmway Investment Ltd REALTY INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED APEX ENTERPRISE Hanville Company Limited GOLDEN CHANNEL INDUSTRIAL (HK) LIMITED CHINA CHANNEL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED CAPITAL WIN LIMITED EXPO INC INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED Vdl Asia Limited K.A.S. Services Limited KAS MANAGEMENT LIMITED LONG ISLAND ENTERPRISES CO LTD TOP CENTURY (ASIA) LIMITED Arrow Asia Distribution Limited DaDa Innovations Limited Cargo Transportation Co. CARGO TRANSPORT SYSTEM LIMITED CSL MANAGEMENT LTD A & B A & B CHAN TAI FU JC Electronic Company Limited FOOD CREATION LTD DDB (ASIA) LIMITED JET LIMITED FONDA TRADING (HK) LTD COSSET COMPANY T2 MEDIA SOLUTION (HK) LIMITED TransHub Limited Star of Asia Limited Americana International Co D & B COMPANY CENTURY RICH INTERNATIONAL CO ROTAMARK LTD EC (Asia) Limited E.C ISLAND TRADING AND CONSULTANT COMPANY NEW DYNASTY ENTERPRISES LIMITED KAI SING DYEING MATERIAL Best Creation Paper Company Limited Asus Technology (Hong Kong) Limited HAPPY PRODUCTS LIMITED Siu Fuk Industries Limited PRO-TECH INFORMATION SERVICE COMPANY Bingo Corporation Limited Puzzle Shop PACIFIC TECH LTD ASM Pacific Technology Limited Step Up Corporation Limited Josef & Co Welland Trading Co UNIVERSE INDUSTRIES LIMITED Goldmost Limited AMAZING ENTERPRISES COMPANY LIMITED Tak Champ International Limited Action Group Limited Full Enterprises TOP QUALITY ENTERPRISES LIMITED East King Holdings Limited Grace Source Company Grace Source Company Limited SHEEN RICH LIMITED DRAGON HARVEST CORPORATION LIMITED Yusen Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited WEALTH ENTERPRISE CO WEALTH STEP ENTERPRISE LIMITED X Design Factory Limited CONFERENCE SERVICES CONSULTANT LIMITED SMART BEAUTY WINTEX CORPORATION LIMITED Wintex Creative Products Limited Fame International Investment Limited FAMOUS INDUSTRIAL CO Asia Smart International Limited Brightness Printing Co AWC International Limited Asia Industries Co Maple (HK) Limited East Grace Investments Limited Havi Group Inc, The SINO CROWN DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Asia Lighting Co Asia Lighting (H.K.) Limited VINTAGE JAPAN STRONG EASE INDUSTRIES CO LTD Wincor Nixdorf (Hong Kong) Limited ASSOCIATED ENGINEERING CO Vast Colour Ltd SYNERGY CORPORATION LIMITED BAOLIN HEALTH FOOD LIMITED SURGITRAC INSTRUMENTS LIMITED WELLPOINT COMPANY EVER SMOOTH DEVELOPMENT LIMITED BRIGHT SMOOTH DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Smart Asset Industries Limited ETERNAL GREAT INVESTMENT LIMITED Realink (HK) Enterprise Co., Limited Beacon Logistics Limited Chung Shing Textile Dyeing & Metal Machine Parts Co Chung Shing Textile Dyeing & Metal Machine Parts Co Ltd PARKSIN LTD SKYRICH INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LTD SKY RICH INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE LTD SEARICH DEVELOPMENT CO T.C.M (H.K.) Limited Trinity Company (D.T.S. Company) CROWN GROUP HK LIMITED Chii Lih Co. Chii Lih International Industrial Company Limited Maxco Hong Kong Ltd Maxco International Limited Maxco (Hong Kong) Limited SINO INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LTD Brave Point Investments Ltd ALASKA INTERNATIONAL MARKETING LIMITED SYBA TECH LIMITED SB Tech Limited SUN CHEONG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY Farm Chalk Investment Limited CHUNG SUN ELECTRICAL CO M.K. CO Grizzlies Company Limited Cogobuy Limited Cogobuy Group FAR EAST ELECTRONICS CO FOOK WAH METAL MANUFACTORY Infotech Trading Limited MAX ZOOM INFORMATION TRADING SERVICE CO. LIMITED TAI FAT INVESTMENTS (HONG KONG) LIMITED Hoi Fat Investment Company ANA CONSULTANTS LIMITED Hong Wang China Investments Limited HONG CHIN TRADING LIMITED HOME GENERAL LIMITED Kam Yeung Company Limited Kam Yeung STRONG INTERNATIONAL LIMITED BRIGHT FUTURE (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LIMITED Automa Shop Wing Lung International Group Limited Wing Lung Plastic & Metal Electrical Factory Limited WING LUNG (KEUNG KEE) METAL COMPANY Xiao Fook Company Limited Sun Ngai Hardware & Electric Products Factory Limited Sun Ngai Hardware & Electric Products Fty Sun Ngai Plastic Products Factory Limited WEALTHY INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED PET CLOUD LIMITED RICKY DESIGN & DECORATION CO. HAPPY EAGLE CORPORATION LIMITED GD CONCEPT LIMITED WELLMADE LIMITED King's Target Limited TOPWELL INC. LIMITED Billion Rise Industries Ltd Advanced Dimension X-DIMENSIONS LIMITED Delione International Company BO DING TRADING CO Weisberg Wine Company Limited Ace Corporation Holdings Limited MPL Logistics HONG LEI INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONIC LIMITED TAT LEI HONG Pro Team Ltd CIRCLE DISPLAY LIMITED Good Wheel Watch Case Manufacturing Ho Kwan Technology POWER ONE COMPUTER COMPANY Sino Chemical Limited L D International Trading Co Cat Logistics Transportation Limited JCL Transport and Logistics Limited GROUP LINK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Life Scientific Company Limited TOP RAISE INVESTMENT LTD EMINENT CREATION LIMITED ASCENT ENTERPRISES LTD Newtech Industrial Limited NEWTECH INDUSTRY (H.K.) COMPANY LIMITED GP Acoustics (HK) Limited Cheung Lin Sun Metal Works Limited HAPPY TRADING CO. Join Energy Watch Case Factory Limited EAST HONEST INDUSTRIAL COMPANY ADEAR COMPANY Poppy & Michael Company Limited Cola Limited Oriental Pharmaceuticals Limited ORIENTAL PHARMACEUTICALS CORP CAPITAL HOUSE GOLD GROUP CORPORATION LIMITED Illusion Innovations HILL DRAGON PROPERTIES LTD Premier Merchandises Premier Merchandises Limited Zero Time Product Design International Limited CHINA WINNING INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Full Chance Enterprises Limited YIUTAI INDUSTRIAL CO LTD INFINITIVE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED WUI NGAI IMITATION JEWELLERY MFY SHING HING FAT INT'L COMM TRADING CO Asiaciti Investment Limited TIN LUNG INDUSTRIAL COMPANY TUNG HING INDUSTRIAL CO Pilot International Limited Hong Kong Di Jing International Company Genius Link International Limited TRISTAR INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED PO WING (TIME) TRADING CO Hoi Sing International Enterprise Limited VINTAGE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED RICHBRIGHT INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LTD UP TIME TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED IE TECHNICAL SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED Intercard Limited Homebridge Time Limited GIANT CROWN INDUSTRIES LIMITED SINOFLAME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Cornerstone Company LIAONING HAICHENG SANWA INDUSTRY AND TRADE LIMITED NEW FAITH DONG SU METAL & PLASTIC MANUFACTURING LIMITED New Sky Land Giftware & Stationery Shop Media Asia Music Limited GOODWILL & CO. Eternal Fortune Properties Limited CHARTER INDUSTRIES LTD Ziarre Limited Kong Shing Trading Co BEST ENTERPRISE LIMITED, THE Best Enterprise Company BEST ENTERPRISE CO. LIMITED LET START INTERNATIONAL SOURCING LIMITED WING SUN TRADING CO FINE GENESIS LIMITED WIN SUN HOLDINGS (HONG KONG) LIMITED SEAVIEW TRADING CO AMBER RICH INVESTMENT LIMITED Green Mountain Investments Company Limited Hi-Aim Semiconductor (H.K.) Co., Limited ASIA SEMICONDUCTORS (H.K.) LIMITED Computerline (Hong Kong) Limited Vital Base International Limited Hongkong International Terminals Limited NICE PRINT & DESIGN CO Nice Textile Printing Co, The Ace Plastics Technologies Limited Samsung SDI (Hong Kong) Limited Kwai Chung Gerocomy Centre Regent Broad Ltd KWAI HING GEROCOMY CENTRE LIMITED KWAI CHUNG GEROCOMY CENTRE CO LTD TOP CAPITAL LTD TOP CAPITAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Lucky Enterprise Company MADINA CARGO CO., LIMITED Emma Limited Titan Company TITAN COMPANY LIMITED C & S CO GLOBAL WELL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED GLOBAL WELL INDUSTRIAL (FAR EAST) LIMITED PANDA FLEET MANAGEMENT LIMITED Active International Tak Wing Trading Co Evertop Limited Solomon Co EXPRESS PRECISION CO LTD BILLIONS TRADING CO. LIMITED HONG KONG YUNJIN INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LIMITED NEWSTARTEX (HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED G2 System Limited PACIFIC OCEAN CONSTRUCTION ENG. CO. MILFORD INDUSTRIES LTD B & G (HK) LIMITED BRILLIANT GLORY HOLDINGS LIMITED WAN JUN TRADING COMPANY LUNG WAN TRADING COMPANY K & M HONG KONG LIMITED Flynt International Forwarders Limited Eastern Network Forwarders Limited Wines R US (World Wide) Limited WORLD-WIDE INDUSTRIAL CO World-Wide Services Co World Wide Stationery Holdings Company Limited POINTER INVESTMENT LIMITED Winners (Hong Kong) Co Wen Lok (Hong Kong) Company Limited M & M CO Winpower International Development Limited PARIS ENTERPRISES LIMITED LED Holdings Limited MX HK TRADING COMPANY LIMITED FIRST SHOP Grace Developments Limited S5 Asia Limited S5 Asia (China) Limited HTNS Hong Kong Company Limited GOLDY WING LIMITED BESTWAY ENTERPRISE COMPANY Linkgate Limited Kayford Holdings Limited KENTWAY INDUSTRIAL CO LTD EARN CREATION LIMITED City Telecom (H.K.) Limited CTI Marketing Company Limited SUNRISE MANUFACTURING CO Sunrise Co Ltd Sunrise (HK) Industries Co., Limited Kong Sunrise Limited CHANNEL ONE PRODUCTION CO. Trillion Sky Limited Grand Forward Enterprises Limited Grand Forward Industrial Limited ARGUS (H.K.) TRADING LTD CHUN WING (HONG KONG) LIMITED BILLION INDUSTRIAL LIMITED PERFECT INDUSTRIES LIMITED TAI YI COMPANY LIMITED RICH EMPIRE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED KING HEALTH CO YUEN CHEONG PAPER PRODUCTS FACTORY HING YUEN CHEONG WATCH CO DAILY RISE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED LUCKY GLORY HOLDINGS LIMITED Everlink Hongkong Forwarding Limited Asia Property Co Ltd, The China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited Sincerely Offset Printing Co KONG POWER CAPITAL INVESTMENT LIMITED GLOBAL LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Co-Tech Company CO-TECH CO. LIMITED Easy Trend Limited GOOD JOY INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED Citicorp Limited MARRIOTT ENGINEERING LIMITED MAXIM EMBROIDERY FTY Maxime (Hong Kong) Limited Kwai Chung Tin Hau Tong Ltd SUN RAISING EXPRESS LIMITED HILLMAN'S & CO Hellmann Perishable Logistics Limited INTIME WATCH COMPANY CHI GO TRADING CO Lehman And Company Limited LEEMAX LIMITED ALLIED CENTURY LIMITED Harvest Home Electrical Limited BORIC LIMITED WIN FORCE TRADING CO Kwans' New World Trading Company Limited Basco Technology Limited Champion Grace Limited BILLION CHARM TRADING LIMITED SwissBECK Limited C. & S. INTERNATIONAL LTD INTERGRATED TEXTILE LTD SUN YING FUNG Excel Bright (Hong Kong) Ltd EXCEL BRIGHT CONSULTANCY COMPANY INTELLIGENT LIGHTING (HK) CO., LIMITED China Way Instrument Co WAY-IN INTERNATIONAL LTD VICTORY POWER INVESTMENT LIMITED Dairy Rich Cargo Ltd PARA PARA LIMITED PARA HOPE LIMITED WEALTH ON INTERNATIONAL PROPERTIES LIMITED OH MY CORPORATION LIMITED MISA SIC HONGKONG LIMITED MARVELLOUS ENTERPRISE LIMITED Marvellous Industrial Company VISHARP INDUSTRIAL LTD POWER PRINTING CO. MANRICH INDUSTRIAL LIMITED AXIS (HK) INDUSTRIAL LIMITED B H Smith Inc Trump Bag Company Limited King Tai Holdings Limited H2 Co Limited LONG DRAGON CREATION LIMITED PORTER TRADING CO. PORTER TRADING COMPANY MING SING ELECTRICAL ENG CO Cheung Kong Metals Company Limited Happy Chance Enterprise Limited Here's Design Firm WEALTH TRADING CO LTD WAH WAI CONTAINER COMPANY LIMITED KELSON EXPRESS CO Meyer Dyeing Works Ltd SUN GROWTH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED 1&1 NETWORK LIMITED Eurasia Limited WIN APEX INVESTMENTS LIMITED HAMPTON INDUSTRIES LTD Handica Co Ltd SB CONTRACTING LIMITED SBK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MANULIFE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Power Faith Development Company Limited Sunny International (HK) Company Great Sino Products Development Limited EASY STAND LTD Brilliant Best Investment Limited S. E. & E. CO LTD Control Communication Company Limited Datacom Enterprises Limited Success Trade Inc Limited KEY BRIGHT INTERNATIONAL LTD NSI Products (HK) Limited K&2 Million Classic International Limited I-Trade Enterprise Limited PM Diffusion Co., Limited I. B. DIFFUSION LTD SUN HUGE CO. Fulam Construction Engineering Company Limited WAH LUNG SHOP HELEN LOGISTIC Berry Me Limited K & S UNIVERSAL TRADING CO Ho Wan King Poultry Way Sing Co LEADER PROFIT INDUSTRIES LTD DRIVE LOGISTICS (HONG KONG) LIMITED Logistics Masters Worldwide (China) Limited Dennox Industrial Company Suzuka Fuji Xerox Co Ltd LUCKY DISTINCTION LTD JUNESON CO LTD SINO WEALTH INVESTMENT LTD Dupont Company Limited YU TIN INDUSTRIAL CO Billion Development Co Option Products Co. LILFORD CO LTD CHAI KEE MACHINERY ENGINEER IP CHAI KEE CHAN CHAI KEE RESTAURANT ALSON ADVERTISING & PRODUCTION Sunrise Industrial Co SUN RISE INDUSTRIAL CO Mettle Co Keytune Ltd Wise Pointer Investments Ltd SILVER COMPONENT INDUSTRIES LIMITED Kingswin Co Yee Shing TAI SHING INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT LIMITED Companion Medical Supply Co Ltd New Glory Industries Co Deldem Investment & Finance Company Limited GREENWICH CORPORATION GOLDLUXE LTD Collyer Logistics South China Limited Collyer Logistics International Limited SAMSON INDUSTRIES CO Samsion International Co Ltd Atex Group International Ltd Kontech Development Limited Liu Industrial Limited WINTOP INC. LIMITED Allied Bright Holdings Limited SINO-AMERICA ENGINEERING CO. PERFECT AUTOMOBILE COMPANY LIMITED Pen Museum Limited PARKWIN LIMITED INVENTIVE COMPANY BRYANT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED MAYAW COMPANY MAY WAH CORPORATION MY-A CO LTD Billion Funds Company Limited Whitewort Garment Factory Limited Vinson Industrial Ltd Precise International (H.K.) Limited METRO & CO HUNG TAI WATCH PRODUCTS CO TAI SING WATCH PRODUCTS CO HIP SHING WATCH PRODUCTS CO LTD Saga Watch Products Limited Sun Sang Watch Products Co Ltd KOLOY INDUSTRIAL LTD HK Ebon International Co., Limited KEYWELL ENTERPRISES Yau Hing Plastic Bag Factory Yak Lee Plastic Bag Factory Yee Fat Plastic Bag Factory Yau Fat Plastic Factory PROFESSIONAL TRANSPORTATION CO LTD FINE ARTS ENTERPRISES (HK) LIMITED Thermo Fisher Scientific (China-HK) Holding Limited MXT Company Limited DR. Kong (Holdings) Limited CHAN'S TRADING CO LTD Natural View Publishing Limited Hop War Watch Dial Ind. Limited WING HANG WATCH DIAL PRINTING CO. HOP WAR WATCH-DIAL FTY Artificial Watch Dial Manufactory Limited CHUN HING WATCH DIAL FTY HOP WAR WATCH DIAL FACTORY Chi Luen Watch Dial Company Limited Hong Kong Watch Dial Factory Asia Metal Works Limited PACIFIC ALLIANCE TRADE LIMITED Wing Yip Hon G.K. (HK) Company Asia Leader Enterprises Limited Chap Shing Asia Enterprise Limited HIP HING (INT'L) LOGISTICS LIMITED SANTANI LTD Kwong Yick Fashion Development Limited PO KWONG YICK KEE ZIPPER FASTENER CO KWONG YICK METAL MACHINERY FACTORY Perfectos HK Limited Join Trade Limited WINGS SUN LIMITED Eba Trading Limited MODE DU SOLEIL Bravo Investments Limited Boxing Industries Ltd BROADWAY INC LIMITED ARIEL WORKSHOP ALPHA-SAT LIMITED VERONA GALLERY (HONG KONG) LIMITED CHARTER CORPORATION LIMITED LUEN TAI CONTAINER TRANSPORTA- TION CO LUEN TAI CLOTHING COMPANY LIMITED Honortry Enterprise Limited HONORTRY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED LINE-ONE HK LIMITED Excellent Jade Limited Three & Three Co Ltd 3 Thirty Three Limited Hong Tai Medical Mobile Tech Company Limited Imperial International (Hong Kong) Limited BICC Cable Limited Yee Fung Industrial Co Yee Fung Company Limited YEE FUNG PRINTING LTD Yee Fung Printing Factory Co Yee Fung Lable Printing Co Ltd A.R Worldwide Castle Industrial Company SUN INDUSTRIAL LIMITED WING FUNG KNITTING FACTORY Wing Hung Knitters Limited Trans Eurasia Company, Limited MP Electronics Limited Jalong Co RICHARVEST TRADING LTD Hung Fung Plastic Bags Fty HUNG FAI PLASTIC LTD Technology Telecom (H.K.) Limited E-ACCOUNTANT LIMITED Hong Kong Enterprise Trading Co Telepaging Limited MAKERS GARMENT MANUFACTORY MULTI GATE ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED Hop Shing Metal & Plastic Manufactory Limited Alpha Plastic & Metal Manufactory Co Wilco Plastic & Metal Manufactory Brother Plastic & Metal Manufacturing Limited HI-TECH MOULDING MANUFACTORY LTD China Shipping (Hong Kong) Holdings Co., Limited China Shipping Industry (Hong Kong) Co., Limited China Shipping (Hong Kong) Marine Co., Limited Cathay Clothing International Limited AIF Global Logistics Company Limited Gateway Global Logistics (HK) Limited Msas Global Logistics (Far East) Limited Jacobson Global Logistics (Hong Kong) Limited Best Season Enterprises Ltd Wise International Investment Limited Chit Tat CHIT TAT MACHINE WORKS ASIA VIEW CONSULTING SERVICES CO., LIMITED STARMAX GARMENT LIMITED Brightway Ltd Magazines International (Asia) Limited SUPERIOR DEVELOPMENT CO. LIMITED GRAND BRIGHT HOLDINGS LTD Unicorn Manufacturing Limited Unicorn Transportation Co Unicorn Transportation Company Limited On-Time Holdings Limited Synergy Computers & Communications Limited Ever Synergy Corporation Limited Social Enterprise Innovations Limited Sanda & Co Sanda Kan Industrial (2000) Limited Sanda Kan Industrial (1981) Limited Germain Electronic Limited Germain Sourcing Limited Germain Lighting Limited GERMAIN MANAGEMENT LTD Germain International Ltd GERMAIN SILK-SCREEN PRINTING LIMITED Germain Mould Ltd Germain Holding Limited Funny Corporation FUNNY HOUSE LTD Express Ltd PROFESSIONAL EXPRESS CO CITY SMART INTERNATIONAL LIMITED NEW STEP ENTERPRISE LIMITED LCH GROUP (HK) LIMITED Brilliance Bright International Limited Brilliance Partners Limited Brilliance Optometric Ctr Brilliance Development Trading Co Truly Semiconductors Limited Truly Electronics Manufacturing Limited Truly International Holdings Limited Truly Industrial Limited Truly Industries Ltd Kowloon Spring Factory Limited Kowloon International Industries Company Limited Kowloon Metal Spring Factory Limited TAI WAN CO WING HO CO LTD Unitex Garment Factory Limited EAS International Transportation (HK) Ltd Portek North Asia Limited HUGE SUMMIT INVESTMENT LIMITED M T UTOPIA (HK) LIMITED CANTON INVESTMENTS LIMITED Solarday Investment Limited SAVANNAH WATCH TRADING CO (KWAI CHUNG) CANTON INTERNATIONAL Dickson Refrigeration Company Crown Century Holdings Limited DP World Asia Holdings Limited DP World China Holdings Limited DP World Asia Investment Limited Maxpoint Limited C.A. LTD C & A BAKERY GOLD & JEWELS HK LIMITED OKEAY (HONG KONG) CO., LIMITED CHUNG'S COMPANY LIMITED Chunghao Limited Parture Company Limited KEN AND COMPANY CHOI & LAM CO LTD Sparkle Limited MAX STRONG HOLDINGS LIMITED Gidumal And Sons Limited ARTMINOR.ORG GOLD MEDIA ENGINEERING LIMITED Top Industrial Company, The DIAMOND HOLDING LIMITED General Limited NICE BUSINESS RESOURCES LIMITED Grand Novel Ltd EAGLE INTERNATIONAL LTD TIME-CITY Excellent Industrial Co Ltd PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS CO VALUE PARTNERS GARMENT ACCESSORIES LIMITED Value Partners Printing & Packaging Group Limited Bark Co ASIA BEST (H.K.) LIMITED BE WINNER GROUP LIMITED Lai Wah Knitting Fty Lai Wah Knitters Limited Lee Wah Knitting Fty WAH TAI KNITTING FTY Wah Luen Knitting Fty RIGHT PERFECT LIMITED Let Start Technology Company DID Electronics (H.K.) Limited Panther & Co Cocos Travel Limited Mega-One Corporation Limited Progressive Electrical Contracting (H.K.) Co Ltd FAVOUR PROGRESS CO LTD SPRING BORN INVESTMENTS LTD WISDOM CORPORATION LIMITED Sun Trading Hong Kong Limited LUCKY INDUSTRY CO Lucky Industrial Company Limited Lucky Industries Co Ltd SINDA PACIFIC LIMITED Sinda Knitting Co Ltd YIDE (UNION) INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED Digital Image Technology ETS TESTING SERVICE LIMITED SMART SUCCESS (CHINA) LIMITED Continental Industrial Limited MAX BILLION INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT LIMITED INTER-WIN (HK) LIMITED Shiwo (Hong Kong) Limited Shiwo Trading Company Limited SKY WIN INDUSTRIAL (H.K.) CO., LIMITED Winstar (H.K) Industries Co. Tai Kwong Ming Restaurant DRAGON HILL TRADING CO Ho Fung College KT GLOBAL LIMITED ECI Telecom (HK) Limited Cosmic Signs & Displays Limited COUSIN CORPORATION LIMITED ELECTRONIC CO TOP ELCT CO TOP TECH ELECTRONIC COMPANY LIMITED HYDEX INTERNATIONAL LTD HI-TEX INDUSTRIAL LTD DecoPac Procurement China Limited FANCY OCEAN CORPORATION LIMITED SOUTH EMPIRE HOLDINGS LIMITED RICCO INDUSTRY CO Charm Tact Limited World & Co, The ASIA PERFECT LIMITED Lucky Corporation Ltd Lucky Industrial (Holdings) Limited Blue Space Limited GOLDEN COMPANY, THE GLOBAL EXPERT LTD Steak Expert Holdings Limited TOP BEST WATCH COMPANY ORIENT CO LTD Universe Films Distribution Company Limited Universe International Holdings Limited UNIVERSE WATCH & JEWELLERY GROUP COMPANY LIMITED R & T Company Limited UNITY II PETER AND PARTNERS LIMITED Bestex Co Ltd Gold Yard Industrial Co. C & F FREIGHT SERVICES (HK) LIMITED View Deluxe Company Limited Chartermate International Limited Charter Jet Company Limited NEW CHARTER INDUSTRIES LTD Newchart Technologies Limited FUNG TAI CHI KO WASHING SAMPLE FACTORY Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited TRADELINKS LIMITED HALLEY CORPORATION LIMITED Jinyoung (H.K.) Electro-Mechanics Co., Limited Golden Field International Holdings Limited Homag China Golden Field Limited Golden Field Woodworking Machinery Company Limited KWAN KIN TRADING HONG KIN KWAN TRADING CO Kapa Asia Limited GOLDENEX LTD Ace Industrial Technologies Limited AC Industrial Limited Gold Profit Consultants Ltd Associated Technologies Group Limited INTERNATIONAL HI-TECH ASSOCIATION LIMITED CHUN WAI MOTOR CO Excellent Express Limited Pila & Lee Company Limited MERRY INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED MAXER INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED SHUN WAI CONSTRUCTION CO Wise United Limited GLORY SKY CORPORATION LIMITED KINGSMERE TRADING LTD BEST SHINE ENTERPRISE LIMITED T AND L INDUSTRY CO Tat On Garage WIDE OCEAN INTERNATIONAL LTD New Asia Trading Co A & D Security Systems Ltd BIG BOX DRAGON KING CORPORATION LIMITED Lucky Win Investment Limited Technology Semiconductor International Limited BEST WISE INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED WISE LEADER INTERNATIONAL LTD WISE TREND INTERNATIONAL LTD WINGOOD LOGISTICS LIMITED Wing Span Logistics Co., Limited YAN WING LOGISTICS LIMITED Silver Wings Logistics Limited PARK ENGINEERING CO. Po Yip Metal Work Factory WING'S COMPANY WING HON COMPANY LIMITED General Waterpump Limited HWL International Holdings Limited TINY BRIDGE BODY BEAUTY AND SLIMMING CENTRE Ssys Company Limited R-Pac Hong Kong Limited Kinrome Hong Kong Limited New Systems Industrial Company Plastic Man (HK) Ltd, The Quantech Ltd Quantech Limited BRIGHT ASIA INDUSTRIAL CO UNION COMPANY Hing Wong Machinery Factory Kesin Chemical Fty GALLY CONTAINER SERVICES CO LTD PROFIT FOREVER CHEMICAL CO. LIMITED HONG JIE LIMITED Hsing Yi Huei (Hong Kong) Company GLORIOUS SUN INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED Wonderful Concept Limited NOV COMPANY LIMITED NOVA PRODUCTS LIMITED ES Jebsen Concept Limited A Plus Industrial Company Limited A PLUS ENTERPRISE COMPANY General Plus Ltd AGOGA ENGINEERING LIMITED ACTION ENGINEERING CO. Gary Corporation Limited GARY TRADING Hang Fung Company Hang Lee Co Sunny Legend Industrial (China) Limited Kin Ah Industries Ltd Gar Yun Garment Factory Ltd Gar Yun Garment Factory TOPS INDUSTRIAL CO LIFE ESSENCE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Zhejiang Magao Group Limited Kingsong Company Limited A Point Product Co. ACT PRODUCTIONS COMPANY LIMITED Kingsway Limited Kingsway Corporation Limited KINGMEX LIMITED GEM GOLD TRADING LTD Y.L. LED LIGHTING LIMITED KINGASIA INVESTMENTS LTD Kingplace Limited Fonno International Industrial Limited Howwan Medical Products Co. APEX TEXTILE CO., LIMITED International Stationery Company Limited International Investments II Limited CHRISTIE ASIA CO HONG KONG A-POS CO. LIMITED INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO. INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT CO Hing Lee Company LEE HING CO HING LEE FAT DEVELOPMENT LIMITED HING LEE ENTERPRISES CO H & T INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED TRI-TECH CORPORATION LIMITED MULTI-TECH TRDG CO City Corporate Accounting Limited Assure Accounting Services Co HONOUR ELITE LIMITED Hung Wan Leather Co LUEN KAI CONTAINER TRANSPORTATION CO EGBEL WATCH CASE MANUFACTORY CO Ngai Shing Electrical & Engineering Co SAM LUEN SPRING FTY Kam Kei Watch Case Factory Shiu Cheong Metal Manufactory Tak Shun Emporium Co PROSPECT INDUSTRIAL COMPANY TOP STAR COLLECTION LIMITED BEYOND BRIGHT (HONG KONG) ENGINEERING LIMITED ABERDEEN SYSTEMS WORKSHOP BEST BILLION LIMITED Elbarich Limited Kwong Kwong Metal Plastic Products Company Sun Wing Loong Rice Trading Co. WELY LIMITED TONG'S COMPANY YAT SING MFY Shiu Wing Air Conditioning Engineering Co WING LEE PAPER BOX FTY Lee Bo Loi Chemical Trading Co Posei Watch Dial Co Ltd Wing Tai Plastic Works Limited PANDA ENGINEERING CO GRAND BEST DEVELOPMENT (HK) LIMITED HAWAII DECORATION LIMITED Wah Fai Handicrafts Mfy Hong Kong Hios Company Limited LOKQUN INDUSTRIES LTD TONGLI ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT (HK) COMPANY LIMITED Tong Ka Development Limited Top-Well Printing Co Yuma Tech FUNCTIONAL DESIGNS LIMITED Function Enterprise Co Ltd Brightop Ltd LUEN BAY CO Chi Luen Electrical Co LUEN FAT CLEANING CO Luen Hing Crystal Co Data World Computer & Communication Limited STEEL-FUNCTION ASIA (H.K.) LIMITED HEALTH CO Yau Luen Machinery Co Yau Luen Engineering Company Limited WELTIN INVESTMENTS LTD FRESH ONE INTERNATIONAL ENTERPRISE LIMITED CHITO CO China Printing Sun Lik Ko Manufactory BALDWIN & EBENEZER (HONG KONG) LTD HANSONG (HONG KONG) CO LTD GLOBAE LIMITED HAN LONG CARGO TRANSPORTATION CO LTD Great China Industrial Limited GREAT CHINA INDUSTRIES LIMITED CHUNG HING ENGINEERING FACTORY Hong Kong Fortune Enterprises Limited HEALTH ALLIANCE LIMITED Honour Printing Limited ART CITY PRODUCTION Art City Paper Co PRINT CITY & ARTS COMPANY LIMITED Arts City Printing & Design Co Continental Medical Limited JOSEY CO LTD Wah Fai Tractors Service Company Limited GOLDSKY LIMITED STARRY COMPANY Galaxy Metal Manufactory Kwai Fong Christian Assembly Hall YUEN LEI METAL PRO-FIT FIBRE LIMITED LAVENDER CO CHANCIN CARGO SERVICES COMPANY LIMITED Cargo Express International (HK) Limited E.M. Cargo Cargo Solutions Limited Lison Company M & M TRDG CO Perfectfloor (Hong Kong) Limited Fang Brothers (China) Limited Morning Engineering Limited PAN ASIA CONTAINER LINE PTE LIMITED ALSON DEVELOPMENT LTD ALSON INTERNATIONAL LTD GOLDEN PHOENIX COMPANY LIMITED DJ Express (HK) Company Limited Auma International Ltd A.N. International SANFORM WAREHOUSE CO KAI TAI COMPANY Kai Tai Vanquish Transportation Company Limited CONREP (H.K.) LTD Fung Kiu Manufactory Fung Tat Biu Dr San Siu Company Limited WORLDWIDE TRADING CO WORLDWIDE ENGINEERING COMPANY Tito International Clock Watch Co DMS WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS (HK) LIMITED CHUNG HING WORLDWIDE LOGISTICS COMPANY LIMITED Brilliant Vast Co Ltd World Biz Co. Limited WIN LIFE HEALTH PRODUCTS COMPANY LIMITED Best Develop Metal Work Factory Limited Gold-Asia Technology Co Ltd GOLD-TECH CO GOLD-TECH CO LTD GOLD IMAGE TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED GOLD-TECH INDUSTRIAL COMPANY GOLDEN TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Bocci Company Limited Unionwell Industrial Co UNIGAIN INDUSTRIES CO LTD SENIOR FORCE LTD CITY ACTION LTD CITY CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Wells Fargo Global Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Limited ZEN INT'L ENTERPRISES Tasing International Co Yet Sing Trading Co WINTOO COMPANY LIMITED ANDY FIBREGLASS PRODUCTS COMPANY POWER GRAND I&E LIMITED SINOWIZS LIMITED MEE WAH CASTON PAPER FTY TOP SINO INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL LIMITED Okuno Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited Standard Industrial (H.K.) Ltd Happy Golf Company Limited PACIFICO LTD Pacific Art Limited SHUI PO CAKE Shui Wah Buttons Company Limited Shui Wah Tannery KINGWEALTH CORPORATION LIMITED YANSAN COMPANY YAN'S SHOES MANUFACTURING COMPANY LIMITED MASTER SERVICES MASTER KEY LIMITED Ming Kee Co. SANGTEX LIMITED New Tech Electronic Trains Company Limited NEWTECH PRINTING AND DESIGN FACTORY LIMITED LUEN CHI PRINTING LIMITED NGAI KIN ENGINEERING CO Ngai Keung Painting Co Chong Ngai Co. Limited CHIN NGAI ENGINEERING CO Concept Studio Limited Concept Ideal Company Wah Ngai Manufactory Company Limited NEWTIME ELECTRONIC LTD La Mieux Products Co MEGA POWER INDUSTRIES LIMITED MK INDUSTRIAL COMPANY MK INDUSTRIAL LTD Mau Hing Thread Co May Hing Crystal Industrial Co Marco International Trading Co New Concept Enterprises Co Ltd Man Kee Electrical Engineering Ltd Hing Lung Company Limited LUEN YICK PAPER BOXES CO LTD Luen Yick Paper Boxes LUEN YICK PAPER FTY LUEN YICK PAPER PRODUCTS FACTORY LTD LUEN YICK LEATHER CO LTD LUEN WAI MEDICINE CO WAH LUEN DEVELOPMENT CO HK Luen Tat Enterprises LUEN SHING MACHINERY MOULDING CO LUEN SHING METAL PLASTIC MANUFACTURING LIMITED LUEN SING PLASTIC TOY MANUFACTURING LTD Tat Shing Luen Fung Plastic Manufactory Limited Luen Shing Metal & Plastic Factory Limited LUEN NGAI MANUFACTORY Luen Fung Paper Factory LUEN FUNG POLISH FACTORY LUEN FUNG PLASTIC FACTORY LTD LUEN FAT INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LUEN FAT PACKAGE INDUSTRIAL LTD Man Sang Loong Long Season Limited Wing Sang Long Plastic Factory Lighton Industrial Limited LIK KEUNG PLASTIC & METAL MOULDING MFY Lee Yuen Co Ltd Lee Wah Lee Shing Industrial Group Limited GOLDEN LAKE INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO LTD L. H. K. INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED KWOK FUNG TRADING CO KK COMPANY K K CO KHK LIMITED Kin Go Electronics Limited Kingdom Precision Product Limited Kingdom Disposable Products Limited PROFIT KINGDOM TECHNOLOGY LIMITED Easylink Investments Limited KIN HING TRADE MARK PRINTING &KNITTING FTY KENT MANUFACTURING COMPANY KARSON ENGINEERS SERVICES CO. LIMITED Kam Hung Investment (Holdings) Limited KAI YEE COMPANY LIMITED Jet Power JET POWER HONG KONG LIMITED Century Empire Enterprises Limited GOLDSHIP COMPANY Daz Light Company Limited Smart Cyber Corporation Limited Roger Industrial Products Co Ltd Roger Electronic Products Company Limited ROGER INDL DESIGN CO HK AIDEWEI ARCHITECTURE HARDWARE (GROUP) LIMITED One Success Development Ltd JOINT SUCCESS COMPUTER LABEL LIMITED CHINA SUCCESS DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Super Tri Union Enterprise Company Limited SUPERIOR ENTERPRISES LIMITED Super Group Enterprises Limited EVER PROFIT INTERNATIONAL CORP. LIMITED Ever Prosperity Tdg. Dev. Co. Wang Yat Co ASIANWAY LIMITED Sound Base Industries (Hong Kong) Limited KUM STUDIO LIMITED Sino Brightex Company Limited C K Ma Co Ltd ORIENT PRINTING CO LTD Orient Trade Ltd SKY PEARL PRINTING PRODUCTS LTD ONLINK LIMITED Project On Earth Creative Communication Company Limited Ngai Hing Industrial Limited HING NGAI ENGINEERING LIMITED DIRECT SAIL LTD SDI DIRECT (HONG KONG) LIMITED OCEANUS INDUSTRIAL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Oceanluxe International Limited UNIQUE CLASSIC LTD ORIENT STAR GROUP LIMITED CIE (HONG KONG) LIMITED Faricho Investment Limited Ever Win Garment Factory Yes Industrial Co. INTERACTER LIMITED LUCKY WISDOM TRADING LIMITED TECH IN TOY COMPANY Loop Company Limited SUPER CENTURY . COM Right Choice Technologies Ltd KING KONG INVESTMENTS LTD LEE KEUNG CO Kam Tai Transportation EGGS-CREATIVE.COM Ocean Transport & Travel Service ORIENT SOURCES LTD PACIFIC ORIENT SOURCING LIMITED Platform2 International Limited GOLDEN NEWS INDUSTRIES LTD Enrich Adhesive Paper Tape Manufactory Limited Elegant Inflight & Hotel Products Ltd Le Ying Trading (Hong Kong) Limited WINNING ACIDIC PLASTIC MATERIAL FACTORY CO LTD EVER LUCKY WEAVING MANUFACTORY China Freight (Hong Kong) Limited CHINA EXPRESS FREIGHT LTD Security Alliance Limited NEW CENTURY INDUSTRIAL COMPANY KINGSLAND INVESTMENTS LTD Oceanthree Company World Sunny Limited CPM SILVER LIMITED Jumbo Grade Associates Limited TOPNET INDUSTRIAL LTD GRAND TRADING INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED TRANS-GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED KINGTECH LTD DYNAMIC CORPORATE LIMITED Dynamic Group Limited Makible Limited CHUNG KONG CO Chung Tai Co CHUNG FAI COMPANY LIMITED Wai Kee Paper Products Co WAI KEI PAPER PRODUCT CO Zuki Engineering Co Ltd GOLDEN ORCHID FASHION Telegent Systems Hong Kong Limited TURBO GREAT LTD Dorup Limited Tung Bo TAI TUNG ENG. (H.K.) CO. LIMITED Tung Tai Sang Holding Limited Tai Tung Eng Co BILLIONAIRE TRANSPORTATION CO Billiongame Company Limited A-WINNING PRODUCTS LIMITED WINNING DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY LIMITED WINNING TOWER (CHINA) TRADING LIMITED Hutchison Ports Beijing Limited Hutchison Inland Container Depots (HK) Limited HUTCHISON (CHINA) LOGISTICS LIMITED Legend East Ltd INTEC LTD Fortune Loyal (Hong Kong) Limited INTERSEA TRANSPORT LTD INTERMIX TRADING SERVICES CO. EASTERN LINK INVESTMENTS LTD ENERGY COMPANY Hung Hing Watch Co East Star Stationery Co. Limited EAST STAR PRINTING COMPANY LIMITED STAR PRODUCTION Prosperous Travelware Limited DRAGON SEED TRANSPORTATION CO LTD FULL BEST CO IDEA CHARM LIMITED Eastern Investment Holdings Limited PROFIT LEADER CORPORATION LIMITED Profit Enterprise Co PROFIT GET LIMITED Azon Limited CREATIVE COMPANY CORNFORD ENTERPRISES LTD COSMOS SUCCESS INVESTMENT LIMITED Wintex Industrial Limited Smart Choice Development Co TIN SUN MEDICINE SUN TIM ENGINEERING CO. LIMITED Sun Time Industrial Limited STAR PROFIT ENTERPRISES LIMITED HUNG CHEONG INDUSTRY CO HUNG CHEONG INDUSTRIAL CO LTD Foundation Enterprises Limited GOLDEN OCEAN (HK) COMPANY Luen Tai Offset Printing Co. Gallop Trading (China) Co Ltd CPS Brothers Limited CPS INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED CHARME INTERNATIONAL LTD STARS BRIGHT COMPANY LIMITED Lung Chung Wan GOLD WHEEL RESTAURANT GOLDEN WHEEL FOOD COMPANY Grand Fine International (HK) Limited EVER HARVEST HOLDINGS LTD Grand Cosmos Trading Limited ECOPOOL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED YONAGO KWONG WING ENGINEERING CO Kwai Chung Hospital Kam Kwai Watches Co Ltd KWAI KEE SNACK KWAI WAN CANTEEN SINOCHAMP LTD GRANDMEN LIMITED HOVER ASIA LTD HOVER PLASTIC AND METAL Hongkai International Ltd Dong Fang International Investment Limited Dong Fang International Container Investment Limited CHEUNG HING PLASTIC MANUFACTORY HOP FUNG CONTAINERS CO Hop Fung Metal Co Ltd Asia Waste Management Limited Global Dragon Group Limited Centomillion Ltd TINKO PACIFIC (HOLDING) LIMITED SAMBA LOGISTICS GREEN ALL GROUP LIMITED CENTRELINE LTD ULTRA WORLD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Pacific Century International Holdings Limited PACIFIC CENTURY DEVELOPMENT LTD A.D.E.C. Medical Alliance Ltd A-TEC COMPANY HUNG FUK TRADING HONG CO LTD VAST SILVER LIMITED Wealth Era Development Limited Forest Investment Company Limited Grand Allied Corporation Limited PARAMOUNT TRADING COMPANY AMTEK LIMITED Antex Limited TRUE COMPANY, THE PARAMAX HONG KONG TRADING LIMITED MJ (H.K.) Limited Hing Yuen Industrial Co WORTHFUL LTD Pan Asia Industrial Cooling Systems Ltd TRADE ORIENT CO. WINFUNG HANDBAG CO LTD LINK FIRST GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED JC SOLUTIONS LIMITED J & K Network Centre Limited CHINA WAY ENTERPRISE COMPANY CHINA WAY TRANSPORTATION LTD WIN ACTION LIMITED SINO BRIGHT LOGISTICS LIMITED Harmony Link Limited Broadway Hardware Limited ANT ELECTRONICS LIMITED TONI INDUSTRIAL CO BROAD LINK ENTERPRISE LIMITED WING SHUN MOULDS FTY Wing Sun Plastic & Metal Moulding Fty WING SUNG MOULD MFY WING SUN METAL FACTORY WING SHUN METAL MFY Mei Chi Engineering Co. MEI CHI ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED Corporate Consultancy Services Limited LEAD FRONT LIMITED NEW VISION PROFESSIONAL SERVICE COMPANY LIMITED C Tse & Co. Le Baron International Limited STARFRUIT COMPANY LIMITED LAVI Alcor Limited Siliconia Company Limited Clipsal Datacom Hk Limited Advanced Level Inspectorate Ltd WORLD SPORTING GOODS CO Interplus Company Limited PREFECT ADVERTISING & PRODUCTION CO Tree Consultants Ltd Hong Kong Media Production Company Limited Century Photography GOLDTRILA LTD SUN HING PETROLEUM CO LTD Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited SUN HING INDUSTRIAL CO. LIMITED TUNG TAT TRADING COMPANY LIMITED SMART TECHNOLOGY INTERNATIONAL LIMITED SMARTEAM INTERNATIONAL LTD KASON ENTERPRISES LTD CHI SING INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT LTD HY-LINK NETWORK LIMITED Hugestep Limited GAIN SPREAD TRADING LIMITED LUCK COME LTD LUCK BRIGHT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED LUCKY BRIGHT INVESTMENTS LIMITED B & J Express International Co. Limited BEST BO INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED Blue Wave Limited NEW ALLIANCE TRADING LIMITED PERFECT RICH LTD EVERWELL & CO Bentleys Taxation Consultant Limited PAN ASIA ELECTRICAL & AIR CONDITIONING ENGRG CO. Kennetex International Limited KENTLUCK INTERNATIONAL LTD BRAND NEW COMPANY Everchance Limited Donga International Limited DONGDA INTERNATIONAL (HK) LIMITED DONGJUN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Easy Access Enterprise Ltd EASY COURIER SERVICES LIMITED CHINA INNOVATION LIMITED UNI Success (Brother) Company Limited GOOD SUCCESS PROOFING PRESS CO SUN BRIGHT TRADING CO. CONTAINER AFFAIRS BUREAU LTD HONG SHING REALTY & INVESTMENT CO On Sing Hong HUALON COMPANY Chartermate Electronics Limited FULL WEALTH INDL CO (KWAI CHUNG) FRIENDS VYKIN HOLDING (INTERNATIONAL) LTD GREAT SURPLUS TRADING LIMITED JOYFUL WAY LIMITED Progress Printing & Products Co UNIVERSAL PROGRESS PP BAGS MFY Madas Ltd MEDA LTD N's Company Limited, The Atlas Glove Limited ATLANTIC POWER INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Grendene Holdings Limited GREENSMART HOLDINGS LIMITED GREENWAY HOLDING LTD China Empire (Far East) Limited ACE International Electronics Limited Double Engineering & Production Co Limited Double X Advertising & Production Co. Ocean Well Limited GENETECH LTD F P ASIA LIMITED TOTAL ASIA LIMITED IMAGINE PRINTING EQUIPMENT CO Interlink Solutions Company WINSON & CO. GOLDENICS LTD HONG KONG ASIA KING INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED TAI PING INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS LIMITED Asia-Tech Machine Tool Co GOLDKEEN LTD Target Printing Company Limited TARGA Promotec Limited NEW CULTURE BOOK LIMITED Easipower Company Limited Speedy Development Ltd SPEEDY LTD Speedfield Limited Eagles Company Eagle Plastic Development Co. Limited DOUBLE SECURITY LIMITED SPEEDER ENTERPRISE COMPANY LIMITED Eagle International Printing Co Eagle Group International Limited CHINA & OVERSEAS TRADING CO (KWAI CHUNG) Goldfolk Limited Best Success Worldwide Limited SUCCESS WORLD CORPORATION LIMITED Success World Systems Limited J & P LONGRISE TRADING LTD SUN AH (HOP KEE) PAPER PRODUCTS GPI International Limited GPI ADVERTISING CO. LIMITED Apex (Asia) Industrial Limited Nobletime Limited Noble Brand Investments Limited Faith Bright Limited Full Art Interior Design & Decoration Co DDM International Limited Come Koon Investments Limited Sew Access (Far East) Limited ISL ENTERPRISES LTD Bananashake Design SCM & HUB LIMITED Power Hub Limited Mode Optic Company Caf Ltd Able Gallery Limited ACROSS FAR EAST CO ACROSS SAFETY LIMITED Eagle Kingdom Limited GROUP WELL TRADING LIMITED Golden Fame Insurance Services Limited GOLD FAME INDUSTRIAL LTD HONG KONG LINEN TEXTILE CO LTD Tiffany Beauty Centre TAI HING ENGINEERING CO LTD MEGA PROFIT INVESTMENT LIMITED BEN'S CREATION INTERNATIONAL BKE-MEDIA (HK) Supernic Limited KARYY INTERNATIONAL ELECTRONICS COMPANY LIMITED KAR KAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Ausway Trading (Int'l) Limited AUSWAY TRADING (ASIA) LIMITED Affan (HK) International CHINA LIGHT INTERNATIONAL LIMITED CHINA LIGHT HOLDINGS LIMITED CREATION PERFECT MOULDING FACTORY WAI'S INDUSTRY CO WISDOM BEAUTY SALON WISDOM INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED WASEN INVESTMENTS LTD Techkey Auk Star Technology Limited POWERWAY DECORATION ENGINEERING LIMITED ATECH INDUSTRIAL LIMITED C. T. FIRE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Pioneer Industrial Limited PIONEER ENGINEERING CO Eastern Pioneer Limited Pioneer Elastic (Hong Kong) Limited Hk Computer Service Center MT COMPUTER SERVICE LTD FAIRY Fairy Co. Fair King (Asia) Limited Faras Ltd HONG KONG B N TAT CO Tfe Logistics Limited New Century Decal (Far East) Limited New Century Motorcycles Company NEW CENTURY MOTORCYCLES CO. LIMITED NEXT INDUSTRIES COMPANY LIMITED Everho Limited HK JIA JIA SHENG GROUP LIMITED SELECT BEAUTY CO SELECT BEAUTY Ron-Don Studio TRIMS GLOBAL LIMITED BARRY LAM CO Baland Co Ltd Amity Electronics Limited Yuen Fat Industries TT&Co Asia Limited Hung Ngai Catering Development Limited Caridar Watches (HK) Co. Limited NEW SHING CHEONG WATCHES MANUFACTORY Kin Hung Watches International Limited KEUNG KEE CLOCK & WATCHES COME PROFIT WATCHES ACCESSORIES CO GOOD LUCK WATCHES ACCESSORIES CO Column Watches Limited Cadali Company Clarity Limited BEST CHANNEL LIMITED Lansing International Limited Best Quality Investment Limited A BROS PRODS A-Time Products (HK) Co A Club Toys Products Ltd Huatong Foods Company Limited STUDIO 33 3Dx3D Studio Limited Wai Wa Industrial Limited HON WAH TONG COMPANY LIMITED CEDAL EQUIPMENT ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED Korin Electronic Co Limited Art's International Co United Container Transportation Company Limited United Concept Company Limited CHAMPION SURVEYORS LIMITED AA BATTERY FULL KING ASIA LIMITED Alcotech Limited New Tech Screen Printing Supplies Limited DOMESTIC LTD SKY ETERNAL LTD EAST ASIA TRADING CO Simon's Handbag Manufactory Company Limited ASIA MART Ming Shing Engineering Co MING SING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LIMITED Head Crown Trading Limited Global Telecom (HK) Ltd Global Telecom Group Limited Tokai Sunrex Industrial Ltd Art Print Production EMINENCE (HK) CO. Sunnytex Industrial (HK) Sun Tat Industrial Limited Sun Thinker Industrial Limited Hang Hing Weaving Factory SUNSKY COMPANY LIMITED Sunsikyi Company Limited HONG KONG HEYE SPECIAL STEEL COMPANY LIMITED HONG KONG KOON HEI KNITTING FACTORY LIMITED PETROCK LTD FULLSHOT LIMITED Fai Wai Limited Unity Packaging Limited Unipak Industrial Ltd Suntint Limited B & K International Limited Best Window Industrial Limited E-CHEM TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED ART ABLE ELECTRONICS LTD LENS WORLD TRADING CO World Tracer Limited World Trade Shipping Limited WORLD TRADE ENTERPRISES COMPANY Haitian International Holdings Limited C C & Co WELL PACK MANUFACTURER LTD Angliss Hong Kong Food Service Limited Blue Max Electric (Hong Kong) Limited NEW KAM FUNG RESTAURANT Fortune United Trading Development Co View Point Metalwares Manufactory EHK REEFER SERVICES LIMITED Leven Co NEW STATE TRADE COMPANY Top Reliable Industries Limited Sunny Precision Company Limited Sun Power International Enterprise Co. Sunny Plastic Colours Company SUN POWER CONTAINER TRANSPORT COMPANY LIMITED SUNPO HOLDINGS LIMITED Space Trading Co Best Honest Consultants Ltd Best Honour Industries Limited HOUSE GROUP LIMITED, THE Dongguan Honfield Tape-Record Cassette Products Co Ltd Honfield Industrial Limited HONFIELD INTERNATIONAL LTD NEW CHARM TRANSPORTATION LTD New Charm Garment Limited DANBELL EQUIPMENT-HONG KONG XH Industrial Co., Limited Europa ILC Limited Charming Holding Limited Charm Holding Company Limited King Master Manufacturing Limited CATHAY TIMEPIECES (HOLDING) LTD City Cathy Holdings Limited CHAORUN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Kam Yeung Metal Manufactory Ltd KAM YEUNG HOLDINGS LIMITED Ferrari Logistics (Asia) Limited Ferrari Express HK Ltd TSG International Limited Sun Shine Graphic Arts Co SUN ART DECORATION CO BESTWOOD HOLDINGS LTD HK Toner Limited KING OF TONER KING OF TONER LIMITED Easy Sky Asia Limited TOP WORLD CO Sino Link (Hong Kong) Limited MING HING ELECTRIC CO MING HIN COMPANY Hang Wai Printing Materials Co. WAI HANG CONTAINER'S COMPANY LIMITED Wai Hang Container's Co One Source International Limited SUN ELECTRONIC CO Team Work Engineering Limited PAK KEE INDUSTRIAL CO LTD PAKY LIMITED Success (China) Trading Limited ARTISTIC GALLERY ASIAN FORD LIMITED Asian Fond Limited Charlton Company Limited CSC TEXTILE COMPANY LIMITED CHOW'S TEXTILES LTD Interola Limited Nam Sang Medicine Co Springood Garments Limited Lok Sze Printing Co SANYA LTD Glory Asset Trading Limited MC PRODUCTION LIMITED National Reliance Ltd Reliance Technology Development Limited W & C LIMITED CITY CLEANING LIMITED SWISS-WIN MANUFACTORY COMPANY CHEUNG WO HONG Da Hong Zhen Limited HONG DA TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED SMART SUNNY CORPORATION LIMITED SUN SMART ENERGY CO., LIMITED KONG CHEONG & CO Cheung Kong Mould Manufactory Grand Glory Manufacturing Limited HOP HING LUNG FOOD CENTRE Hop Hing Lung Hop Hing Ind'l Co Million Metal Engraving Fty Ming Fat Metal Engrg WAH HING INDUSTRIAL COMPANY WING CHEONG (SAN KEE) PRINTING FTY ZERO-PLUS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Ruby International Ind. Co. RUBY INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED MC GROUP HOLDINGS LIMITED Top Field Printing Co TOP-IN PRINTING CO Top Win Trading (HK) Limited Blue 8 Golf Limited HONMAX TECHNOLOGY LIMITED KING TECH CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS COMPANY LIMITED REGENCE LIMITED Ming Kai Transportation Co., Limited Ming Feng Transportation & Trade Company Global China Limited Cheung Kong Metal Factory Limited Cheung Kong Paper Products Mgrco CHEUNG KONG PAPER PRODS MFG CO GREAT ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL COMPANY LIMITED Li Fung Kay Yip Manufactory Limited LI FUNG CO LI FUNG CHEER ENGINEERING LIMITED Li Fung Labels Factory Limited Tricon Industrial Company Tricon Industrial Company Limited Wah Cheong Co Wah Cheong Company, Limited Bestec Limited EQUAL TIME LIMITED Top World International Limited TOPPY WORLD INVESTMENT LIMITED TOP WORLD INTERNATIONAL LIMITE D New Rich Logistics Limited RICH LONG LOGISTICS LTD Rich Long Logistics Group Limited Jet Rich Logistics Limited Link City International Limited MING FAI (CHEMICAL) TRADING CO Roxy Chemical Trading Co. KAM HING CHEMICAL TRADING COMPANY LIMITED Lee Fung Chemical Trading Co TINCOM (CHINA-HK) LOGISTICS LIMITED TIME CITY HOLDING LIMITED New Tech Trading Co Uti Hatro Hanse Transport Limited MASS CHINA LIMITED UNIMEX & COMPANY KING LUNG HOME ELECTRIC WORK Richardson RFPD Hong Kong Limited OMAC Sales Limited KATAL (INTERNATIONAL) KNITTING FACTORY LTD Charter Link International Limited Charter Link Logistics Limited UNITED PRODUCTS CO UNITED PAPER PRODUCTS FTY Hanning (Hong Kong) Limited HISONIC INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CO Linde Material Handling Hong Kong Limited TFL Hong Kong Limited BRIGHTNESS DEVELOPMENT LIMITED FUNG LI PLASTIC MANUFACTORY LTD Carl Zeiss Far East Company Limited YAMATO HOBBY TRADING CO (KWAI CHUNG) Clouds Group (HK) Limited Mayfair Printing Factory Pan Asian Creations Limited Radar International (HK) Limited RADAR CO (KWAI CHUNG) K'S PLANET HOLDING COMPANY LIMITED LUCKY GAIN INTERNATIONAL LTD MEGA PROFIT MATERIAL NETWORK LIMITED MAX BEST ASIA LIMITED BCS LOGISTICS LIMITED Asia Active Resources Limited Tung Hing Thread Co TUNG HING PLASTIC BAG PRTG FTY S.U.D. INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Vantek Limited HONG KONG PIE COMPUTER S&G COMPUTER HK Anco Computer (Hong Kong) Company Limited Wai Kee Trading Co. Ever Rich Enterprises (International) Limited EVER RICHLY ENTERPRISES LIMITED Evershine Industrial Company HANG FUNG LTD Well-Choice Design & Printing Co Well Harvest Printing Co Joint Well Printing Limited Welly Printing Factory Top-Well Printing Company Limited G-WELL PRINTING & SUPPLIES Joint Well Printing Company Junior Chamber International Peninsula (Hong Kong) PENINSULA TRADING COMPANY(KWAICHUNG) Gold Star Plastic Co WAH CHUN HONG LTD GOLDEN OCEAN PRINTING CO LTD So Media Limited UNITED COLORS INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Hong Kong Holder Enterprise Limited Full Target Limited PYRAMID SPECIALTIES TRADING LIMITED R.M ZINO LOGISTICS LIMITED IF COLLECTION AND FASHION LIMITED Hing Wai Co Ltd WAI HING HOUSEWARES FENDA INDUSTRIES LTD TIN LOONG ENGINEERING CO Vimtech Limited WING LING FASHION Asia Pacific Consultants Ltd Asia Pacific Consultancy Ltd Top Way Computer System Company Top Way Industrial Co AMA CORPORATION LIMITED CASCAIS CO LTD CASCS (HONGKONG) TRADING CO., LIMITED Cohen Development Ltd EASY CARRY INTERNATIONAL COMPANY GOLD HORSE ENTERPRISES LIMITED Pedder Transport Co Pedder Transp Co OSR GROUP LIMITED Rare Metals Pacific Limited KINGSWAY INVESTMENT (GROUP) LIMITED H.K.C. GROUP INVESTMENTS LTD PIVOT POINT COMPANY LIMITED Masudo Trading Limited WESTOP WATCH PRODUCTS CO LTD WESTOP WATCH PRODUCTS CO GOODWORK ELECTRONICS (H.K.) LIMITED Nan Wah Vacuum Coating Company GLOBE ASSET LTD MT Heal (HK) Limited T Shirt Pact Ltd CHINA DENTAL CLINIC Dr. C. K. Wong's Clinic KB Electronics (HK) Limited Cona Technology Company Limited LIMELIGHT COSTUME SERVICES Max Co, The Maxxo Company Limited ASIA SCREW MANUFACTORY Seiko Screw Manufactory Seiko Screw Manufactory Limited NEW ASIA SELF-ADHESIVE LABEL PRINTING CO WING TUNG SELF ADHESIVE LABEL PRTG CO Shun Bond Adhesive Trading Co Aashiq Beauty Centre

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